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Updated 31-Dec-2000

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note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 18-Dec-2000

I am looking for a copy of the book entitled Descendants of MOSES MCWHORTER and Related Families by Anna Harman Bowman that is listed several times on the McWh*rter Website as a resource. I have called to find the All Printing Company in Oklahoma City, but they are not listed. The book was only published in 1987, so I can’t believe its not readily available somewhere. Do you have information on where I could obtain a copy? I am a direct descendant of MOSES, and I’m looking for more information. Thanks!

Tammy Taylor
Nashville, TN
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 16-Nov-2000

I am looking for information on LAURA ISABETH MCWHORTER (b. abt1804 in SC; d. abt1852 in Dalton, GA), m. LEWIS DUNCAN MCDONALD. Children: HARRISON; FRANCIS M.; JOHN L.; WILLIAM D.; MOSES H.; MARION L. (twin); STEPHEN H. (twin). Any information would be very much appreciated.

DeeAnn McDonald
Oklahoma City, OK
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 12-Nov-2000

Looking for information on ELBERT S. (Sutton?) MCWHORTER and wife, MATILDA WATSON. They were from the Kentucky area and migrated to Arizona in the 1870’s. They had a child, NORA ANN MCWHORTER, on the way born around Kansas in 1873. NORA married a JAMES MADERS in AZ. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Shelly Roy
Parowan, UT
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 8-Oct-2000

A poem titled "Ancestry", written by CHARLES C. MCWHORTER, appeared in the June 1997 issue of the Charlotte County (Florida) Genealogical Society newsletter. It begins "I am the fruit of a million years" and ends "For thousands move in my surging blood, and millions walk behind". I want to secure Mr. McWhorter’s permission to include this poem in my Hyer family history book to be published this year. Can someone put me in touch with him?

Harry Eugene Webster
Punta Gorda, FL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 8-Oct-2000

I am looking for help on the MCQUARTERS name. The earliest name I have is JOSEPH MCQUARTERS, (b. 1836, Chatham, England. He was a glass manufacturer. He married 1st JANE HAMILTON and 2nd ELIZABETH LATHAM. JOSEPH came to New Zealand in 1911 and died 11-Nov-1926. There is one known son - WILLIAM HENRY MCQUARTERS.

Gaye Ward
Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 24-Sep-2000

I’m wondering if someone can tell me why researchers all seem to agree that MOSES MCWHORTER, who we believe was married to a MARLIN, died around 1856/57? If this is true I’m wondering about something DAVIS L. MCWHORTER wrote in 1953. He states that in the will of MARGERY MARLIN in Chester Co., PA (1769) that along with a bequest to AGNES FERRIER and ELIZABETH, wife of WILLIAM MCWHORTER, part of her property was left to JOHN ROBINSON, "with whom she had lived twenty years." Were MARGERY and MOSES separated before MOSES died? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I found this statement in an article titled "McWhorter Compendiums - Moses McWhorter" by DAVIS L. MCWHORTER, Bethel, N.C., November 1953. This original is in the Davis L. McWhorter Papers, Collection No. 230, at East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. This has caused me to wonder what basis we have for MOSES’ time of death.

Laura McWhirter Harker
Mabank, TX
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 18-Sep-2000

I am looking for info on the THOMAS MCWHIRTER family from Ireland. He and his wife SARAH moved to the United States some time after 1846. They had three sons that I know of, SAMUEL (b. 1836); JAMES H. (b. 1843); and, GEORGE (b. 1846). They lived in Vermont from about 1860 to 1870. I found them on the 1860 census, 1870 census and then no record of them in 1880. I know that SAMUEL died in 1874, I am his direct descendant. What happened to JAMES and GEORGE after 1870? Where did they go? If anyone has any info please let me know.

Jeannie M. Halversen
Danville, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 8-Aug-2000

Looking for any information on JOHN THOMAS MCWHIRTER (b. 18??; d. 1916 or 1917), last known location Chester co., TN. He married MARY "Mollie" ROUSE. Known child: MARGARET "Maggie" LUCINDA MCWHIRTER who married MANSOL HURST in Chester co., TN. Probable child: LULA MAE MCWHIRTER who married an unknown EASLEY - then married a SAULSBERRY. Possible child (or brother to JOHN THOMAS): GEORGE MCWHIRTER. The story told by my mother was that in 1916 or 1917 the family (except for Maggie and one cousin named JIM EASLEY) died in a flu epidemic. My grandmother (Maggie) took Jim into her home and raised him. Obviously, LULA MAE did not die, as she remarried and had more children. I would like any info, particularly JOHN THOMAS’ parents names and siblings’ names.

Thelma Sutton
Kerrville, TX
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 1-Aug-2000

We found a Bible which was owned by a MARY MAY MCWHORTER in a box of books in the attic of our Grandmother’s house. According to its inscription, it was given to Ms. MCWHORTER by her mother and father at Christmas in 1899. The Bible contains a number of newspaper clippings of poems, cartoons, and wedding announcements (including that of Miss ISIS HUTTON and Mr. KINSLEY MCWHORTER, Miss MAIE MCWHORTER and Dr. EDMUND UPSHUR POTTER in 1917). My 86 year old Grandma worked as a domestic for a number of years, and recalls only that she received a box of books from an employer some 56 years ago, and that this Bible was among them. Is this of interest to anyone?

Walter Dowtin
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 28-Jul-2000

I am searching for any info on my MCWHIRTER line from Scotland. My Great Grandmother’s father was a JOHN MCWHIRTER (b. cir1841 in Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland). He married ANNE ALLAN (b. cir1844 in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland) on 29-Dec-1865 at Maybole, Ayrshire. JOHN and ANNE had the following children: ISABELLA (b. 8-Mar-1866 in Girvan); MARY (b. 4-Dec-1867 in Dailly); AGNES (b. 31-Jan-1870 in Girvan) deceased; AGNES (b. 8-Apr-1871 in Girvan); JAMES (b. 21-Jan-1873 in Girvan); JOHN (b. 1875 in Dreghorn, Ayrshire); and, MARGARET (b. 1877 in Girvan). My Great Grandmother, ISABELLA, came to Australia at some stage and was married to a ROBERT RONALD and later a JAMES GIBSON. It is not known if ISABELLA’s parents or any of her siblings left for Australia as well. Any information on this line would be greatly appreciated.

Karen Gower
Queensland, Australia
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 20-Jul-2000

I would like any info about my g-grandmother’s family. She was JANE MCWHIRTER (b. 12-Apr-1832 in Monkton, Ayrshire, Scotland). Her parents were HUGH MCWHIRTER (b. 25-Dec-1806, Cairntop, Ayrshire,Scotland) & AGNES FERRIER, married 17-Jan-1829 in Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland. HUGH’s parents were ANDREW MCWHIRTER & JEAN MCHOUL, married 14-Mar-1806 in Mauchline, Ayrshire, Scotland. AGNES died and HUGH took his family to Canada. JANE married JAMES KAY on 10-May-1858 in Brant, Ontario, and then returned to Ayrshire for the rest of her life. JANE had siblings ANDREW, WILLIAM, ROBERT, AGNES, MAGGIE, JESSIE, LIZZIE, some of whom went to the USA. Any info about descendants in Canada or the USA welcome, also any history about HUGH and ANDREW MCWHIRTER welcome.

Sheena Jones
Maidenhead, Berks
United Kingdom
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 27-Jun-2000

I am searching for information regarding a SERENA FRANCES MCWHORTER (b. 17-Feb-1852 in AL). She married ROBERT SMITH and they were definitely living in Munford, Talledega co, AL when their son, THOMAS W. SMITH was born in 1872. ROBERT supposedly died or disappeared in 1881 and SERENA moved to Texas where she re-married a man by the name of TOLBERT. They eventually settled in Clarksville, AR where SERENA died 11-Jul-1937. Other children, besides THOMAS, were MATTIE, JESSIE, and EFFIE, all girls, all born in AL.

Cissie Payne
Tulsa, OK
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 25-Jun-2000

I would like information on the McWhorter line. The furthurest I have back is MILLARD FILMORE MCWHORTER Sr. (b. 21-Feb in Polk co., GA). He was the son of MARTHA "Mary" MCELROY (b. 14-Aug-1833 in GA) and MOSES MCWHORTER (b. abt 1824 in SC).

Jana McWhorter Moon
Attalla, AL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 25-Jun-2000

Does anyone have more data on M. M. MCWHORTER [db#22455] (b. 13-Jun-1852)? In searching for THOMAS FRANK MCWHORTER (b. Jun-1852) I wonder if M. M. has been assigned to the wrong family. He is also listed in some places as FRANKLIN A. MCWHORTER. My THOMAS FRANK MCWHORTER married MALISSA CAROLINE STARNES and had five (5) children in Rowena, Russell co., KY: PERRY FRANK (b. 1877 in KY; d. 1957 in Uniontown, KY); DORA A. (b. 1880 in KY); BETTY JANE (b. 27-Oct-1884 in Jamestown, KY; d. 1970 in Hillsboro, IL) married WILLIAM LEE BRUMMITT 6-Mar-1909 in IL; JESSE F. (b. 1887 in KY); and FLORENCE (b. 1889 in KY). Who are THOMAS FRANK MCWHORTER’s parents? I would appreciate any clues.

Bill Brummitt
East Peoria, IL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 29-May-2000

I am researching a Rev. G. W. MCWHERTER (or MCWHORTER), active in last half of the 19th century in Knox co., OH. He may be the same as GEORGE W. MCWHORTER in Hill, N. N., Jr., 1881, HISTORY OF KNOX COUNTY, OHIO, page 483, under the history of the Centreburgh Cumberland Presbyterian Church (later renamed the Rich Hill Cumberland Presbyterian). He served there as pastor for 1872. At one point we find him attempting to raise funds for a home for orphans by soliciting donations from schoolchildren. I am trying to help the Knox County Historical Society to find if the project was ever completed, and who this man was. Perhaps he has descendants who know the story? Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Paul S. Boyer
Morristown, NJ
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 2-Apr-2000

I am looking for info on my great grandmother ALSIRA ELLE MCWHERTER SEANOR. Her father was JOHN MCWHERTER, mother unknown. Brother is PETER MCWHERTER married to MARY SWISHER on 2-Apr-1860 in Crawford co., OH. ALSIRA was born 7-Jun-1842 in Morrow co., OH, buried in Shelby, OH and married to JOHN SEANOR who was born in Westmoreland, PA on 11-Mar-1842, buried in Shelby, OH. ALSIRA had four children: SHAFRONAI; FRANK (born 1866); JOHN HENRY (born 7-Dec-1874); and, JESSIAH BENJAMIN (born 27-Oct-1877).

Marilynn I. Fischer
Deland, FL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 28-Mar-2000

Looking for any info on FAY (FAYE) MCWHORTER born in Vanetten, NY. He moved to Franklin co., ID. He also spent time in Wyoming and Utah. During his later years he traveled to New York quite often. He was married and divorced at least 3 times that I have found so far. Once to MARY ELLEN WRIGHT, again to JULIA MERTIS CAFFERTY and last (that I know of) to my grandmother, MABEL CARVER KIRBY. This marriage resulted in 7 children: NORMA, KATE, ILA, CONNIE, RODGER, WENDALL and VIRGIL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rick McWhorter
Sinclair, WY
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 21-Mar-2000

I am searching for any information on HUGH E. MCWHIRTER of Michigan. So far the only information I have been able to find is record of marriage in Kalamazoo, MI. He married 21-Sep-1900 to LULU MAUDE KEMPLE, both showing residency in Kalamazoo. I think HUGH was born in Indiana and worked on a railroad. Any info on this family would be appreciated. I’m at a dead end.

Colleen A. Rynd Stiles
Gobles, MI
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 20-Mar-2000

I am looking for any information on ROBERT NEIL MCWHIRTER born in Ardlough, Ireland, moved to Sudbury and then to Sandy Falls. His wife’s name was MINNIE TESSIER. He had the following children: ROBERT, EDITH, JAMES, GEORGE, RICHARD, CLIFFORD, BOYD, REGINALD, MARGARET, & EDNA. He had a brother JAMES of Timmins and four sisters, 3 who lived in Ireland. Any information would be helpful!

Candace McWhirter
Vernon, BC
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 1-Mar-2000

I am searching for the ancestors of WILLIAM CLIFTON MCWHIRTER (b. 9-Aug-1863; d. 22-Jan-1928) m. ROXANNA ESKRIDGE (b. 14-Apr-1868; d. 6-May-1943). They were married 22-Dec-1886 in Grover, NC. They had 9 children: RICHARD CLEAT MCWHIRTER (b. 27-Jan-1888); DELBERT ROSCOE MCWHIRTER (b. 9-Nov-1889); AMBROSE MILLS MCWHIRTER (b. 12-Sep-1892); LEE MAJOR MCWHIRTER (b. 17-Oct-1892); WILLIAM LAFAYETTE MCWHIRTER (b. 5-Sep-1897); JOHN MCWHIRTER (b. 2-Nov-1898); DOC. ELLIS MCWHIRTER (b. 4-Jan-1900); ELIZABETH MAANN MCWHIRTER (b. 15-Jun-1903); CHARLES PERRY MCWHIRTER (b. 8-Sep-1909). According to WILLIAM C. MCWHIRTER’s death certificate, his father was JAMES MCWHIRTER from GA. His mother’s name is hard to read, but looks like FARROW NESBIT from MS. (I am not completely sure of the death certificate’s accuracy, but have nothing else to go on.) Any help and/or information on the Georgia McWhirter family and possible connections is greatly appreciated.

Loretta Cozart
Charlotte, NC
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 21-Feb-2000

I am looking to find any information regarding MARION MCWHIRTER and spouse GILBERT NAY who were married 10-May-1781 in Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland. They had a son named GILBERT NAY, who was my great-great-great-great grandfather. I am unaware of any siblings. Descendants share the surnames NAY, BROWNLIE, MCLELLAN and JOHNSTON. Any information would be very much appreciated.

Heather Johnson
St. Marys, Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 21-Feb-2000

I am looking for anyone with information about GILBERT and LIVINIA MCWHORTER or JOHN A. MCWHORTER. I own a house in Warwick, Orange County, NY which was owned by them around 1820. The earliest deed I could find was dated 1812.

Mark Silvestri
Warwick, NY
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 21-Feb-2000

Seeking information on the ancestors of HUBBARD GILLESPIE MCWHIRTER. He was born abt1860 somewhere in TN and died in Chelen, WA in 1950. His father was born in IL, and his mother MARY E. ? was born in AL and died in Bentonville, AR on 7-Oct-1892. HUBBARD MCWHIRTER’s wife, DELLAN WARREN, was born abt1864 somewhere in NY. HUBBARD and DELLAN’s children were ALPHA, HATTIE, EDITH, OLGA and HUBBARD. All were born in AR except ALPHA, who was born in MO. I will be happy to exchnage information with anyone who is interested.

Frank Fuqua
Westminster, CO
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 11-Jan-2000

Looing for "missing" brother of JEANNE ELLEN MCWHORTER. She was born in South Dakota 1920, father ARTHUR. Brother may be named JOHN. Your nephew STEVE, born in Arizona 1957, would like to find you.

Steve and Valerie McWhorter
Canton, OH
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 11-Jan-2000

My great great grandmother is MARGARET KATHERINE MCWHIRTER who married BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WALLS. I have no dates or place of birth for them. The only child I know of is MARTHA LEE WALLS (b. 1867 in TN). I know this isn’t much info, but that’s all I have. If you can add to this, please let me know.

Kathleen Hamilton
Eagle Lake, Texas
[email protected]

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