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Ontario Co., 1911 - 1923

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13682-17 Howard ACTON, 29, farmer, Reach twp., Brock twp., s/o George ACTON & Nellie ACTON, married Ella Jane MERRICK, 24, Reach twp., same, d/o James MERRICK & Margaret BROWN, witn: Lilla ACTON of Brock twp & William John PETTY of Uxbridge, 26 Dec 1917 at Brock twp 13687-17 Jonathan ALDRED, 40, farmer, Scugog, same, s/o William ALDRED & Elizabeth HOWARD, married Lucy Sweeting SINTZEL, 37, Muskoka, Scugog twp., d/o Thomas SINTZEL & Maria BLATCHFORD, witn: Vina & Lydia ALDRED of Scugog, 14 March 1917 at Parsonage, Scugog
15346-16 Walter Russell ASHTON, 23, farmer, Ashburn Ont., Reach twp., s/o James ASHTON & blank SELLERS, married Janet WRIGHT, 27, Reach twp., same, d/o Joseph WRIGHT & blank KELLY, witn: David Winter FERGUSON & Ada E. WRIGHT, both of Reach twp., 9 Feb 1916 at Epsom 14127-18 Joseph ASHTON, 49, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o John ASHTON & Mary BENTLEY, married Lottie BAILEY, 36, Reach twp., same, d/o Francis BAILEY & Elizabeth GUTHRIE, witn: Howard & Olive ASHTON of Reach twp., 2 Jan 1918 at Uxbridge
#015379-16 (Ontario Co): Gordon Miller BASSETT, 23, chauffeur, Pine Orchard Ont., Detroit, s/o Jonathan Oliver BASSETT & Isabel Alice MILLER, married Dora May APPS, 23, Cannington, Detroit, d/o Frank APPS & Gevena? RAYFIELD, witn: Alice J. BASSETT & Frank R. APPS, both of Cannington, 16 Aug 1916 at Cannington 17005-14 John Alexander BICKLE, 40, farmer, Brooklin, same, s/o Henry BICKLE & Mary Ann HORTON, married Estella FELLOWS, 26, widow, North Vernon Indiana, Brooklin, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Selina MURPHY, witn: W.S. TRAINER of South Oshawa & William MOORE of Oshawa, 29 May 1914 at Oshawa
  15381-16 Alexander Armstrong BLAIR, 31, farmer, Brooklin, same, s/o John BLAIR & Jeanette IMROY?, married Clara Jane WOODWARD, 22, Whitby twp., Brooklin, d/o James WOODWARD & Jane ARKSEY, witn: E. M. FOSTER of Whitby & B. E. DAVIS of 150? Medland St. in Toronto, 29 July 1916 at Whitby parsonage
15380-16 Frederick James BODDY, 35, engineer, Enniskillen Ont., Toronto, s/o John BODDY & Annie TRAYER, married Olive A. CRAWFORTH, 35, Whitby, same, d/o Mark CRAWFORTH & Lydia CRIBB, witn: Mathew & Alma CRAWFORTH of Whitby, 29 June 1916 at Whitby 14479-12 Thomas Gordon BRANSTON, 26, Market Harborough England, Oshawa, s/o William BRANSTON & Sarah FELLOWS, married Sarah Alice FLINT, 26, Huntington England, Oshawa, d/o Joseph FLINT & Elizabeth PAYNE, witn: Albert & Alice HUTTON of Cedar Dale, 16 Oct 1912 at Oshawa
18824-19 Morley Elmer COOK, 26, yeoman, East Whitby twp., same, s/o Thomas COOK & Mary Jane WARD, married Edith E.P. ASHTON, 23, Darlington twp., same, d/o William Lawrence ASHTON & Mary ELLINS, witn: Hattie HUDGINS of illegible & Florence HEPBURN of Oshawa, 26 Feb 1919 at Myrtle 16337-22 Robert Arthur CRANDELL, 38, tanner, Port Perry, Cedar Dale, s/o Robert Derland CRANDELL, b. Port Perry & Sarah Jane HALL, married Emma TURNER, 26 nurse maid, Toronto, Cedar dale, d/o William TURNER, b. England & Martha DUNBAR, witn: Clarence C. W. CRANDEL (sic) of Cedar Dale & Annie Elizabeth SIMMS of Oshawa, 4 Nov 1922 at Cedar Dale, East Whitby
15415-16 (Ontario Co. Co) Eric Scott DAFOE, 23, electrician, Foxboro Ont, Oshawa, s/o Francis M. DAFOE & Nettie SCOTT, married Annie FINCH, 19, Huddersfield Eng, Oshawa, d/o George FINCH & blank CARTER, witn: Jas. W. & Alice MINARD both of Oshawa, 20 Apr 1916 at Oshawa 015425/16 (Ontario Co) John Henry EDDY, 29, soldier, New Orleans, Oshawa, s/o Samuel D--? EDDY & Jennie BARNES, married Lillian Louise BROWN, 20, Plumstead England, Oshawa, d/o Charles George BROWN & Elizabeth Ann ADAMS, witn: Charles George BROWN of Oshawa & William George BROWN of Oshawa, 15 January 1916, Oshawa
17213-21 William Beavil ELLINS, 20, farmer, East Whitby twp., same, s/o Levi William ELLINS, b. Ont & Mary Elizabeth NANCEKIVELL, married Gladys Irene COOK, 22, Whitby twp., same, d/o James COOK, b. Ireland & Anna Perce PENGELLY, witn: Viola ASHTON of 55 Crawford St. in Toronto & Theodore? BLIGHT of Whitby, 2 Feb 1921 at East Whitby  
18845-15 William Edward ELLIOTT, 27, carpenter, Lindsay Ont., Whitby, s/o Edward Charles ELLIOT & Annie HULL, married Mary Ethel BARRIAGE, 25, Belleville Ont., Oshawa, d/o Richard BARRIAGE & Martha Frances SPENCER, witn: Herbert Thomas ELLIOTT of Whitby & Mrs. Lena M. WHITE of East Whitby twp., 25 Dec 1919 at Oshawa 18846-19 David Edward George ELLIOTT, 20, farmer, Toronto, Uxbridge twp., s/o David ELLIOTT & Annie WILSON, married Jennie Alice STORY, 21, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o Aaron STORY & Alice WHITE, witn: Edward & Mrs. E. STORY of Goodwood, 17 Dec 1919 at res of the bride, Uxbridge
17219-21 George Henry EVANS, 22, salesman, Trenton Ont., Oshawa, s/o Albert EVANS, b. Gloucester England & Elizabeth HARDING, married Caroline Adelaide NEILL, 21, Toronto, Whitby, d/o John NEILL, b. Barrie Ont & Amelia EDELMANN, witn: A.R. & J. D. NEILL of Whitby, 26 Sept 1921 at res of the bride, Whitby 14178-18 Howard Levi FRANKLIN, 33, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o Frank FRANKLIN & Margaret HUNTER, married Ethel May FRANKLIN, 31, Reach twp., Port Perry, d/o George FRANKLIN & Sarah LAMBE, witn: Nettie & George R. GARBUTT of Oshawa, 2 May 1918 at Oshawa
13775-17 Earl Roy GOYNE, 29, salesman, Oshawa, same, s/o William GOYNE & Annie SCOTT, married Flossie Winnifred HEARD, 20, Oshawa, same, d/o John HEARD & Elizabeth CORNISH, witn: Frank & Effie M. GOYNE of Oshawa, 5 Sept 1917 at Oshawa 10230-11 Thomas GOYNE, 35, teamster, of Toronto, s/o William GOYNE, laborer, & Annie SCOTT, married Effie Martha May HEARD, 25, of Oshawa, d/o John HEARD, gardener, & Elizabeth Ann CORNISH, witn: Clarence J. A. HEARD of Oshawa & Alena ELLINS of Lambton Mills, 7 June 1911 at Oshawa
11026-18 Edgar Hilliard GRAY, 37, real estate agent, Uxbridge Ont., Regina Sask. (since 1906), s/o Allen GRAY & Isabella MUSTARD, married Alo Estelle NOKES, 28, Uxbridge, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Belle NOKES & Clifford GRAY, both of Uxbridge, 10 March 1918 at Uxbridge 13771-17 William GRIFFITH, 59, laborer, Meaford, Karney Ont., s/o George GRIFFITH & Martha HUMPHREY, married Mrs. Julia Amelia SCRIVER, 50, widow, Renfrew, Whitby, d/o Richard BENNETT & Eleanor THRASHER, witn: Eleanor T. CORNISH & Christian W. FRASER, both of Whitby, 21 March 1917 at Whitby
14547-12 Edsel Aubrey HARRIS, 29, West Durham, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas HARRIS & Jane DARLEY, married Clara Pearl VAN VOLKENBURGH, 24, Whitby, same, d/o William VAN VOLKENBURGH & Mary TRIPP, witn: Mabel HARRIS & Georgia M. WHITE, both of Oshawa, 25 June 1912 at Whitby 17105-14 William Henry HARRIS, 25, laborer, Myrtle, Whitby, s/o Thomas HARRIS & Mary Ann WHEELER, married Edith DYKES, 19, Sutton England, Whitby, d/o Peter DUCKWORTH (Step father is John DYKES) & Elizabeth RALPHSON, witn: S.F. & Josephine CHAPIN of Oshawa, 7 Feb 1914 at Oshawa
13826-17 Ernest Henry LAVENDER, 26, farmer, Berkshire England, Cedar Dale, s/o James LAVENDER & Edith BRUCE, married Lillian CRANDELL, 25, Belleville, Cedar Dale, d/o Robert CRANDELL & Jane HALL, witn: Florence E. CRANDELL & R.A. LAVENDER, both of Cedar Dale, 28 Feb 1917 at Cedar Dale  
21072-20 William Osborne McBAIN, 35, upholsterer, Desboro - Grey Co., Waterloo, s/o John McBAIN & Elizabeth OSBORNE, married Ethel Marguerite BURNS, 28, dress maker, near Brooklin, Waterloo, d/o David BURNS & Helen MILLER, witn: W.M. & Margaret G. HAIG of Brooklin, 7 April 1920 at Brooklin 21071-20 Franklin Edgar Davey McDOWELL, 32, editor, Bowmanville, Toronto, s/o Franklin Metcalfe McDOWELL & Sarah DAVEY, married Annie Kathleen HODSON, 25, Guelph, Brooklin Ont., d/o Frederick William HODSON & Elizabeth Ann CALDER, witn: James Fergus KYLE & Helen SHANNON, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1920 at Whitby twp
14258-18 William Alexander McGREGOR, 33, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o George H. McGREGOR & Jane FOSTER, married Mary Olive ASHTON, 21, Uxbridge twp., Reach twp., d/o James ASHTON & Annie Laura SELLER, witn: William John Howard ASHTON of RR1 Port Perry & Nora E. ACTNEY of RR4 Uxbridge, 18 Dec 1918 at 7th Con of Reach twp 21070-20 Stewart Andrew McINTYRE, 21, carpenter, Mariposa twp., Toronto, s/o Robert McINTYRE & Elizabeth Adeline HALL, married Alvenia Florence APPS, 19, Goodwood, Cannington, d/o Frank APPS & Alvenia RAYFIELD, witn: Carl L. MOYNES of Oakwood & Ilene E. McINTYRE of Woodville, 5 May 1920 at Cannington
14259-18 Dugald Alexander McISAAC, 20, soldier, Hamilton, Stanley Barracks in Toronto, s/o Dougal McISAAC & Jean ATKINS, married Myrtle Grace CANNICK, 20, Ragged Rapids Ont., 388 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, d/o Samuel Edward CANNICK & Mary GRAY, witn: Gladys Ellen & Ernest CANNICK of Washago, 27 Nov 1918 at Washago  
14630-12 Frank Ernest MELLOW, 37, physician, of Uxbridge, s/o Samuel H. MELLOW & Mary YELLAND, married Daisy Isabell CARMICHAEL, 29, of Port Perry, d/o Hugh CARMICHAEL & Anna EDWARDS, witn: Nan MacQUEEN & D.A. CARMICHAEL, 25 Sept 1912 at Port Perry 14631-12 Edwin MICHAEL, 24, East Whitby twp., Harmony, s/o W. MICHAEL, gardener & Martha LAW, married Eva May HERRING, 23, Oshawa, same, d/o John HERRING, mechanic & Mary J. DINNER? , witn: Frances J. HERRING & Edna SELDON, both of Oshawa, 11 Sept 1912 at Oshawa
13864-17 Morley Edwin NANCEKIVELL, 22, Enfield Ont., Brooklin, s/o Samuel NANCEKIVELL & Fanny BOND, married Blanch May WHITE, 22, Feversham - Grey Co., Brooklin, d/o James W. WHITE & Ada SANDERSON, witn: Ernest Roy WHITE of Brooklin & illegible, 27 Dec 1917 at Whitby twp 13865-17 Francis William Charles NASH, 37, cabinet maker, England, Toronto, s/o William A. NASH & Mary BAGNELL?, married Lillian WOTTEN, 26, Columbus Ont., Oshawa, d/o Gutharo (Jethro?) WOTTEN & Allice DAURETY, witn: Diana STEPHENSON of Peterborough & A--? McCALLUM of Strathburg?, 17 Oct 1917 at Oshawa, [faded reg'n]
14288-18 William John Frederick READ, 22, sheet metal worker, Muskoka, Oshawa, s/o William John F. READ & Ellen Elizabeth BALLIS, married Florence Edith WALKER, 28, Whitby, same, d/o Alex WALKER & Sarah MURRAY, witn: Jessie Annie CORMACK & William Henry WALKER, both of Whitby, 25 Dec 1918 at Whitby 17208-14 Walter John READ, 21, illegible worker, Barking England, Oshawa, s/o William James READ & Sarah MALLET, married Elizabeth May GIBBIE, 20, Chatham England, Oshawa, d/o Edward GIBBIE & Florence HENDRY, witn: Florence & Edward GIBBIE of Oshawa, 22 Aug 1914 at Oshawa
14289-18 Walter Joseph ROGERS, 28, Kinsale, Brooklin, s/o Walter Joseph ROGERS & Agnes YONGE, married Ruby Luella ASHTON, 20, Reach twp., Ashburn, d/o Edward ASHTON & Maggie COSTELLO, witn: Edward ASHTON of Myrtle Station & Agnes ROGERS of Vandorf, 17 Sept 1918 at Reach twp 17207-14 Morley Melrose ROSS, 22, painter, of Columbus, s/o Hugh ROSS, farmer, & Eliza PERRYMAN, married Hilda Marie NANCEKIVELL, 21, of Whitby twp., d/o Samuel NANCEKIVELL, farmer, & Fanny BOND, witn: Morley E. NANCEKIVELL of Whitby twp & Beatrice ROSS of Columbus, 17 June 1914 at Whitby twp
  19055-19 Barney St.GERMAINE, 20, farmer, Georgina Island, Rama, s/o James St.GERMAINE & Emensa CHARLES, married Esther AUSTIN, 15, Rama, same, d/o Harry AUSTIN & Margaret SANDY, witn: Rev. W. J. KELLY & Mary LITTLE, both of Uptergrove, 20 Sept 1919 at Uptergrove
15613-16 Thomas SMITH, 28, Cartwright twp., same, s/o Matthew SMITH & Margaret BARTON, married Mabel LAMBE, 29, Uxbridge, Reach twp., d/o Francis LAMBE & Carrie FINCHAM, witn: Charles W. LAMBE of Manchester & Marie J. SMITH of Burketon, 21 June 1915 at Manchester 017391-21 (Ontario Co) Gordon Castle SMITH, 18, truck driver, Glechen Albert (Alberta?), Whitby, s/o Sydney Castle SMITH, born-Cobourg Ont, & Annie Eliza AGIN married Elsie May NEWMAN, 22, dressmaker, Essex England, Whitby, d/o Thomas NEWMAN, born England, & Floranna Ann BUTLER, Wtn: James McKENZIE & Winnifred E. NEWMAN both of Whitby, Augg. 17, 1921 at All Saints Church Whitby
19054-19 Robert Arthur SNODDEN, 23?, farmer, Oshawa, Georgina twp., s/o David SNODDEN & Lilian STEVENSON, married Rebecca GODFREY, 18, Pefferlaw, Georgina twp., d/o David GODFREY & Stella Meretta WELSH, witn: Iva CHURNSIDE of Toronto & William SNODDEN of Udora, 1 Oct 1919 at Beaverton 19052-19 Luther James STAINTON, 39, farmer, widower, East Whitby, Brooklin, s/o William STAINTON & Martha TREEMER, married Cathleen Mable ELLINS, 35, widow, East Whitby, Oshawa, d/o John? BOND & Ella STANLICK, witn: Mrs. Roy BOND of South Oshawa & Mrs. E. W. ROWLAND of Brooklin, 11 Oct 1919 at Brooklin
19053-19 Robert Todd STRAUSS, 34, dentist, Orrville Ohio, Alliance Ohio, s/o Henry STRAUSS & Mary LEININGER, married Lulu Essylthia COULTER, 25, nurse, Bethany Ont., Port Perry, d/o William COULTER & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William COULTER of Port Perry, 3 Oct 1919 at Port Perry 11567-13 Arthur James WILSON, 35, farmer, of Easy Whitby, s/o George WILSON, farmer, & Bell HORNAN, married Maud ASHTON, 37, of Darlington, d/o William ASHTON, farmer, & Mary ELLINS, witn: Jan HAYEN? & Florence BROOKS?, both of Myrtle, 18 Oct. 1913 at Myrtle