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Prescott & Russell Co., 1888

birth place is given before residence


10117-88 Joseph ALLARD, 21, farmer, St. Louis Que., Plantagenet, s/o Joseph ALLARD & Mary LYNCH, married Margaret O'CONNOR, 18, Glengarry, Plantagenet, d/o Edward O'CONNOR & Margaret, witn: John CUMMING & Hilaire ALLARD, both of Curran, 17 June 188 at Curran  
10111-88 Gregoire AUBRY, 29, widower, carpenter, Wendover, same, s/o Gregoire AUBRY & Rosalie MODERIC, married Edwidge MENARD, 18, Clarence Creek, Wendover, d/o Hercules MENARD & Onesime PIGEON, witn: Gregoire AUBRY & F.X. PILON, both of Wendover, 7 Jan 1888 at Wendover 10113-87 James BALDWIN, 25, machinist, NY state, North Plantagenet, s/o Stephen BALDWIN & Letitia McFAUL, married Margaret ERRATT, 23, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Henry ERRATT & Jane WRIGHT, witn: M. CAMPBELL & Georgina ERRATT, both of North Plantagenet, 23 Oct. 1888 at North Plantagenet
#010153-88 (Prescott Co): Cheri BEAUCHAMP, 25, farmer, Canada, St. Antoine, s/o Oliver & Maria, married Maria DAIGNAULT?, 20, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Maurice DAIGNAULT & Virginie LEDUC, witnesses were Oliver BEAUCHAMP & Maurice DAIGNAULT, both of South Plantagenet, Jan. 10, 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath) #010156-88 (Prescott Co): Joseph BEAUCHARD, 22, farmer, Canada, Casselman, s/o Jule BEAUCHARD & Aneault LEDUC, married Judith LEDUC, 26, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Francois & Judith, witnesses were Jule BEAUCHARD & Francois LEDUC, both of St. Isodore, Jan. 31, 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath)
10324-88 Delphis BEDARD, 23, laborer, Ste. Andre Avelin, Rockland, s/o Antoine BEDARD & Rose CASSINA, married Mary Jane FLYNN, 21, Thurso Que., Rockland, d/o Martin FLYNN & Mary Ann SUMMERS, witn: Martin FLYNN & Antoine BEDARD, both of Rockland, 30 July 1888 at Rockland #010135-88 (Prescott Co): Adelard BERCIER, 22, farmer, not given, South Plantagenet same, s/o J. Bte. BERCIER & Elmira CASEAU, married Celina GALIPEAU, 25, not given South Plantagenet same, d/o Ludger GALIPEAU & Eleanora L'ECUYER, witnesses were J. Bte. BERCIER & Ludger GALIPEAU, 18 June 1888 at Fournier, (RomCath)
10327-88 Eli BERGON, 31, widower, laborer, Clarence, Rockland, s/o Eli BERGON & Sophie VISON, married Delima PILON, 33, widow, Clarence, Rockland, d/o Severe PILON & Sophy HUDON, witn: Severe & Delphis PILON of Rockland, 9 Dec 1888 at Clarence Creek 10170-88 J. Baptiste BERTRAND, 23, farmer, of Longeuil, s/o Jean Baptiste BERTRAND & Edwidge KINGSLEY, married Maria Lumina LANTHIER, 18, of Longeuil, d/o Isidore LANTHIER & Philomene LABRASSE, witn: Jean Baptiste BERTRAND & Isidore LANTHIER, both of L'Orignal, 7 Feb 1888 at L'Orignal
#010150-88 (Prescott Co): Joseph BISSONETTE, 25, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Joseph BISSONETTE & Philomene LAUZON, married Emelina CAMPEAU, 23, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Olivier CAMPEAU & Zoe St.JEAN, witnesses were Joseph BISSONETTE & Olivier CAMPEAU, both of South Plantagenet, 29 Oct 1888 at Fournier (Rom Cath) #010285-88 (Prescott Co): Xavier BOILEAU, 22, farmer, Lac du Deux Montagne Quebec, Alfred, s/o Marc BOILEAU & Marguerite PAYMENT, married Alexine LALONDE, 19, Isle Bisard Quebec, Alfred, adopted d/o Adele LALONDE & Damase THEORET, witnesses were Damase THEORET & Hyacinthe BRUNET, both of Alfred, Feb. 13, 1888 at Alfred (Rom Cath)
#010139-88 (Prescott Co): Francois Xavier BOISVERINE, 23, St. Isodore de Prescott, same, s/o Pierre BOISVERINE & Isabella FAUBERT, married Rose Alba LAMOTHE, 19, Roxborough, St. Isodore de Prescott, d/o Medore LAMOTHE & Matilda St.DENIS, witnesses were Pierre LAGER & Ferdinand DESCHAMPS, both of St. Isodore de Prescott, 20 Aug 1888 at St. Isodore de Prescott (RomCath) #010327-88 (Prescott Co): John R. BOTHWICK, 19, cutter, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o John BOTHWICK & Jane DEMPSEY, married Sarah Jane McCLURE, 20, Ireland, East Hawkesbury, d/o Robert & Jane, witnesses were John & Jane STEELE of E. Hawkesbury, July 31, 1888 at Van Kleek Hill
10199-88 David BOUCHER, 23, day laborer, Pointe Levis Que., Casselman, s/o Isaie BOUCHER & Olive PLOURDE, married Marie PILOTE, 19, of Casselman, d/o Gonzaque PILOTE & Aurelie Mercier MASSE, witn: Isaie BOUCHER & Elie PILOTE, both of Casselman, 23 Jan 1888 at Casselman #010195-88 (Russell Co): Eugene BOURGEOUS, 24, farmer's son, Embrun, same, s/o Ludger BOURGEOUS & Philomene BRISSON, married Pamela ROCHON, 18, Embrun, same, d/o Michel ROCHON & Marie GUEL, witnesses were Michel ROCHON & Joseph BUREL, Nov. 5, 1888 at R.C. church, Embrun
#010184-88 (Russell Co) Napolean BOYER, 28, saddler & harness maker, Beauharnois, Hull Quebec, s/o Charles BOYER & Adeline BORRE (Barre?), married Zepherina PAQUETTE, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Antoine PAQUETTE & Emeline LANONE, witnesses were Ch. BOYER of Hull & Ant. PAQUETTE of Embrun, April 18, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church 10232-88 Damase BREBAND, 37, widower, farmer, Vaudreuil, Ste. Marthe, s/o J. Baptiste BREBAND & Justine SAREAU, married Odile ROY, 34, widow, St. Clet, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Antoine ROY & Adie DAOUST, witn: J.B. BREBAND of Ste. Marthe & Gilbert ROY of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 13 Feb 1888 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
10242-88 Louis BRISBOIS, 35, farmer, Ste.Marthe Que., Clarence Creek, s/o Luc BRISBOIS & Angele BRAZEAU, married Angelina DESCHAMPS, 39, Ste. Martha, St. Eugene, d/o Joseph DESCHAMPS & Astasie RHEAUME, witn: Ferdinand MELOCHE of St. Eugene & Armanline BRISBOIS of Ste. Anne, 17 July 1888 at St. Eugene 10263-88 Cyrile BRUNET, 36, widower, laborer, Chatham, Hull, s/o Francois BRUNET & Marie LAVIGNE, married Octave LALONDE, 30, St. Andrew Que., Clarence, d/o Hilaire LALONDE & Julie DESJARDINS, witn: Napoleon BRUNET & Mathias LALONDE, both of Clarence, 31 Jan 1888 at Clarence Creek
10236-88 Peter BURNS, 65, widower, farmer, Phillipstown - Queens Co. Ireland, West Hawkesbury, s/o John BURNS & Mary GALLAGHER, married Mary WARD, 45, Hawkesbury Mills, West Hawkesbury, d/o Neil WARD & Mary SHARPE, witn: George WARD & Mary HOISTED, both of St. Eugene, 1 May 1888 at St. Eugene 10294-88 Laurent CADIEUX, 21, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Michael CADIEUX & Emelie CLERMONT, married Melina BRISEBOIS, 19, Alfred, same, d/o Anthime BRISEBOIS & Louise LEMERY, witn: Anthime LEMERY & Michael CADIEUX, both of Alfred, 9 July 1888 at St. Victor, Alfred
#010148-88 (Prescott Co): John CAMERON, 28, hotel keeper, Greenfield, Mayville, s/o John CAMERON & Catherine McDONALD, married Frances Ann RYAN, 20, South Plantagenet, Fournier, d/o Moses RYAN & Annie BARRETT, witnesses were Hugh RYAN of Fournier & Helen CAMERON of Mayville, 25 Sept 1888 at Fournier (RomCath) #010136-88 (Prescott Co): James CAMERON, 32, farmer, Kenyon, same, s/o John CAMERON & Janet FISHER, married Catherine M. URQUHART, 31, South Plantagenet same, d/o Alexander URQUHART & Catherine McNAUGHTON, witnesses were Mary STEWART & Jane CAMERON, both of Kenyon, 3 July 1888 at South Plantagenet
10257-88 Archibald CAMERON, 30, farmer, Lochiel, same, s/o Angus CAMERON & Mary McDOUGAL, married Mary Ann McDONALD, 34, Caledonia, same, d/o Ranald McDONALD & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: John McMILLAN of Lochiel & Mary McDONALD of Alexandria, 10 July 1888 at Van Kleek Hill  
#010189-88 (Russell Co): William John CARSCADDEN, 33, farmer, Russell, same, s/o Andrew CARSCADDEN & Eliza LONEY?, married Margaret Ann BOYD, 26, Russell, same, d/o Oliver BOYD & Eliza WADE, witnesses were John CARSCADDEN & Mary BOYD, both of Russell, June 20, 1888 at Russell 10210-88 Olivier CARTIE, 24, farmer, St. Philippe Que., St. Albert, s/o Louis CARTIE & Rosalie RICHER, married Celina LAPLANTE, 19, St. Michel Que., St. Albert, d/o Noel LAPLANTE & Marie SOREL, witn: Noel LAPLANTE & Louis CARTIE, both of St. Albert, 14 May 1888 at St. Albert
10296-88 William CHAMBERLAND (Chamberlain?), 23, laborer, St. Simon Que., Alfred, s/o Pierre CHAMBERLAND & Mary TOMKINS (Tawkens?), married Rose CYR, 21, Alfred, same, d/o Xavier CYR & Elenore TESSIER, wit: Xavier CYR & Pierre CHAMBERLAND, both of Alfred, 30 July 1888 at St. Victor, Alfred #010169-88 (Prescott Co): Alexandre CHARBONNEAU, 26, farmer, Longueil, Alfred, s/o J. Baptiste CHARBONNEAU & Onezine CHARTIER, married Azalda CHEVARIER, 21, no birth place given, Longueil, d/o Antoine LAJEUNESSE & Emilie GAUTHIER, witnesses were Antoine LAJEUNESSE & J. Bapt. CHARBONNEAU, both of Longueil, June 1, 1888 at Longueil
10264-88 Olivier CHARLEBOIS, 25, farmer, Plantagenet, same, s/o Eustache CHARLEBOIS & Adeline PHILION, married Emma ETHIER, 20, Clarence, same, d/o Alexandre ETHIER & Marceline ETHIER, witn: Alex ETHIER of Clarence & Alex CHARLEBOIS of Curran, 13 Feb 1888 at Clarence Creek #010162-88 (Russell Co): Oedifar CHARTRAND, 21, Quebec, Cumberland, s/o Evariste CHARTRAND & Alice PRIMEAU, married no first name given BRADAMORE, 17, Quebec, Cumberland, d/o Jean Baptiste BRADAMORE & no first name given ROY, witn: Evariste CHARTRAND, 30 July 1888 at Gloucester twp (Rom Cath) (reg'd in Cumberland twp)
10262-88 Alexandre CHATELAIN, 28, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Joseph CHATELAIN & Odele CHARTRAND, married Cordelia MENARD, 22, Clarence, same, d/o Xavier MENARD & Claire FRANCOEUR, witn: Telesphore PERRIN? & Joseph CHATELAIN, both of Clarence, 24 Jan 1888 at Clarence Creek  10121-88 Adolphe CHEVRIER, 23, carriage maker, Vaudreuil, Alfred, s/o Dolphis CHEVRIER & Emilie PREVOST, married Clarisse GAUTHIER, 16, Curran, same, d/o Joseph GAUTHIER & Eugenie SEGUIN, witn: Ovila SEGUIN of Vaudreuil & Ovila GAUTHIER of Curran, 21 Sept 1888 at Curran
#010182-88 (Russell Co) Joseph CLEMENT, 35, widower, farmer, St. Martine Quebec, Embrun, s/o Joseph CLEMENT & Cordelia MENARD, married Julia MILLAIRE?, 24, Embrun, same, d/o Jean MILLAIRE & Julia CARRIER, witnesses were Joseph CLEMENT & Jean MILLAIRE, Feb 11, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church 10204-88 Francis CLERMONT, 21, day laborer, St. Jacques - Co. Min-? Que., Casselman, s/o Francois CLERMONT & Sophie CHAPUT, married Maria TREMBLAY, 16, Chicoutimi Que., South Casselman, d/o Clephas TREMBLAY & Demerise PERRON, witn: Francois CLERMONT & Joseph QUESNEL, both of Casselman, 14 May 1888 at South Casselman
10295-88 Calixte COURTEMANCHE, 24, farmer, Papineauville Que., same, s/o Joseph COURTEMANCHE & Mathilde GAUTHIER, married Armenthine ENNO, 25, Alfred, same, d/o Etienne ENNO & Justine DUROCHES, witn: Amable ENNO of Alfred & Alexina COURTEMANCHE of Papineauville Que., 16 July 1888 at St. Thomas, Alfred 10129-88 Jean Baptiste COUSINEAU, 26, laborer, St. Eugene, Hawkesbury, s/o Louis COUSINEAU & Melise HALL, married Adele DUFRESNE, 20, Rigaud Que., Hawkesbury, d/o Joseph DUFRESNE & Calrie THERRIENS (Themens?), witn: Louis & Damase COUSINEAU of Van Kleek Hill and Joseph & Rodolph DUFRESNE of Hawkesbury, 10 Sept 1888 at Hawkesbury
10130-88 Minesippe CUSSON, 24, farmer, St. Jerome Que., Hawkesbury, s/o Mathias CUSSON & Artemise MORAND, married Helene BEDARD, 20, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Louise BEDARD & Marie Patment LARIVIERE, witn: Louis & Justinien? BEDARD and Mathias & Jules CUSSON, all of Hawkesbury, 10 Sept 1888 at Hawkesbury 10268-88 Joseph DEAULT, 38, widower, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o France DEAULT & Julie LECARE, married Celina LABELLE, 30, Clarence, same, d/o Pierre LABELLE & Celine SICARD, witn: Pierre & Moise LABELLE of Clarence, 14 Feb 1888 at Clarence

10277-88 Francois DELISLE, 60, farmer, widower, not known, Clarence, s/o not known married Christine ORTIE, 56, not given, Clarence, d/o not known, witn: Olivier DELISLE & Francis ORTIE of Clarence, 30 July 1888, Clarence

10171-88 Josephat DEMERS, 22, farmer, Longeuil, same, s/o Godfrey DEMERS & Theotiste CHARBONNEAU, married Marie CADIEUX, 18, Alfred, same, d/o Michel CADIEUX & Mary MARLEAU, witn: Godfrey DEMERS & Michel CADIEUX, both of Longeuil, 19 Nov 1888 at Alfred
#010134-88 (Prescott Co): Isaie DENIS, 22 , carriage maker, South Plantagenet same, s/o Pierre DENIS & Julienne LEVAC, married Marie Louise SEGUIN, 16, not given South Plantagenet d/o Joseph SEGUIN & Josephine WATTIER, witnesses were Joseph SEGUIN, Dosith CADIEUX, J.B. BISSONETTE & illegible LALONDE, all of Fournier, 16 Jan 1888 at Fournier (Rom Cath) 10226-88 Avila DESABRAIS, 24, day laborer, Hartwell - Ottawa Co. Que., South Indian Cambridge, s/o Jean Bte. DESABRAIS & Marguerite LACASSE, married Heloise GAGNON, 23, Cambridge, South Indian, d/o Xavier GAGNON & Marie PAQUETTE, witn: Frederic DESABRAIS & George GAGNON, both day laborers from South Indian, 17 Sept 1888 at South Indian

10120-88 Camile DESJARDINS, 33, farmer, St. Augustin Que., Huntsville US, s/o Joseph DESJARDINS & Esther DUQUETTE, married Laura MONETTE, 30, widow, Curran, same, d/o Pierre MONETTE & Laura ROCHON, witn: Pierre MONETTE & Isidore BAULNE, both of Curran, 4 Sept 1888 at Curran

10206-88 Joseph DUBE, 21, day laborer, St. Jerome, Cambridge, s/o Francois DUBE & Philomene BISSON, married Albina RAINVILLE, 18, Plantagenet, Casselman, d/o Johnny RAINVILLE & Julie LAMESSE, witn: Avila BOURBONNAIS & Wilfred MOUSSETTE, both of Casselman, 28 May 1888 at South Casselman

#010132-88 (Prescott Co): Joseph Wilfred Hermengilde DUCHESNE, 20, tinsmith, Hawkesbury, same, s/o Philbert DUCHESNE & Alvina LALIBERTE, married Marie Flore LACROIX, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Jean Bap. LACROIX & Flore GERARD, witnesses were Philbert Jr. & Sr. DUCHESNE, and Ernest & William LACROIX, 19 Nov 1888 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath) 10240-88 Isaie DUFRESNE, 22, laborer, Rigaud, Hawkesbury, s/o Joseph DUFRESNE & Valerie THEMENS, married Felenise LALONDE, 16, St. Joachim, same, d/o Venasse LALONDE & Marie BRAZEAU, witn: Rodolphe DUFRESNE of Hawkesbury & Delina LALONDE of St. Joachim, 2 July 1888 at St. Joachim
10123-88 Emery DUMOUCHEL, 50, widower, farmer, Ste. Scholastique Que., Curran, s/o F.X. DUMOUCHEL & L. DUMOUCHEL, married Delphine LAFLEUR, 49, widow, Ste. Scholastique, Plantagenet, d/o not given, witn: Maurice DUMOUCHEL of Curran & J.B. HAMLIN of Wendover, 9 April 1888 at Curran #010164-88 (Russell Co): Nelson Beach DUNNING, 31, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o William Dutton? DUNNING & Sophia LEFEVRE, married Mary Ann WILLIAMSON, 30, Ottawa, Cumberland, d/o Henry WILLIAMSON & Ann ADAMS, witnesses were Sophia DUNNING & Henry WILLIAMSON, both of Cumberland, 25 July 1888 at Cumberland (Brethren)

10276-88 Joseph DUQUETTE, 25?, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Joseph DUQUETTE & Pauline BEAUCHAMP, married Herminie HENRIE, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Charles HENRIE & Domathilde BELANGER, witn: Charles HENRIE & Joseph DUQUETTE, both of Clarence, 30 Nov 1888 at Clarence

#010188-88 (Russell Co): Henry EDRIDGE, 34, widower, carriage maker, England, Duncanville, no parents given, married Annie GIBSON, 28, Russell, Duncanville, d/o John & Mary A., witnesses were Minnie HUNTER of Moorewood & Whit PELTEN of Russell, April 26, 1888 at Russell
#010196-88 (Russell Co) Treffle EMARD, 40, widower (of Agnes LATRO--ILLE), farmer, St. Martine Quebec, Embrun, s/o Norbert EMARD & Clothilde LADOUCEUR, married Clothilde BLAIS, 18, Embrun, same, d/o Octave BLAIS & Celina GAGNON, witnesses were Norbert EMARD & Octave BLAIS, Nov. 26, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church  
#010138-88 (Prescott Co): Antoine FAUBERT, 24, farmer, St. Martin de Newton - Quebec, St. Isodore de Prescott, s/o Narcisse FAUBERT & Marguerite LEGAULT, married Hermiline ROULEAU, 17, St. Jean Chysostown Quebec, St. Isodore de Prescott, d/o Jean Bpt. ROULEAU & Emmilie LECLAIR, witnesses were Dosite ROULEAU & Alexander LEGAULT, both of St. Isodore de Prescott, 17 July 1888 at St. Isodore de Prescott (Rom Cath) 10290-88 Elias FAUTEUX, 33, farmer, St. Hermas Que., Alfred, s/o J.B. FAUTEUX & Edesse PICHE, married Sageline LAMBERE, 17, Alfred, same, d/o Godfrey LAMBERE & Olitan LASCELLE, witn: Godfrey LAMBERE & Toussaint BAULNE, both of Alfred, 22 April 1888 at St. Thomas, Alfred
#010166-88 (Russell Co): Edward FITZIMONS, 26, farmer, Bearbrook, same, s/o John & Mary, married Ellen SCARF, 20 (or 21), Russell, same, d/o John & Catherine, witnesses were Mary FLETCHER & Mary E. TAYLOR, both of Bearbrook, 11 Oct 1888 at Bearbrook #010173-88 (Prescott Co): Louis Albert FLYNN, 40, blacksmith, Longueil, Peshligo Wisc USA, s/o Timothy FLYNN & Lovelie KELLY, married Annie CROSS, 27, Longueil, no residence given, d/o James CROSS & Maria DIXON, witnesses were Ann CROSS of Longueil & Arthur WILSON of Clarence Creek, Sep 28, 1888 at Longueil

10218-88 Ferrier FORGET, 22, blacksmith, Montebello Que., South Indian, s/o Jean Bte. FORGET & Archange DESABRAIS, married Josephine GAGNON, 18, South Indian, same, d/o Xavier GAGNON & Marie PAQUET, witn: Cleophas LAFRAMBOISE blacksmith of South Indian & Moise LEDUC farmer of Russell, 16 July 1888 at South Indian

10211-88 Evariste FORTIER, 35, farmer, St. Augustin Que., Crysler, s/o Leonard FORTIER & Narcisse RODERIQUE, married Alexina DAOUST, 21, St. Scholastique, St. Albert, d/o Augustin DAOUST & Agnes GRIGNON, witn: Augustin DAOUST of St. Albert & Leonard FORTIER of Crysler, 26 Nov 1888 at St. Albert

10214-88 Moise FOURNIER, 21, day laborer, Van Kleek Hill, Cambridge, s/o Leon FOURNIER & Josephine PAQUETTE, married Alexandrine GAGNON, 16, Russell, Cambridge, d/o Odilon GAGNON & Martine DORE, witn: Joseph GAGNON & Azarie CHEVIGNY, both of Cambridge, 26 Nov 1888 at South Indian

#010141-88 (Prescott Co): Malcolm FRANKLIN, 29, farmer, South Plantagenet same, s/o Thomas FRANKLIN & "his wife", married Hannah CHARLTON, 22, South Plantagenet, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, no witnesses given, Oct. 30, 1888 at Riceville

10261-88 Alphonso FRAPPIER, 32?, widower, Quebec, Clarence, s/o Joseph FRAPPIER & Flavie LEGER, married Angelique LALONDE, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Thibuse? LALONDE & Henriette DEAULT, witn: Timothe LEFAIVRE & Thibuse LALONDE, both of Clarence, 9 Jan 1888 at Clarence Creek

#010192-88 (Russell Co): Alexander FRASER, 30, farmer, Lochiel twp., same, s/o James FRASER & Mary ANDERSON, married Sarah Ann EADIE, 28, Russell twp., same, d/o William EADIE & Sarah MURPHY, witnesses were Joseph EADIE of Russell & Elizabeth FRASER of Lochiel twp., Oct. 3, 18888 at Russell

10224-88 Samuel GABRIAULT, 23, tailor, St. Valentin Que., Casselman, s/o Hubert GABRIAULT & Marcelline GOUDREAULT, married Maria Rosa Delima Aglace PAGE, 17, Cambridge, same, d/o Gilbert PAGE & Aglace BRUNET, witn: Joseph RAINVILLE and Gilbert & Louis PAGE, all of Casselman, 14 Aug 1888 at Casselman

10216-88 Belonie GARANT, 21, day laborer, St. Pierre Que., Casselman, s/o Rene GARANT & Salomie LAFLECHE, married Josephine LABERGE, 18, Sagenay, Casselman, d/o Thomas LABERGE & Sophie JONCAS, witn: Thomas Sr. & Thomas Jr. LABERGE and Flavien LAVERGNE, all of Casselman, 9 July 1888 at Casselman

10249-88 Telesphore GAUTHIER, 36, widower, hotel keeper, Vaudreuil, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Arsene GAUTHIER & Angelique BRASSEUR, married Arthemise JEANNOT, 33, widow, Rigaud, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Francis Xavier JEANNOT & Victoire CAMPEAU, witn: Francis Xavier JEANNOT & Gilbert ROY, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 6 Oct 1888 at Ste. Anne de Prescott 10231-88 Alderic GAUTHIER, 23, carriage maker, Vaudreuil, Rigaud, s/o Pierre GAUTHIER & Emelie LEGAULT, married Sophie VILLENEUVE, 22, St. Eugene, same, d/o Hilaire VILLENEUVE & Zoe LEVAQUE (Levagne?), witn: Alfred PILON & Anna LEGAULT, both of St. Eugene, 17 Jan 1888 at St. Eugene
#010289-88 (Prescott Co): Emerie GAUTHIER, 25, Plantagenet, same, s/o Eduard GAUTHIER & Angelique BRAU-?(off page), married Adele LALONDE, 19, Curran, Alfred, d/o Pierre LALONDE & Rosalie ALLARD, witnesses were Edouard GAUTHIER of Plantagenet & Pierre LALONDE of Alfred, April 16, 1888 at St. Victor, Alfred (Rom Cath)

10325-88 David GEMMICE?, 26, laborer, Clarence, Rockland, s/o Antoine GEMMICE & Marie DION, married Emma SABOURIN, 21, Clarence, Rockland, d/o Pierre SABOURIN & Delima PILON, witn: Pierre SABOURIN of Rockland & Antoine GEMMICE of Clarence, 3 Dec 1888 at Rockland

#010181-88 (Russell Co) Ovila GIBAULT, 21, farmer's son, St. Albert, Russell, s/o Mathew GIBAULT & Adeline LANDRY, married Clementina MARION, 22, Russell, same, d/o Urgele MARION & Felicite BEAUCHAMP, witnesses were Urgele MARION of Embrun & V. LANDRY of St. Albert, Jan 16, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church #010133-88 (Prescott Co): Caledon Forbes GILDER, 38, gentleman, Ramsay - Isle of Man, Hawkesbury, s/o Frederick GILDER & Hariet Ann ROSS, married Marion Aston Key HAMILTON, 22, Hawkesbury, same, d/o John HAMILTON & Ellen Mary WOOD, witnesses were Edmond WOOD of Montreal & Ann HAMILTON of Hawkesbury, 22 Nov 1888 at Hawkesbury
10256-88 Adelard GIRARD, 25, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Joseph GIRARD & Justine RANGER, married Elenore LEVAC, 23, Caledonia, same, d/o Jean Baptiste LEVAC & Caroline LADURANTE, witn: Jean Baptiste LEVAC & Joseph GIRARD, both of Caledonia, 9 April 1888 at Fournier 10175-88 Robert GRAHAM, 35, blacksmith, West Hawkesbury, Longeuil, s/o John GRAHAM & Jane McKENZIE, married Carrie STEELE, 19, Longeuil, same, d/o Robert STEELE & Angelina BANCROFT, witn: William CAMERON of Van Kleek Hill & Hattie STEELE of Longeuil, 23 Nov 1888 at Longeuil
10114-88 William GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Ontario, Renfrew, s/o Robert GRAHAM & Charlotte CURRY, married Margaret Adelaide HUGHES, 27, North Plantagenet, Plantagenet, d/o John R. HUGHES & Sarah McGEOCH, witn: William DOUGLAS & Agnes HUGHES, both of North Plantagenet, 28 March 1888 at North Plantagenet 10124-88 William GRAHAM, 29, laborer, Ireland, Grenvile Que., s/o Joseph GRAHAM & Elizabeth, married Persis ROURKE, 30, widow, Chatboro Que., Grenville, d/o Ebenezer BIGLOW & Ellen BLAIR, witn: Theodore ROURKE, 19 June 1888 at Hawkesbury
#010154-88 (Prescott Co): William GRATTON, 21, farmer, St. Anicet?, Plantagenet, s/o Oliver GRATTON & Matilde ROSE, married Alexina BARITEAU, 17, St. Martin Quebec, South Plantagenet, d/o Remi BARITEAU & Adeline LEDUC, witnesses were Maxime & Dolphin GRATTON of St. Isodore, Jan. 12, 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath) 10272-88 J. Bte. GRAVEL, 24, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Pierre GRAVEL & Scholastique SOBLIERE, married Christine DESJARDINS, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Joseph DESJARDINS & Isabella MENNIE, witn: Pierre GRAVEL & Joseph DESJARDINS, both of Clarence, 5 Aug 1888 at Clarence

10292-88 William GUILBAULT, 29, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Eustace GUILBAULT & Sophie PAULIN, married Lucie DECAIRE, 23, Monte Bello Que., Alfred, d/o Olivier DECAIRE & Leocadie CHALIFOUX, witn: John DECAIRE of Alfred & Celina MARIGNY of Hawkesbury, 18 June 188 at St. Thomas, Alfred

#010137-88 (Prescott Co): Joseph GUILBERT, 40, machinist, St. Bernabe Quebec, Montreal, s/o not given married Julie QUENNEVILLE, 26, South Plantagenet Montreal, d/o not given witnesses were Joseph LALONDE & Joseph RENAUD, both of St. Isodore de Prescott, 16 July 1888 at St. Isodore de Prescott (Rom Cath)
  10250-88 Joseph HAMELIN, 24, carpenter, St. Polycarpe Que., Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Joseph HAMELIN & Emeilie St.AMANT, married Philomene LALONDE, 29, St. Polycarpe, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Octave LALONDE & Victorine GAUTHIER, witn: Joseph HAMELIN of Ste. Justine de Horotn? & Telesphore GAUTHIER of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 22 Oct 188 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
#010147-88 (Prescott Co): James HARKIN, 24, laborer, South Plantagenet, Fournier, s/o Daniel HARKIN & Jane STEPHENS, married Maria KEHOE, 24, South Plantagenet, Fournier, d/o John KEHOE & Mary Ann GIVENS, witnesses were Timothy HARKIN & Helen KEHOE, both of Fournier, 17 Sept 1888 at Fournier (Rom Cath) #010149-88 (Prescott Co): Timothy HARKIN, 28, South Plantagenet, Fournier, s/o Daniel HARKIN & Jane STEPHENS, married Helen KEHOE, 29, South Plantagenet, Fournier, d/o John KEHOE & Mary Ann GEVENS, witnesses were William HARKIN & Esther KEHOE, both of Fournier, 15 Oct 1888 at Fournier (Rom Cath)

10283-88 Daniel HARRIGAN, 35, farmer, Pendleton, same, s/o Neil HARRIGAN & Ellen McCORMICK, married Marie Louise DESJARDINS, 29, Cambridge, same, d/o Hercule DESJARDINS & Adele MAISONNEUVE, witn: Cyprien LAMANE & Margaret HARRIGAN, both of Clarence, 8 Nov 1888 at Clarence

10215-88 Alex HERON, 40, farmer, Gloucester Ont., same, s/o William & Jane, married Minora (Minerva?) RIDDEL, 19, Greenville Co., Cambridge, d/o James & Jane, witn: James RIDDEL of Cambridge, 8 Aug 1888 at Casselman

10233-88 John Samuel HUNTER, 25, farmer, West Hawkesbury, Longeuil, s/o Alexander HUNTER & Eliza Jane ALLAN, married Maria Somerville HAYES, 23, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o Francis HAYES & Jane SOMERVILLE, witn: James HAYES of East Hawkesbury & Ellen HUNTER of West Hawkesbury, 14 March 1888 at East Hawkesbury

10280-88 Olivier HURTEBISE, 24, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Olivier HURTEBISE & Zoe AUGER, married Olive PILON, 21, USA, Clarence, d/o Michel PILON & Philomene LAROCQUE, witn: Olivier POTVIN & Rose Anna BAZINET, both of Clarence, 10 Sept 1888 at Clarence

10225-88 Charles Depocas JOANIS, 29, day laborer, Buckingham - Ottawa Co. Que., Casselman, s/o Louis Depocas JOANIS & Marie MARENGER, married Marie QUENNEVILLE, 28, St. Anicet Que., Casselman, d/o Jean Baptiste QUENNEVILLE & Marguerite DUPUIS, witn: Olivier QUENNEVILLE store keeper & Jules JOANIS engineer, both of Casselman, 12 Sept 188 at South Casselman

#010144-88 (Prescott Co): Severe JODOIN, 26, laborer, St. Polycarp Quebec, Maxville, s/o J.B. JODOIN & Augete PERRIER, married Marguerite BOISVERINE, 17, St. Isodore de Prescott., same, d/o Pierre BOISVERINE & Elizabeth FAUBERT, witnesses were Joseph Charles LEDUC and Camile BOISVERINE, both of St. Isodore de Prescott, 22 Nov 1888 at St. Isodore de Prescott (Rom Cath)
#010197-88 (Russell Co) William George KINNARE, 27, carpenter, Winchester, same, s/o George Chester KINNARE & Mary Ann NESBIT, married Margaret CARRUTHERS, 24, Winchester, same, d/o William CARRUTHERS & Jane STEPHENS, witnesses were Mary GEDDES of Russell & M.T. EADALS? of Ottawa, Aug. 8, 1888 at Russell  

10278-88 Joseph LABELLE, 23, laborer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Louis LABELLE & Salomie SAUVE married Marguerite POTVIN, 19, Clarence, Clarence, d/o Damas POTVIN & Marguerite HAGUE, witn; Clement POTVIN & Pierre HAGUE of Clarence, 6 Aug 1888, Clarence

#010187-88 (Russell Co): Donat LABELLE, 25, farmer's son, St. Martin, Emburn, s/o Martin LABELLE & Catherine EMARD, married Julie BELISLE, 20, St. Jacques Quebec, Winchester, d/o Venance BELISLE & Julie ROY, witnesses were Martin LABELLE & Venance BELISLE, both of Embrun, June 18, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church

10269-88 Joseph Sinai LABELLE, 23, laborer, Montreal, Clarence, s/o Olivier LABELLE & Adeline VAILLANCOURT, married Philomene SICARD, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Pierre SICARD & Angele LEFAIVRE, witn: Alphonse LABELLE & Pierre SICARD, both of Clarence, 16 April 1888 at Clarence

10282-88 Alphonse LABELLE, 22, farmer, Montreal, Clarence, s/o Olivier LABELLE & Adeline VAILLANCOURT, married Rose DAOUST, 20, Clarence, same, d/o Louis DAOUST & Virginie HURTEBISE, witn: Olivier LABELLE & Louise DAOUST, both of Clarence, 5 Nov 1888 at Clarence

10267-88 Louis LABROSSE, 26, laborer, St. Andre Que., Hull, s/o Eustache RAIMON (sic) & Delina LEGAULT, married Palmira TOUCHETTE, 28, Ste. Marie Que., Clarence, d/o Fabien? TOUCHETTE & Louise DESJARDINS, witn: Thomas GROLEAU & Fabise? TOUCHETTE, both of Clarence, 25 June 1888 at Clarence Creek

10234-88 Joseph LACHAINE, 24, farmer, Ste. Agathe Que., Chute a Blondeau, s/o Moise LACHAINE & Christine DESORMEAU, married Josephine FILION, 24, Chute a Blondeau, same, d/o Joseph FILION & Madeleine LAROCQUE, witn: Moise LACHAINE & Joseph FILION, both of Chute a Blondeau, 9 April 1888 at St. Eugene

  10122-88 Damase LAFOLEY, 23, baker, England, Plantagenet, s/o Thomas LAFOLEY& Delphine LAFLEUR, married Clara DEMOUCHEL, 19, Ste. Scholastique, Curran, d/o Emery DUMOUCHEL & Marie DORION, witn: Emery DUMOUCHEL of Curran & Delphine LAFLEUR of Plantagenet, 9 April 1888 at Curran
10266-88 Adrien LAJEUNESSE, 24, laborer, St. Jerome, Clarence, s/o Antoine LAJEUNESSE & Julie FORGET, married Valerie GUINDON, 28, widow, Clarence, same, d/o Alderic GUINDON & Delphine PILON, witn: Jules BOILEAU & Antoine EMANT, both of Clarence , 15 June 1888 at Clarence Creek 10298-88 Damion LAJOIE, 29, widower, carpenter, Alfred, same, s/o Joseph LAJOIE & Leocadie BAULNE, married Alexina PROULX, 19, St. Joseph Que., Alfred, d/o Francois PROULX & Adeline ROY, witn: Joseph LAJOIE & S. GAUTHIER, both of Alfred, 20 Aug 188 at St. Thomas, Alfred
#010151-88 (Prescott Co): Victore LALONDE, 24, farmer, Caledonia, same, s/o Benjamin LALONDE & Elize VERONEAU (Vermeau?), married Georgina DENIS, 23, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Pierre DENIS & Julienne LEVAC, witnesses were Georgina DENIS of South Plantagenet & Benjamin LALONDE of Caledonia, 29 Oct 1888 at Fournier (Rom Cath) #010183-88 (Russell Co) Salomon LALONDE, 26, carpenter, Curran, Embrun, s/o Joseph Salomon LALONDE & Angele COTE, married Josephine ARCHAMBEAULT, 18, St. Martine Quebec, Embrun, d/o J. Bte. ARCHAMBEAULT & Philomene BERGERON, witnesses were J.Bpte. ARCHAMBEAULT & J.S. LALONDE, both of Embrun, Feb. 13, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church
10116-87 Narcisse LALONDE, 24, farmer, Alfred Ont., Curran, s/o J.B. LALONDE & Nathalie ROULEAU, married Zuluma DUMOUCHEL, 17, Ste. Scholastique Que., Curran, d/o Emery DUMOUCHEL & Marie DORION, witn: Emery DUMOUCHEL of Curran & J.B. LALONDE of Alfred, 30 July 1888 at Curran 10172-88 Alcide LALONDE, 24, farmer, Ste. Genevieve Que., Longeuil, s/o Her? LALONDE & Godfriew DEMERS, married Theotiste DEMERS, 26 (16?), Longeuil, same, d/o Godfriew DEMERS & Mr. LALONDE, witn: Godfrew DEMERS of L'Orignal & Mr. LALONDE of Ste. Therese Que., 16 Nov at Alfred
#010145-88 (Prescott Co): Alfred LAMORIEUX, 26, farmer, Beaucharnois, St. Isodore de Prescott., s/o Leon LAMORIEUX & Rachel DANDURAND, married Salomie DUPUIS, 18, St. Isodore de Prescott., same, d/o Joseph DUPUIS & Augete CAZA, witnesses were Joseph FILION of Girsenfield? & Joseph DUPUIS of St. Isodore de Prescott., 19 Nov 1888 at St. Isodore de Prescott (Rom Cath)

10205-88 Pierre LANDRY, 28, day laborer, Riviree du Loup Tem--?, Casselman, s/o Auguste LANDRY & Henriette MARQUIS, married Mathilde LAPOINTE, 24, Chrysler, Casselman, d/o Joseph LAPOINTE & Pelagie LAFRANCE, witn: Joseph QUESNEL & Prospere PROVOST, both of Casselman, 18 May 1888 at South Casselman

#010193-88 (Russell Co): Aime LAPALME, 24, farmer's son, Montreal, Embrun, s/o Sigefrie LAPALME & Emiline GAGNER, married Marie LAPENSE, 19, St. Martins Quebec, Embrun, d/o Louis LAPENSE & Philomene EMARD, witnesses were Sigefros LAPALME & Louis LAPENSE & Auti? ROQUELLE, Aug. 6, 1888 at R.C. church Embrun #010157-88 (Prescott Co): Cleophas LARIN, 26, laborer, Canada, Casselman, s/o Peter & Maria, married Valerie LAMOTHE, 22, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Isodore LAMOTHE & Armeline BOURGON, witnesses were Peter LARIN & Isodore LAMOTHE, both of St. Isodore, Feb. 11, 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath)
10258-88 Pierre LARIVIERE, 24, laborer, Caledonia, same, s/o Joseph LARIVIERE & Mathilde LALONDE, married Mathilde METHOT, 18, Caledonia, same, d/o Charles METHOT & Marie VERMEAU, witn: Joseph LARIVIERE & Charles METHOT, both of Caledonia, 9 July 188 at Fournier 10223-88 Charles LAROSE, 24, butcher, Embrun, Cambridge, s/o Charles LAROSE & Marguerite DAURAY, married Liontine LAMADELEINE, 16, St. Urbain Charleboix Que., Cambridge, d/o Francis LAMADELEINE & Marie PREGEANT, witn: Hilaire QUESNEL hotel keeper & Octave LAMADELEINE day laborer, both of Cambridge, 13 Aug 1888 at South Indian
10126-88 Octave LASCELLE, 21, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o David LASCELLE & Eliza BELLE ISLE, married Zoe LASCELLE, 20, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Pierre Joseph LASCELLE & Cleophie MALETTE, witn: David, Joseph, Pierre & William LASCELLE, all of Hawkesbury, 9 July 1888 at Hawkesbury  
#010186-88 (Russell Co) Oliver LATOUR, 42, widower, farmer, St. Jacques Quebec, Embrun, s/o Lucien LATOUR & Sophia DUGAS, married Olive BEAUDIN, 20, Ste. Isidore Quebec, Embrun, d/o Narcisse BEAUDIN & Olive EMARD, witnesses were Antoine PAQUETTE & Lucien LATOUR Jr., both of Embrun, April 22, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church 10241-88 Napoleon LAURIN, 26, farmer, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Joseph LAURIN & Caroline BERTRAND, married Angelina STRASBOURG, 20, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Laurent STRASBOURG & Lucie POIRIER, witn: Joseph LAURIN & Laurent STRASBOURG, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 16 July 1888 at Ste. Anne de Prescott
10260-88 Andre LAUZON, 22, farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Andre LAUZON & Melina GUINDON, married Marie Charlotte DESCHAMP, 20, New York, Clarence, d/o Joseph DESCHAMP & Olive BAZINET, witn: Joseph DESCHAMP & Andre LAUZON, both of Clarence, 21 Jan 1888 at Clarence Creek 10235-88 Josephat LAUZON, 26, baker, St. Joseph du Lac Que., St. Eugene, s/o Felix LAUZON & Marcelline LADOUCEUR, married Anna BARBARIE, 18, St. Eugene, same, d/o Severe BARBARIE & Justine POIRIER, witn: Alfred PILON & Josephine PROULX, both of St. Eugene, 10 April 1888 at St. Eugene
10176-88 Neri LECLERC, 22, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Leon LECLERC & Theotiste ROCHON, married Octave FILLION, 23, Longeuil, same, d/o Seraphin FILLION & Deline LABONTE, witn: Leon LECLERC & Seraphin FILLION, of Alfred & Longeuil, 25 July 1888 at L'Orignal 10229-88 Etienne LECOMPTE, 30, mason, St. Polycarp Que., East Hawkesbury, s/o Edward LECOMPTE & Mary GEROUX, married Victoria LALONDE, 22, St. Eugene, East Hawkesbury, d/o Anthime LALONDE & Anastasie LEGAULT, witn: Xavier LALONDE of St. Placide & Ovila MONTPETIT of St. Clet, 9 Jan 1888 at St. Eugene
10293-88 Guillaume LECUYER, 44, widower, laborer, St. Jerome Que., L'Orignal, s/o B. LECUYER & Julienne DESJARDIN, married Georgina TIRANUCK?, 24, St. Islet Que., Alfred, d/o Simon TIRSNACK? & Madeline LAMARCHE, witn: Honore MASSIE & Alexander CAMPBELL, both of Alfred, 1 July 1888 at St. Thomas Alfred 10177-88 Guillaume L'EQUILLER, 45, widower, laborer, of L'Orignal, s/o not given, married Angeline KIRWOULD, 35, St. Roch? de Quebec, Alfred, d/o Simon KIRWALL (sic) & Madeline GAMACHE, witn: Amable DUBE & Denis BARRETTE, both of L'Orignal, 20 June 1888 at L'Orignal


#010288-88 (Prescott Co): F. X. LEFAIVRE, 42, widower, farmer, Isle Perrot Quebec, Plantagenet, s/o not given, married Emilie LAPARTE, 46, Alfred, same, d/o J.B. LAPARTE & Charlotte RONSSON (Rousseu?), witnesses were Augustin OUIMETTE of Alfred & Pitre LALONDE of Alfred, April 9, 1888 at St. Victor, Alfred (Rom Cath)

10202-88 Albert LEGAULT, of age, day laborer, Montreal, Casselman, s/o Hyacinthe LEGAULT & Celanire WILSON, married Odile PELLETIER, of age, Embrun, Casselman, d/o Cesaire PELLETIER & Domathilde LEGARE, witn: Cesaire PELLETIER & Charles SABOURIN, both of Cambridge, 12 Feb 1888 at Casselman

10208-88 Solomon LEGAULT, 23, farmer, St. Benoit Que., St. Albert, s/o Emile LEGAULT & Philomene GRIGNON, married Fabiola LANDRY, 18, Embrun, St. Albert, d/o Venance LANDRY & Alphonsine GIBAULT, witn: Venance LANDRY & Augustin DAOUST, both of St. Albert, 13 Feb 1888 at St. Albert

10207-88 Joseph LEVERRE, 27, day laborer & farmer, Brudenell Ont., Casselman, s/o Antoine LEVERRE & Elizabeth WALKER, married Euphebie BISSONNETTE, 19, Plantagenet, Cambridge, d/o Narcisse BISSONNETTE & Odile PAQUET, witn: George SCHRYER & Avila BOURBONNAIS, both of Cambridge, 29 May 1888 at South Casselman

10209-88 Godfroid LEVERT, 25, farmer, of St. Albert, s/o Antoine LEVERT & Eliza St.MICHEL, married Lea GUERIN, 23, St. Michel Que., St. Albert, d/o J. Bte. GUERIN & Catherine BRIND'AMOUR, witn: J. Bte. GUERIN & Stanlias DESROCHERS, both of St. Albert, 24 April 1888 at St. Albert

#010161-88 (Russell Co): John McCUAIG, 28, farmer, Nepean, Templeton Quebec, s/o Malcolm McCUAIG & Ann WALL, married Christina DASHNEY, 23, Cumberland, same, d/o Duncan DASHNEY & Christine McCUAIG, witnesses were John DASHNEY & Christina McCUAIG, both of Cumberland, Aug. 1, 1888 at Cumberland #010152-88 (Prescott Co): Andrew McDONALD, 35, farmer, Canada, Alexandria, s/o not given, married Maggie McKERCHAR, 30, South Plantagenet, same, d/o John McKERCHAR & Mary McDONALD, witnesses were Alexander McKERCHAR & Duncan FISHER, both of South Plantagenet, Jan. 8, 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath)
10246-88 Peter McENTEE, 27, farmer, St. Eugene, same, s/o Patrick McENTEE & Mary HUGHES, married Mary HOISTED, 21, St. Eugene, same, d/o Daniel HOISTED & Catherine WARD, witn: Henry CAHILL & Jane WARD, both of St. Eugene, 28 Aug 1888 at St. Eugene #010168-88 (Russell Co): William McEWEN, 34, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Elizabeth J. JAMES, 37, Cumberland, same, d/o George & Elizabeth Ann, witnesses were Annie JAMES & Robert McEWEN, both of Russell, 18 Dec 1888 at Cumberland
10118-88 Archibald McFAUL, 26, farmer, Curran, same, s/o Archibald McFAUL & Ann Jane DICKSON, married Mary Jane SKELLY, 27, Curran, same, d/o Daniel SKELLY & Mary DORAN, witn: Daniel SKELLY & Maggie STEWART, both of Curran, 28 May 1888 at Curran 10252-88 Thomas McGREEVY, 28, carriage maker, Ste. Marthe Que., Van Kleek Hill, s/o Patrick McGREEVY & Ann TREMBLE, married Isabella McKILLOP, 27, St. Eugene, Van Kleek Hill, d/o Alexander McKILLOP & Annie KING, witn: Thomas CONWAY & Mary CORMIE, both of East Hawkesbury, 23 Oct 1888 at St. Eugene
10291-88 John McLURG, 32, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o John McLURG & Margaret McFARLANE, married Agnes LAWLOR, 26, Alfred, same, d/o George LAWLOR & Helen CALLIGAN, witn: Daniel CALLIGAN & Eugene QUESNEL, both of Alfred, 6 June 188 at St. Victor, Alfred 10243-88 Malcom McRAE, 30, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Duncan McRAE & Ann McGILLIVRAY, married Eliza Ann McDONALD, 24, East Hawkesbury, same, d/o John McDONALD & Catherine DOODS (Dodds?), witn: Roderick McRAE & Maggie McDONALD, both of Hawkesbury, 17 July 1888 at East Hawkesbury
10254-88 Hugh McVANE, 42, farmer, St. Eugene, Falmouth Michigan, s/o Alexander McVANE & Flora McDONALD, married Mary McDONALD, 29, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Hugh McDONALD & Annie McLENNON, witn: John McVANE & Duncan McDONALD, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 19 Nov 1888 at Ste. Anne de Prescott #010286-88 (Prescott Co): Dolphis MELOCHE, 26, farmer, Ste. Genevieve Quebec, Notre Dame du Bonercin? Quebec, s/o Joseph MELOCHE & Celine CHARETTE, married Delia KINGSBURY, 17, Alfred, same, d/o J.B. KINGSBURY & Philomene GAUGON, witnesses were Joseph MELOCHE of Montreal & J.B. KINGSBURY of Alfred, April 9, 1888 at St. Thomas, Alfred (Rom Cath)
10127-88 Joseph MENARD, 23, painter, Hull Que., Hawkesbury, s/o Charles MENARD & Philomene DAIGENAULT, married Helen PICHER, 22, widow, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Joseph PICHER & Magdaline MALETTE, witn: Joseph PICHER & Joseph ROY, both of Hawkesbury, 13 Aug 1888 at Hawkesbury #010198-88 (Russell) James Henry MOFFATT, 25, farmer, Bristol Que., same, s/o James MOFFATT & Betsy HARPER, married Susanna MORROW, 18, Russell, same, d/o Robert MORROW & Mary Jane WALSH, witnesses were Arthur WALSH of Bear Brook & Sarah Jane MORROW of Russell, Sept 25, 1888 at Russell

10203-88 Antoine MONDOUX, of age, farmer's son, Curran, Cambridge, s/o Antoine MONDOUX & Louise CAMPEAU, married Adeline BENSON, of age, of Cambridge, d/o William BENSON & Marguerite MONETTE, witn: William BENSON & Felix LACOSTE, both of Cambridge, 13 Feb 1888 at Casselman

10265-88 James MONETTE, 24, cheese maker, Hawkesbury, same, s/o John MONETTE & Mathilda BELAIRE, married Celina LEBLANC, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Gilbert LEBLANC & Celina GOYER, witn: Gilbert LEBLANC & Hyacinthe CLOUTHIER, both of Clarence, 22 May 1888 at Clarence

10201-88 Julien MONGEAU (Mongeon?), of age, farmer, widower of the late Lucie LAVALLEE, of St. Albert, s/o not given, married Dalia BOMBARDIER, of age, of Casselman, d/o Eusebe BOMBARDIER & Flavie DELISLE, witn: Julien MONGEAU Sr. & Stanlias BOMBARDIER, both of St. Albert, 6 Feb 1888 at Casselman

#010318-88 (Prescott Co): Charles A. MOONEY, 28, farmer, East Hawkesbury, same, s/o Alexander MOONEY & Elizabeth SPRATT, married Frances SPROLE, 20, West Hawkesbury, same, d/o Edward SPROLE & Jane BOYD, witnesses were Annie SPROLE of West Hawkesbury & Charles MOONEY of East Hawkesbury, June 6, 1888 at West Hawkesbury

10271-88 John MURRAY, 28, farmer, Nepean, Bear Brook, s/o Alexander MURRAY & Janet BROWN, married Margaret Eva WYLIE, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Robert WYLIE & Jane HENRY, witn: Elizabeth WYLIE & Alexander MURRAY, both of Bear Brook, 20 June 1888 at Clarence

#010190-88 (Russell Co): Arthur John NEAL, 25, musician, Merrickville, Russell, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Ida KELLY, 16, Russell, same, d/o Ann KELLY & not given, witnesses were W.H. FRASER of Merrickville & Ann KELLY of Russell, Aug. 27, 1888 at Duncanville
#010160-88 (Russell Co): Alanson NOAKES, 37, widower, farmer, Lochaber Quebec, same, s/o George NOAKES & Rebecca LONGWAY, married Alice EDWARDS, 21, St. Vincent Ont., Lochaber Quebec, d/o William EDWARDS & Catherine RATHWELL, witnesses were William EDWARDS & Susan McKEE, 2 Oct 1888 at Cumberland

10270-88 J. Baptiste ORTIE, 23, laborer, Clarence, same, s/o Louis L. ORTIE & Denise VARIN, married Alexina GAUTHIER, 19, Quebec, Clarence, d/o Alexandre GAUTHIER & Precille DUPUIS, witn: Alderique LALONDE & Pierre PARIN?, both of Clarence, 20 May 1888 at Clarence

10281-88 Matthias PAGE, 27 (29?), farmer, Clarence, same, s/o Benjamin PAGE & Marguerite CHENIER, married Marie TESSIER, 22, Clarence, same, d/o Antoine TESSIER & Aurelie DEREPENTIGNY, witn: J. Bte. CHENIER & Bienvenue PILON, both of Clarence, 17 Sept 1888 at Clarence

#010316-88 (Prescott Co): Joseph PAQUETTE, 21, laborer, L'Orignal, West Hawkesbury, s/o Francis PAQUETTE & Mary SAUVE, married Mary FOURNIER, 19, West Hawkesbury, Van Kleek Hill, d/o Lion FOURNIER & Sophia PAQUETTE, witnesses were Henri PAQUETTE of L'Orignal & Elizabeth FOURNIER of Van Kleek Hill, 4 Jun 1888 at Van Kleek Hill (Rom Cath)
#010158-88 (Prescott Co): Edward PARENT, 25, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Camile PARENT & Flavie BOURGON, married Anna ROULEAU, 18, St. Chrysostom, South Plantagenet, d/o J.B. ROULEAU & Anilie LACLAIR, witnesses were Camile PARENT & J.B. ROULEAU, both of St. Isodore, 14 Feb 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath) #010194-88 (Russell Co): Elie PATENAUDE , 42, farmer, St. Martins Quebec, Embrun, s/o Antoine PATENAUDE & Marguerite HEBERT, married Odila BUREL, 20, Embrun, same, d/o Remi BUREL & Maria GUEL, witnesses were Joseph BUREL & Auti? ROQUELLE, Oct. 8, 1888 at R.C. church Embrun 

10213-88 Joseph PICHE, 25, day laborer, Russell, Embrun, s/o Joseph PICHE & Philomene GIROUX, married Marie MENARD, 26, East Hawkesbury, Cambridge, d/o Maxime MENARD & Scholastique GUILBEAULT, witn: James DAVIDSON & Avila BOURBONNAIS, both of Cambridge, 26 Nov 1888 at South Casselman

10112-87 Louis POETVIN (Pretvin?), 20, farmer, The Brook, same, s/o Clement POETVIN & Sophie AUGER, married Rose Anna GOULET, 17, Ottawa, Wendover, d/o Godfrey GOULET & Maximilienne BOYER, witn: Godfrey GOULET of Wendover & Clement POETVIN of The Brook, 13 Feb 1888 at Wendover #010287-88 (Prescott Co): Joseph PREVOST, 23, farmer, St. Hermas Quebec, Alfred, s/o Robert PREVOST & Julie DUFRESNE, married Celina MILLETTE, 20, Alfred, same, d/o Maglaire MILLETTE & Ederse LAVIOLETTE, witnesses were Magloire MILLETTE & Robert PREVOST, both of Alfred, 9 Apr 1888 at St. Victor, Alfred (Rom Cath)
10180-88 J. Baptiste PROULX, 30, farmer, of Longeuil, s/o Thomas PROULX & Sophe LARIVIERE, married Eloise TESSIER, 20, of L'Orignal, d/o Moise TESSIER & Elmire BRIERE, witn: Moise TESSIER & Thomas PROULX, 15 Oct 1888 at L'Orignal

10217-88 Jules RACETTE, 24, farmer's son, Cambridge, South Indian, s/o Joseph RACETTE & Marcelline GAGNON, married Addie LEGAULT, 21, Plantagenet, South Indian, d/o Jean Baptiste LEGAULT & Addie PELADREAU, witn: Joseph RACETTE Jr. & Jean Baptiste PELADREAU, both of Cambridge, 11 July 1888 at South Indian

#010146-88 (Prescott Co): Alphonse RACINE, 24, St. Isodore de Prescott, same, s/o Pierre RACINE & Henriette CAZA, married Delia LEGAULT, 21, St. Stanislaus, St. Isodore de Prescott, d/o Damase LEGAULT & Reine DAIGNON, witnesses were Maurice BERCIER & Joseph RACINE, both of St. Isodore de P.,1 Oct 1888 at St. Isodore de P. (Rom Cath) #010159-88 (Prescott Co): Zephirin RAINVILLE, 25, farmer, Casselman, South Plantagenet, s/o Peter RAINVILLE & Mary LEBLANC, married Martina LEGAULT, 18, St. Martin, S. Plantagenet, d/o Augustin LEGAULT & Marie AMYOT, witnesses were Peter RAINVILLE & Augustin LEGAULT, both of St. Isodore, 9 Apr 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath)
10119-88 Alfred RAYMOND, 25, butcher, Wendover, Saginaw Mich., s/o Cyprien RAYMOND & Martine MENARD, married Odile LAFONTAINE, 23, St. Andre Avellin Que., Curran, d/o Francois LAFONTAINE & Marie DESROSIERS, witn: Joseph MONTPELLIER & Josephine LAFONTAINE, both of Curran, 3 Sept 1888 at Curran #010143-88 (Prescott Co): Edmund H. REID, 20, farmer, South Plantagenet same, s/o Henry FRANKLIN & Elizabeth MUIR, married Clara NICHOLSON, 21, South Plantagenet Casselman, d/o Henry NICHOLSON & Mary HUNTER, witnesses were Fred REID of Riceville & Fanny DEY of Tendleton?, 14 Nov 1888 at Casselman
#010185-88 (Russell Co): Eustache ROBIDOUX, 23, Montreal, Embrun, s/o Louis ROBIDOUX & Marguerite GUAY, married Elmira GREGOIRE, 19, Embrun, same, d/o Pierre GREGOIRE & Emilie PATENAUDE, witnesses were Pierre GREGOIRE & Antoine PAQUETTE, both of Embrun, April 16, 1888 at Embrun R.C. Church 10115-88 John ROBINSON, 30, farmer, Wendover, same, s/o John ROBINSON & Mary MACAULAY, married Maggie MACALISTER, 24, North Plantagenet, same, d/o Alexander MACALISTER & Catherine McFAUL, witn: Patrick MACALISTER of Curran & Ellen ROBINSON of Wendover, 12 Oct 1888 at Curran
10179-88 Henry ROCHON, 26, farmer, Caledonia Springs, Alfred, s/o Joel ROCHON & Marie St.AMANT, married Adeline HAMELIN, 24, Longeuil, same, d/o Charles HAMELIN & Mary BANCROFT, witn: Joel ROCHON & Charles HAMELIN, 26 June 1888 at L'Orignal #010142-88 (Prescott Co): Joseph ROUSELLE, 26, farmer, St. Jean Chrysostown - Quebec, St. Isodore de Prescott, s/o Olivier ROUSELLE & Denise ROSE, married Leotine LAMORIEUX, 21, Beaucharnois Quebec, St. Isodore de Prescott, d/o Leon LAMORIEUX & Rachel DANDURAND, witnesses were Beloni ROUSELLE & Alfred LAMORIEUX, both of St. Isodore de Prescott, 16 July 1888 at St. Isodore de Prescott
10239-88 Emerie ROY, 24, shanty man, St. Joachim, Chute a Blondeau, s/o Baptiste ROY & Julie FILION, married Alexine LYNCH, 21, Rigaud Que., St. Joachim, d/o John LYNCH & Emelie NORMANDEAU, witn: Alfred MONTOUR of Clarence Creek & Albert LYNCH of St. Joachim, 1 July 1888 at St. Eugene 10228-88 Amede St.DENIS, 23, engineer, St. Eugene, same, s/o Elie St.DENIS & Marie VILLENEUVE, married Alexina VILLENEUVE, 25, Rigaud, St. Eugene, d/o Barnabe VILLENEUVE & Madeleine CADIEUX, witn: Elie St.DENIS & Benjamin CADIEUX, both of St. Eugene, 7 Jan 1888 at St. Eugene
10237-88 Honore St.JEAN, 30, widower, day laborer, Van Kleek Hill, same, s/o Moise St.JEAN & Adele DELORME, married Celina LABROSSE, 42, Ste. Scholastique, St. Eugene, d/o Joseph LABROSSE & (late) Pauline DUPRAS, witn: Joseph LAVERGNE & Antoine LASCELLE, both of St. Eugene, 16 May 188 at St. Eugene #010284-88 (Prescott Co): Hormisdas St.JEAN, 23, farmer, Alfred, Plantagenet, s/o Francais St.JEAN & Marseline BERTRAND, married Alexine LIBAIRON, 17, Plantagenet, Alfred, d/o Etienne LIBAIRON & Justine BRASSEUR, witnesses were Francais St.JEAN of Plantagenet & Etienne LIBAIRON of Alfred, 13 Feb 1888 at Alfred (Rom Cath)

10200-88 Joseph St.ONGE, of age, day laborer, of South Indian, s/o Vital St.ONGE & Marie Emard POTVIN, married Delina FARRELL, minor, Ottawa, South Indian, d/o Joseph FARRELL & Delina CLERMONT, witn: Joseph FARRELL & Francois CLERMONT, both of South Indian, 22 Jan 1888 at South Indian

10248-88 Joseph St.ONGE, 23, farmer, Beauharnois, Lochiel, s/o Antoine St.ONGE & Justine CHALIFOUX, married Emma LAURIN, 20, St. Eugene, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Joseph LAURIN & Hermine BERTRAND, witn: Antoine St.ONGE & Joseph LAURIN, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott. 1 Oct 1888 at Ste. Anne de Prescott

10212-88 Joseph SABOURIN, 23, day laborer, Embrun, Cambridge, s/o Theodore SABOURIN & Leocadie SARRAZIN, married Clementine DANIS, 19, St. Scholastique Que., Cambridge, d/o Joseph DANIS & Herminie LANDRY, witn: Alfred OBE, Eusebe GODARD & Pierre ROY, all of Cambridge, 15 Oct 1888 at South Indian 10238-88 Baptiste SAUVE, 26, laborer, Vaudreuil Que., Ste. Philippe Que., s/o Francois SAUVE & Marcelle PAGNIER (Vagnier?), married Mary Jane LADOUCEUR, 19, St. Joachim Ont., St. Philippe Que., d/o Gilbert LADOUCEUR & Sautanne DUPLANTIE, witn: Gilbert LADOUCEUR of St. Joachim & Francois SAUVE of St. Philippe, 21 May 1888 at Chute a Blondeau
#010140-88 (Prescott Co): Angus SAUVE, 22, laborer, South Plantagenet same, s/o Paul SAUVE & Elizabeth CAMERON, married Eliza Jane SOUL, 18, South Plantagenet same, d/o Edward & Mary Julien, witnesses were John SAUVE & M.A. DE SORY, both of Riceville, 20 Sep 1888 at Riceville

10174-88 Ferdinand SAUVE, 24, farmer, Longeuil, same, s/o Antoine SAUVE & Julienne LEGER, married Virginie BURROUGHS, 21, Longeuil, same, d/o Francois BURROUGHS & Virginie LEGAULT, witn: Francois BURROUGHS & Benjamin GAUTHIER, both of L'Orignal, 2 July 1888 at L'Orignal

10259-88 Bephire SAVAGE, 22, laborer, St. Aniset Que., Casselman, s/o Julien SAVAGE & Olive LAFLESHE, married Marie LALONDE, 19, Ontario, Caledonia, d/o Fabien LALONDE & Odile LALONDE, witn: Oscar LALONDE of Caledonia & Mary BENSON of Casselman, 23 July 1888 at Fournier 10279-88 (Prescott & Russell Co) Adelore SCHNUPP, 22, farmer, Clarence, Clarence, s/o Pierre SCHNUPP & Vitaline SIMON, married Rose Caroline MCAULEY, 20, Clarence, Clarence, d/o James MCAULEY & Sarah WINDSOR, witn; Pierre SCHNUPP & James MCAULEY of Clarence, 20 Aug 1888, Clarence
10230-88 Joseph SEGUIN, 27, cheese maker, Rigaud, St. Andre, s/o Hyacinthe SEGUIN & Olympe VALLEE, married Velina BEDARD, 21, St. Eugene, same, d/o Olivier BEDARD & Rose LEBLANC, witn: Hyacinthe SEGUIN of St. Andre & Olivier BEDARD of St. Eugene, 10 Jan 1888 at St. Eugene 10247-88 Hormisdas SEGUIN, 31, farmer, Vaudreuil Que., Rigaud Que., s/o Jean Baptiste SEGUIN & Marie Louise MALETTE, married Sophie VILLENEUVE, 25, St. Eugene, Rigaud Que., d/o Theodore VILLENEUVE & Celanie GOYETTE, witn: Arthur SEGUIN of Rigaud & Napoleon BOILEAU of St. Eugene 25 Sept 188 at St. Eugene

10227-88 Michael SHEEDY, 27, day laborer, Brownlee Ont., Ottawa, s/o Timothy SHEEDY & Margaret O'DAY, married Margaret O'BURNS, 22, Clarence, Cambridge, d/o Bernard O'BURNS & Ellen RHYNE, witn: Andrew SIMON bachelor of Ottawa & Catherine O'BURNS of Cambridge, 3 Oct 1888 at South Indian

10255-88 Joseph SOLIGNEY, 25, farmer, Quebec, Caledonia, s/o Pierre SOLIGNEY & Adeline DENIS (Demers?), married Aldina PAQUET, 20, Caledonia, same, d/o Ferdinand PAQUET & Evelina GOULET, witn: Pierre & Oscar SOLIGNEY, both of Caledonia, 16 Jan 1888 at Fournier
#010163-88 (Russell Co): James SPRATT, 20, farmer, Gloucester, Cumberland, s/o John SPRATT & Margaret SPRATT, married Harriet FRASER, 28, Cumberland, same, d/o Robert & Louisa Jane, witnesses were Maria SPRATT & S.S. FRASER, both of Cumberland, 19 May 1888 at Cumberland  
#010191-88 (Russell Co): William Nelson STENBURGH, 29, farmer, Matilda -Dundas, Cumberland, s/o Aaron STENBURGH & Amelia HANES, married Olive EMPEY, 28, Williamsburgh - Dundas, Clarence twp., d/o Walter EMPEY & Charlotte REID, witnesses were Margaret SLOAN & Mary GEDDES, both of Russell, Sept 3, 1888 at Russell #010165-88 (Russell Co): Hugh SWAIN, 45, widower, Ottawa, Cumberland, s/o James & Ann, married Jennie O'NEIL, 30, Williamsburgh, Morrisburg, d/o Patrick & Jane, witness was William RATHWELL of Navan, 17 Aug 1888 at Navan
10178-88 Dosithe TESSIER, 21, laborer, L'Orignal, same, s/o Joe TESSIER & Scholastique LANSON, married Marceline PROULX, 21, Longeuil, same, d/o Thomas PROULX & Sophie LARIVIERE, witn: Johny BARON & Joseph TESSIER, both of L'Orignal, no date given, at L'Orignal [reg'd Dec 1888] 10125-88 Noe THERRIEN, 22, laborer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o David THERRIEN & Scholastique BEAUNE, married Ann O'MALLEY, 24, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Thomas O'MALLEY & Cecilia HIGGINS, witn: Thomas O'MALLEY & David THERRIEN, both of Hawkesbury, 25 June 1888 at Hawkesbury

10219-88 Samuel THIBAUDEAU, 22, merchant, St. Valentin Que, Napierville Que., s/o Medard THIBAUDEAU & Philomene GREGOIRE, married Albina MARTIN, 20, Napierville, Casselman, d/o Gilbert MARTIN & Philomene HEBERT, witn: Gilbert PIERRE & Gilbert MARTIN & Simon BINETTE, all of Casselman, 17 July 1888 at Casselman

10275-88 Joseph THINEL, 23, farmer, Quebec, Clarence, s/o Joseph THINEL & Caroline ROYALE, marrried Agirie? WOULF, 20, Clarence, same, d/o Joseph WOULF & Ephemie ROYALE, witn: Joseph THINEL & Joseph WOULF, both of Clarence, 11 Nov 1888 at Clarence

10245-88 Urgele TOTLEY, 24, farmer, Rigaud Que., Locheil Ont., s/o Michel TITLEY & Celanie BRABANT, married Leontine SEGUIN, 18, St. Eugene, Lochiel, d/o J. Baptiste SEGUIN & Flavie BRISEBOIS, witn: Adolph SEGUIN & Michel TITLEY, both of St. Eugene, 14 Aug 1888 at St. Eugene 10297-88 Louis TOURANGEAU, 28, farmer, Alfred, same, s/o Pierre TOURANGEAU & Marie Ann CHARBONNEAU, married Sophronie CLEMENT, 19, Alfred, same, d/o Joseph CLEMENT & Celina FORTIER, witn:Joseph CLEMENT & Amedee LALONDE, both of Alfred, 8 Aug 1888 at St. Victor, Alfred
10326-88 Francis TRANCHMONTAGNE, 23, laborer, Montebello Que., Rockland, s/o Jean Bte. TRANCHMONTAGNE & Esther LAVALLEE, married Leonie THEMINS (Therrins?), 19, Hawkesbury, Rockland, d/o Antoine THEMINS & Marie LALONDE, witn: J. Bte. TRANCHMONTAGNE & Antoine THEMINS, both of Rockland, 3 Dec 1888 at Rockland #010155-88 (Prescott Co): Pierre TREPANIER, 22, farmer, South Plantagenet, same, s/o Peter TREPANIER & Marie MARTIN, married Euphrosine SHENK, 21, South Plantagenet, same, d/o Joseph & not given, witnesses were Joseph SHENK & Peter TREPANIER of St. Isodore, Jan. 30, 1888 at St. Isodore (Rom Cath)
10251-88 Alexander VACHON, 24, farmer, Ste. Marthe, Ste. Anne de Prescott, s/o Joseph VACHON & Apolline BENARD, married M. Louise BELANGER, 16 , Ste. Scholastique, Ste. Anne de Prescott, d/o Anthime BELANGER & Adeline POIRIER, witn: Felix DUCHESNE & Anthime BELANGER, both of Ste. Anne de Prescott, 22 Oct 1888 at Ste. Anne de Prescott 10244-88 Ludge VILLENEUVE, 24, traveler, St. Eugene, same, s/o Theodore VILLENEUVE & Celanie GOYETTE, married Celia BINET, 20, St. Eugene, same, d/o Joseph BINET & Flavie BISSONETTE, witn: Odilon SEGUIN & Sophie VILLENEUVE, both of St. Eugene, 6 Aug 1888 at St. Eugene
10131-88 Paul VILLENEUVE, 30, laborer, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o Severe VILLENEUVE & Flore CHOQUETTE, married Emelie PROULX, 25, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Dominique PROULX & Domathilde LACELLE, witn: Charles D. PROULX & Charles BLAIS, 17 Sept 1888 at Hawkesbury #010131-88 (Prescott Co): Paul VILLENEUVE, 30, laborer, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, s/o Levine? VILLENEUVE & Flore CHOQUELLE, married Emeline PROULX, 25, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Dominique PROULX & Donielelle LASELLE, witnesses were Charles Dominique PROULX & Charles BLAIS, 17 Sept 1888 at Hawkesbury (Rom Cath)
10273-88 Joseph VINETTE, 29, farmer, St. Caliste Que., Clarence, s/o Theophile VINETTE & Theotice PRESAULT (Pinault?), married Egirie? WOULF, 19, Quebec, Clarence, d/o Jacques WOULF & Dina MANON (Mareau?), witn: Theophile VINETTE & Jacques WOULF, both of Clarence, 22 Oct 1888 at Clarence #010167-88 (Russell Co): Henry WATSON, 25, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o Benjamin & Margaret, married Margaret SULLIVAN, 19, Cumberland, same, d/o James & Margaret, witnesses were William & Elizabeth WATSON of Cumberland, Nov. 28, 1888 at Russell
10128-88 James WHELEHAN, 27, clerk, Hawkesbury, Eau Claire Wisconsin, s/o Joseph WHELEHAN & Jane TIMBERS, married Mary O'MALLEY, 26, Hawkesbury, same, d/o Thomas O'MALLEY & Cecilia HIGGINS, witn: Thomas O'MALLEY, James DUNN, and John & William TIMBERS, all of Hawkesbury, 10 Sept 1888 at Hawkesbury 10253-88 Wray WILSON, 29, baker & confectioner, Cold Harbour - Kelsey Lincolnshire England, Hawkesbury village, s/o William WILSON & Elizabeth HIMSLEY, married Annie McCUSKER, 29, Hawkesbury, same, d/o William McCUSKER & Ellen FREEMAN, witn: Tom HIMSLEY of Point Fortune & Ellen McCUSKER of East Hawkesbury, 7 Nov 1888 at East Hawkesbury
 10274-88 Wilfred WOULF, 23, farmer, Quebec, Clarence, s/o Jacques WOULF & Dina MANAN, married Alexine GRAVEL, 18, Clarence, same, d/o Pierre GRAVEL & Scholastique SABLIERE, witn: Jacques WOULF & Pierre GRAVEL, both of Clarence, 22 Oct 1888 at Clarence 10328-88 Alexander YANDON, 30, laborer, Clarence, Rockland, s/o Nicholas YANDON & Marie CHEVALLIER, married Elisa JELLINA, 17, Embrun, Rockland, d/o Alex C. YANDON (sic) & Marie LACASTE, witn: David HENRI & William GRAVELLE, both of Clarence, 18 Nov 1888 at Clarence Creek