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Northern Districts, 1912

birth place is given before residence


11600-12 James ABATOSSWAY, 26, illegible, of Sucker Creek Reserve, s/o Charles ABATOSSWAY & Mary THOMSPN, married May McVEAY, 18, of Little Current, d/o John McVEAY , labourer & Rosanna REOULEAU, witn: Hattie ABATOSSWAY & Margaret MAGGRAH, both of Little Current on Dec. 26, 1912 at English Church, Sucker Lake Reserve.


11599-12 John Wesley ANDERSON, 25, not given, Canada, Providence Bay, s/o John ANDERSON, farmer & Rebecca HOWELL, married Beatrice Pearl WHITE, 18, Canada, Providence Bay, d/o Frank WHITE, baker & Effie McINTYRE, witn: George Alexander REID & Martha ANDERSON both of Providence Bay on July 11, 1912 at Gore Bay. 13808-12 William Howard BABCOCK, 23, tailor, of North Bay, s/o Solomon William BABCOCK, carpenter, & Nellie ANNAN, married Hattie Vada McGILLIS, 19, of North Bay, d/o George McGILLIS, deceased & Matilda SPEERS, witn: Herbert NEWMAN & Belle SHARPE, both of North Bay, 4 April 1912 at North Bay
#004429-1912 (Algoma Dist): Peter G. BAILEY, 21, millsman, of Sault St Marie, s/o Peter J BAILEY, farmer, & Jane IMPEK, married Elizabeth R OVERLAND, 18, maid, of Sault St Marie, d/o Wm T OVERLAND, farmer, & Hannah L TOMLINSON; wit John BAILEY, Mrs A WYERONE?, Sault St Marie. 20 Mar 1912 at Town of Sault St Marie

11606-12 Isaie BEAUDRY, 21, none given, Wikwemikong, same, s/o Joseph BEAUDRY, farmer & Philomine NIGANIGIJIG, married Josephine ANANNIKWAAIN, 23, Wikwemikong, Little Current, d/o Jean Baptiste ANANNIKWAAIN, farmer & Josephine BOUCHER, witn: Michael NIGAMGIJIG & Victoria MIDJIWIDA no residences given on Nov. 12, 1912 at Little Current.

11603-12 William George BECKS, 20, clerk, of Little Current, s/o William Henry BECKS, builder & Mary Elizabeth ANGUS, married Blanche Elizabeth BENTON, 19, of Nesterville, d/o Henry Thomas BENTON, lumberyard employee & Martha Alma BRAHAM, witn: M. PREWN (Presser?) & Mrs Charles AYLESWORTH both of Sheguiandah on July 4, 1912 at Sheguiandah


13806-12 Joseph Michael BELL, 23, Montreal, Cobalt, s/o Andrew BELL & Mary McINTYRE, married Frida Ella SCHROEDER, 24, Pembroke, same, d/o Conrad SCHROEDER & Pauline WEBER, witn: James WRIGHT of North Bay & Annie LOOCK of Arnprior, 23 April 1912 at North Bay 13807-12 Napoleon BENOIT, 24, bar tender, of North Bay, s/o Edward BENOIT, retired & Sophie St.ONGE, married Catherine HICKEY, 19, of North Bay, d/o Patrick HICKEY, farmer, & Anna McNICHOLL, witn: Annie BENOIT & John SEGUIN, both of North Bay, 29 April? 1912 at North Bay
13805-12 Samuel BIRCE, 39, stationary engineer, of South Porcupine, s/o Francis BIRCE, farmer, & Keziah MELLOW, married Elizabeth Hunter WRIGHT, 38, of Elk Lake, d/o Robert WRIGHT, farmer, & Margaret HUNTER, witn: Miss Annie HEATH & Mrs. J.A. DONNELL, both of Haileybury, 24 April 1912 at Haileybury 11601-12 Samuel Howard BOLTON, 30, labourer, of John's Island, s/o Samuel BOLTON, labourer & Mary WARDRAKE, married Elizabeth Helen COCKBURN, 19, of Gore Bay, d/o Sidmand COCKBURN, farmer & Margaret BRINN, witn: Sadie COBURN & Arthur McKINLEY both of Gore Bay on March 4, 1912 at Gore Bay.

11604-12 Peter Alexander Christie BORLAND, 27, engineer, of Fesserton, s/o James BORLAND, foreman & Susannah NEWELL, married Edith COULTIS, 20, of Tehkummah, d/o George COULTIS, farmer & Annie CLARKE, witn: W. H. & M. J. GAMEY, W. H. & May CLARKE no residences given on July 3, 1912 at Campbell Tp.

11602-12 (Manitoulin Dist) Jabez BRYANT, 74, farmer, widower, of Little Current, s/o Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH, farmer & Charlotte BRYANT married Margaret EATON, 54, housekeeper, widow, of Little Current, d/o Cyrus EATON, cooper & Christina FIFE, witn: John BURNETT & Mrs. John BURNETT of Little Current, 30 April 1912, Little Current

11605-12 David Thomas BURNETT, 24, farmer, of Sheguiandah, s/o James BURNETT, farmer & Jane MALLARD, married Lillie Maud ABBOTT, 24, of Sheguiandah, d/o Byron A. ABBOTT, carpenter & framer, & Margaret LUCK, witn: Julian BATMAN & Fedra? ABBOTT both of Sheguiandah on Oct. 10, 1912 at Sheguiandah.

11607-12 James CAMPBELL, 29, none given, Mills, Campbell Tp., s/o D. M. D. CAMPBELL, farmer & Elizabeth PEREN, married Margaret Ann BLUE, 25, Providence Bay, Mindemoya, d/o Angus BLUE & Kate GALBRAITH, witn: S. GALBRAITH of Mindemoya & Ross CAMPBELL of Gordon on Sept. 18, 1912 at Gore Bay.

11608-12 John Thomas DINSMORE, 25, farmer, of Mills Tp., s/o James DINSMORE, farmer & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Sarah Ann MIDDLETON, 19, of Mills Tp., d/o Sydney MIDDLETON, farmer & Lea WATT, witn: Milton DINSMORE of Sault Ste. Marie & Hattie MIDDLETON of Mills Tp. on June 19, 1912 at Mills Tp

11609-12 Albert Edward DOUGHERTY, 34, farmer, of York East (or Campbell twp - both given), s/o Samuel DOUGHERTY, farmer & Abby GILL, married Olive SPECKMAN, 24, of Long Bay, d/o George SPECKMAN, farmer & Isabel McLEAN, witn: George SPECKMAN of Long Bay & Georgiana SCHMIDT of Spring Bay on Nov. 28, 1912 at Campbell

11613-12 George FITZPATRICK, 24, none given, of Dawson Tp., s/o Simon Peter FITZPATRICK, farmer & Frances Eliza WRIGHT, married Ida Maude VANEVRY, 25, of Dawson Tp., d/o David VANEVRY, farmer & Jane FOSTER, witn: John Wesley VANEVRY & Christina Barbara STEELE both of Dawson Tp. on Oct. 2, 1912 at Dawson Tp.

11610-12 William John FOSTER, 22, of Bowisland? Alberta, s/o John W. FOSTER, farmer & Blanch MARTIN, married Olla Jane HALL, 21, of Gordon Tp., d/o of father's name not given & Elizabeth HALL, witn: S. A. WRIGHT of Ewingsville Ontario & Ethel FOSTER of Kagawong on Jan. 17, 1912 at Gordon Tp.

11611-12 Meredith FRANKLIN, 22, labourer, of Little Current, s/o Henry Berton FRANKLIN, labourer & Delia DAWSON, married Bertie CAUGHELL, 23, of Little Current, d/o William CAUGHELL, labourer & Margaret Ester SMITH, witn: Fred SMITH & Minnie CAUGHELL both of Little Current on May 15, 1912 at Little Current.

11612-12 Charles FUSSEE, 28, farmer, of Little Current, s/o Lewis Henry FUSSEE, farmer & Catherine Jane HUGHES, married Esther HINDLE, 21, of Howland Tp., d/o Henry HINDLE, farmer & Mary ADAMS, witn: Roy WILKIN & Maud HINDLE both of Little Current on Sept. 25, 1912 at Little Current.

13951-12 Joseph Philemon GAUDETTE, 21, laborer, of Warren, s/o Raphael GAUDETTE, laborer, & Clara CHENETTE, married Luci ROY, 23, of Warren, d/o Bernard ROY, laborer, & Mary DESJARDINS, witn: Onesime SPENCER & Leon GERVAIS, both of Warren, 19 Feb 1912 at Warren

11614-12 Alexander GOOD, 31, farmer, of Gore Bay, s/o Ronald GOOD & Agnes WILSON, married E. Adeline WEIR, 21, of Gore Bay, d/o George WEIR & Margaret ALLEN, witn: J. A. FRASER of Gore Bay & Pearl ALLEN of Barrie Island on June 26, 1912 at Gore Bay.

11617-12 Duncan Alexander HARPER, 27, none given, East Bluff, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Walter HARPER, farmer & Mary KERR, married Nancy Margaret BAILEY, 18, Burpee, same, d/o Robert BAILEY, farmer & Caroline GIBSON, witn: Thomas HARPER & Mildred BAILEY both of Evansville on Dec. 24, 1912 at Burpee

11616-12 Kenneth Milton HARTLEY, 22, none given, Campbell Tp., same, s/o George HARTLEY, farmer & Fanny MAYNARD, married Miriam RICHING, 21, Campbell, same, d/o Thomas RICHING, farmer, & Sarah GEORGE, witn: H. RICHING of Gore Bay & Annie HARTLEY of Campbell on Dec. 25, 1912 at Carnarvon Tp.

11618-12 Richard HEMBRUFF , 24, farmer, of Bidwell, s/o John HEMBRUFF, farmer & Ellen COLEMAN, married Florence Pearle JEWELL, 21, of Gore Bay, d/o Robert JEWELL, lakes captain & Mary RUMLEY, witn: Gertrude JEWELL of Gore Bay & John HEMBRUFF of Bass Lake on Dec. 24, 1912 at Burpee

11615-12 John Duncan HOPKINS, 22, farmer, of Robinson Tp., s/o R. W. HOPKINS, farmer & Mary DUNCANSON, married Elma M. EDMONDS, 25, of Robinson, d/o John EDMONDS, farmer & Margaret WETHERAL, witn: Edward HOPKINS of Fernlee & Margaret EDMONDS of Silverwater on Sept. 12, 1912 at Robinson Tp.

11619-12 Duncan Kerr JAFFRAY, 31, mine engineer, of Gore Bay, s/o Alexander JAFFRAY, deceased & Annie KERR married Hilda Ellen PALMER, 21, of Ice Lake, d/o Robert PALMER, farmer & Laura WRIGHT, witn: John JAFFRAY of Gore Bay & Mina PALMER of Ice Lake on May 15, 1912 at Allan Tp.

11620-12 William JEFFKINS, 32, not given, Chesley Ont., Gordon Tp., s/o John JEFFKINS, farmer & Elizabeth Emma NOBLE , married Flora Alice May WILLETT, 22, Gore Bay, same, d/o Peter Andrew WILLETT, famer & Elizabeth LEONARD, witn: William Henry NOBLE of Barrie Island & Emma May BECK of Foxey on Nov. 12, 1912 at Gore Bay.

  19293-12 Fred Victor KANGAS, 35, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Israel KANGAS, farmer, & Wilhelmina MATTILA, married Alma Alexandre LAUREN, 25, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o August LAREN, farmer & Eva THANDER, witn: Matt ANTTONEN & Mary KAARTUNEN, both of Port Arthur, 7 May 1912 at Port Arthur
19290-12 Maurice Allen KILLICK, 29, East Oathley Sussex England, Fort William, s/o Edwin Anthony KILLICK, farm bailiff & Sarah Ann CARR, married Hilda Mary HASSELL, 20, Stoke Rochester England, Fort William, d/o John HASSELL, farmer, & Mary Ann PLEWIS, witn: William HUARTSON (Stuartson?) & Mary McFARLAND, both of Fort William, 8 April 1912 at Fort William 13994-12 Thomas Havelock KLOTZ, 28, Jarrow on Tyne, Elk Lake, s/o Julius Edward KLOTZ, caretaker, & Mary Eleanor WALKER, married Ethel May DROY, full 18, Portsmouth, Elk Lake, d/o John Thomas DROY, clerk, & Mary CULLY, witn: W. WINFIELD of Elk Lake, 14 Dec 1912 at Elk Lake
19291-12 Kalle KONNO, 27, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Wilhelm KONNO, farmer, & Serafina PANLTI, married Hilda Maria KORKOLA, 24, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Puano KORKOLA & Malvinna KORHONEN, witn: Frederick KAINULA & Matt ANTTONEN, both of Port Arthur, 29 April 1912 at Port Arthur 19292-12 Joseph KOWALCZUK, 29, Ozerjany Austria, Fort William, s/o Basil KOWALCZUK & Mary TATARNIUK, married Mary REGOSZ, 18, Borozegrio Austria, Fort William, d/o John REGOSZ & Tryna LAS, witn: Michael LOZINSKY of 717 McIntosh & Joseph ZALUOSZKA of 728 McLaughlin, 22 Oct 1912 at Fort William
14071-12 James LABINE, 35, prospector, La Passe Westmeath, Haileybury, s/o Joseph LABINE & Sarah McCAULEY, married Winnifred HURLEY, 21, Vinton, Haileybury, d/o Michael HURLEY & Catherine McCOSHEN, witn: Dennis CALLAHAN & Elizabeth HURLEY both of Haileybury on Dec. 12. 1912 at Haileybury 14059-12 Joseph Guilderie dit LABINE, 29, blacksmith, Embrun, Rayside, s/o Aristide Guilderie dit LABINE & Marie Louise GERMAN, married Malvina MENARD, 18, of Rayside, d/o Emilien MENARD & Leona LIMOGES, witn: Onesime BOYER & Emilien MENARD both of Boninville on Aug. 12, 1912 at Blizard Valley.
14060-12 Joseph LAMOUREUX, 21, laborer, of North Bay, s/o John & Melina, married Agnes TANGUAY, 20, of North Bay, d/o Samuel TANGUAY & Marie HURTIBISE, witn: John LAMOUREUX & Samuel TANGUAY both of Cache Bay on March illegible 1912 at North Bay. 14068-12 Louis LAMOUREUX, 55, laborer, widower, Gatineau Point Que., Porcupine, s/o Michel LAMOUREUX & Domitile FORGET, married Adele Chartrand RAYMOND, 44, widow, Chateauguay Que., New Liskeard, d/o Antoine CHARTRAND & Sophie BRIAND, witn: Hector TREMBLAY of Haileybury & Yvonne LAMOUREUX of Cobalt on Nov. 28, 1912 at Haileybury
14061-12 Arthur LANON (Lannon?), 27, not given, London England, North Cobalt, s/o parents deceased (sic), married Marie Louise DUMAS, 21, Buckingham Ont., North Cobalt, d/o Joseph DUMAS & A. DUBE, witn: Joseph DUMAS & Samuel CHARETTE both of North Cobalt on Oct. 29, 1912 at North Cobalt. 14064-12 August Stanley LA RIEVRE, 34, not given, widower, Hull, Cobalt, s/o Clarisse LA RIEVRE & Emelie PAQUIN, married Lora LAMOUERA (?), 26, widow, Michigan, Cobalt, d/o Louis LAMONT & Suzanne CHARBANT, witn: Ferdinand BELON & John BURNS both of Cobalt on Nov. 19, 1912 at Cobalt.
14067-12 Exilien LARIVIERE, 22, navigator, Bonfield, same, s/o Olivia LARIVIERE & Alma PERRON, married Emma SCOTT, 27, Todmorden England, Temagami, d/o Johnstone SCOTT & Annie JONES, witn: Emmanuel & Olivie LARIVIERE both of Bonfield on Nov. 18, 1912 at Bonfield 14069-12 Kalle LATILIUM, 21, not given, Finland, Cochrane, s/o Kalle LATILIUM & Amanda MAKI, married Emmi SAARI, 19, Finland, Cochrane, d/o Matthai SAARI & not given MIN (?), witn: Oskar JACKSON & Isaac WALLE both of Cochrane on Dec. 2, 1912 at Cochrane
14063-12 Wilfred David LATIMER, 24, Cumberland twp., Rutherglen, s/o Robert LATIMER & Elenor WATSON, married Sarah (Sadie?) LEACH, 21, Stafford Ont, Eau Claire, d/o William LEACH & Sarah LABARQUE, witn: John LEACH of Eau Claire & Margaret Isobel LATIMER of Rutherglen on Oct. 23, 1912 at Manor House at Mattawa. #014058-12 (Nipissing) Percy Cornelius LAWRENCE, 35, Farmer, not given, Evantural Twp., s/o Walter William LAWRENCE and Sarah Ann BROWN, married Emma Elizabeth ANTLER, 18, Farmer's daughter, not given, Evantural Twp., d/o Ferdinand ANTLER and Caroline WINKY. Witnesses: Lloyd S. MOSURE and Elizabeth M. DUDGEON, on 9 Sept 1912 at Town of Englehart.

11623-12 Alfred Thomas LEESON, 27, none given, Tehkummah Tp., same, s/o Thomas John LEESON, farmer & Charlotte Jane MARTIN, married Isabella Mary WYLIE, 25, Kirkwall Scotland, South Bay Village, d/o Peter WYLIE, master on fish tug & Margaret BICKAM, witn: Burt LEESON of The Slash & Lizzie WYLIE of South Bay on Oct. 22, 1912 at Assiginack

14062-12 Phillipe LEFOLLEY, 21, clerk, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George Leandre LEFOLLEY & Marie REIL, married Eva ROCHON, 22, of Sturgeon Falls, d/o Charles ROCHON & May POWER, witn: Michael & Louise ROCHON both of Sturgeon Falls on Oct. 16, 1912 at the Sacre Coeur of Sturgeon Falls.

11621-12 John Wesley LEHMAN, 29, (baker?), widower, of Gore Bay, s/o Millie LEHMAN, store keeper & Bella ROBINSON, married Minnie PEMBERTON, 23, of Gore Bay, d/o Albert PEMBERTON, farmer & Elizabeth LEE, witn: Elizabeth PATTEN & Etta HARRISON both of Little Current on April 18, 1912 at Little Current.

14066-12 Joseph George Emsley LENNOX, 26, not given, Magnetawan, North Bay, s/o Henry LENNOX & Annie POWELL, married Mary Lee MARKIE, (Mackie?) 18, Quebec, North Bay, d/o illegible MARKIE & Angelina BURNETT, witn: Mable WILSON & Christiania ALP both of Sturgeon Falls on Nov. 4, 1912 at Sturgeon Falls.

11622-12 Norman LEWIS, 21, farmer, of Campbell Tp., s/o Asa LEWIS, farmer & Mary Jane SEARS, married Katherine McALISTER, 23, of Campbell, d/o Duncan McALISTER, farmer & Margaret McNICOL, witn: Colin McDERMID & Agnes BELTON both of Campbell on July 10, 1912 at Manitoulin.

14070-12 Charles Frederick LINTON, 25, farmer, , of Tomstown P.O., s/o Albert LINTON & Thurza DAVIS, married Ethel Hilda WIMHURST, 20, of Tomstown P.O., d/o John Charles WIMHURST & Adela Rose MATTHEW, witn: Arthur LINTON & John Charles WIMHURST Jr. both of Tomstown on Dec. 25, 1912 at Ingram Tp. 14065-12 Henry George LUXTON, 21, not given, North Bay, same, s/o Alfred LUXTON & Lilian SHELLEY (?), married Mary Annora YOUNG, 20, North Bay, same, d/o Louis YOUNG & Julia LARONDE, witn: Eliza LUXTON & John BAILEY both of North Bay on Nov. 20, 1912 at North Bay.
14074-12 Charles MACKI, 22, not given, Finland, Cobalt, s/o Sims MACKI & Tavva NYYLUND, married Saimi PYYKKO, 20, Finland, Cobalt, d/o Lauri PYYKKO & Katri HILTANEN, witn: Guati & Mandi GYLDEN both of Cobalt on May 16, 1912 at Cobalt

11634-12 Levi MAGGRAH, 28, labourer, of Sucker Creek Reserve, s/o David MAGGRAH & Mary NOWEGAHBON, married Agnes ALEXS, 22, of Sucker Creed Reserve, d/o Michael ALEXS, farmer & Genevieve TRUDEAU, witn: Thomas MAGGRAH & Louis Maud FAIRBANKS both of Little Current on May 22, 1912 at Sucker Creek Reserve.

  14096-12 Hermidas MALLETTE, 22, laborer, of North Bay, s/o Jeremiah (?) MALLETTE & Emma PILLON married Lucy CUSSON, 28, of North Bay, d/o Louis CUSSON & Ester LATRAILLER, witn: J. LATRAILLER & Louis CUSSON both of North Bay on April 22, 1912 at North Bay

11636-12 Edward MALLOY, 28, not given, Eganville, Little Current, s/o Bernard MALLOY & Elizabeth RODDIN, married Amanda RHEAUME, 19, Waubaushene, Little Current, d/o Theophile RHEAUME & Catherine VENET (Vinet?), witn: Omer RHEAUME & Rose COTE both of Little Current on June 24, 1912 at Little Current.

11637-12 Philippe MARTEL, 26, labourer, of Coppercliff, s/o Joseph MARTEL mechanic & Delvina COLIN, married Cecile MARTEL, 16, of Little Current, d/o Ernest MARTEL, mechanic & Helen LaFONTAINE, witn: Adelard & Ernest MARTEL both of Little Current on Aug. 26, 1912 at Little Current

14098-12 Andrew Oliver MASON, 23, miner, of New Liskeard, s/o John MASON & Jean GRANT, married Agnes Georgina PETTIT, 20, of New Liskeard, d/o James PETTIT & Permillia BOWDEN , witn: Charles WOOD & Elizabeth PETTIT both of New Liskeard on May 8, 1912 at New Liskeard 14091-12 Edward MATHEWS, 23, blacksmith, of Bonfield, s/o Jeremiah MATHEWS & Sarah DAVIS, married Verbina HOULE, 16, of Bonfield, d/o Marcel HOULE & Henriette LACHAPELLE, witn: Jeremiah Mathews & Marcel HOULE both of Bonfield on Jan. 8, 1912 at Bonfield

11626-12 William James McALLISTER, 26, farmer, of Evansville, s/o Robert C. McALLISTER, farmer & Annie CONLEY, married Nellie FERGUSON, 23, of Carnarvon Tp., d/o Charles P. FERGUSON, farmer & Jane McDONALD, witn: Albert Joseph CAMPBELL of Providence Bay & Ida Mable BOND of Mindemoya on April 24, 1912 at Campbell Tp.

11625-12 Neil James McALLISTER, 22, farmer, of Grimsthorpe, s/o Duncan McALLISTER, farmer & Margaret McNICHOL, married Floretta Pearl LEWIS, 18, of Grimsthorpe, d/o Asa LEWIS, farmer & Mary Jane SLOSS, witn: Peter GILCHRIST of Grimsthorpe & Margaret McMILLAN of Gore Bay on March 6, 1912 at Gore Bay.

14085-12 Donald James McBETH, 32, not given, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o William McBETH & Margaret GREY, married Martha Emma NICHOLSON, 33, Lakefield Que., Warren, d/o Thomas NICHOLSON & Marjorie HAMMOND, witn: George McBETH of Toronto & Elma NICHOLSON of Warren on Sept. 25, 1912 at Warren Village.  
14078-12 Robert Leslie MacCALLUM, 27, farmer, of Beauchamp twp., s/o Archibald MacCALLUM & Isabelle LESLIE, married Elizabeth BAILEY, 19, of Beauchamp twp., d/o John BAILEY & Sarah YUILL, witn: Lillian & Archie BAILEY both of Earlton on June 26, 1912 at Beauchamp Tp. 14083-12 Charles McCARRAGHER, 27, not given, Alexandria Ont., Cobalt, s/o Frank McCARRAGHER & Mary VEZINA, married Laura CHARETTE, 23, Montreal Que., Cobalt, d/o Ovila CHARETTE & Gladonni VEZINA, witn: Mrs. E. J. ADAMS & Mrs H. ATKINSON both of Cobalt on Aug. 13, 1912 at Cobalt.

11631-12 Bernard McCARVILL?, 44, farmer, of Allan Tp., s/o John McCARVILL, farmer & Mary HOUGH, married Flora TURNER, 43, of Allan Tp., d/o Archie TURNER, farmer & Kathleen McCARTHY, witn: William Neil TURNER & Harold F. HUTTON both of Gore Bay on Nov. 13, 1912 at Gore Bay.

11628-12 Francis McCAULEY, 23, farmer, of Manitowaning, s/o James McCAULEY, farmer & Isabella COLEMAN, married Myra Myrtle SOMERVILLE, 21, of Bidwell, d/o Robert SOMERVILLE, farmer & Angusena McKAY, witn: Thomas ROWLAND & Annie Mabel SOMERVILLE both of Bidwell Tp. on June 5, 1912 at Bidwell Tp.

11627-12 Neil J. McCOLEMAN, 32, farmer, of Grimsthorpe, s/o B. J. McCOLEMAN, farmer & Sarah McCOCHRANE, married Hattie BRYAN, 19, of Grimsthorpe, d/o William BRYAN, farmer & Mary LEARMONT, witn: Mary BELTON of Gore Bay & James HENDRY of Hamilton on May 29, 1912 South Bay

11632-12 William John McDONALD, 28, not given, Campbell Tp., same, s/o John McDONALD, farmer & Annie McDERMID, married Mabel GILPIN, 26, Campbell Tp., same, d/o George GILPIN, farmer & Rachel STEPHENSON, witn: Nellie GRIFFITH & Mrs. J. J. FERGUSON both of Gore Bay on Dec. 16, 1912 at Gore Bay.

14075-12 Malcolm Henry McDONALD, 31, not given, Alexandria Ont., Cobalt, s/o Angus McDONALD & Mary KENNEDY, married Edith KELLY, 18, South Indian Ont., Cobalt, d/o Peter KELLY & Florence McDONALD, witn: John & Jenny FITZGERALD both of Cobalt on June 29, 1912 at Bucke Tp. 14076-12 Milton Steven McDONALD, 20, farmer, of Chisholm twp., s/o Edward McDONALD & Charlotte CHILDERHOSE, married Mary Catherine SMITH, 20, of Chisholm twp., d/o Henry SMITH & Mary C. MILLER, witn: John SMITH of Kells Parry Sound Dist & Eva McDONALD of Alderdale on June 26, 1912 at Chisholm Tp.
14072-12 John Morrison McFARLANE, 22, farmer, of Dymond twp., s/o John McFARLANE & Margaret BOAG, married Melinda Opal KELLY, 21, of Dymond twp., d/o Charles T. KELLY & Mary Elizabeth MACKIE, witn: William McFARLANE of New Liskeard & Mrs J. A. DONNELL of Haileybury on Apr. 24, 1912 at Haileybury 14090-12 William Perry McGEACHIE, 24, mechanic, St. Catherine, Cobalt, s/o Neil McGEACHIE & Anna BELL, married Anna McHUGH, 20, Sudbury, Cobalt, d/o Patrick McHUGH & Catherine McLAUGHLIN, witn: Mr & Mrs Layton R. BRITTON both of Cobalt on Dec. 23, 1912 at Haileybury
14079-12 Robert McGILLIVRAY, 38, blacksmith, of South Porcupine, s/o Malcolm McGILLIVRAY & Margaret McDONALD, married Sarah COLEMAN, 33, of Haileybury, d/o Duncan COLEMAN & Mary CAMERON, witn: Leo HUGHES & Mary SMITH both of Haileybury on July 16, 1912 at Haileybury. 14085-12 Norman McIVOR, 32, not given, Ripley Ont., Cobalt, s/o John McIVOR & Anna Bell McDONALD, married Maud Pennington McFARLANE, 24, Bristol England, Cobalt, d/o George Pennington McFARLANE & Eliza Anne Hayward PENNINGTON, witn: Olive Edith ORR of Latchford & William Thomas STILLARD of Cobalt on Oct. 9, 1912 at Haileybury.
14087-12 Hector Wallace McKENZIE, 23, engineer, of North Bay, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Dora BENNETT, married Stella Ruth CLERMONT, 18, of North Bay, d/o Joseph August CLERMONT & Marie Louise LACOSSE, witn: W. B. McKENZIE & Jeane MORRISON both of North Bay on Oct. 7, 1912 at North Bay.  

11624-12 Hugh McLEAN, 35, farmer, of Barrie Island, s/o John McLEAN, farmer & Flora McCALLUM, married Mary Jane WITTY, 22, of Barrie Island, d/o John WITTY, farmer & Jane MARTIN, witn: D. YOUNG of Gore Bay & Bella WITTY of Barrie Island on Jan. 24, 1912 at Barrie Island.

14089-12 Thomas McLEAN, 37, lumberman, widower, of North Cobalt, s/o Thomas McLEAN, & Albertine LACASSE, married Philomine TREMBLAY, 45, widow, of North Cobalt, d/o Eusèbe TREMBLAY (sic) & Philomine FONTENE, witn: Eusèbe TREMBALY & Mathieu LAGREVOL both of North Cobalt on Nov. 18, 1912 at Bucke Tp.
14082-12 Roy McMILLAN, 21, not given, Casselman Ont., Cobalt, s/o Peter McMILLAN & Netta MURRILL, married Mable Florence LEAVOY, 20, Pembroke, Cobalt, d/o Peter LEAVOY & Agnes STEWART, witn: Beatrice KENNEDY & Gordon W. LEAVOY both of Cobalt on Aug. 8, 1912 at Cobalt

11629-12 Allan Reid McMILLAN, 35, lumberman, of Cockburn Island, s/o William McMILLAN, farmer & Margaret REID, married Sadie Rebecca CALDWELL, 22, milliner, of Owen Sound, d/o Johnson CALDWELL, farmer & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Peter GILCHRIST of Grimsthorpe & A. A. P. BAINBOROUGH of Gore Bay on Aug. 27, 1912 at Gore Bay.

  14088-12 John McNEE, 21, laborer, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o James McNEE & Flora STEWART, married Eva MARINIER. 19, North Bay, same, d/o Victor MARINIER & Julia LALONDE, witn: George BOUCHER & Mrs. G. NOLAND both of North Bay on Nov. 9, 1912 at North Bay
14073-12 Robert Campbell McNEIL, 35, farmer, of Bryce, s/o Donald McNEIL & Mary CAMPBELL, married Lizzie YUILL, 30, of Bryce, d/o Archibald YUILL & Jessie McFARLANE, witn: Everett CRIBLEY of Bryce & Dorothy E. WITHERS of Beaucage on Apr. 12, 1912 at Charlton Village

11630-12 Daniel Alexander McPHATTER, 32, none given, Keppel Tp., Vancouver B. C., s/o Malcolm McPHATTER, farmer & Flora McLEAN, married Edith Gertrude MONCK, 32, Tiny Tp., Cockburn Island, d/o Alfred MONCK, customs officer & Mary PECK, witn: Mr.. & Mrs E. J. SMITH both of Cockburn Island on Aug. 26, 1912 at Cockburn Island.

14080-12 John McPHEE, 24, not given, Glasgow Scotland, Cobalt, s/o Ewan McPHEE & Alice KNIGHT, married Jessie Annie MacPhee GILLANDERS, 25, Inverness Scotland, Cobalt, d/o John GILLANDERS & Katharine MacBETH, witn: Alice McPHEE & Gilbert MacINTYRE both of Cobalt on Aug. 29, 1912 at Cobalt. 14077-12 Alexander John MacRAE, 29, not given, Middle River Cape Breton, North Cobalt, s/o Donald MacRAE & Annabel FINDLAYSON, married Jessie Ellen FINLEY, 24, Midhurst, North Cobalt, d/o William FINLAY & Christine JOHNSON, witn: Margaret Gertrude OROK of Midhurst & Harold Morton FINLAY of North Cobalt on June 25, 1912 at Haileybury.
14081-12 Seward Frederick McSWEEN, 35, not given, Sydney Cape Breton, Kells Parry Sound Dist., s/o Neil McSWEEN & Amelia WHITE, married Lizzie WARD, 23, Buckingham England, North Bay, d/o Walter & Aurelia, witn: Malcolm KINSELLA MD & Hannah MOUDER both of North Bay on Aug. 31, 1912 at North Bay

11635-12 Fredrick Roy MEREDITH, 29, not given, Innisfil, same, s/o Robert MEREDITH, farmer & Kezia FERRIS, married Georgina McLean HASTIE, 21, Little Current, Sheguiandah, d/o John HASTIE, commercial man & Margaret ROSZEL, witn: M.A. HASTIE & G. M. STRINGER both of Sheguiandah on June 19, 1912 at Sheguiandah.

14099-12 George Edward MILLER, 21, not given, MacAdam N.B., same, s/o James MILLER & Mary Henrietta SEGER , married Rebecca Janette MILLER, 19, Woodstock N. B., MacAdam N.B., d/o William Henry MILLER & Jennie WHITE, witn: Joe RIDDON & Fred GREEN both of North Bay on May 17, 1912 at North Bay 14092-12 Alvin MILLER, 22, brakeman, of North Bay, s/o John MILLER & Ada JACKSON, married Nellie MONTGOMERY, 22, of North Bay, d/o Joseph MONTGOMERY & Katherine ROBINSON, witn: Agnes WILSON & Amy S. FERGUSON both of North Bay on Jan. 11, 1912 at North Bay.
14097-12 Walker Blaine MILNE, 28, clerk on railway, of North Bay, s/o John Walker MILNE & Isabelle GERRIE, married Edith KENNEDY, 18, of North Bay, d/o Samuel KENNEDY & Harriet BERTRAM, witn: J. W. DICKEY & Tilley KENNEDY both of North Bay on April 23, 1912 at North Bay. 14101-12 Alpha MONETTE, 22, cultivateur, of Noelville Scollard Tp., s/o Felix MONETTE & Salome BOISSONNEAU, married Alberta MILLETTE, 15, of Noelville, d/o Magloire MILLETTE & Louisa DAVIDSON, witn: Joseph GEROUX & Magloire MILLETTE both of Noelville on June 16, 1912 at Noelville Church at Sturgeon Falls.
14100-12 Oscar MOREL, 21, hotel keeper, of Cache Bay, s/o Jean MOREL & Ellen BRUNET, married Ida ROY, illegible, of Cache Bay, d/o Jean Batiste ROY & Melvina BOYER, witn: Jean B. ROY & Celine VACHON residences illegible on June 24, 1912 at Cache Bay. 14094-12 Ovila MORIN, 27, day worker, Papineauville, Sault Ste Marie, s/o P. MORIN & Eulalie FRAPPIER, married Clara CHALUT (?), 31, Big Rapids, same, d/o William CHALUT & illegible DUROCHER, witn: Albert CHALUT of Sault Ste Marie & J. B. COURTMANCHE of Blizard Valley on July 29, 1912 at Blizard Valley.

11633-12 Albert MORPHET, 34, farmer, of Little Current, s/o Robert MORPHET, farmer & Isabella SISSON, married Lillian LEACH, 19, of Manitowaning, d/o William Henry LEACH, farmer & Liza BRYANT, witn: Mary HEMBRUFF & John NELDER both of Little Current on April 24, 1912 at Little Current

11638-12 Thomas MORROW, 23, labourer, of Little Current, s/o Robert James MORROW, farmer & Ann COLEMAN, married Bertie HEMBRUFF, 18, of Bidwell Tp., d/o William HEMBRUFF, farmer & Catherine SPANTNER, witn: Janie HEMBRUFF of Bidwell Tp. & C. BALLENTIN of Little Current on Sept. 4, 1912 at Bidwell Tp.

14093-12 Edward James MURPHY, 31, not given, St. Augustine, Golden Valley, s/o John MURPHY & Elizabeth CRAIL, married Theresa Ella MOORE, 24, Golden Valley, same, d/o John William MOORE & Annie WHITEHEAD, witn: James DRIVER of North Bay & Laura MOORE of Golden Valley on March 5, 1912 at North Bay. 14095-12 Martin MYLES, 30, engineer, of Latchford, s/o Patrick MYLES & Hannah LYNCH, married Addie TUCK, 22, of Latchford, d/o George TUCK & Ollie VINCENT, witn: Mrs H. J. GIBSON of Cobalt & Robert STRANGE of Giroux Lake on April 20, 1912 at Cobalt.

11639-12 Benjamin Franklin NIGHSWANDER, 35, farmer, of Sandfield Tp., s/o Tobias NIGHSWANDER, deceased & Esther LEHMAN, married Mary GOULD, 19, of Tehkummah Tp., d/o Marshall GOULD, farmer & Maggie HARDY, witn: Mr.. & Mrs. John McDONALD both of Gore Bay on Feb. 5, 1912 at Gore Bay.


11640-12 James OBOTESSEWAY, 26, lumberman, of Sucker Creek Reserve, s/o Charles OBOTESSEWAY, farmer & Mary Jane Mary Jane THOMPSON, married Mary McVAY, 18, of Little Current, d/o John McVAY, labourer & Rosanna BRANDON, witn: Henry OBOTESSEWAY & Margaret MAGGRAH, both of Little Current on Dec. 26, 1912 at Sucker Creek Church, Manitoulin.

11641-12 Charles OMISINISHKOTEME, 28, not given, Wikwemikong, same, s/o George OMISINISHKOTEME, farmer & Sophie TAKWADJIWAN, married Monica SIBIWENS, 28, Wikwemikong, Sheguiandah, d/o Joseph SIBIWENS, labourer & Marie MISSISSAUGWE (?), witn: Joseph SIBIWENS & Marie MIDGWIDA no residences given on Oct. 29, 1912 at Sheguiandah

11643-12 Robert Edgar PALMER, 28, not given, St. Vincent, Ice Lake, s/o Robert PALMER, farmer & Laura WRIGHT, married Edna KENNEDY, 19, Gore Bay, same, d/o Neil KENNEDY, carpenter & Johanna MASTON, witn: Charles Richard PALMER of Fort William & Florence Olga KENNEDY of Gore Bay on Aug. 14, 1912 at Gore Bay.

11642-12 Guy Frederick PALMER, 23, carpenter, of Allen Tp., s/o Robert PALMER, farmer & Laura WRIGHT, married Laura GRAHAM, 20, of Kagawong, d/o Robert GRAHAM, fisherman & Emma WILSON, witn: Maud GRAHAM of Kagawong & Edgar PALMER of Ice Lake on July 10, 1912 at Kagawong.

11644-12 Peter PETERSEN, 35, farmer, of Gordon Tp., s/o Frits PETERSON (sic) & Sarah Maria LARSEN, married Elvine Marie KRISTENSEN, 21, of Denmark, d/o Kristian KRISTENSEN, labourer & Inger Johane JENSEN, witn: Niels HANSEN of Gordon Tp. & Mrs. G. A. BAMBOROUGH of Gore Bay on Sept. 23, 1912 at Gordon Tp.

18817-12 (District of Sudbury) Frederick James PHILLIPS, 37, widower, chain fitter, Gananoque, Sudbury, s/o James PHILLIPS & Fora LAFAYETTE, married Jeanne FINCH, 36, widow, Ottawa, Sudbury, d/o Thomas CUMMING & Rebecca MURDOCH, witn: Alberta W. LONEY & Hattie JOHNS both of Sudbury, 23 Dec 1912 at Sudbury

11645-12 Frank POLLOCK, 44, lumber inspector, of Little Current, s/o S. P. POLLOCK, carpenter & Emily MULLIN, married Carrie FERGUSON, 34, widow, of Menominee, d/o Edward QUIMBY, wholesale business & Caroline LEHMAN, witn: Gertrude WILSON & George MARRIETT both of Little Current on Oct. 2, 1912 at Little Current.

14163-12 William ROSEN, 28, farmer, of Kipling, s/o Erik ROSEN, farmer, & Maria LINOVIK, married Mary MORELL, 15, of Kipling, d/o Erik MORELL, farmer, & Kristina BLOM, witn: Albin BACHLUND & Helg WEE, both of Kipling, 15 July 1912 at Hugel twp 14168-12 Joseph ROY, 19 + 4 months, farmer, of Dunnett twp., s/o Alexis ROY, farmer, & Elizisine LEMARCHE, married Clara TETREAULT, 17, of Dunnett twp., d/o Joseph TETREAULT, farmer, & Hermine BEAUDIN, witn: Joseph Emile & Joseph Charles ROY, 12 Aug 1912 at St. Charles RC Church, Appelby [banns read at the same church]
14172-12 Jean Baptiste ROY, 23, farmer, of Dunnett twp., s/o Alexis ROY, farmer, & Elizerine LAMARCHE, married Virginia BRISSON, 18, of Dunnett twp., d/o Victor BRISSON, farmer, & Azilda ROBERT, witn: Vital ROBERT & Joseph ROY, 9 Sept 1912 at St. Charles RC Church, Appelby [banns read at the same church]

11646-12 Richard Henry RUNNALLS, 34, farmer, of Barry Island, s/o William Nelson RUNNALS (sic), farmer (deceased) & Catherine A. ROWE, married Charlotte HALL, 24, of Tudor Tp., d/o William HALL, farmer & Mary Jane GRIFFITH, witn: W. J. HALL of Gordon Tp. & Mrs. Samuel KENDRICK of Alberta on June 19, 1912 at Gordon Tp.

11647-12 Robert RUSH, 44, widower, mechanic, of Little Current, s/o Robert RUSH, farmer & Mary HAGAN, married Susan EADE, 33, widow, of Little Current, d/o James STRINGER, farmer & Elizabeth McKENZIE, witn: Mr.. & Mrs. Robert STRINGER both of Little Current on Sept. 11, 1912 at Little Current.

11648-12 William RUTSON, 48, not given, Goderich, Manitou Lake Assiginack, s/o Thomas RUTSON, trader & Mary CROWSTON, married Mildred VAN ZANT, 30, Assiginack, Manitou Lake Assiginack, d/o Garrett VAN ZANT, farmer & Eliza Harriet BUDGE (Bridge?), witn: H. & Henrietta Gordon MACLEOD both of The Manse Manitowaning on Dec. 4, 1912 at Presbyterian Manse Manitowaning.

19495-12 Emile Louis SABBE, 28, Dublin Ireland, Fort William, s/o Francis SABBE, jeweller, & Catherine BURKE, married Florence Anna COLBERT, 30, Limerick Ireland, Dublin Ireland, d/o Dennis Joseph COLBERT, telegrapher, & Rebecca Clarinda ALLT, witn: Archie & Mary McCOLLUM of Fort William, 19 July 1912 at Fort William  
14214-12 Wilfred SALLY, 20, not given, Onslow, Tomstown, s/o Richard SALLY & Sarah HAMMOND, married May Gracie LABELLA, 20, Gracefield, same, d/o Aime LABELLA & Eslida CARRY, witn; Florence Marion BARKER & Leslie Charles GUNSTONE both of New Liskeard on Dec. 20, 1912 at New Liskeard. 14204-12 Peter SANDINO, 27, not given, Toreno Italy, Porcupine, s/o Antonio SANDINO & Catharinia CACIATO, married Lea Dominica MARTINO, 21, Toreno Italy, Cobalt, d/o Leo MARTINO & Scholastica CANDILETTI, witn: Yuri RONA & Marie POLONI both of Cobalt on Sept. 7, 1912 at Coleman Tp.
14215-12 Rocco SCHIAVO, 26, laborer, of North Bay, s/o Luigi SCHIAVO & Maria RICCA, married Maria CALVELLI, 17, of North Bay, d/o Francesco CALVELLI & Rosina LUCENTE, witn: Gabriele AMIMINATO & Louisa CYRSARONI both of North Bay on Dec. 15, 1912 at North Bay 14216-12 James Marvin SCHOFIELD, 24, laborer, Grey Tp. Huron Co., North Bay, s/o Richard SCHOFIELD & Mary McMINN, married Elma CRAMP, 21, Chalk River, North Bay, d/o Arthur CRAMP & Emeline MOORE, witn: Mrs. Amy FERGUSON & Mrs. Emeline CRAMP both of North Bay on Dec. 16, 1912 at North Bay
14203-12 Jean Baptiste SEGUIN, 20, farmer, of North Bay, s/o Andrew SEGUIN & Velarie PROUX, married Ellvine LAFRAMBOISE, 19, of North Bay, d/o John LAFRAMBOISE & Nellie LAGROUEX, witn: Andrew SEGUIN & John LAFRAMBOISE both of North Bay on Sept. 2, 1912 at North Bay. 14209-12 Edgar Alfred SHAKESPEAR, 27, not given, St. Albans Hertfordshire-England, Cobalt, s/o Alfred SHAKESPEAR & Rosalind SANDERS, married Elizabeth GRUNDY, 22, Clayton Lanes, North Cobalt, d/o Samuel GRUNDY & Elizabeth SIMMONS, witn: Charles Gilbert CUMMINGS of Cobalt & Mary Ann SLACK of North Cobalt on Oct. 26, 1912 at North Cobalt
14207-12 Earl SHELP, 21, not given, of Hilliardton, s/o Jerome SHELP & Anna CURRIE, married Brometta LATIMER, 18 (?), of Hilliardton, d/o father deceased (sic) mother's name not given, witn: Sidney SHELP & Victoria LATIMER no residences given on Oct. 23, 1912 at New Liskeard. 14206-12 Thomas SHIELDS, 21, farmer, of Chisholm, s/o Edward SHIELDS & Rose OWENS, married Marie BOUTIN, 18, of Chisholm, d/o Majorique BOUTIN & Marie GAUTHIER, witn: Edward SHIELDS & Majorique BOUTIN both of Chisholm on Oct. 14, 1912 at Astorville
19498-12 David SIDDALL, 22, Duluth, Port Arthur, s/o James SIDDALL, carpenter, & Emeline HIGHEM, married Pearl BAILLIE, 21, Bigfork Ont., Port Arthur, d/o William Murray BAILLIE, painter, & Margaret Jane SPENCER, witn: Ivan MATTHEWS of Port Arthur & E..D. SCOTT of Fort William, 3 Aug 1912 at Fort William 11652-12 Charles Henry SLAGEL, 20, farmer, of Allen Tp., s/o William SLAGEL, farmer & Adelaine BRILING?, married Phoebe Eretta HARPER, 18, of Burpee Tp., d/o Walter HARPER, farmer & Mary KERR, witn: M. & May LEGGE, both of Mindemoya on Nov. 13, 1912 at Burpee Tp.

19497-12 Edwin SMITH, 36, London England, Fort William, s/o Edwin SMITH, clerk, & Mary Ann Jane TULLOCK, married Nellie May HODGINS, 35, widow, Quebec, Fort William, d/o William James HODGINS, farmer, & Mary Ellen PALMER, witn: Mrs. H. HULL & C.W. DURRANT, both of Fort William, 5 Aug 1912 at Fort William

11649-12 Joseph Charles SMITH, 26, farmer, of Sheguiandah Tp., s/o James SMITH, farmer & Miss S. BROWN, married Ella Robina SMITH, 26, widow, of Sheguiandah Tp., d/o Matthew McCULLUGH & Ann PIERCE, witn: Mrs. Ross & Miss Hazel CONNELL both of Manitowaning on March 7, 1912 at Manitowaning Assiginack.

14211-12 Bertram Randolph SMITH, 23, steam fitter, Barrie, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Charles SMITH & Emmeline CHALANPKA, married Alice Gertrude BRISBOIS, 17, Cache Bay, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Moses BRISBOIS & Esther FAIRMAN, witn: Reginald W. ARMAND & Emma SOUCIE both of Sturgeon Falls on Nov. 20, 1912 at Church of St. Mary Magdeline at Sturgeon Falls. 14202-12 Wallie SMITH, 23, carpenter, of Cobalt, s/o Marti SMITH & Anna KOKKO, married Ida ARO, 22, of Cobalt, d/o Matthew ARO & Linna HERNESAKO, witn: Henry & Hilja PONTINEN both of Cobalt on Sept. 21, 1912 at Cobalt.
14210-12 Hurlie Edward SOPHA, 21, not given, Peterboro, Cobalt, s/o James Stephen SOPHA & Victoria COLE, married Margaret Edna MYERS, 18, Calabogie, Cobalt, d/o Thomas Edward MYERS & illegible BURKE, witn: Mr & Mrs Peter J. LEMARSH both of Cobalt on Nov. 20, 1912 at Cobalt 14205-12 Alexander Carr SOUTER, 27, not given, Owen Sound, North Bay, s/o George S. SOUTER & Mary CARR, married Flora BAILEY, 23, of North Bay, d/o father not given & Christia SANDERSON, witn: William CARR & Janet BAILEY both of North Bay on Sept. 17, 1912 at North Bay

11650-12 Alfred Thomas SPRY, 30, farmer, of Bidwell Tp., s/o James Henry SPRY & Sarah BOUNDY, married Lillie Jane SNOW, 24, school teacher, of Tehkummah Tp., d/o William Buckley SNOW, farmer & Mary BENNETT, witn: James Patrick CUSHING of Mindemoya & Florence Bessie SNOW of Somerville?, on June 24, 1912 at Tehkummah Tp.

11653-12 Robert John STEPHENSON, 36, farmer, of Bethune Sask., s/o James STEPHENSON, farmer & Jane SCOTT, married Gertrude Mary VANCE, 30, of Allan Tp., d/o John VANCE, farmer & Jessie BROWN, witn: Charles John VANCE of Findlater Sask. & Estella VANCE of Allan Tp. on Dec. 10, 1912 at Allan Tp.

14200-12 William R. STEWART, 28, not given, Renfrew, North Bay, s/o Robert STEWART & Christina ROBERTSON, married Carrie McEWEN, 21, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, d/o George McEWEN & Mary STEWART, witn: Chris HARGREAVES & Margaret J. McEWEN both of North Bay on Aug. 14, 1912 at North Bay 14212-12 John STONE, 50, farmer, widower, Grenville, Wisawasa, s/o Daniel STONE & Mary GIGNON, married Emelia DENAULT, 48, widow, Petawawa, Sullivan, d /o William LEMKI & Augusta KLINDER?, witn: T. C. FAWCETT & Patrick McQUAID both of North Bay on Nov. 6, 1912 at North Bay.
14213-12 William STOREY, 21, not given, Buckingham, Cobalt, s/o Alex STOREY & Celina LATOUR, married Lucia ST. AMOUR, 19, Notre Dame la Salette, Cobalt, d/o Francis ST. AMOUR & Georgina BISSON, witn: Antoine MORIN of Cobalt & Antoine MONET of Notre Dame la Lalette on Nov. 25, 1912 at Cobalt

11651-12 Frederick David STREET, 25, police constable, of Sudbury, s/o William John STREET, deceased & Sophia Ann POVEY, married Mary Jane McCOLMAN, 24, of Campbell Tp., d/o Joseph McCOLMAN, farmer & Laney LUTHER, witn: May McDERMID of Providence Bay & Joseph McCOLMAN of Campbell Tp. on Sept. 4, 1912 at Campbell Tp.

11654-12 George Melville STRINGER, 26, blacksmith, of Sheguiandah Tp., s/o Redford STRINGER, blacksmith & Clara CONNOR, married Muriel A. HASTIE, 25, musician, of Sheguiandah Tp., d/o John HASTIE, fisherman & Margaret ROSZEL,, witn: Whilemine HASTIE & Hector McLEAN both of Sheguiandah on Dec. 31, 1912 at Howland Tp.

14208-12 Thomas John SULLIVAN, 23, not given, Ruther Glen, North Bay, s/o John James SULLIVAN & Mary LINDSAY, married Elizabeth May WHITE, 20, Mechanicsville, Widdifield, d/o James WHITE & Annie DUDLEY, witn: R. H. SULLIVAN of Ottawa & Pearl Annie WHITE of North Bay on Oct. 23, 1912 at Widdifield Tp
19496-12 William SURMAN, 26, Banbury, Fort William, s/o Walter SURMAN, miller, & Charlotte BAYLIS, married Laurie HATWELL, 24, Warwick, Banbury, d/o Harry HATWELL, mechanic, & Frances Laurie JOHNSON, witn: Mary R. & Thomas W. LOVE of Fort William, 19 July 1912 at Fort William  
14201-12 Thomas Arthur SYKES, 27, blacksmith, of Cobalt, s/o George SYKES & Ellen MUNRO, married Mary McDOUGALL, 18, of Cobalt, d/o Dougall McDOUGALL & Mary HALL, witn: Edna CLARK of Cobalt & Eric L. WALKER of O'Brien Mine Cobalt on Aug. 12, 1912 at Cobalt. 14217-12 Thomas TATE, 62, restaurant keeper, widower, of Sudbury, s/o Robert TATE & Margaret ALFORD, married Margaret McGREGOR, 59, widow, of Warren, d/o Ralph STEWART & Isabella SCARLETT, witn: Mrs Amy FERGUSON of North Bay & Annie FERGUSON of Blackstock on April 26, 1912 at North Bay
14220-12 James Garnet TAYLOR, 24, not given, of Thornloe, s/o William Henry TAYLOR & Emily Marie GRENIS (guardians) married Gertie Ellen V. BROOKER, 18, of Thornloe, d/o George Howell BROOKER & Mary Ann JONES, witn: George Howell BROOKER & Wilfred M. HARE both of Thornloe on June 26, 1912 at New Liskeard 14226-12 Lionel THIBAULT, 22, fromagier, of Noelville Scollard Tp., s/o Hermidas THIBAULT & Hermeline BRAZEAU, married Rose Alma LAMANCHE, 18, of Noelville, d/o Pierre LAMANCHE & illegible GUEDARD, witn: Pierre LAMANCHE & Georges LEROUX both of Noelville on Aug. 20, 1912 at Noelville
14219-12 George THIMINS, carter, of Haileybury, s/o David THIMINS & Scholastique BOISE, married Margaret HUDSON, 26, of Haileybury, d/o John & Jane, witn: Ludger DAOUST & Joseph CHAMBERLAND both of Haileybury on May 6, 1912 at Haileybury. 14222-12 Richard THURSTON, 41, not given, England, Haileybury, s/o Richard THURSTON & Ann BARRENS, married Dorothy CANDY, 33, England, Haileybury, d/o both parents deceased) witn: Margaret LAIRD & Helen A. HOLTON both of Haileybury on June 27, 1912 at Haileybury.
14223-12 John Joseph TILL, 26, actor, of Toronto, s/o John TILL & Louisa Olive MIDDLETON, married Victoria BULLOCK, 19, actress, of Stratford, d/o Joseph BULLOCK & Mary SCOTT, witn: A. M. SINCLAIR of Cochrane & A. illegible of Toronto on June 1, 1912 at Cochrane 14224-12 Alonzo Dill TOTTEN, 23, not given, Nova Scotia, Cobalt, s/o Barney TOTTEN & Eliza J. ELLIOTT, married Martha CHISANE (Chisam?), 19, Palmers Rapids Ont., Cobalt, d/o Herman CHISANE & Aurelia MAUTISFIEL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Oscar ST. CLAIR both of Cobalt on June 6, 1912 at Cobalt
14221-12 Wilfrid TRAHAN, 25, not given, Eau Claire, same, s/o Louis TRAHAN & Delia CHAMPAGNE, married Marie Leda SOUCIE, 23, of Eau Claire, d/o Joseph SOUCIE & Marie DECOSTE, witn: Joseph TRAHAN of Eau Claire & David Joseph DAVIDSON of Calvin on June 24, 1912 at location not given. 14225-12 Harry Leon TRAVER (?), 20, not given, Bolton, South Porcupine, s/o Charles Ephraim TRAVER & Florence Pavilla PEASLEY, married Edith Orpha PRICE, 20, Bangor, Cobalt, d/o Charles E. PRICE & Agnes SAYYEA, witn: Florence P. PEASLEY & Agnes SAYYEA both of Cobalt on June 20, 1912 at Cobalt
14218-12 Thomas Eddy TREMBATH, 26, not given, England, Cobalt, s/o John TREMBATH & Peggy HOPKINS, married Jane Norman HAILE, 24, England, illegible, d/o Johnathon HAILE & Isabelle HILL, witn: Ida BOADY & Nellie LAST both of North Bay on April 15 (?), 1912 at North Bay. 13227-12 William TREMBLAY, 24, laborer, of North Bay, s/o illegible Joseph & Arthenise, married Celina BOUTRICE, 21, of North Bay, d/o Benoit BOUTRICE & Amenda MONGEAU, witn: Peter TREMBLAY & Benoit BOUTRICE both of North Bay on Oct. 28, 1912 at North Bay.

11655-12 David Whitney VANHORN, 26, not given, of Kagawong, s/o David VANHORN, farmer & Hannah LONGMIRE, married Harriet Amanda PICKARD, 23, of Kagawong, d/o Robert James PICKARD, deceased & Harriet A. RIVETT, witn: Fred W VANHORN of Kagawong & Hannah H. McKENZIE of Grimsthorpe on March 20, 1912 at Billings Tp.

11656-12 John H. VAN ZANT, 28, not given, of Manitou Lake Manitowaning, s/o Garret VAN ZANT, farmer & Eliza Harriet BUDGE, married Mary McDONALD, 25, Clover Valley Manitowaning, Manitou Lake Manitowaning, d/o Hugh McDONALD, farmer & Mary CHATWELL, witn: H. MacLEOD & Henrietta Gordon MacLEOD both of the Manse at Manitowaning on Dec. 4, 1912 at the Manse Manitowaning

11658-12 George WABIGIJIG, 58, not given, Sheshegwaning, same, s/o Michel WABIGIJIG & Sophie ABITAGIJIG, married Madeleine MIKWAM, 40, Lake Wolsey, Sheshegwaning, d/o John MIKWAM & unknown mother, witn: Alex WABIGIJIG & Elisabeth ANEMIKWAEM no residences given on Nov. 18, 1912 at Sheshegwaning.

11657-12 Charles Harry WRIGHT, 25, not given, Collingwood, Go--? Sask., Gordon Tp., s/o Walter John WRIGHT, & Jemima WILSON, married Katharine McDOUGALL, 21, Gordon Tp., same, d/o Lochlan McDOUGALL, farmer & Annie McCONNELL, witn: Neil McDOUGALL of Gordon & Minnie WRIGHT of Toronto on July 17, 1912 at Gordon Tp.

004813-1912 (Algoma Dist.) Edward YERKIE, 21, not given, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Herman & Minnie YERKIE, married Addie G. WHITEHEAD, 20, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Thomas WHITEHEAD & Harriet JOHNSON, witn: Jane BAKER & E. A. AXFORD, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 28 May 1912 at Sault Ste. Marie