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Wellington Co, 1911 - 1922

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Wellington 1918

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16852-11 David Herbert Jackson ARISS, 26, farmer, of Clifford, s/o George ARISS & Hannah JACKSON, married Margaret Ellen TRAVIS, 21, of Guelph, d/o Charles TRAVIS & Mary Ellen THOMAS, witn: Geo JACKSON of Maryborough & Mrs. Ellen ELLIS of Guelph, 28 June 1911 at Guelph 22016-12 Charles Joseph BAILEY, 26, of Palmerston, s/o Thomas Patrick BAILEY & Gertrude Madeline CLARK, married Rebecca Jane WELLS, 20, of Palmerston, d/o James WELLS & Rebecca Jane CORBETT, 20 Jan 1912 at Palmerston
22069-22 Allan Alexander BOYD, 23, farmer, Wet Luther twp., same, s/o Edward BOYD Sr. (b. Canada) & Mary Jane GAMBLE, married Grace Luella GREEN, 20, domestic, Arthur village, West Luther twp., d/o Alfred GREEN (b. Canada) & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: Robert BOYD & Pearl M. GREEN, both of Kenilworth, 7 June 1922 at West Luther 22067-22 William Norman BRUCE, 32, farmer, Peel twp., Lot 9 Con 7 of Garafraxa twp., s/o James BRUCE (b. Garafraxa twp) & Jean CARD, married Ellen Elizabeth WATERS, 31, Guelph twp., Garafraxa twp., d/o Henry WATERS, farmer, & Elizabeth Jane SCOTT, witn: F.J. BRUCE of RR4 Guelph & Bessie B. KIRBY of 6 Strange St. in Guelph, 14 June 1922 at Guelph twp
22068-22 Archibald BUIE, 31, farmer, Osprey twp., same, s/o Archibald BUIE (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Sarah GEGGIE, married Gertrude Eunice TAIT, 29, teacher, Mount Forest, Osprey twp., d/o Thomas TAIT (b. Ayton Ont) & Helen DOUGLAS, witn: Joseph A. & Ida M. BLACKBURN of Mt. Forest, 14 June 1922 at Mount Forest 22066-22 George Arthur BYE, 32, farmer, Pilkington twp., Lot 8 Con 2 of Pilkington twp., s/o Benjamin BYE (b. Pilkington twp) & Helen CLEGHORN, married Evelyn Agnes AITCHISON, 27, Harriston, Pilkington twp., d/o Simon? AITCHISON (b. Pilkington twp) & Margaret MAITLAND, witn: Simon AITCHISON & Helen BYE, both of Pilkington, 28 June 1922 at Pilkington
[unknown number] James Loutell? CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, of W. Garafraxa, s/o James CAMPBELL, farmer, and Maggie ESSON, married Mae EVELEIGH, 24, of W. Garafraxa, d/o Joseph EVELEIGH, farmer, & Sarah COTTON, witn: J.E. CAMPBELL of Toronto & E.J. EVELEIGH of Belwood, 3 April 1912 at Garafraxa 22055-12 (Wellington Co): John Walter CAMPBELL, 44, Erin twp, 3rd line Erin, s/o George CAMPBELL, farmer & Mary McCULLEN, married Mary Lillian HINDLEY, 35, Eramosa twp., Everton – Erin twp., d/o Joseph HINDLEY, farmer, & Isabelle ROBERTSON, witn: Roy HINDLEY & Lizzie K. CAMPBELL, 27 March 1912 at 1st line, Erin
26928-19 John Armstrong CHERREY, 25, farmer, Canada, Maryborough twp., s/o Robert SHERREY & Sarah CUMMING, married Marguerite J. BEISEL, 18, Canada, Peel twp., d/o Peter BEISEL, blacksmith & Jennie RICHARDSON, witn: Annie CHERREY of RR# Moorefield & W. Henry BEISEL of RR2 Drayton, 12 Feb 1919 at Stirton, Drayton 26927-19 Charles Leonard COGGAN, 33, Sussex NB, same, s/o George COGGAN & Annie ROGERS, married Caroline Gibson McKEE, 29, Colbeck Ont., Fergus, d/o John Archibald McKEE & Susanna Bailey McKENZIE, witn: Alex McKEE of Arthur & Georgina PIRIE of Fergus, 5 march 1919 at Fergus
[unknown number] Mitchell Smith CUMMING, 53, farmer, of Pilkington twp., s/o George CUMMING, farmer, & Ellen SMITH, married Gertrude E. TOPHAM, 46, nurse, of Elora, d/o Robert TOPHAM, shoe maker, & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Harry R. TOPHAM of 211 Osler Ave Toronto & Sarah JOHNSTON of Elora, 10 April 1912 at Elora 019946-18 (Wellington Co) Richard DAVIS, 63, farmer, Erin Twp, same, widower s/o James DAVIS & Elizabeth WINSBOROUGH married Mrs. Catherine McALLISTER, 56, nurse, Caledon Twp, Erin Twp, widow d/o Peter CURRIE & Margaret McLEAN Wtn: Hugh A. CARMICHAEL & Margaret CARMICHAEL both of Erin, June 25, 1918 at Lot 30 Con 9 Erin
019949-18 (Wellington Co) Thomas James Elwood DELANEY, 22, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o William DELANEY & Augebell BINGHAM married Ella Beatrice COX, 15, Hillsburg, same d/o William COX & Annie SMITH Wtn: James COX & Reta COX both of Hillsburg, March 27, 1918 at Hillsburg (Note: I William Cox father of Ella Beatrice Cox herewith give my consent to her marriage to Thomas James Elwood Delaney she being under 18 years of age Sgd William Cox) 17782-13 Sidney Edward DUDLEY, 22, painter, Barrie, Guelph, s/o George DUDLEY & Clara DODWELL, married Margaret E. M. HALDENBY, 30, Culross, Toronto, d/o Mathew S. HALDENBY & Elizabeth HODGINS, 25 Dec 1913 at Guelph
#016949-11 (Wellington Co.) Geroge Herbert FRAMPTON, 29, Electrician, of Toronto, s/o George FRAMPTON and Elizabeth ENDICOTE, married Florence Emma WINES, 31, of Guelph, d/o James Albert WINES and Sarah Ann MORRIS, witn: Florence E. SMITH & Reginal Frank HUTCHINGS, Dec. 7, 1911, at Guelph 22118-12 Sidney Harding FRENCH, 41, widower, carpenter, of Harriston, s/o Charles FRENCH, farmer, & Elizabeth WARD, married Effie LEPPINGTON, 24, of Minto twp., d/o John LEPPINGTON, farmer, & Annie HOLLAND, witn: John & Annie LEPPINGTON of Harriston, 23 Sept 1912 at Minto twp
#016996-1911 (Wellington Co): James HURREN, 28, farmer, of Erin Village, s/o James HURREN, farmer, & Sarah McLEAN, married Clara TEETER, 21, of Erin Twp, s/o Isaac TEETER, farmer, & Rachel OVERLAND; wit Thomas & Mrs Thomas MACK, Ospringe. 1 Nov 1911 at 7th lot 11th Con Erin Tp 17019-11 David B. KEMP, 25, farmer, of Maryborough, s/o David James S. KEMP & Anne BRANSTON, married Annie Mae ELLIOTT, 24, Arthur, Maryborough, d/o Robert Irwin ELLIOTT & Margaret A. BILLING, 31 May 1911 at Rothsay
22226-22 William KIRBY, 25, farmer, Nichol twp., same, s/o William KIRBY (b. Canada) & Susan COOK, married Gladys Lorena GURNEY, 26, Acton, Nichol twp., d/o William GURNEY (b. Canada) & Maria MILLS, witn: Herbert H. KIRBY & Wilma J. GURNEY, both of Fergus, 27 June 1922 at res of the bride, Nichol twp 22227-22 John Hillis KNOWLES, 31, high school principal, Lanark Ont., Fergus, s/o James KNOWLES (b. Poland Ont) & Mary Ann JACKSON, married Iva May SHAVER, 23, clerk, Arthur, same, d/o George A. SHAVER (b. Canada) & Maud TICHBURNE, witn: A.T. McKILLOP of Strathroy & Mary E. SINCLAIR of Harriston, 15 April 1922 at Arthur
23921-17 Alfred Mark LANGDON, 34, farmer, Arthur twp., same, s/o Mark LANGDON & Martha BATHO, married Ethel Isabel EVELEIGH, 30, West Garafraxa, Fergus, d/o Joseph EVELEIGH & Sarah CATHON, witn: Zella W. FERRIER of Belwood & Ralph LANGDON of Kenilworth, 9 April 1917 at Fergus 23920-17 Arthur LEPPINGTON, 23, farmer, Canada, Minto twp., s/o Thomas LEPPINGTON & Fanny HOLLAND, married Mabel Pearl COPLAND, 20, Canada, Harriston, d/o William T.H. COPLAND & Sarah Jane KIMBLE, witn: Amos LEPPINGTON of Harriston & Annie Stuart COPLAND of Woodbridge, 4 April 1917 at Harriston parsonage
23890-21 Walter Reid McILWRAITH, 24, machinist, Port Nelson, Guelph, s/o Alexander Hudson McILWRAITH (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane TUCK, married Ethel May WALLACE, 20, book keeper, Moffat Ont., Guelph, d/o George Benjamin WALLACE (b. Moffat) & Josephine NEWELL, witn: Mrs. George A. LITTLE & Mary CARMICHAEL, both of 28 Monk? St. in Guelph, 14 Sept 1921 at Guelph  
#017111-1911 (Wellington Co): George Edward NURSE, 37, of Erin Twp, married Margaret Elizabeth BEER, 33, of Erin Twp. No parents listed; wit William H. BEER, Erin Tp & Bessie L. KIRKWOOD, Toronto. 27 Dec 1911 at W. K. Beer's, Lot 5 Con 11 Erin  
#023144-1916 (Wellington Co): James Leslie OVERLAND, 22, farmer, Peel, RR 3, Orton Vill, s/o Richard OVERLAND & Deborah TEETER, married Lily Myrtle BOGGS, 18, Co Dufferin, Grand Valley - East Garafraxa, s/o Benjamin BODDS & -- GORDON; wit Maria & Mona KERRUISH, Fergus. 1 Sep 1916 at Fergus #022278-1912 (Wellington Co): Ransom OVERLAND, 29, farmer, of Erin TP - Hillsburg P.O., s/o Richard OVERLAND, farmer & Deborah TEETER, married Velma HUXLEY, 24, of Hillsburg, d/o Samuel HUXLEY, farmer & Sarah HAMILTON; wit Frederick OVERLAND, Bronte, Florence HUXLEY, Hillsburg. 30 Apr 1912 at Erin Tp
17116-11 Wilson Ernest PATTERSON, 31, farmer, of Elderslie, s/o Wilson PATTERSON & Mary Ann, married Lillian May DUNN, 21, of Elderslie, d/o William DUNN & Mary NICHOLSON, 15 March 1911 at Palmerston

20996-17 Edgar T.B. PENNEFATHER, 46, soldier, Chatham, Ottawa, s/o John G. PENNEFATHER & Sophia J. HOGAN, married Johanna M. HAYES, 23, Peterborough, Guelph, d/o Louis M. HAYES & Margaret MacDONNELL, witn: C.F. DELAHANTE of Ottawa & Pauline M. HAYES of Guelph, 25 Oct 1917 at Guelph

  20999-17 William Herbert ROBINSON, 27, farmer, Eramosa, same, s/o Robert ROBINSON & Janet BENHAM, married Violet Rosina GURNEY, 23, Halton Co., Nichol twp., d/o William GURNEY & Maria MILLS, witn: D. E. GURNEY of Fergus & Eunice? ROBINSON of RR3 Rockwood, 11 April 1917 at Nichol twp
22324-22 Robert Elliott ROOT, 23, hostler Grand Trunk shops, Palmerston, same, s/o Robert ROOT (b. Beeton) & Ada GRAHAM, married Marguerite Rosanna Matilda KEARNS, 23, clerk, Palmerston, same, d/o William S. KEARNS (b. Palmerston) & Margaret Hunter WELSH, witn: Adelia WILKINSON of Waterdown & H. KEARNS of Hamilton, 16 Oct 1922 at Palmerston

21000-17 Levi Robinson ROSS, 30, farmer, Wallace twp., same, s/o Joseph ROSS & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Sarah Electa SPEERS, 21, Wallace twp., same, d/o Alex SPEERS & Esther BELL, witn: George McFARLANE & John A. KELLS, both of Palmerston, 4 April 1917 at Palmerston

022327-1912 (Wellington Co.) Dufferin SCHRAM, 24, not given, Townsend Twp., Guelph, s/o Edward SCHRAM & Rachel VAN BUSKIRK, married Bertha RYDER, 21, not given, Eramosa Twp., Guelph, d/o William RYDER & Elizabeth LEITCH, witn: John TRIMBLE & Mrs. Fred HULBERT, both of Guelph, 27 Mar 1912 at Guelph  
022319-1914 Albert Ernest STEER, 26, labourer, England, Guelph, s/o George STEER & Emily BATER, married Fanny Ellen BEER, 25, England, Guelph, d/o Michael BEER & Lavinia Frances JOHNS; wit: Bessie LEVERTON, Annie BATER, of Guelph. 18 Jun 1914 at Guelph 022325-1914 (Wellington Co.) John SULLIVAN, 37, not given, Elora, same, s/o Timothy SULLIVAN & Alice MORAN, married Margaret Mary McGILL, 33, Puslinch, Guelph, d/o George McGILL & Mary CASSIN, witn: Charles & ? McGILL, both of Puslinch, 6 Oct 1914 at the Church of our Lady, Guelph.
23258-16 James Laurence WETHERELT, 22, farmer, Carlisle, Kilbride, s/o James & Matilda nee BEST, married Agnes KERR, 21, Puslinch, same, d/o Alexander & Alice nee KITCHEN, witn: Alice SMITH of Campbellville & Hamilton MARR of RR3 Puslinch, 5 Jan 1916 at Puslinch 18071-13 (Wellington): George Roy WHETHAM, 26, farmer, Minto, same, s/o George WHETHAM & Melissa HOLIDAY, married Mary Elda GRICE, 23, Minto, same, d/o William GRICE & Hannah BELL, win: James WHETHAM & Eva GRICE, both of Drew PO, 11 June 1913 at Minto
19281-18 David WILSON, 26, machinist, Wigtonshire Scotland, Palmerston, s/o John WILSON & Elizabeth McCUBBIN, married Sarah Rebecca CHERREY, 22, domestic, Maryborough twp., same, d/o Robert CHERREY & Sarah CUMMINGS, witn: John A. CHERREY of RR#3 Moorefield & Bessie WILSON of Palmerston, 14 Sept 1918 at Marybrough twp 23257-16 Peter WILSON, 23, farmer, West Luther twp., same, s/o Robert WILSON & Ellen HUNTER, married Elizabeth BUTCHART, 25, West Luther twp., same, d/o Alexander BUTCHART & Matilda McCRACKEN, witn: Andrew WILSON & Annie BUTCHART, both of Conn, 15 March 1916 at Manse, Conn