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Genealogy: Anna Elizabeth Mechling

Anna Elizabeth Mechling Born February 4, 1838, Butler County, PA,; died May 17,1911, Butler County, PA. Married Joseph Ekas, February 12, 1857; born March 30, 1835, Jefferson Twp. Butler Co., PA; died May 19, 1915, Parsonville, Washington Twp., Butler Co., PA.

Children of Joseph Ekas and Anna Elizabeth Mechling were:
Emma Jane (1858-1918); mar. David Eli Gibson (1852-1903)
James Blakely (1860-1930); mar. Hannah Jane Patterson (1859-1915)
Richard Mechling (1862-1944); mar. Anna Melda Fowler (1872-1951)
Thomas (1863- )
Anna Elizabeth (1865-1930); mar. Adam Nininger)
Susan Ira (1867-1940); mar. George Washington Gibson (1855-1932)
John Alexander (1869-1945); mar. Minnie B. Hilliard (1876- )
Sidney Ellis (1871-1935); mar. Fremont Fowler ( -1927)
Charles Francis (1873-1947); mar. Margaret E. Russell ( -1928)
George Thomas (1874-1896); mar. Linnie Alice Rodgers (1874-1952)
Joseph Levi (1876-1955); mar. Lydia Permilia Nellis (1874-1920)
Lewis Lemuel (1878-1956)
Samuel C. (1881-1969); mar. Minnie Rosenberry (1879-1961)

Obituary from the Butler Citizen newspaper, Butler, PA, dated 5-18-1911.

Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Ekas, wife of Joseph Ekas of Washington Township died at the family home Wednesday, Aged 72 years. The funeral will take place Friday at 1:00 o'clock at the home and the interment will be in the Highland cemetery at North Washington. [Another note says buried in North Washington, Butler Co., PA, in Mt. Vernon--or Varnum--Cemetery.] The deceased was a daughter of the late Christian Mechling of Jefferson Township and a sister of the late Mrs. S. J. Martin, whose remains arrived here last night from New York City and who will be buried at Summit Cemetery today.

Christian Mechling. Born January 24, 1808 in Butler County, PA, and died September 9, 1899 in Butler County. He married Susan Isabella Robinson April 30, 1829, daughter of Richard Robinson and Mary Bull. She was born October 20, 1811 and died December 3, 1890. Christian was a Civil War veteran. Christian Mechling was christened 10 Oct 1808 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA, First Reformed Church. He was buried in Southside Cemetery, Butler, PA. Christian served in the Civil War; later became a lawyer. See Christian Mechling and Lewis Mechling affidavits in support of Joseph Ekis pension claim.

Children of Christian Mechling and Susan Isabella Robinson were:
Richard Robinson (1830-1896).
Mary (1831-1849)
Catherine Buffington (1833-1909); mar. Kirkland Slater (1839- )
Benjamin Franklin (1836-1925); mar. Margery Louisa Hersh (1850-1936)
Anna Elizabeth (1838-1911); mar. Joseph Ekas (1835-1915)
Sidney Jane (1840-1911); mar. Patrick Graham Martin (1836- )
Jacob (1842- ) Died Civil War.
Henry George (1845-1920); mar. Maria Moody (1842- )
Lewis Robinson (1846-1925); mar.Mary C. Cricks (1847-1899)
Philip (1849-1949)
Thomas (1850-1855)
Ormsby Gregg (1853-1919); mar. Annetta Staley (1855-1946)
William Wallace (1855-1941); mar. Mary Winner (1856-1933)

Jacob Mechling, Sr. Born December 8, 1770. Died January 10, 1860. Married December 30, 1794, Mary Magdalena Drumm (1777-1852).

Children of Jacob Mechling and Mary Magdalena Drumm were:
Jacob, Jr. (1795-1873); mar. Jane Sanderson Thompson (1796-1872)
Susanna (1797- ); mar. John McCleary; 2nd ? Cole.
George (1799-1876); mar. Martha Schrader (1802-1880)
Simon (1801-1830); mar. Nancy Ann Weaver
Catherine B. (1806-1873)
Christian (1808-1899); mar. Susan Isabella Robinson (1811-1890)
Benjamin (1810-1831)
Henry (1812-1853); mar. Susan Stanton (1812-1866)
Samuel (1814- )
Thomas (1816-1900)

From the History of Butler County Pennsylvania, R. C. Brown Co., Publishers, 1895

Page 729:
"Jacob Mechling, Sr., was born in Northampton county, Pennsylvania, December 8, 1770, and was a son of Jacob and Catherine Mechling, natives of Germany, who settled in Northampton county, whence they removed to Westmoreland county, where they died, November 1, 1827, and August 18, 1832, respectively, each having reached the ripe old age of eighty-four years. Their son Jacob enlisted in the United States army, and in 1792 was sent with his company to Chamber's Station, Westmoreland county, to guard the settlers [p. 730] against the Indians. In 1796, after the Indian troubles had subsided, he came to Butler county and purchased a tract of land in what is now Washington township, whence he removed to the borough of Butler and engaged in the hotel business. He was also one of the pioneer merchants of the town. In 1803 he was elected county commissioner, and in 1804 a member of the legislature, and served continuously by re-elections up to 1808. In 1809 he was appointed prothonotary, in which office he served nine years. He was also a justice of the peace in 1804. He served several terms in the council, and was chief burgess of the borough for three years. He took an active interest in public affairs, and was widely known among the pioneers. A Democrat in politics, he voted for Washington in 1792, and for every Democratic president from Jefferson to Buchanan. In religious belief he was a Lutheran, and died in that faith, January 10, 1861. Mr. Mechling married Mary Magdalene Drum, December 30, 1794,..."

Page 730: [Brother of Christian—not direct line ancestor.]
"Jacob Mechling, Jr., eldest son of Jacob and Mary Magdalene Mechling, was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, October 20, 1795, and died in Butler September 11, 1873. He succeeded to the hotel business of his father, and, like the latter, was one of the leading men of his day. He carried on the hotel up to 1865, when he retired from active business. Politically, he was a Whig and afterwards a Republican, and served as associate judge, prothonotary, and treasurer of Butler county, and was also chief burgess of Butler in 1849. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and served as lieutenant of a company from Butler, which was stationed at Black Rock, on the Niagara river. In early life he was connected with the Lutheran church, but in later years united with the Protestant Episcopal church of Butler, and was a leading member of that body, and for many years a vestryman and senior warden. Mr. Mechling married Jane, a daughter of John Thompson, and sister of the late chief justice, James Thompson...."

John Jacob Mechling. Born February 28, 1747. Christened April 30, 1747 in Upper Milford, Pa. Died November 8, 1824, and was buried in Fightners Cemetery near Youngwood, Westmoreland Co., Pa. Married Catherine Haman (1748-1832).

Children of John Jacob Mechling and Catherine Haman were:
John (1768-1827); mar. Margaretta Saumes (1768-1841)
Jacob Mechling, Jr. (1770-1860); mar. Mary Magdalena Drumm (1777-1852)
Mary (1773-1852)
John George (1773-1853)
John Philip (1779-1869)
Catherine (1781- )
William (1784-1855)
Elizabeth (1786-1834)
Susannah (1791-1870)

Theobald Mechling Born about 1711. Died 1765. Married Anna Elizabeth Lauer, daughter of John Peter and Anna Margaret Lauer.

Children of Theobold Mechling and Anna Elizabeth Lauer were:
John Theobald "Dewalt" (1732-1816); mar. Savilla Kohler
John Peter (1737-1765); mar. Anna Barbara Kurr
Mechling (1740- )
Anna Elizabeth (1741-1784); mar. Leonhard Steininger
Anna Margaret (1744-1748)
John Jacob (1747-1824); mar. Catherine Haman (1748-1832)
Philip (1749-1817); mar. Katherine Wetzel
Thomas (1751-1786); mar. Katherine Walsh

From the History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, by Rev. Charles Rhoads Roberts, ... Volume III, Lehigh Valley Publishing Company, Ltd., Allentown, Pa. 1914.

"The ship Janes Goodwill, sailing from Rotterdam, Holland, with David Crocket as master, stopped at the port of Deal, England, and left there on June 15, 1728. On Sept. 11, 1728, she arrived at Philadelphia with about ninety natives of the Palatinate on board, among whom were Theobald (or Dewald) Mechling, the founder of the Lehigh county Mechling family, and his brother, Jacob. They settled in Germantown and carried on a tannery.

In 1734 Theobald Mechling obtained a grant of 170 acres in Lower Milford township, Northampton county (now Lehigh), from Thomas and Richard Penn, the proprietors of the Province of Pennsylvania. This parchment is in the possession of the present owner of the homestead. Theobald Mechling moved his family to Lehigh county and built a house which is still standing on the property near Hosensack. Additional warrants for 11 acres on April 29, 1747, and 25 acres on Oct. 6, 1757, increased his holdings. He was one of the founders of the old Lutheran church near Dillingersville, and in 1756, 1757, 1758 and 1759 gave fifteen shillings towards the pastor's salary, which made him one of the three largest contributors. He died in April, 1765, and was buried with his wife, Anna Elizabeth, in the old graveyard near Dillingersville, which is still preserved although the church itself no longer stands. He had five sons and two daughters, all of the sons, except the youngest, Thomas, moved to Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, where they established a second Mechling line, and were the forefathers of the large number of Mechlings living in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, with a "Mechling Family Association" of over two thousand members.

The children of Theobald Mechling and his wife, Anna Elizabeth were:

John Theobald, married Sybilla.

John Peter. He was confirmed in 1751 and Oct. 21, 1760, married Anna Barbara Kurr, daughter of Thomas Kurr, of Tulpehocken township. He died before Theobald, his father, as is stated in the release of the farm to Thomas.

Anna Margaret, born April 27, 1744.

John Jacob, born Feb. 28, 1747, married Katharine.

Philip, married Katharine.

Thomas, born Aug. 4, 1751, married Katharine Welsh.

Anna Elizabeth, who married, April 8, 1760, Leonhard Steininger, of Whitehall township.

The estate in Lower Milford township was devised by Theobald's will (a quaint document of great interest still in possessioin of the family) to the youngest son, Thomas, and valued at four hundred pounds. Thomas had to pay twenty-five pounds yearly to the other heirs until their shares amounting to two hundred and sisty-six pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence were discharged and they all signed a deed of release to him dated Jan. 23, 1773. ..."

The Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LL.D., Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1934, Volume II, Page 10, shows a facsimile of the manifest signatures from the ship James Goodwill, September 11, 1728, List 8B. It shows his mark "D" and written around it Theobald Mechling.

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