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City of Toronto, 1923, part 2

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2988-23 Nathan ABBOTT, 27, merchant, Russia, 24 Dennison Sq., s/o Maer [Abbott] (b. Russia) & Mary BLOCH, married Pearl ROTSTEIN, 25, saleslady, Russia, 186 Chestnut St., d/o David [Rotstein] (b. Russia) & Malla MELLAR, witn: E. BROHD of 526 Dundas West & A. MARGOLIES of 182 Major St., 5 June 1923  
2986-23 Robert William ADAMS, 25, machinist, England, 656 Havelock? West in Detroit, s/o Philip ADAMS (b. England) & Sarah COOK, married Christena Lucy Mary Pearl BROADBRIDGE, 21, England, 52 Routhern Ave., d/o George James BROADBRIDGE (b. England) & Louisa Ann PEARCE, witn: John Page BEST of 197 Midland Ave in Detroit & Millicent JARRETT of Hyde Rd in Mt. Dennis, 2 June 1923 2987-23 Isadore ADLER, 24, brick laye, Poland, 28 Russell St., s/o Louis [Adler] (b. Poland) & Ella WINEBERG, married Bessie SHORSER, 21, folder, Russia, 101 D'arcy St., d/o Samuel [Shorser] (b. Russia) & Bella ROMANOW, witn: S. BROHD of 526 Dundas West & A. MARGOLIES of 182 Major St., 3 June 1923
2989-23 John William ALLEN, 24, chauffeur, East Ham - London England, Hamilton, s/o John Abraham ALLEN (b. England) & Elizabeth JEFFS, married Alice Beatrice NASH, 23, operator, Bristol England, Hamilton, d/o John NASH (b. England) & Elizabeth THATCHER, witn: Gordon SWAN of 127 Cavell Ave in Hamilton & Elizabeth ALLEN of 57 1/2 Breadlabane St. in Hamilton, 6 June 1923 2991-23 Harry ANDERSON, 27, wood worker, Scotland, 174 Brock Ave., s/o James ANDERSON (b. Scotland ) & Amelia Duncan S. BOWES, married Jane Lang HAMILTON, 29, nurse, Scotland, 68 Sheldrake Blvd. in Toronto, d/o Robert Craig HAMILTON (b. Scotland) & Grace MACDONALD, witn: William BROWN of 151 Dovercourt & Isabella M. HAMILTON of 54 Sheldrake, 7 June 1923 at 250 Dunn Ave.
2985-23 John Wilfred ARBUTHNOT, 26, advertising manager, s/o John ARBUTHNOT (b. Ont) & Lambie? BROCKWELL, married Elizabeth Isabel REID, 26, Woodstock On., 33 Garnock Ave., d/o William H. REID (b. USA) & Anna H. MacDONALD, wit: John Turner WILSON of 20 Breadalbane St. & Clara Louise ARBUTHNOT of 128 Hogarth Ave., 2 June 1923 2990-23 Ralph Gordon ASELTINE, 21, motor mechanic, Montreal, 32 Mercer St., s/o John Snider ASELTINE (b. Ont) & Ida Jane TEBO, married Kathleen Teresa HENDERSON, 19, operator, Ontario, 154 John St., d/o Joseph HENDERSON (b. England) & Fanny MULLIGAN, witn: Alice & Charles MacFEAN? of Toronto, 5 June 1923
3084-23 James Reid BAILIE, 33, widower, carpenter, Ireland, 88 Shanley, s/o Robert BAILIE (b. Ireland) & Jane MARK (Mack?), married Margaret HOPPS, 23, widow, Ireland, 261 Perth Ave., d/o Robert STEEL (b. Ireland) & Margaret McDERMAID, witn: Catherine & Frank STEEL of 261 Perth Ave., 20 June 1923 at 261 Perth Ave 3030-23 Stanley BAIN, 23, barber, Ontario, 1918 Gerrard St. East, s/o Samuel BAIN (b. Ont) & Fanny YORK, married Alice Evelyn CURL, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 795 Woodbine Ave., d/o Harry CURL (b. England) & Mary Ann DAVIES, witn: John Gordon & Ruth C. TONKIN of 795 Woodbine Ave., 1 June 1923
3087-23 Melville Alexander BAKER, 21, core maker, Toronto, 206 Bathurst St., s/o Henry BAKER (b. England) & Eleanor BACKAS, married Ivy Gwendolyn Violet OATES, 20, operator, England, 36 Primrose Ave., d/o Sidney OATES (b. England) & Annie Elizabeth BAKER, witn: Myrtle FRY of 179 Balmoral Ave & illegible Cecil BALL of Walseley St., 30 June 1923 3024-23 Stanley Frank BAKER, 21, laborer, England, 26 Aldwych Ave., s/o Edward Thomas BAKER (b. England) & not known, married Edna Violet WAYE, 21, New Zealand, 1336 Woodbine Ave., d/o George Henry WAYE (b. England) & Julia Elizabeth THREADGOLD, witn: Mrs. J. E. WAYE of 1336 Woodbine & Mrs. Nettie E. GRANT of 50 Earl Gray Rd., 1 June 1923
3080-23 William George BARIL, 29, shoe maker, Montreal, 225 McCaul St., s/o Louis Albert BARIL (b. Quebec) & Rose KELLY, married Rena EVANS, 29, Lindsay Ont. 225 McCaul St., d/o Edward EVANS & Susannah ANDERSON, witn: Bert & Mrs. Lily Mary SOUTER of 475 Danforth Ave., 25 June 1923 3027-23 Harold Bertram BARKER, 22, express agent, Ontario, 59 Park St. in Barrie, s/o Frederick BARKER (b. England) & Catherine DENNY, married Cora Katheryne VAIR, 25, Ontario, 61 Park St. in Barrie, d/o George VAIR (b. Ont) & Cora ENGLISH, witn: Priscilla PORTER of 602 Haw St. in Toronto & F. BARKER of Barrie, 6 June 1923
3083-23 George Weston Sanderson BEACH, 20, assistant manager, Ontario, 50 Dundonald St., s/o George Weston BEACH (b. Ont) & Luella DUCKLAND, married Audrey Elizabeth GIBBONS, 21, stenographer, Toronto, 802 Logan Ave., d/o Edward John GIBBONS (b. Newfoundand) & Ellen CHURCHILL, witn: Evaline Mary CASSIDY of 239 Sumach St. & Edgar Lailey PARKIN of 43 Brookmount Rd., 30 June 1923 3028-23 William Hector BENNETT, 35, widower, carpenter, Napanee, 50 Lenty Ave., s/o Joseph BENNET (b. England) & Fanny DACK, married Florence Lizetta GARDINER, 28, Toronto, Todmorden, d/o Richard GARDINER (b. Ireland) & Agnes McCULLOCH, witn: B. BENNETT of 1962 Queen St. East & F. BRETT of Todmorden, 5 June 1923
3025-23 David BERNHOLTZ, 26, sausage maker, Poland, 171 1/2 Markham St., s/o Shaia [Bernholtz] (b. Poland) & Shine FASCAK, married Bella HALSTICK, 22, ladies tailor, Poland, 189 McCaul, d/o Maer [Halstick] (b. Poland) & Hirdle? GREENBAND, witn: A. MARGOLIES of 182 Major St. & S. BROHD of 526 Dundas St. West, 3 June 1923 3088-23 Robert BEVERIDGE, 23, caretaker, Scotland, Harbour Commission Bldg., s/o William BEVERIDGE (b. Scotland) & not known - died when 9 months old, married Sadie CRACKNELL, 24, maid, Ontario, 42 Free James Ave. in Mt. Dennis, d/o Earnest CRACKNELL (b. England) & Susan CRACKNELL, witn: Norman MOODIE of 175 Ossington Ave & Ada TOWNSEND of 30 Hiawatha Rd., 30 June 1923
3079-23 William John BIRD, 28, reporter, England, 62 Columbine Ave., s/o William BIRD (b. Wales) & Hanna LEWIS, married Sadie Jennette GOUDIE, 30, stenographer, Ontario, 11 Gwynne Ave., d/o John GOUDIE (b. Ont) & Christine McLEOD, witn: J. & C. GOUDIE of 11 Gwynne Ave., and William BIRD of 80 Somerset Ave in Hamilton, 28 June 1923 3081-23 Roy Stevenson BLACKSTOCK, 28, dentist, Ontario, 1121 Weston Rd., s/o Charles W. BLACKSTOCK (b. Ont) & Emily STEVENSON, married Hazel Irene LAKER, 22, Toronto, 512 Dovercourt, d/o Walter LAKER (b. Ont) & Lottie DODGE, witn: Harcourt BLACKSTOCK of Thornton & Bessie LAND of Narville, 20 June 1923 at 512 Dovercourt Rd
3085-23 William BLACOW, 31, auto mechanic, Blackpool England, Guelph, s/o Harry BLACOW (b. Blackpool England) & Julia SANDS, married Jane BAMBER, 32, telephone operator, St. Bride England, Guelph, d/o William BAMBER (b. Bolton England) & Emma GLAISTER, witn: Ellen N. & Mrs. Edith BROWN of 1609 Dufferin St., 30 June 1923 at 129 Lauder Ave 3029-23 Edward William BODFISH, 21, farmer, Ontario, King twp., s/o Charles Henry BODFISH (b. Whitchurch) & Lavina TUSTIN, married Gertrude A. DOOLITTLE, 23, Ontario, King twp., d/o Merrenus DOOLITTLE (b. Prince Edward Co) & Elizabeth Alice MATTHEWS, witn: Mary COULTER of 62 Shanley St. & Elizabeth P. SCOTT of 60 Shanley St., 6 June 1923 at 60 Shanley St.
3086-23 Malcolm McCrimmon BRISBANE, 34, machinist, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o John BRISBANE (b. Scotland) & Margaret McCRIMMON, married Emily Gertrude CHURCHES, 32, Canada, Hamilton, d/o William H. CHURCHES (b. England) & Mary Gertrude HORAN, witn: John BRISBANE of 14 Milton Ave in Hamilton & Irene CHURCHES of 1161 Bloor St. West, 29 June 1923 3032-23 John Leslie BROOKES, 22, glass worker, Quebec, 68? Gladstone Ave., s/o John Alexander BROOKES (b. Quebec) & Katherine, married Teresa Lorene WOODS, 18, chocolate dipper, Toronto, 68 Gladstone Ave., d/o Michael Idaney WOODS (b. Ont) & Helen RAFFERTY, witn: John Joseph GRIMES & Annie Gibson BARBOUR, both of Toronto, 7 June 1923
3026-23 John Ernest Victor BROOMHEAD, 31, driver, Toronto, 57 Lewis St., s/o John BROOMHEAD (b. England) & Clara STEVENSON, married Kate MORSE, 32, clerk, England, 11 Keystone Ave., d/o Joseph Braun? MORSE (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Fannie E. BELLINGER & William J. BROOMHEAD, both of Toronto, 4 June 1923 3023-23 Emanuel BRUNO, 23, cigar maker, Italy, 122 Edward St., s/o Joseph BRUNO (b. Italy) & Catherine JENOA, married Adeline BRUNO, 20, Italy, 122 Edward St., d/o Nicolo BRUNO (b. Italy) & Catherine FRATTA, witn: Nicola BRUNO & Violet STOAKLEY, both of Toronto, 2 June 1923
  3031-23 George Albert BURCH, 37, foreman, Port Elgin, same, s/o Sebastien BURCH (b. Germany) & Katharine BOLANDER, married Nellie HANNAFORD, 32, forelady, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph HANNAFORD (b. England) & Ellen EVANS, witn: Harry E. & Frank A. EVANS of 264 Withrow Ave., 6 June 1923
3082-23 Robert BURNEY, 22, police constable, England, 28 Somerset Ave., s/o Sydney BURNEY (b. England) & Lily HEENP?, married Dorothy Annie WEIR, 23, factory hand, England, 107 Emerson Ave., d/o John WEIR (b. USA) & Leah COCKBURN, witn: John & Mary ASHPOLE of 28 Somerset, 30 June 1923 3022-23 Whitbey Martin BYRNES, 27, rubber worker, Ontario, 58 Glen Grove Ave., s/o James BYRNES (b. Ont) & Alice PICKERELL, married Florence Primrose GILES, 25, clerk, England, 52 Brownlow Ave., d/o Frederick GILES (b. England) & Florence FULLER, witn: Charles L. GILES of 52 Brownlow Ave & Nellie DOUGHTY of Eglinton Ave West, 2 June 1923 at 52 Brownlaw Ave
1059-23 Edward Morell CAESAR, 27 (29?), operator CPR, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o John CAESAR (b. England) & Maude DRINKWATER, married Mary Elizabeth MILNE, 27 (29?), stenographer, Ontario, Fergus, d/o Thomas MILNE (b. Ont) & Helen McINTYRE, witn: J. M. MILNE of Fergus & J. R. HARRIS of 37 Roxton Rd in Toronto, 4 Jan 1923 1060-23 John Calvin CAIN, 35, chain maker, Niagara twp., St. Catharines, s/o Abraham CAIN (b. Niagara twp) & Jane EMPEY, married Lillian HARVEY, 26, Toronto, same, d/o John HARVEY (b. Canada) & Helen WHITE, witn: George CAIN of St. Catharines & Vera HARVEY of Toronto, 1 Jan 1923
1049-23 James Galloway CAMERON, 44, highway supt., Ontario, Box 150 Regina Sask., s/o James CAMERON (b. Ont) & Jane McLEOD, married Grace Isabel WALKER, 27, illegible occupation, Ontario, Seaforth, d/o William J. WALKER (b. Ont) & Jane WALKER, wtn: William M. CAMERON of 92 Isabella St. & Mary R. WALKER of Seaforth, 5 Jan 1923 at St. Andrews Church 1051-23 Daniel John CAMPBELL, 23, cook, Ontario, 114 Jane? St. W., s/o Angus Kenneth CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Katherine MacINTYRE, married Gertrude Lily BROUGH, 19, saleslady, Ontario, 902 Spadina Ave., d/o William Henry BROUGH (b. Ont) & Caroline Mabel FERGUSON, witn: Gordon & Mabel HOLLAND of 702 Spadina Ave., 5 Jan 1923
1074-23 John CARROLL, 20, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o John CARROLL & Catherine McCOLLUM, married Mary LESSARD, 20, Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto, d/o Francis LESSARD & Charlotte JOLINEAU, witn: John JACKSON of 169 Humewood Dr & Gertrude DUBOIS of 178 Munroe St., 29 Jan 1923 1050-23 Frederick William CARTER, 39, divorced, builder, Ontario, 5 Pembroke St., s/o Thomas CARTER (b. England) & Mary ANDERSON, married Alice WHITEHEAD, 29, seamstress, England, 195 Church St., d/o John W. WHITEHEAD (b. England) & Emily WHITEHEAD, witn: M. CARTER of 959 Dovercourt & M. HAW of 148 Galt Ave., 4 Jan 1923
1052-23 Arthur CATTLE, 29, electrician?, England, 279 George? St., s/o James George Smith CATTLE (b. England) & unknown, married Emily Lewis LEVERTON, 43, widow, house keeper, England, 279 George St., d/o John Adam WITT (b. England) & Mary Ann DICKENS, witn: Mary Agnes & Alice Ethel HATCH of 51 Bond St., 6 Jan 1923 1070-23 Kenneth Aloysius CAWKELL, 21, salesman, Scotland, 47 Spruce Hill Rd., s/o William CAWKELL (b. England) & Dorothy PIERCY, married Margaret Olympia COMMINS, 22, New York, 2392 Queen St. East, d/o William J. COMMINS (b. New York) & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Frank COMMINS of 2392 Queen East & Mary PORTER of 101 Beach Ave., 29 Jan 1923 at St. Johns Chapel, 75 illegible Park Ave.
1066-23 George Esmond CHARTIER, 44, baggage man, Quebec, 308 Ger--? St. in Ottawa, s/o Zephrine CHARTIER (b. Quebec) & Julia LYONS, married Emma Georgina POWELL, 42, widow, dress maker, Ontario, 32 Breadalbane St., d/o Thomas CHAMPAGNE (b. Ont) & Maria Anne LAFRENIERE, witn: Elizabeth & Thomas CHAMPAGNE of Toronto, 23 Jan 1923  
1058-23 Stanley William James CHENEY, 31, clerk, England, 245 Simcoe St., s/o William Thomas CHENEY (b. England) & Annie ELLIOTT, married Grace Marion BADGLEY, 27, Ontario, 257 Sherbourne St., d/o Cornelius Wesley BADGLEY (b., England) & Mary BLATHERWICK, witn: R. Leslie ORPEN? of 1578A Bloor West & Annie HOUGHTON of 258 Sherbourne St., 1 Jan 1923 1056-23 Isidor Mordecai CHERNICK, 27, physician, Russia, 119 illegible St. in Windsor, s/o Harry CHERNICK (b. Russia) & Celia BRECKLANE?, married Sarah LUNENFELD, 21, book keeper, Ontario, 84 D'Arcy St., d/o William LUNENFELD (b. Austria) & Bessie BARANDES, witn: Harry STEINHAUER of 63? Elm St. & Abraham KURTZ of 420? Dundas St. West, 14 Jan 1923
1071-23 Christian Swanson CHRISTIANSON, 39, mould maker, Denmark, Lindsay, s/o Christian CHRISTIANSON (b. Denmark ) & Martha NEILSON, married Louise JENSEN, 40, widow, house keeper, Fall River Mass. USA, Lindsay, d/o Robert DUNN (b. England) & Hannah TROTTER, witn: Doris L. JENSEN of Greenwood Ave in Toronto & Mrs. P.B. LONEY of Runnymede Rd in Toronto, 23 Jan 1923 1061-23 Harry Frederick CHURCH, 22, chauffeur, Ontario, 111 Humberside? Ave., s/o Harry Fred CHURCH (b. England) & Mary SIMPKINS, married Irene Louise WILLIAMSON, 22, cashier, Ontario, 2021 Dovercourt? Rd., d/o Robert WILLIAMSON (b. Ont) & Mary LONG, witn: Herbert ANDREWS of 93 Miller Ave & Martha MINAKER of 246 High Park Ave., 24 Jan 1923
1073-23 Charles Austin CLARK, 27, salesman, England, 458 Church St., s/o William CLARK (b. England) & Margaret DARVILLE, married Hilda MARTIN, 26, England, 1361 Davenport Rd.., d/o Charles MARTIN (b. England) & Emily JOHNSON, witn: Beatrice A. BENN? of 1364 Davenport Rd & J. BAILEY of 684 Ontario St., 24 Jan 1923 at 694 Ontario St. 1062-23 Rolf Donald CLARK, 20, stock roller, Ontario, 12 Sovereen? Ave., s/o James [CLARK] (b. Ont) & Jane ARCHER, married Violet Mary CAVEN, 18 3/12, packer, Ontario, 167 Sovereen? Ave., d/o James [CAVEN] (b. England) & Hannah THWAIT, witn: Harold M. ROBINSON of 167 Sovereen? & Elizabeth Gladys ROBINSON of Toronto, 24 Jan 1923
1063-23 Christopher CLARKE, 32, trainman, Ontario, 143 St. Clarens Ave., s/o John W. CLARKE (b. Ont) & Elizabeth, married Erna CULP, 30, book keeper, Ontario, 10 Bank St., d/o George A. CULP (b. Ont) & Melina J. TUFFORD, witn: Mabel CULP of 10 Bank St. & W. J. CLARKE of 143 St. Clarens Ave., 13 Jan 1923 1055-23 Robert Henry CLARKE, 32, actor, England, Scholes Hotel on Yonge St., s/o Morris V. CLARK (sic) (b. England) & Ana Violet ABRAM, married Margaret M. RIGGS, 19, actress, Michigan US, Scholes Hotel on Yonge St., d/o Albert RIGGS (b. Michigan US) & Mabel WALLACE, witn: Archie GEORGE of 1202 Queen St. East & Mrs. George HAMMERSBACH of 310 E. Munro St. in Alexander Indiana, 2 Jan 1923
1053-23 John Fred CLYMA, 21, shopper, Ontario, 69? Dingwall Ave., s/o John Henry CLYMA (b. Ont) & Jennie MATTHEWS, married Hilda DUFFY, 18 , Ontario, 988 Gerrard St. E., d/o William DUFFY (b. Ont) & Margaret FOSTER, witn: Thomas Joseph NETHERCOTT of 145 Jarvis St. & Margaret DUFFY of 988 Gerrard St., 6 Jan 1923  
1072-23 Clifford COLE, 25, Ontario, Daly House in Toronto, s/o John COLE (b. Ont) & Margaret WELSH, married Margaret GREEN, 19, England, Daly House, d/o Martin GREEN (b. England) & Hanna DEWSDALE, witn: Ann L. SMITH of 106 Beatrice St. & Mary SINCLAIR of 463? Wellesley St., 25 Jan 1923 at Immanuel illegible Church 1057-23 Richard J. COLE, 40, carpenter, England, 315 Church St., s/o William COLE (b. England) & Lucy SAUNDERS, married Jean Matilda IRWIN (or Irvin, spelled both ways) , 35, Ireland, 215 Leslie St., d/o William James IRWIN (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann WORLIN, witn: H. MAJURY of 157 Beatrice St. & F. G. ROBERTS of 106 Wells St., 112 Jan 1923
1076-23 Edvardo CORDOVARO, 34, laborer, Passariano Italy, 591 Dufferin St., s/o Luigi [CORDOVARO] & Luigia ZAVAGNO, married Anna Marianna ANASTASIA (surname?), 28, S. Michele al Tagiamento Italy, no res given, d/o Giovanni [no surname given] & Maria DECTI, witn: G--? EBID & Maria JASPERIN?, both of 591 Dufferin St., 6 Jan 1923 1067-23 Frederick Gourlie COTE, 32, merchant, New Jersey USA, 45 East 55nd St. in New York, s/o Frederick Gourlie COTE (b. New York) & Irana JOHNSTON, married Janet May ROGERS, 23, Ontario, 256 Dundas Ave East, d/o Frederick C. ROGERS (b. Ont) & Julia HANBRIDGE?, witn: Joseph CLARK & Mrs. Hildegard Rogers PATMORE, both of NY City, 20 Jan 1923 at 256 Dundas Ave
1054-23 Ernest Harold COTTRELL, 25, mailer?, Ontario, 62 Tranby? Ave., s/o William COTTRELL (b. Ont) & Matilda CHAPMAN, married Edith Jessie McDIARMID, 26, accountant, Quebec, 943 Logan Ave., d/o John McDIARMID (b. Scotland) & Margaret HILL, witn: Joseph C. COTTRELL & Louise McDIARMID, both of Toronto, 4 Jan 1923 1069-23 Henry Charles COX, 29, laborer, England, 301 Carlton St., s/o Alfred (b. England) & Sarah, married Effie Lena COTTON, 26, England, 145 Pape Ave., d/o Thomas COTTON (b. England) & Charlotte HORNE, witn: William & Mabel LE VOIR of 130 Sears St., 13 Jan 1923 at 694 Ontario St
1064-23 John Loftus COWL, 21, machine hand, England, 14 Strickland Ave., s/o Albert COWL (b. England) & Ena MUN, married Annie LEE, 18 10/12, operator, Ontario, 52 Florence St., d/o Thomas LEE (b. Ont) & Levina CRIPPS, witn: Ernest & Doris COWL of 14 Strickland, 20 Jan 1923 1075-23 Avamo CRISTOFARO, 23, worker, Toronto, 25 Maria St., s/o Carmino CRISTOFARO & Treesa CONETTINO, married Anna CARRANO, 23, Toronto, 25 Maria St., d/o Vincenzo CARRANO & Maria TRUSSO, witn: Salvatore & Carmela CADRO of 368 Queen St. West, 8 Jan 1923 at St. Agnes Church
1065-23 Frederick John CRUMP, 23, postal clerk, England, 82 Manning Ave., s/o Frederick Charles CRUMP & Marguerite JEFFERSON, married Elsie BRABBS, 21, England, 80 Manning Ave., d/o John William BRABBS (b. England) & Sarah WALKER, witn: G. J. TRUMPER of 73 Hillingdon Ave & D. MITCHELL of 82 Manning Ave., 20 Jan 1923 at St. Matthias Church 1068-23 Gordon Stanley CULBERT, 23, butcher, Ontario, 2870 Dundas St. West, s/o Samuel CULBERT (b. Ont) & Rachel McLEOD, married Violet RAMBO, 20, Ontario, 24 ODonnell Ave., d/o Jacob RAMBO (b. Ont) & Mary BROWN, witn: Eleanor A. HUNTER of 923 Logan Ave & E. V. VOGAN of 78 Brunswick Ave., 30 Jan 1923
  1098-23 Jack DAENKE (Drenke?), 32, car cleaner, Russia, 66 Bleecker St., s/o Mioles? Morris DAENKE (b. Russia) & Marie VOLOSKI, married Elizabeth PIERCY, 23, saleslady, England, 66 Bleecker St., d/o Charles Fordon PIERCY (b. England) & Elizabeth J. CLOEBRING?, witn: Samuel & Nellie ALLEN of Toronto, 19 Jan 1923
1087-23 Arnold John DASH, 21, chauffeur, Ontario, 899 Carlaw? Ave., s/o Alexander Cornelius DASH (b. Toronto) & Ethel CALDWELL, married Rita Katherine GILLETT, 18 1/12, Ontario, 479 Greenwood Ave., d/o Ernest Clayton GILLETT (b. Ont) & Anetta Bell CAYER, witn: Wilfred & Edna BAKER of 477 Greenwood Ave., 17 Jan 1923 at Calvary Baptist Church 1094-23 Alexander DASHAY, 35, widower, carpenter, Quebec, 49 Mutual St., s/o Daniel DASHAY (b. Quebec) & Jennie PARON, married Mary ROWLING, 36, widow, milliner, Wales, 134 Dundas St. East, d/o Thomas MORRIS (b. Wales) & Annie MORRIS, witn: Reginald ROOKS of 200 Church St. & Lena LAWLOR of 230 Dundas St. East, 22 Jan 1923
1086-23 Cecil James DAVIDSON, 23, New Brunswick, 195 George St., s/o William (b. NB) & Isabel, married Emily MILLIGAN, 18 10/12, Ontario, 270 Berkeley St., d/o George MILLIGAN (b. Ont) & Eliza Mary WISE, witn: Wilfred McCONNELL of 195 George St. & Mercie B. PATTERSON of 43 Atlas Ave., 12 Jan 1923 1082-23 Edward Millman DAVIDSON, 33, bank manager, Ontario, Princess? St. in Kingston, s/o John DAVIDSON (b. Ont) & Harriet GENGE, married Marjorie McLEOD, 31, teacher, Ontario, 184 Cottingham St., d/o John Mudie McLEOD (b. Ont) & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: Helen M. MILLS of 159 Milwood St. in Brooklyn NY & Norman McLEOD of 184 Cottingham St., 10 Jan 1923 at 184 Cottingham St.
1099-23 Llewellyn Evans DAVIS, 38, clergyman, Canada, Brockville, s/o Evans DAVIS & Louisa Euphemia GREENWOOD, married Elizabeth Dainby Gwendolen MARTIN, 31, Canada, Toronto, d/o William MARTIN & Mary Henrietta JELLY, witn: William L. DAVIS of Montreal & Emily Frances Dudly MARTIN of Toronto, 17 Jan 1923 1089-23 Alfred DEAN, 58, widower, carpenter, England, Box 877 Collingwood, s/o Alfred (b. England) & unknown, married Emma HONAN, 52, widow, England, 11 Sherbourne St., d/o William LAMDEN (b. England) & Mary GRIMSBY, witn: Denis G. HONAN of 135 Marlborough Ave & Isabell GUDGEON of 157 Gerrard St. East, 15 Jan 1923
1093-23 Cyril Harry Richard DEVEY, 26, organist, Stony Stratford England, Sudbury, s/o Richard Joseph DEVEY (b. England) & Sarah Elizabeth BUTCHER, married Violet Rosemond THOMPSON, 23, Keswick Ont., Sudbury, d/o George Holborn THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Jemima PETERS, witn: Dr. Helen SMITH of 20 Monarch Park Ave & Richard Joseph DEVEY of Peterborough, 23 Jan 1923 1079-23 Arthur Gray DICK, 45, clerk, New Brunswick, c/o Robeson & Co - Gren--? Man., s/o John Montgomery DICK (b. New Brunswick) & Elizabeth Wiggins LEAVITT, married Laura HAZEN, 45, New Brunswick, 182 Balmoral Ave., d/o William HAZEN (b. New Brunswick) & Elizabeth Julia BARTLETT, witn: W. C. HAZEN of Moncton NB & Elizabeth HAZEN of 132 Balmoral Ave., 8 Jan 1923
1096-23 Gordon Wolsley DICKSON, 24, salesman, Ontario, 93 West Ave., s/o John Henry DICKSON (b. Ont) & Ceclia FRENCH, married Lily SPINSBY?, 19, nurse, England, Ogdensburg NY, d/o Frederick George (Leo?) SPINSBY (b. England) & Alice VERONA, witn: W. R. SPROULE of Wycliffe College & Darrah? FORDE? of Beverley St. in Toronto, 27 Jan 1923 1084-23 George Stewart DICKSON, 22, insurance agent, Scotland, 4 Graham Rd., s/o James Morrison DICKSON (b. Scotland) & Mary DUNLOP, married Maud Prescilla BRACKSTONE, 21, Ontario, 312 Concord Ave., d/o William Frederick BRACKSTONE (b. England) & Emma Maud HOLLAND, witn: Allan DICKSON of 4 Graham Rd & Mary Maud ANSON of 362 Concord Ave., 5 Jan 1923 at 4 Graham Rd. [divorced 1933 in Toronto]
1078-23 Harry DICKOV, 34, plumber, Russia, 1429 Dundas St. West?, s/o Hyman Roh? DICKOV (b. Russia) & Perl ZEMBERY, married Mary KAUFMANN, 25, dress maker, Russia, 46? Shaw St., d/o Ben KAUFMANN (b. Russia) & Sarah FOX, witn: H. VOLBERG? of Dundas St. West & H. MASOVETSKY of 70 Henry St., 2 Jan 1923 1080-23 Donovan Simon DIDIER, 23, student, Dominica BWI, 18 Division St. in Toronto, s/o Henry Simon DIDIER (b. Dominica BWI) & Eva Helen TRALL?, married Mildred Ann Lucy Josephine LAGONTINE, 27, stenographer, St. Lucia BWI, 316 Kenilworth Ave., d/o Henry LAGONTINE (b. St. Lucia BWI) & Maria DIDIER, witn: H.L. CONLIN of 31 Lockwood Rd & L. DIAMOND of 36 Lockwood Rd., 6 Jan 1923
1092-23 Antoni DOMONSKI, 26, machinist, Poland, 738 Richmond St. West, s/o Michael DOMONSKI (b. Poland) & illegible, married Frances SALS, 22, laundress, Poland, 298 Royce Ave., d/o Mickal SALS (Sala?) & Ewa LASIRZE?, witn: Stanislas DOMONSKI of Richmond St. West & Francis illegible LOUCKS (Louckas?) of Royce Save., 25 Jan 1923 1083-23 Archie John DOWN, 23, auto mechanic, Ontario, 371 Bathurst St., s/o William George DOWN (b. Ont) & Martha Matilda MACKLIM, married Maud Alice NOBLE, 21, operator, Ontario, 1 Atkin Ave., d/o Alexander NOBLE (b. Ont) & Alice Maud BULL, witn: Mary Agnes & Alice Ethel HATCH of 51 Bond St., 6 Jan 1923
1090-23 Thomas DOWNIE, 21, salesman, Scotland, 19 Dorval Rd., s/o Robert DOWNIE (b. Scotland) & Helen STEWART, married Janet Galbraith BOWIE, 24, domestic, Scotland, 343 illegible St., d/o Donald BOWIE (b. Scotland) & Helen GALBRAITH, witn: John DOWNIE of 19 Dorval Rd & Barbara A. BOWIE of 106 Indian Rd., 12 Jan 1923 [divorced 1956] 1097-23 Charles Henry DRAKE, 35, electrical engineer, South Dakota US, 188 Mimico Ave in Mimico, s/o Henry S?. DRAKE (b. Wisconsin) & Hattie OAKS, married Charlotte Matilda STEELE, 39, clerk, Illinois USA, 48 (118?) Mimico Ave in Mimico, d/o Thomas STEELE (b. Ont) & Elizabeth DAZELLE, witn: Mrs. M. & John BAILEY of 694 Ontario St., 26 Jan 1923 at 694 Ontario St
1088-23 Henry Haldane DRYSDALE, 25, laborer, Scotland, 425 Dundas St. East, s/o William DRYSDALE (b. Scotland) & Annie HOLDEN, married Stella Gertrude COOPER, 34, operator, England, 184 Gerrard St. East, d/o Richard COOPER (b. England) & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: Peter WELCH & Kate LILY, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1923 at Norval Ave., Toronto West 1091-23 Saul DUBROS, 23, manager, England, 125 Maria St., s/o David DUBROS (b. Russia) & Rose BLACK, married Eva GOLDSTEIN, 19, Illinois USA, 410? Markham St., d/o David GOLDSTEIN (b. Russia) & Rose BRANGEL?, witn: H. COHEN &J. RACHAL, both of 450 Palmerston Blvd., 23 Jan 1923
1085-23 Edward Donald DUCHARME, 30, auto mechanic, Ontario, 80 Gerrard St. East, s/o Joseph DUCHARME (b. Quebec) & Cecile DENOMIE, married Jean Hugh RUTHERFORD, 28, saleslady, Scotland, 189 Gerrard St. West, d/o Walter H. RUTHERFORD (b. Scotland) & Isabella MacKAY, witn: Mrs. Barbara BELL of 121 Gerrard East & Mrs. W. A. MILLS of 33 Lee Ave., 8 Jan 1923 1095-23 Keith Gordon DUFF, 37, pattern maker, England, 85 Gore Hall Ave., s/o Thomas Gordon DUFF (b. Scotland) & Catherine SMITH, married Elizabeth PATERSON, 26, domestic, Scotland, 65 Forest Hill Ave., d/o Peter PATERSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MacDONALD, witn: Mrs. Lula SMITH of 190 Dunn Ave & W.J. JONES of 30 Sullivan St., 2 Jan 1923
1081-23 Lewis Weller DUNK, 21, farmer, Ontario, RR5 Campbellford, s/o Lewis DUNK (b. Campbellford) & Annie G. GRILLS, married Aliene Eliza LOUCKS, 21, Ontario, RR5 Campbellford, d/o Ira LOUCKS (b. Campbellford) & Emma JACOBS, witn: illegible & G?, CASSAN, both of 24 Cornish Rd , 10 Jan 1923 1077-23 Abraham DUNLOP, 33, rubber worker, Ireland, 329 Carlaw? Ave., s/o Jas? DUNLOP (b. Ireland) & Margaret ANDERSON, married Ethel May FEENEY (Ferney?), 26, Illinois USA, 494 Lees? St., d/o Jas. FEENEY (b. Ont) & Emily SIM, witn: Eleanor HUNTER of Logan Ave & M. J. CAMPBELL of Priceville Sask., 4 Jan 193
1100-23 Frederick Stanley EARHART, 19, mechanic, Lindsay Ont., 603 Church St., s/o James Ernest EARHART (b. Ont) & Martha Maud HAACKE, married Elizabeth Purvis SELLERS, 19, book keeper, Markham Ont., 274 Kenilworth Ave., d/o John Henry SELLERS (b. Ont) & Jane Ann PURVIS, witn: A.H. SELLERS of 274 Kenilworth & Elva Beatrice PENAFOUND of 39 Shannon St., 12 Jan 1923 3250-23 Arthur Charles EASTLEY, 40, presser, England, Swansea Toronto, s/o Francis (Thomas?) EASTLEY (b. England) & Mary Ann LUGGER, married Lottie Sarah STEER, 23, embroiderer, England, Toronto, d/o George Charles STEER (b. England) & Charlotte POOL, witn: John Francis GRANGE & C. A. M. VIRGIN, both of Toronto on June 27, 1923 at Toronto
3248-23 Archibald Ralston EASTON, 40, core maker, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David EASTON (b. Scotland) & Margaret RALSTON, married Sarah Jane ABBS, 32, tailoress, Toronto, same, d/o James ABBS (b. England) & Sarah DONALLY, witn: Florence Mary ABBS & Albin HOOPER both of Toronto on June 27, 1923 3245-23 George Melville EDWARDS, 29, watchmaker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George EDWARDS (b. England,) & Ellen SODEN, married Ida Mary McLEAN, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Duncan McLEAN (b. England) & Harriet TAYLOR, witn: Ether SAYER & Herbert R. KIRKCONNELL both of Toronto on June 16, 1923
3249-23 John Alfred EDWARDS, 22, rubber cutter, England, Toronto, s/o Stephen F. EDWARDS (b. England) & Mary A. BATTY, married Edith KIRKPATRICK, 24, carpet setter, England, Toronto, d/o James KIRKPATRICK (b. England) & Edith SANDERSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. McGUIRE both of Toronto on June 30, 1923 at Apostle's Faith Church 3240-23 Reginald Victor EDWARDS, 26, shoe hand, England, Toronto, s/o Richard EDWARDS (b. England) & Fanny CLAYTON, married Elsie GARRATT, 25, shoe hand, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur GARRATT (b. England) & Florence FITZHUGH, witn: Adeline EDWARDS & Edward LONSDALE both of Toronto on June 2, 1923
3241-23 Francis De Soles EGAN, 31, veterinary surgeon, New York USA, Toronto, s/o Frank EGAN (b. New York) & Catherine FEURE, married Elizabeth Clementine OWENS, 26, proof reader, New York USA, Toronto, d/o Morris OWEN (b. Wales) & Mary McLENNAN, witn: R. G. CUTHBERT & Marie G. OWENS both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 at Howard Park Church  
3242-23 Harry EISEN, 22, machinist, Poland, Toronto, s/o E. EISEN (b. Poland) & Binah PECHEN, married Doris KOFSKY, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Mordecai KOFSKY (b. Poland) & Golda BAHN, witn: Harry STEINHEUER & Paul EDELL both of Toronto on June 3, 1923 3251-23 Irving EISEN, 25, merchant, USA, Toronto, s/o Mac D. EISEN & Bertha GLEITZMAN, married Diana SCHECHTER (?), 22, book keeper, USA, Toronto, d/o Louis SCHECHTER & Jennie ROSENFELD, witn: Gustav KLUIG (Kling?) & Harry SHOHERMAN both of Toronto on June 17, 1923
3247-23 Ernest Reuben ELLIOTT, 30, clerk, Winnipeg Man., Toronto, s/o Joseph ELLIOTT (b. Quebec) & Mary Ann LAING, married Florence Irene HUMPHREY, 25, Toronto, same, d/o James HUMPHREY (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane GIFF, witn: Hubert Colby ELLIOTT & Lilian Mary HUMPHREY both of Toronto on June 20, 1923 at church of the Epiphany 3246-23 Ernest ELLIOTT, 23, grinder, England, Toronto, s/o Alexander ELLIOTT (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Julia PEKESKI, 25, cutter, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Paul PEKESKI (b. Ont) & Catherine PRINCE, witn: F. & Mrs. E. ELLIOTT both of Toronto on June 20, 1923
3252-23 Lorne MacDougall ELLIOTT, 27, traveller, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James ELLIOTT & Matilda FARGAY, married Lucy Christina PLATT, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Edward S. PLATT & Margaret CASSAN, witn: Lucille INGLIS & William E. PLATT both of Toronto on June 27, 1923 1101-23 Harry ELLIS, 22, pressman, England, 271 Sackville St., s/o Henry ELLIS (b. England) & Florence KINCH, married Florence Ada Evelyn COOMBE (Coombs?), 19, operator, England, 135 Rose Ave., d/o John Henry COOMBE & Ada OXENHAM, witn: Frederick PARKS of 96 Coxwell Ave & Esther Elizabeth HALLET of 59 Killington Ave., 1 Jan 1923
3243-23 Franklin Alexander ELLIS, 24, engineering apprentice, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John Allen ELLIS (b. Orangeville) & Georgina ROBERTSON, married Mary Whiteford DAVIDSON, 25, tailoress, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Eliza WHITEFORD, witn: Ella SEMPLE & Frank W. ELLIS both of Toronto on June 5, 1923 3244-23 Edward Thomas ELLIS, 31, telephone employee, Ireland, Toronto, s/o David Alexander ELLIS (b. Ireland) & Anne DENNIS, married Gladys Mildred DOBBIN, 25, telephone operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Frederick DOBBIN (b. Ont) & Etta MARTIN, witn: Norman Clinton & Bessie M. DOBBIN both of Toronto on June 13, 1923 at St. David's Church
1103-23 Cecil Harry EVERETT, 24, coat? maker, Newfoundland, 548 Gladstone Ave., s/o Peter EVERETT (b. Newfoundland) & Sarah Jane LONG, married Jessie Winifred BLAYNEY, 18 10/12, saleslady. Ontario, 279 Wallace Ave., d/o Robert Cunningham BLAYNEY (b. Ont) & Mary Elizabeth BRANT (Brent?), witn: Veta Diana EVERETT of 548 Gladstone Ave & Edna Myrtle ROLLINS (Robbins?) of 316 Bloor West, 22 Jan 1923 1102-23 Christopher EVERSON, 19, laborer, England, 521 Queen St. East, s/o George EVERSON (b. England) & Hanna CHAMBERS, married Margaret Josephine HARRISON?, 17 3/12, Ontario, 123 Sackville St., d/o James HARRISON (b. Ont) & Josephine LABARGE, witn: Bella McKEOWN of 83 Power St. & George Ernest HENNESSY of 425 Dundas St., 17 Jan 1923
1109-23 Edward Ernest FAIRHEAD, 34, carpenter, England, 96 Shuter St., s/o James FAIRHEAD (b. England) & Mary Ann LONG, married Jessie Agnes CREAMER, 33, Ontario, 91 (96?) Shuter St., d/o Abraham CREAMER (b. Ont) & Mary GORDON, witn: H. E. CLARK of 57 ?--wood Ave & Mary H. EDDY of 1381 Drury Ave in Rochester, 22 Jan 1923 1116-23 Cotaldo FAISLA, 27, contractor, Italy, 243 Euclid Ave., s/o Vincenzo FAISLA (b. Italy) & Maria ONERATO, married Winnie McGRAIL, 18, Ontario, 232 Maria St., d/o Jim McGRAIL (b. Ont) & Grace McGRAIL, witn: Emma Elizabeth BLORE of 303 Maria St. & M. Gordon McGRAIL of 232 Maria St., 18 Jan 1923
1121-23 Joseph Patrick FALLON, 24, laborer, Ireland, 42 Strange St., s/o Patrick FALLON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth SPOTTSWOOD, married Margaret Ann Ewing CROWE, 19, operator, Ireland, 79 Sydenham St., d/o Thomas Richard CROWE (b. Ireland) & Mary Helen POGUE, witn: Michael & Annie FALLON of 42 Strange St., 27 Jan 1923 at Trinity Church 3257-23 Milton Hugh FENNELL, 23, dentist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Hugh FENNELL (b. Ont) & Margaret Ann TATE, married Carmen Sylvia SMITH, 22, secretary, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Stewart H. SMITH (b. Ont) & Jane VAN KOUGHNET, witn: Leroy John RUSSELL & Mrs Robert BRADNER both of Toronto on June 7, 1923
3273-23 George FERNIE, 24, clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David B. FERNIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret HUNTER, married Gladys Marie WELLER, 25, operator, USA, Toronto, d/o George WELLER (b. England) & Jessie BODDINGTON, witn: Tina LINN & John FERNIE both of Toronto on June 27, 1923 1104-23 Robert FERGUSON, 21, e--? laborer, Scotland, 77 Uxbridge Ave., s/o Robert FERGUSON (v. Scotland) & Jean HOWELL, married Jean CHRISTIE, 23?, domestic, Scotland, 42 Lonsdale Rd., d/o Peter CHRISTIE (b. Scotland) & Christena McLAREN, witn: Kate IMRIE of 388 Osler Ave & Peter MUNRO of 98 Warden St. in Mimico, 5 Jan 1923 at 390 Perth Ave
1111-23 Neil Hugh Middleton FERGUSON, 36, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Alexander FERGUSON (b. Mariposa Ont) & Sarah GLOVER, married Jean ORMISTON, 29, nurse, Thorah twp., New York, d/o James ORMISTON (b. Brock Ont) & Grace GARDINER, witn: Miss Minnie FERGUSON & Miss Elizabeth GARDINER, both of Crosswell Ont., 3 Jan 1923 at N.B. Presbyterian Church 1120-23 Thomas Donaldson FERGUSON, 31, clerk, Ontario, 294 Church St., s/o Thomas FERGUSON (b. Scotland) & Jane RANKIN, married Catherine REILLY, 21, machinist, Scotland, 579 Perth Ave., d/o James REILLY (b. Scotland) & Mary McLAUGHLIN, witn: Mr. James IRVINE of 579 Perth Ave & Mrs. J. IRVINE of Toronto, 25 Jan 1923
3276-23 Gordon Frederick FERGUSON, 25, commercial agent, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John Henry FERGUSON (b. England) & J. Catherine WINTER, married Violet Isabel ROBBINS, 26, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George H. ROBBINS (b. England) & Emily FESSEY, witn: Emily & Alex C. ROBBINS both of Toronto on June 23, 1923 1117-23 William John FESKE (Ferke?), 37, carpenter, Ontario, ?--ntsville Ont., s/o Jesse FESKE (b. England) & Elizabeth NEWMAN, married Lillian Caroline CHAPMAN, 26, operator, England, 79 Gladstone Ave., d/o John CHAPMAN (b. England) & Louisa SERBAST?, witn: E. EMBURY & Julia YOUNG, both of Toronto, 20 Jan 1923
3256-23 Horace FINCHAM, 9, chauffeur mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur FINCHAM (b. England) & Florence DEWDNEY, married Elsie Lillian WILSON, 20, Toronto, same, d/o James WILSON (b. Ontario) & Florence MANSE, witn: John A. BERTRAM & Florence FINCHAM both of Toronto on June 4, 1923 1113-23 Louis FINKELSTEIN, 40, laborer, Roumania, 69 Huron St., s/o Joseph FINKELSTEIN (b. Roumania) & Taiba FERNSTEIN, married Sophia LAZAROWITCH, 24, Roumania, 145 Darcy St., d/o Isaac LAZAROWITCH (b. Roumania) & Rosa SCHWARTZ, witn: Solomon LODECK? of 264 Spadina & Harry MARKUS of 736 Richmond St. West, 23 Jan 1923
1115-23 Stanley Charles FISHER, 24, teamster, England, 53 Laing Ave., s/o Robert (b. England) & Rose, married Irene DAVENPORT, 18 1/12, Ontario, 455 Richmond St. West, d/o Walter DAVENPORT (b. England) & Alice DYMENT, witn: Alice DAVENPORT & Isabella C--?, both of Toronto, 25 Jan 1923 at Knox Church 3258-23 Roy FISHER, 32, artist, Toronto, same, s/o Henry FISHER (b. England) & Clara Katherine WISEMAN, married Evelyn Edith COPPARD, 20, cook, England, Toronto, d/o Stephen COPPARD (b. England) & Edith MILES, witn: Stephen COPPARD & Mary Eleanor McMILLAN both of Toronto on June 5, 1923
3268-23 Malcolm Murray FISHER, 27, medical doctor, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Peter FISHER (b. Ont) & Elizabeth MOORE, married Martha Bogie ROWE, 24, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William L. ROWE (b. Ont) & Mary BOGIE, witn: Phyllis ELLIOTT & C. R. WHITE both of Toronto on June 23, 1923 at Parkdale Presbyterian Church 1107-23 James FITZSIMMONS, 47, stat. engineer, England, 194 Jarvis St., s/o William FITZSIMMONS (b. England) & Elizabeth BELL, married Jessie ARCHER, 37, widow, Ontario, 239 Gerrard East, d/o Henry LYONS (b. England) & Jane MILLS, witn: R. M. STRANGWAY & M. J. GRAY, both of 5 Oak St., 10 Jan 1923
1110-23 John FLEMING, 32, mechanic, Scotland, 1053? 145th St. in Edmonton, s/o James FLEMING (b. Scotland) & Isabella FORBES, married Isabella BEATTIE, 28, stenographer, Scotland, 231 Dundas St. East, d/o James BEATTIE (b. Scotland) & Sarah STUART, witn: William & M.K. PRITCHARD of Toronto, 6 Jan 1923 1123-23 William FLEMING, 24, laborer, Yarmouth England, 218 Adelaide St. West, s/o George FLEMING & Kate illegible, married Ethel Lucy May PRESANT, 21, Norwich England, 218? Adelaide St. West, d/o Rhiley PRESANT & Emma BACON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Maurice MARTIN of 218 Adelaide St. West, 12 Jan 1923
1118-23 Hilliard FLYNN, 26, insurance agent, 743 Euclid Ave., s/o John FLYNN (b. Ont) & Lillian HILLIARD, married Athel PERRY, 24, book keeper, Ontario, 1349 Dundas St. West, d/o William H. PERRY (b. Ont) & Minnie BROWN, witn: L. Jean & M.M. SMITH of Toronto, Jan 1923 1114-23 William FOOT, 35, construction foreman, England, 30 Priscilla Ave., s/o Richard FOOT (b. England) & Alice BROWN, married Isabel Florence LEVIGNE, 38, fur finisher, Ontario, 129 Montreal St., d/o Thomas LEVIGNE (b. Quebec) & Catherine MULHOLLAND, witn: Richard & Mrs. Richard FOOT of 30 Priscilla Ave., 25 Jan 1923 at West Toronto
3264-23 James Nelson FORD, 26, accountant, USA, Toronto, s/o Harry FORD (b. Ont) & Olive RADFORD, married Lila May BOYD, 21, Ontario, Port Hope, d/o Edward BOYD (b. Ont) & Lizzie WALTER, witn: Albert Henry BOYD & Olive Madeline FORD both of Toronto on June 18, 1923 3255-23 Charles Stuart FORD, 33, CPR checker, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James FORD (b. Scotland) & Margaret STUART, married Sarah HOGG, 23, waitress, England, Toronto, d/o James HOGG (b. England) & Margaret EDWARDS, witn: A. LOWRIE & Jane MURRAY both of Toronto on June 27, 1923
3280-23 William Ernest FORSTER, 22, manager, Toronto, same, s/o Robert FORSTER & Mary Jane McMANN, married Irene SMITH, 22, clerk, England, Toronto, d/o Bernard Charles SMITH & Jane Ann WILSON, witn: Pearl Irene FORSTER & Horace Alfred JOHNSTON both of Toronto on June 4, 1923 at St. Clement's Church 3261-23 Sidney William FOSTER, 26, cream tester, England, Toronto, s/o Frederick FOSTER (b. England) & Fanny Elizabeth NOYCE, married Gladys May RIPPON, 20, clerk, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur RIPPON (b. England) & Beatrice CLARKE, witn: Arthur BRYDEN & Gladys B. YOUNG both of Toronto on June 12, 1923
3259-23 George Edward FOSTER, 42, diamond sawyer, England, Toronto, s/o Henry FOSTER (b. England) & Elizabeth not known (sic), married Edith Mary MAEBUS, 43, Toronto, same, d/o William MOEBUS (b. Ont) & illegible (Katherine?) SLAIS (Hair?), witn: Miss C. MAEBUS & E. G. FESSEDEN both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 1108-23 John Henry FOSTER, 30, salesman, Ontario, 236 Carlton St., s/o David James FOSTER (b. Ont) & Annie DONAHOE, married Emma WALKER, 40, widow, rooming house keeper, Ontario, 236 Carlton St., d/o Isaac HUTCHINSON (b. Ont) & Mary HORN, witn: William BROWN of 321 Church St. & Lillian WALKER of 236 Carlton St., 6 Jan 1923 at St. Peters Church,
3262-23 Earl Percival FOWKE, 31, letter carrier, Guelph, same, s/o James P. FOWKE (b. Ont) & Martha COOTE, married Mary RIDDLE, 35, forelady, widow, Scotland, Guelph, d/o William DONALD (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BLACKWOOD, witn: Charles W. CAMPBELL & Minnie SMITH both of Toronto on June 12, 1923 3271-23 John Andrew George FOWLER, 24, milk salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John A. FOWLER (b. Ont) & Susan LYON, married Gertrude Stella RUTLEDGE, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Robert RUTLEDGE (b. Ont) & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Harold WOODINGHAM & Adele LETHONE both of Toronto on June 20, 1923
1119-23 Robert Steele FRAME, 24, druggist, Ontario, 1963 Queen St. East, s/o George L. FRAME (b. Ont) & Lillias FRAME, married Ada FORESTER, 20, typist, England, 16 Wood St., d/o Arthur FORESTER (b. England) & Lilian HUTCHINSON, witn: Dr. W.P. THOMSON of 12 Jane St in Rosedale & Emma V. DE GRUCHY? of 35 Delaware Ave., 19 Jan 1923 1106-23 Norman Robert FRAMPTON, 20, New York, Box 314 Orangeville, s/o Thomas R. FRAMPTON (b. England) & Kate STROOD, married Louisa Anna BATHLEY, 18 3/12, England, 153 Munro Ave., d/o Fred BATHLEY (b. England) & Laura PRICE, witn: Gertrude WILSON & A. J. SUTHERLAND, both of 6 Bain Ave., 8 Jan 1923 at 6 Bain Ave
1105-23 Reginald Frederick FRANCIS, 19, tire builder, England, Kerr St. in Oakville, s/o Arnold TAYLOR (Step-father) & Charlotte Louis SOUTER?, married Edith LEAVER, 22, Ontario, Pine Ave in Oakville, d/o Samuel LEAVER (b. England) & Jane LYON, witn: Olive E. & Jennie K. LEAVER of 182 Dovercourt Rd., 6 Jan 1923 1112-23 Richard FRANCIS, 54, widower, retired, Ontario, 298 Pape Ave., s/o John FRANCIS (b. Ont) & Mary PERRIE?, married Florence Mary CAMPBELL, 43, Ontario, 28 (38?) Austin Ave., d/o William CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Sarah ALLAN, witn: Annie & W. Y. JACKSON of 28 Austin Ave, 1 Jan 1923 at Simpson Ave Methodist Church
1122-23 Harold Ernest FRENCH, 23, builder, Toronto, 37 Sunnyside Ave., s/o Ernest R. FRENCH & Annie HEWITT, married Elizabeth Katherine LOMAX, 20, Chicago, 1385 Dundas St. West, d/o Robert D. LOMAX & Charlotte HOULGRAVE, witn: Roland NEIL & Mary BURROWS, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1923 3272-23 Thomas Harvey FRENCH, 26, builder, Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o Thomas FRENCH (b. Newfoundland) & Susan CANE, married Marion Helena DOYLE, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick DOYLE (b. Ireland) & Helena WOCHNER (Woehner?), witn: Marion Helena DOYLE & Margaret RANDOLF both of Toronto on June 27, 1923
3260-23 Edward FULFORD, 26, plumber, England, Toronto, s/o George FULFORD (b. England) & Sarah SIMPKINS, married Lucy Mary PRETTY, 28, Toronto, same, d/o Daniel PRETTY (b. Ont) & Isabel McARTHUR, witn: Myrtle PRETTY & Harold ANDERSON both of Ontario on June 11, 1923 1142-23 Labro GAKOFF, 27, laborer, Macedonia, 29 St. Pauls St., s/o Gaky LAZAROFF (b. Macedonia) & Neda TANASOKA, married Restana KOTENA, 20, Macedonia, 27 St. Pauls St., d/o Kote TRAYKOFF (b. Macedonia) & Sofa ELUDA, witn: T. RAYCOFF of 27 St. Paul & John STANAROF of 42 Sumach St., 31 Jan 1923 at 27 St. Paul St.
1141-23 John Cecil GAMBLE, 18 2/12, rubber worker, England, 21 Barker Ave., s/o John GAMBLE (b. England) & Lilie WATSON, married Irene IRONMONGER, 18 7?/12, packer, England, 730 Simcoe St., d/o Richard IRONMONGER (b. England) & Ethel BEALE, witn: Frederick MEACHIN of 66 Savoy Ave & Edward Arthur FYFORD of 34 Howe Ave., 27 Jan 1923 at Church of the Resurrection 1131-23 Gordon Albert Claude GANTON, 23, dentist, Ontario, 777 Woodbine Ave., s/o William A. GANTON (Gunton?) (b. Ont) & Joanna R. ROSS, married Almeda Blanche NOBLE, 21 (24?), teacher, Ontario, 140 Felstead Ave., d/o William Wesley NOBLE (b. Ont) & Fanny VARCOE, wtn: Edith GANTON of 777 Woodbine Ave & Samuel E. CLARK of 27 (37?) St. James St., 1 Jan 1923
1130-23 Chs Ambrose GARDINER, 28, clerk, Ontario, 425 Annette St., s/o Samuel GARDINER (b. England) & Teresa Monica STEVENS, married Maud Abbie PRATER, 30, teacher, Ontario, 2742? Bloor St. West, d/o John William PRATER (b. England) & Emma J. LATHROP, witn: Leslie K. MA--? of Malton & Katherine CHRISTIE of Martintown Ont., 3 Jan 1923 1137-23 Robert GARDNER, 25, machinist, Scotland, 406 Concord Ave., s/o Angus GARDNER (b. Scotland) & Sarah REID, married Bessie Campbell MARTIN, 24, operator, Scotland, 149 Browning Ave., d/o David MARTIN (b. Scotland) & Bessie CAMPBELL, witn: Jean MARTIN of 147 Browning & Ross HUGHSON of 126 Brundell Ave., 11 Jan 1923 at Danforth Ave Baptist church
1132-23 Arthur Joseph GARRETT (Ganett?), 29, steward, Ontario, 294 Concord Ave., s/o Harry GARRETT (b. Ont) & Margaret STAMAND, married Mildred OWEN, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 292 Concord Ave., s/o James Thomas OWEN (b. England) & Minnie Maud ASHLEY, witn: Charles MARK? of 39 Hamilton Ave & Beatrice Adelaide TAYLOR of 248 Cottingham St., 20 Jan 1923 3285-23 Roy Montgomery GARTLEY, 30, telegraph operator, Woodstock, Toronto, s/o John GARTLEY (b. England) & Katharine HARKISS, married Violet Arton STONEHOUSE, 29, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Martin STONEHOUSE (b. Ont) & Jemima STEWART, witn: Wilbert Joseph GARTLEY & Laura Beatrice STONEHOUSE both of Toronto on June 6, 1923 at Knox College Chapel
1135-23 Louis GATINSKY, 27, pedlar, Poland, 42 Henry St., s/o Abraham (b. Poland) & Sarah nee GOLDSHAUER?, married Lily KILMAN, 25, Poland, 115 Ralsman? St., d/o Abraham (b. Poland) & Sarah nee TERKELTANE, witn: A. BLOOMENFELD of 23 Henry St. & A. MARGOLIES of 182 Major St., 21 Jan 1923 [divorced 30/6/58] 3293-23 George Ramsay GAYNOR, 43, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o James GAYNOR (b. Ont) & Agnes RAMSAY, married Ida Mary AVISON, 39, draper/fitter, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John AVISON (b. England) & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn: Marjorie C. HARING & Marnie LURMER both of Toronto on June 11, 1923
1139-23 Israel GERDAL, 30, cutter, Russia, 474 Richmond St. West, s/o Joe GERDAL (b. Russia) & Dora KRAOCHARINSKY, married Rose BIERSTOCK, 19, operator, Russia, 31 Albert St. in Kitchener, d/o Samuel BIERSTOCK (b. Russia) & Dora KRAVITZ, witn: Jack ALINBERG of 224 1.2 Simcoe St. & Morris TRANKLE? of 107 Simcoe St., 25 Jan 1923 1136-23 Wallace Donald GERRARD, 22, c--? employee, Ontario, 13 Sr. Davids St., s/o Donald GERRARD (b. Nova Scotia) & Mary McMAHON, married Ada VALENTINE, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 23 Aberdeen Ave., d/o Wilbur VALENTINE (b. Ont) & Edith EDWARDS, witn: M. J. GRAY & R. M. STRANGWAYS, both of 5 Oak St., 29 Jan 1923
1140-23 Herbert John GILES, 23, builder, England, P.O. 602 Brampton, s/o Richard GILES (b. England) & Annie BARRETT, married Alexandra Beatrice McINTYRE, 30, operator, England, 329 (229?) Wallace Ave., d/o Richard McINTYRE (b. England) & Janet Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: Francis BATHERSHILL of Catherine St. & Marion McINTYRE of Rosehill Ave., 30 Jan 1923 1138-23 Lewis Charles GILMORE, 33, merchant, Ontario, 4 College St. in St. Catharines, s/o Albert James GILMORE (b. Ont) & Kate LEWIS, married Wilhelmine Elizabeth BERDUX, 24, Ontario, 46 Albert St. in Waterloo, d/o Peter BERDUX (b. Ont) & Mary NEEB, witn: John & Mrs. BAILEY of 694 Ontario St., 29 Jan 1923 at 694 Ontario St.
1125-23 Ormand Russell GIRVEN, 29, merchant, Ontario, 523 Dover? St. in Peterborough, s/o Thomas Henry GIRVEN (b. Ont) & Emmaline MITCHELL, married Sarah May LINDSAY, 30, book keeper, Ontario, YWCA in Peterborough, d/o David LINDSAY (b. Ont) & Sarah WALKER (Walter?), witn: Kathleen M. & Annie DAVIES of 51 Bond St. in Toronto, 8 Jan 1923 1145-23 Aias GOLCHUK, 22, laborer, Robizus? Ohernivei Bukovina, Chippawa Ont., s/o Elias GOLCHUCK & Dominica LAIN (Sain?), married Mary YAKIMCHUK, 18, Nedylis Kamsk? Galicia, 124 Portland St. in Toronto, d/o Samuel Michael YAKIMCHUCK & Anna MARCHEY, witn: Nicholas DANYLUK of Chippawa & Dometrias ROMANCHAKOVICH of 38 Portland St., 20 Jan 1923
1129-23 Garfield Grant GORDON, 35, dispatcher, Ontario, 117 Campbell Ave., s/o James A. GORDON (b. Scotland) & Mary McGLENN, married Frances BROWN, 36, saleslady, Ontario, 338 Dupont St., d/o George C. BROWN (b. England) & Annie DESKEY (Teskey?), witn: Charles SHEA of 438 Dupont St. & Louise STRACHAN of 350 Delaware Ave., 15? Jan 1923 1127-23 Martin Harry GOWDY, 24, salesman, Ontario, 19 Yarmouth Ave., s/o Isaac GOWDY (b. Ont) & Margaret KAY, married Doris Leah MAJOR, 20, Ontario, 809 Palmerston Ave., d/o John MAJOR (b. Ont) & Clementine VALLEE, witn: Clarence? BURKE of 184 Franklin Ave & Catherine M. CAMERON of 21 Christie St., 1 Jan 1923 at St. Peters? (St. Patricks?)
1133-23 David Scott GRAHAM, 27, salesman, Ontario, Inglewood Ont., s/o Thomas H. GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Isabel SCOTT, married Phillipa Helena Eliza MacCONNELL, 20, Ontario, 514 Brunswick Ave., d/o Islay MacCONNELL (b. Ont) & Nellie WATERHOUSE, witn: George Dent? RAYMER of 74 Emerald St South in Hamilton, & Margaret Alexandria Elizabeth DENT? of 88 Major St., 20 Jan 1923 at Knox Church 3283-23 George Joseph GRAHAM, 22, leather tying, Muskoka, Toronto, s/o William D. GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Albina RICHEA, married Beatrice Dorothy WILLIAMS, 21, operator, Toronto, same, d/o James WILLIAMS (b. Ont) & Edith Maud SHRIGGLEY (?), witn: Agnes JOHNSTONE & Wallace GRAHAM both of Toronto on June 2, 1923
3282-23 Joseph Maxwell GRANDMAN, 23, shipper, England, Hamilton, s/o Ewald GRANDMAN (b. Germany) & Mary ESSEX, married Nellie COOPER, 25, England, Toronto, d/o John COOPER (b. England) & Margaret DUNN, witn: Edward GRANDMAN of Hamilton & Margaret Ann BOTTRELL of Toronto on June 12, 1923 at St. John's Norway. 1128-23 Archibald Otis GRASS, 29?, barrister, Ontario, 20 Market St. in Brantford, s/o John Francis GRASS (b. Ont) & Ida LANGLEY, married Gladys BREEN, 26, Ontario, 71 Chaplin Ave in St. Catharines, d/o Edward James BREEN (b. Ont) & Mary TREMBLE, witn: Arthur Joseph KELLY of 33 H--? Ave in Toronto & Theresa BREEN of 70 Chaplin Ave in St. Catharines, 17 Jan 1923 at St. Michaels Cathedral
3292-23 George Hall GRAY, 22, roundhouse man, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Peter B. GRAY (b. Scotland) & Margaret HALL, married Christina BENNETT, 19, operator, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander BENNETT (b. Scotland) & Isabel MASON, witn: A. & Isabella ROBOTHAM both of Toronto on June 8, 1923 3288-23 Angus Kerr GRAY, 24, inspector, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William GREY (b. Scotland) & Mary KERR, married Gladys Evelyn ALLAN, 22, cashier, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas Henry ALLAN (b. Ont) & Anna BULMER, witn: Helen B. ALLAN & James Henry DAMS (?) both of Toronto on June 5, 1923
3281-23 Norman Frederick GREEN, 26, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William John GREEN (b. England) & Martha Elizabeth NEWELL, married Bessie Elizabeth MONAGHAN, 30, timekeeper, divorcee, Scotland, Toronto, d/oHenry Smith MONAGHAN (b. Scotland) & Jessie Rae MURRIE, witn: Torrence JACK & Mrs. Bertram NELLES both of Toronto on June 30, 1923 at The Manse Toronto 3295-23 Charles Duncan Bremner GREEN, 25, bond trader, Toronto, Oakville, s/o Charles GREEN (b. at sea enroute to Australia) & Annie HENDERSON, married Marion Wilton BAILLIE, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Frank Wilton BAILLIE (b. Ont) & Edith WHITE, witn: Edith Wilton BAILLIE & J. H. CHRISTIE both of Toronto on June 9, 1923
11126-23 Frank GREEN, 20, upholsterer, Scotland, 98 Anne St., s/o Michael GREEN (b. England) & Agnes STARK, married Lucinda (or Linda) Margaret Florence THOMSON, 27, auditor, England, 193 Morley Ave in illegible, d/o James THOMPSON (sic) (b. England) & Jane Isabella FORESTER, witn: Caroline HINES of 98 Anne St. & E. A. BECK of 77 Bonstead Ave., 16 Jan 1923 at Knox Church 1134-23 William Hamilton GREEN, 23, driller, Ontario, 50 Haig Ave., s/o George GREEN (b. Ont) & Catherine CULBERTSON, married Amy Louisa SWAN, 22, Ontario, 124 Hanover Ave., d/o Francis John SWAN (b. England) & Mary Emma ROBSON, witn: Margery Victoria SWAN of Hannaford Ave & James G. GREEN of 53 Haig Ave, 24 Jan 1923
1143-23 James GREENWOOD, 28, tailor, Ireland, 237 Dundas St. East, s/o John GREENWOOD (b. Ireland) & Mary JOHNSTON, married Eva Luella BARNARD, 27, domestic, Ontario, 42 Bartlett Ave., d/o Charles BARNARD (b. Ireland) & Jane McCLEAN, witn: Thomas & Mary THOMPSON of Toronto, 11 Jan 1923 3287-23 Alvin Joseph GREENWOOD, 23, merchant, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph GREENWOOD (b. Ont) & Georgina WELLWOOD, married Mary Emma BRADSHAW (?), 20, England, Toronto, d/o Charles BRADSHAW (b. England) & Annie BLACKWELL, witn: Frank s. APPLETON & M. BAILEY both of Toronto on June 6, 1923
1124-23 Charles Clement GUEST, 42, salesman, England, 215 Jarvis St., s/o Walter BLATHERWICK & Susan DRAKE, married Marbel Stella Gladys BLATHERWICK, 33, milliner, England, 430 Wychwood Ave., d/o Benjamin GUEST (b. England) & Elizabeth MANKILOW, witn: Walter BLATHERWICK of 230 Wychwood & Charles VINCENT of 218 Jarvis St., 6 Jan 1923 at St. Michael of All Angels Church [parents names as written] 1148-23 Charles James HERBERT, 26, book keeper, Buffalo NY, Box 502 Collingwood, s/o John William HERBERT (b. Ireland) & Annie BURGIE, married Eleanor Elizabeth TEMPLE, 20, inspector, Ontario, 628 Ossington Ave., d/o George TEMPLE (b. Ont) & Sarah McMURRAY, witn: Nellie ARMAND of Lappin Ave & George E. TEMPLE Of 628 Ossington Ave., 10 Jan 1923
1149-23 Clement Rowland HILL, 31, chef, England, Christie St. Hospital, s/o John William HILL (b. England) & Clara DANBY, married Annie Pearl HEASLIP, 30, forelady, Ontario, 74 Spruce St., d/o David HEASLIP (b. Ont) & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: Winnifred GART & Em E. GART, both of 275 Jarvis St., 6 Jan 1923 1147-23 William Cassidy HILL, 23, brick layer, Ontario, 72 Belleville Ave., s/o William Henry HILL (b. Ont) & Victoria CASSIDY, married Dorothy Eliza HILL, 17 8/12, Ontario, 593 Dundas St. East, d/o Thomas HILL (b. Ont) & Linda WELLS, witn: William G. HUXLEY & Robert J. HILL, both of 54 Augusta, 6 Jan 1923
1146-23 Thomas Ross HUME, 36, bank clerk, Ireland, Walker House Hotel in Toronto, s/o Edward D--? HUME (b. India) & Kathleen HANLON?, married Kathleen Elizabeth RYAN, 28, grad. nurse, Ontario, Alliston Ave., d/o John RYAN (b. USA) & Bridget NOLAN, witn: J. S. & Josephine KELLY of 184 Spadina Ave., 7? Jan 1923 3632-23 Francis Henry NEALON, 23, railroading, Revelstoke B.C., 650 Euclid Avenue Toronto, s/o John Joseph NEALON & Mary GILL, married Mabel Beatrice REYNOLDS, 24, bookkeeper, Toronto, 215 Fairview Avenue same, d/o Henry Richard REYNOLDS & Sarah Jane DOCKERAY, witn: Irene NEALON of 650 Euclid Ave. & William REYNOLDS of 255 Fairview both of Toronto on June 18, 1923 at St. Cecelia Roman Catholic Church
3620-23 Archibald James NEATE, 30, salesman, England, 1987 Dundas St. West Toronto, s/o James NEATE (b. England) & Ada Jane CROFFORD, married Mabel McGILLIVRAY, 26, operator, Ontario, 1987 Dundas St. West Toronto, d/o John McGILLIVRAY & Mary Elizabeth INGLES, witn: Gertrude McGILLIVRAY of 1987 Dundas St. & William J. INGLES of Lindsay on June 4, 1923 3621-23 Samuel James NESBITT, 24, electrician, Belfast Ireland, Hamilton, s/o William NESBITT & Margaret KELLY, married Mabel Alexandria WHARTON, 20, London England, Hamilton, d/o William WHARTON & Margaret MADDEN, witn: Winnifred WHARTON of 46 Proctor Blvd & Stanley WHARTON of 770 Main St. both of Hamilton on June 12, 1923
3626-23 William Andrew NEWBIGGING, 22, clerk, Toronto, 642 Brock Avenue same, s/o Andrew C. NEWBIGGING (b. Scotland) & Mary C. WOODS, married Olive May EVANS, 24, clerk, Toronto, 171 Gladstone Avenue same, d/o Albert Edward EVANS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth TUCK, witn: Earl EVANS of 171 Gladstone Avenue & Christina M. NEWBIGGING of 642 Brock Avenue both of Toronto on June 23, 1923 at Dovercourt Baptist Church 3630-23 William Thomas Arthur NICHOLLS, 20, manager, Toronto, 25 Wright Avenue same, s/o William H. NICHOLLS (b. Ontario) & Florence LOBB, married Ella Gertrude ROBERTSON, 20, student, Toronto, 558 Manning Avenue same, d/o E. C. ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Laura L. WEST, witn: G. W. GRIMSHAW of 45 Laws Street & Flora GREGORY of Shirley Street both of Toronto on June 15, 1923
3629-23 James NICHOLSON, 61, merchant, England, 288 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o John NICHOLSON (b. England) & Agnes HELME, married Janie Elliot DALTON, 47, Ontario, 65 Glen Road Toronto, d/o Charles Cowling DALTON & Sarah Jane ELLIOT, witn: Arthur E. & Nan R. DALTON both of Toronto on June 28, 1923 3624-23 James William NICHOLSON, 21, electrician, Toronto, 125 Curzon Street same, s/o William NICHOLSON (b. England) & Mary GELL, married Jenny McKELLAR, 21, Scotland, 34 First Avenue Toronto, d/o J. McKELLAR (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BOYD, witn: Betty McKELLAR of 34 First Ave. & Gordon JOHNSTON of 245 Gilmore Avenue both of Toronto on June 19, 1923
3625-23 Harry NICHOLSON, 20, musician, England, 46 Euclid Avenue Toronto, s/o Arthur Dilworth NICHOLSON (b. England) & Elizabeth HARDY, married Madeleine Anna RIDLEY, 26, Toronto, 167 Browning Avenue same, d/o Alfred RIDLEY (b. Ontario) & Ida MacTEAR, witn: Audrey FOSTER & Jack M. RIDLEY both of 46 Kingsmount Park Road Toronto on June 22, 1923 at St. Simon's 3628-23 William Harvey NICKOLS, 28, clerk, Toronto, 904 Dundas St. East same, s/o John W. NICKOLS (b. England) & Elizabeth CARTER, married Grace Edna CHALK, 32, Toronto, 75 Bloor Street East same, d/o Charles S. CHALK (b. England) & Emma BROWN, witn: Estella I. & Elsie D. QUAILL both of 75 Boon Avenue Toronto on June 27, 1923
3627-23 Thomas Reginald NIXON, 25, motor mechanic, England, 220 Rhodes Avenue Toronto, s/o John William NIXON (b. England) & Margaret BURNS, married Ethel SIMPSON, 27, tailoress, England, 28 Kenwood Ave. Toronto, d/o William Thomas SIMPSON (b. England) & Anna JEFFERSON, witn: H. L. WHITE of 332 Harbord Street & T. SIMPSON of 28 Kenwood Avenue both of Toronto on June 27, 1923 3619-23 George William NOCK, 49, mechanical engineer, widower, Scotland, 65 Triller Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles Edward NOCK (b. Scotland) & Mary Emma NELSON, married Laura Dorothy BRAULT, 34, widow, Ontario, 682 Huron St. Toronto, d/o William McNUTT (b. Ontario) & Sarah CASSIDY, witn: Georgina & Ed McNACHTEN (McNaughton?) both of 682 Huron St. Toronto on June 2, 1923 at St. Thomas' Church
3622-23 Albert Benjamin NORTON, 45, inspector, widower, Toronto, 27 Woodycrest Ave., same, s/o Arthur NORTON (b. England) & Harriet WILSON, married Mary Harkness SUTHERLAND, 41, Toronto, 12 Binscarth Road, d/o Donald SUTHERLAND & Alice DICKSON, witn: Elsie McHARVEY of 12 Binscarth Road & William H. SUTHERLAND of Westmount Que., on June 2, 1923 3638-23 John Thomas O'HARA, 30, labourer, Toronto, same, s/o B. O'HARA & Jane TRAYNOR, married Catharine KING, 30, Peel, Toronto, d/o J. KING & C. BYRES witn: M. KING & John CASEY both of Toronto on June 19, 1923 at St. Clare's
3633-23 Julius Irving OELBAUM, 23, executive secretary, USA, 15 Grange Street Toronto, s/o Morris OELBAUM (b. Poland) & Marry JACOBY, married Sadie MARGULIES, 21, Toronto, 182 Major Street same, s/o Abraham T. MARGULIS (sic) (b. Russia) & Fanny PILZER, witn: Nathan MARGULIES of 10 Wells Hill Avenue & S. P. WILSON of 131 Indian Road both of Toronto on June 3, 1923 3636-23 James Guy OLIVER, 31, electrical engineer, USA, 309 South Bittridge Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, s/o Thomas Barrett OLIVER (b. USA) & Ellen GUY, married Alexander Thyra STEWART, 26, nurse, Toronto, 492 Huron Street same, d/o Charles Edward STEWART (b. Ontario) & Agnes Alberta ROBERTSON, witn: Elizabeth Aileen McKENNA of 30 Christie Street & W. R. SMYTH of 492 Huron Street both of Toronto on June 30, 1923
3634-23 George Scott ORD, 32, ink grinder, widower, Scotland, 284 Harvie Avenue Toronto, s/o Alexander ORD (b. Scotland) & Mary FOWLER, married Margaret Scott Dunn THOMSON, 29, Scotland, 97 Ashdale Avenue Toronto, d/o David THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Euphemia DUNN, witn: Hannah D. BROWN of 256 Silverbirch Avenue & James McWILLIAMS of 680 Bloor Street West both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 at 390 Perth Ave. 3637-23 Harold Elliott ORR, 29, schoolmaster, Ontario, Upper Canada College, s/o William ORR (b. Ontario) & Janet Isabella ELLIOTT, married Florence Ethel McDONALD, 22, Ontario, 159 High Park Avenue Toronto, d/o Donald McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Minnie URQUHART, witn: Kathleen Powell WEBB of 593 Spadina Avenue & L. A. KEEN of 477 West Marion Street both of Toronto on June 30, 1923
3635-23 Samuel OSHERROFF, 21, salesman, Russia, 155 Euclid Avenue Toronto, s/o Harry (b. Russia) & Sophia, married Clara KOFFMAN, 20, Russia, 227 Maria Street Toronto, d/o Israel KOFFMAN (b. Russia) & Leah RACHMAN, witn: A. WINER & J. GOODMAN both of Toronto on June 24, 1923 3640-23 John Joseph O'TOOLE, 35, office manager, Toronto, 247 Welland Avenue same, s/o Michael James O'TOOLE & Mary Emily HURLEY, married Jane Adelina BOYLAN, 30, stenographer, Toronto, 431 Annette Street same, d/o John BOYLAN & Catharine McCORMICK, witn: James Francis BOYLAN of 431 Annette St. & Charlotte B. CARRIERE of 299 Evelyn Avenue both of Toronto on June 18, 1923 at St. Cecilia's Church
3639-23 William OWENS, 21, boiler maker, Ireland, 133 Berkeley Street Toronto, s/o William OWENS & Marion COOKE, married Elsie SMITH, 20, clerk, England, 54 Arnold Avenue Toronto, d/o John SMITH & Margaret KEEFE, witn: Nellie SMITH of 54 Arnold Avenue & Samuel HARRIS of 7 Sibley Place both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 at Trinity Church 3645-23 Henry PALMER, 23, police constable, Ontario, 193 Osler Avenue Toronto, s/o Donald J. PALMER (b. Ontario) & Huldah DORAN, married Pearl Jean GIBSON, 25, operator, Toronto, 150 Gilmour Avenue same, d/o Arthur GIBSON (b. England) & Mary J. JONES, witn: William D. PALMER of Meaford Ontario & Theresa H. O'REILLY of 16 Gilson Ave. Toronto on June 6, 1923 at 150 Gilmore Avenue
3643-23 Morris PASTERNACK, 22, operator, Poland, 177 Baldwin Street Toronto, Alexander LEFKOVITZ (sic) (b. Hungary) & Nella GOODMAN, married Dora LAFCOWITZ, 19, stenographer, Hungary, 3 Granger Avenue Toronto, d/o s/o Harry PASTERNACK (sic) (b. Poland) & Sarah FRINEMAN, witn: A. LEBOWITZ of McCaul St. Synagogue & Abe GOODMAN of 42 Blackwood Road both of Toronto on June 3, 1923 3646-23 Albert James PEARSE, 39, carpenter, Cobourg, same, s/o James PEARSE & Louisa MITCHELL, married Bessie WARD, 29, clerk, Gores Landing, Cobourg, d/o Frank WARD & Sarah Jane NEILL, witn: Sarah WARD of Cobourg & Lily C. BUSHEY of Toronto on June 6, 1923 at 581 Markham St.
3642-23 Lawrence Lanyon PENNS, 32, bank clerk, England, 34 Tennis Crescent Toronto, s/o Thomas William Lanyon PENNS (b. Bermuda) & Hannah MORRISE, married Alice Ann HAMER, 31, England, 32 Tennis Crescent Toronto, d/o Thomas Henry HAMER (b. England) & Emma YATES, witn: Alfred E. HARDY of 191 Dixon Ave. & Flora D. CURRIE of 32 Tennis Crescent both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 at St. Peter's Church 3641-23 John PIKE, 26, plater, Scotland, 560 Ontario St. Toronto, s/o William J. PIKE (b. Scotland) & Jane McKITTRICK, married Mary York MULLHOLLAND, 26, shop assistant, Scotland, 43 Queens Park Toronto, d/o David MULLHOLLAND (b. Scotland) & Jane M. WALKER, witn: Catharine A. & Ruth F. RODGER both of Toronto on June 20, 1923
3644-23 Joshua Bertram Willoughby POGUE, 23, painter, Ontario, 80 Lillian St. Toronto, s/o John POGUE (b. Ontario) & Martha WILLOUGHBY, married Lily HEMMINGS, 21, clerk, England, 761 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto, d/o Alfred HEMMINGS (b. England) & Emily HOUGHTON, witn: Clifford MARK & Dorothy HEMMINGS both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 4338-23 Charles Arthur George REAKES, 31, electrician, England, Toronto, s/o George REAKES & Mary HUMPHRIES, married Jane Eliza SMITH, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur Albert SMITH & Amy Eliza EVANS, witn: Harry ELFSTROM & Esther AIKINS, both of Toronto, 7 July 1923
4334-23 Robert Cable RENNIE, 22, clerk, Scotland, 67 Yarmouth Ave., s/o Alexander RENNIE (b. Scotland) & Willamina JOHNSTON, married Marion GRIFFITH, 25, maid, Scotland, Isolation Hospital, d/o Alexander GRIFFITH (b. Scotland) & Marion CAMPBELL, witn: William SMITH of 1335 1/2 Queen St. Easy & Jeannie GRIFFITH of Isolation Hospital, 28 July 1923 4335-23 William RENNIE, 38, machinist, New Brunswick, 340 King At. West, s/o John RENNIE (b. New Brunswick) & Mary HARDY, married Mary Macgregor INGRAM, 28, saleslady, Scotland, 1112 Dufferin St., d/o William INGRAM (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MacGREGOR, witn: Janet GATENBY of 2111 Dufferin St. & Bertha MILLIGAN of 137 Glenholme Ave., 28 July 1923
4339-23 Tracy Nelson RHODES, 25, operator, Baysville Ont., Toronto, s/o Edward T. RHODES & Eliza A. RICHARDS, married Ellen Frances BALSON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o James BALSON & Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, witn: John H. SMYLIE of 27 Rusholm Rd & Alice M. BALSON of 3 Liberty St., 4 July 1923 4336-23 James Lewis ROBERTSON, 28, clerk, Toronto, 36 Wilson Ave., s/o Lewis ROBERTSON (b. Ont) & Johanna McKENZIE, married Ola ANDERSON, 24, clerk, Toronto, 89 Lansdowne Ave., d/o August ANDERSON (b. Denmark ) & Thyra ICEBERG, witn: Roy & Thyra ANDERSON of Toronto, 27 July 1923
4337-23 George Albert ROBINSON, 53, farmer, Ontario, Bolton, s/o George ROBINSON (b. Ont) & Eliza LOUGHEAD, married Lucy Eliza DUCKER, 37, domestic, England, 84 Wolsey St., d/o William DUCKER (b. England) & Mary Ann WINTER, witn: Emily BAKER of 43 Pembroke Dr & Melvin A. MERRITT of 11 Trinity Sq., 25 July 1923 4372-23 Edward Henry SANDERSON, 31, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Edward SANDERSON (b. India) & Isabella BEATTY, married Anne Elizabeth EDINGTON, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James Alexander EDINGTON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth FORD, witn: James E. SANDERSON & Laura E. BURLEIGH both of Toronto on July 30, 1923 at Toronto
4346-23 Leo SAWESKY, 24, tire builder, Austria, Kitchener, s/o Adam SAWESKY (b. Austria) & Eva GELLER, married Ivy SCHILLING, 19, shoe maker, England, Kitchener, d/o Henry Y. (b. England) & Helen Ruby Evaria, witn: W. J. & Edith WELLER both of Toronto on July 3, 1923 4385-23 Isaac SEGEL, 32, manager, Toronto, same, s/o William SEGEL (b. Russia) & Anna CASS, married Esther KENEN, 27, book keeper, USA, Toronto, d/o Mendel KENEN (b. Russia) & Rebecca FREEDBERG, witn: William CLAVIS of Galt & Charles ROTSTEEN of Toronto on July 24, 1923
4353-23 George SELLORS, 41, widower, carpenter, England, 408 Salem Ave., s/o Job SELLORS (b. England) & Emma TURNER, married Margaret Thorburn MALCOLM, 27, Scotland, 109 St. George St., d/o Thomas MALCOLM (b. Scotland) & Susan SOMERVILLE, witn: Walter SELLORS of 43 Berryman St. & Janet MALCOLM of 109 St. George St., 11 July 1923 4347-23 Louis SHATILLA, 25, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Louis SHATILLA (b. Syria) & Della AZIZ, married Tukla AZIZ, 26, Syria, Toronto, d/o Michael AZIZ (b. Syria) & Lena BOONEYAN, witn: Sam A. & Annie AZIZ both of Toronto on July 1, 1923
4358-23 John SHAW, 22, assistant floor manager, England, 110 1/2 Queen St. East, s/o Joseph SHAW (b. England) & Mary Agnes McCAULEY, married Jean ROGERS, 22, machine operator, England, 64 1/2 Shuter St., d/o John ROGERS (b. England) & Francis REILY, witn: F. BICKERSTAFF of 176 Jarvis & M. SHAW of 110 1/2 Queen St., 18 July 1923 4355-23 Gordon Frederick SHEA, 23, pedlar, Toronto, 44 Glebemount Ave., s/o Samuel SHEA (b. Ont) & Emma DAVIS, married Sarah Elizabeth BELL, 25, operator, Ontario, 53 Humboldt Ave., d/o James Lorance BELL (b. Scotland) & Sarah Elizabeth ULAND, witn: John FARRELL & Dorothy Mabel SHEA, both of Toronto, 11 July 1923
4380-23 Benny SHERMAN, 24, tailor, Poland, Toronto, s/o Joseph SHERMAN (b. Poland) & Esther FRIDMAN, married Blanche GROSMAN, 19, Poland, Toronto, d/o Samson GROSMAN (b. Poland) & Eva BAUD, witn: S. BROAD & A. MARGOLISS both of Toronto on July 29, 1923  
4354-23 Edgar Alexander SHERWIN, 44, widower, shipper, Ontario, 222 Berkeley St., s/o John SHERWIN (b. Ont) & Elizabeth WELLWOOD, married Edith Charlotte CROWL, 44, widow, operator, Ontario, 17 Belleville Ave., d/o Thomas Richard BILLINGS (b. England) & Abigail MOORE, witn: Alva K. AYTON & Mary Lawson SMALL, both of Toronto, 10 July 1923 4359-23 Reginald Leonard SHIPP, 25, porter, England, 11 McKenzie Cres., s/o Sydney H. SHIPP (b. England) & Ada PHILLIPS, married Marguerite STEWART, 20, Scotland, 11 McKenzie Cres., d/o David STEWART (b. Scotland) & Ann STEWART, witn: Charles DAWSON of 111 Church St. & Ada GARSIDE of 11 McKenzie Cres., 17 July 1923
4373-23 Murray Sam SHROTT, 22, insurance broker, Austria, Toronto, s/o B. S. SHROTT (b. Austria) & C. B. PECHEMICK, married Sara BERGER, 20, cap maker, Poland, Toronto, d/o Moses BERGER (b. Poland) & Ethel ROSENZWEIG, witn: H. STEINHAUER & A. KUSTY both of Toronto on July 29, 1923 4383-23 Philip SIDNEY, 27, cashier, England, Toronto, s/o Abraham SIDNEY (b. Poland) & Kethi DAVIS, married Dora ULSTEN, 24, tailoress, Poland, Toronto, d/o Efraim USTEN (b. Poland) & Rosa NAROFKA, witn: David KLIMAN & Isaac BALDER both of Toronto on July 29, 1923
4348-23 Philip SIGOUIN, 25, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Antoine (b. Ont) & Josephine, married Mary McLardy FRASER, 24, waitress, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John FRASER (b. Scotland) & Margaret LAIDLAW, witn: Helen DINEEN of Toronto & Dave JONES of Cobalt on July 7, 1923 4356-23 Robert SIMPSON, 26, mechanic, Scotland, 163 Langford Ave., s/o Robert SIMPSON (b. Scotland) & Mary THOMPSON, married Agnes BROADFOOT, 26, shop assistant, Scotland, 52 Sparkhall Ave., d/o Thomas BROADFOOT (b. Scotland) & Violet WEIR, witn: John CRAW Jr. of 160 Margaretta St. & Minnie BROADFOOT of 52 Sparkhall, 16 July 1923
4378-23 Thomas Archie SIMS, 25, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o William SIMS (b. England) & Sarah NAYLOR, married Elizabeth Mary KNIGHT, 19, camera finisher, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick James KNIGHT (b. England) & Mary Ann Rachael TURNER, witn: Leonard SIMS & Edith KNIGHT both of Toronto on July 26, 1923 4379-23 Louie SITTSAMER, 21, clerk, Austria, Toronto, s/o Lezor SITTSAMER (b. Austria) & Dina WOLSHAR, married Bessie HIMELFARB, 20, designer, Poland, Toronto, d/o Simson HIMALFARD (b. Poland) & Krystel DOBA, witn: S. BROHD & A. MARGOLIES both of Toronto on July 29, 1923
4341-23 Ernest George SMALL, 29, optometrist, England, Melville Sask., s/o Thomas Henry SMALL (b. England) & Florence HUGALL, married Hazel Catherine NOTTINGHAM, 24, secretary, Toronto, same, d/o Frederick William NOTTINGHAM (b. Ont) & Isabella HEPBURN, witn: Sydney A. SMALL of Ottawa & Janet D. JARVIS of Toronto on July 4, 1923 4371-23 Simon George SMALL, 26, labourer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o David SMALL (b. Ontario) & Margaret DEVLIN, married Edith LIVSEY, 26, operator, England, Toronto, d/o James LIVSEY (b. England) & Elizabeth HUNTER, witn: Ethel MARSH & Albert LIVSEY both of Toronto on July 28, 1923
4362-23 Frank SMALL, 40, widower, seedsman, Scotland, 13 Marchment Rd., s/o James W. SMALL )b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WHITE, married Le Ornell Florence Eagan KNAPP, 38, widow, accountant, Ontario, 23 Marchment Rd., d/o James EAGEN (b. Ont) & Janet MURRAY, witn: J. SMALL of 23 Goodwood Ave & Eleanor OLIVER of 132 Alton Ave., 14 July 1923 4389-23 Thomas SMITH, 36, presser, Shropshire England, Toronto, s/o Henry SMITH & Elizabeth BRADLEY, married Clara SALTERTHWAITE, 34, Birmingham England, Toronto, d/o John SALTERTHWAITE & Jane WANKLIN, witn: J. L. LINTHWAITE & C. F. SALTERTHWAITE both of Toronto on July 21, 1923
4375-23 Arthur SMITH, 40, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Frank SMITH (b. England) & Harriet BOTTERIL, married Annie SILL, 26, factory worker, England, Toronto, d/o William SILL (b. England) & Ester ECKERSALL, witn: David MORRISON of Toronto & Lilly Mae DOUGALL of Woodstock on July 30, 1923 4340-23 Arthur Benjamin SMITH, 19, salesman, Reading England, Peterboro, s/o Arthur John SMITH (b. England) & Annie WESTLAKE, married Elva May BRAUND, 21, Darlington Tp., Peterboro, d/o William James BRAUND (b. Ont) & Mabel Florence FRANK, witn: Gertrude R. & Evelyn MULLIN both of Toronto on July 3, 1923
4343-23 Charles Tijon SMITH, 27, telegraph operator, Gravenhurst, North Bay, s/o John David SMITH (b. London England) & Mary Ann TIJON, married Edna RUSK, 26, stenographer, Muskoka, North Bay, d/o Robert RUSK (b. Ireland) & Margaret Jane IRVING, witn: G. SPADERMAN & Evelyn CARTER both of Toronto on July 17, 1923 4351-23 Ernest SMITH, 38, mortar mixer, England, Toronto, s/o John SMITH (b. England) & Sarah POTTS, married Beatrice WIGGINS, 40, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas APLAND (b. England) & Flora MELVILLE, witn: Charles E. & Mabel METCALF both of Toronto on July 5, 1923
4364-23 Clifton Melrose SMITH, 21, photo engraver, Toronto, 392 Logan Ave., s/o John SMITH (b. Scotland) & Mary HALLON, married Alberta ILLINGWORTH, 18, clerk, England, 173 King Edward Ave., d/o Angus C. ILLINGWOORTH (b. England) & Clara A. LUDLAM, witn: Stanley SMITH of 73 Cameron (Cannon?) Ave & Elna E. SMITH of 392 Logan Ave., 16 July 1923 at St. Johns Norway 4366-23 George Edward SMITH, 21, laborer, England, Ulster Ave in Islington, s/o William SMITH (b. England) & Elizabeth HUGGETT, married Vivian Olive SQUIRE, 21, England, 174 Madison Ave., d/o John William SQUIRE (b. England) & Fanny Esther RICHARDSON, witn: Lillian B. GOODBORNE of Fonthill & George WINES of Lambton Mills, 14 July 1923
25967-23 James Joseph SMITH, 22, laborer, England, 240 Cedric Ave., s/o Joseph SMITH (b. England) & not known, married Annie BARBER, 24, operator, Ontario, 14a Roxton Rd., d/o John BARBER (b. Ont) & Annie THOMPSON, witn: Georgina BARBER of 14a Roxton Rd & Peter F. AUSTIN of 1534 Dundas, 28 Nov 1923 at 238 Crawford St., 4363-23 Gordon Theodore SMITHERS, 28, electrical installer, Quebec, 46 Galt Ave., s/o John SMITHERS (b. Quebec) & Mary COWAN, married Hazel Gertrude TAYLOR, 25, clerk, USA, 46 Galt Ave., d/o Alfred TAYLOR (b. USA) & Elizabeth OWEN, witn: Carolyn B. SHERMAN of 10 Trinity Sq. & Evelyn McGILL of 6 Trinity Sq., 23 July 1923
4384-23 William Harold SMOOKLER, 23, druggist, Russia, Toronto, s/o Norman SMOOKLER (b. Russia) & Elizabeth WALDOMER, married Eleanor Dorothy ATLAS, 21, book keeper, Russia, Sudbury, d/o Moses ATLAS (b. Russia) & Mary FRIEDMAN, witn: Harry CAPPLE & William MOSS both of Toronto on July 29, 1923 4374-23 Lawrence Milton SOMMER, 22, Y.M.C.A. secretary, USA, Toronto, s/o Frederick SOMMER (b. USA) & Kathleen Margaret LATIMER, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Samuel LATIMER (b. England) & Liza J. MOSSOP, witn: Chester O. SOMMER & Harriet BAIRD both of Toronto on July 28, 1923
4388-23 Louis John SPENCER, 24, watchmaker, Toronto, same, s/o William George SPENCER & Grace CREW, married Norma HURST, 25, Nottingham England, Toronto, d/o Joseph HURST & Mariah Kirkby TOMLINSON, witn: Edward D. W. SPROULE & Mariah HURST both of Toronto on July 26, 1923 4344-23 Percy Shackleton SPENCER, 36, druggist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Francis Shackleton SPENCER (b. Ontario) & Arabella SILVERTHORN married Eunice Delphine MEALLEY, 39, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o George MEALLEY (b. Ont) & Emma HAYES, witn: Mrs. M. L. GREGG & George McGINNIS both of Toronto on July 4, 1923
4386-23 Michel ST. CROIX, 24, labourer, Gaspe, Toronto, s/o Etienne ST. CROIX & Rose Delina BENNETT, married Fedore LACROIX, 17, Lafontaine, Toronto, d/o Clement LACROIX & Marie Louise LEROUX, witn: Marie Jeanne CADOT & Henry MICHAUD both of Toronto on July 2, 1923 4369-23 William Claude STAIN, 34, pressman, Toronto, 62 Kingston Ave., s/o William STAIN (b. Ont) & Annie STINSON, married Marjorie Viola NORTHGRAVE, 24, stenographer, Ontario, 47 Harbord St., d/o Harry NORTHGRAVE (b. Ont) & Susanna S. STERRETT, witn: Philip N. & Gladys STEIN of 26 July 1923
4381-23 Harry STANSFIELD, 34, plasterer, England, Toronto, s/o James STANSFIELD (b. England) & Mary LAING (?), married Dorothy BARTLETT, 23, telephone operator, England, Toronto, d/o William BARTLETT (b. England) & Lonie KNIGHT, witn: Fred DIERDUE & Helen ALLISON both of Toronto on July 27, 1923 at St. Clemens Church 4350-23 George Arthur STAPLETON, 29, machinist, Guelph, Toronto, s/o George STAPLETON (b. Ont) & Geraldine THURSTON, married Lillian Maud WANLESS, 30, school teacher, of Guelph, d/o Thomas WANLESS (b. Varna Ont) & Jane MURRAY, witn: Mr. & Mrs Robert WANLESS of Toronto on July 7, 1923
4345-23 Edward Ralph STEANE, 21, painter/decorator, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Frederick STEANE (b. England) Martha ALLDIS, married Louise Jane SCOTT, 18, Scotland, Toronto, d/o George SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Agnes PATTERSON, witn: A.S. & Alfred E. STEANE both of Toronto on July 4, 1923 4390-23 Luck STERNICK, 28, chauffeur, Poland, Toronto, s/o Stanislas STERNICK & Victoria VENCK, married Josephine BARRY, 20, Rochester New York USA, Toronto, d/o Napoleon BARRY & Caroline HECHT, witn: Sylvia BARRY & P. COFFEY both of Toronto on July 23, 1923
4370-23 Harold Adolph STEVENSON, 26, merchant, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o R. H. STEVENSON (b. Ontario) & M. J. HARTLEY, married Willa Wynona PETERS, 21, Ontario, Kingston, d/o William P. PETERS (b. Ontario) & Ella MARRISON (Morrison?), witn: Lillian P. & S. ALLEN both of Toronto on July 23, 1923  
4342-23 John Cecil STEWART, 26, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James REDPATH (sic) (b. Ont) & Margaret PHILLIPS, married Donalda Madeline HOGAN, 21, telegraph operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Patrick HOGAN (b. Ireland) & Johanna KEANE, witn: Charles O. & Greta M. STEWART both of Toronto on July 4, 1923 4365-23 James Oswald STEWART, 39, chiropractor, Ontario, 1982 Queen St. East, s/o George STEWART (b. Ont) & Mary GILLIES, married Dora Helena FLEMING, 36, chiropractor, Ontario, 300 Roncesvalles Ave., d/o James H. FLEMING (b. Ont) & Hannah E. MILLS, witn: M.G. FLEMING of 300 Roncesvalles & E. DUKE of 162 Geoffory St., 17 July 1923
4361-23 David Eadie STIRLING, 26, plumber, England, 78 Maberly Ave., s/o David Eadie STIRLING (b. Scotland) & Beatrice PENGELLY, married Elsie SEDGLEY, 26, tailoress, England, 78 Maberly Ave.., d/o Charles Herbert SEDGLEY (b. England) & Maria BRADBURY, witn: S. H. & Marion SEDGLEY of 78 Maberly Ave., 7 July 1923 4377-23 Roscoe James STONEHOUSE, 26, draughtsman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William Frances STONEHOUSE (b. England) & Elizabeth SHROPSHIRE?, married Mabel Adelaide THOMPSON, 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John Hubert THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Mary WHITE, witn: Helen & William A. EMBLETON both of Toronto on July 28, 1923
4368-23 Robert Alfred STOREY, 34, accountant, Ontario, 307 Jarvis St., s/o Robert STOREY (b. Ont) & Mary WHILLEY (Wilkey?), married Myrtle Wilhelmine CLARRIDGE, 21, teacher, Ontario, Acton, d/o Alphonse CLARRIDGE (b. Ont) & Agnes MARTIN, witn: James & Charles BAXTER of 290 Kingston Rd., 12 July 1923 at St. Johns Norway 4349-23 Peter STUART, 63, physician, widower, Wentworth Co., Guelph, s/o Charles STUART (b. Scotland) & Jessie ROSE, married Mary Alma ARCHIBALD, 36, nurse, York Co., same, d/o Hugh ARCHIBALD (b. Ireland) & Margaret McCLEMENT, witn: William J. STUART of Burlington & Eliza Archibald PROCTOR of Toronto on July 5, 1923
4357-23 John Gaskel STURDY, 29, foreman binder, en, 528 Roxton Rd., s/o William STURDY (b. England) & Elizabeth GASKEL, married Ruth LACEY, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 58 Ninth St. in New Toronto, d/o John LACEY (b. England) & Annie STRICKLIN, witn: Evelyn WILLIAMS of 17 Quebec Ave & Elmer ANDERSON of 193 Roehampton, 17 July 1923 25965-23 Denis John SULLIVAN, 37, electrician, Hamilton, Oakville, s/o Denis SULLIVAN & Catherine LYONS, married Mary Gertrude MEAD, 29, stenographer, Toronto, 65 Marchmont Rd in Toronto, d/o William MEAD & Mary RUSSELL, witn: Francis J. GALLAGHER of St. Catharines & Beatrice MEAD of 65 Marchment Rd., 24 July 1923 at Toronto
4352-23 George Ernest SULLY, 25, lumber merchant, Quebec, Wakefield Que., s/o Robert Newton SULLY (b. Que) & Sarah Ann DAVIES, married Marion Jeanette CORNER, 23, dress maker, Ontario, Wilfred Ont., d/o Ernest CORNER (b. Ont) & Mary Elizabeth HAMILL, witn: V. MACARLANE of 330 Dovercourt & E. CORNER of 644 Bloor St., 11 July 1923 4391-23 George Leslie SUMMERS, 25, machinist, Quebec, Toronto, s/o George William & Julia, married Violet Theresa SKINNER, 25, Woodstock, Toronto, d/o Walter & Florence, witn: Hilda HEINTZMAN & Russell CROCKER both of Toronto on July 18, 1923
4360-23 Maury Aubry SUMNER, 20, dept. manager, Toronto, 39 Metcalfe St., s/o John Murray SUMNER (b. On) & Florence LIMIN, married Marjorie Alexandra CASTON, 21, stenographer, Toronto, 45 Clinton St., d/o William CASTON (b. England) & Sarah NATTS, witn: Annie Beatrice CASTON of 45 Clinton & Ada Blanche GOODFIELD of 31 Howland Ave., 21 July 1923 4376-23 Gordon Alfred SUTHERLAND, 28, butcher, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Lillian COVENEY, married Kathleen METCALF, 27, box maker, Toronto, same, d/o William METCALF (b. Ontario) & Mary ROWLAND, witn: Lillian W. COOKE & Annie COOPER both of Toronto on July 31, 1923
4367-23 Walter SUTTON, 26, steam fitter, England, 405 Westmoreland Ave., s/o Harold SUTTON (b. England) & Sabrina ABRAM, married Gladys May Reade HIRST, 20, England, 367 Sackville St., d/o William Reade HIRST (b. England) & Rosina CLARKE, witn: Harold & Dorothy SUTTON of 405 Westmoreland, 7 July 1923 4382-23 Paul SWARTZ, 30, merchant, Romania, Kapaskasing, s/o Solomon SWARTZ (b. Romania) & Ettie Drivrah LUBOVITZ, married Bessie YANCOVITZ, 20, Romania, Toronto, d/o David YANCOVITZ (b. Romania) & Bettie TEISHER, witn: B. CLAVIR & S. LEEBOVITZ both of Toronto on July 29, 1923
4399-23 Leo Xavier TALBOT, 21, operator, Toronto, same, s/o Xavier TALBOT (b. Ont) & Mary FAHEY, married Harriett Marquis UMPHREY, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James H. UMPHREY & Harriet MARQUIS, witn: Edward & Teresa FAHEY both of Toronto on July 25, 1923 at Toronto 4392-23 Fred TAYLOR, 29, checker, England, Toronto, s/o John TAYLOR (b. England) & Sarah CHEETHAM, married Gertrude STANNARD, 33, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick STANNARD (b. England) & Sarah NUNN, witn: Sara ANDERSON & Evelyn JAY (Deaconess) both of Toronto on July 3, 1923
4401-23 Richard Gordon TAYLOR, 28, stock keeper, England, Toronto, s/o Richard Henry TAYLOR (b. England) & Alice Maud Mary SPENCER (?), married Jane Ruby NEVILLE, 25, enroute from England, England, d/o Job NEVILLE (b. England) & Matilda ELLIOTT, witn: William Frederick & Kate Winifred WEBSTER both of London Ont. on July 24, 1923 4402-23 Sidney William TAYLOR, 21, bricklayer, England, Toronto, s/o George TAYLOR, (b. England) & Sarah DEAN, married Florence Maud BURLEY, 19, biscuit packer, England, Toronto, d/o Robert BAILEY (b. England) & Agnes BEGLEY, witn: Gwladys T. BARRROW & Ruth FARR both of Toronto on July 30, 1923
4395-23 Frederick Arthur TEW, 51, fireman, England, Toronto, s/o John S. TEW (b. England) & Elizabeth HALL, married Margaret WHYTE, 45, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John WHYTE (b. Scotland) & Jane SMITH, witn: Winifred R. & Edward TEW both of Toronto on July 11, 1923 4400-23 Roley Charles THACKERAY, 23, widower, Ontario, Roseneath, s/o Charles THACKERAY (b. Ontario) & Minnie HARVEY, married Victoria May HULL, 23, milliner, Toronto, same, d/o David HULL (b. Scotland) & Marion ROWAN, witn: George TIMLIN & Matilda Ruth HULL both of Toronto on July 31, 1923
25966-23 Ernest TILNEY, 41, brick layer, England, 859 Bathurst St., s/o James TILNEY (b. England) & Elizabeth NEWBY, married Elizabeth Emily BALL, 50, widow, England, 859 Bathurst St., d/o John WALKER (b. England) & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE, witn: John William & Sarah WARD of 19 Breadalbane St., 18 Oct.. 1923 4398-23 Clarence McDonald THOMSON, 26, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Hugh McDonald THOMPSON (sic) (b. Ireland) & Agnes GOLDING, married Florence May BELLINGHAM, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Robert BELLINGHAM (b. Ireland) & Sarah Magdelene TAYLOR, witn: John SAUNDERS & Eva May HENDERSON both of Toronto on July 23, 1923
4396-23 Harold Edward TOMKINS, 22, fruit checker, Ireland, 112 Malvern Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick TOMKINS (b. Ireland) & Annie JOHNSTON, married Florence Dolina ELLIOTT, 21, Toronto, 112 Malvern Ave., d/o Henry Edward ELLIOTT (b. Ont) & Beatrice HEWLETT, witn: H. E. E. ELLIOTT of Toronto & Bessie HEWLETT both of Toronto on July 17, 1923 at St John's Norway 4403-23 Walter Richard TOU (Tow?), 29, railway mail clerk, USA, Chicago Ill. USA, s/o John TOU (b. USA) & Anna VAN NEWLAND, married Doris Viola KEMP, 26, stenographer, USA, Chicago Ill. USA, d/o John KEMP (b. Scotland) & Ida VAN NEWLAND, witn: Walter Edward LONDON & Carolyn G. SHERMAN both of Toronto on July 11, 1923
4405-23 Cecil John TRAFFORD, 25, chauffeur, Toronto, same, s/o Walter J. TRAFFORD & Elizabeth SHIRLEY, married Frances Catherine MONAGHAN, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick MONAGHAN & Frances HALLETT, witn: Anna & Vincent MONAGHAN both of Toronto on July 17, 1923 4404-23 Frederick TRAIN, 25, laborer, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o Thomas TRAIN & Mary Ellen GIROUX, married Constance KROLICKIE, 18, Kitchener, Toronto, d/o John KROLICKIE & Josephine CHEPIWILL, witn: Lucille KIRKOTA of Detroit & Andrew MAZUR of Toronto on July 14, 1923
4397-23 Arthur Austin TRENT, 29, farmer, Ontario, Aurora, s/o William TRENT (b. Ont) & Mary CLARK, married Beulah Estelle WOOD, 22, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Walter WOOD (b. Ont) & Mary LLOYD, witn: James Almont APPLETON of Aurora & Rhena Mary WOOD of King Tp. on July 18, 1923 4394-23 John Edward TROTTER, 52 machinist, widower, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Edward TROTTER (b. Quebec) & Elenor BERRY, married Louisa BRADLEY, 55, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Benjamin PRICE (b. England) & Louisa HINMAN (?), witn: Harcourt H. & Janie E. MILNE both of Toronto on July 11, 1923
4393-23 William Amos TULLETT, 25, wood worker, England, Toronto, s/o Albert TULLETT (b. England) & Phoebe ALLCUP, married Emma Ellen Thorpe SMITH, 20, operator, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas SMITH (b. England) & Ellen THORPE, witn: Percy E. & May E. TULLETT both of Toronto on July 11, 1923  
4407-23 Frederick George VEAL, 22, truck driver, Toronto, same, s/o Frederick George VEAL (b. England) & Annie LLOYD, married Susan Margaret TURNER, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Edward TURNER (b. Ont) & Frances Margaret DEWEY, witn: Patsy MacLEAN & Frances TURNER both of Toronto on July 3, 1923 4408-23 Everston Ernest VENNELL, 21, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William Ernest VENNELL & Mary Ann PHILLIPS, married Helen Effie Louise ROSS, 21, Gananoque, Toronto, d/o Ernest Bertram ROSS & Anna Maud TONER, witn: Lillian BELL & Cecil HEISE both of Toronto on July 7, 1923 at St. Aidan's Church
4409-23 Thomas Harold Hugh VERNON, 31, male nurse, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas Hugh Herbert VERNON & Jennie NORFOLK, married Sarah CAMPBELL, 24, England, Toronto, d/o James CAMPBELL & Rebecca McCORMACK, witn: Sarah Ann WALLIS of Birchcliff & Robert DOUGHTY of Toronto on July 7, 1923 4406-23 Frank Charles VERRALL, 21, contractor, Toronto, same, s/o Charles Henry VERRAL (b. Ont) & Elizabeth COONEY, married Violet May LUSTY, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred LUSTY (b. England) & Elizabeth WARBURTON, witn: C. E. POOLE & Phoebe McINDOO both of Toronto on July 28, 1923 at St. Anne's Rectory
2980-23 Alfred John WACHTER, 25, butcher, Formosa, 62 Peter St. in Kitchener, s/o John WAECHTER & Mary FISHER, married Irene OBERLE, 26, telephone operator, Owen Sound, 122 Withrow, d/o Alexander OBERLE & Caroline SCHWANE, witn: Joseph WAECHTER & Louise OBERLE, both of Formosa, 29 May 1923 4411-23 Percy Nicholas Charles WADHAM, 24, chauffeur, England, Toronto, s/o Edward Henry WADHAM (b. England) & Elizabeth Hutchinson LAMB, married Mary Louisa Beatrice BRIGGS, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Sidney BRIGGS (b. England) & Eliza ADDISON, witn: Frank & Dorothy Mary CLEMENT both of Toronto on July 2, 1923
4418-23 Robert Alexander WALKER, 46, CPR conductor, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Robert WALKER (b. Ireland) & Violet LINDSAY, married Jane Ethel RUSK, 35, bookkeeper, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alexander RUSK (b. Ontario) & illegible WALKER, witn: Emmeline RUSK of Toronto & Ralph REDDETT both of Toronto on July 11, 1923 at Toronto. 4410-23 Edward Doole WARREN, 30, book keeper film exchange, Toronto, same, s/o Frederick WARREN (b. Ont) & Sarah Victoria DOOLE, married Florence DENNIS, 23, divorcee, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas DENNIS (b. Ont) & Mary SWINTON, witn: M. & B. VIVIAN both of Scarboro Junction on July 5, 1923
4413-23 Joseph Dean WEATHERHEAD, 25, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Samuel C. WEATHERHEAD (b. Ont) & Mary A. FEIGHAN, married Edna Charlotte HUMPHRIES, 21, dressmaker, USA, Toronto, d/o Benjamin T. HUMPHRIES (b. Ont) & Mary E. ABERNATHY, witn: Gladys HUMPHRIES & Randolph I. MARK both of Toronto on July 7, 1923 4412-23 William Edward WESTWOOD, 28, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Walter Peter WESTWOOD (b. England) & Clara SMITH, married Annie Margaret NELSON, 21, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o Augustus NELSON (b. Ont) & Isabel STRONOCH, witn: James & Christine CONNELL both of Toronto on July 6, 1923
4419-23 Charles Stuart WHITE, 23, stone mason, England, Toronto, s/o Walter Edward WHITE (b. England) & Charlotte Ann HOLLAWAY, married Ivy Grace MANN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur Wallace MANN (b. England) & Florence Emily SARGEANT, witn: Ellen FORD & Dorothy FOX both of Toronto on July 12, 1923 2979-23 Alfred Newton WILLICOMBE, 24, rubber worker, England, rear 86 Vanauley St., s/o William WILLICOMBE (b. England) & Mary CASTLE, married Edna Alice DRURY, 20, operator, England, 15 Hertford St., d/o William DRURY (b. England) & Alice BROOKS, witn: Irene Maud DRURY of 15 Hertford & Charles George WILLIAMS of 135 Sellars Ave., 26 May 1923 at 15 Hertford St
4414-23 William WILSON, 27, motor mechanic, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert WILSON (b. Scotland) & Jennie RANKIN, married Eliza Jean WATSON, 27, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas WATSON (b. Scotland) & Mary MUIR, witn: Mary J. BROUGH of Toronto & Alex CAMERON of Hamilton on July 14, 1923 4417-23 Matthew WILSON, 22, laborer, Ontario, Warren Ont., s/o Frank WILSON (b. USA) & Maggie WILKIE, married Velma Ethel PHILLIPS, 17, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John PHILLIPS (b. Ont) & Mary MURRAY, witn: H. BENNING of & Vera WILSON both of Toronto on July 10, 1923
4420-23 Edward Hedley WINDLE, 24, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o Simeon (b. Ont) & Emily, married Flora Kerr DICKSON, 28, nurse, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James A. DICKSON (b. Ont) & Mary KERR, witn: Dora LEE of Toronto & Clifford B. HULLER both of Toronto on July 16, 1923 at Cowan Ave. Presbyterian Church 4415-23 Norman Frederick WITCHALL, 25, express agent, Toronto, same, s/o John WITCHALL (b. England) & Winnie McRAE, married Lottie CAMPBELL, 22, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Catherine HENDERSON, witn: Cyril FABERY & Walter Edmund of SEATON both of Toronto on July 7, 1923
4416-23 Leo Thomas WRIGHT, 21, colour maker, Toronto, same, s/o John WRIGHT (b. Ont) & Margaret McBRIEN, married Violet ALEXANDER, 22, binder, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert ALEXANDER & Margaret LAING, witn: Mary CASSIDY & Rev. M. J. MELROTH both of Toronto on July 6, 1923 2981-23 Frank Stuart WRIGHT, 24, merchant, Ottawa, 267 O'Connor St. in Ottawa, s/o Ruggles WRIGHT & Mary Stuart McARTHUR, married Ann Dorothy BINDON, 25, Ottawa, 25 Edgewood Ave., d/o Frederick W. BINDON & Frances E. HEADFORD, witn: Charles CUNNINHGAM of 299 McLeod in Ottawa & F. Catherine BINDON of 20 Edgewood Ave., 22 May 1923 at St. Johns Norway
25972-23 Albert W. YATES, 22, driver, Toronto, 902 Manning Ave., s/o James YATES & Hannah JAMES, married Mary LE BLANC, 26, Moncton NB, same, d/o Jude LE BLANC & Elizabeth MELANSON, witn: Nelson & Florence YATES of 153 Claremont St., 5 Dec 1923 2983-23 Edward Grant ZORN, 26, manager, USA, 278 Jarvis St., s/o Rudolph ZORN (b. Denmark) & Katherine FITZGERALD, married Minnie COHEN, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 514 Manning Ave., d/o Solomon COHEN (b. Russia) & Millie SMEER, witn: R. LOU? of 179 Dovercourt Rd & B. CRASS of 275 Jarvis St., 22 May 1923
2982-23 Max ZUCKER, 34, presser, Poland, 204 McCaul St., s/o Isaac ZUCKER (b. Poland) & Celia ZITRIN, married Yeta GUDMAN, 26, Poland, 301 Palmerston Ave., d/o Mannuel GUDMAN (b. Poland) & Bella BERMAN, witn: Harry STEINHAUER of 63 Elm St. & Paul ESTED of 69 Major St., 29 May 1923 2984-23 Dan ZURO, 28, cook, Russia, 51 Nelson St., s/o William ZURO (b. Russia) & Mary, married Christena DUNICAN (or Dunigan, Duncan?), 21, operator, Scotland, 3 Sheridan Ave., d/o Peter DUNIGAN (b. Scotland) & Laura WATES, witn: Fred FORDWICH & Mike SI--DAT?, both of 263 7th St. in New Toronto, 19 May 1923