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Renfrew Co., 1895

birth place is given before residence


10631-95 (Renfrew Co) David BAHAN, 60, farmer, widower, Waterford, Grattan, s/o Catherine WRIN (sic) married Hannah AINSWORTH, 43, widow, Buffalo, Eganville, d/o John MCGEE, witn: John CRAWFORD of Grattan & Mary MURTAGH of Eganville, 22 July 1895, Eganville

10739-95 John BARNES, 27, farmer, Horton, Horton, s/o John BARNES & Jane SMITH married Sarah THOMSON, 23, Horton, Horton, d/o Alexander THOMSON & Ellen Jane THOMSON, witn: William BIRCH & Sarah BARNES of Horton, 5 June 1895, Arnprior
10684-95 (Renfrew Co): William BATES, 22, farmer, Ontario, Wilberforce, s/o Valentine BAETZ (sic) & Anna BATES, married Augusta BUDER, 20, Hagarty, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: N. KRANTZ of N. Algoma & Mary BATES of Wilberforce, 1 Aug 1895 at Hagarty

10618-95 (Renfrew Co) George David BENNETT, 24, farmer, Ross, Westmeath, s/o James BENNETT & Catherine ROBINSON married Mary Ellen KENNY, 19, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o John KENNY & Jane LAFLEUR, witn: Joseph KENNY & Eliza PRICE of Westmeath, 24 Dec 1895, Westmeath

10595-95 (Renfrew Co) Hernest BERTRAND, 26, laborer, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o Francis & Emeline BERTRAND married Mary Jane HOWARD, 19, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Henry HOWARD & Eliza Ann HOWARD, witn: Edward GERVAIS of Beachburg & Noah BRUNETTE of Westmeath, 5 March 1895, Westmeath

#011274-96 William BOISEY, 24, labourer, Renfrew, same, s/o Edward & Margaret BOISEY, married Bella ARNOTT, 21, McNab, same, d/o John & Elizabeth ARNOTT, witn: David & Margaret FARQUHARSON, both of Horton, 29 Apr 1895 at Horton Twp

10607-95 (Renfrew Co) George Samuel BRANNON, 30, farmer, Wilberforce, Petewawa, s/o Andrew BRANNON & Ann TENANT married Margaret Jane THRASHER, 26, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Abraham THRASHER & Jane HORRICKS, witn: Richard TENANT of Stafford & Christina THRASHER of Westmeath, 14 Aug 1895, Greenwood

10589-95 (Renfrew Co) Daniel BRASH, 26, farmer, Alice, Alice, s/o Ludwig BRASH & Johanna HASS married Hedwig WODTKE, 22, Germany, South Algona, d/o David & Eva WODTKE, witn: Joseph BRASH of Pembroke & Albert BRASH & Henry BRASH of Alice & Ann ROSSO of South Algona, 26 Sept 1895, Alice

#013090-1898 (Renfrew Co): Walter BROWN, 26, farmer, McNab Tp, same, s/o Agnes DICKSON & James BROWN, married Catherine McMILLAN, 21, housemaid, McNab Tp, same, d/o Marion McINNIS & Peter McMILLAN; wit: Robert Brown, Mary D McMILLAN, McNab Tp. 20 Jul 1895 at McNab Tp #010727-95 (Renfrew Co): Edward BRUNET, 28, laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o Edward BRUNET & Philomene JOMICE, married Isabella ALLOWAY, 26, Chichester England, Arnprior, d/o Robert ALLOWAY & Maria YEAL, witnesses were Ovila POSE & Elisa BRUNET, both of Arnprior, 23 Nov., 1895 at Arnprior (Rom Cath)
10734-95 Albert F. BUDD, 22, chemist, Arnprior, Arnprior, s/o Thomas BUDD & Agnes WILSON married Mary Christina MOIR, 23, Ramsay, Arnprior, d/o Gilbert MOIR & Mary SNEDDEN, witn: John MOIR of Arnprior & William WHYTE of Waba, 14 Aug 1895, Arnprior 10538-95 Michael BULGER, 38, merchant, Bromley, Bromley, s/o Daniel BULGER & Ellen SHANE married Mary Jane BREEN, 25, Bromley, Bromley, d/o John BREEN & Bridget DALEY, witn: Joseph BULGER & Catherine O'SHAUGHNESSY, 8 Jan 1895, Douglas

10596-95 (Renfrew Co) Amos Robert BULMER, 22, farmer, Ross, Ross, s/o Edward BULMER & Jane ELLIOTT married Jessie MCLAREN, 20, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Duncan MCLAREN & Ellen STEWART, witn: Edward BULMER & Marion JAMESON of Ross, 20 March 1895, Westmeath

10591-95 (Renfrew Co) Antoine BUSKIE, 36, yeoman, ST. John’s Quebec, Westmeath, s/o Joseph BUSKIE & Rose BEAUDRIE married Mary Ann RETTY nee LEBLANC, 36, widow, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o J. B. LEBLANC & Ellen COLLINS, witn: Mrs. John PURDY of Collins Bay & A. B. JOHNSTON of Westmeath, 16 Jan 1895, Westmeath
10528-95 Napoleon CAMPEAU, 40, widower, farmer, Valley Field, St. Redemption, s/o Peter CAMPEAU & Virginia PORTLANCE married Vilena SAUVE, 16, Griffith, Brougham, d/o John SAUVE & Norborine DUCHARM, witn: Joseph DELAURIER & Serephile SAUVE, 29 Jan 1895, Mt. St. Patrick 10731-95 Christopher E. CARRUTHERS, 26, farmer, Huntley, Huntley, s/o Christopher CARRUTHERS & Mary GIBSON married Mary Anne HUMPHRIES, 23, Fitzroy, Huntley, d/o George HUMPHRIES & Eleanor FEATHERSTONE, witn: John A. E. MCLEAN & Margaret MCLEAN of Arnprior, 7 nov 1895, Arnprior

10600-95 (Renfrew Co) William CARSWELL, 24, farmer, Gower Point, Fort Colounge, s/o Thomas CARSWELL & Monique CARSWELL married Agnes GREGOIRE, 19, Litchfield, Fort Colounge, d/o Norbert GREGOIRE & Ellen BANNON, witn: Mrs. James SCOTT of Montreal & Mary MAJOR of Gower Point, 25 July 1895, Gower Point

10599-95 (Renfrew Co) William CONDIE, 35, farmer, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o James CONDIE & Mary ABERCROMBIE married Hattie MACKINTOSH, 20, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o William MACKINTOSH & Ester BURKE, witn: John J. CONDIE & Hattie M. BROWN of Westmeath, 3 July 1895, Westmeath

10619-95 (Renfrew Co) Joseph DAKIN, 27, cabinet maker, Derbyshire England, Cobden, s/o Samuel DAKIN & Harriet WINFIELD married Isabella EDWARDS, 21, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Joseph EDWARDS & Elizabeth LYNCH, witn: James JOHNSTON of Bromley & Hattie EDWARDS of Westmeath, 4 Oct 1895, Westmeath

#010803-95 (Renfrew Co): Walter DALGLEISH, 25, miller, Dumfries Scotland, Kamloops BC, s/o Robert DALGLEISH & Janet HARTIE?, married Georgina RIATT, 25, Ottawa, Pembroke, d/o George RIATT & Margaret MARTIN, witn: John BODELL & Isabella MUNRO, both of Pembroke, 6 Feb 1895 at Pembroke

10622-95 (Renfrew Co) Michael DELOUGHRY, not given, farm laborer, not given, Douglas, s/o Thomas DELOUGHERY (sic) & Mary BUCKLEY married May MOLLOY, 22, not given, Eganville, d/o Bernard MALLOY (sic) & Elizabeth RODDEN, witn: Thomas DELOUGHRY of Douglas & Sarah MALLOY of Eganville, 16 Jan 1895, Eganville

10523-95 Joseph DESLAURIER, 25, farmer, Brougham, Brougham, s/o Joseph DESLAURIER & Ann DODGE married Sarah SAUVE, 16, St. Redemption, Brougham, d/o John SAUVE & Norbene DECUERN, witn; Frank LECLAIR & Mary DESLAURIER, 17 June 1895, Mount St. Patrick #010728-95 (Renfrew Co): Theophile DESORMAIS, 23, shantyman, Arnprior, same, s/o Joseph DESORMAIS & Marcelline MARTINEAU, married Annie JOHNSTON, 23, Pakenham, Arnprior, d/o Wiliam JOHNSTON & Gussy MacGREGOR, witnesses were Joseph DESORMAIS & Priselle PROULX, both of Arnprior, 26 Nov 1895 at Arnprior (Rom Cath)
10685-95 (Renfrew Co): Dan A. DICKSON, 26, miller, Ontario, Kilaloe - Renfrew Co., s/o James & Jane, married Mary McMILLAN, 25, Ontario, Brudenell, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Ernest YETTS of Killiloe & Mary BATES of Golden Lake, 13 Sept 1895 at Hagarty #010808-95 (Renfrew Co): John DICKSON, 21, laborer, Westneath, Pembroke, s/o James DICKSON & Jemima VANDUREN (Vandusen?), married Barbara McLEOD, 18, Glasgow Scotland, Pembroke, d/o William & Catherine, witn: James & Christena LAMONT of Klocks, 7 March 1895 at Pembroke
#010513-95 (Renfrew Co): Louis DODGE, 22, farmer, Black Donald Broham, Matawachan, s/o Jeremiah DODGE & Henrietta LECLARE, married Cliphia BELANGER, 19, Matawachan, same, d/o Marcell BELANGER & Cliphia VARRIN, witnesses were Marcell BELANGER & Alma LYSINE, both of Matawachan, July 1, 1895 at Griffith

10542-95 John DOONER, 35, not given, Bromley, Bromley, s/o Francis DOONER & Mary O’REILLY married Mary CONOLLY, 25, Bromley, Bromley, d/o James CONOLLY & Isabella SPENCE, witn: Daniel DOONER & Jeremiah CONOLLY, 2 July 1895, Douglas

10627-95 (Renfrew Co) Alfred DUCHARME, 43, not given, widower, Joliette Quebec, Renfrew, s/o not given, married Laura BURGES, 29, widow, Onslow, Eganville, d/o not given, witn: Eustach ST. LOUIS & Eleanor BURGES of Perrault Settlement, 17 June 1895, Eganville

10545-95 Richard DWYER, 35, not given, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, s/o Thomas DWYER & Ellen MANSY (Meney?) married Margaret MCLARTY, 22, Bromley, Bromley, d/o John MCLARTY & Jane COYNE, witn: Joseph BULGER & Johanna DWYER, 17 Nov 1895, Douglas

  10628-95 (Renfrew Co) Archie Gray ERWIN, 21, laborer, Sharbot Lake, Sharbot Lake, s/o James & Mary ERWIN married Harriet BABCOCK, 20, Hartington, Sharbot Lake, d/o Nelson & Elizabeth BABCOCK, witn: Dan REID & Catherine MCCALL of Eganville, 11 Nov 1895, Eganville

10634-95 (Renfrew Co) Carl FOIKE, 27, farmer, Pardon Germany, Sherwood, s/o Johana FOIKE & Anna KOLLETSCHKE married Bertha Louise BOLDT, 21, Marionwalde Germany, Eganville, d/o William BOLDT & Henriette LEESK, witn: Wilhelm HOELKE of Barrys Bay & Martha BOLDT of Eganville, 24 July 1895, Eganville

#010816-95 (Renfrew Co): Thomas H. FOX, 23, laborer, England, Pembroke twp., s/o George & Martha, married Alice HOUSTON, 23, Canada, Pembroke twp., d/o William & Sarah, witnesses were William E. LUTTON of Stafford & Jennie HOUSTON of Pembroke twp., June 5, 1895 at Pembroke
10544-95 Richard FRANCIS, 36, harness maker, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o not given married Sarah KILGORE, 35, Admaston, Bromley, d/o William KILGORE & Sarah DEWETT, witn: Dan KILGORE & Mary Ann KILGORE, 15 Oct. 1895, Douglas 10732-95 George FULFORD, 29, laborer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o Peter FULFORD & Margaret HAWLEY married Edith Burns NICHOLSON, 21, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, d/o James NICHOLSON & Agnes SMITH, witn: Margaret MCLEAN & Minnie MCLEAN of Arnprior, 24 Sept 1895, Arnprior
10532-95 William GEGEIR, 31, farmer, Maileys Station, Maileys Station, s/o Andrew GEGEIR & Bridget O’BRIEN married Sarah Jane TALLANT, 21, Maileys Station, Maileys Station, d/o Thomas LALLANT & Mary JENNINGS, witn: James TALLANT & Elizabeth GEGEIR of Maileys Station, 2 Oct 1895, Maileys Station  
#010817-95 (Renfrew Co): Robert William GORDON, 27, merchant, Pakenham, Pembroke, s/o Alexander GORDON & Elizabeth FRASER, married Jane Rowan SPARLING, 25, Pembroke, same, d/o William SPARLING & Eliza Jane POTTER, witnesses were James Rowan GRANT of Port Perry & Mary E. SUPPLE of Pembroke, June 19, 1895 at Pembroke 10636-95 (Renfrew Co) William GRAHAM, 23, farmer, Stafford, Stafford, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Ann LEACH married Margaret Lake MARTIN, 23, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o John MARTIN & Margaret GRIFFITH, witn: Samuel SUTTON of Stafford & GRIFFITH of Wilberforce, 22 may 1895, Lake Dore

10593-95 (Renfrew Co) Theophile GRATTAN, 27, farmer, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Eustache GRATTAN & Harriet LAVERDIERE married Philomene LACROIX, 28, Gower Point, Gower Point, d/o Louis LACROIX & Eliza CLERMONT, witn: Henri LACROIX & H. GRATTAN of Gower Point, 28 Jan 1895, Westmeath

10615-95 (Renfrew Co) Antoine GREGOIRE, 26, hay presser, Leitchfield Quebec, Fort Colounge, s/o North GREGORIE & Ellen BANMAN (Bannon?) married Henriette GERVAIS, 23, Gower Point, Gower Point, d/o Gilbert GERVAIS & Henriette BERTRAND, witn: Gilbert GERVAIS of Gower Point & Edward GERVAIS of Beachburg, 30 Nov 1895, Gower Point

10587-95 (Renfrew Co) Herman GUNTER, 33, laborer, Germany, Pembroke, s/o John & Johanna GUNTER married Maria RADKE, 24, widow, Alice, Alice, s/o William & Emily SCHIMMINGS, witn: William & Emily SCHIMMINGS & Fred & Mary BARR of Alice, 11 July 1895, Alice #010512-95 (Renfrew Co): David GUINEY, 33, farmer, Griffith, Raglan, s/o William GUINEY & Ellen MURPHY, married Mary E. DONOVAN, 25, Griffith, same, d/o John DONOVAN & Ellen HANLAN, witnesses were William GUINEY & Bridget DONOVAN, both of Griffith, Oct 5, 1895 at Griffith
#010815-95 (Renfrew Co): Joseph HAMILTON, 30, farmer, Stafford twp., same, s/o James HAMILTON & Ann McLARN, married Elizabeth JAMIESON, 22, Renfrew village, Pembroke, d/o John JAMIESON & Mary EADY, witnesses were Daniel HAMILTON of Pembroke & Myruil JAMIESON of Forresters Falls, June 25, 1895 at Pembroke

10617-95 (Renfrew Co) Charles Robert HARRISON, 28, CPR yard master, Froddingtham England, North Bay, s/o Charles HARRISON & Emma HARRISON married Tessie GARVIN, 19, Black River Quebec, Pembroke, d/o Oliver GARVIN & Ellen GARRITY, witn: Ida R. WELLY & Emma PHILPPS of Beachburg, 5 Dec 1895, Beachburg

10592-95 (Renfrew Co) Obadiah HENNESY, 26, yeoman, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o Martin HENNESY & Emily WINTERS married Lizzie CARLSON, 18, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Lars CARLSON & Annie LACEY, witn: Bishop HENNESY & Louise HALLY of Westmeath, 6 Feb 1895, Westmeath  
10736-95 William Henry HUNT, 35, farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o James TURNER & Sarah ABBOTT married Frances Maud TURNER, 24, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, d/o James TURNER & Sarah ABBOTT, witn: M. MCLEAN & Minnie MCLEAN of Arnprior, 23 July 1895, Arnprior 10525-95 Daniel Patrick HUNT, 28, farmer, Admaston, Admaston, s/o Thomas HUNT & Elizabeth O’BRIAN married Edna KENNELLY, 27, Brougham, Brougham, d/o Michael KENNELLY & Bridget MADIGAN, witn: John James HUNT of Admaston & Mary KENNELLY of Brougham, 11 Feb 1895, Mount St. Patrick
  10540-95 Thomas HURAN (Henan?) 29, bookkeeper, not given, Ross, s/o not given married Mary ENRIGHT, 20, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Paul ENRIGHT & Mary CONLEY, witn: D. MCDONALD & Julia ENRIGHT, 29 Jan 1895, Douglas

10604-95 (Renfrew Co) Charles Willard JACKSON, 29, clerk, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o Joseph JACKSON & Mary O’BRIEN married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 27, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o George & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Robert WRIGHT & Nina FRASER of Westmeath, 7 Aug 1895, Westmeath

10588-95 (Renfrew Co) James Randall JAHN, 30, steel worker, England, Martins Ferry, s/o Edward Bowest & Harriet Selina JAHN married Alice Caroline LAFEVER, 20, Alice, Alice, d/o Louis & Matilda LAFEVER, witn: not given, 9 July 1895, Alice

10586-95 (Renfrew Co) August JOHNKE, 30, farmer, Alice, Alice, s/o Frederick JOHNKE & Augusta SAAR married Eliza HAAS, 29, Alice, Alice, d/o August HASS & Henrietta DOMMER, witn: Gustave HASS & Elizabeth JOHNKE of Alice, 28 March 1895, Alice

#010514-95 (Renfrew Co): Joseph JOYCE, 26, farmer, Griffith, same, s/o Thomas JOYCE & Fannie ADAMS, married Catherine GAGNON, 22, Griffith, same, d/o Nalbere GAGNON & Mary GODDIN, witnesses were Isidore GODDIN & E. GURNEY, both of Griffith, May 20, 1895 at Mount St. Patrick
10518-95 August Carl Rudolf KADDATZ, 31, farmer, Germany, Sebastopol, s/o August & Wilhelmine KADDATZ married Louise Emilie SAAR, 16, Germany, Sebastopol, d/o father unknown & Caroline KLEPPEL widow, witn: Carl KADDATZ & Jenny KOSMATH (Kosmark?) of Sebastopol, 14 June 1895, Sebastopol  
10533-95 M. Patrick KENALLY, 32, Mt. St. Patrick, Mt. St. Patrick, s/o Martin KENALLY & Bridget KELMAN (Keloran?) married Susan GANNON, 25, Bromley, Osceola, d/o Edward GANNON & Mary MCGOVERN, witn: Philip KENALLY & Francis GANNON, 26 April 1895, Osceola 10526-95 Joseph KENNELLY, 32, widower, farmer, Brougham, Brougham, s/o Patrick KENNELLY & Hannah MADIGAN married Hannah MADIGAN, 22, Admaston, Brougham, d/o Thomas MADIGAN & Eline KENNELLY, witn: Patrick KENNELLY & Ellen KENNELLY of Brougham, 11 Nov 1895, Mt. St. Patrick

10590-95 (Renfrew Co) William KENNY, 27, yeoman, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o Edward KENNY & E. CROBAR married Ann ROBINSON, 18, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Samuel ROBINSON & Sarah CORBIE, witn: Robert CARNAGIE & Eliza PIERCE of Perretton, 23 Jan 1895, Westmeath

10626-95 (Renfrew Co) John W. KENNY, 24, physician, Arnprior, Iowa, s/o John KENNY & Ellen WHALEN married Bridget Teresa LACEY, 27, Eganville, Eganville, d/o Daniel LACEY & Mary HOWARD, witn: Daniel O’BRIEN of Merrickville & Terese LACEY of Eganville, 18 June 1895, Eganville

10541-95 Charles KIERNAN, 31, not given, Grattan, Grattan, s/o John KIERNAN & Sarah NEELAN married Mary Ann MOOR, 29, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Jefferson MOOR & Ellen MANION, witn: John NEELAN & Hanorah MANION, 24 Jan 1895, Douglas

10620-95 (Renfrew Co) John KNIGHT, 28, farmer, Wicklow, Wicklow, s/o James KNIGHT & Jeanetta BRYMER married Mary CARSWELL, 22, Wicklow, Wicklow, d/o Thomas CARSWELL & Mary CREIGHTON, witn: E. C. RYLANCE & Agnes MCDONALD of Eganville, 8 June 1895, Eganville

10632-95 (Renfrew Co) Joseph LACOURSE, 48, farmer, widower, Quebec, Admaston, s/o Henriette PLAUNTE married Mary VENDETTE, 41, Grattan, Grattan, d/o Baptiste VENDETTE & Mary RALCHAN, witn: William PLAUS of Eganville & Maggie VENDETTE of Grattan, 23 Sept 1895, Eganville

10603-95 (Renfrew Co) Henri LACROIX, 23, laborer, Gower Point, Gower Point, s/o Alfred LACROIX & Angele LASSARD married Duleina BERTRAND, 20, Gower Point, Gower Point, d/o Francois BERTRAND & Matilda TURCOT, witn: Honore BERTRAND & Adeline LACROIX of Gower Point, 20 Aug 1895, Gower Point

10633-95 (Renfrew Co) Frederick LASARGE, 22, bricklayer, Fitzroy, Eganville, s/o Joseph LASARGE & Christina BRUNETTE married Eleanor GORMAN, 37, Wilberforce, Eganville, d/o Thomas GORMAN & Margaret MCEACHERN, witn: Michel GORMAN of Eganville & Charles MCEACHERN of Douglas, 15 Oct 1895, Eganville

10625-95 (Renfrew Co) Louis LAUNDRY, 25, laborer, Golden Lake, not given, s/o Joseph LAUNDRY & Theophela BEAUDRY married Elizabeth MENARD, 20, Grattan, Grattan, d/o Francs MENARD & Mary DUCHARME, witn: Edward LAUNDRY & Mary LABORITE, 3 June 1895, Eganville

10520-95 Carl LEDER, 25, laborer, Lubler Germany, Pembroke, s/o Carl LEDER & Aguste HASOLINS (Hasohns? married Wilhelmine SULKE, 23, Elber Park? Germany, Pembroke, d/o Michael SULKE & Louisa GRAMERY, witn: Bruno MIRKLE & Bertha LEDER & Adaline SULKE & Albert EDEN of Petewawa, 6 June 1895, Petewawa 10738-95 Robert LEE, 30, book keeper, Simcoe, Cache Bay, s/o John LEE & Marjory STINSON married Anna Beka BANNING, 23, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o James BANNING & Mary FITZSIMMONS, witn: F. C. SHANE of Smith Falls & Annie BLAIR of Arnprior, 26 June 1895, Arnprior

10594-95 (Renfrew Co) George W. LLOYD, 20, mechanic, Co Hastings, Westmeath, s/o Lester LLOYD & M. A. BRINTNELL married Hannah CLIPPEN, 27, Sweden, Beachburg, d/o John CLIPPEN & Ena JOHNSTON, witn: George LEACH of Westmeath & Emma CLIPPEN of Beachburg, 8 May 1895, Westmeath

#011356-96 (Renfrew Co): Thomas LYONS, 28, laborer on CPR, Renfrew Co., Sudbury, s/o Alexander LYONS & Mary Ann DAVIS, married Sarah DES ROSIERS, 27, Brudnell, Sudbury, d/o Ed. DES ROSIERS & Elizabeth BEHAN, witn: Michael DES RISIERS & Margaret GARNI, both of Pembroke, 22 Nov 1895 at Pembroke

10608-95 (Renfrew Co) Louis George MAHEW, 20, miller, Admaston, Beachburg, d/o Charles MAHEW & Sarah DUNLOP married Agnes CONDIE, 19, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o James CONDIE & Janet JOHNSTON, witn: John MAYHEW of Beachburg & Lottie GRANT of Westmeath, 2 Oct 1895, Westmeath

10612-95 (Renfrew Co) John Charles MAHEW, 24, farmer, Admaston, Westmeath, s/o Charles & Sarah MAHEW married Elizabeth MOORE, 22, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o William & Martha MOORE, witn: Elisha James MAHEW & Emily MOORE of Westmeath, 13 Nov 1895, Perretton

#010804-95 (Renfrew Co): Henry MARTIN, 23, farmer, Westneath, same, s/o John MARTIN & Mary Jane WRIGHT, married Katie MARTIN, 23, Admaston, Westneath, d/o Thomas MARTIN & Jane BRYMER, witn: Munro MORRISON & Mary MARTIN, both of Beachburg, 20 March 1895 at Pembroke

10623-95 (Renfrew Co) John MASKA, 30, laborer, not given, Eganville, s/o Bernard MASKA & Amelia DEFAIS married Mary CUTCHAN, 23, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Peter CUTCHAN & Paulina GRAKOSKI, witn: Joseph CUTCHAN of Wilberforce & Lucinda PRANKI of Pembroke, 16 Feb 1895, Eganville

10601-95 (Renfrew Co) John Samuel MCCOY, 29, farmer, McNab, Lyndock, s/o John MCCOY & Mary CUNNINGHAM married Ida LEE, 20, Ross, Westmeath, d/o George LEE & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: William C. MCCOY of Lyndock & Georgina LEE of Westmeath, 14 Aug 1895, Westmeath

10527-95 Edward MCCREA, 29, shantyman, Springtown, Springtown, s/o James MCCREA & Ellen OWENS, married Bridget CULHANE, 29, Ashdad, Springtown, d/o Daniel CULHANE & Ellen ENRIGHT, witn: John CULHANE of Ashdad & Maggie MCCREA of Springtown, 21 Oct 1895, Mount St. Patrick

  10543-95 Alex MCDONALD, 21, engineer, not given, Chapleau, s/o Hugh MCDONALD & Christina married Bridget CARDIFF, 22, Bromley, Bromley, d/o George CARDIFF & Mary MCMAHON, witn: George CARDIFF & Margaret CARDIFF, 6 Aug 1895, Douglas
10530-95 Richard MCISAAC, 21, laborer, Bissells Creek, Bissells Creek, s/o John MCISAAC & Mary POITRAS married Caroline TOOLEY, 18, Bissells Creek, Bissells Creek, d/o Lemuel TOOLEY & Louisa DURAND, witn: John TAGGART & Maggie MCISAAC of Bissells Creek, 9 July 1895, Bissells Creek 10735-95 William John MACKAY, 32, lumberer, Calabogie, Arnprior, s/o Alexander MCKAY & Mary Ann STANTON married Maggie RUSSELL, 29, Ottawa, Arnprior, d/o George RUSSELL & Mary BUMS, witn: Jessie A. RUSSELL & Clara ADAMS of Arnprior, 31 July 1895, Arnprior

10609-95 (Renfrew Co) Francis Alexander MCMULLEN, 22, mechanic, Ross, Westmeath, s/o James & Caroline MCMULLEN married Archell Georgina GRIERSON, 22, Perth, Westmeath, d/o James & Maggie GRIERSON, witn: William MCMULLEN & Louisa HATELY (Hatley?) of Westmeath, 16 Oct 1895, Westmeath

10621-95 (Renfrew Co) William MCNEILL, 28, builder, Eganville, Eganville, s/o Archibald MCNEILL & Margaret Jane LYLE married Alice GILL, 24, Havelock, Eganville, d/o James GILL & Isabella HICKS, witn: Mary PAUL & William PORTER of Eganville, 1 July 1895, Eganville
#010726-95 (Renfrew Co): Roderick McPICK, 38, foreman, Bromley, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Henry & Anna Catherine, married Caroline RODDY, 29, Sand Point, same, d/o Michael RODDY & Elizabeth McINTOSH, witnesses were John COSTELLO of Renfrew & Margaret KILLORAN of Arnprior, 14 Oct 1895 at Arnprior (Rom Cath) #010806-95 (Renfrew Co): George Fleming MOXAM, 24, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o William MOXAM & Susan FLOOD, married Mary JOHNSTON, 20, Ross twp., same, d/o James JOHNSTON & Nancy HOLT, witn: Amelia McGILVRAY & May BOGART, both of Pembroke, 27 March 1895 at Pembroke

10605-95 (Renfrew Co) John MILLER, 26, farmer, Pakenham, Westmeath, s/o Christopher MILLER & Sarah ELLISON married Hattie LAFRENIER, 20, Co Pontiac, Westmeath, d/o Joseph LEFRENIER (sic) & Bridget HENNESSY, witn: Edward LEFRENIER & Eliza MILLER, 31 Aug 1895, Beachburg

10616-95 (Renfrew Co) James MULLIGAN, 32, lumberman, Ireland, Westmeath, s/o John MULLIGAN & Catherine DORIS married Rosa Bridget VEZINA, 20, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Samuel VEZINA & Bridget LAWLESS, witn: James SCOTT of Montreal & Gilbert GERE--?(off page) of Gower Point, 26 Dec 1895, Gower Point

10602-95 (Renfrew Co) Daniel MULLOY, 33, farmer, Ireland, Westmeath, s/o John MULLOY & Catherine DORIEN married Elizabeth ETHIER, 22, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Joseph ETHIER & Elizabeth BOUSQUET, witn: Mary MAYOR of Gower Point & Louisa LA MOINE of Montreal, 14 Aug 1895, Gower Point

10624-95 (Renfrew Co) Thomas MULVIHILL, 36, laborer, Douglas, Eganville, s/o Martin MULVIHILL & Margaret COSTELLO married Mary PILON, 20, Pakenham, Eganville, d/o Joseph PILON & Susan HAGERTY, witn: J. D. GRACEY & Sarah PILON of Eganville, 23 April 1895, Eganville

10517-95 Frank MUSCULUS, 25, farmer, Sebastopol, Sebastopol, s/o Carl MUSCULUS & Ottilie SCHROEDER married Augusta Mary Louise NEWMANN, 19, Sebastopol, Sebastopol, d/o Ludwig NEWMANN & Alvina FLUEGEL, witn: Richard MUSCULUS of Mounteagle & Bertha ROVE of Sebastopol, 4 June 1895, Sebastopol 10687-95 (Renfrew Co): Michael NERLOCK, 40, widower, farmer, Poland, Jones, s/o Mathias NERLOCK & Catherine DOMBROSKI, married Amelia KAZABUSKIA, 19, Poland, Jones, d/o Adam KAZABUSKIA & Mary Ann KLOSEWSKA, witn: Albert & Mary DOTA of Hagarty, 18 Sept 1895 at Hagarty (Rom Cath)
10529-95 John Patrick O’BRIEN, 28, tailor, Westmeath, Pembroke, s/o John O’BRIEN & Elizabeth JACKSON married Florence S. ANDREWS, 18, Renfrew, Dacre, d/o William Henry ANDREW & Annie WARK, witn: John Thomas O’BRIEN of Dacre & Elizabeth O’BRIEN of Westmeath, 8 May 1895, Dacre  
10534-95 Alex PIGEON, 26, mechanic, Bromley, Osceola, s/o Archy PIGEON & Mary MCGRATH married Bridget ENRIGHT, 22, Admaston, Osceola, d/o Pat ENRIGHT & Mary HOLEY, witn: Archy PIGEON & Margaret ENRIGHT, 3 June 1895, Osceola 10688-95 (Renfrew Co): John PREKASKIE, 21, farmer, Sherwood, same, s/o Mathias & blank, married Anna CHODOR, 19, Poland, Sherwood, d/o John CHODOR & Apolo WALEWSKA, witn: Thomas DOBBECK & Stanislas YAUTHA, both of Sherwood, 11 Aug 1895 at Hagarty (Rom Cath)
10686-95 (Renfrew Co): August RECOSKI, 25, farmer, Sherwood, same, s/o Stanislas RECOSKI & Catherine FLIS, married Josephine RECA, 21, Sherwood, same, d/o Peter RECA & Magdalena JETER?, witn: John YACKABUSKI of Sherwood & Paril LORBITSKI of Hagarty, 29 Oct 1895 at Hagarty (Rom Cath)

10733-95 John Forbes RITCHIE, 45, clerk, Fitzroy, Arnprior, s/o John Fisher RITCHIE & Jeannie FORBES married Kate Francis WOLFE, 25, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Jonathan WOLFE & Margaret FRANCES, witn: Kate A. WILSON of Brockville & F. A. DAVIS of Quio Quebec, 18 Sept 1895, Arnprior

10630-95 (Renfrew Co) Joseph ROBITAILLE, 42, farmer, widower, Quebec, Grattan, s/o Joseph ROBITAILLE & Angelique VILLENEUVE married Janet ST. LOUIS, 33, Grattan, Grattan, d/o Toutsaint ST. LOUIS & Amelia LARMARCH, witn: George LAMARCH & Margaret ST. LOUIS of Grattan, 15 July 1895, Eganville 10522-95 Abraham ROY, 52, widower, laborer, not known, Petewawa, s/o not known, married Mary PROVONS, 46, widow, Petewawa, Petewawa, d/o Michael PROVONS & Marguerite RYAN, witn: none, 2 Oct 1895, Pembroke
10730-95 George RUSSELL, 38, farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o David RUSSELL & Isabella BREMNER married Elizabeth WHYTE, 34, Fitzroy, Arnprior, d/o John L. WHYTE & Elizabeth LINDSAY, witn: Lizzie WALLACE of Arnprior & Jennie MACDAM of McNab, 18 Dec 1895, Arnprior 10729-95 Francois Xavier ST. LOUIS, 32, shantyman, Eganville, Arnprior, s/o Archibald ST. LOUIS & Adeline BELLISLE married Helene KELLY, 26, Quebec, Arnprior, d/o John KELLY & Georgina PERIER, witn: Jean CHABOT & Adeline ST. LOUIS of Arnprior, 3 Dec 1895, Arnprior

10610-95 (Renfrew Co) Oliver SALWAY, 32, farmer, widower, Clarendon, Alumette, s/o Oliver & Rebecca SALWAY married Mary Ellen CRAWFORD, 30, Calumette, Calumette, d/o Michael & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, witn: Mrs. R. G. PEEVER of Westmeath, 21 Oct 1895, Westmeath

10536-95 Pat SHEADY, 30, not given, Bromley, Osceola, s/o Martin SHEADY & Julia MORIARTY, married Annie SAMMON, 25, Bromley, Bromley, d/o John SAMMON & Margaret MULVANEY, witn: Thomas SAMMON & Henrietta SHEADY, 7 Oct 1895, Osceola 10524-95 Michael SHEEDY, 22, farmer, Brougham, Brougham, s/o Martin SHEEDY & Mary MORIARTY married Mary MULVILL, 21, Brougham, Brougham, d/o Martin MULVILL & Mary CULHANE, witn: Mat SHEEDY & Johana MULVIHILL of Brougham, 3 June 1895, Mount St. Patrick
10535-95 Peter SHELAN (Shelein?), 30, laborer, not given, Bromley, s/o not given married Mary CHERTRAND (Chartrand?), 20, Bromley, Osceola, d/o Joseph CHERTRAND & Mary PHILIPS, witn: William BIRD & Mary KINNEY, 3 June 1895, Osceola 10521-95 Harry B. SMITH, 37, foreman, Warwickshire England, Westmeath, s/o William & Ann SMITH married Lois Ann DEVINE, 27, Petewawa, Petewawa, d/o Solomon & Ann DEVINE, witn: Lloyd ATCHISON of Pembroke & Martha DEVINE of Petewawa, 7 Aug 1895, Petewawa

10606-95 (Renfrew Co) James SMITH, 29, merchant, Westmeath, Pembroke, s/o James SMITH & Margaret A. STEWART married Ellen Drysdale METCALFE, 22, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Henry METCALFE & Jane MCLEAN, witn: Stewart SMITH of Pembroke & Jane THWAITES of Beachburg, 4 Sept 1895, Beachburg

10629-95 (Renfrew Co) Richard Opher SMITH, 26, farmer, Hastings Co, Wilberforce, s/o Alexander SMITH & Jane MISTERMAN?, married Catherine BLACKBURN, 22, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Campbell BLACKBURN & Jane THOMPSON, witn: James BLACKBURN & Kate SADLER, 18 Dec 1895, Eganville

10614-95 (Renfrew Co) Peter Bernard Stewart SMITH, 23, farmer, London England, Fort Colounge, s/o Peter SMITH & Mary GREEN married Virginie DUPUIS, 24, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Euclid DUPUIS & Virginia FOISY, witn: Joseph DUPUIS & Louisa DUPUIS of Westmeath, 26 Nov 1895, Gower Point

10613-95 (Renfrew Co) James SMYTH, 30, farmer, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o James SMYTH & Ann Jane WATSON married Margaret ROBINSON, 21, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o James ROBINSON & Margaret MCLAUGHLIN, witn: William ROBINSON & Lizzie GRAHAM of Westmeath, 20 Nov 1895, Westmeath

10539-95 James STACK, 45, widower, not given, Bromley, Bromley, s/o John STACK & Bridget RELLSHAW married Catherine ENRIGHT, 26, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Thomas ENRIGHT & Mary O’CONNOR, witn: Patrick ENRIGHT & Mary STACK, 9 April 1895, Douglas  

10635-95 (Renfrew Co) James STARLING, not given, farmer, England, Wilberforce, s/o not given, married Jane Ann WARREN, 18, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Thomas WARREN, witn: John & Jennie MILLS of Wilberforce, 8 April 1895, Wilberforce

10611-95 (Renfrew Co) William STEPHENS, 22, Hull Quebec, Forresters Falls, s/o William STEPHENS & Mary HOLT married Catherine ROBINSON, 19, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o John ROBINSON & Margaret HAWTHORNE, witn: Edwin ROSS of Ross & Annie ROBINSON of Westmeath, 12 Nov 1895, Beachburg

  10737-95 John Adam STEVENSON, 24, farmer, McNab, McNab, s/o Hugh STEVENSON & Maggie LINDSAY married Maggie STORIE, 26, McNab, McNab, d/o Joseph STORIE & Flora DEWAR, witn: Agnes STEVENSON & Duncan STORIE of McNab, 4 July 1895, Arnprior
10516-94 John O. STODDARD, 28, farmer, Eganville, Wylie, s/o William & Ann STODDARD married Sarah Wells FLYNN, 14, Pembroke, Buchanan, d/o John & Elizabeth FLYNN, witn: William E. S. LOGIE of Buchanan, 3 April 1895, Buchanan 10537-95 Frank SULLIVAN, 30, not given, not given, Ross, s/o Peter SULLIVAN married Alice O’BRIEN, 27, Ross, Ross, d/o John O’BRIEN & Mary BULGER, witn: Thomas O’BRIEN & Kate TUGGY, 8 Nov 1895, Osceola

10598-95 (Renfrew Co) Thomas G. TAIT, 23, farmer, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o James TAIT & Ada DIXIE married Fanny MOORE, 17, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o William MOORE & Nancy MCDONOUGH, witn: Joseph MCDONOUGH & Madeline TAIT of Westmeath, 1 may 1895, Westmeath

10546-95 Xavier VALIQUETT, 32, not given, Douglas, Douglas, s/o Robert VALIQUETT & Margaret FORAN married Mary WALSH, 26, Bromley, Bromley, d/o James WALSH & Mary LONG, witn: James NEVIL & Bridget WALSH, 19 Aug 1895, Douglas
10531-95 Theophile VERDON, 25, laborer, Montreal Quebec, Bissells Creek, s/o Laurent VERDON married Margaret SHEEDY, 20, Mackeys Station, Mackeys Station, d/o Mathew SHEEDY & Margaret BRINDLE, witn: Charles THERIAULT of Rimouski & Ann LATOUR of Bissell Creek, 9 July 1895, Bissells Creek #011355-96 (Renfrew Co): Edmond VEROUNEAU, 25, carpenter, Burlington Vermont, same, s/o Louis VEROUNEAU & Elizabeth LAMOUREAUX, married Clara GODIN, 17, Stafford, same, d/o Oliver GODIN & Marie SOUBLIERE, witn: Charles LEMOINE & Napolean GODIN, both of Pembroke, 24 Nov 1895 at Pembroke (Rom Cath)
#010805-95 (Renfrew Co): Joel WILSON, 28, foreman, Walthan Quebec, same, s/o Joel WILSON & Sarah JEWELL, married Sarah MALONE, 22, Chichester Quebec, same, d/o Hugh MALONE & Herlay ROBINSON, witn: Robert HUMPHREY & Henry SHERMAN, both of Pembroke, 13 March 1895 at Pembroke #010807-95 (Renfrew Co): William August WITT, 23, gardener, Pembroke, same, s/o Herman & Augusta, married Hattie KENT, 22, Pembroke, same, d/o William & Matilda, witn: John NOUCK & Tina RADCKE, both of Pembroke, 4 March 1895 at Pembroke
10519-95 Arthur Fleming WRIGHT, 22, clerk, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o Aron A. WRIGHT & Jane HARVEY married Mary Agnes JAMIESON, 22, Horton, Pembroke, d/o Henry JAMIESON & Marion AIRTH, witn: Henry W. AIRTH & Mary MCDERMID of Renfrew, 4 June 1895, Pembroke