Waterloo 73

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Waterloo Co., 1873


012936-73 (Waterloo Co) - H.C.W. AHLFELDT (s/b AFFELDT) 20, farmer, Germany, Berlin, s/o William & Frederika married Elizabeth SCHWARTZ, 19, birth place unknown, Waterloo, d/o Henry & Sophia, witn: Frederick SCHWARTZ & Marie SAGEHORN both of Berlin, 7 March 1873 in Berlin 012777-73 (Waterloo Co) John ANDERSON, 21, mechanic, Dumfries, Ayr, s/o Thomas & Agnes married Barbara LAMBERT, 21, Scotland, Ayr, d/o James & Ellen, witn: John LAMBERT & Jane GOODFELLOW (faint) both of Ayr, 11 April 1873 in Ayr
012876-73 (Waterloo Co) William Ira ANDERSON, 29, yeoman, Beverly, Beverly Twp, s/o William T. & Annie married Maggie HOGG, 25, Puslinch, Galt, d/o James & Martha, witn: Archibald HOGG & Maggie CAMPBELL both of Galt, 15 January 1873 in Galt 012990-73 (Waterloo Co) Philipp APPEL, 28, saw miller, Germany, Wilmot Twp, s/o Daniel & Margaretha married Catharine KOCH, 21, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o George & Catharine, witn: Jacob BECKER & Philip BINKLE both of Wilmot Twp 19 January 1873 in Wilmot Twp
013022-73 (Waterloo Co) Andrew AX, 24, farmer, Hessen Germany, Wilmot Twp, s/o John & Catherina married Catherina SCHANTZ, 29, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jonas & Maria, witn: Michael & Sussana MENGER of New Hamburg, 24 December 1873 in New Hamburg 009895-74 (Waterloo Co) Andrew AXT, 24, farmer, Hessia Darmstadt Germany, Wilmot Twp, s/o John AXT & Catharine DIEBEL married Catharine SHANTZ, 29, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jonas SHANTZ & Hannah SNYDER, witn: Michael & Eliza MENGER both of New Hamburg, 25 December 1873 in Wilmot Twp
012779-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas BAKER, 24, merchant, Ayr, Ayr, s/o William BAKER & Mary MCCOLL married Georgina APPLEBY, 22, State of New York, Ayr, d/o James A. APPLEBY & Eliza ELLIS, witn: Thomas THOMSON? (faint) of Bradford & Thomas M. CASH? (faint) of (no residence given), 11 June 1873 in Ayr. 012788-73 (Waterloo Co) John Christian BARTHER, 22, baker, Susp Bridges NY, Preston, s/o Christian & Barbara married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 21, Galt, Hespeler, d/o George & Euphemia, witn: Henry ROSE of Preston & Euphemia THOMPSON of Hespeler, 21 October 1873 in Hespeler
013002-73 (Waterloo Co) William Barret BATTLER (Buttler?), 22, yeoman, Wilmot, Wilmot Twp, s/o George & Elizabeth married Fanny GARDNER, 20, Wilmot, Wilmot Twp, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Michael GARDNER & Tamar BATTLER both of Wilmot Twp, 23 December 1873 in Wilmot. 9641-74 David BAUMAN, 21, farmer, Woolwich, same, s/o David & Nancy, married Mary Ann MARTIN, 18, Woolwich, same, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: Peter MARTIN & Eli BAUMAN, both of Woolwich, 21 Sept 1873 at Woolwich twp
012831-73 (Waterloo Co) Elias BAUMAN, 23, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Joseph D. & Elisabeth married Magdalena REIST, 21, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Abraham & Mary, witn: Joseph D. BAUMAN of Woolwich & Abraham REIST of Hay Twp Huron Co. 4 February 1873 in Woolwich 012833-73 (Waterloo Co) Levi BAUMAN, 21, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Levi & Magdalena married Barbara MARTIN, 24, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Abraham & Veronica, witn: Levi BAUMAN & Peter MARTIN of Woolwich, 1 April 1873 in Woolwich.
012786-73 (Waterloo Co) John BEAL, 22, baker, Ontario, Hespeler, s/o John & Catharine married Lydia GUYER, 26, Waterloo Twp, Hespeler, d/o David & Elisabeth, witn: Arther REDDAWAY of Strasburg & Jane R. GUYER of Waterloo Twp, 29 July 1873 in Hespeler 012903-73 (Waterloo Co) Benjamin BEAR, 26, carpenter, Canada, Preston, widower, s/o John & Nancy married Jemina HALLMAN, 23, Canada, Wilmot, d/o Wendell & Nancy, witn: Joel & Lavinia WANNER both of Wilmot, 18 May 1873 in Berlin
012917-73 (Waterloo Co) Isaac BECHTEL, 23, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o Joseph & Sarah married Anna Elizabeth DEDELS, 25, Germany, Waterloo Twp, d/o Christian & Maria, witn: Amos & Maria Hannah BECHTEL both of Waterloo, 20 July 1873 in Berlin 013018-73 (Waterloo Co) Phillip BECKER, 35, farmer, Klosterberg Germany, Blenheim, s/o George Jacob & Maria Margaretha married Johanna BAUMANN, 18, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o Joachim & Sophia, witn: John LUDWIG & Sophia BAUMANN of Blenheim, 6 May 1873 in New Hamburg
012993-73 (Waterloo Co) Conrad BECKER, 23, shoemaker, Schwatz Hessia Germany, Waterloo Village, s/o Henry BECKER & Elizabeth GERBRIG married Mary Dorothea FENNEN, 20, Heidelbach Hessia Germany, Wilmot Twp, d/o John FENNEN & Catharine ZULAUF, witn: Henry BECKER & Jacob S. ROOS both of Waterloo Village, 13 April 1873 in Philipsburg 012946-73 (Waterloo Co) George BELLINGER, 24, saddler, Germany, Wellesley Village, s/o George M. & Wilhelmina married Mary DIEBEL, 20, Canada, Lisbon, d/o Simon & Barbara, witn: George DIEBEL of Lisbon & William LIVINGSTON of Milverton, 4 March 1873 in Berlin
012825-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph BERBERICH, 42, laborer, Germany, St. Jacobs, widower, s/o August & Crensencia married Eve FREY, 31, Canada, Woolwich, d/o Henry & Lydia FREY, witn: Henry & Lydia FREY of St. Jacobs, 16 March 1873 in St. Jacobs. 013061-73 (Waterloo Co) Franz BERDICHOVSKY, 23, laborer, Wersezeren Poland Germany, Berlin, s/o Michel & Mary married Hanna KLAEN, 25, Micklenburg Germany, Berlin, d/o Carl & Fredericka, witn: John KRUEGER & Henry BORNHOLD both of Berlin, 3 August 1873 in Waterloo
012995-73 (Waterloo Co) John BERG, 21, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Henry BERG & Elizabeth RUFFER married Margarethe WALPER, 22, Hay Twp Huron Co., Hay Twp, d/o Henry WALPER & Elizabeth THERSS, witn: Andrew BACK of Wilmot Twp & Conrad WALPER of Hay Twp., 8 July 1873 in Philipsburg 013032-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry BERLETT, 21, carriage maker, Ontario, Wellesley Twp, s/o Martin & Margaret married Margaret Jane RODGERS, 18, Ontario, Waterloo Twp, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: John L. HAUCK & William RODGERS both of Waterloo Twp, 28 January 1873 in Bloomingdale
012774-73 (Waterloo Co) George BEST, 26, mason, Ireland, Ayr North Dumfries, s/o William BEST & Margaret FITHERINGTON (faint) married Eliza ROSE, 21, Ayr, Ayr, d/o Alexander ROSE & Catherine MARSTERS (faint, Masters?), witn: Patrick FRANKLIN & Catherine ROSE both of Ayr, 31 January 1873 in Ayr 013011-73 (Waterloo Co) Sidney BICKEL, 21, music teacher, Woodstock, Woodstock, s/o Robert & Eliza married Elisabeth Jane RUSSELL, 23, Toronto, Woodstock, d/o William & Elisabeth, witn: H. VON ENDE of Preston & Agnes HENDERSON of Chesterfield, 5 February 1873 in New Hamburg
012797-73 (Waterloo Co) Christian BIEHN, 27, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Wallace Twp Perth Co., s/o Aaron & Anna married Mary KUMMER, 17, Waterloo Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o Sebastian & Susanne, witn: Abraham & Mary BIEHN both of Waterloo Twp, 2 December 1873 in Preston 12810-73 (Waterloo Co): Elias BINGEMAN, 23, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Jonas & Elizabeth, married Amanda EBY, 21, Waterloo twp., same, d/o David & Lydia, witn: Meno WEBER & Hannah BINGEMAN, both of Waterloo twp., 16 March 1873 at Preston (Menonist)
012926-73 (Waterloo Co) Adam BIRD, 24, farmer, Canada, Woolwich, s/o Samuel & Phillipine married Katharine SCHWIND, 20, Canada, Woolwich, d/o Andreas & Katharine, witn: Adam HOFER Jr. & Adam HOFER Sr. both of Berlin, 21 June 1873 in Berlin 012944-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry BIRNSTIHL, 23, saddler, Germany, Waterloo Twp, s/o Adam & Anna married Mary SCHIELE, 24, Germany, Waterloo Twp, d/o Frederick & Frederika, witn: Gottlieb BIRNSTIHL & Eliza WELLINE both of Bridgeport, 15 February 1873 in Berlin
012851-73 (Waterloo Co) Edward M. BLAND, 23, clerk, Kanstead England, Hamilton, s/o (no parent's names given) married Marie A. ERBS, 28, no birth place given, Galt, d/o Augustus & Maria, witn: Edmund I. HOLLINGS of Hamilton & M.C. FLEMING of Galt, 9 October 1873 in Galt. 012854-73 (Waterloo Co) Edward Michael BLAND, 23, Wanstead England, Hamilton, s/o Francis Laurence & Agatha Elizabeth married Marie A. ERBS, 28, Kaganary (?) France, d/o Augustus & Maria, witn: Edmund C. HOLLINGS of Hamilton & Mary C. FLEMING of Galt, 7 October 1873 in Galt
012937-73 (Waterloo Co) Carl BLEICH, 23, laborer, Germany, Breslau, s/o Gottfried & Christina married Gottliebe KRUEGER, 20, Germany, Guelph Twp, d/o Gottlieb & Christina, witn: Johann MANKLEWITZ of Berlin & Hermann DITMER of Guelph, 27 March 1873 in Berlin 013009-73 (Waterloo Co) William BOECKNER, 30, farmer, Niederofleideor Germany, Proton Grey Co., s/o Johannes & Louisa married Eva Elisabeth LUCKHARD, 22, Casperhausen Germany, Proton, d/o (father unknown) & Anne Catharina LUCKHARD, witn: Henry BOECKNER & Mrs. Louisa PRESSPEICH of New Hamburg, 2 January 1873 in New Hamburg.
012997-73 (Waterloo Co) William BOETTGER, 24, farmer, Braunschweig Germany, Logan Perth Co., s/o Frederich & Fredericke married Catharine APPEL, 24, Baiern Germany, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jacob & Philippine, witn: Herrman APPEL of Baden Wilmot Twp & Elizabeth DEPPISCH of Elma Twp Perth Co., 10 July 1873 in Wilmot Twp  
012816-73 (Waterloo Co) William BORTH, 21, farmer, Germany, Woolwich, s/o Christian & Susanna married Salome GROSS, 21, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o John & Barbara, witn: John GROSS & Michael MATTUSCH of Woolwich, 29 April 1873 in Woolwich 013056-73 (Waterloo Co) Samuel BOWMAN, 20, yeoman, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Moses S. & Anna married Emily SHONTZ, 19, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Samuel & Rebecca, witn: Samuel SHONTZ of Waterloo & Moses S. BOWMAN of Wilmot, 9 December 1873 in Waterloo Twp.
013038-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph BROSOWSKY, 27, laborer, East Prussia Europe, Guelph Twp, s/o Carl & Rosalia married Josephina GOLOPSKY, 26, East Prussia Europe, Guelph Twp, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Paul JANSKOWSKY of Waterloo Twp & Mary Ann SADOUSKY of Guelph Twp, 21 January 1873 in New Germany 013073-73 (Waterloo Co) William BROWN, 42, painter, Hessen Cassel, Berlin, widower, s/o Philip BROWN & Elizabeth LENZ married Anna Barbara Eliza JACOBI, 38, Angenroth Hessen Darmst-- (off page, Darmstadt?)), widow, d/o Gustus YOUNG & Elizabeth HAHN, witn: William REICHERT & Andrew ROCKEL (?) both of Waterloo, 2 March 1873 in Waterloo
012871-73 (Waterloo Co) Peter BROWN, 21, barber, Bridgeport, Galt, s/o Adam & Mary married Angleline MASTERS, 20, Waterloo, Galt, d/o Samuel & Barbara, witn: John & Mrs. VON KENEL both of Galt, 16 April 1873 in Galt. 013054-73 (Waterloo Co) Abraham BRUBACHER, 58, farmer, Pensylvania, Woolwich, widower, s/o (not known) married Fanny EBY, 57, Waterloo, Berlin, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth EBY, witn: John EBY of Berlin & John BRUBACHER of Woolwich, 26 October 1873 in Waterloo Twp
012832-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry BRUBACHER, 26, laborer, Pennsylvania U.S., Woolwich, widower, s/o Henry & Veronica married Nancy MOSSER, 32, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Henry & Mary MOSSER, witn: John W. BRUBACHER & Henry MOSSER of Woolwich, 23 March 1873 in Woolwich 012799-73 (Waterloo Co) Aaron BRYDON, 27, laborer, Blenheim Twp, Berlin, s/o (no father’s name given) & Amy BRYDON married Cathy HYMEN, 18, Wilmot Twp, Berlin, d/o (no father’s name given) & Helena HYMEN, witn: Thomas UNDEW & Elizabeth WOLF both of Berlin, 20 July 1873 in Preston.
012780-73 (Waterloo Co) James BUCHANAN, 30, farmer, Scotland, Galt, s/o James & Jane married Jane OLIVER, 27, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: George OLIVER of North Dumfries & William MCCARTNEY of Galt, 1 January 1873 in North Dumfries 013071-73 (Waterloo Co) Francis BUCHER, 21, farmer, Baden Germany, Waterloo Twp, s/o Jacob BUCHER & Margareth HACKMEYER married Margareth WAHL, 18, New York, Waterloo Twp, d/o Christian WAHL & Margareth RAUCH, witn: Clemens WAHL & Ludwig KRUGER both of Berlin, 21 January 1873 in Waterloo
012896-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph BUCHER, 23, carpenter, Canada, Mornington, s/o Anton & Susanna married Veronica LUCKHARD, 18, Wellesley, Mornington, d/o George & Mary, witn: Frederick RITTINGER of Berlin & Henry KOCH of Breslau, 14 November 1873 in Berlin 012884-73 (Waterloo Co) Fritz BUNNISTER (Bernister?), 21, tanner, Germany, Galt, s/o Christoph & Collinda married Margaret MORTON, 23, Scotland, Galt, widow, d/o John & Annie ALISON, witn: Joseph LANGHAM & Mary SMYTH both of Galt, 12 February 1873 in Galt.
012924-73 (Waterloo Co) John McDiarmid CAMPBELL, 32, officer of inland revenue, Canada, Guelph, s/o Duncan & Matilda married Mary Victoria WARREN, 34, Canada, Berlin, d/o Horatio Nelson WARREN & Mary CLARKE, witn: Margaret STANTON, F. Guy & Alexander MILLAR all of Berlin, 27 September 1873 in Berlin 012940-73 (Waterloo Co) Nathan B. CASSEL, 40, blacksmith, United States, Blenheim Twp, widower, s/o John & Sarah married Hannah HALLMAN, 39, Canada, Blenheim Twp, d/o Joseph & Mary HALLMAN, witn: Jessie B. & Marie CASSEL both of Blenheim, 4 February 1873 in Berlin
012861-73 (Waterloo Co) William S. CASSMORE, 26, farmer, Dundas, Beverly, s/o William & Ann married Rachel DEARY, 21, Beverly, Beverly, d/o John & Jane, witn: John DEARY & May CASSMORE both of Beverly, 6 November 1873 in Galt 012972-73 (Waterloo Co) Robert CATHCART, 23, yeoman, Canada, Wellesley Twp, s/o Robert & Jane married Ann Jane COULTER, 24, United States, Wellesley Twp, d/o James & Annie, witn: Arlam & M.E. COULTER of Wellesley Twp,, 1 April 1873 in Wellesley Twp
9906-74 Edward CHERRY, 21, miller, Dundas, Ayr, s/o Blaney & Catherine, married Agnes RUTHERFORD, 20, Ayr, same, s/o George & Sarah, witn: Robert BROWN & Rachel BOWDEN, both of Beverly, 3 Nov 1873 at Galt  
013026-73 (Waterloo Co) Benjamin CLEMENS, 24, miller, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Wendel & Catharine married Mary Ann BRICKER, 18, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o David & Hannah, witn: John MANSON & Thadeus BOYET both of Niagara, 4 February 1873 in Niagara #012793-73 (Waterloo Co): George Henry CLIFF, 22, manager in cotton mill, Ontario, Philadelphia, s/o Charles & Clarissa, married Maria Elizabeth SIPES, 20, Hespeler, same, d/o John & Margaret, witnesses were Thomas SWAN (M.D.) & Minnie SEIGEL, both of Hespeler, Jan. 21, 1873 at Hespeler
012895-73 (Waterloo Co) Charles CLUTHE, 25, manufacturer, Germany, Berlin, s/o Jacob & Catharine married Emilie NIEHAUS, 22, Germany, Berlin, d/o Frederick William & Charlotte, witn: Juliann MEINKE & Gustave CLUTHE both of Berlin, 2 October 1873 in Berlin 012769-73 (Waterloo Co) James COCKBURN, 28, laborer, Scotland, Ayr, s/o James COCKBURN & Barbara ROBERTSON married Margaret WHITSON, 22, North Dumfries, Ayr, d/o James WHITSON & Mary SCOTT, witn: John HALL of North Dumfries & Walter SCOTT of South Dumfries, 31 December 1873 in Nithvale, North Dumfries.
012974-73 (Waterloo Co) Seth COHOE, 21, yeoman, Norwich, Norwich, s/o William & Elizah married Caroline PETCH, 18, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o David & Sarah, witn: William PETCH & Isabella LEIGHTON of Wellesley Twp, 14 May 1873 in Wellesley Twp 012761-73 (Waterloo Co) Rowen COOPER, 24, farmer, South Dumfries, South Dumfries, s/o Alexander SUMMERS & Jane COOPER married Isabella CRAWFORD, 19, Beverly, Branchton North Dumfries, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Abner HUMPHREY of Beverly & George CRAWFORD of North Dumfries, 1 October 1873 in Branchton
012954-73 (Waterloo Co) David Alexander COOTE, 32, no occupation given, Ireland, Oakville, s/o Charles & Eliza married Annie HARROW, 24, Canada, Wellesley Twp, d/o William & Margery, witn: W.H. WHALEY & Agnes HARROW of Wellesley Twp, 15 January 1873 in Wellesley Twp 013058-73 (Waterloo Co) George COPELAND, 21, teacher, Puslinch, Waterloo, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth married Emma MARTIN, 19, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o John W. & Sarah, witn: Isaac CLEMENS of Waterloo & William TEETZEL of Waterdown, 25 December 1873 in Waterloo Twp.
012973-73 (Waterloo Co) David COX, 25, yeoman, Canada, Usonville (?), widower, s/o Robert & Rose married Mary MILNER, 19, England, Wellesley Twp, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Yough ERWIN & Vina MILNER of Wellesley Twp, 21 May 1873 in Hawksville. 013020-73 (Waterloo Co) Samuel C. CRESSMAN, 24, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Samuel & Barbara married Angelina BINGEMANN, 21, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o John & Judith, witn: Louis & Mrs. ZOEGER of Petersburg, 1 September 1873 in Petersburg
012925-73 (Waterloo Co) Noah CRESSMAN, 22, yeoman, Canada, New Hamburg, s/o Daniel & Fanny married Pauline BRICKER, 19, Canada, Manheim, d/o Abraham & Catharine, witn: John WEBER & Anna APPEL both of New Hamburg, 8 June 1873 in Berlin 012967-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob CROSBY, 36, yeoman, England, no residence given, widower, s/o Jeremiah & Ann married Hannah WRAY, 35, England, no residence given, widow, d/o Stephen & Isabella COATES, witn: William OVENS & Mary A. RYDER of Wellesley, 6 March 1873 in (no location given)
012942-73 (Waterloo Co) John CROYDON, 23, accountant, England, Guelph, s/o John & Sarah married Charlotte DYSON, 25, Canada, Guelph, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: James G. MONAT of Berlin & Hannah DYSON of Guelph 11 January 1873 at St. John's Church in Berlin 012850-73 (Waterloo Co) William CRUICKSHANK, 25, machinist, Scotland, Dundas, s/o John & Jane married Rosa Maria TILBURY, 23, England, Hespeler, d/o William & Maria, witn: Peter MCKAY of Galt & John THOMSON of Ancaster, 24 September 1873 in Galt
012783-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry CURRIE, 30, farmer, North Dumfries, Blenheim, s/o James CURRIE & Margaret BEATTIE married Agnes HALL, 25, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o John HALL & Robina WILSON, witn: Thomas EDGAR of North Dumfries & Walter HALL of Blenheim, 31 January 1873 in North Dumfries 012762-73 (Waterloo Co) George DAKIN, 24, boiler maker, England, Galt, s/o William & Sarah married Annie SCOTT, 21, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Walter & Jane, witn: Alexander CHRYSTAL of Goodrich & Elizabeth SCOTT of North Dumfries, 31 October 1873 at Sandy Knowl North Dumfries.
012891-73 (Waterloo Co) Casper DEAT, 44, farmer, Germany, Wallace, widower, s/o Caspar & Anna married Catharine HACHBURN, 19, Canada, Wallace, d/o John & Margaret MILLER, witn: William DEKAY & Levi WEAVER both of Berlin, 16 December 1873 in Berlin. 012975-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry DEBUS, 40, yeoman, Hessia Germany, Ellice Twp Perth Co., s/o Henry & Catherine married Christina PETERS, 26, Hessia Germany, Ellice Twp Perth Co., d/o Carl & Sophia, witn: John MARCHO & John DEBUS of Ellice Twp, 3 July 1873 in Wellesley
9635-74 Frederick H. DELION, 28, printer, Berlin, Elmira, s/o Frederick William & Magdalena, married Elizabeth SANBORN, 23, Woolwich, Elmira, d/o William & Sophia, witn: Jacob SCHNARR of Erbsville & Conrad REITZ of Elmira, 15 Sept 1873 at Elmira 9907-74 James K. DERRALL, 24, machinist & engineer, Canada, Chatham, s/o Sargeson & Polly, married Margaret Jane AMOS, 24, Canada, Galt, d/o Walter & Isabella, witn: Robert CRANSTON of North Dumfries & Mrs. AMOS of Galt, 24 Dec 1873 at Galt
9659-74 Abraham Y. DETWEILER, 43, widower, machinist, North Dumfries, Elmira, s/o Jacob & Esther, married Martha MOORE, 41, widow, Woolwich, Elmira, d/o Mises & Nancy illegible [Weaver?, scratched film], witn: Amos WEBER & Samuel S. WEAVER, both of Elmira, 26 Nov 1873 at Elmira 012760-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry DICKENSON, 24, teacher, England, Brantford, s/o Edward DICKENSON & Mary IRVIN married Marion C. CRANSTON, 26, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Alexander CRANSTON & Marion DICKIE, witn: Edward DICKENSON of Glanford Twp & John W. CRANSTON of North Dumfries, 24 September 1873 in North Dumfries
9908-74 John DICKSON, 24, yeoman, Blandford, same, s/o William & Janet, married Janet BIGGAR, Blandford, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Thomas DICKSON of Blandford, 17 Dec 1873 at Galt 009867-74 (Waterloo Co) Peter DIEBEL, 50, farmer, Hessia Germany, Wilmot Twp, widower, s/o Henry DIEBEL & Margaretha GUTHBERLET married Maria KOEN, 25, Waterloo Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o John KOEN & Margaretha SCHAEFER, witn: Valentine WELHELM & Adam DIEBEL both of Wilmot Twp, 24 August 1873 at the Bridegroom's Residence in Wilmot Twp
012894-73 (Waterloo Co) Nicholas DIEDRICH, 21, tailor, Canada, Mornington, s/o Nicholas & Marie married Rosina REINHART, 20, Germany, Mornington, d/o (not given), witn: John DIEDRICH of Wilmot & Philip FEITENHEIMER of Hawksville, 29 September 1873 in Berlin  
9723-74 Charles DOAN, 24, yeoman, King twp., Wallace twp., s/o Amos & Margaret, married Eliza Jane BOOMER, 22, Wellesley twp., same, d/o William R. & Sarah A., witn: William BOOMER of Wellesley twp & Emeline DOAN of Wallace twp., 25 Dec 1873 at Wallace twp 012818-73 (Waterloo Co) George DOERBECKER, 24, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich Twp, s/o Andrew & Margaretha married Margaretha SCHNARR, 21, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Balthaser & Mary, witn: Alfred JACKSON & George AMENT of Wellesley, 16 September 1873 in Heidelberg
012907-73 (Waterloo Co) John E. DOERING, 24, merchant, Canada, Wellesley Village, s/o Henry & Catharine married Susan ARMSTRONG, 20, Canada, Mornington, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Ferdinand DOERING of Mornington & Adam HACK of Wellesley, 26 November 1873 in Berlin 012829-73 (Waterloo Co) William DOERR, 20, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o George & Catharine married Anna FRIES, 22, Woolwich Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Jacob & Margaretha, witn: Daniel FRIES of Woolwich & Jacob LUDWIG of Wellesley, 25 February 1873 in Heidelberg.
012887-73 (Waterloo Co) George DOERSAM, 22, blacksmith, Canada, St. Agatha, s/o Adam & Margaret married Elizabeth MENOR (Minor?), 23, Canada, Waterloo, d/o Henry & Catharine, witn: John B. WAGNER & Martin FOERSTER both of Berlin, 12 August 1873 in Berlin #013062-73 (Waterloo Co) Charles DRUMM, 25, Printer, Bavaria, Wasseka Illinois, s/o Michel and Katherina DRUMM, married Luisa E. HETT, 20, Berlin, Berlin, d/o John B. and Eva Elizabeth HETT, witn: John JAMIESON, Henry BAMBERGER, and Joseph BOWERS, Oct. 2, 1873 at ?
012916-73 (Waterloo Co) Karl DUBRICK, 28, laborer, Germany, Breslau, s/o Jacob & Maria married Marie MALITZKY, 18, Canada, Breslau, d/o John & Mary, witn: Karl BLEICH & August LEWANDOWSKI, 23 September 1873 in Berlin  
012868-73 (Waterloo Co) John M. DYER, 21, laborer, Scotland, Galt, s/o Robert & Margaret married Mary Jane DENNIS, 21, England, Galt, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Richard DENNIS of Galt & Annie MARTIN of Beverly, 16 April 1873 in Galt. 012877-73 (Waterloo Co) James ELLISON, 65, farmer, Scotland, Glenelg, widower, s/o William ELLISON & Margaret RICHARDSON married Wilhelmina BELL, 67, Scotland, Galt, widow, d/o John CLARK & Elizabeth ATTERINGHAM (Allingham?), witn: James MCMILLAN & William ACHESON both of Galt, 17 January 1873 in Galt.
012897-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry ERB, 21, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o Peter & Mary Ann married Betsey BURKHOLDER, 16, Canada, Waterloo, d/o Daniel & Betsey, witn: Theodore ROSS & Ludwig KRUEGER both of Berlin, 23 November 1873 in Berlin. 012893-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob ERB, 23, farmer, Canada, Waterloo, s/o Jacob & Mary married Elizabeth KIRCHNER, 22, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: John KIRCHNER of Blenheim & Marian ERB of Waterloo, 26 September 1873 in Berlin
013050-73 (Waterloo Co) Aaron ERB, 24, miller, Waterloo Twp, Berlin, s/o Moses & Susannah married Julia Ann UNGER, 17, North Dumfries, Wilmot, d/o John & Mary, witn: Peter SHUPE of Wilmot & Simon ESHLEMAN of Waterloo, 2 September 1873 in New Dundee. 013016-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry ERNST, 26, merchant, Petersburg, Tavistock, s/o John & Julia married Jedida MERNER, 19, New Hamburg, New Hamburg, d/o Frederick & Phillipina, witn: Simson MERNER of New Hamburg & Elisabeth EBERT of Preston, 22 May 1873 in New Hamburg.
  012996-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob ESHELMAN, 24, merchant, Berlin, Berlin, s/o George & Elizabeth married Susanah BUEHLER, 23, Berlin, Berlin, d/o Abraham BUEHLER & Elizabeth WENGER, witn: Robert WALKER & Hannah BUEHLER both of Elmira, 8 May 1873 in Waterloo Twp.
013033-73 (Waterloo Co) William Fenton EVANS, 28, yeoman, Puslinch Twp, Puslinch Twp, s/o William & Mary married Mary MCWILLIAM, 29, North Dumfries Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o William & Martha, witn: Robert MCWILLIAM of Waterloo Twp & John THOMSON of Puslinch Twp, 6 March 1873 in Waterloo Twp 012963-73 (Waterloo Co) Georgius FAHRENKOPF, 21, yeoman, St. Clements, St. Clements, s/o Peter & Elizabeth married Maria Anna VOISIN, 19, St. Clements, St. Clements, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: Joseph VOISIN & Theresia STROH of St. Clements, 24 February 1873 in St. Clements
013072-73 (Waterloo Co) George FERGUSON, 22, laborer, Guelph, Listowel, s/o Robert & Rachel married Susann RICHARDSON, 21, Tecumseth, Listowel, d/o William & Ann, witn: Charles & Sarah LOWELL both of Waterloo, 3 April 1873 in Waterloo (also 12950-73) 012879-73 (Waterloo Co) James FERRIES, 38, farmer, Scotland, Beverly, s/o James FERRIES & Jane HILL married Helena B. CANT (?), 33, Germany, Galt, widow, d/o John George FRENCH & Catharine GIEL, witn: James RENNELSON (?) & of Dumfries & Eliza CANT of Galt, 18 February 1873 in Galt
012821-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob FILSINGER, 23, teamster, Germany, St. Jacobs, s/o Conrad & Margaret married Nancy BOWMAN, 28, Woolwich, St. Jacobs, d/o John B. & Lydia, witn: Jesse E. BOWMAN of St. Jacobs & Fredrick STEPHAN of Elmira, 9 December 1873 in St. Jacobs. 013003-73 (Waterloo Co) Frederick J. FISHER, 23, glue manufacturer, Wurzburg Bavaria Germany, Berlin, s/o Veit FISHER & Margareth KAEMPF married Louisa WAHL, 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Henry WAHL & Elizabeth STEIN, witn: Henry K. SCHMITT of Philipsburg & George FISHER of Berlin, 18 May 1873 in Philipsburg
012875-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas M. FLANNAGHAN, 25, machinist, Scotland, Galt, s/o James & Janet married Agnes SCOTT, 22, Canada, Galt, d/o John & Catharine, witn: Robert FLANNAGHAN of Beamsville & Mary SCOTT of Galt, 1 January 1873 in Galt 012986-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry FORLER, 25, tanner, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, s/o Jacob FORLER & Elizabeth VOLLMER married Amalia LANTZ, 22, Philipsburg, Philipsburg, d/o John GEORGE LANTZ & Elizabeth DIETZ, witn: John WEILER Sr. & John WEILER Jr. both of Baden Wilmot Twp, 23 January 1873 in Baden
013064-73 (Waterloo Co) Edward FOX, 26, watchmaker & jeweller, Guelph, Kincardine, s/o Francis & Eva married Minna Maria Sophia EDA--? (off page), 26, Germany, Waterloo, s/o John & Fredericka, witn: Barbara & F. HOLWELL of Petersburg, 9 December 1873 in Waterloo 012827-73 (Waterloo Co) George FRIES, 28, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Woolwich, s/o Jacob & Margaretha married Sussanna LUDWIG, 26, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o John & Catharine, witn: William DOERR of Wellesley Twp & Daniel FRIES of Woolwich, 25 February 1873 in Heidelberg.
  012968-73 (Waterloo Co) Valentine GERBER, 19, yeoman, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o John & Veronica married Catherine KENNEL, 19, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o John & Magdalena,, witn: Joseph JANTZI of Wellesley Twp, Joseph GERBER & Jacob SCHWEITZER both of Mornington Twp, 11 February 1873 in Mornington Twp [reg'd in Wellesley]
012819-73 (Waterloo Co) Conrad GERTH, 24, blacksmith, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Henry & Kunionda married Ernstine MESS, 22, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Ludwig HAHN & Fredrick FLEISCHAUER of Wellesley, 23 September 1873 in Heidelberg 012826-73 (Waterloo Co) David GINGRICH, 23, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o Moses & Susan married Susan WIDEMAN, 20, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o John & Susan, witn: Moses & Susan GINGRICH of Woolwich, 5 January 1873 in Woolwich
012805-73 (Waterloo Co) George GODFREY, 24, painter, Coopersisle Essex England, Galt, s/o William & Louise married Betsy MILLNER, 24, Surrey England, Galt, widow, d/o Henry & Anne JOHNSON, witn: George SIMKIN & Anne JOHNSON both of Galt, 19 March 1873 in Preston 012931-73 (Waterloo Co) Frederick GOECKEL, 24, painter, Canada, Berlin, s/o Adam & Catharine married Lucia BLUM, 20, Germany, Berlin, d/o Carl & Carolina, witn: Joseph DOPP & Anna Maria JANTZ both of Berlin, 6 May 1873 in Berlin
9614-74 George GOOD, 25, blacksmith, Canada, St. Jacob's, s/o Benjamin & Barbara, married Mary SCHMIDT, 20, Canada, Woolwich, d/o John & Mary, witn: Charles KUHN & Emanuel BOWMAN, both of Woolwich, 7 Dec 1873 at Waterloo village 012947-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob GREINER, 31, carpenter, Germany, Chicago U.S., s/o Jacob & Margaretha married Margaretha SCHMIDT, 18, Canada, Berlin, d/o Adam & Catharine Elizabeth, witn: Ferdinand BETHKE of Berlin & Frederick HEIMBAECHER of Waterloo, 7 January 1873 in Berlin
012778-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas GRIGGS, 34, yeoman, Victoria, Ayr, s/o Thomas GRIGGS & Maria ??ORN (faint) married Maria WILLISON, 21, Scotland, Ayr, d/o Walter WILLISON & Grace (surname faint), witn: Walter (surname faint) & Elizabeth WILLISON both of North Dumfries, 6 June 1873 in Ayr 013069-73 (Waterloo Co) Frederick GRISCHOW, 28, farmer, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Williamsburg, s/o Christoph GRISCHOW & Elizabeth HOLZ married Lydia CLEMENS, 24, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Abraham CLEMENS & Veronica SCHALL, witn: C.L. NOECKER & Ludwig SCHMIDT both of Waterloo, 12 January 1873 in Waterloo
012921-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry GROFF, 24, farmer, Canada, Waterloo, s/o Andrew GROFF & Mary BAUMAN married Veronica SHANTZ, 19, Canada, Waterloo, d/o Moses & Susannah, witn: Aaron SHANTZ & Laura SCHNEIDER both of Waterloo, 23 September 1873 in Berlin  
013049-73 (Waterloo Co) John W. GROH, 24, teacher, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Isaac & Mary married Magdalena ROSENBERGER, 22, Wilmot, Wilmot, d/o Christian & Elizabeth, witn: Nelson & Elizabeth BOWMAN both of Waterloo, 15 July 1873 at Freeport in Waterloo Twp 012873-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas GRUMMET, 24, machinist, Canada, Galt, s/o William & Susan married Margaret RINTOUL, 26, Canada, Sheffield, d/o David & Margaret, witn: John ROSE & Christina MCINTOSH both of Dumfries, 3 July 1873 in Galt.
012815-73 (Waterloo Co) Charles GUENZLER, 25, carpenter, Germany, Woolwich, s/o Conrad & Johanna married Elise ALLES, 23, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o Conrad & Barbara, witn: Louis & Elisabeth STEIS of Wellesley, 15 July 1873 in Heidelberg 013023-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry GUNTHER, 22, mason, Kings Sa--? (illeg) Weimar, Hespeler, s/o John & Maria married Louisa WIES, 20, Newstadt Bavaria, Waterloo Twp, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Jonathan & Rosena VENBANER of Guelph Twp, 6 May 1873 in Waterloo Twp.
  012889-73 (Waterloo Co) Moses HAAS, 26, farmer, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o Jacob & Anna married Anna SCHMIDT, 24, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Michael & Barbara, witn: Henry & Mary WIEGAND both of Berlin, 31 August 1873 in Berlin
010212 -73 (Waterloo Co) William HABERMEHL, 26, laborer, Stondoof Hessia Germany, Lads Hill - Corenette Ont., s/o John HAFERMEHL and Elizabeth HAT(?)ZINN, married Barbara RUGLER (Ringler?), 21, Petersburg - Waterloo, same, d/o Henry RUGLER and Marhea NAT(?)KWON, witn: Henry HASENSFLUG & Fedswick FLOUNDER, Sept. 14, 1873 at Lutheran Church near Sadshill, Ontario 012989-73 (Waterloo Co) John HAFFNER, 48, manufacturer, Wuertenberg Germany, New Hamburg, widower, s/o Christoph & Benedicta married Carolina UEBERSCHLAG, 31, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, widow, d/o George & Cecilia UEBERSCHLAG, witn: John UEBERSCHLAG & Linus TSCHIRHARD both of Wilmot Twp, 11 February 1873 in St. Agatha
012758-73 (Waterloo Co) Ezra HAMILTON, 21, yeoman, North Dumfries, Blenheim, s/o Martin C. HAMILTON & Agnes GAMBEL married Rachel YOUNG, 18, Haldimand, Blenheim, d/o Abraham YOUNG & Anna Maria STEWART, witn: Robert & Agnes DAVIDSON both of Blenheim, 7 July 1873 in Blenheim. 012981-73 (Waterloo Co) John HAMMOND, 22, yeoman, Onslow Twp Quebec, Elma Twp Perth Co., s/o Edward & Susan married Ellen Robertson FOREST, 21, Musselberg Perth Co., Poole Perth Co., d/o Robert & Margret, witn: Thomas BOYD & Susannah HAMMOND of Elma Twp Perth Co., no date given in Wellesley Twp.
012964-73 (Waterloo Co) John James HART, 23, yeoman, Canada, Wellesley Twp, s/o James & Mary Ann married Elizabeth POPE, 29, Canada, Wellesley Twp, widow, d/o John & Losinda BROWN, witn: David OSBOURN & Hannah BROWN of Wellesley Twp, 4 March 1873 in Hawksville 013004-73 (Waterloo Co) Conrad HASENPFLUG, 23, carriage maker, Co. Alsfeld Hessia Germany, Gads Hill Perth Co., s/o George Michael HASENPFLUG & Elizabeth WEITERSHAUS married Juliana HOHL, 19, Lisbon, Lisbon Wilmot Twp, d/o Lorenz HOHL & Elizabeth PLAETZER, witn: John George HOHL of Wilmot & Frederick FLEISCHHAUER of Wellesley Twp, 10 June 1873 in Philipsburg
012807-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph HAUG, 23, woolen manufacturer, Waterloo Twp, New Hamburg Wilmot Twp, s/o Matthew & Elizabeth married Matty HAGEY, 24, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Isaac & Nancy, witn: Christian & Caroline WURSTER both of Preston, 29 June 1873 in Preston 012775-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry HAYNES, 32, dyer, Michigan U.S., Ayr, s/o Winthrop & Elsie married Elizabeth C. ABBOT, 19, Ontario, Ayr, d/o Charles & Ermina (faint), witn: Frank KRUZINGER & Sarah (faint) HERBET both of Ayr, 13 May 1873 in Ayr
012899-73 (Waterloo Co) William HEINRICH, 26, farmer, Germany, Woolwich, s/o Michael & Margaret married Susanna SCHMIDT, 20, Canada, Woolwich, d/o John & Mary, witn: Emmanuel BAUMANN of Woolwich & William FIELDS of Conestogo, 21 December 1873 in Berlin 9822-74 George HELEM, 25, farmer, Ontario, Doon, s/o George & Ellen, married Maggie SLEE, 19, Ontario, Doon, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: John & Susannah MARSHALL of Waterloo, 6 Nov 1873 at Ayr
012951-73 (Waterloo Co) Anton HENNHOEFER, 28, farmer, Canada, Williamsburg, widower, s/o Leopold & Sabine married Catharine WENDLING, 21, Canada, New Germany, d/o Joseph & Magdalena, witn: Joseph HENNHOEFER of Wilmot & Louisa KARGES of Berlin, 22 April 1873 in Berlin 012977-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob HENRY, 27, yeoman, North Easthope Twp, same, s/o Frederick & Catherine married Catherine ARTIG, 18, no birth place given, North Easthope Twp, d/o Xavier & Christina, witn: George WETLAUFER & Frederick SICK of North Easthope Twp, 21 October 1873 in Wellesley
012911-73 (Waterloo Co) Adam HERRLE, 34, carpenter, Germany, Wilmot, s/o Peter & Julian married Louise JACKEY, 35, Canada, Baden, widow, d/o Louis & Catharine HOLLINGER, witn: M. KAISER & Wilhelmine FUCHS both of Berlin, 23 August 1873 in Berlin  
013076-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry HERZBERGER, 23, farmer, Hessen Darmst Germany, Wilmot Twp, s/o Ludwig HERZBERGER & Elizabeth GLEE married Elizabeth BRANDAN, 17, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Adam BRANDAN & Catharine RIEHL, witn: Henry SCHMIDT & Elizabeth SCHULZ both of Waterloo Co., 16 March 1873 in Waterloo 013035-73 (Waterloo Co) David HIBNER, 20, carpenter, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Jacob & Margaret married Wilhelmina BETTER, 18, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Henry & Caroline, witn: George & Emma LATSCH both of Waterloo Twp, 23 March 1873 in Waterloo Twp
013052-73 (Waterloo Co) Frederic HILKER, 23, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Henry & Sophia married Barbara DORMORE, 22, Wellesley, Wellesley, d/o August & Barbara, witn: George HILKER, Miss R. KOLB both of Wellesley & Mrs. A.B. SHERK of Freeport, 15 September 1873 at Freeport in Waterloo Twp 012992-73 (Waterloo Co) Conrad HOFFMANN, 23, carpenter, Breitenbach Hessia Germany, North Easthope Twp Perth Co., s/o Henry HOFFMANN & Sophia HENHER married Jane Elizabeth ROBITZSCH, 20, Wellesley Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Charles ROBITZSCH & Barbara BERST, witn: Andrew BACH & Conrad HOERLE both of Wilmot Twp, 25 March 1873 in Philipsburg
013014-73 (Waterloo Co) Leonhard HOFMEIER, 24, farmer, New Hamburg, Fullarton Twp, s/o John & Elisabeth married Margaretha PRIES, Waterloo Twp, Howick Twp, d/o Jacob & Margaretha, witn: Mrs. SPRING & Mrs. L. PRESSPRICH of New Hamburg, 17 April 1873 in New Hamburg 013034-73 (Waterloo Co) Arthur HOGG, 32, farmer, Scotland, Waterloo Twp, s/o John & Margaret married Eliza MCALLISTER, 30, North Dumfries Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o William & Jane, witn: John MILLS of North Dumfries Twp & William MCALLISTER of Waterloo Twp, 12 March 1873 in Waterloo Twp.
013005-73 (Waterloo Co) John George HOHL, 24, farmer, Lisbon, Lisbon, s/o Lorenz HOHL & Elizabeth PLAETZER married Barbara STREICHER, 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jobst STREICHER & Anna WETTLAUFER, witn: John ZOEGER of Wellesley Village & Gottfried LOTH of Lisbon Wilmot Twp, 1 July 1873 in Philipsburg 012913 (Waterloo Co) Johann J.W. HOLLANDER, 25, carpenter, Germany, Berlin, s/o Henry & Dorothea married Evaline TRIEBE, 18, Germany, Berlin, d/o Michael & Auguste, witn: Christian DETTMORE & Esmund SPIESSMAN both of Berlin, 12 September 1873 in Berlin
012802-73 (Waterloo Co) Edward E. HORNBOSTEL, 20, sewing machine maker, Obersten Sachsen Altenburg, Guelph, s/o George & Louise married Louise H. BROCKEL, 20, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Philipp & Christine, witn: Philipp BROCKEL Jr. & Janette WHEELER both of Waterloo Twp, 24 September 1873 in Preston 013046-73 (Waterloo Co) Eli HORST, 25, farmer, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o David & Susanna married Elizabeth WEBER, 19, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witn: David HORST & Isaac WEBER both of Woolwich, 11 March 1873 in Waterloo Twp
013068-73 (Waterloo Co) James B. HOW, 26, dentist, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas F. & C.V. married Helene F. FEE, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o James FEE & Anna BOLAND, witn: C.I. & Mrs. C.I. DICKSON both of Waterloo, 6 January 1873 in Waterloo 012858-73 (Waterloo Co) Sampson A. HOWELL, 30, farmer, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Samuel & Margaret married Rosannah TEMPLETON, 26, Canada, Blenheim, d/o Amos & Clarissa, witn: Abner TEMPLETON & Alice GRAHAM both of Blenheim, 3 December 1873 in Galt.
012966-73 (Waterloo Co) Michael HUBER, 22, shoemaker, Germany, Wellesley Twp, s/o Anthony & Theresia married Elizabeth HEINBUCH, 23, Germany, Wellesley Twp, d/o John & Mary, witn: Henry GEIGER & Rosana KENIARD of Wellesley Twp, 17 March 1873 in Hawksville 012795-73 (Waterloo Co) W.H. HUNSMAN (?), 26, yeoman, Rochester N.Y., Hespeler, s/o Conrad HUNSMAN & Caroline WESTONHAVEN married Wilhelmina SEIGLE, 22, Waterloo Twp, Hespeler, d/o C.F. SEIGLE & Sarah BURK, witn: Thomas SWAN M.D. & Eliza SEIGLE both of Hespeler, 8 April 1873 in Hespeler
012930-73 (Waterloo Co) August HYMAN, 23, miller, Germany, Waterloo, s/o Michael & Anna married Anna Maria Magdalena FISCHER, 22, Canada, Waterloo, d/o Joseph & Cecilia, witn: Martin KARD of Berlin & Maria STANNER of Waterloo, 6 May 1873 in Berlin 012882-73 (Waterloo Co) Robert HYNDMAN, 27, yeoman, Ireland, Brant Co., s/o John & Mary married Aurilla LAPIERE (?), 31, South Dumfries, South Dumfries, d/o Lewis Bryant D. & Mary, witn: John BRAID & Annie CLARKSON both of Galt, 9 March 1873 in Galt.
012908-73 (Waterloo Co) Caspar C. JACOBS, 34, binder, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Berlin, s/o Ludwig & Louise married Mary Jane KEFFER, 35, Canada, Vaughan York Co., d/o Valentine & Mary, witn: John GOHEEN & George SCHMIDT both of Berlin, 1 September 1873 in Berlin 012971-73 (Waterloo Co) Peter JANTZI, 28, yeoman, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Michael & Maria married Magdalena LEIS, 24, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: Christian STREICHER of Wellesley Twp, Jacob L. LICHTY & Michael KENNEL both of Wilmot Twp, 8 April 1873 in Mornington Twp [reg'd in Waterloo Co]
012945-73 (Waterloo Co) Anton JANZ, 25, farmer, Canada, New Germany, s/o John & Catharine married Catharine MIHM, 19, Canada, Centreville, d/o Adam & Maria, witn: Joseph JANZ of New Germany & Christina MIHM of Centreville, 18 February 1873 in Berlin 012794-73 (Waterloo Co) James JARDINE, 24, machinist, Sirling (?) Scotland, Hespeler, s/o Andrew Bell JARDINE & Isabella DAWSON married Anna HOLLIS, 22, Ireland, Hespeler, d/o Frank HOLLIS & Jane DUMAS, witn: G.A. TAYLOR of Hamilton & V.R. CONWAY of Hespeler, 26 March 1873 in Hespeler
  012969-73 (Waterloo Co) John JAUSI, 29, yeoman, Wellesley Twp, same, s/o John & Anna married Margaretha BRUND, 22, North Easthope Twp, same, d/o Peter & Catherine, witn: Joseph GERBER of Mornington Twp, Joseph JANTZI & Noah LEIS both of Wellesley Twp, 11 March 1873 in Wellesley Twp
9727-74 Aaron JOHNSON, 22, yeoman, Canada, Maryborough twp., s/o Lenord & Mary, married Eliza OAKES, 21, Canada, Brockville, d/o Henry & Lucy, witn: John & Elizabeth OAKES of Linwood, 24 Dec 1873 at Hawksville 012979-73 (Waterloo Co) George JUNG, 28, yeoman, Alsace, Wellesley Twp, s/o Jacob & Catherine married Rosina SCHMETZER, 28, Wuertemberg Germany, Wellesley Twp, d/o John Michael & Margaretha Barbara, witn: John George & Jacob SCHMETZER of Wellesley Twp & John FLEISCHHAUER of Mornington Twp, 23 September 1873 in Wellesley Twp.
013067-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob KAUFMAN, 24, school teacher, St. Jacobs, St. Jacobs, s/o Jacob KAUFMAN & Maria FUNK married Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, 25, Doon, Wellesley, d/o Mathias SCHNEIDER & Christiane SCHMIDT, witn: Frederick TRAPP & Conrad KIRCHNER both of Waterloo, 5 January 1873 in Waterloo 012806-73 (Waterloo Co) John KILLER, 22, merchant, Waterloo Village, Waterloo Village, s/o Nicholaus & Christine married Elizabeth MOGK, 19 , Preston, Preston, d/o Balthaser & Salome, witn: Henry ROOS & Caspar KILLER both of Waterloo Village, 9 April 1873 in Preston
012804-73 (Waterloo Co) William KISTNER, 24, laborer, Preston, Preston, s/o John & Elizabeth married Sophia CINGROFT, 18, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o John & Sophia, witn: Martin DECKERT & Maria CINGROFT both of Preston, 21 October 1873 in Preston. 012978-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob KLUMP, 21, engineer, Wuertemberg Germany, Gads Hill Perth Co., s/o Jacob & Christina married Karolina MIKUS, 18, Ontario, Gads Hill Perth Co., d/o (none given), witn: John JUNKER & Jacob RATZ of Gads Hill Perth Co., 22 July 1873 in Wellesley
012910-73 (Waterloo Co) Barthold KOEHLER, 28, laborer, Germany, Waterloo, s/o Hartmann & Maria married Elizabeth SCHILER, 27, Germany, Waterloo, d/o Kasper & Barbara Elizabeth, witn: Henry JAEGER of Berlin & Adam BIRNSTIEHL of Bridgeport, 17 August 1873 in Berlin  
012886-73 (Waterloo Co) Charles KNAPP, 22, farmer, Canada, Wilmot, s/o Jacob & Barbara married Barbara PFANNER, 19, Canada, Wilmot, d/o Martin & Dorethea, witn: William DEKAY & George WARD both of Berlin, 12 July 1873 in Berlin 012929-73 (Waterloo Co) John D. KNECHTEL, 23, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o Peter KNECHTEL & Barbara DRUIN (?) married Jane POTTER, 30, Canada, Waterloo Twp, d/o James POTTER & Mary SHERRINGTON, witn: Jessie POTTER & Alfred KNECHTEL both of Waterloo Twp, 29 April 1873 in Berlin
012888-73 (Waterloo Co) August KOEBKE, 23, farmer, Germany, Waterloo, s/o John & Wilhelmina married Jane CHAPMAN, 17, Canada, Waterloo, d/o John & Lydia, witn: William & Mena MAIN both of Waterloo, 12 August 1873 in Berlin. 012980-73 (Waterloo Co) Georgius KRAEMER, 26, cooper, Europe, St. Clements, s/o George & Mary Magdalena married Anna Maria BERGES, 18, Berlin, St. Jacobs, d/o Antonius & Maria, witn: Joseph STOMPF & Margaretha KRAEMER of St. Clements, 22 April 1873 in St. Clements.
013051-73 (Waterloo Co) John KRAMER, 21, farmer, Woolwich, Albery, s/o George & Morte married Susanna GINGRICH, 18, Woolwich, Mosa, d/o David & Lydia, witn: John B. & Jonas BRUBACHER both of Waterloo, 30 September 1873 in Waterloo Twp. 009882-74 (Waterloo Co) Solomon KROPF, 21, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Henry & Anna married Maria LICHTI, 21, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Joseph & Sara, witn: Christian WAGLER & John GASCHO both of Wilmot Twp, 11 November 1873 at the Residence of Catharine ROTH in Wilmot Twp
  012970-73 (Waterloo Co) Joel KROPP, 22, yeoman, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Henry & Anna married Veronica ROTH, 19, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Christian & Catherine, witn: Joseph LEIS of Wellesley Twp, Joseph L. LICHTY & Christian WAGLER both of Wilmot Twp, 18 March 1873 in Wellesley Twp
012923-73 (Waterloo Co) Frantz Ludwig KRUEGER, 26, carpenter, Germany, Berlin, s/o Michael & Charlotta married Harriet Elizabeth GASSION, 23, England, Berlin, d/o Francis Philip & Harriet Elizabeth, witn: Charles BEDGER near Berlin & Louisa Emma GASSION, 23 September 1873 in Berlin 013027-73 (Waterloo Co) Christian KUSCHNER, 42, laborer, Erstadt Baden Germany, Hespeler Village, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth married Mary BALDUC, 27, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, widow, d/o Henry & Elizabeth FUSS, witn: Philip LACKNER & George ALLENDORF both of Hespeler Village, 28 January 1873 in Waterloo Twp
012830-73 (Waterloo Co) John LACKNER, 28, laborer, Germany, Woolwich, s/o John & Sussanna married Barbara MOSSER, 25, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Henry MOSSER & Levi BAUMAN of Woolwich, 2 March 1873 in Heidelberg. 012927-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry LANG, 39, farmer, Germany, Berlin, widower, s/o Peter & Margaret married Barbara PORST, 26, Canada, Berlin, d/o John & Henrietta, witn: Henry & Susanna BOEHMER both of Berlin, 6 July 1873 in Berlin
012918-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob LANG, 24, cooper, Germany, Strasburg, widower, s/o Charles & Margaretha married Elizabeth SPIELMACHER, 18, Canada, Berlin, d/o Andreas & Jacobine, witn: Jacob WELLHAUSER of New Germany & Maria Anna LANG of Strasburg, 22 July 1873 in Berlin  
012820-73 (Waterloo Co) Conrad LATHER, 43, farmer, Germany, Wellesley Twp, widower, s/o George & Helena married Carolina MOGK, 20, Woolwich, Wellesley, d/o Friedrick & Mary, witn: Jacob CONRAD & Christian LETTER of Waterloo, 12 October 1873 in Heidelberg. 012809-73 (Waterloo Co) George LATSCH, 21, shoemaker, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Ferdinand & Mary married Catherine SAUTER, 17, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Peter & Pawly, witn: John BEATY & John SAUTER both of Waterloo Twp, 16 March 1873 in Preston
012823-73 (Waterloo Co) Robert LAW, 27, farmer, Scotland, Waterloo, s/o James & Helen married Mary A. BURNETT, 24, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: John BURNETT of Woolwich & Ellen LAW of Waterloo, 15 April 1873 in Woolwich 012932-73 (Waterloo Co) Harry St. John Dillon LEE, 25, clerk, Antigua, London, s/o Marmaduke Martin LEE & Harriet Lydia DILLON married Helen Chinnery TOOTH, 22, Canada, Berlin, d/o Robert Powell & Charlotte Margaret, witn: Thomas BOYER of London & John Clare FALLS of Berlin, 26 June 1873 at St. John's Church in Berlin
013037-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph LEHMAN, 21, shoemaker, Ontario, Woolwich, s/o Michael & Elizabeth married Elizabeth ZUBER, 18, Ontario, Woolwich, d/o Jacob & Paulina, witn: Andrew SCHILT & Elizabeth LEHMAN both of Waterloo Twp, 21 January 1873 in New Germany. 012883-73 (Waterloo Co) David W. LING, 24, engine driver, England, Galt, s/o Edward & Elizabeth married Jennet MALCOLM, 24, Galt, Galt, d/o Andrew & Hannah, witn: Andrew MALCOLM & William ROBINSON both of Galt, 28 January 1873 in Galt
012948-73 (Waterloo Co) Carl August LOCKHOFF, 35, laborer, Germany, Listowel, s/o Christian Frederick & Christina married Frederika FOELKE, 21, Germany, Howick, d/o Philip & Maria, witn: David & Louise LEHNEN both of Berlin, 30 March 1873 in Berlin. 012834-73 (Waterloo Co) James LOGIE, 21, gentleman, Woolwich, Woolwich, s/o George & Elisabeth married Mary POLLOCK, 22, Woolwich, Maryborough, d/o William & Ellen, witn: William POLLOCK & Alexander GRANT of Maryborough, 7 January 1873 in Woolwich
012958-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry LORENZ, 26, laborer, Canada, Wellesley Twp, s/o Charles & Theresia Cora married Maria TRUAR (Truax?), 19, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Jacob & Dorothea, witn: John BOEGEL & Theresia STROH of St. Clements, 7 January 1873 in St. Clements 012983-73 (Waterloo Co) John LORENZ, 32, farmer, Alsatia Germany, Puslinch Twp, s/o John & Magdalena married Margaret KRITZ, 23, Prussia, Wilmot Twp, d/o Joseph & Theresa, witn: Theobold LORNEZ & Mary KRITZ both of Wilmot Twp, 7 January 1873 in St. Agatha
012999-73 (Waterloo Co) Gottfried LOTH, 22, laborer, Niederoflaiden Hessia Germany, Lisbon, s/o Conrad LOTH & Elizabeth ROHRBAEN married Helena HOHL, 18, Lisbon Wilmot Twp, Lisbon, d/o Lorenz HOHL & Elizabeth PLAETZEN, witn: John George HOHL of Lisbon & John ZINKANN of North Easthope, 10 September 1873 in Lisbon Wilmot Twp. 012909-73 (Waterloo Co) William MAIN, 24, farmer, Canada, Waterloo, s/o Adam & Fanny married Emily GEDKE, 17, Germany, Wilmot, d/o Gottfried & Mary, witn: August KOEPKE & Jane CHAPMAN both of Waterloo, 12 August 1873 in Berlin
012772-73 (Waterloo Co) John MALCOM, 23, farmer, Beverly, Beverly, s/o John MALCOM & Helen DOWNEY married Christina Elliott DOUGLAS, 23, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o John DOUGLAS & Mary COMMON, witn: William P. DOUGLAS of North Dumfries & James MALCOM of Beverly, 12 March 1873 in North Dumfries 012812-73 (Waterloo Co) Hugh Edward MARLATT, 24, weaver, Beamsville, Hespeler, s/o Ezekiel & Margaret married Ellen Hyde MCKEE, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Preston, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Allen C. MARLATT of Beamsville & Mary A. TUFFORD of Clinton Twp, 12 February 1873 in Preston.
012763-73 (Waterloo Co) John MARSHALL, 27, farmer, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o William MARSHALL & Mary ANDERSON married Susanna ABRA, 20, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o William ABRA & Elizabeth WISMER, witn: Maggie MARSHALL of Waterloo, Joseph & Moses ABRA both of North Dumfries, 31 October 1873 in Waterloo. 012856-73 (Waterloo Co) Andrew MARTIN, 27, yeoman, Wigtonthill (?) Scotland, Beverly, s/o John & Elizabeth married Elizabeth MCMILLAN, 27, Galt, Galt, d/o James & Cassenda, witn: John, Elizabeth & Annie MARTIN all of Beverly, 25 November 1873 in Galt
012836-73 (Waterloo Co) Michael MATTUSCH, 53, farmer, Germany, Woolwich, widower, s/o Fredrick & Catharine married Barbara RUPPEL, 45, Germany, Woolwich, widow, d/o Balzer & Mary Catharine RUPPEL, witn: Charles & Elizabeth RUPPEL of Elmira, 18 February 1873 in Woolwich 9648-74 Frederick MAYER, 24, mason, Rochester NY, Woolwich, s/o Adam & Regina, married Christena LEIN, 19, Rochester NY, Woolwich, d/o Henry & Catherine, witn: Henry LEIN & Valentine HERRES, both of Woolwich, 16 Dec 1873 at Elmira
012959-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph MCCARTHY, 20, yeoman, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Daniel & Johanna married Margaret GIBBONS, 20, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: David GIBBONS & Elizabeth MCCARTHY of Wellesley Twp, 7 January 1873 in St. Clements.  
012855-73 (Waterloo Co) Dennis D. MCGOWAN, 26, printer, Canada, Titusville Penn. U.S., s/o Owen MCGOWAN & Mary CLARKE married Margaret Mary KING, 25, Canada, Galt, d/o Hugh KING & Ann WARD, witn: Alexander QUIRK & Eliza Ann KING both of Galt, 6 August 1873 in Galt 012776-73 (Waterloo Co) Duncan MCLAREN, 20, machinist, Canada, North Dumfries, s/o Malcolm & Lilley married Mary BRYDON, 22, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o John & Mary, witn: Malcolm MCLAREN & George OLIVER both of North Dumfries, 21 May 1873 in North Dumfries
012759-73 (Waterloo Co) Donald Henry MCLEAN, 25, farmer, Canada, Richwood Blenheim, s/o Robert MCLEAN & Clarissa DANIELS married Maggie McDogal (McDougall?) CRANSTON, 19, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Alexander CRANSTON & Marion DICKIE, witn: Robert J. MCLEAN of Galt & John D. CRANSTON of North Dumfries, 24 September 1873 in North Dumfries. 012998-73 (Waterloo Co) William MCLEOD, 21, machinist, Ontario, Ayr Village, s/o Henry & Hannah married Wilhelmina WHOLF, 18, Illinois United States, New Dundee, d/o John & Louisa, witn: David & Leah WHOLF both of Wilmot Twp, 15 August 1873 in Wilmot Twp.
  009896-74 (Waterloo Co) Angus H. MCNELLY (McNally?), 28, manufacturer, Waterloo Twp, Dumfries, s/o John MCNELLY & Maryann SHOEMAKER married Maryann CASSEL, 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Jesse B. CASSEL & Maria OBERHOTZER, witn: Josiah HALLMAN & Kity Ann CASSEL both of Wilmot Twp, 25 December 1873 at the Bride’s Residence in Wilmot Twp.
012976-73 (Waterloo Co) Christian MERKLINGER, 22, yeoman, Wilmot Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Martin & Catherine married Mary WISSLER, 18, Woolwich Twp, Listowel Perth Co., d/o John & Margaretha, witn: August JUCKSCH & Anna ALGIER of Listowel Perth Co., 24 June 1873 in Wallace Twp [reg'd in Waterloo Co] 013029-73 (Waterloo Co) Pius MESSNER, 56, Alsace Germany, Formosa Bruce Co., widower, s/o John & Catharine married Magdalena GOETZ, 30, Ontario, Woolwich Twp, d/o Lawrence & Mary Ann GOETZ, witn: Michael & Lorenz GOETZ both of Woolwich Twp, 24 February 1873 in New Germany
12808-73 (Waterloo Co): William MILLER, 53, widower, carpenter, Furstenburg - Mecklenburg illegible, Aberfoyle - Puslinch twp., s/o John & blank (died when groom was very young), married Harriet Augusta BLAIN, 49, widow, Scotland, Puslinch twp., d/o Ruben & Mary MORRISON, witn: Mary MILLER of Puslinch & Carrol WURSTER of Preston, 27 Feb 1873 at Preston 012803-73 (Waterloo Co) David MILLER, 20, cloth finisher, Hawick Scotland, Preston, s/o John & Elizabeth married Louise VON KENNEL, 22, Preston, Preston, d/o Peter & Margarethe, witn: George PATTERSON & Caroline SCHLARBAUM both of Preston, 25 September 1873 in Preston
012808-73 (Waterloo Co) William MILLER, 53, carpenter, Furstenburg Mecklenburg Strelitz (?), Aberfoyle Puslinch Twp, widower, s/o John MILLER & (no mother’s name given) married Harriete Auguste BLAIN, 49, Scotland, Puslinch Twp, widow, d/o Ruben & Mary MORRISON, witn: Mary MILLER of Puslinch Twp & Carrol WURSTER of Preston, 27 February 1873 in Preston. 012880-73 (Waterloo Co) William B. MULLHOLLAND, 22, laborer, Beverly, North Dumfries, s/o George B. MULLHOLLAND & Elizabeth BUCHANAN married Margaret S. KIEL, 20, Preston, Preston, d/o Frederick KIEL & Barbara FREEMAN, witn: Charles BUCHANAN of Branchton & Wilhelmina THIEL of Salem, 17 February 1873 in Galt
012791-73 (Waterloo Co) Walter MURRAY, 44, farmer, Roxboroughshire Scotland, Nassagaweya, s/o George MURRAY & Hellen SCOTT married Margareth CAMPBELL, 39, (illeg) Scotland, Puslinch Twp, d/o Dugald CAMPBELL & Mary SHAW, witn: Walter R. & Robina CAMPBELL both of Hespeler, 4 January 1873 in Hespeler 012885-73 (Waterloo Co) Robert MURRAY, 32, machinist, Scotland, Galt, s/o John & Frances married Bridget SONY, 21, Galt, Galt, d/o John & Bridget, witn: James & Mrs. LINTON both of Galt, 10 March 1873 in Galt. (also 012870-73 with witnesses and James & Mrs. Linton)
013013-73 (Waterloo Co) George NIEBERGALL, 23, farmer, North Easthope, North Easthope, s/o George & Elisabeth married Maria Anna STAEBLER, 18, Rainham, South Easthope, d/o John George & Ernstina, witn: Conrad RUEHMER of Waterloo & Sarah WEBER of South Easthope, 4 March 1873 in New Hamburg.  
013074-73 (Waterloo Co) Caspar NIEPOLDT? (blurry), 22, blacksmith, New York City, Detroit Michigan, s/o (unknown) married Caroline SCHAEFER, 21, Waterloo, Waterloo Village, d/o Henry W. SCHAEFER & Katharine HAMMEL, witn: George EDLER & Henry HAMMEL both of Waterloo, 27 March 1873 in Waterloo 013015-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry NIERGARTH, 22, painter, Wellesley, Baden, s/o Jacob & Carolina married Maria BRODRECHT, 18, New Hamburg, Baden, d/o Jacob & Sibillia, witn: Georgiana JOHNSON & Rebecca BRODRECHT of Baden, 29 April 1873 in New Hamburg
012965-73 (Waterloo Co) Richard N. OGRAM, 24, yeoman, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o Robert & Mary married Jessie Ann SARGENT, 18, Galt, Wellesley Twp, d/o Lewis & Mary, witn: Robert OGRAM & Lydia BAILEY of Wellesley Twp, 6 March 1873 in Hawksville 012771-73 (Waterloo Co) James OLIVER, 24, drover, Scotland, Galt, s/o George OLIVER & Elizabeth TURNBULL married Jane Robinson WILSON, 19, North Dumfries, North Dumfries, d/o Alexander WILSON & Agnes BROWN, witn: John BROWN of North Dumfries & Robert L. WILSON of Galt, 19 February 1873 in North Dumfries.
012787-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas PEAL, 53, gentleman, England, Hamilton, widower, s/o George & Mary married Jane PARSONS, 44, England, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Mary PARSONS, witn: Mary B. WILLIWAUS (Williams?) & Elsie BRENNAN?, both of Hespeler, 27 August 1873 in Hespeler 012857-73 (Waterloo Co) James PEARCE, 35, druggist, Plymouth England, Montreal, s/o John & Mary married Emma Florence Elizabeth CROMBIE, 24, Galt, Galt d/o James & Barbara, witn: (blank) GUETT (Guest?) & (blank) TAYLOR both of Montreal, Miss WATERS (blurry) of Brantford & Miss W. BROWN of Galt, 18 June 1873 in Galt
012867-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas Arthur Wesley PEARSON, 36, carpenter, England, Roseville, widower, s/o William & Margaret married Hetty Ann ROSENBERGER, 29, Canada, Roseville, d/o Jacob & Lucinda, witn: Alvira GINGRICH of Roseville & Mrs. MEIER of Galt, 19 September 1873 in Galt 012994-73 (Waterloo Co) Martin PFANNER, 24, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, s/o Martin PFANNER & Dorothea KOLBMANN married Elizabeth LIESEMER, 19, Wilmot Twp, Lisbon, d/o Lorenz LIESEMER & Elizabeth KLEIN, witn: Henry LIESEMER of North Easthope Twp & John PFANNER of Wilmot Twp, 8 July 1873 in Philipsburg
9645-74 Jacob PINKLE, 28, laborer, Germany, Wilmot, s/o Theobald & Louise, married Mary KOEHLER, 24, Germany, Woolwich, d/o Conrad & Mary, witn: Conrad HERCHENRIDER & Charles PINKLE, both of Conestoga, 31 Aug 1873 at Conestoga 012933-73 (Waterloo Co) John Ivie PIPER, 25, woolen manufacturer, Canada, Ayr, widower, s/o James & Agnes married Harriet Jane TYSON, 21, Canada, Berlin, d/o Abram & Julia, witn: W. WATSON & Agnes PIPER both of Ayr, 26 June 1873 in Berlin
013075-73 (Waterloo Co) Frederick PRACHT, 62, farmer, Baden Germany, Woolwich Twp, widower, s/o Balthasar & (mother's name not given) married Louisa KRAUTER, 65, Wuertemberg Germany, Woolwich Twp, widow, d/o Henry TINNING & Magdalena EBERHARDT (?), witn: Carl Tracy Otto (?) NOECKER & Ludwig SCHMIDT of Waterloo, 4 April 1873 in Waterloo 009789-74 (Waterloo Co) Francis PROUDLOVE, 24, farmer, Canada, Wellesley, s/o Thomas & Maria married Lillie BOSSING, 21, Canada, Bridgeport, d/o Louis & Catharine, witn: Albert PROUDLOVE & Julia WATERS both of Wellesley, 19 October 1873 in Berlin
013017-73 (Waterloo Co) Frederick PRUES, 34, farmer, Mecklenburg Schwerin Germany, Blenheim Oxford Co., s/o Frederick & Louisa married Sophia RADLOFF, 30, Mecklenburg Schwerin Germany, Blenheim, d/o Joachim & Maria, witn: Frederick & Mrs. SCHMIDT of Blenheim, 17 March 1873 in Princeton Blenheim 009897-74 (Waterloo Co) Robert PUDDICOMBE, 29, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Haysville Village, s/o William & Johanna B. married Jane CULLUM, 25, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o William & Ellen, witn: William & Margaret CULLUM both of Wilmot Twp, 29 December 1873 at St. James Church in Wilmot
  012852-73 (Waterloo Co) John QUIRK, 25, tinsmith, Canada, Galt, s/o Patrick & Letitia married Matilda SCOTT, 21, Galt, Galt, d/o John & Lydia, witn: Alexander QUIRK of Galt & Ada KITCHEN of Paris, 22 October 1873 in Galt
012768-73 (Waterloo Co) George RAE, 23, livery stable keeper, Detroit U.S., Ayr, s/o Henry RAE & Mary GUMMAGE married Kattie ROSE, 19, Ayr, Ayr, d/o Alex ROSE & Kattie GLADSTONE, witn: Robert PETRIE & Mary ROSE both of Ayr, 25 September 1873 in Ayr. 012900-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph F. RAINER, 49, piano maker, Austria, Guelph, widower, s/o Joseph & Rosina married Agnes JAMIESON, 33, Prince Edward Island, Guelph, widow, d/o John & Helen HARDY, witn: George DEBUS of Berlin & Annie Catharine SCHWARTZ of Hamilton, 18 August 1873 in Berlin
013028-73 (Waterloo Co) Francis REINHART, 27, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o Francis & Catharine married Mary Catharine HAND, 19, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Amand & Mary Ann, witn: Henry REINHART & Rosena THOMASING both of Waterloo Twp, 4 February 1873 in New Germany 012766-73 (Waterloo Co) Robert RIDDEL, 28, laborer, Scotland, North Dumfries, s/o Walter RIDDEL & Elizabeth AITCHISON married Mary WEATHERSTON, 23, Scotland, North Dumfries, d/o Robert WEATHERSTON & Catherine MCDOUGAL, witn: John & Jesse WILSON both of North Dumfries, 21 July 1873 in Ayr
012915-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry RITZ, 26, laborer, Germany, Mitchell, s/o Henry & Elizabeth married Mina WARMANN, 21, Germany, Mitchell, d/o John & Anna, witn: George BUCHAUPT & August GREVE both of Berlin, 16 September 1873 in Berlin 9644-74 John ROBINSON, 44, widower, tanner, England, Port Elgin, s/o Isaac & Anna, married Catherine CONRAD, 37, widow, Germany, Woolwich, d/o Frederick & Catherine illegible [scratched film, possibly CONRAD], witn: Dr. ROBINSON & Henry ZINKAN, both of St. Jacobs, 19 June 1873 at St. Jacobs
012767-73 (Waterloo Co) James RONALD, 32, yeoman, South Dumfries, South Dumfries, s/o Hugh RONALD & Jane MCKAY married Maggie M. GILLESPIE, 28, North Dumfries, South Dumfries, d/o John GILLESPIE & Jane ADAMS, witn: David RONALD of South Dumfries & Bella GILLESPIE of North Dumfries, 31 December 1873 in North Dumfries 012952-73 (Waterloo Co) William ROOS, 30, merchant, Canada, Waterloo Village, widower, s/o Michael ROOS & Catharine BARNHARDT married Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 25, Canada, Berlin, d/o George DAVIDSON & Margaret GARDEN, witn: Louise BECK of Baden & Robert DAVIDSON of Guelph, 15 January 1873 in Berlin
012905-73 (Waterloo Co) Peter ROTHAERMEL, 21, carpenter, Berlin, Guelph, s/o Henry & Elizabeth married Amanda SEILER, 26, Canada, Berlin, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Henry STROH & Elizabeth ROTHAERMEL both of Berlin, 19 October 1873 in Berlin 012960-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob RUSCH, 26, yeoman, St. Clements, St. Clements, s/o Nicolaus & Maria Anna married Catherine MEYER, 22, St. Clements, St. Clements, d/o Jacob & Margaret, witn: Jacob & Maria MEYER of St. Clements, 18 February 1873 in St. Clements
009791-74 (Waterloo Co) George SCHAFER, 24, painter, Canada, Berlin, s/o Mathias & Mary married Elizabeth DAVIE, 21, England, Preston, d/o John & Mary, witn: Frederick KRASS of Berlin & Emma DAVIE of Preston, 24 December 1873 in Berlin 013063-73 (Waterloo Co) Johannes SCHAEFER, 25, laborer, Reinmelroth (illeg) Hessen, Erbsville, s/o Adam SCHAEFER & Gertrude SCHARP (?) married Mary SCHAEFER, 19 Reinmelroth (?) Hessen Germany, Erbsville, d/o Balthasar SCHAEFER & Kunigunde GUNEWALD, witn: George GLEISER of Waterloo & Balthasar SCHNARR of Erbsville, 30 November 1873 in Waterloo.
009883-74 (Waterloo Co) Joseph SCHALL, 24, carpenter, New Germany, Formosa, s/o Lawrentz & Genovefa (?) married Helena WEINSTEIN, 20, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o Raphael & Julian, witn: Andreas LIENHARD & Catharine WEINSTEIN both of Wilmot Twp, 18 November 1873 at St. Agatha in Wilmot Twp 9615-74 Gottleib SCHALLHORN, 23, laborer, Germany, Waterloo village, s/o John & S--?, married Elisabetha BILLER, 21, Canada, Waterloo village, d/o Abraham & Julia, witn: Christian & Carol SCHALLHORN of Waterloo, 20 (30?) Dec. 1873 at Waterloo village (Lutheran)
012987-73 (Waterloo Co) John S. SCHANTZ, 26, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o John SCHANTZ & Susanna SCHEIRICH married Nancy SCHANTZ, 22, Wilmot Twp, Wilmot Twp, d/o John C. SCHANTZ & Nancy DETTWEILER, witn: George HOLTZMAN of Philipsburg & Menno SHANTZ of Wilmot Twp, 26 January 1873 in Philipsburg 012892-73 (Waterloo Co) Menno D. SCHANTZ, 29, farmer, Canada, Wellesley, s/o John & Nancy married Elizabeth HIESLAND, 27, Canada, Blenheim, d/o John & Catharine, witn: M. & M.E. ANTHES both of Berlin, 30 December 1873 in Berlin.
013047-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob SCHEIDEL, 39, farmer, Waterloo, Waterloo, widower, s/o Martin & Susanna married Magdalena BECHTEL, 21, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Joseph B. & Mary HAGEY both of Waterloo, 13 April 1873 in Waterloo Twp. 013008-73 (Waterloo Co) Carolus SCHLOSSER, 26, farmer, Alsassia Germany, Little Germany, s/o Mathias & Euphemia married Magdalena FREIBURGER, 21, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, d/o Sigismund & Magdalena, witn: Sigismund FREIBURGER of Waterloo Twp & Catharine DIETRICH of Wilmot Twp, 6 May 1873 in St. Agatha Wilmot Twp
013059-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry SCHMIDT, 34, laborer, Breitenbach Hessen Germany, Waterloo, s/o John SCHMIDT & Barbara HAHN married Franziska Catharine SIPPEL, 24, Norwich, Waterloo Twp, d/o Edward SIPPEL & Elisa COLARD, witn: Andrew OETZEL & Christoph EISENACH both of Waterloo, 17 April 1873 in Waterloo. 013070-73 (Waterloo Co) Robert S. SCHNEHLE, 24, farmer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Friedrich SCHNEHLE (?) & Friederica ULRICH married Catharina SOEHNER, 19, Sinsheim (?) Europe, Waterloo, d/o Frederich SOEHNER & Rosina HUBER, witn: Conrad KUEHNER & Luisa SCHNEHLE both of Waterloo, 19 January 1873 in Waterloo
012991-73 (Waterloo Co) John SCHNEIDER, 26, mason, Alsfeld Hessia Germany, Tavistock Perth Co., s/o John SCHNEIDER & Catharine WERNER married Mary HORN, 20, Wilmot Twp, South Easthope Perth Co., d/o Henry HORN & Margaretha HUMMER (?), witn: William SCHAEFER of Zorra Twp & Christoph SAEGER of South Easthope, 11 February 1873 in Philipsburg 012938-73 (Waterloo Co) John SCHNEIDER, 24, carpenter, Germany, Berlin, s/o John & Elizabeth married Hannah JAEGER, 20, Canada, Berlin, d/o George & Hannah, witn: George BUCHHAUPT & Carl TOTZKE both of Berlin, 20 May 1873 in Berlin.
013007-73 (Waterloo Co) John SCHULZ, 31, laborer, West Prussia Germany, New Hamburg, widower, s/o Casimir & Rojalia married Antonia WOJDA, 20, West Prussia Germany, New Hamburg, d/o John & Johanna, witn: Joseph SONNOT & Andres SCHULZ both of New Hamburg, 4 May 1873 in New Hamburg Wilmot Twp 012801-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry SCHWALM, 22, laborer, Conestogo, Berlin, s/o Nicolaus & Catherine married Rosa WETTMANN, 22, Werbstadt Baden Germany, Berlin, d/o Lenzie & Barbara, witn: Herman KELLER & Maria BECKER both of Berlin, 7 Sept 1873 in Preston.
  012985-73 (Waterloo Co) Martin SEIFERLE, 26, carpenter, Baden Deutschland, Sebringville Perth Co., s/o Melchion & Mary married Gertrud WICH, 24, Baden Deutschland, Sebringville Perth Co., d/o Severie & Barbara, witn: John RAU & Ellen WEISSHAAR both of Sebringville Perth Co., 13 January 1873 in St. Agatha
012949-73 (Waterloo Co) John SEILER, 23, farmer, Canada, Waterloo Twp, s/o George & Elizabeth married Christian GLEISER, 24, Canada, Waterloo, d/o George & Catharine, witn: Peter ROTHAERMEL & Amanda SEILER both of Berlin, 30 March 1873 in Berlin. 12811-73 (Waterloo Co): Jacob SHANTZ, 22, farmer, Waterloo twp., same, s/o Daniel & Esther, married Magdalene CRESSMAN, 24, Waterloo twp., same, d/o Joseph & Fannie, witn: Frederick & Caroline WURSTER of Preston, 19 Jan 1873 at Preston (Menonist)
012878-73 (Waterloo Co) Matthew SHAW, full age, laborer, Ireland, Galt, widower, s/o Matthew & Mrs. married Nancy DENNIS, full age, Ireland, Galt, widow, d/o William & Elizabeth DENNIS, witn: R.R. BROCK & T.G. BOWERING both of Galt, 17 February 1873 in Galt. 013055-73 (Waterloo Co) Moses SHERK, 24, farmer, Waterloo, Blenheim, s/o Abraham & Lucy married Caroline HUBER, 23, Blenheim, Blenheim, d/o John S. & Catharine, witn: Elizabeth BOWMAN, Nancy BOWMAN & Mrs. Maria MOYER all of Freeport Waterloo Twp, 28 October 1873 at Freeport in Waterloo Twp
012853-73 (Waterloo Co) James E. SILCOX, 21, upholsterer, London England, Galt, s/o James & Mary Ann married Jane CHURCH, 19, England, Galt, d/o Henry & Eliza, witn: Elias WALFORD & Richard LEXTHINDALE (Leatherdale?), Mary FORBES all of Galt & Jane GRILLS of Roseville, 27 August 1873 in Galt 012859-73 (Waterloo Co) George SIMONS, 23, grocer, Preston, Galt, s/o Norval F. & Jennet married Mary M. UREN, 22, Galt, Galt, d/o Thomas & Catharine, witn: Edward UREN & Amy CONDEN both of Galt, 26 June 1873 in Galt. (also 012872-73)
009693-74 (Waterloo Co) Edward SIMPSON, 24, blacksmith, Manheim, Manheim, s/o John & Jane married Margaretha BRAUN, 20, Hurhessen Germany, Wilmot Twp, d/o Conrad & Elizabeth, witn: Jacob BECKER & Elizabeth MUELLER of New Dundee, 30 December 1873 in New Hamburg  
013053-73 (Waterloo Co) Christian SLUMKY, 26, laborer, Marienwerder Prussia, Guelph, s/o Michael & Caroline married Louise MOENKE, 21, Friedrichshain Prussia, Guelph, d/o Michael & Wilhelmine, witn: August KEAMPIEN (?), Lora MOENKE & Julia FISCHER all of Guelph, 9 October 1873 in Waterloo Twp. 012789-73 (Waterloo Co) William SMITH, 28, dyer, Galashiels Scotland, Galt, s/o William SMITH & Catharine RUTHERFORD married Jennet RENNELSON, 29, Ecclefechan Scotland, Hespeler, d/o Thomas RENNELSON & Margaret LITTLE, witn: James WEBSTER of Galt & Margaret RENNELSON of Hespeler, 27 November 1873 in Hespeler
013057-73 (Waterloo Co) Ephraim SNYDER, 23, farmer, Waterloo, Waterloo, s/o Daniel B. & Elizabeth married Nancy WEAVER, 24, Waterloo, Waterloo, d/o Amos & Mary, witn: Titus B. SNYDER & Moses S. WEAVER both of Freeport Waterloo Twp, 2 December 1873 at Freeport in Waterloo Twp. 9726-74 Henry SNYDER, 36, widower, mechanic, Canada, Linwood, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Leah BROWN, 25, Canada, Linwood, d/o John & Mary, witn: James BUGG of Linwood & Catherine MONTGOMERY of Wellesley twp., 10 Dec 1873 at Linwood
013036-73 (Waterloo Co) Wendel S. SNYDER, 28, yeoman, Waterloo Twp, Woolwich Twp, s/o Jacob & Magdalena married Mary Jane PENDER, 23, Waterloo Twp, Woolwich Twp, d/o Robert & Caroline, witn: George SCOTT & Rebecca SHERK both of Waterloo Twp, 4 February 1873 in Waterloo Twp 012881-73 (Waterloo Co) D. Augustus SOPER, 21, medical student, Durham, Tilsonburg, s/o Augustus & Charlotte married Marion MCCRUM, 20, Galt, Galt, d/o Henry & Marion, witn: Mrs. L. MILLER & Miss GOODING both of Galt, 10 March 1873 in Galt
012919-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob M. STAEBLER, 27, book seller, Canada, Berlin, s/o Jacob & Annie married Angelina ZIEGLER, 23, Canada, Berlin, d/o Enoch & Hannah, witn: Samuel Z. STAEBLER of Woodstock & Lizzie ZIEGLER of Berlin, 2 September 1873 in Berlin. 012835-73 (Waterloo Co) Fredrick STAHLBAUM, 21, farmer, Preston, Woolwich, s/o Fredrick & Sophia married Elizabeth MICHEL, 20, Germany, Woolwich, d/o John & Margaretha, witn: Henry SOEHNER & Louis MICHEL (no residence given), 1 April 1873 in Flora Woolwich Twp.
9613-74 Henry STANGE?, 21, farmer, Canada, Woolwich, s/o not given, married Catherine KALBFLEISCH, 19, Canada, Woolwich, d/o Reinhard & Catherine, witn: John HEPNER of Port Elgin & Henry KALBFLEISCH of Woolwich, 21 Oct. 1873 at Waterloo village 012817-73 (Waterloo Co) Jacob STAUFFER, 21, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Berlin, s/o David & Mary married Amanda WEBER, 18, Woolwich, Wellesley, d/o Moses & Veronica, witn: Mary WEBER & Rosina SPIES of Heidelberg, 26 August 1873 in Heidelberg
012901-73 (Waterloo Co) Peter M. STAUFFER, 23, farmer, Canada, Blenheim, s/o Jacob G. & Eliza married Nancy GOFTON, 22, Canada, Blenheim, d/o Rodger & Lucy, witn: Jacob M. STAUFFER of Waterloo & Mahlon BRAY of Blenheim, 1 October 1873 in Berlin. 012898-73 (Waterloo Co) Adam STEINHAUSER, 21, farmer, Canada, Waterloo, s/o John & Frederika married Sophia WITMAIER, 19, Germany, Waterloo, d/o Joachim & Elizabeth, witn: John BENTIN of Waterloo & William GASTMEIER of Berlin, 9 December 1873 in Berlin.
012814-73 (Waterloo Co) Louis STEIS, 25, brewer, Wellesley, Wellesley, s/o Adam & Maria Barbara married Carolina GEHL, 18, Ontario, Waterloo, d/o Charles & Maria, witn: Adam & Elisabeth STEIS of Wellesley, 8 July 1873 in Heidelberg 013060-73 (Waterloo Co) August STOCKFISCH, 22, laborer, Prussia Germany, Waterloo, s/o August STOCKFISCH & Christina BRATZ married Ester KAEFER, 16, Vaughan Twp, Bridgeport, d/o Henry & Susanna, witn: Carl & Mary STOCKFISCH both of Waterloo, 25 May 1873 in Waterloo.
012864-73 (Waterloo Co) James STRAKLEY, 44, iron finisher, England, Galt, widower, s/o William & Frances married Elizabeth WAREN (Warren?), 45, England, Galt, widow, d/o Joseph & Rebecca BURNHAM, witn: K. & S. WALFORD both of Galt, 15 September 1873 in Galt 012988-73 (Waterloo Co) Adam STROEDEL, 26, farmer, Prussia Germany, Carrick Twp Bruce Co., s/o Ernst & Elisabeth married Therese VOLL, 22, Bamberg Wellesley Twp, Bamberg, d/o Casper & Maria, witn: Peter VOLL of Bamberg Wellesley Twp & Margaret STROEDEL of Carrick Twp Bruce Co., 4 February 1873 in St. Agatha
012800-73 (Waterloo Co) Henry STUEMPFLE, 32, potter, Preston, Preston, s/o Michael & Catherine married Christine SCHLARBAUM, 21, Preston, Preston, d/o Justus & Martha, witn: Jacob SCHLARBAUM & Jacob WERLICH both of Preston, 24 July 1873 in Preston. 9634-74 Heinrich STUMPF, 23, mason, Germany, Woolwich, s/o John & Anna Catherine, married Maria GIMBER, 23, Woolwich, same, d/o Henry & Eve Elizabeth, witn: John BROX & Elizabeth GIMBER, both of Woolwich, 17 Nov 1873 at Woolwich
012798-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas SWAN, 30, doctor, Edinburgh Scotland, Hespeler Village, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth married Mary Ann DEVITT, 26, New Hamburg, Hespeler Village, d/o James & Salome, witn: Christian & Caroline WURSTER both of Preston, 12 December 1873 in Preston 012765-73 (Waterloo Co) George SWAN, 31, farmer, Ayr, Blenheim, widower, s/o George SWAN & Agnes NESS married Jane FORD, 21, Scotland, Blenheim, d/o John FORD & Agnes PRINGLE, witn: John NYLLIE (Wyllie?) & Mrs. John PRINGLE both of Ayr, 19 December 1873 in Ayr North Dumfries
013048-73 (Waterloo Co) William TAYLOR, 26, machinist, Scotland, Guelph, s/o William McNeil TAYLOR & Catharine VEITCH married Mary THOMSON, 25, Scotland, Guelph, d/o John THOMSON & Ann Burns HAMILTON, witn: James TAYLOR & George HOLMWOOD both of Waterloo, 10 July 1873 in Waterloo Twp 9909-74 John TELFER, 35, yeoman, North Dumfries, same, s/o George & Ellen, married Ellen DEANS, 25, North Dumfries, same, d/o James & Janet, witn: James DEANS, Thomas TELFER & Walter MURRAY, all of Galt, 25 Dec 1873 at Galt
  012860-73 (Waterloo Co) Andrew TESKEY, 27, blacksmith, Walkerton, Galt, s/o Andrew & Margaret married Sarah BUNSTON, 20, New York, Galt, d/o John & Mary, witn: George BUNSTON of Galt & Charlotte AUSTIN, 1 July 1873 in Galt
012773-73 (Waterloo Co) Edward Bunker THRING, 25, yeoman, Guelph, Garafraxa, s/o William THRING & Rachel WEBSTER married Margaret AMOS, 19, Guelph, North Dumfries, d/o Robert AMOS & Margaret TURNBULL, witn: John MARSHALL of Waterloo & William BEATTIE of North Dumfries, 14 March 18734 in North Dumfries. 013010-73 (Waterloo Co) John TIEL, 28, farmer, Rothemmor (?) Germany, Wilmot Twp, s/o John TIEL & Sophia MAUCH married Minna HILDEBRAND, 21, Pennewitt Germany, Wilmot Twp, d/o Christian HILDEBRAND & Minna SCHMIDT (SCHMITT), witn: Christian & Maria TIEL of Wilmot, 21 January 1873 in New Hamburg
012792-73 (Waterloo Co) William Henry TOPHAM, 24, spinner, Yorkshire England, Hespeler, s/o William & Sarah married Margaret SACH, 23, Hespeler, Hespeler, d/o Ernst & Mattie, witn: Charles GLICK & Agnes REID both of Hespeler, 1 January 1873 in Hespeler. 013012-73 (Waterloo Co) Gilgian TRACHSEL, 51, farmer, Switzerland, North Easthope, widower, s/o Peter & Anna married Barbara MOYER, 32, Clinton, New Hamburg, d/o David & Rebecca MOYER, witn: Christian TRACHSEL & Charles BEILL both of New Hamburg, 27 February 1873 in New Hamburg
012796-73 (Waterloo Co) Benjamin TUCK, 30, farmer, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o John & Sarah married Catherine SCHWENDIMANN, 27, Canton Bern Switzerland, Waterloo Twp, d/o Christian & Anna, witn: Charles TUCK & Susanne SCHWENDIMANN both of Waterloo Twp, 18 November 1873 in Preston  
012912-73 (Waterloo Co) Thomas UNDERWOOD, 21, farmer, England, Waterloo Village, s/o George & Mary married Elizabeth WOLF, 22, Canada, Waterloo Village, d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: John BLOSE & Mary WITTRICH both of Waterloo, 24 August 1873 in Berlin 012863-73 (Waterloo Co) William Newell VANLOON, 21, saddler, Norfolk, Delhi Norfolk Co., s/o Jacob & Margaret married Miriam Maud SOVEREEN, 18, Delhi, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Annie CLARKSON of Galt, 12 September 1873 in Galt
012865-73 (Waterloo Co) Elijah VAUGHAN, 21, track layer, Canada, Galt, s/o Carlton & Nancy married Harriette MOORE, 18, Canada, Galt, d/o Joseph & Clarissa, witn: A. GLICK & Elizabeth MOORE both of Galt, 16 September 1873 in Galt. 012962-73 (Waterloo Co) Peter VOISIN, 26, yeoman, St. Clements, St. Clements, s/o Joseph & Catherine married Margret MEYER, 19, St. Clements, St. Clements, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Henry BOEGEL & Catherine MITTELHOLZ of St. Clements, 18 February 1873 in St. Clements
012862-73 (Waterloo Co) Frederick Christian VON GORTTORFF (?), 22, railway baggage man, Germany, Fergus, s/o Karl Frederick & Mary Margaret married Ellen HIGGINS, 23, Canada, Galt, d/o Patrick HIGGINS & Margaret LYNCH, witn: Edward H. & Mrs. PELKIE both of Galt, 19 January 1873 in Galt 012904-73 (Waterloo Co) Joel WANNER, 26, farmer, Canada, Wilmot, s/o John & Elizabeth married Lavinia MOSSER, 27, Canada, Preston, d/o Peter & Susannah, witn: Benjamin & Jemina BEAR both of Preston, 18 May 1873 in Berlin
012824-73 (Waterloo Co) William WATSON, 30, farmer, Scotland, Woolwich, s/o Alexander & Mary married Ann MITCHELL, 31, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o William & Isabel MITCHELL, witn: James WATSON & Mary MITCHELL of Woolwich, 8 May 1873 in Woolwich. 9660-74 Samuel S. WEAVER, 46, widower, merchant, Waterloo twp., Elmira, s/o Moses & Nancy, married Esther DETWILER, 36, North Dumfries, Elmira, d/o Jacob & Esther, witn: Joshua S. BOWMAN & Ab. Y DETWILER, both of Elmira, 25 Nov 1873 at Elmira
012906-73 (Waterloo Co) Peter WEBER, 25, brewer, Germany, Buffalo New York, s/o Maurice & Magdalena married Maria Anna SPETZ, 21, Canada, Berlin, d/o Joseph & Anna, witn: Leo & Josephine SPETZ of Berlin, George WEBER of Wilmot & Maria SCHARIO of Waterloo, 4 November 1873 in Berlin 012928-73 (Waterloo Co) John WEBER, 23, farmer, Canada, Wilmot, s/o Daniel & Catharine married Emily APPEL, 22, Canada, Wilmot, d/o Jacob & Bina, witn: John & Lina APPEL both of Wilmot, 21 September 1873 in Berlin
012961-73 (Waterloo Co) John WEBER, 24, yeoman, St. Clements, St. Clements, s/o Christoph & Agatha married Louisa ISBACH, 22, St. Clements, St. Clements, d/o Adam & Theresia, witn: John STARR & Regina WEBER of St. Clements, 18 February 1873 in St. Clements 012837-73 (Waterloo Co) Christian S. WEBER, 25, farmer, Wilmot, Woolwich, s/o Christian & Elisabeth married Margaretha SCHNEIDER, 18, Woolwich, Woolwich, d/o John & Elisabeth, witn: John S. WEBER & Henry SCHNEIDER of Woolwich, 11 March 1873 in Woolwich
012920-73 (Waterloo Co) Daniel L. WEBER, 24, woolen manufacturer, Canada, Blair, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth married Sallie HAGEY, 25, Canada, Waterloo Twp, d/o Isaac HAGEY & Nancy GINGRICH, witn: Lisette & Samuel TUERK both of Berlin, 16 September 1873 in Berlin 012902-73 (Waterloo Co) Christian WENGER, 22, farmer, Canada, Woolwich, s/o Jonas & Mary Anna married Mary Ann GOLE, 24, Canada, Breslau, d/o Jacob & Catharine, witn: Henry WIEGAND of Berlin & Martin WEGENAST of Waterloo, 4 May 1873 in Berlin
9646-74 Henry WEIDENHAMMER, 24, carpenter, Woolwich, Listowel, s/o Christopher & Mary, married Carolina LORCH, 20, Petersburg, Woolwich, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: Charles & Barbara LORCH of Wallace, 21 Sept 1873 at Elmira 012943-73 (Waterloo Co) Joseph WEINSTEIN, 24, merchant & pedlar, Canada, Berlin, s/o Raphael & Julia married Maria Anna DEIDER, 25, Canada, Berlin, d/o Joseph & Catharine, witn: Joseph SCHALL of Formosa & Helena WEINSTEIN of Wilmot, 11 February 1873 in Berlin.
012764-73 (Waterloo Co) John A. WELLS, 24, edge tool maker, United States, St. Catharines, s/o James & Catherine married Agnes BRAIDWOOD, 22, Canada, North Dumfries, d/o Walter & Janet, witn: David THIEL & William BRAIDWOOD both of North Dumfries, 19 November 1873 in North Dumfries 012842-73 (Waterloo Co) Fredrick WELTZ, 25, carriage maker, Canada, St. Jacobs, s/o John George & Barbara married Sarah Ann DETWILER, 25, Canada, St. Jacobs, d/o Benjamin & Elisabeth, witn: John ORTWEIN of St. Jacobs & Noah DETWILER of Woolwich, 28 January 1873 in St. Jacobs
012890-73 (Waterloo Co) Peter WENGER, 25, farmer, Canada, Woolwich, s/o Jonas & Mary married Hannah EBY, 19, Canada, Berlin, d/o Joseph & Magdalena, witn: William D. HEMBLING of Woolwich & John SEYLER of Berlin, 18 November 1873 in Berlin 012822-73 (Waterloo Co) Sebastian WENZEL, 26, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Wallace Twp Perth Co., s/o David & Margaretha married Catharina STRICKER, 26, Rainham Twp, Woolwich, d/o Gotfried & Rebecca, witn: John STRICKER & George AUMAN of Elmira, 23 December 1873 in Elmira.
013019-73 (Waterloo Co) William WIEAND, 25, miller, Duchesia Hessen, Waterloo Village, s/o Jacob & Elisabeth married Catharina STEINMETZ, 19, Hessen Germany, Baden, d/o Charles & Catharina, witn: George STEINMETZ & Louisa LANG of Baden, 20 June 1873 in New Hamburg 012922-73 (Waterloo Co) Michael H. WILHELM, 23, shoemaker, France, Elmira, s/o Jacob & Mary married Mary FOERSTER, 23, Canada, Waterloo, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: August ROOS of Preston & Mina FOERSTER of Berlin, 25 September 1873 in Berlin.
012941-73 (Waterloo Co) August WILKE, 24, farmer, Germany, Waterloo Twp, s/o Christian & Christina married Elizabeth SCHUHMACHER, 35, Canada, Breslau, d/o John & Catharine SCHUHMACHER, witn: William & Frederika WILKE both of Waterloo Twp, 19 January 1873 in Berlin 9647-74 John WILLE, 25, farmer, Germany, Woolwich, s/o Caspar & Catharine, married Anna Catharine SCHIMBERT, 23, Germany, Woolwich, d/o August & blank, witn: John GEISEL & Maria SALINGER, both of Woolwich, 1 Nov 1873 at Elmira
013021-73 (Waterloo Co) Andrew A. WINEHOLD, 27, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o Andrew & Catharina married Hermina E. BOULLEE, 26, Germany, New Hamburg, d/o Dr. William H. & Aug., witn: Jo. C. BOULLEE of New Hamburg & V. WINEHOLD of South Easthope, 30 October 1873 in New Hamburg. 012813-73 (Waterloo Co) Benjamin WISMER, 23, yeoman, Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Twp, s/o David & Elizabeth married Diana EBRA, 24, North Dumfries Twp, North Dumfries Twp, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Caroline & Christian WURSTER both of Preston, 14 February 1873 in Preston.
012866-73 (Waterloo Co) Mark WOOD, 38, overseer of woolen mills, England, Hespeler, widower, s/o John & Elizabeth married Fanny Elizabeth Sarah Jane HEVERS, 38, England, Hespeler, widow, d/o James & Fanny WATSON, witn: John KAY & A. ADAMS both of Galt, 20 September 1873 in Galt 013001-73 (Waterloo Co) Francis Dealtry WOODCOCK, full age, farmer, Wigan Lancashire England, Woodcock Hall Haysville, s/o Edward WOODCOCK & (no mother's name given) married Matilda Louisa O'CONNOR, 18, Haysville, Haysville, d/o Maurice & Marianne (faint), witn: M.M. O'CONNOR & A.E. HARRISON of Stratford, 28 September 1873 in Haysville
013006-73 (Waterloo Co) Christian ZEHR, 22, farmer, Perth Co., Perth Co., s/o Peter & Barbara married Catharine BENDER, 18, Waterloo Co., Waterloo Co., d/o Christian & Catharine, witn: John BENDER & Daniel STEINMAN both of Wilmot Twp, 4 March 1873 at the residence of John BENDER in Wilmot Twp 012914-73 (Waterloo Co) Franz ZUEHLKE, 21, farmer, Germany, Michigan U.S., s/o Frederick & Caroline married Barbara FRENTZEL, 21, Canada, Wilmot, d/o Adam & Anna, witn: Henry JAEGER & Marie SAGEHORN both of Berlin, 15 September 1873 in Berlin