Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

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Envelope: Address:
  • Mrs Fannie C Arbogast
  • Cassville
  • Georgia
  • APR 20
  • Three cents; US
Sender: Mary Gibbons [See Mary Gibbons in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 08/03/1810
  • married 05/01/1846
  • spouse William Burbridge Yancey (2nd wife)
  • died 01/10/1905
Recipient: Frances Cornelia Gibbons [See Frances Gibbons in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 08/30/1833
  • married 1858
  • spouse Rev. Benjamin Arbogast
  • died 01/03/1920
Date Written: April 11th, 1861
Location: Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Rockingham County
Surnames mentioned: Harnsberger, Kisling, Miller
Locations mentioned: Harrisonburg

Text of the letter:


Thursday Morning April 11the

My Dear Sister,

No doubt you will be surprised when I tell you the Mountains are covered with snow, as white as any time in winter, Has been raining and snowing for the last week, snowed nearly all day yesterday, The river was very high yesterday, Mr Miller says he has not seen the river as high since the spring he moved here, Sarah spoke of riding up to Henry Harnsbergers so that she could look over home and see how things looked over there, but it snowed and was so bad she did not go, Old Uncle Pete took the Children down the lane yesterday evening they wanted to see the river, he took Min on his lap Sallie behind him and John on a horse to himself, I am fearful the fruit is killed had a severe frost last night,

I have not heard from home for a week, dont know what they are doing up there when I saw them last they spoke of going to Harrisonburg next Monday to get their spring clothes, I wonder whether they can ford the river on Monday with the Carriage Well Ann Miller and her Father has just come I suppose I must stop and go [down ??], I have seen Ann she did not tarry long they are gone to Mr Kisling, will call here tomorrow or next day, Cousin Sim was at Father's on Friday only stayed over night, said he would be down again in about two weeks to attend some Musters, I suppose then he will come to see us, I saw him at George's he spent a night there whilst I was there, Mr Miller is gone to the [affr ?? or oppr ??] yesterday was such a bad day he did not go up, we are anxous to know whether we will get any litters or not, I will wait ntil he comes, Mr Miller is come but no letters from any one, We expected Sandy the last of last week, he did not come, I suppose in consequence of the bad weather, Ginnie and Jane left here last Thursday, Ginnie said she would write to you by Friday's Mail, I have not seen her since, I suppose she did, and gave you all the news as she is best scribe, Sarah is fixing one of Sallies dresses she would have sent for Gin to day to help her if the river was not full Sallie came down with me, Sarah says she would like to keep her all the summers if she will be satisfied, I have the worst cold I have had for a long time, my head feels very badly, hope when the weather changes I will get beetter, We have not heard from Harriet since I left think perhaps we will hear to day, How are you geting along painting can you fill sale for them, we often talk about you and the Children, wish you could be with us this summer, like you were last summer, Sallie. Min. and John sends a kiss to Cora & [Phil ?? or Phut ?? or Pheet ??], Well what do you & Mr A. think of of Virginia hanging on to the tail end of the North, what must we do, I dont know, all send a great deal of love to you & Mr A and a kiss for the little ones write soon you Sister,


Friday Morning

I was just starting my letter in comes Father, says all are well at home were not quite washed away, he crossed in the boat, Bob got a letter from Sandy yesterday, they went to George's yesterday I suppose will be here about Monday or Tuesday, I dont know what day they [came or come] to Harrisonburg"

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