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Wellington Co, 1879

birth place is given before residence


11445-79 Albert ACKERMAN, 32, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Culross, s/o Edward ACKERMAN & Susan SPARKSMAN, married Mary Ann SCHAMEHORN, 32, Maryborough, Turnberry, d/o David WELSH & Sarah SCHAMEHORN, witn: George ACKERMAN of Culross & John WATT of Palmerston, 15 March 1879 at Palmerston [as written] 11381-79 William AITCHESON, 21, farmer, Canada, Pilkington twp., s/o Andrew AITCHESON & Elizabeth Ann BATHGATE, married Ann FASKIN, 21, Canada, Pilkington, d/o Robert FASKIN & Isabella MILNE, witn: Ebenezer AITCHESON & Margaret FASKIN, both of Pilkington, 14 March 1879 at res of Robert Faskin, Pilkington
11733-79 Alexander ALLARDYCE, 21, miller, Ontario, York twp., s/o William ALLARDYCE & Margaret BATES, married Janet McCORKINDALE, 20, Guelph twp., same, d/o John McCORKINDALE & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Thomas ALLARDYCE of York twp & Joseph McCORKINDALE of Guelph twp., 24 Dec 1879 at Guelph twp 11744-79 Alfred ALLEN, 22, mechanic, Erin twp., same, s/o Levi & Ann, married Mary Matilda ARMSTRONG, 28, Oakville, Toronto, d/o James & Sophia, witn: Henry NICHOL of Guelph & Jane ARMSTRONG of Minto twp., 19 March 1879 at Minto twp.
#011363-79 (Wellington Co): William ANDERSON, 28, vet. surgeon, Sandhill, Elora, s/o Thomas & Theodosia, married Cecilia SWAN, 24, Pilkington, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Albert McCREA of Elora & Maddie SWAN of Pilkington, 22 Oct., 1879 at St. John's Church, Elora 011567-79 Benjamin ARIES (Ariss?), 24, farmer, Nichol, W. Garafraxa, s/o John ARIES & Annie GIBSON, married Eleanor Ann ALPAUGH, 22, W. Garafraxa, same, d/o John ALPAUGH & Eleanor McKEE, witn: Jacob ALPAUGH & Sarah Jane ARIES both of W. Garafraxa on Dec. 25, 1879 at The Manse in Fergus
11813-80 Peter AUGER (Anger?), 24, farmer, Maryborough, Howick twp., s/o George AUGER & Sarah Ann EAVES, married Emma DENION, 19, Howick twp., same, d/o William DEMIER? & Fanny CRAIG, witn: Thomas HARGRAVE & Fanny LE--SON?, both of Howick twp., 25 Dec 1879 at Harriston 12056-80 John BATES, 19, cooper, Canada, Orangeville, s/o George & Ann, married Alice SUGGETT, 17, Canada, Orangeville, d/o William & Mary, witn: Albert & Maggie HASLEM of Orangeville, 24 Nov 1879 at Orangeville
11713-79 John BAYNE, 26, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o George BAYNE & Margerie ROSS, married Isabella Christena CLARK, 20, West Garafraxa, lot 16 con 8 of West Garafraxa, d/o William CLARK & Christena STRACHAN, witn: Lewis BAYNE & Elizabeth CLARK, both of W. Garafraxa, 29 Jan 1879 at lot 9, con 2 of West Garafraxa #011786-80 (Wellington Co): Joseph BEAMISH, 26, yeoman, Manvers?, Minto, s/o Francis & Jane, married Catherine Selena HUSSEY, 23, Ops, Minto, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Richard Combs BEAMISH of Clifford, 10 Dec 1879 at Minto
11732-79 William BEATTIE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Nichol twp., s/o John BEATTIE & Janet WILSON, married Janet BLYTH, 23, Ontario, Guelph twp., d/o Alexander Wright BLYTH & Janet McDONALD, witn: Alexander W. BLYTH of Guelph twp & James MUTRIE of Eramosa, 14 Oct 1879 at Guelph twp 11734-79 Josiah James BELL, 33, publisher, Canada, Picton, s/o Robert BELL & Emiline S. JONES, married Ann MICKLE, 32, Canada, Guelph twp., d/o Charles MICKLE & Ellen THURTELL, witn: Charles W. YOUNG of Strafford & Bertram SPENCER of Guelph, 16 Oct 1879 at Guelph twp
#011355-79 (Wellington Co): Thomas BELL, 25, farmer, Ireland, Garafraxa, s/o James BELL & Martha RITCHIE, married Ann Jane TROUTON, 21, Garafraxa, same, d/o Robert TROUTON & Elizabeth CONLEY, witn: David & Margaret S. RITCHIE of Elora, 24 March 1879 at Elora 11442-79 George BIRT, 23, fireman, Guelph, Brussels, s/o William BIRT & Eliza BARKER, married Ellen BARBER, 19, Woolwich, Ivecastle?, d/o William BARBER & Ellen MUNROE, witn: George BARKER & C. McTAVISH, both of Irecastle?, 18 March 1879 at Palmerston
11716-79 William BIRT, 27, farmer, Nichol twp., West Garafraxa, s/o Charles BURT & Susan LARTER, married Sophia ALLISON, 24, Dundonald Scotland, West Garafraxa, d/o John ALLISON & Sarah MUIR, witn: Sam BURT & Elizabeth McCARTNEY, both of W. Garafraxa, 28 March 1879 at West Garafraxa 00562-79 John Hind BLACK, 29, farmer, Garafraxa, Nichol, s/o Thomas BLACK & Margaret BROADFOOT, married Elizabeth Forbes CLARK, 27, Nichol, same, d/o William CLARK & Mary Anne JOHNSTONE, witn: Samuel BLACK & David CLARK both of Nichol on Oct. 13, 1879 at Fergus
011574-79 Richard BLACKWELL, 24, farmer, Peel, same, s/o William & Jane, married Martha M. IRVINE, 22, Brock Tp., Drayton, d/o Andrew & Hannah, witn: William & Hannah IRVINE both of Drayton on Apr. 28, 1879 at Drayton  
11385-79 William BOSOMWORTH, 26, farmer, Canada, Pilkington twp., s/o Christopher BOSOMWORTH & Ann SHARPE, married Mary D. CLARKE, 24, Canada, Pilkington, d/o William CLARKE & Jane SHORT, witn: Martha E. VANCE & Thomas CLARKE, both of Pilkington, 22 Oct 1879 at Pilkington 011571-79 William BRAUN, 21, tanner, Waterloo Co., Maryborough Tp., s/o J. L. & Sophia, married Mary Ann LEWIS, 22, Wellesley Tp., Maryborough Tp., d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: Benjamin POWLEY of Drayton & Margaret BRAUN of Maryborough Tp. on Dec. 6, 1879 at Drayton
11285-79 Thomas BRECKEN, 22, machinist, Guelph, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Jennie Nellie RIKER, 20, New York, Guelph, d/o William & Jennie, witn: John & George ROSS of Guelph, 9 June 1879 at Guelph 11819-80 Walter BRISTOW, 27, tinsmith, Woolwich England, Harriston, s/o John & Ann, married Prudence Jane WILSON, 19, Ancaster twp., Harriston, d/o James Foster WILSON & Margaret, witn: James H. WILSON of Harriston & Nettie HARTLY of Palmerston, 31 Dec 1879 at Harriston
  #011364-79 (Wellington Co): Philip BROWAN, 22, farmer, Woolwich, Pilkington, s/o Nicholas BROWAN & Caroline TACKLEY, married La-- SHEEREAR, 19, Woolwich, same, d/o Joseph SHEEREAR & Frances KORMAN, witn: Joseph BROWAN & Fanny SHEEREAR, both of Woolwich, 7 Oct 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath)
11690-79 Robert BROWN, 24, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Rebecca J. PLATT, 22, East Garafraxa , same, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: Joseph SMITH & Isabella PLATT, both of E. Garafraxa. 19 June 1879 at Hillsburg 11594-79 (Wellington Co): Edward BOYD, 24, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Jane GAMBLE, 21, Maryborough, same, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: Edward GAMBLE, William TOSH, John ROBINSON & M.J. MILLER, all of Maryborough, 17 Dec 1879 at res of bride's father, Maryborough
11335-79 Llewellyn BROCK, no age given, physician, widower, Canada, Guelph, s/o not given, married Hannah CHARTERS, no age given, Canada, Guelph, d/o Edward & Hannah, witn: John A. LAMBREY & C. L. MERCER, both of Guelph, 19 Aug 1879 at Guelph 11396-79 John BROCKIE, 48, farmer, Scotland, Greenock twp., s/o John & Catherine, married Jane SILLIE, 32, Ontario, Nichol twp., d/o Alexander & Ellen, witn: David BROCKIE & Jane WRIGHT, both of Nichol twp., 27 March 1879 at Nichol twp
#011347-79 (Wellington Co): Joseph BROHMAN, 22, farmer, Berlin Ont., Salem, s/o Joseph BROHMAN & Mary WILLIAMS, married Elizabeth STUDDICK, 22, Salem, same, d/o William STUDDICK & Catherine ADIS, witn: Francis STUDDICK & Ellen FISHER, both of Salem, 17 Feb 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath) 11600-79 (Wellington Co): Charles BUCHAN, 29, merchant, Flamboro twp., Brussels, s/o Charles & Agnes, married Mary Alicia DUNBAR, 26, Guelph, Mt. Forest, d/o Samuel & Esther, witn: William COLCLEUGH & Jessie McLAREN, both of Mt. Forest, 7 Jan 1879 at Mt. Forest
  11432-79 James CAIRNS, 27, farmer, King, same, s/o John CAIRNS & Margaret MILLOY, married Christena WATSON, 18, King, same, d/o John WATSON & Jane MITCHELL, witn: Thomas KAAK of King & Angelina McKAY of Orangeville, 20 Feb 1879 at Orangeville
#011351-79 (Wellington Co): Thomas CANNON, 27, farmer, Pitsfield Mass., Peel, s/o Patrick CANNON & Mary NAUGHTON, married Mary DEVEREUX, 20, Nichol, same, d/o John DEVEREUX & Ellen OWENS, witn: Michael CANNON of Peel & Mary OWENS of Pilkington, 23 Feb 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath) 11692-79 John CARMICHAEL, 31, merchant, Ontario, Hillsburg, s/o Malcolm & Isabella, married Grace McMURCHY, 29, Ontario, Hillsburg, d/o Angus & Elizabeth, witn: Hugh McMURCHY of Toronto & James CARMICHAEL of Hillsburg, 4 June 1879 at Hillsburg
11333-79 Thomas Philip CARTER, 24, farmer, Canada, Puslinch, s/o Philip CARTER & Sarah HOCKIN, married Anna Bella McCRAE, 31, Canada, Guelph, d/o John Dunn McCREA & Margaret CASS, witn: John P. HOCKIN & Archibald FULLER, 15 July 1879 at Guelph 11812-80 Robert CAUDLE (Candle?), 23, farmer, Canada, Howick twp., s/o David CAUDLE & Esther NOOK, married Millian BRADIGAN, 19, Howick twp., same, d/o Frederick BRADIGAN & Christena HUME, witn: William LELAND & Helen CAUDLE, both of Howick twp., 25 Dec 1879 at Harriston
11714-79 David CHAPMAN, 34, farmer, Kincardineshire Scotland, West Garafraxa, s/o William CHAPMAN & Betsy GOLLY, married Isabella CRAIG, 23, Scotland, West Garafraxa, d/o Murdoch CRAIG & Jessie ALEXANDER, witn: James CHAPMAN of Garafraxa & Jane McLEOD of Nichol twp., 26 Feb 1879 at Craigsholme, Garafraxa 11243-79 Matthew CHEWENS, 23, carriage maker, Belleville Ont., Guelph, s/o Patrick CHEWENS & Ellen McCLOSKEY, married Maggie MANNING, 19, Guelph, same, d/o Denis MANNING & Mary COSGROVE, witn: William P. CHEWENS of Belleville & Ellen BADEAU of Galt, 28 Jan 1879 at Church of Our Lady, Guelph
  12093-80 William CHRISTIAN, 24, farmer, Peel twp., same, s/o John & Eliza, married Elizabeth Ann PEEL, 18, Peel twp., same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Alexander & Marilda PEEL of Peel, 24 Dec 1879 at Stirton
11384-79 Thomas CLARKE, 22, farmer, Canada, Pilkington twp., s/o William CLARKE & Jane SHORT, married Martha E. VANCE, 23, Canada, Pilkington, d/o David VANCE & Margaret ELDERTON, witn: William & Mary BOSOMWORTH of Pilkington, 22 Oct 1879 at Pilkington 11426-79 James CLELAND, 26, mechanic, Beverly twp., Oxford Co., s/o James CLELAND & Janet JOHNSTON, married Sarah Maria RICHARDSON, 20, Amaranth, same, d/o William RICHARDSON & Mary WILSON, witn: William WILSON & Charlotte RICHARDSON, both of Amaranth, 1 Jan 1879 at Amaranth
11720-79 Joseph CONN, 23, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Robert & Ann, married Kitty Jane ACHISON (Ackison?), 19, Luther, same, d/o Arthur & Ellen, witn: William McGOWAN of Garafraxa & Elizabeth CURSMAN? of Luther, 17 Sept 1879 at West Garafraxa  
#012218-81 William CONNELL, 27, farmer, Guelph, Minto Twp, s/o James CONNELL & Janet PEDEN, married Agnes MCMURCHY, 24, Galt, Minto Twp, d/o Archibald MCMURCHY & Flora MCLEAN, witn: John CONNEL & Katie MCMURCHY, both of Minto Twp, 19 Mar 1879, Minto twp 11337-79 George B. COOK, 24, clerk in holy orders, Brantford, Hamilton, s/o Alexander & Angeline, married Rosa J. GORDON, 23, Hamilton, Guelph, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: J. & Elizabeth GORDON of Guelph, T. O'CONNELL of Hamilton and C. GORDON of Burlington, 19 Jan 1879 at Guelph
11735-79 William Reid COOK, 29, teacher, Ontario, Guelph twp., s/o George COOK & Eliza Ann REID, married Sarah Ann SHORTREED,, 21, Ontario, Guelph twp., d/o John SHORTREED & Margaret HOOD, witn: Thomas COOK of Esquesing & Gideon HOOD of Guelph twp., 30 July 1879 at Guelph twp 11742-79 Frederick COULSON, 30, engineer, England, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas & Amelia, married Jane BROWN, 27, Scotland, Minto twp., d/o Alexander & Mary Jane, witn: George & Mary Jane Jr. BROWN of Minto twp., 31 March 1879 at Minto twp.
11664-79 William COWING, 25, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Bertha Estella CHESSBRO, 18, Thurlow twp., Luther, d/o Daniel Denis & Agnes, witn: Monocton? CHESEBRO (sic) of Luther & Harriet COWING of E. Zorra, 29 Oct 1879 at Luther twp #011660-79 (Wellington Co): Sylvester CRIPPS, 26, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o George & Susan, married Isabella CANN, 17, Pilkington, Luther, d/o George & Margaret, witn: George CANN & Margaret HALDAN?, 26 Nov 1879 at Luther
#011376-79 (Wellington Co): Albert Wyman CROOKS, 22, miller, Wellesley, Listowell, s/o Hugh & Lavinia, married Caroline HIRAM, 21, Brantford, Palmerston, d/o George & Margaret, witn: John FEATHERS & Samantha BROWN, both of Clifford, 7 Sept 1879 at Clifford 11325-79 Archibald CURRY, 22, farmer, Canada, Nassagaweya, s/o George CURRY & Christena McKELLAR, married Jane BURNS, 24, Canada, Nassagaweya, d/o William BURNS & Elizabeth GALSTON, witn: William CURRIE (sic) of Milton & Agnes BURNS of Nassagaweya, 3 Sept 1879 at Guelph
11282-79 Robert Carter DALES, 24, stone mason, Ontario, Drayton, s/o William C. DALES & Deborah BARRIE?, married Lila PEYOLLES?, 22, Ontario, Drayton, d/o Robert J. PEYOLLES & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Robert J. PEYOLLES & Simon BORDEN, 7 May 1879 at Guelph 11450-79 John R. DARCY (Dancy?), 34, farmer, Ireland, Minto twp., s/o Benjamin DARCY & Catherine HOLISON?, married Mary Eliza BROWN, 18, Wellesley, Minto twp., d/o Thomas BROWN & Susannah OGRAM, witn: John WALLACE & Sarah LEE, 23 April 1879 at Palmerston
11468-79 Joseph DAVIS, 21, engineer, Elderslie, Harriston, s/o Abraham & Ann, married Elenor INGRAHAM, 19, Shakespeare Ont., Harriston, d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: Alexander WATSON of Harriston & Jennie STOCKS of Howick, 3 April 1879 at Harriston 12054-80 Thomas DEARING, 22, farmer, Canada, Erin, s/o Edward & Mary, married Annie COLLIER, 22, Canada, East Garafraxa, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Duncan McARTHUR & Sarah COLLIER, both of Erin, 31 Dec 1879 at Orangeville
  11274-79 Martin DEW, 28, farmer, Eramosa twp., same, s/o Martin DEW & Elizabeth DUFFIELD, married Harriet BENNETT, 32, Blakney - Norfolk England, Guelph, d/o Jeremiah BENNETT & Harriet CURLE?, witn: James DEW of Rockwood & Marianne BENNETT of Guelph, 4 June 1879 at Guelph
#011662-79 (Wellington Co): Richard DODDS, 28, blacksmith, Ontario, Luther, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Harriet HOWES, 18, Ontario, Luther, d/o William & Charlotte, witn: Charles HOWES & Margaret ADAIR, both of Luther, 11 Nov 1879 at Luther 11433-79 Henry DONAGHY, 24, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Martha THOMPSON, 19, Garafraxa, same, d/o Samuel THOMPSON & Mary McLURE, witn: James JENKINS of Amaranth & Mary Jane THOMPSON Of Garafraxa, 12 March 1879 at Orangeville
11334-79 Thomas DOW, 29, farmer, Canada, Nichol twp., s/o William & Mary, married Amy Mary WATSON, no age given, Canada, Guelph, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Robert DOW & Elizabeth WATSON, 30 Dec 1879 at St. Georges, Guelph 11722-80 George Albert DUNCAN, 22, carpenter, Mount Forest, same, s/o George & Barbara, married Jennie Johnson BROWN, 18, Guelph, Mount Forest, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Alexander DUNCAN & Maggie HOWELLS, both of Mount Forest, 20 Oct 1879 at Mount Forest
#011377-79 (Wellington Co): Joseph EICHHOLTZ, 22, shoe maker, Oxford Co., Carrick, s/o John & Mary, married Agnes FORD, 22, Plattsville, same, d/o Michael & Agnes, witn: Michael FORD Jr. of Plattsville & Christina EICHHOLTZ of Carrick, 3 Sept 1879 at Clifford 11934-78 Thomas ELLIS, 34, widower, hotel keeper, England, Guelph, s/o William & Annie, married Annie Baker SMITH, 40, widow, England, Guelph, d/o William H. & Mary COOKE, witn: John HENDERSON & Annie E. SPENCE, 1 Jan 1879 at Guelph
011573-79 Frank ENGLISH, 26, farmer, Maryborough, same, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Mary Matilda WEST, 27, West Gwillimbury, Maryborough, d/o Isham & Mary, witn: William McKAY & Mary Jane ENGLISH both of Maryborough on Apr. 23, 1879 at the residence of the bride's father in Maryborough  
11444-79 Walter ERWIN, 26, laborer, Asphodel twp., Arthur village, s/o Walter & Rachel, married Jane TERRAN, 27, Ireland, Arthur, d/o Gregory & Jane, witn: William TERRAN & Jane ERWIN, both of Arthur, 13 Jan 1879 at Palmerston 11718-79 Francis ESSAN, 26, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Francis & Jane, married Clara Jane BAKER, 20, East Garafraxa, same, d/o Aaron & Margaret, witn: Henry ESSAN & Sarah BAKER, both of E. Garafraxa, 23 May 1879 at West Garafraxa
11277-79 James FAIRLY, 22, machinist, Guelph, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Ellen MARSHALL, 20, Glasgow Scotland, Guelph, d/o William & Ellen, witn: Benjamin FAIRLY & David ROBERTSON, both of Guelph, 1 Jan 1879 at Guelph 12004-80 William FEE, 23, farmer, Canada, Puslinch, s/o William & Mary, married Josephine MORLOCK, 22, Canada, Puslinch, d/o Christian & Christena, witn: Otto RABOLDT & Fredericka MORLOCK, both of Morriston, 25 Dec 1879 at Morriston
  #011340-79 (Wellington Co): Thomas FENNELL, 23, laborer, Canada, Guelph, s/o Charles & Jane, married Abigail GROAT, 20, Canada, Guelph twp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: A. McMILLAN & John McLAGAN, both of Guelph, 23 Oct 1879 at Guelph in jail
11276-79 George FENWICK, 22, cabinet maker, Toronto, Guelph, s/o Theodore FENWICK & Sarah CAWTHERS, married Mary Marion GROOM, 20, England, Guelph, d/o Thurston GROOM & Eliza RICHARDS, witn: George C. CHURCHER & Annie GROOM, both of Guelph, 26 June 1879 at Guelph 11663-79 Archibald James FISHER, 26, blacksmith, Hamilton, Simcoe twp., s/o James & Jennet, married Jane D. HEENEY, 24, Brantford, Luther, d/o Thomas & Sarah Ann, witn: Thomas GRAHAM of Damascus & Hannah HEENEY of Luther, 8 Oct 1879 at Luther twp
#011361-79 (Wellington Co): Ezra A. FORD, 27, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o Richard FORD & Elizabeth MOORE, married Ellen MORRISON, 23, Peel , same, d/o John MORRISON & Emily HARRIS, witn: John HATTON of Peel & Mary SWRIGLY of Maryborough, 4 June 1879 at Elora 11388-79 William Barnet FORD, 21, farmer, Canada, Nichol twp., s/o Edward FORD & Elizabeth BARNET, married Catherine Christena McQUARRIE, 20, Canada, Nichol twp., d/o Alexander McQUARRIE & Jane SKEOCH, witn: Alexander McQUARRIE of Nichol twp. & William BARNET of West Garafraxa, 27 Aug 1879 at Nichol twp
  11663-80 Robert FREELAND, 27, carriage builder, Maryborough, same, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Mary SPARKS, 21, Scotland, Arthur, d/o George & Sophia, witn: H. J. JENNINGS of Maryborough & Agnes SPARKS of Arthur, 24 Dec 1879 at Arthur
#011342-79 (Wellington Co): William Abel GAMHANE (or Gamham), 45, widower, broker, England, Stratford, s/o Abel & Mary Ann, married Emma Maria WOSFOLD, 28, Canada, Guelph, d/o James Edward & Elizabeth, witn: Edward HORSMAN & Maria E. SMITH, both of Guelph, 3 Dec 1879 at Guelph 11280-79 Robert GEMMELL, 26, express clerk, Canada, Guelph, s/o John & Agnes, married Ellen Pringle WATSON, 24, Meliore? Scotland, Guelph, d/o William & Helen D., witn: W. ROGERSON & J. W. WATSON, both of Guelph, 19 Feb 1879 at Guelph
011565-79 Jonathan GIBSON, 22, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o Donald GIBSON & Mary Cordelia GLOVER, married Janet MORRIS, 18, Erin Tp., same, d/o George MORRIS & Elizabeth COPELAND, witn: Louis LAINDON & Mary GIBSON both of E. Garafraxa on Nov. 19, 1879 at Spire’s Hotel in Fergus. 11739-79 James GILLARD, 32, lawyer, Darlington, Paisley, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Ann Elizabeth FRENCH, 27, Nelson, Minto twp., d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: John FRENCH of Minto twp. & Mary Ann GILLARD of Harriston, 5 March 1879 at Minto twp.
12003-80 Hugh GILLESPIE, 25, teacher, Canada, Orford twp., s/o not known, married Martha ANDERSON, 24, Canada, Puslinch, d/o William & Jane, witn: William ANDERSON of Puslinch & Ada ALLISON of Nassagaweya, 24 Dec 1879 at Puslinch  
#011338-79 (Wellington Co): Thomas William GINGRICH, 25, carpenter, Canada, Hespeler, s/o John & Celia, married Mary Maude BOLDEN, 22, Canada, Hespeler, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: Esther DIXON & Madge McKAY, both of Guelph, 9 June 1879 at Guelph #011373-79 (Wellington Co): John GORDON, 55, widower, farmer, Banffshire Scotland, Carrick, s/o William & Ellen, married Mary McCONACHIE, 44, widow, Banffshire Scotland, Carrick, d/o William & Elizabeth McCONACHIE, witn: James RAMSEY of Howick & Elizabeth YOUNG of Clifford, 11 Jan 1879 at Clifford
11743-79 George GRAY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Minto twp., s/o William & Christena, married Martha Maria WILSON, 20, Ontario, Minto twp., d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: Samuel WILSON & Elizabeth GRAY, both of Minto twp., 5 March 1879 at Teviotdale 11446-79 John GREENWOOD, 24, farmer, of 4th con of Maryborough, s/o William GREENWOOD & Isabella ANDERSON, married Susan Jane BALLARD, 18, Wellesley, 4th con of Maryborough, d/o Alfred BALLARD & Susan Jane CUNNINGHAM, witn: David Daniel LESLIE of 4th con Maryborough, 17 Feb 1879 at Palmerston
11721-79 Thomas HAMILL, 23, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Libbie FELKER, 21, Garafraxa, same, d/o Abraham & Annie, witn: William Hugh HAMILL & Malissa A. FELKER, both of Garafraxa, 1 Oct 1879 at West Garafraxa 11661-80 Matthew HAMILTON, 27, blacksmith, Erin twp., Caledon twp., s/o Christopher & Margaret, married Mary LONG, 19, Caledon twp., Garafraxa twp., d/o Joseph & Hannah, witn: William HAY & Catherine LOW?, both of Garafraxa, 31 Dec 1879 at Arthur
11327-79 John HAMMOND, 28, laborer, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Henry HAMMOND & Ann JACKSON, married Martha MARSHALL, 26, Canada, Orangeville, d/o John T. MARSHALL & Elizabeth FLEMING, witn: Walter FAIRBAIRN & Thomas MARSHALL, both of Orangeville, 17 Sept 1879 at Guelph #011344-79 (Wellington Co): Joseph HARDY, 26, farmer, Canada, Woolwich, s/o William HARDY & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Maria HEWITT, 26, Canada, Woolwich, d/o Elisha HEWITT & Catherine BENNER, witn: John & Elizabeth HARDY and Helen HEWITT, all of Woolwich, 12 Feb 1879 at Knox Church Manse, Elora
  011945-80 (Wellington Co) Edward HARLAND, 41, farmer, Canada, Guelph Twp, s/o Edward Albert & Elizabeth married Jane M. A. HARVEY, 41, Canada, Guelph Twp, spinster, d/o George & Jane HARVEY, witn: (none given), 15 April 1879 in Guelph
11885-80 Hugh HARPER, 27, gunsmith, England, Guelph, s/o Mathew & Jane, married Elizabeth CUTTING, 17, Canada, Eramosa, d/o Henry & Phebe Jane, witn: Henry CUTTING of Eramosa & Isaac PERRY? of Orangeville, 29 Oct 1879 at Erin 11389-79 James HARPER, 35, journalist, Edinburgh Scotland, Montreal, s/o James HARPER & Catherine BELL, married Jessie McQUEEN, 37, Fergus Canada, Cherry Hill, d/o James McQUEEN & Christina BLACK, witn: James McQUEEN of Nichol & Hugh McQUEEN of West Garafraxa, 25 Sept 1879 at Cherry Hill, Nichol twp.
11275-79 Edmund HARTNETT, 26, hotel keeper, Dundas Ont., Rockwood, s/o William HARTNETT & Margaret RIORDAN, married Margaret DORAN, 27, Co. Wexford Ireland, Eden Mills, d/o John DORAN & Mary KAVANAGH, witn: Joseph HAIGH of Rockwood & Emily CUTLER of Berlin, 18 June 1879 at Church of Our Lady, Guelph 11379-79 John Franklin HASSARD, 25, farmer, Canada, Peel twp., s/o William HASSARD & Jane GOTT, married Jane HARBOTTLE, 26, Canada, Pilkington, d/o George HARBOTTLE & Jane RITSON, witn: Edward & Ren--? HARBOTTLE of Pilkington, 23 Jan 1879 at Pilkington
11719-79 Timothy HASTINGS, 26, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Timothy HASTINGS & Ann McQUEEN, married Hannah HASTINGS, 20, Garafraxa, same, d/o Samuel BLACK & Winnifred DAVIS, witn: Joseph & Mary Ann UNSWORTH of Georgetown, 1 Sept 1879 at Georgetown [reg in W. Garafraxa, as written] 11686-79 William HAWKINS, 30, farmer, Eramosa twp., same, s/o Josiah & Mary, married Harriet McLEAN, 22, Argyleshire Scotland, Erin twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Neil & Isabella McLEAN of Erin, 11 Feb 1879 at Erin village
11737-79 Andrew HAY, 28, mechanic, Fergus, Listowel, s/o William HAY & Isabella HENDERSON, married Mary McMILLAN, 24, Puslinch, Minto twp., d/o Walter McMILLAN & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: John McMILLAN & Catherine STEWART, 8 Jan 1879 at Minto twp. 011576-79 Ezra Anson HEALY, 40, bailiff, widower, Leeds Co., Walkerton, s/o William & Minerva, married Catherine A. MAGEE, 35, widow, King Tp., Drayton, d/o Jessie & Harriett JONES, witn: Daniel & Hattie SMITH both of Drayton on Feb. 19, 1879 at Drayton
11427-79 John HENRY, 35, farmer, Mono, same, s/o William KENNY & Eliza McMASTER, married Margaret Maria CANNING, 24, Mono, same, d/o William CANNING & Margaret GLASS, win: Martha HENRY & Robert CANNING, both of Mono, 29 Jan 1879 at Orangeville  
12058-80 William HIGGINS, 26, farmer, Vaughan twp., Hornings Mills, s/o Thomas & Nancy, married Mary Elizabeth HIGGINS (sic), 23, Vaughan twp., Melancthon, d/o Mark HARRISON & Jane, witn: Richard HARRISON & Sarah A. HIGGINS, both of Melancthon, 19 March 1879 at Orangeville #011354-79 (Wellington Co): James HILL, 23, butcher, Elora, same, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Sarah PANTLER, 19, Preston, Elora, d/o Nicholas & blank, witn: George & Elizabeth FLADD of Salem, 29 Oct 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath)
11448-79 Alexander HOBSON, 25, fireman, Belfast Ireland, Palmerston, s/o William HOBSON & Ann Jane WRIGHT, married Margaret PATTERSON, 22, Scotland, Palmerston, d/o James PATTERSON & Annie RAMSEY, witn: George HAMILTON & Kate PATTERSON, both of Palmerston, 27 March 1879 at Palmerston 11332-79 Robert HODSON, 21, weaver, Canada, Guelph, s/o James HODSON & Agnes McMATH, married Fanny BARD, 23, Canada, Guelph, d/o William BARD & Elizabeth GOUGH, witn: John HODSON & Thomas ANDERSON, both of Guelph, 26 Nov 1879 at Guelph
11467-79 John H. HOLINGER, 22, farmer, Peel Ont., Minto twp., s/o George & Ann HOLLINGER (sic), married Elizabeth MOCK, 22, Minto twp., same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: William MOCK & Lydia EPWORTH, both of Minto twp., 17 April 1879 at Harriston 11324-79 John R. HOOD, 26, butcher, Canada, same, s/o George HOOD & Mariana LEWIS, married Sarah m. D. SMITH, 18, Canada, Guelph, d/o William SMITH & Susan McCALLUM, witn: James SUMMERVILLE & Robert CONAGALTON?, both of Guelph, 2 Sept 1879 at Guelph
  11465-79 Robert HOWEY, 28, carpenter, London twp., Palmerston, s/o Thomas HOWEY & Rachel BURGES, married Margaret Jane AGER (s/b Agar?), 21, Smiths Falls, Palmerston, d/o Thomas AGER & Margaret HAYDEN, witn: Charles AGER & Catherine HARREN?, both of Palmerston, 13 Dec 1879 at Palmerston
#011345-79 (Wellington Co): Adolphus HUGGINS, 20, farmer, Canada, Peel, s/o William HUGGINS & Mary FELLOWS, married Louisa JOHNSTON, 18, Canada, Kincardine, d/o Leonard JOHNSTON & Mary PINDER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George HOCKNEY of Peel, 12 Feb 1879 at Knox Church Manse, Elora #011368-79 (Wellington Co): William Henry HUGHES, 23, farmer, NY state, Peel twp., s/o Walter HUGHES & Sophia BLUCHOLDER, married Elizabeth McEWAN, 17, Halton Co., Peel twp., d/o John McEWAN & Janet ANDERSON, witn: Francis WOOLEY of Maryborough & Catherine McEWAN of Peel, 24 Dec 1879 at Elora
11452-79 John Wilbur HUNT, 25, gentleman, Harpville Ont., Palmerston, s/o Michael HUNT & Mary IRWIN, married Mary Jane DONELLY, 21, Tullamore Ont., Palmerston, d/o Matthew DONELLY & Jane CRAIG, witn: James & Susan DONELLY of Palmerston, 2 June 1879 at Palmerston 11817-80 James IVEL, 33, farmer, Scotland, Minto, s/o James IVEL & Margaret PROCTOR, married Margaret McDERMID, 29, Scotland, Minto, d/o Archibald McDERMID & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: John IVEL & Sarah McPHERSON, both of Harriston, 14 April 1880 at Harriston
#011359-79 (Wellington Co): Andrew JEFFREY, 24, private gentleman, Glasgow Scotland, Salem, s/o Peter JEFFREY & Ann LEWIS, married Ellen O’GRADIE, 20, Peel, Salem, d/o John O’GRADIE & Mary O'CONNELL, witn: Philip MALONE of Peel & Agnes O’GRADIE of Salem, 19 May 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath) 011575-79 William JOHNSTON, 21, farmer, Peel, same, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Elizabeth HILL, 18, Hope Tp., Peel, d/o William & Jane, witn: Benjamin POWLEY & Elizabeth FRANCIS both of Drayton on Feb. 7, 1879 at Drayton
#011341-79 (Wellington Co): John JOTHAM, 22, barber, Canada, Erin, s/o Frederick & Margaret, married Annie RICHARDSON, 20, Canada, Guelph, d/o Thomas & Susannah, witn: Arthur WILLIAMS & Caroline HILLMAN, 20 Oct 1879 at Guelph 11393-79 George L. KEELING, 22, lumber dealer, Nichol twp., same, s/o Charles KEELING & Christian MIDDLETON, married Mary H. GLADSTONE, 22, Ayr Ont., Nichol twp., d/o James GLADSTONE & Elizabeth EDGAR, witn: James EDGAR & Walter DAVIDSON, both of Salem, 20 Feb 1879 at Salem, Nichol twp.
11336-79 John Richard KING, no age given, laborer, Canada, Guelph, s/o Joseph & Ruth, married Mary FISHER, no age given, Canada, Guelph, d/o Fide & Celia, witn: George & Mary MARRIOTT, 8 April 1879 at Guelph #011346-79 (Wellington Co): Ignakin? KORMAN, 24, laborer, Alsace France, Salem, s/o John KORMAN & Bridget OSNEDOCK?, married Kate BERRYLINE, 20, Salem, same, d/o Charles BERRYLINE & Kate MARTIN, witn: John BERRYLINE & Elizabeth HORNBERGER, both of Salem, 28 Jan 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath)
11395-79 Albert Simpson LAMB, 25, sawyer, Chinguacousy, Meadowvale, s/o John Dennis & Martha, married Mary Ann PIERCEY, 22, Toronto, Nichol twp., d/o Thomas & Grace, witn: Jeremiah PIERCEY of Nichol twp. & Mary ROBINSON of Etobicoke, 12 March 1879 at Nichol twp. 12023-80 John Jacob LANDISE, 22, farmer, Bridgeport, West Garafraxa, s/o Jacob & Hannah, married Lucy Jane GOULDING, 21, Turnberry, West Garafraxa, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Henry John GOULDING & Esther LANDISE, both of W. Garafraxa. 24 Dec 1879 at West Garafraxa
011564-79 Fred John LANGLEY, 30, laborer, England, Luther, s/o John LANGLEY & May Ann GOODWIN, married Keziah BENNETT, 32, England, Luther, d/o Thomas BENNETT & Fanny GARNER, witn: John BENNETT of Luther & Ann McFARLANE of Fergus on Nov. 6, 1879 at the Manse in Fergus 11449-79 Henry LAWRENCE, 20, farmer, Woolwich twp., 2nd con of Minto twp., s/o George LAWRENCE & Harriet SINGER, married Mary Ann ZUBER, 18, of Woolwich, d/o Jacob ZUBER & Caroline KEHN, witn: George LAWRENCE of 2nd con of Minto twp., 15 Feb 1879 at Palmerston
11740-79 Henry LEPPINGTON, 20, farmer, Gore of Toronto, Minto twp., s/o Edward & Ann, married Emma BARKER, 20, Hillsburg, Minto twp., d/o William & Annie, witn: Thomas CATHERWOOD of Newbridge & Elizabeth BARKER of Minto twp., 26 March 1879 at Minto twp 11741-79 John LEPPINGTON, 21, farmer, Chinguacousy, 2nd con of Minto twp., s/o Edward & Ann, married Ann HOLLAND, 20, con 6 of Minto twp., same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Thomas LEPPINGTON of Newbridge & Martha HOLLAND of con 6, 11 March 1879 at Minto twp.
11441-79 David Daniel LESLIE, 20, farmer, of 4th con of Maryborough, s/o William LESLIE & Ann SANDERKIN, married Charlotte BALLARD, 16, of 4th con of Maryborough, d/o Alfred BALLARD & Susan Jane CUNNINGHAM, witn: John GREENWOOD of 4th con of Maryborough & Rev. John N. NELSON of Shebunacadie NS, 17 Feb 1879 at Palmerston 11436-79 Guy LESLIE, 68, widower, Orangeville postmaster, Ireland, Orangeville, s/o Edward LESLIE & Margaret PRICE, married Emily Elenor Sydenham LOCKWOOD, 37, Camden, Orangeville, d/o Isaac Jacob LOCKWOOD & Mary HARKMAN, witn: George McKEE & Bertram HUMPHRIES, both of Orangeville, 23 April 1879 at Orangeville
12051-80 Sidney MAHONEY, 25, laborer, England, Milton, s/o Michael & Margaret, married Sarah YOUNG, 16, Canada, Milton, d/o James & Jane, witn: Walter FRANKLIN & Martha HENDERSON, both of Orangeville, 25 March 1879 at Orangeville #011659-79 (Wellington Co): James MANN, 24, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann FAIRGRAVE, 21, Pilkington, Luther, d/o James & Jane, witn: James FAIRGRAVE of Luther & Margaret MANN of Garafraxa, 4 Dec 1879 at Luther
11691-79 John MANN, 33, farmer, Scotland, Erin twp., s/o Peter & Ann Moffatt MANN, married Catherine HART, 18, Erin twp., same, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth Moore HART, witn: Alexander MANN of Esquesing & J. McKEOWN of Erin, June 1879 at Erin twp 11724-79 Anthony MARSHALL, 25, miller, Blenheim Oxford, Luther, s/o Anthony MARSHALL & Isabella HALL, married Elizabeth COUSE, 21, Garafraxa, same, d/o Paul COUSE & Margaret BLACK, witn: Henry COUSE of Tecumseth & Agnes BROWN of Blenheim, 29 Oct 1879 at West Garafraxa
11687-79 Henry MARTIN, 21, blacksmith, Hanover, same, s/o William Henry & Rachel, married Elizabeth Jane KIRKPATRICK, 18, Limehouse, Erin, d/o Charles & Phoebe, witn: George LANE of Caledon & Elizabeth MARTIN of Hanover, 20 Feb 1879 at Erin 11907-80 John MARTIN, 34, miller, Fergus, Arthur twp., s/o John & Jane, married Jane WILSON, 19, Berlin Ont., Arthur twp., d/o Alexander & Ann, witn: Alexander MARTIN & Mary WILSON, both of Arthur twp., 12 Nov 1879 at Arthur twp
  11284-79 Alexander MATTHEWS, 28, broom manufacturer, Scotland, Guelph, s/o William MATTHEWS & Elizabeth MacGREGOR, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 26, Ontario, Guelph, d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Janet CAMERON, witn: John McCUTCHEON & Marion MATTHEWS, both of Hamilton, 25 June 1879 at Guelph
#011348-79 (Wellington Co): George MAVEAL, 22, not given, Prescott Ont., Elora, s/o Joseph & Silla, married Henrietta DICKENSON, 21, Erin, Elora, d/o George & Ann, witn: George DICKENSON & Elizabeth McCAW, both of Elora, 6 Feb 1879 at Elora 11283-79 John McCLENAHAN, 27, farmer, Ireland, Nelson, s/o Robert McCLENAHAN & Ann McMILLAN, married Margaret GREAVES, 21, Ontario, Nassagaweya, d/o John GREAVES & Ellen MURRAY, witn: Neil McCLENAHAN of Trafalgar & Daniel WHITLEY of Nassagaweya, 25 June 1879 at Guelph
#011356-79 (Wellington Co): William Robert McCOSLAND (s/b McCausland?), 22, cooper, Lambton, Guelph, s/o John & Sarah, married Tamar Jane LAWRENCE, 18, Guelph, same, d/o William LAWRENCE & Eliza KAY, witn: James & Eliza KERSHAW of Elora, 23 April 1879 at Elora 11328-79 David L. McCRAE, 28, clergyman, Scotland, Osnabruck, s/o John McCRAE & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Mary W. LITTLE, 24, Scotland, Guelph, d/o James LITTLE & Mary LANDEN, witn: F. A. McLENNAN of Glengary & D. McCRAE of Guelph, 16 Sept 1879 at Guelph
11390-79 John McCULLOUGH, 30, farmer, Hastings Co., Nichol twp., s/o William & Rebecca, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 25, Nichol twp., same, d/o Samuel CAMPBELL & Rachel OWENS, witn: William CUNNINGHAM & William McCULLOUGH, both of Nichol twp., 13 Nov 1879 at Mt. Pleasant 11470-79 Donald McDERMID, 28, farmer, Erin, Arthur, s/o Donald & Elizabeth Sinclair McDERMID, married Annie McDERMID, 22, Minto twp., same, d/o Archibald & Margaret Campbell McDERMID, witn: James IVEL? & Margaret McDERMID, both of Minto twp., 23 April 1879 at Harriston
011566-79 James McDONALD, 44, farmer, widower, Caledon, West Garafraxa, s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth FELKER, 29, Garafraxa, W. Garafraxa, d/o John & Henrietta, witn: Lucinda R. & Viola WILKINSON both of Fergus on Dec. 11, 1879 at Fergus 11679-79 Donald McDOUGALL, 35, farmer, Canada, Erin, s/o Duncan & Margaret, married Flora REID, 32, Canada, Erin, d/o Archibald & Janet, witn: James SCOTT & Daniel McLELLAN, both of Erin, 28 Jan 1879 at Erin
11818-80 Robert McELWAIN, 23, blacksmith, Manvers twp., Lakelet, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Jane Ann EWENS, 18, Normanby, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Richard EWENS of Normanby & Eliza McELWAIN of Culross, 25 Dec 1879 at Harriston 12052-80 Albert McGUIRE, 24, laborer, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Robert & Ann, married Jane JOHNSTON, 22, Canada, Orangeville, d/o William John & Mary, witn: Elizabeth CLARK of Orangeville & William JOHNSTON of Owen Sound, 19 March 1879 at Orangeville
#011350-79 (Wellington Co): Archibald McINTYRE, 30, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Archibald McINTYRE & Rachel McKELLAR, married Harriet HOLMES, 25, Maryborough, Rothsay, d/o William HOLMES & Jane BATCHELAR, witn: Euphemia McINTYRE & Isaac CRISP, both of St. Thomas, 18 Feb 1879 at Elora 11960-80 L.J. McINTYRE, 24, photographer, St. Marys Ont., Toronto, s/o James McINTYRE & Augusta, married Jane E. GORRIE, 21, Scotland, Guelph, d/o William GORRIE & M. , witn: J.D. DUSTY & Harriet McINTYRE, 31 Dec 1879 at Guelph
12057-80 John McKEE, 21, farmer, Canada, Dakota USA, s/o Henry & Charlotte, married Sarah McCUTCHEON, 22, Canada, Mulmur, d/o David & Mary, witn: Samuel McCUTCHEON & Mary Elizabeth DORSEY, both of Mulmur, 15 Oct. 1879 at Orangeville  
11671-79 Murdock McKENZIE, 26, blacksmith, Urrny? Rosshire Scotland, Guelph, s/o Kenneth McKENZIE & Jessie CHISHOLM, married Mary McLEAN, 20, Erin twp., same, d/o Lachlan & Sarah, witn: Duncan McKENZIE of Guelph & James McARTHUR of Erin, 1 Jan 1879 at Erin twp 11684-79 Duncan McLEAN, 27, farmer, Erin, Caledon, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Betsy COWAN, 27, Erin, same, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: Charles FERGUSON of Erin & Ellen McLEAN of Caledon, 26 Feb 1879 at Erin
  #011374-79 (Wellington Co): William McLEOD, 28, farmer, East Zorra, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Hannah LOCKART, 28, East Zorra, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: William Henry MALLETT of Arthur twp & E. YOUNG of Clifford, 3 March 1879 at Clifford
#011357-79 (Wellington Co): Andrew McMANUS, 22, farmer, Ireland, Pilkington, s/o Andrew McMANUS & Mary GOOD, married Margaret Ann COLTER, 21, Ireland, Pilkington, d/o Francis COLTER & Margaret DAVIDSON, witn: Jane McFEELL? of Pilkington, 29 March 1879 at Elora #011661-79 (Wellington Co): James McNEISH, 25, farmer, Ontario, Molesworth - Wallace twp., s/o John McNEISH & Margaret MITCHELL, married Margaret B. COOPER, 19, Ontario, Luther twp., d/o James COOPER & Agnes THOMSON, witn: Andrew McNEISH of Wallace & Alexander THOMSON of Turnberry, 24 Sept 1879 at Luther twp
11631-80 William McPHAIL, 32, farmer, Rothsay Scotland, Erin, s/o John & Mary, married Julia MITCHELL, 19, Eramosa, same, d/o George & Grace, witn: Joseph & Thomas CROFT of Eramosa, 31 Dec 1879 at Eramosa 11279-79 Archibald McTAGGART, 29, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Janet WILKINSON, 27, Puslinch, same, d/o Neil & Mary, witn: Emily G. SMITH & Elizabeth LOCK, both of Guelph, 21 Jan 1879 at Guelph
11462-79 William W. MEDILL (s/b Madill?), 25, farmer, 8th con Maryborough, 1st con Minto twp., s/o Joseph MEDILL & Isabella McWHINNEY, married Isabella R. HOOD, 18, 13th con Wallace, same, d/o Gideon & Catherine, witn: John CAMPBELL & Jannet K. HOOD, both of Palmerston, 23 Dec 1879 at 13th con Wallace [reg in Palmerston ] 11382-79 Conrad MILLER, 24, farmer, Canada, Woolwich twp., s/o Conrad & Julian, married Karoline EDLAR, 22, Canada, Pilkington twp., d/o Frederick & Maria, witn: John SCHWIND of Woolwich twp & Catherine EDLAR of Pilkington twp., 3 June 1879 at Pilkington twp
#011375-79 (Wellington Co): John Silvester MILLER, 24, yeoman, Garafraxa, Howick, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Amanda Adalia CROMWELL, 17, Peel, Howick, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: William & Cecilia CROMWELL of Howick, 3 May 1879 at Clifford 11963-80 Alexander MITCHELL, 38, lumberman, Scotland, Mitchell town, s/o Alexander MITCHELL & Elizabeth, married Helen MORAN, 38, widow, Quebec, Guelph, d/o James FARISH & blank, witn: James FARISH & Emily G. SMITH, 30 Dec 1879 at Guelph
11434-79 Thomas MONTGOMERY, 22, farmer, Ontario, Garafraxa, s/o John MONTGOMERY & Ester HUSTON, married Ann Rebecca REID, 20, widow, Ontario, Amaranth, d/o Samuel McFADDEN & Malissa, witn: Mary Jane & Robert REID of Orangeville, 14 May 1879 at Orangeville 11278-79 William MOREHEAD, 29, widower, blacksmith, Peel twp., Erin, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Mary BENNIE, 28, Erin, same, d/o Peter & Janet, witn: John & Harriet FIELDING of Guelph, 21 Jan 1879 at Guelph
11908-80 John J. MORRISON, 27, millwright, Reach twp., Toronto, s/o James & Jane, married Katie LIVINGSTON, 29, Eldon Ont., Arthur twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Donald & Bessie LIVINGSTON of Arthur twp., 12 Nov 1879 at res of bride's father, Arthur twp 11836-80 Thomas MOSS, 27, mechanic, Canada, Amaranth, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Martha Elizabeth BATES, 18, Canada, Amaranth, d/o James & Sarah, witn: John COULTER of Mornington & Margaret BATES of Amaranth, 18 May 1879 at Amaranth
#011367-79 (Wellington Co): William MURDOCK, 56, farmer, Scotland, Pilkington twp., s/o William MURDOCK & Janet McGAVIN, married Janet ADAMS, 33, Dumfries twp., Pilkington, d/o Thomas ADAMS & Sarah TILLEY, witn: Nellie ADAMS of Waterloo & Mrs. S.W. FISHER of Elora, 12 Dec 1879 at Elora 11598-79 (Wellington Co): Daniel MURPHY, 30, grain dealer, Nichol twp., Mt. Forest, s/o Nicholas MURPHY & Mary SCANLAN, married Mary A. MAGUIRE, 20, Bradford – Simcoe Co., Mt. Forest, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William & Mary Ann KANE of Mt. Forest, 7 Jan 1879 at Mt. Forest (Rom Cath)
  11962-80 John MUTRIE, 27, farmer, Nichol, same, s/o John MUTRIE & Elizabeth, married Isabella BEATTIE, 28, Nichol twp., same, d/o George BEATTIE & Margaret, witn: James BEATTIE & Jane MUTRIE, 15 Oct 1879 at Nichol
12068-80 Wellington MYERS, 24, farmer, Trenton Ont., Amaranth, s/o Thomas W. MYERS & Harriet BURTON, married Isabella McFADYEN, 20, Morris Ont., Amaranth, d/o Angus McFADYEN & Ann McNABB, wit: William McFADYEN & Eliz Jane ATKINSON, both of Amaranth, 21 Jan 1879 at Orangeville 11662-80 John J. NEIL, 29, merchant, Stratford, Arthur, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Emma H. BUSCHLEN, 18, Arthur, same, d/o Anthony & Mary, witn: Andrew NEIL of Hamilton & Maria (Mina?) BUSCHLEN of Arthur, 3 Dec 1879 at Arthur
11717-79 John NESBITT, 36, widower, farmer, Co. Monaghan Ireland, 16th con of Peel twp., s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Sarah Jane GROVES, 26, Ainsley? - Durham Co., 1st con of West Garafraxa, d/o Abraham & Margaret, witn: Thomas NESBITT & Sr. Abraham GROVES, both of Fergus, 16 April 1879 at West Garafraxa 11466-79 George NICKLIN, 27, farmer, widower, Pilkington, Minto twp., s/o George & Mary, married Sarah Jane WADGE, 18, Darlington, Harriston, d/o John & Mary, witn: Thomas WADGE & Lizzie NICKLIN, both of Harriston, 12 Feb 1879 at Harriston
11428-79 Archibald NOBLE, 26, hardware merchant, Proton, Shelburne, s/o Edward & Catherine Jane, married Martha KNIGHT, 22, Orangeville, same, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Thomas DONAGHY of Shelburne & Maggie MARA of Orangeville, 18 Feb 1879 at Orangeville 11447-79 James L. OSBORNE, 38, widower, contractor, Bowmanville, Listowel, s/o Richard OSBORNE & Grace DOWNING, married Emma W. SMITH, 23, Perth Co., Listowel, d/o William SMITH & Harriet SHAW, witn: Archibald PATTERSON & M. PROCTOR, both of Palmerston, 22 March 1879 at Palmerston
12053-80 James PATTERSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Mono, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Sarah Jane HENRY, 17, Canada, Mono, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: John PHENIX & Eliza Ann HENRY, both of Mono, 22 Jan 1879 at Orangeville 11685-79 John PATTERSON, 27, house joiner, Caledon twp., Erin village, s/o D. & Jane, married Eva Lizetta SHINGLER, 17, Erin village, same, d/o John & Thirza, witn: G. W. SHINGLER & Jane SAUNDERS, both of Erin, 27 Jan 1879 at Erin village
#011339-79 (Wellington Co): Henry PEARSON, 30, cabman, Canada, Guelph, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Susan HOOD, 28, Scotland, Guelph, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Nellie CLOSE & John SCHSON, both of Guelph, 21 July 1879 at Guelph 11726-79 William PHILIPS, 24, farmer, Erin twp., West Garafraxa, s/o William PHILIPS & Eliza GIBSON, married Alice THEAKER, 20, Eramosa, same, d/o James THEAKER & Ann CARTWRIGHT, witn: William John & Mrs. William MILLICAN of Garafraxa, 24 Dec 1879 at Presbyterian Manse, Douglas
11440-79 Robert PINKERTON, 23, farmer, of 4th con of Wallace, s/o William PINKERTON & Margaret Ann McCONKEY?, married Ann Jane SIMPSON, 23, of 4th con of Wallace, d/o James SIMPSON & Elizabeth MORE, witn: Robert IRWIN of Palmerston & Robert CROOKS of Wallace, 30 Jan. 1879 at Palmerston 11378-79 James POTTER, 35, farmer, York city - England,, Howick, s/o James & Ann, married Elizabeth Ann SMITH, 25, Stratton England, Howick, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: E. L. & A. M. YOUNG of Clifford, 9 Sept 1879 at Clifford
11665-79 Robert POWRIE, 29, farmer, Nichol twp., Luther twp., s/o Robert & Ann, married Catherine Maria ROSS, 22, Hamilton, Luther, d/o Finley & Rebecca, witn: James POWRIE & Emma ROSS, both of Luther, 8 April 1879 at Luther twp 11721-80 Alexander PRENTICE, 28, carpenter, Blandford twp., Luther twp., s/o Alexander & Martha, married Fanny ARNOT, 20, Nichol twp., Luther twp., d/o James & Catherine, witn: William SMITH & Maggie ARNOT, both of Luther, 1 Oct 1879 at Mount Forest
#011353-79 (Wellington Co): James PUCKERING, 23, farmer, England, Caledon, s/o Henry PUCKERING & Mary LOVE, married Sarah Ann STOCKFORD, 24, Nichol, same, d/o Richard STOCKFORD & Mary BLENCO, witn: Alice DAY & Eliza KERSHAW, both of Elora, 5 March 1879 at Elora 11725-79 John RAYFIELD, 28, wood sled maker, Rochester England, Galt, s/o John RAYFIELD & Priscilla WILMORE, married Catherine LOREE (Losee?), 22, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Michael LOREE & Annie ESSAN, witn: George RAYFIELD of Bolingreen & Thomas FORSTER of Garafraxa, 2 Dec 1879 at West Garafraxa
#011365-79 (Wellington Co): Timothy READY, 25, laborer, Streetsville, Fergus, s/o Thomas READY & Mary BUCKLEY, married Rebecca SANDERSON, 21, Fergus, same, d/o James SANDERSON & Mary Jane WILSON, witn: James MacNAMARA & Mary DONOVAN, both of Fergus, 15 Oct 1879 at Elora 001568-79 George REEVES, 26, laborer, Elora, W. Garafraxa, s/o George & Lucy, married Jane FRIESE, 21, Mount Forest, Elora, d/o Adam & Christina, witn: W. F. ADAMS of Mount Forest & Miss A. M. ADAMS of Fergus on Dec. 25, 1879 at Fergus
11810-80 Samuel REID, 30, farmer, Weston Ont., Garafraxa, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary Elizabeth SIMPSON, 23, Garafraxa, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: John Heaboll? SIMPSON of E. Garafraxa & Elizabeth SL--? of Orangeville, 2 April 1879 at East Garafraxa  
011570-79 David RENDALL, 26, blacksmith, Orkney Scotland, West Garafraxa, s/o John RENDALL & Elizabeth MORWICK, married Mary BROUGH, 22, Forfarshire Scotland, Fergus, d/o John BROUGH & Jane BEATTIE, witn: James CHEYNE & Ellen TUNNAH both of Fergus on Dec. 31, 1879 at Fergus 11394-79 William RENNIE, 49, widower, farmer, Scotland, West Garafraxa, s/o James RENNIE & Ann STEWART, married Mary KEITH, 24, Nichol twp., same, d/o William KEITH & Elizabeth CALDER, witn: James CALDWELL & Christena KEITH, both of Nichol twp., 5 March 1879 at Nichol twp
11412-79 (Wellington Co): James RICHARDSON, 24, farmer, Orangeville, Mono twp., s/o Isaac & Ellen, married Mary Ann MARTIN, 23, England, Caledon twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: John H. MARTIN & Margaret BROWN, both of Mono, 9 Oct 1879 at Orangeville 11688-79 Joseph ROBINSON, 26, farmer, Ireland, Erin, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann TROTT, 20, Erin, same, d/o James & Susan, witn: George WILSON of Caledon & Maggie McCALLUM of Erin, 16 April 1879 at Erin twp.
11391-79 William ROBINSON, 25, Canada, Eramosa, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Ann CUNNINGHAM, 22, Canada, Nichol twp., d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Christena SHERRATT, witn: John CUNNINGHAM of Balsam Grove & Robert ROBINSON of Eramosa, 15 Jan 1879 at Balsam Grove, Nichol twp 11383-79 George ROGERS, 30, farmer, Canada, Pilkington twp., s/o Doctor ROGERS & Esther HEUGH, married Isabella WHITELAW, 24, Canada, Pilkington twp., d/o George WHITELAW & Isabella HENDERSON, witn: John WHITELAW & Levinia ROGERS, both of Pilkington, 30 Sept [probably 1879] at Pilkington
11387-79 Rev. John ROSS, 28, Presby. minister, Nichol twp., Brussels, s/o Arthur ROSS & Elsie MILNE, married Elsie WATT, 29, Nichol twp., same, d/o Alexander WATT & Barbara ARGO, witn: Duncan McCOLL of Toronto & Annie WATT of Nichol twp., 5 Dec 1879 at Nichol twp.  
11889-80 George Albert ROZWELL, 29, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Catherine HOW (Hore?), 23, Erin twp., same, d/o George & Ann, witn: D. McALISTER & Sarah Ann ROZWELL, both of Erin, 18 Sept 1879 at Eramosa #013520-79 (Wellington Co): John RUSK, 36, farmer, Ontario, Amaranth, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Minnie NIXON, 24, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o James & Mary, witn: John WALLACE & Elizabeth SCORE?, both of Orangeville, 26 Nov 1879 at Luther village
11723-80 James RYAN, 34, widower, organ maker, Limerick Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Catherine, married Sarah Ann BROWN, 30, Horton (Honton?) England, Toronto, d/o Richard James & Sarah, witn: James & Selina MORRISON of Mount Forest, 20 Nov 1879 at res of James Morrison, Mount Forest 011572-79 William SAMIS, 25, farmer, Mariposa, Drayton, s/o Solomon & Rebecca, married Emma PROSSER, 23, North Gwillimbury, Drayton, d/o Solomon & Isabella, witn: Henry SCHOLTA & Elizabeth McKAGUE both of Drayton on Jan. 1, 1879 at Drayton
11715-79 Arthur SCARROW, 28, farmer, Canada, Garafraxa, s/o Henry & Isabella, married Charlotte McKEE, 21, Canada, Peel, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Isaac SCARROW of Garafraxa & Annie COOPER of Maryborough, 13 March 1879 at Peel twp 11842-80 Frederick SHANNON, 22, farmer, East Zorra, Amabel, s/o Frederick & Caroline, married Sarah NICKASON, 22, Pilkington, Clifford, d/o George & Matilda, witn: John SHANNON of Southampton & Fanny BRISTOW of Clifford, 25 Dec 1879 at Clifford
11760-78 William SHAW, 25, farmer, Albion, Mono, s/o Thomas SHAW & Jane McGUIRE, married Sarah Ann HOGG, 22, Adjala, same, d/o Joseph HOGG & Mary LEE, witn: Robert BUCHANAN & Robert CANNING, both of Mono, 1 Jan 1879 at Orangeville 11281-79 William SHAW, 36, hotel keeper, Canada, Drayton, s/o John & Helen, married Elizabeth Ann WATERSON, 20, Walkerton, Drayton, d/o James & Hannah, witn: John & Elizabeth HOUGH of Guelph, 19 March 1879 at Guelph
12055-80 James SHAW, 27, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann, married Ann Jane HOLMES, 24, Canada, Caledon, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Ann Jane NODWELL of Erin & George HOLMES of Caledon, 8 July 1879 at Orangeville  
011569-79 Richard SHEA, 24, railway employee, Nichol, Fergus, s/o Patrick SHEA & Mary MORAN, married Mary L. JONSON, 27, Berlin, Fergus, d/o John JONSON & Mary O’LONE, witn: John SHEA of Nichol & Catherine JONSON of Fergus on Nov. 18, 1879 at Fergus. (RC) 11443-79 James T. A. SHELL, 35, widower, teacher, Esquesing, Guelph, s/o William SHELL & Ann SECORD, married Annie McARTHUR, 25, Beckwith twp., Maryborough, d/o James McARTHUR & Jane HODGINS, witn: John SHELL of Rockwood & Thomas ANDERSON of Rathesay, 14 Feb 1879 at Maryborough
11731-79 James SINCLAIR, 36, teacher, Scotland, Brampton, s/o George SINCLAIR & Isabella COGHILL, married Bessie F. SANDERSON, 21, Canada, Guelph twp., d/o Hugh SANDERSON & Jemima FULTON, witn: George D. PORTER of Guelph twp & Jennie FULTON of Flamborough, 10 Sept 1879 at Guelph twp #011785-80 (Wellington Co): William SMALL, 28, yeoman, Devon England, Minto, s/o Edward & Mary, married Elizabeth DALLY, 20, Minto, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Samuel BOUNDY & Mary Jane DALLY, both of Minto, 10 Dec 1879 at Minto
11380-79 William SMART, 35, farmer, Scotland, Minto twp., s/o Charles & Margaret, married Jane IRWIN, 33, Canada, Pilkington, d/o Robert & Lillie, witn: William MARTIN of Minto twp. & Grace IRWIN of Pilkington, 20 Feb 1879 at Pilkington #011788-80 (Wellington Co): John illegible SMITH, 24, farmer, Scotland, Minto twp., s/o William SMITH & Ellen MERWELL, married Elizabeth BARKER, 19, Hillsborough, Minto twp., d/o William BARKER & Ann WITTIE (or Witter), witn: David SMITH & Rhoda BARKER, both of Minto twp., 3 Dec 1879 at Minto twp
11323-79 James David SMITH, 48, widower, contractor, England, Galt, s/o John SMITH & Eliza TAYLOR, married Jane STEWART, 41, widow, Scotland, Guelph, d/o Robert DIXON & Mary RICHARDSON, witn: John MORTIMER & Latitia WARD, both of Guelph, 28 Aug 1879 at Guelph 011560-79 William SMITH, 36, agricultural implement maker, widower, Scarboro, Arthur, s/o George SMITH & Elizabeth HERBERT, married Mary Fraser REID, 34, widow, Banffshire Scotland, Arthur, d/o James FRASER & Barbara JOHNSTON, witn: Ann McFARLANE & N. S. MULLAN both of Fergus on July 9, 1879 at the Manse in Fergus
  11672-79 John SPEIRS, 27, farmer, Erin twp., same, s/o Johnston SPEIRS & Agnes BARBER, married Anna Jane SCOTT, 26, Erin twp., same, d/o George SCOTT & Isabella HOAR, witn: James SCOTT & David SPEIRS, both of Erin, 8 Jan 1879 at Erin twp.
11386-79 William H. STAFFORD, 33, widower, plasterer, England, Elora, s/o William & Eliza, married Mary HALLS, 23, Ontario, Pilkington, d/o William & Ann Hopgood HALLS, witn: Frank McFARLANE of Elora & Emma HALLS of Pilkington, 28 Dec 1879 at Pilkington #011360-79 (Wellington Co): Edward STENSON, 22, farmer, Downey twp., Maryborough, s/o John STENSON & Jane JOHNSON, married Mary LEE, 18, Peel, same, d/o David LEE & Mary JORDAN, witn: James LEE & Catherine COSTAN, both of Peel, 8 July 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath)
11689-79 John STEPHENSON, 25, mechanic, Nelson twp., Acton, s/o James & Ann, married Mary A. McKEOWN, 25, Erin twp., same, d/o David & Catherine, witn: David McKEOWN of Erin & Isabella STEPHENSON of Nelson, 1 May 1879 at Erin twp. 11678-79 Thomas STEWART, 24, farmer, Erin, same, s/o William & Jane, married Annie GRAHAM, 18, Chinguacousy, Erin, d/o William & Jane Ann, witn: Francis Thomas GALE & Aagot? C.J.S. CHOWNE, 28 Jan 1879 at Hillsburg
#011352-79 (Wellington Co): Joseph STICKNEY, 24, carpenter, Wellington, Peel, s/o Richard STICKNEY & Hannah BOYS, married Mary BRUNKARD, 24, Peel, same, d/o George BRUNKARD & Ann Eliza GRINDLE, witn: Richard STICKNEY & Jane BRUNKARD, both of Peel, 24 Feb 1879 at Elora #011362-79 (Wellington Co): Cicero William STORK, 24, photographer, Elora, Mount Forest, s/o George STORK & Laura A. SEXTON, married Flora McPHEE, 22, Egremont, Mount Forest, d/o Peter McPHEE & Elizabeth KEITH, witn: James HAMILTON of Fishers Mills & William McALPINE, 3 Sept 1879 at Elora
11727-79 Robert George STRACHAN, 36, widower, farmer, Ontario, Puslinch, s/o William STRACHAN & Jane RAE, married Agnes WHITE, 28, Guelph twp., same, d/o Alexander WHITE & Agnes RICHARDSON, witn: James BRUER of Guelph & John ELLIOT of Guelph twp., 26 March 1879 at Guelph twp #011366-79 (Wellington Co): Martin STROUT, 26, farmer, Woolwich, Peel, s/o Francis STROUT & Mary SHEARER, married Elizabeth MOURIER, 21, Woolwich, same, d/o George MOURIER & Louisa BENDER, witn: Edward VANCE of Salem & Elizabeth STROUT of Woolwich, 11 Dec 1879 at Elora
11438-79 John STRUTT, 37, widower, yeoman, England, Caledon East, s/o Robert STRUTT & Hannah BULLER, married Margaret McINTYRE, 37, widow, Ontario, Georgetown, d/o John ATKINSON & Elizabeth HULL, witn: Thomas H. TAYLOR of Garafraxa & Pollie MULOOUGH? of Orangeville, 10 April 1879 at Orangeville 12050-80 Francis SUGGETT, 28, farmer, England, York twp., s/o William SUGGETT & Mary McCARTHY, married Mary Ann TRICKEY, 23, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o Jer. TRICKER & Elizabeth MALONE, witn: A. A. & Mrs. HASLEM of Orangeville, 24 Dec 1879 at Orangeville
11464-79 Archibald SWAN, 32, widower, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Listowel, s/o George & Margaret, married Mary BEATON, 22, Mornington, Listowel, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Lizzie HULL of Palmerston & Sebrina BEATON of Listowel, 31 Dec 1879 at Palmerston 11932-78 Peter TALBOT, 25, schoolmaster, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Clara CARD, 25, Canada, Guelph twp., d/o John & Harriette, witn: John & Thomas & Amy CARD of Guelph twp., 1 Jan 1879 at Guelph twp
11680-79 Isaac TEETER, 29, farmer, Canada, Erin, s/o Isaac & Margaret, married Maggie BORLAND, 26, Scotland, Erin, d/o John & Jennet, witn: Isaac TEETER of Erin & Annie J. REID, 22 Jan 1879 at Erin 11681-79 Isaac TEETER, 20, farmer, Canada, Erin, s/o Aaron & Mary, married Rachel OVERLAND, 18, Canada, Erin, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Isaac M. TEETER & Annie J. REED, both of Erin, 22 Jan 1879 at Erin
11723-79 Thomas TEMPLE, 24, farmer, Garafraxa, Orangeville, s/o Thomas TEMPLE & Margaret WOOD, married Isabella Christina GOODRAHM, 19, Coaticook Quebec, Alton village, d/o James GOODRAHM & Mary Ann HAMILTON, witn: George DEANS & Margaret Jane TEMPLE, both of Cumnock?, 5 Nov 1879 at Presbyterian Manse, Douglas [Gooderham?] 11439-79 Thomas TENNELL, 34, widower, yeoman, Ontario, Proton, s/o William TENNELL & Elizabeth HANNAH, married Mary Ann SHAW, 24, Ontario, Proton, d/o Michael SHAW & Bridget O'NEIL, witn: Elizabeth TENNELL & M. A. SHAW, both of Amaranth, 31 Dec. 1879 at Orangeville
11682-79 Neil THOMPSON, 29, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Dougall & Margaret, married Letitia COLLINS, 25, Canada, Erin, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: Joseph COLLINS & William H. NODWELL, both of Erin, 14 Jan 1879 at Erin  
011561-79 Henry TINDALE, 27, merchant, Chinguacousy, Fergus, s/o William & Frances, married Eliza Jane MONGER, 25, Garafraxa, Fergus, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Robert TINDALE of Nichol & Elizabeth E. MONGER of Fergus on Sept. 10, 1879 at Fergus. 11729-79 Andrew TOLTEN, 27, manufacturer, Eramosa twp., Guelph, s/o William & Hannah, married Ellen HAWES, 21, Guelph twp., same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin TOLTEN of Eramosa & Mary Ann HAWES of Guelph twp., 21 May 1879 at Guelph twp [Tolton? Totten?]
11683-79 Horace TOVELL, 28, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Mary ROBERTSON, 23, Erin, same, d/o Duncan & Mary, witn: Dougald & David ROBERTSON and George WILLIAMS, all of Erin, 20 Feb 1879 at Erin 11728-79 Joseph TOVEL, 31, harness maker, Guelph, same, s/o Mark & Hannah, married Maria WRIGHT, 20, Guelph twp., same, d/o James G. & Maria, witn: Charles W. KELLY of Guelph & Rachel WRIGHT of Guelph twp., 8 May 1879 at Guelph twp
11722-79 Joseph TRANTON, 28, farmer, Garafraxa, Innisfil, s/o William TRANTON & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Christena LOUTEL?, 27, Culaythe? Scotland, West Garafraxa, d/o John LOUTEL & Jane SHAW, witn: James CAMPBELL & Jane LOUTEL, both of Garafraxa, 1 Oct 1879 at West Garafraxa 11242-79 Isaac WALLACE, 20, tanner, Hope twp., Guelph, s/o THOMAS & Rebecca, married Maggie LAYCOCK, 19, West Gwillimbury, Guelph, d/o Robert & Martha, witn: Timothy & Alice SHEEN of Guelph, 11 Jan 1879 at Guelph
11231-79 James WALSH, 40, widower, farmer, Brock twp., Arthur, s/o James WALSH & Mary DUFFY, married Ann WALLACE, 27, Co. Limerick Ireland, Guelph, d/o THOMAS WALLACE & Ellen WOLFE, witn: John WALSH & Ann BULGER, both of Guelph, no date given, Chapel of Catholic Rectory, Guelph 11451-79 Torance WATERS, 25, merchant, London England, Guelph, s/o Charles & Annie Augusta, married Fannie LACY, 26, Worcester England, Palmerston, d/o John Thomas & Caroline, witn: John Thomas LACY of Palmerston & Emily WATERS of Guelph, 12 April 1879 at Palmerston
11469-79 George WELLS, 22, farmer, Maryborough, Luther, s/o William & Mary, married Isabella McLEARY, 21, Maryborough, same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: William NOBLE & Sarah J. McLEARY, 9 April 1879 at Harriston #011358-79 (Wellington Co): Jeremiah WEST, 23, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o William WEST & Mary GRIFFIN, married Mary BURNS, 23, Toronto, Garafraxa, d/o Michael BURNS & Catherine GAULINE?, witn: John & Elizabeth BURNS of Garafraxa, 14 May 1879 at Elora (Rom Cath)
11435-79 John WILSON, 49, widower, tavern keeper, Whitchurch, Amaranth, s/o John WILSON & Ann JOHNSON, married Helen GEMLO?, 32, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John GEMLO & Mary CHRISTIE, witn: William GEMLE? & John HODGINS, both of Mulmur, 2 June 1879 at Orangeville  
11241-79 Levi Erb WISSLER, 20, general merchant, Nichol, same, s/o Levi & Catherine, married Henrietta SHAW, 21, Guelph, Elora, d/o John M. & Mary Ann, witn: W. C. SHAW of Elora & Elizabeth WISSLER of Nichol, 13 Jan. 1879 at Guelph 12014-80 George WOODS, 25, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Susan DUFFY, 19, Garafraxa, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: David WOODS of Garafraxa & Elizabeth DUFFY of Luther, 25 Dec 1879 at West Garafraxa
011563-79 James WRIGHT, 29, farmer, Devonshire England, Arthur, s/o James WRIGHT & Sophia COOK, married Jane LITTLE, 22, Arthur, same, d/o John LITTLE & Eliza CONNEL, witn: Charles WRIGHT & Jane BLYTHE both of Arthur on Oct. 22, 1879 at the Manse in Fergus 11730-79 Albert Edward WRIGHT, 24, farmer, Guelph twp., same, s/o James G. WRIGHT & Maria FISK, married Sarah KENNEDY, 21, Guelph twp., same, d/o David KENNEDY & Catherine DONALDSON, witn: William HAWES & Joseph TOVEL, both of Guelph twp., 5 June 1879 at Guelph twp
  #011343-79 (Wellington Co): Charles W. YOUNG, 35, editor, Canada, Stratford, s/o James & blank, married Caroline CARTHEN, 27, Canada, Guelph, d/o Edward & Hannah, witn: J. YOUNG & L. BROCK, both of Guelph, 17 Dec 1879 at Guelph