A. P. Adamson Publication
Prospectus Genealogy of the Adamsom Family

Authors:  A(ugustus) P(itt) Adamson

Original Publisher:  A. P. Adamson, Rex, GA
Reproduction Publisher:  Judy Dye, 19305 S.E. 243rd Place, Kent, WA 98042-4820

Type of Publication:  Booklet (52 pages + an every name index)

Publication Date:  1918
Reproduction Publication Date:


Description:  John Baldwin Adamson (d: 1744) lived in Prince George (later Frederick, now Montgomery) Co., Maryland. Includes history of John Adamson, his son Basil Adamson (b: 1728 in Maryland) and the descendants of Greenberry Adamson, one of the sons of Basil..  This branch of the Adamson family is also known as the Georgia branch.

Susan Gaddis, a descendant of Greenberry Adamson and Augustus Young Adamson, is in the process of updating this publication with intentions to publish in the near Future.  Eighty years has passed since the publication, so at least four generations of Adamson descendants can be added in this
update. Few public records exist after 1930, so many of the descendants can only be identified by family members.  Susan would like to show as many as possible of the descendant of Greenberry Adamson in this update.
Your help is needed.  If you are a descendant of Greenberry Adamson please contact Susan soon, so she can get your information.  If you have an Adamson ancestor that lived in Georgia or Alabama, chances are you are a descendant and she wants to make contact with you.  Email  Susan Gaddis  at Soobeeg@aol.com  .

UPDATE:  July 20, 2003

At long last, I have passed the Adamson book on to the cousin who will give it to the publisher! We think the price for the book will be under $40. If you would like to order a copy, please email me with your address. Once the publisher has let us know the cost, I will let you know. Your orders will be tentative, based on the final price.
The book includes almost 8,000 names and includes the descendants of the children of Greenberry and Sarah Coates Adamson. It includes information from the censuses through 1930, as well as much more. It also includes information on the first Adamsons in this country - John, John Baldwin, Basil, etc. My page count using Word was about 800 pages. Of course, this will change based on what font the publisher uses, but let's you know the extent of the information.        I hope you all will be pleased with the book.
Susan Gaddis          at Soobeeg@aol.com   .

UPDATE:   December 14, 2003

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, the printing of the Adamson book has been delayed. We hope to send it to be printed soon."

Susan Gaddis          at Soobeeg@aol.com   .

UPDATE:   January 22, 2006

"The Adamson book publication has been delayed. 

I am writing regarding the publication of the Adamson book. The book is finished but at this time the cousin who volunteered to publish it has not responded to my emails. The last time I heard from him was in August and he was out of the country. I apologize for the delay and hope this can be resolved soon.
Susan Gaddis  "

Susan Gaddis          at Soobeeg@aol.com