McClelland Genealogy Military History

McClelland Genealogy Military History

Walter Edmond McClelland (b.1933) 82d Airborne Division, 504th Airborne Regiment, at the time of the Korean Conflict. Enlisted Sept 1951, discharged as sergeant Sept 1954.

Joseph David Gibson (1878-1932) Spanish American War (4-25-1898 to 8-12-1898). Served with Company N, Forty Second Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and saw service in Cuba.

Jacob Stoner (1840-1899) Civil War, veteran of Company "B", 134th Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry Volunteers.

David Porter Book (1840-1914) Civil War, Company "E", 100th Regiment Infantry (the Roundheads), Pennsylvania Volunteers. Mustered out as a Captain July 24, 1865.

Christian Mechling (1808-1899) Civil War Company "F" 56 Inf.

Joseph Ekis (1835-1915) Civil War Company "H" 102 Pa. Inf.

Jacob Dean (1785-1880) War of 1812.

James D Cunningham, (1781-1863) War of 1812.

Frederick Stoner (c.1769-1835) Probable veteran of the War of 1812.

David Studebaker (1773-1840) War of 1812 in Capt John Shaffer's Company, 138th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia in the battle of Lake Erie.

David (Edward?) Roberts (c.1727-1790) Revolutionary War. Served in Capt. Beatty's First Company of Lt.Col. Thomas Bull's Second Batalion of the Chester County Pennsylvania Militia. (PA Archives 5th Series, Vol 5, pp. 536,543,822,855 (militia records); DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Washington: 1990, Part 3, Page 2482.)

Owen Richards (c.1737-c.1795) Revolutionary War in Capt Gray's Company, 4th Penna. Rgt, Continental Line. (DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Washington: 1990, Part 3, page 2454.)

George Book (c.1758-1823) Revolutionary War veteran. He is probably the George Book who served in Joseph Green's Company of the Northumberland Company Rangers on the frontiers. (PA Archives, Series III, Vol 23, p.248, 160-1 and 349; PA Archives, Series 5, Vol IV, p.359, 674, and Vol VII, p.207; DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Washington: 1990, Part I, p.304; and DAR Vol 142, p.199; and annals of Bullalo Valley, p.241)

Joseph Studebaker Sr. (1744-1813) Revolutionary War veteran with Capt James Leech's Company of the Westmoreland County Militia of Penna. (DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Washington: 1990, Part 3, page 2849; PA Archives, 3rd Series, Vol 23, p.328; and 5th Series, Vol 4, p.457.)

John Henry Ickes, Sr. (1742-1829) Revolutionary War

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