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Friday, June 30, 1899 - Pearce - Hayley

The marriage of Miss Ethel Pearce to Mr. W. L. Hayley on Wednesday of this week, at the residence of the bride's parents Mrs. and Mrs. H. D. Pearce was a great surprise to the many friends of the popular bride.

Rev. G. C. Berryman of Robert Lee performed the ceremony, in a most impressive manner, only the immediate members of the bride's family and a brother of the groom being present.

The bride is one of Ballinger's best and most intelligent young ladies, and is a jewel worth the best efforts of a manly man.

Mr. Hayley the happy groom, is a prosperous, drug merchant of Robert Lee, who has many warm friends who wish him every happiness.

The blessings and best wishes of the LEDGER go out to these happy young people. - Runnels Co Ledger.

(W. L. Hayley and Ethel Annie Pearce were married 28 Jun 1899 in Ballinger, Runnels Co, TX.)Copied from COKE COUNTY RUSTLER, OFFICIAL ORGAN OF COKE CO., Hubert H. Pearce, Editor 


Miss Lottie Hayley was married at her home, eight miles northeast of Robert Lee, Sunday, to Mr. J. P. H. McMullan, of Bronte. Rev. F. M. Neal, pastor of the Methodist church of Robert Lee, spoke the words which united them for life.

The wedding was a quiet home affair and was attended only by relatives and a few friends.

Immediately after the ceremony the bride and groom left for the fair at Dallas, where they will spend several days sight-seeing.

Miss Lottie is the daugher of Col. H. H. Hayley, and is one of Coke county's best and most accomplished young ladies, having grown to womanhood in this community she is universally known and numbers her friends by her acquaintances.

Mr. McMullan is one of Bronte's most highly respected and enterprising young men. He holds a responsible position with the Bronte Mercantie Co. and has a bright future.

The Observer joins their friends in wishing them a long happy, and prosperous journey upon the blissful sea of matrimony.

(J. P. H. McMullan and Lottie Hayley were married 18 Oct 1908 in Hayrick, Coke Co, TX.)Copied from the Robert Lee Observer, Oct 1908.


Mr. Hubert Hayley and Miss Retha Hensley greatly surprised their many friends Sunday morning by being quietly married, at the Methodist parsonage, Rev. W. E. Anderson officiating.

The surprise to their friends was not in the fact of their marriage, for their friends had believed for a long time that they would marry, but did not expect the cosummation of the happy event so soon.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hensley and is admired by all who know her for her beautiful graces of mind and heart which qualify her for presiding with grace and dignity over the home of the one to whom she has given her heart and hand. She was a member of the graduating class of the Bronte High school and it was only last week that she was a light and happyhearded graduate of the school, hence that was the reason for the surprise to her friends, that she so shortly became a happy bride. Therefore her many friends wish her a double portion of happiness in her now and happy relations as a bride.

The groom is a Bronte boy having been reared here. He is one of the foremost and most progressive business men of the town, and enjoys the confidence and esteem of all our people. "Hubert," as he is known to all is congratulated by his friends upon his good fortune in the winning of the affections of one so fair and charming to be his life companion.

With the hosts of friends of these fine young people the Enterprise joins in wishing them von boyage as they set sail upon the seas of wedded life. May the sunshine always be golden for them and the shadows but few; and as they journey towards life's sunset may they grow in the love and confidence and esteem of each other and may their hearts ever beat as one.

(Bronte Enterprise, Coke County, TX, May 1923. This clipping was found in Ethel Pearce Hayley's scrapbook. A note in her handwriting says they were married 20 May 1923.)


At high noon, Saturday, July 12, 1924, at Temple, Texas, Mr. H. A. Hayley of Bronte led to the altar of marriage Miss Myrtle Wooten of Belton, Texas. Rev. R. W. Leazer, pastor of the First Baptist church of Temple speaking the words that made them one.

After a brief visit with relatives and friends at Crawford and Waco they reached Bronte, much to the surprise of their many friends.

The bride is one of Belton's fairest and most charming young ladies, and was one of the popular and capable teachers of the Bronte High School last session and therefore she does not come to Bronte a stranger, but as one who is admired and appreciated for her many womanly graces of mind and heart, which so eminently fit her to be the companion and home-keeper of the one to whom she has plighted herself.

The groom is one of Bronte's most progressive young business men and is a member of one of the oldest and best known families in all this section of Texas.

The many friends of these fine young people join in wishing them bon voyage as they set sail together on life's rugged seas, in which wish The Enterprise editor joins.

Bronte Enterprise, July 12, 1924

Prominent Young People Wed.


Mr. Frank Strohm, of Coleman, but until recently of Bronte, and Miss Zelma Hayley of Bronte, took advantage of their host of friends and surprised and disappointed them too, by going quietly to Ballinger Wednesday evening and were married.

The Enterprise has tried to get the cold facts on these two, as to how they stole away and married and no one knew anything about it until the happy event had been consumated, but we have make but little progress except that they just "went and got married."

It was believed by all their friends that they contemplated marrying. But when Mr. Strohm very sudden like left Bronte a few weeks ago and went to Coleman and took a job he set all their friends to guessing again. But it seems now that it was a deeep laid plot in which they both figured.

Anyhow, the host of friends of these two fine young people join in heartiest good wishes for them as they set sail upon the seas of married life.

The groom, though he did not reside here many months, made friends of all whom he met by his splendid manly qualities and his high ideals of life. He is an expert auto mechanic and has a good position at Coleman.

The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hayley and was born and reared here and is known to all. And her friends are as many as her acquaintances. She graduated from the High school here and then took a course in C. I. A. Last year she was a teacher in the Bronte schools and gave universal satisfaction. She is a young woman with all the cultured graces of mind and heart essential to refined Christian young womanhood and is emenently qualified to be the companion of the one whom she has married.

The Enterprise joins with the host of friends of these two fine young people in wishing them bon voyage, and we recommend them to the good graces and esteem of all the people of Coleman and anywhere else that they may ever cast their lot.

(Found in scrapbook made by Ethel Pearce Hayley.)Note: Frank Strom and Zelma Hayley married May 27 - 1925. Married at 3th St. Presbetarian Manse by Rev. {blank}


The wedding ceremony of Miss Mamye Ray Preston and Mr. Holiday Hayley was solemnized Sunday morning at 9:00 o'clock at the home of the bride's uncle, Dr. A. S. Love, with only the immediate families and a few close friends attending.

The home was beautifully decorated with gladioluses and roses and offering a lovely setting for the quiet home wedding.

At the appointed hour Herbert Preston, brother of the bride played a violin solo, Viennese Medley, accompanied by Miss Maggie Underwood who also played the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin, followed by Mendelsohn's Wedding March.

The bride and groom entered unattended and were met at the altar by the Rev. J. H. McClain, who heard the wedding vows, using the beautiful ring ceremony.

The bride was born and reared in Ballinger and by her pleasing personality and loving disposition has endeared her to all. She is a graduate of the Ballinger high school and Baylor University, Waco.

Mr. Hayley is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hayley of Norton. He is a graduate of McMurry College, Abilene, and later studied in St. Louis, MO.

The Bride was beautiful in a Burgundy crepe romaine dress and cushion' brim hat with all accessories to match. Her going-away suit was of Copen loop tweed and French turban.

After a few days spent in Dallas the young couple will return to Brownwood to reside where Mr. Hayley is connected with the Arcadia Refining Co.

Newspaper article found in scrapbook, souce unknown.

(They were wed Sunday, August 24, 1930, Ballinger, TX.)

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