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If you can fill in missing information, or would like to exchange information, please email me.
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All  information on the Following the Heart Home Web site is provided for the free use of those engaged in non-commercial genealogical research.

You can use this information as a basis for research. If information has been passed to me by others, I don't know the original source and you should consider it unverified information. I give my sources in the Endnotes section or link at the bottom of each family page.

Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Researchers are encouraged to copy and distribute this work with the provision that the information is copied and circulated in its entirety including this notice, as well as all sources, bibliographies, and credits. All are welcome to Hot Link to my site; however, permission is Not Granted to copy any of my files to other electronic locations whether Web pages or list postings.
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Ghering, Chandler, Crawford, and Baney
Proper, Bush, Sutton, and Britton
Family Genealogy

by Kathy Ghering Goodman
Last update: 09/05/05

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Kenneth Gahring (John Gahring line)
Albert Henry Ghering (Johannes Ghering line)

Sutton Family
Britton Family
Proper Family
Bush Family

Thanks for Sharing 
People who have contributed to this genealogy research.

Welcome to my family genealogy site.  

This site is a work from my heart. 
I hope you find a connection or learn something 
that may help your research. 

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This Web site is my family genealogy in electronic book format.  I am including everything that I would include in a printed book, perhaps more.  This is the most affordable and accessible way to publish my genealogy for friends and family. If you would like to share information about any of these branches or if you have questions about any of these lines, please contact me.

 Kathy Ghering Goodman.

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