Cowand Genealogy
Cowand Genealogy

Eloise Eugenia "Genie" Cowand

Born 10/12/1945 in St. Johns Hospital, Joplin, MO. Died 9/23/83 in Arlington, VA. Marriage to Robert Melvin Wieting produced two children: Eric Robert Wieting, born 9/6/1968, and Jennifer Michelle Wieting, born 3/9/1970.

Marriage (5/30/1975) to Walter Edmond McClelland produced one son, David Herron McClelland, born 3/17/1976 at DePaul Hospital in Norfolk, VA.

Eloise and Jesse

Jesse Robert Cowand Born 4/20/1907 in Bay St. Louis, MS. Died 10/21/1980 in Norfolk, VA. Buried in the Cowand Cemetery in Bay St. Louis. Married 6/14/1941 to Mary Eloise Jones. During World War II Jesse was in the US Army Signal Corps, retired as a major, then worked thirty years as a civil engineer for the city of Norfolk, VA. He graduated with degrees in electrical and civil engineering from Mississippi A&M College (now Mississippi State).

Children of Jesse Robert and Eloise were:
Jesse Robert Cowand, Jr.
Eloise Eugenia Cowand (above)

Jesse August Cowand Born 2/20/1878 in Bay St. Louis, MS. Died 8/14/1964. Buried in the Cowand Cemetery in Bay St. Louis. Married in 1904 to Inga Caroline Karlson. Jesse August was a private in the Light Battery "B", Washington Artillery, LA, Spanish American War. See Military Picture.

Children of Jesse August and Inga were:
--Inga Helene (1/11/1906-3/5/1999) m. Frederick Carlton Price
--Jesse Robert (4/20/1907-10/21/1980) m. Eloise Jones
--Norman Charles (2/14/1909-10/28/1921) Died from a broken neck after fall from a pier.
--Malcolm Alfred (12/31/1910-5/8/1985) m.(1) Elizabeth Fitch, (2) Wilma Wagner
--Carl Cecil (7/10/1914- ) m. Helen Metz
--Eulalie Hester(12/5/1916- ) m. John Roy Jordy
--Ruby Earle (7/20/1920-4/29/1997) Unmarried
--Elliott Karlson. (2/28/1922- ) m. Emmy Lou Dicks
--Louis Hubert (7/18/1924- ) m. Martha Ann Vinz
--Glen Lyle (3/4/1928- ) m. Joel Wolfe

See picture: Cowand Boys of Bay St Louis, MS

Jesse August Cowand

Charles Taylor Cowand Born 12/13/1846 in Bay St. Louis, MS. Died 12/31/1917. Buried in the Cowand Cemetery in Bay St. Louis. Married Helena Dorhauer 1/16/1867. Helena was born in 1849 and died 2/2/1907. Her father was August Dorhauer born in Bavaria and died 10/16/1880.

During the Civil War Charles served as a private in 4th Co. Battalion - Washington Artillery, La. Confederate Soldiers. He enlisted May 6, 1961 in New Orleans; was present on all rolls in April 1865. He was wounded two or three times, one of which was when a shell exploded and tore away the palm of his right hand leaving his middle finger stiff and bent.

Their only child was Jesse August Cowand.

Charles Taylor Cowand

Jesse Cowand I Born 2/16/1786 in Norfolk, VA. Died 5/6/1852. Buried in the Cowand Cemetery in Bay St. Louis, MS. Jesse had ten children by his first wife, Ann McKenzie; they were married in New Orleans in 1814. Married (2) Elizabeth Scholes 5/3/1838 in Bay St Louis; they had five children, Charles Taylor Cowand being the youngest. Elizabeth was born 4/15/1808 and died 2/7/1862. Jesse was a Corporal in Capt. Thomas Beale's Co. of Orleans Riflemen, War of 1812, Battle of New Orleans from 12/16/1814 to 3/14/1815. Read about Jesse's indenture.

Children of Jesse Cowand and Ann McKenzie:
- William (8/9/1816-8/16/1816)
- Helena (9/7/1817-9/15/1817)
- Lucinda (1/15/1819-2/9/1856) m.(1) Gottleib L. Wagner 1838; (2) William Bryan 1852
- Jane (11/7/1822-12/29/1861 at Biloxi, MS)(Obituary in The Daily True Delta, 12-31-1861) m. Albertus K. Aken 1840 (See Jesse's letter)
- Joseph (10/13/1824-1/28/1849) m. ?
- Cora Ann (12/12/1826-9/13/1883) m. Robert Moore 1845
- Mary Elizabeth (12/15/1828-9/3/1861) m. Francis Leibrook 1846
- Arthellia (4/28/1831-11/13/1881) m. James Keene 1853
- Amanda (8/5/1833-1/8/1867) m. Hugh Oswald Ames 1852
- Jesse II (12/4/1836-5/18/1890) m. Eliza P. Ames 1874

Children of Jesse Cowand and Elizabeth Scholes:
- Alfred (2/5/1839-9/?/1917) m. Angeline Moore 1859
- Julia (5/26/1842-???) m. Dr. Stephen S. Herrick 1867
- James Monroe (4/20/1844-7/11/1851)
- Louisa (5/16/1841-1841)
- Charles Taylor (above)

Elizabeth's father was John Scholes, born 10/8/1773, died in 1820 in Covington, KY. John Scholes married Elizabeth Brown who was born 3/6/1775 and died in 1821. They were married by an Episcopal minister ca.1793 in Liverpool, England. Because Elizabeth was a servant girl, they married against his father's consent and left immediately for America. John died suddenly in 1820 on the eve of departing for England to repossess some of his property.

ElmwoodJesse owned a mansion in Bay St. Louis known as Elmwood which is still standing in the Elmwood historic district. The land was purchased by Jesse Cowand in 1826 - 1829 from Melite la Sassier (or Lassassier), widow of Louis Alexis la Sassier. It is believed that construction of Elmwood was begun in the early 1800's and prior to the War of 1812 and completed by Jesse Cowand about 1830. This is a two story brick building put together with wooden pegs and situated on the west shore of the Bay of St. Louis, facing east. The bricks of which it is built came to this country as ballast in ships from Spain and Portugal and unloaded in New Orleans in the early 1800's. Clam shells left on the shore of the Bay by the Indians were crushed and used in the mortar. The property comprised 553 acres where Sea Island cotton was grown as the principal crop on this plantation. Elmwood, and much of Bay St. Louis, was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Pictures of Elmwood before and after Katrina.

From the Sea Coast Echo, Sunday, November 9, 1980-3B:

Julia Street: Among the earliest land grants of Bay St. Louis is that of Melite la Sassier. It dates back to 1786. The late Jesse Cowand purchased from la Sassier 'all this tract lying on the water front known as the Cowand-Field cotton plantation.' Two children of Jesse Cowand, Julia and her brother Charles, were inheritors of a part of this large tract. With generosity and public spirited desire to help with the development of Bay St. Louis-- then known as Shieldsboro -- they gave a strip of land starting at the Bay of St. Louis and extending to the Jourdan River for the purpose of building a street. The name Julia was given this street in recognition of the Cowand families contribution."

James Cowand No data, but believed to have lived in Bertie and Edgecombe counties in North Carolina (see Joseph D. Cowan letter dated October 1858 to Jesse Cowand.

William Cowand died bet. 1780 - 1785 in Bertie County, NC. He married Maybee Cake, daughter of John Cake and Mary Fleetwood. He was living in Bertie County as early as 1757, and was probably married at the time.

Children of William Cowand and Maybee Cake were:
--Colin (Cullen) Cowand, d. 1827.
--John Cowand, d. abt. 1816.
--Ephraim Cowand, d. 1817.
--George Cowand, d. 1836.
--Soloman Cowand, d. 1810, Edgecombe County, NC; m.(1) Moren Allen, Oct. 07, 1796; m.(2) Charity Dillard, aft. 1799.
--Jonathan Cowand, m. Sarah Sowell, July 21, 1800.
--William Cowand II, d. 1843.
--James Cowand.
--David Cowand.
--Rachel Cowand, m. John Watford, April 16, 1791.

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