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Murchison Cemetery, Coosa Co, AL - 19 May 1988


John B MURCHISON's tombstone tells most of what we know about him: "Sacred to the memory of John B Murchison, A native of Cumberland Co, NC who was born January 12th 1774 and died August 26th 1847 in the 74th year of his age. Emigrated to the State of Georgia in the year 1818, then to Alabama in the year 1836 where he spent the balance of his life surrounded by his children and friends to mourn their loss but his gain. For many years he was an exemplary member of the Presbyterian Church. . . . Even unto Death."

He was married to Nancy before 1806 and they were the parents of the following children:

  • 1. Kinnith born 18 Aug 1806, Cumberland Co, NC; died Feb 1892, Collin Co, TX; buried, Murchison Cem, Collin Co, TX; married Flora GILLIS, 4 Nov 1830, Cumberland Co, NC.
  • 2. John born 1807, Cumberland Co, NC; died 28 Jul 1849 near border of NM and Arizona; married 1. Sarah Ann ROBINSON, 2. Nancy COX, 19 Feb 1849, TX. Bible Record, Will, Probate Timeline
  • 3. Catherine born Jan 1810, NC; married Neil GILLIS.
  • 4. William E born 1812; married Nancy BURNS, 30 Dec 1837, Coosa Co, AL.
  • 5. Duncan born 10 Oct 1812; died 1887, Kingston, GA; married Elizabeth Moore SNOW
  • 6. Mary Phoebee born 1814; married John McDUFFIE 29 Dec 1839.
  • 7. Rora McKeever born 27 Mar 1816, NC; died 7 Sep 1875; buried Murchison Cemetery, Coosa Co, AL; married 1. Nancy Ann EDWARDS, 5 Nov 1846, Coosa Co, AL; 2. Nancy GILL, 12 Dec 1850, Coosa Co, AL. - Descendants pictures
  • 8. Alexander .
  • 9. Margaret born 17 Jan 1825; died 30 Jun 1905, Rigginstown, Talladega Co, AL; buried at Rigginstown Cemetery, Rigginstown, Talladega Co, AL; married Leonard SIMS 18 Dec 1843, Coosa Co, AL
  • 10. Jane Isabella born 15 Mar 1826, NC; died 24 Jun 1906, Hopkins Co, TX; buried Mt Sterling Cemetery, Hopkins Co, TX; married Daniel DEBOARD, 21 Jan 1850, Coosa Co, AL
  • 11. Nancy Elizabeth born 1831; married Jacob DEBOARD; married T J McNEALEY.

Nancy was living in the household of her son Rory, Hatchett Creek, in the 1850 Coosa Co, AL, Census where she is listed as being 61 years old and born in North Carolina. In 1860 she is the head of the household in Rockford, Southern Division and she is recorded as being 67 years old and a house keeper. Her daughter Mrs. Nancy Deboard filed Nancy Murchison's will in the Coosa Co Probate Court, 15 Sep 1864.

John and Nancy are buried in the Murchison Family Cemetery, Coosa Co, AL.


Kinnith MURCHISON, son of John B MURCHISON and Nancy was born 18 Aug 1806 in Cumberland Co, NC. Flora GILLIS was born 28 Sep 1809. On 1 Nov 1830, Cumberland Co, NC, Kinnith and Flora obtained a marriage license and on the 4 Nov 1830 they were married.

Children of Kinnith MURCHISON and Flora GILLIS were as follows:

  • 1. Jane born 1 Aug 1831, Carroll Co, GA; married MOORE
  • 2. Dr. Alexander born 8 Oct 1834, GA; married Mary Elizabeth JACKSON.
  • 3. Roderick (Rory) born 26 Dec 1838 at GA; died 18 Sep 1912, San Antonion, TX; buried IOOF Cemetery, Farmersville, TX; married Elizabeth M GILL, 8 Feb 1859, Coosa Co, AL
  • 4. Mary born 1839.
  • 5. Capt . John born 18 Oct 1840 at Cedartown, Polk Co, GA; died 1 Dec 1924, Farmersville, Collin Co, TX; married Frances Jurvenia BATTLE.
  • 6. Elizabeth (Bettie) born 1842 at GA; died 1901; buried Willow Cemetery, Haskell, Haskell Co, TX; married William Perry WHITEMAN.
  • 7. Rachael married M A JACKSON; born 6 Feb 1845 at GA.
  • 8. Sarah born 1848 at GA.
  • 9. William D born 25 Jul 1849 at GA; died 20 Oct 1883 at age 34; buried at Murchison Cem, Collin Co, TX.
  • 10. Allen Thompson born 25 Jul 1851 at GA; died 1909, Farmersville, Collin Co, TX; married Mollie E PRIOR.

By 1870 Kinneth and Flora are in Farmersville, TX where they are listed on the census and Kinneth's occupation is that of a farmer. After W D died, Kinneth and Florah gave instructions to their son Rory to divide the property of W D between the rest of their children.

Florah died 3 Jul 1888 and Kinnith died 8 Feb 1892 at age 85. They are buried in the Murchison Cemetery, Collin Co, TX.



Roderick MURCHISON, son of Kinneth MURCHISON and Florah GILLIS was born 26 Dec 1838 in Carroll Co, Georgia. His nickname was Rory. He married Elizabeth M GILL, daughter of John M D GILL and Martha WINGARD, 8 Feb 1859 in Coosa Co, AL where his grandparents lived. Rory and Elizabeth are found on the Carroll Co, GA, Census in 1840 and 1850. In 1860 they are listed in Pumpkin Pile, Polk, Co, GA.

In March, 1862, he enlisted in the Confederate Army at Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia as a Second Lieutenant in Company K, Fortieth Georgia Infantry, Barton's Brigade, Stevenson's Division, Hood's Corps, Army of Tennessee. He went to Knoxville, TN, and drilled for several months and made excursions to Cumberland, Big Creek, etc. He was with Bragg in his raid into Kentucky and in the fights at Perryville, Frankfort. From there he went to Murfreesboro, then to Vicksburg, and was in the siege of that place. Here they surrendered and received their parole. The unit was reorganized at Dalton, GA, and was in the campaign from Dalton to Atlanta.

By 1870 Rory and Elizabeth had moved to Farmersville, Collin County, Texas where Rory's occupation is listed as a Farmer in 1870 and 1880. He served as Postmaster of Farmersville 31 Aug 1874 - 7 Feb 1876 and 10 Feb 1880 - 28 Mar 1881.

Children of Roderick MURCHISON and Elizabeth M GILL were as follows:

  • 1. Flora born 18 Oct 1859, GA; died 18 Jul 1871; buried Murchison Cem, Collin Co, TX.
  • 2. William Kenneth born 1860, GA; married Nannie DAVIS 7 Aug 1881, Collin Co, TX
  • 3. Martha Luella (Lula) born Apr 1865, GA; died before 1914
  • 4. Jesse born 7 Dec 1865, GA; died 23 May 1890; buried, Murchison Cem, Collin Co, TX.
  • 5. Bettie Lizzie born 1868, GA; married 1. J C MORDOCK, 10 Jul 1895, Collin Co, TX; 2. E F CHURCH, 13 May 1900, Collin Co, TX; 3. T M BURNS, 24 Oct 1911, Collin Co, TX
  • 6. John born May 1870 at TX.
  • 7. Mary Connie born 2 Apr 1872, Collin Co, TX; died 20 Jan 1959, Greenville, Hunt Co, TX; buried IOOF Cemetery, Quinlan, Hunt Co, TX; married James Kindrick HOWELL, 25 Sep 1897, Farmersville, Collin Co, TX
  • 8. Roderick born Aug 1874; married Nellie ALDERSON.
  • 9. Charlie born 1877, Farmersville, Collin Co, TX; died 1959.
  • 10. Carrie born Oct 1881, Farmersville, Collin Co, TX; married Claud L STONE, 7 Apr 1903, Collin Co, TX

Family tradition is that Flora burned to death and that Jesse cut himself with a razor and died of blood poisoning. Lula had Typhoid fever which affected her mind and she lived with her sister Connie Howell.

When the 1900 census was taken, Rory was living in Collin Co, TX with his son John and daughter Carrie and is listed as a grocer. Sometime after this he moved to Fayetteville, AR where he had an Apple Orchard. He was married Ruth but we do not know when, where or her last name.

Children of Roderick MURCHISON and Ruth were:

  • 1. Rachel; married Etter.

After Rory became ill with Tuberculosis they moved to San Antonio where he died 18 Sep 1912. His funeral services were conducted at the Baptist Church in Farmersville, TX and he was buried at IOOF Cemetery, Farmersville, Collin Co, TX under the auspices of the Masonic Lodge

His will was recorded on 6 Aug 1912 at Washington Co, AR.

Pictures of Descendants

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Collin Co, TX

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