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Peterborough Co., 1886

birth place is given before residence


9672-86 Laughlin ANDERSON, 28, farmer, Canada, Cardiff, s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret Emmiline CLIFFORD, 18, Canada, Burleigh, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Donald ANDERSON of Cardiff & Martha HARRIS of Burleigh on March 11, 1886 at Lakefield


9611-86 Christopher ARMSTRONG, 37, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Isaac & Fanny, married Sarah Ann JOHNSTON, 28, Otonabee, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas ARMSTRONG of Ashburnham & Hannah SUTTON of Cavan on April 8, 1886 at Otonabee

9833-86 (Peterborough Co) Samuel ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, Otonabee, Otonabee, s/o William & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG married Lucella PORTER, 20, Otonabee, Douro, d/o Joseph & Mary Jane PORTER, witn: D. ARMSTRONG & Jennie HALL of Otonabee, 2 March 1886, Douro
#009782-86 (Peterborough Co.) Henry BALL, 30, b. Devonshire England, of Douro Twp., Farmer, s/o James BALL & Johanna PENGELLY, married Sarah DECK, 24, b. Belmont, of same, d/o Robert DECK & Maggie ELLIOTT, witnesses: Thomas DECK of Belmont Twp. & Mary J. BALL of Douro Twp., on 2 February 1886 at Peterborough

9607-86 Francis BAXTER, 28, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o James & Abigail, married Mary Ann SEDGEWICK, 25, Otonabee, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn Isaac BAXTER of Otonabee & Isabella RATCLIFFE of Peterboro on March 3, 1886 at Otonabee.

9796-86 Harry Burroughs BEACH, 24, travelling salesman, Stillwater Maine USA, Meriden Connecticut USA, s/o H. B. BEACH & Charlotte L. BROOKS, married Lottie Louise BROOKS, 22, Middletown Connecticut USA, Peterboro, d/o Thomas & Emeline Louise, witn: Thomas & Julia R. BROOKS both of Peterboro on May 26, 1886 at Peterboro 9654-86 Charles A. BEATTY, 32, farmer, Canada, Brock, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Louisa M. McKEE, 29, Canada,, Smith, d/o Andrew & Mary Ann, witn: Rev. M. E. WILSON of Port Hope & Jennie SPENCER of Toronto on Sept. 22, 1886 at Smith

9699-86 Peter BELIVEAU, 21, labourer, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Joseph BELIVEAU & Josephine RUSH, married Rose RUFIAUGE, 22, Canada, Peterboro, d/o John Baptiste RUFIAUGE & Catherine VISEUX, witn: Thomas BLANCHETT & Aurelia GUERIN both of Peterboro on Jan. 25, 1886 at Peterboro

9605-86 John A. BENNETT, 35, agent, Otonabee, Peterboro, s/o John & Alice, married Martha I. MATCHETT, 25, Otonabee, same, d/o Robert & Jennet, witn: David N. BENNETT & Georgina STEWART both of Otonabee on Jan. 5, 1886 at Otonabee

9759-87 (Peterborough Co): James H. BILLINGTON, 27, harness maker, Peterborough, Winnipeg, s/o Henry BILLINGTON & Ann GARSTON, married Hattie F.A. JOHNSTON, 23, Peterborough, same, d/o William JOHNSTON & Jane MITCHELL, witn: John BILLINGTON & Nettie MASCRIP, both of Peterborough, 29 Dec 1886 at Peterborough

9624-86 Samuel BRYER (Beyer?), 27, farmer, Canada, Methuen, s/o Solomon & Mary, married Jane POST, 26, Canada, Methuen, d/o Reinard & Margaret, witn: E. E. & G. L. GEE both of Norwood on March 22, 1886 at Norwood

9627-86 Henry BUCK, 26, lumber merchant, Canada, Norwood, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Ellen M. REYNOLDS, 22, Canada, Norwood, d/o Peter W. & Hester, witn: George & Frankie REYNOLDS both of Norwood on Dec. 9, 1886 at Norwood

9620-86 George BUCK, 22, farmer, Canada, Asphodel, s/o John & Annie, married Rose HIGGINS, 18, USA, Norwood, d/o Peter & Melinda, witn: Elizabeth BUCK & Sarah CARMICHAEL both of Norwood on May 14, 1886 at Norwood.

9683-86 Henry G. BUTCHER, 35, brick maker, England, Otonabee, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Annie Maria HEAP, 22, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o George & Sarah Ann, witn: Samuel HEAP & Mary GORDON both of Ashburnham on Jan. 27, 1886 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham 9635-87 (Peterborough Co): Thomas W. CALDWELL, 28, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o Benjamin & Margaret, married Minnie PATTERSON, 20, Ireland, Norwood, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Thomas EPON? (Esson?) & Lizzie HOFFSTETTEN, both of Asphodel, 26 Nov 1886 at Asphodel
9834-86 (Peterborough Co) John Edward CAMPBELL, 20, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o John Edward & Sarah CAMPBELL married Annie BEAVIS, 22, Douro, Douro, d/o Archibald & Annie BEAVIS, witn: George BEAVIS & Annie TENNYSON of Douro, 12 Jan 1886, Douro

9685-86 Walter Davenport CARD, 27, manufacturer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Truman & Amelia, married Liddy JOHNSTON, 29, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o W. L. & Louisa, witn: John CARD & Alicia BLACKBURN both of Haldimand on March 8, 1886 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham

9698-86 Thomas CASSIDY, 27, labourer, Canada, Smith Tp., s/o Thomas CASSIDY & Margaret McMANUS, married may ROACH, 23, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Patrick ROACH & Ellen KEEGAN, witn: Austin DUNN of Peterboro & Ellen ROACH of Otonabee on Jan. 7, 1886 at Peterboro.

9623-86 Sidney COLE, 21, farmer, Canada, Belmont, s/o William & Jemima, married Catherine MARTIN, 20, Canada, Belmont, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Margaret ELLIOTT of Dummer & James SANDBORNE of Trenton on Jan. 11, 1886 at Norwood.

9656-86 (Peterborough Co) Thomas COLLINS, 21, farmer, Ops, Ops, s/o Arthur COLLINS & Ellen FOX married Elizabeth CURTIN, 16, Ennismore, Ennismore, d/o William CURTIN & Emma BLANCO, witn: George CURTIN & Mary Ann O'CONNOR of Ennismore, 19 Jan 1886, Ennismore #009767-86 (Peterborough Co.) George H. COMSTOCK, 26, b. Asphodel Twp., of same, Farmer, s/o John S. & Eliza COMSTOCK, married Julia SLOAN, 27, b. Lennox Co., of same, d/o James A. & Eliza SLOAN, witnesses: George SLOAN of Lennox & Annie COMSTOCK of Asphodel, on 26 January 1886 at Peterborough

9832-86 (Peterborough Co) Patrick CONDON, 28, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o John CONDON & Mary LEAHY married Eliza Jane MAHER, 26, Douro, Douro, d/o William MOHER & Johanna TORPEY, witn: James LEAHY & Mary MYLES of Douro, 9 March 1886, Douro

9821-86 (Peterborough Co) John CONDON, 27, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o John CONDON & Margaret MAHONEY married Elizabeth SULLIVAN, 25, Douro, Douro, d/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Bridget ALLEN, witn: John SHEEHAN & Margaret O'BRIEN of Douro, 9 Nov 1886, Douro

9801-86 William J. CONELLY, 29, farmer, Montreal, Darlington Tp., s/o Francis CONELLY & Elizabeth HAMILTON, married Julia WASHINGTON, 23, Darlington Tp., same, d/o Robert WASHINGTON & Mary Anne ARGUE, witn: Thomas A. & Margaret J. RICHARDSON both of Cavan on June 9, 1886 at Peterboro.

9684-86 Hugh CONNOR, 22, parlour car conductor, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o John & Bridget, married Margaret Jane DUNLOP, 22, Ontario, Peterboro, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William CUNNINGHAM of Omemee & Emma HAYS of Peterboro on March 2, 1886 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham

9747-86 John CONROY, 26, butcher, Otonabee, Peterboro, s/o John CONROY & Elizabeth MAGRATHE?, married Alice DRURY, 21, England, Peterboro, d/o William Kent DRURY & Mary Anne PRIDDLECOME, witn: David & Catherine CONROY both of Otonabee on Sept. 20, 1886 at Peterboro 9655-86 (Peterborough Co) James CONWAY, 30, farmer, Ennismore, Smith, s/o William CONWAY & Elizabeth MORRISSON (Morrison?), married Catherine MCGRATH, 17, Ennismore, Ennismore, d/o David MCGRATH & Catherine O'DONNELL, witn: William GEARY & Elizabeth CONWAY of Ennismore, 19 Jan 1886, Ennismore

9812-86 (Peterborough Co) Luke COOPER, 29, farmer, England, Douro, s/o Joseph & Mary COOPER married Agnes MCINTOSH, 24, Dummer, Warsaw, d/o William & Catherine MCINTOSH, witn: Washington REID of Warsaw & Joseph COOPER of Dummer, 14 April 1886, Warsaw

#009784-86 (Peterborough Co.) John D. CRAIG, 28, b. Barrie, Simcoe Co., of Peterborough, Furniture dealer, s/o John CRAIG & Elizabeth DONNELLY, married Frances RUTHERFORD, 28, b. Peterborough, of same, d/o Robinson RUTHERFORD & Hannah PEACOCK, witnesses: Samuel G. SHARPE & Louisa RUTHERFORD of Peterboro, on 10 March 1886 at Peterboro

9659-86 (Peterborough Co) Daniel CROUGH, 24, farmer, Ennismore, Ennismore, s/o William CROUGH & Ellen SCULLY married Catherine WILLIAMS, 22, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o Angus WILLIAMS & Catherine MCDONELL, witn: W. H. CROUGH of Ennismore & Flora WILLIAMS of Peterborough, 26 Sept 1886, Ennismore

9695-86 William CURRANS, 47, farmer, widower, Ireland, Smith, s/o William & Margaret Barnett, married Helen HAGGART, 48, widow, USA, Peterboro, d/o John STANTON & Lucy BOGUE, witn: Edward TUTTEN & Mrs Mary HOPE both of Peterboro on June 24, 1886 at Peterboro

9606-86 Albert Edwin CURTIS, 26, brick maker, Douro, same, s/o Mark & Sarah, married Mary Ann HEAP, 21, Cobourg, Otonabee, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: George CURTIS & Eliza GIRVEN both of Douro Tp. on Jan. 27, 1886 at Otonabee

009684-87 (Peterborough Co) Thomas DACK, 24, farmer, Belmont Twp, Douro Twp s/o Robert DACK and Margaret ELLIOTT married Jane Ann DAVIDSON, 21, Seymour Twp, Belmont Twp d/o James DAVIDSON and Mary Ann WOOD, witness – William DACK and Victoria DAVIDSON, December 27, 1886, Belmont Twp 9748-86 Joseph DALY, 33, hotel keeper, Lindsay, Peterboro, s/o Owen DALY & Mary McEVOY, married Esther Anne MURRAY, 21, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Richard MURRAY & Sara ELLIOTT, witn: Richard PHELAN & Mary DUGAN both of Peterboro on Oct. 4, 1886 at Peterboro

9804-86 (Peterborough Co) George DAVIDSON, 26, carder, Preston, Auburn, s/o George DAVIDSON & Esther KERSAL married Mary Jane QUEEN, 22, Galt, Auburn, d/o George QUEEN & Jane STEVENSON, witn: David DEYALL & Kate QUEEN, 15 June 1886, Peterborough

9675-86 Robert E. DAVIS, 23, labourer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Charles & Catherine, married Sarah COX, 21, Canada, Hiawatha, d/o Daniel & Bridget, witn: James H. & Hanna COX both of Lakefield on Sept. 13, 1886 at Lakefield
9630-86 William Lesley DEVINS, 24, clerk, Prince Edward Co., Norwood, s/o Albert DEVINS & Ellen MARTIN, married Annie PUFFER, 24, Percy twp., Norham, d/o George PUFFER & Hester DINGMAN, witn: H. J. ANDERSON & William CLERIHEN?, both of Norwood, 3 Nov 1886 at Norwood  

9652-86 Frederick DOBSON, 23, stone mason, England, Peterboro, s/o Mark & Mary, married Annie ELLIOTT, 21, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Smith & Annie, witn: George TAYLOR & Jemima SAUNDERS both of Peterboro on Nov. 3, 1886 at Smith.

9663-86 (Peterborough Co) Samuel B. DOBSON, 31, farmer, Mono, Mono, s/o George DOBSON & Elizabeth BLACKBURN, married J. G. YOUNG, 20, Anstruther, Anstruther, d/o John YOUNG & Lena KEMPT, witn: William YOUNG & Fannie YOUNG of Anstruther, 15 July 1886, Anstruther

9666-86 (Peterborough Co) Albert DODGE, 25, farmer, Canada, Plainville, s/o Thomas & Hannah married Ellen GALVIN, 28, Canada, Smith, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Joseph HARRIS & Samuel A. NORTHEY of Smith, 13 Jan 1886, Lakefield

9622-86 Duncan DRUMMUND, 27, farmer, Canada, Westwood, s/o John & Sarah, married Ellen FORTUNE 17, Canada, Westwood, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: William DIXON of Douro & Nancy McWILLIAMS of Westwood on April 1, 1886 at Westwood

9810-86 Albert DUNFORD, 22, farmer, Burleigh, Douro, s/o Richard DUNFORD & Mary Ann HAMBLIN, married Harriet CLAGUE, (Claque?) 23, Dummer, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: George DUNFORD of Douro & Katie ROBB of Stony Lake on March 31, 1886 at the residence of James Clague at Dummer. 9806-86 (Peterborough Co) Thomas William EARL, 33, farmer, Cavan, Otonabee, s/o John EARL & Mary Jane SIMPSON married Sarah Marcelena FORATTAN, 22, Aaron, Lakefield, d/o Uzell FORATTON & Sarah Jane DARLING, witn: William James LITTLE of Dummer & E. M. MURDUFF of Lakefield, 3 Feb 1886, Hall's Glen
9643-86 John Henry EDMISON, 26, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Alex, married Mary Bertha McDONALD, 25, Canada, Smith, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Neil, witn: Joseph ARCHER & Isabella McDONALD, both of Smith, 4 May 1886 at Smith

9615-86 Joseph EDWARDS, 21, labourer, Wales, Belmont, s/o David & Gwen, married Annie Maria FARMER, 20, Wales, Belmont, d/o Edmund & Agnes, witn: James McGROTTY of Belmont & Ina Mary PUFFER of Blairton on Feb. 25, 1886 at Blairton

014827-86 James EDWARDS, 24, yeoman, Canada, Otonabee, s/o Matthew & Annie, married Janet McFEE, 22, Canada, Otonabee, d/o John & Janet, witn: William EDWARDS & Rebecca MADILL both of Lakefield on May 26, 1886 at Lakefield. 9680-86 William EDWARDS, 31, labourer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Rebecca MADILL, 25, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Isaiah & Ann, witn: Peter EDWARDS & Carrie BASS both of Lakefield on Oct. 6, 1886 at Lakefield.

9788-86 Henry FAWCETT, 21, teamster, Ashburnham, same, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth DIXON, 19, Douro Tp., Peterboro, d/o David DIXON & Rebecca McWILLIAMS, witn: Emma TOVELL & Sarah STRAIN both of Peterboro on March 23, 1886 at Peterboro.

9749-87 (Peterborough Co): George Orchard FOWLER, 54, widower, collector of customs, Belleville, Colborne, s/o Orchard James & Eliza Ann, married Louisa Angeline MATTHEWS, 43, Elizabethtown, Peterborough, d/o William & Martha, witn: William DIXON & Mamie DUMBLE, both of Peterborough, 30 Dec 1886 at Peterborough 9640-86 William FREEBORN, 22, yeoman, Canada, Smith, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Eliza Ann KETTLES, 23, Canada, Smith, d/o Thomas & Ann Maria, witn: Walter & Mary YOUNG of Smith, 28 April 1886 at Smith

9785-86 James Scott FULLERTON, 37, barrister, Elgin Co., Toronto, s/o Matthew FULLERTON & Eleanor McKINLEY, married Eunice STEVENSON, 26, Peterboro, same, d/o Robert STEVENSON & Sarah MILLBURN, witn: William J. WALLACE of Toronto & Mary STEVENSON of Peterboro on March 10, 1886 at Peterboro.

9636-86 John GALLAHER, 24, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o Richard & Mary, married Emelia DERWENT, 22, Canada, Dummer, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Robert & Emma J. GALLAHER of Dummer, 27 July 1886 at Norwood
9744-86 William Joseph GEARY, 28, tradesman, Ennismore, Peterboro, s/o William GEARY & Johanna COLLINS, married Catherine McGARRITY (McGuinty?), 23, Peterboro, same, d/o Arthur McGARRITY & Anne DWYER, witn: Michael McDONALD & Catherine PYM (Pyne?) both of Peterboro on Aug. 3, 1886 at Peterboro.

9797-86 Edward GIBSON, 29, rail road man, Havingdon Yorkshire England, Peterboro, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth SPENCELEY, 25, Peterboro, Auburn, d/o William SPENCELEY & Sarah WILKINS, witn: James BARRIE & Mary J. SPENCELEY both of Peterboro on May 5, 1886 at Peterboro

9634-86 Samuel GIRVIN, 28, clerk, Canada, Norwood, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Eliza FINLAY, 18, Canada, Norwood, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas H. GIRVIN of Peterborough & Charlotte FINLAY of Norwood, 1 March 1886 at Norwood 9674-86 George GODFREY, 23, labourer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Lemuel & Alva Ann, married Ellen COCHRANE, 22, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Irvine & Susannah, witn: E. & E. M. McFARLANE both of Lakefield on Aug. 23, 1886 at Lakefield
9682-86 Charles GRAHAM, 24, farmer, Canada, Smith Tp., s/o Henry & Ann, married Mary BUCHANAN, 20, Canada, Smith Tp., d/o George & Margaret, witn: Henry PEARSON & Drusilla PENDERGRASS both of Smith on Dec. 15, 1886 at Lakefield. 9650-86 Thomas H. GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o William & Sarah, married Maggie H. McGREGOR, 24, Canada, Smith, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witn: David EASTWOOD & Dinah IVESON, both of Smith, 8 Dec 1886 at Smith

9836-86 (Peterborough Co) Denis GUERIN, 20, laborer, Douro, Douro, s/o Martin GUERIN & Johanna MEADE married Mary Ann O'BRIEN, 28, Douro, Douro, d/o John O'BRIEN & Ellen WHIBBS, witn: Martin GUERIN & Margaret O'BRIEN of Douro, 8 June 1886, Douro

9813-86 (Peterborough Co) Jeremiah D. HANES, 26, farmer, Brighton, Lot 9 Con 12 in Dummer, s/o William & Susanna HANES married Emma COMPO, 16, North Marysburgh, Lot 9 Con 12 in Dummer, d/o Albert LOW (stepfather) & Jane Ann LOW, witn: Wentworth RICHARDSON & Mary RICHARDSON of Dummer, 16 April 1886, Dummer

9703-86 William HEFFERNAN, 39, farmer, widower, Otonabee, Asphodel, s/o Patrick HEFFERNAN & Margaret DOHERTY, married Bridget MURPHY, 24, Ireland, Peterboro, d/o James MURPHY & Mary CONROY, witn: Philip FITZPATRICK of Asphodel & Catherine MURPHY of Peterboro on March 8, 1886 in Peterboro

14828-31 George HENDREN, 23, carpenter, Canada, Lakefield, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Hannah Maria NEAL, 25, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: George A. NEAL & Lizzie CARR both of Lakefield on June 14, 1886 at Lakefield
9673-86 George HILL, 30, labourer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Sarah Elizabeth NEIL, 28, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: George HENDREN & Hannah M. NEIL both of Lakefield on May 10, 1886 at Lakefield. 9680-86 Wellington HILL, 22, lumberman, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Nellie CROW, 21, Canada, Dummer, d/o Francis & Hellen, witn: William SIMPSON & C. McFARLANE both of Lakefield on Oct. 1, 1886 at Lakefield.
  9669-86 George Boyce HILLIARD, 29, gentleman, Penang - Straits of Malacca, Minnedosa Manitoba, s/o George Towers & Francis, married Amy Herbert BARLEE, 24, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Frederick & Emma, witn: Fred BARLEE & W. D. E. STRICKLAND both of Lakefield & Emma BARLEE of Ashburnham on Feb. 2, 1886 at Lakefield.
9640-87 (Peterborough Co): Isaac HOAR, 29, farmer, Coldsprings, Asphodel, s/o William & Mary, married Ida A. COLLINS, 23, Asphodel, same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Alfred HOAR of Asphodel & Esther COLLINS of Peterborough, 15 Dec 1886 at Asphodel

9787-86 William A. HOPE, 28, general labourer, illegible Europe, Peterboro, s/o Frederick & T., married Eliza REHILL, 27, Cartwright Durham Co., Peterboro, d/o Thomas REHILL & Jane THORNTON, witn: Eliza McWHINNIE of Orillia & Thomas H. THORNTON of Peterboro on March 23, 1886 at Peterboro

#009769-86 (Peterborough Co.) Daniel C. HOPKINS, 29, b. Peterborough, of Smith Twp., Farmer, s/o Daniel HOPKINS & Jane DONNELLY, married Margaret A. GILLIS, 28, b. Fenelon Twp., of Peterborough, d/o John GILLIS & Fanny STINSON, witnesses: F.G. COX & Laura MORROW of Peterborough, on 27 Jan 1886 at Peterborough

9619-86 William HOWSON, 30, yeoman, widower, Canada, Asphodel, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Isabella BURGESS, 27, Canada, Belmont, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas J. STARR & Maggie RORK both of Norwood on Dec. 1, 1886 at Norwood

9817-86 (Peterborough Co) William Henry HUDGINS, 211, yeoman, Madoc, Dummer, s/o James HUDGINS & Agnes Cecelia HUDGINS married Ardelia DAVEY, 21, Dummer, Dummer, d/o John & Sarah DAVEY, witn: Charles RUSAW & Alberta RORABACK of Norwood, 30 June 1886, Dummer 9638-86 Benjamin John HUGHES, 40, shoe maker, Canada, Belmont, s/o Bernard & Catherine, married Abbie M. R. BROWN, 28, widow, Canada, Belmont, d/o Ira RUPERT & Sophia, witn: Ira RUPERT of Rawdon & Mrs. G. YOUNG of Havelock, 8 Dec 1886 at Norwood
9677-86 Joseph HURL, 24, labourer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o Joseph & Ann Jane, married Margaret COCHRANE, 16, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Irvine & Susannah, witn: George & Ellen GODFREY both of Lakefield on Sept. 17, 1886 at Lakefield. 9635-86 Ebenezer JENKINS, 23, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o Paul & Harriet, married Minnie GARDINER, 21, Canada, Dummer, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Joseph GARDINER & Celesta NIXON, both of Dummer, 30 June 1886 at Norwood

9792-86 Andrew JOHNSON, 25, farmer, Smith, same, s/o George JOHNSON & Elizabeth FAIRBAIRN, married Ella DYKES, 19, Bobcaygeon, Smith, d/o James DYKES & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: Edward SANDERSON of Smith & Florence WETHERALL of Peterboro on March 16, 1886 at Peterboro

9689-86 John JOHNSTON, 30, labourer, Ireland, Otonabee, s/o Thomas & Sicolin?, married Isabella McBRIEN, 26, Ireland, Otonabee, d/o Christopher & Margaret, witn: Thomas JOHNSTON & Barnard CORRIGAN both of Otonabee on Nov. 6, 1886 at Ashburnham
9637-86 Thomas KAVANAUGH, 23, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Sarah GALLAHER, 20, Canada, Dummer, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Samuel & Tilly KAVANAUGH of Dummer, 6 OCt 1886 at Norwood 9658-86 (Peterborough Co) Patrick KEARNEY, 31, carpenter, Ennismore, Minnesota, s/o John KEARNEY & Ellen HANSON married Kate CLUSEN, 22, Ennismore, Ennismore, d/o Thomas CLUSEN & Marg GALVIN, witn: James KEARNEY & Louisa GALVIN of Ennismore, 1 March 1886, Ennismore

9789-86 John KING, 48, miller, widower, Devonshire England, Young's Point, s/o Thomas & Charity, married Elizabeth SMITH, 50, widow, Oswego New York State USA, Peterboro, d/o John & Mary JACKSON, witn: Alfred MANNING & Emily KING both of Peterboro on April 3, 1886 at Peterboro

9632-86 Eli KING, 23, yeoman, Seymour twp., same, s/o William KING & Julia Ann RADDON, married Mary ALTHOUSE, 18, Methuen? twp., same, d/o Thomas ALTHOUSE & Ann GREEN, witn: James ALTHOUSE of Belmont & Lydia ALTHOUSE of Methuen, 3 (8?) Nov 1886 at Norwood
9670-86 Robert KNOX, 25, farmer, Canada, Chandos, s/o Robert & Jane, married Sarah Ann WOODS, 23, Canada, Chandos, d/o Thomas & Christina, witn: Albert HAMILTON of Lakefield & Emma WOODS of Chandos on Feb. 10, 1886 at Lakefield.  
9752-87 (Peterborough Co): William E. LAING, 22, carpenter, Monaghan, Peterborough, s/o William & Mary, married Emma A. DERRY, 22, Goderich, Peterborough, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: William SAWIGNY & Lillie DERRY, both of Peterborough, 29 Dec 1886 at Peterborough 9631-86 James Byron LAWN (Lawr?), 25, farmer, widower, Percy twp., Murray twp., s/o Amos LAWN & Sarah Jane KEMP, married Alice RUTTAN, 17, Dummer twp., same, d/o Michael RUTTAN & Rachel SMITH, witn: James Wilmot LAWN of Murray twp & Alberta Jane ROSBOROUGH of Norwood, 20 Sept 1886 at Norwood

9802-86 William Chambers LAWSON, 38, farmer, Quebec, Otonabee, s/o James & Mary, married Rachel LAWSON, 26, Ireland, Quebec, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: David & Sarah LAWSON both of Otonabee on June 14, 1886 at Peterboro

9827-86 (Peterborough Co) John LEAHY, 27, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o David LEAHY & Johanna CONNORS married Catherine KENNEDY, 18, Douro, Douro, d/o John KENNEDY & Honora CONDON, witn: William LEAHY & Ellen DELANEY of Douro, 19 Jan 1886, Douro

9700-86 John Baptiste LEDUC, 26, labourer, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Charles LEDUC & Mary LASALLE, married Mary Lucy MATHEWS, 23, England, Peterboro, d/o Joseph MATHEWS & Caroline LATY, witn: Daniel McGRATH & Mary Jane DORIN both of Peterboro on Feb. 15, 1886 at Peterboro.

9617-86 Alexander LEESON, 23, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann, married Eliza Ann McALPINE, 20, Seymour, same, d/o James & Sarah Jane, witn: Peter WATSON & Annie LEESON both of Seymour on March 3, 1886 at Blairton

  9692-86 Richard LILLICO, 31, farmer, Ontario, North Monaghan, s/o John & Martha, married Hannah NEILD, 22, Canada, Ashburnham, d/o William & Nancy, witn: Thomas A. LILLICO of North Monaghan & Mary NEILD of Ashburnham on Dec. 22, 1886 at Ashburnham
9814-86 (Peterborough Co) John LITTLE, 29, farmer, Ireland, Dummer, s/o George LITTLE & Elizabeth Sarah MATHEWS married Eliza Jane MOORE, 19, Dummer, Dummer, d/o Joseph MOORE & Mary Ann DUNFORD, witn: Hugh LITTLE & Elizabeth MOORE of Dummer, 2 June 1886, Warsaw

9818-86 (Peterborough Co) George LONSBERRY, 24, farmer, Hamilton, Dummer, s/o David & Maria LONSBERRY married Ann PAYNE, 23, Dummer, Dummer, d/o Mark & Ann PAYNE, witn: Samuel WALL & Margaret WALL of Dummer, 6 Oct 1886, Dummer

9831-86 (Peterborough Co) Michael LYNCH, 37, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o Michael LYNCH & Mary LAUGHLIN married Bridget BUCKLEY, 22, Douro, Douro, d/o James BUCKLEY & Elizabeth MAHER, witn: James BUCKLEY & Elizabeth BUCKLEY of Douro, 2 Feb 1886, Douro

9696-86 John George MACKLIN, 46, civil engineer, England, Peterboro, s/o R. T. & Eleanor, married Emily DENNISTON (Penniston?), 31, widow, Canada, Peterboro, d/o F. W. & Helen HAULTINE, witn: Frank HAULTAIN & Hastings BREDDEN both of Peterboro on July 11, 1886 at Peterboro

9697-86 David MAHER, 27, labourer, Canada, Chandos Tp., s/o Cornelius MAHER & Mary ROACH, married Anne McDONOUGH, 17, Ireland, Peterboro, d/o Patrick McDONOUGH & Mary BURKE, witn: Marvin CARNEY of Peterboro & Julia ROACH of Otonabee on Jan. 7, 1886 at Peterboro

9799-86 Robert MAIN, 25, carriage maker, Otonabee, Peterboro, s/o John MAIN & Eliza McFARLANE, married Jessie LOGAN, 22, Cavan Scotland, Peterboro, d/o John LOGAN & Jessie McNALLIE, witn: John MAIN & Millie RAE both of Peterboro on June 2, 1886 at Peterboro.

9794-86 Alfred MANNING, 19, cabinet maker, Smith Tp., Peterboro, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, marred Emily KING, 19, England, Peterboro, d/o John & Emma, witn: John JAMIESON & Joy WALLACE both of Peterboro May 8, 1886 of Peterboro

9679-86 Richard W. MARTIN, 25, carpenter, Canada, Peterboro, s/o John & Laura, married Elizabeth FITZGIBBON, 23, Canada, Ashburnham, d/o John & Agnes, witn: Mary FITZGIBBON of Ashburnham & Jennie FARNCOMB of Lakefield on Oct. 8, 1886 at Lakefield.

9612-86 John D. MATCHETT, 42, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Alice A. BENNETT, 31, Otonabee, same, d/o John & Alice, witn: George STEWART & Susan MATCHETT both of Otonabee on Feb. 17, 1886 at Otonabee

9688-86 James McCARROLL, 28, farmer, Canada, Emily Tp., s/o Varsey & Eliza, married Isabella FLACK, 20, Canada, Otonabee, d/o Samuel & Rachel, witn: W. BOATE of Emily & Jemima NESBITT of Peterboro on July 28, 1886 at Ashburnham.
9745-86 Thomas McCARTHY, 21, labourer, Cobourg, Peterboro, s/o Jeremiah McCARTHY & Margaret O’HARA, married Jane Estelle MORGAN, 21, Otonabee, Peterboro, d/o William MORGAN & Susan SHIELS, witn: William MORGAN & Mary McCARTHY both of Peterboro on Aug. 25, 1886 at Peterboro 9835-86 (Peterborough Co) John MCCARTHY, 30, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o Patrick MCCARTHY & Ellen FOLEY married Mary Ann COUGHLIN, 26, Douro, Douro, d/o Jeremiah COUGHLIN & Mary MCCARTHY, witn: John Denis MCCARTHY & Johanna COUGHLIN of Douro, 18 May 1886, Douro

9829-86 (Peterborough Co) John MCFADDEN, 25, farmer, Ops, Percy, s/o Patrick MCFADDEN & Catherine MASTERSON married Ellen LEAHY, 28, Douro, Douro, d/o Denis LEAHY & Mary MOHER (Maher?), witn: Edward MCFADDEN of Percy & Hanora LEAHY of Douro, 2 March 1886, Douro

9694-86 Archibald McGREGOR, 24, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o Archibald McGREGOR & Mary LILLICO, married Catharine ALLAN, 24, Scotland, North Monaghan, d/o Jane (sic) ALLAN & Mary LUSH, witn: Archibald LILLICO & Elizabeth FOWLER both of Peterboro on July 1, 1886 at Peterboro. 9791-86 Robert Finlayson McGREGOR, 22, joiner, Keene, Peterboro, s/o Alexander McGREGOR & Mary FINLAYSON, married Eliza Ellen ROSS, 22, Peterboro, same, d/o George ROSS & Eliza MCKENZIE, witn: Joshua C. BALL & Katie ROSS no residences given on Feb. 17, 1886 at Peterboro

9653-86 Edwin A. McKEE, 24, yeoman, Canada, Smith, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah Ann ROSBOROUGH, 23, Canada, Smith, d/o Alexander & Annie M., witn: Josiah BLEWETT of Smith & Rebecca DOCK of Rawdon on Sept. 22, 1886 (?) at Smith

9798-86 William McNAIRN (McInairn?), 28, butcher, Ireland, Peterboro, s/o Robert & A.J., married Sarah REGAN, 24, Canada, Peterboro, d/o James & Emily, no witnesses given on June 8, 1886 at Peterboro

9639-86 Napoleon McNEILL, 20, laborer & sawyer, Peterborough, Bobcaygeon, s/o George McNEILL & Adele O--?, married Catherine HARTNETT, 20, Galway twp., same, d/o Maurice HARTNETT & Ellen SAVAGE, witn: James O. POWERS & Victorine? GROZELLE, both of Bobcaygeon, 16 July 1886 at Galway twp

9800-86 George A. McQUADE, 24, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o Arthur McQUADE & Susannah TROTTER, married Mary JAMIESON, 21, Cobourg, Peterboro, d/o Alexander JAMIESON & Margaret ANDREWS, witn: Jane S. & Maggie O. DAVIS both of Peterboro on June 9, 1886 at Peterboro

9633-86 Frederick MILES, 25, farmer, Canada, Dummer twp., s/o Frederick & Eliza, married Louisa Ann CEVION?, 21, Canada, Stoney Lake, d/o Christopher & Mary, witn: Mrs. James & Bessie CARMICHAEL of Norwood, 20 April 1886 at Norwood

9811-86 Robert MILES, 24, farmer, Asphodel, Dummer, s/o Frederick MILES & Eliza RAE, married Lydia RICHARDSON, 22, Belmont, Dummer, d/o Henry RICHARDSON & Agnes BROOKS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James MILES both of Dummer on March 31, 1886 at Stony Lake Dummer

9662-86 (Peterborough Co) John MILES, 36, carriage maker, widower, Emily, Omemee, s/o William MILES & May COLLIS married Georgina HAWKINS, 23, Omemee, Omemee, d/o George HAWKINS & Mary RICHARDSON, witn: William HAWKINS of Anstruther & Martha MILES of Omemee, 25 June 1886, Anstruther 9808-86 (Peterborough Co) John Rea MILES, 30, farmer, Norwood, Dummer, s/o Frederick MILES & Eliza REA married Francis Rachel Ellen CROWE, 24, Dummer, Dummer, d/o Francis CROWE & Mary Ann BATTEN, witn: Frederick MILES & Annie L. CROWE of Stony Lake, 10 March 1886, Hall's Glen

9616-86 Gardiner Reynolds MITTS, 29, farmer, Huntingdon, same, s/o Louis & Catherine M., married Mary Ellen HOLCOMB, 22, Belmont, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Charles MITTS of Huntingdon & Emma HOLCOMB of Belmont on April 14, 1886 at Belmont

9657-86 (Peterborough Co) Eugene MOLONEY, 27, farmer, Ennismore, Ennismore, s/o Francis MOLONEY & Hannah MCCARTY married Mary Ann CROUGH, 17, Ennismore, Ennismore, d/o William CROUGH & Ellen SCULLY, witn: Paul MOLONEY & Ellen O'DONOHUE of Ennismore, 26 Jan 1886, Ennismore

9816-86 (Peterborough Co) William John MOORE, 23, farmer, Dummer, Dummer, s/o John & Christie MOORE married Celestia HARDING, 20, Dummer, Dummer, d/o William & Elizabeth HARDING, witn: Robert MOORE & Theresa SNELGROVE of Dummer, 19 Aug 1886, Warsaw 9749-86 Michael MURRAY, 21, labourer, Ireland, Peterboro, s/o James MURRAY & Mary WOODHOUSE, married Mary MURPHY, 16, Ireland, Peterboro, d/o Connor MURPHY & Mary HIGGINS, witn: James CURREN? & Annie MURPHY both of Peterboro on Oct. 4, 1886 at Peterboro
#009783-86 (Peterborough Co.) William C. NELSON, 31, b. Cornwall England, of Peterboro, Laborer, s/o John & [blank] NELSON, married Mary FRANKS, 29, b. Canada, of Peterboro, d/o Michael & M. FRANKS, witnesses: Henry JOHNSTON & Emma BAKER of Peterboro, 10 Feb 1886 at Peterboro 9807-86 (Peterborough Co) John NEWNHAM, 21, farmer, Myersburgh, Dummer, s/o George NEWNHAM & Sarah Jane SHAW married Margaret DODDS, 20, Dummer, Dummer, d/o Hugh DODDS & Mary Jane BELL, witn: Chris John DARLING & Mary Ann DODDS of Dummer, 3 Feb 1886, Warsaw

9824-86 (Peterborough Co) Lachlin NOLAN, 57, farmer, widower, Douro, Douro, s/o Edward NOLAN & Mary EUSTACE married Sarah DOWD, 20, Otonabee, Douro, d/o Patrick DOWD & Sarah MCCAULEY, witn: John COUGHLIN & Sarah Jane COUGHLIN of Douro, 26 Nov 1886, Douro

9667-86 (Peterborough Co) Alexander NORTHEY, 23, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o James & Mary Jane married Matilda GALVIN, 24, Canada, Smith, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Joseph HARRIS & Samuel A. NORTHEY of Smith, 13 Jan 1886, Lakefield
9668-86 James NUGENT, 30, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o James & Rachel, married Sarah Ann DEVER, 30, Canada, Smith, d/o Thomas & Lorinda, witn: John William & Liza Angelina TAYLOR both of Smith on Jan. 19, 1886 at Lakefield

9704-86 Alexander Joseph O’BRIEN, 28, farmer, Otonabee Tp., same, s/o Alexander O’BRIEN & Ellen CLEARY, married Johanna O’DONOVAN, 26, Douro, Peterboro, d/o John O’DONOVAN & Charlotte CARLOW, witn: Samuel CLANCY & Charlotte O’DONOVAN both of Peterboro on March 9, 1886 at Peterboro.

9819-86 (Peterborough Co) Denis O'BRIEN, 43, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o Denis O'BRIEN & Bridget MINOGUE married Elizabeth O'GRADY, 43, widow, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o John O'GRADY & Mary PURCELL, witn: James O'BRIEN & Ellen HANRAHAN of Douro, 26 Sept 1886, Douro

9826-86 (Peterborough Co) Cornelius O'BRIEN, 31, farmer, Douro, Douro, d/o John O'BRIEN & Mary MAHONEY married Bridget BARRY, 25, Douro, Douro, d/o John BARRY & Margaret LEAHY, witn: Patrick BARRY & Catherine O'BRIEN of Douro, 12 Jan 1886, Douro

9820-86 (Peterborough Co) James O'GRADY, 30, laborer, Asphodel, Peterborough, s/o Thomas O'GRADY & Margaret NASH married Annie MURRY, 25, Douro, Douro, d/o Thomas MURRY & Elizabeth MCNAMARA, witn: Daniel MAHONEY & Mary SMITH of Peterborough, 19 Oct 1886, Douro 9750-87 (Peterborough Co): Samuel George PARKER, 23, lumberman, Victoria Co., Lindsay, s/o Alfred William & Mary Ann, married Minnie Kincaid FAWCETT, 21, Peterborough, same, d/o Michael & Susan, witn: John H. HART of Lindsay & Annie FAWCETT of Peterborough, 30 Dec 1886 at Peterborough
9805-86 (Peterborough Co) Cyrenius PARKS, 29, carpenter, Ontario, Peterborough, s/o Nelson T. PARKS & Mary BAMHAM married Elizabeth BURRETT, 19, England, Peterborough, d/o Cole BURRETT & Susan WITHALL, witn: Richard S. PARKS & Alice PARKS of Peterborough, 2 June 1886, Peterborough 9690-86 Walter John PATTERSON, 22, machinist, Ontario, Ashburnham, s/o Robert & Jane Maud, married Elizabeth HAMILTON, 22, Ontario, Ashburnham, d/o Frank & Jane, witn: Sarah HAMILTON & Alexander PATTERSON both of Ashburnham on Oct. 27, 1886 at Ashburnham
9651-86 John PEARSON, 21, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o William & Phoebe, married Jane BLEWETT, 19, Canada, Smith, d/o D. Webster & Hannah, witn: William PEARSON & Hannah BLEWETT both of Smith on Sept. 8, 1886 at Smith.  

9608-86 William J. PORTER, 28, farmer, South Monaghan, Otonabee, s/o Joseph & Mary Jane, married Ellen SHEARER, 18, Otonabee, same, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Duncan F. DRUMMOND of Otonabee & Elizabeth STEWART of Asphodel on Feb. 24, 1886 at Otonabee

9613-86 I. E. PRATT, 23, carriage maker, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o William & Alice, married Mary NORTHCOTT, 24, Smith Tp., North Monaghan, d/o Robert & Fanny, witn: Felix & Alma BROWNSCOMBE both of North Monaghan on May 12, 1886 at North Monaghan

9676-86 John QUINLAN, 24, cook, Canada, Lakefield, s/o David & Mary, married Carrie BOLTON, 19, Canada, Lakefield, d/o William & Sarah, witn: W. D. FLETCHER & Emma CHASLY both of Lakefield on Sept. 16, 1886 at Lakefield 14829-86 John QUINN, 26, boat hand, Canada, Smith Tp., s/o Martin & Ann, married Minnie HOWLAND, 21, Canada, Bobcaygeon, d/o Patrick & Matilda, witn: William SIMPSON & Mary A. BENNETT both of Lakefield on June 23, 1886 at Lakefield
01431-86 Andrew REDPATH, 23, farmer, Canada, Otonabee, s/o William & Catherine, married Annie QUINLAN, 21, Canada, Lakefield, d/o David & Mary, witn: Nelson REDPATH of Otonabee & Margaret MOORE of Dummer on June 24, 1886 at Lakefield. 9671-86 Joseph RICHARDSON, 39, yeoman, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o Edward & Jemima, married Elizabeth PIMMETH (Pimmette?), 19, Canada, Smith Tp., d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Edwin & Jemima WRIGHT both of Smith on March 19, 1886 at Lakefield.

9626-86 John? W. RORABECK, 23, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o Silvanus & Elizabeth, married Mary A. BAPTIE, 18, Canada, Dummer, d/o James & Alice, witn: John BIGG & Clara BAPTIE both of Dummer on April 26, 1886 at Norwood

9642-86 George E. ROSBOROUGH, 20, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Alex, married Martha WARAM (Warian?), 19, Canada, Smith, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Richard, witn: William ROSBOROUGH of Smith & M. McDONALD of Peterborough, 31 March 1886 at Smith

014826-86 Alfred ROWAN, 22, hostler, England, Lakefield, s/o Thomas & Alice, married Mary Ann PAYNE, 21, England, Bracebridge, d/o John & Rosetta, witn: John DINWOODIE & Susan PARKER both of Lakefield on May 24, 1886 at Lakefield.
9795-86 Arthur Lukes RUNDLE, 29, lawyer, England, Oshawa, s/o John & Rachel, married Lily CLARKE, 23, Cobourg, Peterboro, d/o Rev. Archibald & Agnes, witn: H. E. OVERHOLT of Oshawa & Rose CLARKE of Peterboro on May 12, 1886 at Peterboro 9751-86 Thomas RYAN, 24, book keeper, Canada, Toronto, s/o John RYAN & Catherine HEALY, married Bridget HALPIN, 22, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Michael HALPIN & Ellen HEALY, witn: John RYAN & Ellen HALPIN of Toronto on Oct. 19, 1886 at Peterboro
9687-86 Thomas SEDGEWICK, 51, farmer, widower, Otonabee, same, s/o James Elizabeth, married Mary GRAHAM, 38, Ireland, Peterboro, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Bertha HUDSON & Mary Jane CHEVER (Chrow?) both of Peterboro on April 14, 1886 at St. Luke’s Church Ashburnham. 9750-86 Stephen SHAUGHNESSY, 27, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o John SHAUGHNESSY & Hanna CUKERY (Corkery?), married Clara ROSE, 23, England, Otonabee, d/o James ROSE & Mary Ann SIDDUS, witn: Patrick SHAUGHNESSY & Annie CUKERY both of Otonabee on Oct. 4, 1886 at Peterboro

9625-86 Thomas SHEARER, 26, farmer, Canada, Asphodel, s/o Archibald & Elizabeth, married Agnes GILCRIST (Gilchrist?), 26, Canada, Asphodel, d/o William & Hannah, witn: John SHEARER & Christina GILCRIST both of Hastings on April 7, 1886 at Norwood.

9751-87 (Peterborough Co): George SHEARER, 25, carpenter, Allandale, Otonabee, s/o James & Isabella, married Jessie DAVIDSON, 20, Otonabee, same, d/o Archibald & Janet, witn: William CRAMER? of Peterborough & Maggie NELSON of Otonabee, 1 Dec 1886 at Peterborough

9828-86 (Peterborough Co) William SHEEHAN, 35, farmer, widower, Douro, Douro, s/o Cornelius SHEEHAN & Margaret DRISCOLL married Elizabeth TOBIN, 26, Douro, Douro, d/o Michael TOBIN & Ellen CURRIN, witn: John SHEEHAN & Ellen TOBIN of Douro, 19 Jan 1886, Douro

014830-86 Andrew SHERAR (Shearer?), 29, yeoman, Canada, Harvey Tp., s/o Mathew & Ann Jane, married Lizzie ELLIOTT, 24, Canada, Harvey Tp., d/o John & Jane, witn: John J. ELLIOTT & Annie SHERAR both of Harvey on June 23, 1886 at Lakefield.

9628-86 William G. SMITH, 26, stone cutter, s/o Andrew & Ellen G., married Elizabeth Ann ELLIOTT, 26, Norwood, same, d/o William ELLIOTT & Ann STINSON, witn: Andrew G. & Susan SMITH both of Norwood on Aug. 3, 1886 at Norwood

9752-86 William Wallace SPAFFORD, 25, black smith, Drayton (?), Harvey, s/o George SPAFFORD & Margaret STOREY (Stacey?), married Mary COLBERT, 21, Irvine, Harvey, d/o James COLBERT & Martha JOHNSTON, witn: Elizabeth ANDREWS of Peterboro on Nov. 4, 1886 at Peterboro #09660-87 (Peterborough Co.) William J. STABLER, 23, b. Canada, of Smith, Farmer, s/o William & Mary Ann STABLER, married Martha BOYCE, 21, b. Canada, of Smith, d/o Wellington & Margaret BOYCE, witnesses: W. BOYCE Jr. & W. STABLER both of Smith, on 3 Nov 1886 at Smith Twp
9822-86 (Peterborough Co) Mathew SULLIVAN, 26, laborer, Douro, Douro, s/o John SULLIVAN & Joanna TOBIN married Ellen HANRAHAN, 22, Douro, Douro, d/o Edmond HANRAHAN & Mary RYAN, witn: Timothy COLLINS & Elizabeth O'BRIEN of Douro, 2 Nov 1886, Douro 9823-86 (Peterborough Co) Denis SULLIVAN, 26, laborer, Douro, Douro, s/o Denis SULLIVAN & Mary CONDON married Joanne O'BRIEN, 25, Douro, Douro, d/o John O'BRIEN & Mary FITZGERALD, witn: James O'BRIEN & Elizabeth O'BRIEN of Douro, 9 Nov 1886, Douro
9815-86 (Peterborough Co) James SWANSTON, 28, machinist, Ashburnham, Ashburnham, s/o William & Ann SWANSTON married Catherine CROWE, 29, Dummer, Dummer, d/o Francis & Ellen CROWE, witn: Samuel CROWE & Annie E. CROWE of Dummer, 26 June 1886, Dummer 9648-86 Emanuel SWEETING, 29, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o Jonathan & Jane, married Ruth HETHERINGTON, 29, Canada, Smith, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Jonathan SWEETING & Sarah HETHERINGTON, both of Smith, 8 June 1886 at Smith twp
9693-86 Simon TELFORD, 32, butcher, Stirling Scotland, Peterboro, s/o Gilbert TELFORD & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Maggie GRIFFEN, 21, Liverpool England, Peterboro, d/o Charles GRIFFEN & Jane HAMPSHIRE, witn: Fred SHEPHERD & Maggie SINCLAIR no residences given on July 1, 1886 at Peterboro

9702-86 John THEOBALD, 29, bricklayer, Hastings, Peterboro, s/o Thomas THEOBALD & Elizabeth WADE, married Bridget MINOGUE, 25, Otonabee, Peterboro, d/o Patrick MINOGUE & Catherine LYNCH, witn: Richard SHEEHY & Charlotte THEOBALD both of Peterboro on March 2, 1886 at Peterboro

9621-86 Samuel THOMPSON, 33, farmer, Canada, Dummer, s/o John & Angelina, married Annie McCONNELL, 27, Canada, Dummer, d/o James & Mary, witn: Thomas McCONNELL & Jane PETHERICK no residences given on April 14, 1886 at Dummer

9649-86 Thomas TINDLE, 28, farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth WESTLAKE, 30, England, Smith, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas ED--SON? & Elizabeth TINDLE, both of Smith, 14 Dec 1886 at Smith

9618-86 John VOSBURGH, 46, yeoman, widower, Colborne, Norwood, s/o Henry & Caroline, married Ellen HUSTON, 40, Atlantic Ocean, Belmont Tp., d/o Mitchell & Ellen, witn: Abram & Jane WALLIN both of Belmont on Nov. 9, 1886 at Havelock


9629-86 Thomas WALLEN (Waller?), 26, harness maker, Ireland, Norwood, s/o Henry & Mary, married Fanny TOMKINS, 20, Canada, Norwood, d/o George & Isabella, witn: Thomas HOWSON & E. D. GEE both of Norwood on May 20, 1886 at Norwood.

9830-86 (Peterborough Co) Edward WALSH, 34, farmer, Douro, Douro, s/o John WALSH & Catherine BLACKBURN married Ellen O’BRIEN, 31, Douro, Douro, d/o John O’BRIEN & Ellen WHIBBS, witn: Patrick WALSH & Margaret O’BRIEN of Douro, 9 March 1886, Douro

9790-86 Henry WARD, 24, farmer, Cambridge England, Guilford Tp., s/o Edward WARD & Annie NICHOLLS, married Priscilla PENGELLEY, 20, Asphodel, Peterboro, d/o Henry PENGELLEY & Margaret WILDMAN, witn: Thomas DOCK of Douro & Aggie PENGELLEY of Peterboro on April 10, 1886 at Peterboro. 9636-87 (Peterborough Co): Charles F. WARNER, 20, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o William & Ann, married Elizabeth HOAR, 26, Ontario, Asphodel, d/o William & Mary, witn: Alfred HOAR & George WARNER, both of Asphodel, 22 Dec 1886 at Asphodel
9678-86 John WATSON, 39, farmer, widower, England, Dummer Tp., s/o Isaac & Rebecca, married Cornelia BLACK, 34, widow, Canada, Norwood, d/o Joseph & Sarah WILSON, witn: Nelson Rusau BOULTON of Dummer & Jane BOULTON of Lakefield on Oct. 6, 1886 at Lakefield. 9754-87 (Peterborough Co): John Jeremiah WELSH, 24, blacksmith, Prescott Co., Apsley, s/o John & Margaret, married Jessie BROWN, 24, Stirling Scotland, Burleigh - Peterborough Co., d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Warick? AILING & Fanny RATCLIFF, both of Peterborough, 22 Nov 1886 at res of F. RATCLIFF, Peterborough

9786-86 William E. WHITE, 28, agricultural machinery agent, Clarke Tp., Manvers Tp., s/o James WHITE & Fanny THOMPSON, married Maggie Emma KENNEDY, 28, Millbrook, Manvers Tp., d/o Hamilton KENNEDY & Mary WALLACE, witn: Sarah STRAIN & Emma TOVELL both of Peterboro on March 17, 1886 at Peterboro

9701-86 Elrick Henry WHITE, 21, cabinet maker, Hastings, Peterboro, s/o Joseph WHITE & Caroline LAJOIE, married Mary Josephine SIMONS, 23, Peterboro, same, d/o Peter SIMONS & Elizabeth BOYLE, witn: Joseph E. WHITE of Hastings & Catherine SIMONS of Peterboro on March 2, 1886 at Peterboro on March 2, 1886 at Peterboro

9746-86 Thomas WHYTE, 31, labourer, Canada, Peterboro, s/o William WHYTE & Rose Anne QUINN, married Catherine T. RIORDON, 21, Peterboro, same, d/o Edward RIORDON & Bridget HIGGINS, witn: Michael RIORDON & Ellen CARDIFF both of Peterboro on Sept. 4 (7?), 1886 at Peterboro  
9803-86 (Peterborough Co) George Edward WILLIAMS, 25, secretary YMCA, Brooklyn New York, Peterborough, s/o William WILLIAMS & Jane DAWSON married Anna Maria STEWART, 25, Peterborough, Peterborough, d/o William STEWART & Louisa MCNABB, witn: George A. LAHEAY & Bertha F. BROWN, 15 June 1886, Peterborough 9793-86 Henry WILLIAMS, 26, potter, England, Peterboro, s/o not given & Mary, married Alice Le GARRICKE, 19, England, Peterboro, d/o Benjamin & Mary Ann, witn: Benjamin & Nellie Le GARRICKE both of Peterboro on May 30, 1886 at Peterboro
  9686-86 William WINDOVER, 35, labourer, Ontario, Peterboro, s/o Lyman & Mary Ann, married Emma STONE, 37, Percy, Burleigh, d/o Giles & Julia, witn: Robert & Christina SMITH both of Ashburnham on March 30, 1886 at Ashburnham.
009768-86 (Peterborough Co.) George WINDREW, 37, b. Emily Twp., of same, Widower, Farmer, s/o Joseph WINDREW & Eliza J. CORBAN, married Margaret FITCH, 24, b. Emily Twp., of same, d/o John FITCH & Elizabeth ADAMS, witnesses: George MAY & Albert WEBSTER of Peterborough, on 20 January 1886 at Peterborough

9661-86 (Peterborough Co) Walter WOODBECK, 21, farmer, Rodan, Chandos, s/o Mathew & Martha WOODBECK married Alice C. HAWLEY, 19, Cramahe, Chandos, d/o Charles & Emily HAWLEY, witn: William SMITH of Walliston & Florence WOODBECK of Chandos, 25 March 1886, Chandos

9691-86 Henry Archer WYATT, 23, farmer, England, Madoc, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Alberta BRADSHAW, 21, Canada, Queensborough, d/o Thomas & Synthia, witn: Annie WILSON & Winnie EMERY both of Ashburnham on Sept. 14, 1886 at Ashburnham.

9809-86 William James YOUREX, 41, farmer, Tyendinaga, Thurlow Hastings Co., s/o William & Lydia, married Mary Jane ROSE, 31, Dummer, same, d/o David & Annie, witn: William H. VALENTINE of Brighton & Jennie LUMSDEN of Peterboro on March 30, 1886 at Dummer