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note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 26-Dec-1999   new3.gif (144 bytes)

I am looking for the parents of GEORGE WASHINGTON MCWHORTER (b. 1810; d. 1864 in Mississippi). He married ELVIA CAROLINE TUCKER (b. 1817 in TN).

Anita Dingman
Corinth, NY
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 27-Nov-1999   new3.gif (144 bytes)

I am looking for information on MOLLY LEE MCQUIRTER/MCWHIRTER. She was my gggrandmother. She married a WEBB and they had my ggrandmother JEMIMA LEE WEBB (b. 2-Aug-1863) in Tennessee and (d. 4-Sep-1902) in Carutherssville, MO. They lived in Obion co., TN and Fulton, KY before JEMIMA married THOMAS JEFFERSON GAMBILL and moved to Missouri. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Carole Tolliver Ray
Arcola, MS
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 27-Nov-1999   new3.gif (144 bytes)

Searching for information on WILLIAM MCWHIRTER who died in 1941 (August???). He lived in Queens, New York and was a New York City Police Officer.

Debra Nunez
Seaford, NY
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 16-Nov-1999   new3.gif (144 bytes)

Seeking info about my great grandfather LEWIE, "LEWY", or "LOUIS" ALEXANDER MCWHORTER, He was born in Georgia approximately August 5 or 6 between the years 1912-1916. I do not have the names of his parents at this time. He died in Macon, GA visiting relatives in 1980-81 at the age of between 68-72. He was buried in Wheeler, TX. He married a woman named ELLA (maiden name unknown) and had two boys. Son DELBERT MCWHORTER died 1975/76 at the age of 48-49. Son RICHARD BURYL MCWHORTER was born May 21/22 between 1933-36 and died in a train/car accident in a town near Wichita Falls, TX on 7-Nov-1969. He was between the ages of 36-38 at the time of his passing. I was told that LEWIE’s parents came from Ireland. Any info or advice on where to find info would be appreciated.

Dawn Garland
Beaverton, OR
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 16-Nov-1999   new3.gif (144 bytes)

REBECCA CAROLINE MCWH*RTER is found in 1880 in Green co., IN census p. 212A as the wife of WILLIAM WHITE. She lists her age as 29 and says she was born in IN, but her parents were born in TN (father) OH (mother). So she’d have been born in 1850/51. They named their children (surname WHITE) FRANCES, CHARLES, NOAH, JOSEPH, LUTHER, ANNA and DOLLIE. Does anyone have my REBECCA in their files?

Marianne Montgomery
Tacoma, WA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 28-Oct-1999   new3.gif (144 bytes)

Seeking information on the children of CHARLES and NANCY GRIFFIN MCWHIRTER, born in TN. Believe there were children born after 1833, but the only one found is REBECCA. We believe one could have been JOHN HOUSTON MCWHIRTER, born 17-Dec-1837.

Laura Harker
Mabank, TX
[email protected]
Mozelle Urbanczyk
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 14-Oct-1999   new3.gif (144 bytes)

The will of GEORGE MCWHORTER dated 30-Nov-1805 in Mecklenburg co., NC lists his daughter ELIZABETH, wife of ROBERT LACKY. Can anyone tell me what happened to this ELIZABETH MCWHORTER LACKY and/or her husband ROBERT LACKY?

Leona Mastan
Paso Robles, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 21-Sep-1999

I am searching for the ancestors of WILLIAM CLIFTON MCWHIRTER (b. 9-Aug-1863; d 22-Jan-1928) m. ROXANNA ESKRIDGE (b. 14-Apr-1868; d. 6-May-1943). They were married 22-Dec-1886 in Grover, NC. According to the 1900 census, his parents were from North Carolina. They had 9 children: RICHARD CLEAT MCWHIRTER (b. 27-Jan-1888); DELBERT ROSCOE MCWHIRTER (b. 9-Nov-1889); AMBROSE MILLS MCWHIRTER (b. 12-Sep-1892); LEE MAJOR MCWHIRTER (b. 17-Oct-1892); WILLIAM LAFAYETTE MCWHIRTER (b. 5-Sep-1897); JOHN MCWHIRTER (b. 2-Nov-1898); DOC. ELLIS MCWHIRTER (b. 4-Jan-1900); ELIZABETH MAANN MCWHIRTER (b. 15-Jun-1903); CHARLES PERRY MCWHIRTER (b. 8-Sep-1909).

Loretta Cozart
Charlotte, NC
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 17-Sep-1999

I have traced my father’s family back as far as SILAS J. MCWHORTER who married in Athens co., OH in 1852. There is a ROBERT MCWHORTER who died in Athens co., OH and had a son named SILAS. This I picked up from the Bell Anthology, but as of yet have not been able to confirm. I am looking for records of ROBERT’s grandfather ROBERT. I found a marriage between a ROBERT MCWHORTER and a SARAH JOHNS(T)ON in 1743, recorded by the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. That seems to confirm his mention of a ROBERT in the tax records of 1744. I would like more info on him if possible, ie. father, sons, etc.

Sharon L. McWhorter Lytle
Galloway, OH
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 13-Aug-1999

I am looking for information on Capt. GEORGE MCQUERTER, in the War of 1812. He may have come out of Wayne co., KY. Any info on him (biography/history/memoirs of the War and people in the War) would be appreciated.

Linda M. Grider
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 1-Aug-1999

I am seeking information on my gggrandmother, MOLLY LEE MCQUIRTER. She married a Mr. WEBB and my ggrandmother was JEMIMA LEE WEBB. JEMIMA married THOMAS JEFFERSON GAMBILL in Dresden, Weakley co., TN, on 23-Dec-1885. They had 4 children and she died in childbirth. She is buried in Little Prairie Cemetery, Caruthersville, Pemiscott co., MO. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Carole Tolliver Ray
Arcola, Washington Co., MS
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 28-Jul-1999

My ancestors came from southwest Scotland to America via County Down, Ireland and carried the surname - MCWHIRK. Is it possible that this surname is related to the family MCWHIRTER? Would appreciate your thoughts.

Henry R. Fenech
Severn, MD
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 27-Jul-1999

I am researching my family history, and my great-great grandparents were ANDREW MCWHIRTER and AGNES MCCLELLAND who were married at Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright, Scotland in 1842. Andrew was born in 1822 at Barr, Ayrshire, and they arrived here in Australia in 1851. They had a daughter SARAH MCWHIRTER (my great grandmother) who was also born in 1851 in Barr. SARAH married a HENRY ROWLEY 3-Oct-1867 at age 16 and she died 15-Mar-1875 aged 24. Any help would be appreciated.

Michael Rowley
Oatley, New South Wales, Australia
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 17-Jul-1999

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, JOHN MCWHIRTER (b. 1889, Scotland). He imigrated to Redvers, Manitoba, Canada with his three brothers, ANTHONY, WILLIAM and ROBERT in the early 1900’s.

Cheryl McGinnis
Innisfail, Alberta, Canada
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 17-Ju-1999

Seeking info about ELIZABETH "Betsy" MCWHORTER (b. 1778, Bedford, TN; d. 1839, Robertson co., TX). ELIZABETH married ROBERT MCCUISTION 1807 and they had fourteen (14) children. #11 was NOAH MCCUISTION.

Leona Mastan
Paso Robles, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 23-Jun-1999

Seeking info on JACOB MCWHORTER alledged to be the father of GEORGE GRAY MCWHORTER. I believe JACOB m. ELIZABETH GRAY and had 2 child., MOSES & GEORGE GRAY. JACOB (also alledged to be a son of HUGH & JANE MCWHORTER of New Castle co., DE). GEORGE GRAY MCWHORTER  m. ELIZABETH DRUSILLA COOPER and had 7 child.: JACOB GRAY (1788-1852); ALEXANDER BURNETT (1791-1858); ALWYN AMZI (1798-1849); MIJAMIN SIDNEY (1804-1829); ELIPHALET ARIEL (1804-1829); ELIZABETH DRUSILLA; GEORGE COOPER (1802-1856).

Maurice Edmund Marlette
Hayneville, AL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 11-Jun-1999

Searching for information on this lost MCWHIRTER family. ALEXANDER MCCANDLESS MCWHIRTER (b. 29-Jul-1827 in Warren County, TN) the son of ALEXANDER HAMILTON MCCANDLESS MCWHIRTER and ELIZABETH ROBINSON. In 1850 I have found him in Livingston County, Kentucky married to ISABELLA STACY/STACEY dau. of BRITTON STACEY/STACY. He was not there in the 1860 census. Has anyone seen this family maybe in Hardin County, IL or Ohio?

Jesse O. McWhirter
Fayetteville, TN
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 5-June-1999

I traced my MEWHERTER line back to Westmoreland co., PA, and found 3 families of MEWHIRTER/MEWHERTERs in the 1850 census there. All were in Derry twp., all were listed as born in PA, and all were farmers. They are JOHN, 60, and MARIA (TRIMBLE?), 32, and 5 children; WILLIAM, 53, and MARGARET, 45, and 9 children; and JAMES, 52, and MARY, 48, and 7 children. My lineage goes through WILLIAM and MARGARET. I am assuming that the 3 men were brothers. I am seeking any information on their parentage. No lead is too small or insignificant.

Jennifer Savage
San Jose, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 31-May-1999

Searching for info on SARAH JANE MCWHIRTER/MCWHORTER (b. 1839 in MS). She married 1st to LUTHER J. KNIGHT on 14-Dec-1856 in Pontotoc co., MS. Possibly three children from this union, one known, BENJAMIN C. KNIGHT (b. 1859 near Ellistown, Pontotoc co., MS). SARAH m. 2nd to WILLIAM M. STORY on 31-Jan-1865 in Pontotoc co., MS. One child from this union, JOHN HARMON STORY (b. 13-Oct-1865 near Ellistown, Pontotoc co., MS). Who were SARAH’s parents? Would like to correspond with anyone researching the McWhirter/McWhorter families of Pontotoc co., MS.

Robbie Story
Ontario, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 31-May-1999

Looking for information on ELIZABETH MCWHORTER (b. abt 1801 in VA). She later removed to TN and married JOSEPH WILLIAMSON (b. abt 1781 in VA). They later removed to AL, MS, to settle in Hays County, TX in 1851.

Richard Armstrong
San Antonio, TX
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 27-Apr-1999

Looking for info about POLLY MCWHORTER who m. JOHN ARMSTRONG. They lived in Orange co., NY and had at least 7 children. Two were born in 1757 & 1758. I assume POLLY was born abt 1730 as her husband was born in 1727. After her death JOHN m. SARAH (?) widow of GILBERT MCWHORTER. There is probably a connection between GILBERT & POLLY, but I don’t know what it is.

Leslie Vaughn
Palm Coast, FL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 27-Mar-1999

Looking for connections to the MCWHIRTERs of Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland: WILLIAM MCWHIRTER m. JEAN GIBSON and had children ANTONY (b. 20-May-1764); JOHN (b. 2-Jun-1766); ELIZABETH (b. 11-Dec-1768); WILLIAM (b. 1-Jul-1773); JEAN (b. 16-Apr-1776); and, MARGARET (b. 8-Jul-1782). WILLIAM Jr. m. AGNESS NEWAL and had children JANE (b. 22-May-1799; d. bef 1802); JANE (b. 7-Feb-1802); AGNESS (b. 30-Jun-1804); WILLIAM (b. 25-May-1806; d. bef 1808); WILLIAM (b. 4-Oct-1808; d. 11-Aug-1893); MARGARET (b. 1-Sep-1810); and, ANTHONY (b. 1812; d. 1863).

Rich Pettit
Clearwater, FL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 27-Mar-1999

Seeking info, parents and sibs on both lines. MARTIN MONROE MCWHORTER (b. cir 1835, SC, possibly Pickens or Anderson districts; d. 14-Mar-1863, Co. A 20th Reg. S. C. Vol.) married MELISSA CAROLINE MCCALL cir 1854 in Rabun co., GA. She was born 9-Jun-1834 in NC and died 7-Apr-1914 in Rabun co., GA. Children, all born in Rabun co., GA, include: MARTHA JANE (b. 1855); SARAH A. (b. 1858); EMYLINE S. (b. 1860); and WILL J. (b. 1862). Possible siblings for MELISSA are SAMUEL, MARY E. and WILLIAM R. MCCALL. MARTIN, at 15 years old (1850) lived with ANDREW BROWN in Rabun co., GA. ANDREW’s daughter RACHAEL married a MCCALL.

Keith Bouldin
Rio Nido, CA
contact: Alan McWhirter [email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 13-Mar-1999

Searching for information and parents of ACHSAH MCWHORTER, born 1780’s, married to DANIEL GILLETT and lived in Fort Ann, Washington County, New York in the early 1800’s. Moved to Richmond, Michigan about 1837. Known children: LYMAN married to RUTH; ACHSAH married to NATHANIEL RUGG; DANIEL, JR. married to CHLOE CUDWORTH; and, GEORGE married to CAROLINE RUGG.

Nancy Paddon
Stafford, NY
contact: Alan McWhirter [email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 7-Mar-1999

JANE MCWHIRTER lawful daughter of ROBERT MCWHIRTER and SARAH MCCLURE (MCCLUNE) was born 13-Jul and baptised 9-Mar-1845. This registration was taken from the Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland church. JANE married in 1865 to EDWARD MCQUAT at Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland and parents were not recorded as being deceased although EDWARD’s were. I am seeking information on any of those mentioned as well as descendants.

Mary-Ann Baker
Oro Valley, AZ
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 21-Feb-1999

Searching for the names of the parents of AMANDA FLOYD who m. 1st a ROBERT WILLIAM POLVADO/PALVADOR and 2nd WILLIAM FRANCIS MCWHORTER. WILLIAM FRANCIS MC-WHORTER is buried in Madison co., TX. AMANDA had two siblings that I know of: WILEY ISAAC FLOYD who married REBECCA JANE POLVADO/PALVADOR and EMILY FLOYD who married a VAUGHN. (In other words, brothers married sisters of these families: POLVADO/PALVADOR and FLOYD). Their origins were Mississippi as were the MCWHORTERs.

Angela Fannin
Madisonville, TX
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 20-Feb-199

Searching for descendants of ELIZABETH MCWHORTER who married BENNETT QUIMBY on 13-Mar-1833 in Perry Co., Alabama. They later lived in Sumter Co., AL and in Clarke Co., MS. JAMES MCWHORTER married MARY QUIMBY on 3-Feb-1840 in Sumter Co., AL. BENNETT and MARY QUIMBY were brother and sister. Would be most grateful for any info on these two families.

Joy Q. Stearns
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 20-Feb-1999

My 3rd great grandfather, JOHN A. BYFORD, was married 3 times. His first wife was MARGARET E. MCWHORTEN/MCWHORTER. They were married 2-Jan-1851 in either Grimes or Madison county, Texas. They had 2 children: SALLY BYFORD (b. 1852 in Texas) and LOUISA BYFORD (b. 1853 in Texas). JOHN married his second wife in 1858 in Texas. I am a descendant of his third wife, but I am interested in any help on finding more information about MARGARET, as I have almost nothing on her.

Raymond Hurst
Hemet, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 18-Feb-1999

I am seeking the siblings of GEORGE MCWHORTER Sr. who may have been born in Northern Ireland and who married ELIZABETH WALKUP. I am also seeking corroboration of their son JOHN MCWHORTER’s service in the revolutionary war.

Doug McWhorter
Houston, TX
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 15-Feb-1999

Looking for information about the MCWHORTERs that lived in Davidson Co.. Tennessee. Father A. MARLIN MCWHORTER (b. 1854; d. 1946) married SALLY E. EZELL (b. 1860; d. 1946). Children: RICHARD CHARLTON (b. 1876; d. 1924) m. EMMA D. BARNES; DESIAY (b. 1883); LULA; JACK; MILTON; MATTIE; KATE; SALLY. I would like to know more about this family. MARLIN is my ggg grandfather.

Kim Batts
Nashville, TN
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 10-Feb-1999

Seeking parentage of HILLIER CARSON MCWHORTER (b. 12-Jan-1888; d. 10-May-1951) native of Friendship, Hot Spring co., AR, married ROSA ETTA BOLLEN in Bakersfield, Kern co., CA. His brother was HUGH MCWHORTER. His sister was FLISCIA MCWHORTER MAJORS. His children were: HELEN, EVELYN, DEVOIN.

Barbara Goode
Fresno, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 10-Feb-1999

Seeing information on MARY FRANCIS MCWHORTER (b. 29-Dec-1838). She married GEORGE H. ROBINSON on 23-Dec-1857. Need place of birth and marriage for MARY & GEORGE. Children were: JOHN MONROE (b. 26-Sep-1858); JAMES NEWTON (b. 10-Jul-1860); MARY ELINOR (b. 27-Apr-1862); THOMAS HOWARD (b. 5-Feb-1865); AMANDA VICTORIA (b. 9-Sep-1867); VIRGINIA CAROLINA (b. 18-Sep-1869); DAVID WALTER (b. 23-Apr-1872); JOSEPH ARTHUR (b. 27-Jan-1875); PAULINE PRISCILLA (b. 29-Nov-1877); all children born in Texas.

Mary Shelton
Sutter Creek, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 3-Feb-1999

MCWHORTOR - Our line is running out and am looking for others with the same spelling. My G. G. Grandparents: ABNER MCWHORTOR and MARTHA ELLEN RICHEY came from Jennings co., IN to Clark co., MO in the 1850-60s. Folklore was that 3 brothers came from Ireland and changed the spelling to be able to tell the descendants apart. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Patricia McWhortor Mullenix
Kahoka, MO
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 3-Feb-1999

Looking for information on McWhorters in TN, 1760’s through early 1800’s. JAMES MCWHORTER. MARY REAMY MCWHORTER married to GABRIEL SEEHORN, 15-Oct-1804, Washington co., TN. AGNES MCWHORTER (b. 20-Nov-1769, Washington co., TN) married to JAMES SEEHORN 20-Sep-1796 in Washington co., TN. I feel these people are brothers and sisters, but I have no proof. I know that JAMES SEEHORN and GABRIEL SEEHORN were from Shenandoah co., VA, via York co., SC.

Carolyn Lee
Horseshoe Bay, TX
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 28-Jan-1999

EMALINE MCWHORTER was married to a WILLIAM SHAW and in 1842 had a son, JOSEPH ASHWORTH SHAW, born in Paterson, NJ. Family lore places EMALINE in eastern Massachusetts prior to 1842 and/or after 1895. Any additional information about her would be deeply appreciated.

Brian G. Boucher
Newfane, VT
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 19-Jan-199

Need information on MARY MCWHORTER (b. cir1787, NC or SC?). She m. before 1809, ROBERT JAMISON (b. cir1787, NC), possibly in SC. My ancestor, their dau. AGNES JAMISON, (b. 31-Dec-1809/10, Abbeville or Pickens co., SC) m. 4-Mar-1832 in Monroe twp., Washington co., IN, WILLIAM SCOTT (b. 1809, KY). MARY (MCWHORTER) JAMISON had 7 children, the youngest named ROBERT JAMISON JR. was b. 1816 in Logan co., KY after his father died. Mary took her 7 children to Washington co., IN, where she died in 1841. Possibly had other relatives there? ROBERT JAMISON JR.’s bio (written when he was alive) in Clarke co., IA stated that both his parents were from NC, and both were descendants of Scots Covenanters who came to America in the mid 1700’s. Of Mary’s children, I have only the names of my ancestor AGNES JAMISON, and youngest son ROBERT JAMISON JR. WILLIAM and AGNES (JAMISON) SCOTT had 4 daus., two born in IN, and two born in Clarke co., IA, which was their final settling place. In the early marriages of Washington co., IN there is also the marriage of NANCY MCWIRTER to JOSEPH SCOTT, 30-Nov-1825? In Crawford co., IN there is the marriage of RUTH MCWIRTER to LORENZO MCMEKELL, 30-Aug-1836?

Donna Sears Chernick
Bellevue, WA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 13-Jan-199

Searching for information about WILLIAM MEWHORTER and his wife CATHERINE MEWHORTER (maiden name unknown) residing in Ohio cir 1820. I have no reliable information as to their origins, but Ireland and Missouri are mentioned in the sources. Their son, JOHN MEWHORTER, was born in Ohio in March, 1820. JOHN migrated to Racine, Wisconsin by the 1850s where, in 1857, he changed his name from MEWHORTER to MERTON by an act of the state legislature. I am interested in where WILLIAM and CATHERINE MEWHORTER originated and why their son changed his surname as an adult. Willing to share my information.

Charlie Wells
Redlands, CA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 9-Jan-199

I need some help researching the roots of a co-worker. She is searching for her grandparents. Because her father was adopted (and is fearful of the search/rejection) he is unwilling to help. The information that she has is from her g-grandmother who raised her father and provided this little bit of information. Can anyone help carry this any farther. She does not want anything from any relative that she might find, only to KNOW about her heritage and any possible health problems. Looking for MELVIN MCWHORTER (b. abt 1908, place unknown; d. abt 1935-6 in Savannah, GA). MELVIN had a brother whose name started with an "R" (Ron, Richard or Ronald...). It is said that MELVIN was a gambler on the river boats of GA. That he and his brother also owned or worked at a jeweler/watch repair shop in Phenix City, AL just over the Chatahoochee River near Columbus, GA. A young woman GEORGIA INEZ PARADISE and MELVIN had a relationship, which resulted in a child. MELVIN is said to have been married to someone else and had children. The child of MELVIN & GEORGIA’s relationship was adopted and raised by his grandmother MARTHA ELLEN PARADISE in Phenix City, AL. FORREST E. PARADISE was born in 1933 in Phenix City, AL. MELVINs brother wrote to GEORGIA aand told her that MELVIN had died of stomach cancer. She remembers him drinking "paregoric and whisky straight" for stomach problems. So this may be true. Because of the delicate nature of this search and that most of the people are still alive, I am trying to be very discreet. If anyone has MCWHORTERs in the GA, AL area who were in the jewelry or gambling business or have heard of someone fitting this description, please contact me. I will pass on any information. If MELVIN’s family is out there we would like to hear from you. The children of adopted parents still like to know where they come from too.

Ann Slaughter
Columbus, GA
[email protected]

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