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016896-25 (Perth Co) Wilbert N. ALBERTS, 27, chemist, St. Marys, St. Marys, s/o Joseph ALBERTS (b. Virginia U.S.A.) & Ellen HAMILTON married Daisy ELEY, 23, England, St. Marys, d/o William ELEY (b. Luton Kent England) & Emma MARK, witn: William ELEY & Eleanor K. ALBERTS both of St. Marys, 6 June 1925 in St. Marys.  
016901-25 (Perth Co) Joseph Z. ALBRECHT, 23, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, s/o Joseph ALBRECHT & Magdalena ZEHR married Elizabeth LEBOLD, 21, Wellesley, Mornington, d/o Simon LEBOLD & Mary BOSHART, witn: Henry ABRECHT (ALBRECHT ?) of Linwood & Christian S. KUEPFER of Millbank, 22 February 1925 in Mornington 016898-25 (Perth Co) John Edward ALLES, 23, farmer, Ellice Twp Perth Co., Ellice twp, s/o Henry ALLES (b. Canada) & Carrie REHBERG married Mary Louise HOGG, 26, domestic, Melancthon Twp Dufferin Co., no residence given, d/o James HOGG (b. Canada) & Wilhelmine GRIEVE, witn: Melvin MOGK & Mary MUELLER both of Kuhryville, 4 November 1925 in Brunner
016899-25 (Perth Co) George M. ALLMAN, 36, farmer, England, Downie twp, s/o John ALLMAN (b. Scotland) & Sarah PEAKE married Margaret J. CRUIKSHANK, 21, Scotland, Blanshard twp, d/o John CRUIKSHANK (b. Scotland) & Bella BARCLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. R. H. SKINNER of Downie twp, 24 June 1925 in St. Marys. 016895-25 (Perth Co) John H. ANDERSON, 33, farmer, Fullarton twp, Fullarton twp, s/o Francis ANDERSON (b. Fullarton) & Sarah HICKS married Merle G. GREGORY, 21, East Nissouri, East Nissouri, d/o Joseph GREGORY (b. E. Nissouri) & Mary Ann McMILLAN, witn: (faint) ANDERSON of (faint) & (faint) GREGORY of Lakeside Ont., 25 November 1925 at the United Church Parsonage in St. Marys
016893-25 (Perth Co) Francis ANDERSON, 32, farmer, Fullarton twp, Fullarton twp, s/o Francis ANDERSON (b. Fullarton Twp) & Sarah Jane HICKS married Evelyn JOHNSTON, 20, Blanshard twp, Blanshard twp, d/o John JOHNSTON (b. Blanshard Twp) & Jemima ATKINSON, witn: Bertha I. ANDERSON of Kirkton & John E. JOHNSTON of Science Hill, 11 November 1925 in Kirkton. 016894-25 (Perth Co) Clarence William ANDERSON, 31, clerk, South Easthope twp, Ensenada de Mora Cuba, s/o William Alexander ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Carrie PACKERT married Ida Mabel DOUGLAS, 27, Downie twp, Ensenada de Mora Cuba, d/o Thomas DOUGLAS (b. Canada) & Barbara THOM, witn: Nelson DOUGLAS of St. Paul's Ont. & Eva ANDERSON of Stratford, 11 November 1925 in Downie Twp.
016900-25 (Perth Co) Norman Aaron ANKENMAN, 27, farmer, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, s/o Jacob ANKENMAN (b. Canada) & Matilda GEMMER married Alma Theresa MASTER, 21, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, d/o Irwin MASTER (b. Canada) & Martha MARKS, witn: Mabel MASTERS & Charlie FERGUSON both of RR#1 Listowel, 1 September 1925 at the Home of the Bride 3rd Concession Wallace 016897-25 (Perth Co) Robert ASHTON, 23, laborer, England, Stratford, s/o Alfred ASHTON (b. England) & Rebecca COOK married Marjorie Eliza SMITH, 18, felt worker, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Frederick Jonathan SMITH (b. England) & Emily HASWELL, witn: Jessie MACDONELL & Hannah STANLEY both of 181 Mornington St. Stratford, 24 May 1925 in Stratford
016918-25 (Perth Co) Charles Stanley BAGGETT, 22, student, South Wales, Toronto, s/o Frederick BAGGETT (b. England) & Mary Ann JEWELL married Grace TROUT, 20, student, England, no residence given, d/o John TROUT Sr. (b. England) & Sarah Ann HOWELL, witn: Ruby L. GONDER of 105 West Gore St. Stratford & Arthur J. CHAMBERS of 51 Bay St. Stratford, 9 September 1925 in Stratford. 016923-25 (Perth Co) Russell BAILEY, 38, farmer, Maryboro twp, Maryboro twp, s/o Isaac BAILEY (b. Canada) & Margaret Anne McCLOY married Edna May HAMILTON, 29, Albemarle Bruce Co., Elma twp, d/o John HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Mary Eliza SCOTT, witn: Gladys HAMILTON of Listowel & Mrs. Sam LONEY of Britton, 14 October 1925 in Elma Twp.
016913-25 (Perth Co) Robert Whitney BAIRD, 31, porter, Quebec, 204 Montrose Ave. Toronto, s/o James BAIRD (b. Quebec) & Barbara S (blurry ?) married Mary Agnes WILLIAMSON, 31, stenographer, U.S.A., St. Marys, d/o David WILLIAMSON (b. Scotland) & Isabel Grace JOHNSON, witn: William LINDSAY of Box 59 St. Marys & Jeannie BUTLER of 85 Stanley St. London, 15 June 1925 in St. Marys. 016915-25 (Perth Co) Edward Gilbert BAKER, 21, engine watchman, Stratford, Stratford, s/o James BAKER (b. Canada) & Mary ATCHISON married Edna May AIKEN, 18, telephone operator, Stratford, no residence given, d/o William AIKEN (b. Canada) & Emma PETRIE, witn: Wilfred AIKEN & Mrs. William AIKEN both of Stratford, 22 August 1925 in Stratford.
016905-25 (Perth Co) Eber C. BALLS, 32, farmer, Ellice twp, Blanshard twp, s/o Cornelius BALLS (b. Downie Twp) & Eunice LEWIS married Annie S. PHILLIPS, 38, Scotland, Blanshard twp, spinster, d/o James PHILLIPS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth SANDERS?, witn: Melissa FARNEY & Francis HILTON both of St. Marys, 12 March 1925 in St. Marys. 016924-25 (Perth Co) John BARCLAY, 21, butcher, Scotland, Stratford, s/o John BARCLAY (b. Scotland) & Jessie BAXTER married Lottie Mae NEAR, 19, domestic, Elma twp, no residence given, d/o George NEAR (b. Canada) & Susannah Moriah DAVIDSON, witn: G. W. HATTUM & Elizabeth SPEIRS both of Stratford, 1 December 1925 at St. Andrews Manse, 46 Church St. Stratford.
016908-25 (Perth Co) Clifford George BARNHARDT, 20, brick maker, West Monkton Ont., Stratford, s/o William H. BARNHARDT (b. Canada) & Ellen NEAL married Miriam WHITELY, 23, England, no residence given, d/o James WHITELY (b. England) & Sarah DUNKALL, witn: W. L. BARNHARDT & Florence BRECKNER (BRECHNER ?) both of Stratford, 6 May 1925 in Perth Co. 016931-25 (Perth Co) Norman Edward BART, 21, mechanic, Hensall, Stratford, s/o John BART & Rose MOUSSEAU married Laverne Marie HAREFELD, 20, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Charles HAREFELD & Bella SCHNARR, witn: Paul BART & Aileen HAREFELD both of Stratford, 8 September 1925 in Stratford.
016932-25 (Perth Co) Alexander BART, 31, truck driver, Drysdale, Stratford, s/o John BART & Rose MOUSSEAU married Collette VOLL, 23, domestic servant, Hesson, Stratford, d/o Henry VOLL & Louise GRAFF, witn: Alfred & Rose DUCHARME both of Trinity St. Stratford, 14 July 1925 in Stratford. 016933-25 (Perth Co) Leo Joseph BART, 30, tailor, Stratford, Stratford, s/o John BART & Alphosina MARINEAU married Clara Luella CAWSTON, 25, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Thomas CAWSTON & Leah MONTAUX, witn: Frederick Joseph & Mrs. Frederick J. BART both of Stratford, 24 May 1925 in Stratford
016922-25 (Perth Co) William James BARTLEY, 54, farmer, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, widower, s/o James BARTLEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah J. FAULKNER married Elizabeth Amelia CATHCART, 52, clerk, London twp, Wallace twp, widow, d/o George D. WHITE (b. Ontario) & Charity M. BRINE, witn: Alvin Wesley & Margaret ZURBRIGG both of Listowel, 21 October 1925 in Listowel 016914-25 (Perth Co) James BATTLEY, 57, blacksmith, Ireland, Stratford, s/o James Thompson BATTLEY (b. England) & Katharine HAYWARD married Mary Jane VOLLETT, 59, Canada, no residence given, widow, d/o Albert Nicholas RUSSELL (b. not given) & Mariah RUSSELL, witn: Grace VOLLETT of Cleveland Ohio & Mrs. Catharine BATTLEY of Stratford, 24 June 1925 in Stratford.
016911-25 (Perth Co) George BECKER, 22, farmer, Ellice Twp Perth Co., Ellice twp, s/o George BECKER Sr. (b. Canada) & Caroline SEEDLING married Frieda Margaret BAHN, 24, Ellice twp, no residence given, d/o Michael BAHN (b. Germany) & Elisabeth DEBUS, witn: Mrs. George William NEIGH of 103 Nelson St. Stratford & Mrs. L. C. George DASCHNER of 101 Nelson St. Stratford, 18 May 1925 in Stratford. 016916-25 (Perth Co) Alfred John BECKER, 21, railway man, Chesley, Palmerston, s/o George Baron BECKER (b. Ontario) & Eva SCOFIELD married Lillian May KRITZER, 22, housekeeper, Wallace twp, Listowel, d/o John KRITZER (b. Ontario) & Mary KESS, witn: Gladys SCHLIMM of Listowel & Cecil Earnest OVENS of Palmerston, 17 (19) September 1925 in Listowel
016904-25 (Perth Co) Gordon Walter BELL, 22, farmer, South Easthope, South Easthope, s/o David R. BELL (b. North Easthope Twp) & Isabel RIDDLE married Eva RICHARDSON, 19, housemaid, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Joseph RICHARDSON (b. South Easthope Twp) & Annie FULTON, witn: Orlene FULTON & William BELL both of Shakespeare, 25 February 1925 in Shakespeare. 016920-25 (Perth Co) Oscar T. BENNETT, 41, farmer, Blanshard twp, Blanshard twp, s/o William BENNETT (b. England) & Rosana NIXON married Helen M. TAMBLYN, 33, Downie twp, St Marys, spinster, d/o William TAMBLYN (b. England) & Rhoda STEPHENS, witn: Francis W. & Annie TAMBLYN both of St. Marys, 14 October 1925 in St. Marys.
016934-25 (Perth Co) George Henry BEUERMANN, 25, farmer, McKillop twp, McKillop twp, s/o August BEUERMANN & Caroline KIEHNE married Lavina Christine ELLIGSON (s/b ELLIGSEN), 20, Logan twp, Logan twp, d/o Fred ELLIGSON & Annie SIEMON, witn: David BEUERMANN of RR#1 Dublin & Frieda ELLIGSON of RR#1 Bornholm, 2 June 1925 in Brodhagen. 016912-25 (Perth Co) William Henry BICKLE, 34, farmer, East Zorra twp, East Zorra twp, s/o William Henry BICKLE (b. Canada) & Mary Blanche BALE married Edna Margarethe MILLER, 25, West Zorra twp, no residence given, d/o Henry MILLER (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth BERG, witn: Edith BABENSEE & Ada F. MATHESON both of Stratford, 24 June 1925 in Stratford
016907-25 (Perth Co) Frederick V. BLACKMAN, 21, moulder, England, St. Marys, s/o Edward W. BLACKMAN (b. Erith Kent England) & Jane E. RODGERS married Mabel P. EDWARDS, 29, England, St. Marys, d/o Richard EDWARD (b. Ealing Middlesex England) & Thurza WILLOUGHBY, witn: Edward W. BLACKMAN of St. Marys & Dorothy Alice KERR of London, 27 March 1925 in St. Marys 016921-25 (Perth Co) Frank Edward BRADFORD, 30, farmer, Bottishin (Bottisham?) England, Elma twp, s/o John BRADFORD (b. England) & Jane BOWYER married Annie Gertrude HOLMES, 30, nurse, Elma twp, Wallace twp, spinster, d/o William HOLMES (b. Canada) & Mary NESBIT, witn: Melvin Roy MASON & Hazel HOLMES both of Listowel, 3 October 1925 in Listowel
016926-25 (Perth Co) John Franklin BRANT, 23, farmer, Elma twp, Elma twp, s/o Benjamin BRANT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JOHNSON married Mabel Irene DUNCAN, 21, farmer, Toronto, Elma twp, d/o John DUNCAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. KING, witn: Milton BRANT of Trowbridge & Evelyn DUNCAN of RR#2 Listowel, 16 December 1925 in Trowbridge 016917-25 (Perth Co) John Edward BREEN, 29, butcher, Middlesex Co., Stratford, s/o Patrick BREEN (b. Canada) & Bridget DORSEY married Florence Ellen FELTZ, 18, Logan twp, no residence given, d/o August FELTZ (b. Germany) & Mary DIETZ, witn: James BREEN & Mrs. Frank WHITING both of Stratford, 17 August 1925 in Stratford
016906-25 (Perth Co) Clarence Stanley BROUGHTON, 21, farmer, Elma twp, Elma twp, s/o Edward BROUGHTON (b. Elma Twp) & Margaret EDWARDS married Mabel Clara DIEHL, 17, Ellice twp, Elma twp, d/o Christian DIEHL (b. Ellice Twp) & Ida MATTHEWS, witn: Albert F. & Mrs. Emma ROCK both of Monkton, 11 March 1925 in Monkton. 016928-25 (Perth Co) Samuel William BROWN, 23, cashier, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Samuel Arthur BROWN (b. England) & Rosa Diane FISHER married Hildegard Lena BENNEWITZ, 20, winder, Newark New Jersey U.S.A., Hamilton, d/o Arthur Otto BENNEWITZ (b. Germany) & Frieda Olga IRFERT (?), witn: D. B. BROWN of 463 John St. N. Hamilton & Elizabeth BENNEWITZ of 158 Railway Ave. Stratford, 30 December 1925 in Stratford
016910-25 (Perth Co) Joseph W. BROWN, 51, teacher, East Nissouri twp, Blanshard twp, widower, s/o Thomas BROWN (b. East Nissouri) & Emily Jane GRIFFIN married Myrtle SENN, 37, Onondaga, St. Marys, spinster, d/o William SENN (b. Haldimand Co) & Addie FEORMAN (?), witn: Fanny V. KNOWLES & George EASON both of St. Marys, 27 April 1925 in St. Marys. 016903-25 (Perth Co) Robert BROWN, 33, mining engineer, U.S.A., Cobalt Ont., s/o Archibald BROWN (b. Scotland) & Maria Louise RHAULLY (?) married Clara Marie STEVENSON, 31, school teacher, Ontario, Listowel, spinster, d/o Samuel James STEVENSON (b. Ontario) & Catherine Agnes STEVENSON, witn: Winnie STEVENSON of Listowel & Fletcher BROWN of Albuquerque New Mexico, 26 February 1925 in Listowel.
016927-25 (Perth Co) Calvin B. BRUBAKER, 24, accountant, St. Jacobs, 28 Fairview Ave. Kitchener, s/o Anson BRUBAKER (b. St. Jacobs) & Magdalene BOWMAN married Ruth Lilian WING, 23, music teacher, Berlin now Kitchener, Listowel, d/o Menno L. WING (b. Baden) & Emily DEVITT, witn: Magdalene BRUBAKER of Kitchener & Julia H. WING of Listowel, 22 December 1925 in Listowel 016929-25 (Perth Co) Julius Samuel BRUECKNER, 27, machinist, Baden, Stratford, s/o Oscar BRUECKNER (b. Canada) & Anna WILHELM married Alma WITTIG, 25, East Zorra twp, no residence given, d/o Conrad WITTIG (b. Canada) & Mary SIPPEL, witn: Conrad WITTIG of Tavistock & Emma E. BRUECKNER of Kitchener, 24 December 1925 in Sebastopol.
016902-25 (Perth Co) William Samuel BUCHANAN, 64, farmer, Elma Twp Perth Co., Salvador Saskatchewan, widower, s/o William BUCHANAN (b. Ireland) & Ann THOMPSON married Margaret Jane CUTHBERTSON, 50, Elma twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o James CUTHBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Mary REID, witn: Alex BUCHANAN of Donegal & Evelyn Pearl SCOTT of Atwood, 28 January 1925 in Milverton. 016919-25 (Perth Co) Joseph Herman BUEHLOW, 29, shoemaker, Walkerton, Stratford, s/o Herman Lewis BUEHLOW (b. Canada) & Matilda RHENCHARDT married Emma Volic SANGSTER, 19, domestic, Ingersoll, Stratford, d/o William M. SANGSTER (b. Scotland) & Mary Louisa GARNETT, witn: Wesley S. & Mrs. Wesley BAILEY of 125 College St. Stratford, 26 September 1925 in Stratford.
016930-25 (Perth Co) Robert Edward BURCHILL, 23, farmer, Hibbert twp, Hibbert twp, s/o Robert BURCHILL (b. Hibbert Twp) & Esther ROBINSON married Velma Irene BORTH, 20, bookkeeper, Mitchell, Hibbert twp, d/o William BORTH (b. McKillop Twp) & Martha REANEY, witn: Jack BURCHILL & Olive BORTH both of Hibbert twp, 7 January 1925 in Mitchell. 016925-25 (Perth Co) Edmund Samuel BURNETT, 23, farmer, Elma twp, Elma twp, s/o Samuel BURNETT (b. Ontario) & Annie WALLACE married Pearl Marion STRUTHERS, 23, Elma twp, Elma twp, d/o Alexander STRUTHERS (b. Ontario) & Rosanne BARTON, witn: Mrs. J. M. NICOL of Listowel & Kora COLTART of 55 Roslyn Ave. Westmount Quebec, 9 December 1925 in Listowel.
016935-25 (Perth Co) William James BURROWS, 25, machinist, Stratford, Stratford, s/o William BURROWS & Susan FORWARD married Annie Helen RUTHERFORD, 23, England, Stratford, d/o William RUTHERFORD & Margaret Hannah BENSON, witn: Leslie John BURROWS of 81 Princess St. Stratford & Margaret RUTHERFORD of 28 Charles St. Stratford, 16 April 1925 in Stratford. 016909-25 (Perth Co) Norman Edmondson BUSHFIELD, 24, farmer, Logan twp, Logan twp, s/o Johnson BUSHFIELD (b. Logan Twp) & Margaret EDMONDSON married Mary Irene SADLER, 22, housekeeper, Hibbert twp, Logan twp, d/o William SADLER (b. Hibbert Twp) & Mary Elizabeth SILLERY, witn: Charles Wellington BUSHFIELD of Mitchell & Stella Margetta SADLER of Staffa, 16 April 1925 in Staffa
  016936-25 (Perth Co) William John CALDWELL, 21, farmer, Ontario, Tuckersmith twp, s/o Guy CALDWELL (b. Tuckersmith) & Jennie McDOUGALL married Edna Magdalena SARARAS, 19, Ontario, Hibbert twp, d/o Simon SARARAS (b. Tuckersmith) & Elizabeth BENDER, witn: Harry H. CALDWELL of Kippen & Clara SARARAS of RR#1 Cromarty, 17 January 1925 in Hibbert Twp
016937-25 (Perth Co) Neil D. CAMERON, 46, driller, Park Hill, Detroit, s/o John CAMERON (b. Middlesex Ont) & Nancy WALKER married Sarah KNOX, 36, Blanshard twp, Blanshard twp, spinster, d/o Andrew KNOX (b. Blanshard Twp) & Sarah McQUILLAN, witn: Cameron FOTHERINGHAM & Gladys E. REA both of St. Marys, 30 December 1925 in Blanshard. 016942-25 (Perth Co) Earl Olwyn CAMPBELL, 28, machinist, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Angus CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HOMIER married Lillian Mae WILSON, 26, stenographer, Clinton, no residence given, d/o Harry WILSON (b. Canada) & Mary Jane CONNELL, witn: Angus CAMPBELL of 23 Louise St. Stratford & Helen WILSON of 117 Rebecca St. Stratford, 21 October 1925 in Stratford
016949-25 (Perth Co) Percy John CANDLER, 27 yrs 8 mths, tinsmith, Elma twp, Preston, s/o John CANDLER (b. Elma) & Magdalene GATCKE married Ellen Robinson CAPLING, 21 yrs 2 mths, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, d/o George A. CAPLING (b. Shakespeare) & Margaret M. EILER, witn: Jessie E. McFARLANE of 118 Well St. Stratford & Wilfred CANDLER of Milverton, 3 June 1925 in North Easthope. 016955-25 (Perth Co) Edward James CARSE, 25, clerk, Ireland, 87 King St. E. Kitchener, s/o James CARSE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth M (faint) married Barbara Lillian THIEL, 26, telephone operator, Fullarton twp, Mitchell, d/o Conrad THIEL (b. Ontario) & Catharine THIEL, witn: Clayton (faint ?) ROBINSON (?) of Mitchell & Miss Lillian CARSE of Kitchener, 4 April 1925 in Mitchell
016945-25 (Perth Co) Gordon Stewart CARSWELL, 30, farmer, Minto twp, Minto twp, s/o John Alexander CARSWELL (b. Howick) & Sarah McMILLAN married Stella Emily HARRIS, 24, music teacher, Howick twp, Howick twp, d/o Ernest Albert HARRIS (b. Howick) & Christina GIBSON, witn: Beryl HARRIS of Fordwich & Clayton CARSWELL of Harriston, 19 September 1925 in Listowel. 016941-25 (Perth Co) William Edward CARVER, 35, farmer, England, Logan twp, s/o Edward CARVER (b. England) & Clara WOODS married Gertie May YOUNG, 30, cook, Logan twp, no residence given, spinster, d/o William YOUNG (b. Canada) & Emily PERROTT, witn: Annie EBERT & Mrs. W. E. DONNELLY both of Stratford, 17 December 1925 in Stratford
016946-25 (Perth Co) John Henry CASEMORE, 21, electric assembler, Bruce Co., Stratford, s/o James CASEMORE (b. Canada) & Mary HACKET married Clara Irene RODWELL, 19, saleslady, London England, no residence given, d/o William RODWELL (b. England) & Mary SHORDT, witn: Ada RODWELL & Gordon BIRK both of Stratford, 20 June 1925 in Stratford 016947-25 (Perth Co) Robert John CATHERS, 32, farmer, Canada, Centre Road A.B.C.R. West Williams, s/o James CATHERS (b. Ireland) & Rebeccah LINDEN married Laura Ann HARLTON, 31, Canada, 8th Line Blanshard Perth Co., spinster, d/o Samuel HARLTON (b. Canada) & Margaret HUTCHINSON, witn: Samuel & Anne HARLTON of #6 St. Marys, 18 June 1925 at Bride's Home in Blanshard
016943-25 (Perth Co) Pearson McDonald CHESNEY, 29, machinist, Manitoba, Stratford, s/o John CHESNEY (b. Canada) & Jessey ELGIE married Helena Henrietta HEPPLER, 25, bookkeeper, New Hamburg, no residence given, d/o Jacob HEPPLER (b. Canada) & Helena RUTTING, witn: John Mure CHESNEY & Mildred HEPPLER both of Stratford, 30 September 1925 in Stratford. 016954-25 (Perth Co) Henry James CLARKE, 39, boiler makers helper, England, Stratford, s/o Theodore Francis CLARKE (b. England) & Sarah A. WEBSTER married Agnes Maria SNAZEL, 34, finisher knitted goods, Stratford, no residence given, spinster, d/o Arthur SNAZEL (b. England) & Margaret H. MURRAY, witn: V. R. CANEY & James HINCHLEY both of Stratford, 9 April 1925 in Stratford.
016939-25 (Perth Co) William Albert CLOSE, 32, farmer, Grey twp, Grey twp, s/o Robert CLOSE (b. Ontario) & Margaret WALKER married Elizabeth J. BRECKENRIDGE, 30, farmer, Morris twp, Huron Co., spinster, d/o David BRECKENRIDGE (b. Ontario) & Martha ORVIS, witn: Flora C. & Mrs. J. M. NICOL both of Listowel, 23 December 1925 in Listowel 016940-25 (Perth Co) Wilfred James COCKWELL, 23, farmer, Elma twp, Elma twp, s/o James COCKWELL (b. Elma Twp) & Emma BOYNE married Mary Olive Josephine RILEY, 24, housemaid, Mornington twp, Mornington twp, d/o Thomas RILEY (b. Prov. Quebec) & Frances COULTER, witn: Russel RILEY of Mornington Twp & Alex H. COCKWELL of Elma twp, 2 December 1925 in Mornington Twp.
016951-25 (Perth Co) Clarence M. COLE, 27, farmer, East Nissouri, East Nissouri, s/o William T. COLE (b. East Nissouri) & Elizabeth MEAD married Nettie VANNATTER, 22, West Zorra, West Zorra, d/o Simon VANNATTER (b. West Zorra) & Barbara MORRISON, witn: William VANNATTER of Harrington West Ont. & Miss Jean E. McLEISH of RR#7 Park Hill Ont., 18 April 1925 at Harmony  
016944-25 (Perth Co) William Alfred COOKE, 24, textile worker, Belfast Ireland, 11 Victoria Rd Guelph, s/o William COOKE (b. Belfast Ireland) & Mary TAGGART married Sara CUBITT, 22, textile worker, Ballymena Ireland, 11 Victoria Rd. Guelph, d/o Hugh CUBITT (b. Ballymena Ireland) & Rose WRIGHT, witn: Ruby L. GONDER of 105 West Gore St. Stratford & Mrs T. BROCHIE of 91 West Gore St. Stratford, 4 July 1925 in Stratford 016952-25 (Perth Co) George Edward COOKE, 32, farmer, Woodstock, Fullarton twp, s/o George COOKE (b. Fullarton Twp) & Alice COLLINGS married Sadie C. RUMFORD, 29, Fullarton twp, Fullarton twp, d/o Thomas James RUMFORD (b. Fullarton Twp) & Catharine McGILL, witn: Mrs. W. RUMFORD of 239 Richmond St. London & John COOKE of Fullarton, 7 May 1925 at the Home of Charles RUMFORD in Fullarton
016948-25 (Perth Co) Harold T. COUSINS, 24, mechanic, St. Marys, St. Marys, s/o Joseph COUSINS (b. St. Marys) & Hannah IREDALE married Clara I. GORDON, 20, Durham, St. Marys, d/o David GARDEN (b. Durham) & Annie BLACK, witn: Arthur & Olive WASHINGTON both of St. Marys, 19 May 1925 in St. Marys. 016950-25 (Perth Co) Arthur Kirk COWAN, 29, broker, Kentucky State U.S.A., Toronto, s/o David Kirk COWAN (b. U.S.A.) & Gertrude CADDICK married Erma Elizabeth HILES, 20, housemaid, Elma twp, Elma twp, d/o Martin Mitchell HILES (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Jane McCOURT, witn: Mrs. John ROGER of Mitchell & G. G. REID of 170 Neville Park Blvd. Toronto, 22 April 1925 in Listowel.
016953-25 (Perth Co) Charles COWARD, 28, farmer, Usborne twp, Usborne twp, s/o George COWARD (b. Usborne) & Janet FULTON married Mary Elizabeth McCURDY, 29, domestic, Usborne twp, Hibbert twp, d/o Archie McCURDY (b. Hibbert) & Annie TOWERS, witn: Ethel & William KAY both of Cromarty, 23 April 1925 in Cromarty. 016938-25 (Perth Co) Strachan Donald CROFT, 40, CNA station agent, Rockwood, Durham, widower, s/o Joseph B. CROFT (b. Rockwood) & Ann MUTRIE married Mrs. Effie MILLS, 35, house wife, Glenelg twp, Durham, widow, d/o Donald CAMPBELL (b. Glenelg Twp) & Elizabeth CARRADISE, witn: F. C. & Lulu BROAD of 216 Cobourg St. Stratford, 5 December 1925 in Stratford.
016957-25 (Perth Co) Maurice CULLITON, 38, farmer, North Easthope twp, North Easthope twp, s/o George CULLITON & Maria BANNON married Sarah HOURIGAN, 33, maid, St. Marys, Stratford, spinster, d/o Dennis HOURIGAN & Julia BURKE, witn: Thomas CULLITON & Catharine BURKE both of Stratford, 9 November 1925 in Stratford 016956-25 (Perth Co) James Henry CUMMINGS, 34, farmer, Maryborough Twp Wellington Co., Renown Saskatchewan, s/o Andrew CUMMINGS (b. Maryborough Twp) & Susanna ELLIS married Evelyn Grace ASKIN, 27, farmer, Mornington twp, Renown Saskatchewan, d/o James ASKIN (b. Mornington Twp) & Emma HALL, witn: Joseph & Mrs. Joseph LEATHORN of Britton Ont., 25 February 1925 at the Manse in North Mornington
  016979-25 (Perth Co) Erwin William DAHMER, 23 (b. 28 Sep 1901), teamster, Conestogo, Conestogo, s/o Henry H. DAHMER & Margareth HOBUS married Frieda Maria BARTMANN, 23 (b. 24 July 1902), housework, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o John BARTMANN & Henrietta LEBUTZKE, witn: George & Henrietta BARTMANN of Gowanstown, 15 September 1925 in Wallace Twp. NOTE: Dates of birth and baptism with witness included.
016959-25 (Perth Co) Otto August DANNECKER, 42, baker, Waterloo, Stratford, s/o Frederick DANNECKER (b. Germany) & Hermine BONNKE (Bounke?) married Melinda Catherine YOUNGBLUT, 31, Rostock, Stratford, widow, d/o Joseph MALCHO (b. at sea) & Maria RIEHL, witn: Fred BAUMBACH & Mary DAHMER both of RR#2 Gadshill, 18 November 1925 in Stratford. 016974-25 (Perth Co) Robert Neil DARROCH, 26, trainman, Minto Twp, Palmerston, s/o Robert Neil DARROCH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Hannah DIGBY married Verna McKNIGHT, 21, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o George McKNIGHT (b. Ontario) & (no mother's name given), witn: Edward P. ORTH of Clifford & Vivian McKNIGHT of RR (blank) Palmerston, 3 June 1925 in Listowel
016962-25 (Perth Co) Lorne Henry DAVIDSON, 23, farmer, Logan twp, Ellice twp, s/o George DAVIDSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth KOCH married Viola May PFLANCE, 17, Stratford, no residence given, d/o John PFLANCE (b. Canada) & M. Louisa SCHNEIDER, witn: John & Ella MORRISON both of Stratford, 29 August 1925 in Stratford. 016971-25 (Perth Co) William J. DAVIDSON, 22, farmer, Logan twp, Logan twp, s/o John A. DAVIDSON (b. Canada) & Katharine COOK married Laverne E. QUERENGESSER, 18, Logan twp, Ellice twp, d/o George E. QUERENGESSER (b. Canada) & Sophia MOGK, witn: Frank ELLIGSEN of 112 Centre St. Stratford & Kathleen V. KLAEHN of 66 Centre St. Stratford, 25 March 1925 in Stratford.
016969-25 (Perth Co) Harold Merton DAVIS, 27, farmer, Fullarton, Fullarton, s/o David (Daniel ?) DAVIS (b. Canada) & Jennie O'NEIL married Martha Elizabeth HOFFMEYER, 24, clerk, Millbank, Millbank, d/o August HOFFMEYER (b. Germany) & Elizabeth WENDLAND, witn: Henry & Margaret JONES both of Stratford, 16 May 1925 in Stratford 016967-25 (Perth Co) Frank Valentine DEAMUDE, 30, civil engineer, Dunnville, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas W. DEAMUDE (b. Canada) & Emma R. HINSBERGER married Lloy Agnes BARBER, 25, stenographer, Haysville, no residence given, d/o Robert BARBER (b. Canada) & Rachel SANDERSON, witn: James & Annie McKIE both of Stratford, 15 April 1925 in Stratford.
016975-25 (Perth Co) Daniel DENMAN, 53, mail courier, Huron Co., Brussels, widower, s/o George DENMAN (b. England) & Catherine MAGUIRE married Elizabeth Emma BRYANS, 51, dressmaker, Grey Twp Huron Co., Brussels, spinster, d/o Edward BRYANS (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann GALLAHER, witn: Christina M. BERNIE & S. L. ARMSTRONG both of Listowel, 14 October 1925 in Listowel. 016977-25 (Perth Co) Francis Leo DEVEREAU, 32, lumberman, Hartland Michigan, Detroit, s/o John DEVEREAU & Ellen LYONS married Catharine C. CARBERT, 27, Clinton, Stratford, d/o Thomas CARBERT & Bridget NOLAN, witn: Philip S. DEVEREAU of Howell Michigan & Veronica CARBERT of Stratford, 9 June 1925 in Stratford.
016976-25 (Perth Co) Percy William DEWBURRY (c/b DEWBERRY), 30, mechanic, England, Stratford, s/o John DEWBURRY & Edith WATTS married Anna Marie KILLORAN, 26, St. Marys, Stratford, d/o Thomas KILLORAN & Mary LEAHAN, witn: Wilfrid A. WILSON & Josephine KILLORAN both of Stratford, 14 April 1925 in Stratford.  
016960-25 (Perth Co) Alexander Forest DICKSON, 46, real estate broker, Ontario, 407 28th St. Saskatoon Saskatchewan, widower, s/o Thomas DICKSON (b. Scotland) & Ellen BALLANTYNE married Violet May DOEPEL, 31, saleslady, Ontario, Box 318 Milverton, spinster, d/o Edward DOEPEL (b. Ontario) & Marie WEBER, witn: Henry G. DOEPEL of Milverton & Ada SNIDER of Stratford, 15 December 1925 in Mornington Twp. 016964-25 (Perth Co) James Alan DICKSON, 28, medical doctor, Niagara Falls Ont., Amsterdam N.Y., s/o James Dickson (sic) DICKSON (b. Canada) & Mary Jane BEATTY married Lenora Eugenia STEVENSON, 28, registered nurse, Listowel, Listowel, d/o Samuel James STEVENSON (b. Canada) & Catherine Agnes STEVENSON, witn: Margaret M. MEIKLE of Mount Forest & Arthur H. GRAHAM of Toronto, 26 August 1925 in Listowel.
016978-25 (Perth Co) John George DIEGEL, 21, stenographer, Logan Twp, North Bay, s/o John C. DIEGEL & Alvina ROSE married Adelia Elizabeth HINZ, 19, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Frederick HINZ & Louisa QUERENGESSER, witn: Alvin SCHELLENBERGER of 165 Nelson St. Stratford & Georgina DIEGEL of RR#1 Bornholm, 23 June 1925 in Brodhagen 016963-25 (Perth Co) Edward Henry DIETRICH, 22, laborer, Ellice twp, Ellice twp, s/o Henry DIETRICH (b. Canada) & Caroline WICKE married Doras Irene Tugela TAITE, 25, domestic, England, no residence given, d/o Noah TAITE (b. England) & Rose WATTS, witn: J. B. & A. A. REID both of Stratford, 1 August 1925 in Stratford.
016966-25 (Perth Co) Oscar Peter DIPPEL, 37, farmer, Carrick twp, Wallace twp, s/o Peter DIPPEL (b. Carrick Twp) & Rebecca ZINN married Verdella ANKENMAN, 33, housemaid, Wallace twp, Wallace twp, spinster, d/o Jacob ANKENMAN (b. Mornington Twp) & Matilda GEMMER, witn: Clayton & Edna ANKENMAN both of Gowanstown, 3 June 1925 in Wallace. 016961-25 (Perth Co) Emil Aaron DITTMER, 33, boiler maker, Logan twp, Stratford, s/o August DITTMER (b. Germany) & Maria STOLL married Maria Melinda GRAVER, 28, domestic, Wartburg, no residence given, d/o William GRAVER (b. Germany) & Caroline GAUL, witn: David D. GRAVER of RR#1 Sebringville & Elizabeth WEINGERBER (WEIRGERBER ?) of RR#2 Gadshill, 23 September 1925 in Ellice Twp.
016965-25 (Perth Co) Wilson Wesley DOBSON, 62, farmer, Carleton Co Ont., Mesa Arizona, widower, s/o George DOBSON (b. Ontario) & Eliza JOHNSTON married Sarah Jane WESTMAN, 47, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, widow, d/o John DOBSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LANGFORD, witn: Alice WHITNEY & Helen WESTMAN both of Mornington twp, 14 July 1925 in Mornington Twp. 016958-25 (Perth Co) Alexander DONELY, 23, merchant, Goderich Huron Co., Atwood, s/o Alexander DONELY (b. Canada) & Jane FEAGAN married Lily Kidd HALL, 25, housemaid, Elma twp, Atwood, d/o John HALL (b. Scotland) & Christena MIDDLETON, witn: Maggie J. HALL of Toronto & A. Ernest ANDERSON of Atwood, 25 (?) November 1925 in Atwood.
016973-25 (Perth Co) Frank Stuart DONNELLY, 19, pipe fitter, Palmerston, Listowel, s/o John Thomas DONNELLY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Ann BURNS married Evelyn Esther Geraldine KROHN, 18, Hamilton, no residence given, d/o Charles August KROHN (b. Canada) & Eva Ann Eve Pearl WATSON, witn: Mrs. T. STEELE of Stratford & Ellah May FISHER of Millbank, 9 February 1925 in Stratford. 016972-25 (Perth Co) Wilber Roy DOW, 27, farmer, Hibbert twp, Hibbert twp, s/o William DOW (b. Lanark Co) & Eliza Jane LOVE married Margaret TULLOCK, 26, housekeeping, Kitchener, Hibbert twp, d/o (parent's names not known), witn: Bessie M. DOW of Hibbert & Lorentz H. TULLOCK of Stratford, 8 April 1925 in Cromarty.
016968-25 (Perth Co) Joseph Stuart DUNBAR, 24, farmer, Pilkington twp, Lots 26-27-28 Conc III Div D Guelph twp, s/o Peter J. DUNBAR (b. Pilkington Twp) & Jane B. KIRBY married Florence M. SQUIRE, 23, school teacher, Mornington twp, Lots 26-27-28 Conc III Div D Guelph twp, d/o James SQUIRE (b. not given) & Harriett E. TANNER, witn: Florence M. SAWYER & Edna CANDLER both of Milverton, 2 March 1925 in Milverton. 016970-25 (Perth Co) Ernest J. DUTCH, 43, laborer, England, St. Marys, s/o James D. DUTCH (b. England) & Polly LOADES?, married Jane S. WHITE, 25, Scotland, St. Marys, d/o Robert WHITE (b. Scotland) & Jane SCOTT, witn: William S. WHITE of St Marys & Vera LANGFORD of London, 22 April 1925 in St. Marys
016986-25 (Perth Co) James Russell ECKMIER, 27, farmer, Grey twp, Elma Twp, s/o William ECKMIER (b. Canada) & Sarah SHARP married Muriel Marguerite LITTLE, 22, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o Michael LITTLE (b. Canada) & Fanny ADAMS, witn: John Maurice LITTLE & Marguerite Pearl HONE (?) both of Atwood, 11 March 1925 in Atwood. 016981-25 (Perth Co) Edwin Frank EISLER, 25, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Fred EISLER (b. Logan Twp) & Christina HILLEBRECHT married Emma Sophia SIEMON, 25, housekeeping, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o John SIEMON (b. Logan Twp) & Minnie EICKMEIER, witn: Norman SIEMON & Clara EISLER both of RR#4 Mitchell, 2 October 1925 in Logan Twp
016983-25 (Perth Co) Oliver Clayton ELLIOTT, 27, clerk, Seaforth, Seaforth, s/o John J. ELLIOTT (b. near Owen Sound) & Catherine HALLIDAY married Beatrice Ruby MILLER, 25, clerk, Ellice Twp, Stratford, d/o Christopher MILLER (b. Perth Co) & Esther Maria RAYNER, witn: Mona CORNELL of Toronto & Clifford MILLAR of Stratford, 26 September 1925 in Stratford 016984-25 (Perth Co) Clarence G. ELLIOTT, 22, mechanic, West Williams Twp, St. Marys, s/o George ELLIOTT (b. West William Ont) & Lottie E. POOR married Marvina A. SCHOFIELD, 18, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o Marvin SCHOFIELD (b. Burford Twp) & Margaret E. HOWELL, witn: (too faint) of St. Marys & Mrs. F. MURTON? of 17 Askin? St. London, 18 July 1925 in St. Marys. NOTE: Divorce granted 30 November 1933 in Toronto
016980-25 (Perth Co) John Alexander ELLIOTT, 42, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o John ELLIOTT (b. Logan Twp) & Lora Jane SHANE married Mabel Belle CUTHBERTSON, 27, clerk, Oxford Co., Logan Twp, d/o Robert CUTHBERTSON (b. Oxford Co) & Mary Hall COLLING, witn: Joseph MOORE of Logan Twp & Mary E. GRAHAM of Mitchell, 24 October 1925 in Mitchell 016982-25 (Perth Co) Byron ERB, 24, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o Dilman K. ERB (b. Canada) & Phoebe HUBER married Margaret Elizabeth HOLMES, 26, Elma Twp, no residence given, d/o William HOLMES (b. U.S.A.) & Margaret BALLANTYNE, witn: Ruth E. HOTSON of RR#5 St. Marys & Lily S. HOLMES of RR#2 St. Paul’s, 7 November 1925 in Downie Twp.
016985-25 (Perth Co) Joseph ERNST, 25, farm laborer, Austria, East Zorra Twp, s/o Matthias ERNST (b. Austria) & Elisabeth ERNST married Emma ERNST, 21, cigar maker, Buffalo N.Y., no residence given, d/o Josef ERNST (b. Austria) & Terese KOGELMANN, witn: P. W. MORGENROTH of Tavistock & Henry LINGELBACH of RR#1 Tavistock, 25 July 1925 in Sebastopol 016996-25 (Perth Co) John FAILL, 27, chemical engineer, Downie Twp, Niagara Falls N.Y., s/o Alexander FAILL (b. Scotland) & Mary M. TANNER married Edith Mary Isabel MACDONALD, 26, Stratford, no residence given, d/o John R. MACDONALD (b. Canada) & Eliza PATTERSON, witn: Harold J. MALONE & Isabel MACDONALD both of Stratford, 9 May 1925 in Stratford
017002-25 (Perth Co) Cecil Robert FALLIS, 28, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o James FALLIS (b. Canada) & Mary Janetta PATTERSON married Doris EVERITT, 21, Rotherham England, Elma Twp, d/o Arthur George EVERITT (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Tom EVERITT & Thelma FALLIS both of Elma Twp, 30 June 1925 in Elma Twp. 016992-25 (Perth Co) Albyness Howard FANSON, 21, farmer, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, s/o Tom FANSON (b. Fullarton Twp) & Mary Ella HARRIS married Marian Andeline RICE, 23, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, d/o Robert RICE (b. Fullarton Twp) & Alice SPECK, witn: Jean & Kenneth RICE both of Fullarton, 14 March 1925 at the Methodist Parsonage
017009-25 (Perth Co) Martin Leo FEENEY, 36, farmer, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, s/o James FEENEY & Ann BURNS married Mary Catherine DONNELLY, 27, domestic, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, d/o John DONNELLY & Elizabeth DELANEY, witn: Frank FEENEY of Dublin & Mary E. DONNELLY of 170 Goulding Ave. Buffalo N.Y., 14 October 1925 in Dublin 016993-25 (Perth Co) Harry Ellsworth FEGLEY, 38, insurance, Delaware Ohio, 1550 W. First Ave. Columbus Ohio, s/o James FEGLEY (b. Delaware Ohio U.S.A.) & Emma RAEDY (LAEDY?) married Hilda Mary FRIER, 23, saleslady, Stratford, 340 Cambria St. Stratford, d/o William FRIER (b. Ellice Twp) & Marie ENGEL, witn: Christine SELTZER of Tavistock & Clarence G. WILKER of Stratford, 22 April 1925 in Stratford
017003-25 (Perth Co) Edwin John FELTZ, 25, farmer, Logan Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o August FELTZ (b. Germany) & Mary DIETZE married Emma Whilemina RODE, 21, housekeeping, Logan Twp, Ellice Twp, d/o George RODE (b. Logan Twp) & Caroline BADE, witn: Wilford FELTZ of RR#3 Mitchell & Louise RODE of RR#1 Bornholm, 11 November 1925 in Brodhagen 017000-25 (Perth Co) James E. FERGUSON, 27, farmer, Kent Co., St. Marys, s/o John D. FERGUSON (b. Scotland) & Jane CATO married Carrie I. YOUNG, 27, Blanshard Twp, St. Marys, d/o John B. YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Jane KNOTT, witn: W. D. FERGUSON of 839 Main St. Hamilton & H. Gordon YOUNG of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, 30 June 1925 in St. Marys
016997-25 (Perth Co) James FINN, 52, shoemaker, Elderslie Twp, Chesley, widower, s/o Luke FINN (b. Canada) & Jane BELL married Lillian DUNSMORE, 43, housework, Downie Twp, Stratford, spinster, d/o James DUNSMORE (b. Canada) & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: John C. HETHERINGTON & Lillian M. FINN both of Chesley, 18 April 1925 in Stratford.  
017007-25 (Perth Co) Leroy Allen FISCHER, 25, farmer, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, s/o Andrew FISCHER (b. Fullarton Twp) & Susanna COOK married Idella Jane FRENCH, 24, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, d/o William FRENCH (b. Fullarton Twp) & Margaret NICOLS, witn: Grace Hill FRENCH & Walter CORNISH both of Fullarton Twp, 16 December 1925 in Fullarton Twp. 016991-25 (Perth Co) Mervyn FISHER, 30, farmer, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, s/o Henry FISHER (b. Canada) & Mary HALLMAN married Grace Ruth PLATHMER (c/b PLOETHNER), 16, Preston, Wallace Twp, d/o Oscar PLATHMER (b. Canada) & Frieda WEISER, witn: Julia (Jules ?) H.& Ruth L. WING both of Listowel, 11 March 1925 in Listowel.
016994-25 (Perth Co) George Wesley FLOOD, 30, farmer, Elma, Elma, s/o John FLOOD (b. Perth Co) & Mary SNELL married Susie May DAWSON, 26, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Robert DAWSON (b. Perth Co) & Mary NELEMS?, witn: Janet Isabel DAVIDSON & Lela N. BENNIE both of Mitchell, 8 April 1925 in Mitchell. 016990-25 (Perth Co) Henry FOGAL, 22, farmer, Uxbridge, Grey Twp, widower, s/o Morris FOGAL (b. Newmarket York Co) & Hannah GOWER married Mabel Ada HODGES, 27, Elma Twp, Grey Twp, d/o George HODGES (b. England) & Matilda KITCHEN, witn: Mary E. J. LITTLEHALES of 44 Briar Hill Ave. Toronto & Florence M. SAWYER of Milverton, 19 February 1925 in Milverton
017008-25 (Perth Co) John Gilbert FORD, 19, farmer, West Zorra Twp, West Zorra Twp, s/o John Justin FORD (b. Canada) & Rachael Louise YOUNG married Agnes Estelle HOLLIS, 19, domestic, West Luther Twp, no residence given, d/o William HOLLIS (b. Canada) & Margaret Ann MANION, witn: Ada F. MATHESON of Stratford & Ethel May FISHER of Millbrook, 7 January 1925 in Stratford. NOTE: Date of divorce 10/3/50 # 001386 017001-25 (Perth Co) Frederick Garfield FORRESTER, 43, CNR agent, Clinton, Dublin, s/o David A. FORRESTER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth AIKEN married Hattie Augustus McLAREN, 32, milliner, Mitchell, Mitchell, spinster, d/o Thomas McLAREN (b. Ontario) & Emily? FOWLER, witn: Mrs. W. E. BUTCHER of St Marys & Lottie McLAREN of Mitchell, 13 June 1925 in Mitchell
016999-25 (Perth Co) Herbert William John FOSTER, 24, farmer, Osborne Twp, Fullarton Twp, s/o David J. FOSTER (b. England) & Mary LEGG married Harriet Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 27, housekeeping, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, d/o William George DAVIDSON (b. England) & Annie Mary GARBUTT, witn: Letitia MATHEWS of Fordwich & Lloyd DAVIDSON of Carlingford, 17 June 1925 at the Home of the Bride 016995-25 (Perth Co) Percy A. FOSTER, 28, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, s/o John T. FOSTER (b. Ontario) & Agnes J. GUNNING married Mary Alma G. THOMSON, 23, Blanshard Twp, St. Marys, d/o James THOMSON (b. Ontario) & Mary E. MURRAY, witn: Herman FOSTER of Granton & Eunice? THOMSON of St. Marys, 2 April 1925 in St. Marys.
016987-25 (Perth Co) Edward James FOWLER, 20, reed worker, Stratford, Stratford, s/o James FOWLER (b. Canada) & Florence HILL married Mary Margaret Ann Alice JONES, 18, domestic, North Easthope Twp, no residence given, d/o John J. JONES (b. Canada) & Harriet LEWIS, witn: George S. E. JONES & Edith TOMSETT both of Stratford, 12 September 1925 in Stratford. 017005-25 (Perth Co) Alexander McP. FRAME, 19, upholsterer, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Alexander FRAME (b. Stratford) & Jean MURRAY married Olive M. JAMESON, 24, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o John Henry JAMESON (b. Blanshard Twp) & Minnie WHITE, witn: Melissa FARNEY & Martin ODETT both of St. Marys, 12 December 1925 in St. Marys
016988-25 (Perth Co) John G. FRASER, 34, farmer, Scotland, West Zorra, s/o Angus FRAZER (b. Scotland) & Margaret GILLANDERS married Violet Irene THOMPSON, 19, housework, Winnipeg, West Zorra, d/o John Alex THOMSON (b. Ontario) & Maud GIBBONS, witn: George CAMPBELL of West Zorra & Agnes WEDDIS of St. Marys, 5 September 1925 in St. Marys 016989-25 (Perth Co) Beniah Wilfred FRYER, 27, machinist, England, Stratford, s/o Enoch FRYER (b. England) & Edith DAWES married Esther Mary PURCELL, 19, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Patrick PURCELL (b. Canada) & Emily LONGLEY, witn: Isaac & Mrs. Isaac DEYELL of 303 Front St., 3 September 1925 in Stratford.
016998-25 (Perth Co) Frederic J. FULCHER, 24, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Downie Twp, s/o John FULCHER (b. Blanshard) & Eliza MOSES married Jean I. BALSDON, 18, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, d/o James BALDSON (sic) (b. Downie) & Margery TAYLOR, witn: Margaret WALKER & Agnes WEDDIS both of St. Marys, 20 June 1925 at Weddis St. Manse in St. Marys. 017004-25 (Perth Co) John Hugh Nelson FULTON, 25, farmer, Ontario, RR#1 Walton, s/o Hugh FULTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane DOUGHERTY married Ivy Doreen SWAIN, 25, England, 20 Wendigo Way - Swansea Ont., d/o William SWAIN (b. England) & Zilpah MITCHELL, witn: Isabelle HILES of Stratford & Vera ALTREE of 185 Church St., 8 December 1925 in Stratford.
017006-25 (Perth Co) Cyril Thomas FUNNELL, 20, taxi driver, Kent England, London, s/o Robert William FUNNELL (b. England) & Emily HAMMERSHAM (c/b HOMERSHAM) married Mary Ellen ENRIGHT, 19, domestic, Tuckersmith Twp, no residence given, d/o Thomas ENRIGHT (b. Canada) & Ellen Jane FEENEY, witn: Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT of ?9 William St. & John Thomas TROUT Jr. of 86 Louise St., 2 December 1925 at 105 West Gore St. Stratford 017010-25 (Perth Co) Edward GALE, 32, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o Henry GALE (b. England) & Helen MURRAY married Mary Alma MULCAHY, 30, Millbank, no residence given, spinster, d/o Patrick MULCAHY (b. Canada) & Rachel BEARINGER, witn: Arthur MAYNARD of Milverton & William BEARINGER of Islington Ont., 1 July 1925 in Millbank Village.
017016-25 (Perth Co) Albert William GARDINER, 23, reed worker, England, Stratford, s/o George Wilfred GARDINER (b. England) & Elizabeth ALDRIDGE married Eliza Helen Mary COOK (by adoption Lillian THOMPSON), 22, machinist, England, no residence given, d/o Frederick COOK (b. England) & Annie COOK (adopted d/o Henry Noble THOMPSON & Wilhemina BRINKMAN), witn: Frank Wilfred GARDINER of Cobourg St. & Rose THOMPSON of Mowat St., 29 June 1925 in Stratford 017015-25 (Perth Co) William James GEORGE, 21, laborer, England, Wilmot Twp, s/o Thomas GEORGE (b. London England) & (mother’s name not obtainable) married Luella Barbara LOTZ, 20, housemaid, no birth place given, Wilmot Twp, d/o Conrad LOTZ (b. Waterloo Co) & Lovina THANE, witn: Mrs. Levi CRESS & Mrs. W. S. HENRICH both of New Hamburg, 18 July 1925 in North Easthope
0017019-25 (Perth Co) Thomas GOODFELLOW, 26, bleacher, Edinburgh, Woodstock, s/o Walter GOODFELLOW (b. Dunn Berkshire Scotland) & Jessie PATTERSON married Audrey Ruth WATSON, 19, textile worker, Hibbert, Woodstock, d/o Josiah WATSON (b. Hibbert Twp) & Ruth FAWCETT, witn: Mary GOODFELLOW of Woodstock & Clifford WATSON of Dublin, 7 November 1925 in Stratford 017014-25 (Perth Co) Leslie P. GOURLAY, 22, farmer, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, s/o Alexander GOURLAY (b. Ellice Twp) & Jessie STRATHDEE married Mary R. WALKER, 19, Scotland, St. Marys, d/o James WALKER (b. Scotland) & Agnes BOWMAN, witn: Agnes WIDDIS & Margaret WALKER both of St. Marys, 25 April 1925 at Widdis St. Manse
017018-25 (Perth Co) Donald Alexander GRAHAM, 27, railway telegraph operator, Edinburgh Scotland, Beachville Ont., s/o Alexander GRAHAM (b. Scotland) & Jessie MATHIESON married Lucinda May TOTTEN, 19, stenographer, Ingersoll, Embro, d/o George James TOTTEN (b. Ontario) & Lucinda DANIEL, witn: Grace GREEN & Ethel CROWN both of St. Marys, 7 November 1925 at the United Church Parsonage in St. Marys. 017020-25 (Perth Co) William John GRAY, 31, farmer, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, s/o John GRAY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MARTIN married Anna Ruby ADAMS, 32, housekeeper, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, spinster, d/o Chester ADAMS (b. Ontario) & Annie WATSON, witn: Garnett ADAMS & Mrs. Winnie Belle KANE both of Mitchell, 9 December 1925 in Mitchell
017021-25 (Perth Co) Adam Stanley GREEN, 23, farmer, West Zorra Twp, West Zorra Twp, s/o William GREEN (b. Canada) & Dolena MATHESON married Anna Christina MILLER, 22, West Zorra Twp, no residence given, d/o Henry MILLER (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth BERG, witn: William H. BICKLE of Tavistock & Edna M. MILLER of Embro, 7 January 1925 in Stratford. 017013-25 (Perth Co) Milton N. GREGORY, 47, farmer, East Nissouri, Usborne Twp, widower, s/o Gilbert GREGORY (b. Scotland) & Sarah TAYLOR married Mary GREASON, 42, Nissouri Twp, St. Marys, widow, d/o Henry MUIR (b. Canada) & Agnes WATSON, witn: Mary & K. J. BROWN both of St. Marys, 23 May 1925 in St. Marys.
017011-25 (Perth Co) Irvin GRODY, 24, cementer, Nithburg, RR#2 Wellesley, s/o Christian GRODY (b. Canada) & Louise HEINRICH married Violet Lydia HABERMEHL, 21, knitter, Gadshill, Wellesley, d/o William HABERMEHL (b. Canada) & Ida DOERBECKER, witn: Edward HABERMEHL & Violet BOECKNER both of Tavistock, 19 August 1925 in Sebastopol 017012-25 (Perth Co) Wilfrid Simon GROSCH, 29, manufacturer, Milverton, Stratford, s/o William H. GROSCH (b. Canada) & Sarah PFEFFER married Anna Isabel RODGERS, 27, stenographer, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Joseph H. RODGERS (b. Canada) & Anna C. HILDEBRANDT (deceased), witn: John L. GROSCH & Marguerite SMITH both of Stratford, 19 September 1925 in Stratford.
017017-25 (Perth Co) John Eric GROVES, 26, inspector, Westmoreland England, Weston, s/o John GROVES (b. England) & Sarah FRAZER married Pearl Beatrice SCHLATTMAN, 24, operator, Stratford, Weston, d/o Philip SCHLATTMAN (b. Canada) & Marian TANSIE, witn: Albert HILSON of 31 Main St. S. Weston & Mabel SCHLATTMAN of Stratford, 7 September 1925 in Stratford 017022-25 (Perth Co) James M. GUNSON, 24, laborer, Holland, Guelph, s/o Jacob C. GUNSON (b. Holland) & Jeanette AALST married Florence I. BALL, 20, Downie Twp, St. Marys, d/o Cornelius BALL (b. Downie) & Eunice LEWIS, witn: Margaret JANES & Edward FOWLER both of St. Marys, 15 July 1925 at the Manse in St. Marys.
017033-25 (Perth Co) Ellwood Ferguson HAMILTON, 25, farmer, North Easthope Twp, Kitchener, s/o (faint) (c/b James) HAMILTON (b. Canada) & (mother’s name faint) (c/b Joan RIDLEY ?) married Nettie May GABEL, 25, telephone operator, Shakespeare, no residence given, d/o (too faint) (c/b John) (b. Canada) & (mother’s name too faint) (c/b Mary), other info too faded to read, NOTE: license obtained 29 April 1925 in Stratford. 017031-25 (Perth Co) Gerald D. HANEY, 24, tinsmith, St. Marys, St. Marys, s/o William HANEY (b. Parkhill Ont) & (no mother’s name given) married Annie M. M. HARAH, 18, Kirkton, St. Marys, d/o Fergus HARAH (b. on Atlantic Ocean) & Minnie CROZIER, witn: David & Edith TURNBULL both of St. Marys, 3 February 1925 in St. Marys.
017035-25 (Perth Co) John T. HANNABERRY, 24, farmer, Blanshard Twp, Downie Twp, s/o John HANNABERRY (b. Canada) & Bridget HANRAHAN married Margaret I. McCARTHY, 20, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o Daniel McCARTHY (b. Canada) & Catharine CALWELL, witn: John & Jean McCARTHY both of St. Marys, 3 June 1925 in St. Marys. 017027-25 (Perth Co) James Ritchie HARDIE, 28, farmer, Elma Twp, Grey Twp Huron Co., s/o James Ormiston HARDIE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth YOUNG married Barbara Lawsen SANDERSON, 26, housemaid, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o Mathew SANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McMILLAN, witn: George McCALLUM & Helen SANDERSON both of Listowel, 2 September 1925 in Wallace Twp.
017032-25 (Perth Co) John Vanstone HARDING, 40, shipper for CNR, England, Stratford, s/o George HARDING (b. England) & Sarah VANSTONE married Emma JOWETT, 36, England, no residence given, spinster, d/o Jonathan JOWETT (b. England) & Selina WHALEY, witn: Robert RAMSDEN of 657 Ontario St. & Annie VANSTONE of RR#5 St. Marys, 8 April 1925 in Stratford. 017029-25 (Perth Co) Samuel James HARKES, 21, farmer, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, s/o James Campbell HARKES (b. Scotland) & Sarah Elenor ASH married Luella Isabel WARRINGTON, 18, Ontario, Wallace Twp, d/o John WARRINGTON (b. Ontario) & Rose Anne PARK, witn: Mary HARKES & Russel E. YEO, both of Listowel, 18 February 1925 in Listowel
017030-25 (Perth Co) Milton HARTUNG, 21, farmer, Wilmot Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o Adam HARTUNG (b. Canada) & K. HARTUNG nee HARTUNG married Elizabeth Annie MALCHO, 23, Ellice Twp, no residence given, d/o Henry MALCHO (b. Canada) & Anna DIEHL, witn: Conrad SIPPEL of Shakespeare & Frida MALCHO of Gadshill, 18 February 1925 in Brunner 017025-25 (Perth Co) John HEINBUCH, 35, farmer, Wellesley Twp, Wellesley Twp, s/o John HEINBUCH (b. Waterloo Co) & Hannah SEIFERT married Margaret Lillian DRUMMOND, 30, ex public school teacher/housemaid, Logan Twp, Mitchell, spinster, d/o Alexander DRUMMOND (b. Leeds Co) & Margaret KERR, witn: John A. & Charlotte M. DRUMMOND both of RR#5 Mitchell, 29 August 1925 in Mitchell.
017028-25 (Perth Co) Robert John HENRY, 21, mechanic, East Zorra Twp, Stratford, s/o Jacob HENRY (b. Canada) & Amanda STRICKER married Hattie Johanna HEITBOHMER, 18, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Henry HEITBOHMER (b. Germany) & Susanna SCHMITT, witn: Fred R. McCONACHIE of 371 Ontario St. Stratford & Elsie HEITBOHMER of 30 Chestnut St. Stratford, 26 September 1925 in Stratford. 017023-25 (Perth Co) Sheldon HENRY, 20, operator on CNR, Burns Ont., Ailsa Craig Ont., s/o David HENRY (b. Elma Twp) & Cecelia Mildred HILL married Charlotte HAIST, 17, Wingham, Brussels, d/o George HAIST (b. Grey Twp) & Martha Elizabeth DOUBLEDAY, witn: Mrs. Belinda NICHOLLS & Mrs. E. PORTEOUS, both of Listowel, 10 September 1925 in Listowel.
017024-25 (Perth Co) Howard HESSON, 27, clerk, Stratford, Stratford, s/o James HESSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Anne BUTLER (Bartles?) married Florence JARRETT, 19, domestic, London England, no residence given, d/o Henry JARRETT (b. England) & Florence WELLS, witn: Robert HESSON & Ivy JARRETT both of Stratford, 15 September 1925 at St. Andrews Church in Stratford 017034-25 (Perth Co) Carl Frederick HIGENALL, 25, farmer, Fullarton Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Albert HIGENALL (b. Logan Twp) & Anna WICKIE married Laura Barbara DIEHL, 21, housekeeping, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Henry DIEHL (b. Logan Twp) & Malinda KERCHER, witn: Henry DIEHL of RR#2 Milverton & Flora HIGENALL of RR#4 Mitchell, 6 May 1925 in Brunner
017026-25 (Perth Co) Thomas Edward HUTTON, 25, clerk, Brantford, Detroit, s/o Donald Alexander HUTTON & Elizabeth J. CUNLIFFE, married Gertrude Genevieve GELDART, 23, clerk, Stratford, Detroit, d/o Charles GELDART & Susan E. BELYEA, witn: Harvey Warren WILSON of Windsor Ont. & Grace Estelle GELDART of Stratford, 22 August 1925 in Stratford. 017232-25 (Perth Co) Wesley KROTZ, 29, cheese maker, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, s/o Nicholas B. KROTZ (b. Germany) & Barbara WALTER married Rhoda Ann BERLET, 22, housemaid, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o Albert BERLET (b. Canada) & Minnie MORLEY, witn: Alexander & Hilda WOLF both of Gowanstown, 19 November 1925 in Wallace

017127-25 (Perth Co) Miles NESTEROV, 29, laborer, Russia, Stratford, s/o William NESTEROV & Mary MAZURA married Mary HALISKA, 21, Russia, Preston, d/o Saul CRAK & Anna KRASIA, witn: Alexander NITCH of Kitchener & Annie POCHERAWA of Preston, 14 February 1925 in Stratford.

017128-25 (Perth Co) Wilfrid NICHOLSON, 26, farmer, West Monkton, W. Monkton, s/o John A. NICHOLSON & Nellie BOHAN married Marguerite REGAN, 25, school teacher, Bornholm, Bornholm, d/o Felix REGAN & Bridget HAGARTY, witn: Frank NICHOLSON of West Monkton & Catharine REGAN of Bornholm, 29 September 1925 at St. Bridget's in West Monkton
017130-25 (Perth Co) Timothy O'FLYNN, 56, cheese & butter maker, Oxford Co., East Zorra Twp, widower, s/o Timothy O'FLYNN (b. Ireland) & Katharine O'NEIL married Lillian Pauline ANDERSON, 36, teacher, St. Thomas, no residence given, spinster, d/o James ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Margaret JAMES, witn: Michael HAGARTY of Mitchell Logan Twp & Mary O'GRADY of Stratford, 27 January 1925 in Stratford 017129-25 (Perth Co) Harry Leroy ORD, 28, machinist, Toronto, Stratford, s/o William ORD (b. England) & Margaret BENSON married Florella Lowry CONNELL, 28, cashier, Mornington Twp, no residence given, d/o William CONNELL (b. not given) & Ella WHALEY, witn: Mrs. E. I. CONNELL of 120 John St. Stratford & Mrs. Margaret E. L. ORD of 260 Erie St. Stratford, 6 September 1925 in Stratford.
017131-25 (Perth Co) Roland Tecumseh ORR, 25, mechanic, Chatham, Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas E. ORR (b. Waterloo) & Jean STOVER married Hazel Beatrice REEVES, 24, telegraph operator, Mitchell, Detroit Michigan, d/o John Henry REEVES (b. Mitchell) & Janie LIVINGSTONE, witn: Lester STOKES of Windsor Ont. & Eileen REEVES of Mitchell, 4 May 1925 in Mitchell 017135-25 (Perth Co) Clifford Laverne PALMER, 24, butcher, Stratford, Stratford, s/o William PALMER (b. Canada) & Rose YEANDLE married Mabel Beatrice WICKIE, 20, Rostock, no residence given, d/o William WICKIE (b. Canada) & Clare DIETRICH, witn: George W. CANNING of Stratford & Velma I. WICKIE of Rostock, 10 June 1925 in Stratford.
017139-25 (Perth Co) Darrel PARKER, 33, apiarist, Hay Twp, RR Cromarty, s/o (father not known) (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth PARKER married Irene Ladora WALKER, 31, Hibbert Twp, RR Cromarty, spinster, d/o Oswald WALKER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann Elizabeth TUFFIN (LUFFIN?), witn: Otto WALKER of Cromarty & Alice HENDERSON of 143 William St. London, 5 September 1925 in Cromarty. 017133-25 (Perth Co) Theodore R. S. PARKER, 22, farmer, Ellice Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o Theodore PARKER (b. Canada) & Milly HYDE married Laura Alexandra CLARK, 22, clerk, Stratford, no residence given, d/o David William CLARK (b. Canada) & Maria Jane MILLER, witn: Louise N. HAMMER of 54 Rebecca St. Stratford & George N. BELL of 12 Fergus St. Guelph, 3 June 1925 at Knox Church in Perth Co.
017140-25 (Perth Co) William Weldon PEARCE, 21, clerk, Mitchell, Walton, s/o Fred W. PEARCE (b. Mitchell) & Anna BURTON married Angela LONGEWAY, 22, housekeeping, Logan Twp, Walton, d/o Peter LONGEWAY (b. Logan Twp) & Bridget QUINN, witn: Harold CLARKE of Stratford & Eva LONGEWAY of Mitchell, 25 September 1925 in Mitchell. 017138-25 (Perth Co) Alfred H. PECKHAM, 22, machinist, London England, St. Mary's, s/o Alfred John PECKHAM (b. England) & Minnie B. GRAY married Margaret NIMMO, 21, Scotland, St. Mary's, d/o William NIMMO (b. Scotland) & Mary GIRVAN, witn: Herbert T. PECKHAM & Nellie STEVENS both of St. Mary's, 1 September 1925 in St. Mary's
017134-25 (Perth Co) William Norman PEEBLES, 25, street railway conductor, Dundee Scotland, London, s/o William McLAREN (b. Perthshire Scotland) & Jemima FORRESTER married Jessie Watson SCOTT, 21, clerk, Edinburgh Scotland, London, d/o Robert SCOTT (b. Dumfries shire Scotland) & Margaret WATSON, witn: David PEEBLES of 652 Piccadilly St. London & Maybel G. COWAN of Stratford, 24 June 1925 in Stratford. 017132-25 (Perth Co) Henry William PINES, 24, farmer, North Easthope Twp, North Easthope Twp, s/o George Charles PINES (b. England) & Katie BECKER married Mary Melba HYDE, 24, North Easthope Twp, no residence given, d/o Alexander HYDE (b. Canada) & Susannah RUPERT, witn: Edwin PINES & Mary PATERSON both of New Hamburg, 25 February 1925 in Shakespeare
017137-25 (Perth Co) Robert Nelson PORTERFIELD, 21, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp Perth Co., s/o William PORTERFIELD (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane PATTERSON married Ella Jane GRAY, 22, housemaid, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o John GRAY (b. Ontario) & Mary BROCK (?), witn: Veda GRAY & Bert PORTERFIELD both of Atwood, 28 November 1925 in Listowel. 017136-25 (Perth Co) Ivan Clair POUNDER, 19, salesman, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Thomas Albert POUNDER (b. Canada) & Maud WINSLOW married Mildred May DAWSON, 19, Stratford, no residence given, d/o David DAWSON (b. Canada) & Clara ALLMAN, witn: Alex ELLAM & Ruby POUNDER both of Stratford, 1 July 1925 in Stratford
017143-25 (Perth Co) Henry William QUEHL, 27, butcher, South Easthope Twp, Tavistock, s/o Henry QUEHL (b. Canada) & Anna SEHRT married Erica Elizabeth STOCK, 22, bookkeeper, South Easthope Twp, Tavistock, d/o Jacob STOCK (b. Canada) & Mary MILLER, witn: Mayne KLEIN & O. STOCKMANN both of Tavistock, 21 November 1925 in South Easthope Twp.

017144-25 (Perth Co) Arthur QUINLAN, 28, laborer, North Easthope, Chicago Illinois, s/o John F. QUINLAN & Elizabeth McCAFFREY married Elizabeth CROWLEY, 27, nurse, Kinkora, Stratford, d/o Cornelius CROWLEY & Margaret REEDY, witn: John McDONNELL of 302 Huron St. Stratford & Eva M. HUNTER of Stratford, 5 October 1925 at St. Joseph's Church in Stratford.

017141-25 (Perth Co) Robert Daniel QUIPP, 19, farmer, Ellice Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o Charles QUIPP (b. Canada) & Matilda SMITH married Dorothy NOWACK, 20, Ellice Twp, no residence given, d/o Richard NOWACK (b. Canada) & Ottilia MILLER, witn: Hyram A. SMITH & Heda C. NOWACK both of Gads Hill Perth Co., 25 March 1925 in Stratford. 017142-25 (Perth Co) William Daniel QUIPP, 21, butcher, Ellice Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o Daniel QUIPP (b. Canada) & Blanie? SNYDER married Gertrude Elizabeth MALCHO, 18, domestic, Ellice Twp, no residence given, d/o Charles MALCHO (b. Canada) & Elizabeth DIEHL, witn: Morgan WILSON & Mabel MALCHO both of Stratford, 28 January 1925 in Stratford.
  017167-25 (Perth Co) Orlow Daniel RAHN, 21, finisher, Neustadt, Stratford, s/o Albert RAHN (b. Canada) & Ida KNAPP married Helen Mae McRORIE, 17, domestic, Chesley, no residence given, d/o Peter McRORIE (b. Canada) & Margaret MONK, witn: Ray McRORIE of Chesley & Ruby Dorothy RAHN of Neustadt, 5 December 1925 at St. Andrew's Church in Stratford.
017161-25 (Perth Co) James Nelson RANNEY, 33, farmer, Elma Perth Co., Milverton, s/o Wilson RANNEY (b. not given) & Henrietta HUNTER married Anne Owen BRYDONE (Brydon?), 23, Mornington, Mornington, d/o James BRYDONE (b. not given) & Mary HAMILTON, witn: Joseph & Mary BRYDONE both of Mornington Twp, 2 June 1925 in Mornington.

017149-25 (Perth Co) Reuben RAPIEN, 21, farmer, McKillop Twp, McKillop Twp, s/o Henry RAPIEN (deceased) (b. Huron Co) & Mary EGGEN married Martha Emma Auguste KISTNER, 17, housekeeper, Logan Twp, McKillop Twp, d/o Adam KISTNER (b. Logan Twp) & Elizabeth LEONHARDT, witn: Fred KISTNER of RR#1 Bornholm & Pearl RAPIEN of RR#2 Walton, 31 December 1925 in Brodhagen

017157-25 (Perth Co) Wilbert Winter REEVES, 20, baker, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Thomas Arthur REEVES (b. Canada) & Dorothy IRWIN married Emily May HOUNSELL, 19, looper, Markdale, no residence given, d/o William HOUNSELL (b. England) & Esther PAINE, witn: Clell C. REEVES of 157 Front St. & Alice GORVETT of 198 Railway Ave., 1 August 1925 in Stratford. 017152-25 (Perth Co) George Arthur REEVES, 23, upholsterer, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Arthur Thomas REEVES (b. Canada) & Dorothy IRWIN married Olive May MacMILLAN, 21, Harrington Ont., no residence given, d/o John MacMILLAN (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth McINNES, witn: Stuart John MacMILLAN & Viola May REEVES both of Stratford, 18 March 1925 in Stratford
017158-25 (Perth Co) Lorenzo Ernest B. REID, 31, farmer, Kincardine Twp, Huron Twp, widower, s/o Russel REID (b. Wellington Co) & Mary Jane POLLOCK married Olive Amelia LAING, 21, housewife, Fullarton Twp, Russeldale Ont., spinster, d/o Thomas LAING (b. Bruce Co) & Elnor Amelia GETTLER, witn: Helen E. HANNA of 59 Dufferin London & Charles J. H. PAGE of Russeldale Ont., 9 July 1925 in Kirkton 017151-25 (Perth Co) John Basil REID, 23, insurance agent, Toronto, Stratford, s/o John E. REID (b. Canada) & Violet REID married Alice A. ROBINSON, 20, milliner, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Frederick ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Annie MAYZE, witn: James & Agnes THOMAS both of Stratford, 5 March 1925 in Stratford
017146-25 (Perth Co) Sytse REITSMA, 24, farm hand, Holland, Downie Twp, s/o Etzen REITSMA (b. Holland) & Pretze ALGERA married Gatsche VAN WINDEN, 23, Holland, no residence given, d/o Thomas VAN WINDEN (b. Holland) & Ankje MINKS, witn: Mr. S. BRICKMANN & Mrs. John STEFFEN both of Sebringville, 6 February 1925 in Sebringville.  
017153-25 (Perth Co) Norman Henry RIEHL, 22, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Henry RIEHL (b. Logan Twp) & Kate DOHLMER (c/b DALLNER) married Martha SCHERBARTH, 18, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Carl SCHERBARTH (b. Logan Twp) & Mary HERBERT, witn: William & Mrs. Mildred JACOB both of RR#1 Bornholm, 24 February 1925 in Brodhagen 017163-25 (Perth Co) Gordon Edward RIEHL, 29, farmer, Ellice Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Henry B. RIEHL (b. Ellice Twp) & Katie DOLNER (c/b DALLNER) married Mary WRIGHT, 19, housekeeping, England, Logan Twp, d/o (father - unable to give name) (b. England) & (mother - unable to give name), witn: Ernest & Lavina ABRAHAMS both of Mornington Twp, 24 December 1925 at Christ Church in Milverton.
  017169-25 (Perth Co) Samuel Gordon RIGBY, 38, banker, Halifax N.S., Westmount Montreal Quebec, s/o Samuel Gordon RIGBY & Elizabeth Archibald BURNYEST married Marjorie Hope WOODS, 35, teacher, Stratford, Stratford, spinster, d/o James Peter WOODS & Maria Caroline Grey HODGE, witn: Caroline A. VAN BUSKIRK of Stratford & T. S. WOODS of Exeter, 21 January 1925 in Stratford.
017148-25 (Perth Co) Ernest Hughes RISTO, 28, agent, Pembroke, Windsor, s/o August RISTO (b. Germany) & Martha KADOW married Ella Christena BILGER, 23, bookkeeper, Delhi Ont, no residence given, d/o Paul F. BILGER (b. Canada) & Christena KOHL, witn: Wilfred BILGER of 55 Argyle St. Stratford & Olga PAULI of 36 Strachan Stratford, 8 October 1925 at 55 Argyle St. in Stratford 017164-25 (Perth Co) James ROBERTSON, 51, laborer, Logan Twp, Mitchell, widower, s/o Charles ROBERTSON (b. Stratford) & Ellen MATHER married Matilda Marie RATZ, 35, housekeeping, Fullarton Twp, Mitchell, widow, d/o John RATZ (b. Quebec) & Louisa PAULI, witn: Mrs (Dr) ARMSTRONG & Mr. H. L. BENNIE both of Mitchell, 12 September 1925 in Mitchell.
017154-25 (Perth Co) William James ROBINSON, 36, farmer, Mornington, Wellesley, s/o William ROBINSON (b. Ancaster Twp Wentworth) & Margaret A. JOHNSON married Elsie Jane RILEY, 27, Mornington, Mornington, d/o Thomas RILEY (b. Mornington) & Frances L. COULTER, witn: Russel & Olive RILEY both of Milverton, 29 April 1925 in Milverton 017147-25 (Perth Co) Herbert Victor ROBINSON, 30, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Edward ROBINSON (b. Fullarton Twp) & Caroline SAAKEL married Velma May (Mae) VIPOND, 29, Hibbert Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Frederick VIPOND (b. Hibbert Twp) & Margaret FELL, witn: Lorne BALFOUR & Miss Gladys V. VIPOND both of Mitchell, 3 January 1925 in Hibbert Twp
017150-25 (Perth Co) Albert Frederick ROCK, 26, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o John Henry ROCK (b. Canada) & Mary HINZ married Emma Lavina DIEHL, 18, housemaid, Ellice Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Christian DIEHL (b. Canada) & Ida MATTHEWS, witn: Stanley BROUGHTON & Mabel DIEHL both of Monkton, 14 January 1925 in Monkton.  
017159-25 (Perth Co) Stephen Tetlock ROE, 37, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o John ROE (b. Ireland) & Caroline TETLOCK married Annie Duncan DEWAR, 39, nurse, Wellesley, no residence given, spinster, d/o Thomas B. DEWAR (b. Scotland) & Agnes HUTCHISON, witn: Grace DAND & R. DONALDSON both of Stratford, 4 July 1925 at Knox Church in Stratford. 017156-25 (Perth Co) Aaron ROPP, 26, butcher, Ontario, Millbank, s/o Joseph L. ROPP (b. Ontario) & Magdalena LICHTI married Clara BRENNEMAN, 18, Ontario, RR#2 Donegal, d/o Daniel BRENNEMAN (b. Ontario) & Katie ALBRECHT, witn: Josiah ROTH of New Hamburg & Lena BRENNEMAN of Atwood, 1 July 1925 near Donegal Elma.
017162-25 (Perth Co) Reginald ROSE, 22, upholsterer, England, Stratford, s/o John ROSE (b. England) & (mother's name - unknown) married Margaret Mabel SMITH, 21, housekeeper, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Robert SMITH (b. Canada) & Sarah FISHER, witn: W. A. SMITH of 128 Caledonia St. & Alice ROSE of 122 Douglas St., 31 July 1925 in Stratford 017168-25 (Perth Co) Henry William August ROSE, 22, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Henry W. ROSE & Caroline FISCHER married Ella Anna Magdalena LEONHARDT, 20, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, d/o George LEONHARDT & Mary JACOB, witn: Alvin ROSE & Miss Martha MOGK both of RR#1 Bornholm, 18 November 1925 in Brodhagen
017160-25 (Perth Co) Morris Stanley ROSE, 27, cheese maker, Thurlow Twp Hastings Co., Thurlow Twp, s/o Charles R. ROSE (b. Ontario) & Maria V. BUSHELL married Violet Mary Arabelle KERR, 25, teacher, West Zorra Twp, West Zorra Twp, d/o Neil KERR (b. Ontario) & Florence KIRK, witn: Edna L. & Cecil W. KERR both of RR#1 Embro, 2 September 1925 in Stratford. 017166-25 (Perth Co) Hugh Alexander ROSS, 41, dentist, Ontario, 534A St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto, s/o Hugh ROSS (b. Scotland) & Anne DAVIDSON married Eliza Ethel McKEE, 32, school teacher, Ontario, Millbank, spinster, d/o William McKEE (b. Ontario) & Sarah ROE, witn: Donald ROSS of Box 235 Windsor Ont. & Pansy ATKINS of 60 Lynwood Ave. Toronto, 30 June 1925 in Millbank
017145-25 (Perth Co) George ROTH, 27, farmer, North Easthope Twp, North Easthope Twp, s/o John ROTH (b. Canada) & Mary SNYDER married Odula Mae STEINER, 20, Ohio U.S.A., no residence given, d/o William H. STEINER (b. U.S.A.) & Margaret RICKENBACH, witn: Lloyd WEAVER of RR#1 Port Colborne & Mabel STEINER of Gads Hill Station, 21 October 1925 in Stratford 017165-25 (Perth Co) Fenton Eugene RUMBLE, 23, farmer, West Nissouri, Lot 23 Conc 6 West Nissouri, s/o John RUMBLE (b. Middlesex Twp) & Sarah ELGIE married Vera Minerva WELLS, 18, clerk, East Nissouri, Lot 23 Conc 6 West Nissouri, d/o James WELLS (b. East Nissouri) & Almeda GREGORY, witn: Gladys BANNERMAN of St. Mary's & Lloyd JOHNS of RR#3 Exeter, 25 November 1925 at the United Church Parsonage in St. Mary's.
017155-25 (Perth Co) Caleb RYAN, 60, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph Twp, widower, s/o Caleb RYAN (b. Ireland) & Elen ATKINSON married Catharine Mary McLEAN, 54, London Twp, St. Mary's, spinster, d/o William John McLEAN (b. Ireland) & Catharine PERCIVILLE, witn: Leon John & Minnie CONSTABLE both of St. Mary's, 24 June 1925 in St. Mary's. 017170-25 (Perth Co) William Thomas John RYAN, 25, machinist helper, England, Stratford, s/o Thomas Joseph RYAN & Elizabeth RICHARDS married Violet Georgina FRASER, 20, Stratford, Stratford, d/o John FRASER & Pearl TROMBLEY, witn: Roy DAVIES of 24 McKenzie St. & Minnie RYAN of 22 Inverness St., 17 September 1925 in Stratford
  017193-25 (Perth Co) George William SANGSTER, 22, machinist helper, Oxford Co., Stratford, s/o William Morrison SANGSTER (b. Scotland) & Mary Louise GARNETT married Elizabeth Mary Ann CAMERON, 19, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Donald CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann STEVEN, witn: Flosand Harriet SUMMERS of 28 Cooks (?) St. Stratford & Frank Martin NORMAN of 11 Stratford St, 24 February 1925 at 61 Blake St. Stratford.
017210-25 (Perth Co) Walter Laidlaw SAUNDERS, 36, civil engineer, Goderich, Goderich, widower, s/o Alexander SAUNDERS (b. Canada) & Geraldine CRESSMAN married Jean Louise REYNOLDS, 32, nurse, Stayner, no residence given, spinster, d/o William REYNOLDS (b. England) & Sarah Jane KNOT, witn: Helen NORTHGRAVE & Mattie ODETT both of St. Mary's, 29 August 1925 in St. Mary's. 017176-25 (Perth Co) Theodore Henry SCHAEFER, 40, foreman, Tavistock, Waterloo, widower, s/o George SCHAEFER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth SERT married Elizabeth Barbara KISTNER, 27, tire worker, Logan Twp, 42 Strange St. Kitchener, d/o George KISTNER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth LEEMING, witn: John C. & Vera M. KISTNER both of #2 Walton, 14 October 1925 in Brodhagen.
017213-25 (Perth Co) Andrew Roy SCHENCK, 23, laborer, Ellice Twp, Detroit Michigan, s/o Otto SCHENCK & Anna YOUNG married Helen Regan GALLAGHER, 23, stenographer, Ellice Twp, Ellice Twp, d/o Patrick GALLAGHER & Anna BANNON, witn: James & Kathleen GALLAGHER both of RR#1 Sebringville, 29 June 1925 in Stratford. 017171-25 (Perth Co) Emerson Verne SCHENK, 25, banker, Chesley, Stratford, s/o William SCHENK (b. Canada) & Melinda KRUSPE married Helen Elizabeth HANNA, 23, London, no residence given, d/o Albert W. HANNA (b. Canada) & Elizabeth LANG, witn: Edward LANG of St. Mary's & Mrs. N. LANG of Church Street St. Mary's, 10 October 1925 in St. Mary's.
017175-25 (Perth Co) Louis SCHINEMAN, 24, farmer, Ellice Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o Chris SCHINEMAN (b. Germany) & Minnie FISHER married Agnes Marguerite DRUAR, 18, clerk, Rostock, no residence given, d/o Ignatius DRUAR (b. Canada) & Victoria ESBAUGH, witn: Joseph A. & Gertrude WINGEFELDER both of 187 Wellington St. Stratford, 4 July 1925 in Stratford 017212-25 (Perth Co) Nicholas SCHMIDT, 21, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Jacob W. SCHMIDT & Rebecca KUEPFER married Lydia WAGLER, 26, East Zorra Twp, Mornington Twp, d/o Jacob S. WAGLER & Lydia BRENNEMAN, witn: Christian ZEHR of Brunner & Dorothy WAGLER of RR#1 Newton, 2 July 1925 in Mornington.
017197-25 (Perth Co) John Harper SCHOFIELD, 31, barrister, England, 20 Peter St. Kitchener, s/o James William SCHOFIELD (b. England) & Jane ECKERSLEY married Blanche Irene SLATER, 27, teacher, Stratford, 42 MacKenzie St. Stratford, d/o John SLATER (b. England) & Emma GOULD, witn: Stanley E. HODGINS of 378 Albert St. Stratford & Annabel MENZIES of 134 Ontario St. Stratford, 15 January 1925 in Stratford. 017215-25 (Perth Co) Allan SCHWARTZENTRUBER, 21, farming, Wilmot, Wilmot, s/o Daniel SCHWARTZENTRUBER & Barbara ERB married Elizabeth WAGLER, 20, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Christian Z. WAGLER & Fanny SCHWARTZENTRUBER, witn: Dave O. ERB of Wellesley & Simon H. SCHWARTZENTRUBER of Petersburg, 29 January 1925 at the Bride's Home
017185-25 (Perth Co) Walter Melvin SCOTT, 28, farmer, Mornington Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Walter James SCOTT (b. Mornington Twp) & Isabelle CUTHBERTSON married Charlotte Frederica FELKAR (Felker?), 22, housemaid, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o Henry FELKAR, (b. Normanby Twp) & Wilhelmina HILBERT, witn: Ruth FELKAR of RR#1 Listowel & Daniel Martin SCOTT of RR#1 Atwood, 23 December 1925 in Wallace Twp. 017190-25 (Perth Co) Andrew Vernal SCOTT, 25, farmer, Mornington, Mornington, s/o William D. SCOTT (b. not given) & Mary Agnes LITTLE married Margaret Kathleen KERR, 28, Ellice, Ellice, d/o John E. KERR (b. not given) & Dora YANG, witn: Thomas Hilton WESTMAN of Milverton & Laura Julia KERR of Ellice Twp, 31 March 1925 in Stratford.
017204-25 (Perth Co) George Robert SCOTT, 25, farmer, Ellice Twp, Mornington Twp, s/o William SCOTT (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth HAMILTON married Alma May FLEET, 21, Peel Twp, Peel Twp, d/o Walter Hugh FLEET (b. Canada) & Mariah GOODING, witn: Cora L. SCOTT & Jane C. NICOL both of Listowel, 23 September 1925 in Listowel 017179-25 (Perth Co) Charles Augustus SHAW, 24, tool maker, London England, Detroit, s/o Charles A. SHAW (b. London England) & Florence WOODINGTON married Ida Annie CORBETT, 26, cutter, Erin Wellington Co., Detroit, d/o Maxwell CORBETT (b. Orangeville Dufferin) & Mary DUKE, witn: Arthur A. SHAW of 761 McNab Stratford & Edith K. CORBETT of Britannia St. Stratford, 15 July 1925 at Britannia St. Stratford.
017186-25 (Perth Co) Thomas SHERWOOD, 30, mailman, England, Stratford, s/o George SHERWOOD (b. England) & Lucy Maud JONES married Dorothy KEADLE, 20, domestic, England, no residence given, d/o William KEADLE (b. England) & Kathleen STENNETT, witn: William & Frances AUSTERBERRY both of Stratford, 30 May 1925 in Stratford. 017202-25 (Perth Co) George Richard SHERWOOD, 31, car inspector, Liverpool England, Stratford, s/o George SHERWOOD (b. England) & Lucy Maud JONES married Margaret Robena GOURLAY, 31, tailoress, Stratford, no residence given, spinster, d/o Robert GOURLAY (b. Canada) & Helen PAXTON, witn: Walter G. MILLER & Lucy Maud SHERWOOD both of Stratford, 23 September 1925 at St. Andrew's Manse in Stratford.
017177-25 (Perth Co) Howard Emerson SHIER, 23, farmer, Usborne Twp, Usborne Twp, s/o Silas SHIER (b. Ontario) & Nellie VICARS married Mary Eulesa MARSHALL, 21, domestic, Hibbert Twp, Hibbert Twp, d/o Walter MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Dorothy SCOTT, witn: Ira SHIER of Kirkton & Helen M. SMITH of Hensall, 24 June 1925 in Cromarty. 017209-25 (Perth Co) John Angus SHOWERS, 17, grocery manager, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Harry SHOWERS (b. Ontario) & Eva BROWN married Mabel Violet SALISBURY, 19, Stratford, Detroit Michigan, d/o Henry SALISBURY (b. England) & Mabel WATLING, witn: Kenneth S. DOWNS of Woodstock & Lillian SALISBURY of Stratford, 24 August 1925 in Stratford
017207-25 (Perth Co) William George SHUTER, 25, furniture trimmer, England, Stratford, widower, s/o William SHUTER (b. England) & (mother's name - not known) married May GILKS, 23, England, no residence given, d/o George Edward GILKS (b. England) & Harriet MOORE, witn: William GILKS of Stratford & Nellie Elizabeth MILES of Durham, 5 September 1925 in Stratford.  

2370-25 Arthur Richard SILLIFANT, 28, truck driver, Stratford, same, s/o George James SILLIFANT, b. Canada & Clara WHEATLEY, married Catherine May RONALD, 19, Listowel, res not given, d/o James RONALD & Thomasina SMITH, witn: Erna SILLIFANT & Elizabeth A. MACKENZIE, both of Stratford, 10 Feb 1925 at Stratford.

017194-25 (Perth Co) William James SIMPSON, 27, farmer, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, s/o Leith SIMPSON (b. not given) & Fannie HAYWOOD married Agnes Ann MITCHELL, 27, domestic, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, d/o William MITCHELL (b. not given) & Emma RANTON, witn: Lizzie SIMPSON of Fullarton & Ranton MITCHELL of Carlingford, 11 March 1925 at the Methodist Parsonage in Perth Co.
017189-25 (Perth Co) George L. SINKINS, 22, merchant, East Nissouri, Lakeside, s/o William SINKINS (b. Perth Co) & Charlotte MARTIN married Eleanor L. SLATER, 23, E. Nissouri, Lakeside, d/o John SLATER (b. Perth Co) & Eleanor KING, witn: Lawrence SINKINS & Verda L. SLATER both of Lakeside, 11 April 1925 at St. James Church in St. Mary's. 017195-25 (Perth Co) Conrad SIPPEL, 21, carpenter, East Zorra Twp, Windsor, s/o John SIPPEL (b. Canada) & Anna Maria KRANTZ married Frieda Lovina Magdalene MALCHO, 18, Ellice Twp, no residence given, d/o Henry MALCHO (b. Canada) & Anna DIEHL, witn: Margaret KRUEGER & O. STOCKMANN both of Tavistock, 11 December 1925 in Sebastopol South Easthope Twp
017178-25 (Perth Co) William Henry SIPPEL, 25, farmer, East Zorra Twp, West Zorra Twp, s/o Adam SIPPEL (b. Canada) & Annie WITZEL married Hilda Marie WETTLAUFER, 23, West Zorra Twp, no residence given, d/o Jacob WETTLAUFER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HAHN, witn: William METZ of RR#5 Embro & Mathilda SCHNEIDER of RR#2 Stratford, 24 June 1925 in Sebastopol. 017191-25 (Perth Co) Emmerson Henry SIPPEL, 19, baker, East Zorra Twp, Kitchener, s/o Adam SIPPEL (b. Canada) & Annie WITZEL married Edna Anna KALBFLEISCH, 20, South Easthope Twp, no residence given, d/o Jacob KALBFLEISCH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WILKES, witn: A. J. McPHERSON of 63 Centre St. Stratford & Kathleen V. KLAEHN of 66 Centre St. Stratford, 26 March 1925 in Stratford.
017201-25 (Perth Co) Percy SKIRTEN, 19, nickel plater, London England, Stratford, s/o Charles John SKIRTEN (b. England) & Sophia Rose SPITTLE married Mary Ellen PARSONS, 19, winder, Munroe Ont., no residence given, d/o Emmanuel PARSONS (b. England) & Bessie Jane REECE, witn: James HARRIS & Laurie G. NELSON both of Stratford, 26 September 1925 in Stratford 017205-25 (Perth Co) Fred SMALLDON, 20, farmer, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, s/o William John SMALLDON (b. Grey Twp) & Kate McDOUGALL married Amelia Jane PRIDE, 22, Elma Twp, Grey Twp, d/o John PRIDE (b. Ontario) & Sarah SNELLING, witn: Margaret PRIDE of RR#3 Walton & George SMALLDON of RR#3 Cranbrook, 23 September 1925 in Listowel
017174-25 (Perth Co) Henry William James SMITH, 23, truck driver, Rotherheight England, Stratford, s/o Henry Thomas SMITH (b. England) & Elizabeth RICH married Eva Mae GREY, 19, Goderich, Stratford, d/o George Arthur GREY (b. Ontario) & Nina KINSMAN, witn: F. E. RUSTON & L. P. GREY both of Mitchell, 8 July 1925 in Mitchell 017183-25 (Perth Co) George James SMITH, 21, laborer, England, Stratford, s/o Harry SMITH (b. England) & Elizabeth RICH married Emma Evelyn NEWMAN, 18, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Henry George NEWMAN (b. England) & Georgina WATSON, witn: James & Marilda SULLIVAN both of Stratford, 27 May 1925 in Stratford.
017200-25 (Perth Co) George C. SMITH, 42, home missionary, London England, Sudbury District, s/o Edward John SMITH (b. England) & Louisa CALCUTT married Jessie Grant MARTINDALE, 41, stenographer, Lions Head, no residence given, spinster, d/o Abraham MARTINDALE (b. U.S.A.) & Frances CULP, witn: Henry John SMITH of 117 Bay St. Stratford & Elizabeth A. MacKENZIE of 108 William St. Stratford, 14 February 1925 at 108 William St. in Stratford 017198-25 (Perth Co) Herman Edward SMITH, 23, farmer, Owen Sound, Lot 13 Conc 2 Sarawak Twp, s/o William Henry SMITH (b. Owen Sound) & Mary Elizabeth ROGERS married Marion Margaret MURRAY, 23, teacher, Elma Twp, Elma Twp Perth Co., d/o Robert Anderson MURRAY (b. West Monkton) & Charlotte LAWSON, witn: Francis Walter & Agnes SMITH both of Owen Sound, 2 December 1925 at St. Andrew's Church in Stratford.
017173-25 (Perth Co) Wilfred SMITH, 28, mechanic, Grey Twp, West Monkton, s/o Fred SMITH (b. Illinois U.S.A.) & Margaret MACHAN married Edwina Craik HARVEY, 25, housekeeping, Logan Twp, West Monkton, d/o Robert HARVEY (b. Logan Twp) & Sarah Jane SMITH, witn: H. B. GALE of Mitchell & Gladys MOFFAT of Monkton, 27 June 1925 in Monkton 017192-25 (Perth Co) Thomas SMITH, 30, farmer, England, Hibbert Twp, s/o Thomas SMITH (b. England) & Lydia CANNON married Winnifred A. R. ALLEN, 22, England, Motherwell, d/o J. E. ALLEN (b. England) & A. L. HARRIS, witn: John E. & Alice L. ALLEN both of Motherwell, 28 March 1925 in St. Mary's.
017206-25 (Perth Co) Clayton A. SMITH, 23, farmer, E. Nissouri, E. Nissouri, s/o (blurry) SMITH (b. Canada) & Mary R. COOPER married Bessie BAILEY, 21, Blanshard Twp, Blanshard Twp, d/o Isaac BAILEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth IRVINE, witn: William C. SMITH of Nissouri & Ruth Gladys BAILEY of St. Mary's, 10 October 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Kirkton. 017196-25 (Perth Co) William Henry SNELLING, 26, barber, Wallace Twp, Grey Twp Huron Co., s/o George SNELLING (b. Wallace Twp Perth Co) & Sarah FLOOD married Ivy Manetta TARR, 26, housemaid, Logan Twp Perth Co, Grey Twp, d/o William TARR (b. Devonshire England) & Margaret HARDEY, witn: Annie TARR of Monkton & Samuel SNELLING of Walton, 16 December 1925 in Mitchell.
017182-25 (Perth Co) Michael SOBESTIAN (c/b SEBASTIAN), 31, moulder, Russia, Kitchener, s/o Joe SOBESTIAN (b. Russia) & Anne SELINSKE married Stella HANCHIN (c/b HANCHYN), 23, waitress, Austria, no residence given, d/o Horman HANCHIN (b. Austria) & Anne SRIH, witn: John WELCHAN (?) of Kitchener & Harry HAROBRUT (?) of Stratford, 9 May 1925 in Stratford. 017181-25 (Perth Co) Stanley Alvin SPEIRAN, 25, farmer, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, s/o George SPEIRAN (b. Ontario) & Mina WATTS married Margaret Jane STEVENSON, 20, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, d/o William Curtis STEVENSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret Maud ADAM, witn: Kathleen STEVENSON & Orval WHITFIELD both of Brussels, 24 June 1925 in Listowel.
017180-25 (Perth Co) Earl Wellington SPROULE, 21, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, s/o Wellington SPROULE (b. Ontario) & Mary KARGES married Martha Ethel GALBRAITH, 20, housemaid, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o Robert GALBRAITH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MARKS, witn: Lloyd & Marjorie HAMILTON both of Listowel, 14 July 1925 in Atwood. 017199-25 (Perth Co) Frank Hume SPRY, 25, painter, England, Stratford, s/o William Russel SPRY (deceased) (b. Ireland) & Lillian HUESTON married Mary Elizabeth OLIES, 23, domestic, Tavistock, no residence given, d/o Henry OLIES (b. Canada) & Caroline GALE, witn: Edna & Robert FUNNELL both of Stratford, 5 February 1925 in Stratford.
017184-25 (Perth Co) Aaron Adolph STEPPLER, 26, farmer, Ellice Twp, Ellice Twp, s/o Allen STEPPLER (b. Canada) & Emma CLUFF (?) married Marion Henrietta SINDON, 20, domestic, England, no residence given, d/o (father's name - not known) (b. Wales) & (mother's name - not known), witn: John D. RONALD & Annie L. CLUFF both of Stratford, 18 December 1925 in Stratford 017187-25 (Perth Co) Willard H. STEVENS, 36, theater mgr, St. Mary's, St. Mary's, s/o William B. STEVENS (b. Ontario) & Alice STEVENS married Evah J. PATTERSON, 30, W. Nissouri, St. Mary's, spinster, d/o Joseph PATTERSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ROBERTS, witn: C. (?). PATTERSON of 842 E. 53 St. Chicago & R. G. STEVENS of St. Mary's, 10 June 1925 in St. Mary's
017214-25 (Perth Co) Russel Sage STEWART, 31, machinist, Stratford, Stratford, widower, s/o William STEWART & Rachel WOODS married Gertrude GIVLIN, 30, housemaid, Hibbert Twp, Stratford, spinster, d/o Thomas GIVLIN & Mary CURTIN, witn: Thomas MATHESON & Mary GIVLIN both of Stratford, 1 September 1925 in Stratford 017203-25 (Perth Co) John Joseph STEWART, 23, machinist, Iowa U.S.A., Stratford, s/o Abram STEWART (b. Canada) & Eliza GRAHAM married Hazel Kathleen RUSSEL, 20, housework, Bracebridge, no residence given, d/o George RUSSEL (b. Canada) & Etta GRAHAM, witn: Herbert O. STEWART & Isabella McGINNIS both of Stratford, 7 October 1925 in Stratford.
017172-25 (Perth Co) Charles William STILLMAN, 22, manager, Seattle Washington, Stratford, s/o Thomas Josh STILLMAN (b. Canada) & Nellie Maud HARFORD married Mary Anderson HALLIDAY, 24, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Thomas HALLIDAY (b. Canada) & Maud Isobel ROSS, witn: James A. STILLMAN & G. I. MICKLE both of Stratford, 21 October 1925 in Stratford 017188-25 (Perth Co) John T. STONE, 26, merchant, Fullarton Twp, St. Mary's, s/o William C. STONE (b. Blanshard Twp) & Ada ROBINSON married Rhea G. PARSONS, 27, Detroit, St. Mary's, d/o Richard PARSONS (b. London) & Sadie BOWLBY, witn: Mrs. Vera TOMLINSON & Fred H. PARSONS both of St. Mary's, 19 March 1925 in St. Mary's.
017208-25 (Perth Co) Frank SUTHERLAND, 27, merchant, Glasgow Scotland, Philadelphia Pa., s/o Peter SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Katharine SINCLAIR married Mary NISBET, 24, factory worker, Glasgow Scotland, no residence given, d/o Thomas NESBIT (b. Scotland) & Ann PAXTON, witn: John NISBET of 163 Curry (?) Ave. Windsor & Florence DOWDING of Mitchell, 12 September 1925 in Stratford 017211-25 (Perth Co) Floyd Alexander SUTHERLAND, 21, electrical tester, West Zorra Twp, Stratford, s/o Andrew Alexander SUTHERLAND (b. Canada) & Jane McMILLAN married Elizabeth Martha FAGGE, 20, knitter, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Thomas John FAGGE (b. England) & Amelia HERMITAGE, witn: Clarence JACOBS & Edna M. SEEBACH both of Stratford, 29 August 1925 in Stratford
  017222-25 (Perth Co) William Harry TAIT, 21, butcher, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Noah TAIT (b. England) & (mother's name - doesn't know) married Alice Margaret RIEHL, 21, housekeeper, Downie Twp Perth Co., no residence given, d/o James RIEHL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HEROLD, witn: Michael DARLING & Mary A. HILLS both of Dublin, 5 November 1925 at St. Mary's Church in Dublin
017220-25 (Perth Co) Joseph Alvin TARR, 22, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o William TARR (b. Devonshire England) & Margaret HARVEY married Clarissa Corinne HORN, 22, farmer, Elma Twp, Elma Twp, d/o Joseph HORN (b. North Easthope Twp) & Minnie HILES, witn: Harvey SNELLLING of Monkton & Iva TARR of RR#2 Monkton, 21 January 1925 in Monkton 017219-25 (Perth Co) Lindsay M. TATE, 24, farmer, East Nissouri, East Nissouri, s/o David TATE (b. Perth Co) & Mary MARTIN married Mary R. A. KERR, 24, East Nissouri, East Nissouri, d/o William KERR (b. Perth Co) & Catherine BLACKWELL, witn: Irwin TATE & Vina MOSSEY (Massey?), both of Oxford Twp, 23 February 1925 in Oxford Twp Perth Co. (sic)
017221-25 (Perth Co) Albert Frederick TATTLE, 43, florist, Ontario, Forest Hill Ont., s/o William Williams TATTLE (b. Ontario) & Catherine LLEWELLYN married Allison HARKES, 27, Manitoba, RR#1 Listowel, d/o James Campbell HARKES (b. Scotland) & Sarah Eleanor ASH, witn: Mary E. HARKES of Listowel & Alias DEW of Eglinton, 4 September 1925 in Wallace Twp. 017226-25 (Perth Co) Howard Leroy TAYLOR, 25, fireman, Courtland Ont., Niagara Falls Ont., s/o John TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Lillian McEOWN, married Lillian Jean Phipps SNOW, 25, Perth Co., Stratford, d/o Samuel SNOW (b. not given) & Mary Brown SMITH, witn: Kenneth H. MURRAY & Ada F. MATHESON both of Stratford, 9 September 1925 in Stratford.
017218-25 (Perth Co) John TELFORD, 45, laborer, Huron Twp, Kincardine, s/o James TELFORD (b. England) & Hannah CORNISH married Jessie Anne McDONALD, 40, Huron Twp, Huron Twp, spinster, d/o James McDONALD (b. Nova Scotia) & Mary CAMERON, witn: Cora SCOTT & Jane C. NICOL both of Listowel, 20 May 1925 in Listowel. 017217-25 (Perth Co) Herman TESCHKE, 37, farmer, Sullivan Twp, Sullivan Twp, widower, s/o Charles TESCHKE (b. Germany) & Auguste SCHWARTZ married Amy MALINOFSKI, 24, housework, Sullivan Twp, Sullivan Twp, d/o Christ MALINOFSKI (b. Canada) & Emma SCHULTZ, witn: John ALBERTI of RR# ? Bornholm & Kathleen V. KLAEHN of 66 Centre St. Stratford, 10 June 1925 in Stratford
017223-25 (Perth Co) Henry Thomas THORNE, 32, music teacher, South Wales, Stratford, s/o Henry THORNE (b. England) & Alice Mary ROBINSON married Myrtle Harris BELL, 20, Mansfield England, no residence given, d/o Charles Frederick BELL (b. England) & Jean CORDELL, witn: Charles William BELL & Violet RAMSDEN both of Stratford, 12 October 1925 in Stratford.  
017227-25 (Perth Co) John Patrick TOOMEY, 31, hospital attendant, Leeds Yorkshire England, London, s/o Joseph Stephen TOOMEY & Alice RUTTER married Nina SCOTT, 29, nurse, Ellice Twp Perth Co., Stratford, d/o John SCOTT & Caroline PENGELLY, witn: Percy Charles DODD of 93 Douro St. Stratford & Mabel COWAN of 96 Charles St. Stratford, 14 April 1925 in Stratford. 017224-25 (Perth Co) Douglas A. TOWLE, 30, credit manager for Studebaker corporation. Guelph, Windsor, s/o William Henry TOWLE (b. Lancaster England) & Jennie Atkinson ARMSTRONG married Lois Mildred TROW, 29, Stratford, Stratford, d/o James TROW (b. North Easthope) & Julia Elvina PUGH, witn: Emerson James TROW of Toronto & Arthur F. TOWLE of Buffalo N.Y., 29 September 1925 in Stratford
017225-25 (Perth Co) David H. TURNBULL, 26, plumber, Wiarton, St. Mary's, s/o Joseph Frederick TURNBULL (b. not given) & Elizabeth GOLDING married Edith HOOPER, 22, England, Stratford, d/o James J. HOOPER (b. not given) & Florence BAILEY, witn: Arnetta TALBERT & James John HOOPER both of Stratford, 20 August 1925 in Stratford 017216-25 (Perth Co) Ernest Walter TURNER, 22, laborer, St. Paul's Ont., Detroit Michigan, s/o Walter TURNER (b. England) & Florence FALL married Laura Frances BALLANTYNE, 21, knitting inspector, Downie Twp, no residence given, d/o John BALLANTYNE (b. Isle of Man) & Jean ELLIOTT, witn: George C. BALLANTYNE of RR#3 Stratford & Beatrice TURNER of 40 Argyle St. Stratford, 12 August 1925 at St. Paul's in Downie Twp.
017228-25 (Perth Co) Gerhard UNGER, 23, farmer, South Russia, North Easthope Twp, s/o Gerhard UNGER & Helena SPERLING married Anna POETKER, 19, housekeeper, South Russia, North Easthope Twp, d/o Peter POETKER & Catherine GOERZEN, witn: Peter & Catherine GOERZEN both of RR#3 New Hamburg, 22 November 1925 in North Easthope. 017230-25 (Perth Co) William Clarence VIVIAN, 28, farmer, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, s/o Joshua VIVIAN (b. Perth Co) & Isabella URQUHART married Beulah Marie FAWCETT, 24, housekeeping, Fullarton Twp, Fullarton Twp, d/o William FAWCETT (b. Fullarton Twp) & Mary NORRIS, witn: Annie I. VIVIAN & William FAWCETT both of Mitchell, 1 July 1925 in Fullarton Twp
017229-25 (Perth Co) John George VOCK, 27, blacksmith, Logan Twp, Bornholm, s/o Wilhelm VOCK & Emilie RODE married Wilhelmina Alvina SIEMON, 22, McKillop Twp, McKillop Twp, d/o Wilhelm SIMEON & Emma HEMME (?), witn: Wilhelm F. VOCK of Bornholm & Mabel SIEMON of RR#2 Walton, 22 December 1925 in Brodhagen 017254-25 (Perth Co) Daniel WAGLER, 25, farmer son, East Zorra Twp, Mornington Twp, s/o Jacob S. WAGLER & Lydia BRENNEMAN married Elisabeth KUEPFER, 30, Mornington Twp, Mornington Twp, spinster, d/o Jonathan KUEPFER & Catharine WAGLER, witn: David SCHWARTZ of Linwood & Zorra KUEPFER of Newton, 15 December 1925 in Mornington.
017244-25 (Perth Co) Harry Henry WALKER, 26, laborer, England, Stratford, s/o (father not known) (b. England) & (mother not known) married Olive Laura SHEAN, 20, felt worker, Logan Twp Perth Co., no residence given, d/o James SHEAN (b. Canada) & Harriet Hyslop EATON, witn: Roy SHEAN of Mitchell & Hazel CRAWFORD of Stratford, 16 December 1925 at St. Andrew's Manse in Stratford 017235-25 (Perth Co) Walter Henry WALKER, 25, civil engineer, London England, Islington Ont., s/o Walter Henry WALKER (b. England) & Emma ETHERINGTON married Grace Graham TREMAINE, 24, Listowel, no residence given, d/o Alonzo TREMAINE (b. Canada) & Mary GRAHAM, witn: J. Harold WOOD of Millbrook & Agnes M. CULLIS of 13 Argyle St., 20 June 1925 in Stratford.
017242-25 (Perth Co) Harold Rupert WARD, 23, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o John T. WARD (b. Logan Twp) & Emma SIEMON married Margaret Ada DEWING, 17, housekeeping, South Easthope, Logan Twp, d/o William John DEWING (b. England) & Emma HEYER, witn: Esther V. RONNENBERG of RR#1 W. Monkton & Emma WARD of RR#2 W. Monkton, 14 December 1925 in Monkton. 017241-25 (Perth Co) Alfred Harris WATCHORN, 22, railway man, Wiarton, Palmerston, s/o Casper WATCHORN (b. Markdale) & Susan HOOEY married Lulu Mildred MAY, 23, clerk, Atwood, Atwood, d/o Robert MAY (b. Halton Co) & Mary CHISHOLM, witn: Robert MAY & Ethel F. PAULL both of Atwood, 21 January 1925 in Atwood.
017237-25 (Perth Co) Fred WATSON, 55, clerk, Ontario, Stratford, s/o William WATSON (b. Scotland) & Jane COOPER married Anna DUFFEY (DUFFY), 31, domestic, Scotland, no residence given, spinster, d/o Bernard DUFFEY (b. Scotland) & Margaret MOORE, witn: Jessie MACDONELL & Hannah STANLEY both of 181 Mornington St. Stratford, 27 March 1925 in Stratford 017251-25 (Perth Co) Carl Nicholas WEBER, 26, merchant, Woolwich Twp, 17 Dill St. Kitchener, s/o Karl WEBER (b. Germany) & Margarete HAMMEN? married Irene WITTIG, 22, Mornington Twp, Milverton Ont., d/o John WITTIG (b. Milverton) & Gertrude GERTH, witn: Melvin WITTIG of Milverton & Mary WEBER of 17 Dill St. Kitchener, 24 December 1925 in Mornington Twp
017239-25 (Perth Co) Charles L. WELSH, 53, merchant, Stratford, Stratford, widower, s/o John WELSH (b. Canada) & Carrie M. BRADLEY married Cora Gretta GOULD, 36, Harmony Ont., no residence given, spinster, d/o John GOULD (b. Canada) & Charlotte WEBB, witn: Constance Welsh McDERMID of St. Catharines & J. B. GOULD of Stratford, 9 November 1925 in Stratford. 017247-25 (Perth Co) Morgan Eldred WELSH, 24, farmer, Mornington, Lot 5 Conc 14 Mornington, s/o Robert WELSH (b. Lot 4 Conc 14 Mornington Twp) & Maude WADDELL married Marion Gertrude GIBSON, 18, Lot 31 Conc 2 Elma, Listowel, d/o Thomas E. GIBSON (b. Lot 18 Conc 4 Elma Twp) & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Sheldon S. WATSON of 97 St. Joseph St. Toronto & Florence W. GIBSON of Listowel, 29 September 1925 at Lot 44-46 Conc 1 in Elma Twp
017245-25 (Perth Co) Gordon John WETTLAUFER, 21, farmer, North Easthope Twp, North Easthope Twp, s/o Magnus WETTLAUFER (b. Canada) & Mary RIEPERT, married Minnetta Louise ABERHART, 15, domestic, Seaforth, no residence given, d/o Henry ABERHART (b. Canada) & Mary RICHARDS, witn: William Henry ABERHART of RR#1 Gadshill & May Eliza Charity RICHARDS of 1 Pinke St. Kitchener, 10 December 1925 in Stratford. 017243-25 (Perth Co) James Austin WHALEY, 24, flour packer, Oxford Co., Stratford, s/o Malcolm WHALEY (b. Canada) & Margaret KRENUTZ?, married Virginia Grace WATCHER, 19, silk finisher, North Dorchester, Stratford, d/o Eric Lewellen WATCHER (b. Canada) & (blank) STEPHENSON, witn: Richard J. BARWICK & Mrs. Edna SHELLEY both of Stratford, 5 December 1925 at St. Andrew's Manse in Stratford.
017236-25 (Perth Co) Albert Edward WHIPP, 23, green keeper, England, Stratford, s/o (has no knowledge of father (b. England) or mother) married Helen Elizabeth MORGAN, 22, waitress, England, no residence given, d/o Alfred James MORGAN (b. England) & Helen Elizabeth (can not give surname), witn: Gladys Louisa BEXTON of 110 Strachan St. Stratford & Mrs. Lottie POOLE of Stratford, 20 May 1925 in Stratford

17504-25 Eric Hamilton WHITFIELD, 21, farmer, Gray Tp., same, s/o Albert WHITFIELD (b. Ontario) & Annie HAMILTON, married Margaret Ellen McDONALD, 20, Grey Tp., same, d/o Thomas McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Ellen CUMMINGS, witn: Gordon McEWEN of R. R. 2 Wroxeter & Jean McDONALD of R.R. 2 Bluevale on Aug. 29, 1925 at Stratford

017233-25 (Perth Co) Thomas William WHITTEMORE, 22, machinist, Riddings England, Stratford, s/o Thomas WHITTEMORE (b. England) & Gertrude MORRILL married Doris BUTTERWORTH, 20, factory hand, Shaw England, no residence given, d/o John BUTTERWORTH (b. England) & Louisa COTTON, witn: Albert Alvin ETHERINGTON of 117 Regent St. & Beatrice Alma GREGG of 53 Well St. Stratford, 17 September 1925 in Stratford. 017248-25 (Perth Co) Charles Victor WILBEE, 25, machinist, Brussels Ont., Stratford, s/o John Henry WILBEE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth SMITH married Emily PHILIP, 18, upholsterer, Brantford, Stratford, d/o Robert PHILIP (b. Co of Fife Scotland) & Rose HADLEY, witn: George Walter KNIGHT of 145 Frederick St. Stratford & Mrs. Kate DUNCAN of St. Andrew's Manse in Stratford, 8 August 1925 at St. Andrew's Manse in Stratford.
017246-25 (Perth Co) Reginald Arthur WILLIAMS, 20, baker, High Wycombe England, Stratford, s/o Henry WILLIAMS (b. England) & Rosa Jane WILLIS married Rose THOMPSON nee COOK, 21, knitter, London England, no residence given, spinster, d/o Frederick COOK (b. England) & Annie COOK, adopted d/o Henry Noble THOMPSON & Mary Wilhelmina BRINKMANN, witn: Nelson PRICE of 11 Brant St. & Elsie WELCH of 271 Douro St., 30 September 1925 in Stratford. 017234-25 (Perth Co) William Roy WILLIAMS, 38, farmer, Fairground, Fairground, s/o Frank J. WILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Martha HARRIES married Ruby PARK, 22, school teacher, Blabon N. Dakota, Mitchell, d/o James PARK (b. Canada) & Henrietta HENDERSON, witn: Edith BAHAMEL? & Ada F. MATHESON both of Stratford, 19 September 1925 in Stratford
017250-25 (Perth Co) James Osborne WILSON, 31, manufacturer, Drayton, Elmira N.Y., s/o George WILSON (b. Canada) & Catharine A. JOHNSON married Helen Christina BRANDY, 23, nurse, Stratford, no residence given, d/o James BRANDY (b. Canada) & Sarah BANKS, witn: James & Thomas S. BRANDY both of Stratford, 26 November 1925 in Stratford 017231-25 (Perth Co) Wilfred Alexander WILSON, 28, clerk, Stratford, Stratford, s/o Alexander WILSON (b. Canada) & Emma E. MALLION married Gladys Viola MacKAY, 22, Stratford, no residence given, d/o Alexander MacKAY (b. Canada) & Rosetta Alberta LLOYD, witn: Russell WILSON & Wilhemine ROBERTS both of Stratford, 14 October 1925 at St. Andrew's Church in Stratford
017249-25 (Perth Co) Valentine WOELFLE, 26, miller, S. Easthope Twp, Tavistock, s/o Martin WOELFLE Sr. (b. Germany) & Christena MERKLINGER married Emma Florence BRANTON, 28, housemaid, Fullarton, Tavistock, d/o Harry BRANTON (b. Yorkshire England) & Annie PAULI, witn: Peter WOELFLE of Tavistock & Belle BRANTON of Mitchell, 5 December 1925 in Mitchell 017238-25 (Perth Co) Alexander WOLFE, 23, farmer, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, s/o William WOLFE (b. North Easthope) & Annie E. SCHNEIDER married Hilda May KROTZ, 21, housekeeper, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o Nicholaus B. KROTZ (b. Germany) & Barbara WALTER, witn: Addison W. & Melinda F. BENDER both of Palmerston, 18 February 1925 in Wallace Twp.
017240-25 (Perth Co) William Frederick WOODS, 21, soldier, England, London, s/o Ernest WOODS (b. England) & Emily Lorine, married Lillian HULME, 19, domestic, Tavistock, no residence given, d/o Joseph HULME (b. England) & Sarah ROSE, witn: John SIBBEN & Sarah HULME both of Stratford, 7 March 1925 in Stratford. 017253-25 (Perth Co) Francis S. YATES, 21, electrician, St. Mary's, St. Mary's, s/o Robert YATES (b. Walkerton) & Hannah SMITH married Lena P. FERGUSON, 22, St. Mary's, St. Mary's, d/o Robert FERGUSON (b. Carleton Pl. Ont) & Lena STYLES, witn: Lillian V. P. FERGUSON of 19 Liverpool St. Guelph & Howard H. YATES of St. Mary's, 22 August 1925 in St. Mary's Ont
  017252-25 (Perth Co) William Gordon YEO, 27, farmer, Turnberry Twp, Turnberry Twp, s/o William YEO (b. Canada) & Nancy BRETHOUR married Hazel Agnes FORSTER, 23, Howick Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o Thomas Henry FORSTER (b. Ireland) & Sarah Elizabeth MASON, witn: Stanley & Mrs. Stanley FORSTER of Fordwich Ont., 6 June 1925 in Wallace Twp.