Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

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Information about this letter:

Envelope: None could be found
Sender: Mary (Gibbons) Yancey [See Mary Gibbons in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 08/03/1810
  • married 05/01/1846
  • spouse William Burbridge Yancey (2nd wife)
  • died 01/10/1905
Recipient: Not certain at this time
Date Written: May 12th & 13th, 1862
Location: Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Rockingham County
Surnames mentioned: Bayly, Miller
Locations mentioned: Moorfield, McGaheysville, Staunton
Jackson's Valley Campaign Jackson's Valley Campaign took place from March of 1862 through June of 1862; Cousin Sims died at the battle of McDowell (May 8, 1862)

see for more information on the battle at McDowell.

Text of the letter:

"Monday May 12th 1862

My Dear Sister;

I don't feel much like writing I feel tired. I walked up home early this morning, came home before dinner. Since that we have been waiting on Soldiers, they come in three or four at a time, we fed about 20. I made some pies and was helping a little, a wagon load of pies could be sold at 25 cents apiece, every thing is bringing the highest prices even the Darkies are getting rich some have made 40 dollars, We have not heard any news from Camp to day, Jackson is still in pursuit of the Yankeys in the direction of Moorfield, I think we will soon be rid of the Yankeys in the Valley After Supper I have been walking in the yard the Lilacs are in full bloom, The apples trees are blooming very full, hope we will have fruit, Mr. Bayly that was wounded in the fight in McGaheysville, that I wrote to you in my other letter is inspiring, I must go down and sit on the porch, and listen to the Drum I heard it quite distinctly when I was up home this morning,

Tuesday May 13

I see several Soldiers coming up the road, I suppose they want dinner, and some of the poor fellows have no more appetites than a dog or a Wolf. Jane and Cousin Will came over, Will went down to his Uncle Jacob Millers, Jane wants to go down to the Camp this evening if we can mak any arrangements, Will intends meeting us there and coming here to night he is going to Staunton to morrow he is going to try to get a buggy in McGaheysville and Uncle can come down with him, I am here alone Layton & John went up to help Bob to plant corn. Mr. Miller Sarah Jane & Min, are gone down to the Camp. Have not been bothered so much with Soldiers to day yesterday morning Sarah thought she would fix up something nice for them. She took three cans of peaches and was going to mak Marmalad but behold instead of putting sugar in them she made a mistake and put Saltpeter in stead of sugar, it was pulverized and put in a jar, She was terribly out about to, They told me to have supper ready when they got home, [Tided ?? or Lided ??] is moving Cousin Sims clothes, They came home a little before sun down I had supper ready, We had just finished when here comes Bob and Cousin Will, they [ran ??] and Jane and Bob went home, Cousin Will is here, he is going to start to Staunton tomorrow, They went a little too late to see much at the encampment the Army was moving They are crossing the Mountain & going I hardly know where, We have not much fear of the Yanky now, tis thought they are leaving the Vally, and we have not seen one, I hope it will not be very long until we can have Mail again, I would like to know if you have been getting all the litters I have written, since the Army has been here, did you get the one Sarah wrote, giving you the particulars of [Alls ??] death, it was sent about the time Mail stoped, tis getting late I must close, I will send this to Staunton by Will to morrow, I am going up home to morrow, We will feel so lonesome now the Army has left, saw so many passing and calling us, some for one thing some for another be certain to write as soon as you can get a letter through, I would like to have A Yankey Canteen I told Min, to bring me one from the Camp to day but she did not do so, I saw a good many that our men had taken, from the Yankeys at the battle at Manassa, All are asleep and I am getting sleepy too, love to all, Mat too I would like to see all, Bob has not named the babe, good night, Your Sister


Addendum at very top of first sheet, written upside down:

"I send you A pin I took out of Cousin Sims Collar he had on when he was shot, Sarah had his clothes washed"

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