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Charles BOND was born between 1715 and 1718. He married Mary PARKS, daughter of Thomas PARKS Sr and Mary GRAVES.

Children of Charles1 Bond and Mary Parks were as follows:

  1. Nathan Sr., born 1734 at VA married Elizabeth BALLENGER
  2. Charles Jr., born between 1745 and 1747; married Elizabeth Betty TAYLOR
  3. Jesse, born between 1745 and 1747.
  4. William, born 1750; married Elizabeth SAUNDERS

He died in 1775 at Surry Co, NC


Nathan BOND, Sr., son of Charles Bond and Mary Parks, was born in 1734 at VA He married Elizabeth BALLENGER, daughter of Rev Joseph BALLENGER and Charity WADE before 1756 at Elbert Co, GA

Children of Nathan Sr BOND and Elizabeth Ballenger were as follows:

  1. Richard Cox Sr. born between 1754 and 1755; married Susannah MAYS
  2. Nathan Jr. born circa 1761 at Amherst Co, VA married Edith CASH
  3. Mary Walker, born between 1754 and 1755 at VA married Thomas HILLY
  4. Joseph Ballinger Sr born 17 May 1756 at VA married Jane

He died in 1815. It is believed that both Nathan, Sr, and Elizabeth were buried in a family cemetery on his son Richard Cox's land.


Joseph Ballinger BOND, Sr. was born on 17 May 1756 at VA. married Jane in 1777. Co, GA.

Children of Joseph Ballinger BOND Sr and Jane were as follows as listed in the Family Bible:

  1. William, born, 4 September 1779, Amherst Co, VA; married Elizabeth ROWSEY
  2. Easom, born, 23 September 1780, Amherst, VA; married Mary (Polly) ROWSEY,
  3. Susannah, born 9 February 1782; Never Married.
  4. Nathan, born 29 July 1783, Amherst Co, VA
  5. Gabriel, born 1 September 1786, Amherst Co, VA; married Cleracy ROWSEY, 9 March 1809
  6. Jenny, born 7 March 1788, Amherst Co, VA; married James HODGE, 6 July 1814, Franklin Co, GA
  7. Joseph Ballinger Jr, born 2 February 1790; married Sarah (Sally)
  8. Charity, born 6 March 1792; married Benjamin LOWRY 2 May 1815 at Franklin Co, GA
  9. Malinda (Milly), born 16 August 1794; married William OTWELL 20 June 1823, Hall Co, GA
  10. Mary
  11. Luvina, born 1 Sep 1796.

He died in 1852 in Hall Co, GA where he was buried. He was most likely buried on high ground on his own land, but no grave marker was found when, during the construction of Lake Lanier, the Corps of Engineers carefully recorded and moved all graves found in this section - three different sites in all.


Easom BOND was born on 23 September 1780 in Amherst, VA He married Mary (Polly) ROWSEY, daughter of John ROWSEY, Sr. and Mary FOSTER, born in 1785.

He lived in 1808 at Franklin Co, GA By 1808 he had moved into Franklin Co where he appeared as a witness to a deed, along with his father and brother.

Children of Easom BOND and Mary (Polly) ROWSEY were as follows:

  1. James B, born 17 Dec 1804, GA married 1. Eliza SMITH, 17 Feb 1831, Madison Co, GA, 2. Patience HALL PORTERFIELD, 31 Jan 1867, Madison Co, GA
  2. John Rowsey, born 12 Sep 1807, at GA married Milla SMITH, 17 Jan 1832, Madison Co, GA
  3. Joseph Middleton, born 19 Aug 1809, GA
  4. Pleasant H, born 27 Oct 1814 at GA; married Eliza P POWELL 15 Nov 1838, Madison Co, GA
  5. Ephraim M, (Eason) born 15 Nov 1816, GA; died 1868, Franklin County, GA; married Hester Ann ROYSTON, 14 Dec 1837, Franklin Co, GA;
  6. Willis Dock, born 20 May 1819, GA; died 22 Aug 1899; married Hannah PHILLIPS, daughter of Wiley PHILLIPS and Nancy GOBER, 12 Jan 1841 at Franklin Co, GA
  7. Mary Frances, born 9 Apr 1821.
  8. Lindsey Samuel, born 2 Feb 1823; married Elizabeth J. PRESLEY, 19 Dec 1840 at Franklin Co, GA
  9. Nathan Collins, born 17 Dec 1824, GA married Sarah Adeline GUEST, daughter of Benjamin GUEST and Mary P. VARNER.
  10. Russell P, born 17 Oct 1827, GA; died 16 Dec 1864, Nashville, TN; married Nancy Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 4 Jan 1850, Franklin Co, GA; .
  11. Elizabeth J., born 30 Mar 1831; died 17 July 1910; married Wilburn PHILLIPS, son of Wiley PHILLIPS and Nancy GOBER, 16 December 1853.

Easom died on 5 Oct 1847, Madison Co, GA at age 67. He is buried in Madison Co, GA, in his family cemetery located "near Old Bond's ford on the Hudson River." A marker, erected about 1938-40 by grandsons, Charlie and Paul H. Bond, stands in the cemetery. It gives all Easom's children and gives his father and mother's names as Collins & Permelia Crider Bond. Since it has been proven that his father was Joseph Ballenger Bond, Senior, the names of Collins and Permelia Crider could possibly have been from a maternal line, yet unknown, and confused with Bonds by later generations.

Madison County Georgia Census Records: 1850 - 171a


John Rowsey BOND, son of Easom BOND and Mary ROWSEY was born on 12 Sep 1807 in GA. He married Milla (Millie) SMITH on 17 Jan 1832 in Madison Co, GA

He lived on the road from Danielsville to Royston, near the River.

Children of John Rowsey BOND and Milla SMITH were as follows:

  1. Mary M, born 21 Feb 1832, GA; died 8 Nov 1872; buried Bond Cemetery, Collins Farm, Madison Co., GA; married James Martin GUEST, son of Benjamin GUEST and Mary P. VARNER.
  2. Livingston, born 1835, GA.
  3. Elizabeth Jane (Eliza), born 10 Mar 1837 at Madison Co, GA; died 20 Jun 1906; married 1. William W (Blossom) FITTS; 2. James Berry WHITWORTH
  4. Malinda H, born 1839, GA married Alexander McEWEN
  5. John H, born 14 Jun 1840; died 11 Apr 1918, GA; married Margaret POWERS, 12 Dec 1867, GA.
  6. William Hudson, born 1842; died 28 Jun 1928, Royston, Franklin Co, GA; married Ann DEAN, daughter of Thomas W. DEAN and Martha A. GUEST.
  7. Emily E, born 1844; married Miles A SEXTON
  8. Joseph Eason (Etsy), born 20 Apr 1846, GA; died 3 Aug 1926; married Martha M McEWEN.
  9. Isabella F, born 25 Mar 1849, GA; 19 Jun 1923; married Tandy R (Dool) FITTS

Milla died 29 Jan 1882 and is buried in the Bond Cemetery with her husband.

John Rowsey left a will in 1884 at Madison Co, GA Signed 18 Aug 1882, date proved 7 Apr 1884. He died on 11 Mar 1884 at age 76. He was buried at Bond Cemetery, Collins Farm, Madison Co, GA

Madison County Census Records: 1850 - Image171a, 1860 - Image 225, 1870 - Image 58B, 1880 - Image 74-32


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