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Renfrew Co., 1912

birth place is given before residence


17226-12 (Renfrew Co) William ABRAHAM, 25, laborer, not given, Arnprior, s/o Fred ABRAHAM, laborer & Elizabeth CEVERS married Mary Martha STRICH, 21, not given, McNab, d/o William STRICH, farmer & Agusta DAMASK, witn: Charlie STRICH of McNab & Lizzie ABRAHAM of Arnprior, 17 Feb 1912, Arnprior

17229-12 (Renfrew Co) Edward Michael ABRAM, 37, druggist, not given, Ottawa, s/o William ABRAM, retired gentleman & Julia MURPHY married Mary Freida DERBISHIRE (Derbyshire?, 27, not given, Pembroke, d/o Henry DERBISHIRE, deceased & Laura SMITH, witn: William ABRAM Jr & Mrs. George E. MULLIGAN of Ottawa, 30 Nov 1912, Pembroke

17227-12 (Renfrew Co) William ANGUS, 36, farmer, not given, Bromley, s/o John ANGUS, farmer & Elizabeth MCLEOD married Mary Jane DRYNAN, 26, not given, Alexander DRYNAN, farmer & Hannah MCLAREN, witn: Margaret J. SPRUCE & Robert DRYNAN of Bromley, 11 June 1912, Cobden

17228-12 (Renfrew Co) John APPLER, 27, not given, Petewawa, Pembroke, s/o Gotfried APPLER, farmer & Bertha GRUNDMANN married Martha GROHL, 18, Wilberforce, Wilberforce, d/o Daniel GROHL, farmer & Emilie SCHIEFORSTEIN, witn: Albert BIEDERMANN of Germanius & Albert GROHL & Lina BIEDERMANN & Pauline GROHL of Rankin, 15 July 1912, Pembroke

17230-12 (Renfrew Co) Robert Harold BARKER, 24, concrete moulder, not given, Renfrew, s/o William BARKER, farmer & Annie OXFORD married Sarah Jane FERGUSON, 25, not given, Renfrew, d/o John FERGUSON, farmer & Sarah DANFIELD, witn: Mrs. Rev. John HAY & Mr. Jack HAY of Renfrew, 24 Jan 1912, Renfrew

17254-12 (Renfrew Co) Egbert Raymond BARNES, 20,  Chelsea Quebec, Arnprior, s/o Egbert John BARNES, band saw filer & Louisa HARRIET married Catherine Janet MCGONIGAL, 20, Arnprior, Arnprior, d/o Patrick MCGONIGAL, retired farmer & Jane HAMISH, witn: A. CHAINE & Lucy CHAINE of Arnprior, 2 Nov 1912, Arnprior

17262-12 (Renfrew Co) Alexander McMartin BARR, 31, farmer, not given, Beachburg, s/o Angus BARR, farmer & Annie ROBERTSON married Myrtle Lilian DOUGHERTY, 26, not given, Beachburg, d/o John J. DOUGHERTY, farmer & Fannie CONDIE, witn: Malcolm S. BARR & Terra BARR of Beachburg, 18 Dec 1912, Westmeath

17238-12 (Renfrew Co) Francis BASKER (Barker?), 32, tailor, not given, Mattawa, s/o George BASKER, not given & Barbara MINDEL married Louisa Albina MORELL, 26, sales lady, not given, Arnprior, d/o Francis MORRELL, laborer & Rose DUPUIS, witn: Aldage MORRELL of Cobalt & Mary BASKER of Mattawa, 29 April 1912, church of St. John Chryostom

17253-12 (Renfrew Co) George Henry BATES, 22, telegraph operator, not given, Wilno, s/o Henry BATES, carpenter & Mary Jane LYON married Mary Harriett Adele STOREY, 18, not given, Wilno, d/o Samuel STOREY, carpenter & Margaret DALEY, witn: J. P. HARRINGTON & Mary Ann DONOVAN of Eganville, 21 Sept 1912, Eganville


17233-12 (Renfrew Co) William BELFORD, 26, not given, Ottawa, Pakenham, s/o William BELFORD, farmer & Elizabeth CRAM married Annie May HOUGH, 23, White Lake, White Lake, d/o John HUGH, labourer/postmaster & Jenney MCCONNELL, witn: Jenny HOUGH & John Alexander HOUGH of White Lake, 26 March 1912, White Lake

17244-12 (Renfrew Co) Joseph David BELL, 27, not given, unreadable, unreadable, s/o unreadable BELL & Agnes LITTLE married Mary CYBULSKIE, 27, unreadable, Renfrew, d/o Frances CYBULSKIE, laborer & Theodora unreadable, witn: Thomas UTRANKI & Anna CYBULSKIE of Renfrew, 19 June 1912, Renfrew

17237-12 (Renfrew Co) Francis Arthur BENDER, 21, painter, not given, Pembroke, s/o Henry BENDER, painter & Sarah LABELLE married Wilhelmina Gertrude KRAUSE, 19, servant, not given, Pembroke, d/o Ernest KRAUSE, farmer & Wilhelmina LAMPOLE, witn: George JORDAN & Bessie D. PARKS of Pembroke, 17 April 1912, Pembroke

17234-12 (Renfrew Co) August BENKI, 33, farmer, widower, not given, Raglan, s/o John BENKI, farmer & Carolina BLACK married Ida Augusta PAPKE, 21, not given, Raglan, d/o August PAPKE, farmer & Mary TROLLY, witn: Martin NEUMANN & Matilda KELLER of Palmer Rapids, 11 March 1912, Raglan

17236-12 (Renfrew Co) John BENNETT, 19, not given, widower, Renfrew, s/o William BENNETT, deceased & Alice HUNTER married Katie LAFORCE, 19, not given, unreadable, d/o Eustace LAFORCE, laborer & Mary LAFORCE, witn: Thomas HUGH of Cobden & Mary DETO (Delo?) of Renfrew, 9 April 1912, Renfrew

17260-12 (Renfrew Co) Albert Ernest BERLANQUET, 27, not given, Admaston, Admaston, s/o George BERLANQUET, deceased, farmer & Mary Jane SMITH married Joy Lee DALGLEISH, 31, Admaston, Admaston, d/o Robert A. DALGLEISH farmer & Mary Alice BENNETT, witn: Emma J. BERLANQUET & Anne DALGLEISH of Admaston

17231-12 (Renfrew Co) Arthur Wilfrid BERTRAND, 19, not given, not given, Fort Coulonge, s/o late F. H. BRERTRAND, wholesale liquor store & Adeline GERVAIS married Regina Dole NOISSEUX, 18, not given, La Passe, d/o Alfred NOISEUX, lumberman & Eleonor LACROIX, witn: Hector GERVAIS & Theophile GRATTAN of La Passe, 23 Jan 1912, La Passe

17241-12 (Renfrew Co) Adelard BLACKBURN, 39, laborer, not given, Moor Lake, s/o Hilaire BLACKBURN, deceased & Calixte BARRETTE married Elmire Mary MEILLEUR, 41, widow, not given, Des Joachim Quebec, d/o Joseph MEILLEUR, deceased & Elmira MOOR, witn: George MEILLEUR & Benjamin DAFOE of Rapids Des Joachim Quebec, 27 May 1912, Point Alexander

17250-12 (Renfrew Co) Eric McKay BLACKWELL, 20, farmer, not given, Bromley, s/o George BLACKWELL, farmer & Agnes MCINTYRE married Elizabeth Mitchell SMITHSON, 20, not given, Ramsay, d/o Christopher SMITHSON, farmer & Margaret FULTON, witn: Roy MCINTYRE of Douglas & Margaret SMITHSON of Cobden, 21 Aug 1912, Cobden

17252-12 (Renfrew Co) Martin BLOOM, 29, farmer, not given, Palmer Rapids, s/o Jacob BLOOM, farmer & Augusta SIEDKE married Augusta SIEDKE, 27, not given, Palmer Rapids, d/o Edward SIEDKE, farmer & Hulda KOLMITZ, witn: Albert SIEDKE & Albertine BLOOM of Palmer Rapids, 18 Sept 1912, Palmer Rapids

17248-12 (Renfrew Co) Thomas BONNAH, 26, cook, widower, not given, Grattan, s/o Joseph BONNAH, farmer & Mary WARD married Margaret HUDSON, 18, not given, Grattan, d/o Thomas HUDSON, farmer & Margaret KILBY, witn: Thomas DWYER & Mary MENARD of Eganville, 23 July 1912, Eganville

17235-12 (Renfrew Co) Alexander BORK, 20, farmer, not given, Hagarty, s/o Charles BORK, farmer & Anna HAZEL married Emma BLOEDOW, 22, housekeeper, not given, Killaloe, d/o William BLOEDOW, saw miller & Tillie VERCH, witn: Miss Tillie BLOEDOW & Charles BORK of Killaloe, 3 April 1912, Killaloe

17243-12 (Renfrew Co) James Henry BRENNAN, 31, engineer, not given, Porcupine, s/o William BRENNAN, farmer & Margaret KELLY married Margaret SCHULTZ, 26, domestic, not given, Renfrew, d/o John SCHULTZ, laborer & Catherine MECHLENSKI, witn: Mary PAQUETTE & Archibald J. REYNOLDS of Renfrew, 18 June 1912, Renfrew

 173232-12 (Renfrew Co) Stephen BREZENSKIE, 32, farmer, not given, Hagarty, s/o Alexander BREZENSKIE, farmer & Veronica VOLCHESKA married Almelia MCNAMARA, 27, school teacher, not given, Brudenell, d/o Patrick MCNAMARA, shoemaker & Ellen KING, witn: James MCNAMARA & Elizabeth MCNAMARA of Brudenell, 12 Feb 1912, Brudenell

17242-12 (Renfrew Co) Charles Levi BRISCO, 25, not given, North Cote, North Cote, s/o James A. BRISCO, farmers agent & Alice A. BEACH married Mary Sophia POUNDER, 26, Beachburg, Pembroke, d/o Robert A. POUNDER, laborer & Jane Loton WHALEN, witn: Harold POUNDER of Pembroke & Margaret BRISCO of North Cote, 26 June 1912, Pembroke

17258-12 (Renfrew Co) Robert BROUGHTON, 24, machinist, Toronto, North Bay, s/o Frederick BROUGHTON & Mary ALLEN married Edna Pearl KNOTT, 19, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o William KNOTT & Sarah LEACH, witn: Henry KNOTT & Robert KNOTT of Pembroke, 25 Dec 1912 at Pembroke

17257-12 (Renfrew Co) Joseph Henry BROWN, 32, not given, widower, Portage du Fort Quebec, Portage du Fort, s/o Joseph BROWN, farmer & Phoebe SUMMERVILLE married Bridget Teresa NICHOLSON, 32, Mt. St. Patrick, Renfrew, d/o John H. NICHOLSON, farmer & Catherine MCCORMICK, witn: Joseph FERGUSON of Renfrew & Cecil ELLIOTT of Starks Corners Quebec, 11 Dec 1912, Renfrew

17249-12 (Renfrew Co) John Wesley BROWN, 22, carpenter, not given, Alice, s/o John W. BROWN, horse dealer & Louisa WINKE married Lillian Jane SCHIMMENS, 17, not given, Pembroke, d/o Martin SCHIMMENS, carpenter & Emilia SCHITZKOSKIE, witn: Simon SCHIMMENS & Annie WAGNER & Walter WAGNER & Welsie BROWN of Pembroke, 17 July 1912, Alice

17259-12 (Renfrew Co) William L. BRUMM, 24, farmer, Petewawa, Petewawa, s/o Charles BRUMM & Wilhelmine WEGENER married Annie D. SACK, 21, Petewawa, Petewawa, d/o Carl SACK & Wilhelmina PUFAHL, witn: Wilhelm RADKE & Carl SACK of Petewawa, 4 Dec 1912, Petewawa

17256-12 (Renfrew Co) Albert BRUMM, 25, not given, Petewawa, s/o Karl BRUMM, farmer & Wilhelmina WAGNER married Johanna Elisabeth ABETT, 19, not given, Pembroke, d/o Franz ABETT, laborer & Mathilde HAMPEL, witn: Wilhelm BRUMM & Karl BRUMM & Adele ABETT & Anna HAMPEL of Pembroke, 6 Nov 1912, Pembroke

17245-12 (Renfrew Co) Alfred BRUNDAGE, 24, freight clerk, not given, Pembroke, s/o Alfred William BRUNDAGE, farmer & Mary Jane HAMILTON married Lydia A. SCHULTZ, 19, not given, Pembroke, d/o William Earnest SCHULTZE, farmer & Elizabeth DOBRIEG, witn: George A. SCHULTZE & Katherine Agnes DORCY of Pembroke, 22 May 1912, Pembroke

17246-12 (Renfrew Co) Theodore BRUNET, 24, not given, Dacre, Bryson, s/o Jules BRUNET, farmer & Rose Ann CARRIERE married Clara PAQUETTE, 19, Petewawa, Petewawa, d/o Olivier PAQUETTE, farmer & Julianne TURCOTTE, witn: Jules BRUNET of Bryson & J.J. MCINERNEY of Pembroke, 25 July 1912, Pembroke

17263-12 (Renfrew Co) David BUCHANAN, 26, farmer, Westmeath, Westmeath, s/o James BUCHANAN & Julia Ann MAJOR married Cordelia CARNEGIE, 22, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o Alexander CARNEGIE & Lucy Caroline WHITE, witn: James A. BUCHANAN & Mary H. CARNEGIE of Beachburg, 27 Nov 1912, Westmeath

17251-12 (Renfrew Co) Charles BUDD, 25, not given, Petewawa, Chalk River, s/o Herman BUDD, farmer & Bertha BEHNKE married Bertha PRANGE, 21, Petewawa, Chalk River, d/o Gustav PRANGE, farmer & Augusta MIELKE, witn: Heinrich BUDD & Marie PRANGE of Chalk River, 23 Sept 1912, Chalk River

17247-12 (Renfrew Co) George BURNS, 44, mining business, not given, Pembroke, s/o George BURNS, farmer & Catherine MCMAHON married Mary Catherine WALSH, 36, not given, Pembroke, d/o James WALSH, laborer & Ellen MCDONALD, witn: Thomas COGLAN of New York & Bertha KENNEDY of Chapeau Quebec, 9 July 1912, Pembroke 17255-12 (Renfrew Co) Joseph BURRILL, 29, laborer, not given, Pembroke, s/o Thomas BURRILL, laborer & Zoe GAGNE married Mary LISK, 24, servant, not given, Mathew LISK, farmer & Sarah Jane LEWIS, witn: Alex ADAMS & Mary ADAMS of Pembroke, 11 Nov 1912, Pembroke
17239-12 (Renfrew Co) Nelson BURTON, 25, farmer, not given, McNab, s/o Fred BURTON, farmer & Jane BOYD married Annie Jean HARDING, 23, not given, McNab, d/o Thomas HARDING, farmer & Annie THOMAS, witn: Mrs. Thomas SMITH & Mrs. J. M. MCEWEN of Renfrew, 8 May 1912, Renfrew 17261-12 (Renfrew Co) Henry BUTTLE, 29, farmer, Stafford, Westmeath, s/o Thomas BUTTLE & Mary Anne KENNY married Una Maud HUMPHRIES, 23, Westmeath, Westmeath, d/o John F. HUMPHRIES & Jennie BURWELL, witn: Garland B. HUMPHRIES & Lizzie N. HUMPHRIES of Cobden, 31 Dec 1912, Westmeath

17274-12 (Renfrew Co) James CARDIFF, 30, not given, McNab, Waldo British Columbia, s/o George CARDIFF, farmer & Esther TAYLOR married Margaret Bella DUFF, 26, McNab, Arnprior, d/o Peter DUFF, farmer & Catherine STEWART, witn: Peter A. DUFF of Sudbury & Mary DUFF of Stewartville, 12 June 1912, McNab


17283-12 William CHATSON, 40, widower, blacksmith, of Denbigh (since 6 March 1872), s/o Frank CHATSON, farmer, & Bertha STEIN, married Annie BROWN, 23, of Raglan twp., d/o Herman BROWN, farmer, & Augusta GROSKLOGS, witn: William F. BOEHME of Combermere & Bertha BROWN of Wingle, 14 Aug 1912 at Raglan twp 17269-12 (Renfrew Co) Robert Barry CHERRY, 44, farmer, not given, Admaston, s/o William H. CHERRY, farmer & unreadable married Mary Harris CARSWELL, 31, not given, McNab, d/o James CARSWELL, farmer & Lenary LOWE, witn: Jeannie M. HODGES of Admaston & Archie GENSMILL of Osceola, 10 April 1912, Admaston

17264-12 (Renfrew Co) Morgan CLIFF, 42, Philadelphia, Vancouver BC, s/o John B. CLIFF, engraver & Mary E. GRIFFITH married Elizabeth S. DEWAR, 24, McNab, Sand Point, d/o Andrew DEWAR, farmer & Mary Harris LINDSAY, witn: Archibald BEIRNE? of Sand Point & Alexander BALLIE of Arnprior, 7 Feb 1912, McNab

17278-12 (Renfrew Co) George Leslie COADE, 24, not given, Douglas, Ottawa, s/o Joseph COADE, farmer & Mary STOKES married Charlotte Glen MORDY (Moody?), 21, unreadable, Forresters Falls, d/o Andrew MORDY, farmer & Annie FERGUSON, witn: Samuel RANKIN of Forresters Falls & Hilda J. STEVENSON of Beachburg, 17 July 1912, Ross

17265-12 (Renfrew Co) William George COBURN, 41, not given, not given, North Bay, s/o George COBURN, farmer & Margaret REID married Annie STAPLETON, 45, Alice, Alice, d/o John STAPLETON, farmer & Maria CULLY, witn: Rosa LORRAIN & Virginie CHAPUT of Pembroke, 14 Feb 1912, Renfrew

17270-12 (Renfrew Co) Albert Wellington COCHRANE, 21, carpenter, not given, Bromley, s/o John Aitken COCHRANE, farmer & Isabell LIVINGSTONE married Annie Cameron PERCIVAL, 21, not given, Bromley, d/o John Taylor PERCIVAL, farmer & Isabella CAMERON, witn: Bella J. MCLEOD of Dunmore & Hugh COCHRANE of Douglas, 10 April 1912, Bromley

17277-12 (Renfrew Co) John William COCKBURN, 30, not given, Drumbo, Ottawa, s/o Capt John COCKBURN, farmer & Margaret BLAIR married Maymie Elliot WRIGHT, 21, Beachburg, Beachburg, d/o Samuel WRIGHT, farmer & Janet LITTLE, witn: G. A. GREER of Ottawa & Ruby B. BEAUPRE of Beachburg, 3 July 1912, Westmeath

17282-12 (Renfrew Co) Nathan COLE, 54, not given, North Bay, North Bay, s/o Samuel COLE, farmer & Rachel CORBETT married Maud MOREL, 32, Sault Ste Marie, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Thomas MOREL, farmer & Elizabeth RILEY, witn: Julia A. HUGHES & Alameda CROSREY? of Renfrew, 12 Aug 1912, Renfrew

17276-12 (Renfrew Co) Harold Francis COLEMAN, 23, machinist, not given, Ottawa, s/o Frederick COLEMAN, machinist & Ruth YOUNG married Mary Teresa FINNERTY, 21, saleslady, not given, Arnprior, d/o James FINNERTY, laborer & Bridget BENTON, witn: Patrick FINNERTY & Mrs. Patrick FINNERTY of Ottawa, 25 June 1912, Arnprior

17273-12 (Renfrew Co) Richard Lloyd COLLINS, 24, Westmeath, Alice, s/o John E. COLLINS, farmer & Annie Jane ROSS married Elsie May MCLEOD, 17, Alice, Alice, d/o John Kenneth MCLEOD, farmer & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: John BELL & Agnes BLAKELY of Pembroke, 24 April 1912, Alice

17280-12 (Renfrew Co) James COLTON, 30, laborer, not given, Brudenell, s/o William COLTON, farmer & late Margaret WALSH married Alice HAGARTY, 23, not given, Hagarty, d/o William HAGARTY, farmer & Bridget STACK, witn: James COLTON of Brudenell & Hannah HAGARTY of Killaloe, 19 Aug 1912, Killaloe

17267-12 (Renfrew Co) George CONSENT, 22, engineer, not given, Arnprior, s/o Oliver CONTENT, laborer & Elizabeth DUVAL married Eva BERTRAND, 21, not given, Arnprior, d/o John BERTRAND, laborer & Harriet TAPALES (Tapalu?), witn: M. A. PECK & Joseph BERTRAND of Arnprior, 25 March 1912, Arnprior

17268-12 (Renfrew Co) William COOKE, 28, farmer, not given, Ross, s/o David COOK, farmer & Mary MCLAUGHLIN married Susan Etta PEEVER, 23, not given, Bromley, d/o Robert James PEEVER, farmer & Margaret BLACKWELL, witn: James COOK & Annie PEEVER of Cobden, 13 March 1912, Bromley

17281-12 (Renfrew Co) William Black CORBETT, 22, laborer, not given, Westmeath, s/o Joseph W. CORBETT, laborer & Mary BLACK married Julia Ann MASON, 21, not given, Pembroke, d/o Joseph MASON, laborer & Christena? COGLAN?, witn: Ettie MCCONNELL & Joseph C. JACKSON of Westmeath, ? August 1912, Westmeath [faded reg'n]

17266-12 (Renfrew Co) Simon Wilson COSTELLO, 30, farmer, not given, Snape River, s/o Simon COSTELLO, farmer & Elizabeth BUNN married Laurie Jean FAUGHT, 23, not given, Snape River, d/o not given, farmer & Elizabeth BLAUFELSOM, witn: Jake COSTELLO of Snape River & Kate Elizabeth FAUGHT of Wilberforce, 20 March 1912, Renfrew

17284-12 (Renfrew Co) Lawrence Clifford COTNAM, 22, farmer, not given, Pembroke, s/o John James COTNAM, farmer & Christina PATTERSON married Ada Pearl BURGESS, 19, not given, Pembroke, d/o George Albert BURGESS, farmer & Jessie MCLAREN, witn: Leslie COTNAM & Rebecca BURGESS of Pembroke, 4 Sept 1912, Westmeath

17271-12 (Renfrew Co) William Joseph COTTINGHAM, 24, Deux Rivieres, Deux Rivieres, s/o William COTTINGHAM, retired farmer & Julia Laura KEELY married Mary Amelia BULGER, 24, Eganville, Killaloe, d/o Nicholas BULGAR, shoemaker & Julia GLEASON, witn: Andrew COTTINGHAM of Deux Rivieres & Margaret BULGAR of Killaloe, 30 April 1912, Killaloe

17279-12 (Renfrew Co) Jeremiah P. COYNE, 42, laborer, not given, Fitzroy Harbor, s/o Phineas COYNE, farmer & Sarah RYAN married Eleanor HAGARTY, 26, not given, Edward HAGARTY, farmer & Ellen DELOUGHERY, witn: Thomas STANTON of Galetta & Elizabeth HAGARTY of Eganville, 30 July 1912, Eganville

17275-12 (Renfrew Co) George Edward CURRY, 37, mason, widower, not given, Westmeath, s/o George CURRY, farmer & Catherine MATHIESON married Elizabeth DICKSON, 25, not given, Westmeath, d/o Benjamin DICKSON, farmer & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Silas DICKSON & Minnie DICKSON of Westmeath, 5 June 1912, Beachburg

17272-12 (Renfrew Co) August CYBULSKI, 23, framer, not given, Sherwood, s/o Joseph CYBULSKI, farmer & Julia WNUK married Frances BORUCKA, 21, not given, Hagarty, d/o Lawrance BORUCKI, farmer & Mary Ann KASZUBIK, witn: John BANICKI & Mary KASZUBIK of Killaloe, 29 April 1912, Wilno

17321-12 (Renfrew Co) John Edward EADY, 29, not given, not given, Horton, s/o James EADY, farmer & ? SOLOMON married Harriet Ann GREER, 23, not given, Horton, d/o Isaac GREER, farmer & Henrietta MICK, witn: George F. EADY of Renfrew & Kathleen GREER of Wilberforce, 25 Sept 1912, Wilberforce 17322-12 (Renfrew Co) Benjamin Hodgson EADY, 23, farmer, not given, Horton, s/o John R. EADY, farmer & Maria KNIGHT married Ritta FULTON, 19, not given, Admaston, d/o Alexander FULTON, farmer & Alice COCHRANE, witn: J. A. FULTON & Jessie M. NAISMITH of Admaston, 2 Oct 1912, Admaston
17320-12 (Renfrew Co) Henry Edgar ELLIOTT, 23, farmer, not given, Forrester Falls, s/o John P. ELLIOTT, farmer & Ellen CURRIE married Hannah Annie MOODY, 19, farmer's daughter, not given, Queen's Line, d/o Alexander MOODY, farmer & Annie FERGUSON, witn: Alexander G. BELL & Mildred ELLIOTT of Forrester Falls, 5 June 1912, Ross 17323-12 (Renfrew Co) Louis Joseph EMMANS, 29, not given, Montpelier Vermont, Walpole Massachusetts, s/o John EMMANS & Margaret MEE married France Mary KEON, 24, Sheenboro Quebec, Pembroke, d/o Andrew KEON, farmer & Mary MORRIS, witn: George T. EMMANS of Malden Mass & Jennie MCANULTZ of Pembroke, 18 Nov 1912, Pembroke
17325-12 (Renfrew Co) Versil FERGUSON, 19, farmer, not given, Castleford, s/o Donald FERGUSON, farmer & Maggie GIBBON married Gertrude J. SHAW, 17, not given, Castleford, d/o James SHAW, farmer & Sarah HODGINS, witn: James SHAW & Mona FERGUSON of Castleford, 12 June 1912, Renfrew 17324-12 (Renfrew Co) Joseph FORTIER, 25, laborer, not given, Braeside, s/o Jean Baptiste FORTIER, laborer & Marie POITZUS married Marie Sophronia BAUDIN, 50, widow, housemaid, not given, Braeside, d/o Francois BAUDIN, farmer & Rosanna MAURY, witn: Orila DELORINE of Braeside & Laurence CLARK of Arnprior, 2 April 1912, Arnprior
17326-12 (Renfrew Co) James KELLY, 23, miner, not given, Craigmont, s/o William A. KELLY, miner & Anne ROBILLARD married Mary Olive WHYTE, 23, not given, Carlow, d/o John H. WHYTE, farmer & Louisa HUMPHREY, witn: John H. KELLY & Grace Louise KELLY of Craigmont, 30 Oct 1912, Combermore 17389-12 (Renfrew Co) Thomas Henry KENNEDY, 25, not given, Calabogie, Calabogie, s/o Robert KENNEDY, miner & Mira CHURCH married Elizabeth MCCALLUM, 26, Renfrew, Renfrew, d/o John MCCALLUM, shoemaker & Agnes WALLACE, witn: John MCCALLUM & Jean MCCALLUM of Renfrew, 17 Dec 1912, Renfrew
17388-12 (Renfrew Co) Duncan KIPPEN, 30, not given, Bagot, Bagot, s/o Duncan KIPPEN, farmer & Janet MCLACHLAN married Mabel Elizabeth HEADRICK, 21, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Walter HEADRICK, farmer & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: Mrs. James FRASER & Mrs. A. DRYSDALE of White Lake, 27 Nov 1912, White Lake 17390-12 (Renfrew Co) August Martin LEHMANN, 21, laborer, not given, Alice, s/o Johann LEHMANN, farmer & Luise WAITO (Woito?) married Rebecca ASCHICK, 16, not given, Pembroke, d/o Martin ASCHICK, farmer & Auguste WIENKE, witn: Fred LEHMANN of Alice & R. ASCHICK of Pembroke, 17 Jan 1912, Pembroke
17391-12 (Renfrew Co) William LUBITZ, 21, not given, not given, Alice, s/o Norman LUBITZ, farmer & Marie WAGNER married Mary SELL, 21, not given, Wilberforce, d/o Fredrich SELL, farmer & Auguste ORTH, witn: Heinrich SCHULTZ of Wilberforce & Marth AEBITZ (Hibitz?) of Alice, 10 April 1912, Wilberforce 17438-12 (Renfrew Co) John Francis MCCARTHY, 25, laborer, not given, Eganville, s/o Mathew MCCARTHY, farmer & Catherine COSTELLO married Margaret Mary DALY, 34, not given, Hagarty, d/o Thomas DALY, farmer & Margaret O'GRADY, witn; John COSTELLO & Mary DALY of Emmett Quebec, 30 Sept 1912, Brudenell
17422-12 (Renfrew Co) George MCGILLIS, 24, not given, Onslow, Smith Falls, s/o Alex MCGILLIS, watchman & Jessie STEWART married Annie May TENNANT, 20, Buchanan, Chalk River, d/o Richard TENNANT, car repairer & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: Allan MCGILLIS & Annie May TENNANT of Chalk River, 26 June 1912, Chalk River 17436-12 (Renfrew Co) James Alexander MCGREGOR, 23, not given, McNab, McNab, s/o Robert MCGREGOR, farmer & Janet STEWART married Annie Gillespie STEVENSON, 23, McNab, McNab, d/o Archie STEVENSON, farmer & Annie CAMERON, witn: Stanley STEVENSON of Sand Point & Mary MCDEVITT of Renfrew, 16 Sept 1912, McNab
17421-12 (Renfrew Co) Henry Archibald MCINTYRE, 25, not given, Castleford, Arnprior, s/o Harry MCINTYRE, workman & Mary YOUNG married Mary SULLIVAN, 28, Pakenham, Arnprior, d/o Eugene SULLIVAN, laborer & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: William GRADY of Arnprior & Nelly SULLIVAN of Pakenham, 2 May 1912, Arnprior 17424-12 (Renfrew Co) John MCKENNA, 42, farmer, not given, Burritts Rapids, s/o John MCKENNA, farmer & Margaret CARROLL married Catherine SAMUELS, 31, housewife, not given, Burritts Rapids, d/o John Henry SAMUELS, not given & Margaret MITCHELL, witn: John DEVINE & Mrs. John DEVINE (Mary Ann MCKENNA) of Renfrew, 12 June 1912, Renfrew
17420-12 (Renfrew Co) Peter MACLAREN, 27, not given, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o Donald MACLAREN, farmer & Kate MCKIBBON married Mary Ann STORIE, 24, Horton, McNab, d/o James G. STORIE, farmer & Isabel ELLIS, witn: James D. STORIE of Castleford & Edna J. MACLAREN of Arnprior, 29 May 1912, McNab 17437-12 (Renfrew Co) Herbert MCMANUS, 27, not given, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Alexander MCMANUS, farmer & Margaret HETTRICK married Mary Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, 25, McNab, McNab, d/o James CUNNINGHAM, farmer & Mary HETTRICK, witn: Charles CUNNINGHAM & Mrs Mary CUNNINGHAM of Clay Bank, 4 Sept 1912, McNab
17435-12 (Renfrew Co) Donald MCMILLAN, 30, not given, Horton, Braeside, s/o James MCMILLAN, farmer & Elizabeth FERGUSON married Elizabeth A. STORIE, 19, Horton, Horton, d/o Robert M. STORIE, farmer & Beathea MCARTHUR, witn: John MCMILLAN of Braeside & Ethel May MCARTHUR of Carswell, 18 Sept 1912, Horton 17423-12 (Renfrew Co) James MCMULLEN, 35, farmer, not given, Westmeath, s/o William MCMULLEN, farmer & Ann Jane MCWHITTIE married Caro Jane POUPORE, 26, farmers daughter, not given, Westmeath, d/o Andrew POUPORE, farmer & Synthia GILMOUR, witn; George MULLEN & Belle WRIGHT of Westmeath, 12 June 1912, Westmeath
17527-12 (Renfrew Co) Albert SCHRUDER, 25, not given, South Algona, South Algona, s/o Gustave SCHRUDER, farmer & Hannah PELATZKE married Lillie PHANENHAUER, 20, Raglan, Raglan, d/o William PHANENHAUER, farmer & Paulina SAEDLITZ, witn: Thomas PHANENHAUER of Craigmont & Martha SCHRUDER of Augsburg, 7 Aug 1912, Raglan 17526-12 (Renfrew Co) Martin SKIBO, 37, section bar?, widower, not given, Wilbur, s/o Paul SKIBO, laborer & Victoria WERZYK married Hannah FOSTER, 27, farmers daughter, not given, Wilbur, d/o Joseph FOSTER, farmer & Victoria LURBIESCKA, witn; Feophil BLANK & Augustine REKOWZKA of Wilbur Quebec, 21 Aug 1912, Hagarty
17524-12 (Renfrew Co) Frederick Charles STEWART, 24, farmer, not given, Madoc, s/o John STEWART, farmer & Mary BURNS married Catherine Veronica BRENNAN, 24, servant, William BRENNAN, farmer & Ann Jane SVARDS, witn; William John STEWART of Madoc & Rose Helen BRENNAN of Pembroke, 2 July 1912, Pembroke 17523-12 (Renfrew Co) Robert James STORIE, 30, farmer, not given, Castleford Station, s/o Robert Mitchell STORIE, farmer & Bertha MCARTHUR married Mary MACMILLAN, 27, not given, McNab, d/o James MACMILLAN, deceased farmer & Eliza FERGUSON, witn: Lizzie STORIE of Castleford & Donald MACMILLAN of Braeside, 10 July 1912, McNab
17525-12 (Renfrew Co) Daniel SULLIVAN, 31, farmer, not given, Brudenell, s/o Denis SULLIVAN, farmer & Norah MAHER married Catherine MCCARTHY, 22, farmers daughter, not given, Hagarty, d/o Catherine COSTELLO, witn: John F. MCCARTHY of Hagarty & Norah SULLIVAN of Brudenell, 2 July 1912, Brudenell

17549-12 Robert William TAIT, 31, fire ranger, of Des Joachims, s/o Ralph TAIT & Abigail HOLT, married Mary Howe LITTLE, 31, of Arnprior, d/o William LITTLE & Elizabeth TAIT, witn: Mrs. Jean C. KNOX & Rebecca THOMPSON, both of Pembroke, 14 March 1912 at Pembroke

17547-12 Alfred THUR, 22, farmer, of Lot 35 Con 17 of Wilberforce twp., s/o Fred THUR, farmer, & Augusta SCHONFELDT, married Alvina YOURT, 21, of Lot 8 Con 4 of North Algona twp., d/o Fred YOURT, farmer, & Bertha SCHMIDT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John BOHN of Golden Lake, 17 Jan 1912 at 2nd Con of North Algona twp 17546-12 Adam Lindsay TROKE, 26, Renfrew, same, s/o Joseph TROKE, painter, & Adeline Bennet FORSAY, married Martha Georgina MONTGOMERY, 22, Stafford twp., Pembroke, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY, laborer, & Elizabeth HALLIDAY, witn: Robert MONTGOMERY of Pembroke & Mrs. Martha WILEY of Saskatoon, 16 Jan 1912 at Pembroke
17548-12 Gilbert TURCOTTE, 21, laborer, of Pembroke, s/o Gilbert TURCOTTE, laborer, & Mary HURTEAU, married Maude LARONDE, 18, of Pembroke, d/o Andre LARONDE, laborer, & Mary LAJEUNESSE, witn: Henry LAPLANTE & Exilda GAGNE, both of Pembroke, 5 Feb 1912 at Pembroke 4814-12 (Renfrew Co) Rudolph Gustav ZADOW, b. 9 June 1886, not given, South Algona, s/o Edward ZADOW, farmer & Henrietta BUCHWALD married Emilie Augusta PAPE, b. 28 Jan 1888, not given, South Algona, d/o Wilhelm PAPE, farmer & Minna VERCH, witn: Emile PAPE & Amanda ZADOW of Renfrew, 3 July 1912, South Algona