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Queries 1998

Updated 3-Feb-1999

query1AY.gif (8710 bytes)   On this page you will find 19 queries that were submitted during 1998 by persons researching various McWh*rter families. A link to the submitter's e-mail has been included with each query to make responding as easy as possible.

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note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 15-Dec-1998

My G. G. Grandfather HARRISON MCDONALD was born in South Carolina (don’t know the exact location) around 1828. He is the son of ELIZABETH MCWHORTER (LIZBETH MCWHORTER) who married a gentleman by the last name of McDonald. I don’t know where they got married, when they immigrated, etc. ELIZABETH, her son HARRISON, and his siblings are shown on the 1850 Murray co., GA census records. ELIZABETH must have been widowed at that time. The census states that ELIZABETH, age 46, was born in SC. Her children were: HARRISON M.; FRANCIS M.; JOHN L.; WILLIAM D.; MOSES H.; MARY LEWIS; and STEPHEN H. (the last two twins).

Kathleen Griffin-Heitman
Jupiter, FL
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 15-Dec-1998

I am searching for info on ELIZABETH MCQUERTER/MCQUIRTA. She was born between 1775-1780 and died in 1839. She lived in TN with her husband, ROBERT NEWTON MCCUISTION/MCQUISTION, whom she married in 1806 in Davidson co., TN. She had three children with him that I know of: CHARITY; ANN MARJORIE; and MILLY (the last two twins born 22-Jun-1817). ELIZABETH was ROBERT’s second wife. I believe he was a widower, his first wife being CHARITY DUNN. The story is that she was a well-bred and well-educated woman. ROBERT was a wealthy planter who eventually moved the family to Texas.

Tracy Arvidson
Bettendorf, IA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 30-Aug-1998

Seeking information on JOHN MCWHORTER, married MARY MCCORKLE, 4-Nov-1791, Augusta County, Virginia. MARY was possibly the daughter of SAMUEL and SARAH (BUCHANAN) MCCORKLE of Augusta co., VA. JOHN MCCORKLE was bondsman at their ceremony.

Esther (McCorkle) McKinley
Glade, KS
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 30-Aug-1998

Trying to locate any family connections to HOWARD EARL MCWHORTER, born1921. His son GARY LEIGH MCWHORTER, would like to contact other family members so he can get to know his roots. HOWARD was born somewhere in the south and raised by another family, but not adopted. The family’s name was HAUS. HOWARD retained his McWhorter surname. He had a sister who was killed in an auto accident when she was a teenager. He had a brother named KYLE who was a truck driver. GARY is very hopeful that someone will contact him through me. All information will be sent directly to GARY and will be confidential, if it is required.

Leslie Seich
366 Jackson Mills Road
Jackson, NJ 08527
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 23-Aug-1998

Looking for ELIZABETH ANN MCWHORTER (b. 27-Jun-1869; d. 5-Dec-1950) who married WILLIAM JOSEPH PAYNE (b. 23-Dec-1835; d. 7-Jul-1928) in GA. WILLIAM fought in the Civil War and was noted as "Fiddlin Joe". ELIZABETH was much younger than he and was his second wife. They had four children: IMA JEAN, AHAZ, ATHA and RAYMOND (my grandfather). It was said that ELIZABETH ANN MCWHORTER was Cherokee Indian and that she was purchased by "Fiddlin Joe" for an unknown amount of livestock...? This may be just an ole tale but AHAZ & ATHA were both very dark skinned. Was she a McWhorter and if so what line? "Fiddlin Joe" had a 1000 acre farm in what is now Temple, GA. Any info and help in finding my great grandmother would be greatly appreciated. My wife is from the DAVID & MARY POSTEN line of McWhorters, so we are interested to know if we married cousins like so many of the McWhorter Clan.

Mike and Dianne Payne
Falls Church, VA
[email protected]

note.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 22-Aug-1998

Looking for relatives of STEVEN MCWHERTER (b. abt 1886) married MARY SUE  PRINCE. They lived in Palmersville, TN and had two children, CHESTER MCWHERTER (b. 22-Feb-1908) and ETTA MAY MCWHERTER. CHESTER lived in Martin after he married.

Barb Lovenstein
Grand Blanc, MI
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)    Posted 2-Aug-1998

Seeking info on the ancestors of CATHERINE YOUNG who married in Cincinnatus, NY Dr. JOHN MCWHORTER (b. 1768, Salem, NY). She was the daughter of the widow NANCY YOUNG of Williamstown, MA who remarried to a ZURIEL RAYMOND and removed from MA to NY with him and her earlier family. Supposedly widow YOUNG was going to Cincinnatus because she had been granted land from her husband, a Revolutionary soldier, who died in the war.

Mary Negvesky
Mechanicsville, VA
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 25-July-1998

Seeking information about JAMES EDWARD MCWHORTER b. 1874 in New York City. He married ELIZABETH KENNA who was born in Philadelphia, PA. They had four children: VIRGINIA MCWHORTER b. unknown; PRATT MCWHORTER b. 24-Dec-1904; SAMUEL BINGAMAN MCWHORTER b. 23-May-1914 in Nutely, NJ; and ARTHUR MCWHORTER b. 31-Mar-1917. I have a lot of information about descendants but sketchy information about this and previous generations. There was also a cousin CLIFFORD MACWHORTER.

Walter and
Marj McWhorter Jones
Spokane, WA
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 25-Jul-1998

I am seeking information on SARAH MCWHORTER who married (JEREMIAH?) CARROLL of York co., SC. Their possible children: THOMAS, ELISHA, ELIJAH, JOHN, ALEXANDER MCWHORTER, MARGARET, ADELINE, HAMILTON, MARY/POLLY, TERESA. Son ELISHA CARROLL (b. 1802 in SC; d. aft 1860) where he and his family were in Union co., GA.

Dee March
Lincoln, CA
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 20-Jul-1998

Seeking info about POLLY MCWHORTER who married JOHN ARMSTRONG. I don’t know the dates of birth or marriage, but one of their children, ANNIE ARMSTRONG married ANTHONY VAUGHAN in 1765. POLLY and JOHN lived and probably died in Orange County, New York. His will was probated in 1797. The only info I have about POLLY MCWHORTER has come from the Orange County (NY) Genealogy Society. One source says he married a Mrs. SARAH MCWHORTER. Were she and POLLY the same person? Any info about POLLY/MRS. SARAH MCWHORTER would be appreciated. Any info about JOHN ARMSTRONG and his children would also be appreciated.

Leslie Vaughn
Palm Coast, FL
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 5-Jul-1998

Searching for information on SALLIE ANN MCWHORTER, b. 14-Nov-1878 in Tyler, Smith co., TX, d. 8-Jan-1937 in Dallas, Dallas co., TX. I do not know her parents’ names, but do know that surname was spelled both MCWHORTER and MCQUIRTER. SALLIE married EALY AZURE (ASIA) WATKINS b. 9-Jul-1870 in Bonham, Fannin co., TX, d. 1-Apr-1933 in Dallas, Dallas co., TX. Any help would be greatly appreciated - have hit a dead end!

Linda Baker
Gun Barrel, TX

[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 5-Jul-1998

Seeking parents and other information on ROBERT MCWHORTER (MEWHORTER) b. 1805 or 1807, d. 15-Nov-1882, Marion, Ohio, m. JANE (she d. 5-Aug-1876). They had fourteen children. Only know about four of them. Two daughters, one married a Mr. ALBERT SMITH, and another one, SARAH, married AARON MEWHORTER and then resided in Ora, Indiana. Two sons, HENRY of Harpster, OH, and DAVID C. b. 1839 and married ALICE MEARS 1-Jan-1870 in Wyndotte Co., OH, d. 1-Mar-1920.

Randi Mewhorter
Westland, MI
contact Alan McWhirter at [email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 5-Jul-1998

Need information on the parents of DAVID MCWHORTER who married CLARISSA ANN WELLS in Lincoln County, Tennessee Oct-1866. He is later located in Milam and Menard County, Texas. The 1880 Menard County census shows his age at 38 indicating he was born in 1842 and shows him as being born in Texas, father in Georgia and mother in Missouri, although the 1900 census states he was born in Tennessee. Appreciate any information.

Pat Gilbert
Mingus, TX
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 5-Jul-1998

I am seeking information on my grandfather, JOHN HARVEY MCWHIRTER, who was born in the vicinity of Corinth, GA, on the Tennessee side, around 1879 or 1880. I would appreciate whatever you have on him.

Patsy Fritz
Upland, CA
contact Alan McWhirter at [email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 7-Mar-1998

Seeking any information on JOSEPH MCWHIRTE, son of JUDITH MCWHIRTE (she b. abt1803 in co. Armagh, Ireland). JOSEPH and mother known to have been in St. Stephen, Charlotte Cty, New Brunswick mid 1800’s. JOSEPH m. MARGARET GRAY in St. Stephen and had daughters: ALICE MAUDE; MARTHA b. 1864; MARY; JOSEPHINE b. 1869; JESSIE d. 1913. JOSEPH d. 1914 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

Rhonda H. Little
Millinocket, ME
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 7-Mar-1998

Searching for the parents of VIOLET MCWHIRTER b. Jul-1832 in NC d. Apr-1912 in Union co., AR. Ahe m. JOHN W. CAMERON (son of MALCOLM B. CAMERON and MARY "Mollie" ?) b. 1826 d. 1893 in Union co., AR. VIOLET & JOHN removed, perhaps from AL, to Union co., AR cir 1863. Their known children: MARY J. b. 1857 and m. ? COTTRELL; MARTHA A. b. Apr-1861; JOHN b. 1858; FRANK M. b. 24-Apr-1863 d. 23-Aug-1928 and m. LEVA LOCKE; WILLIAM C. b. Apr-1867; NORA LEE b. Aug-1872 and m. ? BROWN; EMMA D. b. 1873; NANCY L. b. 10-Apr-1874 d. 8-Nov-1971; TOBE. 1900 census of Union co., AR indicated that VIOLET & JOHN had 11 children, 8 living.

Wanda "Pepper" Thompson
Magnolia, AR
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 16-Feb-1998

JEREMIAH MCWHIRTER is listed as a Revolutionary Soldier in Wilson County, TN. Died in Gibson County, TN 1828. Married ELIZABETH ?. Issue: HUGH B. MCWHIRTER; ELIZABETH MCWHIRTER; JAMES B. MCWHIRTER; GEORGE MCWHIRTER; EUNICE MCWHIRTER BRIDGES; CYNTHIA MCWHIRTER SUTTON; LOVICA MCWHIRTER BRADSHAW; MARY MCWHIRTER DICKENS; and SALLY MCWHIRTER HERRON. I descend thru HUGH B. MCWHIRTER. HUGH’s grandson JAMES S. moved to Marion County, IL before 1847. Looking for any additional information on JEREMIAH’s parents, siblings as well as his children.

Ron Eagan
Mahomet, IL
[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 16-Feb-1998

Seeking info on RUFUS WILEY MCWHIRTER who m. SARAH FISHER. They had one son that I know of - WILLIAM C. MCWHIRTER b. 1819 in Laurence Co., TN, d. 31-May-1874 in Lebanon, LaClede Co., MO. WILLIAM m. 25-Dec-1849 in Laurence Co., TN MARY ANN WILLIAMS (dau. of JESSE WILLIAMS and REBECCA CHAFFIN). They had children: JAMES RUFUS MCWHIRTER b. 15-Dec-1850, LaClede, MO, d. 31-Oct-1866; JOHN NEWTON MCWHIRTER b. 2-Apr-1852, Aurora or Lebanon, MO, d. 29-Aug-1947; MARTHA SARAH LOUISA MCWHIRTER b. 30-Mar-1853, MO, d. 28-Feb-1927; REBECCA ISABEL MCWHIRTER b. 16-Apr-1856, MO, d. 8-Jan-1936; JESSE WILLIAM MCWHIRTER b. 15-Jan-1859, MO, d. 18-Apr-1880; JEFFERSON YOUNG MCWHIRTER b. 29-Jan-1861, Sherman, TX, d. 13-Feb-1942; MARY ADELIA MCWHIRTER b. 15-Sep-1863, Dennison, d. 19-Feb-1890. JEFFERSON (above) m. 17-Apr-1881 in LaClede, MO, EMLEY ANN WALLACE. They had children: EVY MCWHIRTER b. 21-Feb-1882; MARY ANN MCWHIRTER b. 29-Apr-1884; WILLIAM FRANKLIN MCWHIRTER b. 11-Sep-1885; DELIE M. MCWHIRTER b. 31-Oct-1887; ARTHUR W. MCWHIRTER b. 1-Sep-1889; ARVIL U. MCWHIRTER b. 22-Jan-1891; REBECCA MCWHIRTER b. 7-Aug-1896; TERRY C. MCWHIRTER b. 1-Jul-1898; MABEL A. MCWHIRTER b. 3-Jul-1900; LUCY E. MCWHIRTER b. 1-Sep-1902, d. 22-Mar-1994 in San Antonio, TX; EARL G. MCWHIRTER b. 3-Oct-1905. LUCY E. is my great Grandmother. I have copies from her father’s family bible and other info helpful to anyone researching these lines.

Kathryn Holderman
Memphis, TN

[email protected]

noteIC.gif (1306 bytes)   Posted 18-Jan-1998

Researching our ggggrandfather ROBERT MC(E)WHERTER b. 1-Jan-1792 PA or Ireland (perhaps County Armagh). He married 8-Mar-1830 (from Bible) ELIZABETH TAYLOR b. 1807. They lived in and around Coshocton County, OH where several children were born. They removed to Greene County, IN by 1840 where more children wre born and where ROBERT and ELIZABETH died in 1872 and 1874 respectively. ROBERT and ELIZABETH had ties with the following families: ROBERTS, EMERY, WILSON, BARR, BYERS, WADE, and WHITE both in Ohio and Indiana. Will share info. Let’s hear from the Indiana family!

John and Saundra Carr
Hobe Sound, FL

[email protected]

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