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Genealogy: Edith Adella Stoner
Edith Adella Stoner Born 24 Nov 1873 in Harlansburg (New Castle), Pennsylvania. Died 2 Dec 1935; buried in Oak Park Cemetery, New Castle. Married Walter Edmond McClelland 15 Dec 1899. Adella grew up on the Stoner farm on Countyline Road near Harlansburg.
Children of Walter Edmond McClelland and Edith Adella:

Mildred MaryBelle (1900-1967), mar. Victor Gates
Russell Edmond (1904-1964), mar. Mary Gertrude Gibson
Marjorie Maud (1907-1993), mar. Rex Ford
Freda Adella (1909-1980), mar. Thomas Richards

Adella Stoner
Daughter Marjorie related this story about Adella's determination: Sometime between when Mildred and Russel were born Adella learned that her younger brother Howard wanted to go home to the Stoner farm from Slippery Rock College. So she hitched up their beautiful dark sorrel driving horse "Nell" to the buggy and away she went. There had been a hard thunder storm. When she arrived at Wolf Creek Bridge, away she went across with the water so high Nell's tail was floating. I doubt if she ever gave a thought that there could be holes in the wooden planks on the bridge. She got Howard and went back to the farm another way.

Tom McCracken told another story about Adella. She sang in the choir in the Harlansburg Presbyterian Church. Whenever the rythm was not fast enough for her liking, she began to pump her hymnal up and down until she speeded everyone up.

Adella's Name Card

Joseph Stoner Born 11 Jul 1840. Died 8 Jan 1899 and buried at Hermon Church cemetery near Harlansburg. Married 24 Sep 1864 to Mary Melissa Roberts. During the Civil War Joseph was a veteran of Company "B", 134th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He enlisted August 14, 1862; was discharged May 26, 1863. [See History of Lawrence County Pennsylvania, 1770-1877, page 221, by S.W. and P.A. Durant.] See Joseph's letter home.

Children of Joseph Stoner and Mary Melissa:

Jacob Elmer (1864-1932), mar. Rilla Moore
William Harrison(1867-1941), mar. Belle Lock
Mary Elizabeth (b.1870-1871)
Robert (1871-1955), mar. Louie Esther Stanley
Edith Adella (1873-1935)(above)   [Adella's letter to brother Jacob]
Martha Maud (1877-1972), mar. Charles J. Brown
Joseph Howard (1879-1974), mar. Alzina Ardis
Joseph Stoner

[Robert Stoner's son, W. Clarence Stoner, and his daughter Mary Ann Mielke, still live on the farm on County Line Road in Scott Township. This used to be the dividing line between Mercer and Beaver Counties before the formation of Lawrence County in 1849. The Stoner farm is on the old Mercer county side. On 1 Oct 1996 the New Castle News ran an article and picture of Clarence and his wife Helen receiving a state certificate in recognizion of farms that have been in the family over 100 years.]

From the New Castle News 8 Jan 1899:

   "Joseph Stoner, a prominent resident of Scott township, dropped dead Sunday evening while sitting in his parlor conversing with members of his family. He had been as well as usual during the day and did not utter a word of complaint until he suddenly clasped one hand over his heart exclaiming "Oh" as he fell to the floor. Members of the family rushed to his side but they found him breathing his last. A messenger was dispached to Harlansburg for Dr. D.T. Cleland. He came at once but could do nothing toward reviving the patient as the last spark of life had fled. Heart disease was the cause of his death.
    Joseph Stoner was the son of Jacob Stoner of Scott Township. He was 58 years old and had lived in the township all his life and was widely known throughout adjoining townships. He was a member of the Herman Presbyterian church and an honest and upright citizen. He was married to a Miss Roberts, daughter of Samual Roberts of New Castle, and by the union had six children. They are J.E. Stoner who is in Breckinridge, Col.; William of Harlansburg; Robert, Maud and Della who are at home and Howard, who is a student at Slippery [Rock] State Normal school and will graduate in the spring."

W. Jacob Stoner Born 1804 in Penns Township, then Allegheny Co, PA. Died 4/21/1865. Married in 1841 to Nancy A. Stotler (1805-1/8/1873). They are buried together in the Mt Hermon Cemetery near Harlansburg, PA.*

Children of Jacob Stoner and Nancy:
Catharine (1828-1851), mar. Robert White
Barbara (1833-1915), mar. Aaron Boak
Henry (b.1838)
Joseph (1840-1899)(above)
Martha A. (1843-1893), mar. Washington Kildoo

* There is some confusion about the Nancy A. Stotler who married Jacob Stoner, a brother of Joseph. A biographical sketch in "A Genealogy and Biographical History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania," Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1975, reads as follows:

JOSEPH STONER, farmer, postoffice White Ash, was born on the farm he now occupies in 1807. His parents, Frederick and Barbara (Whitmore) Stoner, were of German stock, born in Lancaster and Franklin counties, respectively. In 1796 Frederick bought this farm, and the following year settled thereon. He brought here two children, Christian and John, now deceased. Those born in Penn township were: Martha (Stotler), now deceased; Jacob, who died in Mercer county; Joseph; David, deceased; Susan (Bush), who died in Wooster, Onio; Abram, who resides in Wilkinsburg; Frederick (the third) died in Franklin county. The parents were Mennonites. Frederick Stoner was a blacksmith, but gave up the trade soon after settling here. He died in 1835, aged sixty-six years, his widow in 1861, aged eighty-six. Joseph Stoner married, in 1841, Nancy, daughter of Rudolph Stotler, a revolutionary soldier who settled here before the Stoners. She was born in Penn township, and died of cancer in 1861, aged fifty-six years. Rudolph, her second child, died of typhoid fever within three months of joining the 136th P.V. The other children are Frederick Whitmore and Joseph, on the home farm; Frances (Mrs. Emmanuel Snively), at Iola, Kan.; and Ella (Mrs. Hugh Wilson), in Allegheny City. Mr. Stoner has served as school director and supervisor, and is a republican. Joseph Stoner, Jr., was born June 17, 1845, and married Lillie, daughter of Robert and Mary McDade. Mrs. Stoner was born in Penn township, and is a member of the U.P. Church, which her husband also attends. He is a member of the R.A and I.O.O.F. He is a republican, and has been school director and auditor. He served one hundred days during the civil war in the first battalion enlisted for that period. His children are Clara, Albert, Parker, Frank, Maud and Earl.

Frederick Stoner II Born 24 Jul 1767 in Lancaster Co, PA. Died in 25 Mar 1835 in what was then Penns Township, Allegheny Co. Married Barbara Whitmore (1772-5/1/1861) from Franklin Co. PA. By occupation he was a blacksmith but soon gave up this trade and took up farming. In 1796 he moved out West to what was then Penns Twp, Allegheny Co. The land he moved onto in 1796 was located in the part of Allegheny Co. that in 1800 was included in the formation of Mercer Co. In 1849 this same land was included in Lawrence Co. when it was formed from Mercer and Beaver Counties. They were Mennonites. He was possibly a veteran of the War of 1812.

Children of Frederick Stoner and Barbara:
Christian (1794-1871), mar. Mary Stoner (no relation)
John (1796-1862), mar. Elizabeth Stotler
(See John's letter to Jacob about father's death.)
*Frederick III (died in Franklin Co.)
W. Jacob 1804-1865)(above)
Joseph (1806(7)-1890), mar. Nancy Stotler
Martha (b.1810), mar. Jacob Stotler
Abraham (1811-1891), mar. Rebecca Little
Susan (b.1813), Samuel Bush
David (b.1815)
The Stoner farm was a land grant deeded 22 Dec 1819 and surveyed 24 Feb 1820. Patented 4 Apr 1827 as a 205 acre farm. (Enrolled in Patent Book "H", Vol. 24, page 266.) See a copy of the patented warrant. This homestead contained 205 acres 120 perches and allowances in Lawrence County, formerly Mercer County, PA. His son Jacob and his bride came to this uncleared land in a wagon and built a log house there and cleared the land. Later other modern buildings were added and this property has been known as the Stoner homestead ever since. Fred Stoner's land is located in the lower left of this Historical Sketch Of Original Land Titles.
*Not to be confused with Frederick Stoner (1829-1905) son of Christian (1794-1871). The biographical sketch in "A Genealogy and Biographical History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania," Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1975, reads as follows:

FREDERICK STONER, farmer, postoffice White Ash, was born Dec. 10, 1829, on the farm where he has always resided. Sept. 25, 1863, he married Mary, sister of Samuel Herron, and daughter of John and Sarah (McKnight) Herron. She was born in County Down, Ireland, and is a member of the U. P. Church. Mr. Stoner's father, Christian, was born in Franklin county in 1794, and died in Penn township June 22, 1871. He married Mary Stoner (no relative), a native of Bedford county, who died Feb. 12, 1876, aged eighty-four years. Christian Stoner was one of the founders of Mt. Hope Baptist Church, of which he was deacon. He held numerous town offices, and was, as is his son, a republican. His children are Nancy (Fondersmith), Barbara (Stotler), Penn Township; Catharine, Elizabeth and Frederick (both on the homestead) and Mary (Miller).

Frederick Stoner I Probably came from Germany ca.1720 and settled in Lancaster County. The book Stoner Brethern, 1993 by Richard Weber covers three or four original Stoner immigrants but only one mention, with no details, of a contemporary Frederick Stoner.

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