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18291-23 Reginald S. ADAM, 31, merchant, St. Marys, same, s/o John M. ADAM (b. Canada) & Eva SPARLING, married Erma Isabella MOTT, 32, Woodstock, Stratford, d/o Ezra E. MOTT (b. Canada) & Margaret McLEOD, witn: J. A. & C. M. MOTT of Stratford, 24 Sept 1923 at Stratford  
18287-23 (Perth Co) Clarence ADAMS, 26, machinist, Elma twp, Detroit Michigan, s/o George ADAMS (b. Canada) & Lillian ROBSON, married Maude Irene DOUGLAS, 19, Wallace twp, unknown, d/o Samuel DOUGLAS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth CLEMENS?, witn: W.W. MAGWOOD & Griffin STRATTON of Toronto, 27 Dec 1923 at Stratford 18289-23 Cecil James AKINS, 29, farmer, East Flamboro, Nassagaweya twp., s/o William James AKINS (b. Nassagaweya twp) & Emily EASTERBROOK, married Florence Edna STACEY, about 28, teacher, Mitchell Ont., Nassagaweya twp., d/o John E. STACEY (b. Fullarton twp) & Mary Jane LANDER, witn: Norman W. STACEY of Mitchell & Annie AKINS of Acton, 7 Nov 1923 at Mitchell
18288-23 James William AMOS, 30, accountant, Exeter Ont., Windsor, s/o Thomas A. AMOS Laura Ruth MANNING, married Margaret Louise BOLES, 28, clerk, Stratford, res not given, d/o William BOLES & Sarah Louise WILSON, witn: H. E. RANKIN & C. YOUNG, both of Stratford, 10 Nov. 1923 at Stratford 18290-23 Frank Roy ANDERSON, 38, widower, clerk, Napanee, 18 Alma St. in Kitchener, s/o J.M. ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Louise MOSS, married Antoinette Kathleen HOWE, 28, stenographer, Listowel, 57 Maitland Apts. in Kitchener, d/o Frank S. HOWE (b. Canada) & Mary A. CALLIE, witn: William W. & Annie MARKS of Listowel, 12 Nov 1923 at Christ Church, Listowel
18293-23 Robert David ANDREWS, 52, widower, machinist, Scotland, Stratford, s/o William ANDREWS (b. England) & Susan WILSON, married Emeline Sophia PENDOCK, 45, widow, England, res not given, d/o Charles Hugh GRIMSBY (b. England) & Julia ASTOR, witn: Charles H. CLARKE of 44 Louise St. in Stratford & F. HARKINA of 134 Nelson St. in Stratford, 9 May 1923 at Stratford 18295-23 Alexander Robertson ANGUS, 54, farmer, Elma twp., East Nissouri, s/o Alexander ANGUS (b. Scotland) & Mary ROBERTSON, married Mary McKay CORRY, 58, spinster, House keeper, Ireland, res not given, d/o James CORRY (b. Ireland) & Letitia MUNDELL, witn: E. Alice HAMMOND of 31 Centre St. in Stratford & Florence Maya CORRY of 77 Charles St. in Stratford, 25 April 1923 at Stratford
18294-23 Edwin APEL, 23, farmer, Mitchell, South Easthope, s/o George APEL (b. Logan twp) & Agnes BARTHEL, married Cora EDDY, 19, Barrie, South Easthope, d/o Richard EDDY (b. Barrie) & "don’t remember", witn: William & Mrs. William APEL of 89 E. Love? St. in Stratford, 21 April 1923 at Mitchell 18292-23 Albert Lloyd ARMSTRONG, 22, farmer, Grey twp., Elma twp., s/o Henry ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Mary WRIGHT, married Edith May HOLMES, 20, living at home, Elma twp., same, d/o Frederick William HOLMES (b. Canada) & Mary Ida McCULLOUGH, witn: Cecil & Evelyn HOLMES, both of RR2 Listowel, 19 June 1923 at Trowbridge
18322-23 Andrew BACH, 39, laborer, Wellesley village, Milverton, s/o Andrew BACH (b. Germany) & Minnie FETTER, married Annie BIRMINGHAM, 26, Wellesley twp., same, d/o James BIRMINGHAM (b. Wellesley twp) & Teresa BASLER?, witn: Katherine SCHMIDT of Milverton & George BIRMINGHAM of Crosshill, 7 Feb 1923 at Grace Church Rectory, Millbank 18326-23 Thomas P. BANNON, 38, widower, dry goods merchant, Stratford, S--bury?, s/o John BANNON & Catherine O’CONNOR, married Annie McCAFFREY, 36, Stratford, same, d/o John McCAFFREY & Catherine WRITT, witn: Arthur GREENLAW? & Lucy BANNON, both of Stratford, 6 June 1923 at Stratford
18309-23 Peter BARCLAY, 25, machinist apprentice, Scotland, Stratford, s/o George BARCLAY (b. Scotland) & Jessie GORDON, married Janet HALDANE, 22, saleslady, Scotland, res not given, d/o Robert Knight HALDANE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth LOW, witn: John & Kate BARCLAY of Stratford, 5 July 1923 at Stratford 18313-23 Joseph Patrick BARNHART, 19, laborer, Stratford, same, s/o David BARNHART (b. Canada) & Anna TOPP, married Violet Marie HORNICK, 15, Stratford, res not given, d/o Henry HORNICK (b. Canada) & Catherine COLLINS, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles WHITE of Stratford, 1 June 1923 at Stratford
18302-23 William Herbert BARTON, 48, clerk, Perth Co., Stratford, s/o William BARTON (b. Canada) & Jemima WILSON, married Milly Mary SULLIVAN, 44, saleslady, Sarnia, res not given, d/o Michael SULLIVAN (b. Canada) & Bridget HAVENTERY, witn: John J. & Mrs. F. SHEA of London, 14 Aug 1923 at Stratford 18297-23 Richard James BARWICK, 22, laborer, Manitoba, Detroit, s/o Richard Joseph BARWICK (b. Canada) & Charlotte MANN, married Eva Janet WATCHER, 18, Middlesex Co., res not given, d/o Eric L. WATCHER (b. Canada) & Electha L. STEPHENSON, witn: William BARWICK of Goderich & Beulah WATCHER of London, 24 Dec 1923 at Stratford
18321-23 Thomas Fenton BATTERSBY, 25, electrician, Stratford, same, s/o Thomas BATTERSBY (b. St. Marys Ont) & Nellie BARTLEY, married Georgina Clara WARDELL, 23, Mitchell, Stratford, d/o Frederick WARDELL (b. Germany) & Carrie WASSMANN, witn: Howard BATTERSBY & M. F. ZIEPE?, both of Stratford, 7 March 1923 at 105 W. Gore St. in Stratford 18304-23 Arthur Harold BECKER, 26, traveller, Walkerton Ont., 106 Foundry St. in Kitchener, s/o John BECKER (b. Walkerton) & Elizabeth WETTLAUFER, married Merle Estell TUNE, 26, stenographer, London Ont., 201 Birmingham St. in Stratford, d/o Charles TUNE (b. London Ont) & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: J. D. COGHILL & Mrs. Estell TUNE, both of Stratford, 2 Aug 1923 at Stratford
18300-23 Alexander Gourlay BELL, 29, farmer, Downie twp., same, s/o Adam BELL (b. Canada) & Margaret GOURLAY, married Margaret Olive WALDIE, 22, Downie twp., Ontario, d/o Alexander WALDIE (farmer, b. Canada) & Isabella CORNISH, witn: George T. WALDIE of Stratford & Ethel STACEY of Mitchell, 23 Oct 1923 at Stratford 18328-23 George Walter BELL, 29, railway shop laborer, St. Prince England, Stratford, s/o Charles BELL & Elsie DUPESON?, married Ellen Mary COLLETT, 28, teacher, England, Stratford, d/o Alfred COLLETT & Amelia Ann HICKS, witn: Mary & George Henry DAVISON of 89 Young St. in Stratford , 13 Jan 1923 at Stratford
18301-23 Gordon Conrad BENDER, 26, mechanic, Wallace twp., Listowel, s/o Henry W. BENDER (b. Canada) & Susannah FILSINGER, married Cora Greta KARGES, 22, living at home, Listowel, same, d/o William John KARGES (b. Canada) & Melissa SNELLING, witn: Eldon BENDER & Effie KARGES, both of Listowel, 18 Sept 1923 at Listowel 18303-23 John Oliver BERGEY, 29, laborer, Orford twp., Listowel, s/o Christian BERGEY (b. Pennsylvania US) & Barbara GETZ, married Minnie Pearl LEONARD, 22, house maid, Elma twp., same, d/o John LEONARD (b. Elma twp) & Minnie BARNETT, witn: Nathaniel BERGEY of Markham Ont & Edna LEONARD of Atwood, 10 Jan 1923 at Elma twp
18296-23 William H. BERNSAN?, 32, salesman, Germany, Reading PA, s/o Wilhelm BERNSAN (b. Elberfelef? Germany) & Ida BEXTEL, married Lillian W. GRAY, 29, St. Marys, same, d/o John GRAY (b. Edinburgh) & Minnie MAITLAND, witn: John W. DURR of St. Marys & Ruth PRICE of St. Catharines, 31 Dec 1923 at St. Marys 18315-23 Floyd Emery BESSE, 24, farmer, Canada, Maryborough twp., s/o Reuben BESSE (b. Whitevale - Pickering twp) & Annie SCARR, married Aleda Viola BROWN, 24, Canada, Listowel, d/o George E. BROWN (b. St. Vincent - Grey Co) & Edna Margaret CHAMBERS, witn: Eleanor S. & Harold EDWARDS of Listowel, 16 May 1923 at Listowel
18305-23 Frederick John BEUERMANN (Benermann?), 31, farmer, McKillop twp., same, s/o August BEUERMANN (b. Canada) & Caroline KICHNE, married Clara McNAB, 33, widow, McKillop twp., same, d/o Fred KOEHLER (b. Canada) & Mary FISCHER, witn: Georg BEUERMANN of RR1 Dublin & Lavina ELLIGSON of Brodhagen, 4 Aug 1923 at Brodhagen, Logan twp 18308-23 Gordon William BIERS, 20, clerk, Kitchener, 103 St. David St. in Stratford, s/o Fred BIERS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth (spelled as Elissbut) PRESSING, married Agnes MURDOCK, 19, upholsterer, Perth Co - Scotland, Stratford, d/o Peter MURDOCK Sr. (b. Scotland) & Charlotte CAMPBELL, witn: Marvin BIERS of 103 St. David St. in Stratford & Bessie MURDOCK of 474 Albert St. in Stratford, 25 July 1923 at Stratford
18317-23 Frederick William BISHOP, 23, knitter, England, Stratford, s/o Henry BISHOP (b. England) & Mary A. GOODALL, married Olga Hazel LEGG, 23, Canada, Stratford, d/o Robert LEGG (b. Newmarket Ont) & Emily Ellen FITZPATRICK, witn: George H. LARKWORTHY & Marjorie LEGG, both of Stratford, 18 April 1923 at Stratford 18310-23 Marin Mill Roy BLACKBURN, 26, auto mechanic, Listowel, Windsor, s/o George BLACKBURN (b. Canada) & Lydia BELL, married Anna Bell DUPRE, 22, Seaforth Ont., res not given, d/o Dan DUPRE (b. Canada) & Anna SHADE, witn: Janet E. & Alice McLACHLILN of Stratford, 19 July 1923 at 89 Norman St. in Stratford
18299-23 George William BLAY, 29, sales manager, Stratford, London, s/o Adam BLAY (b. England) & Elizabeth MOTT, married Mary Adleen WEBB, 25, London, res not given, d/o Frederick WEBB (b. Canada) & Clara ELLIOTT, witn: Margaret GREEN of Doon & K?. LOGAN of London, 13 Nov 1923 at Stratford 18318-23 Emmerson BLUM, 29, farmer, South Easthope, same, s/o Edward BLUM (b. Ont) & Henrietta YOUNGBLUT, married Ericka SCHAEFER, 25, house maid, East Zorra, same, d/o Henry J. SCHAEFER (b. Ont) & Marie HEINBACH, witn: O. & Anna STOCKEMANN? of Tavistock, 27 March 1923 at Sebastopol
18307-23 Conrad Frederick Ernest BLUNCK, 35, doctor, Ellice twp., New York City, s/o August Heinrich BLUNCK (b. Bornhoved? Germany) & Johanna Mathilde JENSON, married Frieda Caroline PAULI, 30, Ellice twp., New York City, d/o George PAULI (b. Rostock Ont) & Wilhelmine B., witn: Wilber PAULI of Milverton & Levina KROPF of Topping, 27 July 1923 at Milverton 18312-23 Henry George BOCK, 57, divorced, wholesale jeweller, Rochester NY, same, s/o George BOCK (b. Germany) & Elizabeth SHAFT, married Catherine Marie ROEDER, 46, domestic, North Easthope, res not given, d/o Conrad ROEDER (b. Germany) & Maria SCHNARSINGER, witn: Conrad & Mary Ann (nee Ruppert) ROEDER of RR1 Gadshill, 12 June 1923 at North Easthope twp
18325-23 Norman Frederick BODE, 24, farmer, Logan twp., same, s/o William A. BODE & Louise BACH, married Gertrude Emilie Louise HINZ, 25, lady, Logan twp., same, d/o Fritz HINZ & Louise QUERCEGESSER?, witn: John G. DIEGEL & Adelia HINZ, both of R1 Bornholm, 25 April 1925 at Logan tp 18324-23 Lewis Arthur McKee BOGART, 26, farmer, Picton Ont., Adolphustown twp., s/o Lewis F. BOGART (b. Canada) & Marion L. BUCHANAN, married Hazel Vars COSENS, 23, living at home, Elma twp., same, d/o Charles COSENS (b. Canada) & Margaret GREY, witn: Richard JOHNSTON of RR2 Listowel & Katharine B. DALY of Napanee, 24 Jan 1923 at Elma twp
18319-23 Edwin BOURNE, 33, farm laborer, England, Stratford, s/o Edwin BOURNE (b. England) & Annie SWEENEY, married Gertrude Mary LAYCOCK, 45, widow, England, res not given, d/o John HARRINGTON (b. England) & Emma THOMAS, witn: Francis J. NETHERCOTT of 187 Church St. & Helen A. K. KAY of 174 Church St., 10 April 1923 at Stratford 18323-23 Arthur Sinclair BOWMAN, 23, farmer, Conestogo Ont., Wallace twp., s/o Noah W. BOWMAN (b. Canada) & Susan ZURBRIGG, married Elsie Ann RAE, 25, Grey twp., same, d/o Elijah RAE (b. Canada) & Adeline HEWITT, witn: Ernest W. RAE of RR2 Listowel & Etta BOWMAN of Listowel, 13 Feb 1923 at Trowbridge
18306-23 Joseph BRAMFIELD, 32, telephone linesman, Huron Co., Welland, s/o Joseph BRAMFIELD (b. England) & Annie L. WRIGHT, married Bella NICHOLS, 29, teacher, Hibbert twp., Mitchell, d/o Robert P. NICHOLS (b. Ont) & Alice HORNIBROOK, witn: Mrs. George BERRYFIELD of Toronto & Mrs. Henderson FRASER of Hamilton, 11 Aug 1923 at Mitchell 18311-23 William C. BRINE, 26, farmer, Blanshard twp., same, s/o William Joseph BRINE (b. Canada) & Mary Jane PROWSE, married Agnes E. R. EPPLETT, 27, Blanshard twp., same, d/o John Bragg EPPLETT (b. Canada) & Bertha Corneille ARMSTRONG, witn: Maxwell A. EPPLETT of RR1 St. Marys & Oscar BRINE of RR6 St. Marys, 21 June 1923 at res of the bride, Blanshard twp
18298-23 George Thomas BROWN, 21, farmer, Grey twp., same, s/o David BROWN (b. England) & Elizabeth HOWARD, married Laura DEWAR, 21, house maid, Elma twp., same, d/o William DEWAR (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth FLOOD, witn: Elwood LANG of Lethbridge Alberta & Grace DEWAR of Elma twp., 28 Nov 1923 at Atwood 18329-23 Jackson BROWN, 24, salesman, Stratford, same, s/o William George BROWN & Mary Emma COOK, married Carol Vida Winnifred TODD, 24, asst. sales manager of Stratford Oliver? Co., Fort William, Stratford, d/o Frederick James TODD & Sarah Jane MURPHY, witn: Russel L. GILBERT of London & Valerie W. TODD of Stratford, 27 Sept 1923 at Stratford
18316-23 Murray BROWN, 29, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o George BROWN (b. Scotland) & Ann MURRAY, married Gertrude BLECKERT, 30, Elma twp., same, d/o Charles BLECKERT (b. Ont) & Philippine KRESSLER, witn: Robert MELVILLE & Vanetta BLECKERT, both of Monkton, 9 May 1923 at 17th Con of Elma twp 18314-23 Arthur Lewis BURKHOLDER, 35, farmer, Canada, Barton twp., s/o Lewis A. BURKHOLDER (b. Canada) & Mary Ann CHURCHILL, married Eva Stewart DANBROOK, 33, teacher, Canada, Elma twp., d/o James DANBROOK (b. Canada) & Mary COWAN, witn: Hazel F. HAY of Listowel & James M. DUNLOP of Hamilton, 6 June 1923 at Elma twp
18327-23 Patrick J. BURNS, 24, trimmer, Hibbert twp., Detroit, s/o Thomas BURNS & Mary Ellen COYNE, married Mary Ellen CROWLEY, 26, Ellice twp., same, d/o Daniel CROWLEY, farmer, & Annie MAHONEY, witn: Charles LONGEWAY of 165 Grand Ave in Highland Park Mich., & Agnes CROWLEY of Sebringville, 11 Sept 1923 at Kinkora 18320-23 Norman BYERS, 20, farmer, Logan twp., same, s/o George BYERS (b. McKillop twp) & Carrie SCHULTZ, married Minnie BRODHAGEN, 20, house work, Logan twp., same, d/o Herman BRODHAGEN (b. Logan twp) & Mary THORNTON, witn: Jim? RACHO of Dublin Ont & Mary BRODHAGEN of West Monkton, 7 March 1923 at Logan twp
18342-23 James Lorne CAMPBELL, 31, drover, Grey twp., Fordwich, s/o David CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Annie ELLIOTT, 31, living at home, Grey twp., same, d/o Thomas ELLIOTT (b. Canada) & Janet ROBERTSON, witn: Jane MacDONALD (b. Bluevale) & William CAMPBELL (b. Listowel ), 12 June 1923 at Listowel 18346-23 George Frederick Carlyle CAMPBELL, 26, accountant, Ontario, Lot 262 in Cochrane, s/o P. S. CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Mary GOODALL, married Esther Louise READY, 24, Ontario, Box 334 St. Marys, d/o John READY (b. Ont) & Jane E. HAYES, witn: Winifred READY & William LAIDLAW, both of St. Marys, 23 Jan 1923 at St. Marys
18336-23 William John CAMPION, 26, stenographer, England, Angus Ont., s/o William Joseph CAMPION (b. England) & Amelia C. SMITH, married Christina SYMONS, 26, book keeper, Ontario, St. Marys, d/o Charles SYMONS (b. England) & Sarah Esther BANNERMAN, witn: Margaret S. CAMPION of Toronto & Mary SYMONS of St. Marys, 12 Sept 1923 at St. Marys 18347-23 Victor CANEY (Carey?), 39, painter, widower, England, Stratford, s/o Thomas CANEY (b. England) & Charlotte CARD, married Elizabeth Caroline HAYTER, 43, widow, England, res not given, d/o William RICHARDS (b. England) & Eliza JOHNSON, witn: Henry James CLARKE & John D. RONALD, both of Stratford, 1 Jan 1923 at Stratford
18331-23 Lorne CAPLING, 24, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o George Albert CAPLING (b. Canada) & Margaret Matilda EILER, married Mabel Ann CAMPBELL, 23, North Easthope, res not given, d/o Daniel CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Jennie MAKINS, witn: Colin CAMPBELL of RR1 Stratford & Ellen R. CAPLING of RR3 New Hamburg, 12 Dec 1923 at Stratford 18339-23 William Herbert CAPPER, 23, machinist, London England, Stratford, s/o Jonathan Broper CAPPER (b. England) & Gertrude TURNER, married Grace Elizabeth BOWRA, 24, stenographer, Detroit, res not given, d/o Charles BOWRA (b. Brampton Ont) & Rebecca MITCHELL, witn: Alfred L. CAPPER of 98 Railway St. Stratford & Hope BOWRA of 18 Mowat St. Stratford, 25 July 1923 at Stratford
18344-23 Donato CAPPA, 40, merchant, Bisaccia Italy, St. Marys, s/o Philip CAPPA (b. Bisaccia Italy) & Sarah LAFAIMMA?, married Carrie Pearl SYMONS, 25, book keeper, St. Marys, same, d/o Charles SYMONS (b. Bowmanville Ont) & Sarah Esther BANNERMAN, witn: Sarah Esther SYMONS & Mary BANNERMAN, both of St. Marys, 24 April 1923 at St. Marys 18338-23 Cecil Calder CAVELL, 26, insurance agent, Listowel, same, s/o Horatio Edward CAVELL (b. Canada) & Kate CALDER, married Jessie Dean COGHLIN, 20, Wallace twp., Listowel, d/o John George COGHLIN (b. Canada) & Mary Ellen DOIG?, witn: George E. & Edith HARRON of Listowel, 22 Aug 1923 at Listowel
18341-23 Frederick George CHALKLEY, 30, farmer, widower, Oxford Co., West Zorra, s/o Frederick CHALKLEY (b. England) & Flora THOMPSON, married Lottie Viola BLANE, 21, Perth Co., res not given (perhaps West Zorra), d/o William K. BLANE (b. Canada) & Annie B. BRODERICK, witn: John CHALKLEY of Embro & Mabel A. BLANE of 442 Adelaide St. in London, 30 June 1923 at Stratford 18343-23 Thomas CLARK, 46, widower, merchant, Christ Church England, Listowel, s/o Thomas CLARK (b. England) & Fanny WAIT, married Emily ROBERTSON, 49, widow, Channel Islands, Listowel, d/o David McGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Mary WILSON, witn: George KIRBYSON & Mary WEBER, both of Listowel, 23 April 1923 at Listowel
18332-23 Alvin Lionel CLARKE, 32, Fullarton twp., same, s/o William CLARKE (b. Canada) & Maud TURNER, married Edna Gertrude WILLOWS, 35, Fullarton twp., res not given, d/o Harry WILLOWS (b. Canada) & Mary BIRTCH, witn: Susan Matilda WILLOWS of Carlingford & Russell Alvin STEWART of RR2 St. Paul's, 24 Nov 1923 at Carlingford 18333-23 Francis Spearin CLEGG, 57, widower, manufacturer, Huron Co., St. Louis Mich., s/o Francis CLEGG (v. Canada) & Mary Ann SPEARIN, married Mary Ann CHOWEN, 54, knitter, Perth Co., res not given, d/o Henry CHOWEN & Jane SLOMEN, witn: Clifford & Mrs. Paul CHOWEN of Mitchell, 7 Nov 1923 at Mitchell
18350-23 Michael COLLINS, 43, Kinkora, Detroit, s/o James COLLINS & Bridget O'HARA, married Johannah CAREY, 42, Stratford, same, d/o John CARE & Johanna McGRAW, witn: Patrick COLLINS of Detroit & Mrs. Rose BARTON of Stratford, 12 Feb 1923 at Stratford 18337-23 Percy Richard Charles COMLEY, 24, carpenter, England, Windsor, s/o Frederick George COMLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth PINNIGER, married Eva Margaret Ellen HILL, 17, England, res not given, d/o John Alfred HILL (b. England) & Nellie BROWNING, witn: Winnifred COMLEY of 143 Downie St. Stratford & Stanley LANDERS of 60 James St. Stratford, 30 Aug 1923 at Stratford
18351-23 John James CONNELLY, 21, farmer, Logan twp., same, s/o Michael CONNELLY & Ellen RYAN, married Bridget M. GAUNT, 22, Ellice twp., same, d/o Thomas GAUNT & Margaret FLANAGAN, witn: Daniel CONNELLY of Mitchell & Clara GAUNT of Sebringville, 30 Oct 1923 at Kinkora 18349-23 Michael Joseph CONNELLY, 23, farmer, Logan twp., McKillop twp., s/o Michael CONNELL & Ella RYAN, married Elizabeth MURRAY, 21, Ellice twp., same, d/o John MURRAY & Catherine STOCK, witn: James CONNELLY of Bornholm & Catherine MURRAY of RR5 Mitchell, 30 Jan 1923 at Kinkora
18340-23 Otto C. COOK, 26, farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o John C. COOK (b. Canada) & Elizabeth GLASSER, married Annie Mary LANTZ, 18, North Easthope, Perth Co., d/o John LANTZ (b. Canada) & Annie STRESCHER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Erhardt ROEDER of RR1 Gadshill, 1 Aug 1923 at North Easthope twp 18348-23 Joseph Benjamin COOPER, 31, farmer, Seaforth, same, s/o William COOPER (b. England) & Mary WANS, married Mary Loretta MULLIGAN, 25, Logan twp., same, d/o John MULLIGAN (b. Logan twp) & Margaret DUNN, witn: Wilfred FIRTH & Joseph ATKINSON, both of Stratford, 11 April 1923 at Stratford
18335-23 Basil Timothy COUGHLIN, 24, brakeman, Stratford, same, s/o John COUGHLIN (b. Canada) & Catherine HALL, married Margaret Marie DUNNEMAN, 19, Perth Co., res not given, d/o August DUNNEMAN (b. Canada) & Edith PORTER, witn; Mrs. A. DUNNEMAN & Roy C. SCHMITT, both of Stratford, 17 Sept 1923 18345-23 Vivian Mae COULSON, 24, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John COULSON (b. Ont) & Bernice HURST, married Bertha Bell BROWN, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Franklin Murray BROWN (b. Ont) & Bertha Annie KIFF, witn: Eva G, HAM? of Stratford & Mrs. H. McDIARMID of 122 Elizabeth, 17 Feb 1923 at Stratford
18330-23 Wilford Thomas CRUIKSHANK, 26, operator, Morris twp., Wingham, s/o James CRUIKSHANK (b. Canada) & Mary HOCKRIDGE, married Mabel Irene CHESSELL, 20, Perth Co., Mitchell, d/o William CHESSELL (b. England) & Hannah PHILLIPS, witn: Gordon & Ray CRUIKSHANK of Wingham, 19 Dec 1923 at Stratford 18334-23 John Harvey CUTT, 26, grocer, Grey twp., Goderich, s/o John CUTT (b. Canada) & Jane ROBINSON, married Eva Estella HAYNES, 22, Blanshard twp., same, d/o Samuel Anson HAYNES (b. Canada) & Levina Estella CHURCH, witn: J.M.L. HAYNES of RR1 St. Marys & R. W. GRAHAM of Toronto, 12 Nov 1923
18357-23 John Leslie DAVIDSON, 32, Fullarton twp., same, s/o John DAVIDSON (b. Canada) & Toshel? MUIR, married Elizabeth Ellen CLARKE, 29, Fullarton twp., res not given, d/o Robert CLARKE (b. Canada) & Margaret GRIEVE, witn: Jean A. & Robert K. CLARKE of St. Pauls Ont., 27 June 1923 at Fullarton twp 18358-23 (Perth Co) Arthur Frederick DAY, 28, dairyman, England, Embro, s/o Henry DAY (b. England) & Jane GERRAD, married Florence Elizabeth May MEADOWS, 25, housework, Perth Co, Embro, d/o John George MEADOWS (b. Ontario) & Minnie May BROWN, witn: John MEADOWS & George MEADOWS both of Stratford, 20 June 1923 at Harmony
18352-23 Joseph DEATCHER, 26, angle iron smith, Scotland, Philadelphia PA., s/o Joseph DEATCHER (b. Ireland) & Martha FINLEY, married Margaret Cowan McFARLANE, 23, Scotland, res not given, d/o Robert Cowan McFARLANE (b. Scotland) & Ruth CREWLEY, witn: Colin C. & Jean D. CALDWELL of Stratford, 27 Dec 1923 at Stratford 18355-23 John Peter DEBUS, 23, farmer, East Zorra, Rostock, s/o William DEBUS (b. Ont) & Elizabeth HEINBACK, married Melinda RUSTON, 15, Ellice twp., Rostock, illegitimate d/o Mrs. Ida SCHWINDT nee RUSTON, witn: Emma SCHMIDT of 193 Douglas St. Stratford & Kathleen Victoria KLACHER of 66 Centre St. in Stratford, 19 April 1923 at Stratford
18361-23 (Perth Co) Peter Joseph DEVENISH, 35, widower, farmer, England, Oakville, s/o Charles DEVENISH & Mary BLUNDELL, married Martha CAMPBELL, 28, Belfast Ireland, Stratford, d/o Luis CAMPBELL & Martha McILROY, witn: Charles CAMPBELL of Stratford & Thurza DEVENISH of Toronto, 4 Oct 1923 at St. Joseph’s Church Stratford RC 18359-23 (Perth Co) Patrick Haney DEVLIN, 52, widower, boiler maker, Ireland, Stratford, s/o Hugh DEVLIN (b. Ireland) & Mary HANEY, married Jane COOK, 53, widow, Canada, blank, d/o John CORBETT (b. Ireland) & Margaret DROVER, witn: Thomas KANE & Mrs. Joseph FIRTH both of Stratford, 2 May 1923 at Stratford
  18353-23 Herbert E. DICKINSON, 24, book keeper, Blanshard twp., St. Marys, so John DICKINSON (b. Whitby Ont) & Edith PYM, married Gertrude A. BROWN, 23, Brantford, St. Marys, d/o John BROWN (b. Nissouri twp) & Jennie STERRETT, witn: Ella M. DICKINSON & Clifton BROWN, both of St. Marys, 17 Oct 1923 at St. Marys
18356-23 Harry DOBBINS, 21, helper in CPR shops, England, Stratford, s/o George DOBBINS (b. England) & Eliza TROUT, married Marjorie Ellen CHURCH, 19, England, res not given, d/o Frederick CHURCH (b. England) & Clara Eliza WHITING (stepfather is Harry Burnett SMITH), witn: Edwin Elmer GARNET & Christina CAMPBELL, both of Stratford, 4 July 1923 at Stratford 18360-23 (Perth Co) Clifton Lyle DORLAND, 29, salesman, Stratford, Peterboro, s/o Joseph Cicero DORLAND (b. Canada) & Mary Jane TUCKER, married Sadie Florence CUTHBERTSON, 22, Ireland, blank, d/o John Henry CUTHBERTSON (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane KEYES, witn: Ada MATHESON of Stratford & Ethel May FISHER of Millbrook, 1 Jan 1923 at Stratford
18373-23 Sydney Edward DOUGLAS, 18, office clerk, Boston Mass., Stratford, s/o Wilson Preston EVANS (b. G--? Mass.) & Janet ROSE, married Viola Marie DUNLOP, 15 + 3 months, Stratford, same, d/o John DUNLOP (b. Ellice twp) & Annie RICHL (Riehl?), witn: Francis Henry & Annie GREENE of Stratford, 19 April 1923 at Milverton 18354-23 Joseph A. DOUPE, 29, accountant, Kirkton, Toronto, s/o Robert DOUPE (b. Canada) & Ellen SHIER, married Beatrice GUNNING, 25, Granton, Kirkton, d/o Arthur GUNNING (b. Canada) & Martha BROCK, witn: Eleanor DOUPE & Mrs. E. c. COPELAND, both of Kirkton, 26 July 1923 at Kirkton
18371-23 Eldon Leslie ECKERT, 21, farmer, Downie twp., same, s/o Louis ECKERT (b. Canada) & Isabella MORGAN, married Annie Helena BALLANTYNE, 22, Downie twp., res not given, d/o John BALLANTYNE & Jane ELLIOT, witn: Edward D. ECKERT of Mitchell & George C. BALLANTYNE of St. Pauls Ont., 11 April 1923 at St. Pauls 18372-23 George Harold ECKERT, 28, Fullarton twp., Downie twp., s/o Fr. William ECKERT (b. Canada) & Catherine SHELLENBERGER, married Ethel HENDERSON, 20, Ellice twp., res not given, d/o Frederick HENDERSON (b. Canada) & Ellena STEWART, witn: Foster HENDERSON of Sebringville & Lilian CARTLAGE of 242 Queen St. Stratford, 25 April 1923 at Ellice twp
018370-23 (Perth Co) Wilfred Daniel ECKMIER, 29, boiler maker, Ethel Ont., Stratford, s/o Richard ECKMIER (b. Canada) & Salena LAKE married Pearl May SHANK, 24, saleslady, Rostock, no residence given, d/o John SHANK (b. Canada) & Catherine DENSTEAD, witn: W.W. MAGWOOD of 166 (illeg) St. Stratford & Griffin STRATTON of Toronto, 19 June 1923 in Stratford  
18376-23 (Perth Co) William Lawrence EDGAR, 40, widower, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o David EDGAR (b. Ireland) & Eleanor CRAWFORD, married Carrie HANNA, 30, Elma twp, same, d/o John HANNA (b. Canada) & Sarah EMORY, witn: Mrs. Ralph JOHNSON of Listowel & Wesley HANNA of Atwood, 21 Feb 1923 at Listowel 18366-23 (Perth Co) William Henry EDEN, 44, widower, tool maker, England, Ingersoll, s/o Thomas EDEN (b. England) & Margaret HOLMES, married Annie Matilda SMITH, 59, widow, England, blank, d/o William STEARNS (b. England) & Alice KING, witn: Arthur BOWLING & Alice J. BOWLING both of Stratford, 7 July 1923 at Stratford
18368-23 Norman EDWARDS, 24, finisher, Mornington twp., Stratford, s/o George EDWARDS (b. Canada) & Mary BROUGHTON, married Lillian BROOKS, 18, England, res not given, d/o Robert BROOKS (b. England) & Annie WRIGHT, witn: Walter EDWARDS of 54 Milton St. & Veda HURL of 262 Front St., 28 June 1923 at 601 Ontario St. in Stratford 18369-23 George Franklin EGGERT, 27, Ellice twp., Stratford, s/o August EGGERT (b. Germany) & Caroline ISCHE, married Annie Margaret HENRY, 26, North Easthope, res not given, d/o Daniel McTavish HENRY (b. Canada) & Ellen Viola AIKEN, witn: Francis Lorne HENRY & Mary Florence HENRY, both of Milverton, 27 June 1923 at Stratford
018365-23 (Perth Co) Henry A. EICKMEIER, 35, painter, Logan Twp Perth Co., Zurich Ont., s/o George EICKMEIER (b. Ontario) & Minnie ELLIGSEN married Edna J. COLE, 27, housekeeper, Downie Twp, Downie Twp, d/o Henry COLE (b. Ontario) & Matilda BROWN, witn: Matilda COLE & Georgia W. LECKIE (Lesters?) both of St. Mary’s, 23 June 1923 in Downie Twp 018363-23 (Perth Co) John William EISLER, 22, painter, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o John EISLER (b. Logan Twp) & Anna KAHLE married Gladys MILLER, 17, housework, Seaforth, Seaforth, d/o William MILLER (b. Ontario) & Mary PETHICK, witn: William & Mary MILLER both of Seaforth, 4 August 1923 in Logan Twp.
18374-23 (Perth Co) Roy Alexander ELLIOTT, 28, farmer, Canada, Maryborough twp, s/o Irwin ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Margaret BILLINGS, married Lillian Mae SCHNEIDER, 19, Canada, Maryborough twp, d/o John L. SCHNEIDER (b. Wilmot Ontario) & Catherine BURKHARDT, witn: A.M. SCHNEIDER & Irene SCHNEIDER both of Moorefield, 3 Apr 1923 at Listowel 18364-23 (Perth Co) Robert ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Blanshard twp, East Nissouri twp, s/o William Robert ELLIOTT (b. Ireland) & Mary BALL, married Mary Jane TATE, 24, East Nissouri twp Oxford Co, blank, d/o George TATE (b. Canada) & Mary ROULSTON, witn: James ELLIOTT of East Nissouri & Wilma Merle TATE of Blanshard twp, 26 Sept 1923 at St Marys
18362-23 (Perth Co) Albert John EMMERSON, 26, laborer, England, Stratford, s/o John Walter EMMERSON (b. England) & Ann ADCOCK, married Audrey Ellen ENGLEDOW, 28, England, blank, d/o Matthew ENGLEDOW (b. England) & Mary DELPH, witn: Jessie MacDONELL & Hannah STANLEY both of Stratford, 10 Nov 1923 at Stratford 18367-23 Jesse William ENNIS, 24, England, Stratford, s/o Thomas William ENNIS (b. England) & Rachel MARTIN, married Doris Grace Kathleen WILSON, 21, England, res not given, d/o George WILSON (b. England) & Winifred Mary PAGE, witn: Frank Martin NOONAN of 38 Falstaff St. in Stratford & Beatrice Irene May WILSON of 269 Nelson St. Stratford, 7 July 1923 at Stratford
18375-23 (Perth Co) Frederick William ETHERINGTON, 26, upholsterer, Stratford, same, s/o Albert ETHERINGTON (b. England) & Sarah DART, married Annie Elizabeth ELLIS, 23, knitter, Yorkshire England, blank, d/o Alfred ELLIS (b. England) & Mary Ellen DUNHILL, witn: A.A. ETHERINGTON & Hazel ETHERINGTON both of Stratford, 21 Mar 1923 at Stratford 18382-23 William George FARR, 35, foreman, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Charles John FARR (b. England) & Emma VOELKER, married Sarah Edna DEMMAN, 30, teacher, Canada, Palmerston, d/o Andrew DEMMAN (b. Quebec) & Mary Ann STRONG, witn: Margaret GALLAGHER & Addie HONEYFORD, both of Palmerston, 15 Sept 1923 at res of bride's father, Wallace twp
018384-23 (Perth Co) Henry Conrad FAULHAFER, 27, farmer, North Easthope Twp, North Easthope Twp, s/o John FAULHAFER (b. Canada) & Sophia Elizabeth KUMPF married Lucinda Wilhelmine WILKER, 25, saleslady, South Easthope Twp, North Easthope Twp Perth Co., d/o Yost WILKER (b. Canada) & Marie Elizabeth WITTIG, witn: J.F. HERRON & Annie C. WILKER both of Stratford, 6 June 1923 in Stratford  
18377-23 (Perth Co) Albert Edward FERGUSON, 22, electrician, Gravenhurst, same, s/o Andrew FERGUSON (b. Canada) & Ann Marie ANDERSON, married Ethel Maude STEWART, 27, Stratford, same, d/o James STEWART (b. Canada) & Mary Jane WARINER, witn: John M. STEWART & Florence STEWART both of Stratford, 6 June 1923 at Stratford 18378-23 (Perth Co) Wilfred FISHER, 23, farmer, Wallace twp, same, s/o John FISHER (b. Canada) & Lizzie UPPER, married Whilelmina Louisa McDOWELL, 18, housemaid, Wallace twp, same, d/o William Wesley McDOWELL (b. Canada) & Emma HOLTZMAN, witn: Alvera McDOWELL of Gowanstown & Albert H. FISHER of Listowel, 21 Nov 1923 at Kurtzville
18385-23 (Perth Co) Aylmer Leslie FLEMING, 29, express agent, Peel twp, Listowel, s/o Peter FLEMING (b. Canada) & Susannah FORD, married Ada Louise KRITZER, 22, Listowel, same, d/o John KRITZER (b. Canada) & Mary KESSO, witn: Cora Gretta KARGES & Gordon Conrad BINDER both of Listowel, 31 May 1923 at Listowel 018381-23 (Perth Co) George A. FLETCHER, 19, farmer, Fullerton Twp, Fullerton Twp, s/o George B. FLETCHER (b. Fullerton Twp) & Louisa L. BEARSS married Lois I. RIBEY, 19, Blanchard Twp, St. Mary’s, d/o Thomas RIBEY (b. Fullerton Twp) & Agnes SWITZER, witn: P.S. & Mrs. P.S. SWITZER of Fullerton Twp, 22 September 1923 in St. Mary’s
18389-23 John FLYNN, 32 (52?), farmer, Ellice twp., same, s/o Francis FLYNN & Rose KELLY, married Annie STOCK, 35, lady, Ellice twp., same, d/o Peter STOCK & Elizabeth HARTING, witn: Daniel KELLY of RR1 Sebringville & Catherine MURRAY of RR5 Mitchell, 7 Feb 1923 at Kinkora 018380-23 (Perth Co) Addison Henry FOELL, 31, carter, Peel Twp Wellington Co., Waterloo, s/o Samuel FOELL (b. Canada) & Friederika WELLS married Lillian Viola HERLICK, 25, South Easthope Twp Perth Co., no residence given, d/o Adam HERLICK (b. Canada) & Mary WILHELM, witn: Emerson H. HERLICK of RR#4 Stratford & Belle MORTON of Tavistock, 17 January 1923 in Stratford.
18388-23 Robert FORREST, 27, farmer, Wellesley twp., North Easthope, s/o James FORREST (b. Canada) & Tryphena COUTTS, married Ella Gertrude McMILLAN, 26, North Easthope, res not given, d/o Dougald McMILLAN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth McLAREN, witn: William Alexander FORREST of Wellesley & Jean McMILLAN of RR1 Gadshill, 7 March 1923 at Hapufstead?  
018379-23 (Perth Co) George FOSTER, 23, farmer, Neath South Wales, Sebringville, s/o John FOSTER (b. England) & Elsie WILLIAMS married Erma PLETSCH, 21, East Zorra, Sebringville, d/o Daniel PLETSCH (sic) (b. Canada) & Emma MEYER, witn: Minnie PLETCH of Tavistock & Ada F. MATHESON of Stratford, 6 January 1923 in Stratford 18387-23 James Richard FRANCIS, 25, farmer, Lofield Alberta, same, s/o Daniel FRANCIS (b. Fullarton twp) & Rose Beatrice WILLS, married Louise Marie SKINNER, 22, Fullarton twp., same, d/o Joseph SKINNER (b. Fullarton twp) & Elizabeth A. SHARSELL?, witn: Frank SKINNER of RR1 Mitchell & Nina M. COLLING of Fullarton, 28 March 1923 at Fullarton
18394-23 Robert Ernest William FUNNELL, 23, auto mechanic, England, Stratford, s/o Robert FUNNELL (b. England) & Emelie HAMMERSTON, married Edna OLIES, 19, Tavistock Ont., res not given, d/o Edward OLIES (b. Canada) & Sadie GALE, witn: Melvin SMITH of 389 Front St. & Annie ENRIGHT of 448 Albert St., 14 May 1923 at Stratford 18383-23 Gordon George FUREY, 21, machinist, Blenheim twp., Stratford, s/o George S. FUREY (b. Canada) & Charlotte MORGAN, married Elspy Annie CLINE, 21, clerk, Toronto, res not given, d/o Arch B. CLINE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth GARVIN, witn: William GRANDISON & Ferne E. CLINE, both of Stratford, 14 Aug 1923 at Stratford
18405-23 (Perth Co) William GAFFNEY, 28, farmer, Logan, West Monkton Logan, s/o Peter GAFFNEY & Margaret LONGEWAY, married Loretta NICHOLSON, 24, farmer, Logan, West Monkton, d/o James NICHOLSON & Elizabeth WATTERS, witn: David REIDY & Angela NICHOLSON both of West Monkton, 20 Nov 1923 at St. Bridgets RC 18400-23 (Perth Co) Edgar J. GARDINER, 28, farmer, Collingwood, Horizon twp 8 range 25 west of 2nd, s/o James GARDINER (b. Alpena Michigan) & Elizabeth BRIGGS, married Ada B. KITTMER, 23, St Marys, same, d/o William B. KITTMER (b. Lakeside) & Georgina KING, witn: Lillian BLUNDELL & Clarence E. HUTHER both of St Marys, 24 Feb 1923 at St Marys
18391-23 Leslie GATENBY, 24, knitter, Mitchell, same, s/o Joseph GATENBY (b. England) & Eliza WHEAL, married Mabel Viola DOWDING, 21, knitter, Mitchell, same, d/o George DOWDING (b. Ont) & Bertha BAKER, witn: William Ernest NEWTON of Stratford & Alberta Mae DOWDING of Mitchell, 12 Nov 1923 at Mitchell 18395-23 John Hamilton GEOGHEGAN, 24, teacher, Philadelphia USA, Elma twp., s/o Robert Edward GEOGHEGAN (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann GRAHAM, married Margery Beatrice HAMILTON, 20, Elma twp., same, d/o George Alexander HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Georgina Whilemina JOHNSTON, witn: Annie G. SMITH & Lloyd HAMILTON, both of Listowel, 30 June 1923 at Elma twp
18394-23 Irwin Crosby GIBSON, 23, farmer, Howick twp., same, s/o Alexander GIBSON (b. Cartwright) & Jane SOUTHERN?, married Marguerite Alice McKAY, 21, Prospect Hill, West Nissouri twp., d/o Angus McKAY (b. East Nissouri twp) & Jennie PATTERSON, witn: John E. LIND & Arthur B. FARNEY, both of St. Marys, 6 Aug 1923 at St. Marys 18401-23 Victor Loyd GIBSON, 20, farmer, Howick twp., same, s/o Alexander GIBSON (b. Durham Co Ont) & Jennie SOUTHERN, married Myrtle Rosa JAQUES, 21, Wallace twp., same, d/o Marshall JAQUES (farmer, b. Huron Co) & Jane BARNETT, witn: Arnold E. GIBSON of Fordwich & Margaret JACQUES (sic) of Listowel, 25 Jan 1923 at home of the bride
18404-23 (Perth Co) Louis GIVLIN, 37, farmer, McKillop twp, same, s/o Thomas GIVLIN & Mary A. CURTIS, married Clara GUANT (s/b GAUNT), 32 Ellice twp, same, d/o Thomas GUANT & Margaret FLANAGAN, witn: Ambrose GIVLIN of Dublin Ontario & Anna GUANT of Toronto, 13 Nov 1923 at Kinkora RC 018402-23 (Perth Co) Michael Joseph GLAAB, 21, upholsterer, Orillia, Stratford, s/o James GLAAB & Mary DONOVAN married Margaret FORBES, 18, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Alexander FORBES & Jane STEVENSON, witn: Joseph & Mrs. Joseph ROTH of Stratford, 1 May 1923 in Stratford
18391-23 Cyril L. GLASS, 24, farmer, Watford, West Nissouri, s/o Robert GLASS (b. Warwick twp) & Addie McLEOD, married Florence M. BEAVERS, 24, Medina, St. Marys, d/o John BEAVERS (b. Usborne twp) & Sarah McLEOD, witn: Lucie SHOSENBERG & Chester M. BEAVERS, both of St. Marys, 21 Nov 1923 at St. Marys 18390-23 Frederick Herbert GOLDNER, 23, knitting machine operator, Listowel, Ilion NY, s/o John GOLDNER (b. Austria Hungary) & Catherine HOLLINGER, married Mary Agnes McMAHON, 20, Stratford, res not given, d/o Peter Michael McMAHON (b. Canada) & Mary Alice PARKER, witn: Frederick Earl LIVERMORE & Katherine BARCLAY, both of Stratford, 26 Dec 1923 at Stratford
18393-23 Arthur GOOCH, 33, laborer, Ipswich England, 649 Marshall St. London, s/o William GOOCH (b. England) & Annie SIMPSON, married Lillian May STAPLETON, 28, spinster, West Nissouri twp., same, d/o Robert STAPLETON (b. Ont) & Alice SPENCER, witn: Pearl STAPLETON & violet STAPLETON, both of West Nissouri, 29 Sept 1923 at St. Marys 18397-23 John Philip GORDNER, 35, Logan twp., same, s/o George GORDNER (b. Ellice twp) & Catherine MILLER, married Melinda ULLERICH, 28, Fullarton twp., same, d/o William ULLERICH (b. Fullarton twp) & Louise ROHFRITSCH, witn: Pearl ULLERICH & George A. GORDNER, both of Mitchell, 13 June 1923 at Ellice twp
18403-23 (Perth Co) Vincent GRAVELLE, 20, machinist, Clinton, Stratford, s/o Philip GRAVELLE & Elizabeth COUSINEAU, married Mary CASEY, 25, Stratford, same, d/o unknown, witn: James SMITH & Margaret CASEY both of Stratford, 6 June 1923 at Stratford RC 18396-23 William Edward GREENE, 25, express agent, England, London, s/o William GREENE (b. England) & Sarah GEAL, married Doris BALL, 25, England, res not given, d/o Walter William BALL (b. England) & Hannah RAWNSLEY, witn: G. EMSLEY of Stratford & M. RAE of London, 27 June 1923 at Stratford
18399-23 (Perth Co) Melville Douglas GUNNING, 24, farming, Perth Co, same, s/o Samuel GUNNING (b. Canada) & Louisa HOGG, married Myrtle E. KIRK, 26, housekeeper, Greenock twp Bruce Co, Kirkton Village, d/o William KIRK (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann TOWL, witn: Tessa GUNNING & Allan JAQUES both of Granton, 11 Apr 1923 at Kirkton 018398-23 (Perth Co) William James GUNTER, 45, clerk, England, Calgary Alberta, widower, s/o John GUNTER (b. Wales) & Lytisia FORD married Marie Catherine ROEHM, 40, saleslady, Perth Co., no residence given, spinster, d/o Christ ROEHM (b. Germany) & Marie WERNER, witn: Mrs. R. BOWERS of London & Miss Amelia HARLOFF of Stratford, 6 June 1923 in Stratford
18433-23 (Perth Co) Harold Fisher HALL, 34, salesman, England, 1506 York St Windsor, s/o George HALL (b. England) & Annie FISHER, married Myrtle Elda CHAMNEY, 25, Ontario, Listowel, d/o Thomas Egerton CHAMNEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth NESBITT, witn: Mrs. W.J. FINLAY & Flora NICOL both of Listowel, 30 Mar 1923 at Listowel 18426-23 (Perth Co) William Clifford HALPENNY, 23, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o Edward L. HALPENNY (b. Canada) & Jane DUKE, married Clara THOMPSON, 21, Elma twp, same, d/o William J. THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Harriet PRIDE, witn: George THOMPSON & Margaret THOMPSON both of Trowbridge, 9 June 1923 at Trowbridge
18413-23 Lloyd Davidson HAMILTON, 23, farmer, Elma twp., same, s/o George HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Georgina JOHNSON, married Mary Marjorie SPROULE, 21, Elma twp., same, d/o Robert Wellington SPROULE (b. Canada) & Mary Margaret KARGES, witn: Margery GEOGHEGAN of Mitchell & Earl SPROULE of Britton Ont., 1 Sept 1923 at Listowel 18422-23 (Perth Co) George HAMILTON, 49, widower, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o Walter HAMILTON (b. Scotland) & Euphemia FORTUNE, married Joan GRAY, 33, widow, housemaid, Scotland, Stratford, d/o Andrew PATON (b. Scotland) & Catherine FARM, witn: J.D. LOVE of Atwood & Mary J. PATON of Stratford, 28 June 1923 at Stratford
18419-23 (Perth Co) Leonard Wilgar HARDY, 21, electrician, Goderich, Port Colborne, s/o James Edwin HARDY (b. Goderich) & Catherine DEEVES, married Ethel MINOR, 18, Humberstone, same, d/o Henry James MINOR (b. Welland Co) & Florence MINOR, witn: K.W. O’BEIRNE & Annie L. CLUFF both of Stratford, 11 Aug 1923 at Stratford 18425-23 (Perth Co) Robert James HARRISON, 23, laborer, Carrick twp, Gorrie [Huron Co], s/o Jesse James HARRISON (b. Carrick twp) & Annie May STANKEY, married Kathleen Mabel Margaret DOUGLAS, 23, Minto twp, Molesworth, d/o Samuel H. DOUGLAS (b. Wallace twp) & Elizabeth TIMM, witn: Wesley J. HENDERSON of West Monkton & Maude DOUGLAS of Listowel, 20 June 1923 at The Manse Molesworth
18424-23 (Perth Co) Albert HARROW, 37, farmer, Lot 32 Con 12 Elma, same, s/o Robert HARROW (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth PETERS, married Frances Elizabeth STRUTHERS, 32, Elma, Lot 28 Con 12 Elma, d/o William STRUTHERS (b. Ontario) & Annie McMANE, witn: Helena STEWART & Elizabeth HACHING both of Listowel, 20 June 1923 at Listowel 18427-23 (Perth Co) Norman David HARVEY, 25, farmer, Logan twp, Elma twp, s/o Robert HARVEY (b. Logan twp) & Jane SMITH, married Mary Ellen WARD, 27, housework, Logan twp, same, d/o John T. WARD (b. Logan twp) & Emma SIEMON, witn: Reginald WARD & Edwina HARVEY both of Monkton, 13 June 1923 at Monkton
18420-23 (Perth Co) Glencoe William HAYNE, 21, brakeman, Toronto, Belleville, s/o William HAYNE (b. Belleville) & Lilly BEER, married Mable GROVER, 21, lithograph, Kitchener, Belleville, d/o John GROVER (b. Detroit) & Isabel McFADDEN, witn: Mrs. H.C. PLANT & Edna PLANT both of Stratford, 28 July 1923 at Stratford 018423-23 (Perth Co) George Frederick HEIBEIN, 25, farmer, Grey Twp, Grey Twp, s/o John HEIBEIN (b. Canada) & Jennie STEWART married Gertrude Charlotte CAUDLER, 17, Atwood, Listowel, d/o Benjamin CAUDLER (b. Canada) & Frances BROWN, witn: Annie HEIBEIN of RR#2 Listowel & Will MITCHELL of RR#1 Listowel, 27 June 1923 in Listowel
018412-23 (Perth Co) Andrew Adam HEINBUCH, 33, farmer, Walkerton Bruce Co., South Easthope, s/o Henry HEINBUCH (b. Stratford) & Margaret KAUFMANN married Regina Catherine SCHLATTMAN, 26, housemaid, South Easthope, South Easthope, d/o Fred SCHLATTMAN (b. Stratford) & Mary SIEGEL, witn: Louis HEINBUCH of South Easthope & Agnes SCHLATTMAN of Stratford, 30 October 1923 in Stratford. 018411-23 (Perth Co) John Cain HENDERSON, 49 (54 added later), salesman, Richmond Virginia (Wilmington Delaware added later), Stratford, divorced, s/o Nathaniel HENDERSON (b. United States) & Mary COLEMAN married Muriel Irene NOWAKOWSKI, 30, bookkeeper, London England, no residence given, spinster, d/o Jenah NOWAKOWSKI (b. England) & Fanny WILSON, witn: Johnson SCOTT of 9 Hibernia Stratford & Evelyn MAVITY of 107 Milton St., 15 November 1923 in Stratford
  018418-23 (Perth Co) David HENRY, 66, blacksmith, Elma Twp, Mornington Twp, widower, s/o William HENRY (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann WATSON married Mae BASS, 42, Moorefield, Mornington Twp, widow, d/o Fernando ERB (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth SCHNARR, witn: Margaret L. & Samuel J. HENRY both of Listowel, 29 August 1923 in Listowel
18430-23 (Perth Co) Charles Roy HEPBURN, 19, laborer, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o John R. HEPBURN (b. Downie twp) & Margaret Ann PORTER, married Mary Adaline VESSIE, 18, Ontario, St Marys, d/o William John VESSIE (b. Glenelg twp Grey Co) & Annie Elizabeth RITCHIE, witn: Percy Ernest HEPBURN of Downie & Beatrice Gladys VESSIE of St Marys, 1 May 1923 at St Marys 018410-23 (Perth Co) Howard Melvin HERBERT, 21, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o George HERBERT (b. Logan Twp) & Elizabeth VOSPER married Emma Annetta RAPP, 20, housework, Wallace Twp, Wallace Twp, d/o George RAPP (b. Wallace Twp) & Marian KARGES, witn: Melvin RAPP of Wallace Twp Perth Co. & Olive May HERBERT of Logan Twp Perth Co., 14 November 1923 in Wallace Twp.
18428-23 (Perth Co) Chester HILL, 24, chief clerk CNR, Acton, Stratford, s/o Charles F. HILL (b. Canada) & Ada McCULLOUGH, married Pearle Lucille GRAY, 28, Stratford, blank, d/o William W. GRAY (b. Canada) & Isabel MORRISON, witn: Roy HILL & Mildred GRAY both of Stratford, 12 June 1923 at Stratford 018415-23 (Perth Co) Dalton HINZ, 25, farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o August HINZ (b. Logan Twp) & Katie EISLER married Freda Anna SIPPEL, 21, housework, Zorra Twp, Zorra Twp, d/o Conrad SIPPEL (b. Zorra Twp) & Christias HORMANN, witn: Lavern WOLFE of RR#2 West Moulton & Laura SIPPEL of RR#2 Tavistock, 12 September 1923 in Sebastopol
18417-23 James Ernest HODGERT, 21, farmer, Usborne twp., same, s/o Andrew HODGERT (b. Usborne) & Janet May LAING, married Mary Laverne MILLER, 22, domestic, Hibbert, same, d/o John M. MILLER (b. Hibbert) & Elizabeth WORDEN, witn: Janet Evaline HODGERT of Woodham & Roy MILLER of Staffa, 5 Sept 1923 at Cromarty 18431-23 (Perth Co) William Clarence HODGINS, 30, veterinary surgeon, Embro, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Joseph HODGINS (b. Canada) & Annie STEELE, married Elsie Marion FINLAYSON, 25, linotype operator, Renfrew Co, blank, d/o Hugh FINLAYSON & Ada WATSON, witn: Catherine MUIR & Ethel May FISHER both of Stratford, 21 Apr 1923 at Stratford
018408-23 (Perth Co) Reuben George HOFFMAN, 25, laborer, Milverton, North Easthope, s/o George HOFFMAN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GERTH married Melinda May WILHELM, 24, housemaid, North Easthope, North Easthope, d/o Moses WILHELM (b. Ontario) & Adeline RHEIL, witn: Clifford WILHELM of Stratford & Elizabeth HOFFMAN of Milverton, 21 November 1923 in North Easthope 18416-23 Charles Christopher Wilford HOSKINS, 25, Mitchell, same, s/o William Henry HOSKINS (b. Cornwall England) & Susannah INGRAM, married Edith GARBUTT, 18, Clinton, Holmesville, d/o Fred GARBUTT (b. Auburn Ont) & Sarah CARRICK, witn: Mrs Florence LEONARD of Hurket & Mrs. Jameson GOULD of Mitchell, 31 Aug 1923 at Mitchell
18434-23 (Perth Co) Thomas Joseph HOURIGAN, 31, farmer, St Marys, same, s/o John HOURIGAN & Elizabeth KEARNEY, married Agnes Louisa CONWAY, 38, Stratford, same, d/o Martin CONWAY & Ellen CAHILL, witn: Martin HOURIGAN of Detroit & Cecilia CULLETON of Kitchener, 26 Sept 1923 at Stratford RC 18434-23 (Perth Co) Wilfred Roy HOUSE, 26, carpenter, Stevensville, same, s/o Samuel B. HOUSE & Elvira BEAM, married Helen Margaret HOLMES, 24, school teacher, Carthage, Bridgeburg, d/o James HOLMES & Alice Rose SCHNEIDER, witn: Clifford E. SPEAR & Hilda GILMOUR both of Stevensville, 17 July 1923 at Stratford
18421-23 (Perth Co) Eric Rex HOWARD, 25, textile worker, England, Toronto, s/o George HOWARD (b. England) & Anna May SMITH, married Esther Caroline KUNO, 17, Renfrew Co, blank, d/o Charles KUNO [late] (b. Germany) & Agnes PAPKE, witn: Walter KUNO & Hilda KUNO both of Stratford, 3 July 1923 at St Peter’s Lutheran Church, Stratford 18414-23 Joseph HOWARD, 20, plasterer, McKillop twp., Seaforth, s/o Fred HOWARD (b. Egmondville) & Annie KANE, married Jean ELSON, 19, Parkhill, same, d/o Frederick ELSON (b. Parkhill) & Kathleen KINNEY, witn: Annie M. GONAR? of Mitchell & Norman DUPRE of Egmondville, 22 Sept 1923
18407-23 (Perth Co) Wilmer HOWATT, 22, farmer, Huron Co, Hibbert twp, s/o James HOWATT (b. Huron Co) & Emma SARLES, married Anna Christina GARDINER, 18, housework, Hibbert twp, same, d/o David GARDINER (b. Perth Co) & Margaret HACKNEY, witn: Annie W. GOUDY? of Mitchell & Mae LAMON of Cromarty, 15 Dec 1923 at Mitchell 18406-23 (Perth Co) Samuel HOY, 31, woodworker, Downie twp, Detroit Michigan, s/o Robert HOY (b. Canada) & Mary LEITCH, married Jennie Noble MURRAY, 28, nurse, Downie twp, blank, d/o William McD MURRAY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WHITE, witn: Thomas HOY & Emma WHITE both of Downie twp, 26 Dec 1923 at Stratford
18409-23 (Perth Co) Thornley Arthur HUDSON, 22, helper CNR, Mitchell, Stratford, s/o John HUDSON (b. England) & Susan TIMMS, married Rose Lillian SMITH, 23, domestic, London England, blank, d/o Henry John SMITH (b. England) & Louisa CALCUTT, witn: Henry John SMITH & Susan HUDSON both of Stratford, 10 Nov 1923 at Stratford  
18436-23 (Perth Co) William INNES, 28, farmer, Scotland, West Zorra, s/o John INNES (b. Scotland) & Mary BURNET, married Florence Louise LUPTON, South Easthope, blank, d/o Alfred LUPTON (b. Canada) & Edith STONE, witn: Percy LUPTON & Ivey RENNIE both of Stratford, 17 Nov 1923 at Stratford 18437-23 (Perth Co) Lancelot C. IRVINE BA, 26 teacher, St Marys, same, s/o Henry C. IRVINE (b. Blanshard twp) & Dorothy COULTER (Coreter?), married Ruth F. DINSMORE, 20, Blanshard twp, St Marys, d/o Harry DINSMORE (b. Blanshard twp) & Mary RADCLIFFE, witn: Doris A. MATTHEWS of Georgetown & W.E. Charles DINSMORE BA of Toronto, 27 June 1923 at St Marys
18438-23 (Perth Co) William George JOHNSON, 25, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o Thomas William JOHNSON (b. England) & Mary RAY, married Susan Ellen Gladys FALLIS, 22, Elma twp, same, d/o James Oscar FALLIS (b. Canada) & Mary Jenetta PATTERSON, witn: Agnes JOHNSON & Cecil R. FALLIS both of Listowel, 10 July 1923 at Elma twp 18440-23 (Perth Co) Thomas Edward JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o James W. JOHNSTON (b. Canada) & Annie PRESTON, married Alice Pearl BARTON, 21, Elma twp, Mornington twp, d/o John BARTON (b. Canada) & Agnes WILSON, witn: Bessie JOHNSTON of Britton & Elgin BARTON of Newton, 28 Feb 1923 at The Manse North Mornington
18439-23 (Perth Co) Alfred Thomas JONES, 28, boiler maker, England, Stratford, s/o Alfred William JONES (b. England) & Ann PITCOMBE, married Rosella Louisa GLABB, 22, domestic, Orillia, blank, d/o Martin John GLABB (b. Canada) & Harriett ACKERVILLER, witn: H. SMART & Delphine GLABB both of Stratford, 8 June 1923 at Stratford 18441-23 (Perth Co) Francis Joseph JORDAN, 32, farmer, Logan twp, same, s/o Francis JORDAN & Julia O’MARA, married Gertrude RUSTON, 26, Ellice twp, same, d/o William RUSTON & Bridget FOX, witn: Thomas JORDAN & Louise BARNON both of Mitchell, 9 Jan 1923 at Kinkora RC
18455-23 Edward John KANE, 21, Stratford, same, s/o Patrick KANE (b. Canada) & Mary McNEILL, married Annie May JONES, 18, Listowel, res not given, d/o Earnest JONES (b. Canada) & Margaret RICHARDSON, witn: Mrs. P. KANE of 90 Douglas St. in Stratford & Mrs. Mary ABRAHAM of 4 Ontario St. Stratford, 22 Feb. 1923 at Stratford 18457-23 Clarence Wilfred KANE, 24, railway employee, Stratford, same, s/o Owen KANE & Margaret MURPHY, married Mary MALLOY, 24, stenographer, Kinkora, Stratford, d/o John P. MALLOY & Margaret BROWN, witn: Thomas DOLAN & Agnes KANE, both of Stratford, 25 Sept 1923 at Stratford
18451-23 David Vernon KEITH, 24, clerk, Chesley Ont., Brampton, s/o David Allison KEITH (b. Canada) & Charlotte SOMMERVILLE, married Audrey Jean ETTY, 25, stenographer, Mitchell, Brampton, d/o David ETTY (b. Canada) & Jennie BUCK, witn: Alex KEITH of Chesley & Lanson SCOTT of Mitchell, 6 June 1923 at Mitchell 18444-23 Ronald G. KEITH, 25, butcher, Scotland, St. Marys, s/o Robert KEITH (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Mary LEE, married Eleanor B. LUCAS, 22, St. Marys, same, d/o T. William LUCAS (b. St. Marys, deceased), & Celestine GIBSON, witn: Georgia WEBSTER of Springfield & Jessie HERIOT of St. Marys, 7 Nov 1923 at St. Marys
18453-23 Stanley James KEMP, 32, merchant, Listowel, same, s/o Robert T. KEMP (b. Canada) & Emma Jane LONG, married Alma Katherine NICKEL, 22, telephone operator, Wallace twp., Listowel, d/o George Philip NICKEL (b. Canada) & Christina GOVAZ?, witn: Kathleen KEMP & L. M. NICKEL, both of Listowel, 25 April 1923 at Christs Church, Listowel 18445-23 Thomas Clifford KEMP, 23, farmer, Fullarton, same, s/o George KEMP (b. Canada) & Emily E. POTTER, married Mary Leomie SIDWELL, 21, Fullarton, same, d/o James SIDWELL (farmer, b. Canada) & Margaret DAVIDSON, witn: Mrs. John BUTSON of 22 Queen St. Stratford & John KEMP of Mitchell, 14 Nov 1923 at Fullarton
18454-23 Samuel McLeod KERR, 27, road worker, Maplewood Ont., Stratford, s/o Murdoch KERR & Margaret McLEOD, married Mary Ellen Lucretia BUCHANAN, 24, Stratford, same, d/o Robert John BUCHANAN & Mary Jane BARNETT, witn: R. J. & Jane C. BUCHANAN of Stratford, 26 April 1923 at Stratford 18448-23 (Perth Co) Robert A. KERR, 48, widower, laborer, Wingham, 4 Kay St [Galt], s/o Robert KERR (b. Ireland) & Alpenia BUCHANNAN, married Agnes TAYLOR 36, nurse, England, St Marys, d/o George TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Agnes Mary BRAKEWELL, witn: Elizabeth WRIGHT & J.R. WRIGHT both of Galt, 5 Sept 1923 at St Marys
18443-23 (Perth Co) Frank Edbrook KNIGHT, 21, finisher, Seaforth, same, s/o John B. KNIGHT (b. England) & Rhoda BAKER, married Rose Evelyn WHITBY, 21, England, Seaforth, d/o Joseph WHITBY (b. England) & Emily SHIRESS, witn: K. MOYLER & H.A. MOYLER both of Mitchell, 3 Nov 1923 at Mitchell 18450-23 Charles E. KNOWLES, 21, clerk, Blanshard twp., St. Marys, s/o Robert KNOWLES (b. Nissouri twp) & Elizabeth MARFITT, married Hazel H. NEAR, 18, St. Marys, same, d/o Casper NEAR (b. West Nissouri twp) & Mary Jane MORRIS, witn: William BARTLETT & Mary R. BUTTERS, both of St. Marys, 8 Aug 1923 at St. Marys
18442-23 (Perth Co) Frederick Conrad KRAJAEFSKI, 27, felt shearer & presser, Milverton, same, s/o Gustav KRAJAEFSKI (b. Germany) & Elizabeth KING, married Mildred WILSON, 25, domestic, Grey Co, blank, d/o John Percy WILSON (b. Canada) & Marion TAYLOR, witn: Ruben Joseph TAYLOR of Brunner & Ellen Wilhamine KRAJAEFSKI of Milverton, 28 Dec 1923 at the Lutheran Manse Milverton  
18476-23 (Perth Co) Nicola LACAPRARA, 28, Italy, Toronto, general helper, s/o Nicola LACAPRARA & Jean CONTINI, married Nellie TRAFAGANDER, 18, saleslady, New York, Stratford, d/o Charles TRAFAGANDER & Minnie CONTRERO, witn: Thomas CONTINI & Grazia CONTINI both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1923 at Stratford RC 18468-23 (Perth Co) Thomas LAING, 26, farmer, Hibbert twp, same, s/o James LAING (b. Hibbert) & Mary McLACHLAN, married Gladys Ann Quail COLEMAN, 20, Hibbert twp, same, d/o Robert COLEMAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret PATRICK, witn: Annie MOORE of Kippen & Thomas L. SCOTT of Cromarty, 20 June 1923 at Cromarty
18460-23 (Perth Co) Henry Russell LAMB, 27, salesman, Suffolk England, Preston, s/o William John LAMB (b. Loose Kent England) & Agnes ELLISON, married Margaret FLEMING, 26, nurse, Poole, same, d/o Robert FLEMING (b. York Ontario) & Jean BURNETT, witn: John FLEMING & Christina FLEMING both of Poole, 31 Oct 1923 at Millbank 18467-23 (Perth Co) Frederick Carl LANDERS, 21, truck driver, Strathallan, Stratford, s/o William Frederick LANDERS (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth FORD, married Agnes Loretta ENRIGHT, 18, clerk, Dublin Ontario, blank, d/o Thomas ENRIGHT (b. Canada) & Ellen FEENNEY, witn: Annie ENRIGHT & Nelson SMITH both of Stratford, 25 June 1923 at Stratford
18465-23 (Perth Co) Charles S. LAWRENCE, 22, student, Thamesville, Toronto, s/o Burley LAWRENCE (b. Ontario) & Ada McTAGGART, married Edna M. WEBSTER, 22, Dresden, Toronto, d/o Alex WEBSTER (b. Ontario) & Sarah HANNON, witn: Mrs. Charles E. EVANS & Mrs. Ed LEGG both of St Marys, 20 Sept 1923 at St Marys 18471-23 (Perth Co) Joseph Monford LEATHAM, 30, widower, farmer, Ireland, Mornington twp, s/o Edward Monford [Leatham] (b. Ireland) & Ellen WALDRON, married Clara May ASKIN, 27, Mornington twp, same, d/o James ASKIN (b. Canada) & Emma HALL, witn: Evelyn G. ASKIN & Edna ACKINSON both of Britton, 24 Mar 1923 at The Manse North Mornington
18475-23 (Perth Co) Joseph Edmund LENNON, 36, farmer, Ellice twp, same, s/o Hugh LENNON & Johanna QUIRK, married Emily Eugenia GRAHAM, 28, North Shields England, Stratford, d/o Andrew GRAHAM & Elizabeth GILMORE, witn: Aloysius LENNON & Mary McGUINESS both of Stratford, 12 Feb 1923 at Stratford RC 18473-23 (Perth Co) John Gordon LEONARD, 26, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o John LEONARD (b. Canada) & Annie RICHMOND [deceased], married Edna Mae WILLOUGHBY, 18, housemaid, Elma twp, same, d/o Robert WILLOUGHBY (b. Canada) & Mary WILT, witn: William J. FREELAND & Frances E. FREELAND both of Listowel, 31 Jan 1923 at the Village of Atwood
18469-23 (Perth Co) Harvey Henderson LESLIE, 24, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o Robert LESLIE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth LITTLE, married Hazel McVetie HALLIDAY, 22, housemaid, Huron Co, Town of Listowel, d/o Hugh HALLIDAY (b. Ontario) & Agnes MASON, witn: Mary COWAN & S.E. LOVE both of Atwood, 16 June 1923 at Listowel 18464-23 (Perth Co) George Widdis LESLIE, 22, farmer, Elma twp, Wallace twp, s/o George LESLIE (b. Elma twp) & Mary WILLIAMS, married Verna Loretta McDOWELL, 21, housemaid, Wallace twp, same, d/o Charles Henry McDOWELL (b. Elma twp) & Mary Melinda ZURBRIGG, witn: Gertrude PURCELL & Roy PURCELL both of Listowel, 12 Sept 1923 at Listowel
18461-23 (Perth Co) Albert Victor LEWIS, 30, divorced [rom Mary Garland LEWIS ,6 June 1919 London Ontario], sales manager, Port Arthur, 484 Colborne St London, s/o Albert R. LEWIS KC (b. New York State) & Isabel Nelson ROBERTSON, married Aileen Pirie NASMYTH, 35, Stratford, 82 Wellington St Stratford, d/o Charles E. NASMYTH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Douglas ROBERTSON, witn: Perth BUTLER & C.E. NASMYTH both of Stratford, 17 Nov 1923 at Stratford 18470-23 (Perth Co) Charles Everett LINDSAY, 27, farmer, West Zorra Oxford Co, same, s/o John LINDSAY (b. Canada) & Mary Jane RUTHERFORD, married Avanell McTAVISH, 28, North Easthope, blank, d/o James McTAVISH (b. Canada) & Sarah WILSON, witn: Edith Jean LINDSAY of Embro & Allan McTAVISH of Shakespeare, 6 June 1923 at North Easthope
18466-23 (Perth Co) Andrew W. LOGAN, 50, widower, farmer, Thorndale, East Nissouri, s/o Andrew LOGAN (b. Thorndale) & Jane STEELE, married Gertie BEST, 46, widow, England, East Nissouri, d/o Walter Clayton WRIGHT (b. London England) & Alice HOWARD, witn: Mrs. Ed LEGG & Mrs. W. POSTLEWAITE both of St Marys, 25 Aug 1923 at St Marys 18463-23 (Perth Co) Nelson Lester LOREE, 29, furniture packer, Listowel, same, s/o Gilbert S. LOREE (b. United States) & Sussannah TREMAIN, married Ida Mae SCHOTTS, 23, widow, Listowel, same, d/o George FLEET (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Augusta MISTON, witn: Mrs. Caroline SANDERSON & Mrs. Carrie BROWN both of Listowel, 18 Oct 1923 at Listowel
18462-23 (Perth Co) Samuel Eric LOVE, 24, farmer, Elma twp, same, s/o Samuel James LOVE (b. Elma twp) & Mary DONALDSON, married Mary Massalina COWAN, 25, nursemaid, Elma twp, same, d/o John S. COWAN (b. Elma twp) & Janet STEVENSON, witn: Frederick COULTER & Grace G. COWAN both of Elma twp, 31 Oct 1923 at Elma twp 18484-23 (Perth Co) Lorentz Henry MALCHO, 22, laborer, Ellice, same, s/o Charles MALCHO (b. Canada) & Elizabeth DIELD, married Vera DENSTEDT, 19, housework, Ellice, blank, d/o Fred DENSTSDT (b. Canada) & Edith MUR, witn: Dalton DENSTEDT of Gadshill P.O. & Gertrude MALCHO of Gadshill, 4 Sept 1923 at Stratford
18495-23 (Perth Co) Frank Alfred MARTIN, 22, plumber, Blanshard twp, St Marys, s/o Charles MARTIN (b. Maidstone England) & Frederica TUER, married Myrtle Laverna SCHOFIELD, 20, St Marys, same, d/o Marion A. SCHOFIELD (b. Brant Co) & Margaret E. HOWELL, witn: Marvina SCHOFIELD & Frederick MURTON both of St Marys, 15 Jan 1923 at the bride's home St Marys 18494-23 (Perth Co) Alexander Wilson MARTIN, 37, farmer, Disley Saskatchewan, same, s/o John MARTIN (b. Fergus Ontario) & Jean WILSON, married Janet McLeod NICHOLS, 27, school teacher, Fullarton twp, Mitchell, d/o Joseph NICHOLS (b. Ontario) & Anabel JOHNSTON, witn: Jannie M. GORER? & Joseph NICHOLS both of Mitchell, 15 Feb 1923 at Mitchell
18477-23 (Perth Co) William Stone MILLS, 23, machinist, St Augustine Florida, same, s/o Robert Anderson MILLS (b. United States) & May DAWSON, married Marguerite Helen SCRIMGEOUR, 24, nurse, Stratford, blank, d/o Alex J. SCRIMGEOUR (b. Canada) & Violet McCULLOUGH, witn: F.G. SCRIMGEOUR of Stratford & Bessie RUTHERFORD of LONDON, 27 Dec 1923 at Stratford 18480-23 (Perth Co) Ray Coulter MILLS, 21, farmer, Blanshard twp, same, s/o James MILLS (b. Canada) & Alice HOGG, married Mildred May MOORE, 22, Kirkton, same, d/o John C. MOORE (b. Canada) & Norah May HAWKEY, witn: Carrie MILLS of Woodham & Rex Mills of Centralia, 11 Nov 1923 at Kirkton
18492-23 (Perth Co) Morris John MITCHELL, 22, machinist, Waterloo Co, Olean New York, s/o Sidney MITCHELL (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane GRUTSCH, married Annie BAXTER, 22, bookkeeper, Scotland, blank, d/o James BAXTER (b. Scotland) & Helen GAVAN, witn: Marie PRINGLE & Stanley ZINN both of Stratford, 29 Mar 1923 at Stratford  
18490-23 (Perth Co) Joshua B. MOORE, 55, widower, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o Samuel MOORE (b. Ireland) & Ann BACON, married Olive M. BIRTCH, 41, widow, Blanshard twp, St Marys, d/o Robert SPOOLING (b. Ireland) & Martha GILPIN, witn: A.C. EVANS of St Marys & H.W. MOORE of St Ives, 12 June 1923 at St Marys 18493-23 (Perth Co) George Robert MOORE, 40, farmer, Mornington twp, same, s/o Robert MOORE (b. Ireland) & Elleanor ARMSTRONG, married Erie Tisdale HAWKINS, 34, teacher, Listowel, same, d/o A. St George HAWKINS (b. Canada) & Erie Elizabeth TISDALE, witn: Helen L. HAWKINS of Rochester New York & James H. MOORE of Mornington twp, 14 Feb 1923 at Listowel
18481-23 (Perth Co) Daniel Wesley MOREY, 65, widower, retired, Durham Co, Mitchell, s/o Meritt MOREY (b. United States) & Phoebe Ann HURLBURT, married Jean CHAPPEL, 48, widow, Mitchell, same, d/o William BURTON (b. England) & Mary VIVIAN, witn: Margaret GEDDER of Embro & Ada MATHESON of Stratford, 30 Oct 1923 at Stratford 18479-23 (Perth Co) Charles Cunningham MULHOLLAND, 31, mechanic, Belfast Ireland, Stratford, s/o Charles Francis MULHOLLAND (b. Ireland) & Agnes MULHOLLAND, married Margaret Jean McKEAN, 28, dressmaker, Edinburgh Scotland, blank, d/o Donald McKEAN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth LANDELLE, witn: Mary Henderson MASTERS & Jessie MacDONELL both of Stratford, 10 Nov 1923 at Stratford
18487-23 (Perth Co) Edwin Dunsmore MURRAY, 26, farmer, Downie twp, same, s/o William MURRAY (b. Canada) & Mary DUNSMORE, married Margaret Ann MONTEITH, 20, Downie twp, blank, d/o S. Nelson MONTEITH (b. Canada) & Ida May LUPTAN, witn: William JEFFREY of Toronto & Mrs. Mary MURRAY of Downie twp, 27 June 1923 at Downie twp 18486-23 (Perth Co) James Leslie MURRAY, 29, farmer, Bruce Co, Downie twp, s/o James MURRAY (b. Canada) & Isabelle MURRAY, married Esther Lily MURRAY, 19, Perth Co, blank, d/o John B. MURRAY (b. Canada) & Martha THOMPSON, witn: Bert MATTHESON & Emily MATTHESON both of Stratford, 27 June 1923 at Downie twp
18491-23 (Perth Co) Walter Lyle MURRAY, 21, farmer, Downie twp, same, s/o George MURRAY (b. Canada) & Annie TAIT, married Lorna Margaret DUNSEITH, 20, Downie twp, blank, d/o Robert James DUNSEITH (b. Canada) & Frances Isabella STEELE, witn: Laura M. RICHARDSON of Stratford & Ethel May FISHER of Millbrook, 25 Apr 1923 at Stratford, [divorced 26 Sept 1955]