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-- From Donegal to Butler, PA circa 1790.

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A List of passengers on board the Hopewell arrived in South Carolina and petitioned for Land. Those with a * were able to pay for their warrants. The rest were not. If you know of others who should be here contact [email protected]
Name Acres
Robert Alexander  150
John Beard  250
William Boyd 250
William Bryson 350
Samuel Clark 450
John Clarke 100
Alex'r Craig 100
Alex’r Douglas 300
Robert Dunlap 150
*Samuel Dunlap 250
William Dunlap 200
*Nicholas Gibbons 250
Martha. Gibeney 100
George Gibson 400
*James Gibson 100
*James Gibson 150
Margaret Gibson 100
Robert Gibson 100
*William Gibson 350
James Gracy 250
John Gracy 100
Joseph Gracey 250
Robert Gracy 100
Mary Gracy 100
Archibald Gray 250
Thomas Gray 150
*Joseph Green 250
Robert Hamilton 250
*John Kirkpatrick 350
James McBride 300
James M'Cauley 100
John McCance 100
Samuel McCance 100
Alexander M'Cree 100
Ann M'Cree 100
*Robert M'Cree 250
Sarah M'Cree 100
Susannah M'Cree 100
*Alexander McKee 300
James McKee 100
Charles McLelland 150
Daniel M'Mullen 100
Elizabeth Mathews 100
Margaret Mathews 100
Robert Mathews 300
Joseph Menelly 250
William Miller 200
Agnes Paterson 350
Janet Paterson 100
*John Paterson 250
John Paterson 100
William Paterson 350
William Shanks 400
John Shaw 100
Mary Shepherd 100
George Smith 100
John Smith 450
Robert Smith 350
John Stevenson 150
George Thomson 100
Hugh Thomson 350
George Win 100
James Young 100 



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