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Peterborough Co., 1877


9178-77 (Peterborough Co): Thomas H. AMBROSE, 29, brewer, England, Port Hope, s/o T.H. & E.F., married Ada Henrietta CLUXTON (should be Claxton?), 21, Canada, Peterborough, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: William CLUXTON of Peterborough & C. V. BOUGHTON of Titusville, 18 Sept 1877 at Peterborough 9090-77 William John ANDERSON, 19, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Rebecca MARSDEN, 19, Alnwick, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: James SHIPIGAW & Isabella MARSDEN, both of Alnwick, 24 Feb 1877 at Keene
9172-77 (Peterborough Co): Thomas H. ARMSTRONG, 27, yeoman, Canada, Millbrook, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Eliza Jane FRY, 27, Canada, Peterborough, d/o Edward & Catherine, witn: George & Mary FRY of Peterborough, 30 Aug 1877 at Peterborough 9087-77 Frank ASKEY, 35, painter, London England, Dysart, s/o John & Annie, married Mary DEAN, 21, Ryegate England, Dysart, d/o George & Harriet, witn: Sarah F. CARNDUFF & E. E. LITTLE, both of Dysart, 6 April 1877 at Dysart
9198-77 Alfred N. BAILY, 23, merchant, USA, Peterborough, s/o Henry & Mary, married Maggie KELLY, 23, Canada, Peterborough, d/o William & Agnes, witn: James & Hattie MULHERN of Peterborough, 15 Nov 1877 at Peterborough #009349-78 David BAKER, not given, not given, not given, Douro, s/o Christoford & Ellen BAKER, married Mary MOREAU, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Peter MOREAU & Phileman BUCHARD, witn: John MOORE & Margaret ORDE, not given, 11 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
9171-77 (Peterborough Co): William Henry BAKER, 24, yeoman, Canada, Peterborough, s/o James & Sarah, married Mary Jane MASTIN, 28, widow, Canada, Peterborough, d/o Joseph & Diana WINN, witn: Sarah J. DUKE & E. A. DELIN, both of Peterborough, 3 Aug 1877 at Peterborough 9170-77 (Peterborough Co): James BAPTIE, 28, merchant, Canada, Cavan twp., s/o Alexander & Helen, married Eliza Jane COOKE, 27, Canada, Cavan, d/o John Charles & Jane, witn: Hattie MULHERN of Peterborough, 1 July 1877 at Peterborough
9115-77 James BARRY, 31, farmer, Dummer twp., Stanhope, s/o James & Frances, married Eliza SAWYER, 17, Fenelon Falls, Guilford, d/o Hiram David & Eliza Jane, witn: William Henry SAWYER & Mary Ann FITZSIMMONS, 20 Nov 1877 at Guilford 9120-77 James Wesley BEAVIS, 24, farmer, Otonabee, Dysart, s/o William BEAVIS & Catherine MAYNE, married Margaret D. DUNCAN, 21, Glasgow Scotland, Minden, d/o John DUNCAN & Janet MOFFATT, witn: James BALFOUR of Minden & Mary H. BEAVIS of Dysart, 25 Sept 1877 at Minden
9169-77 (Peterborough Co): James A. BELL, 24, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah FINLEY, 23, Dummer, Peterborough, d/o John & Latisea, witn: W. A. BELL & Hattie MULHERN, both of Peterborough, 21 March 1877 at Peterborough 9111-77 Robert BLACKWELL, 25, farmer, Canada, Lakefield, s/o James & Frances, married Frances O'BEIRNE, 25, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Ivan & Ann, witn: Thomas A. T. BROWN & Lucy BIRD, both of Douro, 18 April 1877 at Lakefield
9165-77 John BLAIKIE, 28, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o James BLAIKIE & Eliza CUSHING, married Maggie ATCHISON, 23, Ireland, Otonabee, d/o James ATCHISON & Jane HOGG, witn: Thomas ATCHISON & Phillipa McCONNELL, both of Otonabee, 12 April 1877 at Peterborough  
#009343-78 George BLANCHETTE, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Albert BLANCHETTE & Delima DUPUIS, married Ellen BEAUVAIS, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Octave BEAUVAIS & Ellen BURDEAUX, witn: Octave BEAUVAIS & Catherine HILIER, not given, 16 Apr 1877 at Peterborough 9062-77 Edward BLEWITT, 21, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o Colman & Mary, married Mary Ann MANN, 21, Smith twp., same, d/o Stephen & Sarah, witn: Alman BLEWITT & Sarah MANN, both of Smith twp., 6 March 1877 at res of bride's father
9121-77 Adam T. BRADLEY, 27, farmer, Queenston Ont., Minden, s/o Charles L. & Mary M., married Elizabeth A. MITCHELL, 22, Whitby Ont., Minden, d/o Joseph & Isabella, witn: William George LANGTON & Christ. George JONES, 21 Nov 1877 at Minden 9063-77 Francis BRIEN, 29, farmer, Fenelon, same, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Margaret Hall GRAHAM, 26, Peterborough, Smith twp., d/o James & Ellen, witn: Thomas H. BRIEN of Fenelon & Sarah Ann GRAHAM of Smith twp., 21 March 1877 at res of William Graham, Smith twp
#009355-79 Edward BRION, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Louis BRION & Florence LAPLANTE, married Sara EVINSON, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Michael EVINSON & Mary DRISCOLL, witn: Alfred BRION & Bridget GRADY, not given, 26 Sept 1877 at Peterborough 9189-77 (Peterborough Co): Arthur Manly BROCK, 30, jeweller, Cornwall, same, s/o James & Mercy, married Catherine BENSON, 30, Peterborough, same, d/o John R. & Catherine, witn: George H. NUGENT of Cornwall & Nellie McCREARY of Peterborough, 11 July 1877 at Peterborough
009150 – 77 Robert BRODIGAN, 24, Mechanic, Canada, Brantford, s/o Richard & Deborah GOULD (as written), married Agnes HENDERSON, 22, Canada, Lakefield, d/o no parents names given. Witn: no witnesses given. 12 July 1877, Lakefield 9179-77 (Peterborough Co): Joseph BULLER, 50, widower, England, Peterborough, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Isabella BELL, 32, spinster, Canada, Peterborough, d/o Thomas & Ann LAIDLAW, witn: Joseph McLELLAND, 18 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
9124-77 John BUSKIN, 26, farmer, Hemmingford, Douro, s/o William V. BUSKIN & Elizabeth GREGG, married Mary Jane WHITE, 18, Napierville Co., Douro, d/o Richard WHITE & Margaret GREGG, witn: Robert & Irvin COCHRANE of Douro, 25 Sept 1877 at Douro 9180-77 (Peterborough Co): John CAMERON, 44, merchant, Elgin Scotland, Peterborough, s/o John CAMERON & Janet ROSS, married Alison HAMILTON, 28, Peterborough, same, d/o James HAMILTON & Alison GILLESPIE, witn: Robert INNES & Charles PAISLEY, both of Peterborough, 30 May 1877 at Peterborough
9116-77 Albert CARPENTER, 20, laborer, Wiltshire England, Douro twp., s/o Samuel & Hannah, married Ellen DUNNING, 19, Portsmouth England, Douro twp., d/o Edwin & Sarah, witn: Job WHEELER of Douro & Mary HARE of Otonabee, 23 Sept 1877 at Ashburnham 9066-77 William CARTER, 26, farmer, Yorkshire England, Smith twp., s/o William & Mary, married Margaret SCOTT, 26, Smith twp., same, d/o George & Ann, witn: Robert H. NEWTON & Mary Ann SCOTT, both of Smith twp., 7 Feb 1877 at 4th con of Smith
#009129-77 (Peterborough Co): John CASEY, 37, widower, farmer, Douro, same, s/o John CASEY & Mary O'BRIEN, married Elizabeth SAUNDERS, Belfast Ireland, Douro, d/o William SAUNDERS & Annie Jane CLAYTON, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. John SWEENEY of Douro, Oct. 1877 (no date given) (Rom Cath) #009358-78 Richard CAVANAGH, not given, not given, not given, Otonabee, s/o Richard CAVANAGH & Johanna HARRINGTON, married Mary O'BRIEN, not given, not given, Otonabee, d/o Alexander O'BRIEN & Ellen CLEARY, witn: Samuel CLANCEY & Catherine O'BRIEN, not given, 16 Oct 1877 at Peterborough
009141 – 77 Peter CEWIE (HEWIE?), 42, Farmer, Sotland, Otonabee, s/o John & Jane CEWIE, married Sarah HUNTER, 32, Otonabee, same, d/o Joseph & Harriet HUNTER. Witn: John N. READ & Mary HUNTER, both of Otonabee. 4 July, 1877, Otonabee #009348-78 Joseph CHARLSTON, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Joseph CHARLSTON & Mirame GAUTHIER, married Adell MOREAU, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Peter MOREAU & Phileman BUCHARD, witn: Frederick MOREAU & Mary BELLVILLE, not given, 11 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
009146 – 77 John CHASTY (CHARTY?), 26, England, Lakefield, s/o Edward & Ann CHARTY, married Sarah Hannah SNELGROVE, 21, Canada, Lakefield, d/o Isaac & Charlotte SNELGROVE. Witn: W. H. DUIN ( DUNN?), Douro & Charlotte SNELGROVE, Lakefield. 17 Oct. 1877, Lakefield #009351-78 Michael CONROY, not given, not given, not given, Burleigh, s/o Edward CONROY & Mary O'BRIEN, married Margaret SPENCER, not given, not given, Burleigh, d/o Richard SPENCER & Mary PURCELL, witn: Patrick HOGAN & Allen SPENCER, not given, 22 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
#009357-78 William CONWAY, not given, not given, not given, Smith, s/o William CONWAY & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Mary CURTIN, not given, not given, Smith, d/o Thomas CURTIN & Mary CAHILL, witn: James CONWAY & Mary GIFFORD, not given, 16 Oct 1877 at Peterborough 9059-77 John Jacob CORNEIL, 33, yeoman, Orillia, Belmont, s/o John & Ellen, married Phoebe TUNEL (Farrel?), 23, Murray, Belmont d/o Benjamin & Hannah, witn: Frances CLARK of Norwood, 1 Feb. 1877 at Norwood
#009131-77 (Peterborough Co) Jeremiah COUPHLIN, 29, farmer, South Douro, same, s/o Jermiah COUPHLIN & Mary McCARTHY, married Ellen McMAHON, 18, South Douro, same, d/o Timothy McMAHON & Han-- O'BRIEN, witnesses were Timothy COUPHLIN & Mary McMAHON, bothof Douro, 17 April, 1877 at South Douro (Rom Cath) [Coughlin?] 9078-77 Philip CROUGH, 34, farmer, widower, Ennismore, same, s/o Michael CROUGH & Bridget CAREW, married Margaret HICKEY, 19, Emily twp., same, d/o John HICKEY & Mary McCAULIFFE, witn: Cornelius SULLIVAN of Ennismore & Ellen McCAULIFFE of Emily twp., 13 Feb [1877] at Downeyville
#009356-78 Francis James DALY, not given, not given, not given, Ennismore, s/o Owen DALEY & Mary MCEVOY, married Margaret CROFT, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o George CROFT & Mary MANNEY, witn: Joseph DALEY & Mary CROFT, not given, 16 Oct 1877 at Peterborough #009130-77 (Peterborough Co) Maurice DEENEEN (Dineen?), 25, laborer, Peterborough, same, s/o Timothy DEENEEN & Elizabeth KAVANAUGH, married Catherine LYNCH, 22, South Douro, same, d/o James LYNCH & Catherine HEAD, witnesses were Michael LYNCH of South Douro & Adeline THRELIN? of North Douro, 10 April 1877 at S. Douro (Rom Cath)
  #0093050-78 Israel DEROCHIER (Desrochers?), not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Israel DEROCHIER & Celestine VINCENT, married Mary ROGERS, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o James ROGERS & Ellen DALY, witn: Michael HOLLAND & Margaret ROGERS, not given, 11 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
009152 – 77 Andrew DEVER, 21, Farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o Thomas & Lucinda DEVER, married Mary NORTHEY, 18, Canada, Smith, d/o John & Ann NORTHEY. Witn: John FREEBURN & Sarah J DEVER, both of Smith. 7 Nov. 1877, Lakefield. #009345-78 Thomas DOLAN, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Edward DOLAN & Ann KEHER (Kehoe?), married Mary Sophia LEMAY, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Francis LEMAY & Mary Sophine BOISOUIS?, witn: James HARTY & Ernestine LEMAY, both of Peterborough, 13 May 1877 at Peterborough
9163-77 William DONOON? (Denoon?), 24, farmer, Ross Scotland, Peterborough, s/o George & Miranda, married Elizabeth RUTH, 22, Emily twp., Peterborough, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James CAMPBELL & Moses ELLIOT, both of Peterborough, 7 March 1877 at Peterborough #009360-78 Daniel DONOGHUE, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Patrick DONOGHUE & Maria FAIR, married Mary MCGRATH, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Cornelius MCGRATH & Catharine BUTLER, witn: John DONOGHUE & Mary CALLAGHAN, not given, 4 Nov 1877 at Peterborough
9114-77 George DUNNETT, 23, farmer, England, Snowden, s/o Joseph & Emma, married Elizabeth SEDGWICK, 22, Ontario, Dysart, d/o William John & Martha, witn: Stephen THOMPSON & Alice LUCAS, both of Haliburton, 29 Oct. 1877 at Haliburton #009346-78 Thomas EAGAN, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Thomas EAGAN & Frances POWERS, married Bridget MOLONEY, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Michael MOLONEY & Johanna PHALEN, witn: Michael REDMOND & Johanna MOLONEY, 5 July 1877 at Peterborough
#009123-78 Barton EARLE, 36, teacher, Canada, Peterborough, widower, s/o George D. & Nancy EARLE, married Mary Frances CHOATE, 21, Canada, Warsaw, d/o Thomas George & Christiana CHOATE, witn: James R. STRATTON, Peterborough & Walter B. CHOATE, Warsaw, 19 Dec 1877 at St Mark's Church Warsaw 009133 – 77 - R. A. ELLIOTT. 36, widr., Yeoman, Asphodel, same, s/o John & Mary A. ELLIOTT, married Maria Caroline BROWN, 22, United States, Asphodel, d/o John P.& Maria BROWN. Witn: Laura & Gideon BROWN, both of Asphodel. 12 Sept. 1877, Asphodel
9084-77 James FARLEY, 47, farmer, Cavan Ireland, Douro, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Agnes HIGGINS, 45, widow, Scotland, Douro, d/o Henry & Mary MORRISON, witn: John JOHNSTON of Ashburnham & Julia NEWTON of Peterborough, 23 March 1877 at Ashburnham 9161-77 W. J. FERGUSON, 20, yeoman, Canada, Douro, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Ann Jane BELL, 19, Canada, Douro, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: James & Susan BELL of Douro, 1 May 1877 at Peterborough
9168-77 (Peterborough Co): Robert FITZGERALD, 27, mechanic, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Edward & Jane, married Alice PRATT, 35, widow, England, Peterborough, d/o William & Mary PICKARD, witn: William ROBERTS & Susey M. GORDON, both of Peterborough, 15 June 1877 at Peterborough 9073-77 Patrick FLAHERTY, 26, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o Thomas FLAHERTY & Mary HICKEY, married Mary BARRET, 20, Emily twp., same, d/o Patrick BARRET & Mary HAMM (Hann?), witn: Thomas HICKEY & Catherine BARRET, both of Emily twp., 21 Jan [1877] at Downeyville
9077-77 Patrick FLYNN, 26, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o Thomas FLYNN & Hannah HERLEHEY, married Mary FLYNN, 21, Mara twp., Emily twp., d/o Andrew FLYNN & Catherine LAHANEY, witn: Dennis FITZPATRICK & Ellen BRENAN, both of Emily twp., 13 Feb [1877] at Downeyville 9083-77 Thomas FORTUNE, 33, widower, farmer, Asphodel, Harvey twp., s/o not given, married Emma Jane VOLINS, 21, Canada, Ashburnham, d/o not given, witn: George DELINE & Mary KING, both of Ashburnham, 7 Feb 1877 at Ashburnham
9160-77 Charles FOX, 37, yeoman, Canada, Otonabee, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Annie McMARTIN, 29, Canada, Otonabee, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: Margaret McDONNELL & G. BECK, both of Peterborough, 3 May 1877 at Peterborough #009347-78 James FRASER, not given, not given, not given, Smith, widower, s/o James FRASER & Julia CLEARY, married Hanna QUINLAN, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o David QUINLAN & Maria HOGAN, witn: Benjamin FRASER & Maria QUINLAN, not given, 11 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
9164-77 Edward FREEMAN, 25, laborer, NY state, Harwood, s/o Edward FREEMAN & Mary Ann POWEL, married Esther BROOKS, 35, widow, Harwood, same, d/o James BROOKS & Jane ARKMAN?, witn: Francis JOHNSTON & Catherine YOUNG, both of Harwood, 17 March 1877 at Peterborough 9054-77 Thomas GODWIN, 30, farmer, England, Stanhope, s/o William GODWIN & Ann BAILEY, married Ann DAVIS, 34, England, Stanhope, d/o Philip DAVIS & Mary FOOTE, witn: Caleb DAVIS of Stanhope & Emma M. BERT? of Minden, 17 Feb 1877 at Minden
9202-77 Andrew GOODFELLOW, 26, carpenter, Monaghan Canada, Peterborough, s/o William & Jane, married Jane STONE, 23, Percy twp., Burleigh, d/o Giles & Julia, witn: Emily Jane JACOBS & Alexander BELL, both of Peterborough, 12 Sept 1877 at Peterborough 9162-77 John GRAHAM, 60, widower, farmer, Ireland, Hungerford twp., s/o Francis & Jane, married Susannah LATTIMER, 50, widow, Ireland, Kincardine twp., d/o William ELLIOTT & Susannah, witn: Robert & Susannah GORDON of Hungerford, 20 Feb 1877 at Peterborough
#009127-77 (Peterborough Co): William GRAHAM, 22, farmer, Otonabee, Douro, s/o George & Mary Jane, married Martha OKE, 21, Cramahe, Douro, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were James & Mary Ann SNELGROVE of Douro twp., May 29, 1877 at Douro twp 9203-77 William GRAY, 26, laborer, Lancaster Ont., Lakefield, s/o Adam & Nancy, married Annie RAY, 29, Belmont, Lakefield, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William RAE? & Jennie McMILLAN, both of Peterborough, 19 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
009135 – 77 William GRIFFITH, 30, Farmer, Donegal Ireland, Seymour, s/o William GRIFFITH & Mary THOMPSON, married Jane Eliza PATTERSON, 27, Durham Quebec, Asphodel, d/o James PATTERSON & Mary LANIGAN. Witn: James E. PATTERSON & William KNOX, both of Asphodel, 25 Nov.(?), 1877, Asphodel. #009342-78 Patrick HALLAHAN, not given, not given, not given, Otonabee, s/o Michael HALLAHAN & Johanna WALSH, married Elizabeth CLANCY, not given, not given, Otonabee, d/o Thomas CLANCY & Elizabeth REDMOND, witn: James CAUGHLIN & Mary Ann NAVIRO?, not given, 16 Apr 1877 at Peterborough
#009362-78 John HALPIN, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Cornelius HALPIN & Mary HEALY, married Annie NOLEN, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Martin NOLEN & Margaret CRANLY, witn: Michael HALPIN & Emma NOLEN, not given, 20 Nov 1877 at Peterborough  
#009369-78 George Walter HARDING, 23, farmer, Ontario, Douro, s/o Stephen & Ann HARDING, married Jane TIGHE, 22, Ontario, Dummer, d/o Edward & Mary Ann TIGHE, witn: Richard SIMPSON, Douro & Ellen TIGHE, Dummer, 26 Dec 1877 at Peterborough 9200-77 John HAVERY, 27, laborer, Canada, Hamilton twp., s/o John & Christena, married Rebecca TIMLIN, 28, Ireland, Peterborough, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: George & Helen BAXTER of Peterborough, 6 Dec 1877 at Peterborough
9199-77 Sidney Smith HAWKINS, 22, saddler, Canada, Port Hope, s/o John Henry & Elizabeth, married Mary Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 20, Cobourg, Peterborough, d/o Benjamin & Ellen, witn: James & Hattie MULHERN of Peterborough, 28 Sept 1877 at Peterborough 9081-77 Cornelius HAWSON, 40, farmer, Port Hope, Ennismore, s/o Daniel HAWSON & Elizabeth HERBERT?, married Ellen FLAHERTY, 31, Ennismore, Waterloo, d/o Thomas FLAHERTY & Mary HICKEY, witn: Richard COSGRIEFF & Mary J. GIBSON, both of Ennismore, 29 May [1877] at Downeyville
#009344-78 Bartholomew HAYS, not given, not given, not given, Otonabee, s/o Bartholomew HAYS & Hannora BARRY, married Mary KORKERY, not given, not given, Otonabee, d/o Denis KORKERY & Bridget O'NEIL, witn: Richard & Ellen HAYS, not given, 17 Apr 1877 at Peterborough #009163-78 Patrick HEFFERNEN, 42, farmer, Ireland, South Douro, widower, s/o John HEFFERNEN & Julia Anne ALLEN, married Margaret MOLONEY, 30, New York, Peterborough, d/o John MOLONEY & Mary MAGUIRE, witn: John ALLEN, South Douro & Anne MOLONEY, Burleigh, 19 Sept 1877 at South Douro
9074-77 Neil HENNESSY, 22, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o Thomas HENNESSY & Mary O'DONNELL, married Elizabeth FLYNN, 24, Emily twp., same, d/o Michael & Elizabeth, witn: Michael FLYNN & Mary POWERS, both of Emily twp., 13 Feb [1877] at Downeyville 9139-78 James HENRY, 35, farmer, Ireland, Marmora, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Sarah HAMILTON, 33, widow, Marmora, same, d/o James HAMILTON & Sarah, witn: Mathe BETTIS & Mrs. WILKINSON, both of Blairton, 16 Oct. 1877 at Blairton
9075-78 David George HENTHORN, 36, livery stable keeper, Peterboro, same, s/o James Trotter & Mary, married Annie BROWNLEE, 22, Peterboro, same, d/o George & Annie, witn: John J. LUNDY & Bella VIN both of Peterboro on Dec. 19, 1877, at Peterborough 9071-77 James HOCTER?, 27, laborer, Ops, same, s/o Nathaniel HOCTER & Mary PENROSE, married Mary CALLIGHAN, 22, Emily twp., same, d/o Michael & Catherine, witn: John DAVEY of Lindsay & Margaret DAVEY of Emily twp., 9 Jan [1877] at Downeyville [Callaghan?]
9175-77 (Peterborough Co): Homer HOLMES, 32, shoe maker, Ontario, Peterborough, s/o James & Fanny, married Elizabeth DONOVAN, 30, Ontario, Peterborough, d/o Daniel & Margaret, witn: Marcello & Elizabeth MOWRY of Peterborough, 1 Aug 1877 at Bible Christian parsonage, Peterborough 9197-77 William Clay HOLYWELL, 24, cabinet maker, Cobourg, Fenelon Falls, s/o Thomas & blank, married Janet HENDERSON, 21, Peterborough, same, d/o Robert HENDERSON & Ann BARFELT, witn: J. B. HOLYWELL & R. C. HENDERSON, both of Peterborough, 23 May 1877 at Peterborough
9106-77 Edward E. HOPKINS, 39, widower, England, Seymour, s/o C. H. & Elizabeth Stephens, married M. E. ARCHER, 32, England, North Monaghan, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Edward ELSON & Sarah Jane ARCHER, both of N. Monaghan, 7 Feb 1877 at North Monaghan 9067-77 Thomas HOWDEN, 24, butcher, Peterborough, same, s/o George & Ann, married Sarah REVINGTON, 20, Ennismore twp., North Monaghan twp., d/o George & Ann, witn: Francis & Margaret MONTGOMERY of Smith twp., 2 March 1877 at Baptist Parsonage, Smith
  9138-78 Henry HUBBEL, 22, farmer, Rawdon, Methune twp., s/o John & Jane, married Clarissa HAWLEY, 17, Crammia, Chandros, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Elizabeth GLYNN of Methuen & James CHAMBERLAIN of Belmont, 8 Nov 1877 at Methuen
9110-77 William George HUNTER, 26, farmer, Canada, Harvey, s/o William & Sophia, married Mary GRAHAM, 21, Canada, Smith twp., d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: William GRAHAM, 6 March 1877 at Lakefield 9196-77 James HUNTER, 23, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o James & Mary, married Helen THOMPSON, 20, Colborne, Millbrook, d/o John THOMPSON & Harriet SIMMONS, witn: Rev. & Addie LOWRY, 22 May 1877 at Peterborough
009151 – 77 William Henry HUNTER, 26, Laborer, United States, Dummer, s/o John & June HUNTER, married Mary Ann CROWE, 20, Canada, Dummer, d/o Francis & Mary CROWE. Witn: J. R. DARLING & Elizabeth BATTEN, both of Lakefield. 7 Nov. 1877, Lakefield 009158 – 77 John JACKSON, 40, Farmer, Tp of Smith, same, s/o William & Rebecca JACKSON, married Ellen PACEY, 21, Tp of Alnwick, same, d/o Shallum & Jane PACEY. Witn: Emma FRISE & Rachel ROGER, both of Peterborough. 15 Feb. 1877, Peterborough
9191-77 (Peterborough Co): Robert JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Noble & Elizabeth, married Eliza Ann FERRICK, 19, Lakefield, Douro, d/o John & Eliza Ann, witn: A. R. WILLOUGHBY & Susan MARTIN, both of Peterborough, 3 Oct 1877 at Peterborough 9177-77 (Peterborough Co): Edward Albert JONES, 22, tinsmith, NY state, Peterborough, s/o Humphrey & Ann, married Elizabeth CONDON, 21, Douro twp., Peterborough, d/o William & Jessie, witn: Alexander PAISLEY & Harriet Alice MAY, both of Peterborough, 11 Jan 1877 at Peterborough
009144 – 77 Samuel JORY, 23, Farmer, Canada Douro, s/o John & Ann JORY, married Mary Jane INGRAM, 18, Canada, Douro, d/o James & Cecilia? INGRAM. Witn: William REEVE, Lakefield, & Emma JORY, Douro. 26 Sept. 1877, Lakefield 9063-78 James H. KEAN, of Peterboro, s/o Andrew KEAN & Honnora HOBIN, married Margaret McDONNELL, of Peterboro, d/o Charles McDONNELL & Johanna HANLIN, witn: George H. KEAN & Mary McGRATH no residences given on Nov. 20, 1877, at Peterborough
009139 – 77 William KEELER, 35, Farmer, Sligo Ireland, Monmouth, s/o Robert KEELER & Ann Eustatia MARA, married May Ann WILLIAMS, 27, York Tp., Monmouth, d/o Stephen WILLIAMS & Eliza SMITH. Witn: Philip LOGUE, Galway Ont., & J. E. COOPER, Stanhope Ont. 17 July, 1877, Monmouth Tp  
9192-77 (Peterborough Co): George KELLETT, 24, farmer, Minden, same, s/o George & Mary, married Jane YOUNG, 30, Ireland, Smith, d/o William & Mary, witn: Robert J. & Maggie KELSO of Peterborough, 5 Oct 1877 at Peterborough 009136- 77 William KELLY, 28, Farmer, Camden, Belmont, s/o David & Mary KELLY, married Martha Jane CROSS, 19, Brighton, Dummer, d/o Elias & Martha CROSS.Witn: Louis & Ann MACK, both of Norwood. 3 Dec. 1877, Norwood
9058-77 Aaron KELLY, 22, farmer, Hungerford, Norwood, s/o David & Mary, married Martha MILDMAN, 19, Asphodel, same, d/o Thomas & Susan, witn: Joseph MILDMAN of Asphodel & Ann B. H. PATTYSON of Norwood, 30 Jan 1877 at Asphodel [Pattison?] 9174-77 (Peterborough Co): John KEMPT, 28, farmer, England, Otonabee, s/o John & Ann, married Jemima NORTHCOTT, 22, Ontario, North Monaghan, d/o Robert & Fanny, witn: Alfred KEMPT of Otonabee & Mary Ann NORTHCOTT of North Monaghan, 27 June 1877 at res of bride's father
9206-77 Alfred LA DRAKE, 28, laborer, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Cherbenneux & Christie, married Alice BUTLER, 24, Canada, Peterborough, d/o Hiram & Harriet, witn: George CAIN & C. SANDERSON, both of Peterborough, 30 Oct 1877 at Peterborough #009128-77 (Peterborough Co): William LESLIE, 25, farmer, Douro, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Charlotte C. HUBBLE, 17, Rawdon, Methune, d/o Samuel & E.R., witnesses were John LESLIE & Elizabeth LITTLE, both of Dummer, Oct. 31, 1877 at Douro twp
009153 – 77 John LONG (LANG?) 24, Yeoman, Germany, Peterborough, s/o John & Maria LONG, married Mary SHAFENBERY, 25, Germany, Peterborough, d/o Henry & Dora SHAFENBERY. Witn: Eliza SHAFENBERY, Peterborough & Fred GEESYA, Sonowdon. 11 Jan. 1877, Peterborough. (Luth.)  
9079-77 Lewis MABEHE, 21, laborer, Quebec City, Bobcaygeon, s/o Fevea MABEHE & Mary GAUNGERIEX?, married Mary Ann McNAULTY, 22, Niagara, Bobcaygeon, d/o Peter McNAULTY & Ellen MANNING, witn: Maurice LANE & Elizabeth McNAULTY, both of Bobcaygeon, 9 April [1877] at Bobcaygeon 9119-77 Lionel S. MALLEY, 26, farmer, Ireland, Minden, s/o William MALLEY & Theresa DIAER?, married Elizabeth Jane McELWAIN, 17, Emily twp., Minden, d/o William McELWAIN & Eliza STINSON, witn: William GAINER & Sarah GAINER his wife, of Minden, 19 Sept 1877 at Minden
9190-77 (Peterborough Co): Henry MANN, 25, hotel keeper, London England, Toronto, s/o Henry MANN & Ann MORRISON, married Ann McFARLANE, 23, Port Hope, Peterborough, d/o Thomas & Marilla, witn: Louis GREEN & Melvina McFARLANE, both of Peterborough, 31 Aug 1877 at Peterborough 9183-77 (Peterborough Co): John McCAULEY, 22, laborer, Tyrone, Peterborough, s/o William McCAULEY & Elizabeth BOYD, married Margaret ALEXANDER, 24, Tyrone, Peterborough, d/o George ALEXANDER & Isabella McCAULEY, witn: G. M. & Helen CRAWFORD of Peterborough, 5 Oct 1877 at Peterborough
009149 – 77 John McCORMICK, 31, Laborer, Ireland, Douro, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth McCORMICK, married Matilda GIPSON (GIBSON ?), 25, Ireland, Lakefield, d/o William & Matilda GIBSON. Witn: John MADILL, Lakefield. 26 Nov. 1877, Lakefield 9125-77 Robert McCRACKEN, 28, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o William & Frances Ann, married Mrs. Margaret NIXON, 28, widow, Dummer, same, d/o David DRAIN & Fanny, witn: James McCRACKEN & Annie DRAIN, both of Dummer, 21 Nov 1877 at Dummer
  #009359-78 Martin MCFADDEN, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o James MCFADDEN & Bridget MURPHY, married Margaret SULLIVAN, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o John SULLIVAN & Bridget HOGAN, witn: Thomas MCNAMEE & Mary Ann SULLIVAN, not given, 28 Oct 1877 at Peterborough
9060-77 Edward McGILL, 29, farmer, Cavan Ont., Michigan USA, s/o James & Margaret, married Henrietta WIGMAN, 31, Dummer, same, d/o William & J. A., witn: Susan WIGMAN of Dummer & J. A. McGILL of Belmont, 29 Jan 1877 at Dummer twp 9112-77 William James McKEE, 26, farmer, Canada, Smith twp., s/o Andrew & Ann, married Alice Isabella McKIBBEN, 18, Canada, Smith twp., d/o William & Sarah, witn: Sarah McKEE of Smith twp., 14 March 1877 at Lakefield
9056-77 James McKENZIE, 27, yeoman, Dummer, Asphodel, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Christena LYNN, 20, Asphodel, same, d/o Hugh & Jane, witn: Joseph HARRISON & Margaret McKENZIE, both of Asphodel, 9 Jan 1877 at Asphodel 9118-77 Samuel McKNIGHT, 25, farmer, Co. Down Ireland, Minden, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Jane BATESON, 15, Douro, Minden, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: John BATESON & Margaret DUNCAN, both of Minden, 26 July 1877 at Minden
9166-77 Ingleman Sutcliff McQUE (or Jacque?), 28, doctor, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Philip & Eliza, married Helen Muriel KELLEY, 26, Wisconsin, Peterborough, d/o William & Sophronia, witn: Walter & Ella? PATERSON of Peterborough, 18 April 1877 at Peterborough 9184-77 (Peterborough Co): Robert James MENZIES, 20 yrs + 11 months,, clerk, Peterborough, same, s/o James MENZIES & Jane SCRIVE (or Scrine?), married Margaret MILLS, 23, Peterborough, same, d/o George MILLS & Susan GREGORY, witn: James MENZIES & Robert H. GREEN, both of Peterborough, 22 Aug 1877 at Peterborough
9053-77 Edward MINAKER, 21, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Minden, s/o Peter MINAKER & Mary DAVIS (David?), married Mary Ann ROBERTSON, 16, Ontario, Minden, d/o John ROBERTSON & Ann BELL, witn: Charles SERPES & Jane ROBERTSON, both of Minden, 1 Jan 1877 at Minden #009162-78 William MOHER (Maher?), 28, labourer, South Douro, same, s/o Maurice MOHER & Julia O'BRIEN, married Honora CAVANAGH, 29, Cork Co Ireland, Otonabee, d/o Richard CAVANAGH & Honora SMITH, witn: Michael MOHER Douro & Catherine COLLINS, Otonabee, 2 Oct 1877 at South Douro
009148 – 77 William MONTGOMERY, 30, Farmer, Canada, Harvey, s/o William & Sarah Jane MONTGOMERY, married Elisabeth WINDOVER, 19, Canada, Harvey, d/o Gregg (George?) & Catherine WINDOVER. Witn: Henry FRASER, Lakefield & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, Harvey. 15 Nov. 1877, Lakefield. 009142 – 77 John MOORE, 37, Farmer, Ireland Tp of Hope, s/o William & Mary MOORE, married Annie FIELDS, 18, Tp of Clarke, Tp of Hope, d/o Lynas & Mary Jane FIELDS. Witn: James & Jane WEDLOCK, both of Monaghan. 8 Oct. 1877, Hiawatha
9065-77 James Francis MOORE, 23, carpenter, Dummer twp., Lakefield, s/o James & Ellen, married Sarah M. ROSBOROUGH, 22, Smith twp., same, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: William GRAHAM of Lakefield & Hannah ROSBOROUGH of Smith, 24 Jan 1877 at Baptist Parsonage, Smith 9205-77 William MORGAN, 21, livery stable keeper, Ashburnham, Peterborough, s/o Henry & Prudence, married Laura TOOLE, 20, Peterborough, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: James MARTIN & Lillie MORGAN, both of Peterborough, 14 Nov 1877 at Peterborough
9057-77 George Alexander MORRISON, 24, general agent, Dummer, Peterborough, s/o Robert MORRISON & Elizabeth COAD, married Margaret Ann FYFE, 22, Asphodel, same, d/o John W. FYFE & Elizabeth LEARMONT, witn: Andrew WILSON & Louisa MORRISON, both of Peterborough, 23 Jan 1877 at Asphodel  
009134 – 77 Thomas MORROW, 23, Farmer, Owen Sound, Dummer, s/o John & Elizabeth MORROW, married Harriet VANSICKLE, 23, Norwood, Methuen, d/o Henry & Phebe Irene VANSICKLE. Witn: Samuel & Emma June McFADDEN both of Asphodel. 11 Nov. 1877, Asphodel 9142-78 Robert NEWTON, 41, widower, farmer, England, Alnwick, s/o Robert & Matilda, married Maria DRURY, 43, widow, Norwood, Belmont, d/o Henry VANSICKLE & Jane, witn: Rev. William BUCHANAN of Warsaw & Scott HUSTON of Belmont, 22 Oct. 1877 at Blairton
009147 – 77 Thomas NORTHEY, 21,Farmer, Canada, Smith, s/o William & Hannah NORTHEY, married Margaret SANDERSON, 17, Canada, Harvey, d/o John & Margaret SANDERSON. Witn: John BLANCH, no address given. 31 Oct. 1877, Lakefield 9143-78 William NUNN, 28, mason, Ireland, Belmont, s/o Dennis & Margaret, married Margery PEOPLES, 28, Delaware USA, Belmont, d/o James & Martha, witn: George NUNN & M. J. PEOPLES, both of Belmont, 17 Nov 1877 at Blairton
  9081-78 Robert NUGENT, 27, farmer, Smith, same, s/o James NUGENT & Rachel PRITCHARD, married Sarah McILMOYL, 23, Smith, same, d/o Benjamin McILMOYL & Margaret MONTGOMERY, witn: David FAULKNER of Lakefield & Elizabeth McILMOYL no residence given on Nov. 26, 1877, at Peterborough
#009352-78 John O'BRIEN, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Michael O'BRIEN & Johanna COLLINS, married Roseann SHEEHAN, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o James SHEEHAN & Roseann MURPHY, witn: Michael O'BRIEN & Roseann MURPHY, not given, 18 Sept 1877 at Peterborough #009361-78 John O'CONNOR, not given, not given, not given, Otonabee, s/o John O'CONNOR & Elizabeth MCMAHON, married Catharine GRIER, not given, not given, Otonabee, d/o Michael GRIER & Winnifred GILROY, witn: Hugh O'CONNOR & Mary GRIER, not given, 20 Nov 1877 at Peterborough
9061-77 Charles O'NEIL, 23, farmer, Covey Hill Quebec, Percy twp., s/o William O'NEIL & Mary EDWARDS, married Mary Jane Victoria BEMISH, 21, Percy, same, d/o Henry BEMISH & Sarah BAKER, witn: Richard KING of Percy & Susie SCOTT of Norwood, 30 April 1877 at Norwood 9055-77 James Noble PAGET, 21, yeoman, Asphodel, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Hannah STEVENSON, 20, Asphodel, same, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Samuel SPENCE of Dummer & Rosanna STEVENSON of Asphodel, 4 Jan 1877 at Asphodel
9141-78 Porter PELSTON, 37, farmer, Amherst Island, Belmont, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Mary Eliza YOUNG, 23, Marmora, Belmont, d/o William E. & Maria, witn: William E. & D. L. YOUNG of Belmont, 27 June 1877 at Belmont 9140-78 James Bonar PEOPLES, 30, farmer, Delaware USA, Belmont, s/o James & Martha, married Agnes McALPIN, 18, Seymour, same, d/o James & Sarah Jane, witn: Alexander STEWART & R. W. PEOPLES, both of Belmont, 21 March 1877 at Seymour
9075-77 Simon PERDUE, 28, blacksmith, Ennismore, Emily twp., s/o Thomas PERDUE & Catherine HERRINGTON, married Margaret BRICK, 24, Ennismore, same, d/o Patrick BRICK & Ellen DRISCOL, witn: Thomas PERDUE of Ennismore & Johanna HARKNESS of Emily twp., 13 Feb [1877] at Downeyville 9174-78 Robert POPE, 42, yeoman, England, Port Hope, s/o James & Ann, married Mary Jane BENNETT, 32, Canada, North Monaghan, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: Henry DELANE of Peterborough & Joseph BENNETT of N. Monaghan, 7 Nov 1877 at North Monaghan
#009353-78 James POWERS, not given, not given, not given, Peterborough, s/o Michael POWERS & Catherine MURLY, married Margaret TAGUE, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o Thomas TAGUE & Hannora MCGRATH, witn: Louis MCDONNELL & Mary POWERS, not given, 18 Sept 1877 at Peterborough  
9122-77 Daniel QUINLAN, 25, farmer, Asphodel, same, s/o Daniel QUINLAN & Maria HOGAN, married Ellen Agnes GORMAN, 26, Ennismore, same, d/o James GORMAN & Mary McCARTHY, witn: Michael O'BRIEN & Catherine GORMAN, both of Ennismore, 12 June 1877 at Ennismore 9109-77 Joseph RAY, 23, laborer, Canada, Smith twp., s/o John & Eliza, married Catherine LONG, 21, Canada, Lakefield, d/o John & Elizabeth Louisa, witn: James BIRD & A. RAY, both of Lakefield, 5 June 1877 at Lakefield
  009145 – 77 John RICHARDSON, 23, Carpenter, Scotland, Lakefield, s/o John & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, married Cecilia WYNNE, 23, Canada, Lakefield d/o George & Ann WYNNE. Witn: J. LILLICROP?, Lakefield. 26 Sept. 1877, Lakefield
9113-77 John Wesley ROBERTS, 22, farmer, Cartwright, Harcourt, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Phoebe Ann ROBSON, 17, Cambridge England, Dudley, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: John CLINKSEALE of Haliburton & Elizabeth ROBERTS, 4 Oct. 1877 at Haliburton 9186-77 (Peterborough Co): John Wesley ROBINSON, 30, farmer, Cavan, Otonabee, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Sarah Ann GILLESPIE, 21, South Monaghan, Otonabee, d/o James & Esther, witn: Robert J. & Catherine ROBINSON of Otonabee, 3 Jan 1877 at Peterborough
9182-77 (Peterborough Co): Hector ROBINSON, 38, lumberer, Arnprior, Peterborough, s/o Neil ROBINSON & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Ellen FARLEY, 28, Douro, Peterborough, d/o Charles FARLEY & Mary CRAULEY, witn: John CONNER & Bridget NOLAN, both of Peterborough, 30 Aug 1877 at Peterborough  
#009354-78 Charles ROCHON, not given, not given, not given Peterborough, s/o Charles ROCHON & Louisa TESSIER, married Mary POWERS, not given, not given, Peterborough, d/o James & Juliha (as written) POWERS, witn: William ARMSTRONG & Margaret PHALEN, not given, 20 Sept 1877 at Peterborough 9181-77 (Peterborough Co): John SAWERS, 32, widower, gentleman, Peterborough, same, s/o Augustus SAWERS & Mary CRAWFORD, married Mary Jane DAVIDSON, 28, widow, Smith, Peterborough, d/o Frank SANDERSON & Margaret MALCOLM, witn: M. MOORE & C. W. SAWERS, both of Peterborough, 27 June 1877 at Peterborough
9187-77 (Peterborough Co): William SCOTT, 33, builder, Ireland, Walkerton, s/o James & Eliza Matilda, married Emma MAY, 24, Peterborough, same, d/o Arthur & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas JOHNSTON & Elizabeth AMBROSE, both of Peterborough, 13 Feb 1877 at Peterborough 009138 – 77 Stephen SCOTT, 30, Farmer, King Ontario, Chandos, s/o Patrick & Margaret SCOTT, married Marghret? EDGAR (EDGAN?), 26, County Down Ireland, Chandos Ontario, d/o Robert Macha (sic) & Mary EDGAR. Witn: Samuel & Margaret EDGAN, both of Chandos. 22 Nov. 1877, Apsley
9201-77 William SENEY?, 21, farmer, Canada, North Monaghan, s/o William & Margaret, married Margaret DARTENELL, 21, England, North Monaghan, d/o William & Ellen, witn: Moses METHERAL & Jane ROBERTS, both of Peterborough, 10 Dec 1877 at Peterborough  
9188-77 (Peterborough Co): Robert SHAW, 23, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o Fanell & Ellen, married Jennett NELSON, 20, Otonabee, same, d/o David & Jennett, witn: James ARMSTRONG & Margaret REID, both of Otonabee, 17 Feb 1877 at Peterborough 009140 – 77 Henry SIPE, no age given, Farmer, of Cardiff, s/o Henry & Mary SIPE, married Susanna GRIPP, no age given, of Monmouth, d/o Daniel & Eliza GRIPP. Witn: Peter & Silvia GRIPP, both of Monmouth. 5 May, 1877, Monmouth
9159-77 William SMITH, 21, blacksmith, Peterborough, Cavan twp., s/o James & Mary, married Lavinia GARDNER, 19, Cavan, same, d/o Francis & Ann, witn: George FEE & Ann HANDLY, both of Emily twp., 7 April 1877 at Peterborough 9069-77 Samuel SPENCE, 27, cheese maker, Dummer, same, s/o John & Jane, married Jemima PAYNE, 20, Dummer, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: John SPENCE of Dummer & Mary A. EDWARDS of Douro, 18 April 1877 at Dummer
#009122-78 Hugh SPENSE, 22, farmer, Dummer, same, s/o John & Jane SPENCE, married Mary Julia Evangeline TORY, 20, Peterboro, Dummer, d/o Joseph & Nancy TORY, witn: William STEPHENSON, Asphodel & Amelia Emeline Josephine TORY, Dummer, 25 Dec 1877 at Dummer  
009143 – 77 Robert STENTON, 24, Farmer, Tp of South Monahan, Tp of Douro, s/o Thomas & Hannah STENTON, married Rebecca BENNETT, 22, Otonabee, same, d/o John & Alice BENNETT. Witn: William STENTON, Douro & Alice BENNETT, Otonabee. 26 Sept., 1877, Otonabee 9089-77 Thomas STEWART, 28, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o James & Catherine, married Sarah J. TAYLOR, 22, Otonabee, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Christopher HOWSON & Mary Ann STEWART, both of Otonabee, 28 March 1877 at Otonabee
009155 – 77 William STOCKDALE, 27, Farmer, England, Harvey, s/o William & Alice STOCKDALE, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 26, Canada, Douro, d/o John & Mary CAMPBELL. Witn: Ebenezer & Mary CAMPBELL, both of Douro. 26 Dec. 1877, Douro 9204-77 William Henry STRONG, 23, farmer, Hope twp., not given, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Margaret McCAUGHEY, 23, Hamilton, South Monaghan, d/o William & Margaret, witn: James THOMPSON of Manvers & Lizzie McCAUGHEY of S. Monaghan, 26 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
  9080-77 Eugene SULLIVAN, 34, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Mary MALONEY, married Ellen HICKSON, 18, Ennismore, same, d/o Richard HICKSON & Bridget McGRATH, witn: John MALONEY & Margaret HICKSON, both of Ennismore, 19 April [1877] at Ennismore
9123-77 Cornelius S. SULLIVAN, 30, farmer, Ennismore, same, s/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Mary LEAHY, married Ellen Agnes O'GORMAN, 18, Ennismore, same, d/o Edward O'GORMAN & Margaret NAUGHTON, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN & Margaret O'GORMAN, both of Ennismore, 30 Oct 1877 at Ennismore 9072-77 John SULLIVAN, 26, laborer, Douro, Ennismore, s/o Zehenias? SULLIVAN & Bridget FITZPATRICK, married Honora SULLIVAN, 24, Ennismore, same, d/o Patrick SULLIVAN & Mary LEAHY, witn: Michael SULLIVAN of Peterborough & Mary SULLIVAN of Ennismore, 9 Jan [1877] at Downeyville
9070-77 Andrew SULLIVAN, 34, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o Dennis SULLIVAN & Mary HENNESSY, married Mary CARROLL, 24, Emily twp., same, d/o John CARROLL & Mary SCANLON, witn; Michael O'DONNELL & Seria CARROL, both of Emily twp., 1 Feb [1877] at Downeyville 9076-77 Dennis SULLIVAN, 26, farmer, Emily twp., same, s/o Edward SULLIVAN & Mary BARRET, married Catherine DORAN, 19, Ennismore, same, d/o Daniel DORAN & Catherine KILLIN, witn: Edward HICKEY & Honorah KENNEDY, both of Emily twp., 13 Feb [1877] at Downeyville
009157 – 77 James TAYLOR, 30, Farmer, Tp of Smith, same, s/o Charles & Jane TAYLOR, married Grace LAING, 23, North Monaghan, same, d/o William & Mary LAING. Witn: George LAING, Monaghan & A. E. TAYLOR, Smith. 24 Jan. 1877, Peterborough 9173-77 (Peterborough Co): John C. TURNBULL, 28, clerk, Canada, Port Hope, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Charlotte FINLEY, 25, Canada, Peterborough, d/o John & Laticia, witn: Samuel R. ALLEN & Robert KIDD, both of Peterborough, 5 Sept 1877 at Peterborough
9126-77 George WALLACE, 24, brick layer, Smith twp., Peterborough, s/o John & Margaret, married Ann Elizabeth TAYLOR, 24, Smith twp., same, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: Aggie WALLACE & James BIRD, both of Lakefield, 14 Nov 1877 at Smith twp 9176-77 (Peterborough Co): William WAND, 48, widower, builder, England, Ashburnham, s/o William & Catherine, married Jane PATERSON, 35, widow, Quebec, Peterborough, d/o John & Catherine LUNY, witn: Thomas SMILEY of Ashburnham & Mary A. GRAHAM of Rochester NY, 12 Sept 1877 at bride's res, Peterborough
9108-77 William WATSON, 22, carpenter, England, Lakefield, s/o Isaac & Rebecca, married Elizabeth Jane ROWE, 20, England, Lakefield, d/o George & Maria, witn: William ROWE & Emma Grace JORY, both of Lakefield, 30 May 1877 at Lakefield 9086-77 Thomas WATT, 25, farmer, Renfrew Ont., Harcourt, s/o Donald & Elizabeth, married Clara Elizabeth ROBSON, 19 1/2, Cambridge England, Harcourt, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: Samuel ROBSON of Dudley & John Faraday YOUNG of Dysart, 9 Feb 1877 at St. Georges, Dysart
009132 – 77 James WEBSTER, 26, Farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o William WEBSTER & Hannah LANY (LARRY?), married Margret Jane WILSON, 22, Dummer. Asphodel, d/o John WILSON & Mary McCRACKEN. Witn: Joseph E. REYNOLDS, Asphodel, & Jane WEBSTER, Otonobee. 30 July, 1877, Asphodel 9064-77 Henry WILLIAMS, 26, farmer, Devon England, Smith twp., s/o John & Grace, married Emma CHEWEN (Chowen?), 18, Smith twp., same, d/o Richard & Betsy, witn: Thomas CHOWEN & Selinda LONG, both of Smith, 21 June 1877 at Smith twp
9082-78 George Henry WINCH, 22, merchant, Monaghan, Peterboro, s/o James WINCH & Mary HILL, married Aimee ALEXANDER, 20, Monaghan, Peterboro, d/o Pennington ALEXANDER & Isabella PETRIE, witn: Alfred Frederick BAILEY & Marth ALEXANDER both of Peterboro on Nov. 28, 1877, at Peterborough 009137 – 77 Linus WITMORE, 22, Farmer, Wellesley Ontario, Chandos, s/o Delman? & Hannah WHITMORE, married Ann Jane TOMLINSON, 18, Wellesley Ontario, Chandos, d/o Arthur & Phobe TOMLINSON. Witn: John & Mary McCAWLEY, both of Chandos. Nov 14, 1877, Apsley
009154 – 77 Arthur David WRIGHT, 27, Farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o William & Martha WRIGHT, married Isabella SHIELDS, 21, Canada, Ashburnham, d/o George & Mary SHIELDS. Witn: E McCABE & Mary SHIELDS both of Ashburnham. 31 Oct. 1877, Ashburnham 9167-77 Samuel J. WYLIE, 22, teacher, Canada, Emily twp., s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Ellen E. FEE, 19, Canada, Emily twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, 6 June 1877 at Peterborough