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birth place is given before residence unless is was not given on the registration


017618-12 Walter ABBOTT, 28, Matchedash twp., Orillia, parents - George C. ABBOTT (dead), & Agnes GIBSON married Mary LEPARD, 23, Rama twp., Orillia, parents - Benjamin LEPARD, farmer, & Helen McMULLAN, witn; Ethel ABBOTT of Orillia & Ida BOWLES, Dec. 4, 1912 at Barrie 017617-12 George ADAMS, 25, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert ADAMS & Eliza Jane PERCH married Christina McGILLIVARY, 27, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, parents - Duncan McGILLIVARY & Kate LIVINGSTON, witn; Mrs. Flora VENABLES of Toronto & Archie McGILLIVARY of Saskatoon, Sask., Dec. 25, 1912 at Collingwood
017614 -12 - William Robert ADDIS, 45, farmer, Essa, parents - Robert ADDIS, farmer, & Elizabeth HIGGISON married Mary Ellen RUTHVEN, 42, Essa, parents - James RUTHVEN, farmer, & Eleanor McGINNIS, witn; Frank ADDIS of Alliston & Clara RUTHVEN of West Essa, Dec. 11, 1912 at Essa twp. 017613 -12 - David C. AIKINS, 45, widower, farmer, Quebec, Nottawasaga, parents - William AIKINS, farmer, & Agnes CRAWFORD married Annie MOSTYN, 26, England, Sunnidale, parents - Daniel TYSON, farmer, & Mary MOSTYN, witn; D.H.P. HUBBARD of Meaford & Frank MUMBERSON of New Lowell, Dec. 4, 1912 at Sunnidale Twp.
017615 -12 - Sidney A. ALDRIDGE, 25, England, Tecumseth, parents - James ALDRIDGE, clinic maker, & Sarah MARTIN, married Edith Adilene MOORE, 25, Flos, Tecumseth, parents - Charles MOORE , farmer, & Mary COX, witn; Mrs. T. N. LEAVE? of Bondhead & Mrs. WEBSTER of Toronto, Dec. 11, 1912 at Tecumseth 017612 -12 - Coleman ARMSTRONG, 50, widower, South Monaghan Ontario, Orillia, parents - William ARMSTRONG, farmer & Ann ARMSTRONG married Caroline NEWBURY, widow, 47, England, Orillia, parents - Charles NEWBURY, labourer & Sarah GILL, witn; William NEWBURY & Annie PERRING both of Orillia, Nov. 11, 1912 at Orillia
017616-12 - Andrew ARNEM, 22, Essa, Coldwater, parents - George ARNEM, farmer & Matilda JAMES married Caroline Maud STARSMEARE , 19, London, Coldwater, parents - Patrick? STARSMEARE , miller & Elvira ?AUSTIN, witn; Florence STARSMEARE of Coldwater & Kate AUSSMAN of Coldwater, August 15, 1912 at Coldwater 017619-12 Alfred ASTRIDGE, 23, baker, England, Barrie, parents - Joseph ASTRIDGE & Lucy BRIDGES married Nancy JENNER, 26, England, Barrie, parents - William JENNER & Ann OLDHAM, witn. William A. ARMITAGE & Mrs. Salina ARMITAGE both of Barrie, Dec. 3, 1912 at Barrie
017621-12 Joseph BOTHAM, 56, widower, carpenter, Barrie, parents - Mathew BOTHAM, carpenter & Catharine HARRISON married Helen JOYNE, 35, dressmaker, Utopia, Joseph JOYNE & Mary Ann ASKINS, witn; Martha J. BOTHAM of Barrie & Edwin SMITH of Utopia, Jan. 2, 1912 at Barrie 017622-12 William Henry BOWHEY, 21, telegraph operator, Haliburton, parents - George BOWHEY , railway conductor, & Marie Lorraine HUGHES married Mildred Marion SOMERSETT, 18, housekeeper, Waubaushene, parents - Alexander SOMERSETT, general labourer, & Annie Maria PLUMBTREE, witn; Mary Anne SOMERSETT & William HOGG both of Waubaushene, Jan. 23, 1912 at Waubaushene
017620-12 William BREW, 27, farmer, Collingwood twp., parents - William BREW & blank, married Martha FEE, no age given, Collingwood twp., parents - Albert H. FEE & Susan COWAN, witn; Albert H. FEE & Mrs. A. H. FEE of Gibraltar, Jan. 13, 1912 at Collingwood 19800-14 Robert James CAUGHEY, 36, tailor, Tay twp., same, s/o Robert James CAUGHEY & Mary Jane ALLEN, married Mary BRENNER, 24, Gawrie Scotland, Penetang., d/o James BRENNER & Mary SCOTT, witn: Emiline Maude CAUGHEY of Tay & Ellen R. WATCH of Midland, 2 Sept 1914 at Parsonage, Midand
13233-11 Alexander CREYKE, 45, farmer, of Tecumseth, s/o Peter CREYKE & Alexandrina BONNERMAN, married Mabel Adeline CARTER, 24, of Tecumseth, d/o Edward CARTER & Hannah GORDON, 25 Dec 1911 at Tecumseth 18761-22 Douglas William CULHAM, 35, teacher, Hamilton, 496 King St. in London, s/o Joseph A. CULHAM (b. Islington) & Helen W. COPP, married Muriel LILLIE, 30, nurse, Port Elgin, Orillia, d/o John LILLE (b. Ont) & Mary NICHOL, witn: John LILLIE of Orillia & Gordon J. CULHAM of Toronto, 16 Aug 1922 at Orillia
17794-12 John ELLIOTT, 46, farmer, of 10th Con of Osprey, s/o James ELLIOTT, farmer, & Julia VINCENT, married Isabella BROWN, 38, lady, of 12 Con of Osprey, d/o Thomas BROWN, farmer, & Nancy GRAHAM, witn: Mary ROBINSON of Collingwood & Joe DAVIS? of Singhampton, 25 April 1912 at Singhampton 17795-12 Johnston EVANS, 30, Tay twp., same, s/o William EVANS, farmer, & Elizabeth A. ATKINSON, married Mary F. E. SHIRK, 17, Essa twp., Tay twp., d/o Joseph SHIRK & Mary JONES, witn: C. A. & Eve SPARLING, 3 April 1912 at Midland
17814-12 John Alexander FLETCHER, 26, farmer, of Mono, s/o Johnston FLETCHER & Catherine MORRISON, married Laura GALLAUGHER, 25, of Adjala, d/o Joseph GALLAUGHER & Mary Jane GALLAUGHER, witn: Samuel GALLAUGHER of Rosemont & Florence FLETCHER of Toronto, 6 March 1912 at Adjala  
  17878-12 (Simcoe Co): John Victor HALL, 30, farmer, of Paswegen Sask., s/o Maxwell HALL, deceased, & Sarah Jane HARPER, married Winnifred Josephine WILSON, 28, of Orillia, d/o Joseph Hugh WILSON, grocer, & Margaret Amelia COLEMAN, witn: Edgar C. WILSON & Claire ANDERSON, both of Orillia, 5 March 1912 at Orillia
13683-15 Peter Kerr INGLE, 24, farmer, Leeds England, Barrie, s/o James Arthur INGLE & Jennie KERR, married Ethel TAYLOR, 25, Leeds England, Barrie, d/o Alfred TAYLOR & Carla STACEY, witn: Margaret GRAY of London & Lillian McFARLANE of Barrie 13 Nov 1915 at Barrie 17924-12 Richard Ernest Russel JOHNSTON, 26, Mulmur, same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Jane LEE, married Elizabeth LEIGHTON, 21, Mulmur, same, d/o Samuel LEIGHTON & Sarah Jane KIRBY, witn: Mrs. W. J. CORBETT & Mrs. Rev. CURPENDON, both of Creemore, 18 Sept 1912 of Creemore
19006-22 Theophilus McAULEY, 42, farmer, Orr Lake, same, s/o Angus McAULEY (b. Cornwall twp) & Catherine McRAE, married Catherine WHETHAM, 43, widow, Elmvale, Orr Lake, d/o Edward HILL (b. Toronto) & Maggie JOHNSTON, witn: Mrs. Dunc McAULEY & Velma LAUGHLIN, both of Orr Lake, 28 June 1922 at res of Catherine Whetham, Orr Lake, Medonte twp. 13800-15 David Russell McBAIN, 22, farmer, Creemore, Dunedin, s/o David McBAIN & Catherine KENDRICK, married Margaret Lavina TWIGGER, 18, Collingwood, same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Charles & Annie TWIGGER of Dunedin, 3 March 1915 at Creemore
  19004-22 Lorne Melville McMULKIN, 29, dry goods merchant, Alliston, same, s/o David McMULKIN (b. Tossorontio twp) & Jane E. WILSON, married Edna Jane GALLAUGHER, 25, Mulmur twp., Alliston, d/o John GALLAUGHER (b. Mulmur twp) & Mary Jane FERRIS, witn: J. E. McMULKIN of Toronto & Winnifred GENNINGS of Alliston, 31 May 1922 at Simcoe Co.
19005-22 James Albert McQUAY, 24, farmer, Essa twp., same, s/o Stewart McQUAY (b. Ivey) & Elizabeth SPEERS, married Gertrude Alberta SRIGLEY, 21, Innisfil twp., Essa twp., d/o Charles SRIGLEY (b. Holly Ont) & Olive QUANZ?, witn: A. L. SRIGLEY of Holly & Alice BANTING of Thornton, 27 June 1922 at Barrie 19007-22 Burton Clair McROBERTS, 35, farmer, Lauder Manitoba, Gilbert Plains Manitoba, s/o Enos McROBERTS (b. Canada) & Martha METCALF, married Genevieve Evelyn REED, 31, Orillia, same, d/o Alexander T. REED (b. Canada) & Grace E. WILLIAMS, witn: Ella BRAILEY & Alfred CARTER, both of North Orillia, 29 June 1922 at North Orillia twp
018048-12 (Simcoe Co.) Jerry D. MONAGUE, 50 years, widower, Ontario, Christian Island, s/o James MONAGUE & Eliza SNAKE, married Harriett BROWN, 36 years, widow, Ontario, Chemong Reserve, d/o Jacob JACOBS & Eliza Ann SMOKE, witn: Mrs. Edmond TODD & M. B. ADAMS both of Penetanguishene, 16 May, 1912 at Penetanguishene. 019869-16 (Simcoe Co.) Stephen MONAGUE, 38 years, widower, Soldier, Ontario, Christian Island, s/o George MONAGUE & Sarah PETERS, married Charlotte MIXAMONG, 21 years, Ontario, Moose Point, d/o Elijah MIZAMONG & Mary KING, witn: Henry & Polly JACKSON both of Christian Island, 31 January 1916 at Penetanguishene
  18108-12 Thomas Raymond PATTERSON, 34, jeweller, of Calgary (formerly of Flos twp), s/o William H. PATTERSON, machinist, & Marcia WHITE, married Hannah Etta GILBERT, 27, house keeper, of Elmvale, d/o Charles GILBERT, farmer, & Sarah JACKSON, witn: Ira PATTERSON of Barrie & W. D. GILBERT of Elmvale, 25 June 1912 at Elmvale
18098-12 Frederick Edgar PEARSON, 25, tradesman, of Everett, s/o Edward PEARSON & Sarah GREER, married Flossie M. GALLAUGHER, 23, of Everett, d/o Thomas GALLAUGHER & Harriet PARKER, witn: George PARKER of Sheldon & Olive GALLAUGHER of Everett, 28 Feb 1912 at Tossorontio Carmon Francis PICKERING, 27, saw filer, Ontario, 107 Dunvernet? Ave Toronto, s/o William PICKERING (b. Ont) & Sarah Jane COOK, married Katie Frances Ellen CULHAM, 29, Ontario, Sunnidale, d/o George CULHAM (b. Ont) & Catherine McNAB, witn: Louise PICKERING of Jacks Lake & Donald CULHAM of Stayner, 27 Sept 1922 at Sunnidale
013586-1911 Albert Wilkinson ROBERTSON, 25, of Orillia, Plumber, s/o James Henderson ROBERTSON & Louisa ROBERTSON, married Marguerite Leslie MAYNARD, 23, Orillia, same, d/o George Nicol MAYNARD & Rhoda illegible WILSON, wtn: illegible JACKSON & Norman PURDY, both of Orillia, on June 6, 1911, at Orillia 18143-12 James Walker ROSS, 26, locomotive engineer, of Saskatoon, s/o Henry ROSS, commercial traveller, & Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, married Helen Elizabeth WILKINSON, 22, of Everett, d/o William WILKINSON, farmer, & Helen Maria BEACROFT, witn: W. D. ALLEN of Alliston & Marjorie FENNELL of Bradford, 28 Aug 1912 at Tossorontio twp
18142-12 William Joseph ROY, 36, bushman, of Penetang., s/o Aimdee ROY & Josephine GROZELLE, married Elmire LEGAULT, 35, widow, of Penetang., d/o William LADOUCEUR, farmer, & Clemence VALLEE, witn: Walter BOILEAU & Clara PAYETTE, both of Lafontaine, 29 July 1912 at Pentanguishene [banns read at Jesuit Memorial Church] #010348-11 (Simcoe Co): Rolph RUMBLE, 24, miller, of Medonte Twp, s/o Joseph RUMBLE, miller + Mary A. TRICKER, married Mary Ridley NELSON, 23, of Rama Twp, d/o John NELSON, clergyman + Elizabeth RIDLEY, witn: E. NELSON + Ann RENICE, both of Rama, 11 Nov 1911
#018137-12 (Simcoe Co): Robert RUMBLE, 23, Penetanguishene, same, s/o Charles Henry RUMBLE, laborer, + Mary E. HURST, married Mary Ann BONNIN, 20, Penetanguishene, same, d/o August BONNIN, laborer, + Flora ROAKERY, witn: Alfred Judson WHALEN + Mrs Bertha ADAMS, both of Penetanguishene, 11 June 1912 at Penetanguishene #013595-11 (Simcoe Co): Hershel Edgar RUMBLE, 28, baker, of Medonte Twp, s/o Joseph RUMBLE + Mary A. TRICKER, married Sarah Severina DAY, 26, schoolteacher, d/o Thomas DAY, yeoman + Mary LADDLER, witn: Fred + Danny DAY of Shanty Bay, 27 Sept 1911 at Shanty Bay