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Perth Co., 1878, part 2

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8803-78 John ALLEN, 32, farmer, Quebec, Mornington, s/o George ALLEN & Mary BLASDELL, married Mary Ann CHAPMAN, 23, Durham Ont., Listowel, d/o William SMITH (sic) & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Charles CHAPMAN & Jane W--IER?, both of Mornington, 3 May 1878 at Listowel 8900-78 Duncan ANDERSON, 25, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o John ANDERSON & Jessie MURRAY, married Jessie HYDE, 21, North Easthope, same, d/o John HYDE & Jessie DOW, witn: John ROBERTSON of South Easthope & Mary HYDE of North Easthope, 9 Jan 1878 at North Easthope
8605-79, W.W. ARNOTT, 26, merchant tailor, Orno (Orono?), Berlin, s/o William & Susan, married Bertha TEUSCHER, 19, Waterloo, Stratford, d/o Jacob & Anna, witn: Robert FORBES & John WERNER both of Stratford, 27 November 1878, Stratford 8914-78 Richard ATTRIDGE, 21, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o Michael ATTRIDGE & Catherine DUCKLAND, married Priscilla McMANE, 18, Burgess, Elma, d/o Charles McMANE & Helen BARR, witn: William WEIR of Mornington & Emily HANCEY (Harvey?) of Elma, 23 Jan 1878 at Elma
8830-78 James BARNETT, 29, farmer, Canada, Blanshard, s/o Charles & Jane, married Agnes Ann ARMSTRONG, 21, Canada, Blanshard, d/o Thomas & Agnes, witn: Moore ARMSTRONG & Mary ARMSTRONG, 27 June 1878 at Blanshard 8865-78 Edward BAUER, 28, wagon maker, Alsfeld Germany, Sebastopol, s/o George & Catherine, married Catherine KALBFLEISCH, 16, East Zorra, same, d/o Conrad & Elizabeth, witn: Adam KALBFLEISCH of East Zorra & Anna WILKER of Sebastopol, 14 April 1878 at Sebastopol
8816-78 Edwin BLACK, 22, mechanic, Maryboro twp., Palmerston, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Emma WALKER, 18, Harmony village, Listowel, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William WALKER Jr. & Elizabeth OSBORNE, both of Listowel, 18 Dec 1878 at Listowel 8858-78 Meno BOSHART, 24, farmer, widower, Wilmot, Wellesley, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Catherine SCHWARTZENTRUBER, 22, East Zorra, same, d/o Christian & Magdalena, witn: Christian BOSHART of Wilmot & Joseph SCHWARTZENTRUBER of East Zorra, 26 Feb 1878 at East Zorra
8905-78 John BOWERS, 27, carriage maker, South Easthope, Shakespeare, s/o John BOWERS & Amelia FRANK, married Mrs. Catherine FLYNN, 27, London Ont., Shakespeare, d/o David BRAIDWOOD & Jane LANG, witn: Michael McPHEE & Mrs. HAINBURY & Elizabeth BOWERS, 30 July 1878 at Shakespeare 8801-78 Andrew BROWN, 22, farmer, Germany, Wallace twp., s/o John BROWN & Mary SNIDER, married Catherine ELLISON, 17, Wallace twp., Elma twp., d/o William & Margaret, witn: Robert & Mary COATES of Grey twp., 12 Feb 1878 at Listowel
8599-79, Thomas BRYANT, 34, brick maker, England, Brantford, s/o Thomas & Sarah BRYANT, married Margaret McLECAN, 29, Canada, Stratford, d/o Thomas & Ann McLECAN, witn: Thomas McLECAN & B.C. WILLIAMS both of Stratford, 11 July 1878, Stratford 8904-78 Samuel A. CAIRNCROSS, 40, merchant, Orkney Islands Scotland, Shakespeare, s/o James CAIRNCROSS & Hannah McKAY, married Elizabeth HOLWELL, 31, Brantford, Shakespeare, d/o Thomas HOLWELL & Mary SPENCER, witn: William FAULKNER of Hamilton & Elizabeth BOWERS of Shakespeare, 11 June 1878 at Shakespeare
8809-78 John CARR, 23, mechanic, Caledonia, Grey twp., s/o James & Mary Jane, married Isabella MAUSIER, 20, Wellesley twp., Brussels, d/o Charles & Charlotte, witn: M?. BATES of Grey & Phoebe MAUSIER of Brussels, 31 July 1878 at Listowel 8595-79, Alexander CHARLESWORTH, 30, miller, Canada, Egmondville, s/o Milton & Christian CHARLESWORTH, married Margaret VAN EGMOND (sic), 21, Canada Egmondville, d/o Leopold & Margaret VAN EGMOND, witn: Bella WILLIAMS & H. GRANT both of Stratford, 9 October 1878, Stratford
8913-78 Charles H. CHESLEY, 48, widower, painter, Annapolis Nova Scotia, Listowel, s/o Asaph CHESLEY & Rachel DAVIDSON, married Emma McCONNELL, 26, Norval, same, d/o George McCONNELL & Louisa PROCTOR, witn: Tenison COLLISON & Jane SPENCE, both of Elma, 22 Jan 1878 at Neury 8902-78 John DAUB, 22, carpenter, North Easthope, Shakespeare, s/o John DAUB & Barbara BEINTACH, married Jessie ROSS, 23, Dumfrieshire Scotland, Shakespeare, d/o John GREIRSON (sic) & Elizabeth LEE, witn: Edward MOWAT & Mary McTAVISH, both of Shakespeare, 24 April 1878 at Shakespeare
8815-78 Thomas DICKSON, 27, farmer, Blandford, same, s/o William & Janet, married Jane MELROSE, 20, Elma twp., same, d/o Thomas & Agnes, witn: Sarah MELROSE & Matthew STEVENSON, both of Elma, 23 Dec 1878 at Listowel 8842-78 Louis DIEGAL, 24, farmer, Waterloo Co., Logan twp., s/o Henry DIEGAL & Katherine FAHLER, married Maria PUTHELBURY, 20, Logan twp., same, d/o Louis PUTHELBURY & Catherine STANGE, witn: Henry BENNEWIES & Elizabeth PUTHELBURY, both of Logan twp., 24 Sept 1878 at Logan twp
8810-78 Amos DOAN, 28, carriage builder, King twp., Gorrie, s/o Amos & Margaret, married Hannah SANDERSON, 18, Peel twp., Listowel, d/o Joseph & Loretta, witn: Emma DOAN of Listowel & Thomas SANDERSON of Gorrie, 3 Oct. 1878 at Listowel 8856-78 William DOERR, 28, cabinet maker, Bleidenrode Germany, North Easthope, s/o John & Catherine, married Maria CHAMBER, 18, Wellesley, North Easthope, d/o Jacob & Johan, witn: Andrew WILHELM & L. KOCH, both of North Easthope, 3 Feb 1878 at Sebastopol
8850-79 August ECKERT, 23, farmer, Germany, Wawanosh Tp., s/o John & Fredericka, married Caroline ISCHE, 23, Ellice, same, d/o August & Charlotte, witn: August & Catherine ISCHE both of Ellice on Nov. 27, 1878 at Ellice Tp. 8716-79, George EDWARDS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Wallace, s/o Benjamin & Jane EDWARDS, married Sarah Jane FERGUSON, 21, Ontario, Wallace, d/o William & Margaret FERGUSON, witn: Alexander FERGUSON & Sarah EDWARDS both of Wallace, 27 November 1878, Wallace
8594-79, Andrew ENTICKNAP, 33, brakeman, Canada, Stratford, s/o George & Magdalene ENTICKNAP, married Louisa HOMAN, 27, Canada, Stratford, d/o Nathaniel & Mary Ann HOMAN, witn: H.G. CHOWEN & Robert O. BOYD both of Stratford, 7 October, 1878, Stratford 8666-79, James FEENEY, 23, farmer, Hibbert, Hibbert Twp, s/o Martin FEENEY & Mary FEENEY, married Anne BURNS, 22, Hibbert Twp, same, d/o Malachy BURNS & Catherine BURNS, witn: Malachy BURNS Jr. & Winifred FEENEY both of Hibbert, 8 October 1878, Irish Town, McKillop Twp (RC)
8891-78 Patrick GAFFNEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Logan, s/o Patrick GAFFNEY & Elizabeth KEENAN, married Alice MORRISON, 17, Canada, Ellice twp., d/o Bartholomew MORRISON & Ellen LYNET, witn: William GAFFNEY of Logan & Mary JUDGE of Ellice twp., 29 April 1878 a Kinkora 8888-78 William GALL, 27, carpenter, Ellice twp., same, s/o Frederick GALL & Dorothea Maria BARGE, married Augusta FAMME, 21, Ellice twp., same, d/o august FAMME & Hanna SCHAFER, witn: Karl GALL & Karl WICKE, both of Ellice twp., 21 may 1878 at St. Johns Church, Ellice twp.
8825-78 Tigery GEAKE, 31, stone cutter, Kingston Ont, Toledo Ohio, s/o Edward & Susanna, married Mary PINKHAM, 24, Usborne, same, d/o William & Martha, witn: William BROCK of Usborne, 15 July 1878 at Usborne [reg'd in Blanshard twp] 8852-78 James GIBSON, 43, farmer, widower, Edinburgh Scotland, Wallace, s/o Alexander & Ellen, married Martha Jane CHAPMAN, 21, Darlington Wallace, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: John PETCH & Maggie D. WILSON, both of Wallace, 19 June 1878 at Wallace
8894-78 Valentine GILDNER, 44, widower, blacksmith, Germany, Wellesley twp., s/o Henry GILDNER & Mary LIPPEL, married Margaret LENHARDT, 43, widow, Germany, Ellice twp., d/o not given, witn: John ZULAUF of Ellice twp. & Konrad FAULHABER of North Easthope, 28 July 1878 at St. Johns Church, Ellice twp 8808-78 James GILLIES, 33, yeoman, Downie twp., Elma twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Jane HAMILTON, 26, Wellesley twp., Elma twp., d/o Hugh & Catherine, witn: John HAMILTON & Mary GILLIS (sic), both of Listowel, 17 July 1878 at Listowel
8811-78 William GLENN, 31, farmer, Cavanagh twp., Hay twp., s/o John & Jane, married Margaret STEWART, 27, Peel twp., Listowel, d/o George & Jane, witn: W.M. BRUCE of Listowel & Elizabeth GLENN (sic) of Hay twp, 15 Oct. 1878 at Listowel 8882-78 Michael GOETTLER, 24, miller, Ellice twp., same, s/o Anthony & Margaret, married Mary Ann KASTNER, 22, Downie twp., same, d/o Michael & Catherine, witn: William KASTNER of Downie & Margaret E. PEASON of Ellice twp., 5 March 1878 at Downie
8802-78 Robert GRAHAM, 26, farmer, Canada, Wellington Co., s/o William GRAHAM & Mary Ann FENNEL, married Emelia A. WEBER, 22, Canada, Wellington Co., d/o William WEBER & Emelia GARDNER, witn: Joseph GRAHAM & Emelia WEBER, both of Wellington Co., 9 April 1878 at Listowel 8819-78 Joseph GRANT, 23, merchant, Granton, same, s/o Alexander GRANT & Isabella McROBERTS, married Maggie YOUNGSON, 22, Guelph, Blanshard, d/o Leslie YOUNGSON & Matilda McCLENAGHAN, witn: George GRANT of Granton & Lucinda TIBBETTS of Blanshard, 24 May 1878 at Blanshard
8600-79, Abram GREENWOOD, 44, widower, labourer, North Easthope, Stratford, s/o John GREENWOOD & Isabella RAY, married Mary NOWERY, 35, Scotland, Stratford, d/o Francis NOWERY & Elizabeth PARK, witn: Annie DAVIES & James ARMSTRONG both of Stratford, 31 December 1878, Stratford  
8863-78 Henry HEINBACH, 26, farmer, Germany, East Zorra, s/o Jost & Elizabeth, married Margaret KAUFMAN, 25, Germany, East Zorra, d/o Werner & Margaret, witn: Louis KAUFMAN & Fanny CURRY, both of East Zorra, 7 April 1878 at Sebastopol 8887-78 Henry HEROLD, 29, farmer, Fullarton, Ellice twp., s/o Nicholas HEROLD & Elizabeth HONIG, married Margaret KREIS, 21, Fullarton, same, d/o John KREIS & Catherine BALD, witn: George JACOB of Ellice twp. & George GOETTLER of Sebringville, 25 April 1878 at St. Johns Church, Ellice twp
8843-78 Henry HESS, 24, farmer, Wilmot twp., Logan twp., s/o Conrad HESS & "mother dead", married Catherine ROCK, 19, Wilmot twp., Logan twp., d/o George ROCK & Catherine HESS, witn: Christian & Annie ROCK of Logan twp., 1 Oct 1878 at Logan twp 8895-78 Dominic HOWARD, 27, farmer, Canada, Logan, s/o Michael HOWARD & Ann CARLIN, married Jane CONNELLY, 28, Canada, Ellice twp., d/o Peter CONNELLY & Ellen MEGINN, witn: Bernard MARTIN & Alice FINNEGAN, both of Ellice twp., 26 Nov 1878 at Kinkora
8804-78 John HOWE, 25, farmer, North Easthope twp., Wallace twp., s/o Marvin HOWE & Jessie MURRAY, married Annie JAMES, 21, Brockville, Elma twp., d/o William JAMES & Susan JACOB, witn: Richard D. HOWE & Ann Jane RALPH, both of Wallace twp., 7 May 1878 at Listowel 8850-78 Robert A. IRWIN, 30, hotel keeper, Kings Co Canada, Palmerston, s/o David & Ellen, married Margaret GRAY, 26, Wallace, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: William H. GRAY & William IRWIN, both of Wallace, 8 may 1878 at Wallace twp
8813-78 William JOHNSTON, 38, widower, hotel keeper, Leeds Co., Harriston, s/o Peter & Sarah, married Mary Ann STEWART, 37, widow, Pickering twp., Arcona (Arkona?), d/o James HALL & Clara, witn: Michael & Regina CURRIE (Corrie?) of Newry Station, 4 Dec 1878 at Listowel 8603-79, Charles JONES, 22, labourer, England, Stratford, s/o Sarah & Thomas, married Fannie JAMES, 18, Shakspeare, Stratford, d/o William & Mary, witn: Richard LETTY & Eva .... MCARTHUR both of Stratford, 9 December 1878, Stratford,
8840-78 Thomas JUDGE, 24, farmer, Canada, Ellice twp., s/o Patrick JUDGE & Catherine McDONALD, married Evangline PETERS, 22, Canada, Bruce Co., d/o Andrew PETERS & Elvina DICKENSON, witn: Peter & Mary JUDGE of Ellice twp., 29 July 1878 at St. Brigetts Catholic Church, Logan twp 8806-78 Henry JUNG, 41, widower, mason, Hesse Darnstadt, Listowel, s/o Justus JUNG & Elizabeth HAUS, married Susanna BUTTLER (Bunter?), 41, widow, Baden Germany, Listowel, d/o John FERCH & Susan, witn: George & Elizabeth RAPP of Wallace, 9 Jan 1878 at Listowel
8867-78 Andrew KAUFMANN, 20, farmer, South Easthope, Sebastopol, s/o George H. & Elizabeth, married Minna WEITZEL, 20, South Easthope, Sebastopol, d/o Adam & C., witn: Andrew EIDT of East Zorra & Margaret KAUFMANN of South Easthope, 22 Sept 1878 at Sebastopol 8827-78 James KEMP, 26, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o George & Mary, married Mary Ann STINE, 18, Blanshard, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Thomas BAL--? & Joseph STINE, both of Blanshard, 12 March 1878 at Blanshard
8857-78 John KENNEL, 21, farmer, Wellesley, same, s/o Christian & Magdalena, married Magdalena SCHRAG, 23, East Zorra, same, d/o John & Magdalena, witn: Joseph SCHRAG of East Zorra & Nicholas KENNEL of Wilmot, 3 Feb 1878 at South Easthope 8839-78 Edward KENNEY, 27, farmer, Ireland, Logan twp., s/o Martin KENNEY & Ann MOONEY, married Mary JUDGE, 26, USA, Ellice twp., d/o Michael JUDGE & Brigid LALLEY, witn: James KEHOE of Logan & Alice MORRISON of Ellice twp., 4 Mach 1878 at St. Brigids Church, Logan
8892-78 William KINSMAN, 26, moulder, Canada, London, s/o John KINSMAN & Ann WILLIAMS, married Ellen STOCK, 25, Canada, Ellice twp., d/o Peter STOCK & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, witn: Richard KINSMAN of London & Mary STOCK of Ellice twp., 8 May 1878 at Kinkora 8868-78 Henry KOCH, 26, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o George & Margaret, married Elizabeth HORRMAN, 21, South Easthope, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Henry HORRMAN & Elizabeth WETTLAUFER, both of South Easthope, 6 Oct. 1878 at Sebastopol
8853-78 Nicholas KROTZ, 27, clerk, Germany, Listowel, s/o George M. & Helena, married Catherine WALTER, 19, Woolwich, Wallace, d/o Jacob & Julianna, witn: Ehrenfried & Margaret BRUDER of Wallace, 17 Aug 1878 at res of Jacob Walter, Wallace 8838-78 Richard KYLIE, 25, mechanic, Canada, Lindsay, s/o Edward KYLIE & Emily POWER, married Nora REGAN, 21, Canada, Logan twp., d/o Cornelius REGAN & Brigid O'HALLORAN, witn: Jeremiah MAHONEY & Margaret CARROLL, both of Logan, 8 July 1878 at St. Brigids Catholic Church, Logan
8879-78 Malcolm LAMOND, 57, widower, farmer, Island of Tyre - Scotland, Hibbert twp., s/o John LAMOND & Ann McKINNON, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 37, Argyleshire Scotland, Minto twp., d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Margaret GILLES, witn: Hugh STEWART of Fullarton & Mary McKAIG of Usborne, 4 Dec 1878 at Hibbert 8817-78 Edwin LAWSON, 28, widower, farmer, Clarke twp., Turnberry twp., s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Martha ORR, 20, Harmony village, Wroxeter, d/o James L. & Charlotte, witn: Allan ORR of Wroxeter & Esther ROBINSON of Turnberry, 3 Oct 1878 at Listowel
8800-78 Samuel MADDIS, 42, farmer, England, Mornington, s/o Benjamin MADDIS & Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN, married Charlotte BATTISON, 32, England, Mornington, d/o William BATISON (sic) & Elizabeth MADDIS, witn: Stephen LUTHER & Mary Jane BATISON, both of Mornington, 21 Jan 1878 at Listowel 8755-78 Joseph McFADDEN, 30, yeoman, Ireland, Mornington, s/o Joseph & Agnes, married Eliza EDGAR, 24, Ireland, Elma, d/o William & Catherine, witn: James MASON of Mornington & Sarah McKENZIE, 20 March 1878 at Mornington
8818-78 Scott McNAUGHTON, 24, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o John McNAUGHTON & Margaret FERNIE?, married Mary Jane WALLIS, 23, Brantford, Blanshard, d/o James WALLIS & Abigale WALKER, witn: James McNAUGHTON & Susan McEWEN & Welden WESTMAN, all of Blanshard, 6 Feb 1878 at Blanshard  
8878-78 John McPHERSON, 29, farmer, Scotland, Fullarton twp., s/o William & Charlotte, married Amelia Thomasina HOCKING, 22, Ohio US, Hibbert twp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William McPHERSON of Logan twp & Celia Kent HOCKING of Hibbert, 21 Aug 1878 at Hibbert twp 8903-78 John McTAVISH, 31, farmer, Wellesley twp., Little Saskatchewan NWT, s/o John & Ann, married Catherine WADDELL, 27, North Easthope, Shakespeare, d/o John WADDELL & Isabella FRASER, witn: James McTAVISH of Wellesley & Christena McDERMID of North Easthope, 29 May 1878 at Shakespeare
8881-78 Gabriel MEHRING, 27, farmer, Wellesley twp., same, s/o John & Eve, married Catherine BASTIAN, 23, Germany, Fullarton, d/o George & Maria Catherine, witn: Thomas MEHRING of Wellesley & Lidia PAULIN of Fullarton, 5 Feb. 1878 at Fullarton 8907-78 Ludwig MEISNER, 24, blacksmith, New York City, Phillipsburg, s/o Christoph & Maria, married Christena PFEFFER, 24, Wilmot, same, d/o George & Margarita, witn: George & Maria MEISNER and Catherine WETLAUFER, all of North Easthope, 25 Dec 1878 at North Easthope
8880-78 Thomas John MOORE, 25, farmer, Cavan twp., Hensall, s/o John & Hannah, married Emma HAMMOND, 23, Hibbert, Staffa, d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: Samuel SPEARS of Mitchell & Annie HAMMOND of Hibbert, 9 Dec 1878 at Staffa 8835-78 Michael MURDIE, 33, farmer, McKillop twp., same, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Susan GREEN, 22, Logan twp., same, d/o James & Rachel, witn: W. R. MURDIE of Chiselhurst & Susan GREEN of Hibbert twp., 3 April 1878 at res of James Green, Lot 34, Con 2 of Logan twp
8890-78 Michael MURRAY, 28, farmer, Canada, Ellice twp., s/o James MURRAY & Mary SWEENEY, married Jane CONNELLY, 21, Canada, Ellice twp., d/o Lawrence CONNELLY & Margaret CROWLEY, witn: Thomas MAHONEY & Jane CONNELLY, both of Ellice twp., 5 Feb 1878 at Kinkora 8822-78 John MURRAY, 26, merchant, Scotland, St. Marys, s/o John & Christena, married Mary A. MARRIOTT, 22, Canada, Blanshard, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Daniel McKENZIE of Toronto & Mary JOHNSTONE of St. Marys, 2 Jan 1878 at Blanshard
8812-78 Adam NEWERT, 26, mason, Waterloo twp., Listowel, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane BARTLEY, 20, Wallace, same, d/o John & Susan, witn: William BARTLEY & Mary B. SMITH, both of Wallace twp.,, 12 Nov 1878 at Listowel 8889-78 James O'CONNOR, 23, tavern keeper, Ireland, Logan, s/o Daniel O'CONNOR & Mary DILLON, married Elizabeth KELLY, 23, Canada, Ellice twp., d/o Patrick KELLY & Julia CONNELLY, witn: Patrick REINER of Logan & Ann KELLY of Stratford, 15 Jan 1878 at Kinkora
8823-78 Mathew PEARN, 32, farmer, England, Blanshard, s/o Joseph & Jane, married Lucy ARMSTRONG, 25, Canada, Blanshard, d/o Johnston & Clarinda, witn: Joseph PEARN & Lizzie ARMSTRONG, both of Blanshard, 6 march 1878 at Blanshard 8753-78 Charles Samuel PEARSON, 25, yeoman, England, Gorham NY, s/o Thomas FRANKISH & Rebecca PEARSON, married Elizabeth STRACHAN, 29, Mornington, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Milne BROWNLEE of Wellesley & Mary STRACHAN of Mornington, 8 Jan 1878 at Mornington [with note: "bridegrooms’father when he was young and he appears to have taken his mother’s surname"]
  8593-79, George POWELL, 19, salesman, Canada, Toronto, s/o John R. & Eliza POWELL, married Mary H. MYERS, 19, Canada, Stratford, d/o John & Ellen MYERS, witn: J. PHILLIPS & J.J. BUNTING both of Stratford, 25 December 1878, Stratford
8841-78 Nicholas PRENDERGAST, 34, farmer, USA, Logan twp., s/o Edward PRENDERGAST & Ellen PHELAN, married Catherine DE COURCEY, 27, Canada, Logan twp., d/o Patrick DE COURCEY & Mary YATES, witn: Daniel DE COURCEY & Margaret THOMPSON, both of Logan, 9 Sept 1878 at St. Brigetts Catholic Church, Logan 8906-78 John E. RATZ, 24, saw miller, Woolwich twp., Gads Hill, s/o Henry & Christina, married Mary Ann FLEISCHAUR, 20, North Easthope, same, d/o John & Maria, witn: H. JUNNIG? & Mariah SCHMIDT, both of North Easthope, 11 Nov 1878 at North Easthope
8899-78 John RIDDELL, 27, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o James RIDDELL & Bella ANDERSON, married Mary KIPPEN, 22, Glengarry, South Easthope, d/o Alexander KIPPEN & Elizabeth FERGUSON, witn: James RIDDELL of North Easthope & Christena CRERAR of Shakespeare, 26 Dec 1878 at North Easthope 8901-78 James RIDDELL, 26, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o James RIDDELL & Bella ANDERSON, married Grace HYDE, 24, North Easthope, same, d/o David HYDE & Christena PATTERSON, witn: William RIDDELL & Mary HYDE, both of North Easthope, 24 April 1878 at North Easthope
8756-79, David William ROBB, 22, labourer, Logan, Stratford, s/o John & Nancy, married Caslun INGRAM, 22, Stratford, same, d/o John & Frances, witn: Fanny S. RICE & Emma L. RICE  both of St. Mary's, 12 August 1878, St. Mary's  
8859-78 Nicholas K. ROTH, 36, farmer, widower, France, East Zorra, s/o Joseph & Anna, married Maria STEINMAN, 24, Germany, South Easthope, d/o John & Lena, witn: Daniel BRENNAMAN of Wilmot & Nicholas RUBY of South Easthope, 5 March 1878 at East Zorra 8851-78 Reinhard RUPP, 42, widower, farmer, Hesse Darnstadt Germany, Grey twp., s/o Reinhard & Gertrude?, married Wilhelmina Frederike VOIGT, 36, widow, Prussia Germany, East Zorra, d/o Carl & Wilhelmina VOIGT, witn: Conrad & Catherine NUHN of Wallace, 13 July 1878 at Wallace
8866-78 David SALISBURY, 20, photographer, Bowmanville, Mitchell, s/o Sylvester & Mary Jane, married Mary E. J. WHITE, 18, Gowarty NY, Woodstock, d/o William B. & Alminda?, witn: J.J. SQUARE of Mitchell & Mary Jane ROBERTS, 18 Aug 1878 at Sebastopol 8805-78 William SALTER, 26, book keeper, Lanark Ont., Listowel, s/o T. SALTER & Ann HILL, married Emma A. BOND, 26, Maryboro, Wallace, d/o John BOND & Lucy EDWARDS, witn: James SALTER & Maggie BOND, both of Wallace twp., 21 May 1878 at Listowel
8884-78 John SCHNEIDER, 23, blacksmith, Wellesley twp., Ellice twp., s/o Henry SCHNEIDER & Catherine FEI, married Louise KLENK, 24, Ellice twp., same, d/o Philip KLENK & Louise SCHROEDER, witn: Balthaser KLENK & Henry YUNDT, both of Ellice twp., 5 March 1878 at Ellice twp 8885-78 Louis SCHROEDER, 25, saw miller, Ellice twp., same, s/o Theobald SCHROEDER & Louise MURR, married Catherine DAHMER, 23, Germany, Ellice twp., d/o Henry & K., witn: Carl HEIDEN & Caroline WICKE, both of Ellice twp., 26 March 1878 at Ellice twp.
8855-78 Goel SCHWARTZENTRUBER, 28, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o Jacob & Catherine, married Fanny ERB, 22, Wilmot, East Zorra, d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: Daniel SCHWARTZENTRUBER of South Easthope & Jacob ERB Jr. of East Zorra, 29 Jan 1878 at South Easthope 8883-78 Otto SEEBACH, 19, store keeper, Ellice twp., Sebringville, s/o Nicholas SEEBACH & Elizabeth KRUG, married Mary Louisa SEEBACH, 19, Ellice twp., same, d/o Andrew SEEBACH & Brigitta SCHUSTER, witn: Henry SEEBACH of Ellice twp. & George CREIGHTON of Sebringville, 2 April 1878 at St. Johns Church, Ellice twp.
8864-78 Edmund SITZER, 42, widower, township clerk, Ontario, Tavistock, s/o Martin & Anna, married Sarah GRIMME, 38, widow, Hamilton, Tavistock, d/o Adam & Ann BEAM, witn: Thomas POELMAN of East Zorra & C. BECKER of Tavistock, 7 April 1878 at Tavistock 8844-78 Henry SLEEMAN, 21, painter, Logan twp., same, s/o "father dead" & Louise SLEEMAN, married Catherine HAENDAL, 21, Logan twp., same, d/o Christian HAENDAL & Dorothea SCHROEDER, witn: John VOCK & Louise SLEEMAN, both of Logan twp., 3 Oct. 1878 at Logan twp
8877-78, John SMALE, 32, farmer, England, Hibbert, s/o William SMALE & Susanah SMALE, married Susan NEAL, 22, Canada, Hibbert, d/o Thomas  & Lavinia NEAL, witn: Thomas SMALE & Lavinia NEAL both of Hibbert, 12 April 1878, Hibbert twp. 8623-79, John SMITH, 36, clerk, Ireland, Stratford, s/o James & Anna FURLONG (sic),  Margaret McEVOY, 26, Belleville, Stratford, d/o Bartholemew & Margaret McEVOY, witn: Alexander McEVOY & Henrietta McEVOY both of Stratford, 21 November 1878, Stratford (RC)
8769-78 David STACKLE (Staeckle?), 23, farmer, Wilmot twp., same, s/o John & Ellen, married Ellen ROUP, 16, Mornington, same, d/o Peter & Ann, witn: Nicholas L. & Christian L. KIPFER (Kipper?) of Mornington, 26 Nov 1878 at res of Nicholas L. Kipfer 8760-78, Thomas STEVEN, 20, farmer, Mornington, same, s/o James & Isabella STEVEN, married Elizabeth Ann CRAIG, 22, Kingston Ont, Mornington, d/o William & Mary CRAIG, witn: John DUNBAR & Jane STEVEN both of Mornington, 20 March 1878, Millbank
8848-78 William Charles STEWART, 26, farmer, North Gower Ont., Greenwood Manitoba, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Ellen SCOTT, 25, North Easthope, Molesworth, d/o Peter & Ellen, witn: Peter M. & Martha J. STEWART of Molesworth, 17 April 1878 at Molesworth 8836-78 Christian SUHR, 48, widower, carpenter, Laage Mecklenburg Germany, Logan twp., s/o "died in Germany", married Jane WEISGARBER, 25, Germany, Logan twp., d/o Michael WEISGARBER & Dorothea RITTER, witn: Charles ROCK & Louise LAMBY, both of Logan twp., 27 June 1878 at Logan twp
8807-78 James Henry TREMAIN, 21, cooper, Canada, Listowel, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Eliza GOODING, 17, Canada, Listowel, d/o James & Emma, witn: Steven DURANT & Hannah GOODING, both of Listowel, 1 July 1878 at Listowel 8837-78 Narcisse VALCOUR, 26, farmer, Canada, Logan twp., s/o Lovere VALCOUR & Demaris DUMONT, married Mary BEDORE, 21, Canada, Logan twp., d/o James BEDORE & Adeline DESJEUS?, witn: Joseph DESJEAUS? & Julia BEDORE, both of Logan twp., 6 May 1878 at St. Brigids Church, Logan twp
8886-78 Conrad WALPER, 25, farmer, Hay twp., Stephen twp., s/o Henry WALPER & Elizabeth THEISS, married Caroline ESCH, 23, Ellice twp., same, d/o Valentine ESCH & Catherine HYGENELL, witn: Christlieb HERBORTH & John SIEDLING, both of Ellice twp., 2 May 1878 at St. Johns Church, Ellice twp 8846-78 Michael WALTER, 28? (22?), farmer, Woolwich, Wallace, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Barbara HEINMILLER, 23, North Easthope, Wallace, d/o Philip & Margaret, witn: Simon HEINMILLER & Margaret WALTER, both of Wallace, 5 March 1878 at 6th con of Wallace twp
8814-78 Elijah B. WATSON, 24, machinist, Peel twp., Guelph, s/o Alexander & Emily, married Louisa Augusta VAUGHAN, 20, England, Listowel, d/o George & Rebecca, witn: George & Francis L. LOVE of Listowel, 23 Dec 1878 at Listowel 8861-78 Frederick WEIL, 38, farmer, Germany, Huron, s/o William & Maria, married Catherine SCHUHAUSER, 27, Canada, South Easthope, d/o Leonard & Elizabeth, witn: Jacob & Anna SCHUHAUSER of South Easthope, 18 march 1878 at South Easthope
8847-78 Sebastien WENZEL, 30, widower, farmer, Woolwich, Wallace, s/o David & Margaret, married Catherine HEINMILLER, 28, North Easthope, Wallace, d/o Philip & Margaret, witn: Adam & Elizabeth WENZEL of Wallace, 5 March 1878 at 6th Con of Wallace 8854-78 Henry WETTLAUFER, 26, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o Henry & Catherine, married Elizabeth GERHARDT, 20, East Zorra, same, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: J. PREIS & G. WETTLAUFER, both of South Easthope, 15 Jan 1878 at Sebastopol
  8754-78 John WHITE, 28, yeoman, Canada, Elma, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann FAIR, 21, Canada, Mornington, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William FAIR of Mornington & Robert HANNA of Ellice twp., 20 Feb 1878 at Mornington
8862-78 Christian WILHELM, 24, farmer, Wilmot, same, s/o Valentine & Margaret, married Maria LUCKHARDT, 22, South Easthope, East Zorra, d/o Conrad & Margaret, witn: David LUCKHARDT & Christian WILHELM, both of South Easthope, 19 March 1878 at East Zorra 8860-78 Andrew WILLIAM, 23, farmer, Canada, North Easthope, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Lydia KOCH, 21, Canada, North Easthope, d/o John & Catherine, witn: David WILLIAM & Martha KOCH, both of North Easthope, 12 March 1878 at Tavistock
8849-78 John WOLF, 24, farmer, South Easthope, Wallace, s/o Peter & Anna, married Fredericka SCHNEIDER, 19, Waterloo, Wallace, d/o Heinrich & Elizabeth, witn: Menno SCHNEIDER & Kate WENZEL, both of Wallace, 30 April 1878 at 6th Con of Wallace twp