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19643-1924 James ADAMS, 42, Painter, Newcastle-on Tyne, Haileybury, s/o James ADAMS & Jane DOBSON, married Betty BIRD, 29, Bristol U.K. Haileybury, d/o William BIRD & Hester SAGE, Wtn. Edith HUNT, Elizabeth L. CADMAN, on Sept. 29, 1924 at Haileybury 19647-1924 Dick ALICK, 39, Construction Foreman, Serbia, Swastika, s/o Max ALICK & Pavilia ADANOVICH, married May KRUPA, 23, Serbia, Swastika, d/o Josip KRUPA, Mary SIBIER, Wtn. James DOIG, P.H. GODDA, on Jan. 1, 1924, at Swastika.
19648-1924 Telesphore Xavier ALLAIRE, 32, Farmer, Notre Dame de Lieux, Firstbrook Twp., s/o Xavier ALLAIRE & Zoe LEFEBVRE, married Darcina DUSSIAUME, 20, Notre Dame de Lieux, Firstbrook Twp., d/o Jean Baptiste DUSSIAUME & Delia S. JULES, Wtn. Hormisdas LEFEBVRE, Osias CARON, on Feb. 27, 1924 at Haileybury. 19646-1924 John David ALLEN, 23, Miner, Ottawa, Silver Centre, s/o John ALLEN & Margaret CAHEY, married Clara PRENTESS, 18, Combermere, Silver Centre, d/o Michael PRENTESS & Tessie PERRIER, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Tom PERRIER, on May. 1, 1924 at Cobalt
19644-1924 Alden ANDERSON, 21, Labourer, Vernon Ont, Latchford, s/o John ANDERSON & Katie Jane BOWEN, married Eva GIROUX, 20, Otter Lake, Latchford, d/o Henry GIROUX & Jennie LAPOINTE, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. William A. REES, on July 11, 1924 at Cobalt. 19645-1924 Ernest Hardman ASHLEY, 31, Mining Engineer, Halifax, N.S., Cobalt, s/o William John ASHLEY & Marion Barbara GRAHAM, married Alberta Edna ROBINSON, 20, Pembroke, Cobalt, d/o Edward ROBINSON & Mary Loretta CLEARY, Wtn. John KEENAN, Henrietta MacDONELL, on June 8 1924, at Cobalt.
19649-1924 Hugh Franklin BARBER, 24, Night Watchman, Nipissing, Mileage 104, s/o William BARBER & Maude FISHER, married Iola CHEANEY, 17, Gard Twp. Parry Sound, Mileage 104, d/o Albert CHEANEY & not given, Wtn. Theresa STORIE, Hugh Wallace GILL, on Dec. 30, 1924 at Mileage 104. 19668-1924 Justin James BARNARD, 30, Farmer, Thorndale, Hudson Twp., s/o James BARNARD & Sarah ELLIOTT, married Mary Elizabeth Kathleen HALL, 24, Belmore, Hudson Twp., d/o James HALL & Emma IRWIN, Wtn. James Hall, Mrs. James Hall, on Feb. 20, 1924 at New Liskeard
19654-1924 Frank Isaac William BARNES, 29, Telegraph Operator, London, U.K., New Liskeard, s/o Arthur BARNES & Florence EDWARDS, married Leila Victoria BORGFORD, Ontario, Milberta, d/o Albert Goodman BORGFORD & Alice V. COULSON, Wtn. Ernest BARNES, Inga BORGFORD, on Sept. 15, 1924 at Kerns Twp 19666-1924 Alfred Harold BARSTEAD, 20, Farmer, Renfrew, Armstrong Twp., s/o Alfred Thomas BARSTEAD & Mary Ellen PHILIPS, married Mamie J. TEEPLE, 17, Griffith Twp., Dack Twp., d/o Elswood C. TEEPLE & Annie E. JOHN, Wtn. Mrs. A. GEHRIG, Alfred GEHRIG, on Apr. 10, 1924 at Englehart
19673-1924 Hermenegilde BEAUDOIN, 24, Farmer, Ste. Cecile de Masham Que., Uno Park, s/o Isaie BEAUDOIN & Catherine RENAUD, married Dora Ernestine GUERTIN, 20, Ste. Cecile de Masham, Que., Uno Park, d/o Clement GUERTIN & Angele MARTINEAU, Wtn. Auguste LARIVIERE, Paul GAUVREAU, on Apr. 30, 1924 at New Liskeard 19655-1923 Felix BEAUDRY, 23, Plasterer, Embrun, Haileybury, s/o Pascal BEAUDRY & Cordelia LAPENSEE, married Emily COLLINS, 16, Haileybury, same, d/o George Napoleon COLLINS & Marie L'ABBE, Wtn. Joseph Napoleon COLLINS, Joseph CHENIER, on Sept. 9, 1924.
19658-1924 Abslon BELANGER, 21, Truck driver, Guigues Que., Cobalt, s/o Ximine BELANGER & Delphine LAMOTHE, married Beatrice DESJARDINS, 21, Sudbury, Cobalt, d/o Delphis DESJARDINS & Amelda RABY, Wtn. Ximine BELANGER, Delphis DESJARDINS, on Aug. 5, 1924 at Cobalt. 19672-1924 Jean Louis BENSON, 25, Clerk, Ennervillen France, residence?, s/o G.L. BENSON & Catherine LEBON, married Georgina LYNCH, 24, Hull, Que., Cobalt, d/o Jerry LYNCH & Alphonsine FOURNIER, Wtn. Thomas DUNN, N. JASINSKI, on Apr. 21, 1924, at Cobalt
19670-1924 Joseph Azad BERTRAND, 29, Doctor, St.Antoine de Tilly Que., Macamic Que., s/o William BERTRAND & Aubertine MARCHAND, married Marie Alice BOISSONEAULT, 24, Bonfield, Macamic Que., d/o Philippe BOISSONEAULT & Delphine QUINN, Wtn. Philippe & Serge BOISSONEAULT, on Feb. 9, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19651-1924 William Glen BLACKMORE, 23, Shipper, Kitchener, Listowel, s/o Noah BLACKMORE & Joanna ERB, married Ina Maud FRISBY, 20, New Liskeard, Same, d/o Ernest FRISBY & Maud MacKENZIE, Wtn. Blanche Greenwood, Charles Greenwood, on Oct. 23, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19669-1924 Wilson Evans BOND, 26, Farmer, Shelburne, Tomstown, s/o Hugh Alexander BOND & Mary Jane HERBERT, married Myrtle ALLEN, 19, Muskoka, Tomstown, d/o Charles E. ALLEN & J. WATTS, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. C.E. ALLEN, on Feb. 12, 1924 at Tomstown 19671-1924 Joseph Alexandre BOUGIE, 26, Labourer, Ste. Justine Que., North Cobalt, s/o Etienne BOUGIE & Maria LEVAC ? married Ernestine LADOUCEUR, 19, Benson Mine N.Y., Cobalt, d/o Eusebe LADOUCEUR & Lydia TREMBLAY, Wtn. Eusebe LADOUCEUR & Etienne BOUGIE , on Feb. 28, 1924, at North Cobalt.
19675-1924 Joseph Antime BOULE, 19, Mechanic, Sudbury, Kirkland Lake s/o William BOULE & Clementine BEZINA, married Anne Marie GOUGEON, 18, St. Charles, Kirkland Lake, d/o Ovila GOUGEON & Lea BRUYERE, Wtn. Hormisdas VACHON, Samuel VACHON, on Dec. 11, 1924 at Kirkland Lake. 19662-1924 Herbert Leslie BOWES, 25, Locomotive Fireman, Killaloe, Dymond Twp., s/o John BOWES & Mary ROBRILLORD (Robillard?), married Myrtle KRICK, 23, Smithville, Dymond Twp., d/o George KRICK & Annie JULKE, Wtn. Mrs. Margaret BOWES, Mrs. Annie KRICK, on June 10, 1924 at Uno Park.
19656-1923 Earl BRAITHWAITE, 24, Farmer, Alewick, Milberta, s/o John BRAITHWAITE & Clara PACEY, married Vera Margaret TAYLOR, 20, Alewick, Milberta, d/o William TAYLOR & Emma BUSH, Wtn. Norman TAYLOR, Prissie GARVIN, on Sept. 10, 1924 at Thornloe. 19674-1924 Ernest BRAULT, 20, Farmer, St. Guillaume de Upton Que., New Liskeard, s/o Henri BRAULT & Aglee PONTBRIAND, married Berthe DUHAMEL, 19, St. Nazaire d'Acton Que., New Liskeard, d/o Alphonse DUHAMEL & Euphemie CARRIERE, Wtn. Henri BRAULT, Alphonse DUHAMEL, on May. 7, 1924 at New Liskeard
19657-1924 Donald Arthur BREWER, 22, Motor driver, Waterloo, Thorold, s/o Arthur BREWER & Maud BAILEY, married Marjorie SALISBURY, 20, London UK., Thorold, d/o Henry SALISBURY & Cecily KING, Wtn. Alcie LARSEN, J.D. LECLAIR, on Aug. 30, 1924 at St. Stephen's Church, Porquis Jctn. 19653-1924 Walter BROWN, 20, Labourer, Powassan, New Liskeard, s/o John BROWN & Mary McKEENER, married Nellie Irene BUCK, 20, Markham, Armstrong Twp., d/o Jess BUCK & Ida GUNN, Wtn. John D. FORSYTHE, Eva J. CLODD, on Oct. 14, 1924 at New Liskeard
19663-1924 George Willie BRYAN, 45, Widower, Farmer, England, Englehart, s/o Thomas BRYAN & Eliza REED, married Nellie Evelyn HUNT, 37, England, Englehart, d/o Robert HUNT & Sarah SMART, Wtn. C.W. WRIGHT, Beatrice Amy Bryan, on May 6, 1924 at Englehart 19661-1924 Sydney George BRYAN, 21, Clerk, Lester, UK., Cochrane, s/o George Willie BRYAN & Alice Beatrice HUNT, married Ruby GIBBINS, 19, England, Cochrane, d/o John GIBBINS & Edith COX, Wtn. C.W. WRIGHT, Nance STARK, on June. 11, 1924 at Englehart
19650-1924 George BRYDGES, 24, Mail Carrier, Gore Bay, Cobalt, s/o George Washington BRYDGES & Lena MORDEN, married Lillian AINSLIE, 20, Elizabeth Bay, Cobalt, d/o Louis AINSLIE & Ida Bell EATON, Wtn. Maisie RAWSON, Elizabeth MacKAY, on Nov. 29, 1924 at Cobalt. 19665-1924 George BULLEN, 37, Widower, Electrician, London UK., Cobalt, s/o Walter BULLEN & Miss HAGGERTY, married Mrs. Helen BROWN, 41, Widow, Edinburgh Scotland, Cobalt, d/o James Lawson BROWN & Miss PETTIGREW, Wtn. Mary TOM, William SHAW, on April 21, 1924 at Cobalt
19659-1924 Lorne Nelson BUCKNAM (Buckham?), 22, Salesman, Severn Bridge, New Liskeard, s/o William BUCKNAM & Mable STUBBINGTON, married Olive Alice BROWNING, 24, Toronto, New Liskeard, d/o William BROWNING & Alice KNIGHTS, Wtn. Clara BROWNING, J. Ernie THICKE, on July 10, 1924 at New Liskeard 19660-1924 William Henry BURNES, 26, Accountant, Toronto, Timmins, s/o Frederick William BURNES & Annie Maria BENNETT, married Myrtle Lavada MONTGOMERY, 23, Maple Island, New Liskeard, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY, Sarah Jane FORSYTHE, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. Albert A. BURNES, on June 14, 1924 at New Liskeard
19667-1924 Charles Elmer BURTON, 23, Plumber, Kintire, Haileybury, s/o Charles H. BURTON & Millie SWITZER, married Vera Demeris CHILDS, Clerk, Ottawa, Haileybury, d/o James L. CHILDS & Marie GAGNON, Wtn. Helen McDONALD, Mrs. George BURRY, on Mar. 9, 1924 at Cobalt 19652-1924 Roland BUSH, 24, Electrician, Scranton P.A., New Liskeard, s/o Roland Elting BUSH & Catharine FREER, married Eva McFARLANE, 20, Sydenham, New Liskeard, d/o William McFARLANE & Kathleen KELLER, Wtn. Tom & Sara WATTS, on Oct. 19, 1924 at Haileybury
18860-24 Pete BUZDYGON, 27, laborer, Austria, Espanola, s/o George BUZDYGON (b. Austria) & Christina AKEMANUK, married Sophia SOKOLOSKI, 16, domestic, Austria, Espanola, d/o Frank SOKOLOWSKI (b. Austria) & Raphia KAPAK, witn: Harry SMIDTH & Sophia LUEDGEVITCH, both of Espanola, 20 May 1923 at Espanola 19664-1924 Alfred BYORS, 22, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Hermon BYORS & Miss BACKMAN, married Inez SALMINEN, 19, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Victor SALMINEN & Miss ERICKSON, Wtn. Martha LUNDY, Fred SWANLUND, on April 27, 1924 at Cobalt
19690-1924 Arthur CAMPBELL 27, Farmer, Parry Sound, Harley Twp., s/o Charles CAMPBELL & Margaret McARTHUR , married Clarice May OVERTON, England, Harley Twp., d/o Arthur John OVERTON & Elizabeth Brownhill HENDRICK, Wtn. Arthur John & Elizabeth B. OVERTON, on Feb. 12, 1924 at Harley Twp. 19678-1924 William CARLING, 28, Miner, Blanche Que., Silver Centre, s/o John CARLING & Catherine McDONALD, married Mary SIMPSON, 23, Sherbrooke Que., Kenebeek, d/o James SIMPSON & Helena M. FARLAND, Wtn. Helen Simpson, R. Carling, on Dec. 23, 1924 at Cobalt
19681-1924 Robert Morgan CARTWRIGHT, 23, Mine Manager, Brockport Pa., Ridgeway Pa., s/o Richard Ardin CARTWRIGHT & Minnie Jackson BLINE? Married Estelle BAGSHAW, Sydenham, Ridgeway Pa., d/o George Alfred BAGSHAW & Pauline LOCKERLISE, Wtn. D.A. CARMICHAEL, Dorothy WHITELEY, on Sept. 11, 1924 at New Liskeard 18891-24 Jean Ovide CAUTIN, 78 (38?), laborer, Montreal, St. Agathe Que., s/o Jean CAUTIN (b. Quebec) & Alexina CHALIFOUX, married Eva DEGENAIS, 42, widow, St. Andre Avelin Que., St. Agathe Que., d/o Jeremie DAIBIEN (b. Quebec) & Delima CHATRAUCK, witn: Mrs. Phemie LAWSON & Miss Beatrice SOUBLIERE, both of Sudbury, 6 Aug 1924 at 121 Larch St., Sudbury
19694-1923 Hurgell CHAMPAGNE, 21, Driver, Wawsakee USA., Elk Lake, s/o Henri CHAMPAGNE & Ozine PIGEAU, married Diana LAURIN 17, Casselman, Elk Lake, d/o Emile LAURIN & Maria LALONDE, Wtn. Gerald CHAMPAGNE, on Dec. 29, 1924 at Elk Lake. 18910-24 Edouard CHAPUT, 28, laborer, Allumette Island, North Bay, s/o Jean Baptiste CHAPUT & Pamela PLEAU, married Elodina LAFONTAINE, 19, Clarence Creek, Hanmer, d/o Jean Baptiste LAFONTAINE & Angelina TESSIER, witn: Jean Baptiste CHAPUT of North Bay & Jean Baptiste LAFONTAINE of Hanmer, 2 Sept 1924 at Hanmer
19689-1924 Fereol CHARBONNEAU, 36, Carpenter, Low Twp. Que., Haileybury, s/o Leon CHARBONNEAU & Adeline BARBIER, married Hermonne LAMOREAUX, 28, Widow, d/o Abraham LAMOREAUX & Julia ETHIER, Wtn. Alphonse DUPUIS, Joseph MORENCY, on Apr. 11, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19693-1924 Arthur CHARBONNEAU, 22, Miner, Perkins Pa., Cobalt, s/o Godfroy CHARBONNEAU & Olive RAINVILLE, married Aurice POISSON, 22, Champion, Mich., Cobalt, d/o Henri POISSON & Marie DEMERS, Wtn. Henri POISSON, Evariste CHARBONNEAU, on Nov. 11, 1924 at Cobalt
19691-1924 Oliver Garfield CLARKSON, 24, Carpenter, Ancaster, New Liskeard, s/o Charles CLARKSON & Mary MARKLE, married Phyllis FROST, 18, England, New Liskeard, d/o Richard FROST & Bertha GOODMAN, Wtn. Edna Frost, Flora Wilson, on Feb. 12, 1924 at New Liskeard 19687-1924 Clarence CLINTON, 28, Chester Basin N.S., Giroux Lake, s/o John CLINTON & Lavella HATT, married Della BACKMAN, Chester Basin N.S., Same, d/o Ainly BACKMAN & Florenda CORBA, Wtn. Ada & Bruce McCAUSLAND, on April 30, 1924 at Cobalt.
19684-1924 John CLOUTHIER, 23, Cape Cove Que., Kenogami Lake, s/o George CLOUTIER (sic) & Marie QUIRION? married Rosanna St.JEAN, 16, Guigues Que., Kenogami Lake, d/o Charles St. JEAN & Eglantine DIEUSERCIEU?, Wtn. Samuel St.JEAN, Luc PELLETIER, on July 1, 1924 at Haileybury 19688-1924 John William CODY, 29, Counterman, England, Porquis Jct., s/o John William CODY & Mary WALKER, married Rose Emma HOSKEN, 18, London UK, Englehart, do Albert Edward HOSKEN & Rosetta SMITH, Wtn. Mrs. Lillian VREELAND, William Charles WARD, on Apr. 12, 1924 at New Liskeard
19676-1924 Jos COLLIN, 32, Labourer, Grande Riviere Que., Kitigan, s/o Francois COLLIN & Brigite STEVENS, married Lonada RICARD, 25, Notre Dame des Anges Que., Kitigan, d/o Pierre RICARD & Lami ? CARPENTIER, Wtn. Ovila COMTOIS, Pierre RICARD, on Nov. 15, 1924 at Moonbeam 19692-1924 Joseph Napoleon COLLIN, 22, Electrician, Anse au Giffon, Que., Haileybury, s/o Napoleon COLLIN & Veronique L'ABBE, married Dorina OUIMET, 23, St. Victor d'Alfred, Que., Haileybury, d/o Delphis OUIMET & Catharine LALONDE, Wtn. Napoleon COLLIN , Delphis OUIMET, on Feb. 26, 1924 at Haileybury.
19679-1924 Russel James COOK, 21, Drayman, Mississippi Ont, Haileybury, s/o Darius COOK & A. HUGHES, married Ella Marie LINTLOP, 22, Nova Scotia, Haileybury, d/o William A. LINTLOP & Sarah JAMESON, Wtn. Aubrey WHITELEY, Gladys SMITH, on Nov. 10, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19680-1924 Frank COSTELLO, 29, Miner, Austria ?, Gowganda, s/o Henry COSTELLO & Mary Quallac ? married Alice BRETON, 18, Quebec, Gowganda, d/o William BRETON & Delia GRENIER, Wtn. Philip Zubrinich, Zoe Atalict, on Sept. 6, 1924 at Gowganda.
19685-1924 Thomas David CRAGG, 19, Farmer, Uxbridge, Harley Twp., s/o Garnet CRAGG & L. HARSELL? married Maud Ethel FOWLER, 19, Ontario, Harley Twp., d/o George FOWLER & Caroline JOHNSON, Wtn. Floyd ARCHER, Merrine FOWLER, on June 4, 1924 at Harley Twp. 18898-24 James CRAGG, 22, trackman, Portsmouth England, Capreol, s/o James William CRAGG (b. India) & Minnie ROPER, married Frances Mabel ABBOTT, 24, maid, Montreal, Capreol, d/o William ABBOTT (b. Howard Que) & Clara Jane COATES, witn: Mrs. Lawrence William ABBOTT & Herbert Richard NILLS, both of Capreol, 21 May 1924 at St. Albans Church, Capreol
19677-1925 Alexander John Brodie CRAIK, 26, Provincial Police, England, Cochrane, s/o Alexander C. CRAIK & Aida C. DAVEY, married Edith Hazel PARCHER, 20, Hastings Co., Cochrane, d/o Aaron PARCHER & Elizabeth BOYLE, Wtn. Mrs. E. PARCHER, W.J. CRAIK, on Dec. 24, 1924, at Cobalt. 18888-24 John Revello CRAM, 23, assistant agent, Renfrew Ont., Cache Bay, s/o John CRAM (b. White Lake Ont) & Barbara FROOD, married Clara Belle JOHNSON, 22, Wisconsin US, Cache Bay, d/o John V. JOHNSON (b. Sweden) & Julia WATSON, witn: Sarah May JOHNSON of Mind & Andrew James JOHNSON of Coniston, 9 Sept 1924 at Mind
18909-24 Primo CREMA, 22, miner, Treviso Italy, Garson Mine, s/o Alfonso CREMA & Dominica BARTOLO, married Romilla BAGIO, 19, Treviso Italy, Coniston, d/o Giovanni BAGIO & Fortinata SIMENI?, witn: Antonio PENNESANO of Garson Mines & Ita BARAZINOL of Coniston, 28 July 1924 at Coniston 18887-24 Ernest Richard CRESSEY, 38, traveller, Pembroke Ont., Sudbury, s/o William George CRESSEY (b. England) & Elizabeth STRUDWICK, married Mary Louise KNIGHT, 25, book keeper, Hore - Sussex England, Sudbury, d/o Lester KNIGHT (b. England) & Laura Augusta BRAUN, witn: William HORETT of Sudbury & Eva KNIGHT of Copper Cliff, 15 Sept 1924 at St. Johns Church, Copper Cliff
19683-1924 Arthur Patrick CRISP, 23, Machinist, England, New Liskeard. s/o Arthur CRISP & Christine DERWENT, married Annie WATSON, 23, Scotland, New Liskeard, d/o William WATSON & Mary SMITH, Wtn. C. Parker, J.M. Parker, on July 14, 1924 at Haileybury 19686-1924 Neil Arnott CURRIE, 45, Locomotive Engineer, St. Marys, Englehart, s/o Alexander CURRIE & Annie CURRIE, married Edith BISHOP, 35, Sharbot Lake, Englehart, d/o Joshua BISHOP & Isabella GUY, Wtn. William B. PRICE, L. Dora CHAMBERS, on May 21, 1924 at Englehart.
19682-1924 Alexander CUTHBERTSON, 30, Farmer, Scotland, Cane Twp., s/o John R. CUTHBERTSON & Agnes TAYLOR, married Sarah McINTOSH, 32, Book keeper, Scotland, Cane Twp., d/o L. McINTOSH & Ellen NEIL, Wtn. Doreen GETTY, Hugh CUTHBERTSON, on Aug. 23, 1924 at New Liskeard 18885-24 Samuel Earl CUTHBERTSON, 18, farmer, Sallet? twp., May twp., s/o Albert CUTHBERTSON (b. Shawville Que) & Annie McDOWELL, married Martha GARROW, 18, Sturgeon Falls, May twp., d/o Arthur? GARROW (b. Sturgeon Falls) & Martha HALL, witn: S.H. McDOWELL & Mary CUTHBERTSON, both of Massey Station, 23 Dec 1924 at Massey
19703-19 Eddie Albert DABOUS, 28, Merchant, Assyria, Cobalt, s/o Albert DABOUS & Chamandy, married Fadwa DABOUS, 24, Assyria, Cobalt, d/o Albert DABOUS & Oscar, Wtn. Edward Essa, Freda CHAMADY, both of Toronto, on May 25, 1924 at Cobalt 18922-24 James Henry DAGGETT, 26, rail road man, Barrica Mines US, Sudbury, s/o James DAGGETT (b. Barrica Mines US) & Agnes HINTERHOLTER, married Hazel Agnes GAGNE, 15 + 7 mon, Pembroke, Sudbury, d/o John GAGNE (b. Pembroke) & Cecilia YEAS, witn: G.D. GAGNE of 332 Poplar St. & Jean MORRIS of Poplar St. in Sudbury, 10 March 1924 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury
19697-1924 John William DAKE, 26, Miner, Peterboro, Kenebeek, s/o Edward Perry DAKE & Edith DELURY, married Margaret McINTOSH, New Liskeard, Kenebeek, d/o Peter McINTOSH & Carrie WILSON, Wtn. E. & J.P. WATTS, on Sept. 29, 1924, at Haileybury. 18931-24 Pierre DARUSH, 21, laborer, Sudbury, same, s/o Adolphe DARUSH & Seraphine OUELLET, married Beatrice CARDINAL, 21, Chelmsford, Sudbury, d/o Leger CARDINAL & Sarah LIMOGES, witn: Adolphe DAOUST & Leger CARDINAL, both of Sudbury, 29 Dec 1924 at Sudbury
18917-24 Richmond Boyd DAVIDSON, 24, engineer, Copper Cliff, Sudbury, s/o William Richmond DAVIDSON (b. Quebec) & Mary Jane GAMBLE, married Bernice GALBRAITH, 20, Toronto, Sudbury, d/o George GALBRAITH (b. On) & Jennie LOCKWOOD, witn: James C. DAVIDSON of Sudbury & Gladys CURRY of Warren, 7 June 1924 at Manse, Sudbury 19698-1924 Harold Buekma DAVIS, 34, Mining Engineer, Lancaster N.Y., Kirkland Lake, s/o George DAVIS & Maria BEUKMA, married Hettie Mae GUDRIE, 22, Calabogie Ont, Kirkland Lake, d/o James GUDRIE & Hettie Mae BRYDGES, Wtn. Mrs. E. PRESCOTT, Mrs. William BRYDGES, on Sept. 16, 1924 at Cobalt.
19695-1924 Edward Charles DEATH, 33, Miner, England, Kirkland Lake, s/o William Charles DEATH & Annie BROAD, married Dora WOOD, 25, England, Matheson, d/o Edward BROAD & Emma DANN, Wtn. Benjamin WOOD, Kate LATCHEM, on Aug. 6, 1924 at Matheson. 19701-1924 Dave DEMERS, 34, Prospector, VanKleek Hill, Larder Lake, s/o Francois DEMERS & Rosina SAUVE, married Albertine SNYDER, 23, Castleman, Charlton, d/o Edmond SNYDER & Felicite GIERR? Wtn. Edmond SNYDER, Edouard CESSARD, on July 22, 1924 at Charlton.
19704-1924 Magloire Joseph Dea DESJARDINS, 19, Butcher, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, s/o Delphis DESJARDINS & Amelda RABY, married Bertha PILON, 17, Alexandria, Cobalt, d/o Ferdinand PILON & Suzanne CHARTRAND, Wtn. Delphis CHARTRAND, Auguste LARIVIERE, on Apr. 29, 1924 at St. Hilarion's Church, Cobalt. 19705-1924 Frank DIERNER, 36, Farmer, Vienna, Austria, Beauchamp Twp., s/o John DIERNER & Cecilia STEINHOFER, married Ellen EBERT, 31, Widow, Hounslow UK., Beauchamp Twp., d/o Francesco, PRAUCHETTO & Angela Maria del GUIDICE, Wtn. Leo & Cecilia GAGNON, on Feb. 19, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19699-1924 Joseph Edmond DISLEY, 25, Widower, Mine Captain, Poltimore Que., Matheson, s/o Joseph DISLEY & Martha McGARRY, married Mary Leona BROUSSEAU, 28, Masson Que., Cobalt. d/o Camille BROUSSEAU & Pomela FILLION, Wtn. Camille BROUSSEAU, Eva GELINAS ? on Sept. 15, 1924 at Cobalt 19706-1924 Albert Cleo DUCHARME, 28, Woonsocket R.I. New Liskeard, s/o Joseph DUCHARME & Rose Anna GENEREUX, married Florence REGIMBALD 28, Sarsfield Ont, New Liskeard, d/o Joseph REGIMBALD & Lea CHAUMEAU, Wtn. Joseph DUCHARME, Rodolphe DUCHARME on Apr. 23, 1924 at New Liskeard
19700-1924 David Alexander James Roger DUNN, 42, Lumberman, Medora Twp., Latchford, s/o William DUNN & Janet BRYCE, married Jean MASON, York Co., Hudson Twp., d/o John MASON & Mary FRADENBURG, Wtn. Mary & A.M. MASON, on Sept. 8, 1924 at Haileybury 19696-1924 Arnott Ernest DURRELL, 18, Prospector, Portage du Fort Que., Haileybury, s/o Harry DURRELL & Elizabeth OSTRUM, married Elda STAFFORD, 16, New Liskeard, Same, d/o John STAFFORD & Sarah LINTON, Wtn. Elizabeth & Sadie WATTS, on Dec. 23, 1924 at Haileybury.
19702-1924 Frank X. DUVAL, 23, Carpenter, Cosby, New Liskeard, s/o Joseph C. DUVAL & Ellen RHEAUME, married Stella L. ROUTCLIFFE, 23, Aylmer Ont, New Liskeard, d/o Ernest ROUTCLIFFE & Margaret IRWIN, Wtn. Florence ARNOLD, Emil DUVAL, on June 25, 1924 at Hanbury 18915-24 Alexander DZIURBON, 29, section man, Austria, Capreol, s/o Harry DZIURBON (b. Austria) & Katharine BIRRAND, married Katherine KITZUL, 19, Austria, Capreol, d/o Nicholas KITZUL (b. Austria) & Mary KITZUL, witn: Mike PROCYK of Sudbury & Alex illegible of Capreol, 1 Nov 1924 at St. Albans Church, Capreol
18932-24 Thomas EDWARDS, 35, laborer, Stafford Ont., Nairn Centre, s/o Joseph EDWARDS (b. England) & Jane KIDD, married Flora BADGERO, 16, domestic, Providence Bay Ont., Nairn Centre, d/o John BADGER (sic) (b. Canada) & Emily ROSEL, witn: John & Rachel O. FARRELL of Nairn Centre, 18 Aug 19824 at Espanola 18933-24 Richard EDWARDS, 26, railway man, Killaloo Ont., Capreol, s/o Michael McCOY (sic) (b. Pembroke) & Agnes BURK, married Cora Mary DOYLE, 22, North Bay, Capreol, d/o Alexander DOYLE (b. Sheenboro Que) & Ann URQUHART, witn: Margaret BULL of 99 Larch St. & Kyla M. DAVIES of 33 Baikegill Blk (both Sudbury), 9 June 1924 at Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury
19710-1924 Lawrence EDWARDS, 22, Prospector, Halifax, N.S. Kirkland Lake, s/o Edward EDWARDS & Sadie PRICE, married Stella CLIVE 18, St. Johns, N.B. Cobalt, d/o Richard CLIVE & Mary Ethel ASTLES, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. George BURRY, on Mar. 26, 1924 at Cobalt 19708-1924 Leonard William EDWARDS, 20, Farmer, England, Englehart, s/o William Samuel EDWARDS & Ada Frances RUDGE, married Eileen CORLEY, 18, Ireland, Englehart, d/o Francis CORLEY & Elizabeth Frances FLIGHT, Wtn. Cyril K. WHITELEY, Josephine WHITELEY , on June 3, 1924 at New Liskeard..
19709-1924 Anselm ERICKSON, 21, Labourer, Finland, Cobalt, s/o blank ERICKSON & blank LUNDMAN, married Lily KOSKI, 16, Utah USA., Cobalt, d/o Julius KOSKI & Miss RAHKONEN, Wtn. Hilma Christine KOSKI, Oscar Severin OLLINS, on Apr. 6, 1924 at Cobalt. 19707-1924 Charles ERICKSON, 33, Blacksmith, California USA., Kirkland Lake, s/o John ERICKSON & Mary JOHNSON, married Genevieve SHAW, 19, Gouevenour N.Y., Pembroke, d/o Charles SHAW & Clare O'BRIEN, Wtn. Thomas REILLY, Mrs. Thomas REILLY, on July 26, 1924 at Cobalt.
19711-1924 Philippe FALARDEAU, 21 Section Foreman, Causapsia, Que., Nagagami Ont., s/o Edmour FALARDEAU & Delida LESAGE, married Marie Ange TREMBLAY, 19, Rimouski Que., Nagagami, d/o Johnny TREMBLAY & Ledia LANFERIN ? , Wtn. Joseph Tremblay, Johnny Tremblay, on Sept. 15, 1924 at Kapuskasing. 19713-1924 Victor FAUVELLE, 21, Miner, Whitesboro USA., Cobalt, s/o Wilfred FAUVELLE & Malvina CHARBONNEAU, married Rosina RENAUD , 17, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, d/o Alphonse RENAUD & Alexina DEGAGNE, Wtn. Alphonse RENAUD, Wilfred FAUVELLE Sr., on Sept. 2, 1924 at Cobalt.
19716-1924 Roy FOREMAN, 23, Labourer, Simcoe, New Liskeard, s/o Abraham FOREMAN & Mary Jane MORRISON, married Rosella Elizabeth BIGELOW, 18, Ottawa, New Liskeard, d/o Alfred BIGELOW & Eva NEWTON, Wtn. Ethel BIGELOW, Jack SHORTT, on July 16, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19717-1924 Frank FORGET, 22, Merchant, Lowell Mass. Haileybury, s/o Wilfred FORGET & Malvina FORGET, married Marie Cecile JULIEN, 17, St. Paulin Maskinonge Que., Haileybury, d/o J. Bte. JULIEN & Marie Anne AUGER, Wtn. J. Bte JULIEN, Wilfred FORGET, on Mar. 3, 1924 at Haileybury.
19718-1924 Joseph Henri FORTIER, 27, Notre Dame de Fourview de Mont Laurier Que., Devonshire Twp., s/o Ovila FORTIER & Thaddea BRUNET, married Rose Alma Alice RONDEAU, 18, St Jean de Matha, Que., Devonshire Twp., d/o Nazaire RONDEAU & Pomela BRUNEAU, Wtn. Mde. C. Sigman, Agnes Mondeau, on May. 5, 1924 at Val Gagne 18948-24 Elzear Saturnin FORTIN, 27, laborer, Verner Ont., Gogawa, s/o Thomas FORTIN & Mathilde PENON (Perron?), married Marie Jeanne PATRY, 22, L'Ange Gardien d'Angers, res not given, d/o Paul PATRY & Apolline DUROCHER, witn: Thomas FORTIN & Thomas PLOUFFE, both of Gogawa, 21 Oct 1924 at Gogama
18947-24 Josephet FOURNIER, 23, farmer, Masham, Blezard, s/o Damase FOURNIER & Alvina AYOTTE, married Gabrielle AUGER, 17, Blezard, same, d/o William AUGER & Sophie PELLETIER, witn: Damase FOURNIER & William AUGER, both of Blezard Valley, 1 Sept 1924 at Blezard Valley 19715-1924 Joseph George FOURNIER, 33, Labourer, Arnprior, Matachewan, s/o Fabien FOURNIER & Elmire Lacombe, married Mary Margaret FITZMORRIS, 24, West Frampton, Matachewan, d/o Lawrence FITZMORRIS & Henrietta COYLES, Wtn. Alphonsine & T.M. DUNN, on Aug. 1, 1924 at Cobalt
18946-24 Henri FOURNIER, 24, Napierville Que., Warren, s/o Napoleon FOURNIER & Auralie TETREAUX, married Alma MIRON, 23, Verner, Warren, d/o Edmond MIRON & Lumina LEPAGE, witn: Paul FOURNIER & Edmond MIRON, both of Warren 23 April 1924 at Warren 19712-1924 George Edward FOWLER, 24, Farmer, Harley Twp., Same, s/o George FOWLER & Caroline JOHNSON, married Ruby Evelyn VOSBURGH, 30, Prescott, Harley Twp., d/o Samuel VOSBURGH & Mary REYSDALE? Wtn. Bruce IRVINE, Merrine FOWELR, on Oct. 29, 1924 at Thornloe
18942-24 Peter FRANCHINI, 28, photographer, Italy, Espanola, s/o Louis FRANCHINI (b. Italy) & Matilde AUGUSTANA, married Mary SPINACCI, 27, domestic, Italy, Espanola, d/o Louis SPINACCI (b. Italy) & Matilde OMICIOLI, witn: Louis & Mrs. L. BORGAGELI of Espanola, 25 Feb 1925 at Espanola 19714-1924 Percy Buchan (Beecham?) FRASER, 20, Labourer, Gravenhurst, Tomstown, s/o Alexander FRASER & Mary Jane HERBERT, married Irene Victoria PEEVER, 18, Renfrew, Tomstown, d/o Richard Charles PEEVER & Martha Maria SMITH, Wtn. John & Estella Bond, on July 21, 1924 at Englehart
18941-24 Wladyk FRYZUK, 28, fireman, Galicia, Espanola, s/o Jacob FRYZUK (b. Austria) & Parasolia CHORMENLUSKI, married Anna WENGERCZUK, 20, domestic, Galicia, Espanola, d/o John WENGERCZUK (b. Austria) & Justina ROBECHEWSKI, witn: Harry SANIDTH? & Peter PHALATIL, both of Espanola, 26 Feb 1924 at Espanola 19721-1924 Joseph Rodolphe GAGNON, 37, Farmer, Ste Anne de Danville, Belle Vallee, s/o Charles GAGNON & Victoria SIMARD, married Marie Rose BELANGER, 24, St. Cuthbert Que., Belle Vallee, d/o Onesime BELANGER & Parmila MARIER ? Wtn. Louis BELANGER, Onesime BELANGER, on Jan. 23, 1924 at Belle Vallee.
19729-1924 Joseph Ludger Theodore GALARNEAU, 31, Merchant, St. Gilbert - Portneuf Que., Pruret Que., s/o Joseph GALARNEAU & Clara GAUTHIER, married Marie Stella CHARBONNEAU, 30, Forelady, St. Paul de Plantagenet Ont., West Toronto, d/o Joseph CHARBONNEAU & Philomene BLONDEAU, Wtn. Lucien DUPUIS, Wilfrid CHARBONNEAU, on Sept. 18, 1924 at Haileybury. 19725-1924 Albert Ernest GARDINER, 29, Farmer, Cobourg, Darlington Twp., Tomstown, s/o Benjamin Franklin GARDINER & Ida HODGSON, married Elizabeth Adelaide McDONALD, 31, of Tomstown, d/o John S. McDONALD & Elizabeth ADAMS, Wtn. Mrs. Joseph E. Jones, John A. McDonald, on Aug. 15 1924 at New Liskeard
19730-1924 Albert GAUTHIER, 21, Miner, Hull, Cobalt, s/o Damase GAUTHIER & Cecilia LAROSE, married Gratia LADOUCEUR, 19, Bourget Que., Cobalt, d/o Edouard LADOUCEUR & Emilie TREMBLAY, Wtn. Damase GAUTHIER, Edouard LADOUCEUR, on Nov. 26, 1924 at Cobalt 19719-1924 Ferrier GAUTHIER, 23, Smelter Labourer, St. Charles Ont., Coniston, s/o Roch GAUTHIER & Emmerine CARRIERE, married Jeannine MERCIER, 17, Quebec, Moonbeam, d/o Napoleon MERCIER & Eva DOYON, Wtn. Ovila GAUTHIER, Napoleon MERCIER, on July 16, 1924 at Moonbeam
19722-1924 Frank GILMOUR, 42, Widower, Farmer, Stormont Co., Kenebeek, s/o Samuel GILMOUR & Caroline PLACE, married Amy Mary Isobel JANES, 28, Bristol UK., Kenebeek, d/o William George JANES & Alice Mary HUMPHRIES, Wtn. Sara & Elizabeth WATTS, on Oct. 11, 1924 at Haileybury. 19728-1924 Joseph GOYET, 33, Painter, Ste. Beatrice Que., Haileybury, s/o Napoleon GOYET & Cordelia LAVIGNE, married Aurore DUHAIME, 24, Sturgeon Falls, North Cobalt, d/o Antoine DUHAIME & Agnes LAFRANCE, Wtn. Albert VENNE, Antoine DUHAIME, on July 16, 1924 at North Cobalt
19726-1924 Hailmar GRANBAK, 29, Labourer, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Henry GRANBAK & Miss VUORELA, married Esther ALATALA, 23, Cook, Finland, Cobalt, d/o John ALATALA & Miss HUVALA, Wtn. J. LATVALA, T. LUND, on July 26, 1924 at Cobalt. 19720-1924 Joseph Albert GRATON, 21, Teamster, Hull Que., Cobalt, s/o Napoleon GRATON & Philomene DUFRESNE, married Gertrude May VENASSE, 29, Chapeau Que., Cobalt, d/o Regis VENASSE & Emilie TANGUAY, Wtn. P. BAZIN, A. HOCK, on Nov. 4, 1924 at Cobalt
19724-1924 Edwin Albert Douglas GRAY, 32, Freight Foreman, Sunderland UK., Englehart, s/o Thomas GRAY & Mary COATES, married Orpha Loretta KERR, 29, Hamilton, Englehart, d/o John Harry KERR & Ruth THOMS, Wtn. Bruce E. KERR, Lucy A. SWEETMAN, on Sept. 17, 1924 at Englehart. 19723-1924 Edward GRIFFIN, 40. Miner, Dufferin Co., Holland Ont, s/o Peter GRIFFIN & Jane MILNE, married Hanora SHANAHAN, 34, Renfrew, New Liskeard, d/o Timothy SHANAHAN & Bridgid BULGER, Wtn. Edmund SHANAHAN, James FLEMING, on Sept. 29, 1924 at Cobalt
19727-1924 Thomas Henry GRIFFITH, 21, farmer, Prospect Ont., same, s/o William Henry GRIFFITH & Sophie A. SAUNDERS, married Helen Frost FORDYCE, 21, Scotland, Wabewawa, d/o George FORDYCE & Agnes Jane ROTHE, Wtn. Ruth SYLVESTER, Agnes FORDYCE, on Apr. 21, 1924 at Englehart. 19736-1924 Thomas Wilson HALL, 29, Accountant, British West Indies, New Liskeard, s/o Thomas W. HALL & Mary Louisa REID, married Marjorie Millar BROWN, 26, Toronto, New Liskeard, do J. Harvey BROWN & Mattie V. SPENSE, Wtn. Lettie M. & BROWN, on Jan. 26, 1924 at New Liskeard
19737-1924 Charles HAMDEN, 29, Farmer, Syria, Saskatchewan, s/o Houssain HAMDEN & Jennie HAMDEN, married Jennie Mary HALLICK, 17, Cobden, North Cobalt, d/o Joseph HALLICK & Florence SEDWICK, Wtn. Joseph ZION, Sadie KATEL, on Jan. 22, 1924 at Cobalt 19731-1924 Alexander Joseph HAYES, 38, Widower, Chiropractor, Marquette Mich, Kirkland Lake, s/o Alexander HAYES & Henriette DUQUETTE, married Oliva Marie TAMBEAU, 28, Perkins Mills Que., Kirkland Lake, d/o Charles TAMBEAU & Exilda LOYER, Wtn. Margaret KNIGHT, Josephine KENNEDY, on Nov. 20, Kirkland Lake
19732-1924 Arthur Howard HOLDER, 27, Garage Owner, Kingston, Englehart, s/o William HOLDER & Clara KNAPP, married Margaret HOWIE, 19, Ayrshire Scotland, Englehart, d/o John HOWIE & Margaret HERRON, Wtn. T.W. GRAHAM, Jean HARVIE, on Oct. 14, 1924 at Englehart. 19735-1924 William Algernon HOLMES, 27, Carpenter, Lennox Co., Kirkland Lake, s/o Wellington HOLMES & Victoria LANE, married Seatha Maude WILSON, 19, Huntsville, Kirkland Lake, d/o William WILSON & Bertha COX, Wtn. Ethel M. SCHUMAN, on Aug. 1, 1924 at Kirkland Lake
19739-1924 Leopold HOULE, 37, Widower, Carpenter, St. Eusebe de Stanfield, Cobalt, s/o Appolinaire HOULE & Maria CHABOT, married Aurore DUHAMEL, 22, St. Nazaire d'Acton, Que., New Liskeard, d/o Alphonse DUHAMEL & Euphemie CARRIERE, Wtn. Joseph DUHAMEL, Alphonse DUHAMEL, on Sept. 24, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19734-1924 George Frederick HOUNSLOW, 22, Farmer, Brantford, Marter Twp., s/o William HOUNSLOW & Margaret BADOUR, married Ruby DEMARELL, 18, Hastings, Marter Twp., d/o William DEMERELL & Catharine A. SUTHERLAND, Wtn. Thomas John DEMERELL, Annie Hounslow, on July 19, 1924 at Marter Twp
19733-1924 Hamilton HUSTON, 55, Widower, Labourer, Carleton Co., Charlton, s/o James HUSTON & Elizabeth ARBUCKLE, married Elva ENNIS, 34, Widow, of Charlton, d/o William SWEET & Tillie SEDORE, Wtn. Carl BRIGGS, Ruth SYLVESTER, on Sept. 30, 1924 at Englehart 19738-1924 Nicholas HUTZEL, 22, Merchant, Austria, Brethour, s/o Michael HUTZEL & illegible, married Sophie BAGAN, 18, Austria, Cobalt, d/o Michael BAGAN & Alexandra illegible, Wtn. John HOLOKA, I. DORSCHUK, on Jan. 13, 1924 at Cobalt
19740-1924 Gerald Herbert IRELAND, 25, Locomotive Fireman, Trenton, Englehart, s/o Charles Lewellen IRELAND & A. McCOLL, married Mary Agnes HOUGHTON, 27, of Heaslip, d/o William John Wesley HOUGHTON & Celina NELSON, Wtn. Floyd R. IRELAND, Mrs. ELWOOD of Heaslip, on Sept. 17, 1924 at N.H. Lot 7, Con. 2, Twp. Of Evanturel  
19743-1924 George JAMES, 24, Miner, Halifax, N.S., Kirkland Lake, s/o Richard JAMES & Bessie WOODS, married Pearl WALKER, 20, Sturgeon Falls, Kirkland Lake, d/o Robert WALKER & Agnes GARROW, Wtn. Johnson J. HOLMES, Florence WALKER, on Nov, 12 1924 at Kirkland Lake 19742-1924 Herman Joan JENSEN, 38, Farmer, Denmark, Goldlands Ont., s/o Hans Peter JENSEN & Miss LARSEN, married Marie MORTINSEN, 26, Denmark, Goldlands, d/o Hans MORTENSEN & Miss JENSEN, Wtn. Eva Jane Clarke, Harry C. Clark, on Nov. 19, 1924 at Cobalt.
19744-1924 George Vinton JOANISSE, 21 Street car Conductor, Duluth Minn., New Liskeard, s/o George JOANISSE & Eglantine TREMBLAY, married Chloe DUVAL-DUSSAULT, 20, Widow, Haileybury, New Liskeard, d/o Joseph DUVAL & Anna Helen RHEAUME, Wtn. Mrs. John L. BUCHER, Mr. P.F. BOLGER, on May. 8, 1924 at New Liskeard 19746-1924 Charles Robert JOHNSTON, 23, Teamster, Mississippi, ON, Cobalt, s/o Charles JOHNSTON & Flora KING, married Jessie BOWERS, 18, Clerk, Haileybury, Cobalt, d/o James BOWERS & Letitia MACQUILQUON, Wtn. Irvine MONTGOMERY, Gertrude Mae VENASSE, on Feb. 7, 1924 at Cobalt
19741-1924 Harry George JOINER, 32, Farmer, Ashley Penn., Chamberlain Twp., writing illegible, married Ethel Beatrice GILKES, England, Chamberlin Twp., Writing illegible, on Nov. 20, 1924 at Englehart. 19745-1924 Frank JORDAN, 27, Barber, Peterboro UK., Iroquois Falls, s/o Robert JORDAN & Miss WRIGWORTH, married Diada NEWTON, 22, Accountant, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, d/o Samuel NEWTON & Miss BIGLOW, Wtn. Alex & Jane CYR, on May. 3, 1924 at Cobalt.
19748-1924 Frederick Louis KARGER, 57, Farmer, Widower, Germany, Currie Twp., s/o Ferdinand KARGER & Mary MAIER, married Mary Christina KOCH, Chatsworth, Currie Twp., d/o John KOCH & Mary E. MILLER, Wtn. Arthur SIMPSON, Mary LORD, on Sept. 16, 1924 at Englehart 19750-1924 Adam KEDDIE Jr., 26, Clerk, Belfast Ireland, Haileybury, s/o Adam KEDDIE & Mary Ellen NICHOL, married Gladys HEARD, 24, Stenographer, Haileybury, Same, d/o Robert HEARD & Mary FERNHOLME, Wtn. Muriel GOLLARD, J.B. STIRRUP, on Sept. 8, 1924 at Haileybury.
19749-1924 Bruce Ewart KERR, 27, Locomotive Fireman, Hamilton, Englehart, s/o John Harry KERR & Ruth THOMS, married Lucy Armilda SWEETNAM, 20, Vennacher, Lennox & Addington, Cos. d/o Willot SWEETNAM & Annie FERGUSON, Wtn. Edwin Albert Douglas & Orpha L. GRAY, on Sept. 14, 1924 at Englehart. 19753-1924 Joseph KEYS, 22, Steel sharpener, Vinton Que., Ottawa, s/o Thomas KEYS & Maggie FRIGAU, married Martha BEDOUR, 18, Perth, West Cobalt, d/o Angus BEDOUR & Ida May LAFFRENIER (Lafrenier?), Wtn. David J. LAFFRENIER , Mrs. George BURRY, on Feb. 12, 1924 at Cobalt.
19752-1924 William Clifford KILGOUR, 35, Plasterer, Portage du Fort Que., Timmins, s/o John KILGOUR & Susan SMITH, married Margaret CHENEY, 30, Powassan, Charlton, d/o Albert CHENEY & Etta WARNER, Wtn. Ruth Sylvester, Charles Sylvester, on July 2, 1924 at Englehart 19747-1924 Claude Gerald KINGYENS, 22, Farmer, Hastings Co., Hilliard Twp., s/o John KINGYENS & Jessie SUTTON, married Evelyn Elizabeth G. MILLS, 16, Bracebridge, Hilliardton, d/o George MILLS & Anne RUTTER, Wtn. Mrs. SIMMONS, Rachael BROWN, on Nov. 26, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19751-1924 Albert Ferdinand KOSMACK, 22, Plumbing, Milberta, New Liskeard, s/o Xavier KOSMACK & Annie HANNAMEN, married Mabel Louise PEDDIE, 18, Thornloe, New Liskeard, d/o James PEDDIE & Ella Viola MORGAN, Wtn. Edmund R. PETTIFER, Mildred Grace BROWN, on Sept. 10, 1924 at New Liskeard.  
19771-1924 Narcisse LABERGE, 37, Barber, Pembroke, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Charles LABERGE & Delphine LANCE, married Alice LAPERRIERE, 26, Ville-Marie, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Henri LAPERRIERE & Julie PATRY, Wtn. Louis DESROSIERS, Henri LAPIERRE, on May. 1, 1924 at Temagami 19759-1924 Daniel Peter LABOUEF, 24, Mechanic, Michigan, USA., Larder Lake, s/o Moses LABOUEF & Miss Sophronia ?, married Sarah Edna Alberta BOYLEN, 19, Toronto, Englehart, d/o James BOYLEN & E.D. BAKER, Wtn. Fred A. BOYLEN, Gilda KORMAN, on Oct. 29, 1924 at Englehart.
19769-1924 Omer LABONTE, 22, Farmer, St. Norbert d'Arthabasca, Belle Vallee, s/o Desire LABONTE & Josephine DUMONT, married Marie Rose LANTEIGNE. 17, St. Ours Que., Belle Vallee, d/o Hector LANTEIGNE & Rosa JUSSAUNE, Wtn. Desire LABONTE, Hector LANTEIGNE, on Jan. 2, 1923 (sic) [1924], at Belle Vallee 19773-1924 Joseph Amede Arthur LABONTE, 25, Merchant, Plessisville, Megantic Que., Belle Vallee, s/o David LABONTE & Philomene ROUX, married Marie Antoinette Lucie LACHAPELLE, 18, St. Bonaventure d'Acton Que., Belle Vallee, d/o Ovila LACHAPELLE & Melina SALVA, Wtn. David LABONTE, Ovila LACHAPELLE, on Oct. 15, 1924 at Belle Vallee.
19770-1924 Arthur LADOUCEUR, 23, Labourer, Harrisville N.Y., North Cobalt, s/o Eusebe LADOUCEUR & Lydia TREMBLAY, married Florence FAUVELLE, 24, Hindley N.Y., Cobalt, d/o Adelard FAUVELLE & Alexandrine CHARBONEAU, Wtn. Eusebe LADOUCEUR, Adelard FAUVELLE, on Feb. 14, 1924 at North Cobalt 19774-1924 Leo LAFRANCE, 25, Carpenter, Sudbury, North Cobalt, s/o Philodolphe LAFRANCE & Lea CHRETIEN, married Marie Anne DUHAIME, 22, Sturgeon Falls, North Cobalt, d/o Antoine DUHAIME & Agnes LAFRANCE, Wtn. Louis St.CYR, Antoine DUHAIME, on Nov. 6, 1924 at North Cobalt.
  19772-1924 Romeo LAFERRIER, 29, Farming, St. Cyrille de Wendover Que., Belle Vallee, s/o Josephat LAFERRIER & Late Marie LAFOREST, married Rose Alma VERRIER, 21, Widow, St. Jacques Que., Barraute, Que., d/o J. Bte. VERRIER & Adele RIOUX, Wtn. Josephat LAFERRIER, Joseph VERRIER, on July 15, 1924 at Belle Vallee
19757-1924 Willie LaHAIE, 28, Labourer, St. Tites, Champlain Co. Que., Genier, s/o Sinai LaHAIE & Marie Louise DUROCHER, married Maria GAGNON, 21, St. Hubert Que., Genier, d/o Eugene GAGNON & Josephine RICHARD, Wtn. Eugenie GAGNON, Edouard TOUSIGNON, on June 4, 1924 at Genier. 19758-1924 Omer LaHAIE, 25, Farmer, St. Tites, Champlain Co. Que., Genier, s/o Sinai LaHAIE & Marie Louise DUROCHER, married Anna GAGNON, 20, St. Hubert Que., Genier, d/o Eugene GAGNON & Josephine RICHARD, Wtn. Eugenie GAGNON, Edouard TOUSIGNON, on June 4, 1924 at Genier.
19754-1924 Napoleon LANDRY, 25, Labourer, Ste. Blandine Que., Strickland, s/o Napoleon LANDRY & Alma MARTIN, married Anna Marie LAROUCHE, 16, Paribonka Que., Strickland, d/o Joseph LAROUCHE & Anna BAILY, Wtn. Etienne BRASSARD, Thomas Louis TREMBLAY, both of Strickland, on Nov. 4, 1924 at Strickland 19760-1924 Forest LARRETT, 23, Miner, Sturgeon Falls, North Cobalt, s/o Joe LARRETT & Matilda WALKER, married Bessie ARNEY, 19, Arden, Mileage 104, d/o Luke ARNEY & Elsie HART, Wtn. Edna DUGAN, Vincent ARNEY, on Oct. 22, 1924 at Cobalt.
19766-1924 William Edward LATIMER, 33, Teamster, Roxborough Twp., New Liskeard, s/o Joseph LATIMER & Alice MURPHY, married Mary Elizabeth PASSEY, 36, Laundress, England, New Liskeard, d/o Frederick PASSEY & Annie JONES, Wtn. Mrs. Elsie D. REID, Dan. M. REID, on May. 21, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19763-1924 Alfred H. Reynoldo LEBLANC, 21, Lather, Lewiston Maine, Detroit MI., s/o Hormisdas LEBLANC & Ella RICHARD, married Blanche Stella MAYHEW, 17, Sturgeon Falls, Cobalt, d/o Arthur MAYHEW & Josephine BRAZEAU, Wtn. Arthur MAYHEW, G.S. ALLARD, on Sept. 30, 1924 at Cobalt
19755-1924 Pierre Paul LEBRUN, 21, Settler, Ste. Marguerite Que., Moonbeam, s/o Emery LEBRUN & Alexina LAVIOLETTE, married Cecile LEONARD, 19, Bp illegible, Moonbeam, d/o Amede LEONARD & Landia BEAUCHAMP, Wtn. Rosario LEBRUN, Amede LEONARD, on July 30, 1924 at Moonbeam 19761-1924 William Percy LEMON, 22, Clerk, Haileybury, same, s/o Thomas LEMON & Margaret COE, married Edith Catherine GARVIN, 22, Carleton Place, New Liskeard, d/o Peter GARVIN & Christina McFARLANE, Wtn. Miss Ina FRISBY, Miss Mary GARVIN, on Oct. 7, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19764-1924 Topias LESKINEN, 36, Farmer, Finland, Rosegrove, s/o Tuomas LESKINEN & Helene LUKANEN, married Ida Wilhelmina SALMINEN, 31, Finland, Rosegrove, d/o Henri SALMINEN & Marie ANTILA, Wtn. Charles KARKANEN, Gusto HEINA, on Aug. 14, at Englehart. 19767-1924 William Gordon LEVERRE, 24, Farmer, Killaloe, Dymond Twp., s/o Anthony LEVERRE & Caroline BRISCOE, married Hazel MARSHALL, 22, Toronto, Harley Twp., d/o Albert MARSHALL & Lizzie JICKELLS, Wtn. Aggie MARSHALL, Orpha M. LEVERRE, on Jan. 21, 1924 at Uno Park.
19762-1924 Gordon Roy LITTLE, 21, Paper maker, Toronto, Haileybury, s/o Roy LITTLE & Flora CODE, married Ethel Margaret BIGELOW, 17, Buckingham Que., New Liskeard, d/o Alfred BIGELOW & Eva NEWTON, Wtn. Victoria VILLENEUVE, W. McBEATH, on Sept. 22, 1924 at New Liskeard 19768-1924 Emanuel Jack LONSDALE, 20, Miner, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, s/o Archie LONSDALE & Mary DeFOREST, married Elma BOUSU?, 19, Calumet Mich., Cobalt, d/o Herman BOUSU? & Susanna INSKAGARVI, Wtn. Victor CREGO, Helmi CREGO, on Jan. 3, 1924 at St. James Church, Cobalt.
19765-1924 Henry LOWRIE, 37, Farmer, London Eng., Robillard Twp., s/o Albert LOWRIE & Mary McDERMOTT, married Mary MORISSEY, 38, Widow, d/o John MORISSEY & Sarah SULLIVAN, Wtn. John Thomas O'GRADY, Cecilia GAGNON, on June 4, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19756-1924 Albert Edward LUXTON, 23, Machinist, North Bay, Nakina, s/o Alfred Thomas LUXTON & Lily SHELLEY, married Emma Pearl EATON 19, Biscotasing, Cochrane, d/o William EATON & Matilda DOBIE, Wtn. Wesley LUXTON, Esther LUXTON, on Aug. 6, 1924 at Cochrane.
19794-1924 Joseph Paul Rodolphe MAGEAU, 32, Widower, Garage Owner, St. Charles Joliette, Haileybury, s/o Alexandre MAGEAU & Amanda DESILETS, married Marie Irene DUCHARME, 23, Ste Genevieve - Bouthier Que., d/o Joseph DUCHARME & Rosanna GENEREUX, Wtn. Joseph DUCHARME, Lucien DUPUIS, on Nov. 26, 1924 at New Liskeard 19789-1924 Paul MAILLE, 19, Farmer, Ste. Adele Que., New Liskeard, s/o Adelard MAILLE & Blanche FORGET, married Laurentia DUTRIZAC, 15, Verner, New Liskeard, d/o Joseph DUTRIZAC & Rosina BAZINET, Wtn. Henri MAILLE, Valeda DUTRIZAC, on Mar. 4, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19785-1924 Antton MANTTARI, 33, Woodsman, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Antton MANTTARI & illegible, married Alli THANNAKSDA, 22, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Matti & Annala, Wtn. A. HENDRICKSON, L. TAHKNEN on July 3, 1924 at Cobalt. 19788-1924 Charles Robert MARSHALL, 22, Millman, Kendal, Charlton, s/o Robert MARSHALL & Jane McMULLEN, married Irene Lillian MIDDLETON, 21, Huntsville, Charlton, d/o James MIDDLETON & Bertha WARREN, Wtn. Gladys ROGERS, William MIDDLETON, on Mar. 26, 1924 at New Liskeard
19778-1924 John MASON, 66, Widower, Merchant, East York, Hudson Twp., s/o Thomas MASON & Isabella TINDLE, married Agnes SCOTT, 53, Haliburton, Hudson Twp., d/o James SCOTT & Annie WILSON, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. James SCOTT, on Oct. 22, 1924 at Uno Park 19777-1924 Melvin Basil MATCHETT, 20, Labourer, Orrville, Parry Sound, New Liskeard, s/o Thomas MATCHETT & Laura BRADLEY, married Hannah May BOLGER, 20, Brethour, New Liskeard, d/o Patric (sic) BOLGER & Lucy CONNOLLY, Wtn. Vina LIVELY, John G. WILSON, on Oct. 27, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19781-1924 Henri MATHIEU, 24, Labourer, Connecticut, USA., Guiges, s/o Henri MATHIEU & Clemence LAFLEUR, married Laurenza BELANGER, 19, Guigues, Cobalt, d/o Gatien BELANGER & Malvina CAMIRANDE, Wtn. Gatien BELANGER, Olivier MATHIEU, on Sept. 9, 1924 at Cobalt 19787-1924 Elmer Telford MAY, 21, Pipe fitter, Toronto, Silver Centre, s/o Robert MAY & Josephine PICKARD, married Edith Maud DUBOIS, 19, North Bay, Silver Centre, d/o Louis DUBOIS & Maud SAEGAR, Wtn. Henry Ellis GRIDLEY Alice Mary HINCKS, on May. 3, 1924 at Haileybury
19797-1924 William McCAGHERTY, 23, Clerk, Beachburg, Haileybury, s/o William Edward McCAGHERTY & Rhoda RICHARDSON, married Isabel F. KEDDIE, 21, Telephone Operator, Belfast Ireland, Haileybury, d/o Adam KEDDIE & Mary Ellen NICKLE, Wtn. Marjorie Maud MAGEE, John E. DUNN, on Oct. 8, 1924 at Cobalt. 19798-1924 Alexander Joseph McCOOL, 37, Postmaster, Mattawa, Pembroke, s/o Charles McCOOL & Justine O'MEARA, married Cora Belle MONTGOMERY, Asst. Registrar, Westmeath, Pembroke, d/o Philip MONTGOMERY & Eliza BROWNLEE, Wtn. F.H. CARNEGIE, Mrs. Hattie GALBRAITH, on Sept. 24, 1924 at Cobalt.
19802-1924 Gordon Alexander McDONALD, 21, Motion Picture operator, Woodstock, New Liskeard, s/o John McDONALD & Annie WESTON, married Annie L. STEWART, 20, Clerk, John Island, New Liskeard, d/o John D. STEWART & Annie DEADMAN, Wtn. Florence LEVAIN, G.E. McKELVIE, on Jan. 23, 1924 at New Liskeard  
19796-1924 James Foy McGUEY, 30, Labourer, Bonchere, Latchford, s/o Dennis McGUEY & Margaret FOY, married Violet Vivian HERBERT, 16, Bracebridge, Latchford, d/o Cecil HERBERT & Alberta THIN ? (THOM?), Wtn. Mildred HERBERT, Ronald JESSON, on Oct. 8, 1924 at Latchford 19795-1924 William MacKAY, 21, Trapper, Mattagami Indian Reserve, Smooth Rock Falls, s/o Richard MacKAY & Ellen PIAHWAN? married Alice BAPTISTE, 23, Abitibi River, Smooth Rock Falls, d/o John BAPTISTE & Mary Jane JINAPAIS? Wtn. Peter McKAY, A.V. ANDERSON, on May. 30, 1924 at Cochrane.
19800-1924 John Duncan McLEAN, 24, Mail Carrier, Glengarry, New Liskeard, s/o Alexander McLEAN & Mary McCREA, married Bertha McKENZIE, 24, Widow, N. Temiskaming, Same, d/o Benjamin McKENZIE & Leonor MacLAREN, Wtn. Christina GIBBONS, Mrs. George BURRY, on Apr. 23, 1924 at Cobalt 19803-1924 John Archie MCLELLAN, 23, Labourer, Centerville N.S., North Cobalt, s/o Allen McLELLAN & Flora McDONALD, married Mabel Almina Agnes DUNN, 25, Cantley Que., North Cobalt, d/o John DUNN & Margaret McKILVREY, Wtn. T. BILODEAU, Vickey STEFFAN, on Jan. 28, 1924 at North Cobalt.
19799-1924 Frank McMICHAEL, 24, Miner, Mattawan, Cobalt, s/o Charles McMICHAEL & May WILDER, married Mildred BUDARICK, 18, Clerk, Renfrew, Cobalt, d/o Martin BUDARICK & Naomi HELMER, Wtn. George BRISTOW, Sarah BRISTOW, on May. 28, 1924 at Cobalt. 19801-1924 William MacPHERSON, 40, Farmer, Fort Stewart, Hudson Twp., s/o William MacPHERSON & Jessie GRAHAM, married Vina BARNARD, 45, Plover Mills, Hudson Twp., d/o Jabez M. BARNARD & Sarah A. ELLIOTT, Wtn. Henry MacPHERSON, William Alva PACEY, on Feb. 6, 1924 at Hudson Twp.
19806-1924 William MELBRUCK, 30, Miner, Austria, Kirkland Lake, s/o Frederick MELBRUCK & Mary GURICZK, married Alice DOLYNCHUK, 19, Austria, Kirkland Lake, d/o Horat DOLYNCHUK & Axana DOLYNCHUK, Wtn. William ALEXANDER, Mary GURICZK, on Feb. 16, 1924 at Kirkland Lake. 19792-1924 Joseph MELISEK, 40, Mine Mgr., Chechoslovakia, Gowganda, s/o John MELISEK & Appolina WARECHA, married Julia ROSICKA, 23, Drosurka Polonia, Cobalt, d/o Leon ROSICKA & Anna JESURSKA?, Wtn. Georges LELIEVRE, John POLAWI, on Aug. 9, 1924 at Cobalt.
19791-1924 Angelo MERLA, 24, Miner, Italy, Cobalt, s/o Enrico MERLA & Ernesta MERLA, married Luigia PONTI, 21, Italy, Cobalt, d/o Enrico PONTI & Assunta MAFFINI, Wtn. Angelo & Ernestina MERLA, on July 27, 1924 at Cobalt. 19786-1924 Walter MILLER, 21, Labourer, Peterborough, Swastika, s/o William MILLER & Annie HOLLET, married Harriet Adall CHOUINARD, 19, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., Swastika, d/o Joseph CHOUINARD & Mary ARTHY?, Wtn. Mary M. SMITH, Mrs. J. CHOUINARD, on June 22, 1924 at Swastika.
19790-1924 Joseph Theodore MIRON, 20, Clerk, Verner, Kirkland Lake, s/o Arthur MIRON & Alice CLUSICA?, married Mary Florence McGUIRE, 18, Blairmore AB., Kirkland Lake, d/o John McGUIRE & Mary Ellen O'HARA, Wtn. Homer MIRON, Gertrude McGUIRE, on July 7, 1924 at Kirkland Lake 19783-1924 Walworth Edward MOORE, 20, Clerk, Quebec, New Liskeard, s/o Charles MOORE & Sarah Ann BABER ?, (BABEN?), married Mildred COLLINS, 18, New Haven, USA., New Liskeard, d/o Louis Philip COLLINS & Mary MOROIS?, Wtn. Walter Robert & Sarah Ann MOORE, on Aug. 5, 1924 at Haileybury.
19784-1924 Albano MORELLATO, 28, Cook, Venice Italy, Kirkland Lake, s/o Hermenia MORELLATO & Eugenia BARSA, married Alina KINGSBURY, 16, Quebec, Iroquois Falls, d/o Napoleon KINGSBURY & Delia VAILLANCOURT, Wtn. Napoleon KINGSBURY, Antonio QUARANTO, on July 3, 1924 at Kirkland Lake. 19793-1924 Joseph Charles MORIN, 27, Farmer, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Que., Belle Vallee, s/o Joseph MORIN & Exilda LANGEVIN, married Marie Ange LAMBERT, 24, St. Didace, Que., Belle Vallee, d/o Cesaire LAMBERT, Leonie BELLEMARE, Wtn. Ernest BRISSON, Elmire LAMBERT, on Aug. 28, 1924 at Belle Vallee.
19775-1924 Albert MORIN, 24, Labourer, Gascon Que., Strickland, s/o Joseph MORIN & Jane TAE, married Florence LEFEBVRE, 16, St. Justin Que., Strickland, d/o Hormisdas LEFEBVRE & Angeline CHEVALLIER, Wtn. A. CHEVALLIER, Hormisdas LEFEBVRE, on Aug. 19, 1924 at Fauquier. 19776-1924 Charles E. MORIN, 32, Carpenter, St. Epiphane Que., Cobalt, s/o Pierre MORIN & Sara LEPAGE, married Victoria VALLIERE, 32, Widow, Gracefield Que., d/o Calixte VALLIERE & Rosalie St. JACQUES, Wtn. Frank HURST, William SYLVESTER, on Oct. 30, 1924 at Cobalt.
19782-1924 Ernest Leslie MORTON, 21, Electrician, Capelton Ont., Iroquois Falls, s/o James Thomas MORTON & Beatrice Annie HOOPER, married Margaret Alvina PAQUETTE, 18, Warren, Iroquois Falls, d/o Joseph PAQUETTE & Mary Lois MARION, Wtn., James MORTON, Annie DEVENEY, on Aug. 1, 1924 at Haileybury. [Divorce Issued 19/5/54] 19779-1924 Allen MORTSON, 23, Expressman, Penetang, Latchford, s/o Wellington MORTSON & Elizabeth ALLEN, married Florence BRUNEAU, 21, Ville-Marie, Que., Latchford, d/o Peter BRUNEAU & Mary VAHEI, (VAHEY), Wtn. Mary & Archie KING, on Oct. 20, 1924 at The Manse, Cobalt.
19780-1924 Harrison George MURDOCK, 32, Merchant, Sherbrooke N.S., Englehart, s/o George MURDOCK & Mary LAWSON, married Lyla Christina McAULEY, 22, Stenographer, Port Arthur, Charlton, d/o John McAULEY & Camilla GARRIE, Wtn. Mary McKNIGHT, Marjorie McINNES, on Sept. 29, 1924 at New Liskeard  
19805-1924 George NEEDHAM, 19, Miner, England, Kirkland Lake, s/o William NEEDHAM & Mary COLES, married Lucille McCAULEY, 18, Peterborough, Kirkland Lake, d/o John McCAULEY & Johanna INNES, Wtn. Leonard BROCKMIRE, Winnie McCAULEY, on June 5, 1924 at Kirkland Lake 19804-1924 George William NELSON, 25, Tailor, Cobden, Kirkland Lake, s/o William NELSON & Jesse LEBARRON, married Mabel Maude Victoria SMITH, 21, Parkerson, Kirkland Lake, d/o John Robert SMITH & Anna Bell CASCADDEN, Wtn. George PACE, E.A. ASHLEY, on July 21, 1924 at Englehart.
19807-1924 Thomas Joseph O'GORMAN, 47, Clerk, Eganville, Timmins, s/o Martin O'GORMAN & Elizabeth BOYLE, married Jeanette COTTON, 35, Brockville, Port Arthur, d/o John COTTON & Jennie DIGNAN, Wtn. V.K. & Mary O'GORMAN, both of Cobalt, on Oct. 13, 1924 at Cobalt 19808-1924 William Morris OSBORNE, Salisbury Wilts. UK., Twp. Of Calvert, s/o Herbert Edwin OSBORNE & Annie Harrietta WRIGHT married Sadie McDOUGALL, 21, Clerk, Sydney N.S., Calvert Twp., d/o David McDOUGALL & Sadie BAGNELL, Wtn. Charles ROWE, Jean OSBORNE, on June 21, 1924 at Porquis Junction.
19809-1924 Claude V. O'SHAUGHNESSY, 27, Assayer, Nova Scotia, Cobalt, s/o Martin O'SHAUGHNESSY & Rose MCCARTHY, married Minnie Hilda MEREDITH, 24, School Teacher, Midland, Cobalt, d/o Benjamin MEREDITH & Edith JEAVONS?, Wtn. Mr. & Mrs. A.V. O'SHAUGHNESSY, Cobalt, on Feb. 20, 1924 at Cobalt. 19825-1924 Guerrino PAGNINI, 29, Miner, Norrilara Italy, Cobalt, s/o Hercules PAGNINI & Maria ROMANI, married Faustina DIOTALEVI , 17, Pesaro Italy, Cobalt, d/o Alexandre DIOTALEVI & Adele GETRUCCI ?, Wtn. August DAMIANI, Mario PETRUCCI, on June. 23, 1924 at Cobalt.
19818-1924 Cecil E. PALMER, 24, Machineman, of Pontiac Que., s/o James Henry PALMER & Frances KEILLER, married Ruby H. NEDDAO (Neddau?), 24, Orillia, Haileybury, d/o Louis Napoleon NEDDAO & Annie May DUVAL, Wtn. Ethel CRAWFORD, W.T. SCHARF, on Jan. 15, 1924 at Haileybury. 19819-1924 Selmi PALMI, 29, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Nestor PALMI & Nahla PALMI, married Alima RAJALA, 26, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Herman RAJALA & not given, Wtn. Victor CREGO, Helmi CREGO, on May, 11, 1924 at Cobalt
19824-1924 Joseph George PARADIS, 21, Farmer, St. Gabriel de Brandon, Belle Vallee, s/o Frederic PARADIS & Clarisse DURAND, married Marie Gilberte SICARD, 22, St. Justin, Que., d/o Edouard SICARD & Marie MARTIN, Wtn. Frederic PARADIS, Edouard SICARD, on June. 18, 1924 at Belle Vallee. 19810-1924 Franklin Richard PARKER, 37, Locomotive Fireman, Goderich, Uno Park, s/o Richard PARKER & Rachael MARTIN, married Kathryn Jane GEORGE, 28, Dressmaker, Beamsville, St. Catharines, d/o John GEORGE & Lillian Eddy, Wtn. Herbert BOWES, Myrtle BOWES, on Dec. 25, 1924 at Uno Park.
19506-24 Wasel PASKALUX, 27, laborer, Galicia, 416 Adams St., s/o Stephen PASKALUX & Elena CHOZYNA, married Josephina KAWA, 18, of 121 Atlantic St., d/o Jock KAWA & Josephina BABY (Babij?), witn: Nick FAKUS of 416 Elm St. & Teodor OTENKOVICH of 408 Elm St., 18 Oct 1924 at Fort William 19492-24 David John PAUL, 44, construction foreman, Lansing Mich., Fort William, s/o Martin PAUL (b. Russia) & Caroline MARKWARD, married Helen PELLETIER, 27, widow, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Philip TRAYNOR (b. Scotland) & Ann ALLAN, witn: Joseph DEGRIS & Mary St.JACQUES, both of Westfort, 27 Aug 1924 at Fort William
19826-1924 Arnoldo PAULETTI, 28, Miner, Italy, Cobalt, s/o Guinto PAULETTI & Maria WAMPA, married Josephina Henrica BERNACCHIA, 17, Italy, Cobalt, d/o late Hermenegilde Dominico BERNACCHIA & Augusta EUGERIS, Wtn. Augusto DAMIANI, Guerino PAGNINI , on Sept. 11, 1924 at Cobalt 19495-24 Harold Nicholas PEDERSON, 22, paper maker, Kahlsberg Norway, Port Arthur, s/o Ludwig PEDERSON (b. Norway) & Johanna JOHNSON, married Marilla Margaret PREVILLE, 20, Neerce? Wisconsin, Port Arthur, d/o Edward PREVILLE (b. Marquette Mich) & Cassie EHECRIN (Ehcerin?), witn: Mildred WOODSIDE of 340 Pearl St. & Gertrude B. TUER of Waverly St., 18 July 1924 at Port Arthur
19815-1924 Joseph PELLERIN, 39, Farmer, St. Alex Que., Dymond Twp., s/o J. Bte. PELLERIN & Hermenie CLOUTIER, married Mde. Ovide CHARLEBOIS, 35, Widow, St. Isadore Que., New Liskeard, d/o Alfred BEAULE & Adele GOSSELIN, Wtn. David HAMEL, Charly GAGNON, on Sept. 16, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19822-1824 Joseph Albert PELLERIN, 23, Labourer, Verner, New Liskeard, s/o Edmond PELLERIN & Arthemise GAGNON, married Agnes DEMERS, 22, Humbolt, MI., New Liskeard, d/o Pierre DEMERS & Agnes TRAWNICK, Wtn. Peter GANNON, Philippe GAGNON, on Jan. 9, 1924 at New Liskeard
19814-1924 Fred PERRON, 24, Guide, Powassan, Temagami, s/o Joseph PERRON & Georgina TREMBLAY, married Mina PAGE, 19, Post Office Clerk, Detroit, Temagami, d/o Frank PAGE & Annie CHRISTIAN, Wtn. M. McCART, Susie BROWN, on Sept. 30, 1924 at Cobalt 19817-1924 Philip Robert John PERRY, 28, Blacksmith, Maynooth, Cobalt, s/o John Richmond PERRY & Lillian GODDA, married Catharine MORTON, 18, Manitoba, Cobalt, d/o Thomas MORTON & Isabel SEE, Wtn. George Thomas SEE, Ada McCAUSLAND, on Aug. 9, 1924 at Cobalt
19811-1924 Karl PETERSON, 35, Labourer, Norway, Cobalt, s/o Emil PETERSON & Marie JENSEN, married Marie PETERSON, 51 Widow, Sweden, Cobalt, Boarding house keeper, d/o Andrew BLOMQUIST & Anna, not known. Wtn. Eva Jane CLARKE, Mary A. ANNINGTON, on Nov. 14, 1924 at Cobalt 19821-1924 Russell Alexander PETTIFER, 28, Farmer, Lennox & Addington Co., Harley Twp., s/o Hugh PETTIFER & Margaret IRWIN, married Ilma ROUTLIFFE, 22, Ottawa, Harley,Twp., d/o Ernest ROUTLIFFE & Mary CLIFFORD, Wtn. Stella ROUTCLIFFE, Frank DUVAL, on Jan 10, 1924 at Hanbury
19823-1924 Adozilva POIRIER, 30, Occupation illegible, Vaudreuil, Norembega, s/o Simeon POIRIER & Eliza POIRIER, married Marie-Blanche WATTIER, 29, Coteau du Lac, Que., Norembega, d/o Ovide WATTIER & Octavie MASSE, Wtn. Henri DUPONT, on Mar. 3, 1924, at Norembega 19820-1924 Antoni POPADINK, 29, Miner, Poland, Cobalt, s/o Andro POPADINK & Peodonia WIDIW, married Marcela KORPEN, 24, Poland, Cobalt, d/o Michael KORPEN & Joanna HORVAK, Wtn. Alice ROCHEFORT, Norman THIBEAULT, at St. Hilarion's Church, Cobalt
19816-1924 John Arthur POPPLETON, 21, Machinist, Wakefield UK., Haileybury, s/o Thomas POPPLETON & Eva WRIGHT , married Florence Evelyn KING, 17, London Eng., Haileybury, d/o Carrol KING & Florence WHITTINGTON, Wtn. Ruth SYLVESTER, George LAUREN, on Sept. 6, 1924 at Englehart. 19812-1924 George Arthur PRESTON, 25, Locomotive Fireman, Lorneville Jct., Englehart, s/o Francis James PRESTON & Miss STILLMAN, married Marion Elizabeth ILLINGSWORTH, 24, Toronto, Englehart, d/o Harry ILLINGSWORTH & Miss STAPLES, Wtn. Gertrude CHAMBERS, James Wellington CHAMBERS, on Oct. 22, 1924 at Cobalt.
19813-1924 George PRICE, 24, Tailor, Bishops Mills, Swastika, s/o James PRICE & Harriet SLATER, married Ella Mabel ASHLEY, 18, Nova Scotia, d/o Andrew ASHLEY & Georgina McLEOD, Wtn. John LYTLE, Mary SMITH, on Oct. 4, 1924 at Swastika 19505-24 James Finlay PRINGLE, 23 (28?), laborer, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Thomas PRINGLE & Annie GILP, married Mary Jane CULLAN, 22, Ireland, Fort William, d/o Edward CULLAN & Rose Ann DOHERTY, witn: Charles CULLAN & Violet DUDNEY, both of Fort William, 1 Jan 1924 at Fort William
19827-1924 Lawrence Goodwin QUINN, 30, farmer, Muskoka, Charlton, s/o William QUINN & Charlotte BOULTER, married Ethel May KING, 24, Stratford, Charlton , d/o George KING & Mary WELSH, Wtn. Vivian LEECE, Rev. William MAIR, on Nov. 12, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19828-1924 Leonard QUINN, 21, Labourer, Ireland, Tomstown, s/o John QUINN & Margaret IRVINE, married Nancy WINZAR, 22, Widow, Port Hope, Tomstown, d/o Robert James MARSKELL & Jennie McMULLEN, Wtn. Charles SYLVESTER, Ruth SYLVESTER, on Sept. 30, 1924 at Englehart
19829-1924 Jacob Andrew QUINTON, 33, Widower, Mill worker, Parry Sound, Kerns, s/o Charles QUINTON & Elizabeth PILGER, married Chloe Jane PACEY, 29, Widow, Northumberland Co., Kerns, d/o William Henry TAYLOR & Margaret Jane MORROW, Wtn. Pearl QUINTON, Arthur QUINTON on Apr. 16, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19837-1924 Kostantine RAIN, 33, Miner, Romania, Cobalt, s/o Nicolas RAIN & Katerina KOSIUK, married Katerina BOCLA, 24, Romania, Cobalt, d/o Petru BOCLA & Eudochia SCHUCHAR, Wtn. Artimun RADUL, Meri RADUL, on July 13, 1924 at Cobalt.
19516-24 Teodor RANKKA, 27, railway man, Finland, Kaminintigue, s/o Matti RANKKA (b. Finland) & Hlida KORKKAINEN, married Annie RANKKA, 24, Finland, Fort William, d/o Tobias RANKKA (b. Finland) & Liisa LAPPALAINEN, witn: Henry WIITANEN of Nipigon & Soppia HIRVI of Port Arthur, 12 June 1924 at Port Arthur 19513-24 Aro William RASHKAINEN, 28, woodsman, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Aaro RASHKAINEN (b. Finland) & Anna NISHANEN, married Alma Wakarsha? KESKINEN, 28, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o August KESKINEN (b. Finland) & Ida HIRVIKOSKI, witn: Arthur & Tyyne NIRAMI? of Port Arthur, 2 Aug 1924 at Port Arthur
19830-1924 Emeri RATTE, 24, Labourer, Jonquiere Que., Fauquier, s/o Ernest RATTE & Emilie RATTE, married Marie Anne Geralda GAUTHIER, 19, Jonquiere Que., Fauquier, d/o Joseph GAUTHIER & Elma VILLENEUVE, Wtn. Pierre GAUTHIER, Joseph GAUTHIER, on Aug. 19, 1924 at Fauquier. 19517-24 Malcolm MacLeod REID, 45, yardman, Cascades Que., Fort William, s/o Thomas M. REID (deceased, b. Cascades Que) & Marion M. NEILL, married Harriet Jessie MOORE, 30, Montreal, Fort William, d/o George A. MOORE (deceased, b. Alexandria Ont) & Cecelia CURRIE, witn: Miss S. M. REID & George T. MOORE, both of Fort William, 10 March 1924 at Fort William
19525-24 Lawrence John REILLY, 27, Milwaukee Wisconsin, same, s/o Lawrence REILLY & Mary O'NEILL, married Catherine Killoran MORRISON, 23, Uddington Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o James MORRISON & Catherine KILLORAN, witn: Michael & Agnes MORRISON of Port Arthur, 9 June 1924 at Port Arthur 19838-1924 Fred RIDLEY, 21, Electrician, Sheffield UK., Kirkland Lake, s/o Percy Herbert RIDLEY & Alice GERRARD, married Olive CLARKE, 18, Verdun, Montreal Que., Kirkland Lake, d/o Frank CLARKE & Essie KENNEDY, Wtn. Rae COULTER, Dorothy WHITELEY, on June 19, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19836-1924 Alzear RIOPELL, (sic), 27, Repairman, Buckingham Que., Cobalt, s/o Louis RIOPEL & Josephine HANSPEEK, married Diana GRATON, (sic) 17, Buckingham Que., Mileage 104, d/o Joseph GRATTON & Delima SERVANT, Wtn. Frances LARABIE, Louis RIOPEL, on July, 7, 1924 at Cobalt. 19524-24 Michael RIPKA, b. 1895, laborer, Galicia, Port Arthur, s/o Jacob RIPKA & Parasa ROMANIUK, married Mary MUZYLOWSKA, b. 1906, Galicia, Port Arthur, d/o John MUZYLOWSKY & Anasthasie SHOWBOTIUK, witn: Harry SHEWCHUK & Hester MUZYLOWSKY, both of Bay 332, 8 June 1924 at Fort William
19514-24 Joseph Stewart RITCHIE, 30, dentist, Fort William, Port Arthur, s/o John RITCHIE (b. Canada) & Catherine BOYLE, married Anna Worthington McKINNON, 28, Durham?, Port Arthur, d/o Charles McKINNON (b. Canada) & Anne Elizabeth BANKS, witn: Ada McKINNON & G.C. McDOUGALL, both of Port Arthur, 10 July 1924 at Port Arthur 19842-1924 Oscar ROBERGE, 36, Widower, Farmer, St. Cuthbert Que., Belle Vallee, s/o Jean Baptiste ROBERGE & Eloise BOURGEAULT, married Marie Celeste Fabienna LAFRAMBOISE, 31, St. Felix Que., Montpelier Que., d/o Theophile LAFRAMBOISE & Donalda DUBEAU, Wtn. Louis BELANGER, Demi LAFROMBOISE, on Mar. 3, 1924 at Belle Vallee
19841-1924 Arthur Cranston ROBERTSON, 23, Stationary Engineer, Arnprior, Haileybury, s/o William ROBERTSON & Agnes PAUL, married Winnifred Grace WATTS, 18, Montreal, Dane, d/o George WATTS & Gertrude BENT, wtn. Ruth SYLVESTER, Gertrude WATTS, on Mar. 19, 1924 at Englehart. 19510-24 John Edward ROBINSON, 27 (29?), insurance agent, London England, Schreiber, s/o Thomas J. D. ROBINSON (b. England) & L. J. HARRIS, married Ivonne (Jeanne?) McBRIDE, 19, Schreiber, same, d/o Thomas McBRIDE (b. Canada) & Annie MILLAR, witn: Harry JOANETTE & Bethel BOSLER, both of Schreiber, 8 Oct 1924 at Schreiber
19511-24 Robert Ainslie ROBINSON, 24, salesman, Orillia, Port Arthur, s/o H. ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Margaret FITZPATRICK, married Hazel Jean McNULTY, 26, Edmonton, Port Arthur, d/o J. S. McNULTY (b. Canada) & Sarah HAZLETT, witn: Mrs. J. S. McNULTY of 229 Waverly St. & M. SPRATT of 243 Cameron St., 24 Sept 1924 at Port Arthur 19833-1924 Orr Bennett ROBINSON, 27, Farmer, Kenmore, Harley Twp., s/o Robert ROBINSON & Helen WEGER, married Mildred Viola REID, 18, Prescott, Harley Twp., d/o William REID & Cora MORGAN, Wtn. Beatrice KNOX, Vivian LEECE, on Oct. 3, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19843-1924 Joseph Romeo ROBITAILLE, 23, Engineer, Perkins Mills Que., Cobalt, s/o Adelard ROBITAILLE & Delima CARRIERE, married Rhea LARABIE, 17, Cobalt, Same, d/o Josias LARABIE & Pauline LOYER, Wtn. Josias LARABIE, Edmond PATRY, on Mar. 4, 1924 at Cobalt. 19840-1924 Michael John ROCHE, 43, Miner, Renfrew Co., Swastika, s/o Thomas ROCHE & Bridget DIVINE, married Margaret Ann KITTS, 40, Nurse, Renfrew, Charlton, d/o William KITTS & Mary HOULIHAN, Wtn. P. BOLGER, A. CHARLEBOIS, on Apr. 29, 1924 at New Liskeard
19522-24 Eino Arvid ROINE, 40, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Aapo ROINE (b. Finland) & Ilma EITIEDA, married Lyyde KUKKOLA, 40, domestic, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Mattie KUKKOLA (b. Finland) & Maria KANKAANPAA, witn: Victor OLSON of 199 Second St. in Port Arthur & John J. MATTILA of Wilson St. in Port Arthur, 14 Jan 1924 at Port Arthur 19523-24 Herbert Joseph ROONEY, 31, laborer, Gaspe Que., Port Arthur, s/o Lawrence ROONEY & Sarah McCABE, married Velina PULLEN, 23, widow, clerk, Rossport Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Ely BRALEY & Elizabeth ALLARD, witn: Frederick ANDERSON & Elizabeth BRALEY, both of Port Arthur, 3 Jan 1924 at Port Arthur
19835-1924 John ROOS, 24, Miner, Finland, Kirkland Lake, s/o Fred ROOS & Edna NOCKMAN, married Ida NYGARD, 28, Finland, Kirkland Lake, d/o Morton NYGARD & Beta NYGARD, Wtn. John NEWMAN, H. NEWMAN, on July 12, 1924 at Kirkland Lake. 19518-24 Nick ROSENGREN, 20, lumberman, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Victor ROSENGREN (b. Finland) & Olga KORPINEN, married Sivkka ELO, 19, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Edward ELO (b. Finland) & Eliina AHOANLAMPI, witn: Tyyko RAHKOLA of 35 Centre St. in Port Arthur & Lempi? TALOITIE of Algoma St. in Port Arthur, 27 Feb 1924 at Port Arthur
19519-24 Thomas ROSS, 34, fireman, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Charles ROSS (b. Scotland) & Janet FINLAY, marred Margaret McLEOD, 24, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Angus McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Annie McKENZIE, witn: Margaret SMITH of Brodie St. & Donald McLEOD of 112 Leith St., 8 Feb 1924 at Fort William 19834-1924 Stanley Bertram ROSS, 34, Mill Superintendant, Wellington Co., New Liskeard, s/o Malcolm ROSS & Kate DARROCH, married Verla GOLD, 21, Music Teacher, Smith's Falls, New Liskeard, d/o Thomas GOLD & Edith Mona MOSSOP, Wtn. Nalema GOLD, George SIMMONS, on Aug. 30, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19832-1924 Joseph ROSS, 37, Engineer, Eganville, Cobalt, s/o John ROSS & Miss Hawkins, married Beulah CHURCH, 27, Calabogie, Same, d/o Spencer CHURCH & Miss LEVONE ?, Wtn. G.M. DUNBRACK, Mary A. PENNINGTON, on Nov. 8, 1924 19831-1924 Harry Wiliam ROSS, 23, Electric Trucker, Buckingham Que., Ansonville, s/o Alexander ROSS & Annie MILLER, married Bessie Irene FORBES, 23, Listowel, Matheson, d/o Edwin FORBES & Margaret PARTRIDGE, Wtn. C.E. STEVENSON, Marjorie MacINNES, on Dec. 8, 1924 at New Liskeard
19526-24 Alexander Banfield ROSS, 20, railway employee, Toronto, Fort William, s/o Alexander T. ROSS (deceased) & Florence BANFIELD, married Irene Susanna KIRK, 19, Ottawa, Fort William, d/o George KIRK & Annie HAYWARD, witn: Thurza & Harry KIRK of Port Arthur, 4 Aug 1924 at Fort William 19521-24 Sam ROSS, 45, widower, farmer, England, Port Arthur, s/o William ROSS (b. Wales) & Ann PRICE, married Louise VROOMAN, 22, teacher, Lambton Co., Port Arthur, d/o Nelson A. VROOMAN (b. Middlesex Co) & Jane Ann ROOT, witn: J. MATTHEWS & Mrs. P. C. REID, both of Port Arthur, 13 Feb 1924 at Port Arthur
19527-24 Joseph Marcellin ROUSSEL, 26, millwright, Barachois - Gaspe Que., Port Arthur, s/o Michel ROUSSEL & Rose Delima DESPRIS, married Delia POTVIN, 19, teacher, Ottawa, Port Arthur, d/o Alfred POTVIN & Josephine VALLIERE, witn: Albert DUCHARME & Ulla? W. GROULX, both of Port Arthur, 7 July 1924 at Port Arthur 19839-1924 Thomas Rodda ROWE, 33, Automobile Merchant, Albert Mines Que., Cobalt, s/o William ROWE & Elizabeth RODDA, married Viola Christien WHALEN, Powassan, Cobalt, d/o William WHELAN & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Wtn. Winifred GIBSON, George B. GIBSON, on June. 4, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19515-24 Alexander ROY, 25, switch man, Toronto, Port Arthur, s/o Francis ROY (b. Toronto) & Mary ALEXANDER, married Catherine COOKE, 19, Port Arthur, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Frank & Mrs. F. ROY of Fort William, 28 July 1924 at Fort William 19509-24 George Frederick ROY, 29, locomotive fireman, France, Horne Payne, s/o George E. ROY (b. England) & Rose CLOVER, married Elizabeth Sophia KALLIS, 19, Finland, Horne Payne, d/o Gus KALLIS (b. Finland) & Elizabeth OJALA, witn: Miss E. CHENEY of Minnesota St. in Fort William & Mrs. Lise? KALLIS of 871 Minnesota St., 8 Nov 1924 at Fort William
1 9864-1924 Joseph Louis Clovis St. AMANT, 24, St. Ubald, Que., Belle Vallee, s/o Louis St. AMANT & Sara PLEAU, married Marie Armoza, Alice LABONTE, 19, St. Calixte, Que., d/o David LABONTE & Philomene ROUYX, Wtn. Joseph St. AMANT, David LABONTE, on Jan. 24, 1924 at Belle Vallee 19863-1924 Joseph St. PIERRE, 23, Carpenter, Ottawa, Kirkland Lake, s/o Mathias St. PIERRE & Obelina MIHER?, married Fidelia MENARD, 23, Gracefield Que., Kirkland Lake, d/o Joseph MENARD & Celina LAFRENIER, Wtn. H. CROMELL, Mrs. M. DARLING, on April 30, 1924 at Kirkland Lake
19532-24 Matti SAARALAINEN, 25, laborer, Finland, Mabella Ont., s/o Mattie SAARALAINEN (b. Finland) & Amanda HOBKANEN, married Martha AKERMAN, 18, domestic, Finland, Mabella, d/o Alex AKERMAN (b. Finland) & Ester LEHTONEN, witn: Sophia HIRVI & Hilja KIRTI, both of Port Arthur, 19 Nov 1924 at 262 Wilson St. in Port Arthur 19858-1924 Augustin SABOURIN, 21, Miner, Manitoba, Cobalt, s/o Joseph SABOURIN & Albina DAOUST, married Marie BASTIEN, 19, Quebec, Cobalt, d/o Edmond BASTIEN & Rose LEBRUN, Wtn. Delima ROY, Edmond BASTIEN, on June 25, 1924 at Cobalt
19861-1924 Pierre SAINDON, 45, Wood dealer, St. Epiphane Que., Cobalt, s/o Louis SAINDON & Arthemise LEVEQUE, married Emmerentienne PICHETTE, 26, Warren USA., Cobalt, d/o William PICHETTE & Amanda GAGNE, Wtn. J. Bte. JODOUIN, William PICHETTE, on June 12, 1924 at Cobalt. 19852-1924 Emil SALMEN, 28, Miner, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Kirsta SALMEN & Miss HAKALA, married Sohfi KALORJA, 38, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Heikki KALORJA & Miss KARKONEN, Wtn. Kalle LAINE, Myri LAINE, on Sept. &, 1924 at Cobalt.
19865-1924 Armand SAVOIE, 26, Farmer, Upton of Bagot Que., Heaslip Twp., s/o Wilfred SAVOIE & Allecia PHANEUF, married Marie-Aurore RIVARD, 19, St. Maurice Que., Earlton, d/o Arthur RIVARD & Amanda CORBIN, Wtn. Cyrille GRISE, Arthur RIVARD, on Oct. 8, 1924 at Earlton 19847-1924 Richard SCOTT, 49, Farmer, Renfrew, Hudson Twp., s/o James SCOTT & Annie WILSON, married Cynthia Maud CHESTER, 34, Ontario, Hudson, Twp., d/o Thomas CHESTER & Emily AMNIS, Wtn. David DUNN, Jean DUNN, on Dec. 17, 1924 at Dymond Twp.,
19862-1924 Silvio Arturo SECCO, 25, Miner, Italy, Cobalt, s/o Guiseppe SECCO & Natilda POZZOBON, married Maria Rosina MAIO, 18, St. Paul Brazil S.A., res?, d/o Francesco MAIO & Barbara IASCHETTI, Wtn. Michael BRUNETTO, Maria BRUNETTO, on May 10, 1924 at Cobalt. 19534-24 George SHANNON, 25, comb? cleaner, Glasgow Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o George F. SHANNON (b. Scotland) & Jane ANDERSON, married Elizabeth Gordon CRUICKSHANKS, 23, Glasgow Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o Alexander CRUICKSHANKS (b. Scotland) & Marion GOUDIE, witn: Janet SHANNON of 255 John Shannon (sic) & Robert C--? of 23 Macher Ave in Port Arthur, 14 Nov 1924 at Port Arthur
19530-24 Clifford SHARP, 21, chauffeur, Watford Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Donald SHARP (b. Canada) & Jessie M. PATTERSON, married Ethel SINCLAIR, 22, domestic, Kenora, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas SINCLAIR (b. Canada) & Isabel FOSTER, witn: Doris BRIGG of Pearl St. & Jane N. McGREGOR of 20 Banning St., 8 Dec 1924 at Port Arthur 19854-1924 George Alfred SHIRE, 35, Telegraph Operator, Bristol UK., Haileybury, s/o George SHIRE & Emily Jane WITHEY, married Sarah Eliza LENNON, 29, Widow, Lancaster UK., Haileybury, d/o Stephen BEASLEY & Elizabeth BROOKS, Wtn. Benjamin BEASLEY, Lily McEWEN, on Aug. 21, 1924 at Haileybury.
19844-1924 William James SIMMERS, 33, Sawyer, Muskoka, Matheson, s/o James Charles SIMMERS & Emma SPYERS, married Florence Gertrude JOY, 23, Ottawa, Matheson, d/o Lewis Spoffard JOY & Gertrude COMFORT, Wtn. Frances SCOTT, Elizabeth BEESTON, on Sept. 3, 1924 at The Manse, Cobalt. 19855-1924 Arthur Ernest Paget SIMPKIN, 54, Widower, Hardware merchant, England, Kirkland Lake, s/o John SIMPKIN & Sarah COX, married Edenia Annie RICHARDS, 39, Clerk, England, Cornwall England, d/o William RICHARDS & Hannah Maria HOCKING, Wtn. Archie SIMPKIN, Annie Marie SIMPKIN, on July 19, 1924 at Christ Church, Englehart
19857-1924 Franklin Leonard SMITH, 26, Labourer, Algoma, Hislop Twp., s/o John Robert Alfred SMITH & Annabel CASCADDEN, married Mary HAGGARTY, 22, Scotland, Hislop Twp., d/o John HAGGERTY & Mary HENDRY, Wtn. Mary M. SMITH, Alex R. SMITH, on July 12, 1925 at Englehart 19860-1924 Frederick George SMITH, 23, Farmer, England, Beauchamp Twp., s/o John SMITH & Edith BEAVEN?, married Violet May FLOWERDAY, 23, England, Earlton, d/o Arthur FLOWERDAY & Emma BATES, Wtn. Richard William FLOWERDAY, Emily MILLIN, on June 21, 1924 at Beauchamp Twp
19845-1924 William SMITH, 21, Machinist, Halifax, Yorkshire UK., Emerald Lake Gold Mine - Washagami, P.O., s/o Joseph SMITH & Maria Jane HAMER, married Evelyn May DUVAL, 17, Blind River, New Liskeard, d/o Joseph DUVAL & Hannah Helen ROAME, Wtn. Mrs. O. LEBLANC, Marjorie MacINNES, on Dec. 31, 1924 at New Liskeard. 19529-24 Donald SMITH, 27, grain elevator man, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Peter SMITH (b. Scotland) & Kate McLEOD, married Isabel MacKENZIE, 21, Scotland, Fort William, d/o Duncan MacKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Maggie LINKLATER, witn: George MacLEOD of illegible & Mary MacKENZIE of illegible, 23 Dec 1924 at Fort William
19850-1924 Herbert SMITH, 48, Widower, Storekeeper, Birmingham UK., Bear Island, s/o Joseph SMITH & Sarah MILLS, married Georgina CHAMPAGNE, 38, Accountant, Prescott, Cobalt, d/o Joseph CHAMPAGNE & Nathalie BASTIEN, Wtn. Adrianus Van HOCK, Eva BELIVEAU, on Oct. 25, 1925 at Cobalt 19848-1924 Joseph Adelmard SMITH, 28, Miner, Gaspe Que., Cobalt, s/o Louie SMITH & Delia LEFEBRE, married Marie Clarice POISSON, 18, Verner, Cobalt, d/o Henri POISSON & Marie DEMERS, Wtn. Louis SMITH, Henri POISSON, on Nov. 25, 1924 at Cobalt.
19853-1924 Melville Lorne SPROULE, 24, Accountant, Arnprior, Same, s/o Andrew SPROULE & Susan CONNERY, married Florence Velma ASHLEY, 20, Oldham N.S. Swastika, d/o Andrew ASHLEY & Georgina McLEOD, Wtn. H.L. SPROULE, G. ASHLEY, on Sept. 5, 1924 at Kirkland Lake. 19528-24 Frederick Albert STEPHENS, 29, elevator employee, England, Port Arthur, s/o George STEPHENS (b. England) & Margaret FORTY, married Lily Rebecca SHAPCOTT, 34, England, Port Arthur, d/o W. J. SHAPCOTT (b. England) & Elizabeth GRACE, witn: E. B. & M. SHAPCOTT of Jumbo? Gardener in Port Arthur, 24 Dec 1924 at Port Arthur
19859-1924 Raymond STEWART, 23, Farmer, Barrie, Harley Twp., s/o Thomas STEWART & Charlotte McKEWN, married Matilda ROBINSON, 19, Harley Twp., Same, d/o Robert ROBINSON & Nellie WEEGAR, Wtn. Beatrice KNOX, Vivian LEECE, on June 25, 1924 at New Liskeard. 9856-1924 Douglas Allen STORMS, 21, Caretaker, Kingston, Haileybury, s/o Abe STORMS & Not Known, married Jessie M. DAVIDSON, 20, Eau Claire, same, d/o Louis DAVIDSON & Obeline OUIMET, Wtn. Victoria & Adelard VILLENEUVE, on Aug. 1, 1924 at Haileybury.
19866-1924 George STRATALA, 28, Chernowitz Austria, Kirkland Lake, s/o Peter STRATULA (sic), & Maria GRASCHUK, married Catharine ROMANCHUK, 17, Chernowitz Austria, Kirkland Lake, d/o Wasyl ROMANCHUK & Domica ISSAK, Wtn. Daniel SOROCHAN, C. PROCYSPYN, on Oct. 26, 1924 at Kirkland Lake. 19849-1924 Louis STURGEON, 25, Miner, Otter Lake, Mileage 104, s/o Oliver STURGEON & Helene BAUDRY, married Lucie DUGAS, 33, Widow, Plantagenet, Mileage 104, d/o Xavier DUGAS & Sophie LIBOIRON, Wtn. Mandoza QUEVILLON, Oliver STURGEON, on Nov. 6, 1924 at Cobalt.
19851-1924 Charles SUTTON, 28, Engineer, Parry Sound, New Liskeard, s/o Levi SUTTON & Sarah McARTHUR, married Margaret Elizabeth WAUGH, 19, Dymond Twp., Harris Twp., d/o William WAUGH & Abigail SNYDER, Wtn. Annie May SNIDER, Jesse George WAUGH, on Sept. 24, at Sutton Bay. 19846-1924 Edwin Wesley SWAYNE, 24, Carpenter, Ormsley, Englehart, s/o John WESLEY & Hannah BLACKBURN, married Marguerite A. PETERS, 21, Highland Grove, Englehart, d/o George PETERS & Mary Mabel BREAKENRIDGE, Wtn. Gershom ANDERSON, Lois Rose Anna PETERS, on Dec. 24, 1924 at Englehart.
19873-1924 Norman THIBAULT, 20, Miner, Fournierville Que., Cobalt, s/o Oscar THIBAULT & Eliana RICHER, Married Alice ROCHEFORT, 17, Cobalt, Same, d/o Joseph ROCHEFORT & Rosanna GAUTHIER, Wtn. Oscar THIBAULT, Wilfrid BRUNEAU, on Oct. 14, 1924 at Cobalt 19872-1924 Gustave THIBAULT, 23, Mine Labour, Fournierville Ont, Cobalt, s/o Oscar THIBAULT & Eliana RICHER, married Georgina BROUSSEAU, Masson Que., Cobalt, d/o C. BROUSSEAU & Alexina COBARD?, Wtn. Omar THIBAULT, Octave BROUSSEAU, on Mar. 3, 1924 at Cobalt
19870-1924 William THOMPSON, 22, Farmer, White Lake, Evanturel Twp., s/o James THOMPSON & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Mabel BERARD, 20, Renfrew, Evanturel Twp., d/o Charles BERARD & Sarah Ann McCORMICK, , Wtn. Ruth SYLVESTER, Charles BERARD, on May 2, 1924 at Englehart. 19868-1924 Archibald THOMSON, 46, Widower, Cook, Scotland, Dane, s/o Alexander THOMSON & Mary McKELLAR, married Alexandria FRASER, 42, Nurse, Scotland, Dane, d/o James FRASER & Christine CHISHOLM, Wtn. William STEWART, Johanna McRae STEWART, on Oct. 14, 1924 at Barry-Hollinger Mine, Boston Creek.
19867-1924 Frank THORNTON, 22, Accountant, Gillingham UK., Cobalt, s/o William Henry THORNTON & Edith Elizabeth TAVERNOR, married Clara Marie HOGAN, 21, Stenographer, Forest Hill N.S. Cobalt, d/o Charles HOGAN & Marie McALLISTER, Wtn. Ulric Siddon ANNETT, Maria HOGAN, Dec. 20, 1924 at Cobalt. 19871-1924 Harold TOWIE, 26, Labourer, Pelham Twp., New Liskeard, s/o Robert TOWIE & Miss CUMBA, married Cassie WILSON, 24, Otter Lake, North Cobalt, d/o Isaac WILSON & Miss Brown, Wtn. Grace WILSON, Robert FAIRBROTHER, on April 9, 1924 at Cobalt.
  19869-1924 Walter Rawlings TRISTRAM, 38, Widower, Minister, York UK., Henwood Twp., s/o John TRISTRAM & Mary Ann RAWLINGS, married Lilian Grace BEYNAN, 31, Nurse, Cardiff Wales, Same, d/o Michael John BEYNAN & Mary Elizabeth THOMAS, Wtn. Elfreda J. BURRY, Winnifred MAIR, on June 2, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19875-1924 Edward Patrick VAHEY, 33, Farmer, Fitzroy Harbour, South Lorraine Twp., s/o Peter VAHEY & Margaret Jane SMITH, married Victoria LANTHIER, 23, Casselman, South Lorraine Twp., d/o Henri LANTHIER & Henriette BOYER, Wtn. Johnny LANTHIER, Margaret VAHEY, on Oct. 5, 1924 at North Cobalt 19874-1924 Lester VALLEY, 22, Cookee, Buckingham Que., Swastika, s/o Joseph VALLEY & Milissa (sic) BIGLOW, married Laura GODDA, 16, Craigmount - Hastings Co., Swastika, d/o Frank GODDA & Florence MAYHEW, Wtn. Treffley GODDA, Miss Agnes ROCHE, on Feb. 25, 1924 at Kirkland Lake.
19877-1924 Fred A. WADGE, 19, Farmer, Perth, Englehart, s/o Samuel J. WADGE & Mary Jane RIDLEY, married Edith CARTER, 18, Tomiko, Englehart, d/o James Ernest CARTER & Gertrude Emma ALLEN, Wtn. Ada McCAUSLAND, Bruce McCAUSLAND, on Apr. 11, 1924 at Cobalt 19876-1924 Frederick Lorne WILLIAMS, 23, Mill worker, Picnic Island, Latchford, s/o John William WILLIAMS & Elena Phoebe DEDMAN, married Margaret Helena DOUGLAS, 18, North Bay, Latchford, s/o Richard DOUGLAS & Minnie GOLTZ, Wtn. Truman E. GETTY, Mrs. Truman GETTY, on Sept. 22, 1924 at New Liskeard.
19878-1924 Victor WOODS, 32, Miner, Woolwich UK., Kirkland Lake, s/o John WOODS & Sarah MILTON, married Elsie PEARCE, 23, Milnrow Lancs, UK., Kirkland Lake, d/o William James PEARCE & Louisa CLEGG, Wtn. Charles SYLVESTER, Ruth SYLVESTER, on Mar. 19, 1924 at Englehart. 19879-1924 Walter Alexander WRIGHT, 29, Freight Clerk, Beachburg, Swastika, s/o Samuel WRIGHT & Janet LITTLE, married Agnes Campbell GRAHAM, 21, Stenographer, Greenock Scotland, Swastika, d/o John A. GRAHAM & Agnes MacDOWELL, Wtn. Walter Allen McLELLAN, Jean GRAHAM, on Jan. 26, 1924 at Kirkland Lake.
19880-1924 Albert T. YOUNG, 26, Miner, Eustis Que., Cobalt, s/o Theron? YOUNG & Minnie POWERS, married Margaret Mary MEAGHER, 20, Londonderry N.S., Cobalt, d/o William MEAGHER & Margaret MULLALLY, Wtn. William MEAGHER, Alberta ROBINSON, on Mar. 3, 1924 at Cobalt  


Register of Rev. Edward J. Stobo Jr., Regular Baptist, North Bay

transcribed from microfilm MS 248, reel 20 [Marriage Registers by Clergy, Record Group 8]

William Robert PALMER, 24, farmer, Hawkstone NB, North Bay, s/o Moses PALMER & Helen MOORE, married Thelma Maude KELLY, 21, Hawkstone NB, North Bay, d/o Oran Gilfrod KELLY & Etta Alberta MORGAN, witn: Lloyd Barnum & Etta Alberta KELLY of North Bay, 16 April 1924 at North Bay

William John BLACKMORE, 28, garage man, Midlothian - Ryerson twp., Sprucedale, s/o William BLACKMORE & Mary SELLORS, married Laura Viola SHEA, 19, Burks Falls, Sprucedale, d/o Stevedore? & Sarah Jane, witn: Agnes M. NICHOLLS of North Bay & Sarah Jane SHEA of Burks Falls, 9 June 1924 at North Bay

Levi THOMPSON, 30, laborer, Matawatchan, North Bay, s/o not given, married Ellen Alberta JONES, 19, Toronto, Widdifield twp., d/o not given, witn: Lena Winnifred JONES & John THOMPSON, both of Trout Mills, 18 June 1924 at North Bay

Jooseph Archibald RICKENBACK, 29, jeweller, Ailsa Craig, North Bay, s/o Conrad RICKENBACK & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Annie Elizabeth PATTERSON, 24, Paisley Ont., North Bay, d/o George PATTERSON & Annie ALLAN, witn: Ruth E. NICHOLLS & Albert A. RICHENBACK (sic), both of North Bay, 23 June 1924 at North Bay

Joseph Whitfield GRAY, 42, widower, car inspector, Durham Co England, North Bay, s/o Joseph Whitfield GRAY & Sarah NICHOLSON, married Lucy Elizabeth McCLINTOCK, 42, Culross Ont., North Bay, d/o Robert McCLINTOCK & Margaret SMITH, witn: Ruth E. NICHOLLS of Perry SMITH, both of North Bay, 26 July 1924 at North Bay (Salvation Army)

Edward Thomas MITCHELL, 22, miner, Cambourne England, North Bay, s/o Richard MITCHELL & Janne? ?--ARY, married Mildred WHITFORD, 21, Givensap? England, North Bay, d/o Joseph John WHITFORD & Bessie HALE, witn: Keith McKay MATHESON of 22 Fraser St. Quebec & Mrs. SNYDER of North Bay, 27 July 1924 at North Bay

Walter Eugene MORGAN, 35, dentist, Gravenhurst Ont., North Bay, s/o Edward & blank, married Alice Florence TANDY, 27, Quarry Bank England, North Bay, d/o not given, witn: May Emily MORGAN & Douglas Foster CONNELL, both of North Bay, 10 Sept 1924 at North Bay