Northern Dist. 79

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Northern Distrists, 1879


#001001-79 (Algoma Dist): Joseph ALLARD, 27, miner, Montreal, Garden River, s/o Maxime ALLARD & Emilie CARON, married Louise Ambroise SYLVESTER, 14 yrs & 4 months, Sugar Island, same, d/o Louis SYLVESTER & Lavinia LEWIS, witnesses were Alex OUELLET of Garden River & Mary McKAY of Sugar Island, 28 April 1879 at Indian River (Rom Cath)  
#001018-79 (Algoma Dist): George A. ANDERSON, 31, farmer, Canada, Johnson, s/o George & Mary, married Amelia STOBIE, 27, Canada, Johnson, d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were James LATIMORE & Gennet TOMLINSON, both of Johnson, 9 Oct 1879 at Johnson 001070-79 John BADGSON, 28, farmer, Whitson twp., Manitoulin Island, s/o Lorenzo & Elizabeth, married Muriel LEWIS, 21, Uxbridge, Manitoulin Island, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Jonas LEWIS & Hannah BEDGESON (sic) no residences given on May 26, 1879 at Campbell Tp
#001039-79 (Algoma Dist): William James BAIN, 24, farmer, Walpole, Carnarvon, s/o James & Eliza, married Agnes VINCER, 22, West Flamboro, Carnarvon, d/o Henry & Agnes, witnesses were Alexander CADDELL & Marion VINCER, both of Carnarvon, 15 Sep 1879 at Lake Mindamory #001023-79 (Algoma Dist): Andrew BARRY, 24, laborer, Canada, Thessalon, s/o John & Ann, married Mary St.JOHN, 17, Canada, Thessalon, d/o John & Adalin, witnesses were Henry KIRBY & Margaret NEPHEW, both of Thessalon, 12 Nov 1879 at Thessalon
#001009-79 (Algoma Dist): Joseph BEAUSOLEIL, no info given, s/o Cyrille BEAUSOLEIL & R. PROVENCAL, married Christine THIBAULT, no info given, d/o Joseph THIBAULT & Charlotte ROBERTSON, witnesses were Alphonse & Hellen PAYMENT of Garden River, 6 Jan 1879 at Garden River (Rom Cath #001005-79 (Algoma Dist): Alexander BIRON, 22, laborer & fisherman, Sault Ste Marie, same, s/o Charles BIRON & Constance THIBAULT, married Margaret BOISSINEAU, 17, Sault Ste Marie, same, d/o Maglore BOISSINEAU & Angelique SOULIERRE, witnesses were Antoine & Margaret BIRON of Sault Ste. Marie, 27 Oct 1879 at Sault Ste Marie (Rom Cath)
001053-79 BLACKBURN, 20, farmer, King Tp., Howland, s/o John & Jane, married Elvira BRANDO, 20, Walsingham Tp, Howland, d/o Jacob C. & Ann, witn: Thomas H. BRANDO & Rebecca MOORE both of Howland on Jan. 24, 1879 at Howland 001056-79-79 Lorenzo BRANDO, 23, farmer, Ontario, Howland, s/o Conrad & Sarah Maria, married Maria GRAY (MAY?), 21, Ontario, Howland, d/o Philip & Lydia, witn: Harry BRANDO & Matilda GRAY both of Howland on Nov. 5, 1879 at Howland
  1067-79 Robert John CAMPBELL, 20?, Grey Co., Mills twp., s/o Colin & Sarah, married Mary McGREGOR, 21, Toronto, Mills twp., d/o James & Eliza, witn: Jacob SCOTT & Sarah CAMPBELL, both of Burpee twp, 5 Nov 1879 at Gore Bay
001061-79 Daniel CAMPBELL, 26, farmer, Grey Co., Burpee Tp., s/o Colin & Sarah, married Christina LEE, 21, Gray Co., Gordon Tp., d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: Jacob SCOTT & Sarah CAMPBELL both of Gore Bay on Sept. 3, 1879 at Gore Bay. [very faded] 001060-79 Basil CANNIFF, 21, farmer, Hastings Co., Gordon Tp., s/o David N. M. CANNIFF (mother’s name illegible), married Henrietta MISMORE, 21, of Gordon Tp., d/o P. & Mary Ann, witn: William CAULDER & Jessie M. MILLER both of Gore Bay on Sept. 15, 1879 at Gore Bay. [very faded]
#01036-79 (Algoma Dist): James COOPER, 20, farmer, Scott, Sandfield, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Margaret EATON, 19, Collingwood, Sandfield, d/o Syrus & Christina, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. William COOPER of Sandfield, Jan 16, 1879 at Sandfield Mills 001080-79 John James DOUGLASS, 24, farmer, St. Vincent, Allen twp., Manitoulin Island, s/o John & Mary, married Betsy PATTEN, 20, Springfield, Allen twp., d/o Neil & Mary, witn: William CLARK & Barbara PATTEN both of Allen Tp. on July 11, 1879 at Allen Tp.
#010481-79 Francis DUPAND, 25, Indian hunter, Canada, Fort William, s/o John B. DUPAND & Josette WAGANASKINS, married Ann BOUCHER, 25, Fort William, same, d/o Joseph BOUCHERD (as written) & Hariett DESATRAUPH? witn: Charles ASTATKWANESHIE & Sara DESCHARME, both of Ft William 17 Jan 1879 at Fort William #001049-79 (Algoma Dist): John ENGLISH, 21, farmer, Ontario, Little Current, s/o Thomas & Davida, married Catherine CARMICHAEL, 19, Ontario, Little Current, d/o Hugh & Catherine, witnesses were Andrew REID & Minnie ENGLISH, both of Little Current, Aug. 30, 1879 at Manitowaning
#001034-79 (Algoma Dist): Richard FISHER, 40, Lanarkshire Scotland, St. Joseph Island, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Mary BROWN, 28, Lanarkshire Scotland, St. Joseph Island, d/o John & Jennetta, witnesses were James FISHER & Ruth FIELDS, both of St. Joseph Island, 9 May 1879 at St. Joseph Island #001040-79 (Algoma Dist): William FORBES, 23, baker, Scotland, Manitowaning, s/o James & Catherine, married Abigail BLANCHARD, 19, Ontario, Manitowaning, d/o Ira & Jane, witnesses were Henry & Annie VANZANT, March 6, 1879 at Manitowaning
10479-79 Richard FOX, 21, miner, St Red Cornwall Eng, Silver Islet, s/o Thomas FOX & Ann HELLMAN, married Honor TRESISE, 22, Copper Harbour, Silver Islet, d/o Frank & Jane TRESISE, witn: George A.R. & M. CLAVET, both of Prince Arthurs Landing, 20 May 1879 at P.A. Landing 001058-79 Georges GARBUTT, 23, farmer, England, Howland, s/o John & Anna, married Dorothy COLEMON, 20, Ontario, Howland, d/o Henry & Martha J., witn: Maggie COLEMAN & Charles SHOAT both of Howland on July 24, 1879 at Howland
#001041-79 (Algoma Dist): John GILPIN, 22, farmer, Ontario, Manitowaning, s/o John & Eliza, married Annie URQUHART, 17, Ontario, Manitowaning, d/o Alexander URQUHART & Sarah Ann NOWLAN, witnesses were Hiram FITZPATRICK & Mary Jane R--?, March 12, 1879 at Manitowaning #001028-79 (Algoma Dist): William GREGG, 27, farmer, Cartwright - Dundas Co, Plummer twp., s/o William & Margaret, married Fanny JACKSON, 18, Bruce Mines, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were Thomas TREVELLIAN & Rhoda GAY, both of Bruce Mines, 13 Feb 1879 at Bruce Mines
#001014-79 (Algoma Dist): Samuel Richard HALDENBY, 28, farmer, no birthplace, Macdonald twp., s/o Richard & Margaret, married Catherine McLEAN, 21, no birth place, Meredith twp., d/o Archibald & Mary, witnesses were James McLEAN of Meredith twp & Annie LOYD of Macdonald twp., 18 Aug 1879 at Meredith twp #001017-79 (Algoma Dist): Samuel HANCOCK, 54, widower, driver, Cornwall England, Bruce Mines, s/o Richard & Grace, married Mary Ann GLANVILLE, 52, widow, Cornwall England, Bruce Mines, d/o Harry & Mary SCALDEN?, witnesses were Archibald L. MOORE & M.N. HODGSON, both of Bruce Mines, 4 Oct 1879 at Bruce Mines
1063-79 William HASKER, 2-?, farmer, Waterdown, Billings, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary ROBERTSON, 22, West Essa, Billings, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William & Elizabeth ROBERTSON of Billings, 9 Oct. 1879 at Billings 1066-79 William HAWTHORN, 21, farmer, Kilross?, Greenock twp., s/o Hance? & Nancy, married Susan MORROW, 19, Kincardine, Bruce Co., d/o Robert & Charlotte, witn: James R. MORROW of Bruce Co & Sarah SMITH of Gore Bay, 25 Oct. 1879 at Gore Bay
#001020-79 (Algoma Dist): George HENDRIE, 28, farmer, Scotland, Thessalon, s/o John & Mary, married Agnes REID, 19, Canada, Morris, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were John F. McRAGHAN of Barrie & Annie CAMPBELL of Bruce Mines, 17 Oct 1879 at Bruce Mines 001057-79 Arthur R. HILL, 29, Indian trader, England, Algoma Mills, s/o Pascal & Ellen Amelia, married Harriet COSSLEY, 25, Ontario, Algoma Mills, d/o Peobriuosh & Pebnogrua, witn: Frederick & Maryanne FROST both of Sheguiandah on July 24, 1879 at Sheguiandah
#001029-79 (Algoma Dist): William HOOD, 26, farmer, Yorkshire England, Prince twp, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Annie MITCHELL, 19, Huron Mich USA, Bruce Mines, d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were T.J. McCORT & H.C.S. SIMMENS, both of Bruce Mines, 13 Feb 1879 at Bruce Mines 001055-79 Henry HOHWEYCZHIK, 28, Indian, Manitowaning, Sheguiandah, s/o John & Jane, married Emma POHBEWASH, 25, Sheguiandah, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: David & Mary HOHWEYCZHIK, both of Wallace Mine on May 16, 1879 at Sheguiandah
#001004-79 (Algoma Dist): Paul JOLLINEAU, 23, clerk, Sault Ste. Marie, same, s/o Stephen JOLLINEAU & Archange SOULIERRE, married Margaret THIBAULT, 17, no birth place, Marquette Mich, d/o Alex THIBAULT & Mary MYRON, witnesses were Henri SAYER & Mary Ann BYRON, both of Sault Ste Marie, 21 Oct 1879 at Sault Ste Marie (Rom Cath) #001024-79 (Algoma Dist): Sidney KING, 24, farmer, Canada, Lefroy, s/o Michael & Mary, married Sarah Jane McCREA, 24, Canada, Plummer, d/o James & Sarah, witnesses were John McCREA of Plummer & Margaret Jane BRANDON of Lefroy, 17 Nov 1879 at Bruce Mines
#001027-79 (Algoma Dist): Charles KING, 39, widower, farmer, birth place not given, St. Joseph Island, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Centianna WILSON, 18, Egermont - Grey Co., St. Joseph Island, d/o Emmanuel & Maria, witnesses were John KING of St. Joseph Island & Ellen COLEMAN of Bruce Mines, 6 Feb 1879 at Bruce Mines #001030-79 (Algoma Dist): Henry H. LAWSON, 22, farmer, Huron Co., Johnston twp., s/o William & Margaret Jane, married Dolina McGREGOR, 18, Bruce Co., Plummer, d/o Gregor & Sarah, witnesses were Daniel ROBERTSON & Maggie L. LAWLOR, both of Johnston, 2 April 1879 at Bruce Mines
#001022-79 (Algoma Dist): Peter MANN, 29, lawyer, Canada, Thessalon, s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret BRANDON, 20, Canada, Thessalon, d/o Alex. & Isabella, witnesses were James KENNEDY & Maggie CHISHOLM, both of Thessalon, 12 Nov 1879 at Thessalon 1064-79 John McCLENNAN, 23, farmer, Nottawasega, Campbell, s/o Alexander & Flora, married Eva DOUGLASS, 19, state of Maine, Campbell, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Alex Jr. & Alex Sr. McCLENNAN of Campbell, 24 Nov 1879 at Campbell
  #010478-79 James MCDOWELL, 27, miller, Perth Co, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o James MCDOWELL & Jane LATIMER, married Margaret BILLAND, 19, Glasgow Scotland, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o James BILLAND & Catherine BLACK, witn: W.C. DULCIE & Kate TREVELLION, both of P.A. Landing, 14 Feb 1879 at P.A. Landing
#001012-79 (Algoma Dist): Alexander McKAY, 24, laborer, no birth place, Sugar Island (USA?), s/o Michael McKAY & Marie DOUDAINE?, married Margaret BOISSINEAU, of Garden River, d/o Narcisse BOISSINEAU & Marie CRIMMODE?, witnesses were J. Bte. BOISSINEAU & Julie AMYOT?, both of Garden River, 29 Sept 1879 at Garden River (Rom Cath) #001016-79 (Algoma Dist); Robert McKENNY, 29, farmer, Nottawasaga, Cockburn Island, s/o Hugh & Sarah, married Annabella REID, 23, Egremont, Cockburn Island, d/o John & Eva, 19 Sept 1879 at Bruce Mines
#010474-79 Samuel Boyd MCMEEKIN, 23, blacksmith, Belfast Ireland, Silver Islet, s/o Thomas MCMEEKIN & Mary BAGGS, married Emma CLARKE, 23, Owen Sound, Silver Islet, d/o Robert CLARKE & Maria MOONEY, witn: Robert MCMEEKIN & Emily COAD, both of Silver Islet, 8 Oct 1879 at P.A. Landing 001051-79 William MIGEWUNABE, 26, blank, Manitoulin Island, Birch Island, s/o Andrew & Sophie, married Liza HAHWEGAHBOWK, 15, Manitoulin Island, Birch Island, d/o John & Jane, witn: James & Abey HAHWEGAHBOWK both of Birch Island on June 1, 1879 at Little Current.
#001008-79 (Algoma Dist): Abraham MITCHELL, 23, miner, Bruce Mines, Michigan USA, s/o Abraham & Jane, married Mary Ann CHISHOLM, 24, Bruce Mines, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witnesses were illegible WARRINER & Francis CHISHOLM, both of Bruce MINES, Oct 29, 1879 at Bruce Mines #001013-79 (Algoma Dist): Jean NOLIN, 22, laborer, no birth place given, Garden River, s/o Louis NOLIN & Betsy GARSON, married Margaret BOISSINEAU, 18, no birth place, Garden River, d/o Francois BOISSINEAU & Charlotte LAROSE, witnesses were Robert NOLIN & Charlotte CARBIERE, both of Gerden River, 24 Nov 1879 at Garden River (Rom Cath)
#010477-79 John Peter OSTROM, 22, labourer, Sweden, P.A. Landing, s/o Hans OSTROM & Annie ANDERSON, married Erika ERIKSDOTTER, 35, Sweden, P.A. Landing, d/o Eric ERICKSON & Mary Catherine PETERSON, witn: Edward HALL & Mary L. JOHNSON, both of P.A. Landing, 22 Nov 1879 at St John's Church P.A. Landing 1065-79 Joseph PHALEN, 27, farmer, Ireland, Gordon, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Mary MERRILEES, 19, Hope twp., Gordon twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: William McKINDLESS & Elizabeth DAVIS, both of Gordon, 11 Sept 1879 at Gore Bay
#010472-79 Henry PLUMMER, 33, merchant, Devonshire England, Sault Ste Marie, s/o William PLUMMER & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Maria Amelia WILEY, 24, Windsor, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o Thomas WILEY & Maria MARKS, witn: Joseph COZZENS, Sault Ste Marie & Blanche D. PLUMMER, Toronto, 12 Sept 1879 at St John's Church, Thunder Bay 001052-79 Andrew POBOMASSI, 26, blank, Manitoulin Island, Birch Island, s/o James & Susan, married Charlotte [Not Given], Serpent River, Birch Island, d/o KAHCLALBUSKE & KOWCLAHKUMEYOOY, witn: Frederick, FROST & Mary NOHIBEDAKEYHIK both of Sheguiandah, on June 26, 1879 at Sheguiandah
#001032-79 (Algoma Dist): Robert RENNIE, 25, engineer, Glasgow Scotland, Bruce Mines, s/o William & Agnes, married Caroline Lena FRESH, 23, Chippewa, Bruce Mines, d/o Jacob & Ellen, witnesses were Charles & Maggie HENDRICKSON of Bruce Mnes, 15 April 1879 at Bruce Mines 001054-79 William ROBINSON, 24, farmer, England, Carnarvon, s/o John & Jane, married Flora McKECHNIE, 16, Gray Co., Bidwell, d/o Duncan & Jane N, witn: Robert & Isabelle MORPHET of Little Current on May 2, 1879 at Little Current.
#001031-79 (Algoma Dist): Charles ROBINSON, 25, widower, farmer, Lancashire England, Desert Lake, s/o James & Mary, married Annie Christina McLEOD, 18, Scotland, Plummer, d/o Annie & John, witnesses were Richard ROBINSON of Ottertail Lake & Emma HILL of Bruce Mines, 9 April 1879 at Desert Lake #001050-79 (Algoma Dist): George ROWLANDS, 32, farmer, England, Bidwell, s/o Charles & Susan, married Mary JOHNSTON, 19, Canada, Bidwell, d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were Charles WODWARD & Mary Ann MORROW, both of Bidwell, Sept 5, 1879 at Manitowaning
#010473-79 Thomas ROWE, 25, miner, Cornwall England, Silver Islet, s/o Thomas ROWE & Mary MENELLY, married Mary Jane CLARKE, 19, Cornwall England, Silver Islet, d/o William CLARKE & Anne HAMILL, witn: Robert MCMEEKIN & Emily COAD, both of Silver Islet, 8 Oct 1879 at P.A. Landing #001021-79 (Algoma Dist): James SHELHAWN, 26, farmer Walsingham, Bruce Mines, s/o Peter & Hannah, married Edith TREMELLING, 16, Cornwall England, Bruce Mines, d/o W.E. & Jane, witnesses were James TREMELLING & Malinda CHAPMAN, both of Bruce Mines, 28 Oct 1879 at Bruce Mines
#001003-79 (Algoma Dist): Alexander SINCLAIR, 37, trader HBC, Fort Francis, Lacloche, s/o William SINCLAIR & Mary McKAY, married Caroline FOULDS, 25, Winnipeg Man., same, d/o Samuel FOULDS & Ann CALDER, Oct. 25, 1879 at Sault Ste. Marie 001062-79 - Henry SKIPPEN, 24, farmer, Garafraxa, Bidwell, s/o John & Elizabeth Ann, married Janie MOORE, 17, Hope, Bidwell, d/o John & Mary, witn: John ARMSTRONG & Maggie MOOR both of Bidwell on Nov. 5, 1879 at Bidwell. [very faded]
#001019-79 (Algoma Dist): William Ross SMYTHE, 23, farmer, Scotland, Plummer, s/o Francis & Isabella, married Nancy BURDEN, 20, Canada, Plummer, d/o William & Margaret, witnesses were James EDMONDS & Ellen BURDEN, both of Plummer, 17 Oct 1879 at Plummer #001047-79 (Algoma Dist): William SNOW, 22, farmer, Ontario, Keagawong, s/o William & Eliza, married Theresa DOUGHERTY, 19, Ontario, Keagawong, d/o Samuel & Abigail, witnesses were Louis OWENS & Hannah Jane NORTON, both of Keagawong, Aug. 19, 1879 at Keagawong
#001033-79 (Algoma Dist): Robert STEVENSON, 29, farmer, Galway Scotland, St. Joseph Island, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Annie HORNE, 17, York Co., St. Joseph Island, d/o Thomas & Rachel, witnesses were Joseph & Harriet WEST of St. Joseph Island, 16 April 1879 at Bruce Mines #001045-79 (Algoma Dist): William TAYLOR, 30, farmer, Ontario, Tehkummah, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary KIRK, 40, Ireland, Tehkummah, d/o Robert & Ellen Jane, witnesses were James & Sarah DAWSON of Tehkummah, April 15, 1879 at Tehkummah
#001011-79 (Algoma Dist): Louis THIBAULT, laborer, of Garden River, s/o Louis THIBAULT & Eliza PALADEAU, married Theresa LAROSE, of Garden River, d/o Francois LAROSE & Theresa CADETTE, witnesses were Michael LESAGE & Marie LAROSE, both of Garden River, 9 June 1879 at Garden River (Rom Cath) 001059-79 John THOMPSON, 46, farmer, Ontario Howland, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Margaret HARRINGTON, 44, widow, Ireland, Howland, d/o Michel & Ellen MEHAN, witn: Thomas & Sovica ENGLISH both of Little Current on Sept. 1, 1879 at Howland.
#010475-79 Francis TRESISE, 21, miner, Copper Harbour, Silver Islet, s/o Francis & Jane TRESISE, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 21, Priceville, Silver Islet, d/o John & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Charles HITCHISON & Nettie TRESISE, both of Silver Islet, 15 Oct 1879 at P.A. Landing #001048-79 (Algoma Dist): William VANZANT, 23, farmer, Ontario, Manitowaning, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Fanny POLLARD, 21, Ontario, Manitowaning, d/o Edward & Emma, witnesses were William HORTON & Mary BARKERVILLE, both of Manitowaning, Feb. 19, 1879 at Manitowaning
#001006-79 (Algoma Dist): Peter WABOS, 20, Indian, Batchewaning, same, s/o Levis WABOS & Mary OWASHKINS?, married Elizabeth REIL (Riel?), 16, Batchewaning, same, d/o Lewis & Elizabeth, witnesses were Michael WABOS & Mary O'DONNELL, both of Batchewaning, 30 May 1879 at Batchewaning (Rom Cath) 10825-80 (Algoma Co) Joseph WAITON, 26, laborer, Hauston Michigan, Canada Pacific Rail Road, s/o Ant. WAITON & Mary AIKERMAN married Lucy SINGLETON, 25, not given, Indian Reserve Fort William, d/o Richard SINGLETON & Marguerite SINGLETON, witn: Charles MIKEZANSEDE & Janet MISHKISSANG of Indian Reserve Fort William, 24 Nov 1879, Indian Reserve Fort William
#010480-79 Henry King WEEKSHEAD, 24, civil engineer, Quebec, Prince Arthurs Landing, s/o Gustaven W. WEEKSHEAD & Anna FLETCHER, married Helen Mary MONRO, 18, Toronto, Prince Arthurs Landing, d/o Alex Maitland MONRO & Eliza Anne OPRY, witn: James Carnforth WOODFINE & Wilhemina MCNEICE, both of Prince Arthurs Landing, 17 May 1879  
#001046-79 (Algoma Dist): William Watson WELLS, 21, clerk, Ontario, Manitowaning, s/o George & Mary, married Rachel Ann DUKE, 18, Ontario, Manitowaning, d/o William & Sarah, witnesses were William RIGGIN & Jane WALTER, both of Manitowaning, July 17, 1879 at Manitowaning #010476-79 William WILSON, 25, labourer, Philadelphia U.S., Duncan Mine, s/o George & Margaret WILSON, married Josephine GEHL, 19, Walkerton, P.A. Landing, d/o Charles GEHL & Mary WAHNT, witn: Emerson R. WOODRUFF & Elizabeth GEHL, both of P.A. Landing, 1 Nov 1879 at St John's Church P.A. Landing
#001035-79 (Algoma Dist): Charles WILSON, 21, farmer, Egermont, St. Joseph Island, s/o Emmanuel & Esther, married Jule De JARDIN, 16, St. Joseph Island, same, d/o Louis & Mary, witnesses were James LEMINGTON & Margaret McCARTNEY, both of St. Joseph Island, 26 May 1879 at Bruce Mines #001026-79 (Algoma Dist): Nelson WILSON, 18, farmer, Egermont, St. Joseph Island, s/o Emmanuel & Esther, married Annie STEEL, 28, widow, Ingersoll, St. Joseph Island, d/o Hugh & Ann STEEL, witnesses were B. HARKNESS & Mary WILSON, both of St. Joseph Island, 4 Feb 1879 at Sailors Encampment