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Waterloo Co., 1909, part 2

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birthplaces were not usually given on 1909 registrations

020327-09 (Waterloo Co) Egbert Nelson AMES, 23, salesman, of Galt, s/o Alexander T. AMES & Catherine A. MARKLE married Mary Elizabeth ANDERSON, 26, of Galt, d/o John ANDERSON & Joan VAIR, witn: May RICHMOND & Harry (surname blurry) both of Washington, 10 February 1909 in Galt.  
020305-09 (Waterloo Co) John BAIRD, 47, decorator, of Galt, widower, s/o Robert BAIRD & Christina LEDGERWOOD married Grace Christina McPHERSON, 37, teacher, of North Dumfries Twp, spinster, d/o John A. McPHERSON (deceased) & Florence WILKINSON, witn: Neil McPHERSON & Mary E. TAYLOR both of Galt, 20 September 1909 in Waterloo.

020401-09 (Waterloo Co) John Arthur BARCLAY, 21, laborer, of Galt, s/o Thomas Henry BARCLAY & Adelaide TATE married Felicia P. RUSH, 17, of Galt, d/o Henry RUSH & Ester LAKE, witn: George T. RUSH & Mrs. H. F. WHELLER both of Galt, 8 December 1909 in Galt.

020339-09 (Waterloo Co) John Francis BARNETT, 23, moulder, of Galt, s/o Frederick George BARNETT & Theresa SCOTT married Anabel ECHLIN, 19, bookkeeper, of Galt, d/o William Schyler ECHLIN & Maggie McBAIN, witn: Mary C. PRITCHARD & Margaret ECHLIN both of Galt, 8 April 1909 in Galt 020365-09 (Waterloo Co) Albert Edward George BATTEN, 24, moulder, of Hamilton, s/o Albert Edward George BATTEN & Elizabeth CHURCHILL married Jean TURNBULL, 26, of Galt, d/o John TURNBULL & Mary BAXTER, witn: E. K. KNOWLES & Catherine TURNBULL both of Galt, 4 August 1909 in Galt.
020308-09 (Waterloo Co) J. Redgley BELL, 32, barrister, of Lloydminster Saskatchewan, s/o John BELL & Sarah FLUKER married Alva Ethel DUNKE, 26, of Elmira, d/o Jacob DUNKE & Rachel POWELL, witn: Andrew FORRESTER of Hamilton & Erma DUNKE of Elmira, 18 February 1909 in Elmira 020309-09 (Waterloo Co) Granville P. BLOOD, 23, clerk, of Elmira, s/o Edwin BLOOD & Martha POYSER married Agnes Annie GREEN, 19, of Elmira, d/o Thomas GREEN & Sarah Helen MOSEWORTH (NOSEWORTH?), witn: T. A. GATES & H. M. GREEN of Elmira, 28 February 1909 in Elmira.
020367-09 (Waterloo Co) Thomas Wallace BOOTHE, 28, machinist, of Galt, s/o William BOOTHE & Elizabeth HOYLE married Ada Maud SALLIS, 25, of Galt, d/o James SALLIS & Mary HODGE, witn: James L. BOOTHE of Galt & Annie M. SALLIS of Palmerston, 4 August 1909 in Galt. 020315-09 (Waterloo Co) Gottlieb BROHMAN, 28, farmer, of Pilkington Twp, s/o Gottlieb BROHMAN & Mary Ann KLEIN married Magdalena DOERFLER, 25, servant, of Pilkington Twp, d/o Joseph DOERFLER & Pauline BUEHLER, witn: Louis DOERFLER of Elmira & Mrs. E. A. SCHULZ of Bennington N. Y. U.S.A., 29 June 1909 in Elmira.
020474-09 (Waterloo Co) William Henry BRYANT, 20, electrician, of Preston, s/o William Henry BRYANT & Rose (blank) married Minnie Otilla DOPP, 18, domestic, of Preston, d/o George DOPP & Mary FROMM, witn: Jessie VALENTINE & Isabella DURNFORD both of Waterloo, 25 February 1909 in Waterloo. 020399-09 (Waterloo Co) Lionel George BURCHELL, 20, mechanic, of Ayr, s/o Joseph BURCHELL & Ellen GREGORY married Flossie ILES, 21, of Ayr, d/o Arthur ILES & Alice GOODEY, witn: J. G. & Alice NEARINGBURG both of Ayr, 27 November 1909 in Galt.
020393-09 (Waterloo Co) William A. BURNS, 23, bricklayer, of Toronto, s/o William A. BURNS & Annie GERRIE married Dolina McKAY, 26, of Toronto, d/o John McKAY & Jane McCASKILL, witn: Arthur GRAVELLE & Susie COOPER both of Galt, 1 November 1909 in Galt. 020470-09 (Waterloo Co) Francis Joseph CAMPBELL, 50, piano maker, of Berlin, widower, s/o James CAMPBELL & Ellen CAFFREY married Catharine PRINCE, 52, housekeeper, of Berlin, widow, d/o Thomas MOONEY & Catharine LAWLOR, witn: Mabel CAMPBELL of Berlin & J. A. STEWART of Hespeler, 4 February 1909 in Waterloo.
020321-09 (Waterloo Co) Samuel CARNOCHAN, 42, laborer, of Elmira, s/o John CARNOCHAN & Elizabeth (blank) married Annie WEIDENHAMMER, 37, of Elmira, widow, d/o Killian SCHMIDT & Catherine GRUBE, witn: Gordon KAISER & Bertha BREUCKLE of Elmira, 13 October 1909 in Elmira. 020477-09 (Waterloo Co) Alfred Franklin CARR, 27, commercial traveler, of Blyth, s/o Alfred B. CARR & (no mother's name given) married Emma Augusta MOSER, 21, of Waterloo, d/o J. G. MOSER & Augusta SAAKEL, witn: H. A. WETTLAUFER of Berlin & Carrie A. SLATER of Blyth, 16 June 1909 in Waterloo.
020467-09 (Waterloo Co) Ernest Davidson CLARK, 29, machinist, of Stratford, s/o Joseph CLARK & Jane DAVIDSON married Anna Elizabeth REICK, 21, housemaid, of Stratford, d/o William REICK & Mary BEILUE? (Beilne?), witn: Albert DANECKER (c/b DANNECKER) & Matilda REICK both of Stratford, 5 January 1909 in Waterloo. 020372-09 (Waterloo Co) Robert CLARK, 28, moulder, of Galt, s/o Henry CLARK & Agnes Blyth WIGHTMAN, married Mary Jane Cooey MITCHELL, 30, of Galt, spinster, d/o William Ferguson MITCHELL & Annie FRASER, witn: Isabel MITCHELL of Galt & Sadie CLARK of Walkerton, 2 September 1909 in Galt
020306-09 (Waterloo Co) William COLVIN, 33, yeoman, of Delaware Middlesex Co., s/o Andrew COLVIN & Mary McEWAN married Robina C. RUTHERFORD, 28, of Lot 20 & 21 Conc 7 North Dumfries Twp, d/o John K. RUTHERFORD & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: R. H. HENDERSON of Glenmorris & Agnes COLVIN of Delaware, 15 December 1909 at Lot 20 Conc 7 North Dumfries Twp 020334-09 (Waterloo Co) Thomas CONNELL, 28, farmer, of High River Alberta, s/o Alexander CONNELL & Jane ELMHURST married Ruby J. ADAMS, 26, of Verulam Victoria Co. Ont., d/o William P. ADAMS & Sarah J. AUSTEN, witn: John M. & Clara KNOX both of Galt, 11 March 1909 in Galt.
020366-09 (Waterloo Co) John F. COXSON, 32, farmer, of Blenheim Twp Oxford Co., widower, s/o Robert COXSON & Ellen ANDERSON married Selina M. BEAN, 28, of New Hamburg, d/o George BEAN & Bethena REDDAWAY, witn: Isabel F. HAWK & Ada HAMBLY both of Galt, 4 August 1909 in Galt 020346-09 (Waterloo Co) Charles James DICKSON, 32, druggist & chemist, of Galt, s/o James A. R. DICKSON & Isabella FAIRBAIRN married Florence C. SAUNDERS, 32, of Galt, spinster, d/o David SAUNDERS & Emma McDONALD, witn: Caroline GROVE & Effie SAUNDERS both of Galt, 2 June 1909 in Galt
020319-09 (Waterloo Co) Louis DOERFLER, 30, wood carver, of Elmira, s/o Joseph DOERFLER & Pauline BUEHLER married Marion LEIN, 38, of Elmira, spinster, d/o John LEIN & Catherine BRECHBIEL, witn: David & Mrs. David HOLLINGER of Elmira, 6 October 1909 in Elmira. 020380-09 (Waterloo Co) Harold Hector DOHERTY, 23, mechanic, of Galt, s/o John A. DOHERTY & Elsie FODERINGHAM (FOTHERINGHAM ?) married Ella Freed BURGESS, 22, of Galt, d/o George H. BURGESS & Agnes E. BELL, witn: George BURGESS & Vernon DOHERTY both of Galt, 18 September 1909 in Galt.
020340-09 (Waterloo Co) Edwin DUNN, 27, carpenter, of Galt, s/o Robert DUNN & Eliza EVANS married Katie WEPPLER, 25, of Neustadt, d/o John WEPPLER & Rose AMRELL, witn: Mae CHAPMAN of St. Mary's & Thomas E. RICHARD of Toronto, 12 April 1909 in Galt. 020478-09 (Waterloo Co) William John EGGERT, 29, merchant, of Waterloo, s/o August EGGERT & Caroline ISCHE married Minnie L. MOSER, 28, of Waterloo, d/o J. G. MOSER & Augusta SAAKEL, witn: A. S. CARR of Blyth & Emma A. CARR of Waterloo, 23 June 1909 in Waterloo.
020383-09 (Waterloo Co) George Thomas ELLIOTT, 29, porter, of Galt, s/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Elizabeth GOLDES married Maud SNYDER, 28, of Galt, d/o Adam Henry SNYDER & Agnes HEWITT, witn: Philip SNYDER & Mary ELLIOTT both of Galt, 29 September 1909 in Galt. 020324-09 (Waterloo Co) William Joseph ELLISON, 25, farmer, of Parkland Alberta, s/o James ELLISON & Martha OGDEN married Edith Jessie OLDFIELD, 24, of Galt, d/o William OLDFIELD & Ruth BENNETT, witn: Frank STEELE & Louisa OLDFIELD both of Galt, 20 January 1909 in Galt
020480-09 (Waterloo Co) Julius John ENGEL, 25, cabinet maker, of Guelph, s/o Adam ENGEL & Wilhelmina SCHALLHORN married Margarite WESELOH, 22, housework, of Waterloo, d/o John WESELOH & Anna HOHNER, witn: Luella WESELOH & Ernie ENGEL both of Waterloo, 12 April 1909 in Waterloo. 020394-09 (Waterloo Co) William John ENGLAND, 25, machinist, of Galt, s/o John ENGLAND & Margaret CAMPBELL married Olive KERR, 23, of Galt, d/o James KERR & Janet BANNANTYNE, witn: Jennie DICKSON & Mrs. Janet KERR both of Galt, 3 November 1909 in Galt
020341-09 (Waterloo Co) Robert Stewart FAIRGRIEVE, 26, pattern maker, of Welland, s/o George Stewart FAIRGRIEVE & Bessie BOWEY married Eva Myrtle ATKINS, 28, of Galt, d/o George ATKINS & Jane MacDONALD, witn: William McDONALD of Rockton & Emma TAYLOR of Galt, 21 April 1909 in Galt 020291-09 (Waterloo Co) William B. FERRIER, 24, clerk, of Berlin, s/o Amos FERRIER (deceased) & Alice TURNER married Laura REINHARDT, 20, of Berlin, d/o Henry REINHARDT & Annie FRIEDMANN, witn: George REINHARDT & Alice J. FERRIER both of Berlin, 18 November 1909 in Berlin
020471-09 (Waterloo Co) Herman FISCHER, 25, butcher, of Waterloo, s/o John B. FISCHER & Catherine MUELLER married Agnes STRUB, 25, of Berlin, d/o Simon STRUB & Veronica WAHL, witn: (none given), 17 February 1909 in Waterloo. 020465-09 (Waterloo Co) Otto Frederick FISCHER, 23, draughtsman, of Preston, s/o Frederick FISCHER & Annie GROSS (Gress?) married Mable Edna DAVIDSON, 23, maid, of Preston, d/o John DAVIDSON & Annie MATHEWS, witn: Harry CRESS & Pearl WILDFONG both of Preston, 15 December 1909 in Preston.
020322-09 (Waterloo Co) John Franklin FITZGERALD, 26, machinist, of Galt, s/o William FITZGERALD & Elizabeth HAEDAN married Harriet JONES, 24, of Galt, d/o Isaac Perkin JONES & Harriet RISDALE, witn: Joseph Power FITZGERALD & Maggie Adeline JONES (no residence given), 13 January 1909 in Galt 020348-09 (Waterloo Co) Byrd Dee FREDERICK, 30, salesman, of Sioux Falls South Dakota U.S.A., s/o John Clarence FREDERICK & Isabella CHAMBERS married Ida WEEKLEY, 26, of Galt, d/o Israel WEEKLEY & Mary CHAMBERS, witn: Clara Mabel VAN SICKLE & Isabel Florence HAWK both of Galt, 9 June 1909 in Galt.
  020343-09 (Waterloo Co) Thomas William GARLICK, 26, cutter, of Galt, s/o Mathew Clavon GARLICK & Elizabeth BARR married Stella Jane DRYDEN, 22, of Galt, d/o Robert S. DRYDEN & Stella Jane REAY, witn: Robert S. DRYDEN & Mrs. R.S. DRYDEN both of Galt, 28 April 1909 in Galt.
020301-09 (Waterloo Co) William Roger GEACH, 33, engineer, of Bloomingdale, s/o John GEACH & Louisa EADES married Alda Elmina SNIDER, 27, of Bloomingdale, d/o Joseph & Lucinda, witn: Percy PERRIN of Wainwright Ala. & Lizzie SANDERSON of Berlin, 22 December 1909 in Berlin 020469-09 (Waterloo Co) Louis C. GILOW, 26, cabinet maker, of Waterloo, s/o Louis GILOW & Emma VON ENDE married Lena GROSZ, 22, housemaid, of Waterloo, d/o Adam GROSZ & Marguerite HEIMBECKER, witn: Archibald & Delina WILDFONG both of Waterloo, 1 February 1909 in Waterloo
020472-09 (Waterloo Co) David GRAF, 23, shoemaker, of Waterloo, s/o David GRAF & Wilhelmina MENZIES married Jennie MITCHELL, 23, of Waterloo Twp, d/o William MITCHELL & Elizabeth BURNETT, witn: George & Margaret MITCHELL both of Waterloo, 25 November 1909 in Waterloo 020314-09 (Waterloo Co) George William HAFFNER, 27, farmer, of Woolwich Twp, s/o Frederick HAFFNER & Margaret SCHAFER married Mary Ann HASS, 20, servant, of Woolwich Twp, d/o William HASS & Sophia STEFFLER, witn: Henry SEILING & Rose ZINGER of Woolwich Twp, 28 April 1909 in Elmira.
020304-09 (Waterloo Co) Elgin Carman HAMILL, 27, contractor, of Galt, s/o Thomas Henry & Mary Elizabeth married Jean Jackson TAYLOR, 30, of Lot 17 Conc 9 North Dumfries Twp, spinster, d/o John TAYLOR & Janet DRYDEN, witn: Encil Royden HAMILL & Ethel Ann TAYLOR both of Galt, 30 June 1909 at Lot 17 Conc 9 North Dumfries Twp. 020364-09 (Waterloo Co) Kenneth Charles HAMILTON, 36, clerk, of Galt, s/o Thomas HAMILTON & Elizabeth MARSHALL married Annie May TAYLOR, 31, of Galt, spinster, d/o Alexander TAYLOR & Hannah WELLS, witn: Arthur & Jessie ECHLIN both of Galt, 3 August 1909 in Galt
  020293-09 (Waterloo Co) Alfred HANNUSCH, 28, farmer, of Waterloo Twp, s/o Theobald HANNUSCH & Mary GIES married Agnes LETTNER, 20, of Waterloo Twp, d/o William LETTNER & Emilia VOISIN, witn: John RAFFERTY of Waterloo & A. HANNUSCH of Berlin, 23 November 1909 in Berlin
020390-09 (Waterloo Co) Bertram HARDILL, 28, machinist, of Toronto, s/o Thomas HARDILL & Charlotte WILSON married Alice Wilson WELKER, 25, proofreader, of Toronto, d/o John WELKER & Margaret GRIEVE, witn: John & Lillian WILSON (no residence given), 23 October 1909 in Galt. 020323-09 (Waterloo Co) Alexander Robert HARRISON, 24, farmer, of North Dumfries, s/o John HARRISON & Jane EVANS married Edith Emily LYNS, 26, of North Dumfries, d/o William LYNS & Mary ASHENDEN, witn: William & Charles LYUS both of North Dumfries, 12 January 1909 at Trinity Church in Galt.
020318-09 (Waterloo Co) John Rook HEDRICH, 25, butcher, of Elmira, s/o Nicholas HEDRICH & Selina ROOK married Josephine Rosina STICKNEY, 20, of Elmira, d/o George STICKNEY & Annie Jane Emeline BROOKS, witn: Henry & Emma M. HEDRICH of Elmira, 21 September 1909 in Elmira 020358-09 (Waterloo Co) George Bolt HENRY, 57, farmer, of Manitou Man., widower, s/o James HENRY & Elizabeth BOLT married Christina EASTON, 47, of Galt, spinster, d/o John EASTON & Nancy McDONALD, witn: Grace & Mrs. C. J. DICKSON both of Galt, 7 July 1909 in Galt.
020386-09 (Waterloo Co) William HERRIOTT, 39, machinist, of Galt, s/o George H. HERRIOTT & Elizabeth SKINNER married Ada WITHERS, 35, of Galt, spinster, d/o George H. WITHERS & Mary CARRINGTON, witn: Percival J. LAW & Mary E. ARNOT both of Galt, 6 October 1909 in Galt.  
020353-09 (Waterloo Co) George M. HICKOX, 24, tinsmith, of Galt, s/o Alonzo HICKOX & Sarah WILSON married Jean ALISON, 27, of Galt, d/o John ALISON & Emma MILLER, witn: William & Grace ALISON both of Galt, 23 June 1909 in Galt. 020388-09 (Waterloo Co) James D. HINDMARSH, 25, machinist, of Detroit, s/o William HINDMARSH & Oliva EWARD married Mabel M. SHORTREED, 23, of Galt, d/o Thomas W. SHORTREED & Esther ANDERSON, witn: Kenneth PATON of Detroit U.S.A. & Alice HUNTER of Toronto, 14 October 1909 in Galt.
020468-09 (Waterloo Co) Nelson HOFFMAN, 29, laborer, of Waterloo, s/o John HOFFMAN & Lavina WAGNER married Christina URSTADT, 24, housemaid, of Waterloo, d/o Henry URSTADT & Mina STRASSBERGER, witn: Ephraim & Elizabeth STEINER both of Waterloo, 27 January 1909 in Waterloo 020354-09 (Waterloo Co) Charles William HOLDEN, 27, mechanic, of Galt, s/o George HOLDEN & Annie EVANS married Allison C. BAIN, 23, of Galt, d/o John BAIN & Maggie COLLIER, witn: D. CAMPBELL & C. BAIN both of Galt, 30 June 1909 in Galt.
  020482-09 (Waterloo Co) Orville Clarence IREDALE, 20, no occupation given, of Waterloo, s/o (no parent's names given) married Mary Ann LONGHURST, 20, of Waterloo, d/o (no parent's names given), witn: Harold WANKEL & I. C. (?) DURNFORD both of Waterloo, 4 November 1909 in Waterloo
020313-09 (Waterloo Co) Theodore JAMIESON, 34, farmer, of Pilkington Twp, s/o James JAMIESON & Sarah Jane JONES married Mary Ann MOGK, 25, servant, of Woolwich Twp, d/o George MOGK & Mary OPLANDER (c/b OBLENDER), witn: Andrew MOGK of Floradale & Mary WELCH of Pilkington Twp, 7 April 1909 in Elmira 020336-09 (Waterloo Co) William Francis JARRETT, 33, farmer, of Weyburn Saskatchewan, s/o George JARRETT & Mary BUCHANAN married Helen Matilda GROOME, 22, of Galt, d/o Edwin James GROOME & Mary Jane BOYCE, witn: William Thomas & Julia JARRETT both of Dalrymple Ont., 24 March 1909 in Galt.
020298-09 (Waterloo Co) George KLITZKE, 24, farmer, of Waterloo, s/o Karl KLITZKE & Elisabeth MACK married Emma DAHMER, 31, of Waterloo, spinster, d/o George DAHMER & Lea SCHEIFLEY, witn: Peter HORN of Waterloo & Carrie HOLLINGER of Bridgeport, 15 December 1909 in Berlin 020312-09 (Waterloo Co) Leon Walter KOSER, 29, designer, of Galt, s/o Isaac KOSER & Margaret WINTERS married Florence E. ZIEGLER, 24, of Galt, d/o David ZIEGLER & Lavina RANDALL, witn: David & Minnie ZIEGLER of Elmira, 20 March 1909 in Elmira.
020392-09 (Waterloo Co) Irwin KRAFT, 21, clerk, of Preston, s/o Dehman (c/b Delman?) KRAFT & Caroline BROWN married Flora WRIGHT, 20, of Preston, d/o Charles WRIGHT & Annie JONES, witn: Annie & Jennie DICKSON both of Galt, 27 October 1909 in Galt. 020296-09 (Waterloo Co) Adam Herbert KREINER, 21, cabinet maker, of Berlin, s/o Jacob KREINER & Margaret SCHMIDT married Bertha Albertina DOEDE, 21, of Berlin, d/o Gottlieb DOEDE & Pauline ADAM, witn: Emily KREINER of Berlin & Earl VAN KUREN of Stratford, 30 November 1909 in Berlin
  020333-09 (Waterloo Co) N. S. LAING, 33, storekeeper, of Branchton, s/o Michael LAING & Martha BRADFORD married Emma G. HARVIE, 33, of Galt, spinster, d/o David HARVIE & M. OLIVER, witn: Isabella TURNBULL of Preston & Lorne McDONALD of Branchton, 3 March 1909 in Galt
020316-09 (Waterloo Co) August Casper LANG, 32, farmer, of Sullivan Grey Co., s/o Christian LANG & Julian KLAGES married Louise KRIEGNER, 36, servant, of Sullivan, spinster, d/o August KRIEGNER & Fredericka LIPKE, witn: August & Annie KRIEGNER of Chesley, 11 August 1909 in Elmira. 021379-10 (Waterloo Co) R. Melville LARGE, 32, dentist, of Vancouver B.C., s/o Absolem LARGE & Sarah MAYBERRY married Frances E. MADER, 29, of Berlin, d/o J. L. MADER & Rebecca GRAHAM, witn: O. S. LARGE of Poole & Margaret HEPBURN of Stratford, 17 November 1909 in Berlin
020389-09 (Waterloo Co) Samuel LAWRENSON, 21, laborer, of Galt, s/o James LAWRENSON & Mary A. GAME? married Lucy LEE, 20, of Galt, d/o Robert LEE & Nancy HAYES, witn: Robert LEE & Abel FITZGERALD both of Galt, 21 October 1909 in Galt. 020360-09 (Waterloo Co) Clemens Peter LESUEUR, 30, manager, of London, s/o Clemens Peter LESUEUR & Bessie WARD married Helen BIGGS, 29, of Galt, d/o Richard L. BIGGS & Margaret SOUTAR, witn: Lily & Jessie HENRY both of Galt, 10 July 1909 in Galt.
020290-09 (Waterloo Co) William LEVANDUSKY, 32, engineer, of Berlin, s/o August LEVANDUSKY & Wilhelmina MARKLEWIZ married Vieva McCRUDEN, 26, of Berlin, d/o Robert McCRUDEN & Wilhelmina BOTHE, witn: Amos LEVANDUSKY of Preston & Elma REICK of Berlin, 17 November 1909 in Berlin.  
020395-09 (Waterloo Co) David LOWDON, 26, no occupation given, of Galt, s/o William LOWDON & Elizabeth STEWART married Jessie COWIESON, 27, of Galt, d/o James COWIESON & Mary NICOLL, witn: Miss Ethel MARTIN & Allen ATKIN both of Galt, 4 October 1909 in Galt. 020387-09 (Waterloo Co) Harold C. LOWREY, 23, merchant, of Queenston Ont., s/o Charles LOWREY & Helen WALLACE married Barbara Jane SMITH, 25, of Galt, d/o James SMITH & Phoebe INGLES, witn: J. K. ROSEBRUGH of St. George & M. L. PATTERSON of Galt, 14 October 1909 in Galt.
020320-09 (Waterloo Co) William Doerr LUDWIG, 37, merchant, of Elmira, s/o John H. LUDWIG & Caroline DOERR married Laura Minnetta WEICHEL, 18, of Elmira, d/o Adam WEICHEL & Annie HUGHES, witn: Menno & Mrs. Menno MUSSELMAN of Elmira, 6 October 1909 in Elmira. 020302-09 (Waterloo Co) Walter Henderson MATHIESON, 52, farmer, of Lot 31 Conc 9 North Dumfries Twp, s/o Thomas MATHIESON & Margaret HENDERSON married Janet LITTLE, 42, farmer, of Lot 37 Conc 12 North Dumfries Twp, spinster, d/o John LITTLE & Elizabeth HUDSON, witn: William LITTLE & Susie ABRA both of Roseville, 28 April 1909 at Lot 37 Conc 12 North Dumfries Twp.
020325-09 (Waterloo Co) William McALLAN, 40, machinist, of Galt, s/o George McALLAN & Margaret MILNE married Margaret Scott LEITHEAD, 34, of Galt, spinster, d/o John LEITHEAD & Jessie TURNBULL, witn: James & Mrs. James HYSLOP both of Hespeler, 28 January 1909 in Galt. 020371-09 (Waterloo Co) Alfred C. McAULEY, 28, merchant, of Galt, s/o William H. McAULEY & Louise PALEY married Donella NICHOL, 28, of Galt, d/o George NICHOL & Margaret GILLIES, witn: George & Violet NICHOL both of London, 30 August 1909 in Galt.
020375-09 (Waterloo Co) John Hillyard McCLURE, 40, farmer, of Brampton, s/o Samuel McCLURE & Mary SMITH married Ellen Victoria SMITH, 24, of Brampton, d/o Neil SMITH & Ellen WOODEL (Wordel?), witn: Fred Norman COAB (CRAB ?) & Mary K. PRITCHARD both of Galt, 8 September 1909 in Galt. 020357-09 (Waterloo Co) Clarence MacDONALD, 23, carpenter, of Galt, s/o William S. MacDONALD & Melissa FELKER married Gertrude VAN EVERY, 21, of Galt, d/o Frank VAN EVERY & Emma FRAZER, witn: Willard MacDONALD & Mable MILLER both of Galt, 1 July 1909 in Galt.
020347-09 (Waterloo Co) William F. McGILL, 26, druggist, of Calgary Alberta, s/o Adam McGILL & Bertha FALCONER married Jennie H. SMITH, 24, of Galt, d/o James SMITH & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: T. H. SMITH & W. D. SHELDON both of Galt, 8 June 1909 in Galt. 020355-09 (Waterloo Co) William MENARY, 19, barber, of Galt, s/o William MENARY & Hester MUNN married Emma KIRBY, 21, of Galt, d/o Charles KIRBY & Marion DEMSTER (Dempster?), witn: Harry DAKIN & Lottie BARNETT both of Galt, 30 June 1909 in Galt.
020398-09 (Waterloo Co) Francis MEYERS, 25, traveller, of Galt, s/o Fidele MEYERS & Letitia REID married Mary Louise BART, 23, of Galt, d/o Charles BART & Mary LEVIS, witn: Charles GRAVELLE & Lily BART both of Galt, 17 November 1909 in Galt. 020338-09 (Waterloo Co) William G. MILLS, 52, painter, of Galt, widower, s/o John MILLS & Jane HENDERSON married Mary Ann SERVICE, 48, of Galt, widow, d/o William FRAME & Annie PHILLIPS, witn: Mrs. J. D. McLACHLAN of Galt & M. R. G. SMITH of Midland, 7 April 1909 in Galt.
020345-09 (Waterloo Co) William Francis MISENER, 28, farmer, of Beverly, s/o Oliver MISENER & Hannah MILLER married Ida SIM, 25, of Beverly, d/o Thomas SIM & Jane FRASER, witn: Bella & Jennie DICKSON both of Galt, 29 May 1909 in Galt. 020337-09 (Waterloo Co) Charles MOLL, 53, carpenter, of Galt, s/o John MOLL & Louisa LEWIS married Rebecca MOORE, 58, of Galt, widow, d/o James McDAVID & Elizabeth HOOD, witn: Mrs. J. D. McLACHLAN & Miss L. GARDINER both of Galt, 7 April 1909 in Galt.
020359-09 (Waterloo Co) Robert MOOTE, 62, gentleman, of Fenwick Ont., widower, s/o Benjamin MOOTE & Penelope WRIGHT married Lucy NIEBEL, 47, of New Hamburg, spinster, d/o Jacob NIEBEL & Rebecca CURLISS, witn: Eliza W. JANZEN of Berlin & Minnie NIEBEL of New Hamburg, 7 July 1909 in Galt. 020362-09 (Waterloo Co) Frank MORLEY, 33, painter, of Milton, s/o George MORLEY & Eliza SHERWOOD married Ella McTAGUE, 23, of Drumbo Oxford Co., d/o James McTAGUE & Mary J. TRIMBLE, witn: Lang GOURLAY & A. J. DAVIDSON both of Galt, 28 July 1909 in Galt.
020352-09 (Waterloo Co) William MORRISON, 39, contractor, of Westmount Montreal, s/o John MORRISON & Helen AITKEN married Mary B. MORTIMER, 37, of Montreal, spinster, d/o Charles MORTIMER & Ruth REYNOLDS, witn: John VANSTON & Charles BRYCE both of Galt, 21 June 1909 in Galt. 020331-09 (Waterloo Co) Patrick MURPHY, 35, farmer, of Hespeler, s/o Patrick MURPHY & Catharine PHALEN married Bertha FLATT, 29, of Galt, d/o John FLATT & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Olive WOODWARD & Mabel FLATT both of Galt, 23 February 1909 in Galt.
020473-09 (Waterloo Co) David B. MUSSELMAN, 40, farmer, of Berlin, s/o David MUSSELMAN & Magdalena BRUBACHER married Blanch B. BEAN, 34, of Waterloo, spinster, d/o David BEAN & Mary Ann FRY, witn: D. Alex BEAN of Berlin & Anna R. BEAN of Waterloo, 3 March 1909 in Waterloo 020361-09 (Waterloo Co) James NELSON, 24, saw maker, of Galt, s/o Isaac NELSON & Annie McCOMB married Mabee Gertrude GODFREY, 23, of Galt, d/o George GODFREY & Bessie JOHNSON, witn: Archie & Lindley NELSON both of Galt, 26 July 1909 in Galt.
020396-09 (Waterloo Co) Samuel NICHOLSON, 32, laborer, of Galt, s/o Herbert NICHOLSON & Catherine CARTON married Ida FOWLER, 34, cook, of Galt, widow, d/o James E. SMITH & Mary Jane PHILIPS, witn: Elmer & Mrs. Elmer SMITH of Galt, 20 November 1909 in Galt. 020350-09 (Waterloo Co) Robert M. OLIVER, 32, farmer, of North Dumfries, s/o George OLIVER & Jane RUTHERFORD married Margaret McCLURE, 30, of Galt, spinster, d/o William McCLURE & Isabel PRESTON, witn: Annie & Alexander OLIVER both of Galt, 16 June 1909 in Galt.
020376-09 (Waterloo Co) France ORLEY, 29, mechanic, of Galt, s/o Frederick ORLEY & Jane THACKERY married Emily Tressa ARCHER, 27, of Galt, d/o Archibald ARCHER & Tressa PERRY, witn: Jeannette JOHNSTON & Edith WILLIAMS both of Galt, 20 August 1909 in Galt. 020369-09 (Waterloo Co) James O'SHEA, 44, lawyer, of Nelson B.C., s/o Jeremia O'SHEA & Sophia O'MALY (O'Malley?) married Josephia KYNOCH, 25, of Galt, d/o William KYNOCH & Josephia ROMAGOSA, witn: Juanitia KYNOCH of Galt & William M. WALKER of Nelson B.C., 9 August 1909 in Galt
020292-09 (Waterloo Co) John PALECZNY, 28, laborer, of Berlin, s/o Joseph PALECZNY & Anna MICHALEK married Frances KUNDA, 20, of Berlin, d/o John KUNDA & Theresa PSUTKA, witn: Michael PSUTKA & Josephine PALECZNA both of Berlin, 23 November 1909 in Berlin 020328-09 (Waterloo Co) George PEDDIE, 26, engineer, of Galt, s/o George PEDDIE & Jane DUNCAN married Lauretta SHANNON, 28, of Galt, d/o Lawrence SHANNON & Mary Magdelena HAHN, witn: Frank WELSH & Clare JAUSI (?) both of Galt, 2 February 1909 in Galt.
020370-09 (Waterloo Co) Gideon Miller PETTIGREW, 24, mechanic, of Galt, s/o Archibald PETTIGREW & Catherine TURNBULL married Elizabeth DENHAM, 23, tailoress, of Galt, d/o Frederick DENHAM & Mary Ann BATES, witn: Frederick J. LANE, plumber, & Adela J. R. YOUNG both of Galt, 18 August 1909 in Galt. 020391-09 (Waterloo Co) Roy PHILIPS, 24, well driller, of South Dumfries, s/o Marshall PHILIPS & Elizabeth PEMBLETON married Nellie CRAMPEAU, 20, of North Dumfries, d/o George CRAMPEAU & Jessie LOUTAS (Louters?), witn: Manzon (c/b Manson ?) CHATTERSON of Harrisburg & Minnie CRAMPEAU of Branchton, 27 October 1909 in Galt.
020326-09 (Waterloo Co) John A. RICHARDSON, 30, farmer, of Kinloss Twp Bruce Co., s/o Walter RICHARDSON & Agnes ARMSTRONG married Janet N. FLETCHER, 31, of Galt, spinster, d/o Robert FLETCHER & Janet JOHNSTON, witn: Peter PORTLAND of Galt & Margaret ELLIOTT of Rockton, 3 February 1909 in Galt. 020379-09 (Waterloo Co) John Hay ROBSON, 30, bookkeeper, of Winnipeg, s/o Robert ROBSON & Janette HAY married Jennie Hambley LAMOND, 28, of Galt, d/o James Mitchell LAMOND & Emma Jane HAMBLEY, witn: Elizabeth ROBSON of Ottawa & W. Cameron GLENNIE of Elmira, 8 September 1909 in Galt.
  020344-09 (Waterloo Co) Irvin Russell ROOK, 26, farmer, of Strathcona - Camden Twp Lennox & Addington Co., s/o William Irvin ROOK & Jean RUSSELL married Mary HAMM, 28, of Doon, d/o John Henry HAMM & Eliza BOUNDRY, witn: William Albert ROOK & Jane Eliza AUTLIFF both of Galt, 1 Mary 1909 in Galt.
020481-09 (Waterloo Co) Frederick William SCHACHT, 26, finisher, of Berlin, s/o Carl SCHACHT & Annie PELL married Isabella Elizabeth BINKLE, 26, housemaid, of Waterloo, d/o Jacob BINKLE & Elizabeth SCHMIDT, witn: Henry SCHACHT of Berlin & Margaret BINKLE of Waterloo, 29 June 1909 in Waterloo. 020479-09 (Waterloo Co) John SCHAFER, 24, teamster, of Waterloo, s/o Henry SCHAFER & Elizabeth KOENIG married Louise DICKERT, 20, housekeeper, of Waterloo, d/o Valentine DICKERT & Annie WAGNER, witn: Fred & Lavina DICKERT both of Waterloo, 13 April 1909 in Waterloo.
020297-09 (Waterloo Co) Solomon SCHLEMMER, 37, lumber merchant, of Stratford, s/o John SCHLEMMER & Anna NABE married Adeline FLEISCHAUER, 26, of Berlin, d/o Otto FLEISCHAUER & Mary Ann SCHNEIDER, witn: Ed. E. & Mrs. Ed. E. RATZ both of Berlin, 8 December 1909 in Berlin. 020378-09 (Waterloo Co) Herbert SCHONFELD (SCHOENFELD ?), 27, machinist, of Hespeler, s/o Frederick SCHONFELD & Caroline YELLOW married Isabel LANDRETH, 29, of Galt, d/o James LANDRETH & Annie CARRENS, witn: Frederick SCHONFELD & Frounie BARTLE both of Hespeler, 8 September 1909 in Galt.
020303-09 (Waterloo Co) James Morgan SCOTT, 22, farmer, of Lot 28 Conc 9 North Dumfries Twp, s/o Alexander SCOTT & Catherine HENDERSON married Catherine I. MATHIESON, 20, of Lot 31 Conc 9 North Dumfries Twp, d/o William MATHIESON & Louisa ROE, witn: James MATHIESON of Ayr & Agnes FRASER of Galt, 13 April 1909 at Lot 31 Conc 9 North Dumfries Twp. 021364-10 (Waterloo Co) William Robert SHAW, 22, sawsmith, of Galt, s/o Joseph SHAW & Mary HOLLAND married Blanche Evelyn WILKINS, 32, of Galt, spinster, d/o Stephen WILKINS & Christina RUDD, witn: Florence K. WHITEMAN & Julia H. MARSHALL both of Berlin, 29 December 1909 in Berlin.
020384-09 (Waterloo Co) Milton Aston SNIDER, 33, insurance agent, of Galt, s/o Ephraim SNIDER & Nancy WEAVER married Ida Zoe BURR, 35, of Galt, widow, d/o David J. BROWN & Sarah J. EDWARD, witn: J. Parker NAUGLE of Boston Mass. U.S.A. & Mary E. HILL of Galt, 5 October 1909 in Galt 020299-09 (Waterloo Co) Aldon SNIDER, 26, painter, of Berlin, s/o Israel SNIDER & Mary BAETZ married Clara HOFSTETTER, 26, of Berlin, d/o William HOFSTETTER & Caroline GOLDBECK, witn: Ira & Alma HOFSTETTER both of Berlin, 18 December 1909 in Berlin
020332-09 (Waterloo Co) Alvin SNYDER, 29, merchant, of Lashburn Saskatchewan, s/o Amos SNYDER & Lydia SHANTZ married Muriel MISENER, 23, of Galt, d/o Sidney MISENER & Alice BABCOCK, witn: Harley MISENER & Sadie BOOTHE, both of Galt, 20 January 1909 in Galt  
020373-09 (Waterloo Co) George SPURGEON, 33, laborer, of Galt, s/o Charles SPURGEON & Jane COOK married Edith WILLIAMS, 35, of Halstead England, spinster, d/o William WILLIAMS & Ann TISSANT, witn: Mrs. Joseph NEWELL & Albert SPURGEON both of Galt, 28 August 1909 in Galt. 020288-09 (Waterloo Co) Edward STANDENMAIER, 25, nursery stock salesman, of Berlin, s/o Jacob STANDENMAIER & Johanna SOMMER married Clara M. HOFFMAN, 24, of Doon, d/o Anton HOFFMAN & Maggie REICHERT, witn: Charles H. WERLE of Waterloo & Edith HOFFMAN of Doon, 10 November 1909 in Berlin
020475-09 (Waterloo Co) George W. STARNAMAN, 28, action finisher, of Berlin, s/o John P. STARNAMAN & Henrietta BRIGHTON married Emma SCHNEIDER, 20, housemaid, of Berlin, d/o Ferdinand SCHNEIDER & Rosa ALLENDORF, witn: Con. ALLENDORF & Emilia ROCHER both of Waterloo, 2 June 1909 in Waterloo 020385-09 (Waterloo Co) Francis STEELE, 33, machinist, of Galt, s/o Francis STEELE & Catharine KERR married Louise OLDFIELD, 26, of Galt, d/o William OLDFIELD & Ruth BENNETT, witn: Roy GREEN & Emily DRYDEN both of Galt, 6 October 1909 in Galt.
020476-09 (Waterloo Co) Chester M. STEINBACH, 23, machinist, of Waterloo, s/o Daniel STEINBACH & Mary A. BUSWELL married Emma Gertrude JACOBI, 21, dressmaker, of Waterloo, d/o Henry E. JACOBI & Mary FRICKEY, witn: Henry E. JACOBI & Mary N. FRICKEY both of Waterloo, 9 June 1909 in Waterloo. 020294-09 (Waterloo Co) Charles STEINMETZ, 30, machinist, of Berlin, s/o George STEINMETZ & Hannah DICKMAN married Wilhelmine HERTEL, 25, of Berlin, d/o August HERTEL & Katharine WOLFHARD, witn: Mrs. Pauline & Frederick HOFFMANN both of Berlin, 23 November 1909 in Berlin
020368-09 (Waterloo Co) William STEPHENS, 25, shoemaker, of Galt, s/o John C. STEPHENS & Mary KEMPTHORNE married Alice M. SCOTT, 18, of Galt, d/o Henry E. SCOTT & Margaret MELDRUM, witn: Grace TROTTER of Galt & Margaret E. TROTTER of Syracuse N.Y., 6 August 1909 in Galt 020342-09 (Waterloo Co) John STEPHENS, 22, woodworker, of Galt, s/o John STEPHENS & Mary KEMPTHORNE married Frances L. JARDINE, 18, of Galt, d/o James JARDINE & Annie SMITH, witn: W. STEPHENS & Mabel SCOTT both of Galt, 27 April 1909 in Galt.

020466-09 (Waterloo Co) Frank STOLLERY, 25, machinist, of Preston, s/o David STOLLERY & Maria BAXTER married Elizabeth HARVEY, 25, of Preston, d/o James HARVEY & Mary MURDOCH, witn: Sam. & L. V. HOLROYD both of Preston, 24 December 1909 in Preston

020397-09 (Waterloo Co) Wilson William STORRIE, 23, moulder, of Galt, s/o James WILSON & Johanna STORRIE married Lizzie FREURE, 22, of Galt, d/o Charles FREURE & Mary Ann BILTON, witn: Adam WILSON & Margaret FREURE both of Galt, 25 November 1909 in Galt.
020310-09 (Waterloo Co) Aaron Irvine STROME, 27, farmer, of Englefield Saskatchewan, s/o Aaron STROME & Catherine SAND married Clara Mabel SNIDER, 25, of Elmira, d/o Aaron SNIDER & Caroline REICHERT, witn: Almond SNIDER & Shirley STROME of Elmira, 3 March 1909 in Elmira. 020377-09 (Waterloo Co) Hugh S. STRONGE, 32, shoemaker, of Waterloo, s/o (no parent's names given) married Clara May HOFFMAN, 18, of Waterloo, d/o John HOFFMAN & Katherine KOCH, witn: George LAST & Mrs. Kate LAST both of Galt, 8 April 1909 in Galt.
020330-09 (Waterloo Co) William James SWAIN, 25, pattern maker, of Galt, s/o James William SWAIN & Caroline STUNN (Sturra?) married Jane Elizabeth WATTS, 24, of Galt, d/o Matthew WATTS & Matilda CUNNINGHAM, witn: Herbert Clowes IRWIN & Bertha Helen SWAIN (no residence given), 17 February 1909 in Galt. 020351-09 (Waterloo Co) Walter THOM, 24, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Robert THOM & Eleanor CUTHBERTSON married Alma M. HOOD, 24, of Galt, d/o Robert HOOD & Amelia BARBOUR, witn: William TWAITS of Galt & M. E. BURNET of Branchton, 18 June 1909 in Galt.
020300-09 (Waterloo Co) Daniel Reid THOMPSON, 23, tanner, of Berlin, s/o Estraa THOMPSON & Malinda GREEN married Barbara Ellen McGREGOR, 21, housework, of Berlin, d/o John R. McGREGOR & Joanna (surname unknown), witn: Richard & Mrs. A. W. THOMPSON both of Berlin, 20 December 1909 in Berlin 020329-09 (Waterloo Co) Oliver Ruppert TODD, 21, core maker, of Galt, s/o William Henry TODD & Mary ROBSON married Janet Fulton DRYDEN, 19, of Galt, d/o John K. DRYDEN & Elizabeth BIGGAR, witn: William R. BURNS & Francis L. JARDINE both of Galt, 10 February 1909 in Galt
020374-09 (Waterloo Co) William TRENCH, 60, farmer, of Brantford, widower, s/o N. B. TRENCH & N. BARKER married Mary Ann CURREY, 66, of Paris, widow, d/o William WILBER & Marie BAILEY, witn: Mrs. J. D. MacLACHLAN of Galt & Mrs. James McLAURIN of Vankleek Hill, 3 September 1909 in Galt. 020311-09 (Waterloo Co) Walter UNDERWOOD, 25, laborer, of Berlin, s/o Thomas UNDERWOOD & Nancy HAGEDORN married Renata LUDWIG, 21, of Berlin, d/o Michael LUDWIG & Catherine EISENBACH, witn: Thomas UNDERWOOD of Bridgeport & Catherine LUDWIG of Elmira, 10 March 1909 in Elmira.
020356-09 (Waterloo Co) William Alfred WALKER, 23, mason, of Galt, s/o Alfred WALKER & Fanny Ellen LIDDALL married Mary GRAHAM, 27, of Galt, d/o Samuel GRAHAM & Elizabeth COOKE, witn: Thomas & Agnes BUTLER both of Hespeler, 1 July 1909 in Galt 020335-09 (Waterloo Co) John William WALTON, 24, laborer, of Galt, s/o Joseph WALTON & Ada (surname not known) married Rebecca TAYLOR, 26, of Galt, d/o John TAYLOR & Hannah HOWARTH, witn: Robert BAILEY & Rosa BLAND both of Galt, 17 March 1909 in Galt.
020289-09 (Waterloo Co) Edward WEIS, 22, clerk, of Berlin, s/o John WEIS & Rebecca DIPPEL married Martha BAUMANN, 24, factory hand, of Berlin, d/o John WEIS & Maria HEINRICH, witn: Jack BOLLOCK & Laura BAUMANN both of Berlin, 16 November 1909 in Berlin. 020295-09 (Waterloo Co) Alfred Walter WHITE, 28, banker, of Langham Saskatchewan, s/o Walter C. WHITE & Eleanor MACNAMARA married May Louise HILBORN, 29, of Berlin, d/o Henry C. HILBORN (deceased) & Mary COX, witn: Herbert H. HILBORN of New York City & Bessie C. HILBORN of Berlin, 25 October 1909 in Berlin.
020363-09 (Waterloo Co) John A. WILKINSON, 36, agent, of Puslinch Twp, s/o John W. & Catherine married Hattie M. BAILEY, 21, of Beverly, d/o George BAILEY & Catherine WILLIAMSON, witn: Malcolm MacPHERSON of Beverly Twp & Carrie BRYDEN of Galt, 28 July 1909 in Beverly 020317-09 (Waterloo Co) Charles WILLIAMS, 22, carpenter, of Berlin, s/o John WILLIAMS & Maria LAVER married Adeline STEFFLER, 27, servant, of Berlin, d/o George STEFFLER & Catherine OTT, witn: Herbert STEFFLER of Elmira & Edith WILLIAMS of Berlin, 18 August 1909 in Elmira
020349-09 (Waterloo Co) John S. WILSON, 25, contractor, of Galt, s/o Thomas WILSON (deceased) & Jennie HART married Martha HOLLAND, 22, of Galt, d/o David HOLLAND (deceased) & Jennie DAWSON, witn: Edward O. & Alice FUCE both of Galt, 15 June 1909 in Galt 020400-09 (Waterloo Co) Thomas WRIGHT, 25, farmer, of Galt, s/o Thomas WRIGHT & Maggie JOHNSTON married Bessie FORD, 26, of North Dumfries, d/o John FORD & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: Robert & Mary Pearl FORD (no residence given), 8 December 1909 in Galt.
020381-09 (Waterloo Co) Arthur YOCKNEY (Gockney?), 26, merchant manager, of Edmonton Alberta, s/o Henry YOCKNEY & Anna Jane YEADWYN (Gladwyn?) married Clara Louise CRAWFORD, no age given, of no residence given, d/o (no parent's names given), witn: Charles E. YOCKNEY of Winnipeg Manitoba & Adaline B. CRAWFORD of Galt, 22 September 1909 in Galt. 020382-09 (Waterloo Co) Herbert Robert YOUNG, 26, machinist, of Galt, s/o Walter YOUNG & Katherine REVITESEN married Mabel BLAIN, 20, of Galt, d/o James BLAIN & Maggie GOULDING, witn: Arthur YOUNG & Viola BLAIN both of Galt, 29 September 1909 in Galt.