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Victoria Co., 1877


#010747-78 (Victoria Co): William H. ANDERSON, 26, lumberman, Seymour, Bobcaygeon, s/o John & Jane, married Eliza Ann MORRISON, 25, Victoria Co., Harvey, d/o James & Mary, witnesses were John & Mary REID, Nov. 12, 1877 at Bobcaygeon 010780-77, (Victoria), William ARGUE, not given, widower, Farmer, not given, Township of Verulam, s/o (not given), married Martha McGEE, not given, not given, Township of Verulam, d/o not given, witn- John BLOOMER & Isabella McGEE, February 28, 1877 at Bobcaygeon
#010572-77 (Victoria): Henry ARGUE, 36, yeoman, Brock, Brock, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Christina MUIR, 26, Scotland, Cannington, d/o Robert & Jane, witnesses were Mary McKINNON & C. OPHLSON?, both of Brock, June 6, 1877 at Lindsay 010545-77 Frederick George BARNETT, 24, laborer, Limerick Ireland, Lindsay, s/o James & Abigail BARNETT, married Theresa SCOTT, 23, Kingston Ont., Lindsay, d/o Francis & Mary Ann SCOTT. Witn: Joseph SCOTT & Anne FIELDS both of Lindsay. October 11, 1877
10697-77 George Edward BATE, 29, farmer, Haldimand Co., Stanhope, s/o Albert & Emma, married Mary Ann BAILLEY, 16, Bowmanville, Stanhope, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: Eliza SAWYER, James BARRY Catherine REDNOR & Whitney W. BLOTT all of Stanhope on Oct. 25, 1877 at Stanhope. 010784-77, (Victoria), Guy BEATTY, not given, Farmer, not given, Township of Verulam, s/o not given, married Sarah BEATTY, not given, not given, Township of Verulam, d/o not given, witn- William THURSTON & Catherine GRAY, January 24, 1877 at Bobcaygeon
#010680-77 Richard BECK, 22, yeoman, England, Verulam, s/o Richard & Mary BECK, married Mary Ada NICHOLLS, 20, Smithtown, Verulam, d/o James & Jane NICHOLLS, witn: Thomas OLIVER & Maggie NICHOLLS, both of Verulam, 12 July 1877 at Bobcaygeon 10731-77 William BLACK, 23, farmer, Mariposa, Bexley, s/o John BLACK & Margaret UNCLES married Esther McKAGUE, 23, Mariposa, Bexley, d/o Robert McKAGUE & Margaret BRINTNELL, witn: William & Martha McKAGUE both of Bexley on Feb. 26, 1877 at Woodville.
10628-77 Thomas Wesley BLACKWELL, 26, farmer, Ops, Emily, s/o James & Eliza, married Milicent DAVIDSON, 21, Emily, same, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: John & Margaret J. DAVIDSON both of Emily on Jan. 11, 1877 at Emily. #010677-78 (Victoria Co): William BOADWAY, 22, farmer, Canada, Bexley, s/o Peter & Rachel, married Alvina BRITNAL, 27, Canada, Bexley, d/o David & Anna, witnesses were G. & Sarah BRITNAL of Bexley, 1877 (?) - no date given, at Kirkfield
#010690-77 Thomas BONNY, 28, farmer, England, Little Britain, s/o Richard & Elizabeth BONNY, married Emma WICKETT, 27, Canada, Little Britain, d/o John & Mary WICKETT, witn: John MEDLAND & Harriet WICKETT, both of Little Britain, 6 Oct 1877 at Little Britain #010722-77 Samuel James BOWHEY, 23, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Henry BOWHEY & Elizabeth GLOVER, married Margaret Agnes SCOTT, 22, Canada, Mariposa, d/o James SCOTT & Catherine SHEEHY, witn: Robert GRAHAM, Ops & Sarah SCOTT, Mariposa, 4 Apr 1877 at Mariposa
  10629-78 (Victoria Co): Henry BRADBURN, no age given, farmer, of Somerville twp., s/o not given, married Sarah THOMPSON, no age given, Iceland (Ireland?), Kinmount, d/o not given, 22 Oct 1877 at Somerville twp
#010552-77 (Victoria Co): Archibald Douglas BRADSHAW, 30, hotel keeper, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o John & Mary, married Louisa Price YOUDENS, 25, Port Hope, Lindsay, d/o Robert & Sarah, witnesses were Robert H. & Isabella BRADSHAW of Lindsay, 30 July, 1877 at Lindsay 010579-77 John BRADY, 21, shoe maker, Lindsay, same, s/o Francis BRADY & Bridget McHUGH, married Sarah DOYLE, 24, Brock, Lindsay, d/o John DOYLE & Ann BRADY. Witn: Barnard & Mary DOYLE both of Lindsay. February 1, 1877, Lindsay RC
#010625-78 (Victoria Co): Oliver BRINTNELL, 29, yeoman, Mariposa, Bexley, s/o David & Anna, married Rachel LAPP, 35, Cavan, Bexley, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Emma MILLER & Charlotte COOK, both of Coboconk, 28 Nov 1877 at Coboconk #010592-77 (Victoria Co): Isaac H. BROCK, 24, yeoman, Mariposa, Verulam, s/o Elias & Elizabeth, married Mary CREWS, 20, Ireland, Mariposa, d/o Robert & Grace, witnesses were James WATSON & C. FISH, both of Lindsay, 7 April 1877 at Lindsay
010777-77, (Victoria), Henry BROOKS, not given, not given, not given, Lindsay, s/o not given, married Mary Jane MARTIN, not given, not given, Fenelon Falls, d/o not given, witn-John IRWIN and Adelaide BOICE, March 17, 1877 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon 010590-77 (Victoria Co): John Henry BUDD, 21, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Maria Jane GRAHAM, 15, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Margaret, witnesses were Margaret GRAHAM & Samuel HILL both of Manvers, June 23, 1877 at Lindsay
10634-77 John Lewis BYRNE, 24, carpenter, Ontario, Brantford, s/o Patrick & Ann, married Elizabeth B. McGEE, 21, Ontario, Carden, d/o Patrick McGEE & Ann HUGHES, witn: James BYRNE of Ops & Ann McGEE of Lindsay on Jan. 1, 1877 at Victoria Road. 010587-77 James Joseph BYRNELL 28, farmer, Clarke Tp., Fenelon Ont., s/o Richard & Sarah BRYNELL, married Esther ENGLISH, 19, Emily, same, d/o William & Mary Ann ENGLISH. Witn: John BYRNELL & Matilda ENGLISH both of Fenelon. April 2, 1877, Lindsay
#010702-77 John Alford CARPENTER, 25, farmer, Old England, Lutterworth Twp, s/o Alford & Louisa CARPENTER, married Mary Jane NEILSON, 22, Carlton Place, Anson Twp, d/o Hugh & Margaret NEILSON, witn: Thomas Johnson NEILSON, Anson & Deborah CARPENTER, Lutterworth, 13 Apr 1877 at Anson 10677-77 Joseph CARPENTER, 24, clerk, St. John N. B., Harvey, s/o Cole & Sarah, married Emiralda MICHAUD, 18, Riviere de Loup, Harvey, d/o T. & Adeline, witn: Phipps LLOYD of Bobcaygeon & Adeline MICHAUD of Harvey on Nov. 6, 1877 at Bobcaygeon.
010758-77, (Victoria), Robert James CAVANAGH, 20, Printer, Ontario, Omemee, s/o Charles George & Ellen CAVANAGH, married Elizabeth SANDY, 21, Ontario, Omemee, d/o Samuel & Jane SANDY, witn-Frances MONTGOMERY & Mary SANDY, February 13, 1877 at Omemee 10649-77 John CHAMBERS, 26, farmer, Canada, Fenelon, s/o John & Isabella, married Mary H. MOYNES, 25, Canada, Fenelon, d/o Isaac G. & Catherine, witn: Samuel H. SHARPE & Sophia MOYNES both of Fenelon on Dec. 18, 1877 at Fenelon Falls
#010687-77 Florence Sergent CLARKE, 23, farmer, England, Mariposa, s/o Thomas Henry & Ann CLARKE, married Sarah Mary Trace SANDERS, 18, England, Mariposa, d/o William TRACE & Rebecca SANDERS, witn: John & Mary COLWELL, both of Mariposa, 21 Nov 1877 at Mariposa 10558-77 James CLARKE, 40, farmer, Ballybey Ireland, Ops, s/o Owen CLARKE & Mary LEE, married Margaret ENGLISH, 35, Omemee, Ops, d/o William ENGLISH & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: James & Mary McGUINNIS both of Ops on Nov. 20, 1877 at Lindsay.
#010669-77 William CLUTE, 37, farmer, Seymour, Tiny, s/o John CLUTE & Mary Anne ROBERTSON, married Agnes BROCK, 30, Fenelon Twp, Ops, d/o Gordon Drummond BROCK & Jane GREY, witn: Robert TOMKINS, Fenelon & Alfred BROCK, Ops, 27 June 1877 at Ops 10726-77 William CONNER, 24, farmer, Whitchurch Tp., Mariposa, s/o John CONNER & Nancy DEGGEAR (Degear?), married Agnes PENROSE, 19, Mariposa, same, d/o Joseph PENROSE & Caroline BROWN, witn: James & Sophronia CONNER both of Whitchurch on March 7, 1877 at M. E. Manse in Mariposa.
10674-77 James CONNOLY, 22, farmer, Ops, Lindsay, s/o Patrick CONNOLY & Catherine McGLYNN married Margaret Ann BELL, 23, Brock, Bexley, d/o Duncan BELL & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Archibald PETEBOUGH & Annie McDONALD both of Bexley on July 19, 1877 at Bexley #010747-77 (Victoria Co): William COULTER, 22, farmer, Victoria Co., Minden twp., s/o William & Jane, married Catherine HARRISON, 18, Prince Edward Co., Minden twp., d/o James & Hannah, witnesses were John GOODMAN & Emily WILKS, both of Kinmount, 28 March, 1877 at Kinmount
10646-77 Albert COURTMANCHE, 30, yeoman, Cramahe, Laxton, s/o Baptiste & Rebecca, married Elizabeth Jane GRIFFIN, 19, Hope, Laxton, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John & Elizabeth BROCKENSHIRE both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 2, 1877 at Fenelon Falls. 10632-77 Donald CURRIE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Brock Tp., s/o Alexander & Mary, married Submitt BELFREY, 24, Queensville, Carden, d/o Jacob & Susan, witn: Francis & Elizabeth BELFREY both of Carden Tp. on Jan. 1, 1877 at Carden.
#010525-77 (Victoria Co): William Talbert CRAIG, 23, carpenter, Manvers, Somerville, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary Jane TRAIN, 22, King, Somerville, d/o Frederick & Margaret, witness was Margaret TRAIN of Lindsay, Nov. 8, 1877 at Lindsay #010703-77 John CRAWFORD, 24, farmer, Co Antrim Ireland, Stanhope, s/o Hugh & Letitia CRAWFORD, married Matilda KEERS, 17, Co Antrim Ireland, Stanhope, d/o David & Eliza KEERS, witn: Sim LOT & M. CAMPELL, both of Minden, 23 Jan 1877 at Stanhope
010544-77 Arthur CULLEN, 28, laborer, Emily Ont., Lindsay, s/o Thomas & Jane CULLEN, married Sarah Jane HUNTER, 22, Manvers, Ops, d/o David & Arabella HUNTER. Witn: Thomas HARTLY of Lindsay & Sarah Jane CLARKE of Manvers. October 8, 1877, Lindsay #010688-77 John Paul CUNNINGS, 21, painter, England, Oakwood, s/o John F. CUNNINGS & Sarah SMITH, married Charlotte ARMITAGE, 16, Mariposa, Oakwood, d/o Jesse & Jane ARMITAGE, witn: Amos ARMITAGE & Louisa CUNNINGS, both of Oakwood, 12 Sept 1877 at Oakwood [Canning? Cummings?]
#010704-77 Charles DAMIAN, 35, shoemaker, London England, Stanhope, s/o William & Ann DAMIAN, married Phebe Ann MOORE, 41, Ontario, Stanhope, widow, d/o Benjamin & Clarinda CLARK, witn: Miles A. & Mary Jane HENDERSON, both of Stanhope, 30 Jan 1877 at Stanhope #010881-77 Joseph DAVIDSON, 29, yeoman, Smithtown, Verulam, s/o John & Margaret DAVIDSON, married Isabelle MCCONAGHY, 21, New York, Bobcaygeon, d/o David & Sarah Ellen MCCONAGHY, witn: William & Jane DAVIDSON, both of Verulam, 12 Sept 1877 at Bobcaygeon
010537-77 William DAVIS, 21, carpenter, Ontario, Lindsay, s/o Charles & G. DAVIS, married Martha FISHER, 20, Ops, same, d/o Daniel FISHER & Mary A. REID. Witn: David BATESON & Margaret FISHER both of Ops. December 19, 1877, Lindsay #010526-77 (Victoria Co): George Andrew DAWE, 22, farmer, Alnwick Ont., Mariposa, s/o John & Eleanor, married Elizabeth Ann FERGUSON, 17, Cartwright, Mariposa, d/o George & Mary, witness was Mary FERGUSON, Nov. 9, 1877 at Lindsay
#010665-77 Thomas DAVY, 31, yeoman, Carson, Laxton, s/o Thomas & Grace DAVY, married Margarett KERR, 23, Scotland, Laxton, d/o Robert & Ann Jane KERR, witn: Charlotte & Mary A. COOK, both of Coboconk, 18 Jan 1877 at Coboconk 10675-77 James W. DEMOREST, 25, joiner, Mariposa, Victoria Road Station, s/o Alvinza & Jane, married Rachel Alma TAYLOR, 22, Eldon, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Joshua HILL of Fenelon & Mary A. TAYLOR of Eldon on Dec. 5, 1877 at Victoria Road
#010617-78 (Victoria Co): William DEYELL, 25, farmer, Cavan Ont., Ops twp., s/o John & Letitia, married Charlotte CALVERT, 19, Ops, same, d/o John CALVERT & Ellen Jane THORNE, witn: William HERBERT & Sarah Jane GREER, both of Ops, 12 Dec 1877 at Ops  
#010678-78 (Victoria Co): William DOWNES, 25, farmer, Canada, Fenelon, s/o Henry DOWNES & Jane STINSON, married Sarah J. RICHARDSON, 19, Canada, Victoria Rd., d/o William RICHARDSON & Hannah BRILLER?, witnesses were John CHARDON of Victoria Rd., & John DOWNES of Fenelon, 25 Dec 1877 at Kirkfield 010580-77 Alfred DUGAL, 27, shoe maker, St Michael Que., Lindsay, s/o Louis & Genevieve DUGAL, married Catherine KANE, 20, Cobourg, Lindsay, d/o John KANE & Margaret FOLEY. Witn: James KANE & Jane WHITE both of Lindsay. February 6, 1877, Lindsay
010750-77, (Victoria), Alfred John DUNDAS, 28, Yeoman, Ireland, Somerville, s/o William & Mary Jane DUNDAS, married Eliza Matilda BRYSON, 24, Ops, Cameron, d/o James & Mary BRYSON, witn-John Bryson & Catherine DUNDAS, June 4, 1877 at Fenelon Falls 010567-77 John DUNDAS, 28, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Stephen & Ann DUNDAS, married Matilda J. MASTON, 22, Canada, Lindsay, d/o Joseph & Hannah MASTON. Witn: David DUNDAS of Mariposa & Letitia McWILLIAMS of Lindsay. June 28, 1877, Lindsay
10602-77 Noble DUNDAS, 24, farmer, Emily, Fenelon, s/o Noble & Marjory, married Sarah HENLEY, 21, Stratford, Fenelon, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: George & Nancy A. HELPS both of Lindsay on Jan. 29, 1877 at Lindsay  
010531-77 John James DUTTON, 23, farmer, Mariposa, Besanguette, s/o Daniel DUTTON & Catherine McGEOUGH, married Susan CREIGHTON, 29, Darlington, Lindsay, d/o Barnabas CREIGHTON & Rose COX. Witn: Charles DUTTON & L. CREIGHTON both of Mariposa. October 8, 1877, Lindsay RC #010555-77 (Victoria Co): Arthur DUVALL, 36, widower, laborer, Ontario, Lindsay, s/o Anthony DUVALL & Annie YOUMANS, married Maria E. HUNTER, 22, Ontario, Lindsay, d/o Isaac HUNTER & Marylla THATCHET, witnesses were John & Mary McARTHUR of Lindsay, 16 Oct., 1877 at Lindsay
#010659-77 Franklin DUVEL, 27, farmer, Canada, Fenelon, widower, s/o Vincent & Harriet DUVEL, married Margaret JACOBS, 24, Canada, Fenelon, widow, d/o John & Sarah WEST, witn: William MCCORNEY, Fenelon Falls & Jane WEST, Fenelon, 5 June not given at Fenelon Falls 010563-77 Samuel ELLIOTT, 19, farmer, Hope, Lindsay, s/o John Pomeroy & Deborah ELLIOTT, married Margaret DUDGEON, 21, Fenelon, Lindsay, d/o John & Mary DUDGEON. Witn: Thomas KENNEDY & Mary Jane ELLIOTT no residences given. June 21, 1877, Lindsay
010785-77, (Victoria), William Henry ELLIS , age not given, Farmer, ofTownship of Verulam, s/o not given, married Mary Ann TROTTER, age not given, of Township of Harvey, d/o not given, witn-John H. BRUNDON & Eliza Jane TROTTER, February 19, 1877 at Bobcaygeon 10730-77 Matthew EMMERSON, 28, carpenter, Canada, Cartwright, s/o Matthew EMMERSON & Maryann CROZIER, married Martha Ann SWAIN, 20, Canada, Mariposa, d/o William SWAIN & Jane McNEIL, witn: Thomas EMMERSON of Cartwright & Annie SWAIN of Mariposa on Feb. 21, 1877 at Mariposa
  10600-77 Coleman ENGLISH, 29, yeoman, Emily, same, s/o Henry & Jane, married Kate HANNAH, 29, widow, Ireland, Emily, d/o John & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Henry TOOLE & Elizabeth SANDERSON no residences given on Jan. 3, 1877 at Lindsay
10606-77 William FELL, 30, farmer, England, Sommerville, s/o John FELL & Jane CARLING married Margaret RAY, 24, Ops, same, d/o Thomas RAY & Catharine BURNS, witn: Henry & Sarah FELL both of Sommerville on Feb. 14, 1877 at Lindsay #010721-77 Malcolm FERGUSON, 36, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John & Hannah FERGUSON, married Mary THORBORN, 18, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Alex & Anne THORBORN, witn: Donald FERGUSON & Christina MCLEAN, both of Mariposa, 14 Mar 1877 at Mariposa
010692-77 James FERRY, 27, contractor, England, Mariposa, s/o George & Charlotte Banks FERRY, married Kate MCDONALD, 21, Mariposa, same, d/o Neil & Flora MCDONALD, witn: N.H. MCDONALD, Brock, Dougall MCDONALD & C.J. GIBSON, both of Whitby, 3 July 1877 at Mariposa 010576-77 John FLEURY, 28, farmer, Ops, Lindsay, s/o John FLEURY & Maria TIERNEY, married Ann HOGE, 28, Ops, same, d/o Patrick HOGE & Mary A. NEIL. Witn: Thomas FLEURY & Ann J. BEADY both of Ops. January 13, 1877, Lindsay RC
#010657-77 Hamilton FOWLER, 30, photographic artist, Canada, Fenelon Falls, s/o Joseph & Ellen FOWLER, married Mary Ann MARSHALL, 27, United States, Fenelon Falls, d/o William & Mary MARSHALL, witn: Robert LOCKHART & Maggie MARSHALL, both of Fenelon Falls, 14 Aug not given, at Fenelon Falls 10601-77 Samuel John FOX, 22, brick maker, Bowmanville, Ops, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Rosanna FEE, 23, Seymour, Ops, d/o William & Alice, witn: John BUTTER & Elizabeth LAIDLAW both of Lindsay on Jan. 26, 1877 at Lindsay.
#010552-77 (Victoria Co): William FREED, 26, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o John FREED & Alice WESTERN, married Jane COPELAND, 18, Fenelon twp., Ops twp., d/o Richard COPELAND & Jane DAVIDSON, witnesses were George COPELAND & Susanna SPEAR, both of Mariposa, 3 Oct., 1877 at Lindsay 10728-77 James H. FUR (Fier?), 30, carpenter, Quebec, Mariposa, s/o John FUR & Maria GREENAWAY, married L. E. HANCOCK, 20, Mariposa, Oakwood, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: William BOND & Edith GREENAWAY both of Mariposa on Dec. 20, 1877 at Oakwood
#010522-77 (Victoria Co): Robert GARDNER, 22, laborer, Whitby, Mariposa, s/o Robert GARDNER & Ann DAVIS, married Mary Ann DUTTON, 28, Mariposa, same, d/o Daniel DUTTON & Catherine McGEOUGH, witnesses were Bartholomew FARRELL & Catherine DUTTON, both of Lindsay, 8 Nov., 1877 at Lindsay 10647-77 Emery GATCHELL, 22, laborer, Canada, Fenelon Falls, s/o Fredrick & Rachel, married Margaret JACKETT, 19, England, Fenelon Falls, d/o Robert & Harriet, witn: Thomas GATCHELL of Fenelon Falls & Maria NAYLOR of Fenelon on Dec. 25, 1877 at Fenelon Falls
010751-77, (Victoria), George. H. GATCHELL, 24, Carter, Canada, Fenelon Falls, s/o Frederick & Rachel GATCHELL, married Nancy R. LUFF, 19, Canada, Fenelon Falls, d/o Robert & Abigal LUFF, witn- Amariah GATCHELL & Margaret JACKETT, March 22, 1877 at Fenelon Falls 010584-77 Joshua GIBSON, 25, yeoman, Canada, Huron Tp., s/o Robert & Mary GIBSON, married Mary Ann NEALS, 22, Manvers, same, d/o John & Maria NEALS. Witn: Joseph ARNOT and Elizabeth NEALS both of Manvers. February 28, 1877, Lindsay
10623-77 Alexander GILLANDERS, 56, farmer, widower, Scotland, Eldon, s/o Lochlan GILLANDERS & Isabella McKENZIE, married Effy McDOUGALL, 42, Eldon, same, d/o John McDOUGALL & Ellen GRANT, witn: Norman McNASH & Samuel McKAY both of Eldon on Oct. 30, 1877 at Eldon 010755-77, (Victoria), George GOODHAND, 22, Yeoman, Port Hope, Fenelon, s/o Charles & Elizabeth GOODHAND, married Sarah McGREGOR, 20, Fenelon, Fenelon, d/o Charles & Sarah McGREGOR, witn- John GOODHAND & Jane McGREGOR, March 14, 1877 at Fenelon Falls
010550-77 Henry GRAINES (GRAIVES?), 32, Husbandman, Haldimand Ont., Lindsay, s/o John & Jane GRAINES, married Elizabeth Ann WILCOX, 25, Newcastle Ont., Lindsay, d/o John & Ann WILCOX. Witn: Joseph GRAINES of Mariposa & Emily WILCOX of Lindsay. October 1, 1877, Lindsay. #010616-78 (Victoria Co): James GREER, 22, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o Robert GREER & Sarah CALVERT, married Agnes BURKE, 23, Ops, same, d/o Edward & Rachel, witn: Joseph GARNET & Mary BURKE, both of ops, 11 Dec 1877 at Lindsay
010546-77 Thomas GROVES, 23, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth GROVES, married Eliza Eleanor WARREN, 17, Emily, Verulam, d/o Benjamin & Martha WARREN. Witn: Jane E. JEFFERS of Lindsay & Benjamin WARREN of Verulam. October 18, 1877  
10723-77 James HALL, 27, farmer, Cartwright, same, s/o George & Jane, married Susannah EARL, 22, Manvers, Washburn Island Mariposa Tp., d/o William & Catherine, witn: Alexander EARL of Washburn Island Mariposa Tp. & Rachel FERGUSON of Manvers on Jan. 17, 1877 at Mariposa 10604-77 Frederick HALL, 42, confectioner, widower, Newport England, Bobcaygeon, s/o William HALL & Elizabeth DASHWOOD, married Agnes Louis WOODLEY, 35, Paignton England, Bobcaygeon, d/o Walter WOODLEY & Susan M. WALLER, witn: James & Jane HODGE both of Bobcaygeon on Jan. 16, 1877 at Lindsay
#010574-77 (Victoria Co): Peter HAMILTON, 36, manufacturer, Peterborough Ont., same, s/o James HAMILTON & Allison GILLESPIE, married Elizabeth MILNE, 25, Scotland, Lindsay, d/o George MILNE & Elisabeth SCOTT, witnesses were R.D. HAMILTON of Peterborough & Jane DIXON of Lindsay, 6 June 1877 at Lindsay 010783-77, (Victoria), John HAMILTON, 22, Butcher, Township of Verulam, Bobcaygeon, s/o Robert & Jane HAMILTON, married Eliza Olieve LAPLANT, 18, not given, Bobcaygeon, d/o not given, witn-John IRWIN & Rebecca GARLICK, February 7, 1877 at Bobcaygeon
#010626-78 (Victoria Co): George William HAMILTON, 23, yeoman, Tyendinaga, Somerville, s/o John & Matilda, married Louisa MAXWELL, 21, Trenton, Somerville, d/o David & Frances, witn: William LYALL of Somerville & Magie POULSON of Fenelon, 25 Dec 1877 at Coboconk 10651-77 John Miller HAMILTON, 52, farmer, widower, Ontario, Somerville, s/o John HAMILTON & Agnes MILLER, married Ann Rhoda GOTT, 29, widow, Ontario, Ameliasburgh, d/o Henry & Jane BENNSON (?), witn: William & (his sister) Charlotte LOCHEAD both of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 7, 1877 at Fenelon Falls.
10652-77 William Henry HAMM, 22, farmer, Victoria Co., Laxton, s/o John & Maria, married Maria GARIETY, 22, Ireland, Fenelon Falls, d/o John & Ann, witn: Hynda CUNNINGHAM of Fenelon Falls & Peter McGOVERUM (?) of Laxton on Nov. 1, 1877 at Fenelon Falls. #010524-77 (Victoria Co): James HARRIS, 33, photographer, Hamilton, Mariposa, s/o Francis & Mary, married Emily PENROSE, 32, Mariposa, same, d/o David & Hannah, Nov. 7, 1877 at Lindsay
010746-77, (Victoria), Peter HARRISON, 25, Farmer, Prince Edward Co, Minden, s/o James & Hannah HARRISON, married Evangeline McNEIL, 18, Cobourg, Minden, d/o Peter & Elizabeth Emily McNEIL, witn-John GOODMAN & Emily WILKS, March 28, 1877 at Kinmount 10633-77 George HARRISON, 23, carpenter, London England, Kirkfield, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Margaret SCAHILL, 20, Ontario, Kirkfield, d/o William & Bridget, witn: John CAMPBELL of Kirkfield & Sarah McDONALD of Brechin on Jan. 1, 1877 at Victoria Road.
010583-77 Egerton HENDERSON, 32, carpenter, widower, Emily, Lindsay, s/o Francis & Margaret HENDERSON, married Eliza J. MIDDLETON, 16, Cartwright, Lindsay, d/o Wilson & Esther MIDDLETON. Witn: Thomas MIDDLETON & Bella FINNEY both of Lindsay. February 15, 1877, Lindsay 010565-77 John HENDERSON, 21, cabinet maker, Scotland, Lindsay, s/o John HENDERSON & Elizabeth WATT, married Mary Jane KEAN, 21, Ontario, Marchmount, d/o John KEAN & Mary GORDON. Witn: George HENDERSON & Mary Jane TOBIAS both of Lindsay. July 30, 1877, Lindsay
010582-77 George A. HENDERSON, 23, machinist, Cobourg, Lindsay, s/o John HENDERSON & Elizabeth WATT, married Bridget TOBIN, 21, New York, Lindsay, d/o Matthew TOBIN & Margaret CALLAHAN. Witn: John HENDERSON & May TOBIN both of Lindsay. June 17, 1877, Lindsay. #010715-77 William HICKINGBOTTOM, 27, yeoman, Brock Twp, Mariposa, s/o James & Elzia HICKINGBOTTOM, married Rosina JEWELL, 26, Devonshire (Eng), Mariposa, d/o William & Mary JEWELL, witn: James JEWELL & Mary HICKINGBOTTOM, both of Mariposa, 20 Feb 1877 at Mariposa
010760-77: (Victoria), Thomas HICKSON, 24, Farmer, Ont. Canada, Ops, s/o John & Margaret HICKSON, married Isabella LAMB, 21, Omemee, Omemee, d/o George & Catherine LAMB, witn- William G. Mills & John SHAW, February 1, 1877 at Omemee 10676-77 Joshua HILL, 27, laborer, Mariposa, Fenelon, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Mary A. TAYLOR, 24, Eldon, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: James W. DEMOREST of Victoria Road & Rachel Alma TAYLOR of Eldon on Dec. 5, 1877 at Victoria Road.
10644-77 William John HOLLIDAY, 32, lumber merchant, Ontario, Rama, s/o Donald HOLLIDAY & Jeannet BLACK, married Rose Delina AUGERS, 24, Ontario, Laxton, d/o Augustine AUGERS & Alice TIERNEY, witn: Michael & Honorah HEAPHY both of Victoria Road on Oct. 3, 1877 at Victoria Road #010523-77 (Victoria Co): Timothy HOOLIHAN, 50, widower, laborer, Kerry Co Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Denis HOOLIHAN & Mary KELLY, married Martha CLARK, 35, Meath Co Ireland, Lindsay, d/o Philip CLARK & Ann SMITH, witnesses were Thomas MEEHAN & Mary KEENAN, both of Lindsay, 13 Nov., 1877 at Lindsay
010585-77 Charles HORE, 37, farmer, England, Fenelon Tp., s/o Charles HORE and Emma DAY, marred Martha LINDSAY, 25, England, Snowdon Tp., d/o William LINDSAY & Annie FARRINGTON. Witn: Thomas FARRINGTON OF Fenelon & Mary LINDSAY of Snowdon. March 16, 1877, Lindsay #010771-77 William HOSACK, 39, teamster, Scotland, Guelph, widower, s/o John HOSACK & Jane MCKAY, married Mary MCINTYRE, 35, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Angus MCINTYRE & Margaret MITCHELL, witn: Donald & Effy MCINTYRE, both of Eldon, 14 Feb 1877 at Eldon
10648-77 Thomas HOW, 24, carpenter, Canada, Fenelon Falls, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Mary SACKETT, 24, Canada, Fenelon Falls, d/o Augustus & Mary, witn: Edward & Lucy HOW both of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 24, 1877 at Fenelon Falls 010562-77 Ira HOWE, 21, farmer, Uxbridge, same, s/o Henry & Janet Elizabeth HOWE, married Catherine McLEAN, 28, Eldon, Mariposa, d/o Norman & Mary McLEAN. Witn: Magnus McLEAN of Mariposa & Elizabeth HOWE of Uxbridge. January 3, 1877, Lindsay
010539-77 William Henry IRVIN, 25, farmer, Manvers, Ops, s/o Henry & Salina IRVIN, married Edith Jane CURTIS, 22, Hope Ontario, Ops, d/o Don & Sara CURTIS. Witn: George & Martha CURTIS both of Ops. December 26, 1877, Ops Tp. 10740-77 John IRWIN, 21, farmer, Ops, Lindsay, s/o Henry & Felina, married Maryanne JOHNSTON, 21, Lindsay, same, d/o John & Maryann JOHNSTON, witn: George STINSON & Mary WOODS no residence given on Sept. 27, 1877 at Manilla
#010718-77 Isaac IRWIN, 32, carpenter, Canada, Little Britain, s/o James & Jane IRWIN, married Catherine MCINNIS, 30, Canada, Little Britain, d/o Hector & Isabella MCINNIS, witn: William AIKIN, Mariposa & Ann FOREST, Little Britain, 22 Feb 1877 at Oakwood 10705-77 John ISLER, 27, laborer, Brighton, Cambray, s/o Henry ISLER & Dona PARNELL, married Sarah Emily CRONK, 18, Murray, Cambray, d/o Rentie CRONK & Hannah CLEMENT, witn: none given on June 29, 1877 at Fenelon.
010762-77, (Victoria), John JACKSON, 27, Farmer, Ontario, Verulam, s/o John & Madelan JACKSON, married Kate JULLY (Juby? Tully?), 22, Ontario, Omemee, d/o John & Isabella JULLY(?), witn- John Ford & Lizzy FORD, February 7, 1877 at Omemee #010719-77 William John JACKSON, 23, blacksmith, Canada, Little Britain, s/o William & Ann JACKSON, married Ann Jane POGUE, 21, Mariposa, same, d/o Alexander & Catherine POGUE, witn: Samson IRWIN & E. POGUE, both of Mariposa, 7 Mar 1877 at Mariposa
10631-77 William JACKSON, 27, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o John & Maria, married Priscilla DUNLOP, 24, Monaghan, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Robert DUNLOP & Mary JACKSON both of Emily on Dec. 13, 1877 at Emily  
10732-77 Charles Walter JAMES, 28, laborer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Thomas JAMES & Grace WALTERS, married Elizabeth MASON, 27, widow, England, Mariposa, d/o Frances CHANDLER (no other parent name given) witn: William & Emma JAMES both of Mariposa on Feb. 5, 1877 at Mariposa 10738-77 James JEFFERY, 26, blacksmith, Canada, Lindsay, s/o George JEFFERY & Annie CARTEN, married Minnie HODGE, 23, Canada, Lindsay, d/o John HODGE & Sarah SHOLDICE, witn: Carey & Sarah SCOTT both of Mariposa on Jan. 3, 1877 at Mariposa
#010679-77 Lancelot JENKINS, 27, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Lancelot & Elizabeth JENKINS, married Margaret PATTERSON, 21, Verulam, same, d/o Lancelot(as written) & Elizabeth(as written) PATTERSON, witn Robert & Esther Ann PATTERSON, both of Verulam, 6 July 1877 at Bobcaygeon #010714-77 Thomas JEWELL, 28, yeoman, Devonshire (Eng), Mariposa, s/o William & Mary JEWELL, married Harriet GIBSON, 21, Mariposa, same, d/o George & Ann GIBSON, witn: James JEWELL & Hannah GIBSON, both of Mariposa, 7 Feb 1877 at Mariposa
#010770-77 Donald JOHNSON, 28, labourer, Scotland, Thorah, s/o Lacklin & Mary JOHNSTON (sic), married Sarah Jane TAYLOR, 21, Ontario, Eldon, d/o Abraham TAYLOR & Mary Ann HALL, witn: Angus MCEACHERN, John SNANT? & Maggie PAUL, all of Eldon, 6 Feb 1877 at Eldon 010761-77, (Victoria), Simeon JOHNSTON, 25, Farmer, Ontario, Emily, s/o James & Rebecca JOHNSTON, married Ida VANNATTEN, 26, Ontario, Emily, d/o Cornelius & Elizabeth VANNATEN, witn-Henry MEADOWS & Mary A. MEADOWS, February 6 1877 at (not given)
10724-77 Robert JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Benjamin & Sarah, married Mary Ann HALL, 21, Whitby, Mariposa, d/o Rufus & Catherine, witn: William JOHNSTON & Martha HALL both of Mariposa on Feb. 28, 1877 at Mariposa.  
#010591-77 (Victoria Co): J. W. KENNY, 23, yeoman, Euphrasia, same, s/o George & Ruth, married Mary A. HERON, 18, Fenelon, same, d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were William HERON & Susan PERRIN, both of Fenelon, March 7, 1877 at Lindsay 010540-77 William KENNY (KINNY?), 31, veterinary surgeon, Westmeath Ont., Lindsay, s/o John & Margaret KENNY, married Mary Lee Lucia LAWDER, 21, Cobourg Ont., Lindsay, d/o Arthur & Maria LAWDER. Witn: Arthur & Mary LAWDER both of Lindsay. July 23, 1877, Lindsay
#010668-77 William KERR, 31, farmer, Simton Scotland, Ops, s/o Robert KERR & Janet PRINGLE, married Elziabeth Ann COWAN, 29, Newry Ireland, d/o John COWAN & Alice CAMPBELL, witn: Thomas COWAN, Ops & John FRAIN, Mariposa, 31 Jan 1877 at Ops 010778-77, (Victoria), Edward KERR, not given, not given, Township of Emily, s/o not given, married Jemima BELL, not given, not given, Township of Emily, d/o not given, witn- Thomas J. BELL & Sarah KERR, April 4, 1877 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon
10742-77 Edward KERR, 24, farmer, Lindsay, Emily, s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Jemima BELL, 19, York Tp., Emily, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Thomas J. BELL & Sarah KERR both of Emily on Apr. 4, 1877 at Dunsford #010527-77 (Victoria Co): Robert KILLABY, 22, school teacher, Ops, Emily, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Phinnia COURTNEY, 25, Wolford, Emily, d/o William & Mary, witnesses were James COURTNEY & Rachel KILLABY, both of Emily, Dec. 20, 1877 at Lindsay
10650-77 Robert KING, 21, mason, Canada, Wallace, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane IRWIN, 20, Canada, Bobcaygeon, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: S. T. HILL & Mary A. IRWIN both of Bobcaygeon on Dec. 19, 1877 at Fenelon Falls. 010754-77, (Victoria), James KNOX, 20, Farmer, Ont, Fenelon, s/o John KNOX & Isabella KNOX, married Isabella MCNEVAN, 19, Ontario, Fenelon, d/o Archibald McNEVAN & Catherine McNEVAN, witn- William John MARSHALL & Mary McNEVAN, January 31, 1877 at Fenelon Falls
010535-77 John KYLIE, 29, shoemaker, Peterborough, Lindsay, s/o Edward KYLIE & Emily POWERS, married Anne BRADY, 25, Lindsay, same, d/o Francis BRADY & Bridget McHUGH. Witn: Richard KYLIE & Julia BRADY both of Lindsay. November 1, 1877, Lindsay RC 010538-77 Herbert Read LACK, 22, printer, London England, Lindsay, s/o Daniel & Eliza LACK, married Mary DIAMOND, 20, Ireland, Lindsay, d/o James & Jane DIAMOND. Witn: James H. WILCOX of Bowmanville & Minnie LACK of Lindsay. December 24, 1877 Lindsay
010753-77, (Victoria), Joseph LAPLANTE, 21, Carpenter, Canada, Fenelon Falls, s/o Joseph & Mary LAPLANTE, married Hetty HUMPHREY, 20, Canada, Fenelon Falls, d/o John & Margaret HUMPHREY, witn-Henry HUMPHREY & H. WARREN, April 6, 1877 at Fenelon Falls. 010532-77 Jean B. LAPLANTE, 25, barber, Three Rivers, Orillia, s/o Jean B. LAPLANTE & Agathe LEMAY, married Elizabeth DALY, 22, Ops, same, d/o Patrick DALY & Mary O'NEIL. Witn: Peter DALY of Ops & Catherine DUGGAN of Lindsay. November 20, 1877 Lindsay RC
010568-77 Francis LEVIHAN (LENIHAN?), 33, lumberman, Ireland, Digby, s/o father’s name "not known" & Bridget LEVIHAN, married Catherine BOYD, 18, Canada, Digby, d/o Thompson & Margaret BOYD. Witn: Robert PATTERSON & Margaret KELLY both of Lindsay. August 25, 1877, Lindsay 010536-77 Robert LINTON, 27, farmer, Pickering England, Fenelon, s/o William LINTON & Emma CROFT, married Harriet BROCK, 28, Fenelon, Ops, d/o Gordon D. BROCK & Jane GRAY. Witn: John T. DEGEER of Fenelon & Sarah BROCK of Ops. December 4, 1877, Lindsay
010713-77 George Henry LITTLETON, 23, carpenter, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Joseph & Betsey LITTLETON, married Jane BROKENSHIRE, 25, Mariposa, Fenelon, d/o Henry & Elizabeth BROKENSHIRE, witn: William BROKENSHIRE & Rebecca ELLORY, both of Fenelon, 24 May 1877 at Woodville 10626-77 John LIVINGSTON, 26, yeoman, England, Eldon, s/o James & Sarah, married Margaret OUSTERHOUT, 17, Murray, Dalton, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: Charles OUSTERHOUT & Mary POWELL both of Dalton on July 10, 1877 at Dalton
010569-77 John Alexander LOGIE, 25, farmer, Lindsay, same, s/o William LOGIE & Mary SANDS, married Sarah Elizabeth POULTON, 19, Clark, Lindsay, d/o George POULTON & Diane OUGHTRED. Witn: George POULTON & Sarah Ann JACKSON both of Lindsay. September 10, 1877, Lindsay. 10655-77 John LOUDEN, 23, moulder, Scotland, Fenelon Falls, s/o Uriah & Elizabeth Ann, married Minnie ATCHISON, 21, Canada, Fenelon Falls, d/o James & Mary, witn: William ATCHISON & Emma SHOREY both of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 19, 1877 at Fenelon Falls
010775-77, (Victoria), George MAGEE, 22, Yeoman, Township of Cavan, Verulam, s/o John & Martha MAGEE, married Mary HARKNESS, 18, Township of Verulam, Bobcaygeon, d/o John & Margaret HARKNESS, witn-John ARGUE & Mary HARKNESS, June 6, 1877 at Bobcaygeon 10736-77 Samuel MARK, 21, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Philip & Annie married Mary Jane ARCHER, 18, Mariposa, same, d/o Tolbert & Eliza, witn: Zebedie ARCHER & Mary Jane WALLACE no residence given on Jan. 1, 1877 at Mariposa.
#010636-78 (Victoria Co): John Henry MARK, 26, yeoman, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Richard & Rachel, married Ann Selina LITTLEJOHN, 25, England, Ops, d/o Humphrey & Harriett, witn: Melissa MARK & William LITTLEJOHN, both of Mariposa, 14 Nov 1877 at Mariposa #010763-77 Henry S. MAYWOOD, 26, farmer, Ontario, Eldon, s/o John & Mary MAYWOOD, married Eliza THORNBURY, 19, Eldon, same, d/o John & Eliza THORNBURY, witn: Joseph STAPLES & Mary W. THORNBURY, both of Eldon, 14 Mar 1877 at Glengarry
#010661-77 Hugh MCCALLUM, 25, not given, Verulam, same, s/o Hugh & Jane MCCALLUM, married Ann Jane KENNEDY, 18, Verulam, same, d/o John & Elizabeth KENNEDY, witn: William KENNEDY & Martha MCCULLUM, both of Verulam, 7 Nov 1877 at Dunsford #010768-77 John E. MCCORQUADALE, 25, farmer, Scotland, Eldon, s/o Archibald MCCORQUADALE & Jane SUTHERLAND, married Janet GORDON, 18, Ontario, Eldon, d/o Alexander GORDON & Ann HENDERSON, witn: Alexander & James GORDON, both of Kirkfield, 14 March 1877 at Kirkfield
10627-77 Duncan McCUAIG, 28, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Isabella Ann CAMPBELL, 29, Eldon, same, d/o George CAMPBELL & Flora McLACHLAN, witn: Colin CAMPBELL & Bessie McCUAIG both of Eldon on Sept. 26, 1877 at Eldon 10725-77 James McDOUGALL, 26, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John & Barbara, married Barbara BROWN, 26, Canada, Mariposa, d/o John & Mary, witn: Dougal McDOUGALL & Louisa ROBINSON both of Mariposa on March 27, 1877 at Mariposa.
10624-77 Hugh McEACHERN, 31, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Alexander McEACHERN & Margaret BROWN, witn: Janette WILLIAMSON, 22, Eldon, same, d/o William WILLIAMSON & Janet GALLOWAY, witn: Farquhar McEACHERN & Bella GALLOWAY both of Eldon on Nov. 21, 1877 at Eldon. 10707-77 Murdoch McFARLANE, 34, farmer, widower, Isle of Skye Scotland, Fenelon, s/o Angus McFARLANE & Elizabeth CHISHOLM, married Eliza McLEAN, 20, Fenelon, same, d/o Neil McLEOD & Flora McFADYEN, witn: Neil McLEOD & Flora McNIVEN both of Fenelon on May 14, 1877 at Cambray
10599-77 George McGEE, 25, yeoman, Atlantic Ocean, Fenelon, s/o Joseph & Ellen, married Mary A. DOWNER, 21, Fenelon, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: John DOWNER & E. J. McGEE both of Fenelon on Jan. 3, 1877 at Lindsay 10698-77 William McGREGOR, 31, teacher, Lambton Co., Thomasville, s/o John & Sarah, married Catherine J. REID, 25, Ops, same, d/o David & Margaret, witn: William G. MILLS of Lindsay & Sarah E.REID of Ops on Aug. 1, 1877 at Omemee.
10630-77 John McINTEE, 26, farmer, Ops, same, s/o Francis & Mary, married Margaret FITZGERALD, 21, Emily, same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Peter DAILY & Nora FITZGERALD both of Ops on Apr. 24, 1877 at Downeyville Emily Tp. 10613-77 Charles McKAGUE, 21, farmer, Mariposa, Bexley, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Eliza Jane HERRON, 19, Cartwright, same, d/o John & Eliza Ann, witn: Mrs George HERRON of Cartwright & Matilda FERGUSON of Manvers on Sept. 18, 1877 at Lindsay
10656-77 Benjamin McKELLAN, 26, blacksmith, Quebec, Bobcaygeon, s/o David McKELLAN & Elizabeth ABBOT, married Mary Ethelinda METCALF, 19, Ontario, Verulam, d/o John METCALF & Jane THOMAS, witn: William & Charlotte LOCHEAD both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 16, 1877 at Fenelon Falls. 10734-77 John McKINNON, 30, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John & Marjory, married Mary McDONALD, 20, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Alexander & Annie, witn: Hugh McKINNON of Mariposa & Annie McDONALD of Orillia on Jan. 30, 1877 at Mariposa.
#010551-77 (Victoria Co): Thomas McLAUGHLIN, 25, machinist, Darlington, Port Perry, s/o William & Mary, married Caroline SCHWARDFAGER, 20, Finch twp., Lindsay, d/o James & Julia, witnesses were Emsiah SCHWARDFAGER & Elen McMAHON, both of Lindsay, Sept. 22, 1877 at Lindsay #010764-77 Donald MCLEAN, 24, farmer, Skye Scotland, Mariposa, s/o Donald MCLEAN & Catherine MCSWEEN, married Margaret DEBEAU, 24, Port Hope, Eldon, d/o William DEBEAU & Fanny WALES, witn: William MCLEAN, Eldon & Annie WILLIAMS, Mariposa, 5 Apr 1877 at Eldon
#010635-78 (Victoria Co): John McMILLAN, 32, sculptor, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John McMILLAN & Mary CAMPBELL, married Betsey CAMERON, 33, Scotland, Greenhill, d/o Hugh CAMERON & Betsy DALLAS, witn: Colin McMILLAN & Effie McNABB, both of Eldon, 11 Dec 1877 at Mariposa 10622-77 John McMILLAN, 35, farmer, Scotland, Eldon, s/o Neil McMILLAN & Eliza BLACK, married Ann CAMPBELL, 39, Scotland, Eldon, d/o Alexander & Catherine, witn: Colin McMILLAN & Mary CALDER both of Eldon on Oct. 16, 1877 at Woodville
10695-77 James McMILLAN 37, farmer, Islay Tp., Palestine Eldon Tp., s/o Archibald McMILLAN & Margaret CAULDER, married Annie McNABB, 25, Scotland, Palestine Eldon Tp., d/o J. M. McNABB & Mary MORRISON, witn: J. M. McMILLAN & Mary GRAHAM no residences given on Oct. 9, 1877 at Cambray 10557-77 James McNAUGHTON, 32, farmer, Cavan, Hope, s/o John McNAUGHTON & Nancy HUTCHINSON, married Margaret Ann VOGAN, 29, Millbrook Cavan, d/o James VOGAN & Eunice HUTCHINSON, witn: George ELLIOTT of Port Hope & Charlotte SCOTT of Millbrook on Oct. 31, 1877 at Lindsay.
10645-77 Charles McNEIRNY, no age given, farmer, Ontario, Bexley, s/o Thomas McNEIRNY & Margaret McMAHON, married Mary O'BRIEN, no age given, Ontario, Carden, d/o Owen O'BRIEN & Margaret CREIGHTON, witn: Michael HEAPHY & Mary Ann McNEIRNY both of Victoria Road on Oct. 22, 1877 at Victoria Road. 010570-77 John McPHEE, 21, horse dealer, Lindsay, same, s/o Peter & Lorinda McPHEE, married Martha OLIVER, 21, Emily Tp., Lindsay, d/o James & Ann OLIVER. Witn: John & Henry IRWIN both of Lindsay. September 8, 1877, Lindsay. Ops Tp.
#010712-77 Duncan MCWILLIAM, 32, merchant, Thorah Ont, Woodville, s/o Archibald MCMILLAN & Mary CURRIE, married Catherine MCLEOD, 24, Mariposa, same, d/o Norman MCLEOD & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Jessie CAMPBELL & Alex'r MCLEOD, not given, 23 May 1877 at Mariposa  
10743-77 John MEEKS, 21, carpenter, Camden, Verulam, s/o Andrew & Sabrina, married Sarah Ann SELBY, 19, Peterboro, Verulam, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Tomasine HEASMAN & James SELBY of Verulam on March 6, 1877 at Dunsford. #010589-77 (Victoria Co): Alexander Henry MELVILLE, 33, merchant, Burlington Vermont, Lindsay, s/o John MELVILLE & Frances Catherine ROE, married Sarah Jane DEYELL, 22, Millbrook, Lindsay, d/o James DEYELL & Mary SLOAN, witnesses were David Br-- & E.D. ORDE, both of Lindsay, June 6, 1877 at Lindsay
#008101-78 (Victoria Co): William C. MILLER, 25, farmer, Toronto, Dunbarton, s/o Daniel MILLER & Jane CHESNEY, married Anna DUNCAN, 21, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Pickering, d/o James DUNCAN & Mary DAVIDSON, witnesses were David BROWN & John THOM, both of Pickering, March 27, 1877 at Pickering #010634-78 (Victoria Co): Christopher MITCHELL, 24, farmer, USA, Mariposa, s/o William & Jane, married Rachel YEREX, 24, Mariposa, same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: R.F. TAYLOR & Minnie WAKELY, both of Oakwood, 9 Oct 1877 at Oakwood
10638-77 Patrick MOFFAT, farmer, Mara, same, s/o Jeremiah MOFFAT & Mary KELLY, married Mary SCOTT, 21, Quebec, Carden, d/o John SCOTT & Ann KAVANNAH, witn: John BURTON & Catherine YEADOW both of Carden on July 4, 1877 at Victoria Road. 010757-77, (Victoria), John MONTGOMERY, 33, Farmer, Ontario, Smith, s/o Francis & Sarah MONTGOMERY, married Martha ACKINSON, 18, Ontario, Emily, d/o John & Lillian ACKINSON, witn-Francis MONTGOMERY & Eliza CAMERON, February 12, 1877 at Omemee
#010662-77 Robert MORROW, 21, farmer, Ireland, Verulam, s/o William MORROW & Mary LOWERY, married Mary HOWIE, 20, Scotland, Somerville Ont, d/o Thomas HOWIE & Jennet CODROW, witn: William MORROW, Fenelon & Jennet HOWIE, Somerville, 11 Sept 1877 at Somerville #010666-77 Isaac Edward MOYNES, 22, yeoman, Fenelon, same, s/o William & Mary MOYNES, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 22, Reach, Somerville, d/o James & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Herrillia SIRED, Somerville & William J. BONNEY, Fenelon, 21 Feb 1877 at Coboconk
10711-77 John MURCHISON, 32, farmer, Eldon, Winnipeg, s/o John MURCHISON & Flora CAMERON, married Sarah TOLMIE, 19, Fenelon, same, d/o William TOLMIE & Sarah NICHOLSON, witn: Duncan TOLMIE & Sarah SMITHSON, both of Fenelon, 15 Feb 1877 at Fenelon 010566-77 Thomas MURDOCK, 22, laborer, Emily, Lindsay, s/o William & Julia MURDOCK, married Bridget DOUGLAS, 21, Fenelon, Lindsay, d/o Thomas & Bridget DOUGLAS. Witn: John CODY & Susan WAITES both of Lindsay. July 28, 1877, Lindsay. Ops Tp. (RC)
010560-77 Henry MURPHEY (s/b Murphy?), 32, laborer, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Alexander & Easter (sic) MURPHEY, married Margaret ORR, 26, widow, Lindsay, same, d/o John & Sarah WILEY. Witn: William MURPHY of Fenelon Falls & Anne McARTHUR of Lindsay. January 3, 1877, Lindsay. 010759-77, (Victoria), Henry NELSON, 26, Farmer, Ontario, Dunsford, s/o John & Eliza NELSON, married Mary Jane INDA??, 21, Ontario, Fenelon, d/o Samuel & Mary INDA??, witn- Thomas INDICO(?) & Mary GREY, May 24, 1877 at Omemee
  10605-77 Robert NESBITT, 25, farmer, Cartwright, Ops, s/o John NESBITT & Mary McQUADE, married Charlotte Ann McCULLOCH, 22, Hope, Ops, d/o William McCULLOCH & Jane McELROY, witn: W. H. NESBITT of Cartwright & Robert JORDAN of Mariposa on Jan. 30, 1877 at Lindsay
010749-77, (Victoria), John J. NEVISON, 28, harness Maker, England, Kinmount, s/o John & Elizabeth NEVISON, married Isabella HEELEY, 24, England, Fenelon Falls, d/o William and Agness HEELEY, witn-Robert CAIN & Mary KENNEDY, May 14, 1877 at Fenelon Falls #010593-77 (Victoria Co): Stephen NEVISON, 26, yeoman, England, Fenelon, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Isabella E. CLARKE, 20, Lindsay, USA, d/o James & Ann, witnesses were William & Elizabeth NEVISON of Fenelon, 30 April 1877 at Lindsay
010564-77 Ernest Allwyn NEWTON, 21, printer, Sydenham England, Lindsay, s/o William NEWTON & Sarah Ann JEFFS, married Margaret SINCLAIR, 20, Markham, Lindsay, d/o Samuel SINCLAIR & Isabella McNEELIS. Witn: G. F. McDONALD of Lindsay & Mary SINCLAIR of Ops. July 2, 1877, St. Paul’s Church, Lindsay. #010746-78 (Victoria Co): Hugh NICHOLLS, 26, farmer, Smith twp., Verulam, s/o James & Jane, married Elizabeth OLVER, 23, Osborne twp., Verulam, d/o Elijah & not given, witnesses were John OLVER & Mary Ann NICHOLLS, both of Verulam, 24 Oct 1877 at Bobcaygeon
#010667-77 William NICHOLS, 25, farmer, Cobourg, Somerville, s/o Thomas & Rebecca, married Sarah Ann ADAMS, 17, Uxbridge, Somerville, d/o James & Sarah, witn: James J. & Mary NICHOLS, 2 Oct 1877 at Sommerville  
010577-77 Thomas O’BRIE-? (O'Brien?), 30, farmer, Ops, Ops, s/o Michael O’B? Illegible & Mary HYDE, married Margaret O'CONNELL, 24, Ops, same, d/o Morris O'CONNELL & Hannah CURTIN. Witn: Patrick KENNY & Agnes O'CONNELL both of Ops. January 22, 1877, Lindsay RC 010578-77 Patrick O'CONNELL, 24, farmer, Ops, same, s/o Morris O'CONNELL & Hannah CURTIN, married Mary Jane McGUIRE, 24, Ops, same, d/o Thomas McGUIRE & Ann GALLIHAN. Witn: Edward O'CONNELL & Ann LEONARD both of Ops. January 23, 1877, Lindsay. RC
010533-77 Patrick O’CONNOR, 28, farmer, ops, same, s/o Peter O’CONNOR & Ann FINNIGAN, married Mary Louisa FARRELL, 25, Darlington, Ops, d/o James FARRELL & Alice WHEELAN. Witn: John CAIRNS of Lindsay & Alice WHEELAN of Ops. November 20, 1877, Lindsay RC 010530-77 Charles O'NEIL, 26, laborer, Trenton, Lindsay, s/o Alexander O'NEIL & Mary McGILLIS, married Catherine JACKSON, 23, Mayo Ireland, Lindsay, d/o Henry JACKSON & May MANLY. Witn: John McNULTY & Ellen JACKSON both of Lindsay. September 23, 1877, Lindsay RC
#010701-77 Edward Isaiah OTTO, 26, farmer, Osnabruck, Snowden Twp, s/o John & Elisa Ann OTTO, married Jane Bertha CARPENTER, 23, Port Hope, Lutterworth Twp, d/o Alford & Louisa CARPENTER, witn: Reuben HAIGHT & Orphemia OTTO, both of Snowden, 10 Apr 1877 at Lutterworth 010534-77 David OWENS, 27, farmer, Emily, same, s/o David Owen (sic) & Bridget BRENNAN, married Rose E. FINNIGAN, 26, Lindsay, same, d/o John FINNIGAN & Catherine DALY. Witn: Maurice OWENS of Emily & Mary FINNIGAN of Lindsay. October 9, 1877, Lindsay RC
#010637-78 (Victoria Co): William PEARCE, 38, widower, carpenter, England, Mariposa, s/o George PEARCE & Mary WARREN, married Susan EARHART, 23, Mariposa, same, d/o Christian EARHART & Hannah WISMER, witn: Caleb WELDON & Emma EARHART, both of Mariposa, Dec 25, 1877 at Mariposa #010573-77 (Victoria Co): Robert PEEL, 25, gentleman, Manvers, Begley, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth SANDERSON, 23, Manvers, same, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were Thomas H. PEEL of Victoria & H. JOHNSON of Lindsay, June 6, 1877 at Lindsay
#010528-77 (Victoria Co) Patrick PENROSE, 22, Darlington, Ops, s/o Michael PENROSE & Elizabeth LAUGHLIN, married Ann BRADY, 17, Ops, same, d/o William BRADY & MAry MORRISON, witnesses were Michael BRADY & Catherine PENROSE, both of Ops, Feb. 6, 1877 at Lindsay 010549-77 Bartholomew PLANK, 57, hotel keeper, widower, U.S.A., Uxbridge, s/o John P. PLANK & Polly PICKERT, married Euphemia ALCOCK, 51, widow, Whitchurch, Uxbridge, d/o Mordicai WIDDIFIELD & Annie SUNDY. Witn: E. J. JAMES & M. A. KETTS both of Lindsay. September 22, 1877, Lindsay
#010619-78 (Victoria Co): James POLLOCK, 28, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Mary MOORE, 34, Ireland, Ops, d/o William & Mary, witn: James KENNY of Emily & Jenny MOORE of Ops, Dec 19, 1877 at Ops 10744-77 Robert PRESCOTT, 32, farmer, widower, Monaghan, Verulam, s/o James & Matilda, married Margaret GROVES, 29, Emily, Verulam, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel JUSTUS & Margaret Ann GROVES both of Verulam on Feb. 5, 1877 at Verulam.
010575-77 Eli PRIEUR, 23, hotel keeper, Cauteau Landing, Lindsay, s/o Olivier PRIEUR & E. BRAY, married Mary McCARTHY, 22, Lindsay, same, d/o Jeremiah McCARTHY & Isabella NELSON. Witn: Xavier & Isabella McCARTHY both of Lindsay. January 9, 1877, Lindsay RC 010776-77, (Victoria), William QUINN, 19, Laborer, Ireland, Bobcaygeon, s/o William & Ellen QUINN, married Eliz. MCILMOYL, 17, Peterboro, Harvey, d/o Charles & Phoebe McILMOYL, witn-Harold Page & Delilah Page, June 16, 1877 at Bobcaygeon
010548-77 Ralph REED, 38, farmer, widower, Ops, same, s/o Thomas REED & Mary GRAVES, married Sarah THORN, 22, widow, Whitby, Ops, d/o Christopher HODGSON & Mary YATES. Witn: Joseph REED & Margaret FISHER both of Ops. September 20, 1877, Lindsay 010542-77 William RINGER, 28, shoemaker, Smith Falls Ont., Lindsay, s/o William & Hannah RINGER, married Elizabeth GRIFFITH, 25, widow, King Ont., Lindsay, d/o Robert & Mary Jane BUCHANAN. Witn: A. G. BELL & Catherine ROACH of Lindsay. September 29, 1877, Lindsay
010588-77 Thomas J. ROY (RAY?), 34, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o Thomas ROY & Catherine BURNS, married Mary Ellen EAGELSON, 26, Hamilton Tp. Ont., Ops Tp., d/o David EAGELSON & Rebecca DAVIDSON. Witn: James H. MILLIGAN, & Charlotte Ann ELLIS both of Ops. April 18, 1877, Lindsay 010543-77 William RUDDY, 23, farmer, Brock Ont., Reach Ont., s/o James & Rebecca RUDDY, married Hannah WHITE, 19, Whitby Tp., Reach, d/o Joseph & Mary WHITE. Witn: Job WHITE & Annie Jane RUDDY both of Reach. October 3, 1877, Lindsay
#010660-77 Joseph SANDERSON, 23, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Joseph & Esther SANDERSON, married Rachel PARKER, 20, Verulam, Emily, d/o Joseph & Jane PARKER, witn: John J. PARKER & Melissa SANDERSON, both of Emily, 27 June 1877 at Dunsford 010547-77 George W. SAVAGE, 27, farmer, Hancock Co. Maine U.S., Fenelon Falls, s/o John W. & Frances SAVAGE, married Allie Sophia RIDOUT, 18, Hilton England, Glenmorgan (Glamorgan?) Ont., d/o Thomas & Ann RIDOUT. Witn: Jane E. JEFFERS & Chas. J. TRUDE both of Lindsay. November 2, 1877, Lindsay
#010680-77 Thomas Alexander SAVANAC, 23, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Alexander & Sarah SAVANAC, married Martha FLEMING, 19, Canada, Brock, d/o James & Amelia FLEMING, witn: George & Elziabeth NOAKES, both of Mariposa, 7 Oct 1877 at Mariposa 10559-77 Cary SCOTT, 24, farmer, Mariposa, Fenelon Tp., s/o James & Catherine, married Hannah HUTCHISON, 26, Prince Edward Co., same, d/o Amos & Hannah HUTCHINSON (sic), witn: Manly MAYBEE of Trenton & Delia AYLSWOOD of Ops on Nov. 13, 1877 at Porter’s Hotel Lindsay
10639-77 Francis SCOTT, 24, farmer, Bastard, Carden, s/o John SCOTT & Ann KAVANNAGH, married Mary YEADOW, 24, Mara, Carden, d/o John YEADOW & Matilda BUSBOR, witn: John BURTON & Catherine YEADOW both of Carden on July 4, 1877 at Victoria Road. #010671-77 John Newton SEYMORE, 26, yeoman, Cartwright Twp, Ops Twp, s/o James & Susanna SEYMORE, married Anne Jane PEEL, 23, Ops, same, d/o Charles & Margaret PEEL, witn: John PEEL & Matilda SEYMOUR, both of Ops, 24 Jan 1877 at Ops
#010691-77 Christopher SHEEHEY, 56, farmer, Ireland, Port Perry, s/o John & Ann SHEEHEY, married Charlotte MOORE, 22, Canada, Port Perry, d/o Samuel & Jane MOORE, witn: Sarah & John SCOTT, both of Mariposa, 13 Oct 1877 at Mariposa 10727-77 Donald SINCLAIR, 30, farmer, Eldon, Cambray, s/o John & Emma, married Rachel JORDAN, 27, Brock, Mariposa, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Alexander SINCLAIR of Cambray & M. A. JORDAN of Fenelon on Jan. 17, 1877 at Oakwood
10603-77 William SMITH, 19, painter, Newcastle, Lindsay, s/o John & Emily, married Margaret DOUGLAS, 25, Cambray, Lindsay, d/o Thomas & Bridget, witn: Robert CARR & Elizabeth DOUGLAS both of Lindsay on Jan. 31, 1877 at Lindsay #010717-77 Erastus Oakley SMITH, 24, yeoman, Mariposa, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret SMITH, married Amelia Ann RAY, 22, Mariposa, same, d/o George & Selma RAY, witn: John RAY & Mary E. DAVIDSON, both of Mariposa, 14 Feb 1877 at Mariposa
#010720-78 (Victoria Co): Benjamin SMITH, 31, farmer, Mariposa, Somerville, s/o Thomas SMITH & Susan BABTON?, married Jane ELLIOTT, 21, Port Hope, Verulam, d/o James ELLIOTT & Isabella JOHNSTON, witnesses were William ELLIOTT of Verulam & Ann Adella TIRS? of Verulam, Dec 21, 1877 at Fenelon Falls 10699-77 William H. SPENCE, 29, farmer, Ontario, Emily Tp., s/o William & Sarah, married Annie NELSON, 21, Omemee, same, d/o George & Margaret A., witn: John BERNEY & Maggie SPENCE both of Emily on Dec. 20, 1877 at Omemee
#010716-77 John M. SQUIRE, 35, yeoman, Devonshire (Eng), Mariposa, widower, s/o Richard & Mary SQUIRE, married Mary CURRY, 34, Mariposa, Aro, d/o John & Flora CURRY, witn: Mary CURRY & Thomas SQUIRE, both of Mariposa, 21 Feb not given, at Mariposa 10625-77 Joseph K. STAPLES, 22, farmer, Manvers, Eldon, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Margaret BROWN, 21, Eldon, same, d/o Duncan & Margaret, witn: John JARDIN & Flora BROWN both of Eldon on July 2, 1877 at Eldon
010571-77 George Wellington STEPHENS, 27, Jeweller, Lindsay, same, s/o Edward STEPHENS & Hannah PARKER, married Annie PHILLIPS, 27, Bloomfield, Lindsay, d/o Jeremiah PHILLIPS & Alice REID. Witn: A. C. GRAHAM of Eldon & Annie E. STEPHENS of Lindsay. September 19, 1877, Lindsay 010765-77 James S. STEWART, 46, harness maker, Scotland, Woodville, widower, s/o Robert STEWART & Jane JAMES, married Christina JACKSON, 35, Scotland, Eldon, d/o John JACKSON & Elziabeth NIVEN, witn: Alexander JACKSON, Lindsay & James CAMPBELL, Eldon, 30 Apr 1877 at Eldon
#010766-77 Robert STRYFFE?, 21, station master, Ontario, Eldon, s/o Robert & Margaret STRYFFE?, married Christina MCDOUGALL, 17, Eldon, same, d/o Alexander & Margaret MCDOUGALL, witn: Hugh MCCORQUADALE & Effie CAMPELL, both of Eldon, 27 Feb 1877 at Eldon 010541-77 Edward SUTTON, 29, farmer, widower, Durham, Cavan, s/o Edward & Jane SUTTON, married Emma ROBINSON, 24, Durham, Cavan, d/o John & Ann ROBINSON. Witn: Richard & Margaret ROBINSON all of Lindsay. July 25, 1877, Lindsay
#010664-77 Elonzo Derlon SWITZER, 24, farmer, Carnarvon Twp, Glamorgan Twp, s/o Orem & Mary Jane, married Sarah Jane HAINES, 21, Haldimand, Glamorgan Twp, d/o Benjamin & Julia Ann, witn: Charles MOFFAT & Emily WILKS, both of Kinmount, 27 Nov 1877 at Kinmount 10653-77 Lorenzo SWITZER, 24, farmer, Canada, Fenelon, s/o Philip & Nancy, married E. A. RYKMAN, 18, Canada, Fenelon, d/o William Henry & Abigail, witn: E. NEWCOMBE & M. A. CLEMENCE both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 18, 1877 at Fenelon Falls.
10673-77 John W. TAYLOR, 30, farmer, England, Eldon, s/o William & Mary, married Maggie HAYGARTH, 20, Fenelon, same, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: George HAYGARTH of Fenelon & Agnes TAYLOR of Eldon on Dec. 5, 1877 at Bexley. 10737-77 Thomas TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Thomas TAYLOR & Frances HOOPER married Margaret SWAIN, 22, Canada, Mariposa, d/o Robert SWAIN & Elizabeth BRUCE, witn: John M. EMMERSON & Hannah SWAIN both of Mariposa on Jan. 24, 1877 at Mariposa.
#010767-77 George R. TERRY, 31, carriage maker, Ontario, Woodville, s/o John TERRY & Phebe REGMAN, married Lou MORISON, 24, Rome N.Y., same, d/o David MORISON & Lucinda HOWARD, witn: J.W. TURNSTILE? & Ann EDWARDS? both of Woodville, 13 Mar 1877 at Woodville #010720-77 William THORBORN, 27, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Duncan & Ann THORBORN, married Mary Ann MCLEAN, 27, Canada, Mariposa, witn: John THORBORN & Catherine MCLEAN, both of Mariposa, 22 Mar 1877 at Mariposa
10743-77 Henry THURSTON, 32, farmer, widower, Verulam, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Agnes TAYLOR, 25, Smith Tp., Verulam, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: none given on Feb. 21, 1877 at Verulam 10709-77 Samuel TODD, 31, wagon maker, Cartwright twp., Fenelon twp., s/o Henry TODD & Mary Ann GARDINER, married Caroline Elizabeth GLASPELL, 27, widow, Quebec City, Fenelon twp., d/o Robert BOWLES & Elizabeth RAY, witn: Hamilton G. TODD & Sarah J. BOWLES, both of Fenelon, 3 Jan 1877 at Fenelon
10708-77 Donald TOLMIE, 27, blacksmith, Glengarry, Fenelon, s/o William TOLMIE & Sarah NICHOLSON, married Marion DOW, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o Donald DOW & Anna WHITE, witn: Donald McPHERSON & Maggie MURCHISON both of Fenelon on May 23, 1877 at Cambray 10696-77 William Henry TOMPKINS, 28, farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o Robert TOMPKINS & Ann NAYLER, married Annie TODD, 26, Cartwright, Fenelon, d/o Henry TODD & Mary Ann GARDINER, witn: Robert KAIN & Mary M. TODD both of Fenelon on Nov. 21, 1877 at Cambray
010581-00 John TOOHY, 28, farmer, ops, same, s/o John TOOHY & Ellen MURPHY, married Sarah Ann HURLEY, 28, Cobourg, Ops, d/o John HURLEY & Margaret McGRATH. Witn: Thomas KEENE & Catherine HURLEY both of Ops. May 16, 1877, Lindsay RC 10729-77 Samuel TREMEER, 23, yeoman, England, Mariposa, s/o Thomas TREMEER, & Grace OSBORNE, married Corea Frances THORNE, 23, Canada, Mariposa, d/o William THORNE & Maria MARTIN, witn: Wesley THORNE & Mary Grace TREMEER both of Mariposa on Feb. 22, 1877 at Mariposa
#010725-78 (Victoria Co): Alfred James WALKINS, 27, railway man, Eardley England, Fenelon Falls, s/o James WALKINS & Elizabeth SIMON, married Mary E. WATSON, 18, Pickering Ont., Fenelon Falls, d/o Martin WATSON & Martha ORR, witnesses were Martin WATSON & Bridget BELLINGHAM, both of Fenelon Falls, Dec. 8, 1877 at Fenelon Falls 10654-77 John WALLACE, 24, husbandman, Canada, Lindsay, s/o John & Mary, married Jane HAND, 29, Canada, Lindsay, d/o George & Dorothy, witn: James & Mary Jane DAMARY both of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 17, 1877 at Fenelon Falls
#010594-77 (Victoria Co): Joseph WALTON, 65, widower, gentleman, England, Peterborough, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Mary HOLROYD, 62, spinster, England, USA, d/o William & Mary, witnesses were John & Martha BARNARD of Lindsay, 28 May, 1877 at Lindsay 010752-77, (Victoria), Charles WARDE, 24, Farmer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o E. D. & Mary WARDE, married E. A. CULLIS, 23, Canada, Fenelon, d/o John & Ann CULLIS, witn-John CULLIS & Annie TREBANON, March 28, 1877 at Fenelon Falls
10710-77 Francis WARING, 52, widower, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Whitby, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Mary CLENDENIN, 42, Whitby, Cambray, d/o William & Rachel, witn: Edward CLENDENIN of Cambray, 25 Jan 1877 at Cambray 10684-77 Robert G. WEBSTER, 26, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Robert & Margaret WEBSTER, married Jane Emma FOWLER, 25, Mariposa, same, d/o Samuel & Emma FOWLER, witn: Geo W. NEWSON, Fenelon & Elizabeth FOWLER, Mariposa, 13 Sept 1877 at Mariposa
#010685-77 Charles E. WESTERN, 24, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o William & Sarah WESTERN, married Alice COPELAND, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o Hugh & Rebecca COPELAND, witn: William WALTER & Hester COPELAND, both of Mariposa, 6 Nov 1877 at Mariposa 10640-77 Nicholas WHELAN, 42, farmer, Ireland, Carden, s/o Michael WHELAN & Margaret FORESTEL, married Rose McNULTY, 24, widow, Ontario, Carden, d/o Michael McNULTY & Catherine O’REILLY, witn: William O’NEILL & Rachel McNULTY both of Carden on July 9, 1877 at Victoria Road.
#010683-77 Richard WHITE, 32, yeoman, Sherrington (Storrington?), Verulam, widower, s/o Joseph & Mary WHITE, married Mary Ann PATTERSON, 28, Verulam, same, d/o John & Ann PATTERSON, witn: Isabella & John PATTERSON, not given, 25 June 1877 at Bobcaygeon  
010782-77, (Victoria), William James WILEY, not given, Farmer, not given, Township of Glamorgan, s/o not given, married Myra ORSER, not given, not given, Township of Glamorgan, d/o not given, witn-Alexander T. HARRISON(?) & Emily J. L. WILEY, March 6, 1877 at Bobcaygeon 010779-77, (Victoria), Archibald WILLETT, 27, Labourer, Quebec, Bobcaygeon, s/o Albert & Kate WILLETT, married Mary Ann NEYLAND, 17, Smithtown, Bobcaygeon, d/o Patrick & Annie NAYLAN, witn-James IRWIN & Siseilin NAYLAN, June 20, 1877 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon
10629-77 Robert WILSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Emily, s/o John & Jane, married Jane WILSON, 23, Emily, same, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: Richard SHARP & Emma WILSON both of Emily on Feb. 27, 1877 at Emily 10706-77 John WILSON, 28, farmer, Manvers, Fenelon, s/o George WILSON & Ann LEITH, married Sarah MURCHISON, 21, Fenelon, same, d/o Kenneth M. MURCHISON & Ellie McLEOD, witn: Francis IRWIN & Margaret MURCHISON both of Fenelon on March 21, 1877 at Fenelon.
010756-77, (Victoria), Thomas WILSON, 26, Farmer, Manvers, Verulam, s/o George WILSON & Ann LEE, married Eliza Jane WRAY, 22, Verulam, Verulam, d/o William WRAY & Jane JAMISON, witn-William WRAY & Fanny WRAY, March 21, 1877 at Verulam #010554-77 (Victoria Co): Charles Henry WOODWARD, 26, barrister, Pittsburg USA, Lindsay, s/o Henry WOODWARD & Sarah ROWLANDS, married Ellen Florence GRACE, 20, Adolphustown, Lindsay, d/o William GRACE & Bessie Maria BOGART, Oct. 17, 1877 at Lindsay
#010694-77 John WOOLACOTT, 21, farmer, England, Mariposa, s/o Charles & Grace WOOLACOTT, married Beliza JEWELL, 18, Mariposa, same, d/o Henry & Thursay JEWELL, witn: Alfred & Edith JEWELL, both of Eldon, 30 July 1877 at Oakwood 10733-77 Joseph WOOLDRIDGE, 24, farmer, farmer, Mariposa, s/o James WOOLDRIDGE & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Margaret Jane BICKELL, 20, Canada, Mariposa, d/o William BICKELL & Anna DEGEAR, witn: Ephraim BICKELL & Mary WOOLDRIDGE both of Mariposa on Feb. 7, 1877 at Mariposa
  #010658-77 Lot WORSLEY, 25, farmer, England, Fenelon, s/o Joseph & Ann WORSLEY, married Jane SMITHSON, 19, United States, Fenelon, d/o William & Elizabeth SMITHSON, witn: Richard not given, Fenelon, 16 July not given at Fenelon Falls
010781-77, (Victoria), Ferdinand WRIGHT, not given, widower, Labourer, not given, Bobcaygeon, s/o not given, married Martha RODDING, not given, not given, Bobcaygeon, d/o not given, witn- William WHYTE & Jane LONG, March 6, 1877 at Bobcaygeon #010663-77 Edward WRIGHT, 22, farmer, Manvers, Minden, s/o William & Catherine, married Ann MCINTOSH, 21, Toronto, Minden, d/o Alexander & Amil, witn: William James WILSON & Elizabeth WRIGHT, both of Minden, 14 Nov 1877 at Kinmount
010686-77 William WYLIE, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Mariposa, s/o John WYLIE & Euphene MCINNES, married Ellen Ann COONE, 25, Canada, Mariposa, d/o James COONE & Mary POUND, witn: John MCINNES & Sarah Agnes COONE, both of Mariposa, 30 Oct 1877 at Mariposa 010748-77, (Victoria), John YOUNG, 30, Farmer, England, Township of Somerville, s/o William & Charlotte YOUNG, married Catherine Ann LAMBERT, 18, Town of Brighton, Township of Galway, d/o Thomas & Jane LAMBERT, witn-Richard YOUNG & Maria YOUNG, March 31, 1877 at Kinmount
#010678-77 Richard YOUNG, 25, not given, Picton, Somerville, s/o William & Charlotte YOUNG, married Annie KEYES, 22, Ontario, Cavan, d/o William & Ellen, witn: Henry REID, Verulam & Maria YOUNG, Somerville, 1 June 1877 at Bobcaygeon