Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letter Series

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Envelope: The letter itself was used as its own envelope. The letter was folded in such a way that the outside, when sealed, functioned as an envelope. Evidence of the seal is still visible.

  • 25 -
Return address:
  • McGaheysville Va
  • Nov 27 1841


  • Mr John Armstrong
  • Palistine Cooper County
  • Missouriy
Sender: Mary Gibbons [See Mary Gibbons in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 08/03/1810
  • married 05/01/1846
  • spouse William Burbridge Yancey (2nd wife)
  • died 01/10/1905
Recipient: Elizabeth "Betsy" Gibbons [See Elizabeth Gibbons in Guide to Individuals]
  • born 08/05/1803
  • married 11/19/1837
  • spouse John Armstrong
  • died 01/26/1885
Date Written: November 19th, 1841
Location: McGaheysville, Rockingham County, VA
Surnames mentioned: Anderson, Bear, Conrad, Long, McGahey, Miller
Locations mentioned: Augusta (County??), Harrisonburg, Missoura (state), Page County, Richmond, Taylours Spring

Text of the letter:

"Rockingham County Va November 19. 1841

Dear Aunt

I seat myself this day with the determination to write to you puting if of from time to time I received your letter and was very glad for I had been waiting for an answer untill I began to conclude you had forgotten me we are all well atpresent and our friends in general Father came from Harrisonburg a day or two ago he said they were all well and that they had got A letter from you a short time since, I will next inform you that Brother George was Married in May last to Miss Harriet C Rison of Richmond they have not been to see us yet we dont expect them before next spring Robert started to Richmond yesterday morning with A load of flour, Sandy is at Dickinson College going to school he started in September, old Mrs Jacob Miller is dead she died about two weeks ago and Jacob Conrad is dead also, and Wesley Bear's wife she died two weeks after the birth of her second child the child died also the other one is at its Grandfather's Mary died very happy they were living in Augusta but she was brougt down and buryed at our church, Jenneta Conrad is teaching school at our school house she is bourding here and the children are all going to school Virginia has just commenced reading the children have all grown very much since you left this Country you would hardly know them if you would see them, I would like very much indeed to see your little Samuel that you boust so much about we are very busy at this time we have got A piano and I have been taking music lessons since Jenneta has been here and we have two boarders Miss Anderson and Miss McGahey that are studing music the school will be out after Christmas we have any quantity of music such as it is, wheat crops were indifferent in this neighbourhood though corn and oats were good,

we had but very little fruit of any kind though we have no right to complain for we hav apenty of Potatoes Turnips and all kinds of vegetables, we had no campmeeting at our campground last summer there was one held at Taylours Spring we had no tent we were there a part of the time we had a tolerably good time I almost forgot to tel you that George Harnsberger was married not long since to Miss Long Daughter of Isaac Long of Page County,

we are geting along much after the old sort we have agratedeal to do we are not done our winter weaving yet. B if I could see you I would be so glad when you receive this letter dont wait as long as I have done before you write to me for I am always glad to hear from you, my best love to Uncle John and your self,

Mother and all the rest sends ther love to you all, I received the samples of calico you sent in the letter they have been very much admired I did not think you had such finety calico in Missoura, if you come to see us I will play you some of my best tunes on the Piano Adieu my dear Uncle & Aunt

I remain yours respectfully Mary Gibbons Elizabeth Armstrong

[I have not yet determined why the name of the recipient (Elizabeth Armstrong) was placed inside the letter at the end like this]

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