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47395-26 George William BATES, 25, machine hand, England, Hamilton, s/o Percy George BATES & Eliza LEWIS, married Doris HUTCHINGS, 23, packer, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles William HUTCHINGS & Florence Helen PATON, witn: William LEWIS & Eliza BATES, both of Hamilton, 31 Jul 1926 at Hamilton. 47394-26 Charles Edward BATES, 50, widower, bank messenger, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edward BATES, b. Ontario & Margaret DOYLE, married Isabella GROVES, 48, housekeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel GROVES, b. Hamilton & Eliza SPANINGBERG, witn: Mrs. W.G. COLLINSON & Samuel GROVES, both of Hamilton, 17 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

47407-26 Frank Emmanuel BENDER, 39, widower, optician, England, Hamilton, s/o Jacob BENDER, b. England & Ettie ZIMBALIST, married Pearl EPSTEIN, 37, widow, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Hirsh FREIMAN, b. Lithuania & Hannah STERNSTEIN, witn: M. EPSTEIN & G. POLLOCK, both of Hamilton, 21 Jan 1926 at Hamilton. (Hebrew)

47408-26 James Arnold BENDER, 22, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William H. BENDER, b. England, & Sarah STINSON, married Leah BIBBY, 17, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o George BIBBY, b. England & Sarah PARTINGTON, witn: George BOBBY & Hazel Jean GREEN, both of Hamilton, 5 Jul 1926 at Hamilton

47409-26 John Joseph BENNETT, 26, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Francis BENNETT, b. Scotland & Marie GRANDISON?, married Gladys Mary SUTTON, 22 (b. 6 March 1903), factory hand, Broadbottom Cheshire England, Hamilton, d/o George SUTTON, b. Hyde England & Alice Ann SUTTON, witn: John BUNSON & Jessie G. TEN EYCK, both of Hamilton, 27 Jan 1926 at Hamilton

47412-26 Edward Howard BEYNON, 24, tire builder, Wales, Hamilton, s/o Austin Edwin BEYNON, b. England & Clarissa Josephine DUTTON, married Roberta Ailene MOXON, 21, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George Alan MOXON, b. b. Canada & Evelyn Victoria RIDOUT, witn: Frances MEEKS & Clifford PFEIFFER, both of Hamilton, 15 Dec 1926 at Hamilton.

47415-26 Henry William BINGHAM, 23, electrician, Castle Headingham - England, Hamilton, s/o Edwin W. BINGHAM, b. Essex England & Hope GOWAN, married Alice FRASER, 21, knitter, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George FRASER, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Eliza Maves CASSIE, witn: A.E. BINGHAM & J. FRASER, both of Hamilton, 19 Jun 1926 at Hamilton.

47417-26 Arthur Maurice BISHOP, 31, banker, Belleville, London, s/o Charles A. BISHOP, b. England & Kate RILEY, married Gertrude Maude WISMER, 25, clerk, Grimsby, Hamilton, d/o Roland WISMER, b. Jordan & E. Maude FARRELL, witn: L.A. & J. KILBURN, both of Hamilton, 11 Jan 1926 at Hamilton.

47422-26 Horace William BLOXHAM, 45 (b. 18 Sept 1881), field engineer, Cross Cheaping - Coventry England, Port Colborne, s/o William BLOXHAM, b. England & Susan GARDNER, married Marion Julia DALY, 35, USA, Hamilton, d/o Andrew DALY, b. Ireland & Helen MCGUIRE, witn: Edwin DALY of Buffalo & E. WISLER of Hamilton, 5 Apr 1926 at Hamilton

47424-26 Victor Ersyll BOAKE, 28, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o George Wilfred BOAKE, b. Ontario & Carrie MACDONALD, married Ivadell Mills DONALD, 23, Hamilton, same, d/o Alexander DONALD, b. Scotland & Mary MILLS, witn: Drina DONALD of Hamilton & W. Roy BOAKE of Toronto, 25 Sep 1926 at Hamilton

47425-26 Sydney BOCOCK, 31, carpenter, England, Hamilton, s/o John James BOCOCK, b. Coventry - England & Ada PRICE, married Ada Jane SHIPPERBOTTOM, 25, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o James O. SHIPPERBOTTOM, b. Lancashire England & Nanny BEDOWS, witn: Pollie SHIPPERBOTTOM & John B. GREIG, both of Hamilton, 23 Jan 1926 at Hamilton.

47426-26 Walter Charles BODDEN, 25, police constable, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Christopher BODDEN, b. Hamilton & Ada CARTER, married Marjorie DOUGAN, 23 (b. 30 Dec 1902), factory hand, Portadown - Armagh Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William DOUGAN, b. Tipperary Ireland & Elizabeth GRIFFITH, witn: Mabel & George C. BODDEN, both of Hamilton, 23 Apr 1926 at Hamilton.

47430-26 William BONNER, 31, widower, woodworker, Canada, Barton Twp., s/o William BONNER, b. Leicestershire England & Elizabeth SMITH, married Janet Anne PEDLER, 31, bookkeeper, Canada, Barton Twp., d/o Alfred Walter PEDLER, b. London - England & Ida WHEELER, witn: C.E. PEDLER of Hamilton & Annie H.S. MURRAY of Toronto, 29 Jul 1926 at Hamilton

47432-26 Charles William BOSWELL, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles George BOSWELL & Mary BARCLAY, married Irene Elsa ROTH, 25, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Solomon ROTH & Hannah CARLSON, witn: Clarence ROTH & R.B. BOSWELL, both of Hamilton, 11 Sep 1926 at Hamilton.

47437-26 George BOYCHUK, 38, widower, labourer, Austria, Hamilton, s/o Aleksander BOYCHUK, b. Romania & Maria ILCHUK, married Mary TIMOSKI, 41, widow, housekeeper, Russia, Hamilton, d/o Arksenij PHOZCHUK, b. Ukraine & Aryna BUZAK, witn: Zinowra PKESAK & Nycolaj CHARYK, both of Hamilton, 18 Sep 1926 at Hamilton. (Greek RC)

47439-26 Elfridio BRACALENTE, 38, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Serafino BRACALENTE & Rosa MAURIZI, married Maria SERENA, 21, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Domenico SERENA & Lorenza PIGNANI, witn: Domenico & Teresa PAVONI, 7 Aug 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)

47445-26 Herbert BRADT, 20 (b. 25 April 1906), lithographer, Minton St. in Buffalo, New York City, s/o William Avery BRADT, b. Buffalo USA & res of Buffalo, & Annie DOYLE, married Irene Patterson BUTLER, 19 11/12, Hamilton, same, d/o W.H. BUTLER, b. Canada & Mary Ann MARKHAM, witn: Gordon BUTLER, of St. Thomas & Ada CLARK of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1926 at Hamilton.

47448-26 Gordon Spence BRAND, 20, floor polisher, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George BRAND, b. Scotland & Helen Cooper HOSIE, married Helen King SKELDING, 20 (b. 28 Jan 1906) waitress, Beath - Fifeshire Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Aranaiah SKELDING, b. England & Jean King YOUNG (married 30 Dec 1904 at Beath), witn: Bessie BUCK & William S. SKELDING, both of Hamilton, 5 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

47451-26 George Henry BRITTON, 73, widower, painter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George H. BRITTON, b. England & Mary Jean TYTE, married Florence Georgina LANIGAN, 42 (b. 25 April 1883), Hamilton, same, d/o George H. LANIGAN, b. Ontario & Priscilla MCDOUGALL, witn: George W. BRITTON & C.J. BRITTON, both of Hamilton, 10 Apr 1926 at Hamilton

47452-26 Gilbert BRITTON, 33, inspector, England, Hamilton, s/o William BRITTON, b. England & Betsy BRITTON, married Hannah Margaret EVANS, 27, factory hand, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles W. EVANS, b. England & Sarah WAINWRIGHT, witn: William Arthur & Minnie BARNES, 28 Apr 1926 at Hamilton.

47453-26 Thomas Edward BROADHURST, 41, painter & paper hanger, Manchester England, Hamilton, s/o James BROADHURST, b. England & Sara CHARLTON, married Clara FITZGERALD, 37, widow, domestic, Manchester England, Hamilton, d/o Frederick WILSON, b. England & Mary Jane GEDDES, witn: A.W. KAYE? & Mary E. CLOCKEY, both of Hamilton, 3 Sep 1926 at Hamilton.

47456-26 Harry BROKER, 21, truck driver, England, Barton Twp., s/o Josiah John BROKER, b. England & Annie KIRTAIN, married Olive Florence Alma BROWN, 21, packer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Arthur William BROWN, b. Canada & Louise Edith Fleet, witn: Agnes I. TAYLOR & Fred HARRIS, both of Hamilton, 26 Jun 1926 at Hamilton
47457-26 Reuben Clarence BROOKER, 21, press operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Reuben BROOKER, b. Canada & Marie BERBRANT, married Violet AUSTIN, 20 textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John AUSTIN, b. England & Sophie PETRIE, witn: Edith Emily KOHLER of Hamilton & N. BERBRANT of Rochester, 10 Apr 1926 at Hamilton 47458-26 Alfred Victor BROWETT, 34, widower, carpenter, England, Hamilton, s/o William BROWETT, b. England & Alice HAWKINS, married Sarah Alice MERRITT, 33, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John MERRITT, b. Canada & Mary SNIDER, witn: Mrs. Thomas DOMINY & Mary FORDEN, both of Hamilton, 18 Sep 1926 at Hamilton
47459-26 George Christopher BROWN, 30 (b. 24 Dec 1895), shipping clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o Robert BROWN, b. England & Sarah M. ROWBERRY, married Doris GORTON, 30, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o George GORTON, b. England & Emily CHADWIN, witn: E. WOODHOUSE & James WOODHOUSE, both of Hamilton, 11 Dec 1926 at Hamilton. 47460-26 John BROWN, 24, painter, Glasgow Scotland, Detroit, s/o James BROWN & Catherine MCCABE, married Rose Ann JAMIESON, 24, d/o Peter JAMIESON & Mary WOODS, witn: Patrick BROWN of Detroit & Georgina CAMPBELL of Burlington, 22 Jan 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)
47461-26 Joseph John BROWN, 25 (b. 24 Jan 1901), ticket clerk, Hamilton, Montreal, s/o Joseph John BROWN, b. Thistletown & Christina MOWATT (deceased), married Ethel Rose MALE, 23, invoice clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel MALE, b. Somerset England & Agnes COOK, witn: H.J. BROUGH & Virna L. MALE, both of Hamilton, 2 Feb 1926 at Hamilton. 47462-26 Thomas BROWN, 26, carpenter, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Charles BROWN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth HAMILTON, married Elizabeth Milne MACDONALD, 23, core maker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John MACDONALD, b. Scotland & Ann SANGSTER, witn: David MCCULLOCK & Jean O. MACINNES, both of Hamilton, 31 Jul 1926 at Hamilton
47463-26 Thomas Edward BROWNRIDGE, 25, bus driver, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William BROWNRIDGE & Emma MCCASIN, married Claudia Layfitte COLE, 21 (b. 26 July 1904), saleslady, Hamilton, same, d/o Barney COLE & Cora VANCLEAF, witn: Mrs. R. REID & Irma CONNOR, both of Hamilton, 1 Apr 1926 at Hamilton. 47464-26 Arthur Ernest BRUCE, 32, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Herbert BRUCE, b. England & Emma WHITEHEAD, married Mary Ellen MORRIS, 32, buyer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Aaron MORRIS, b. Canada & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn: Charles W. KIDD & Miriam MORRIS, both of Hamilton, 4 Sep 1926 at Hamilton
47465-26 Alfred BRYAN, 19, labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o Albert BRYAN, b. England & Ellen A. MCCARTHY, married Eleanor Donalda TANN, 18, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John TANN, b. Ontario & Mary HANNAH, witn: Mary TANN & Norman ALLISON, both of Hamilton, 30 Apr 1926 at Hamilton 47466-26 George Fraser BRYANT, 35 electrical engineer, Canada, Pittsfield Mass., s/o Oliver BRYANT, b. England & Arabella Fraser WILKINS, married Doris Alice SCOTT, 25, clerk, England, Hamilton, d/o Ernest John SCOTT, b. England & Jane LOCKEY, witn: Albert Alexander PLUNKETT & Thelma Hazel LAIDLAW, both of Hamilton, 9 Sep 1926 at Hamilton
47467-26 Lawrence BRYCE, 22 (b. 2 June 1903), press hand, Bradford Ont, Hamilton, s/o John BRYCE, b. Scotland & Lilly LITTLEHALE, married Lillian May LIVSEY, 23, teller, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert F. LIVSEY, b. England & Lillian May JOHNSON, witn: Sarah DUNN & George C. BODDEN, both of Hamilton, 29 Apr 1926 at Hamilton. 48561-26 Robert Oliver BUCHAN, 35, gardener, Canada, East Flamboro, s/o Eli BUCHAN, b. Canada & Annie PHIPER, married Gladys Maud HIRST, 28 (b. 9 Dec 1897), factory hand, Hamilton, East Flamboro, d/o Frederick HIRST, b. England & Fanny BREWSTER, witn: Harold BUCHAN & Marjorie WALKER, both of Waterdown, 7 April 1926 at Grace Church, Waterdown
47468-26 Cyrus BUCKINGHAM, 23, tire builder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Frederick BUCKINGHAM, b. Canada & Mabel NAHN, married Evelyn KRATZ, 19, cashier, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry Benton KRATZ, b. Canada & Annie MCDOUGAL, witn: William F. BUCKINGHAM & Betty L. KRATZ, both of Hamilton, 21 Oct 1926 at Hamilton 47469-26 George BUCKINGHAM, 35, photographer, USA, Hamilton, s/o William BUCKINGHAM, b. USA & Margaret KEYES, married Goldie Mary VAN LOON, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Morgan VAN LOON, b. Canada & Sarah BRIDGES, witn: Mrs. MURPHY & Mary E. CORKSEY, 24 Apr 1926 at Hamilton.
47470-26 Andrew BUDA, 41, moulder, Poland, Hamilton, s/o John BUDA, b. Poland & Kathie NAWOK, married Teofila GOZDRISTA, 33, widow, housekeeper, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Boman BOGUSGEMSKI, b. Poland & Marcelina JASKAZESKA, witn: William COJOCARI & Annie ONDRUSAIK, both of Hamilton, 22 Oct 1926 at Hamilton 47471-26 Harry Leslie BULLOCK, 19, assistant shipper, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Henry BULLOCK, b. England & Elizabeth L. BARLOW, married Mamie OPPERMAN, 19, box maker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Herman OPPERMAN, b. England & Martha COLWILL, witn: Thomas & Martha BULLOCK, both of Hamilton 10 Jul 1926 at Hamilton.
47472-26 Joseph Edward BURDETT, 25, logger, Hamilton, same, s/o Alfred BURDETT, b. Canada & Julia HINES, married Mary Margaret CARTWELL, 26, housekeeper, Temiskaming, Hamilton, d/o Richard CARTWELL, b. Canada & Mary BROWN, witn: John Thomas & Mary CARTWELL, both of Hamilton, 15 Jan 1926 at Hamilton. (RC) 47473-26 Walter BURDETT, 23, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Walter BURDETT, b. England & Minnie WALKER, married Dauphene Alice PATTERSON, 21, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Henry PATTERSON, b. Canada & Alice HOWES, witn: Edward J. BATES & Grace PATTERSON, both of Hamilton, 4 Dec 1926 at Hamilton
47476-26 Reginald David BURGESS, 19, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William BURGESS, b. Canada & Sophia TERRIER, married Elsie May SHAW, 18 (b. 9 May 1907), London England, Hamilton, d/o David SHAW, b. Canada & Elizabeth WAGER, witn: Charles BOYD & Eliza Ada BURGESS, both of Hamilton, 6 Jan 1926 at Hamilton 47475-26 Ernest BURGESS, 31, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o John BURGESS & Mary DIGGLE, married Adeline PICKARD, 33, widow, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Charles LACHAPELLE & Elizabeth WETHERUP, witn: May MATTHEWS & T. MATTHEWS, both of Hamilton, 11 Sep 1926 at Hamilton
47478-26 Austin Sidney BURT, 19, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Norman C. BURT, b. Trinidad BWI & Edith A. BROOKS, married Ella Matilda DAIKEN, 18 7/12, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William DAIKEN, b. Mount Pleasant & Alice Askew BECKHAM, witn: Cecil Horton KING of Toronto & Martina May BECKHAM of Brantford, 30 Oct 1926 at Hamilton. 47479-26 Norman Henry BURT, 21, stock assembler, England, Hamilton, s/o Norman BURT, b. England & Edith BROOKS, married Phyllis Margaret COLLINSON, 18 (b. 31 July 1908), silk winder, Hamilton, same, d/o James Thomas COLLINSON, b. Canada & Ada BLAIR, witn: George MCINTOSH & Jean NELSON, both of Hamilton, 24 Sep 1926 at Hamilton.
48563-26 Thomas Allan CALDER, 22, farmer, Canada, Glanford twp., s/o John L. CALDER, b. Canada & Sarah CALDER (Sarah Smith?), married Muriel Gertrude GALLAGHER, 20, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Daniel A. GALLAGHER, b. Canada & Marion, witn: Sarah CALDER & Marion A. GALLAGHER, both of Barton twp., 5 June 1926 at Barton twp 47480-26 Burton CALDER, 34, farmer, Ancaster Twp., same, s/o Thomas CALDER, b. Ontario & Clara SMITH, married Jean Olive JOHNSON, 19, Binbrook, Hamilton, d/o William G. JOHNSON, b. Ontario & Agnes WILSON, witn: William & Clara AUSTIN, both of Hamilton, 6 November 1926 at Hamilton.
47481-26 Alfred Earl CALLIGAN, 26, saw operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alfred CALLIGAN, b. England & Sarah CROZIER, married Violet Aileen KERMAN, 23 (b. 24 Nov 1903), clerk, Hamilton, same, d/o Frederick KERMAN, b. Isle of Man & Ellie GILLESPIE, witn: Ellie & Frederick KERMAN, both of Hamilton, 14 Dec 1926 at Hamilton. 47482-26 John Duncan CAMERON, 27 (b. 9 April 1899) labourer, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, s/o David CAMERON & Annie McKENZIE (married 13 Aug 1896 at Kelvin Dist. Glasgow), married Eva MARTIN, 33, grocery clerk, Ireland, Hamilton, d/o John MARTIN & Agnes McREADIE, witn: Agnes & Thomas MARTIN, both of Hamilton, 17 Apr 1926 at Hamilton.
47483-26 Arthur Lee CAMPBELL, 36, superintendent, USA, Hamilton, s/o Arthur Livingstone CAMPBELL, b. USA & Lillian May DOLPHIN, married Bertha Eleanor MUNSON, 30 (b. 11 June 1896), dressmaker, Palmerston Ont, San Francisco USA, d/o Frank MUNSON, b. Canada & Annie Amelia SMITH, witn: Margaret E. PALMER & Georgina MOORE, both of Hamilton, 20 Nov 1926 at Hamilton 47484-26 David Reuben CAMPBELL, 19, farmer, Canada, Singhampton, s/o Hugh CAMPBELL, b. Fergus & Mary CRIPPS, married Leonora Reta Jean LEES, 17 10/12, nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George William LEES, b. California USA & Estella Louise PARKER, witn: G.W. LEES & May HARVEY, both of Hamilton, 24 Aug 1926 at Hamilton.
47485-26 Donald CAMPBELL, 26, milk salesman, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Jean RONALD, married Williamina HODGE, 20 (b. 1 Jan 1905) Larbert - Sterlingshire Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Lawrence HODGE, b. Scotland & Jean SMITH, witn: John S.W. HAYWORTH of Hamilton & Sarah CAMPBELL of Preston, 12 Nov 1926 at Hamilton. 47486-26 John CAMPBELL, 32 (b. 20 Feb 1894), electrical chemical engineer, Greenock Scotland, Iroquois Falls, s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL, b. Greenock Scotland & Mary TURNER (married 28 Dec 1882 at Lochiehead), married Ada Bella DAVIDSON, 22, school teacher, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John H. DAVIDSON, b. Canada & Mary H. GLEAVE, witn: C.T. CAMPBELL of Iroquois Falls & A.M. DAVIDSON of Hamilton, 12 Aug 1926 at Hamilton
47487-26 Robert Stewart CAMPBELL, 24, assembler, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alfred Stewart Campbell, b. Scotland & Jean Melrose GILLESPIE, married Annie Evelyn DUNN, 23 (b. 14 Dec 1902), saleslady, Hamilton, same, d/o John DUNN, b. England & Mary CARTER, witn: J.M.G. CAMPBELL of Detroit & Agnes G. DUNN of Hamilton, 16 Jun 1926 at Hamilton 47488-26 Turnbull CANUTE, 21, rigger, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William CANUTE, b. Ontario & Annie GREENING, married Ivy Catharine Mary WEST, 17 (b. 8 Sept), presshand, England, Hamilton, d/o (late) Henry John WEST, b. England & Kate WINSLADE, witn: Charles Gordon CANUTE & Kate WEST, both of Hamilton, 17 Dec 1926 at Hamilton
47489-26 Cameron CAREY, 24, salesman, Millgrove, Hamilton, s/o Abiathar CAREY, b. Ontario & Mary M. BINKLEY, married Dora Jean GIBSON, 20, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Albert E. GIBSON, b. Hamilton & Grace E. SEAMAN, witn: Hazel CROSS? & Henry Gladstone COLLINS?, both of Hamilton, 26 Jun 1926 at Hamilton. [Divorced 21/3/51] 47490-26 Harold Albert CARPENTER, 23, labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o W. John CARPENTER, b. England & Sarah HARRISON, married Catharina Evelyn RAYMENT, 20 (b. 15 May 1906), winder, Hamilton, Barton Twp., d/o James King RAYMENT, b. Canada & Lily COY, witn: Mabel D. RAYMENT & Cyril L. CARPENTER, both of Hamilton, 2 Oct 1926 at Hamilton.
47491-26 George CARRUTH, 32, moulder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George CARRUTH & Margaret ERSKINE, married Margaret Cameron REID, 27, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John REID & Katharine BALLANTYNE, witn: Jean MCINTOSH & Charles MCINTOSH, both of Hamilton, 26 Nov 1926 at Hamilton. 47492-26 Thomas Henry CARRUTHERS, 37, widower, farmer, Caradoc Twp., Melbourne, s/o James D. CARRUTHERS, b. Ontario & Elizabeth Ann MCCRACKEN, married Ethel BRUNKARD, 37, teacher, Peel, Alma, d/o John BRUNKARD, b. Ontario & Susannah M. LEWIS, witn: Mrs. W.S. DANIELS & Elda S. DANIELS, both of Hamilton, 26 Apr 1926 at Hamilton.
47493-26 Joseph Milton CARTER, 23, manager, Woodstock, Niagara Falls, s/o Henry CARTER, b. Canada & Kathleen SMITH, married Ann Isabel METCALFE, 22, Cobourg, Hamilton, d/o William James CARTER, b. Ontario & Ann BECKLY, witn: Gwendolyn GAULEY (Yarsley?) & Fred N. SMITH, both of Hamilton, 11 Apr 1926 at Hamilton 47494-26 William Thomas CARTER, 20 farmer, Canada, Woodhouse Twp., s/o Frederick W. CARTER, b. England & Martha CARTER, married Helena PRICE, 17, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Angus PRICE, b. Canada & Marion ATKINSON, witn: Elizabeth SMITH & V.E. LEALAS, both of Hamilton, 29 Jan 1926 at Hamilton.
47495-26 Robert George CASE, 21, inspector, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edwin J. CASE, b. Perry - Iowa? & Harriet MCMILLAN, married Margaret Jane LOUGHEED, 19, Canada, Hamilton, d/o F.J. LOUGHEED, b. Canada & Jane MILLER, witn: Cecil H. SMITH of Tiffe? Ohio & Jane H. LOUGHEED of Hamilton, 1 Jul 1926 at Hamilton.

47496-26 Thomas Fergus CASEY, 41, widower, mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Fergus CASEY, b. London England & Minnie GILLETT, married Ivy WILKINSON, 22, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Elijah WILKINSON, b. Oldham Lancashire & Sarah RIDING, witn: Samuel Roy LANGDON & Elijah WILKINSON, both of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

47499-26 Albert Victor CATTON, 28, bookkeeper, Winchester, Grimsby, s/o Albert Arthur CATTON, b. Canada & Martha ROBSON, married Jane MCLEAN, 25, Keppel, Grimsby, d/o Donald MCLEAN, b. Canada & Jane BOYD, witn: Meredith & Gordon BURGESS, both of Hamilton, 2 Apr 1926 at Hamilton.

47500-26 Thomas CAUGHIE, 22, asbestos coverer, Glasgow Scotland, Fort Erie, s/o John CAUGHIE, b. Scotland & Catherine MCNALLY, married Helen Gillespie HUNTER, 20, machine operator, Cambuslang Scotland, Fort Erie, d/o John HUNTER, b. Scotland & Margaret OLIPHANT, witn: George F. CAUGHIE & Lily GIBSON, both of Hamilton 23 Jul 1926 at Hamilton.

47501-26 Albert CAZALION, 29, rubber worker, Trinidad BWI, Hamilton, s/o Louis CAZALION & Joyce ST. HILAIRE, married Henrietta BOURGEOIS, 25, Trinidad BWI, Hamilton, d/o Joseph BOURGEOIS & Marion DWANGE, witn: Norman C. & Edith BURT, 29 Jun 1926 at Hamilton. (RC) 47502-26 Rocco CELESTE, 27 (b. 25 Oct 1898), cabinet maker, Gagliano Aterno Italy, Hamilton, s/o Custode CELESTE, b. Italy & Guiditta VOCE, married Marguerite DICKEL, 23, tailoress, Germany, Hamilton, d/o Conrad DICKEL, b. Germany & Barbara HAHN, witn: Raffaele & Rose POLLICE, both of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1926 at Hamilton
47497-26 Harry Byron CASSIDY, 26, engineer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Howard B. CASSIDY, b. New Brunswick & Jessie DONOVAN, married Eleanor Gertrude HENDERSON, 21, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Bernie HENDERSON, b. Paris & Annie HYMERS, witn: Albert V. GIBBONS of New York City and Alberta HENDERSON of Hamilton, 21 Jul 1926 at Hamilton 47498-26 Alfonso CASTIGLIONE, 24, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Angelo CASTIGLIONE & Annunziata CRESI, married Mariangela RIZZO, 19, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Francesco RIZZO & Angela CINO, witn: Calogero & Grajia BORDONARO, both of Hamilton, 2 Jan 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)
47504-26 Frank CHAIKA, 27, glass worker, Bohemia, Hamilton, s/o Frank CHAIKA & Anna VASCIK, married Dorothy GRAHAM, 20, England, Hamilton, d/o Charles GRAHAM & Emma LEE, witn: Charles & Emma GRAHAM, both of Hamilton, 15 Feb 1926 at Hamilton. (RC) 47505-26 Martin CHAIKA, 23, labourer, Checko-Slovakia, Hamilton, s/o Frank CHAIKA & Catharine HARTMAN, married Mary KROLIKOWSKI, 21, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Joseph KROLIOKOWSKI & Leocadia WYSLOMIRSKI, witn: Frank JAKOBSHE & Mary CHAIKA, both of Hamilton, 15 May 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)
47506-26 Alfred Stanley CHAPPELL, 23, tool maker, England, Toronto, s/o Alfred Thomas CHAPPELL & Eva Esther HODGES, married Mabel Amelia SMITH, 20, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred SMITH & Lillian TURNER, witn: Isabel Lillian TURNER of Hamilton & Alfred M. NIGHTINGALE of Toronto, 24 Jul 1926 at Hamilton 47507-26 Arthur Gerald CHAPPELL, 24, labourer, England, Hamilton, s/o John CHAPPELL, b. England & Elizabeth JARVIS, married Alberta COWGILL, 21 (b. 9 Sept 1904), laundress, 113 Oakenbottom Rd - Bolton England, Hamilton, d/o Fred COWGILL, b. England & Ida KIRKMAN, witn: John CHAPPELL & Gladys WITHERS, both of Hamilton, 9 Jun 1926 at Hamilton.
47508-26 Nick CHARNO, 25, cupola man, Roumania, Kitchener, s/o William CHARNO, b. Roumania & Kalina ONUFRICHUK, married Jinnie FEDORIAK, 18 11/12 (b. 19 Sept 1907) factory hand, Roumania, Hamilton, d/o Mike FEDORIAK, b. Telenow Roumania & Mary HREZUK, witn: Tony & Anna CHARNO, both of Waterford, 28 Aug 1926 at Hamilton. [Divorced 5/3/56] 47509-26 Alvin Hamilton CHASE, 23, draftsman, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Alan CHASE & Margaret BEARD, married Marie TOSSY, 24, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o George A. TOSSY & Elizabeth LEHMAN, witn: Fred TOSSY of Hamilton & Mildred TOSSY of Toronto, 11 Nov 1926 at Hamilton
48568-26 Roman CHELMINSKI, 23, electrical engineer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Wasystan Ignacy CHELMINSKI, b. Poland & Constanca WALEWSKI, married Pauline SAWYER, 23, USA, Hamilton, d/o William SAWYER, b. USA & Pauline NUNNENMACHER, witn: William SAWYER & Joseph PIZIALI, both of Hamilton, 7 Dec 1926 at Dundas 47510-26 Robert Edward CHILD, 20, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o James CHILD, b. England & Olive Mary BAXTER, married Ruby Victoria DEAN, 18-7/12, milliner, Canada, Hamilton, d/o George DEAN & Lydia DEAN, witn: James W. & Olive E. CHILD, both of Hamilton, 16 Oct 1926 at Hamilton
47511-26 Leo CHMISLOWSKI, 26, labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Peter CHMISLOWSKI & Michaelina PASZISARIZ, married Amila GINDREMAITE, 22, Lithuania, Hamilton, d/o Anthony GINDREMAITE & Viksoria ZEBRIKAJTE, witn: Thomas CHMISLOWSKI & Mary BROOKS, both of Hamilton, 31 Jul 1926 at Hamilton. (RC) 48569-26 Charles Richard CHRISTIAN, 41, mechanic, Canada, Burlington Beach, s/o Isaac W. CHRISTIAN, b. Canada & Frances WILLIAMS, married Frances Amelia SALISBURY, 26, Canada, Burlington Beach, d/o Benjamin SALISBURY, b. England & Jennie BROWN, witn: R. YEATES of 166 Gilmon Ave & Mary FORD of 31 Liberty St., both Hamilton, 22 March 1926 at Hamilton Beach
47513-26 Frederick Jack CHRISTMAS, 29, sales agent, Surrey England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick CHRISTMAS & Emma CAPLEN, married Anna Ruth STEVENSON, 25, Hamilton, same, d/o Hugh STEVENSON & Anna ARTHUR, witn: Bertha HILL of Hamilton & Albert E. LANNIN of Toronto, 31 Oct 1926 at Hamilton. 47512-26 Albert Reginald CHRISTMAS, 20, shipper, England, Hamilton, s/o Charles CHRISTMAS & Annie WARREN, married Edith HACKING, 18, packer, England, Hamilton, d/o Samuel HACKING & Edith Ellen MARSHALL, witn: Charles E. CHRISTMAS & Alice Helen KNOWLES, both of Hamilton, 21 Aug 1926 at Hamilton
47514-26 Nicholas CHRISTOPHER, 29, catering, Greece, Detroit, s/o Chris CHRISTOPHER, b. Greece & Demeter DEMELDOPOULOU, married Marian CHRISTOPHER, 22, confectioner, Greece, Detroit, d/o Louis CHRISTOPHER, b. Greece & Esacusty MANIUSOS, witn: George ECONORNY of Detroit & Georgina MALTEZOS of Hamilton, 28 Jul 1926 at Hamilton. (Greek RC)

47515-26 Frederick Cooper CLARK, 27, assistant manager, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o Norman CLARK, b. Hamilton & Grace CARSON, married Helen Mary Elizabeth O'REILLY, 23 (b. 8 Oct 1902), Hamilton, same, d/o Michael J. O'REILLY, b. Caledonia & Annie CAREY, witn: Gerald V. RICHARDSON of Detroit & Kathleen O'REILLY of Hamilton, 3 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

47516-26 Wallace Robert CLARK, 23, wire drawer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William S. CLARK, b. Ontario & Sarah Jane EVANS, married Leonora Adelaide WILKES, 22 (b. 13 June 1903) stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas Charles WILKES, b. Ontario & Kate BECK, witn: Mildred WILKES & J.W. PEARSON, both of Hamilton, 24 Apr 1926 at Hamilton. 47517-26 William CLARK, 49, widower, moulder, England, Hamilton, s/o William CLARK, b. England & Mary ALLAN, married Harriet Mary WICKETT, 55, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George H. EDGECOMBE, b. England & Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, witn: W.D. CLARK of Hamilton & Miss S.P. CLARK of Toronto, 3 Sep 1926 at Hamilton.
48570-26 Alexander Henry CLARK, 26, purchasing agent, England, Hamilton, s/o Mathew Henry CLARK, b. England & Katherine ELDRIDGE, married Laura Muriel HAWLEY, 26, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Styles HAWLEY, b. Canada & Frances WELLS, witn: O.L. HILL Of Hamilton & L. G. HAWLEY of Barton twp., 30 Oct 1926 at Barton twp 48571-26 Gordon Earlscourt CLARKSON, 27, teamster, Canada, Dundas, s/o Charles CLARKSON, b. Ancaster Ont & Mary MARKLE, married Florence Adeline BALL, 21 (b. 21 Feb 1905), machine operator, Monck - Muskoka Dist., Dundas, d/o Reginald BALL, b. London England & Elizabeth Jane PHELPS, witn: C. & Sylvia CLARKSON of Dundas, 14 Sept 1926 at Knox Church, Dundas
47519-26 Cyril CLAYTON, 25, steam fitter, Lancashire England, Hamilton, s/o William H. CLAYTON & Mary L. RAWNSLEY, married Ada WRIGHT, 23, Lancashire - England, Hamilton, d/o Edward WRIGHT & Helen MCMAHON, witn: Walter CAINEN & Jennie WRIGHT, both of Hamilton, 7 Jan 1926 at Hamilton. (RC) 48572-26 Charles Lionel William COBBETT, 24, yard brakeman, England, Windsor, s/o Walter COBBETT, b. England & Emma TURTON, married Daisy LEGGETT, 26, England, Dundas, d/o Arthur LEGGETT, b. England & Elizabeth M. MARSON, witn: Leonard COBBETT of Windsor & M.J. BRIGGS of Dundas, 22 May 1926 at Dundas
48573-26 John Edward CURRAN, 25, farmer, Ancaster twp., RR1 Jerseyville, s/o Edward CURRAN, b. Ancaster & Laura MYERS, married Beatrice Irene BROWN, 20, domestic, Brantford twp., Brantford, d/o Joseph BROWN, b. Ireland & Rosetta BENTLEY, witn: Alice Edith SALE of RR1 Middleport & James J. RAMER , 30 Nov 1926 at RR1 Middleport, Ancaster twp 48574-26 Audrey Harry Alexander DAVIDSON, 19, mechanic, Canada, Clappisons Corners, s/o H.T. DAVIDSON, b. Nelson Ont & Marjory Violet GRAHAM, married Ruby Jean ARCHER, 17 + 9 mon, Canada, East Flamboro twp., d/o S. ARCHER, b. Westover Ont & Mary Alice MOORE, witn: Mrs. H. DAVIDSON of RR2 Hamilton & Mrs. S. ARCHER of RR4 Dundas, 23 June 19256 at West Flamboro
48575-26 William Robert DAW, 23, farmer, Canada, Caistor twp., s/o James DAW, b. Binbrook twp & Annie KENNEDY, married Margaret Annie OLDFIELD, 18 (b. 18 Sept 1908), Canada, Saltfleet twp., d/o John OLDFIELD, b. Saltfleet twp & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: James Jr. DAW & Mrs. James DAW, both of RR1 Hannon, 24 Nov 1926 at Rectory, Holy Trinity Church, Barton 48576-26 Bennie DE MARCHI, 25, engineer, Italy, 222 Melville St. in Dundas, s/o Frederick DE MARCHI, b. Italy & Nazzarine (Nellie) FERRITTI, married Hilda Margaret HOLMES, 21, winder, England, 20 Primrose Ave in Hamilton, d/o William HOLMES, b. England & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: William AMSDEN of 46 Witherspoon St. & Lena DE MARCHI of 222 Melville, 28 April 1926 at Dundas
48577-26 Herbert Allan DICKINSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Glanford twp., s/o John Herbert DICKINSON, b. Canada & Jennie YOUNG, married Velda Margaret LEEMING, 25, Canada, Glanford twp., d/o Levi LEEMING, b. Glanford twp & Ida GILLAN, witn: Harvey ARMSTRONG & Ora LEEMING, both of Glanford, 25 Sept 1926 at Mt. Hope 48578-26 William Novell DOWNS, 21, Canada, Fairgrounds, s/o Albert DOWNS, b. Ont & Harriet DAVIS, married Laura May ECKER, 18 1/12 (b. 31 Aug 1908), Lot Con 3 of Glanford twp, Hannon, d/o Sidney Allen ECKER, b. Binbrook & Sarah Jane FRIAR, witn: Ida KING & Samuel ECKER, both of Hannon, 16 Sept 1926 at Hannon
48579-26 Gerald Adam Michael DUCKWORTH, 24, driller, Dundas, same, s/o James DUCKWORTH & Ida M. BURDEN, married Ella DENHOLM, 19, West Flamboro, Dundas, d/o William DENHOLM & Alice TUNIS, witn: J.J. O'FLANAGAN & Thomas J. CARHOM?, both of Dundas, 2 Feb 1926 at Dundas 48580-26 Stanley Ray DUNHAM, 28, farmer, South Dumfries twp., Brantford, s/o Jethro DUNHAM, b. Canada & Hettie Belle WILSON, married Hazel Amanda Wood HOWARD, 23, teacher, Beverley twp., Lynden, d/o George A. HOWARD, b. Canada & Effie ECHLIN, witn: George A. HOWARD of RR2 Copetown & Jethro DUNHAM of Ancaster, 17 July 1926 at Lynden
48581-26 Allan Morton DUNN, 19, steam fitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frederick Allan DUNN, b. Canada & Margaret WALKER, married Thelma Elizabeth FRENCH, 17 on 29 June 1926, Canada, Vinemout - Saltfleet twp., d/o Thomas Alexander FRENCH, b. Canada & Margaret GILLAN, witn: W.S. TREBILCOCK of 235 King St. East & Shirley FRENCH of Vinemount, 27 Nov 1926 at Saltfleet twp 48582-26 Lloyd DYMENT, 28, farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Edgar DYMENT, b. Lynden Ont & Jennie ROUS, married Nellie May THOMPSON, 21 (b. 15 Oct 1904), Beverley twp., same, d/o Thomas THOMPSON, b. Beverley twp & Maud CORRIGAN, witn: Frank C. & Mrs. Frank THOMPSON of Copetown, 20 March 1926 at West Flamboro
48583-26 Samuel George ECKER, 23, farmer, Canada, Glanford twp., s/o Sidney Allan ECKER, b. Binbrook twp & Sarah Jane FRIER, married Ida Louisa KING, 19 6/12, Canada, Binbrook twp., d/o William George KING, b. Binbrook twp & Maggie STEWART, witn: Stanley M. ECKER & Beatrice LA FRANCE, both of Hamilton, 30 Nov 1926 at Glanford twp 48584-26 William Arthur EDGE, 63, widower, carpenter, Canada, Waterdown, s/o William Arthur EDGE, b. London England & Almira SMITH, married Addie Maud FOX, 55, Canada, Bartonville, d/o Martin C. FOX, b. Buffalo NY & Frances Amelia WILSON, witn: Charles & Edna FOX of Toronto, 30 June 1926 at Bartonville
48585-26 Arthur Henry EDWARDS, 29, laborer, England, Dundas, s/o Arthur J. EDWARDS, b. England & Kate KING, married Winnifred Violet AMSDEN, 17 (b. 8 Oct 1908), tailoress, Dundas, same, d/o Charles James AMSDEN, b. England & Florence LOVELL, witn: Charles & Violet EDWARDS, 16 Oct 1926 at Dundas 48586-26 Harry Grayson ELLIS, 34, widower, machinist, Sheffield England, 389 Sherman Ave in Mt. Hamilton, s/o Charles Henry ELLIS, b. Whitley Wads. England & Lucy GRAYSON, married Frances Elizabeth CRAWSHAW, 41, flatlock operator, Lancashire England, 389 Sherman Ave., d/o Henry CRAWSHAW, b. Lancashire England & Mary Jane PALIN, witn: Mary Annie & Walter William PALMER of 34 Craigmiller Ave in Hamilton, 4 Sept 1926 at West Hamilton
48587-26 James Howard FIELDING, 24, travelling salesman, Guelph, same, s/o W.H. FIELDING, b. Guelph & Labina BINHAM, married Marion Grace HENDERSON, 28, West Flamboro, Guelph, d/o William HENDERSON, b. Jordan Ont & Marion SHAW, witn: Irene FIELDING of Guelph & Em B. MORLOCK of London, 24 July 1926 at Strabane United Church 48588-26 William Andrew FORREST, 28, manager, Dundas Ont., Detroit, s/o William FORREST, b. Canada & Eliza BICKELL, married Eleanor Lillian RYMAN, 22, bookkeeper, Toronto, Dundas, d/o Alfred RYMAN, b. Canada & Abigail ROLLASON, witn: Alfred & Abigail RYMAN of Dundas, 21 Sept 1926 at Dundas
48589-26 Donald FRASER, 29, attendant, Scotland, Barton twp., s/o Donald FRAZER, b. Scotland & Anne TAYLOR, married Gertrude Mary ELDRED, 23, nurse, England, Barton twp., d/o William James ELDRED, b. England & Gertrude BARKER, witn: Edwin SANDERS & Rose CARTER, both of Ontario Hospital, 7 July 1926 at Holy Trinity Church, Barton 48590-26 Fred Stanley FREELAND, 30, hardware clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Daniel FREELAND, b. Canada & Elizabeth PEACOCK, married Ethel Lavine McAULEY, 23 (b. 3 July 1903), clerk, Barton twp, Dundas, d/o John McAULEY, b. Canada & Mary ELLIS, witn: C.Y. & Olive MANDAR of Hamilton, 3 Nov 1926 at Dundas
48591-26 Percy FREEMAN, 29, teamster, Toronto, Dundas, s/o Nelson FREEMAN, b. Ont & Emma SIDNEY, married Dora Marita CLARKSON, 23, operator, Ancaster, Dundas, d/o Charles CLARKSON, b. Ancaster & Mary Ellen MARKLE, witn: Earl CLARKSON & Sylvia CLARKSON, both of Dundas, 19 June 1926 at Dundas

48592-26 George Edward FRENCH, 23, farmer, Canada, Glanford Twp., s/o Augustine FRENCH, b. Glanford Twp. & Elizabeth Ann BRIGHAM, married Bessie Helen DALTON, 19, Canada, Glanford Twp., d/o Charles Allan DALTON, b. Glanford Twp. & Emma Maud MARTIN, win: E.K. PEARSON of Hamilton & Emma DALTON of Mount Hope, 26 Oct 1926 at Glanford Twp.

48593-25 Frederick John FRYER, 27, farmer, Canada, Glanford Twp., s/o Harry FRYER, b. Canterbury England & Bertha HAWES, married Millicent Kathleen JOHNINGS, 18 9/12, England, Barton Twp., d/o Edward Williams JOHNINGS, b. Canterbury England & Millicent BAILEY, witn: Edward JOHNINGS of illegible Ave - Mt top, & Ruth MULLINDER of Hamilton, 2 Oct 1926 at Upper Hamilton

48594-26 George Gordon GALLAGHER, 26, fruit farmer, Aldershot, same, s/o George Thomas GALLAGHER & Annie Louise WHATMOUGH, married Ellen Mary GREEN, 25, invoice clerk, Melton - Suffolk England, Aldershot, d/o Thomas Charles GREEN & Anna Bessie READ, witn: Frederick Percival GALLAGHER & Ivy Kathleen GREEN, both of Aldershot, 8 Dec 1926 at Aldershot.

48595-26 Peter Anthony GASS, 40, carpenter, Rimouski Quebec, Greensville, s/o Belmore GASS, b. Canada & Cesarea BARNARD, married Mernie May ADAMS, 24, weaver, West Flamborough, Greensville, d/o John A. Adams, b. Canada & Margaret DENHOLM, witn: John Joseph PARFITT of Hamilton & Mary Elizabeth ADAMS of Greensville, 18 Dec 1926 at Dundas

48596-26 Edwin Best GASTLE, 49, widower, farmer, Canada, East Flamborough, s/o Henry GASTLE, b. Nelson Twp. & Elizabeth DENT, married Bertha TANSLEY, 48, widow, housekeeper, Canada, East Flamborough, d/o Samuel NIXON, b. Ontario & Agnes BROWN, witn: Alice HENDERSHOT & Mary A. MCKAY, both of Aldershot, 11 Sep 1926 at Aldershot

45897-26 Cyril GANTBY, 27, florist, England, Nelson Twp., s/o William B. GANTBY, b. England & Louise ROWBOTTOM, married Hazel Irene HOOD, 24, Canada, Waterdown, d/o John HOOD, b. Canada & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: R.W. RASBERRY of Hamilton & Blanch HOOD of Waterdown, 26 Jun 1926 at Waterdown

48598-26 Wilbert Arnold GRASLEY, 25, teamster, Canada, Stoney Creek, s/o William Joseph GRASLEY, b. Campbellville & Elizabeth TIBBETT, married Ivy Louise ROBERTSON, 18 (b. March 1908), Saltfleet Twp., Stoney Creek, d/o John Robert ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Mary Elizabeth CHAPMAN, witn: Harry LILLYCRAP & Alice LILLYCRAP, both of Waterdown, 26 Jun 1926 at Stoney Creek.

48599-26 Edward William GRIMWOOD, 31 truck driver, Norwich England, Barton Twp., s/o James GRIMWOOD, b. England & Mary GRIMWOOD, married Catherine McSwain SCOTT, 24, weaver, Fifeshire Scotland, Barton, d/o William SCOTT, b. USA & Annie MITCHELL, witn: David Mitchel SCOTT of Mount Hamilton & Iris Edna LONGWORTH of Hamilton, 24 May 1926 at Mount Hamilton

48600-26 John GRUMMETT, 23, farmer, Beverley Twp., Sheffield, s/o Jesse GRUMMETT, b. Beverley Twp. & Mary M. HENDERSON, married Marjorie Marie STEWART, 21, Beverley Twp., Rockton, d/o John STEWART, b. Beverley Twp. & Barbara EDWORTHY, witn: Mrs. Charles HURON of West Flamborough & W.S. GRUMMETT of Galt, 8 Sep 1926 at Beverley Twp.

48601-26 John Edward GUMBERT, 37, farmer, Beverley Twp., West Flamborough, s/o Charles GUMBERT, b. Germany & Mary GINN, married Ethel May PENFOLD, 35, Stoney Creek, West Flamborough, d/o Arthur PENFOLD, b. Canada & Annie Elizabeth UTTER, witn: Mary HEARNS & Russel GUMBERT, both of Puslinch, 21 Apr 1926 at Strabane

48602-26 Hardy Gordon Garfield HAINES, 41 (b. 16 April 1885), widower, mechanic, West Oxford twp, Flint Mich., s/o no father's name given & Catherine HAINES, married Florence Elizabeth HUGHES, 26, nurse, Canada, Ancaster Twp., d/o W.B. HUGHES, b. Quebec & Sophia BEALER, witn: Edson L. HAINES of Hamilton & Mabel HUGHES of Ancaster, 27 Nov 1926 at Ancaster Twp. [re groom: birth registration has no father's name given]

48603-26 Ernest HALL, 28, farmer, Seneca Twp., same, s/o Albert HALL, b. illegible & Elmira WALKER, married Lillian STEVENSON, 17, farming, Caistor Twp., same, d/o Thomas STEVENSON, b. Caistor Twp. & Ada FELLMAN, witn: Lucy STEVENSON & B. PETTIGREW, both of Caistor Centre, 28 Oct 1926 at Binbrook.

48604-26 Frederick William HAMILTON, 24, retail dairyman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o George Andrew HAMILTON & Dorothy ERBSCHOLT, married Gladys Alene EATON, 22, dietitian, Canada, Carlisle, d/o Allan EATON & Jane TWEEDLE, witn: Roger W. MITCHELL of Hamilton 7 Annie M. POTTER of Burlington, 29 Sep 1926 at Carlisle.

48605-26 Charles Webster HARPER, 22, Canada, Harpers Corners, s/o John Charles HARPER, b. Wentworth Co. & Esther LIVINGSTONE, married Mildred May MCCARTNEY, 21, Canada, Carlisle, d/o Andrew MCCARTNEY, b. England & Martha MILLS, witn: Russell MCCARTNEY of Carlisle & Esther HARPER of Harpers Corners, 17 Nov 1926 at Carlisle

48606-26 John William HARRIS, 38, manager, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas T. HARRIS & Hanna ORR, married Gladys Ada TIGHE, 28, graduate nurse, Canada, Dundas, d/o William TIGHE, b. England & Harriet HOLT, witn: Wilson N. ROBINSON & Mary M. ROBINSON, both of Oakville, 21 Oct 1926 at Dundas

48607-26 Lloyd Derwell HARRISON, 22, farmer, Canada, Blackheath, s/o Henry Arthur HARRISON & Elizabeth Jane BROWN, married Marjorie Jean SMITH, 22, school teacher, Canada, Glanford Twp., d/o Cornelius L. SMITH & Jean YOUNG, witn: Kenneth Francis FRENCH & Jeanette Rowena FRENCH, both of Glanford twp., 15 Sep 1926 at Mount Hope

48608-26 Wallace Clifford HARTLEN, 36, cooper, Milton N.S., Bartonville, s/o Claude HARTLEN, b. Milton N.S. & Isabel MCEACHERN, married Sarah Augusta HARLOW, 24, Jordan Falls N.S., Bartonville, d/o Herbert HARLOW, b. Milton N.S. & Augusta HARDY, witn: Dudley G. BROWN & Etta MEPHAM, both of Hamilton, 27 Nov 1926 at Bartonville.

48610-26 Robert Clarence HARVEY, 22, mechanic, Canada, Waterdown, s/o Robert HARVEY, b. East Flamborough Twp. & Isabel HALL, married Myrtle Lottie Peer ROBINSON, 22, Canada, Millgrove, d/o Ernest ROBINSON, b. England & Clara PEER, witn: Leone ROBINSON of Millgrove & William R. HARVEY of Waterdown, 26 Jun 1926 at Millgrove.

48609-26 Albert George HARVEY, 23, chauffeur, Guernsey Island, Hamilton, s/o James HARVEY, b. England & Nancy DESPLANTES, married Sadie Marjorie DONALD, 25, bookkeeper, West Flamborough, Hamilton, d/o James DONALD, b. Baden & Rebecca SMITH, witn: Rebecca M. THOMPSON, & Stanley E. THOMPSON, both of West Flamborough, 15 Sep 1926 at West Flamborough.

48611-26 Clifford Henry HIGHAM, 30, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph HIGHAM, b. England & Janet BOYLE, married Dorothy FOLKES, 32, housekeeper, England, West Flamborough, d/o Frederick FOLKES, b. England & Louisa HANDES, witn: Thomas FOLKES of West Flamborough & E.L. DOUGLAS of Toronto, 26 Aug 1926 at Dundas

48139-26 Edward Harvey NASH, 21, bank clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Elvin NASH, b. Brantford & Alice BAINES, married Lillian Joyce MURPHY, 21, office clerk, West Indies, Hamilton, d/o Charles Murray MURPHY, b. West Indies & Lillian STURRUP, witn: Ruth TEMPLER & James DONOVAN, both of Hamilton, 29 Aug 1926 at First United Church,

48140-26 Samuel Earl NATHAN, 33, merchant, Russia, Springfield  MA , s/o Morris NATHAN, b. Russia & Liba KIPMON, married Tressa TAYLOR, 26, bookkeeper, Elmira NY, Springfield, d/o Mat TAYLOR, b. Russia & Mary ARENSTEIN, witn: Sam SILVERSTEIN & Joseph ALTER, both of Hamilton, 17 Jan 1926 at Hamilton. (Jewish)

48141-26 Abraham NEILSON, 39, drover, Canada, Georgetown, s/o Andrew NEILSON, b. Canada & Eliza Ann CUNNINGHAM, married Isabella THOMAS, 24, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o George Austin THOMAS, b. England & Lydia SHELPON, witn: Annie COOKE & Kathleen A.F. COOKE, both of Hamilton, 5 Jun 1926 at Hamilton.

48142-26 George Edward NELLES, 24, dyer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John A. NELLES, b. Canada & Elizabeth MAY, married Elizabeth ROYAL, 26, domestic, England, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin ROYAL, b. England & Matilda LAMBLY, witn: Jennie McD. WOLTZ & Annie DRAKE, both of Hamilton, 9 Oct 1926 at Hamilton

48143-26 John Edward NEVILLS, 25, labourer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas NEVILLS & Margaret BELL, married Sarah Florence VAN FLEET, 22, hairdresser, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John VAN FLEET & Mary MILLS, witn: Willie HORNALL & S. SEXSMITH, both of Hamilton, 13 Nov 1926 at Hamilton.

48144-26 Edmond Romair NEWBERRY, 38, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank Romair NEWBERRY, b. Hamilton & Ida Victoria BRENNEN, married Amy Maude PARSONS, 35, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles William Jackson PARSONS, b. England & Mary Elizabeth INWOOD, witn: Mrs. Richard (Lily) COLES & John SIMMONS, both of Hamilton, 28 Sep 1926 at Hamilton.

48145-26 Robert Edward NEWELL, 24, farmer, Clarksburg, Hamilton, s/o Jacob NEWELL & Sadie VEITCH, married Thelma Maria BRYDGES, 21, stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o Charles Henry BRYDGES & Elizabeth Jessie YOUNG, witn: Charles H. BRYDGES & Geraldine THOMAS, both of Hamilton, 22 May 1926 at Hamilton

48146-26 William NEWLANDS, 28, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Davis NEWLANDS, b. Scotland & Elizabeth CARNAHAN, married Elva Kendall HOPKIN, 26, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Lees HOPKIN, b. Canada & Emma R. GOFF, witn: George McGregor SIMPSON & Janet Lees EWING, both of Hamilton, 23 Oct 1926 at Hamilton.

48147-26 Alfred George NEWNHAM, 23, printer, Wales, Rochester NY, s/o William NEWNHAM, b. England & Rose POSTON, married Myrtle Jean ROGERS, 21, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Clarence ROGERS, b. Nova Scotia & Nellie FOX, witn: E.A. NEWNHAM of Cleveland - Ohio & H. ROGERS of Hamilton, 1 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48148-26 Russell Henry Charles NEWPORT, 21, fish dealer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William NEWPORT, b. Hamilton & Elizabeth WHITE, married Violet Marie ANDERSON, 17, waitress, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Jean NISLARE?, witn: Elton James MCKAY & S. ANDERSON, both of Hamilton, 11 Nov 1926 at Hamilton.

48149-26 Walter NEWTON, 42, widower, carpenter, England, St. Petersburg Florida, s/o John NEWTON & Selena DREWERY, married Edith HOLDSWORTH, 32, laundress, England, Hamilton, d/o Tom HOLDSWORTH & Mary Hannah FIELDHOUSE, witn: Robert ECKERSLEY & Martha HARTLEY, both of Hamilton, 5 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48150-26 Cyril Wellington Loftest NICHOL, 28, machine hand, Canada, Palmerston, s/o W.H. NICHOL, b. Leeds England & Minnie LOCKHART, married Hanna FARRINGDON, 21, pad maker, England, Brantford, d/o William FARRINGDON, b. England & Dora PRICE, witn: Harry FARRINGDON & Dora FARRINGDON, both of Brantford, 24 Jul 1926 at Hamilton.

48151-26 William John NICHOLL, 23, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas NICHOLL, b. Ireland & Agnes PERRY, married Hazel Evelyn COOPER, 19, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas COOPER, b. Canada & Mary HISLOP, witn: Thomas D. NICHOLL & Ethel BRUNT, both of Hamilton, 15 Jul 1926 at Hamilton.

48153-26 George Edward NIXON, 25, embalmer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William H. NIXON, b. Enniskillen Ireland & Mary NUGENT, married Florence Gertrude HENNESSY, 24, invoice clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John P. HENNESSY, b. Hamilton & Mary MARENTETTE, witn: Frederick BARJAR (Baiger?) & Phyllis HAMMILL, both of Hamilton, 30 Jan 1926 at Hamilton.

48152-26 Floyd Frederick NIXON, 24, motor mechanic, Canada, Tansley, s/o William Frederick NIXON, b. Canada & Mary Ellen JEFFORDS, married Myrtle Beatrice LOWDEN, 25, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o James Emerson LOWDEN, b. Canada & Sarah Ann WHITELAW, witn: James Emerson LOWDEN and Sarah Ann LOWDEN, both of Hamilton, 6 Jan 1926 at Hamilton

48154-26 John Albert NOICE, 39, salesman, Canada, Toronto, s/o Edward NOICE, b. St. Mary's & Mary Jane WELCH, married Mary Barbour STEWART, 48, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles STEWART, b. Patterson NJ & Almameda TALLMAN, witn: G.R. STEWART & E.M. WHITBY, both of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

48155-26 Joseph Michael NOLAN, 27, shipper, Hamilton, Brantford, s/o Daniel NOLAN, b. Canada & Mary LAFONTAINE, married Marguerite Eleanor FERGUSON, 24, Kitchener, same, d/o Frederick FERGUSON, b. Canada & Anna MCGOVERN, witn: John WALLING & Mary WALLING, both of Hamilton, 5 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

48156-26 Hugh James NORRIS, 21, machinist, Guelph, Hamilton, s/o Isaac W. NORRIS, b. Ontario & Doreen WELLS, married Lily Margaret WOOD, 18, stenographer, Guelph, Hamilton, d/o Leman WOOD, b. Ontario & Mary A. LYON, witn: Olive Marion GORDON & Francis Leo ORERS, both of Toronto, 6 Jul 1926 at Hamilton

48157-26 George NORTON, 23, toolmaker, Sheffield - England, Walkerville, s/o John William Parkinson NORTON & Florence Hannah TOMLINSON, married Sarah Price GILMOUR, 21, stenographer, West Derby England, Hamilton, d/o John Kirkland GILMOUR & Annie WOOD, witn: Thomas BARRIE & Isabella MCLEA, both of Hamilton, 8 Jan 1926 at Hamilton

48158-26 Ignatius NOWACKI, 38, labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Charles NOWACKI & Frances PAWLOWSKI, married Josephine SALTARSKI 16, Hamilton, same, d/o Joseph SALTARSKI & Caroline ZAGOESWSKI, witn: Frank GERAGO & Catharine SALTARSKI, both of Hamilton, 8 May 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)

48159-26 Sidney Ernest NUTLEY, 24, press operator, England, Hamilton, s/o Lawrence Edward NUTLEY, b. England & Eliza DOUST, married Gladys Rosina Christina MILLIGAN, 19, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Samuel Ralph MILLIGAN, b. Hamilton & Violet Beatrice MOORE, witn: Arthur Ralph MILLIGAN & Kathleen Minnie NUTLEY, 27 Nov 1926 at Hamilton


48160-26 Wilfrid OAKES, 21, organ builder, Hamilton, Tonawanda NY, s/o Joseph OAKES, b. Hamilton & Mary DWYER, married Margaretha Elizabeth BARRON, 18, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert William BARRON, b. England & Margaret Ellen DONLEY, witn: Rose H. CONRON & Grace WALKER, both of Hamilton, 31 May 1926 at Hamilton

48161-25 Ormie OGDEN, 27, mechanic, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Henry J. OGDEN, b. Canada & Elizabeth HOY (Hay?), married Marie Marguerite Stella ROWAN, 25, Montreal, Hamilton, d/o Patrick Joseph ROWAN, b. Canada, & Mary O'SHEA, witn: Jennie CALHOUN of 29 Strathcona Ave in Hamilton & Harvey ANNETT of Bothwell, 2 March 1926 at Hamilton 48162-26 Frederick George OLIPHANT, 28, salesman, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas Joshua Ebenezer OLIPHANT & Laura Grace KELLY, married Frances HARRISON, 28, electric worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Robert HARRISON & Elizabeth CORLETT, witn: Thomas OLIPHANT & Ethel GARTSIDE, both of Hamilton, 30 June 1926 at Hamilton [divorced 17/8/63]
48164-26 Charles Lloyd OLIVER, 27, book keeper, Canada, Aldershot, s/o Frederick OLIVER, b. Canada & Hagara CHAMBERLAIN, married Nora Kathleen BLACKBURN, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Harry BLACKBURN, b. Canada & Mary PATTERSON, witn: T.C. LEWIS of Burlington & Helen BLACKBURN of 424 York St. in Hamilton, 4 Sept 1926 at Hamilton 48163-26 Alphonsus Francis OLIVER, 23, chauffeur, Montreal, Dundas, s/o Edward OLIVER, b. Canada & Mary REYNOLDS, married Gertrude Isabel KEATING, 21, clerk, Caledonia Ont., 50 Oxford St. in Hamilton, d/o Michael Joseph KEATING, b. Canada & Rose FLYNN, witn: Clement James GRAVELLE of Dundas & Mary Agnes KEATING of 50 Oxford St., 4 May 1926 at Hamilton
48165-26 Anthony OLANSKI, 21, laborer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Albin OLANSKI, b. Poland & Pauline, married Staneslawa KORZEWICH, 20, textile worker, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Seymour KORZEWICH, b. Poland & Rosalie STALMAR, witn: Peter ZABOLOTNEY of 89 Princess St. & Annie ROMANOX of 82 Clinton St., 29 May 1926 at Hamilton [change of name for groom to Anthony Bresdon (or Brendon?) on 14/7/56] 48166-26 Rufus Lionel? ONKEN, 21, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alfred Sydney ONKEN, b. England & Ada Florence R. LOVE, married Florence May TURNER, 20 11/12, England, Hamilton, d/o Ernest TURNER, b. England & Elizabeth WOODS, witn: Ernest TURNER of 196 Gertrude St. & Edith AIRLEDGE of 16 Edgar St., 10 June 1926 at Hamilton
48167-26 Daniel Robert O'REILLY, 25, salesman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James O'REILLY, b. Hamilton & Susan CRAWFORD, married Violet Kinnear WILSON, 24, stenographer, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George WILSON, b. Dundas & Helen KINNEAR, witn: Basil GREEN & Madeline SWEET, both of Hamilton, 27 Sept 1926 at Hamilton 48168-26 Nicholas ORR, 28, laborer, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o John ORR & Mary BAIRD, married Emily Norah OLAVSON, 21, machine operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Olaf Alexander OLAVSON & Nina OLAFSON, witn: William BARTON of 280 Rosslyn Ave & Aige? R. OLAVSON of 3 Cluney Ave., 3 April 1926 at St James Church, Hamilton
48169-26 Henry OSBORNE, 60, widower, gardener, England, Hamilton, s/o William OSBORNE & Charlotte HUICKS, married Mary Jane Louise NELSON, 32, Hamilton, same, d/o John NELSON & Martha Louise NICKLE, witn: Hugh J. LIDGATE & Rosa ELLIS, both of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1926 at Hamilton 48170-26 Leslie Wray OSIER, 18 7/12, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Lawrence OSIER, b. Ont & Ora McCALLUM, married Helen Evelyn SCOTT, 19, stenographer, Canada, Dundas, d/o William SCOTT, b. Ont & Sarah DAWSON, witn: R.J. CRAWFORD of Hamilton & Dorothy VAN DER MERE of Dundas, 24 Sept 1926 at Hamilton
48171-26 David Storey OSWALD, 22, welder, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George OSWALD, b. Scotland & Mary McCALL, married Catherine BELL, 19, press operator, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Peter BELL, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MILLS, witn: Annie BELL of 433 Wentworth St. & Andrew OSWALD of 25 McCallum St., 18 Dec 1926 at Hamilton 48172-26 Melville Charles Woodard OTTER, 37 (b. 11 Aug 1889), publisher, London England, Toronto, s/o Sir John OTTER & Elizabeth WOODARD, married Dorothy Edith GIBSON, 35, widow, Barton twp., Hamilton, d/o Henry GLASSCO & Douglas (sic) MacLEOD, witn: Marjorie B. & Reginald GLASSCO of Hamilton, 14 Oct 1926 at Hamilton
48173-26 Stanley Brinton PAGE, 24, fence builder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Frank PAGE, b. Welland Co & Maud McCLELLAN, married Lila Alice BERKELEY, 25, clerk, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William BERKELEY, b. Victoria Co & Mary Ann PEARCE, witn: A.M. EWING of Bartonville & Irene BERKELEY of 77 Tisdale in Hamilton, 9 Jan 1926 at Hamilton

48174-26 Arthur Ernest PALMER, 31, tire builder, England, Hamilton, s/o William R. PALMER & Elizabeth H. CLACKER, married Rose BAILEY, 23, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o John T. BAILEY & Mary J. SEED, witn: Ernest BAILEY of Hamilton & Mabel WEBSTER of Centre Island - Toronto, 19 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48175-26 Frank PALTER, 32, manufacturer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Solomon PALTER, b. Russia & Fanny KOLLIFLOWER, married Esther TICK, 24, teacher, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Aaron TICK, b. Russia & Sarrah HARNIGOLD, witn: A. COHEN & P. SAMERLICK?, both of Hamilton, 1 Aug 1926 at Hamilton. (Jewish)

48176-26 Maurice Joseph PAPE, 24, store superintendent, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Benjamin Wolfe PAPERNICK [sic], b. Austria & Bertha SHUMAN, married Nettie MARKS, 23, clerk, Roumania, Toronto, d/o Jacob MARKS, b. Roumania & Maka ROSENTHAL, witn: B. COHEN & George SPARTON, both of Hamilton, 19 Dec 1926 at Hamilton. (Jewish)

48172-26 Edward Delorne PARK, 22, box maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Hugh Oliver PARK, b. Hamilton & Elizabeth DAILEY, married Doris Evelyn Mary GENT, 23, tailoress, England, Hamilton, d/o Alfred GENT, b. England & Elizabeth Ann HOLBROOK, witn: Herbert A. GENT & Rhoda SERVICE, both of Hamilton, 18 Aug 1926 at Hamilton

48178-26 Oliver PARK, 29, mechanic, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Henry T. PARK & Isabel SMITH, married Ethel JOHNSON, 31, England, Hamilton, d/o John JOHNSON (deceased) & Margaret HARRIS, witn: Jean PARK of Toronto & William J. GUIREY of no location given, 10 Jul 1926 at Hamilton.

48179-26 Ernest PARKINSON, 24, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas PARKINSON & Mary OLDSMAN, married Melissa Lillian BROWN, 19, machine operator, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o William Albert BROWN & Mary Frances WALLS, witn: William A. DEARNESS & Ellen HOBSON, both of Hamilton, 27 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

48180-26 Fred Elton PARKINSON, 24, assistant superintendent, England, Hamilton, s/o Francis PARKINSON, b. England & Margaret Ann WALSH, married Margaret Ruth BROWN, 19, bookkeeper, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BROWN, b. Ireland & Jean STEWART, witn: Frank & Margaret PARKINSON, Thomas & Jean BROWN, & Jean HAMILL, all of Hamilton, 6 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48181-26 Clarence Earl PARMENTER, 21 (b. 5 Nov 1904), truck driver, Bartonville, Hamilton, s/o Alfred PARMENTER, b. Canada & Jessie FLEWELLING, married Annie COLLINSON, 22, knitter, England, Hamilton, d/o Isaac COLLINSON, b. England & Emily FIELDHOUSE, witn: Constance BEVERLEY & N. NAIRN, both of Hamilton, 3 Apr 1926 at Hamilton

48182-26 Raymond Edward PARRETT, 24, chemist, England, Hamilton, s/o William PARRETT, b. England & Ada SAINSBURY, married Doris Ruth HAMILTON, 22, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jackson HAMILTON, b. Ontario & Esther RUSK, witn: Esther M. HAMILTON of Hamilton & William PARRETT of Toronto, 10 Sep 1926 at Hamilton.

48183-26 Gordon James PARTRIDGE, 22, tinsmith, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Walter Norman PARTRIDGE, b. Newcastle England & Nellie Jane NORMAN, married Minnie HEWITSON, 22, textile worker, England, Hamilton, d/o Herbert HEWITSON, b. Leeds - England & Kathleen THORNTON, witn: Frederick William PARTRIDGE & Florence HEWITSON, both of Hamilton, 30 Oct 1926 at Hamilton

48184-26 Edwin Samuel PASS, 36, jeweller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Edwin Kirby PASS, b. England & Annie STEPHENS, married Pearl Elizabeth STEPHENSON, 35, graduate nurse, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John Arthur STEPHENSON, b. Canada & Mary MCINTYRE, witn: Herbert K. PASS & J. Hector STEPHENSON, both of Hamilton, 9 Feb 1926 at Hamilton

48185-26 William PATERSON, 23, gardener, Scotland, Guelph Twp., s/o John PATERSON, b. Glasgow Scotland & Elizabeth BLAKELY, married Sadie Smith HEWER, 20, telephone operator, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederick HEWER, b. Guelph & Eliza BLACK, witn: Harry HEWER of Hamilton & Nettie PATERSON of Guelph, 12 Jun 1926 at Hamilton.

48186-26 William Leslie PATERSON, 27, nurseryman, Arthur, Strathroy, s/o James Johnstone PATERSON, b. Scotland & Mary Elizabeth LESLIE, married Alice Maud PRINGLE, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o John PRINGLE, b. Canada & Alice Maud RUSHBROOKE, witn: William Leslie WATSON of Toronto & Helen MCLACHLAN of Hamilton, 5 Oct 1926 at Hamilton.

48187-26 Joseph Allen PATTERSON, 21, farmer, Binbrook, same, s/o Joseph PATTERSON, b. Ontario & Jean SPITTLE, married Lottie Ann FISHER, 23, examiner, Hamilton, Binbrook, d/o Reid FISHER, b. England & Priscilla CHANTLER, witn: Fanny C. PENNER & Helen WHITE, both of Hamilton, 16 Jan 1926 at Hamilton

48188-26 Harold Russell PATTON, 33, telegraph operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Finlay PATTON, b. Ontario & Mary H. KITCHEN, married Nellie Genevieve GRAY, 27, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred GRAY, b. Ontario & Agnes MCCARTHY, witn: Daisie? HUGHSON & Phoebe Lois HOLMAN, both of Hamilton, 18 Dec 1926 at Hamilton.

48189-26 Zachary PAULYNIW, 31, labourer, East Galicia, Toronto, s/o Michael PAULYNIW & Alexandra NEZNAUA, married Joanna PAULENIW, 24, East Galicia, Hamilton, d/o Theodore PAULENIW & Xenia PYLYPIW, witn: Kondreh PAULYNIW & Michael WARESHCHURA, both of Hamilton, 30 Jan 1926 at Hamilton. (Ruthenian Catholic)

48190-26 James Dinnison PEACE, 32, electrical operator, Canada, Hamilton, s/o David John PEACE, b. Canada & Anna E. SIMPSON, married Dorothy Blanche WILSON, 20, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Andrew T. WILSON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth HORNE, witn: Ernest N. SPENCE & Isabel WILSON, both of Hamilton, 16 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

48191-26 Alfred Hirst PEACOCK, 49, widower, city foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Alfred PEACOCK, b. England & Ellen Elizabeth TAPPLEE, married Nellie Louisa CRAWFORD, 36, widow, housekeeper, England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph RICHARDS, b. England & Ellen GRAIN, witn: Emma FRAZER & Ada VEALS, both of Hamilton, 20 Mar 1926 at Hamilton

48192-26 Arthur Russell PEACOCK, 26, retail merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Westrapp PEACOCK, b. Canada & Gertrude Louise HEALEY, married Dorothea Ellen FAUSTMAN, 23, stenographer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Charles Frederick FAUSTMAN, b. Canada & Mary TAUBERT, witn: Kenneth W. PEACOCK & M. REID, both of Hamilton, 15 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48193-26 Archie PEARSON, 25, tile setter's helper, Lancs. England, Hamilton, s/o William PEARSON & Esther CROMPTON, married Elizabeth McMurray GIBB, 23, operator, Falkirk Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Robert GIBB & Margaret HERTNESS, witn: Robert GIBB & Mary GIBB, both of Hamilton, 24 Jul 1926 at Hamilton.

48194-26 David PEATIE, 27, woodworker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o David PEATIE, b. Scotland & illegible WATT, married Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 28, factory worker, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James DAVIDSON, b. Scotland & Mary MOWATT, witn: Alexander MCCONNELL & Jean MCCONNELL, both of Hamilton, 2 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48195-26 Lorne Russell PEDLOW, 31, hotel keeper, Walpole, Detroit, s/o Robert PEDLOW, b. Canada & Annie TRIP, married Dorothy May ATWELL, 21, bookkeeper, Hamilton, Detroit, d/o Ernest ATWELL, b. Canada & Jennie MINNIE?, witn: Kathleen Mary ORAM and Clifford REVELL of Hamilton, 10 Apr 1926 at Hamilton.

48196-26 Kosto PENOFF, 27, labourer, Bulgaria, Hamilton, s/o Drimoff PENOFF, b. Bulgaria & Stefana MAHEFF, married Mary MILLEFF, 16, Bulgaria, Hamilton, d/o Gevco MILLEFF, b. Bulgaria & Genska CORSTOFF, witn: Irene EVANOFF & Hony EVANOFF, both of Hamilton, 11 Apr 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)

48197-26 William Sidney Howell PENTAL, 22, marine foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James Leon PENTAL, b. Champlain Quebec & Catherine LLOYD, married Alice Ivadell STEVENSON, 20, packer, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Robert Henry STEVENSON, b. Wales & Alice MINNES, witn: J.L. PENTAL & L.V.E. STEVENSON, both of Hamilton, 15 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

048364-26 Louis ST. CROIX, 52, widower, foreman, Canada, Hamilton s/o John ST CROIX (b. Canada) & Rosa CHAQUIN married Agnes Elizabeth McGOLDRICK, 39, home duties, England, Hamilton d/o Dennis McGOLDRICK (b. Ireland) & Mary THRALFALL wtn: J. BRAMSLEY & E. BRAMSLEY both of Hamilton, 6 October 1926 at Hamilton
048301-26 James SAYNOR, 46, plumber, England, Hamilton s/o William SAYNOR (b. Yorkshire England) & Elizabeth WALK married Julia McKerron REYBURN, Scotland, Hamilton d/o Robert REYBURN (b. Kilmarnock Scotland) & Jessie McKERRON wtn: Marion REYBURN of 24 Greenway Ave in Hamilton & Frank SHELDRAKE of Hamilton, 30 June 1926 at Hamilton 048302-26 William Edward SCALES, 22, steel worker, Scotland, Hamilton s/o John SCALES (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth STUBBS married Ruth McCullough McCANN, 19 yrs 10 mons, factory hand, USA, Hamilton d/o Michael McCANN (b. Ireland) & Jennie GRAY wtn: W.H. SMITH & Lela SMITH both of Hamilton. 25 June 1926 at Hamilton
048303-26 Jacob Joseph SCHNURR, 25, labourer, Canada, Hamilton s/o Gustave SCHNURR (b. Canada) & Annie MOYER married Mary Rankin LORIMER, 27 (b. 7 July 1898), factory hand, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton d/o John LORIMER (b. Scotland) & Annie RANKIN wtn: Austin HAYES of 38 Waterdown & Annie LORIMER of 98 Burton St in Hamilton, 3 April 1926 at Hamilton 048304-26 Cecil Roy SCHOOLEY, 26, farmer, Canada, Seneca twp s/o Dudley SCHOOLEY & Christina LADLE married Mary Allison Robena STARK, 18 2/3 yrs, Canada, Caledonia d/o James STARK & Margaret McDOWELL wtn: Mrs E.L. CONNOR & Franklin J. CONNOR both of 14 Elizabeth, 28 September 1926 at Hamilton
048305-26 Roy Frazer SCHWARTZ, 21, musician, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Simon SCHWARTZ (b. Canada) & Joyce Hunter WEBSTER married Marjorie Irene FOSTER, 19, housekeeper, Hamilton, Detroit d/o Frederick FOSTER (b. Canada) & Maud NERSLIN (Verslin?) wtn: Annie Ethel REID of 52 West Ave North & Gordon Binney BEDDIE of 207 Burris St, 19 June 1926 at Hamilton 048306-26 David Mitchell SCOTT, 21, packer, Scotland, Barton twp s/o William SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Annie MITCHELL married Iris Edna LONGWORTH, 22 (b. 15 Sept 1903), textile worker, Hamilton, same, d/o Albert Edward LONGWORTH (b. Canada) & Nellie MITCHELL wtn: J.S. JONES of YMCA inn Hamilton & Isabel M. LEA of 176 Bay St, 24 July 1926 at Hamilton
048307-26 Edgar Alfred SEBIRE, 22, manager, England, Hamilton s/o John Alfred SEBIRE (b. England) & Eliza ROUSSEL, married Frances Aileen Irish SMITH, 19, clerk, Canada, Hamilton d/o J.R. SMITH (b. Ireland) & Evelyn IRISH wtn: John W. DONY & Marguerite SMITH both of Hamilton, 25 December 1926 at Hamilton 048308-26 Bruce Maxwell SECORD, 27, farmer, Canada, South Williams s/o Thomas H. SECORD (Ontario) & Nina Jane LEE married Estelle CRONMILLER, 24, home duties, Canada, Port Dover d/o William CRONMILLER (b. Ontario) & Alice TACKLE wtn: Minnie M. SCOTT & Jean SUTHERLAND both of Hamilton, 18 September 1926 at 258 Hess St in Hamilton
048309-26 Fred SEED, 35, foreman, England, Hamilton s/o James SEED (b. England) & Eliza SMITH married Jane McIndoe Wilson DAVIDSON, 28, machine operator, Scotland, Hamilton d/o Robert DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Jane Adain WILSON wtn: Arthur O.W HARRIS of 17 Close Ave in Toronto & Bella SWICK of Winona, 27 December 1926 at Hamilton 048310-26 Harry SEIGEL, 38, clerk, Poland, Hamilton s/o Abram SEIGEL (b. Poland) & Rebecca SOSPROWITZ married Henia CUKERMAN, 28, home duties, Poland, Hamilton d/o Moses CUKERMAN (b. Poland) & Rachel GUTMAN wtn: S. FINGOLD of 215 West Ave W & A. SHIPMAN of 55 Cathcart St, 2 March 1926 at Hamilton
048311-26 Alfred Frederick SELBY, 30, millwright, Cobourg Ontario, Sarnia s/o J.W. SELBY (b. Ontario) & Anne Jane CATHCART married Rose BEAUMONT, 29, homemaker, Leicester England, Sarnia d/o John BURDETT (b. England) & Elizabeth EVATT wtn: Mr Albert BURDETT of 2815 Beaver St in Port Dover & Miss Rose SELBY of 1369 Cochrane Ave in Detroit, 27 November 1926 at Hamilton 048312-26 Philip SEMBALUK, 34, moulder, Russia, Hamilton s/o Jack SEMBALUK (b. Russia) & Mary ZILINSKY married Mary Jane MURE, 26 (b. 20 April 1899), widow, textile worker, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton d/o Sam REID (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth COVEL wtn: Karl MUSCHICK & Vara MUSCHICK both of Hamilton, 27 February 1926 at Hamilton
048313-26 Roy Fletcher SERANTON, 23, sander, Somerville Mass USA, Hamilton s/o Osbert Edgar SERANTON & Catherine Ruby BUNTING married Agnes Eliza DRYSDALE, 21, telephone operator, Scotland, Hamilton d/o Alexander DRYSDALE & Eliza Agnes ATKINSON wtn: Edwin Stanley SCRANTON of 109 Belview Ave & Mary Selina DRYSDALE, 16 June 1926 at Hamilton 048314-26 Eric Tom SEWELL, 31, electrician, England, 146 Campbell Ave s/o Peter Tom SEWELL (b. England) & Annie COWER married Grace Mary SELLARS, 36, silver polisher, England, 146 Campbell Ave d/o Frederick SELLARS (b. England) & Mary MORTON wtn: Joseph BARTON of 893 Barton St Apt 3 & Mabel GREEN of 146 Campbell Ave, 20 March 1926 at Hamilton
048315-26 Richard Bertram SEYMOUR, 35, merchant, Canada, Hamilton s/o John SEYMOUR (b. England) & Martha A. PRESS married Georgina Alberta HANSEL, 34, pay clerk, Canada, Hamilton d/o Andrew HANSEL (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. HIGGINS wtn: Daisie L. HUGHSON of 275 Main St E & Phoebe Lois HOLMAN of 310 Main St E, 29 September 1926 at Hamilton 048316-26 Earl Laverne SHAW, 23, building contractor, Brigden, Brigden s/o Donald Peter SHAW (b. Canada) & Lily BARWISE married Ella May RUTLEDGE, 25, school teacher, Goderich twp, Clinton d/o William RUTLEDGE (b. Canada) & Susan FORD wtn: Eva May McCORMICK of 55 Pearl St N in Hamilton & L. WEBBER of 47 Pearl St N in Hamilton, 18 September 1926 at Hamilton
048317-26 Charles Egerton SHERWOOD, 26, salesman, Listowel, Hamilton s/o Fred W. SHERWOOD (b. Ontario) & Laura E. JONES married Emma Maude BUTLER, 26, stenographer, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o William BUTLER (b. England) & Annie E. HODGSON wtn: Alice E. JOHNSON of 86 Tessie St W & S?.E. JAMES of 34 Belmont Ave, 19 June 1926 at Hamilton 048318-26 Harold Alexander SHIACK, 31, accountant, Canada, Toronto s/o John SHIACK (b. Scotland) & Minnie Maria CLANCY married Margaret Thomson CRAWFORD, 24, home duties, Canada, Hamilton d/o Albert Agnes CRAWFORD (b. Ontario) & Mary Ford THOMSON wtn: Ben McLEAN & Frank SCOTT, both of Hamilton, 25 September 1926 at 201 Queen St in Hamilton
048319-26 Albert Hedley SIDEBOTHAM, 23, mechanic, Macclesfield England, Hamilton s/o Albert SIDEBOTHAM (b. England) & Elizabeth MOTHERSHEAD married Rosanna BUSH, 32, nurse, Kent England, Hamilton d/o John BUSH (b. England) & Jane DAVIS wtn: Christina MILLIGAN of Mt. Sanitorium & Jean LAWSON of 195 Wellington St South, 1 November 1926 at Hamilton 048320-26 Lybelle Macdonald SIMON, 30, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro s/o John SIMON (b. West Flamboro) & Emma McDONALD married Mildred Louise GARDINER, 21 yrs 11 mons, clerk, Canada, Hamilton d/o George GARDINER (b. Canada) & Nancy TUCKER wtn: Wilfred GARDINER of 460 King St W in Toronto & Gladys P. GARDINER of 271 Roehampton Ave in Toronto, 24 April 1926 at Hamilton
048321-26 James Edwin SIMPSON, 24, jitney driver, Canada, Hamilton s/o William SIMPSON (b. England) & Violet COULTER married Mabel WILSON, 22, looper, England, Hamilton d/o Edward WILSON (b. England) & Annie COWEL? wtn: Sidney HARDING & G. HARDING both of Hamilton, 1 January 1926 at Hamilton 048322-26 Norman SIMS, 22, pattern maker, Canada, Hamilton s/o George Edward SIMS (b. England) & Martha KLODT married Margaret CRAIB, 19 (b. 5 March1907), stenographer, Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton d/o Alexander CRAIB (b. Scotland) & Margaret MITCHELL (married 21 April 1896 at St. Nicholas) wtn: Emma SIMS of 313 Dunsmure Rd & John D. LEITCH of 131 Connaught Ave W, 2 April 1926 at Hamilton
048323-26 Pong James SING, 20 tailor, Canada, Hamilton s/o Sam SING (b. China) & Magdalene LITT married Ivy PRICE, 19, factory hand, England, Hamilton d/o John PRICE (b. England) & Mary PICKUP wtn: Albert Nelson SHARPLES & Magdaline SING both of Hamilton, 17 November 1926 at Hamilton 048324-26 Harold SINKER, 20, truck driver, Canada, Hamilton s/o John SINKER (b. England) & Elizabeth WHITE married Minnie Edna Irene REID, 19, home duties, Canada, Hamilton d/o William REID (b. England) & Mary DRAKER wtn: Hazel REID of 398 Hughson St N & John E. POPE of 20 Brant Ave in Burlington, 25 December 1926 at Hamilton
048325-26 Wilfred SIVYER, 27, works chemist, England, Brantford s/o Thomas Joseph SIVYER (b. Brighton England) & Lucy Jane GODSMILK married Mabel Alice CHESHIRE, 25, nurse, England, Birmingham England d/o William CHESHIRE (b. Albury England) & Jane Elizabeth JENKS wtn: Mabel Gertrude TOPER of 453 John St N & Minnie LENZ of 480 Mary St N, 10 June 1926 at Hamilton 048326-26 Albert Wynn SKEDDEN, 21, baker, Canada, Hamilton s/o Matthew SKEDDEN (b. England) & Susannah POOK married Florence Nellie APPS, 21, textile worker, England, Hamilton d/o Arthur Edward APPS (b. England) & Edith GOODWIN wtn: William BOYD & Ethel BOYD both of 182 Hunter St S, 5 May 1926 at Hamilton
048327-26 Alexins SLEDZICK, 29, Poland, Hamilton s/o Alexins SLEDZICK & Annie OLECHOJKIN married Veronica CIELIZAK, 28, widow, Poland, Hamilton d/o John DESUS & Catherina LOBCZUK wtn: Anthony LASKOWSKI of 308 Gage Ave in Hamilton & Gladys BEHNKE of 52 Lloyd St in Hamilton, 2 October 1926 at Hamilton 048328-26 Elmer Forbes SMILEY, 31, switchman, Canada, Hamilton s/o James SMILEY (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth FORBES married Reba Madeline WARD, 21 (b. 22 Aug 1905), bookkeeper, Hamilton, same, d/o John Nelson WARD (b. Canada) & Mary Charlotte MURRAY wtn: Velma Elizabeth WARD & Murray Allen WAD both of 12 Locke St N in Hamilton, 2 October 1926 at Hamilton
048339-26 Harry Wilbert SMITH, 23, painter, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o William SMITH (b. Ontario) & Alice Emily RIVIER, married Katharine Elizabeth DELPINO, 22, nurse, New York USA, Hamilton d/o Henry DELPINO (b. Spain) & Elizabeth Mary FARLEY wtn: A.C. SMITH & Sarah May FELL both of Hamilton, 22 July 1926 at Hamilton 048340-26 Howard Muir SMITH, 23, manager, USA, Hamilton s/o Robert SMITH (b. St Albans Vermont) & Mary SMITH married Dorothy Bell SMITH, 18 yrs 11 mons, Canada, Hamilton d/o John S. SMITH (b. Alton in Peel Co) & Annie Victoria SMITH wtn: Eva Y. SMITH & Orval N. SMITH both of 1 Reginald Ave, 8 November 1926 at Hamilton
048341-26 James Alexander SMITH, 26, trainman, Ontario, 42 Third St in New Toronto s/o William SMITH (b. Ontario) & Catharine McQUAIG married Viola Melvina HUNTER, 26, bookkeeper, Ontario, 24 Dundonald St in Toronto d/o Robert J. HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Emily STONEHOUSE wtn: Charles S. STIFE & Queena Mae STIFE both of 99 Arlsman, 18 December 1926 at Hamilton 048342-26 John Joseph SMITH, 22, wood turner, Toronto, 9 Grant Ave in Mount Dennis s/o John SMITH (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McCARTHY married Daisy Violet WILLIAMS, 20, lamp maker, England, 18 Melbourne Ave in Toronto d/o Edgar Llewellyn WILLIAMS (b. England) & Elizabeth Sarah READ wtn: Stuart Edward LAVEYBEIN of 845 Concession St & Ivy Gladys WILLIAMS of 131 Lottridge St, 27 February 1926 at St John's Church in Hamilton
048329-26 Albert Edward SMITH, 25, machinist, Canada, Hamilton s/o William Thomas SMITH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Ann CRIDLEY married Thirza Letitia Marguerite SIMPSON, 19 (b. 12 Sept 1906), packer, East Flamboro, Hamilton d/o David SIMPSON (b. Canada) & Sara Ann WEBSTER wtn: Allen Russel SMITH of 91 Chatham St in Hamilton & Velma SIMPSON of Box 576 in Burlington, 30 June 1926 at Hamilton 048330-26 Ben SMITH, 27, salesman, England, Hamilton s/o Jason SMITH (b. Hanover Jct - London England) & Jennie MAY married Frances Elizabeth PERRY, 20 (b. 23 March 1905), domestic, Omagh - Co. Tyrone Ireland, Hamilton d/o Henry PERRY (b. Tyrone Co Ireland) & Matilda WATSON wtn: Harry MORRIS of 48 Fraser Ave in Hamilton & Jack PERRY of 1244 Shannon St E in Hamilton, 11 February 1926 at Hamilton [re bride: "father deceased mother in Ireland"]
048331-26 Charles William SMITH, 22, electrician, Canada, Detroit, s/o William SMITH (b. Canada) & Alice FAULKNER married Grace Armstrong HAMBURG, 21, home duties, Canada, Burlington d/o James HAMBURG (b. Canada) & Nettie STENNATT wtn: Mabel A. PESCOTT & Alice M. WELLS both of Hamilton, 5 January 1926 at Hamilton 048332-26 Earl Vernon SMITH, 34, machinist, Hamilton, 198 Kensington North s/o Frederick & Edith SMITH married Lucy HILL, 26, at home, Newcastle England, 18 Province St d/o John Thompson HILL & Elizabeth TWADDLE wtn: Frederick Charles BILLINGTON of 66 Norway Ave & Eleanor Isobel HILL of 99 Belmont Ave, 29 February 1926 at 43 London Ave in Hamilton
048333-26 Edward Lawrence SMITH, 33, foreman, Canada, Hamilton s/o Joseph J. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Annie E. SECOR?, married Marion Ethel BROWN, 32, stenographer, USA, Hamilton d/o George A. BROWN (b. Ontario) & Grace E. MALLORY wtn: Daisie HUGHSON of 275 Chatham St E & Grace E. BROWN of 205 Gladstone Ave, 18 December 1926 at Hamilton 048334-26 Ernest Lockwood SMITH, 31, carpenter, Hagersville, Hamilton s/o Ernest SMITH (b. Canada) & Margaret WATSON married Clara Pearl BROWN, 26, widow, tailor, Huntsville Ontario, Hamilton d/o Charles BRIEN (b. Canada) & Lucy DUKES wtn: A.J. NELSON of Hamilton & Jean NELSON of Port Nelson, 11 September 1926 at Hamilton
048335-26 Edward Stanley SMITH, 24, press hand, England, Hamilton s/o Arthur SMITH (b. London England) & Edith HOSKINS married Margaret START, 17, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton d/o (unknown) & Mary START wtn: Nellie RANDALL & William Walter RANDALL both of 290 Victoria Ave N in Hamilton, 23 January 1926 at Hamilton 048336-26 Frank SMITH, 27, mechanic, Canada, Hamilton s/o Edward SMITH & Mary Ann GROOMBRIDGE married Jessie Hill HODGE, 23 (b. 7 Aug 1902), clerk, Hamilton Scotland, Hamilton d/o Lawrence HODGE & Agnes BRECKENRIDGE (married 26 Nov 1896 at Hamilton) wtn: Fred W. PETTY of 17 Liberty St in Hamilton & Muriel L. HOWARD of 166 Ottawa St in Hamilton, 26 June 1926 at Hamilton
048337-26 George Henry SMITH, 41, night watchman, England, Hamilton s/o George Henry SMITH b. England) & Annie Jemima FIRMAN married Ethel SMITH, 42, cook, England, Hamilton d/o Edward SMITH (b. England) & Ellen ARCHER wtn: Sydney SMITH of Burlington & Ethel WILSON of Hamilton, 10 June 1926 at Hamilton 048338-26 Harry SMITH, 25, presser, London England, London Ontario s/o Harry SMITH (b. England) & Emma DOWLING married Mary Lavina HUTCHISON, 25, operator, Huron Co Ontario, Hamilton d/o William HUTCHISON (b. England) & Matilda SHERWOOD wtn: W.G. LOW of 108 Breadalbane St in Hamilton & William WEBB of YMCA in Hamilton, 27 March 1926 at Hamilton
048343-26 Lyle Francis SMITH, 24, clerk, Canada, Hamilton s/o David SMITH (b. Canada) & Lillian SAVAGE married Annie Lilly May WELSH, 16, examiner, Canada, Hamilton d/o Charles WELSH (b. Canada) & Sarah BURGOYNE wtn: William MALSEED & Madeline WELSH both of Hamilton, 14 June 1926 at Hamilton 048344-26 Norman Russell SMITH, 27, inspector, Canada, Hamilton s/o William SMITH (b. Brantford Ontario) & Sarah RUSSELL married Evelyn Cracknell HURN, 18 (b. Nov 1908), home duties, Ottawa, Brantford d/o Edger Matthew HURN (b. England) & Mabel CRACKNELL wtn: Linton F. GREENE & Rose PIPER both of Hamilton, 4 December 1926 at Hamilton
048345-26 Robert Albert SMITH, 22, labourer, Ireland, Fruitland Ontario s/o James SMITH (b. Ireland) & Matilda, married Gladys ASHBY, 19, inspector, England, Hamilton d/o Stephen ASHBY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth M. DAVIS wtn: Charles Warner TOMLINSON & Norah TOMLINSON both of 60 Harvey St, 29 August 1926 at Hamilton 048346-26 Stewart Munro SMITH, 21, electrical operator, Hamilton, 77 Magill St in Hamilton s/o James SMITH (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Carrie MUNRO married Ivy May GIDDINGS, 18, lives at home, London England, 195 York St in Hamilton d/o Richard GIDDINGS (b. London England) & Martha REEVES wtn: Walter S. HALL & Eva HALL both of Cline Ave Westdale in Hamilton, 12 July 1926 at 185 Arkell St in Hamilton
048347-26 William Frederick SMITH, 31, banker, Canada, Manzaville Cuba s/o Wellington SMITH (b. Ancaster Ontario) & Emma STATHAM married Evelyn Lucile KIRKPATRICK, 29, home duties, Canada, Hamilton d/o Robert KIRKPATRICK (b. Hamilton) & Grace McLEOD wtn: Fred S. HARPER & Grace HARPER both of 414 Main St E in Hamilton, 15 September 1926 at Central Presbyterian Church in Hamilton 048348-26 Robert Lumsden SNEDDEN, 22, labourer, Scotland, Hamilton s/o Daniel King SNEDDEN (b. Scotland) & Agnes LUMSDEN married Jeannie STEVENSON, 24, domestic, Scotland, Hamilton d/o George Gray STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MURRAY wtn: George P. MARWICK & Elizabeth MARWICK both of Hamilton, 28 June 1926 at Hamilton
048349-26 James Arthur SNODDY, 18 on December 30th 1925, finisher, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o David Harold SNODDY (b. Hamilton) & Salina Elizabeth HILL married Lillian Irene BLACK, 18, bottle washer, Casilor Centre in Lincoln Co, Hamilton d/o Albert BLACK (b. Ontario) & Rose SMALL wtn: Caroline SNODDY & David SNODDY both of 45 Wilson St in Hamilton, 8 May 1926 at 45 Wilson St in Hamilton 048350-26 Leander Otto SODERLING, 25, crane operator, Finland, Hamilton s/o Joseph SODERLING (b. Finland) & Anna HARTSBACKA married Esther Elena NYLUND, 20, domestic, Finland, Hamilton d/o Karl J. NYLUND (b. Finland) & Marja Lisa ABB wtn: J. WEST & Selma WEST both of Hamilton, 18 December 1926 at Hamilton
048351-26 Alex SOLENSKI, 43, labourer, Romania, Seneca twp s/o Jan SOLENSKI (b. Romania) & (not known) married Lena DIVIDON, 43, widow, Romania, Seneca twp d/o Antoni SEMILOWICZ (b. Romania) & Anna CZISGUB wtn: Tadenos STACHUSKI of 86 Lance Hill in Brampton & Carolina POZYRGLAK of 199 Lottridge, 30 December 1926 at Hamilton 048352-26 Joseph Edward SPACK, 26, carpenter, Austria, Hamilton s/o Vehay Gilski SPACK (b. Austria) & Anna SZPAKOWSKI married Julia OPYCHANY, 18, Austria, Hamilton d/o Andrey OPYCHANY (b. Austria) & Anna KURCHUK wtn: M. ZARUMMY & Isabella LEIGH both of Hamilton, 31 July 1926 at Hamilton
048353-26 William Robert SPARROW, 20, upholsterer, Canada, Hamilton s/o Robert SPARROW (b. England) & Maud CANNEL married May HECTOR, 21, factory hand, England, Hamilton d/o William John HECTOR (b. England) & Ellen QUILHERAN?, wtn: Miss Olive SPARROW of 118 Lock St N & Mrs Bart HECTOR of Hamilton Beach, 2 November 1926 at Hamilton 048354-26 Kenneth Eaton SPECHT, 29, salesman, USA, 497 Ontario St s/o Julius William SPECHT (b. Ontario) & Marie Louise REEVE married Edith Amelia WELLS, 22, Ontario, 49 Melrose St in Hamilton d/o Thomas G. WELLS (b. Ontario) & Caroline BUTLER wtn: Myrtle WELLS of 49 Melrose Ave in Hamilton & S.R. SPECHT of Rutherford NJ, 13 March 1926 at Hamilton
048355-26 Charles Hugh Guthrie SPENCE, 23, manager, Canada, Hamilton s/o Dewitt SPENCE (b. Canada) & Martha BIGGS married Christine White DICKIE, 17 yrs 11 mons, home duties, Canada, Hamilton d/o John DICKIE (b. Scotland) & Edith WHITE wtn: H. SPENCE & Edith SPENCE both of 67 Poulette St, 31 December 1926 at Hamilton 048356-26 Frank SPENCER, 28, machinist, England, Hamilton s/o John William SPENCER (b. England) & Annie HAINSWORTH married Margaret RITCHIE, 22 (b. 30 Dec 1903), textile worker, Kilsyth Scotland, Hamilton d/o Samuel RITCHIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth STEVENSON (married 16 July 1901 at Kilsyth), wtn: John ROBINSON of 179 Traguna Ave in Hamilton & May RITCHIE of 216 Traguna Ave in Hamilton, 6 November 1926 at Hamilton
048357-26 Horace Charles George SPINKS - ATKINSON, 23, draughtsman, England, Detroit, s/o Abraham SPINKS & Harriet WALTERS married Constance Lila MERCHANT, 27, milliner, England, Hamilton d/o Frank MERCHANT & Fanny MASON wtn: M. Dorothy WILSON of 32 Reginald St & Lawrence E. MERCHANT of 104 Sherman Ave, 21 August 1926 at First United Church in Hamilton 048358-26 Gordon SPOAR, 25, tool maker, Ontario, 478 Armadale Ave s/o William Henry SPOAR (b. Ontario) & Mary LOCHMAN married Lesta Sophronia STAPLETON, 19, Ontario, Jerseyville Ontario d/o Andrew STAPLETON (b. Ontario) & Sophronia MISENER, wtn: John Dustin HAWKES of 1377 Canmore St E & Adeline BOWEN of 106 High St in Hamilton, 26 January 1926 at Hamilton
048359-26 John SPRINGSTEAD, 23, steel car works, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o Newton SPRINGSTEAD & Anastasia REARDON married Minnie BIGLEY, 23, Dundas, Hamilton d/o Luke BIGLEY & Sarah Jane GOLDS wtn: Owen DEVLIN of 89 Murray St E & Olive SPRINGSTEAD of 512 Hughson St, 30 June 1926 at Hamilton 048360-26 John James SPRINTALL, 37, painter, Durham England, Hamilton s/o William SPRINTALL (b. England) & Harriet BAISTER married Ethel BOTT, 34, dress maker, Worcestershire England, Hamilton d/o William BOTT (b. England) & Phoebe WINFIELD wtn: Mrs G.E. HAYWARD of 19 Huron St in Hamilton & Joseph James ROSART of 55 Norman Ave in Hamilton, 15 November 1926 at Hamilton
048361-26 Gordon Edward STACEY, 18 (16 Jan 1926), trucker, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o John Samuel STACEY & Grace Maria BLACK married Mary BROWN, 18 (b. 8 March 1908), seamstress, Halliwell Bolton England d/o William BROWN & Mary Jane ENTWHISTLE wtn: Florence STACEY & William John STACEY both of 76 Edgemount Ave, 13 September 1926 at Hamilton 048362-26 Cyril Walton STANLEY, 25, salesman, England, 30 Logan Ave in Toronto s/o Walton STANLEY (b. England) & Jamie BURTON married Jessie Gwendoline GARDNER, 28 (b. 11 Aug 1897), Swinton England, enroute from England d/o Arthur GARDNER (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS wtn: E.G. MADDEN of George St in Hamilton & Eva SMITH of 119 Hunter St W in Hamilton, 26 June 1926 at Hamilton
048363-26 John STANTON, 24, truck driver, England, 48 Cornwall St in Toronto s/o Joseph Ernest STANTON (b. England) & Fannie HOLT married Elsie Louise TREACHER, 23, domestic, England, 48 Cornwall St in Toronto d/o William TREACHER (b. England) & Mary JARROLD wtn: Beverly KITCHEN & A.J. MELROSE both of Hamilton, 23 November 1926 at Hamilton 048365-26 Arthur STEAD, 41, divorced, contractor, Horsforth Leeds England, Hamilton s/o David STEAD (b. England) & Elizabeth MIDGELEY married Ena Kathleen ROSE, 57, divorced, housekeeper, Selkirk Ontario, Hamilton d/o Jose William HOLMES & Martha WILDE wtn: W.C. HOLMES of Toronto & Marguerita BLAKE of Hamilton, 7 August 1926 at Hamilton
048366-26 William Hunter STEELE, 27, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton s/o Robert STEELE & Agnes HUNTER married Catherine Bacon HARRISON, 24, Scotland, Hamilton d/o William HARRISON & Catherine BACON wtn: W.H. GRAY of Buffalo & Jennie STEELE of Hamilton, 18 September 1926 at Hamilton 048367-26 Sarkis STEPANIAN, 27, moulder, Armenia, Hamilton s/o D. STEPANIAN (b. Armenia) & Martha GANIHIAN married Hogonush STEPANIAN, 23, widow, housekeeper, Armenia, Hamilton d/o Gorabed HIHIAN (b. Armenia) & Agnes XNPERT wtn: Lily Ida WEBSTER of 182 Lanford N in Hamilton & John ENGLISH of 36 Cumberland Ave in Hamilton, 18 May 1926 at Hamilton
048368-26 John STEPHENS, 41, widower, superintendent, England, Hamilton s/o Robert STEPHENS & Annie AUGHTON married Fanny WILLS, 20, waitress, Canada, Hamilton d/o Augustus WILLS & Emmeline DESJARDINS wtn: E. BURKE of 56 Mulberry St in Hamilton & C. DOERR of Hamilton, 2 September 1926 at Hamilton 048369-26 Ernest Albert STEPHENSON, 36, die maker, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o Edward STEPHENSON (b. England) & Sophie FOREMAN married Bertha ARIS, 35, looper, Hamilton, Hamilton d/o Mark ARIS (b. England) & Alice COOMBES wtn: A.H. ARIS & Mildred ARIS both of 19 Locke St S, 16 January 1926 at Hamilton
048370-26 Edgar Kershaw STEVENSON, 24, labourer, Scotland, Hamilton s/o John STEVENSON & Jane Alice KERSHAW married Alice Margaret MacLEOD, 23, nurse, Scotland, Ancaster twp d/o Angus MacLEOD & Wilhelmina WALKER wtn: Hugh STEVENSON & Margaret MARSHALL both of Hamilton, 30 April 1926 at Hamilton 048371-26 Alexander STEWART, 27, divorced, labourer, Ontario, 150 Edmonton St in Winnipeg Manitoba s/o John STEWART (b. Scotland) & Mary STEWART married Elsie Alexandria WATSON, 23, forelady, Ontario, 312 York St in Hamilton d/o William WATSON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann STEWART wtn: Wilma WATSON of 312 York St & Hugh STEWART of 131 Hinch? St. in Toronto, 24 May 1926 at 312 York St in Hamilton
048373-26 Charles Elmer STEWART, 30, dentist, Canada, Hamilton s/o Thomas Henry STEWART & Bessie ALLAN married Ida Minerva DAWSON, 28, Canada, Hamilton d/o C.C. DAWSON & Isobel FRASER wtn: Zoe DAWSON of Hamilton & W. Harvey SMITH of Albion, 26 June 1926 at Hamilton 048372-26 Alexander Carr STEWART, 28, machinist, Dundee Scotland, Hamilton s/o Donald STEWART (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann CARR married Lizzie Ramsay HODGE, 25, knitter, Fife Scotland, Hamilton d/o Alexander HODGE (b. Scotland) & Elsie PICK wtn: Charles Alex TAYLOR of Toronto & Bessie Moncrieff HODGE of Hamilton, 23 October 1926 at Hamilton
048375-26 Harvey STEWART, 21, builder, Canada, Hamilton s/o Ira STEWART (b. Binbrook) & Annie STAPLES married Grace Eleanor SIMCOX, 18, home duties. Canada, Hamilton d/o John P. SIMCOX (b. St Catherine's) & Irene Emma CARSON wtn: Louise STEWART of RR#1 Hannon & Dorotha TRUESDALE of 141 Balsam Ave, 14 May 1926 at Hamilton 048374-26 George STEWART, 22, stationary engineer, Scotland, Hamilton s/o Alexander STEWART (b. Scotland) & Margaret DAVID married Ethel LOVETT, 24, saleslady, England, Hamilton d/o William LOVETT (b. England) & Annie TULLOCK wtn: Thomas CAREY of 452 Duns.?. Ave & Lucy HOOSE of 200 Balsam South, 22 October 1926 at Hamilton
048377-26 John Kenneth STEWART, 22, clerk, Canada, Hamilton s/o James STEWART (b. Canada) & Lily BETZNER married Margaret Florence WALES, 18, factory hand, Canada, Hamilton d/o William WALES (b. Canada) & Agnes CAMERON wtn: Leslie NETTLETON of 483 Catherine St N & Blanche Elena DELL of 135 Young St, 19 June 1926 at Hamilton 048376-26 James Scott STEWART, 29, electrician, Scotland, Hamilton s/o Samuel STEWART & Hannah SCOTT married Mary WYBER, 28, Ireland, Hamilton d/o William WYBER & Mary McKEE wtn: Stanley PARR & Elizabeth McKAY both of Hamilton, 25 December 1926 at Hamilton
048378-26 Roy Carmen STEWART, 24, potter, Hamilton, Hamilton s/o Richardson Roy Ernest STEWART & Rebecca CHANLEY married Edith GILES, 24, textile worker, England, Hamilton d/o Francis Swan GILES & Florence Edith POWNEY wtn: Charles Walter BIXBY & Elizabeth STEIGER both of Hamilton, 25 September 1926 at Hamilton 48393-26 Joseph SZABO, 29, labourer, Hungary, Oneida twp., s/o Joseph SZABO, b. Hungary & Elizabeth BATON, married Mary BORBILL, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o Gasper BORBILL, b. Hungary & Vera TATT, witn: Imre PAROJ? of Caledonia & Elizabeth FONAGY of Hamilton, 8 Jul 1926 at Hamilton

48394-26 Hugh TAIT, 29, bench hand, Scotland, Barton twp., s/o David TAIT, b. Scotland & Janet FRASER, married Mina May MILLER, 27, trimmer, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Ernest MILLER, b. Canada & Mary MONK, witn: Rose GRAHAM & Arthur SNYDER, both of Hamilton, 28 Sep 1926 at Hamilton

48395-26 Charles James TAORMINA, 25, fruit merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Peter TAORMINA, b. Sicily & Eleanor CRUCHIOLO, married Dorothy May BLACKBURN, 20 (b. 13 Aug 1905), milliner, Hamilton, same, d/o Harry BLACKBURN, b. Canada & Mary PATTERSON, witn: John Leonard FITZGERALD & Marion ALTMAN, both of Hamilton, 17 May 1926 at Hamilton

48397-26 Fred TAYLOR, 22, sales clerk, Oldham England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas TAYLOR & Emily FITTON, married Ethel BLACK, 19, chemist, Belfast Ireland, Hamilton, d/o William BLACK & Mary DOUGLAS, witn: Norman MOORE & Gladys TAYLOR, both of Hamilton, 4 Dec. 1926 at Hamilton

48398-26 Wesley Walter TAYLOR, 24, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Walter TAYLOR, b. Ontario & Elizabeth FIELD, married Maud EVANS, 22, packer, Wales, Toronto, d/o George EVANS, b. Wales & Georgina MURRAY, witn: M.E. WESTON & Minnie RUSSELL, both of Hamilton, 21 Aug 1926 at Hamilton.

48399-26 Edward James Lennox TEER, 32, clerk, England, Hamilton, s/o Edward TEER, b. Kent England & Ethel BEAVIS, married Gertrude KENNEDY, 32, England, Hamilton, d/o Joseph Hunt KENNEDY, b. England & Rachel LEE, witn: Edward TEER & Jessie TEER, both of Hamilton, 3 Apr 1926 at Hamilton

48400-26 Kenneth TEETER, 21, basket maker, Grimsby, same, s/o George TEETER, b. Ontario & Gertrude NELSON, married Rhea Iva DUTCHER, 18, factory worker, Caistor twp., Grimsby, d/o John DUTCHER, b. Ontario & Sarah Jane LANE, witn: D. HUGHSON of Hamilton & Edith May DUTCHER of Grimsby, 18 Dec 1926 at Hamilton

48401-26 William John TERRY, 21, bricklayer, England, Hamilton, s/o William Albert TERRY, b. Kidderminster England & Sarah THATCHER, married Etta May SALMON, 19, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Leonard SALMON, b. England & Frances HOWARD, witn: W.G. WALKER & F.M. SALMON, both of Hamilton, 16 Oct 1926 at Hamilton.

48402-26 Earl Edward THEOBALD, 22, knitter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Arthur A. THEOBALD, b. Canada & Catherine McGILVARY, married Hazel Viola ROUSE, 19, cutter, Canada, Beamsville, d/o Frederick ROUSE, b. Canada & Arminta Evelyn BUSH, witn: Roy T. SERENA & Doris WHITTAKER, both of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1926 at Hamilton.

48403-26 Roy Athol THOMAS, 24, farmer, Hamilton, South Grimsby, s/o Athol THOMAS, b. England & Annie CAPPLEY, married Rena Gertrude JACOBS, 18, South Grimsby, same, d/o Robert JACOBS, b. Canada & Sarah HOPKINS, witn: Elsie GERRARD & Amos VIPOND, both of Hamilton, 31 Dec 1926 at Hamilton

48404-26 Walter Ernest THOMAS, 28, fisherman, Canada, Bridgeburg, s/o Walter Louis THOMAS & Jennie May LAND, married Marjorie Leone HUFFMAN, 20 (b. 6 April 1906), saleslady, Brant County, Hamilton, d/o William Charles HUFFMAN & Adella WRIGHT, witn: John E. OSBORNE of Bronte & Fern W. HUFFMAN of Hamilton, 3 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48405-26 William Albert THOMAS, 20, welder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Absolom THOMAS, b. Canada & Hilda LEETHRONG, married Alice May VAN FLEET, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Albert VAN FLEET, b. Canada & Sarah MILLS, witn: W.H. APPLETON & Mrs. M. APPLETON, both of Hamilton, 18 Dec 1926 at Hamilton.

48406-26 Frank Hutchison THOMPSON, 32, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William THOMPSON, b. Scotland & Mary HUTCHISON, married Georgina MCKAY, 26, waitress, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o George MCKAY, b. Scotland & Mary DENEEN, witn: Thomas BUDGE & Marie ROOS, both of Hamilton, 12 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48407-26 Frederick Bruce THOMPSON, 22, iron worker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas THOMPSON, b. Deseronto & Martha HILL, married Violet Hazelwood BRADLEY, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o David BRADLEY, b. illegible Ont & Elizabeth BARETT, witn: Wilfred MEHLENBACHER & Ethel MEHLENBACHER, both of Hamilton, 1 Sep 1926 at Hamilton

48409-26 John William THOMPSON, 19, rivet heater, England, Hamilton, s/o John W. THOMPSON, b. England & Ellen MARSHALL, married Dorothy Priscilla GREENING, 18, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William J. GREENING, b. Canada & Margaret DIXON, witn: Cyril THOMPSON & Violet CANUTE, both of Hamilton, 26 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48410-26 Samuel THOMPSON, 25, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o Walter THOMPSON, b. England & Emily WARDLE, married Jane Cormick HEPBURN, 24, knitter, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Francis HEPBURN, b. Scotland & Agnes FORGIE, witn: Thomas BARRIE & Mary WRIGHT, both of Hamilton, 19 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48411-26 William James THOMPSON, 23, fireman, Worthington England, Hamilton, s/o William J. THOMPSON, b. England & Elizabeth BELL, married Effie Irene COOPER, 19, telephone operator, Hamilton, same, d/o James E. COOPER, b. Canada & Annie May PETERSON, witn: Gertrude M. SHEA & Nelson J. ROGERS, both of Hamilton, 17 Jul 1926 at Hamilton

48408-26 Frederick William THOMSON, 22, riveter, Hamilton, Detroit Mich., s/o Harry Baldwin THOMPSON, b. Toronto & Annie MACDONALD, married Mary Muir WATSON, 24 (b. 20 April 1902), Torry Nigg - Aberdeen Scotland, Hamilton, d/o David Muir WATSON, b. Ellerdyke Scotland & Amelia McGilvray WALKER (married 20 Dec 1901 at St. Nicholas Aberdeen), witn: Beatrice Ivy OWEN of Hamilton & H.B. MOLLON of Detroit, 7 Aug 1926 at Hamilton

48412-26 James Devine THOMSON, 28, baker, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Robert THOMSON, b. Scotland & Jessie DEVINE, married Martha Niven HUNTER, 27, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o John HUNTER, b. Scotland & Margaret OLIPHANT, witn: Harold MARKLE & Jessie ORD, both of Hamilton, 30 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48413-26 Robert Delmar THURLOW, 19, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Fred Charles THURLOW, b. Canada & Minnie Jane YOKE, married Fern Marie DOUGHERTY, 18, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Walter Frank DOUGHERTY, b. Canada & Cora Jannie MISNER, witn: Ruth Viola MISNER & John INNES, both of Hamilton, 23 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

48414-26 Arthur Ernest TILBURY, 21, caretaker, England, Buffalo NY, s/o Arthur TILBURY, b. England & Frances Mary FISKE, married Ivy Winnifred HOWKINS, 19, textile worker, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Alfred HOWKINS, b. England & Mary E. DAY, witn: Herbert TILBURY of Buffalo & Bessie CHARMAN of Hamilton, 11 Dec 1926 at Hamilton

48415-26 Proctor Ward TITTERTON, 24, grocer, Bristol England, Hamilton, s/o Percy TITTERTON, b. England & Clare HENDRIX, married Muriel HARRISON, 19, clerk, London Ontario, Hamilton, d/o John Kent HARRISON, b. Canada Ada YARWELL, witn: P. Ward TITTERTON & J.H. HARRISON, both of Hamilton, 23 May 1926 at Hamilton.

48416-26 Ernest Daniel TODD, 22, machine hand, Kent England, Hamilton, s/o Ernest John TODD & Annie MURRAY, married Irene Pearl DUNCAN, 20, operator, Hamilton, same, d/o Thomas DUNCAN & Annie DARNELL, witn: Joseph C. TODD & Betty DUNCAN, both of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1926 at Hamilton

48417-26 Steven TOKALSKY, 30, labourer, East Galicia, Hamilton, s/o Demeter TOKALSKY & Anna MELMYK, married Justina NASYLUK, 21, East Galicia, Hamilton, d/o Theodore NASYLUK & Maria NYKYLINK, witn: Demeter LASHCHAK & Anton BAZYLUK, 17 Jul 1926 at Hamilton. (Greek RC)

48418-26 Wilbert Horace TOTTEN, 22, brakeman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William Horace TOTTEN, b. Teeswater & Margaret Priscilla HOOEY, married Annie Luella CLARK, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William Robert CLARK, b. Durham & Jessie Maude HENRY, witn: Grace EMBLEN & John Torrey EMBLEN, both of Hamilton, 30 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48419-26 Filippo TOSTI, 25, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Giovanni TOSTI & Domenica CAPRIOTTI, married Maria CERONI, 22, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Luigi CERONI & Rosa ORTOLANI, witn: Gettulio CERONI & Anna MAZZA, both of Hamilton, 29 Apr 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)

48420-26 Joseph Howard TRANTER, 26, machinist, Southampton, Hamilton, s/o William TRANTER & Annie BEATY, married Minnie Marie LANG, 25, saleslady, Stratford, Hamilton, d/o John LANG & Julia LEASE, witn: Mrs. J. REBLE & Mrs. G. KAUFMANN, both of Hamilton, 17 Mar 1926 at Hamilton

48421-26 John TRAVALE, 24, labourer, Italy, Hamilton, s/o Francesco TRAVALE & Carmela OBIS, married Philomena CICERO, 19, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Salvatore CICERO & Concettina SOLICERO, witn: Salvatore BORSELLINO & Mary BORSELLINO, both of Hamilton, 24 Apr 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)

48422-26 George Thornton TREBLE, 61, widower, merchant, Oxfordshire England, St. Catharines, s/o Nicholas TREBLE, b. England & Emma WYMAN, married Mary Ethel ERSKINE, 56, widow, Little Valley Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Robert DIXON, b. Ontario & Elizabeth NELSON, witn: G.T. TREBLE & B. BURCH, both of St. Catharines, 22 Nov 1926 at Hamilton.

48423-26 William Henry TRIBUTE, 66, widower, assessor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas TRIBUTE, b. Canada & Mary Ann MANNING, married Effie HENDERSON, 64, widow, housekeeper, d/o Hugh MCCOSH, b. Scotland & Christina CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. R. WILSON & Lora WILSON, both of Hamilton, 6 Sep 1926 at Hamilton

48424-26 Earl Roy TUNIS, 21, expressman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles Roy TUNIS, b. Canada & Ethel SIMONS, married Margaret Mary ROSELLA, 21, textile worker, Italy, Hamilton, d/o Joseph ROSELLA, b. Italy & Mary SPAZZIER, witn: Florence Nellie SKEDDEN & Albert Wynn SKEDDEN, both of Hamilton, 17 Jul 1926 at Hamilton

48425-26 William Hall TURNBULL, 32, tile setter, England, Barton twp., s/o Robert TURNBULL, b. England & Margaret HALL, married Gertrude Jean BAIN, 23, nurse, Canada, Barton twp., d/o Charles BAIN, b. Canada & Jean PALER, witn: Edward Hall TURNBULL & Irene TURNBULL, both of Hamilton, 18 Aug 1926 at Hamilton.

48426-26 Alfred Thompson TURNER, 38, physician, Carlingford, Kitchener, s/o Luther TURNER, b. England & Isabel THOMPSON, married Bertha Christina WHITESIDE, 29, nurse, Penbold Alberta, Kitchener, d/o Wallis WHITESIDE, b. Ontario & Susan JOHNSON, witn: M.D. ROBSON of New York & Frank P. HARMER? of Kitchener, 12 Jun 1926 at Hamilton.

48427-26 Ernest Robert TURNER, 22, bookkeeper, Hamilton, same, s/o George TURNER, b. Canada & Bertha ROBERTS, married Marion Elizabeth HENNESSEY, 20, bookkeeper, Hamilton, same, d/o Frank J. HENNESSEY, b. Canada & Elizabeth CONNOR, witn: William CONNOR & Maude HENNESSEY, both of Hamilton, 8 Sep 1926 at Hamilton

48428-26 Harry TURNER, 21, machine operator, England, Hamilton, s/o James TURNER, b. England & Mary Ellen MARSH, married Myrtle BRANDON, 20, weaver, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Thomas BRANDON, b. Canada & Nellie ANDERSON, witn: William TURNER of Buffalo NY & Edane PEARSE of Hamilton, 23 Jun 1926 at Hamilton

48429-26 Robert John TWADDLE, 24, labourer, Ireland, Stamford, s/o James TWADDLE, b. Ireland & Margaret TWADDLE, married Matilda PETERS, 18, factory hand, Canada, Stamford, d/o Israel PETERS, b. Canada & Lovina MCDONALD, witn: Ezra PETERS of Stamford & Jesse B. NOAH of Hamilton, 4 Dec 1926 at Hamilton

48432-26 George Oliver TYCE, 40, widower, merchant, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Jacob Wesley TYCE, b. Caistor Twp. & Jessie FERGUSON, married Ruth SKERRETT, 21 (b. 20 Oct 1904), stenographer, Hamilton, same, d/o John Robert SKERRETT, b. Canada & Mary FERNIHOUGH, witn: Ruth FERNIHOUGH & Madeline TYCE, both of Hamilton, 6 Jan 1926 at Hamilton

48433-26 Mathew Stuart Dodson Bertram TYSON, 22, farmer, Dundas, Stoney Creek, s/o William B. TYSON, b. England & Mary E. MOORE, married Margaret Dalziel Dunlop PATON, 21, Wishaw - Glasgow Scotland, Stoney Creek, d/o David PATON, b. Scotland & Margaret Dalziel PATON, witn: R. TYSON & Doris FISHER, both of Hamilton, 10 Jul 1926 at Hamilton

48396-26 Wojesich ZAPORA, 21, labourer, Poland, Hamilton, s/o Joseph ZAPORA & Catharine OSIOL, married Felicia KAWALA, 19, Poland, Hamilton, d/o Martin KAWALA & Agnes KROL, witn: John ZEPORA & Caroline BOSICK, both of Hamilton, 14 Aug 1926 at Hamilton. (RC)