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Victoria Co., 1908


18816-08 Wellington ALTON, 25, farmer, of Bexley, s/o William ALTON & Jane PETERS, married Sarah RICHMAN, 33, of Bexley, d/o John RICHMOND & Maria DRAKE, witn: Charles PEEL & Annie RICHMAN no residences given on Dec. 22, 1908 at Fenelon 18810-08 William ANDERSON, 26, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o James ANDERSON & Helen CAMPBELL, married Carrie INGRAM, 28, of Cameron, d/o James INGRAM & Catherine FAWCETT, witn: Susie INGRAM & N. T. WRIGHT both of South Falls on Aug. 14, 1908 at Fenelon.
18844-08 Joseph ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth SHELL, married Elizabeth HUGHES, 25, Sommerville, same, d/o John HUGHES & Margaret ROWLAND, witn: T.M. & Annie B. BISHOP both of Lindsay on March 4, 1908 at Lindsay 18896-08 James Albert ARNBURG, 22, joiner, of Bobcaygeon, s/o Edward ARNBERG (sic) & Margaret KELSO, married Annie BING, 24, of Bobcaygeon, d/o George BYNG (sic) & Phoebe GREEN, witn: George BYNG & Lydia LANCASTER both of Bobcaygeon on Oct. 21, 1908 at Lindsay
18907-08 Fred Sanderson BABCOCK, 20, traveller, of Toronto, s/o John BABCOCK & Mary Elizabeth SANDERSON married May B. WOODLEY, 21, of Lindsay, d/o William & Ida May, witn: Charles & F. B. WOODLEY both of Lindsay on Dec. 16, 1908 at Lindsay. 18819-08 John A. BATE, 22, blacksmith, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o John G. BATE & Eliza LAKE, married Harriet R. BARBER, 24, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o William BARBER & Harriet LITTLETON, witn: John BARBER & Evalina BRYNELL both of Fenelon Tp. on Feb. 5, 1908 at Fenelon Falls
18881-08 George Marshall BATESON, 36, druggist, Ops Tp., New York USA, s/o James Gibson BATESON & Sarah Jane HEASLIP, married Alice Mary Louise BRADSHAW, not given, Lindsay, same, d/o Archibald D. BRADSHAW & Louise Prue YOUDAN, witn: Ben BATESON & Beatrice BRADSHAW both of Lindsay on Aug. 26, 1908 at Lindsay. 18838-08 Charles Edward BEADLE, 23, blacksmith, Victoria Harbor P.O., Lindsay, s/o Isaac BEADLE & Emmeline WEARING, married Estella Irene JAMES, 20, Little Britain, same, d/o Henry JAMES & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Mrs. J. MOORE & Mrs. Rev. PHELPS both of Lindsay on Jan. 7, 1908 at Lindsay.
18904-08 James BELDING, 31, not given, of Ops Tp., s/o George BELDING & Emma GARNICH, married Emma Elizabeth PLAYTER, 30, of Emily Tp., d/o Waterman PLAYTER & Sarah CARR, witn: Charles PLAYTER of Downeyville & E. C. MARSH of Lindsay on Nov. 30, 1908 at Lindsay 18827-08 Frederick BELL, 24, laborer, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o John BELL & Sarah WELSH, married Ethel McGREGOR, 19, Sommerville, Fenelon Falls, d/o Charles McGREGOR & Minnie JACOBS, witn: Robert TAYLOR & Edith MUNROE both of Fenelon Falls on Apr. 8 (?) 1908 at Fenelon Falls
18772-08 Joseph Stewart BLACK, 28, farmer, Glenarm, Bexley, s/o John H. BLACK & Maggie MULLIGAN, married Annie BALLAM, 20, Bexley Tp., same, d/o William BALLAM & Mary HUSTON, witn: Louis BLACK & Clara BALLAM both of Victoria Road on May 6, 1908 at Victoria Road 18797-08 Herbert Edward BLACKWELL, 25, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o Thomas Wesley BLACKWELL & Millicent DAVIDSON, married Charlotte Eva BROWN, 21, Emily Tp., same, d/o William BROWN & Martha MORTON, witn: William Morton BROWN of Omemee & Lula Marion TABOR of Toronto on June 25, 1908 at Emily Tp.
18770-08 Thomas BARKER, 23, laborer, Bexley Tp., Victoria Road, s/o Robert BARKER & Christie STEWART married Minnie WILSON, 19, Bexley Tp., Victoria Road, d/o Robert WILSON & Lizzie MITCHELL, witn: R. SANGSTER & Percy CARSON both of Carson’s Siding on April 1, 1908 at Bexley Tp. 18884-08 Lewis BOLYEA, 28, locomotive foreman, of Lindsay, s/o Peter BOLYEA & Mary BRON, married Martha TOMBLIN, 26, of Lindsay, d/o George TOMBLIN & Elizabeth BIRMINGHAM, witn: W. CAVERLY of Peterboro & Lizzie TOMBLIN of Lindsay on Sept. 23, 1908 at Lindsay
18813-08 Frederick Adams BROPHY, 44, traveller, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Edward BROPHY & Rotha ADAMS, married Spowers GRAHAM, 36, nurse, of Fenelon Falls, d/o John GRAHAM & Mary Ann GILLIS, witn: Thomas & Emma GRAHAM both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 27, 1908 at Fenelon Falls 18877-08 James Wilson BRYANS, 33, merchant, widower, Ops, Fenelon Falls, s/o James BRYANS & Mary J. WILSON, married Elizabeth P. GRAY, 26, Fenelon Tp., Lindsay, d/o William GRAY & Annie WHITE, witn: Minnie & Richard D. GRAY both of Lindsay on Aug. 12, 1908 at Lindsay.
#018856-08 (Victoria Co): David BURLEY, 38, widower, farmer, Verulam twp., same, s/o William BURLEY & Janet HAY, married Elena McMILLAN, 32, Verulam twp., Emily twp., d/o Henry McMILLAN & Sarah HARRISON, witn: James BURLEY of Fenelon twp & Cora WINTERS of Lindsay, 8 April 1908 at Lindsay 18811-08 William CALEY, 46, farmer, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Henry CALEY & Emma Loretta HARRIS, married Elizabeth MAUNDER, 34, of Fenelon, d/o William Harris & Elizabeth,, witn: H. J. CHIDLEY of 700 Park Ave New York & Edith MULLEN of Cambray on Aug. 26, 1908 at Fenelon.
18906-08 Angus CAMPBELL, 22, farmer, of Mariposa Tp., s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Catharine GRAHAM married Cora May MACKIN, 21, of Mariposa Tp., d/o Donald CAMPBELL (sic) & Catharine GRAHAM (sic), witn: Mrs A. & Clara ROBERTSON both of Lindsay on Dec. 2, 1908 at Lindsay 18789-08 Duncan CAMPBELL, 30, engineer, Gamebridge, same, s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Mary MONTGOMERY, married Elizabeth Lottie DALGLEISH, 31, Bolsover, same, d/o Robert DALGLEISH & Charlotte MILLIGAN, witn: Alice Jean McGIRR & Sadie DALGLEISH both of Bolsover on March 9, 1908 at Bolsover.
18795-08 Robert William CHAMBERS, 45, farmer, widower, Otonabee, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Martha GUTHRIE, 47, widow, Emily Tp., same, d/o John McCARRELL & Margaret HOLMES, witn: Andrew & Ellen McCARRELL both of Emily Tp. on Feb. 27, 1908 at Emily Tp 18823-08 Robert COCHRANE, 26, farmer, Ireland, Fenelon Falls, s/o Robert COCHRANE & Ellen LEAHY, married Sarah LEAHY, 27, Ireland, Fenelon Tp., d/o Thomas LEAHY & Jane MATHEWS, witn: Thomas GOFF & Flossie MOORE both of Fenelon Tp. on April 29, 1908 at Fenelon Falls
18901-08 John Wesley COPELAND, 24, farmer, of Mariposa Tp., s/o James COPELAND & Adeline BROCKWELL, married Flossie McNEVAN, 21, if Mariposa, d/o Donald McNEVAN & Mary SINCLAIR, witn: Janet WILSON of Lindsay & Hattie M. PRIGLE (?) of Belleville on Nov. 18, 1908 at Lindsay 18831-08 James Robert CORSTIN, 29, physician, Halifax, same, s/o James F. CORSTIN & Nancy McNAUGHTON, married Francis Baldwin McDIARMID, 32, nurse, Toronto, Fenelon Falls, d/o Kenneth McDIARMID, witn: John MANN & Mrs H. H. GRAHAM both of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 4, 1908 at Fenelon Falls.
18864-08 Patrick J. COSTELLO, 29, coal & wood dealer, Ops, Calgary, s/o Francis COSTELLO & Johanna MURPHY, married Catharine KINLEY, 30, Ops, same, d/o Simon KINLEY & Anne FLEURY, witn: Joseph D. COSTELLO of Ops & M. N. KINLEY of Marysville on Jan. 15, 1908 at Lindsay #018849-08 (Victoria Co.) William Henry CROKER, 25, b. Manvers, of same, Farmer, s/o William. CROKER & Jane WIDDIS, married Maria PORTER, 26, b. Manvers, of same, d/o William PORTER & Mary Ann SHIELDS, witnesses: Mrs. PHELPS & Miss PHELPS, both of Lindsay, on 11 March 1908 at Lindsay
  18802-08 Francis CROWLEY, 23, farmer, of Emily Tp., s/o William CROWLEY & Catherine FLYNN, married Teresa MORRISSEY, 21, of Emily Tp., d/o David MORRISSEY & Elizabeth LUCAS, witn: Timothy & Mary MORRISSEY both of Downeyville on Oct. 7, 1908 at Downeyville Emily Tp.
18825-08 George DANIELS, 48, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o John DANIELS & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth McFARLAND, 49, widow, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o John MCLEAN & Florence McFADYEN, witn: Samuel McLEAN of Fenelon Tp. & Florence CRAGG of Fenelon Falls on May 12, 1908 at Fenelon Falls 18840-08 William DUFF, 29, carpenter, Edinburgh Scotland, Mountain Grove P.O., s/o William DUFF & mother’s name not given, married Mabel Beatrice JORDAN, 24, Ops, same, d/o William JORDAN & Elizabeth HUGHES, witn: George ALLIN of Lindsay & Mrs W. H. DOWD of Dryden New Ontario on Feb. 12, 1908 at Lindsay
018912-08 (Victoria Co): William Richards EGGLETON, 25, n/g, Ops Twp, Laborer, s/o George EGGLETON & Mary PHILIPS, married Mary Ann BARRETT, 21, n/g, Lindsay, d/o illegible BARRETT & Elizabeth SMITH, wtn: Mrs. A. & Clara ROBERTSON both of Lindsay, on December 21, 1908, at Victoria #018850-08 (Victoria Co.) John ELAND, 21, b. England, of Cartwright, Farmer, s/o (unknown), married Mary Jane BRIDGE, 21, b. Liverpool Eng, of Cartwright, d/o Thomas BRIDGE & Henrietta PROCTOR, witnesses: William J. LOVELOCK & Mary DENYER, both of Lindsay, on 18 March 1908 at Lindsay
18784-08 A. E. ELDRIDGE, 24, farmer, Dalton, same, s/o William ELDRIDGE & Eliza Ann McPHERSON married Mary Elizabeth OXBY, 19, Dalton, same, d/o John George OXBY & Jane KETT, witn: Albert KETT & Laura OXBY both of Dalton on June 3, 1908 at Dalton 18878-08 William Wesley FEE, 38, farmer, widower, Emily Tp., same, s/o William FEE & Ann Jane LAIDLEY, married Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, 22, Manvers Tp., same, d/o Joseph McCULLOUGH & Martha PORTER , witn: Jean FEE & Margaret TERVIN (Lewin?) both of Lindsay on Aug. 20, 1908 at Lindsay
18841-08 Robert Henry FERGUSON, 28, farmer, Cartwright Tp., Darlington Tp. Durham Co., s/o David & Sarah Jane, married Maud Louisa Morrow GREER, 26, Cavan Tp., Manvers Tp. Durham Co., foster d/o Robert GREER & Elen FINNEY, witn: Alice FINNEY of Kirkfield & Clara ROBERTSON of Lindsay on Feb. 5, 1908 at Lindsay 18873-08 Thomas P. FERGUSON, 23, farmer, Glenarm, same, s/o Donald FERGUSON & Annie CAMPBELL, married Lillian CHRISTIAN, 20, Glenarm, same, d/o John CHRISTIAN & Amelia WOOD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Urban V. WHITE both of Cambray on July 22, 1908 at Lindsay.
18777-08 Robert Henry FERGUSON, 54, farmer, of Lot 9 Conc 6 Bexley Tp., s/o Robert FERGUSON & Elizabeth PATERSON married Malinda Elizabeth BARTLEY, 30, of Lot 36 NWB Bexley Tp., d/o Jacob BARTLEY & Elizabeth SCRIVNER, witn: Neil HANNIRAN & G. A. MATHEWSON both of Carson’s Siding on Feb. 11, 1908 at Carson’s Siding, Bexley Tp.  
18806-08 Oscar Edwin GILROY, no age given, Reach, same, s/o Nelson J. GILROY & Adelia NETHERTON, married Euphemia CHAMBERS, no age given, Fenelon, same, d/o William CHAMBERS & Margaret MURRAY, witn: Albert L. CHAMBERS of Fenelon & Lola Bernice GILROY of Reach on March 24, 1908 at Fenelon. 18808-08 Frederick James GOODMAN, 39, contractor, widower, England, Fenelon, s/o Charles GOODMAN & Martha MORSE, married Matilda Mary ARKWRIGHT, 20, Verulam, Fenelon, d/o Richard ARKWRIGHT & Jane E. LAMB, witn: James Bruce ARKWRIGHT of Fenelon & May LAMB of Lindsay on May 12, 1908 at Fenelon.
18820-08 John Thomas GOSTLIN, 23, farmer, Laxton Tp., same, s/o John H. GOSTLIN & Ellen SUTHERLAND, married Beatrice WILKINSON, 18, Digby Tp., Bexley Tp., d/o John WILKINSON & Lydia NEWMAN, witn: Alfred HALL of Coboconk & Annie HOLDEN of Bexley on Mar. 18, 1908 at Fenelon Falls #018852-08 (Victoria Co): Robert J. GRIFFIS, 24, surveyor’s chainman, Harwood Ont., Parry Sound, s/o Robert W. GRIFFIS & Juliette WOOD, married Ida Elizabeth ANNIS, 25, Orillia, Lindsay, d/o George ANNIS & Elizabeth ENGLISH, witn: R. GRIFFIS & Clara ENGLISH, both of Lindsay, 25 March 1908 at Lindsay
18874-08 Walter M. GROVES, 23, thrasher, Port Hoover, Little Britain, s/o John GROVES & Hester FLEURY, married Flossie De SHANE, 18, Port Perry, Little Britain, d/o Joseph De SHANE & Martha JOBE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. M. HUGHAN both of Lindsay on July 23, 1908 at Lindsay. 18868-08 Moses Alexander GROZELLE, 27, steam fitter, Lindsay, same, s/o Peter GROZELLE & Berthilda COURTEMANCHE, married Mary Eveline CAIN, 24, Lindsay, same, d/o William CAIN & Margaret NAGLE, witn: Michael CAIN & Elizabeth FRECHETTE both of Lindsay on June 30, 1908 at Lindsay
18888-08 Charles Wellington HALL, 22, barber, of Lindsay, s/o Charles HALL & Sarah Jane THOMPSON, married Mabel Catharine HARTLEY, 21, of Lindsay, d/o Thomas James HARTLEY & Rosanna CLARKE, witn: James M. HARTLEY & Bertha HALL both of Lindsay on Dec. 30, 1908 at Lindsay. 018916-05 (Victoria Co): Harry Roland HALL, 40, n/g, Toronto, Farmer, widower, s/o Nathaniel S. HALL (Farmer) & Frances INCHES, married Ella WOOD, 38, n/g, Toronto, widow, d/o Philip JAMES (Mechanic) & Emma ELFORD, wtn: Mary WILSON & Maggie HART both of Lindsay, on December 31, 1908, at Victoria
18783-08 George HARGRAVE, 37, farmer, Mara, Carden, s/o John HARDGRAVE (sic) & Elizabeth NICHOLS, married Ethel P. ARMSTRONG, 21, tailoress, Dundalk, Barrie, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Mary COLLINS, witn: Lillian ARMSTRONG of Barrie & Hamilton MOORE of Allandale on May 6, 1908 at Carden 18889-08 William Gordon HARRIS, 22, railway fireman, of Lindsay, s/o Samuel HARRIS & Eliza Ann CULLEN, married Effie L. McKAY, 21, of Lindsay, d/o William Campbell McKAY & Margaret Irene BARR, witn: David J. O'BRIEN of Peterboro & Ann O’BOYLE of Lindsay on July 15, 1908 at Lindsay
18771-08 Thomas HARRISON, 27, farmer, Carden Tp., same, s/o George HARRISON & first name not given MITCHELL married Catherine ADAMS, 23, Laxton Tp., same, d/o Alfred ADAMS & Eliza MITCHELL, witn: William McCAUGHEY of Carden Tp. & Mary ADAMS of Laxton Tp. on April 8, 1908 at Victoria Road 18865-08 John Edmon HARTNETT, 31, farmer, Cobourg, Ops, s/o Patrick HARTNETT & Mary HURLEY, married Sarah Ann SADLER, 25, Lindsay, same, d/o William SADLER & Margaret O'CONNELL, witn: John TWOHEY of Lindsay & Benedette KEIVAN of Sunderland on June 10, 1908 at Lindsay
18909-08 (Victoria Co) Lionel Leonard HAYDEN, 28, farmer, of Verulam, s/o Henry G. HAYDEN (blacksmith) & Emma HOWELL, married Alice Gertrude FINCH, 27, housekeeper, of Verulam, d/o Walter FINCH (farmer) & Annie WEAVER, witn: William MYERS of Dunsford & E. C. MARSH, 21 Dec 1908 at Victoria Co 18794-08 Lewis Everett HAYES, 29, carter, Emily Tp., Omemee, s/o James Best HAYES & Emeline McLEAN, married Alice Adeline BEST, 34, Emily Tp., same, d/o James H. & Dinah, witn: James H. & Maud BEST both of Emily Tp. on Jan. 30, 1908 at Emily Tp.
18801-08 Herbert HENNESSEY, 24 years, farmer, of Ennismore Tp., s/o John HENNESSEY & Rebecca TRAVIS, married Polly PERDUE, 24 years, of Emily Tp., d/o Robert PERDUE & Rebecca HERLIHEY, witn: Michael HENNESSEY of Ennismore & Catherine PERDUE of King’s Wharf on Oct. 7, 1908 at Downeyville Emily Tp. #018860-08 (Victoria Co): Herbert HIGGS, 26, GTR employee, Lindsay, same, s/o Thomas Joseph HIGGS & Ellen Louisa GARISH, married Eva Josephine SHELSON, 23, dress maker, Sutton Ont., Lindsay, d/o William J. SHELSON & Mary J. KREIDER, witn: James & Stella HIGGS of Lindsay, 28 May 1908 at Lindsay
#018853-08 (Victoria Co): James Henry HOUGHTON, 42, widower, farmer, Ops, same, s/o Richard HOUGHTON & Ellen CALVERT, married Ann Jane McCONNELL, 25, Emily, Ops, d/o William McCONNELL & Abigail HARTLEY, witn: John & Mrs. J. KEAST of Lindsay, 31 March 1908 at Lindsay 18893-08 John Samuel HUFF, 26, teacher, North Battleford Sask., s/o Samuel HUFF & Josephine GALLINA, married Agnes Josephine O’CONNOR, 29, teacher, of Lindsay, d/o Frances O’CONNOR & mother deceased (sic), witn: James & Susan FLEURY both of Lindsay on Dec. 22, 1908 at Lindsay
18799-08 Richard Mitchell JAMES, 24, farmer, of Mariposa Tp., s/o Henry Thomas JAMES & Mary Hambly MITCHELL, married Annie Elizabeth DOWNER, 25, of Emily Tp., d/o John Wesley DOWNER & Elizabeth NEWMAN, witn: Wesley & illegible DOWNER both of Omemee on Sept. 16, 1908 at Emily Tp. 18814-08 John JAMIESON, 32, farmer, of Fenelon, s/o Alexander JAMIESON & Sarah McPHAIL, married Sarah Ann TOLMIE, 29, of Fenelon, d/o Donald TOLMIE & Marion DOW, witn: Angus JAMIESON & Margaret MURCHISON both of Glenarm on Nov. 18, 1908 at Fenelon
18822-08 Wesley JEWELL, 35, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Orlando & Eliza Ann, married Florence MOFFAT, 34, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Peter MOFFAT & Mary GILLIS, witn: David & Ethel BROKENSHIRE both of Fenelon Tp. on Apr. 22, 1908 at Fenelon Falls. #018845-08 (Victoria Co.) Bruce Havelock JOHNSTON, 29, b. Peterboro, of same, Farmer, s/o Matthew J. JOHNSTON & Sarah DONNELLY, married Annie Gertrude SAUNDERS, 23, b. Peterboro, of same, d/o Alfred A. SAUNDERS & Sarah E. BREWER, witnesses: E. MOORE & F.M. BISHOP, both of Lindsay, on 4 March 1908 at Lindsay
#018848-08 (Victoria Co.) Lowery Watson KENNEDY, 27, b. Emily, of same, Farmer, s/o James KENNEDY & Sarah McILWAIN, married Myrtle May SPARLING, 22, b. N. Dakota U.S.A., of Lindsay, d/o Ephraim Ed. SPARLING & Eliz. McCORAGHY, witnesses: Richard GRAY & Miss Ruby KENNEDY, both of Lindsay, on 11 March 1908 at Lindsay 18891-08 Francis Joseph KIRLEY, 29, farmer, of Ops Tp., s/o Simon KIRLEY & Anne FLUREY, married Margaret McGEOUGH, 27, of Ops Tp., d/o Bernard McGEOUGH & Lucy WHALEN, witn: J. J. FLUREY & Lucy McGEOUGH both of Lindsay on Sept. 29, 1908 at Lindsay
  18774-08 William LAMER, 37, farmer, widower, of Carson’s Siding Bexley Tp., s/o William LAMER & Sarah LE FORD, married Martha ARMSTRONG, 30, widow, of Carson’s Siding Bexley Tp., d/o Sherman LUSCOMB & Abigail FITCHET, witn: R. SANGSTER & Mary MOOR both of Carson’s Siding on July 22, 1908 at Carson’s siding, Bexley Tp
#018859-08 (Victoria Co): William George LANG, 27, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o William Robert LANG & Eliza GRAHAM, married Mabel Gertrude POGUE, 23, Ops twp., Emily twp., d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Nellie M. MILLER & Annie B. BISHOP, both of Lindsay, 15 April 1908 at Lindsay 18905-08 George E. LEES, 28, farmer, of Lindsay, s/o William LEES & Margaret MYERS, married Florence Olive ELLIOT, 20, of Lindsay, d/o George LEES & Brenda STANTON, witn: Helen E. ELLIOT & Josephine S. WELCH both of Lindsay on Nov. 10, 1908 at Lindsay
18829-08 Adolphus LEVILLY, 24, laborer, Deseronto, Burnt River, s/o Sandford LEVILLY & Mary DUNCAN, married Edna May TINNEY, 18, Cambourne, Burnt River, d/o Thomas TINNEY & Sarah USHER, witn: Fred LEVILLY & Carrie TINNEY both of Burnt River on Oct. 7, 1908 at Fenelon Falls.  
18807-08 Mossom LITTLETON, 25, carpenter, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o George LITTLETON & Jane BROKENSHIRE, married Sarah Jane Jennie POWLES, 25, Fenelon, same, d/o James POWLES & Annie ARGUE, witn: Arnold McGEE & Clara POWLES both of Fenelon on Apr. 29, 1908 at Fenelon 18824-08 Robert Henry LITTLETON, 32, farmer, Fenelon Falls, Fenelon Tp., s/o Thomas LITTLETON & Alice COOPER, married Harriet Bertha ALLBROOK, 23, Port Hope, Fenelon Falls, d/o Henry ALLBROOK & Catherine WILLIAMS, witn: Alfred WISEMAN & Mrs A. ALLBROOK both of Fenelon Falls on May 6, 1908 at Fenelon Falls.
18817-08 Alexander LOGAN, 23, fireman, Fenelon Falls, Toronto Junction, s/o Alex LOGAN & Jane CAREW, married Mary A. MENZIES, 25, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o Robert MENZIES & Ann McKINNON, witn: Miss R. MENZIES & Miss S. SHARPE both of Fenelon Falls on Jan. 1, 1908 at Fenelon Falls #018847-08 (Victoria Co.) Percy Elmo LONG, 26, b. Ryde Twp Muskoka, of Bexley Twp, Farmer, s/o Martin LONG & Mary GREER, married Ada Emily POWELL, 26, b. Herefordshire Eng., of Bexley Twp, d/o George POWELL & Sarah PREECE, witnesses: F.M. BISHOP of Lindsay & Etta LONG of Bexley Twp, on 16 March 1908 at Lindsay, (Sal. Army)
18870-08 James LOW, 42, banker, widower, Uxbridge, Lindsay, s/o William LOW & Elizabeth HOGG, married Ethel May WOOD, 29, Victoria Road, Lindsay, d/o J. W. WOOD M.D. & Sarah REHILL, witn: Lloyd & Mrs W. L. WOOD both of Toronto on July 14, 1908 at Lindsay 18902-08 John Carl LYWOOD, 22, farmer, of Cartwright Tp. Durham Co., s/o John LYWOOD & Christiana ARMSTRONG, married Harriet Stella LYWOOD, 18, of Lindsay, d/o William LYWOOD & Mary Ellen RYAN, witn: Hattie M. PRIGLE of Belleville & Janet WILSON of Lindsay on Nov. 24, 1908 at Lindsay.
18804-08 Samuel James MAHAFFY, 31, farmer, Ontario, Winlah Sask., s/o Samuel MAHAFFY & Martha Ann MARTIN, married Selena May WORSLEY, 21, Fenelon, same, d/o Lott WORSLEY & Jane SMITHSON, witn: D. BURNETT of Somerville & Annie E. WORSLEY of Fenelon on Feb. 12, 1908 at Fenelon 18780-08 Robert Bruce MARTIN, 23, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Robert MARTIN & Mary Ann JUNKIN married Margaret Jane QUINN, 22, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o William QUINN & Elizabeth McILMOYLE, witn: Cecil MARTIN of Verulam & Lilian NORTHEY of Bobcaygeon on Apr. 29, 1908 at Quinn residence at Bobcaygeon
18900-08 Robert McARTHUR, 27, farmer, of Eldon Tp., s/o D. D. McARTHUR & Annie GRANT, married Lottie GORRILL, 27, of Eldon Tp., d/o William GORRILL & Margaret PERRIN, witn: Duncan McARTHUR & Myrtle GORRILL both of Eldon Tp. on Nov. 4, 1908 at Lindsay. 18876-08 John Francis McCUAIG, 42, manager/furniture company, Montreal, Toronto, s/o John F. McCUAIG & Frances L. CRESSELL, married Gwendolen Ross HARSTONE, 26, Whitby, Lindsay, d/o John C. HARSTONE & Agnes ROSS, witn: Walter H. BLEASDELL of Toronto & A. Emily O’LEARY of Port Arthur on July 16, 1908 at Lindsay
18785-08 Duncan Alexander McDONALD, 22, farmer, of Mara, s/o Alex McDONALD & Mary Ann McINNIS, married Gertie KETT, 17, of Sedona Dalton Tp., d/o Henry KETT & Isabella CHISHOLM, witn: John SYMINGTON & H.E. BROWN (?) no residences given on Dec. 23, 1908 at Sedona Dalton Tp 18910-08 William Neil McDONALD, 24, laborer, of Lindsay, s/o Hugh McDONALD & Susannah SPEAR married Marjorie Jane ASHMAN, 24, of Lindsay, d/o Albert ASHMAN & Marjorie McPHERSON, witn: Ivan D. T. McDONALD of Lindsay & Mrs. Helen illegible of Colborne on Dec. 23, 1908 at no location given.
  18836-08 Samuel McELROY, 22, railway conductor, Victoria Station, Rainy River, s/o Robert McELROY & Elizabeth HORE, married Bertha SCHWARDFAGER, 24, Lindsay, same, d/o Emesia SCHWARDFAGER & Ellen McMAHON, witn: Neil SCHWARDFAGER of Lindsay & Emma McELROY of Linden Valley on Jan. 1, 1908 at Lindsay
18883-08 John Alfred McFARLANE, 27, mason, of Fenelon Tp., s/o Murdoch McFARLANE & Lizzie McLEAN, married Mary Laura BLACK, 17, of Eldon Tp., d/o John BLACK & Margaret MILLIGAN, witn: Robert BLACK of Eldon & Evelyn CRAWFORD of Cambray on Sept. 7, 1908 at Lindsay #018846-08 (Victoria Co.) Neil McFARLANE, 31, b. Fenelon, of Lindsay, Farmer, s/o Murdoch McFARLANE & Lizzie McLEAN, married Maud GERMAN, 19, b. Sturgeon Bay, of Lindsay, d/o Luther GERMAN & Maggie BERLEY, witnesses: Sam. McFARLANE & Katie JOHNSON, both of Lindsay, on 5 March 1908 at Lindsay
#018861-08 (Victoria Co): Donald McINTYRE, 42, retired farmer, Eldon twp., same, s/o Angus McINTYRE & Margaret MICHAEL, married Flora McINNIS, 23, Eldon, Mariposa, d/o Donald McINNIS & Effie McEACHERN, witn: Andrew McINTYRE & Maggie MORRISON, both of Eldon, 13 May 1908 at Lindsay 18843-08 Alexander McLACHLAN, 28, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Glandine, s/o George McLACHLAN & Elizabeth FLEMING, married Elizabeth Jane WOOLACOTT, 27, Devonshire England, Glandine, d/o Charles WOOLACOTT & Mary Grace CORY, witn: C. B. KEENLEYSIDE of London & Wilford WOOLACOTT of Glandine on July 26, 1908 at Lindsay
18787-08 Archibald McMILLAN, 29, farmer, Eldon Tp., same, s/o Duncan McMILLAN & Eliza BIRMINGHAM, married Katharine CAMPBELL, 29, Eldon Tp., same, d/o George CAMPBELL & Sarah CALDER, witn: Michael McMILLAN of Glenarm & Minnie CAMPBELL of Hartley on Jan. 22, 1908 at Hartley 18911-08 Edward B. McNISH, 32, farmer, of Victoria Co., s/o Robert McNISH & Jane SUTTON married Bertha JACKSON, 20, of Victoria Co., d/o Benjamin JACKSON & Eliza WILKINSON, witn: Fred BELL & Vera JACKSON both of Eldon Tp. on Dec. 23, 1908 at no location given.
18867-08 George Lewis MILLER, 26, conductor, Ops, same, s/o Thomas MILLER & Anna BROWN, married Ellen COUGHLIN, 25, Port Hope, Ops, d/o Dennis COUGHLIN & Mary MORIARITY, witn: Dennis COUGHLIN of Ops & Florence WALSH of Toronto on June 24, 1908 at Lindsay 18830-08 Oren D. MILLER, 19, laborer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o Joseph MILLER & Mary MARTIN, married Eliza C. WAGAR, 25, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Levi WAGAR & Eliza A. PARRISH, witn: Miss E. & Florence E. CRAGG both of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 4, 1908 at Fenelon Falls
18788-08 Orland F. MILLER, 26, farmer, Attercliffe Station, Buffalo New York, s/o Henry D. MILLER & Margaret E. NARGATH, married Annie S. HEASLIP, 27, Victoria Road, Lorneville, d/o Nelson HEASLIP & Margaret BLACK, witn: Harry HEASLIP & Annie McRAE both of Lorneville on Feb. 5, 1908 at Lorneville Eldon Tp. 18809-08 Thomas H. MOFFAT, 25, farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o Peter MOFFAT & Mary GILLIES, married Celestia Ethel MOYNES, 25, Fenelon, same, d/o Joseph MOYNES & Sarah SMITHSON, witn: J. C. MURCHISON of Glenarm & Florrie S. MOYNES of Fenelon on June 17, 1908 at Fenelon.
18805-08 Angus MOINES, 29, farmer, Fenelon, Russell Manitoba, s/o Isaac H. MOIYNES (sic) & Mary Jane McDONALD, married Annie MURCHISON, 29, Bexley, Fenelon, d/o Donald John MURCHISON & Jessie McKAY, witn: John MURCHISON of Glenarm & Harvey COPP of Fenelon on March 4, 1908, at Fenelon 18885-08 Ford Walter MOYNES, 22, editor, of Lindsay, s/o John S. MOYNES & Bella MEYERS married Agnes Ethel COBURN, 25, of Lindsay, d/o John COBURN & Elizabeth FEE, witn: Perry M. MOYNES & Miss L. M. INGRAM both of Lindsay on Sept 30, 1908 at Lindsay
18793-09 William MUNROE, 21, farmer, of Eldon Tp., s/o Robert MUNROE & Kate McDONALD, married Mary GRANT, 22, of Eldon Tp., d/o Rod GRANT & Mary A. SLATER, witn: James GRANT & Minnie ROBERTS both of Eldon Station on Dec. 23, 1908 at Lorneville, Eldon Tp. 18782-08 Albert NICHOLS, 24, laborer, Smith, Bobcaygeon, s/o Garner NICHOLS & Jane McCONKEY, married Elizabeth M. Pearl TRIPP, 17, Verulam, Bobcaygeon, d/o Reuben TRIPP & Margaret PETERKIN, witn: Garner NICHOLS & Louise FREEBURN both of Bobcaygeon on June 10, 1908 at Bobcaygeon
  18887-08 Percy OGDEN, 22, railway employee, of Manvers Tp., s/o Albert OGDEN & Rosana TOWNS, married Emma FOSTER, 23, Manvers Tp., d/o Thomas & mother’s name not given, witn: Arthur & Lottie Eva MOYNES no residence given on Sept. 30, 1908 at Lindsay
18779-08 David OLIVER, 35, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Elijah OLIVER & Mary Ann GIVANS married Selina DEVITT, 29, Verulam, same, d/o John DEVITT & Mary Jane FOSTER, witn: Thomas R. DEVITT & Lillian JUNKIN both of Verulam on March 4, 1908 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon 18803-08 John O’NEILL, 31, farmer, of Downeyville, s/o Michael O’NEILL & Margaret MILLER, married Kate DUFFY, 24, of Emily Tp., d/o Patrick DUFFY & Catherine BEGLEY, witn: Francis MILLER of Lindsay & Florence DUFFY of Downyville on Nov. 17, 1908 at Downeyville, Emily Tp.
18790-08 Jesse OWENS, 30, mason, Mariposa Tp., same, s/o George OWENS & Sarah ARMITAGE married Katharine Anne McFADYEN, 22, Eldon Tp., same, d/o John S. McFADYEN & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Charles OWENS of Mariposa Tp. & Nina McFADYEN of Eldon Tp. on March 13, 1908 at Hartley 18798-08 Robert Wesley PADGET, 24, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o Henry PADGET & Mary Jane ASHMORE, married Emma McGAHEY, 18, Emily Tp., same, d/o John McGAHEY & Mary McINNIS, witn: John & Mary McGAHEY both of Emily Tp. on July 9, 1908 at Emily Tp
18833-08 Thomas PARKER, 35, laborer, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Ben PARKER & Dorcas BURNS, married Nellie CHATTEN, 22, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o John W. CHATTEN & Harriet FEE, witn: William PARKER & Eva CHATTEN of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 24, 1908 at Fenelon Falls 18834-08 William James PARKER, 35, laborer, widower, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Ben PARKER & Dorcas BURNS, married Pearl Ellie FETTERLY, 19, Haliburton, Fenelon Falls, d/o Herman FETTERLY & Mary Ellen BURLEY, witn: Orville CHURCH & Rose SCOTT both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 30, 1908 at Fenelon Falls.
18871-08 Charles PEACOCK, 26, porter, England, Lindsay, s/o George PEACOCK & Emma WATSON, married Annie PEARCE, 30, widow, Buffalo USA, Lindsay, d/o William BOLK & Elizabeth WARNER, witn: A. D. WRENSHELL & Annie E. WRAY both of Lindsay on July 16, 1908 at Lindsay 18769-08 Albert Simpson PEARCE, 19, farmer, Bexley Tp., same, s/o Richard H. PEARCE & Mary Ann RICHMOND married Gertrude Elizabeth HOLDER, 20, Carden Tp., Bexley Tp., d/o Charles HOLDER & Mary HICKS, witn: William G. & N. M. PEARCE both of Bexley on March 31, 1908 at Bexley Tp.
18818-08 William Samuel PERDUE, 31, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o Henry PERDUE & Martha GREY married Mary A. PERDUE, no age given, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Peter PERDUE & Eliza J. SWANTON, witn: George M. PERDUE & Edythe BROOKS both of Fenelon Tp. on Jan. 29, 1908 at Fenelon Falls. 18778-08 Edward PETEBOUGH, 20, farmer, of Laxton, s/o James & Susan married Ida Pearl BAILEY, 19, of Laxton, d/o Joshua BAILEY & Mary STILES, witn: Dan PETEBOUGH & Christie Ann BAILEY no residences given on Oct. 21, 1908 at Coboconk
18839-08 Ephraim Percy POGUE, 21, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o David POGUE & Eliza FITCH, married Margaret Elizabeth SMITH, 21, Ops Tp., Lindsay, d/o George SMITH & Mary DOWNEY, witn: Mrs. William & William SMITH both of Reaboro on Jan. 22, 1908 at Lindsay 18828-08 John Herbert PULEY, 25, druggist, Fenelon Falls, Stoney Plains Alberta, s/o Henry PULEY & Harriet ROBSON, married Mabel LITTLETON, 24, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o George Henry LITTLETON & Jane BROKENSHIRE, witn: Cecil PULEY of Winnipeg & Maude LITTLETON of Fenelon Falls on July 13, 1908 at Fenelon Falls
18832-08 John H. F. RAY, 25, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Sylvanus RAY & Maggie POGUE, married Mary Anne SMITH, 18, Fenelon Falls, Peterboro, d/o Thomas F. SMITH & Mary Ann POGUE, witn: Charles M. INGRAM of Fenelon Falls & Lottie RAY of Mariposa on Dec. 23, 1908 at Fenelon Falls 18773-08 Charles RAY, 30, farmer, Norland Laxton Tp., same, s/o John RAY & Elizabeth WARD, married Ethel WINTERBURN, 26, Norland Laxton Tp., same, d/o George WINTERBURN & Emma CHAMBERS, witn: John RAY & Stella NEWMAN both of Norland on May 20, 1908 at Victoria Road.
18800-08 Robert Hugh REID, 34, farmer, of Ops Tp., s/o Isaac William REID & Margaret MOORE, married Elizabeth JONES, 27, of Emily Tp., d/o William John & Elisabeth, witn: Ira GARDINER of Franklin & Maud JONES of Omemee, on Dec. 30, 1908 at Emily Tp. 18866-08 Roderick RICHARDSON, 47, gentleman, Williamstown, Lindsay, s/o William RICHARDSON & Mary McDONALD, married Mary Theresa GUNN, 37, nurse, Lindsay, same, d/o Hugh GUNN & Sarah ATKINSON, witn: Ellen GUNN & Patrick HICKEY both of Lindsay on June 17, 1908 at Lindsay
18879-08 Samuel ROLAND, 38, mason, England, Omemee, s/o John ROLAND & Elizabeth MOOR, married Mary DIABO, 28, Quebec, Omemee, d/o Mitchell DIABO & Mary Ann FRANCE, witn: Mrs. William REAL & Maggie DIABO both of Lindsay on Aug. 21, 1908 at Lindsay. 18796-08 Robert James RUTH, 25, farmer, Omemee, Emily Tp., s/o George RUTH & Elizabeth HIGHLAND, married Frances Jemima KERR, 26, Emily, same, d/o William KERR & Frances MORTON, witn: Thomas & Jennie KERR both of Omemee on Apr. 3, 1908 at Emily Tp.
18791-08 George H. ST. JOHN, 30, farmer, Reach Tp., Thorah Tp., s/o Andrew ST. JOHN & Susan MADILL married Sadie A. GOARD, 21, Mariposa Tp., Eldon Tp., d/o Richard GOARD & Sarah RICHARDSON, witn: Fred S. GOARD of Eldon Tp. & Euretta ST. JOHN of Thorah Tp. on Apr. 15, 1908 at Eldon Tp 18869-08 Neil SCHWARDFAGER, 23, railway conductor, Lindsay, same, s/o Emesia SCHWARDFAGER & Ellen McMAHON, married Lillian May HOLLINGSWORTH, 22, Sheffield England, Lindsay, d/o Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH & Martha BAMFORD, witn: William WILSON & Grace SCHWARDFAGER both of Lindsay on June 24, 1908 at Lindsay
18880-08 Joseph SCOTT, 28, laborer, widower, Lindsay, Peterboro, s/o Frances SCOTT & Hannah JACKSON, married Mattie WILSON, 24, Hamilton, Peterboro, d/o Herman WILSON & Mary Ann TEENEY, witn: George SCOTT & Annie CANEVILLE both of Lindsay on Aug. 24, 1908 at Lindsay. 18895-08 Arthur Aaron SEATON, 29, railway conductor, of Lindsay, s/o Thomas J. SEATON & Agnes W. MARTIN, married Frances Josephine MILLS, 21, of Lindsay, d/o Ancil MILLS & Ursula E. DAGG, witn: W. C. MILLS & Annie (?) E. SEATON both of Lindsay on Oct. 7, 1908 at Lindsay.
  18908-08 Charles Westrop SHAFE, 35, farmer, of Mariposa, s/o John SHAFE & Jane HEWITT married Lillian Letitia Margaret MEARS, 28, of near Little Britain, d/o Joseph MEARS & Letitia ACRES, witn: Harry & L. K OSBORNE both of Little Britain on Dec. 12, 1908 at no location given
18826-08 Nathan SHIER, 26, farmer, Gooderham, Fenelon Falls, s/o John SHIER & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, married Rose JOCK (Jack?), 23, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o Frank JOCK & Florence DURMOND, witn: Kathleen E. & Marion E. FRENCH both of Fenelon Falls on June 10, 1903 at Fenelon Falls 018912-08 (Victoria Co): John James SHOLIR, 21, n/g, Manvers, Teamster, s/o Albert SHOLIR & Mary Ann McGAHEY, married Lillie WALSH, 20, n/g, Manvers, d/o William WALSH & Mary IRWIN, wtn: E.L. MARSH & Edith illegible both of Lindsay, on December 23, 1908, at Victoria
18821-08 William SHUTTLEWORTH, 24, farmer, Sommerville Tp., Verulam Tp., s/o William SHUTTLEWORTH & Anne HILLIER, married Margaret BULMER, 21, Sommerville Tp., Verulam Tp., d/o William BULMER & Sarah Ann LEVILLY, witn: Henry BULMER of Verulam & Emily SHUTTLEWORTH of Sommerville on March 25, 1908 at Fenelon Falls. 18837-08 George Albert SLUGGETT, 27, farmer, Ops, Lindsay, s/o John SLUGGETT & Keziah DUNSTON, married Martha Selina GEACH, 26, Woodville, Lindsay, d/o John Hocken GEACH & Eliza CHAMBERS, witn: Stuart G. WILKINSON & Nellie GEACH both of Lindsay on Jan. 1, 1908 at Lindsay.
#018858-08 (Victoria Co): Thomas SPRAY, 52, widower, farmer, Hucknall - Torkard Nottingham England, Oakwood, s/o George SPRAY & Leah HANKEN, married Eliza HEWISH, 54, Hucknall Torkard, Oakwood, d/o Alpheus HEWISH & Mary Ann ALCOCK, witn: Albert & Hannah COX of Oakwood, 14 April 1908 at Lindsay  
18812-08 George Burns STANTON, 33, railway mail clerk, of Toronto, s/o Thomas STANTON & Margaret CHESTNUT, married Isobel CRAGG, 22, stenographer, of Fenelon, d/o Abram F. CRAGG & Mary LEE, witn: Russel & Flossie CRAGG both of Cambray on Sept. 1, 1908 at Fenelon #018857-08 (Victoria Co): Joseph STAPLES, 56, widower, merchant, Hope - Durham twp., Lindsay, s/o James STAPLES & Mary Ann WATSON, married Annie SPENCE, 50, widow, Manvers, Lindsay, d/o George NELSON & Margaret LEE, witn: Bella EARL of Omemee & Herbert IRVINE of Lindsay, 8 April 1908 at Lindsay
18897-08 Harold S. STEWART, 26, minister, of Coudersport (?), s/o J. W.A. STEWART & Mary A. McGINN, married Annie Isabella MATHEWS, 31, of Lindsay, d/o George MATTHEW (sic) & Ann SMITHSON, witn: Arthur STEWART of Ithica New York & Alice MATTHEWS of Lindsay on Oct. 28, 1908 at Lindsay. 18882-08 Ignatius R. STEWART, 35, printer, Bobcaygeon, same, s/o Charles R. STEWART & Mary FOTHERINGHAM, married Edith JUNKIN, 38, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Irwin & Mary, witn: Mrs. J. R. & Mrs William REAL both of Lindsay on Sept. 1, 1908 at Lindsay
18875-08 Thomas H. STINSON, 30, farmer, Ballyduff Manvers Tp., same, s/o John STINSON & Isabella COCHRAN, married Ezillah McCULLOUGH, 22, Ballyduff, same, d/o Robert McCULLOUGH & Martha PORTER, witn: Mrs H. SEYMOUR of Bobcaygeon & Mrs. J. R. REAL of Lindsay on Aug. 5, 1908 at Lindsay. 18899-08 Arthur Edmond SWAIN, 25, farmer, of Mariposa Tp., s/o W. R. SWAIN & Elspeth A. EMMERSON, married Flora Catharine ADIAR (Adair?), 25, of Laxton Tp., d/o William ADIAR & Annie PEARSON, witn: W. H. E. GRAHAM of Lindsay & Lulu ADIAR of Norland on Nov. 9, 1908 at Lindsay.
18775-08 Charles H. SWEETMAN, 21, trainman, of Lindsay, s/o Albert SWEETMAN & Rose Jane BUSH married Florence COOK, 21, of Coboconk, d/o Peter & Caroline, witn: W. PEEL & M. CLIFFORD both of Coboconk on June 10, 1908 at Coboconk. 18781-08 Philip Edgar SWITZER, 25, laborer, Verulam, Bobcaygeon, s/o Alvin SWITZER & Margaret Ann EMBLEY, married Elizabeth CASSELL, 20, England, Bobcaygeon, d/o "deceased" (sic), witn: Edwin A. BROOKS of Bobcaygeon & Ellen CASSELL of Toronto on May 12, 1908 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon
18863-08 John Albert THURSTON, 35, farmer, Dunsford, same, s/o Edward THURSTON & Annie McCAMUS, married Alice Luella SLOAN, 24, Cartwright, Lindsay, d/o Thomas Henry SLOAN & Eliza ARMSTRONG, witn: Robert THURSTON of Lindsay & Lillian SLOAN of Nestleton on June 23, 1908 at Lindsay 18898-08 Robert Ernest TOMPKINS, 26, blacksmith, of Cambray, s/o William TOMPKINS & Annie TODD, married Eva May WELDON, 23, of Cambray P.O. Fenelon Tp., d/o Nicholas WELDON & Sarah WILLIAMSON, witn: Mrs. J. R. & Mrs W. NEAL both of Lindsay on Nov. 3, 1908 at Lindsay
18894-08 David Thomas TOWNSEND, 30, civil engineer, of Winnipeg, s/o Micha (Micah?) W. TOWNSEND & Annie CAMPBELL, married Florence May WINTERS, 27, of Lindsay, d/o James L. WINTERS & Margaret WIGGINS, witn: Charles F. WILLIAMS of Cardinal & Mabel B. WINTERS of Lindsay on Oct. 7, 1908 at Lindsay 18886-08 William George UMPHREY, 21, railroad man, of Toronto, s/o Robert UMPHREY & Catherine SHELL, married Martha Alice WILSON, 27, of Lindsay, d/o Matt WILSON & Nancy SEDGWICK, witn: S. UMPHREY of Burnt River & Alice STINTON of Peterboro on Sept. 30, 1908 at Lindsay.
#018862-08 (Victoria Co): William James WAITE, 38, ticket agent, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, s/o Daniel V. WAITE & Amy M. KATHIAN, married Gertrude BATE, 24, Lindsay, same, d/o Jasper H. BATE & Mary E. TRUSCOTT, witn: George N. FOWLER of Peterborough & Mysie NEWTON of Lindsay, 17 June 1908 at Lindsay #018851-08 (Victoria Co): Charles Alfred WAKELIN, 25, farmer, Cannington, same, s/o John WAKELIN & Hannah GRIFFIN, married Lena LLOYD, 29, Cannington, same, d/o Thomas LLOYD & Mary Jane TAYLOR, witn: F.M. BISHOP & Edith JOHNSTON, both of Lindsay, 26 March 1908 at Lindsay
18792-08 Robert William WALKER, 27, wood worker, Bath England, Toronto, s/o John Edward WALKER & Ellen FRICKEY, married Mary LOGAN, 24, Eldon Tp., Toronto, d/o Archie LOGAN & Annie McARTHUR, witn: Neil LOGAN of Cobalt & Malcolm LOGAN of Kirkfield on June 9, 1908 at Conc 10 Eldon Tp. 18903-08 William WENSLEY, 28, farmer, Haliburton, Dysart Tp., s/o Charles WENSLEY & Sarah PIERCE, married Edith FETTERLY, 14, years, Haliburton, Dysart Tp., d/o Herman FETTERLY & Mary Ellen BURBY, witn: Fred BONNET & Pearle FETTERLY on Nov. 25, 1908 at Lindsay.
  18786-08 Levi Albert E. WESTCOTT, 25, farmer, Gamebridge, Thorah Tp., s/o John WESTCOTT & Emma GADDIJE?, married Sarah Hester METCALFE, 23, Bolsover, same, d/o Edmund METCALFE & Mary ROSS, witn: Watson A. WESTCOTT of Gamebridge & Lottie METCALFE of Bolsover on Dec. 17, 1908 at Bolsover
018913-08 (Victoria Co): Robert WHITE, 34, n/g, Peterboro, Farmer, s/o Thomas White (Farmer) & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, married Mary Jane WHITE, 21, n/g, Glenmorgan, d/o John WHITE (Farmer) & Emma SIMMONS, wtn: Janet WILSON & Mary WATSON, both of Lindsay, on December 30, 1908, at Victoria 18872-08 Urban V. WHITE, 21, farmer, Cambray, same, s/o John WHITE & Margaret MOFFAT, married Harriet E. CARMICHAEL, 19, Grass Hill, Cambray, d/o Neil CARMICHAEL & Mahala DEWL, witn: Thomas & Mrs T. FERGUSON both of Glenarm on July 22, 1908 at Lindsay
#018854-08 (Victoria Co): George Henry WHITTALL, 30, electrician, Lancashire England, not given, s/o George WHITTAL (sic) & Susan DARLINGTON, married Ella LAWRENCE, 24, Toronto, not given, d/o George Henry LAWRENCE & Mary McDOUGALL, witn: J.A. MILBURN & Sophia E. MURTAGH, both of Lindsay, 31 March 1908 at Lindsay 18842-08 Louis WICKETT, 25, tailor, Little Britain, Lindsay, s/o William WICKETT & Emma MARK, married Florence NUGENT, 23, Lindsay, same, d/o Robert NUGENT & Sarah Jane MARSHALL, witn: Bentley FAITHFUL of Little Britain & Marion McGILL of Janetville on July 25, 1908 at Lindsay.
18892-08 William WILKINSON, 41, milkman, of Lindsay, s/o John WILKINSON & Anne O'BRIEN, married Elizabeth SHEA, 22, of Ops Tp., d/o James SHEA & Mary BRADY, witn: James SHEA of Ops & illegible WILKINSON of Rochester on Sept. 27, 1908 at Lindsay 18890-08 George G. WILLIAMS, 26, bricklayer, of Lindsay, s/o Thomas R. WILLIAMS & Mary A. BRIDGER, married Rose Hannah CUFF, 28, of Lindsay, s/o Thomas CUFF & Catharine DOYLE, witn: Thomas O’KEEFE & Mary E. KEARNEY on Sept. 10, 1908 at Lindsay.
018915-08 (Victoria Co): George E. WILSON, 39, n/g, Midland, Marine Engineer, Widower, s/o George WILSON (Farmer) & Kezia PARSON, married Jennie M. MOORE, 31, n/g, Lindsay, d/o John Moore (Farmer) Annie JOHNSTON, wtn: George E. PRICE of Waubaushene & Lizzie M. MOORE of Lindsay, on December 30, 1908, at Victoria 18776-08 Robert Osborn WILSON, 26, trainman, of Lindsay, s/o John R. PHILLIPS (sic) & Margarett RUSSELL (sic), married Minnie May PHILLIPS, 28, of Lindsay, d/o John R. PHILLIPS & Margarett RUSSELL, witn: W. McKENZIE & G. L. PHILLIPS both of Coboconk on June 10, 1908 at Coboconk.
018914-08 (Victoria Co): Timothy WOOD, 36, n/g, Parry Sound, Sawmill Employee, s/o George C. WOOD (Farmer) & Minerva CARPENTER, married Emma E. FITTALL, 38, n/g, Fenelon, d/o John E. FITTALL (Collector) & Emma WORSLEY, wtn: George FITTALL & Glen WILLIAMS & Ada E. SINCLAIR all of ???, on December 30, 1908, at Victoria 18815-08 Samuel G. WRIGHT, 70, gentleman, widower, of Fenelon, s/o Samuel WRIGHT & Rebecca PAXTON, married Priscilla ENGLISH, 41, of Fenelon Falls d/o Robert ENGLISH & Elizabeth STANFORD, witn: Robert ENGLISH of Fenelon Falls & Louisa COOPER of Cambray on Dec. 17, 1908 at Fenelon.
18835-08 Lawrence Melvin WRIGHT, not given, not given, of Bethany, no parent’s names given, married Martha M. WINTERBURN, 20, Laxton Tp., Lot 10 Conc 7 Laxton, d/o William WINTERBURN & Rebecca PARKS, witn: Laura HAWKINS of Laxton on Apr. 15, 1908 at Lot 10 Conc 7 Laxton