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Northern Districts, 1917

birth place is given before residence


019367/17 (Thunder Bay) Bertram Ogle FARMER, 35, theatrical manager, Prairieton Ind. U.S.A., Fort William, s/o William Frances FARMER & Elizabeth Blanche OGLE, married Eleanor Katherine MARRIGAN, 22, New Richmond Quebec, Port Arthur, d/o William MARRIGAN & Stella MARSHALL, witn: William Joseph BARTER & Julia Hellen HEALY both of Port Arthur, 15 August 1917, Port Arthur

019371/17 (Thunder Bay) William Ray FARRELL, 23, sawmill hand or laborer, Otter Lake Quebec, Thessalon in the district of Algoma, s/o Richard Hall FARRELL & Minnie CRAIG, married Hannah SMITH, 19, stenographer, Greermount Quebec, Fort William, d/o William John SMITH & Mary Ann HAMILTON, witn: P.M. FARRELL & W.J. SMITH both of Fort William, 8 August 1917, St. Paul's Church, Fort William

019369/17 (Thunder Bay) Hurley Alexander FUMMERTON, 22, brakeman, Fort William, Fort William, s/o Neal FUMMERTON & Augusta ANDERSON, married Blanche STANLEY, 19, stenographer, England, Fort William, d/o Walter STANLEY & Kate WINTERINGHAM, witn: A. REID & Rhoda REID both of Fort William, 5 June 1917, Fort William

019370/17 (Thunder Bay) Herbert Neal FUMMERTON, 21, train man, Port Arthur, Fort William, s/o Neil FUMMERTON & Augusta ANDERSON, married Vera May AGNEW, 19, Petrolia, Port Arthur, d/o Albert AGNEW & Bridget BRENNAN, witn: Norman SHORTT & Maud SHORTT both of Port Arthur, 22 June 1917, Fort William

019394/17 (Thunder Bay) Emil HELLSTEN, 30, farmer, Finland, Quibell, s/o John HELLSTEN & Edla TAMNIS, married Anna PENNANEN, 30, domestic, Finland, Quibell, d/o Heikki PENNANNEN & Maria HAMALAINEN, witn: Frank HAKALA & Ida MAKKONEN both of Quibell Ont., 4 August 1917, Port Arthur

019395/17 (Thunder Bay) Edward HILL, 26, railroad, Finland, Oscar Ont., s/o Evert MYLLYNAKI & Emily WEGELIUS, married Mary JOHNSON, 28, widow, domestic, Finland, Fort William, d/o Elias KARSTUNESS & Miina VERTANEN, witn: A. HERMANSON & Hilda HERMANSON both of Fort William Ont., 24 July 1917, Port Arthur

019506/17 (Thunder Bay) Robert McCAULEY, 35, widower, day worker, Pembroke, Schreiber, s/o John McCAULEY & Mary WALLACE, married Alberta FISHER al Nidjikiwe, 21, Pays Plat, Pays Plat, d/o Jos. FISHER al Nidjikiwe & Lucie OMBININI, witn: Girard GAGNON of Schreiber & Cecile FISHER of Pays Plat, 5 November 1917, Pays Plat  

6500-17 - Michele PALUMBE, 25, laborer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Vincenzo & Cumconita nee PROCETTI, married Margherita IANNECCI, 22, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Luigi & Anna nee PISA, witn: Giovanni GENITTI & Gustitta GENITTI of Sault Ste Marie, 24 Nov 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6503-17 - Antonio PAQUETTE, 31, laborer, St Andre Avelin Quebec, Sudbury, s/o Felix PAQUETTE & Rosa REGINBALD married Paulina LEBLANC, 26, Ange Gardien Quebec, White Fish, d/o Niovis LEBLANC & Eleonore PATRY, witn: Joseph LEBLANC & Noela ST. JEAN of White Fish, 16 Oct 1917, White Fish

6496-17 - Nathan Stuart PATTERSON, 23, electric man, Port Huron Michigan, Port Huron Michigan, s/o Jesse PATTERSON & Francis BOYNTON married Orpha Rella THOMPSON, 22, post mistress, Grindstone City Michigan, Blind River, d/o Frederick THOMPSON & Margaret MCGAULEY, witn: Ray THOMPSON & Grace THOMPSON of Blind River, 7 June 1917, Blind River

6504-17 - Frederic PAYMENT, 26, lumberman, widower, Sault Ste Marie Mich., Hardwood camp near Beaverstone, s/o Frank PAYMENT & Zoe LESSARD married Josephine DE LAMORANDIERE, 23, Killarney, res not given, d/o Etienne DE LAMORANDIERE & Thais PROULX, witn: William PROULX & Elizabeth DE LAMORANDIERE of Killarney, 19 Nov 1917, Killarney

6492-17 - William Edmund PECK, 36, school teacher, Ontario, Icelandia Saskatchewan, s/o William PECK & Annie M. STEPHENS married Amy WILLIAMSON, 37, England, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Walter WILLIAMSON & Annie LEVERETT, witn: F. W. LAMBERT & J. WILLIAMSON of Sault Ste Marie, 20 Dec 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6499-17 - Saverio PERRI, 20, laborer, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Joseph PERRI & Teresa GIGLIOTTI married Rosaria Angela FERRARO, 19, Italy, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Antonio FERRARO & Rosario CARUSO, witn: Engenio GARDI of Sault Ste Marie & Angelina GARDI, 16 Oct 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6497-17 - Joseph Ben PETERBAUGH, 25, farmer, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, s/o Peter PETERBAUGH & Emlie HURLEY married Edna GAMBLE, 24, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, d/o Frank GAMBLE & Annie SANDERSON, witn: Fred ARMSTRONG & Mrs. G. KING, both of Echo Bay, 21 May 1917, Echo Bay

6502-17 - Louido PEVATO, 29, cheese maker, Italie, Chelmsford, s/o Antonio PEVATO & Roceo GUIDETTA married Regina LALONDE, 22, housemaid, Vankleek Hill, Chelmsford, d/o Honore LALONDE & Velina GUILBAULT, witn: Luigi BRAZINI of Copper Cliff & Honore LALONDE of Chelmsford, 30 April 1917, Chelmsford

6498-17 - Alonzo PIKE, 33, farming, Kirkwood, Lefroy, s/o William PIKE & Lucy GRIGG married Violet Elizabeth KING, 21, Kirkwood, Kirkwood, d/o Charles W. KING & Addie WRIGHT, witn: Charles W. KING of Kirkwood & W. J. WRIGHT of Thessalon, 4 April 1917, Kirkwood

6501-17 - Napoleon PILON, 23, farmer, St. Eugene, Chelmsford, s/o Felix PILON & Pomela THOVETTE married Solange GRATTON, 16, housemaid, Chelmsford, Chelmsford, d/o Napoleon GRATTON & Marie Louise BLAIR, witn: Fortuna PILON & Napoleon GRATTON of Chelmsford, 19 Feb 1917, Chelmsford

6493-17 - William George PLEWES, 27, engineer, Brucefield, Steelton, s/o William G. PLEWES & Bessie WALTERS married Francis Jane TILLEY, 24, Sault Ste Marie, Sault Ste Marie, d/o William H. TILLEY & Cristie SCOTT, witn: Annie Mable TILLEY & Charles E. MOORE of Sault Ste Marie, 29 Aug 1917, Jamestown

6494-17 - George PRENOVEAU, 65, bushman, widower, Three Rivers Quebec, Thessalon, s/o Gilbert PRENOVEAU & Sophia SPENARD married Edesse BENETEAU, 58, housekeeper, widow, St Eloi Quebec, Thessalon, d/o Edward BONENFANT & Emelie LEVESQUE, witn: John BELLROSE & J. TREMBLEY of Thessalon, 10 July 1917, Thessalon

6495-17 - Hector PROULX, 34, laborer, Ottawa, Blind River, s/o Harquer PROULX & Delphie BEGRAW married Louise PEGAMESSE, 17, Mississauga, Mississauga, d/o Robert PEGAMESSE & Angeline ANDRIAWIS, witn: Pierre GIRARD of Blind River & Joseph MATTAWAP of Spragge, 9 July 1917, Blind River


6516-17 - Michele RAIMONE, 26, laborer, Italy, Murray, s/o Luigi & Filomena nee DAVINO married Elena CONIGLIO, 17, Italy, Murray, d/o Dominico & Angelina nee TEARGRALLE?, witn: G. DE SIMONE & Assuntre VIGNO of James St., 29 Jan 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6508-17 - Victor Horace RAINS, 23, farmer, Richards landing, Richards Landing, s/o Raymond RAINS & Annie CAIN married Jessie May MATHESON, 19, Marksville, Bruce Mines, d/o William MATHESON & Elizabeth NICHOLS, witn: Ellen RAINS of Richards Landing & M. K. PRITCHARD of Sault Ste Marie, 10 July 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6515-17 - Sam N. RATTY, 30, RR Conductor, Westmeath, Chapleau, s/o Peter RATTY & Domithilde ST. DENNIS married Augusta DENMARK, 22, Massey, Massey, d/o Joe DENMARK & Elizabeth HAWKER, witn: George T. BURKE & Elizabeth BURKE of Massey, 24 April 1917, Massey

6522-17 - James D. REARBECK (Reasbeck?), 20, laborer, Plantegenet Quebec, Cutler, s/o William REARBECK & Christina LOONAN married Emelie Regina CONSTANTINEAU, 19, Le Passe Quebec, Cutler, d/o Joseph CONSTANTINEAU & Melina LACASE, witn: Edmond & Eva CONSTANTINEAU of Cutler, 21 Aug 1917, Culter

6523-17 - Alexis RECOLLET, 20, farmer, Wikwemikong, Wikwemikong, s/o Alexis RECOLLET & Catherine TRUDEAU, married Sarah THOMPSON, 20, servant, Sagurg, Owen Sound, d/o James THOMPSON & Liza THOMAS, witn: Dominic TRUDEAU & Josette RECOLLET of Wikwemikong, 14 Nov 1917, Wikwemikong

6512-17 - Frederick REDPATH, 22, farmer, Dayton, Dayton, s/o William REDPATH & Mary Jane ALDERSON married Elizabeth Grace GALLOWAY, 23, Oil Springs, Dayton, d/o William GALLOWAY & Jane BURROWS, witn: unreadable, 2? June 1917, Thessalon [faded reg'n]

6505-17 - Lawrence REID, 29, farmer, Thessalon, Lucknow, s/o James REID & Annie CARVER married Isabelle MACKAY, 20, Custer Michigan, Stilton, d/o Malcolm MACKAY & Frances REID, witn: Annabel ASH of Thessalon & Hugh MACKAY of Sault Ste Marie, 23 July 1917, Stilton

6511-17 - Edward REID, 25, farmer, Dean Lake, Dean Lake, s/o William REID & Myrtle JOYCE married Myrtle Pearl BEHARRIELL, 20, farmer, Ironbridge, Dean Lake, d/o William BEHARRIELL & Rebeckey BELL, wit; Mary BEHARRIELL of Dean Lake, 4 June 1917, Thessalon

6509-17 - Norbert RIPLINGER, 24, iron worker, Boyd Wisconsin, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Nicholas RIPLINGER & Magdeline HOFFMAN married Veronica BOTTRELL, 23, Marquette Michigan, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Robert John BOTTRELL & Amelia CHARTAW, witn: George ROBIDEAU & Margaret BOTTRELL of Sault Ste Marie, 26 June 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6517-17 - Norbert RIPLINGER, 24, ironworker, Boyde Wisconsin, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Nicholas RIPLINGER & Madeline HOFFMAN married Veronica BOTTRELL, 23, Marquette Michigan, Sault Ste Marie, d/o John BOTTRELL & Euseba CHARTRAND?, witn: illegible ROBIDEAU & Margaret BOTTRELL of Sault Ste Marie, 26 June 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6513-17 - Modes Joseph RIVERS, 25, farmer, Echo Bay, Echo Bay, s/o Madoc RIVERS & Rachel HURLEY married Margaret B. BURDEN, 19, Algoma Dist., Bruce Mines, d/o John BURDEN & Sarah FINALYSON (Finlayson?), witn: Mrs. Sarah BURDEN & Duncan BURDEN of Bruce mines, 20 June 1917, Bruce Mines

6520-17 - Willie ROBILLARD, 23, farmer, Rayside, Rayside, s/o Elzear ROBILLARD & Pomila LEROUX married Alice CASTONGUAY, 15, Rayside, Rayside, d/o Pierre CASTONGUAY & Emerance CHEVRIER, witn: Elzear ROBILLARD & Pierre CASTONGUAY of Chelmsford, 4 June 1917, Chelmsford

6507-17 - Charles Frederick ROFFEY, 22, farmer, Perth, Sault Ste Marie, s/o F. W. ROFFEY & M. HAMILTON married Eva May CARROLL, 23, Grand Valley, Sault Ste Marie, d/o John CARROLL & Emily Jane MAY, witn: Leslie CARROLL & Dorothy Maud CARROLL of Sault Ste Marie, 20 Sept 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6506-17 - Frederick Arnold ROWE, 28, steel worker, Bruce Mines, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Samuel George ROWE & Minnie MONTGOMERY married Lillian Augusta WINTERBOTTOM, 21, Thedford, Sault Ste Marie, d/o Darcy WINTERBOTTOM & Lucy JAMIESON, witn: Irene BILTON & M. K. PRITCHART of Sault Ste Marie, 6 Nov 1917, Sault Ste Marie

6519-17 - J. B. ROY, 30, laborer, Pembroke, Chelmsford, s/o Leon ROY & Marie BEAUCHAMP married Amanda CHEVRIER, 18, housemaid, Chelmsford, Chelmsford, d/o Joseph CHEVRIER & Marie PROULX, witn: Basile ETHIER & Joseph CHEVRIER of Chelmsford, 30 April 1917, Chelmsford

6514-17 - Abraham Adolph ROY, 36, miller, Ottawa, Keewatin, s/o John & Thibret married Marie Anne Georgina DEGAGNE, 26, Norman, Norman, d/o Pierre & Eva Ca--?, witn: Rose ROY & Narcisse ROY of Keewatin, 5 Feb 1917, Norman

6510-17 - James Thomas Hendry ROYAL, 31, farmer, Gore Bay, Parkinson, s/o Frank ROYAL & Agnes BACKERTON married Janet DUNN, 17, Parkinson, Parkinson, d/o Robert DUNN & Lily OLIVER, witn: Alex HUMPHREYS & Alice HUMPHREYS of Thessalon, 11 Sept 1917, Thessalon

18811-17 Richard Thomas SCOTT, 43, widower, farmer, Harcourt Ont., Quartz Ont., s/o James SCOTT & Hannah CRAIG, married Clara Jane PACKARD, 34, Haliburton, same, d/o William PACKARD & Isabella SERSON, witn: R. May LEACOCK & Evelyn G. FOLLETT, both of Sudbury, 5 May 1917 at Sudbury
18812-17 George Roland SPENCER, 25, dispatcher, Smith Falls, Sudbury, s/o George SPENCER & Euthanie Blanch THOMAS, married Kathleen Annie PURVIS, 25, Sudbury, same, d/o James PURVIS & Annie Banks KEMPTHALL, witn: John Howard & Manilla Winnifred SPENCER of Ottawa, 25 April 1917 at Sudbury 18810-17 Charles Henry SWEET, 27, electrician, Blairton, Sudbury, s/o William SWEET & Emma FROATS, married Lillian Janet BOYTER, 18, Little Current, Sudbury, d/o Thomas John BOYTER & Mary McGILLIS, witn: Marion BOYTER & William Henry GRUBBS?, both of Sudbury, 29 Aug 1917 at Sudbury

12501-17 (Manitoulin Dist) Joseph Everett THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Kagawong, Kagawng, s/o Albert THOMPSON & Mary SNOW married Lulah YOUNG, 23. Barrie Island, Gore Bay, d/o James YOUNG & Tincy HUGHSON, witn: Edwin James RUNNALLS of Meaford & Mrs. W. J. MUMFORD of Little Current, 22 Sept 1917, Little Current