Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

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Information about this letter:

Envelope: None could be found
Sender: Mary Gibbons [See Mary Gibbons in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 08/03/1810
  • married 05/01/1846
  • spouse William Burbridge Yancey (2nd wife)
  • died 01/10/1905

sender identified via similarity in handwriting and seal

Recipient: Not certain at this time
Date Written: September 27, 1862
Location: Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Rockingham County
Surnames mentioned: Gibbons, Harnsberger, Leech, Maggart, Sellers, White, Yancey
Locations mentioned: Harrisonburg, McGaheysville

Text of the letter:

"Sept 27th 1862

Dear Sister;

I received your letter last Wednesday. I will answer it Mother wont let me have any rest until I do. Sarah Ann was here today she said I must write by Mondays mail. We are all well. Robert took uncle Abel to Harrisonburg to day he has not gotten back yet he has one field of corn to cut off yet and then he is done with his corn he has not seeded any it has been too dry I hope we will have rain soon everything is burning up We have had several little [frosts ??] We made one kettle of apple butter we have but few apple's we will have very few for winter We just got our dresses out of the loom too day a week ago there was thirty nine yards and a half we wove it in two weeks and Fannie went home in the time and she came home and we made apple butter and had company in the bargain. as [she ??] was so smart We concluded we would take a chinkopin hunk we went out in Doctor Sellers new ground we went in the morning and the bushes was very wet we had too strip off our shoes and stockings when we got home. Miss Betsy Sellers and Miss Lizzie Maggart spent and evening here this week. I have not been to McGaheysville this summer we had no way of going Mr Leech expects too have a quarterly meeting next month Polly and I talk of walking up then and stay several days Father was over to see old Mr Leap the other day he fell and hurt himself
Robert Yanceys barn was burnt last night his horses was in the field as it happened Mr White and Wife came there the evening before both of their horses burned he had all of his Wheat in not thrashed all of hay Timothy seed and Harness it was supposed it was set a bout twelve oclock. poor Will Harnsberger was killed last Monday he was guarding some baggage and the Cavalry made a dash on them and killed several of them. he was buried in Winchester. This war is a terrible thing I wish it would close I hope Jackson will be spared I have not heard from John Gibbons since the last fight I dont suppose he was killed or wounded. I would like to hear from Hank and John I noticed in the paper there was a fight near them"

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