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Wellington Co., 1908

birth place is given before residence


020211-08 (Wellington Co) William ABBOTT, 27, carpenter, of Hamilton, s/o George ABBOTT & Bridgette LONG, married Maggie CALLAGHAN, 27, domestic, of Peel Twp., d/o Andrew CALLAGHAN (farmer) & Margaret KELLY, witn: George ABBOTT of Kennicot & Mary COFFEE of Arthur, 22 January 1908 at Arthur 020480-08 William ASHFORD, 23, laborer, of Guelph, s/o Samuel ASHFORD (laborer) & Mary Ann SPARKS, married Grace DRUMMOND, 21, of Guelph, d/o Peter DRUMMOND (blacksmith) & Grace CHISHOLM, witn: E.W. BUCKLAND & R. McTEAR both of Guelph, 16 November 1908 at Guelph
020205-08 (Wellington Co) Henry Howard AVERY, 24, operator, of Sharbot Lake, s/o Joseph AVERY & Margaret BAIN, married Mary Anne HEWITT, 20, of Arthur Village, d/o Robert HEWITT (laborer) & Kate WARDEN, witn: E. HEWITT of Arthur & Pearl AVERY of Rolla North Dakota, 5 August 1908 at Arthur Village 020488-08 William Frederick BARBER, 59, widower, gentleman, of Guelph, s/o Samuel BARBER & Susanna FRANCIS, married Ida May ELLIS, 35, of Guelph, d/o John ELLIS & Sarah CARTER, witn: Vera Adell BARBER & Helen Sara BARBER both of Guelph, 2 December 1908 at Guelph
020290-08 (Wellington Co) John BARBOUR, 24, labourer, Erin Twp, same s/o Humphrey BARBOUR & Sarah War HURD married Lydia MARTINONI, 21, Erin Twp, same d/o Joseph MARTINONI & Sarah PEAVOY Witn: George BARBOUR & Paulina MARTINONI both of Erin Twp, Jun 24, 1908 at Erin Twp 020501-08 Charles Frederick BEADLE, 25, teamster, of Guelph, s/o Charles BEADLE (carpenter) & Emma WHITE, married Susanna BULLOCK, 28, seamstress, of Guelph, d/o Jacob BULLOCK (farmer) & Elizabeth STRANGE, witn: James & Mary PRESTON both of Guelph, 24 December 1908 at Guelph
  20321-08 (Wellington Co): Joseph BEITZ, 23, farmer, Mildmay Ont., Guelph twp., s/o Ferdinand BEITZ & Emma BAUER, married Mary CURTIS, 21, Luther twp., Guelph twp., d/o John CURTIS & Mary BEDFORD, witn: James CURTIS of Guelph twp & Mary BEITZ of Guelph, 8 Jan 1908 at Guelph (Rom Cath)
020463-08 Joseph Henry BENALLICK, 30, barber, of Guelph, s/o Nicholas Henry BENALLICK & Rachael HEDCOME, married Frances HARDY, 21, servant, of Guelph, d/o William HARDY & unknown, witn: Archibald & Jennie BENALLICK both of Guelph, 30 September 1908 at St. James church in Guelph 020200-08 (Wellington Co) Seller Justin BENNETT, 22, farmer, West Luther Twp., same, s/o Henry Stephen BENNETT & Alvina STILLWELL, married Elizabeth SHORTT, 18, West Garafraxa, Arthur village, d/o Alfred SHORTT & Margaret DUNBAR, witn: Louie & Ettie SHAVER both of Arthur, 29 January 1908 at Arthur
020270-08 (Wellington Co) Samuel W. BERRY, 33, telegrapher, Erin Twp, ?, s/o John BERRY & Mary McLEAN married Marcella LEITCH, 23, school teacher, Elora, Erin Village d/o John D. LEITCH & Nancy SMITH Witn: George Berry of Erin Twp & Ethel LEITCH of Erin Village, April 20, 1908 at Erin Village 020266 (Wellington Co.), Edwin Douglas BILLINGS, 24, Guelph, same, stonemason, s/o Edwin BILLINGS & Isabel McCALLUM to Helen WILSON, 26, Oustic, same, d/o James J. H. WILSON & Annie COURTNEY, witn: Edwin BILLINGS of Guelph, James J. H. WILSON of Oustic, 232 December 1908 at Oustic
020299-08 (Wellington Co.) George BILTON, 23, machinist, of Fergus, s/o George BILTON & Lizzie MOON, married Jennie GIBSON, 21, of Fergus, d/o William GIBSON & Mary HUNTER, wtn: Alex WILSON & Ethel W CROW both of Fergus, on Nov 18, 1908, at Fergus 020462-08 Herbert John BOAN, 21, machinist, of Guelph, s/o Edward BOAN & Nellie MULLEN, married Ida Gladys LESLIE, 20, of Guelph, d/o Charles LESLIE & Sarah NICHOLLS, witn: Mary & Aleda CREWS both of Guelph, 5 October 1908 at Guelph
020259-08, (Wellington Co.), Arthur BOLTON, 29, Rockwood, same, laborer, s/o George BOLTON & Mary Ann YOUNG, to Ethel Mary PEACH, 27, Eden Mills, Rockwood, d/o Harry PEACH & Jane Elizabeth KEARSAY, witn: Herbert DYER & Rosa Lillian PEACH, both of Rockwood, 2 June 1908 at Rockwood 020224-08 Edward Gamble BOYD, 27, farmer, Luther Twp., same, s/o Edward BOYD & Mary J. GAMBLE, married Mary Selena GIMBLETT, 25, Arthur Twp., same, d/o Louis GIMBLETT & Mary J. CROCKER, witn: Samuel M. GIMBLETT of Arthur & Katie Hannah BOYD of Luther Twp., 24 June 1908 at Lot 25 Conc. 8 in Arthur Twp.
020241-08 (Wellington Co.) Francis Herbert BRAMHALL, 31, farmer, of Drayton, s/o John BRAMHALL & Alice FRANCIS, married Nellie JONES, 30, of Drayton, d/o Samuel JONES & Elizabeth RIDDLE, wtn: Alexander RUMSTILLES? of Glenallen & D G ROBERTSON of Drayton, on Sept 30, 1908, at Drayton #020273-1908 (Wellington Co): Egerton T.M. BRECKEN, 26, Methodist Minister, Halifax NS, same, s/o Ralf BRECKEN & Jessie EATON, married Vida M OVERLAND, 26, deaconess, Erin, same, d/o Robt Geo OVERLAND & Emma RODGERS; witnesses Paul BRECKEN, of Toronto, Lettie U RODGERS, of Seaforth. 12 Sep 1908 at Erin Village
020245-08 (Wellington Co.) Alex BOROVY, 25, moulder, Kerngloe Russia, Salem, s/o William BOROVY & Flora SOLOMAN, married Rosie OEAYSTAN?, 21, Kernploe Russia, Salem, d/o Israel OEAZSTAN & Sarah RACHLIN, wtn: Herman ECKIN of Salem & Mrs McINTOSH of Elora, on Mar 31, 1908, at Elora 020251-08 (Wellington Co.) William BROWN, 29, cabinet maker, of Elora, s/o John BROWN & Mary Ann MORRIS, married Anna Craig BURT, 28, of Elora, d/o William BURT & Sophia ALLISON, wtn: Charles BURT & Maude BROWN, on Oct 21, 1908, at Elora
020475-08 Wallace Alexander BUNTIN, 21, metal polisher, of Guelph, s/o Wallace BUNTIN (mechanic) & Jane PETTIGREW, married Annie Cromar LOGIE, 24, weaver, of Guelph, d/o George LOGIE (mechanic) & Margaret MILNE, witn: Joseph GAY & Margaret HERRON both of Guelph, 6 November 1908 at Guelph #020284-1908 (Wellington Co): Richard BURNSIDE, 49, farmer, Erin Tp, same, s/o John BURNSIDE & Eliza ANTHONY, married Christina McMILLAN, 40, Erin Twp, same, d/o Dugald McMILLAN & Ann McLEAN; witnesses Donald McLEAN, of Erin Tp, Jessie BETTS, of Ballinafad. 18 Mar 1908 at Erin Township
020497-08 Henry CARDINELL, 25, teamster, of Guelph, s/o Reuben CARDINELL (fireman) & Elizabeth COPLAND, married Elizabeth PENTALL, 25, of Guelph, d/o Joseph PENTALL (guard on railway) & Mary DYMOCK, witn: Alfred D. HERBERT of 537 Dufferin St. Toronto & Phoebe PERKINS of 266 Sherbourne St. Toronto, 23 December 1908 at Guelph 020254-08 (Wellington Co.) William CARLISLE, 36, farmer, Usborne twp, same, s/o William CARLISLE & Mary Ann ELLIOTT, married Mabel WALKER, 25, Garafraxa, Guelph, d/o William WALKER & Annie BOGGS, wtn: John CARLISLE of Hillsburg & Ella BOGGS of Guelph, on Feb 19, 1908, at Eramosa
020214-08 Thomas Henry CARROLL, 25, weaver, of not given, s/o Peter CARROLL & Annie OCONNOR, married Rose McGARVEY, 21, clerk, of Arthur, d/o Patrick McGARVEY & Jane CAHILL, witn: Richard L. CARROLL of Guelph & Alice McGARVEY of Arthur, 17 June 1908 at Arthur  
020485-08 Samuel CARTER, 33, widower, knitter, of Guelph, s/o Thomas CARTER (manufacturer) & Ida CUMBELD, married Ellen JAMES, 32, of Ruddington England, d/o Walter JAMES (mechanic) & Mary BELTON, witn: Edith & John CARTER both of Guelph, 21 November 1908 at Guelph 020472-08 Herbert CARTER, 28, moulder, of Guelph, s/o Edward CARTER & Mary TYAS, Christiana REIDER, 30, of Guelph, d/o Thomas REIDER & Christina COWAN, witn: Evelyn ELSON & Constance ROSS both of 73 Woolwich St. Guelph, 2 November 1908 at Guelph
20302-08 Thomas CAVANAGH, 50, laborer, Arthur, Guelph, s/o Garrett CAVANAGH & Mary WELSH, married Mrs. Rose McCULLOCH, 32, widow, Auburn NY, Guelph, d/o Peter HIGGINS & Mary Jane RINGWOOD, witn: Lizzie L. & Fern WRIGHT of Fergus, 30 Dec 198 at Fergus 020083-08 (Wellington Co) George Peter COLE, farmer, 26, Esquesing Twp, same s/o Robert COLE & Esther McENERY married Minnie Margaret BURT, 23, Erin Twp, same d/o John W. BURT & Janet McKINNON Witn: Thomas J. FISHER of Ashgrove & Della McKINNON of Orangeville, Feb. 11, 1908 at Erin Twp
020476-08 John Thomas COLLINS, 31, farmer, of St. Catharines, s/o John COLLINS (farmer) & Marian LAW, married Fay Jean McINNES, 22, of Guelph, d/o Daniel McINNES (farmer) & Mary Ann FALCONER, witn: Peter WILSON & Kate FITZPATRICK both of Guelph, 7 November 1908 at Guelph 020489-08 James COWAN, 31, widower, teamster, of Hamilton, s/o William G. COWAN (farmer) & Martha WILSON, married Emma MORRISON, 18, of Hamilton, d/o Isaac MORRISON (carpenter) & Christina WATSON, witn: Alex F. CRANSTON & Mrs. GLASSFORD of not given, 1 December 1908 at Guelph
  020471-08 Ainley CROFT, 28, farmer, of Eramosa Twp., s/o Robert CROFT (farmer) & Eliza Ann DAY, married Mary BAYNTON, 30, of Nassagawaya Twp., d/o William BAYNTON & Agnes ROY, witn: Margaret M. SMITH of Guelph & Mrs. H. McLEAN of Toronto, 4 November 1908 at Guelph
020216-08 Edward CROFTON, 28, collector, of Hamilton, s/o Edward CROFTON & Rebecca DUNN, married Annie Mary PRENDERGAST, 25, clerk, of Arthur Village, d/o Patrick PRENDERGAST (farmer) & Ellen McNAMARA, witn: Leo CROFTON & Margaret McGRATH both of Hamilton, 25 August 1908 at Arthur 020219-08 Simon CROWLEY, 41, farmer, Arthur Twp, same, s/o James CROWLEY & Ellen MULLIGAN, married Esther OREILLY, 18, of Arthur Twp., same, d/o Jeremiah OREILLY & Ellen LYNCH, witn: Cosmos OREILLY & Maggie STACK both of Arthur Twp., 24 February 1908 at Kenilworth church in Arthur Twp.
020473-08 Albert DAMPER, 30, widower, farmer, of Nassagawaya Twp., s/o Levi Henry DAMPER & Hannah Elizabeth SOPER, married Kate GREEN, 34, widow, of Erin, d/o William LEGG & Sabre GILLETT, witn: Mrs. William GIBSON & Louise MANFOLD both of Guelph, 21 October 1908 at Guelph 20319-08 (Wellington Co): Joseph Louis DANDEND (or Dandens), 21, musician, Guelph, same, s/o Louis DANDEND & Edith WALDMAN, married Minnie Caroline AMES, 21, Morriston, Guelph, d/o John AMES & Victoria CALFAR (or Calfas), witn: Louis & Mrs. Ethel DANDEND of Guelph, 13 Feb 1908 at Guelph
020474-08 Cyrus Christopher DENT, 28, farmer, of Sarnia Twp. Lambton Co., s/o Richard DENT (farmer) & Eliza KIRBY, married Eva PILKEY, 19, of Sarnia Twp., d/o George PILKEY (farmer) & Harriet MACKNESS, witn: Hattie M. DENT of 32 Neeve St. Guelph & Mina CHAFFEY of 180 Grange St. Guelph, 6 November 1908 at Guelph 020491-08 Joseph DESHANE, 23, painter, of Guelph, s/o Joseph DESHANE (painter) & Martha JOB, married Florence Emmeline LANNIN, 18, of Guelph, d/o John LANNIN & Margaret GRIFFENHAM, witn: Celia S. HOCKEY of Dunnville & Evelyn H. ELSON of Guelph, 5 December 1908 at Guelph
020197-08 Robert Andrew DONALD, 33, agent, West Luther Twp., Mt. Forest, s/o John DONALD & Sophia PERRY, married Margaret E. CHILTON, 23, Minto Twp., Mt. Forest, d/o Cyril CHILTON & Annie CROSS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Allan MCLEAN of Arthur, 4 April 1908 at Arthur  
020202-08 Frederick DRURY, 32, farmer, West Luther Twp., same, s/o Charles DRURY & Hannah POTTER, married Mary Susan JACKSON, 32, West Luther Twp., Arthur, d/o William & Annabella JACKSON, witn: George DRURY & Letitia ROBINSON both of Arthur, 17 June 1908 at Arthur 020242-08 (Wellington Co.) Fredrick DUNCAN, 29, merchant, of Edmonton Alta, s/o James DUNCAN & Alice FRANCIS, married Elizabeth Maud BUCHAN, 27, of Maryborough twp, d/o John Primrose BUCHAN & Christine BAGIL, wtn: Gavin Burns MONTGOMERY of Drayton & Wilhelmina K BUCHAN of Maryborough, on Oct 14, 1908, at Drayton
20309-08 (Wellington Co): William ELLIS, 27, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Elam ELLIS & Henrietta SMITH, married Etta Mabel BOULDING, 26, West Luther, same, d/o Steven BOULDING & Elizabeth CLEMENTS, witn: John H. ELLIS & Mrs. Laura ELLIS, both of Peel twp., 15 June 1908 at Metz, West Garafraxa 020494-08 Charles ELVIN, 20, teamster, of Guelph, s/o Henry ELVIN (farmer) & Sarah LAKING, married Mary PUGH, 18, of Guelph, d/o John PUGH & Matilda OBRITH, witn: Margaret M. SMITH & Betsy Ann ELVIN of not given, 17 December 1908 at Guelph
020468-08 Arthur James ERNTEMAN, 25, laborer, of Guelph, s/o James ERNTEMAN (retired dairyman) & Eleanor LEMON, married Marion Edwards LAURIE, 25, of Guelph, d/o John LAURIE (mason) & Euphemia EDWARDS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Edward SIMMONDS of Guelph, 30 October 1908 at St. George’s church in Guelph 021696-09 (Wellington Co) Robert J. FERGUSON, 25, farmer, of West Luther Twp., s/o Samuel FERGUSON (farmer) & Sarah ADAMS, married Mary Elizabeth SMITH, 21, of Arthur Twp., d/o Charles SMITH (farmer) & Annie RAMSBOTTOM, witn: John F. SMITH of Arthur Twp. & Margaret Anne FERGUSON of West Luther, 23 December 1908 at Arthur Twp
20312-08 (Wellington Co): Arthur Blain FOOTE, 28, merchant, Fergus, same, s/o George T. FOOTE & Jemima McQUEEN, married Mary Ethel MILNE, 25, West Garafraxa, same, d/o David MILNE & Mary WILSON, witn: Albert J. MILNE of West Garafraxa & Christena B. McQUEEN of Fergus, 12 Aug 1908 at West Garafraxa 20304-08 (Wellington Co): John Walter FORD, 39, farmer, Trafalgar, West Garafraxa, s/o William FORD & Janet MITCHEL, married Margaret WILSON, 25, West Garafraxa, same, d/o john WILSON & Jane WARMINGTON, witn: Robert WILSON & Mae Susan McCREA, both of West Garafraxa, 11 March 1908 at Melz, West Garafraxa
020477-08 George J. FREELAND, 26, salesman, of Guelph, s/o Daniel A. FREELAND (mechanic) & Elizabeth PEACOCK, married Fanny Isabel SMITH, 26, milliner, of Guelph, d/o William SMITH (teamster) & Isabel FRASER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. E. John DRAKE of Swansea, 9 November 1908 at Guelph 20311-08 (Wellington Co): Arthur William FRODSHAM, 39, real estate agent, England, Fort William, s/o Hardwood FRODSHAM & Mairane ENSWORTH, married Ann Amelia Jane MUIR, 38, West Garafraxa, Ft. William, d/o John MUIR & Jane COLCLOUGH, witn: W.A. MUIR of Fergus & Jane COLCLOUGH of West Garafraxa, 22 Aug 1908 at West Garafraxa
020503-08 Charles GAMBLE, 31, farmer, of Esquesing Twp., s/o James GAMBLE (farmer) & Mary CAMPBELL, married Lillian HAW, 27, of Esquesing Twp., d/o Joseph HAW (farmer) & Anna GAULT, witn: Melvin TAYLOR & Liza GAMBLE of not given, 30 December 1908 at Guelph 020291-08 (Wellington Co) Henry Clyde GELFORD, 36, medical doctor, Pontiac Ill., Attica Ohio, s/o James GELFORD & Jeanetta SCOTT married Charity HURREN, 28, Erin Twp, same d/o Frank HURREN & Sarah McLEAN Witn: James HURREN & Fred DELANEY both of Erin Twp, June 6, 1908 at Erin Twp
020223-08 Oscar GOETZ, 24, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o Joseph GOETZ & Mary BROHMANN, married Margaret SCHMIDT, 21, Arthur Twp., same, d/o Fred SCHMIDT & Frances EPOCH. Witn: Joseph SCHMIDT & Caroline GOETZ both of Arthur Twp., 16 June 1908 at Kenilworth church in Arthur Twp. 020222-08 John GOETZ, 27, farmer, Arthur Twp., same, s/o Martin & Theresa GOETZ, married Catherine LANG, 22, Arthur Twp, same, d/o George LANG & Mary A. SCHMIDT, witn: Frank GOETZ & Gertie LANG both of Arthur Twp., 8 June 1908 at Kenilworth church in Arthur Twp
20307-08 (Wellington Co): James Rea GRANT, 26, farmer, of Mimosa, s/o James GRANT & Euphemia REA, married Frances Phin ARMSTRONG, 21, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Luther ARMSTRONG & Margaret BAYNE, witn: James GRANT of Mimosa & Lottie? ARMSTRONG of West Garafraxa, 25 May 1908 at West Garafraxa #020272-1908 (Wellington Co): Charles Roy GRUNDY, 24, baker, Brussels Ont, Erin Village, s/o Joseph GRUNDY & Elizabeth FARNSMITH, married Elva May RAMESBOTTOM, 19, Erin Tp, Erin Village, s/o George RAMESBOTTOM & Jessie McNAIR; witnesses Russell F GRUNDY & Queenie OVERLAND. 12 Aug 1908 at Erin Village
  020464-08 Duncan HAGGART, 60, widower, farmer, of Harwich in Kent Co., s/o Neil HAGGART & Janet McNAUGHTON, married Margaret J. BEATTIE, 18, of Guelph, d/o Robert BEATTIE & Janet McKINLEY, witn: Peter BEATTIE of Guelph & Nellie HOWES of Proton Twp., 21 October 1908 at Guelph
020289-08 (Wellington Co) Stanley HALL, 22, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o Thomas HALL & Sophia TROTT married Susannah Beatrice TARZWELL, 18, Erin Twp, same d/o James TARZWELL & Harriet SHEPPERD Witn: Nancy HALL & Kate HALL both of Hillsburg, Jun 17, 1908 at Erin Twp 020275-08 (Wellington Co) Henry HAMILTON, 26, barber, Garafraxa Twp, Grand Valley, s/o James HAMILTON & Barbara COLON? married Louisa BOLTON, 18, Eramosa Twp, Erin Twp d/o James BOLTON & Annie BARR Witn: D.A. FOWLIE of Midland & Margaret FOWLIE of Erin Village, Nov. 9, 1908 at Erin Village
20267-08 (Wellington Co) John R. HAMILTON, 34, farmer, Erin, Erin Twp s/o William HAMILTON & Hannah HAMILTON married Edith May GARBUT. 25, England, Erin Village d/o Harry GARBUTT & Martha ELLIOTT Witn: John SHORT & Ada SHORT of Erin Village, Jun 11, 1908, at Erin Village  
20310-08 (Wellington Co): Ray (or Roy) Harticher HAMMILL, 20, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o Charles A. HAMMIL (sic) & Catherine PRENTICE, married Maud Ellen TROUTEN, 22, West Garafraxa, same, d/o William Irwin TROUTEN & Jainar Jane McLELLAND, witn: Norman J. HAMMIL & Abbie McLELLANG (sic), both of West Garafraxa, 24 June 1908 at West Garafraxa 020296-08 (Wellington Co.) Carl Theodore HARLOFF, 33, finisher, Oxford Co, Edmonton, s/o Frederick HARLOFF & Marie BROMAINE, married Alice Jane SMELLIE, 26, Garafraxa twp, Fergus, d/o John SMELLIE & Elizabeth MILNE, wtn: Sarah A SMELLIE & Margaret OAKES both of Fergus, on Jan 23, 1908, at Fergus
020212-08 George HENINGER, 21, blacksmith, of Arthur Village, s/o John HENINGER & Annie BUTLER, married Bridget ONEILL, 24, domestic, of Arthur Village, d/o John ONEILL (hotel keeper) & Mary MALONE, witn: Thomas MALONE & Ethel ONEILL both of Arthur, 27 January 1908 at Arthur 020221-08 Henry Herbert HOPKINS, 28, farmer, England, Minto Twp., s/o Joseph HOPKINS & Mary A. KING, married Ruth GOSS, 31, housekeeping, England, Minto Twp., d/o George GOSS & Georgina M. ELLIOTT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph WATERS of Arthur Twp., 21 May 1908 at Kenilworth church in Arthur Twp.
020467-08 Charles H. HUGHES, 33, merchant, of Guelph, s/o Henry HUGHES & Anne SEANEY, married Florence M. BURNS, 22, of Guelph, d/o Thomas BURNS & Catherine GALLAGHER, witn: Charles J. McFARLANE & Irene COLEMAN both of Guelph, 28 October 1908 at Guelph 020490-08 George J. HUNT, 30, florist, of Guelph, s/o William HUNT & Elizabeth MILLINER, married Amelia CARTLIDGE, 27, of Arthur, d/o Albert CARTLIDGE & Hannah NEWBY, witn: J.W. McINTYRE & Laura Harris both of Guelph, 3 December 1908 at Guelph
020276-08 (Wellington Co) John HURREN, 29, farmer, Erin Twp, same s/o Alfred HURREN & Maggie McEACHERN married Annie WHEELER, 21, Erin Twp, same d/o James WHEELER & Jane BARDEN Witn: James HURREN & Mary WHEELER both of Erin Twp, Dec. 23, 1908 at Erin Village 020256-08 (Wellington Co.) Thomas Garfield HUTCHINSON, 25, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o David HUTCHINSON & Hannah E GREEN, married Wilhelmina Crowe BAYNE, 20, Garafraxa, Rockwood, d/o Andrew BAYNE & Lizzie CROWE, wtn: James R BAYNE of Belwood & William BAYNE of Peel, on Mar 04, 1908, at Rockwood
 020282-08 (Wellington Co) Fred ISMOND, 28, farmer, Erin Twp, Grand View Manitoba s/o Nathaniel ISMOND & Eliza MARLATT married Annie Olive TARZWELL, 28, Erin Twp, Grand View Manitoba d/o Matthew TARZWELL & Annie HALL Witn: Herbert TARZWELL & Annie ALEXANDER both of Hillsburg, Feb. 5, 1908 at Hillsburg 020217-1908 (Wellington Co.) George A. JACKSON, 23, farmer, not given, Peel Twp. s/o Irvin JACKSON & Rebecca RAINERD, married Dorothy BICKNELL, 19, not given, Arthur Village, d/o Newton BICKNELL & Anna WAITFIELD, witn: Richard KENNETT & Ruby JACKSON, both of Arthur, 7 Oct 1908 at Arthur.
020465-08 Frederick William JACOMBE, 33, government employee, of Ottawa, s/o William JACOMBE (deceased) & Frances MARRIOTT, married Maud Marion PENFOLD, 30, of Guelph, d/o George PENFOLD (manufacturer) & Louisa WILEY, witn: Charles R. & Lena M. PENFOLD both of Guelph, 21 October 1908 at Guelph 020481-08 John Ward JEFFERSON, 27, finisher, of Elora, s/o Francis E. JEFFERSON & Mary E. WARD, married Gertrude May CHARLESWORTH, 24, lady clerk, of Guelph, d/o William CHARLESWORTH & Mina McCULLOGH, witn: Edward JEFFRIES of Toronto & Minnie D. WATT of Guelph, 17 November 1908 at Guelph
  020215-08 Thomas JORDAN, 29, farmer, of Toronto, s/o Michael JORDAN (farmer) & Mary Agnes McMANUS, married Agatha SULLIVAN, 23, domestic, of Peel Twp., d/o Thomas SULLIVAN (farmer) & Johanna DOWD, witn: C.M. KIRBY of Toronto & Mary SULLIVAN of Arthur, 29 June 1908 at Arthur
020201-08 William KERR, 22, farmer, East Luther Twp., same, s/o Samuel KERR & Elizabeth PATTERSON, married Jessie PATTERSON, 21, West Luther Twp., same, d/o William PATTERSON & Annie JAMIESON, witn: H.A. RUTHERFORD & Anne Esther SMITH both of Arthur, 29 January 1908 at Arthur 20308-08 (Wellington Co): Alexander LAMONT, 35, saddler, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William LAMONT & Eliza LYTLE, married Emma R. RILLSTONE, 28, England,, West Garafraxa, d/o Edward RILLSTONE & Mary E. BATES, witn: M.E. RILLSTONE & L.B. PEATFIELD, both of West Garafraxa, 9 June 1908 at West Garafraxa
020479-08 Ralph Hunter LOYD, 21, ironworker, of Guelph, s/o Daniel LOYD (mechanic) & Elizabeth HUNTER, married Alice Ann FLETCHER, 21, domestic, of Guelph, d/o Joseph FLETCHER (farmer) & Rebecca GORDON, witn: Edward DYSON of Guelph & Mabel FLETCHER of Oustic, 11 November 1908 at Guelph  
#020286-1908 (Wellington Co): Thomas MACK, 24, farmer, Erin Twp, same, s/o John T MACK & Margt Ann TINDALE, married Mary Elizabeth TEETER, 21, Erin Tp, same, d/o Isaac H TEETER & Rachel OVERLAND; witnesses Wm B SUTTON, of Ospringe, Bertha OVERLAND, of Hillsburg. 18 Mar 1908 at Erin Twp 020287-08 (Wellington Co) Leonard MATTHEWS, 23, harness maker, Erin Twp, Hillsburg s/o Peter MATTHEWS & Annie GRAY married Sarah Elizabeth BARBOUR, 22, Erin Twp, same d/o Humphrey BARBOUR & Sarah War HURD Witn: George BARBOUR & Marion WHITE both of Hillsburg, March 11, 1908 at Erin Twp
20560-08(Wellington Co): Clayton Tindle McCALL, 26, clerk, of Mount Forest, s/o James McCALL & Sarah McDOUGALL, married Sarah BISHOP, 27, dressmaker, of Minto, d/o John BISHOP & Grace PETHERBRIDGE, witn: James McCALL, Fort William & Edith BISHOP, Drew, 12 Sept 1908 at Wellington Co 020502-08 Allan McDUIRMID (McDermid?), 24, farmer, of Fillmore Saskatchewan, s/o Allan McDUIRMID (farmer) & Margaret McNAUGHTON, married Lottie DOUGHTY, 23, of Guelph, d/o John DOUGHTY (market clerk) & Emma WORTHINGTON, witn: John & Pearl DOUGHTY both of Guelph, 30 December 1908 at Guelph 
020247-08 (Wellington Co.) Patrick McILROY, 40, mechanic, Aboyne Nichol twp, Elora, s/o James McILROY & Mary McDONALD, married Margaret COADY, 31, Pilkington twp, same, d/o Thomas COADY & Martha SCHRODER, wtn: Maurice COADY of Guelph & Mary McILROY of Hespeler, on May 11, 1908, at Elora 020269-08 (Wellington Co) William MCKINNON, 26, farmer, Erin Village, Erin Twp s/o Donald McKINNON & Janet YOUNG married Isabella McKECHNIE, 21, Erin Twp, Erin Village, school teacher, d/o James McKECHNIE & Augusta McKECHNIE [nee Marshall] Witn: Burnes McKECHNIE of Erin Twp & Margaret McKECHNIE of Erin Village, April 15, 1908 at Erin Village
#020285-1908 (Wellington Co): John McLEAN, 40, carpenter, Erin Twp, same, s/o Donald McLEAN & Sarah McKINNON, married Ella Maria McENERY, 42, Esquesing Tp, Erin Twp, d/o William McENERY & Elizabeth YEMAN; witnesses Norman D McMURCHY, Jennie BINNIE of Erin Tp. 15 Mar 1908 at Erin Twp 020277-08 (Wellington Co) Archibald B. McLELLAN, 40, implement agent, Glenelg Ont, Durham Ont s/o Hugh McLELLAN & Margaret BUTLER married Susannah WILSON, 38, Caledon East, same d/o John WILSON & Margaret NELSON Witn: Francis FRANK & Mary FRANK of Caledon, Dec. 30, 1908 at Erin Village
020301-08 (Wellington Co.) Henry Lorne McNALLY, 28, traveller, of North Bay, s/o John McNALLY & Sarah COLLIER, married Margaret Jane MILLS, 26, of Fergus, d/o Thomas MILLS & Eliza WILLIAMS, wtn: Fred McMILLAN of Hillsburg & Mabel MILLS of Fergus, on Dec 16, 1908, at Fergus 020495-08 George Herbert McWILLIAMS, 41, farmer, of High River Alberta, s/o Richard McWILLIAMS & Fanny SOCKETT, married Ada M. WEBB, 30, of Guelph, d/o John S. WEBB & Lucy HINDLEY, witn: R.F. McWILLIAMS & Mary HINDLEY both of Erin Twp., 22 December 1908 at Guelph
020240-08 (Wellington Co.) Fred MILLER, 29, machine agent, of Elmira, s/o Fredrick MILLER & Clara STROME, married Mable Hosdee RAYNER, 24, of Drayton, d/o Alfred RAYNER & Eliza ALTWOOD, wtn: Albert ZEIGLER & Martha DUNN both of Berlin, on Sept. 29, 1908 at Drayton 020198-08 Louis T. MITCHELL, 25, farmer, Maryborough Twp., same, s/o Robert MITCHELL & Mary GRIFFITH, married Mary E. HENDERSON, 24, Arthur Twp., Arthur Village, d/o Richard HENDERSON & Minerva PEET, witn: Nathaniel MITCHELL of Maryborough Twp. & Amelia HENDERSON of Arthur, 15 April 1908 at Arthur
  020492-08 John MONKHOUSE, 36, engineer, of Guelph, s/o Joseph MONKHOUSE (retired farmer) & Jane BRADY, married Grace Elizabeth CRANE, 29, of Guelph, d/o John C. CRANE (farmer) & Lydia Jane HARBAND, witn: James Henry LACEY & Alice Jane CRANE both of Guelph, 8 December 1908 at Guelph
020246-08 (Wellington Co.) Dennis MURPHY, 40, butcher, Guelph, same, s/o Jeremiah MURPHY & Ellen GARVY, married Agnes FINEGAN, 39, Nichol twp, same, d/o Thomas FINEGAN & Catherine McARDLE, wtn: William P FINEGAN of Cleveland Ohio & Margaret FINEGAN of Nichol twp, on April 29,1908, at Elora 020260-08, (Wellington Co.), George Wesley MURRAY, 28, Erin Twp., same, farmer, s/o Andrew B. MURRAY & Amelia RYDER, to Annie Donalda MANN, 22, Erin Twp., same, domestic, d/o John MANN & Catherine HART, witn: George ELLIOTT & Myrtle MANN, both of Acton, 11 June 1908 at Rockwood
020203-08 George Walter NORTON, 24, driver, Listowel, Toronto, s/o William NORTON & Eliza JARVIS, married Harriett Ashley DRURY, 27, West Luther Twp., Arthur, d/o Charles DRURY & Hannah POTTER, witn: Charles & Florence LONG both of Arthur, 17 June 1908 at Arthur 020213-08 John O'NEILL, 55, farmer, of Arthur Village, s/o Charles O'NEILL (laborer) & Jane Armstrong, married Mary Margaret FLYNN, 19, domestic, of Arthur, d/o William FLYNN & Margaret WALSH, witn: Thomas DREAK & Bella ONEILL both of Arthur, 24 February 1908 at Arthur
021695-09 (Wellington Co) William Scott ORR, 30, merchant, of Mount Forest, s/o William ORR & Jane SCOTT, married Lillie MOORE, 28, housekeeper, of Arthur Twp., d/o Stephen H. MOORE (farmer) & Agnes E. PRESCOTT, witn: Norman MOORE of Arthur Twp. & Bella ORR of Mount Forest, 30 December 1908 at Arthur Twp.  
20303-08 (Wellington Co): Charles Edward PATON, 28, merchant, Toronto, same, s/o James PATTON (sic) & Jane MATHER, married Adeline CLARK, no age given , East Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, d/o James CLARK & Eliza J. WILSON, witn: George S. CLARK of Elora & Lizzie McLELLAN of Brampton, 1 Jan 1908 at West Garafraxa 20306-08 (Wellington Co): John Lorne PRIOR, 28, farmer, Tecumseth twp., Melancthon twp., s/o John PRIOR & Martha MILES, married Jessie Lavina FELKER, 27, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Abraham FELKER & Ann FERRIER, witn: Georgie & Isabella FELKER of West Garafraxa, 29 April 1908 at West Garafraxa
020261-08, (Wellington Co.), Alexander RAE, 28, Eramosa, same, blacksmith, s/o Alexander RAE & Sarah McLEAN, to Emma Maud POWERS, 23, Eramosa, same, d/o Walker POWERS & Elizabeth JOHNSTONE, witn: Carrie POWERS of Speedside, Hattie ADAMS of Oshawa, 17 June 1908 at Speedside 020496-08 Frank RAYNER, 21, baker, of Barrie Ontario, s/o Alfred RAYNER & Ellen MAINERY, married Jennie JOHNSTON, 21, of Barrie, d/o John P. JOHNSTON Margaret DUNCAN, witn: Margaret M. SMITH & Minnie E. BARBER both of Guelph, 21 December 1908 at Guelph
020244-08 (Wellington Co.) Harry REED, 28, farmer, Bramote Nottinghamshire Eng, Howick twp, s/o Arthur REED & Emma DERRY, married Elizabeth CRAIG, 21, Howick twp, same, d/o John CRAIG & Jane McLEOD, wtn: Mrs NAFTEL & Mrs W R NORWICK? both of Elora, on Mar 17, 1908 at Elora 020499-08 William REEVES, 24, iron worker, of Guelph, s/o Thomas REEVES (laborer) & Martha HERBERT, married Mary Jane TRYON, 19, of Guelph, d/o Saiges TRYON (laborer) & Margaret WELSH, witn: William TRYON of Guelph & Bertha MARTIN of London, 24 December 1908 at Guelph
20320-08 (Wellington Co): Joseph REINHART, 41, merchant, New Germany Ont., not given, s/o Rudolf REINHART & Lena FRIEDMAN, married Marion O’HARA, 25, Gravenhurst, not given, d/o Henry O’HARA & Elizabeth McHALE, witn: Alve H. BENNETT & blank MALONE, both of Guelph, 18 Feb 1908 at Guelph (Rom Cath) 020253-08 (Wellington Co.) George Edward B REYNOLDS, 30, farmer, of Nichol twp, s/o James REYNOLDS & Harriet FORMAN?, married Alice Gertrude PARR, 18, of Pilkington twp, d/o John PARR & Susan BEATTIE, wtn: Harry PARR of Alma & Frances PARR of Elora, on Dec 23, 1908, at Elora
020210-08 Anton RIERDEVER, 34, manager livery business, of Star City Saskatchewan, s/o Anton RIERDEVER & Annie HARTT, married Mary GALVIN, 24, teacher, of Star City Saskatchewan, d/o John GALVIN (contractor) & Catherine BRESNAHAN, witn: Herman QUINLAN of Damascus & Margaret GALVIN of Arthur, 7 January 1908 at Arthur 020243-08 (Wellington Co.) Albert Victor RIMES, 29, labourer, England, Pilkington twp, s/o unknown, married Margaret TUTTON, 24, West Garafraxa twp, Pilkington twp, d/o Mark TUTTON & Margaret Anne CONNOLLY, wtn: James TUTTON of Pilkington twp & Mary CONNOLLY of Guelph, on Feb 10, 1908, at Elora
020264 (Wellington Co.), Norman H. ROBERTSON, 34, not given, Colfax -Illinois USA, minister, s/o Allan Robertson, farmer, & Mary HIGGISON, to Mabel CURRIE, 37, not given, Everton, trained nurse, d/o John D. CURRIE, carpenter, & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Daniel A. ROBERTSON of Hillsburg, Rose CURRIE of Everton, 2 September 1908 at Everton 020487-08 Montague ROBERTSON, 31, widower, farmer, of Aberfoyle, s/o not known ROBERTSON (clerk) & not known, married Georgina Jessie BACON, 24, of Aberfoyle, d/o William Hudson BACON (retired cab proprietor) & Emma WILSON, witn: William BACON & Jessie AMOS both of Aberfoyle, 1 December 1908 at Guelph
  020470-08 George ROFFAN, 25, bartender, of Toronto, s/o Peter ROFFAN & Isabella McKAY, married Jessie ANDERSON, 25, nurse, Of Guelph, d/o James ANDERSON & Jessie McARTHUR, witn: Janet & Donald McINTYRE both of 92 Berlin St. Guelph, 4 November 1908 at Guelph
020545-08 (Wellington Co) George ROGERS, 76, Maryborough, Maryborough, widower, Bee keeper, s/o Abraham ROGERS & Ellen HUGHES, married Ann Jame CADWELL, 58, Nelson Tp, Glenallan, Housekeeper, widow, d/o Thomas CALDER and Annie CADDEN, wtn: Maud CADWELL of Glenallan & Martha FRANKLIN of Hollen, on May 5, 1908 at Maryborough 20558-08(Wellington Co): John Alexander ROSS, 29, farmer, of Minto, s/o Alexander Fraser ROSS & Euphemia SINCLAIR, married Frances Elizabeth McCOMB, 24, of Minto, d/o Wm Thomas McCOMB & Matilda SMITH, witn: Wm Thomas McCOMB & Donald ROSS, both of Cotswold, 3 July 1908 at Minto
020207-08 Horace Charles SAINSBURY, 25, farmer, of Arthur Twp., s/o George SAINSBURY & Eva Mary BOARD married Annie ARMSTRONG, 40, widow, of Arthur Twp., d/o Thomas DOHERTY (farmer) & Ellen McCOY, witn: Armimtha & Flossie COSENS both of Arthur, 15 September 1908 at Arthur Village 020300-08 (Wellington Co.) Alonzo SCHAFER, 44, painter, of Elora, s/o James SCHAFER & Jane KICK, married Sindia Lyle BYERS, 37, of Toronto, d/o William WALSH & Elizabeth McDERMOTT, wtn: Mrs J M WRIGHT & M Fern WRIGHT both of Fergus, on Nov 18, 1908, at Fergus
020265 (Wellington Co.), Matthew Herbert SCOTT, 32, Eramosa, same, farmer, s/o John SCOTT & Sarah HUDSON, to Mary SKERITT, 29, Erin, Eramosa, music teacher, d/o Richard SKERRITT & Hann BAILEY, witn: Laura SCOTT of Eramosa, Irwin JACKSON of Everton, 9 December 1908 at Eramosa 20313-08 (Wellington Co): James SEMPLE, 32, farmer, of East Garafraxa, s/o Hugh SEMPLE, farmer, & Margaret WOOD, married Bertha CLARK, 23, of West Garafraxa, d/o James CLARK, farmer, & Martha HALL, witn: Hugh R. SEMPLE of Orangeville & Agnes SEMPLE of East Garafraxa, 8 Dec 1908 at West Garafraxa
020298-08 (Wellington Co.) Farquhar SHAW, 29, accountant, Walkerton, Toronto, s/o Alen SHAW & Anna ROBERTSON, married Jessie T TINDALE, 26, Fergus, same, d/o John TINDALE & Mary E TWEDDLE, wtn: G I SHAW of Walkerton & Gertrude T MICKLE of Flushing NY, on June 20, 1908, at Fergus 020484-08 Nelson SHAW, 23, wool sorter, of Rockwood, s/o Fred SHAW (laborer) & Jane DOOLEY, married Sarah M. HANNAH, 18, of Rockwood, d/o William J. HANNAH (farmer) & Mary FITZIMMONS, witn: Annie BRUCE & Isabel CRANSTON both of Guelph, 7 November 1908 at Guelph
  020493-08 Peter C. SHEPHERD, 34, land inspector, of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, s/o Thomas C. SHEPHERD & Margaret COOK, married Anna D. STIRTON, 33, widow, of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, d/o Frank DOWLER (merchant) & Jane DAVIS, witn: Robert H. DOWLER of St. Thomas & Maria WALSH of Toronto, 16 December 1908 at Guelph
20544-08 (Wellington County) Albert SITTLER, 30, Fullerton, Perth County, b, Merchant, s/o John SITTLER & Helena BRADWIN, married Hellen Simpson GRIEVE, 29, Downie Perth Co., Maryborough, Nurse, s, d/o Thomas GRIEVE & Jane MURRAY, wtn: Mr. & Mrs Charles SCHNEIDER of Moorefield, on Mar 4, 1908 at Wyandotte 020466-08 William Howard SLOAN, 30, mechanic, of Guelph, s/o William SLOAN & Deborah BENSON, married Mary Jane PLANT, 23, of Guelph, d/o Thomas William PLANT (deceased) & Margaret T. HYNES, witn: William SIMPSON & Gertrude HICKS both of Guelph, 28 October 1908 at Guelph
020196-08 (Wellington Co) Emery Esmund SMALL, 20, farmer, Arthur Village, Peel Twp., s/o David T. SMALL & Elizabeth SMITH, married May Elizabeth FRIER, 19, teacher, Arthur Village, West Luther Twp., d/o Robert FRIER & Margaret GARDNER, witn: Addie LINDSAY & H.A. RUTHERFORD both of Arthur, 11 March 1908 at Arthur  020258-08, (Wellington Co.), Albert E, SMITH, 29, South Middleton, Rockwood, teacher, S.o Jeremiah SMITH & Catherine ARMSTRONG, to Rosina F. BERTRAM, 20, Rockwood, same, d/o James BERTRAM & Eliza COUBREY?, witn: M. J. MUNRO & Edith FITZSIMMONS, both of Rockwood, 16 April 1908 at Rockwood
020500-08 Israel Ezra SMITH, 22, shoemaker, of Guelph, s/o Moses SMITH (store keeper) & Mary PINSER, married Fannie DAVIS, 21, of Guelph, d/o David DAVIS (farmer) & Freda TAMARKYN, witn: Elyokim ZEMEL of 18 Surrey St. Guelph & Jacob SHULMAN of 20 Huron St. Toronto, 24 December 1908 at Guelph 020249-08 (Wellington Co.) Norman STAFFORD, 26, contractor, of Elora, s/o William H STAFFORD & Mary HALL, married Lena WRIGHT, 30, of Elora, d/o George WRIGHT & Annie MARSHALL, wtn: Tom STAFFORD & Annie MARSHALL both of Elora, on Sept 30, 1908, at Elora
020482-08 William John Berryman STEEL, 23, farmer, of Holmfield Manitoba, s/o William John STEEL (farmer) & Catherine BERRYMAN, married Mabel Agnes SQUIRREL, 25, of Guelph, d/o William SQUIRRELL (employee O.A.C.) & Rebecca MOORE, witn: W.J. SQUIRRELL of Guelph & F.E. MOORE of Eden Mills, 18 November 1908 at Guelph 020252-08 (Wellington Co.) Sylvester J STUDDICK, 22, hotelman, of Elmira, s/o John STUDDICK & Elizabeth ESCH?, married Gertrude Mary BROHMAN, 20, of Salem, d/o Mathew BROHMAN & Magdalen VOGEL, wtn: Henry BROHMAN of Salem & Pearl Elizabeth STUDDICK of Elmira, on Nov 03, 1908, at Elora
020281-08 (Wellington Co) James SUGGETT, 38, farmer, Garafraxa Twp, Hillsburg s/o George SUGGITT & Jane WILSON married Nancy CUTTING, 36, Erin Twp, Hillsburg, widow, d/o David AWREY & Nancy CAWTHRA Witn: John C. AWREY & Isaiah AWREY, Jan. 29, 1908 at Hillsburg  
020218-1908 (Wellington Co.) John SULLIVAN, 33, farmer, not given, Peel Twp., s/o Dennis SULLIVAN & Mary MYERS, married Mary CLOSE, 21, not given, West Garafraxa, d/o James CLOSE & Julia KELLY, witn: Richard KELLY & Lizzie CLOSE, both of Arthur, 20 Oct 1908 at Arthur. (Rom Cath) 20305-08 (Wellington Co): Frederick SWITZER, 35, farmer, Halton Co., Norval, s/o Joseph C. SWITZER & Mary SUTCLIFFE, married Minnie Isabella STEWART, 19, West Garafraxa, same, d/o Alexander STEWART & Janet GERRIE, witn: Georgina & Joseph C. SWITZER of Halton Co., 8 April 1908 at West Garafraxa
020263 (Wellington Co.), William TARSWELL, 44, not given, Hillsburg, , widower, farmer, s/o Robert TARSWELL, farmer, & Susanna WHEELER, to Sarah Jane CUTTIN (Cubbin?), 44?, not given , Hillsburg, widow, housekeeper, d/o Richard DENICK (Derrick?), farmer, & Myra VAUGHN, witn: Mrs Janet ABBOTT  & Mrs Francis LYNN, both of Everton, 13 July 1908 at Everton #021777-09 (Wellington Co): Robert TAYLOR, 27, farmer, of Nichol twp., s/o William TAYLOR, farmer, & blank LESLIE, married Sarah Jane SHORTSIED, 21, of West Garafraxa, d/o William George, butcher, & not given, witn: James Russell SMELLIE & Margaret May SHORTSIED, both of W. Garafraxa, 31 Dec 1908 at West Garafraxa
20314-08 (Wellington Co): William Edward TAYLOR, 29, farmer, of East Garafraxa, s/o David TAYLOR, farmer, & Ann Jane GLOVER, married Mary TILL, 23, of West Garafraxa, d/o Henry TILL, farmer, & Margaret KERR, witn: William HAWS (or Daws) of Marsville & Daniel TAYLOR of Grand Valley, 30 Dec 1908 at West Garafraxa 020280-08 (Wellington Co) Frederick Norman THRING, 23, farmer, Eramosa Twp, same s/o John G. THRING & Johanna WEAVER married Mary Jane SOMERVILLE, 20, Erin Twp, same d/o George SOMERVILLE & Martha JACKSON, Jan. 1, 1908 at Erin Twp
020274-08 (Wellington Co) Robert Perrin TRAVIS, 35, compositor, Georgetown, Toronto s/o David S. TRAVIS & Eliza ABBOTT married Ella May LONG, 29, Hanover Ont, Erin Village d/o James LONG & Mary Cameron Witn: David S. TRAVIS of Toronto & James LONG of Erin, Sep. 30, 1908 at Erin Village 020478-08 Edwin TURNER, 26, finisher, of Guelph, s/o Charles Edwin TURNER & Priscilla HEYWOOD, married Mary Elizabeth CURZON, 28, of Guelph, d/o Thomas CURZON (finisher) & Mary Elizabeth BOWYER, witn: Joseph & Ruth CURZON both of Guelph, 9 November 1908 at St. Daniel’s church in Guelph
020297-08 (Wellington Co.) Albert Ernest VAN EVERY, 23, teamster, Galt, same, s/o Charles Clark VAN EVERY & Louisa Jane HAWLEY, married Alice McCREADY, 19, Arthur, Fergus, d/o James McCREADY & Mary QUINN, wtn: Mrs J M WRIGHT & Fern WRIGHT, on May 9, 1908, at Fergus 020204-08 Arthur WALES, 33, farmer, of Peel Twp., s/o James WALES (farmer) & Jessie SAUNDERS, married Mary ROBINSON, 30, clerk, of Arthur, d/o Thomas ROBINSON (laborer) & Rebecca PAYNTON, witn: James WALES & Ethel M. CLOSE both of Arthur, 30 September 1908 at Arthur Village
020262-08, (Wellington Co.), John Ramsey WATSON, 29, Trafalgar, Rockwood, farmer, s/o James WATSON & Martha RAMSEY, to Isabella Ethel BURNS, 23, Rockwood, same, d/o Williams BURNS & Euphemia FERGUSON, witn: Melvin E. BURNS & Gertrude L. BURNS, both of Rockwood, 24 June 1908 at Rockwood 020206-08 (Wellington Co) William John WATSON, 28, farmer, of West Luther Twp., s/o Thomas WATSON (farmer) & Sarah DENNIS, married Annie E. HILLS, 25, of East Luther Twp., d/o Henry HILLS (farmer) & Matilda Jane GALBRAITH, witn: Marion & Elizabeth SCOTT both of Arthur, 5 August 1908 at Arthur Village
020483-08 Warren H. WEILER, 22, electrician, of Guelph, s/o Daniel WEILER (farmer) & Rachel PATTERSON, married Jennie JAMIESON, 19, of Guelph, d/o Thomas JAMIESON (farmer) & Ellen NEAR, witn: William JAMIESON & Maggie CHEVILLE both of Guelph, 4 November 1908 at Guelph  
020250-08 (Wellington Co.) James WELLS, 33, furniture finisher, of Elora, s/o James WELLS & Annie BUCHANAN, married Helen McFarlane McQUEEN, 35, of Elora, d/o Robert J McQUEEN & Elizabeth HERRINGHAM, wtn: Ernest Edward BOOKER & Rose Josephine McQUEEN, on Oct 14, 1908, at Elora 020469-08 Bertram Albert WENSLEY, 28, mechanic, of Guelph, s/o James WENSLEY (mechanic) & Hannah WENSLEY, married Violet Florence JONES, 21, domestic, of Guelph, d/o Fred JONES (mechanic) & Susan ELVIDGE, witn: Matthew CLARK & Alice BARBER both of Guelph, 30 October 1908 at Guelph
20559-08 (Wellington Co): Wismer WHETHAM, 28, farmer, of Minto, s/o George WHETHAM & Melissa L HOLLIDAY, married Sarah DONALDSON, 24, housemaid, of Minto, d/o Thomas DONALDSON & Mary NUTBRAUN?: witn: Wallace DONALDSON & Henrietta M WHETHAM, both of Drew, 17 July 1908 at Drew Station 020486-08 William Harvey WHETSTONE, 21, moulder, of Guelph, s/o Bard WHETSTONE (mechanic) & not given, married Mayme Umira MASON, 19, of Guelph, d/o Anthony MASON (carpenter) & Nellie WORTHINGTON, witn: W.F. WHETSTONE & Pearl WEIR both of Guelph, 25 November 1908 at Guelph
020257-08, (Wellington Co.), James Carson WHITESIDE, 28, Garafraxa, Pasqua - Sask., farmer, s/o Robert & Mary Jane WHITESIDE, to Lizzie M. BAYNE, 28, Garafraxa, Rockwood, d/o Andrew BAYNE & Lizzie CROWE, witn: James R. BAYNE of Belwood, William BAYNE of Peet, 4 Mrch 1908 at Rockwood 020498-08 David WILSON, 21, shipping clerk, of Guelph, s/o George WILSON (weaver) & Jeannie PARKER, married Jeannie FLETCHER, 23, weaver, of Guelph, d/o Robert FLETCHER (baker) & Ellen COCHRANE, witn: James LAWSON & Agnes C. FLETCHER both of Guelph, 24 December 1908 at Guelph
#020271-1908 (Wellington Co): Henry WILSON, 18, mill spinner, Silvercreek Ont, Inglewood Ont, s/o William WILSON & Mary BAKER, married Alice TELCOCK, 17, Cataract, Credit Forks, d/o Charles TELCOCK & Maria SMITH; witnesses Jessie & Elva RAMESBOTTON, of Erin Village. 6 Aug 1908 at Erin Village 020248-08 (Wellington Co.) George J WILSON, 33, jeweller, Garafraxa twp, Hanley Sask, s/o John D WILSON & Isabella ALLAN, married Kate STEPHENSON, 28, Elora, same, d/o Ian E STEPHENSON & Kate HALLS, wtn: J E WHITEHEAD of Toronto & Clara STEPHENSON of Elma, on June 24, 1908, at Elora
020288-08 (Wellington Co) George WRIGHT, 30, farmer, Woolwich Twp, same s/o George WRIGHT & Jennie REED married Mary BLYTHE, 22, Winnipeg, Woolwich Twp d/o Henry BLYTHE & Elizabeth McMURCHIE Witn: Lynn Levi Lesley & Maggie A. LESLEY both of Erin Twp, May 6, 1908 at Erin Twp 20322-08 (Wellington Co): William Howard YOUNG, 29, land surveyor, Clifford Ont., Lethbridge Alberta, s/o Stephen YOUNG & Elizabeth L. BUCKHAM, married Annie Davidson ALLAN, 29, Clifford, Guelph, d/o Absalom Shade ALLAN & Kate BULLOCK, witn: Robert WENGER of Ayton Ont & Mary Evelyn ALLAN of Guelph, 29 Jan 1908 at Guelph
020255-08 (Wellington Co.) Herbert Oscar YOUNG, 27, farmer, Guelph, Rockwood, s/o Robert YOUNG & Abby BOOK, married Ada RICHARDSON, 24, Rockwood, same, d/o John RICHARDSON & Louisa FREEMAN, wtn: Albert RICHARDSON of Nassagaweya & David McCUTCHEON of Erin, on Mar 11, 1908, at Rockwood 020268-08 (Wellington Co) August B. YOUNG, 23, farmer, Guelph Twp, Erin Twp, s/o Robert YOUNG & Abigail BOOK married Mary E. SWACKHAMMER, 23, Erin Twp, Ospringe Erin Twp d/o Hiram SWACKHAMMER & Catherine FISHER Witn: Nelson B. Sutton & Effie W. YOUNG of Erin, April 8, 1908 at Erin Village