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1861 Census, Port Hope [C-1017, 2nd division]

Henry John WRIGLEY, born England, age 40, hatter, with "hat manufactory" with his wife Jane, age 37, born England, also

  1. a widowed Ann WRIGLEY, age 72, born Engand
  2. Mary A. age 9, all children born in Upper Canada.
  3. Henry J. age 6
  4. Hana A. age 1

1871 Census of Toronto:

John WRIGLEY, age 52, married, born England, hatter, of unsound mind, Provincial Lunatic Asylum [film C9970, 46 (St.Andrews)-B-pg482]

Walter WRIGLEY, age 43, born England, clerk, [film C-9971, 47 (St.James)-B-pg 244] with his wife Martha, age 33, born Ontario and their children

  1. Ellen, age 15, born USA. This is Nellie Laura, and she was born about 1856 in Genesee Falls NY. She married George MEAGHAN on 28 March 1876. George was 21, born Berkhampton Berks. England, s/o George & Elizabeth. He was a brakeman with the GTR. Witnesses at the wedding were George William SMITH & Katy WRIGLEY. Reg # 13044
  2. Harriet, age 13, born Ontario
  3. Kate, age 11, born Ontario
  4. Gertrude, age 8, born Ontario
  5. Jenny, age 5, born Ontario
  6. Bella, age 2, born Ontario
  7. from birth reg # 25703-75: Martha WRIGLEY, born Toronto on 24 June 1875, d/o Walter Sharkey WRIGLEY, painter, and Martha PERRIN, of 62 Tecumesth St., Toronto

1871 Census, Arran twp., Bruce Co:

Henry John WRIGLEY, age 46, born England, of unsound mind. Also wife Jane (b. England) and son Henry John, age 16, b. Ontario. [2nd divison of Arran twp., pg.2]

1881 Census of Dundas, Wentworth North Dist 148 SubDist A Div 2 Page 16

  1. John WRIGLEY, male, widower, age 58, occ:  mechanic
  2. Donald WRIGLEY, male, age 25, occ:  machinist
  3. Elizabeth WRIGLEY, female, age 19
  4. Thomas WRIGLEY, male, age 15, occ:  Factory Hand  (** so John Thomas is now just Thomas)
  5. Christefor WRIGLEY male, age 13, occ:  Factory Hand
  6. William WRIGLEY, male, age 11
  7. all persons in this household as English and born in England. Religion for all people listed is Church of England)

There is a Jemmima WRIGLEY, widow, age 63, born England, living in Adolphustown, Lennox Co (1881 census) with

  1. Benjamin PLATT, age 65, born England, farmer
  2. Percival PLATT, age 60, born England, farmer
  3. Jessey BRUCE, female, age 21, Scottish Origin, born Ontario
  4. Walter PLATT, age 14, Scottish Origin, born USA
  5. Albert PLATT , age 16, English Origin, born USA
  6. Thomas WEBB, widower, age 40, born England, laborer


Old Preston Cemetery

Margaret F. WRIGLEY, d. 20 May 1941

Olga May WRIGLEY (Merkel), 1914-1986, Edward MERKEL 1866 - 1936, and Anna Elizabeth ILLING (Merkel), 1868-1947

New Hope Cemetery, Hespeler

Stanley WRIGLEY, 1921-blank with Anne E. WRIGLEY, 1912-1986

Alviston RC Cemetery, Brooke twp., Lambton Co

Gordon WRIGLEY 1909-1977 and his wife Aune NIEMI 1918-1971

St. Johns Anglican Cemetery, Toronto Gore twp.

John WRIGLEY, d. 31 Dec 1871, age 72 (Stone can no longer be found, was recorded by Wm Perkins Bull in 1930's, files in United Church Archives, Toronto)

St. Marks Anglican, Oro

Ernest Charles WRIGLEY, 5 Dec 1890 - 13 April 1929 (alone)

Colpy's Bay Cemetery, Edgehill, Albermarle twp., Bruce Co:

Mary J. WRIGLEY 1881 - 1957, buried with Arthur H. WARD, flight sgt. RCAF, 1920 - 1960 (see marriage #10 below)

Ripley cemetery, lot 17, con 7 of Huron twp., Bruce Co:

Alexander W. PATTERSON 1867 - 1943 and his wife Minnie NIMMO 1871 - 1951 are buried with Cecil F. PATTERSON, BSc. 1902 - 1936 and Edna Mae WRIGLEY, w/o Rae PATTERSON, 1904 - 1944.

Bayview Cemetery, Wiarton

Annabell Cameron SPENCER (first husband was a WRIGLEY)

Toronto Directories


London (Ontario) Directory


1909, 1910, 1913 & 1916

Wrigley deaths

  1. John WRIGLEY died in Vaughan twp on 30 Dec 1871, of inflammation. Age 72, born in Yorkshire England, weaver. Informant was John TOPPING of con 10, lot 20, of Vaughan twp. Reg 27188-72 (York Co)
  2. Henry John WRIGLEY died 16 June 1872 at age 53, born England, hatter. Died of general paresis of 4 years duration. Reg # 27516-72 (Toronto)
  3. John, Toronto 1886
  4. Alice WRIGLEY died 3 April 1894 at age 65, widow, born in France, of cancer that she's had for 2 years. Rom Cath. Reg # 21625-94 (Toronto)
  5. Henry, Keppel, 1896
  6. Herbert, Toronto, 07 07 00
  7. Elizabeth, Barton twp., 08 24 01
  8. Mary, Bertie twp., Waterloo Co., 09 20 02
  9. Olga, Toronto, 12 12 03
  10. Isabella S., Ayr, 01 22 05
  11. William, Toronto, 05 27 06
  12. John, London, 09 10 09
  13. Thomas, Toronto, 03 06 11
  14. Janet, Toronto, 05 25 13 (mine)
  15. M. Theresa, Toronto, 03 17 15
  16. Clara Mabel, Waterford, Norfolk Co., 04 30 17 [wife of Frank] #22432-17 died of pneumonia at age 27 +8 + 17 at Waterford. Born in Waterford, d/o Ham LEA & Sarah A.DUESLING.
  17. William, Toronto, 11 02 18
  18. George F., Toronto, 06 08 19 (mine)

    Frank WRIGLEY, died at Hamilton General Hospital at age 53 years, of typhoid, on 10 Aug 1925. He was a married, laborer, born England in Oct 1872, s/o Rodger WRIGLEY & Ellen MORTON. Wife was Gertrude WRIGLEY of 14 Minto Ave., Hamilton. Buried at Hamilton cemetery. reg # 35585-25

    Gordon Edgar WRIGLEY, died at age 33, at Hamilton General Hospital, of lung abscess, on 23 March 1925. Born Blackpool England on 5 Oct. 1891, married, insurance agent, s/o Alfred WRIGLEY & Beatrice GRIFFEN (both b. England). Wife was Mrs. Beatrice WRIGLEY of Fruitland, Ont. Buried at Stoney Creek. reg # 35050-25

    Eva Pearl WRIGLEY, died at age 32 years & 1 month & 22 days, at Galt Hospital, of toxemia & obstruction of ileum, on 23 Sept 1925. Married. Born in Ottawa on 1 Aug 1893, d/o Ashton W. PINGLE (b. Markham) & Lydia BADORO (b. Whitchurch). Informant on the registration was father - A.W. PINGLE of Preston. Buried at Preston. reg # 32830-25

    John E. WRIGLEY, died at age 46 yrs + 2 months + 7 days, on 2 July 1928, of myocardial failure during operation for appendicitis, at Nicholls Hosptial in Peterbrough. Born in England on 25 April 1882, s/o Edward & Elizabeth (both b. England). Lived in Ontario for 35 years. Brother-in-law was Russel MELLEVILLE of Campbellford. Buried at Campbellford. reg # 28804-28 [see marriage reg below]

    Louise WRIGLEY, died at age 64 years, on 13 May 1928, of stomach & intestinal cancer, at Mt. Hamilton Hospital. Born in Alsace Lorraine on 29 Dec 1862, d/o Jacob HIRSCHMILLER (b. Alsace Lorraine) and mother not given. Widowed. Nephew was Jacob F. HIRSCHMILLER of 16 Maple Ave. in Buffalo. Buried at Hamilton cemetery. reg # 37860-28 [Louisa was widow of Daniel W. Wrigley, see marriages below]

    Maria WRIGLEY, died at age 82 yrs + 3 months + 3 days, on 8? Aug 1928 of cerebral hemorrhage, at 146 Clarence St. in London. Born in England on 5 May 1840, d/o Robert DRANSFIDS? & Ann KAYE (both b. England). Lived 50 years in Ontario/Canada. Widowed. Neice was "Miss WRIGLEY" of 146 Clarence St. Buried at Woodlawn cemetery. reg # 23189-28

    Emma WRIGLEY died at age 90 + 7 + 2, on 26 Dec 1935, of hemiplegia, at Industrial Home in Welland.  Born in Cheshire England on 24 May 1845,  d/o Turner HORSFALL (b. Cheshire) & Martha BEAUMONT (b. Yorkshire).  Widowed.  Buried at Smith St. cemetery in Welland.  No informant given.  Death reg 35434-35

    Margaret WRIGLEY died at age 57 + 7 + 14 on 2 Nov 1936 at Toronto General Hospital, of bronchio-pneumonia.  She was born in Ireland on 18 March 1879, d/o William SIMPSON & Mary McGUIRE.  Informant on the death reg was her husband, Thomas Wrigley of 70 Furnivale Ave in Toronto.  Buried at Scarboro Lawn Cemetery.  She had been a resident of Canada for 52 years.

Wrigley marriages

  1. #12953-76 (Toronto) William WRIGGLEY, 50, bachelor, occupation not given, born in England, resident of Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Alice PERAULT, 42, spinster, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Paquet & Marie, witn William & Mary RAFFERTY of Toronto, no date given, at Toronto (he was Protestant & she was RC)
  2. Sarah Jane WRIGLEY, age 20, d/o John & Jane, born Lancashire England, resident of Dundas, married William HOLDEN, age 21, s/o Joseph & Ann, weaver, born Lancashire. Married 18 Sept 1877, reg # 11955-77. Sarah died in Cornwall, and her obituary is given below.
  3. Jaspar WRIGLEY, born England, resident of London East, age 28, cotton spinner, s/o James & Betty, married Rachel SQUIRES, age 21, resident of London East, born Pittsburg, d/o William & Mary. Married 26 Sept 1878, reg # 6362-78
  4. John WRIGLEY, born in & resident of Westchester Co. NY, age 37, mechanic, s/o John & Jane, married Julia BASCROW, age 34, born in & resident of Montreal, RC, d/o Francis White BASCROW, Oct 13, 1881 at Clifton, Ontario, reg # 11530-81
  5. Daniel W. WRIGLEY, born Russia, resident of Hamilton, age 25, machinist, s/o John & Sarah, married Louisa HERSHELLER, age 19, born in Germany, resident of Hamilton, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, Jan. 12, 1882 at Hamilton reg # 12851-82 [Louisa died 13 May 1928, see deaths above]
  6. Anna WRIGLEY, age 22, born England, d/o John & Jane, married Charles James LOCHHEAD, age 22, of Hespeler, born Galt, s/o James & Alzine, laborer, married on Feb 18, 1884 at Hespeler, reg # 11716-84
  7. Christopher WRIGLEY, age 19, s/o John & Helen, born Ontario, resident of Toronto, married Almira Ada BELL, age 18, born Ontario, resident of Scarborough, d/o William George & Almira, witn: Ralph FLINT of Toronto & John A. BELL of Scarborough & Permelia BELL of Toronto, married on Oct 20, 1887 at Scarborough, reg # 15230-87
  8. Emma WRIGLEY, age 19, born Herefordshire England, of 52 Coolmine? Rd. Toronto, d/o Robert & Emma, married Albert Edward WATSON, 21, of 22 Humber St., born Epsom Ontario, clerk, s/o Thomas & Mary, witnesses were Mary A.G. WRIGLEY of 52 Coolmine Rd & R.T. WATSON of 22 Humbert St. Toronto, married on 12 Aug 1892 at Toronto, reg # 14847-92
  9. John Thomas WRIGLEY, age 27 of Norway Ont., born Saddlesworth Yorkshire, cabinet maker, s/o John & Sarah Jane, married Margaret SIMPSON, age 21, of Toronto, born Armagh Ireland, d/o illegible & Mary, married on 5 June 1896 at Toronto, reg # 15151-96
  10. Barb WRIGLEY, 12 Nov 1902 at Keppel, reg # 8582-03 not looked up yet
  11. Minnie WRIGLEY, age 22, born in & resident of Keppel, d/o Henry & Annabelle nee CAMERON, married Alfred J. WARD, age 28, farmer, born in & resident of Keppel, s/o Alfred & Margaret nee BATES, 30 Dec 1903 at Keppel, reg # 8498-04
  12. Anna Belle WRIGLEY, 20 Dec 1905 at Wiarton, #5233 (Bruce Co): Charles H. SPENCER, 51, widower, farmer, London England, Keppel, s/o G.G. SPENCER & Eliza DARLING, married Anna Belle WRIGLEY, 46, widow, Keppel, Wiarton, d/o Roderick CAMERON & Mary McKENZIE, witn: A.J. & Elizabeth McKENZIE of Wiarton, 30 Dec 1905 at Wiarton
  13. John Edward WRIGLEY, age 22, born England, resident of Seymour, s/o Edward & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth MELVILLE, born Ontario, resident of Seymour, d/o David & Alsa? nee OULTON, witn: David MELVILLE & Maggie HAY, 25 Jan 1905 at Seymour twp, reg # 14647-05 [John died in 1928, see above]
  14. William WRIGLEY, age 24, born Wakefield England, carriage trimmer, s/o Albert & Martha Ann nee HODGSON, married Ruby JEWITT, born in & resident of Chatham, d/o Richard & Elizabeth nee HOLMES, 10 Dec 1905 at Chatham reg # 10834-05
  15. Anna Eliza WRIGLEY, age 21, born Wakefield England, d/o Albert & Martha Ann nee HODGSON, married Bruce Philip McCAULEY, age 21, born Brantford, resident of Chatham, blacksmith, s/o Philip McCAULEY & Harriet JEX, 23 May 1906 at Chatham, reg # 10816-06
  16. Arthur WRIGLEY, 5 Sept 1906 at Windsor, haven't looked up yet
  17. Frank WRIGLEY, age 30, born England, resident of Windsor, shoe maker, s/o Roger & Helen nee MORTON, married Mabel LEE, age 19, born Ontario, resident of Detroit, d/o Hamilton & Sarah nee FARMER, Mormon, married on 15 Dec 1906 at Windsor, reg # 8596-06
  18. Henry John WRIGLEY, age 24, born in & resident of Keppel, farmer, s/o Henry & Annabel nee CAMERON, married Louise PORTER, age 16, born in & resident of Keppel, d/o William S. & Sarah Ann nee SIDNEY, 18 April 1906 at Keppel, reg # 9186-06
  19. George WRIGLEY, s/o William & Susan nee SOWLER, age 25, born England, resident of Wingham, occupation is wholesaler, married Beatrice ASHTON, age 26, of Toronto, born England, d/o Stephen & Mary E. nee WOOD, 3 June 1907 at Toronto, reg # 2281-07
  20. Louise WRIGLEY, 30 Dec 1907 at Preston, not looked up yet
  21. Florence May WRIGLEY, 21, born in & resident of Big Bay, d/o Henry William & Annabel nee CAMERON, married Job Henry PARSONS, 33, bridge foreman, resident of Fort William, s/o Henry, mining captain, & Hannah Maria nee WRIGLEY, witness Bella C. WRIGLEY of Ft. William, married on 21 Oct 1908 at Fort William........ Add to this: An Annie Effie PARSONS, d/o Henry PARSONS & Maria WRIGLEY (and therefore, sister to Job Henry PARSONS), married Alban Sylvain BERNON on 9 July 1904 in Fort William. Annie Effie was age 19, born in and resident of Slate River. Alban was age 29, a farmer, born in France, resident of Ft William and s/o Alban S. BERNON & Annie STENBERG. The witnesses were Maurice BERNON and Helen SILLES, both of Fort William. Reg # 17954-04
  22. Jennie WRIGLEY, age 24, born in & resident of Big Bay, d/o Henry William & Annabel nee CAMERON, married Arthur GARVIE, age 28, born in Campbell, resident of Owen Sound, farmer, s/o William & Catherine nee HERD, witnesses were J.W. PARSONS & Florence WRIGLEY of Fort William, married on 26 Feb 1908 at Fort William, reg # 18470-08
  23. Alfred WRIGLEY, age 26, painter, resident of Detroit, s/o Alfred, mason, & Martha nee WREN, witn: Daisy WRIGLEY of Chatham, married 6 Feb 1909 at Chatham, reg # 11883-09
  24. Daisy WRIGLEY, 22 Oct 1909 at London
  25. Nellie WRIGLEY, age 18, resident of Toronto, d/o Joseph, soldier, & Kate nee WALLIS, married Herbert Coleman McEACHERN, 32, chauffeur, s/o Neil & Nell? nee WRIGHT, 20 Oct 1909 at Toronto, reg # 4161
  26. Joseph WRIGLEY, age 22, moulder, born in England, of Hamilton, s/o Abraham WRIGLEY (b. England) & Mary ROBINSON, married Lucy May CLAYTON, 23, weaver, born England, of Hamilton, d/o Walter CLAYTON, born England, and Ann ANNETT, 14 May 1921 at Hamilton. Witnesses were John CLAYTON & Susannah SHUTTLEWORTH, both of Hamilton. reg # 25353-21

Wrigley Births

  1. Ellen, born 7 April 1874 at Keppel twp., d/o Francis, student & Christina A. nee WILSON #5858-74
  2. Fanny, born 2 July 1875 at Keppel, d/o Francis, Presbyterian student, & Christina A. nee WILSON, # 4919-75
  3. William Alfred, born 16 Sept 1877 at Keppel, s/o Francis, missionary, & Christina, #7085-77
  4. Percival, born 13 July 1879 at Caledon, s/o Francis, clergyman, & Christna, # 23827-79
  5. Francis Robert, born 30 June 1881, Caledon, s/o Francis, Congregational minister, & Christina, #24601-81
  6. Mary Jane, born Feb 2, 1881 at Keppel twp., d/o Henry, farmer, & Annabell nee CAMERON of Big Bay, #8712-81
  7. Margaret Ellen, born Peterborough, 14 Feb 1882, # 28348-82, details not looked up yet
  8. Silvanus Fearns, 6 July 1883 at N. Dumfries (mine)
  9. Barb Jessie, 1885 at Keppel
  10. Rowcliffe F., 1885 at Wallaceburg (mine)
  11. Florence May, 15 Nov 1887 at Keppel
  12. Charles Edward, 5 Dec 1890 at Toronto
  13. Isabella, 14 Aug 1891 at North Dumfries (mine)
  14. Norman Grant, 8 Sept 1892 at Keppel
  15. Robert John, 10 July1893 at Toronto
  16. Ina Viola, 27 May 1895 at Toronto

    48420-07 (Welland Co) WRIGLEY, Daniel Bertram, m, born 25 Nov 1907, father - Bertram C. WRIGLEY, fireman; mother - Jennie Gladys DOTY; infm - father, Amigari

    4507-07 (Toronto) WRIGLEY, Geo Bernard, m, born 23 June 1907, father - George Weston WRIGLEY, journalist; mother - Edith Eleanor ROBINSON; infm - W. WRIGLEY (father) of 30 Hamburg Ave. in Toronto (mine)

    7017-00 Robert Benjamin HOWELL, 28, compositor, born in Owen Sound, res of Toronto, s/o George D. HOWELL & Margaret ROBINSON, married Louisa C. SHOWELL, 27, born in Owen Sound, res of Sydenham, d/o Owen J. SHOWELL & Fannie WRIGLEY, witn: Frank H. SHOWELL & Fannie DUNOON?, both of Owen Sound, 2 July 1900 at Owen Sound or Sydenham (both given)

Obituaries (with thanks to Karen Nagy)

Mrs. William Holden: Mrs. William Holden died on Monday evening after an illness of several years. The deceased lady's maiden name was Sara Jane Wrigley and was a daughter of Mr. John Wrigley, formerly fitter in the Canada Cotton Mill and the Cornwall Mfg. Co's Woollen Mill. She was 37 years of age, and was married to Mr. Holden in Dundas, Ont, 17 years ago. They afterwards came to live in Cornwall, where for several years they resided. By her death seven young children are left motherless. Her husband and family have the sympathy of the whole community in their sad bereavement. The funeral took place on Wednesday evening to the GTR station and was well attended. The remains were taken to Toronto on the 10:30 p.m. train and interred in St. James cemetery. Rev. S.G. Bland officiated. The pallbearers were Messers A.D. Murchison, W.V. boyd, F. Clarke, C.W. Kyte, John E. MacPhee and D.J. McDonald.

John Wrigley: At Toronto Hospital on Oct 14th, John Wrigley, a native of the township of Saddleworth, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, aged 65 years. Funeral from his brother William's residence, 2 Commercial Street, on Sunday Oct. 17th at 3 p.m. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.

Died in Preston: Christopher William Wrigley known to many Brantfordites as an employee of the Grand River, pased away on Saturday at his home in Preston after an illness of two months duration. Born in Toronto 45 years ago, he had lived in Preston for the last 18 years. He was a keen sport follower and was one of Preston's most ardent indoor bowlers. He was an IOOF member. Left to mourn his loss are three daughters, his mother, three brothers, and one sister. The funeral is being held this afternoon with interment in Preston cemetery. Brantford Expositor of Apr 3, 1933, page 6

McCauley - At the John Noble Home on Sunday October 29, 1972, Annie Wrigley McCauley, formerly of 14 Owen Avenue. Predeceased by her husband Bruce McCauley in 1964. Dear mother of Mrs. Fred (Aileen) Smallman of Peterborough and Philip McCauley of Brantford; also 7 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Predeceased by a son Harold. Mrs. McCauley was a life member of Alexandra Presbyterian Church. Resting at the Beckett Funeral Home, 14 Brant Avenue for service on Wednesday at 1 p.m. with Rev. J. Boyne officiating. Interment Mount Hope cemetery. Brantford Expositor of October 30, 1972 page 16.

William Wrigley, 74, retired contractor of Chatham, and father of Mrs. Bruce McCauley, 24 Sarah Street, this city, died at his home in Chatham on Sunday. He had been in failing health for the past year. Mr. Wrigley, a native of Wakefield, Yorkshire, England went to Chatham 46 years ago to enter the contracting business. He was a member of the Park United Church and Sons of England. Surviving are his widow, two daughters, Mrs. McCauley here and Mrs. William McWhirter, Detroit; two sons Alfred of Detroit and William of Chatham; one sister Mrs. C. Cape of Saskatchewan and two brothers, Arthur of Pontiac Mich. and Roger of England. Brantford Expositor of Mar 16, 1936, page 6

"WRIGLEY, Martha - at Newmarket, Ont., on Wednesday, July 24, 1957, Martha SIMPSON (of 20 Colridge Ave) wife of the late William WRIGLEY and dear aunt of Martha, Evelyn, Mabel, Annie and William.  Resting at the "Danforth chapel" of McDougall and Brown Ltd. 1491 Danforth Ave (near Corwell). Service in the chapel 2 p.m. Monday.  Interment St. John's cemetery Norway." Toronto Daily Star, Friday, July 26, 1957


In the Toronto Star of 30 May 1945, there is a death notice for an Ellen Evelyn JAMESON who died at 11 Dearborne Ave in Toronto on 29 May 1945. She was survived by three daughters, one of whom, Eileen, was Mrs. A. WRIGLEY.

Also Toronto Star, 30 Oct 1945, In Memorian notice for: "our dear son P.O. Gordon P. WRIGLEY (Bud), J88632 and gallant crew killed on active service 25 Oct 1944. Ever remembered by Mother and Dad"


#011522-75 (Toronto): Joseph BARNES, 46, Grand Trunk foreman, Cumberland England, Pickering twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Jane WRIGLEY, 50, widow, Cumberland England, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Ann WRIGLEY, June 1875 in Toronto

14333-88 Joseph BARNES, 62, widower, laborer, Co. Cumberland England, Wiarton, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane BALDWIN, 52, widow, Scarboro, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Isabella BALDWIN, witn Edward & Isabella BARNES of Toronto, 22 Sept 1888 at Toronto

2520-85 (Dufferin Co): David George BARNES, 21, confectioner, Pickering Ont., Toronto, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Sarah Jane EAST, 21, East Garafraxa, Toronto, d/o Richard & Nancy, witn: Priscilla ALEXANDER & William J. EAST, both of E. Garafraxa, 18 Nov 1885 at Marsville, East Garafraxa twp

Vol 24 Pg 367 - John BARNES, 21, railway conductor, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Mary Ann MILNE, 20, Pickering, same, d/o James & Elizabeth. Witn James MILNE & Mary KENNEDY, both of Pickering. 2 Nov 1872 Dunbarton Pickering Twp.

Vol 15, pg 7 - William John SOMERVILLE, 22, salesman, Weston Ont., Toronto, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary Jane BARNES, 20, Cumberland England, Whitby, d/o William & Mary, witn: Alexander CARMICHEAL & Maggie J. SOMERVILLE, 26 Jan 1871 at Whitby