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9G Grandparents (Continued)

2857 Frances.

2858 Thomas ORTON.

He married Margaret PRATT, in Jun 1641 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.

They had the following children:
i. John (1647-)
ii. Mary (1650-)
1429 iii. Sarah (1652-1711)
iv. Elizabeth (1654-)
v. Hannah (~1656-)

2859 Margaret PRATT.

2860 John WILLIAMS.

He married Mary BURLEY, on 29 Jun 1644 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.

They had the following children:
i. John (1646-)
1430 ii. Nathaniel (1647-1711)
iii. Rebeca (1649-)
iv. Hannah (1651-)
v. Mary (Twin) (1652-)
vi. Elizabeth (Twin) (1652-)
vii. Abiell (1655-)
viii. Abigayl (1658-)

2861 Mary BURLEY.

2862 John OWEN.  Born on 25 Dec 1624 in probably Wales. Died on 1 Feb 1698/9 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.

Windsor town records show John Owen's presence there as early as 1650. In the town land records are entered a number of conveyances of land to John Owen and from him to his sons and others. His name is on the list of those who made voluntary contributions to the poor of other Colonies in 1676. The inscription on his gravestone in the Congregational Church cemetery at Windsor reads: "John Owen aged 76 years dyed February ye 18th: 1698." However, the town records state that he was born 25 Dec. 1624, and died 1 Feb. 1898/9, at age 76.

He married Rebecca WADE, on 3 Oct 1650 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.

They had the following children:
i. Josiah (1651-)
ii. John (1652-<1654)
iii. John (1654-1670)
iv. Nathaniel (1656-)
v. Daniel (1658-)
vi. Joseph (1660-)
1431 vii. Mary (1662-1750)
viii. Benjamin (1664-1665)
ix. Rebecca (1666-)
x. Obediah (1667-)
xi. Isaac (1670-)

2863 Rebecca WADE. Died on 3 Dec 1711.

2864 John GAY. Born in 1612 in Plymouth, England. Died on 4 Mar 1687/88 in Dedham, MA. Buried in Old Village Cemetery, Dedham, MA.

John came to the New World in 1630 aboard the Mary & John. He settled first at Watertown, MA, and acquired land totaling 40 acres. With others of Watertown, he was one of the founders of Dedham, MA, where he was a selectman in 1654.

He married Joanna, abt 1638 in Dedham, MA.

They had the following children:
i. Samuel (1638-1718)
ii. Hezekiah (1640-1669)
1432 iii. Nathaniel (1642-1711)
iv. Joanna (1644-1708)
v. Eliezer (1647-1726)
vi. Abiel (Twin) (1649-)
vii. Judith (Twin) (1649-)
viii. John (1651-1731)
ix. Jonathan (1653-)
x. Hannah (1656-1659)

2865 Joanna. Born abt 1612 in Headcorn, Kent, England. Died on 14 Aug 1691 in Dedham, MA. Buried in Old Village Cemetery, Dedham, MA.

One story received concerning Joanna "Borden" reads as follows: "When Joanna left England, she was a widow and pregnant. Her brother, John Borden was also a widower. Probably for her protection on the voyage, he posed as her husband. Thus she is listed in the ship records as Joan Borden, wife. With them, were her two children, Mathew age 5 and Elizabeth age 3. Baby John was born at sea 21 April 1635, aboard the Elizabeth and Ann." However, nothing so far found in NEHGR mentions this story. Instead, an account by Robert C. Anderson in NEHGR vol. 130 (1976) seems more plausible. In short, John Borden arrived in New England the summer of 1635, with his wife and two or three children. Within a year John Borden had died, and a son, also named John, had been born. (The older son Matthew may have died young, as no further record of him has been found.) By 1638 the widow Joanna Borden had married John Gay, by whom she had ten children; the two surviving children by John Borden grew up in Dedham [MA] in this family. The younger John Borden was apprenticed to Charles Chadwick of Watertown during the mid-1650s, but by 1660 had removed to the New London area, where he married and had seven children. In 1660 Elizabeth Borden/Gay also married and had seven children in Boston. She died in 1673, and the younger John Borden in 1684, and thus Joanna Gay survived the children of her first marriage and remembered two of their children in her will in 1688. Her sons by the second marriage were the appointed guardians of these grandchildren. The web of connections seems to hold John, Elizabeth, the Bordens, and the Gays together as a family.

2866 John STARR.  Born in 1626 in probably Ashford, Kent, England. Baptized on 25 Oct 1626 in Ashford, Kent, England. Died in 1704 in MA. Occupation: Housewright.

He married Martha BUNKER, abt 1651.

They had the following children:
1433 i. Lydia (1652-1744)
ii. Eleazer (-1712)
iii. Judith
iv. Comfort (1661-)
v. John (1664-)
vi. Benjamin

2867 Martha BUNKER.  Baptized on 15 Apr 1627 in Odell, Bedfordshire, England. Died abt 1703 in probably Boston, Suffolk, MA.

2916 Robert CAMPBELL. Born abt 1673 in probably Campbelltown, Scotland. Died on 14 Feb 1725 in Voluntown, CT. Buried in Oneco Cemetery, Oneco, Hartford, CT.

He married Janet STUART.

They had the following children:
1458 i. Charles (~1696-<1770)
ii. John (~1698->1773)
iii. Sarah (~1700-1780)
iv. Mary (~1702-1750)
v. James (~1704-<1773)
vi. Robert (1709-1789)

2917 Janet STUART. Born in probably County Tyrone, Ulster Province, Ireland. Died aft 14 Feb 1729 in probably Voluntown, CT.

2920 Christopher HUNTINGTON.  Born in 1629 in Norwich, England. Died in 1691 in Norwich, CT.

He married Ruth ROCKWELL, on 7 Oct 1652 in Windsor, Hartford, CT.

They had the following children:
1460 i. Thomas (1664-1732)
ii. Christopher (1653-1655)
iii. Ruth (1653-)
iv. Ruth (1658-)
v. Christopher (1660-)
vi. John (1666-<1703)
vii. Susannah (1668-)
viii. Lydia (1672-)
ix. Ann (1675-)

2921 Ruth ROCKWELL.  Born abt 1633. Died on 29 Dec 1728.

2922 Lt. William BACKUS.

He married Elizabeth PRATT.

They had one child:
1461 i. Elizabeth (-1728)

2923 Elizabeth PRATT.

2924 Capt. Josiah STANDISH.  Born in 1634 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Died on 19 Mar 1689/90 in Preston, New London, CT.

He married Sarah ALLEN, in 1655.

They had the following children:
i. Lois
ii. Martha
iii. Mercy
iv. Myles
v. Josiah (-1753)
vi. Mary (~1660-)
1462 vii. Israel (1679-1734)
viii. Samuel (~1680-~1753)

2925 Sarah ALLEN.  Born on 30 Mar 1639 in Braintree, Norfolk, MA. Died abt 1690.

2926 William RICHARDS.

He married Mary WILLIAMS.

They had one child:
1463 i. Elizabeth (-~1729)

2927 Mary WILLIAMS.

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