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Renfrew Co., 1911 - 1921

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19326-14 John Andrew CASSIDY, 23, laborer, Westmeath twp., Pembroke, s/o James CASSIDY & Elizabeth DUNLAP, married Sarah LOCKHEAD, 25, Dundee Scotland, Pembroke, d/o John LOCKHEAD & Mary LOCKHEAD, witn: Earnest BABIER & Saddie MAUSLOW?, both of Pembroke, 15 Dec 1914 at Bishops Palace, Pembroke 19325-14 Martin CORRIGAN, 30, mill man, of Killoloe, s/o Martin CORRIGAN, retired farmer & Mary McDONALD, married Florence MAYHEW, 27, of Cumbermere, d/o Louis MAYHEW, farmer, & Exilda GOYER, witn: Joseph CORRIGAN of Killaloe & Lizzie MAYHEW of Cumbermere, 20 July 1914 at Cumbermere
21896-20 (Renfrew Co) Clifford George FAUSETTE, 20, farmer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o Joseph FAWCETTE, Ontario & Ester STROUD married Emily Kate (or Amelia Catherine) KILBY, 16, Grattan, Grattan, d/o Francis KILBY, Ontario & Amelia TURPEN, witn: George KILBY, South Chute Quebec & Alice STROUD of Eganville, 11 May 1920, Eganville 17409-17 Francis GERVAIS, 31, widower, farmer, of Donohue, s/o John GERVAIS, farmer, & Catherine McDONALD, married Bridget Ellen O'BRIEN, 32, widow, of Perrault Settlement - Grattan, d/o Michael O'BRIEN, farmer, & Mary DUVAL, witn: Laura VALEQUETTE of RR4 Eganville & Fred GERVAIS of RR4 Dacre, 20 Aug 1917 at Grattan twp.

17408-17 (Renfrew Co) Thomas GUINEY, 29, farmer, of Brougham, s/o Daniel GUINEY & Bridget MALONEY married Alice KILEY, 24, of Admaston, d/o John C. KILEY & Johanna SULLIVAN, witn; Mark MALONEY & Katie KILEY of Mount St. Patrick, 27 June 1917, St. Patrick Church, Renfrew

19418-14 (Renfrew Co) Cornelius GUINEY, 34, laborer, of Brougham, s/o Daniel GUINEY, deceased & Bridget MALONEY married Margaret HUNT, age not given, of Brougham, d/o Daniel C. HUNT, farmer & Mary Ann CULHANE, witn: Thomas GUINEY & Bridget HUNT of Mount St. Patrick, 22 June 1914, Brougham

17412-17 William George Wright HARVEY, 25, book keeper, Sydney Australia, Pembroke, s/o James Frederick HARVEY & Elizabeth DANIEL, married Eliza Rankin CAMPBELL, 19, Ross twp., same, d/o William R. CAMPBELL & Fannie BILSON, witn: William COLLIE of Pembroke & E. PRESTON of Renfrew, 27 Jan 1917 at Renfrew 17414-17 Gustave HASS, 28, farmer, Wilberforce twp., Sebastopol twp., s/o "do not know, went by my mother's name" & Augusta HASS, married Louisa CROTO, 18 since May 1916, Cache Bay, Sebastopol twp., d/o Charles CROTO & Mary SIMON, witn: James HOTDSON of Quartz & Martilda HASS of Eganville, 2 May 1917 at Eganville

17411-17 Robert Ferdinand HEISE, 24, laborer, Lyndock twp., Wilberforce twp., s/o August HEISE & Ernestine FISHER, married Annie WIELAND, 18, domestic, Sebastopol twp., same, d/o Earnest WIELAND & Adeline KELLY, witn: Herman HEISE of Eganville & Henrietta SCHULTZ of Clontorf, 13 Feb 1917 at Sebastopol twp

17410-17 John Lester HODGINS, 20, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o John Walter HODGINS & Margaret Alice EDWARDS, married Ida Dell LUKER, 23, Northcote, same, d/o Thomas LUKER & Mary CROZIER, witn: Mrs. Roland CROZIER & Mrs. W. A. McCRACKEN, both of Haleys Station, 20 March 1917 at Haleys Station

17415-17 James Elijah HOLBEIN, 28, laborer, Renfrew Ont., Arnprior, s/o William HOLBEIN & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Annabelle CAMERON, 23, milliner, Burnstown, Arnprior, do Duncan CAMERON & Elizabeth McGUINNESS, witn: Mary Anna READ of Arnprior & Harry CAMERON of McNab twp., 4 July 1917 at Hugh St. in Arnprior

17413-17 George Tucker HOWARD, 31, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Henry HOWARD & Eliza Ann VIZNEAU, married Louisa Carnet? GRAHAM, 29, Glasgow, same, d/o John M. GRAHAM & Elizabeth MACKIE, witn: Samuel McMILLAN of Cobden & Mildred D. DAVIDSON of Glasgow Station, 15 May 1917 at Lochwinnoch

19517-21 (Renfrew Co) George Lawrence KILBY, 21, laborer, Eganville, Calabogie, s/o Charles KILBY (b. Brougham) & Charlotte STROUD married Bridget Alice STROUD, 18, Mount St. Patrick, Calabogie, d/o George STROUD (b. Grattan) & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Mrs. Margaret RIELLY & Rachel STROUD of Calabogie, 3 Jan 1920, Calabogie

19296-16 (Renfrew Co) George Harvey KNIGHT, 22, laborer, Calabogie, Calabogie, s/o William KNIGHT & Evelyn STROUD married Veronica Ethel FOSTER, 22, Springtown, Springtown, d/o Joseph FOSTER & Esther STROUD, witn: Clifford FOSTER & Bridget Victoria FOSTER of Spruce Hedge, 6 April 1916, Renfrew

19671-21 Peter SZOLA, 22, laborer, Jones twp., same, s/o Michael SZOLA, b. Poland & Frances ORLIKOWSKA, married Julia PIECHOWSKA, 21, Jones twp., same, d/o August PIECHOWSKI, b. Poland & Clara SUZZEK, witn: August PIECHOWSKA of Barrys Bay & Rosie SHUSHOCK of Wilno, 12 April 1921 at Barrys Bay  
22165-20 Gabriel WHITEDUCK, 41, farmer, Griffith, Wylie, s/o Gabriel WHITEDUCK & Mary, married Anna Mary LAMURE, 47, maid, Wylie, same, d/o Jean Baptiste LAMURE & Mary PILON, witn: Moses LAMURE & Mary Jane LAMURE, both of Wylie, 14 July 1920 at Wylie 21628-20 Felix ZBLEWSKI, 34, farmer, Sherwood twp., same, s/o Joseph ZBLEWSKI (Zblenski?) & Catherine JERECZEK, married Annie NORLOCH, 21, Jones twp., same, d/o Joseph NORLOCH & Maryanna COAPLA, witn: Albert BLESKIE of Barrys Bay & Nellie NORLOCH of Wilno, 18 May 1920 at Barrys Bay