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Parker, Harvey & related families in Teignmouth Devon


  • 1851 census of Teingmouth, LDS film 221018
  • 1861 census of Teignmouth, LDS film
  • 1881 census, online transcription,
  • 1891 census, pages of original census, online at

1861 E. Teignmouth: household 108, Brunswick St.

Charles SMITH, head, M, 60, cordwainer, b. York’

Jane SMITH, wife, M, 45, b. Devon, Bishopteignton

Henry HARVEY, son-in-law [step-son], 10, b. W. Teignmouth

Emma HARVEY, daughter-in-law [step-dau], 8, b. E. Teignmouth

William SMITH, son, 2, b. E. Teignmouth


1861 E. Teignmouth: household 120, 1 Pridham Row [folio 150, pg21]

William PARKER, head, M, 37, hackney cab, b. Devon South Pool

Elizabeth PARKER, 30, b. Chagford

William PARKER, 6, born Teignmouth

Edward PARKER, 3, born Teignmouth

Mary E. PARKER, 1, born Teignmouth


1861 E. Teignmouth: Regent House, Regent Place

Thomas SCLATER, widower, 67, naturalist, b. Devon Exeter

Richard SCLATER, son, U, 45, master mariner, born Teignmouth

Jane HARVEY, sister, 72, house keeper, born Exeter status?


In 1851 this family (also in Regent House)

Thomas SCLATER, 57, born St. Sidwell Exeter

Elizabeth SCLATER, wife, 58, born Devon Ashberton

Anna, dau, 25, born E. Teignmouth

Elizabeth, dau, 20, born Teignmouth


Also in 1851: 7 Regent Place, East Teignmouth

Alfred SCLATER, M, 24, dealer in natural curratives, E. Teignmouth

Elizabeth SCLATER, wife, M, 23, b. W. Teignmouth

Alfred SCLATER, 11, son, W. Teignmouth


1861 E. Teignmouth:

Maria HARVEY, 20, born E. Teignmouth,

servant in household of William & Mary WARREN on Brunswick St.

William age 72, Mary age 63, both born E. Teignmouth, proprietor of houses

There are many WARRENs in Teignmouth


on ship Charles on the night of Sunday, April 7th, 1861

Henry HARVEY, M, 33, master, born Suffolk Sotraley?


1851 W. Teignmouth: Park St.

Mary COLLARD, head, wid, 63, laundress, b. Teignmouth

Mary A. SHAPTER, dau, M, 39, laundress

Jane BURTON [or Barton], widow, daughter, 30

Sophia SHAPTER, grand daughter, 10, b. Teignmouth

William S. BURTON, grandson, 9, b. Teignmouth

Edward J. BURTON, 4, b. Teignmouth

Mary J. BURTON, grand daughter, 10 months, born St. Johns Nfld.


1861 W. Teignmouth: household 191, Frogmarsh

George PARKER, head, M, 23, mariner, born Teignmouth

Jane PARKER, wife, 24, born Teignmouth

Rose PARKER, dau, 2, born Teignmouth

George Henry PARKER, son, 1 month, born Teignmouth


In the 1881 census, Jane has remarried and this is the family:

William SHAPTER, head, 26, mariner, born Bishopteignton

Jane SHAPTER, wife, 38 [s/b 33?], laundress, born Teignmouth

Rose PARKER, dau, 21, dressmaker, born Teignmouth

Frederick PARKER, 14, all rest of kids born Teignmouth

Charles PARKER, 12,

Janey PARKER, 10

Edith PARKER, 8,

Kate M. SHAPTER, 2,


1891 W. Teignmouth, 10 Saxe St.

William SHAPTER, M, 35, mariner seas, b. Bishopteignton

Jane SHAPTER, M, 49, b. Teignmouth, all children born Teignmouth

Charles PARKER, step-son, 21, mariner seas

Jane PARKER, step-dau, dress maker

Edith PARKER, step-dau, 17,

Kate SHAPTER, 12, scholar


Also 1881, there is a George PARKER (the only born in 1860 in Teignmouth in the 1881 census, age 21)

living in London, fireman, unmarried, relation given as brother to

Thomas COLLIER, 27, mariner, born Teignmouth, at 14 Morant St., London

Ellen COLLIER, 21, born Teignmouth

and son Thomas E. COLLIER, 1 month, born London

visitor Ellen BURRIDGE, nurse, U, 44, born Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 46 [also Frogmarsh?] is:

Joseph PARKER, head, M, 40, cordwainer, b. St. Thomas Exeter

Jane PARKER, 30, b. Devon Powderham

George PARKER 15, errand boy, b. Dawlish

Joseph PARKER, 12, b. Teignmouth

William PARKER 10, born Teignmouth


1861 W. Teignmouth: household 189, 3 Frogmarsh

Joseph PARKER, head, M, 55, shoe maker, born Teignmouth

Jane PARKER, wife, 42, born Teignmouth

Joseph W. PARKER, 21, shoe maker, born Teignmouth

William PARKER, 19, shoe maker, born Teignmouth


In 1881 Joseph Sr. & Joseph Jr. are living together at 11 Frogmarsh in Teignmouth

Joseph Sr. is still a shoe maker (widowed), Joseph Jr. is a general laborer (unmarried)

Joseph Sr.’s birth place is now given as Devon, St. Thomas Exeter


In 1881, son William is still a shoe maker, and still in Teignmouth

William PARKER, 38,

Emma PARKER, 33, dressmaker, born Somerset Brushford

William PARKER, 14, baker, all kids born in Teignmouth

Jane PARKER, 11,

Frank PARKER, 5,

Florence PARKER, 3,

George PARKER, 6 months,


IGI There was a Joseph Warren PARKER chr 5 March 1809 at St. Thomas the Apostle in Exeter, s/o Joseph & Harriet. He is the only child of this couple on this film (C050531)


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 58, Commercial Inn

Mary PARKER, head, wid, 52, inn keeper, B. Chudleigh

Eleanor BENTLEY, M, 25, daughter, assistant, b. Dev Newton

George BENTLEY, son-in-law, M, 34, inn keeper, b. Surrey Merton

Mary Ellen BENTLEY, grand dau, 4, b. Teignmouth

Charles BENTLEY, grandson, 1, b. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: Forest St.

Susan BENTLEY, head, M, 59, fancy shop keeper, b. Devon


1861 W. Teignmouth: household 121, 62 Brook St.,

Mary PARKER, head, single, 62, retired inn keeper, born Devon Chudleigh, alone


In 1881, Eleanor & George BENTLEY are still at the Commercial Inn, 46 Higher Brook St. in West Teignmouth. With them in the census is a niece, Susan M. DAWKINS, M, 34, born Liverpool Everton, Railway Clerks Wife.


1861 W. Teignmouth: household 60, 17 Willey Lane

Thomas HARVEY, head, 46, painter, born Teignmouth

Hannah HARVEY, wife, 34, laundress, born London

Joseph HARVEY, 13, born London

Augusta HARVEY, 7, born London


In 1881 census, Thomas HARVEY, age 67, widowed, born Teignmouth

house painter, living at The Strand Union Workhouse, Edmonton, Middlesex, England

Can not find Augusta or Joseph in 1881


IGI There was a Thomas Raymond HARVEY chr 4 Sep 1813 in Teignmouth, s/o Humphrey & Margery

(film C052571). They also had a son John HARVEY, chr 20 Dec 1810


1861 W. Teignmouth household 62, 2 Chapel St.

Mary HARVEY, widow, age 73, laundress, born Devonshire

Emily HARVEY, grand daughter, 20, born Devonshire

William ROADEN?, lodger, age 88, no occupation given, born Devonshire


1861 W. Teignmouth household 111, pupils at Thorn Park School (boarding), all male

Fleury? PARKER, 12

Walter A. PARKER, 12

Alfred E. PARKER, 10

William? PARKER, 8


1861 W. Teignmouth: household 91, 34 Brook St.

Joanna HARVEY, head, widower, 56, washerwoman, born W. Teignmouth

Mary Jane HARVEY, dau, 21, dress maker, born W. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth household 200 Russell Lane,

Johanna HARVEY, wife, M, 43, laundress, b. W. Teignmouth

Mary Jane HARVEY, dau, 11, b. W. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: Parson St.

Samuel TOTHILL, head, M, 56, laborer, born Bishopsteighnton

Sarah TOTHILL, wife, M, 54, laundress, b. Abbots Kerrswell

Mary Ann TOTHILL, 21, laundress, b. Teignmouth

William TOTHILL, 29, gardener, b. Teignmouth

George TOTHILL, 27, carpenter, b. Teignmouth

Sarah Grace TOTHILL, 15, b. Teignmouth

Richard TOTHILL, 7, b. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth, household 31, Brook Hill

Joseph BOND, head, M, 44, laborer, b. Teignmouth

Susan BOND, wife, 39, laundress, b. Teignmouth

James BOND, 14, rope maker


James TOTHILL, W, 70, laborer, wife’s father

Henry TOTHILL, 34, mariner, wife’s brother


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 35, Brook Hill

John TOTHILL, head, M, 37, mariner, born Teignmouth

Elizabeth, wife, M, 40, born Teignmouth

Thomas ELLIS, lodger, 33, carpenter, born Exeter

William HARVEY, lodger, 19, blacksmith, b. Devon Exminster


1861 W. Teignmouth: household ?, 1 Lower Brook

John P. TOTHILL, head, M, 47, coal dealer, born Teignmouth

Elizabeth TOTHILL, wife, 47, born Teignmouth

Alfred R. HARVEY, nephew, 17, assistant, b. Exeter

John TAPHOLME, lodger, U, 20, clerk on RR, born Lincs Louth


There is also a Sarah TOTHILL, 18, servant, born Exeter

living with James & Mary Ann BURT (ages 26 & 25), school master in W. Teignmouth


In 1881 John P. & Elizabeth TOTHILL are at 20 Lower Brook & John is retired. Alone


In 1881 census, Alfred HARVEY is now a house painter, living at 20 Higher Brook, West Teignmouth

with: Elizabeth, wife, 38, born Teignmouth, all children born Teignmouth

Emily HARVEY, 15, dress maker

Mary Ann HARVEY, 13,

Robert D. HARVEY, 9

Amy Cuming HARVEY, 5

Alfred R. HARVEY, 1 month


IGI: John Price TOTHILL was chr 5 Dec 1813 in W. Teignmouth, s/o James & Esther/Hester

Other children (film C052571) were: Henry 1816, Susanna 1811, James 1809


1861 W. Teignmouth: household 295, East Brook

Eliza PARKER, U, 37, servant (cook) born Hereford Bromyard in household of Harriet H. COLEMAN, age 39, and her 7 kids


1851 E. Teignmouth Brunswick Place

William COTTON, head, M, 48, licensed to let horses, b. Dev Dawlish

Elizabeth COTTON, wife, 49, b. W. Teignmouth

James COTTON, 19, cab driver, b. W. Teignmouth

Mary COTTON, 9, b. W. Teignmouth

Ann COTTON, 7, b. E. Teignmouth

Thomas COTTON, 4, b. E. Teignmouth


1851 East Teignmouth 39 Northumberland St.

Samuel PARKER, apprentice, age 17, born Newton Abbott

living with William COTTON (age 29), timber merchant, builder, surveyor & appraiser, born Somerset Midsummer Norton & his wife Mary Ann, age 27, born Devon Exminster

In the 1881 census there is Samuel PARKER, age 49, birth place given as Newton Ferrer Devon.

He is a real estate clerk, living at 5 Angela Gardens in London with his wife Harriet age 31, born in Cambridge, Soham. Same Samuel???


1851 E. Teignmouth: household 97

Louisa HARVEY, age 20, born France, visitor in household of Floreska Zoe SLATER, widow, age 38, born France and Floreska’s parents, Charles M. & Margarite DE BELCOURE (ages 70 & 58), both born France. Floreska’s occupation is given as "head of scholastic ent."


1851 E. Teignmouth: household 145, French St.

Mary CORNELIUS, head, widow, 75, born Devon Exminster

Martha HENTON, daughter, 36, dress maker, born Teignmouth

William PARKER, grandson, 15, carpenter’s apprentice, born Teignmouth

Thomas PARKER, grandson, 11, born Devon Ashberton

Henry CORNELIUS, grandson, 14, born Teignmouth

Susan HENTON, grand dau, 2 months, born Cornwall, Falmount


1851 E. Teignmouth: also on French St. in 1851

Samuel CORNELIUS, head, M, 44, carpenter, born Teignmouth

Ann CORNELIUS, wife, 47, born Devon, Kingsleignton?

Martha CORNELIUS, dau, 16, born Teignmouth


IGI: film C052241, there was a Samuel CORNELIUS chr in E. Teignmouth in April 1907, s/o John & Mary

other children of John & Mary on this film:

Mary 1809, Martha 1816, Anna 1813, William 1818, Jane 1810


more CORNELIUS family:

1851 E. Teignmouth: 11 Regent Place

Richard B. CORNELIUS, head, M, 34, chemist & druggist, b. Devon Ashcombe

Richard CORNELIUS, son, 7, b. Teignmouth

Robert G. CORNELIUS, 5, b. Teignmouth

John CORNELIUS, son, 3, b. Teignmouth

Joseph CORNELIUS, brother, 24, druggist assistant, b. Dev Ashcombe


1851 E. Teignmouth: household 45, folio 190, Muir? Lane

Susanna PARKER, head, widow, 79, house proprietor, born Devon Chudleigh


1851 E. Teignmouth: household 46

Edward PARKER, head, M, 44, common brewer, born W. Teignmouth

Helen PARKER, wife, 40, born E. Teignmouth


In 1881, Helen is a widow, age 70, born Teignmouth, lodging house keeper

along with her sister Sarah HINCKS, widow, 69, companion, born Teignmouth

sister Louisa CROYDON, U, 72, book seller, born Teignmouth

brother Edward CROYDON, U, 64, occupation is "interest of money", born Teignmouth

sister Maria BODNAR, M, 58, book seller, born Teignmouth


There is a Croydon family, children of Edward & Sally all chr in East Teignmouth:

Louisa Ann, chr 22 Nov 1807

Edward, chr 12 May 1816

Sally, chr 25 Dec 1811

Helen, chr 19 Aug. 1810

Maria, chr 28 June 1822

+ other children: George Henry in 1820, Eliza Mary in 1819 & Jessy in 1814



back to 1851, 5 Northumberland Place

Elizabeth CROYDON, head, wid, 61, proprietor of houses, b. Devon Kenford

Joseph C. CROYDON, son, 18, painters apprentice, b. E. Teignmouth

Elizabeth B. CROYDON, grand daughter, 4, b. W. Teignmouth

Azeh? COOK, sister, U, 44, school mistress, b. W. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 61 Somerset Place

Edmond CROYDON, head, M, 29, auctioneer & printer (painter?), b. Teignmouth

Elizabeth CROYDON, wife, 29, b. Teignmouth

Emily CROYDON, 5, b. Teignmouth

Ellen CROYDON, 3, b. Teignmouth

John Lang CROYDON, 1, b. Teignmouth

Ann Matilda ROW, wife’s aunt, U, 41, b. Teignmouth

John W. B. COOK, cousin, 23, painter, born Devon Kenton


1851 E. Teignmouth, Regent Place

Edward CROYDON, head, wid, 65, book seller, b. Dev Totnes

Louisa Ann CROYDON, dau, U, 40, b. E. Teignmouth

Eliza Mary CROYDON, U, 32, dau, b. E. Teignmouth

George Henry, son, U, 30, b. E. Teignmouth

Maria Louisa, dau, U, 28, b. E. Teignmouth

Edward, son, visitor, U, 34, b. E. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 17, Bittow? St. (Bilton?)

Jane HARVEY, mariner’s wife, M, 28, born Bishopteignton

[no husband at home]

Maria KNOTT, sister-in-law, 19, laundress, born Bishopteignton

Dorthea Ann BURGESS, step dau, 1, born Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth

Charles PARKER, pupil age 14 at Hillford House, Bilton Hill

India British subject


1851 W. Teignmouth: 110 Chapel St.

Humphrey HARVEY, head, M, 70, wheelwright, born Devon, North Tauton

Mary, 63, wife, laundress, born Devon Tavistock

Alfred HARVEY, 7, grandson, 7, born Devon, Herberton?

[is this the same Alfred who is with the Tothills in 1861?]

Susan BOWDEN, visitor, M, 76, laundress, b. Dev Herberton


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 19, Old Market St.

Ann HARVEY, widow, 67, retired servant, born Chudleigh



1851 W. Teignmouth: household 81, Bank St.

William PARKER, lodger, 28, railway servant, born Devon South Pool

with family of Edward & Jane PALK

Edward PALK, head, M, 56, b. Dev Littlehampton

Jane PALK, 44, born Dev Berry Pomeroy

John PALK, 19, b. Teignmouth

Edwin PALK, 15, b. Teignmouth

Emma PALK, 9, b. Teignmouth

Sarah WARREN, 14, servant, b. Dev Crediton

(IGI: Edward PALK married Jane DUGDALE on 29 Jan 1827 in Berry Pomeroy

and Jane was chr in Berry Pomeroy on 30 April 1807, d/o John & Mary)


1851 W. Teignmouth: West Cliffe House

Susan HARVEY, U, 32, ladys maid, b. Devon Broudshampton?

in household of Elizabeth B. WOOLLCOMBE, 63, & her sister Laura WOOLLCOMBE, 57, both born Dev Ashbury


CORNISH family

1851 W. Teignmouth: Lock St.

John BULHELEY?, head, M, 36, disabled mariner, born Dev Dawlish

Elizabeth BULHELEY?, wife, 34, b. Teignmouth

Thomas Cornish BULHELEY, 5, b. Teignmouth

John Henry BULHELEY, 2, b. Teignmouth

Charlotte Taylor BULHELEY, 1, b. Teignmouth

Mary CORNISH, wid, 74, wife’s mother, b. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: Combe Lane

John CORNITH, head, M, 54, mariner, b. Bishopsteighton

Ann CORINTH, wife, 50, laundress, b. W. Teignmouth

Louisa CORINTH, daughter, 13, b. W. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: West Cliffe

Susan CORNISH, head, wid, 58, laundress, b. Teignmouth


1851 E. Teignmouth: Market House

Susan CORNISH, wid, 50, washerwoman, b. Dev Kenton

George CORNISH, son, U, 17, laborer, b. W. Teignmouth


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 98 Clarence? Cottage

Eliza PARKER, servant, U, 27, b. Hereford

in household of Agnes STUPART, 29, fund holder, b. Dev Bidford & her sister Louise STUPART, 26, b. Crediton


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 130, Forest St.

Samuel STONE, head, M, laborer, 24, b. Dev Columpton

Mary Ann STONE, M, 30, b. Dec Starcrats?

Louisa CORNELIUS, sister-in-law, U, 25, dress maker, b. Dev Starcrats?

In 1881 Samuel was a 54 yr old widower, living with Charles & Louisa MITCHELL at 40 Derrick St. in Rotherhithe, Surrey. Louisa MITCHELL was age 53 & born in Star Cross in Devon [is this Louisa CORNELIUS?]. Charles MITCHELL was a 47 yr old mariner who was born in Exeter.


1851 W. Teignmouth: household 141, Higher Bromley

Eliza PARKER, U, 16, b. Dev Ringmore, servant in household of Thomas & Catherine PERKINS (ages 66 & 60) & both born in Bedfordshire


1851 W. Teignmouth Bromley Rd

Elizabeth HARVEY, U, 23, b. Chagford [my line]

servant in household of Jacob B. BARTLETT, head, M, 61, surgeon & member of the Royal College, b. Dev St. Marys Church

& his wife Ann Wench BARTLETT, M, 41, b. Warwickshire