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Renfrew Co., 1907

birth place is given before residence


#018575-07 - John ARNOLD 32, carpenter, Pembroke, same, s/o Philip ARNOLD & Catherine KELLY, married Justine THIBEAULT 32, Lapasse, Pembroke, d/o Gilbert THIBEAULT & Caroline LAMARCHE, wit: Joseph ARNOLD & Augusta LIPKIE, both of Pembroke, 27 May 1907, at Pembroke.  
#018578-07 - John Augustus BENIN? 23, farmer, Westmeath, same, s/o Augustus BENIN? & Frances LEBEAU, married Fanny Dell DOUGHERTY 19, Westmeath, same, d/o John DOUGHERTY & Frances CONDIE, wit: Anna MCVICAR & A. M. BOUSFIELD, both of Pembroke, 26 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. 17276-08 (Renfrew Co) Herbert BROWN, 30, railway conductor, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Daniel BROWN & Julia WOOL married Elizabeth CECILE, 19, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Timoleus CECILE & Barbara VENNE, witn: Guy CECILE & Beatrice LACROIX of Pembroke, 20 Nov 1907, Pembroke
#018612-07 - Harry A. BROWN 21, machinist, Gananoque, North Bay Ont., s/o Hiram BROWN & Hattie PARMENTER, married Minnie KELOW 19, Wilberforce twp., Pembroke, d/o William KELOW & Augusta MARKUS, wit: C. PANKE & William MARKUS both of Pembroke, 24 Dec 1907, at Pembroke. #018602-07 - Francis BROWNSCHAIGLE 20, r.r. labourer, Matawa Ont., same, s/o George BROWNSCHAIGLE & Anna DORSCHNER, married Jane ROBICHIN 19, Deep River (Ottawa), Deep River, d/o Peter ROBICHIN & Lily BROUSE, wit: Rev. O. PONTBRIAND of Pembroke & Mary BROWNSCHAIGLE of Matawa Ont., 9 Oct 1907, at Pembroke.
#018576-07 - William F. BUNDT 26, labourer, Germany, Pembroke, s/o Louis BUNDT & Lizzie WENDT, married Annie H. KRAUSE 23, Arnprior, Alice twp., d/o Ernest KRAUSE & Whilemina LAMPOLE, wit: Herman KRAUSE of Alice twp. & Mary BUNDT of South Algoma, 19 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018563-07 - Herbert William BURNETT 39, clergyman, wid., Eng., Cobden, s/o Joseph BURNETT & Jane SMITH, married Violet Benson POINTER 28, Ont., Pembroke, d/o Brunswick POINTER & Rachel PENTLAND, wit: H. E. ELLIOTT of Cobden & J. F. BURNETT of Ottawa, 12 Jun 1907, at Pembroke.
#018592-07 - John A. CARNAGIE 28, baker, Pembroke, same, s/o Neil CARNAGIE & Jane COCHRANE, married Isabella CAMPBELL 23, Pembroke, same, d/o John CAMPBELL & Agnes DURROCH, wit: Neil CARNAGIE of Pembroke & Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Almonte Ont., 25 Sep 1907, at Pembroke. #018611-07 - William CASPER 23, labourer, Winnipeg, Pembroke, s/o Peter CASPER & Annie WEBBER, married Catherine CORRIGAN 23, Killaloe Ont., Pembroke, d/o Michael CORRIGAN & Rose Ann WINTERS, wit: Patrick LADOUCER of Fort Coulonge & Mary KRUGER of Pembroke, 6 Nov 1907, at Pembroke.
#018560-07 - Edwd. Henry CHAPPELL 27, brix maker, England, Toronto, s/o Edward CHAPPELL & Frances LOVELL, married Jessie CORAM 23, Ont., Pembroke, d/o Thomas CORAM & Ellen WHELAN, wit: Thomas CORAM & Catherine CORAM, both of Pembroke, 3 Jul 1907, at Pembroke. #018545-07 - Isidore CLEMENT 24, clerk, Sheenboro, same, s/o Louis CLEMENT & Helen MARCELIN, maried Maud CARR 23, Point Alexander, same, d/o George CARR & Maria MOORE, wit: Amidie GAREAU & M. STOWE both of Pembroke, 6 Feb 1907, at Pembroke.
  17353-08 (Renfrew Co) Hiram Francis CONROY, 35, section man, Waberly, Whitney, s/o Aaron CONROY & Mary STONE married Millie GONDREAU, 26, Brudenell, Madawaska, d/o Joseph GONDREAU & Margaret STONE, witn: Charlotte ELLIS & Cyne SHELTON of Renfrew, 23 Dec 1907, Renfrew
#018587-07 - Melvin F. COPPING 26, conductor, Bascobel near Quebec, Chapleau Que., s/o George & Elizabeth COPPING, married Loretta O'MEARA 31, Alice twp., Chapleau Que., d/o Patrick O'MEARA & Margaret PHELAN, wit: Ovide PAYETTE of Pembroke & Loretta RATHWELL of Chapleau, 26 Aug 1907, at Pembroke. #018606-07 - William Taylor CRAWFORD 27, druggist, Gravel Hill Ont., Sudbury Ont., s/o John CRAWFORD & Elizabeth MARJERRISON, married Eleanor M. MONTGOMERY 25, Pembroke, same, d/o Alex'r MONTGOMERY & Frances JOHNSTON, wit: J. C. MCCONNELL & E. M. MCCONNELL both of Pembroke, 12 Nov 1907, at Pembroke.
#018432-07 (Renfrew Co): Patrick CULLIGAN, 32, farmer, Douglas, same, s/o Patrick CULLIGAN & Bridget O'CONNELL, married Mary Ann DOLAN, 19, Brudenell, same, d/o Joseph DOLAN, farmer, & Margaret O’KEEFE, witn: Fred O’CONNOR of Douglas & Annie KERWIN of Brudenell, 25 June 1907 at Brudenell twp., (Rom Cath) #018431-07 (Renfrew Co): Michael DOLAN, 29, laborer, Brudenell, Rockingham, s/o Thomas DOLAN & Elizabeth KERWIN, married Mary TENNANT, 23, Sebastapol, same, d/o John TENNANT, farmer, & Annie CONNORS, witn: James KERWIN of Brudenell & E. Bridget CONNOLLY of Sebastapol, 25 June 1907 at Brudenell (Rom Cath)
#018536-07 - George EADY 28, farmer, Horton, McNab, s/o Robert EADY & Mary CARMICHEAL, married Jeannie GILLESPIE 26, McNab, same, d/o James GILLESPIE & Jean HAMILTON, wit: Donald C. EADY of McNabb & Catherine GILLESPIE of Glasgow Station, 6 Nov 1907, at Glasgow Station. #018594-07 - William ELLIS [age not given], military engineer, Peterborough England, St. Johns Que, s/o William ELLIS & Martha BIRD, married Catherine DAVIS 30, Clifton Co. Galway Ireland, Pembroke, d/o Patrick DAVIS & Honorah KING, wit: Joseph TREMBLAY & Louise TREMBLAY both of Pembroke, 17 Sep 1907, at Pembroke.
#018584-07 - John Peebles FERGUSON 49, agent, Que., Montreal, s/o William FERGUSON & Isabella SCOTT, married Ida Frances BEAMISH 22, Pembroke, same, d/o William BEAMISH & Jane McMARTIN, wit: Lyman McDONALD & Ethel McDONALD both of North Bay, 16 Jul 1907, at Pembroke. #018553-07 - William George FREDERICK 23, express messenger, Pembroke, same, s/o James George FREDERICK & Alice JONES, married Charlotte Minerva McDONALD 23, , Pembroke, same, d/o George McDONALD & Mary DAVIS, wit: George McDONALD & Mrs. George McDONALD, 4 May 1907, at Pembroke.
#018537-07 - Louis Zephirin GAGNE 22, labourer, Pembroke, same, s/o Joseph GAGNE & Elernere LEDAIRE, married Alphea MATHIEU 22, Alice twp., same, d/o Narcisse MATHIEU & Lizzie GERVAIS, wit: Naz? SOUCY & Rose VAILLANCOURT both of Pembroke, 7 Jan 1907, at Pembroke, (RC). #018428-07 (Renfrew Co): James GALLAGHER, 48, farmer, Eganville, Letterkenny, s/o John GALLAGHER & Ann TURNER, married Ellen LAVALLE, 19, Combemere, Craigmont, d/o John LAVALLE & Mary Ann FRANSWA, witn: Herman WELK of Letterkenny & Annie OHLENAN of Rockingham, 4 Feb 1907 at Letterkenny
#018550-07 - Walter Isaac GERMAN 21, polisher, London Eng., same, s/o Isaac GERMAN& Elizabeth GLOVER, married Alice COOPER 19, Tottenham Eng., Pembroke, d/o Henry COOPER & Ellen CENDER [CRUDER?], wit: Stephen E. HUDSEN & Nellie COOPER both of Pembroke, 30 Apr 1907, at Pembroke.  
17277-08 (Renfrew Co) Edouard GODIN, 21, farmer, Stafford, Stafford, s/o Joseph GODIN & Melina PELLETIER married Emma Jeanne THIBAULT, 25, Stafford, Stafford, d/o Joseph THIBAULT & Jeanne LARONDE, witn: Hector GODIN of Stafford & Arelina SYLVESTRE of Pembroke, 26 Nov 1907, Pembroke #018583-07 - John GORE [GORR?] 26, labourer, Fraser twp., Pembroke, s/o August GORE & Alivine BERGER, married Emma LOBACK 16, Wilberforce twp., Pembroke, d/o Martin LOBACK & Louise HOBAN, wit: Gustave GORE & Anna WEISSENBERG both of Pembroke, 10 Jul 1907, at Pembroke.
#018600-07 - William GORR 23, labourer, Alice twp., same, s/o William GORR & Caroline SCHWAEZ?, married Maria TABBERT 20, Alice, same, d/o Henry TABBERT & Wilhelimine GEBHART, wit: William LUBITZ & Susan MEWS both of Alice twp., 25 Sep 1907, at Pembroke. #018601-07 - Bertram Summers HALFORD 24, painter, Los Angeles Calif. USA, North Bay Ont., s/o Thomas William HALFORD & Emily WILLIAMS, married Beatrice NADEAU 21, Pembroke, North Bay Ont., d/o Samuel NADEAU & Susanne LABELLE, wit: Anna MCVICAR & Agnes M. BOUSFIELD both of Pembroke, 30 Sep 1907, at Pembroke.
#018557-07 - Paul HEIGH 23, station agent, Golden Lake, Latchford, s/o Fred HEIGH & Eliza HEINIGER, married Ida RADKE 23, Alice, Pembroke, d/o August RADKE & Bertha GEPPARD, wit: August RADKE & Louisa RADKE of Pembroke, 27 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018604-07 - Thomas HILL 33, hotel keeper, Cobden Ont., Pembroke, s/o Thomas HILL & Jane MCCABE, married Mildred TEEVANS 25, Pembroke, same, d/o Bernard TEEVANS & Jane MANGNAN, wit: Lawrence TANNEY & Clara TEEVANS both of Pembroke, 19 Nov 1907, at Pembroke.
#018556-07 - John L. HOPPER 32, engineer, Pembroke, same, s/o Arthur HOPPER & Letitia JOHNSTON, married Bertha Eliza HOWARD 22, Westmeath, Pembroke, d/o Hiram HOWARD & Eliza McDENAGH, wit: R. Nelson SPARLING of Locksley & Elizabeth McDONAGH of Alba, 19 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018544-07 - John M. HUCKABONE 37, wid., labourer, Cobden, Pembroke, s/o Edward HUCKABONE & Jane MCKIBBON, married Julia TIERNEY 35, wid., Allumette Is., same, d/o Walter DUNN & Mary A. KENNEDY, wit: Edith G. BAYNE & Mary ANDERSON both of Pembroke, 23 Jan 1907, at Pembroke.
#018534-07 - Thomas Arthur HYNES 22, farmer, Admaston, same, s/o Thomas HYNES & Margaret CODE, married Lucy Edna SMITH 20, Admaston, McNab, d/o Hamel SMITH & Christina McKENZIE, wit: Carmen PEEVER of Cobden & Annie BARR of Glasgow Station, 15 Aug 1907, at Glasgow Station, McNab twp. Ont. #018613-07 - Joseph KILGORE 32, harness maker, Fitzroy twp., Westmeath Ont., s/o Humphrey KILGORE & Anne JEFFREY, married Delilah HUDSON 24, dress maker, Fitzroy twp., Westmeath Ont., d/o [not given], wit: Robert MCLEESE of Lapasse Ont., Jennie E. ROSS of Pembroke, 17 Dec 1907, at Pembroke.
#018603-07 - Conrad KLAMM 26, labourer, Russia, Pembroke, s/o Conrad CLAMM & Anna REMSDORF, married Charlotte EUCHLER 20, Russia, Pembroke, d/o John EUCHLER & Christine EHRLICH, wit: Fred FISCHER & Elizabeth EUCHLER both of Pembroke, 10 Nov 1907, at Pembroke. #018580-07 - Alexander KLATT 21, farmer, Pembroke, same, s/o John KLATT & Mary SCHEEN, married Stella HARMAMANN 19, Pembroke, same, d/o Albert HARMAMANN & Augusta BUSCH, wit: Frank KLATT & Mathilda HARMAMANN both of Pembroke, 11 Jun 1907, at Pembroke.
#018539-07 - Euclide LABINE 38, labourer, wid., St. Jacques P.Q., Pembroke, s/o Merse LABINE & D?mithilde BELAIRE, married Marie LABINE 34, Coulenge P.Q., Pembroke, d/o John LABINE & Lea BEAUCHAMP, wit: Cecile GERY? & Mary GREGOR both of Pembroke, 15 Jan 1907, at Pembroke, (RC). #018595-07 - Hilaire LAFLAMME 22, labourer, Eganville Ont., Pembroke, s/o Hilaire LAFLAMME & Josephine LANNARD, married Olevine GODIN 24, Pembroke, Stafford, d/o Theophile GODIN & Marie FAIR, wit: Octave GAUDET of Stafford & Emma LAFLAMME of Eganville Ont., 10 Sep 1907, at Pembroke.
#018540-07 - George LAFOREST 40, blacksmith, Lake St. John, Campbells Bay PQ, s/o Onesime LAFOREST & Flaire DUKIN, married Annie KEUTCHELA 38, wid., Calumet Is. PQ, Campbells Bay PQ, d/o Thomas KEUTCHELA & Annie BORRIE, wit: Maxine CORRIVEAU & Virginie CHAPUT both of Pembroke, 28 Jan 1907, at Pembroke (RC). #018542-07 - Moise LAFRANCE 30, wid., labourer, Allumette Is., Pembroke, s/o Emile LAFRANCE & Angeline DEMERS, married Flaire PELLETIER 34, Stafford twp., Pembroke, d/o Andre PELLETIER & Hortence GODIN, wit: Pierre GIROUX & Emma PELLETIER both of Pembroke, 5 Feb 1907, at Pembroke (RC).
#018591-07 - Felix LANCE 22, farmer, Rolphe twp., same, s/o Michael LANCE & Mary GAUTHIER, married Jessie MCCORMACK 28, wid., Glasgow Scotland, Rolphe twp., d/o M. HORSBURGH & unknown, wit: Robert GOULD & M. M. CRESWELL both of Pembroke, 18 Sep 1907, at Pembroke. 17279-08 (Renfrew Co) Alfred LANDRY, 45, laborer, widower, St. Maurice Quebec, Pembroke, s/o Amable LANDRY & Marguerite BRUNEAULT married Annie GAUDET, 20, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Touissant GAUDET & Marguerite DENAULT, witn: Josephe GUERARD & Marguerite DESAUNIER of Pembroke, 28 Nov 1907, Pembroke
#018572-07 - William LAPOINTE 20, labourer, Fort Coulonge Que., Cobalt Ont., s/o Edward LAPOINTE & Marie PERRAULT, married Adrienne DEMERS 19, Pembroke, same, d/o Alphonse DEMERS & Elise GUIMARD, wit: Alphonse DEMERS of Pembroke & Jeremie LAPOINTE of Fort Coulonge, 16 Apr 1907, at Pembroke (RC). Stamped 'Divorce granted 30 July 1935 by S.C.O. ? Windsor, Ont.' #018551-07 - George LAURILL 21, agent, Buckingham Que., Pembroke, s/o Guy R. LAURILL [Lanvill?] & Mary McWALTERS, married Florence RYAN 24, Pembroke, same, d/o William RYAN & Annie DUGGAN, wit: M. WRIGHT & M. M. CRESWELL both of Pembroke, 1 Apr 1907, at Pembroke.
#018588-07 - Joseph LAURIN 24, labourer, Pembroke, Black Bay Ont., s/o Joseph LAURIN & Augusta MOORE, married Josephine PAQUETTE 17, Black Bay Ont., same, d/o Oliver PAQUETTTE & Josephine TINCOTT, wit: Arthur LAFRANCE & Carrie PAQUETTE both of Black Bay Ont., 12 Aug 1907, at Black Bay Ont. #018424-07 (Renfrew Co): Charles LAVIOLETTE, 38, farmer, Griffith, same, s/o Nazare LAVIOLETTE & Catherine McCABE, married Lucy May FITZGERALD, 27, Admaston, same, d/o John FITZGERALD & Mary O’GORMAN, witn: John O’GORMAN Elizabeth FITZGERALD, 16 Oct 1907 at Mt. St. Patrick (Rom Cath)
#018610-07 - Alfred LEAHY 33, engineer, Allumettes Island, Welland Ont., s/o Michael LEAHY & Ellen MCCADDEN, married Margaret M. MCGUIRE 24, Allumettes Is., Pembroke, d/o Thomas G. MCGUIRE & Theresa DUFF, wit: Ernest W. DUFF & Crystel JEWELL both of Pembroke, 12 Nov 1907, at Pembroke. #018582-07 - Arthur Pierre LEBLANC 28, engineer, Pembroke, same, s/o J. Bte. LEBLANC & Mathilda GIROUX, married Edwidge DUPONT 21, Allumette Is., same, d/o Francois DUPONT & Philomene LAVALLEE, wit: John KENNEDY & Edith NEIBAUR both of Pembroke, 30 Jun 1907, at Pembroke.
#018546-07 - Meridith C. LLOYD 36, marine engineer, Ont., Toronto, s/o Elias LLOYD & Mary STOREY, married Mary Ann SMITH 35, Que., Pembroke, d/o Isaac SMITH & Elizabeth THRASHER, wit: C. B. McADAM of Quyon Que. & O. G. SMITH of Pembroke, 27 Feb 1907, at Pembroke. #018596-07 - John Christie LOBECK 29, farmer, Alice twp., same, s/o Martin LOBECK & Louisa GUDKE, married Tillie BUCHHOLTZ 24, Alice twp., Stafford twp., d/o Ferdinand BUCHHOLTZ & Bertha REHLOFF, wit: August BUCHHOLTZ of Stafford & Bertha LOBECK of Alice twp., 16 Oct 1907, at Pembroke.
#018565-07 - Christian LUBITZ 25, labourer, Alice twp., Pembroke, s/o Herman LUBITZ & Marie WAGNER, married Wilhelmina BIEDERMAN 20, Wilberforce twp., same, d/o Gustave BIEDERMAN & Emilie RUTZ, wit: William LUBITZ of Alice twp. & Anna BIEDERMAN of Wilberforce twp., 4 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018609-07 - Alfred B. MADDEN 24, clerk, Pembroke, New Liskeard, s/o Charles MADDEN & Catherine LEE, married Mary Loretta CADDEN 23, Pembroke, same, d/o Thomas CADDEN & Bridget KELLY, wit: Lee J. MADDEN of New Liskeard & Ellen CADDEN of Pembroke, 12 Nov 1907, at Pembroke.
#018558-07 - Fred Joseph MARTEL 23, actor, US, Lewiston Me US, s/o Samuel MARTEL & Alice MAYER, married Minnie Burke ELDRIDGE 22, actress, NS, Kittery Me US, d/o Burkitt ELDRIDGE & May CARLY, wit: Katie Ethel WHITE & Lalie LETT, both of Pembroke, 29 Jun 1907, at Pembroke #018541-07 - Albert E. MCDONALD 28, clerk, Westmeath Ont., Edmonton AB, s/o George MCDONALD & Mary DAVIS, married Elizabeth CARMICHAEL 24, Westmeath, Pembroke Ont., d/o James W. CARMICHAEL & Elizabeth KEYES, wit: Thomas D. CARMICHAEL of Fort Coulonge & Walt FINLAY of Pembroke, 30 Jan 1907, at Pembroke.
#018561-07 - Andrew MCDONALD 25, labourer, Ottawa, Pembroke, s/o Michael MCDONALD & Ellen SULLIVAN, married Bridget Mabel HAYES 20, Ottawa, Pembroke, d/o John HAYES & Margaret WITHERS, wit: David MCGERATH & Risr? KELLY, both of Pembroke, 24 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018599-07 - Andrew MCQUESTION 21, fireman, Pembroke, North Bay Ont., s/o William MCQUESTION & Rose CAHELL, married Margueret DUGGAN 23, Renfrew Ont., Chalk River Ont., d/o George DUGGAN & Ellen AUGHNEY, wit: Maxime CORRIVEAU & Virginie CHAPUT both of Pembroke, 17 Oct 1907, at Pembroke.
#018548-07 - Isaac Ephraim MEILLEUR 21, labourer, Rolph twp. Ont., same, s/o Joseph MEILLEUR & Mary MOORE, married Christina Pearl JONES 19, White Lake Ont., Des Joachims Que., d/o Frank JONES & Jenny BARBER, wit: K. M. BOUSFIELD of Pembroke & Josephine H. BOUSFIELD of Beachburg, 5 Apr 1907, at Pembroke. #018566-07 - Henry William MILLER 18, laundryman, Pembroke, same, s/o Charles MILLER & Laura? [Lornia?] LEMKE, married Bertha CLERRZ? [or CLENZ?] 19, Alice twp., Pembroke, d/o John CLEREZ? & Wilhelmina KREUGER, wit: George MILLER of Pembroke & Almia LEMKE of Petewawa, 5 Jun 1907, at Pembroke.
#018586-07 - Walter T. MULLEN 24, labourer, Stafford, Pembroke, s/o Patrick MULLEN & Agnes MCDONALD, married Elizabeth SUTTON 23, Stafford, Pembroke, d/o Samuel SUTTON & Isabella MCQUIRK, wit: Michael MULLEN & Margaret MULLEN both of Stafford, 29 Aug 1907, at Pembroke. #018607-07 - William Frances MUNRO 27, lumberman, Pembroke, same, s/o John W. MUNRO & Martha TRAIL, married Louise R. DELAHEY 22, Pembroke, same, d/o Robert DELAHEY & Emily L. MOHR, wit: Edna DELAHEY & L. G.FOSTER both of Pembroke, 28 Nov 1907, at Pembroke.
#018552-07 - Francis Robert NEWELL 29, clerk, Pembroke, Parry Sound, s/o Robert NEWELL & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, married Jessie Rankin SWEEZEY 28, Stafford, Pembroke, d/o Simen F. SWEEZEY & Lemina A. MAAS, wit: Chas. E. NEWELL of Parry Sound & Sophia B. SWEEZEY of Pembroke, 30 Apr 1907, at Pembroke. #018570-07 - George Henry O'HALLIRAN 33, labourer, Black Rock NY US, Kearney, s/o Patrick O'HALLIRAN & Mary Ann STACK, married Teresa PACK 29, Kearney, Pembroke, d/o Samuel PACK & Jane GREGG, wit: William E. GREGG of Osceola & Agnes McCOOL of Depot Harbour, 23 Apr 1907, at Pembroke
#018579-07 - Phineas PATTERSON 23, machinist, Pembroke, same, s/o Matthew PATTERSON & Agnes CAUGHEY, married Emma Alethea LEWIS 24, Pembroke, same, d/o William LEWIS & Sarah HARDING, wit: Matthew PATTERSON & H. R. NEAPOLE both of Pembroke, 18 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018555-07 - John PEI--EBE? 26, farmer, Petawawa, same, s/o Herman PEI--EBE & Fredericke MARTENS, married Ida KOSSATZ 23, Petawawa, same, d/o Fred KOSSATZ & Wilhelmina BAHR, wit: Emile KOSSATZ & William MARTENS both of Petawawa, 20 Jun 1907, at Pembroke.
#018554-07 - John PETERS 22, labourer, Peterawa [Petawawa], same, s/o Charles PETERS & Sophia MILLER, married Emma DEORING 22, Madawaska, Pembroke, d/o Charles DEORING & Mary ROLOFF, wit: Otto BERGER of Madawaska & Sophia PETERS of Peterawa, 29 May 1907, at Pembroke. #018549-07 - Isaac PICKARD 56, wid., mariner, Niagara Ont., Bronte Halton co. Ont., s/o Elijah PICKARD & Harriet VanFLEET, married Edna Maud BARRAND 38, lace maker, Pembroke, same, d/o John BARRAND & Eliza HOARE, wit: John H. BARRAND & Harold BARRAND both of Pembroke, 4 Mar 1907, at Pembroke.
#018433-07 (Renfrew Co): Matthew QUINN, 25, miner, South Algoma twp., Killaloe Station, s/o Daniel QUINN & Ellen BENNETT, married Elizabeth Jane NEVIN, 26, Brudenell, same, d/o Thomas NEVIN, farmer, & Catherine WALSH, witn: James HAGARTY & Celia STORY, both of Brudenell, 23 Sept 1907 at Brudenell (Rom Cath) #018574-07 - George Henry ROSS 28, ins. agent, Stafford Ont., same, s/o James ROSS & Alice RONEY, married Adelaide SHATFORD 29, Pembroke, same, d/o Thomas SHATFORD & Dianthe SOPER, wit: Walter ROSS & Jewel MCNAB, both of Pembroke, 5 Jun 1907, at Pembroke.
#018425-07 (Renfrew Co): John ROUBLE, 30, farmer, Bagot, same, s/o Joseph ROUBLE & Josephine CHAPPESKE, married Agnes KNOLSTIC, 22, Admaston, same, d/o Charles KNOLSTIC & Agnes PERSHALE, witn: Michael KNOLSTIC & Mary RITZA, 17 Sept 1907 at Mt. St. Patrick (Rom Cath) #018571-07 - Joseph SARAZIN 36, labourer, wid., Engleheart Ont., Pembroke, s/o Joseph SARAZIN & Henriette BOURGURGORON, married Maria DEMERS 22, Pembroke, Engleheart, d/o Alphonse DEMERS & Elise GUIMARD, wit: William SARAZIN & Alphonse DEMERS both of Pembroke, 24 Apr 1907, at Pembroke.
#018569-07 - Martin SCHARDT 24, labourer, Germany, Pembroke, s/o Godfra? [Godsson?] SCHARDT & Kunigunada ARHARDT, married Elizabeth BYER 16, Pembroke, same, d/o Martin BYER & Wilhelmina DOEG, wit: Paul BYER & Mary KLOTT, both of Pembroke, 17 Apr 1907, at Pembroke. #018590-07 - Ernest SCHMIDT 49, mason, wid., Germany, Pembroke, s/o Chr. KRUEGER & Louise SCHMIDT, married Hermine SIEGEL 27, Hungary, Pembroke, d/o Joseph SIEGEL & Elizabeth FUCHS, wit: Theo. DISCHER & Frau Theo. DISCHER both of Pembroke, 3 Sep 1907, at Pembroke.
#018608-07 - Chas. Richard SCHNEIDER 32, labourer, Alice twp., Pembroke, s/o Charles SCHNEIDER & Fredericka MASS, married Minnie NEUMAN 25, Wilberforce twp., South Algoma, d/o Ferdinand NEUMAN & unknown, wit: William SCHNEIDER & Mrs. Emilia SCHNEIDER both of Pembroke, 6 Nov 1907, at Pembroke. #018577-07 - Henry SCHOOF 40, labourer, wid., Allumettes, Pembroke, s/o Fred SCHOFF & Frederick[e] WORMSTOCK, married Ida SCHWARTZ 23, Alice twp., Pembroke, d/o Michia[l] SCHWARTZ & Bertha RADKE, wit: John RADKE of Alice twp. & Regina SCHWARTZ of Pembroke, 26 Jun 1907, at Pembroke.
#018564-07 - William SCHROEDER 29, labourer, Charltin Centre NY US, Pembroke, s/o Revd. C. SCHROEDER & Pauline WEBER, married Ida SCHMIDT 21, Pembroke, same, d/o Ernest SCHMIDT & Bertha ZASTROW, wit: Otto SCHROEDER & Martha SCHMIDT, both of Pembroke, 5 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018426-07 (Renfrew Co): David SHEEDY, 44, widower, farmer, Brougham, Mt. St. Patrick, s/o Martin SHEEDY & Mary MORIARTY, married Margaret BULGER, 34, Admaston, same, d/o John BULGER & Ellen RYAN, witn: Ryan MARTIN & Elizabeth KELLY, 14 Oct 1907 at Mt. St. Patrick (Rom Cath)
#018605-07 - Andre SPENCER 27, day labourer, Buckingham [Que], Cobalt Ont., s/o Elii SPENCER & Philomene NORMAND, married Delia GRATTON 23, Buckingham [Que], Cobalt Ont., d/o Maurice GRATTON & Agnes BIRSMENN, wit: Rev. O. PONTBRIAND & Rev. Norman GAGNE both of Pembroke, 16 Nov 1907, at Pembroke. #018559-07 - Arthur Lyons SPINKS 30, grocer, Que., Fort Coulonges, s/o Robert SPINKS & Barbara MOORE, married Margaret MILLAR 28, Que., Fort William, d/o James MILLAR & Catherine ARDET, wit: J. G. ACRES of Vernon, & Lalie LETT of Pembroke, 3 Jul 1907, at Pembroke.
#018568-07 - Otto Joseph SPLINTER 21, iron mineder, Germany, Pembroke, s/o William SPLINTER & Louisa LAMPOOL, married Mary Eliza SCHMIDT 23, Pembroke, same, d/o John SCHMIDT & Bretta NEIBAUR, wit: Paul NEIBAUER & Augusta LIPKE, both of Pembroke, 12 Feb 1907, at Pembroke. #018538-07 - James STEWART 64, tinsmith, Horton, Pembroke, s/o James & Margaret STEWART, married Charlotte CAMERON 45, Stafford twp. Ont., Pembroke, d/o John CAMERON & Mary A. CHILDERHOSE, wit: R. W. KEUNING? & Jessie M. KENNEDY both of Pembroke, 9 Jan 1907, at Pembroke.
#018598-07 - John L. STEWART 24, book keeper, Deux Rivieres Ont., North Bay Ont., s/o John A. STEWART & Mary SHOULDICE, married Eleonore PAYETTE 20, Pembroke, same, d/o Gilbert PAYETTE & Scholastisa DESROCHERS, wit: Oswald PAYETTE & Mary PAYETTE both of Pembroke, 30 Oct 1907, at Pembroke. #018597-07 - Daniel STOQUA 22, labourer, Pembroke, same, s/o Louis STOQUA & Jane MANESS, married Agnes CONSTANT 17, North Bay Ont., Pembroke, d/o John CONSTANT & Mary Ann MORHARTY, wit: Maggie STOQUA of Matawa Ont. & Julia GREGOIRE of Pembroke, 21 Oct 1907, at Pembroke.
#018430-07 (Renfrew Co): Denis SULLIVAN, 26, farmer, Killaloe, Tramore, s/o James SULLIVAN & Bridget McINERNEY, married Lucy KITTS, 19, Brudenell, d/o William KITTS, farmer, & Mary HOULIHAN, witn: James SULLIVAN & Katie KITTS, both of Brudenell, 25 June 1907 at Brudenell (Rom Cath) #018573-07 - George SUTTON 26, labourer, Pembroke, same, s/o Samuel SUTTON & Bella MCGURKE, married Alice O'BIEN 23, Almonte, Pembroke, d/o Timothy O'BIEN & Mary FITZGERALD, wit: P. PENTHIAND? & Virgini CHAPUT, both of Pembroke, 30 May 1907, at Pembroke.
#018562-07 - Abraham Edwards SWEEZEY 20, brakeman, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o Samuel Biggs SWEEZEY & Margaret Jane EDWARDS, married Esther Irene LEWIS 21, clerk, Pembroke, same, d/o William LEWIS & Sarah HARDING, wit: William HARDING & E. Alethea PATTERSON, both of Pembroke, 29 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018547-07 - Lloyd Middleton TETLOCK 21, tinsmith, Ont., Carleton Place, s/o Henry TETLOCK & Maria CODE, married Mary Mabel McCULLOUGH 20, Ont., Drummond twp., d/o Christopher W. McCULLOUGH & Mary Janet MONETUS, wit: Robert A. STEELE? & Mary LETT both of Pembroke, 28 Mar 1907, at Pembroke.
#018543-07 - Joseph Airla THIVIERGE 31, civil service, Rigaud Que, Ottawa, s/o Laurent THIVIERGE & Delina HAMILTON, married Marie Azelda FORTIER 26, Pembroke, same, d/o Alfred J. FORTIER & Marie E. MENARD, wit: G. M. GARNIER of Montreal & A. J. FORTIER, 6 Feb 1907, at Pembroke (RC). #018585-07 - Percy Robert THOMPSON 22, storekeeper, Pembroke, same, s/o Frank THOMPSON & Rachel MARTIN, married Lottie Alma BURPEE 22, Pembroke, same, d/o R. C. BURPEE & M. P. TARR, wit: M. R. HUNT & F. Pearl BURPEE both of Pembroke, 27 Aug 1907, at Pembroke
17398-08 (Renfrew Co) John Wilson VAILLANT, 25, farmer, Ross, Ross, s/o George VAILLANT & Abigail WILSON married May Emily BLACK, 21, farmer's daughter, Ross, Ross, d/o William BLACK & Mary MCKAY, witn: George P. BLACK & Jennie G. VAILLANT of Foresters Falls, 6 Nov 1907, Ross #018589-07 - Charles George WARD 30, bridge carpenter, England, Pembroke, s/o Henry Thomas WARD & Mary Ann SAUNDERS, married Emma R. WITT 36, Pembroke, same, d/o Herman WITT & Augustina DOERHRING, wit: George S. WARNER of South March & Lydia SACK of Wilberforce, 11 Sep 1907, at Pembroke.
#018429-07 (Renfrew Co): William WELK, 26, farmer, Brudenell twp., Rockingham, s/o John WELK & Ida PILGRIM, married Annie M. BERGER, 24, domestic, Raglan twp., Rockingham, d/o Gottlieb BERGER & Amelia HARTWIG, witn: John BERGER & Louisa PILGRIM, both of Rockingham, 26 March 1907 at Rockingham #018427-07 (Renfrew Co): William WERNICKIE, 22, farmer, Lyndock twp., same, s/o Gustav WERNICKIE & Bertha HARTWIG, married Emilie GORLITZ, 22, Brudenell twp., same, d/o Herman GORLITZ, farmer, & Henrietta HASS, witn: William GORLITZ of Brudenell twp & Augusta WEBER of Radcliffe twp., 8 Jan 1907 at Lyndock twp
#018535-07 - Alexander WILSON 24, engineer, Clarendon Que., Braeside, s/o Robert WILSON & Emily THOMAS, married Mary Alice THOMAS 18, Clarendon Que., Sand Point Ont., d/o Albert THOMAS & Elizabeth TELFORD, wit: George RUSSELL of Bristol ? [Mine?] & Margaret E. WILSON of Bristol Corners, 21 Aug 1907, at Braeside 17257-08 (Renfrew Co) Richard Albert WILSON, 33, high school teacher, Admaston, Regina Saskatchewan, s/o Richard WILSON & Margaret Jane FERGUSON married Katherine Maria HOLBEIN, 287, Kincardine, Day Bank, d/o William HOLBEIN & Elizabeth Ann RUTILEES, witn: Benjamin HOLBEIN of Day Bank & Jean SHEFFIELD of Arnprior, 25 Dec 1907, Day Bank
#018567-07 - August R. G. [Y?] WILT 21, mineder, Alice twp., Pembroke, s/o Fred WILT & Dorothea MILLER, married Wilhelmina KREUGER 21, Stafford, same, d/o Christopher KREUGER & Mary ASHICK, wit: Fred WILT & Louisa KREUGER both of Pembroke, 12 Jun 1907, at Pembroke. #018593-07 - John WYNN 24, labourer, Pembroke, Hochelaga, s/o Bernard WYNN & Margaret CONNOLLY, married Isabella MULLIGAN 20, Pembroke, Stafford twp., d/o John MULLIGAN & Sarah BRENNAN, wit: James WHELAN of Pembroke & Celina MULLIGAN of Stafford, 4 Sep 1907, at Pembroke.