Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

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Envelope: Return Address:
  • McGaheysville Va
  • Nov 1st/54
  • Miss Fannie V. Kemper
  • Cross Keys
  • Va.
  • None visible
  • U.S. Postage, Three Cents
Sender: Frances Virginia Mauzy [See Frances Virginia Mauzy in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 07/21/1838
  • married 08/03/1858
  • spouse Edward Smith Yancey
  • died 01/21/1899
  • daughter of Albert Gallatin Mauzy and Julia Catherine Nicholas
    • mother of Albert Gallatin Mauzy was Chritina Kisling; Christina (Kisling) Mauzy was the sister of Ann (Kisling) Kemper; Ann (Kisling) Kemper was the mother of the recipient, Frances Virginia Kemper -- this is the basis for the cousinhood referred to in the letter
Recipient: Frances Virginia Kemper [See Frances Virginia 'Fannie' Kemper in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 06/18/1830
  • married 02/02/1858
  • spouse Robert Allen Gibbons
  • died 08/26/1912
  • daughter of Rodham Kemper and Ann Kisling
    • Fannie Kemper's mother Ann (Kisling) Kemper was the sister of Christina (Kisling) Mauzy; Christina (Kisling) Mauzy was the grandmother of the letter writer Frances Virginia Mauzy -- this is the basis for the cousinhood referred to in the letter
Date Written: the letter is dated October 14, 1854; the envelope is dated November 1, 1854
Location: McGaheysville, Virginia
Surnames mentioned: Eskridge, Sheetz
Locations mentioned: None

Text of the letter:

Oct 14th 1854

My dear Cousin Fannie

Doubtless you have been expecting a letter from me like this, but I have delayed thinking I could collect some news, but finding the prospects dull I concluded to write, nothing has occured in town worth your attention, Mrs Eskridge was buried last Sunday

[second page]

Oh! Cousin I have the blues to day, it is raining and very muddy, so you cannot wonder at my having the blues, you must excuse all blots and mistakes for the school girls have been jumping around me and dancing so that I scarcely know what I am writing, I had forgotten to tell you that the Methodist had a great revival here last week, Vic and Em embraced religion fifteen joined the

[third page]

church on probation, Em joined but Vic said she would wait to hear from her [?? Ma??], well I heard that Cousin Ed was married tell him I am very much obliged to him for sending me a ticket where is he living, or where will he live I should like so much to see him with a wife, well I expect the next wedding I hear of will be yours, you must all come to see me, well I believe I have given you all the news, give my love to all at home tell them all to come and see me, let no one see this if you please, commit it to flames as soon as you read it, but I expect it will be hard for you to read it as I have written it in a hurry, write soon and a long letter, from your affectionate Cousin

F. V. Mauzy

Sue Sheetz told me to give her love to you and tell you if you would write to her first she would answer it, Vic and Em both send their love to you,

[fourth page]

write by the next mail and a long letter,

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