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Peterborough Co., 1896


10433-96 Frederick Albert ABBOTT, 27, farmer, Douro, same, s/o William ABBOTT & Jane HURL, married Ada May WALDON, 22, Lakefield, Douro, d/ Frederick WALDON & Etta TRUDE, witn: John WALDON & Beatrice WANAMAKER, both of Lakefield, 27 April 1896 at Douro

10527-96 Clarence O. ACKERMAN, 23, farmer, Colborne, Belmont, s/o Thomas & Abigal, married Ida BARNS, 20, Madoc, Belmont, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Mrs & Bird SANDERSON both of Blairton on Sept. 26, 1896 at Blairton

010633-96, (Peterborough), Frederick ADAMS, 22, Tool Maker, Montreal, St. Catherines, s/o Frederick & Eliza ADAMS, married Margaret Edith EVANS, 21, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Enos & Jessie EVANS, witn - K. EVANS & Bertha WILLS, Sep 22 1896 at Peterborough.

10413-96 Albert A ANDERSON, 30, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Edward & Mary, married Mary Ann SIMPSON, 30, Ontario, Harvey Tp., d/o John & Maggie, witn: James FOWLER of Peterboro & Loretta BEER of Ashburnham on July 20, 1896 at Ashburnham

#010668-96 John C. ANDERSON, 25, bookkeeper, Ashburnham, same, s/o John ANDERSON & Martha FLEMMING, married Evelyn KINDRED, 22, Otonabee, Peterborough, d/o William KINDRED & Christina MCKENTYRE, witn: Bruce ANDERSON & Etta KINDRED, both of Peterborough, 30 Dec 1896 at Peterborough

10426-96 George ANDERSON, 27, railway employee, Belmont Tp., Havelock, s/o William & Jane, married Mary A. RYLOT, 18, Madoc, Havelock, d/o William RYLOTT (sic) & Alice NORMAN, witn: William RYLOTT & Hattie ANDERSON both of Belmont on Nov. 4 1896 at Havelock.

010631-96, (Peterborough), Joseph ARCHER, 25, Farmer, Smith, Smith, s/o John ARCHER & Mary RICHARDSON, married Ellen DESPROSE?, 29, Smith Tp, Smith Tp, d/o William SIMPORE(?) & Jane DARLING, witn- William Albert ARCHER & Mary Lavina BELLYHAU (Bellegham?), Jul 8 1896 at Peterborough. 010617-96 Walter ARCHIBALD, 23, clerk, England, Peterboro, s/o Rev. J. Thomas & Jeanetta, married Annie Maud MORPHET, 23, Port Hope, Peterboro, d/o Edmund W. & Bella, witn: F . J. BELL & Winnie FROATES both of Peterboro on June 25, 1896 at Peterboro
010653-96, (Peterborough), John AVERY, 27, Laborer, Mariposa Tp, Brock Tp, s/o Sylvester AVERY & Jennie CURRY, married Annie PAYNE, 18, London England, Monaghan Tp, d/o Stephen PAYNE & Gertie PAYNE, witn-William JEFFREY & Selina JEFFREY, Nov 4 1896 at Peterbourgh. #010672-96 James Louis BEDARD, 27, machinist, Ont, Schenectady N.Y., s/o Louis BEDARD & Alice SHIELDS, married Elizabeth MCNAMARA, 23, Ont, Peterborough, d/o Patrick Joseph MCNAMARA & Maria GRIFFIN, witn: John BEDARD & N. MCNAMARA, both of Peterborough, 30 June 1896 at Peterborough, RC
010638-96, (Peterborough), Hugh BERTRAM, 24, Yeoman, Peterborough, Smith, s/o John BERTRAM & Helen SHIELDS, married Bertha M. SPERRY, 21, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Anson SPERRY & Kate PARNELL, witn: Clara SPERRY & R. W. BERTRAM, Apr 7 1896 at Peterborough

10517-96 John Thomas BILLINGTON, 22, labourer, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Stephen & Mary, married Alice BROWN, 24, Canada, North Monaghan Tp., d/o Faxton & Phoebe, witn: Sidney & Elizabeth ROBINSON both of Lakefield on Sept. 17, 1896 at Lakefield.

10431-96 William John BLIZZARD, 30, farmer, Otonobee, same, s/o John BLIZZARD & Mary Ann MOORE, married Emma Eliza ABBOTT, 21, Douro, same, d/o William ABBOTT & Jane HURL, witn: James MOORE of Otonabee & Juliet COX of Douro, 28 Feb 1896 at Douro

10526-96 James BOWEN, 55, farmer, widower, Canada, Belmont, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Rachel VESTERFELT, 39, widow, Belmont, same, d/o James & Sarah COONEY, witn: John & Charlotte COONEY of Blairton on June 13, 1896 at Blairton.

010657-96, (Peterborough), William H. BRADBURN, 26, Bookkeeper, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Thomas BRADBURN & Linda HELM, married Elizabeth CUMMING, 27, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o William CUMMING & Elizabeth MOFFATT, witn- R. H. BRADBURN & J. H. BRIGNALL, Dec 2 1896 at Peterborough

10458-96 Frederick BRADY, 27, hotel clerk, London England, Port Cockburn Muskoka, s/o William & Jane, married Laura WILSON, 25, Meaford, Ashburnham, d/o John & Margaret, witn: F. FRENCH of Queen St.. Toronto & O. WILSON of Ashburnham on Dec. 3, 1896 at residence of Mr. John Wilson Ashburnham. (also 12074-97)

10466-96 John G. BROWN, 35, merchant, widower, Dummer Tp., Otonabee P.O., s/o Elizabeth & James, married Ellen CLEMENTS, 24, Douro Tp., Warsaw, d/o John & Jane, witn: John O. FIFE of Otonabee & Maggie SPENCER of Dummer on Sept. 23, 1896 at Methodist Church Warsaw

010618-96 James Clark BROWSON (Bronson?), 30, labourer, Seymour Tp., Burley Tp. s/o A. BROWSON & Frances THORNTON, married Muriel HALES, 18, Marmora Tp., Burley Tp., d/o Charles HALES & Martha NICHOLL, witn: Mrs J. J. RAE of Peterboro & Myrtal HENDREN of Lakefield on Mar. 25, 1896 at Peterboro

10521-96 Peter BULLOCK, 24, farmer, Canada, Smith Tp., s/o Josiah & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth Ann ALFORD, 25, England, Lakefield, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: John B. ALFORD of Lakefield & Ann M. BULLOCK of Young’s Point on Nov. 25, 1896 at Lakefield.

10457-96 Ernest T. BYSHE, 23, machinist, Port Hope, Montreal Quebec, s/o Thomas & Eleanor, married Lizzie LONG, 24, Ashburnham, same, d/o Samuel & Fannie, witn: Percy & Edith BYSHE both of Ashburnham on June 27, 1896 at St.. Luke’s Church Ashburnham.

10412-96 Thomas J. CALVERT, 23, farmer, Ontario, Smith Tp., s/o John & Jane, married Margaret AGNEW, 23, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o John & Annie, witn: C. M. CAREW of Lindsay & Ada MITCHELL of Otonobee on July 20, 1896 at Ashburnham.

010651-96, (Peterborough), Oren CAMPBELL, 22, Farmer, Douro Tp, Douro Tp, s/o J. H. CAMPBELL & Mary WHITFIELD, married Una ROME (Rowe?), 18, Haliburton, Peterborough, d/o George ROME & Charlotte CHATTEN, witn- Arthur W. BELL & Nellie BELL, Oct 2 1896 at Peterborough
10447-96 Albert Leslie CARL, 33, farmer, Cramahe, Chandos, s/o Stats CARL & Sarah PALMATER, married Charlotte WEASE, 26, Chandos, same, d/o Austin & Annie, witn: Archie & Flora WHITMORE of Chandos, 3 March 1896 at Chandos

10456-96 John CARROLL, 38, farmer, widower, Emily, same, s/o John CARROLL & Mary SCANLON, married Janorah KENNEDY, 32, Ennismore, same, d/o Daniel KENNEDY & Bridget DEAN, witn: Timothy CARROL & Ellen PAYNE both of Ennismore on June 16, 1896 at Ennismore

  10430-96 James CASEY, 31, farmer, Douro, same, s/o John CASEY & Catherine MEAD, married Joanna TOWNS, 21, Douro, same, d/o George TOWNS & Margaret LIMERICK, witn: Miriam O'BRIEN & Ellen CASEY, both of Douro, 18 Feb 1896 at Douro
010629-96 John Alexander CATHRO, 21, tailor, Lindsay, same, s/o Alexander & Janet, married Catherine Maud DUFFIELD, 21, Lindsay, same, d/o William DUFFIELD & Johanna SPRITTER--? (Page cut off) witn: Mrs J. J. RAE & Miss Ida WEESE both of Peterboro on July 21 (?) 1896 at Peterboro 010619-96 William B. CHAPMAN, 23, baker, Peterboro, same, s/o William CHAPMAN & Annie STAPLES, married Emma McVEIGH, 25, Perth, Peterboro, d/o James McVEIGH & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Garnet & Annie GREEN both of Peterboro on Mar. 31, 1896 at Peterboro
010665-96 John CHESNEY, 37, yeoman, Quebec, Peterborough, s/o John CHESNEY & Mary NIXON, married Lillie WEBSTER, 18, Otonabee, same, d/o James WEBSTER & Margaret WILSON, witn: J.B. SCRUTI & Bella BULLER, both of Peterborough, 7 Nov 1896 at Peterborough

10449-96 (Peterborough Co) Albert Henry CHRYSLER, 26, farmer, not known, Cardiff, s/o George CHRYSLER & Mary FOSTER married Agnes Johnston SCOTT, 28, not known, Cardiff, d/o Thomas SCOTT & Catherine SCOTT, witn: John A. CHRYSLER & Catherine SCOTT of Cardiff, 31 Sept 1896, Chandos

10524-96 James Alex CLARKE, 25, cheese maker, Belmont, same, s/o Matthew & Elizabeth, married Sarah E. CLARKE, 19, Seymour, Belmont, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Matthew CLARK (sic) of Belmont & Maggie KIBBIE of Seymour on April 22, 1896 at Belmont

10414-96 Noble CLYSDALE, 31, farmer, Ontario, Dummer, s/o John & Eliza, married Maggie NEWALL, 25, Ontario, Asphodel, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: Samuel NEWALL of Asphodel & Matilda GRAHAM of Ashburnham on July 20, 1896 at Ashburnham

10515-96 Edward COOK, 26, painter, Canada, Ashburnham, s/o William & Sarah Ann, married Sarah Elizabeth ALCUMBRAC, 21, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John & Flora, witn: Rick FAIRBAIRN & Christina ALCUMBRAC on July 15, 1896 at Lakefield

10460-96 William John COOPER, 30, farmer, Dummer Tp., same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Caroline Annie GREY, 21, London England, Asphodel Tp., d/o James & Esther, witn: Thomas & Mary COOPER both of Dummer on April 8, 1896 at South Dummer.

10455-96 William CORBET, 27, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Timothy CORBET & Mary LISTON, married Susan GEARY, 24, Ennismore, same, d/o William GEARY & Johannah COLLINS, witn: Liol? STEWART & Maggie GEARY both of Ennismore on Feb. 5, 1896 at Ennismore

010646-96, (Peterborough), Alfred Charles CORBY, 21, Granite Cutter, Belleville, Brighton, s/o Thomas R CORBY & Agnes CORBY, married Sadie Celeste RUSSELL, 21, London England & City of Toronto, d/o Shadrach RUSSELL & Matilda S. RUSSELL, witn- Mrs. Lillian WILLIS, Jan 30 1896 at Peterborough. 010675-96 Michael COSTELLO, 28, agent, Ont, Peterborough, s/o Daniel COSTELLO & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Lydia LEWIS, 22, Ont, Peterborough, d/o Thaddeus LEWIS & Agnes HANRAHAN, witn: Peter CORKERY, Peterborugh & Maud WILSON, Belleville, 29 Sept 1896 at Peterborough, RC

012255-97 (Peterborough Co) Patrick COURSEY, 20, butcher, Ireland, Peterborough s/o Anthony COURSEY and Bridget CAIN married Margaret CLARK?, 24, Smith Twp, Peterborough d/o Thomas CLARK and Hannah FREEBORN, witness – Arthur GREEN and Hannah FREEBORN, November 17, 1896, Peterborough

010651-96, (Peterborough), Daniel COWIE, 29, Farmer, Hiawatha Reserve, Otonabee Tp, s/o Daniel COWIE & Biddie CHERRY, married Celia ADAMSON, 22, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o Robert ADAMSON & Elizabeth PUE, witn-H. D. Kennedy & Mrs. J. J. Rae, Sept 16, 1896 at Peterborough.

10438-96 William John CROUGH, 23, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Philip CROUGH & Catherine MOLONEY, married Mary SWEENEY, 23, Douro, same, d/o James SWEENEY & Hannah FITZGERALD, witn: James SWEENEY of Douro & Ellen CROUGH of Peterborough, 20 Oct 1896 at Douro

#010676-96 Philip CROUGH, 47, hotelkeeper, Ont, Peterborough, widower, s/o Michael CROUGH & Bridget CAREW, married Julia O'BRIEN, 28, Ont, Otonabee, d/o Alexander O'BRIEN & Ellen CLEARY, witn: Michael O'BRIEN & Winifred HOGAN, both of Otonabee, 6 Oct 1896 at Peterborough, RC

10421-96 Richard N. CURRY, 29, farmer, Russell Ont., Oak Lake Ont., s/o Matt & Ellen, married Mary Ann VANCE, 28, Glenmore Ireland, Toronto, d/o Susan & John, witn: Edward M. WILLIAMS & Agnes M. BARLOW both of Havelock on March 4, 1896 at Havelock.

#010497-96 (Peterborough Co), John DAVID, 20, farmer, Chemong village, same, s/o Richard & Nancy, married Sarah St.GERMAIN, 20, Rama village, Chemong village, d/o John & Louisa, witnesses were Peter McCUE? & Harriett WHETTING?, both of Chemong village, Feb. 28, 1896 at Selwyn
010624-96 Andrew DAVIDSON, 23, painter, Seymour Tp., Peterboro, s/o George D. DAVIDSON & Maggie INNES, married Florence May MADDEN, 21, Oshawa, Peterboro, d/o John MADDEN & Maria KINGDOM, witn: J. Ernest PARSONS & Emma KINGDOM both of Peterboro on June 17, 1896 at Peterboro

10520-96 George Taylor DOWNER, 28, shoemaker, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Asa B. & Julia, married Caroline CLARK, 19, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: J. D. EDMISON & Annie PAUL both of Lakefield on Nov. 18, 1896 at Lakefield.

10463-96 Francis Havelock DRIMBLE (Dumble?), 33, commercial traveller, Peterboro, St.. Paul Minn. USA, s/o David William & Mary Louise, married Nellie Elizabeth Hanes ELK, 28, Oshawa, Preston, d/o Thomas James & Hannah, witn: W. JOHNSON & A. F. HOOEY both of Peterboro on Aug. 13, 1896 at D.W. Drimble’s residence at Stoney Lake.

010656-96, (Peterborough), Albert John DUNCAN, 24, Soda Water Manufacturer, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Robert & Mary DUNCAN, married Kate SHEEHAN, 23, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Dennis & Maggie SHEEHAN, witn-W. J. MARKS & Mrs. W. J. MARKS, Nov 26 1896 at Peterborough
010650-96, (Peterborough), William EDWARDS, 19, Yeoman, Otonabee, Otonabee, s/o Charles EDWARDS & Isabella CUMMINS, married Bertha May WARNER, 15, Alnwick, Peterborough, d/o Peter WARNER & Charlotte DUNNETT, witn- Lizzie EDWARDS & Joseph H. MANLEY, Oct 19, 1896 at Peterborough.

10522-96 David EDWARDS, 34, farmer, Canada, Douro Tp., s/o James & Jane, married Margaret Jane HALL, 24, Canada, Douro Tp., d/o John & Lucinda, witn: J. W. EDMISON & George EDWARDS both of Lakefield on Dec. 2, 1896 at Lakefield

10525-96 Robert James ELLIOTT, 23, clergyman, Asphodel, Kansas USA, s/o William H. ELLIOTT & Annie PATTERSON, married Wealthy Maude JOHNSTON, 23, Belmont Tp., same, d/o Robert JOHNSTON & Sarah GLYN, witn: Osborne JOHNSTON of Havelock & Mabel ELLIOTT of Hall Glen on June 3, 1896 at Havelock

010636-96, (Peterborough), Wallace EVANS, 27, Lather, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Enos EVANS & Jesie(?) PATTERSON, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 23, Scotland, Peterborough, d/o William MARTIN & Bella ROBERTS, witn-James HAGGART & Ida MOFFAT, Mar 11 1896 at Peterborough

10417-96 Almen Levi FERREN, 22, farmer, Somerville Tp., Cavendish Tp., s/o Levi & Ellen, married Catherine E. FLAHERTY, 18, Galway Tp., same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Thomas BEECH of Cavendish Tp. & Sarah J. FERREN of Galway Tp. on April 16, 1896 at residence of Mrs Ferren

#010663-96 William Andrew FIFE, 36, yeoman, Allandale, Peterborough, s/o David FIFE & Ellen ATKIN, married Elizabeth Mary FIFE, 19, Smith, same, d/o James A. FIFE & Annie CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Annie & Ella J. FIFE, both of Bridgenorth, 28 Oct 1896 at Peterborough 010640-96, (Peterborough), William FISHER, 21, Blacksmith, Monaghan, Cavan, s/o William FISHER & Eliza INGRAM, married Hattie LEBAR, 21, Port Perry, Peterborough, d/o Asa LEBAR & Catherine MARTIN, witn-Minnie GRIFFIN & R. M. FINLEY, Jun 30 1896 at Peterborough

10459-96 Edwin FORBES, 27, farmer, Methuen Tp., Dummer Tp., s/o Corey & Jane, married Minetta PUFFIN, 27, Brighton Tp., Dummer Tp., d/o John & Sarah Jane, witn: W. WHITNEY & Eva PUFFIN both of Dummer on March 25, 1896 at Dummer

10420-96 David FORDE, 26, railway employee, Dundas Co., Havelock, s/o James FORDE & Rosa NUILL, married Sarah A. GREEN, 25, Huntingham (Huntington?), Havelock, d/o George A. GREEN & Mary WICKENS, witn: Thomas BUTTERS & Lottie FLYNN both of Havelock on Dec. 9, 1896 at Havelock

10442-96 William Alexander FOSTER, 25, farmer, Percy twp., Burleigh twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Hester Alice Beatrice TRAPPER, 21, Tecumseth - Simcoe, Burleigh twp., d/o Thomas Dixon TRAPPER & Jane, witn: Israel CHURCH of Burleigh & Elizabeth M. ARNOTT? of Toronto, 1 July 1896 at Trinity Church, Burleigh twp

10519-96 William George FREEBORN, 25, finisher in woolen mill, Canada, Peterboro, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary Bella WICKER, 21, USA, Peterboro, d/o Edward & Susan, witn: Wesley THERIN & Jennie W. EDMISON both of Lakefield on Sept. 23, 1896 at Lakefield

012292-97 (Peterborough Co) George FURBER, 24, laborer, England, Ashburnham s/o Henry and Elizabeth married Mary Jane PEARSON, 28, Canada, Smith d/o John and Isabella, witness – Robert PEARSON and Charlotte PEARSON, December 23, 1896, Smith

010630-96, (Peterborough), Robert GALLAHER, 28, Farmer, Dummer tp.; Dummer tp, s/o Richard GALLAHER & Mary ROSWELL, married Elizabeth KAVANAGH, 23, Dummer tp, Dummer tp, d/o William KAVANAGH & Elizabeth GIVEN, wtin-Sam KAVANAGH & El? HUDGINS, Aug 26 1896 at Peterborough

10411-96 William GILL, 25, butcher, Ontario, Smith Tp., s/o Alfred & Elizabeth, married Victoria McGILL, 23, Manvers Tp., Nassau Mills, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: Alfred & Lillie GILL of Smith Tp. on Dec. 25, 1896 at St.. Luke’s Church Ashburnham.

010603-96 Francis James GOSELIN, 28, butcher, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o Francis & Harriet, married Bridget MEAGHER, 22, Ontario, Monaghan, d/o Denis & Margaret, witn: Thomas GOSELIN & Elizabeth MEAGHER both of Peterboro on Jan. 21, 1896 at Peterboro

10461-96 Galvin GRAHAM, cheese maker, Westwood, same, s/o Alexander & Janet, married Annie E. CROWE, 19, Dummer Tp., same, d/o Richard & Ruth, witn: William GRAHAM of Westwood & Mary CROWE of Dummer on April 15, 1896 at Dummer

010642-96, (Peterborough), Abraham Serenas(?) GRAY, 29, Baker, Williamsburg, Twp Hamilton, s/o Ira GRAY & Mary Jane THOMPSON, married Lettie HOWARD, 21, Colborne, Twp Hamilton, d/o William Thomas HOWARD & Rosa PALMER, witn-Sarah LUSK & B. J. GREEN, Sep 23 1896 at Peterborough
#010666-96 William John GREEN, 54, painter, Toronto, Peterborough, s/o Benjamin GREEN & Rebecca LIPPITT, married Maria Cope ELVIN, 42, Marsham Norfolk England, Peterborough, d/o David ELVIN & Maryania COPE, witn: Sarah MILLER & Adelaide PEARCE, both of Peterborough, 3 Dec 1896 at Peterborough #010682-96 Henry GUERIN, 24, labourer, Ontario, Peterborouth, s/o Clement GUERIN & Mary GAGNIER, married Camilla GADOIS, 16, Ontario, Peterborough, d/o Joseph GADOIS & Adeline PELTIER, witn: Archie & Mary GUERIN, both of Peterborugh, 28 Nov 1896, not given, RC
  010613-96 Thomas Henry HAMILTON, 31, widower, agent, Shelbourne, Peterboro, s/o James HAMILTON & Sarah Jane WILLIAMSON, married Martha KINCAID, 23, Omemee, Peterboro, d/o John KINCAID & Margaret THORNTON, witn: Thomas L. BAILEY of Montreal & Clara KINCAID of Peterboro on Apr. 20, 1896 at Peterboro
010616-96 John Christopher HAMILTON, 33, labourer, widower, Mariposa, Peterboro, s/o Adam HAMILTON & Laura SHOLDICE, married Annie Eliza WAKELIN, 21, Laxton, same, d/o James WAKELIN & Emma ROSE, witn: J. I. & Charles IRVINE both of Peterboro on June 4, 1896 at Peterboro 010643-96, (Peterborough), James HANNA, 30, Car Builder, Ontario, Peterborough, s/o William HANNA & Jemina TAGGART, married Margaret ALLEN, 30, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o George ALLEN & Mary RAMSAY, witn- George T. WARDE & Minnie ALLEN, Sep 28 1896 at Peterborough.
010658-96, (Peterborough), William Arthur HEAD, 26, Clerk, Cheshire England, Peterborough, s/o William & Elizabeth HEAD, Henrietta DAY, 25, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Henry & Anne DAY, witn-Harry HUTCHISON & May FITZGERALD, Dec 9 1896 at Peterborough. 010638-96, (Peterborough), Walter HEAD, 22, Groom, England, Peterborough, s/o William HEAD & Elizabeth HEAD, Mamie(?) CAMPBELL, 30, Monaghan Twp, Nassau Mills, d/o John CAMPBELL & Mary WHITFORD, Witn-Ettie DAY & William Arthur HEAD, Apr 2 1896 at Peterborough.
010602-96 Robert HEFFERNAN, 24, farmer, Ontario, Otonobee, s/o Thomas HEFFERNAN & Bridget Allen, married Helena POWERS, 22, Ontario, Otonobee, d/o Thomas POWERS & Honora HOOLIHAN, witn: James POWERS & Annie HEFFERMAN both of Otonobee on Jan. 21, 1896 at Peterboro

10445-96 Francis HOGAN, 22, farmer, Chandos, same, s/o Francis HOGAN & Ellen RYAN, married Mary O'NEIL, 21, Bancroft, Chandos, d/o John O'NEIL & Elizabeth GOULD, witn: James CLEARY & Maggie MAHONEY, 18 May 1896 at Chandos

10448-96 James HOLBROOK, 69, widower, music teacher, Camden East - Lennox Co., Chandos, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Hannah SHOULDICE, 34, widow, Co. Donegal Ireland, Chandos, d/o Thomas & Sarah WILSON, witn: Andrew & Amanda WILSON of Chandos, 16 Jan 1896 at St. Pauls Church, Chandos

010614-96 Lionel C. HOUNSELL, 20, labourer, England, Peterboro, s/o John HOUNSELL & Jane HODGE, married Margaret Z. BLODGETT, 22, Ashburnham, Peterboro, d/o Guerin BLODGETT & Margaret McWILLIAMS, witn: James Arthur & Mary BLODGETT both of Peterboro on May 21, 1896 at Peterboro
010621-96 Henry Madden HOWARD, 35, labourer, widower, Hiawatha, same, s/o Henry & Susan, married Maria EMILY, 30, Hiawatha, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Isaac RICHARDSON & Mrs. J. J. RAE both of Peterboro on May 23, 1896 at Peterboro

10464-96 Robert HOWLANDS, 24, labourer, widower, Stanford England, Ashburnham, s/o Elizabeth & Robert, married Hannah PARKER, 28, South Dummer, same, d/o Jane & Robert, witn: James PARKER & Mrs Henry FIFE both of Norwood South Dummer on Aug. 12, 1896 at residence of Robert Parker in South Dummer

#010679-96 Michael HOWLEY, 19, clerk, Ont, Peterborough, s/o Patrick HOWLEY & Bridget HIGGINS, married Sarah PAYNE, 20, Ont, Peterborough, d/o William PAYNE & Mary THROLOPE, witn: Joseph & Ellen LARONDE, both of Peterborough, 6 Nov 1896 at Peterborough, RC  
010639-96, (Peterborough), Fred J. HUMPHRIES, 29, Yeoman, Asphodel, Asphodel, s/o Ezra HUMPHRIES & Margt. ELLINOR, married Kate GRAHAM, 25, Asphodel, Asphodel, d/o Alex. GRAHAM & Janet SHEARER, witn- J. E. YOUNG & Rilla FINLAY, May 23 1896 at Peterborough. 010641-96, (Peterborough), Joseph James HUNTER, 21, Hotel Keeper, Lindsay, Bobeaggeon, s/o Gardiner HUNTER & Catherine LEARY, married Rose May COULTER, 21, Harvey Twp, Somerville Twp, d/o Henry COULTER & Roseanna MORRISON, witn-Leslie CLEMENTS & A. V. COULTER, Jul 13 1896 at Peterborough.
010645-96, (Peterborough), John P. V. HURLEY, 30, Railway Agent, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o Edwin HURLEY & Mary HAGGARTY, married Charlotte Jane Nichols RAYMOND, 22, New York, Peterborough, d/o James RAYMOND & Juliet NICHOLS, witn- R. KING & H. GRASSETT, Oct 13 1896 at Peterborough.

10422-96 James JONES, 28, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Hester Ann VINCENT, 34, widow, Marmora Tp., same, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth McMILLIAN (McMillan?), witn: Thomas HUTCHINGS & Effie SCRIVEN both of Havelock on July 30, 1896 at Havelock

010615-96 Charles KELLY, 44, widower, musician, Kingston, Montreal, s/o Henry KELLY & Harriet POWEL, married Maud WHELDON, 22, Mass. USA, Montreal, d/o Charles WHELDON & Abbey GERALD, witn: Thomas DIEUST of Peterboro on June 2, 1896 at Peterboro

10454-96 William KERAN, 24, farmer, Emily, Ennismore, s/o Frank KERAN & Eliza DORAN, married Johanna SULLIVAN, 24, Ennismore, same, d/o Bartholomew SULLIVAN & Margaret MOORE, witn: William CAVAN & Catherine MAHONY both of Ennismore on Nov. 24, 1896 at Ennismore

010604-96 John KING, 44, labourer, Ireland, Peterboro, s/o John KING & Mary CONNELLY, married Mary McDONOUGH, 28, Ireland, Peterboro, d/o John McDONOUGH & Mary KANE, witn: Thomas McDONOUGH of Peterboro & Margaret McCARTHY of Campbellford on Jan. 21, 1896 at St Peter's Cathedral in Peterboro

10465-96 Andrew KNOX, 28, farmer, Asphodel Tp., same, s/o John & Ann, married Annie GIRVEN, 20, Otonabee Tp., Dummer, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: James GIRVEN of South Dummer & Bertha KNOX of Norwood on Sept. 16, 1896 at the home of Richard Girven at South Dummer.

#010667-96 Frederick LACKIE, 22, yeoman, Port Hope, Peterborough, s/o Robert LACKIE, & Mary SAWEN, married Mary BLANCO, 27, Ennismore, Peterborough, d/o William BLANCO & Charlotte Rosanna NORTHEY, witn: Aramida CARNS & V. BELLYHEM, not given, 25 Dec 1896 at Peterborough  

10443-96 Charles LANDER, 42, farmer, Rockburn Que., Burleigh, s/o Andrew & Sarah, married Maturia CHURCH, 42, Norham, Burleigh, d/o Oliver & Malvlina, witn: Israel CHURCH & Maggie LANDER, both of Burleigh, 11 March 1896 at Burleigh twp

010605-96 Thomas LANE, 26, potter/weaver, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o John LANE & Catherine DINEEN, married Catherine HICKEY, 26, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o John HICKEY & Mary McAULIFFE, witn: Richard CAVANAUGH & Agnes HICKEY both of Peterboro on Jan. 21, 1896 at Peterboro
010487-96 (Peterborough Co) James LAWRENCE, 30, farmer, Marmora, Marmora, s/o Thomas LAWRENCE & Charlotte YOUNG, married Sophrona MUNROE, not given, d/o Samuel MUNROE & Sarah HUBBELL, witn: Sheldon & Lovina WALLBRIDGE, 16 Dec 1896 at Norwood #010660-96 Benjamin LEBAR, 21, farmer, Port Perry Vil, Smith Twp, s/o Benjamin LEBAR & Hannah ROSS, married Margaret Isabella FISHER, 19, N. Monaghan Twp, Smith Twp, d/o William FISHER & Annie INGRAM, witn: Mrs J.J. RAE & Tillie BUTCHER, both of Peterborough, 25 Nov 1896 at Peterborough
#010678-96 Alfred LEFEVRE, 21, not given, Ontario, Peterborough, s/o Frank LEFEVRE & Anna LAPLANTE, married Sarah Jane Mckenzie LAW, 21, Ont, Peterborough, d/o John LAW & Martha LANGLIN, witn: Robt GILMAN & Mrs Minnie LEFROS, both of Ashburham, 16 Nov 1896 at Peterborough, RC

012293-97 (Peterborough Co) Guy LEONARD, 29, farmer, England, North Monaghan s/o Francis Edward and Rose Maria married Edith Ann SCOLLIE, 25, Canada, Smith d/o Jacob and Annie, witness – Stephen H. YOUNG and Jane SCOLLIE, December 31, 1896, Smith

  010634-96, (Peterborough), George LIPSETT, 23, Hotel Keeper, Norwood, Ashburnham, s/o George & Mary LIPSETT, married Louisa Ethel REYNOLDS, 21, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o John & Margaret REYNOLDS, witn-Joseph REYNOLDS & Jennie LIPSETT, Sep 29 1896 at Peterborough

10469-96 William James LITTLE, 35, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o Sarah & James, married Nina Stella BARR, 20, Dummer, same, d/o Christina & Michael, witn: David CROWE of Dummer & Bella McLEAN of Norwood on Nov. 25, 1896 residence of Michael Barr at Cottesloe, Dummer Tp.

10467-96 William John LITTLE, 46, farmer, widower, Dummer, same, s/o Elizabeth & Henry, married Mary Matilda DEWART, 40, Dummer, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: William James LITTLE & Annie DEWART both of Dummer on Nov. 4, 1896 at the residence of John DEWART at Dummer.

010620-96 George LOCKIE, 31, labourer, North Monaghan Tp., Ohio USA, s/o William LOCKIE & Lottie THOMPSON, married Margaret Jane MONCRIEF, 31, North Monaghan Tp., same, d/o George MONCRIEF & Sarah CLARK, witn: Mrs J. J. RAE & Mrs John MARTIN both of Peterboro on Apr. 27, 1896 at Peterboro

10410-96 Samuel Hugh LONG, 27, cook, Ontario, Ashburnham, s/o Samuel & Fanny, married Prudence LIPSETT, 26, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o George & Mary, witn: Edward Charles ARMSTRONG of Peterboro & Jennie LIPSETT of Ashburnham on Nov. 26, 1896 at St.. Luke’s Church Ashburnham

10416-96 Walter O. LOUCH, 27, clerk, Ontario, Bowmanville, s/o Samuel & Maria, married Aggie J. HEASMAN, 23, Ontario, North Monaghan twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Herman BEER of Ashburnham & Bertie OKE of Port Hope, 28 Nov 1896 at Ashburnham 10450-96 (Peterborough Co) George MACE, 25, of Anstruther, s/o James MACE & Mary MACE married Jennie Maud MCCOLL, 26, Wooler, Chandos, d/o John A. MCCOLL & Susan BULL, witn; Archie MCCOLL of Lake & Maude DINGMAN of Matherson, 14 Oct 1896, Chandos

10452-96 Thomas MAHER, 55, labourer, widower, Pennsylvania USA, Emily Tp., s/o John MAHER & Julia DEWYER (Dwyer?), married Ellen SULLIVAN, 45, Emily, same, d/o Edward SULLIVAN & Mary BARRETT, witn: Patrick & Maggie HICKY both of Emily on Nov. 3, 1896 at Ennismore

010683-96 Thomas MARKLES, 25, filer, U.S.A., Bay Mills (Michigan), s/o Robert MARKLES & Frances HAZEL, married Martha PHELAN, 18, Lakefield, same, d/o Thomas PHELAN & Mary O'CONNELL, witn: Thomas PHELAN, Bay Mills & Lottie KEARNEY, Young's Point, 28 Dec 1896 at Peterborough, RC

10444-96 Lewis William A. MARSHALL, 24, farmer, England, Faraday, s/o Albert & Helen, married Elizabeth A. BARRETT, 18, Canada, Chandos, d/o Frederick & Mary Jane, witn: Frank MARSHALL & Maria GARRETT, both of Faraday, 13 July at St. Georges Church, Apsley

010674-96 Edward John MCCARTHY, 30, contractor, U.S.A., Montreal, s/o John MCCARTHY & Eliza LAWLESS, married Mary Ada HURLEY, 26, Ont, Peterborugh, d/o Timothy HURLEY & Mary Theresa FORD, witn: John J. HAYES, Montreal & Anna Maria HURLEY, Belleville, 9 Sept 1896 at Peterborough, RC

10437-96 James McCLIGGOTT, 28, farmer, Douro, same, s/o James McCLIGGOTT & Johanna SULLIVAN, married Eliza Jane CONDON, 36, widow, Douro, same, d/o William MOHER & Joannah TORPEY, witn: Michael McCLIGGOTT & Mary MOHER, both of Douro, 13 Oct 1896 at Douro

10419-96 Patrick William McCOY, 34, farmer, St.. Malachi Quebec, Rainy River, s/o Owen McCOY & Catherine MORAN, married Margaret SULLIVAN, 29, Galway Tp., same, d/o Maurice SULLIVAN & Johannah CONWAY, witn: Thomas COOK of Fenelon Falls & Mary SULLIVAN of Galway Tp., on June 29, 1896 at Fenelon Falls Roman Catholic Church [reg'd in Galway twp]

10435-96 Duncan Campbell McDONALD, 58, widower, insurance manager, Seymour twp., London Ont., s/o Alexander & Mary Ann, married Julia Georgina STRICKLAND, 25, Lakefield, same, d/o George William Ross STRICKLAND & Fanny Mary ROTHWELL?, witn: Thomas G. GRIEVES & D. BULLOCK, both of Lakefield, 8 Sept 1896 at Church Mission House, Youngs Point #010664-96 Samuel J. MCINTYRE, 26, woollen mills employee, Douro, Lambton Mills, s/o James MCINTYRE & Elizabeth TRAVERSE, married Emma SUTCLIFFE, 24, Douro, Peterborough, d/o Greenwood SUTCLIFFE & Mary OLVIEN, witn: Walter MCINTYRE & Ella BURK, both of Peterborough, 4 Nov 1896 at Peterborough
010649-96, (Peterborough), Robert Edward McKEE, 34, Yeoman, Smith Twp, Smith Twp, s/o George McKEE & Harriet FITZGERALD,married Eva Jane THOMPSON, 25, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Elias THOMPSON & Esther PARNELL, witn-Birdie THOMPSON & H. E. McKEE, Oct 14 1896 at Peterborough. 010647-96, (Peterborough), William T. McKEE, 40, Farmer, Smith Tp Co. Peterborough, Marysville Kansas, USA, s/o John McKEE & Mary A. FINLAY, married Louse A. J. W. FITZGERALD, 29, Smith, Smith, d/o Thomas Ed. FITZGERALD & Agnes Jane Walton HALL, witn-Bella TAYLOR & John FITZGERALD, Oct 20 1896 at 159 Aylmer St Peterborough.
12291-98 (Peterborough Co), Archie Gillan McKINNON, 24, clerk, Beaverton, Kirkfield, s/o Angus McKINNON & Isabella McLEAN, married Lizzie UPTON, 20, Cambray, same, d/o Samuel UPTON & Mary McMILLAN, witn: John CAMPBELL of Kirkfield & Effie McKINNON of Woodville, 9 Dec 1896 at Peterborough

10453-96 Thomas McMARA, 46, farmer, widower, Ireland, Galway, s/o Patrick McMARA & Margaret KELLY, married Catherine HARTNETT, 45, widow, Verulam, Ennismore, d/o Patrick HARTNETT (sic) & Catherine CORBETT, witn: Daniel SHEEHAN & Martha O’DONNELL both of Peterboro on Nov. 24, 1896 at Ennismore

10423-96 F. C. McMASTER, 24, merchant, Hungerford, Havelock, s/o John McMASTER & Eliza OLIVER, married Lulu M. CAMPNEY, 20, Prince Edward Co., Havelock, d/o Jesse CAMPNEY & Sarah McMASTER, witn: Edward OLIVER of Stirling & Addie OLIVER of Campbellford on Sept. 9, 1896 at Havelock

10432-96 Mathew McMURRAY, 26, laborer, Douro, same, s/o Daniel McMURRAY & Catherine SOULLEY, married Margaret McCAULEY, 21, Douro, same, d/o Peter McCAULEY & Catherine FOLEY, witn: Robert ALLEN & Catherine McCAULEY, both of Douro, 10 April 1896 at Douro

10518-96 James Wilbert McNAUGHTON, 22, farmer, Canada, Smith Tp., s/o Alexander & Rhoda, married Alma GODFREY, 18, Canada, Smith Tp., d/o Charles & Harriet, witn: Emma J. BURGESS & Jennie W. EDMISON, both of Lakefield on Sept. 23, 1896 at Lakefield

010644-96, (Peterborough), Alonzo Ellel? MICKS, 42, Merchant, Twp Percy, Peterborough, Stephen MICKS & Phoebe BOYCE, Mary MITCHELL, 37, Omemee, Peterborough, d/o Joseph GORDON & Jane Ann MITCHELL, witn-Julia E. YOUNG & Anne J. GRAHAM, Sep 30 1896 at Peterborough.

10514-96 Peter MOFFAT, 25, labourer, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Peter & Janet, married Grace Catherine COURTNEY, 24, Canada, Ashburnham, d/o Edward & Harriet, witn: Eleanor REEVES of Ormiston Quebec & Miss A. C. REEVES of Lakefield on July 12, 1896 at Lakefield

10439-96 James Henry MOORE, 26, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Hamilton T. & Agnes, married Mabel F. A. COX, 20, Douro, same, d/o Solomon & Harriet, witn: John ELLIOTT of Asphodel & Elizabeth MOORE of Otonabee, 28 Oct 1896 at Douro

#010681-96 William MORGAN, 27, labourer, Ont, Peterborough, s/o John & Ann MORGAN, married Catherine DELANEY, 22, Ont, Peterborough, d/o Denis DELANEY & Emma KENNEDY, witn: James CONNON & Joanna GOURLEY, both of Peterborough, 26 Nov 1896 at Peterborough, RC 010601-96 John MORROW, 39, barrister, Cobourg, Manitoba, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Florence M. WHITE, 30, Peterboro, same, d/o Samuel & Harriet, witn: Thomas MORROW of Cobourg & Harriet WHITE of Peterboro on Jan. 15, 1896 at Peterboro

10470-96 Henry MURPHY, 20, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o Jane & James, married Jane CHATTEN, 19, Cramahe twp, Dummer Tp., d/o James & Ann, witn: Thomas WELLINGTON of Dummer & Jennie REYNOLDS of Norwood on Dec. 23, 1896 at Dummer.

10440-96 William E. O'BRIEN, 28, farmer, Douro, same, s/o William O'BRIEN & Honora LEAHY, married Mary Frances CONDON, 20, Douro, same, d/o James CONDON & Mary Ann LEAHY, witn: Cecelia CONDON & Francis O'BRIEN, both of Douro, 3 Nov 1896 at Douro

10451-96 William Henry O'BRIEN, 30, farmer, Daniel O'BRIEN & Mary BARRY married Margaret Ann SCOTT, 26, Chandos, Chandos, d/o Stephen Scott & Nancy GARROW, witn: M. O'BRIEN & P. SCOTT of Chandos, 28 Nov 1896, Chandos #010671-96 Geoffrey O'BRIEN, not given, grocer, Ont, Peterborough, s/o Stephen O'BRIEN & Mary SHANNON, married Emma HAYES, not given, Ont, Peterborough, d/o John & Ann HAYES, witn: T.J. SCANLAN & M.F. FITZPATRICK, both of Peterborough, 18 June 1896, RC
#010499-96 (Peterborough Co), Peter Pearson NICHOLS, 27, farmer, Smith, same, s/o Stephen & Mary, married Sarah McILMOYL, 21, Smith, same, d/o Nathan & Mary, witnesses were William WILSON of Douro & Jennie McILMOYL of Smith, April 29, 1896 at Smith #010498-96 (Peterborough Co), John James NORTHEY, 23, farmer, Smith, same, s/o Robert & Eliza Ann, married Maggie SAGE, 21, Smith, same, d/o Henry & Effie, witnesses were Isaac SAGE & Jennie Jane NORTHEY , both of Smith, March 17, 1896 at Smith

10418-96 Samuel PEARSON, 23, farmer, Galway Tp., same, s/o Daniel & Catherine, married Catherine CLARK, 21, Galway Tp., same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Luis DOHERTY of Somerville & Margaret CLARK of Galway on April 16, 1896 at Roman Catholic Church Galway Tp.

10436-96 Thomas QUINLAN, 26, laborer, Asphodel, Douro, s/o William QUINLAN & Emma CRAMLEY?, married Mary ALLEN, 24, Douro, same, d/o Edmond & Annie, witn: Edward ALLEN & Margaret QUINLAN, both of Douro, 1 Sept 1896 at Douro
010654-96, (Peterborough), John Thomas RICKEY, 33, Machinist, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o George & Ann Jane RICKEY, married Elizabeth Ann WELCH, 32, Otonslee Tp, Peterborough, d/o Thomas James & Jane WELCH, witn-Bruce RICKEY & Emma WELCH, Nov 17 1896 at (not given). #010661-96 John ROBERTSON, 54, moulder, Glasgow Scotland, Peterborough, widower, s/o Hugh ROBERTSON & Isabella PROVEN, married Johanna FRISE, 31, Smith Twp, Lakefield, d/o Henry & Eliza FRISE, witn: R.J. & Mrs R.J. FRISE, both of Peterborough, 29 Dec 1896 at Peterborough
#010662-96 William Hugh ROBINSON, 27, merchant, Clark Twp, Otonabee Twp, s/o James & Jane ROBINSON, married Mary Ann FERGUSON, 19, Hamilton Twp, Clark Twp, d/o John & Maggie FERGUSON, witn: Netta BRISBIN & Tillie BUTCHER, both of Peterborough, 16 Dec 1896 at Peterborough

10427-96 William ROBSON, 26, farmer, Peterboro, Smith Tp., s/o Walter ROBSON & Julia THOMPSON, married Isabella YOUNG, 23, Monaghan, same, d/o George YOUNG & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: James THOMPSON of Otonobee & Sadie YOUNG of Monaghan on April 15, 1896 at Monaghan

010628-96 Washington S. RORABECK, 50, farmer, widower, Prince Edward Co., Dummer Tp., s/o Jonathan RORABECK & Elizabeth Eliza VOSLING, married Amelia DRINKWATER, 40, widow, Napanee, Peterboro, d/o Daniel WRIGHT & Elizabeth YOUNGE, witn: John McMASTER of Norwood & Kate LEWIS of Peterboro on July 4, 1896 at Peterboro

10462-96 Isaac RUSSAU (?), 26, farmer, Percy Tp., Dummer Tp., s/o Isaac & Cornellia, married Elizabeth WOODEY, 19, Clarke Tp., Dummer Tp., d/o James Henry & Cecilia, witn: Charles RUSSAU of Dummer & Mary WOODEY of Clarke Tp., on April 29, 1896 at Dummer Tp

010677-96 Cornelius RYAN, 34, labourer, Asphodel, Peterborough, widower, s/o William RYAN & Ellen O'CONNOR, married Jane Theresa O'BRIEN, 28, Douro, Peterborough, witn: Michael & Anna O'BRIEN, witn: Michael TALLON & Annie GOOLEY, both of Peterborough, 21 Oct 1896 at Peterborugh, RC 010648-96, (Peterborough), Francis Sidney SCHNEIDER, 26, Jeweller, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o George SCHNEIDER & Mary ALEXANDER, married Lillian Lousia MILLER, 22, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o John Wesley MILLER & Elizabeth LILLY, witn-J.C. MILLER & A. M. MILLER, Oct 14 1896 at Peterborough

10424-96 John H. SCOTT, 22, farmer, Asphodel, Belmont, s/o George SCOTT & Martha WATERS, married Harriet DAVIDSON, 18, Belmont, same, d/o John DAVDISON & Sarah WOOD, witn: William DAVIDSON of Belmont & Ethel NEVIN of Seymour on Sept. 30, 1896 at Havelock

10468-96 William G. SCOTT, 29, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o Bevan? & William, married Ella KINGSLEY, 21, Dummer, same, d/o Sarah & Paul?, witn: Samuel SCOTT of Norwood & Christina KINGSLEY of Dummer on Sept. 23, 1896 at residence of the bride’s parents at Dummer

10409-96 Albert Edward SEDGEWICK, 24, farmer, Ontario, Douro Tp., s/o Joseph & Maria, married Isabel MANIECE, 25, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o John & Jane, witn: Joseph SEDGEWICK of Douro & Louisa JOHNSTON of Peterboro on Aug. 12, 1896 at St.. Luke’s Church Ashburnham.

010659-96, (Peterborough), George SENEY, 50, Farmer, Cavan Tp, Cavan Tp, s/o George SENEY & Elizabeth NELSON, married Evelyn Agnes SARGISON, 22, Seymour Tp, N. Monaghan Tp, d/o Thomas SARGISON & Agnes SARGISON, witn- John H. SOUTHARD & Mrs. J. H. SOUTHARD, Nov 25 1896 at Peterborough. #010680-96 Thomas SHEEHAN, 38, labourer, Ont, Ashburnham, s/o John SHEEHAN & Johanna BURK, married Ellen DORES, 28, Ont, Peterborough, d/o John DORES & Honora LYONS, witn: Daniel HAYES, Otonabee & Cecelia DORES, Peterborough, 25 Nov 1896 at Peterborough, RC

10425-96 Willis SIMPSON, 26, farmer, Brighton Tp., Dummer Tp., s/o Charles & Sarah, married Alberta A. WIGMORE, 34, Dummer Tp., same, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: T. W. & Susan WIGMORE both of Dummer Tp., on Oct. 27, 1896 at Havelock

010632-96, (Peterborough), Charles James SNYDER,32, Customs Clerk, Peterborough, Peterborough, s/o William & Catherine SNYDER, married Minnie Helen Cooper STAY, 26, New York, Peterborough, d/o Robert M. & MariLu? STAY, witn-J. ? CARNEGIE & Wilhelmine CARNEGIE, Aug 19 1896 at Peterborough.

10428-96 William SPENCE, 51, farmer, widower, Dummer, same, s/o John & Jane, married Margaret ELLIOTT, 35, Asphodel, same, d/o William H. & Ann, witn: John & Mabel ELLIOTT both of Dummer on July 29, 1896 at Asphodel.

010623-96 Thomas H. STEPHENS (? Page cut off), 40, farmer, widower, Lincolnshire England, Millbrook, s/o parents not given, married Mary Jane BERR--? (? Page cut off) 40, widow, Ireland, Peterboro, d/o of parents not given, witn: Floyd & Mrs F. McMASTER both of Peterboro on May 25, 1896 at Peterboro
#010673-96 James Joseph SWEENEY, 19, labourer, Ont, Peterborough, s/o James SWEENEY & Margaret KANE, married Maria PAULEY, 20, Ireland, Peterborough, d/o John PAULEY & Mary MCCABE, witn: M. CALNAN, Peterborough & Margaret GORMAN, Ennismore, 6 July 1896 at Peterborough, RC

10434-96 Andrew SWEENEY, 45, farmer, widower, Douro, same, s/o Maurice SWEENEY & Catherine SLATTERY, married Mrs. Elizabeth Mary COUGHLIN, 40, widow, Douro, same, d/o Edmond REID & Caroline PETHIC, witn: Patrick & Mrs. Patrick FARRELLY of Douro, 14 June 1896 at Douro

010655-96, (Peterborough), William Earnest TALBOT, 30, Merchant, Cannington, Peterborough, s/o William & Harriet TALBOT, married Emma ANDREWS, 21, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Edwin & Maria ANDREWS, witn- Edwin ANDREWS & John LACHEUR, Nov 17 1896 at (not given).

10429-96 Dawson Walter TIGHE, 30, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o Walter & Jane, married Maggie ALLEN, 20, Asphodel, same, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: Joshua ALLEN of Dummer & Walter TIGHE of Warsaw on Nov. 18, 1896 at Asphodel.

10441-96 Patrick George TOWNS, 24, grocer, Douro, same, s/o George TOWNS & Margaret LIMERICK, married Ellen O'BRIEN, 24, Douro, same, d/o William O'BRIEN & Isabella McDONNELL, witn: Charles E. O'BRIEN & Minnie TOWNS, 24 Nov 1896 at Douro

#010670-96 Michael TOWNS, 23, labourer - farm, Ont, Warkworth Ont, s/o Jeremiah TOWNS & Sarah TID?, married Mary Elizabeth HYNES, 21, Ont, Douro Twp, d/o Maurice HYNES & Catharine SHEEHAN, witn: Amos TOWNS & Tila GOOLEY, 9 June 1896 at Peterborough, RC
010622-96 William James TRANTER, 27, painter, Birmingham England, Peterboro, s/o William TRANTER & Hannah BLADIN, married Mary Louisa HUDSON, 23, Rochester NY, Peterboro, d/o Richard HUDSON & Amelia SIMMONS, witn: Frederick HUDSON of Peterboro & Nellie BAILEY of Rochester NY on May 23, 1896 at Peterboro 010486-96 (Peterborough Co) Sheldon WALLBRIDGE, 21, farmer, Rawdon, Methuen, s/o Abraham WALLBRIDGE & M A WESCOTT, married Lovina MUNROE, 21, Methuen, same, d/o Samuel MUNROE & Sarah HUBBELL, witn: James & Sophrona LAWRENCE, 16 Dec 1896 at Norwood
010625-96 Robert Alex WARD, 28, teacher, Hastings Co., Toronto, s/o William WARD & Isabella ANDERSON, married Rebecca Linda KENNEDY, 30, Peterboro, same, d/o Dawson KENNEDY & Rebecca SHERIN, witn: Frank D. MILLS of Toronto & Mina SHERIN of Lakefield on June 17, 1896 at Peterboro. 10415-96 Edward WEASE, 27, baker, Ontario, Ashburnham, s/o Edward & Esther, married Minnie COOK, 27, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o William & Sarah Ann, witn: Frederick COOK of Ashburnham & Libbie STINSON of Peterborough, 28 Dec 1896 at Ashburnham
  010626-96 Alfred Carson WEIR, 26, tailor, Peterboro, same, s/o Robert WEIR & Mary Anne BROOKS, married Emma Maud COX, 23, Colborne, Peterboro, d/o Henry COX & Amelia LANE, witn: Sidney B. WEIR of Peterboro & Eva COLLINS of Belleville on June 30, 1896 at Peterboro
#010669-96 Edward WELSH, not given, confectioner, Ont, Peterborough, s/o Edward WELSH & Deborah DALY, married Margaret CLANCY, not given, Ont, Peterborough, d/o Thomas CLANCY & Elizabeth REDMOND, witn: James LYNCH & M. WALSH, not given, 8 June 1896 at Peterborough, RC 010627-96 Thomas Charles WESTLAKE, 32, livery owner, Peterboro, same, s/o George WESTLAKE & Elizabeth NETHERALL, married Laura GIBBS, 25, Peterboro, same, d/o John GIBBS & Jane HAWKEY, witn: George RECARD & E. GIBBS both of Peterboro on June 30, 1896 at Peterboro.
10446-96 Nelson WHEELER, 57, widower, farmer, Ontario, Belmont, s/o Richard & Mary, married Harriet WASHBURN, 56, widow, Cramahe Ont., Methuen, d/o William & Caroline CARL, witn: Ann GOULD & Mary McCAULEY, 8 June 1896 at Chandos 010635-96, (Peterborough), Thomas Peter WHYTE, 30, Salesman, Ottawa, Chicago Ill, s/o Robert & Janet WHYTE, married Isabella MERCER, 25, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o William MERCER & Jane A. MERCER, witn-Marion F. WHYTE & James H. CONNAL, Sep 8 1896 at Peterborough.

10523-96 Norman WILSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Burleigh Tp., s/o Thomas & Betsy, married Flora WHITMORE, 21, Canada, Burleigh Tp., d/o Daniel & Effie, witn: Mrs. A. C. REEVES of Lakefield on Dec. 22, 1896 at Lakefield

012087-97 (Peterborough Co) Thomas WOOD, 29, carpenter, Seymour, Belmont, s/o Thomas WOOD & Amelia DAVIDSON, married May HUBBELL, 18, Seymour, Belmont, d/o Thomas HUBBELL & Amelia BEEBE, witn: Annie HUBBELL, Belmont & E? Davidson, Seymour, 30 Dec 1896 at Belmont