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002797-00 (Manitoulin Dist.): Lorenzo ABBOT, 36, farmer, widower, Walpole twp., Shoq--dat (?), s/o Ambrose ABBOT & Eliza TRIMMER, married Minnie GORLEY, 20, Manitowaning, same, d/o Thomas GORLEY & Margaret STEWART, witnesses were Thomas & Margaret GORLEY of Manitowaning, 18 April, 1900 at Manitowaning #014238-00 (Rainy River Dist): Wellington ALCOCK, 27, laborer, Belleville, Rat Portage, s/o Joseph ALCOCK & Sarah A. BELCH (or Bilch), married Agnes LANG, 18, England, Rat Portage, d/o James LANG & Thurza WILSON, witn: Charles ALCOCK & Helen LANG, both of Rat Portage, 24 Jan 1900 at Rat Portage
011905-00 (Nipissing Dist): Louis ALLARD, 25, farmer, Curran, Banfield, s/o Hillaire ALLARD & Marie GARIEPIE, married Eva BEAULIEU, 17, Taunton USA, Banfield, d/o Napolean BEAULIEU & Georgina PRED--AIRE, witn: Leo SHANK & Celina ALLARD, both of Banfield, 8 Jan 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath) 012050-00 Jacob ANTIA, 22, Miner, no place of birth given, Copper Cliff, s/o Jacob ANTIA & Amanda HARI, married Mary E. PERTILA, 22, no place of birth given, Copper Cliff, d/o Samuel PERTILA & Mary Sophia VIRTOILA. Witn: Ailee MEAKI & Hilma LOFT both of Copper Cliff. January 18, Sudbury. (Lutheran)
#015731-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Walter ASHTON, 26, engineer, England, Fort William, s/o Richard ASHTON & Annie MURRAY, married Jessie M. LOWRIE, 18, Ontario, Fort William, d/o Robert LOWRIE & Christy McDONALD, witn: Joseph MANION & Edith LOWRIE, both of Fort William, 25 May 1900 at Fort William #014247-00 (Rainy River Dist): Stanislas BEAUDEAU (or Beaudin), 36, laborer, Gaspe Quebec, Rat Portage, s/o Fidele BEAUDEAU & Elizabeth BACON, married Marie PERRON, 26, Rat Portage, same, d/o Israel PERRON & Marie HAPEL, witn: Joseph & Mrs. Joseph JAQUES of Rat Portage, 17 April 1900 at Rat Portage, (Rom Cath)
012052-00 Aufoine BÉGIN, 31, Laborer, St Jean C. Que., Wahnapitae s/o Michel BÉGIN, & Adelaide DUBOIS, married Marie Louise CLAVELLE, 22, St. Thomas Alfred, Wahnapitae, d/o Joseph CLAVELLE & Alice BRAZEAU. Witn: Joseph CLAVELLE & Cyprien GAUTHIER both of Wahnapitae. February 12, 1900, Wahnapitae. (R.C.) #002422-01 (Algoma Dist): Napoleon BERNIER, 38, widower, laborer, of Blind River, s/o Louis? BERNIER & Margaret LA COMBE, married Adeline St.PIERRE, 17, of Blind River, d/o Jos (or Jas) St.PIERRE & Adeline FITZPATRICK, witn: Albert St. PIERRE & Anna LA JOI (should be La Joie?) of Blind River, 13 Oct 1900 at Blind River (Rom Cath)
012056-00 Olivier BERNIER, 29, Laborer, Cap Ignace Que., Copper Cliff, s/o Calinte BERNIER & Dinas FORTIN, married Emma BLACKBURN, 15, Barrington U.S., Copper Cliff, d/o John BLACKBURN & Flore LECLAIRE. Witn: John BLACKBURN & Delphis LEDUC, both of Copper Cliff. February 27, Copper Cliff. (R.C.) #002820-00 (Algoma Dist): Arnedee BLAIS, 32, laborer, Thurso, Chelmsford, s/o Hubert BLAIS & Felicite LANGEVIN, married Emma BLAIS, 26, Hull, Chelmsford, d/o Odilon BLAIS & Rosalie GRONDIN, witn: J.B. LAURIOT & Vitaline LABARGE, both of Chelmsford, 10 Sept 1900 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath)
#011909-00 (Nipissing Dist): Evangelist BOISSONEAULT, 21, Les Escoumines Quebec, Great Desert, s/o Magloire BOISSONEAULT & Josephine HUOT, married Marie TREMBLAY, 17, Les Escoumiers, Great Desert, d/o Eustache TREMBLAY & Ernestine BOISSONEAULT, witn: Daniel BOULANGER & Philomene MARTIN, both of Great Desert, 30 April 1900 at Great Desert, (Rom Cath)  
#014235-00 (Rainy River Dist): William Allen BOUCHER, 23, lumberman, Michigan, Lake of the Woods, s/o William BOUCHER & Mary PEMBLE, married Martha McPHERSON, 18, Lake of the Woods, same, d/o George McPHERSON & Sophie MORSELL, witn: John McPHERSON of Rat Portage, & Annie NAVAUGH? of Rainy River, 8 Jan 1900 at Rat Portage 012053-00 William BOULEY, 23, Farmer, Rimouski, Sudbury, s/o John BOULEY & Elmira BRIEN, married Clémentine BAZINET, 16, Clarence Creek, Sudbury, d/o Charles BAZINET & Donutile HENRI. Witn: Charles BAZINET & John BOULEY, both of Sudbury. February 12, 1900, Sudbury. (R.C.)
#002817-00 (Algoma Dist): Adern BOURGEOIS, 23, laborer, St. Andre Avellin, Chelmsford, s/o Severe BOURGEOIS & Anna WHISSELL, married Agnes PROVOST, 20, St. Eugene, Chelmsford, d/o Henry PROVOST & Julienne SABOURIN, witn: Alex PROVOST & Cordelia BOURGEOIS, both of Chelmsford, 20 Aug 1900 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath) #015736-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): John BOWES, 28, bar tender, Lanark, Fort William, s/o Patrick BOWES & Helen WHYTE, married Marguerite GALVIN, 22, Irish Block, Fort William, d/o Thomas GALVIN & Ellen CAMERON, witn: Alfred DEVINE of Pembroke & Lizzie MURPHY of Fort William, 30 April 1900 at Fort William
#002929-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Albert M. BOYTER, 23, fisherman, Ontario, Little Current, s/o Thomas BOYTER & Mary CANOW?, married Mary J. McKENZIE, 20, Ontario, Little Current, d/o William McKENZIE & Mary GRIFFITHS, witn: E.M. BRADLEY & E. NEAL, both of Little Current, 4 Jan 1900 at Little Current #011917-00 (Nipissing Dist): Michael E. BRENNAN, 29, farmer, Caluire? twp., same, s/o William BRENNAN & Margaret KELLY, married Ellen REYNOLDS, 20, London England, Banfield, d/o Walter REYNOLDS & Lizzie DARLING, witn: James BRENNAN of Caluire twp & Agnes CHAPUT of Banfield, 22 Aug 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)
012058-00 James BROOKS, 23, Miner, no birthplace given, Copper Cliff, s/o Richard BROOKS & Elizabeth LUNDY, married Annie SAUNDERS, 22, no birthplace given, Copper Cliff, d/o John SAUNDERS & Jane HORNE. David McMILLAN & Maggie CRAIG both of Copper Cliff. February 28, 1900, Sudbury #002932-00 (Manitoulin Dist): David BROUSSEAU, 31, harness maker, not given, Main?, s/o John BROUSSEAU & Laura HILL, married Agnes HALL, 20, not given, Hilly Grove, d/o William HALL & Mary MURCHILL (or Murdill), witn: D.M. ALISTER & Miss HENRY, both of Little Current, 28 May 1900 at Little Current
011988-00 George BUREGE, 22, Laborer, Tweed, North Bay, s/o George BUREGE & Sarah Mc KEAVER, married Maud FLEURY, 20, Chichester, Widdifields Tp., d/o A. FLEURY & Matilda BENIOT. Witn: Jos. MANTHA, North Bay, & Agnes FLEURY, Chichester. May 1, 1900, North Bay. (R.C.) 011983-00 Alex J. CAMERON, 26, Brakeman, Bathurst, North Bay, s/o Alex CAMERON & H. THOMPSON, married Mary C. McLEOD, 26, Fitzroy Tp., North Bay, d/o John P. Annie McLEOD. Witn: Albert HUDSON & Bella McLEOD both of North Bay. February 28, 1900, North Bay
#015735-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Donald CAMERON, 26, carpenter, Lucknow, Fort William West, s/o Alex D. CAMERON & Catherine McLEAN, married Estelle Josephine SMITH, 25, not given, Fort William West, d/o George Benson SMITH & Josephine JONES, witn: Wilbert SMITH of Fort William West & Eva WOODSIDES of Pt Arthur, 20 June 1900 at Fort William West #015749-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): James G. CARSON, 27, drayman, not given, Fort William, s/o Samuel CARSON & Mary J. GRAYSON, married Kate WAGNER, 23, not given, Fort William, d/o John WAGNER & Rose HOCH, witn: William CARSON & Maggie COOPER, both of Fort William, 12 Dec 1900 at Fort William
#011916-00 (Nipissing Dist): Robert CEASAR, 24, farmer, Holland, same, s/o Matthew CEASAR & blank HAGURN?, married Alice E. BURWASH, 21, Lachute, Rutherglen, d/o Thomas BURWASH & blank ROBERTSON, witn: Donald CAMPBELL & Ida BURWASH, both of Rutherglen, 11 July 1900 at Rutherglen #011910-00 (Nipissing Dist): Joseph CLUSIO, 47, widower, farmer, Marsham Mills, Banfield, s/o Charles CLUSIO & Harteme DOYLE, married Louise St.AMOUR, 48, widow, Marsham Mills, Banfield, d/o Louis St.AMOUR & Louise LACHANCE, witn: Alex LAPORTE & Jules LEGROS, both of Banfield, 4 June 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)
012048-00 Simon CONSTANT, 28, Laborer, Griffith Ont., Copper Cliff, s/o Simon CONSTANT & Mary MURPHY, married Margaret Davis OWENS, 27, Matawatchan (Matachewan?), Copper Cliff, s/o George OWENS & Elizabeth McLELLAN. Witn: Denis McNALLY, Copper Cliff & Beatrice O'HARE, Sudbury. January 16, 1900, Sudbury. (R.C.) #014253-00 (Rainy River Dist): Joseph COOK, 43, widower, farmer, Manitoba, Parkdale Manitoba, s/o Samuel COOK & Susanna MARGANATTE?, married Mary AHDERNS?, no age given, Ontario, Rat Portage, d/o Patrick & not given, witn: Alex & Mrs. A. FIDDLER of West Selkirk, 4 May 1900 at Rat Portage
#015720-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): E.G. COPPING, 27, engineer, not given, Fort William, s/o Charles COPPING & Eliz. BLAIR, married Louisa J. LEWIS, 21, not given, Fort William, d/ William LEWIS & Jane MILLS, witn: George KELLY & Margaret S. CAMPBELL, both of Fort William, 10 Jan 1900 at Fort William #003219-01 (Manitoulin Dist): Thomas A. CRAIG, 29, widower, tailor, Bruce twp., Blind River, s/o John CRAIG & Merrica SUTHERLAND, married Margaret STOCKS, 26, Vaughan twp., Carnarvon, d/o Robert STOCKS & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: R.D. FLEMMING of Mindemoya & Maud E. HAY of Hanora, 24 July 1900 at Mindemoya
#002809-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Charles James CRONIN, 25, lumber man, Cheboygon Mich., Manitouwaning, s/o Thomas CRONIN & J. McMAHON, married Sarah L. GORLEY, 23, Manitouwaning, same, d/o John GORLEY & Jane GUTHRIE, witn: William LEWIS & Rosa A. VANZANT, both of Manitouwaning, 11 Nov 1900 at Manitouwaning 012171-1900 ( Nipissing Dist): Aime CUSSON, 24, Orleans, North Bay, Laborer, s/o Louis CUSSON & Olivine AUBIN, married Louise PROULX, 18, Masham, Bonfield, Teacher, d/o Joseph PROULX & Cecile TREMPE, Wtn: Cleophas PROULX of Bonfield & Marie Louise CUSSON of Middlefield, on January 8, 1900, at Bonfield
#011904-00 (Nipissing Dist): Aime CUSSON, 24, farmer, St Joseph Ont., North Bay, s/o Louis CUSSON & Olivene AUBIN, married Louise PROULX, 18, Marsham Mills, Banfield, d/o Joseph PROULX & Ceul? TREMPE, witn: Cleophas PROULX of Banfield & Marie L. CUSSON of North Bay, 8 Jan 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)  
#014241-00 (Rainy River Dist): Frank Lewis DAVIS, 21, clerk, Hawick England, Rat Portage, s/o Benj DAVID & Matilda ANGER (or Auger), married Emma PINDER, 24, England, Rat Portage, d/o John PINDER & Catherine BROOKS, witn: John PINDER & Sarah E. NIMPE?, both of Rat Portage, 26 Feb 1900 at Rat Portage #014217-00 (Rainy River Dist): Arthur DELORME, 28, painter, St. Norbert, Keewatin, s/o Joseph DELORME & Philomene FALLON, married Blanche GASSE, 26, Venessenville, Keewatin, d/o Leopold GASSE & Marie BOUILLON, witn: Philip BELLEFEUILLE & Louis GASSE, both of Keewatin, Jan. 27, 1900 at Keewatin (Rom Cath)
#011920-00 (Nipissing Dist): Stanilas DESLAURIERS, 24, farmer, Otter Lake, Banfield, s/o Firman DESLAURIERS & Deline MARTIN, married Louise BEAUCHEMIN, 23, Masham Mills, Banfield, d/o George BEAUDCHEMIN & Adele LEGROS, witn: John SEGUIN & George BEAUCHEMIN, both of Banfield, 23 Oct 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath) 11914-1900 Treffle DOLBEC, 27, Ft. Coulonge, Bonfield, s/o Antoine DOLBEC & Exerilla MOUSSEAU, married Rosa BELLAIRE, 21, Ft. Coulonge, Bonfield, d/o Onesime BELAIRE & Justine LEROUX, Wtn. Elzear DOLBEC, Luctarina BELLAIRE, on June 25, 1900 at Bonfield.
002801-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Angus DUNLOP, 24, farmer, Bidwell twp., Green Bay, s/o John DUNLOP and Mary MAY, married Eliza NEVILLES, 23, Mount Forest, Green Bay, d/o John NEVILLES & Alice SKIPPER, witnesses were W.J. & May NEVILLES., both of Green Bay, 25 April, 1900 at Manilitouning. 002984-00 (Algoma Dist): Lewis DYERS (or Dycie?), 28, laborer, Ottawa, Sault Mich., s/o Albert DYERS & Jessie STANYAR?, married Letitia MORGAN, 30, Joliette Quebec, same, d/o Francis MORGAN & Annie THOMPSON, witn: Mrs. O. S. WALKER & Agnes SMITH, both of Sault Ont., 21 March 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie
11937-00 (Nipissing Dist): Charles Henry EDMUNDS, 26, farmer, Ont, Calvin, s/o John EDMUNDS & Mary MALHARD, married Florence M. SAVAGE, 20, Ont., Calvin, d/o J.R. & Francis, witn: Donald CONNELLY & Gertrude SAVAGE, both of Calvin, 12 Sept 1900 at Calvin #014261-00 (Rainy River Dist): James ELLWOOD, 30, farmer, Lambton, Keewatin Ont., s/o James ELLWOOD & Mary CAMERON, married Emily H. HAMPSHIRE, 19, Middlesex, Peterborough Ont., d/o George HAMPSHIRE & Dorcas RUCH, witn: James D. BUXTON & Mrs. J.K. BRYDEN, both of Rat Portage, 22 June 1900 at Rat Portage
#014259-00 (Rainy River Dist): Anthony Lawrence ETHAN, 23, butcher, Richmond Minn., Rat Portage, s/o John ETHAN & Cecelia SPADE, married Annie BOUCKA, 24, St. Paul Minn., Rat Portage, d/o Anthony & Mary, witn: Jennie? EXSTROM of Rat Portage, 16 June 1900 at Rat Portage, (Rom Cath) [Boncka?] #014252-00 (Rainy River Dist): Philip EXSTROM, 29, laborer, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Mike EXSTROM & Annie KIELSTROM, married Emma NEILSON, 23, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Nils PETERSON & Lucy OLSON, witn: Isaac & Carrie EXSTROM of Rat Portage, 2 May 1900 at Rat Portage
014255-00 (Rainy River Dist): Henry FITCHETT, 30, laborer, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o Jacob FITCHETT & Elizabeth McINTYRE, married Mary Ann BROWN, 28, Ontario, Rat Portage, d/o Henry BROWN & Margaret ROBINS, witn: H.L. SMITH of Dryden & Helen STACY of Rat Portage, 30 May 1900 at Rat Portage #002982-00 (Algoma Dist): John FRASER, 37, widower, laborer, Glasgow Scotland, Sault Mich., s/o John FRASER & Jane McDONALD, married Sarah Ann STALLWOOD, 39, Jarvis Ont., Sault Mich., d/o Benjamin STALLWOOD & Mary McARTHY, witn: William BRADY of Sault Mich., 15 Feb 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie
#014230-00 (Rainy River Dist): Joseph GAGNON, 31, farmer, Aylmer Que., Pinewood, s/o Alexander GAGNON & Suzanne GENDRON, married Ada Thurza HAUGH, 24, Renfrew Ont., Pinewood, d/o William HAUGH & Catherine CARRIERE, witn: Alphonse LEVEQUE & Fred William HAUGH, both of Pinewood, 22 Oct 1900 at Pinewood #011906-00 (Nipissing Dist): Philipe GAGNON, 25, blacksmith, Crysler Ont., Banfield, s/o Philebert GAGNON & Marie BRISSON, married Frances DUNN, 23, Calumet Island, Banfield, d/o Stephen DUNN & Helene MERCHANT, witn: James DUNN & Alice GAGNON, both of Banfield, 9 Jan 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)
#002936-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Thomas GAKEGHSONGE, 22, Indian lumberman, Ontario, Sheguiandeh, s/o Charles & not known, married Charlotte AHYANAHARGS, 24, Ontario, French River, d/o John & not known, witn: Solomon WINTEBUSH & Mrs. ECCLESTON, both of Little Current, 20 June 1900 at Little Current 11948-00 (Nipissing Dist): Arthur GAUTHIER, 21, farmer, St. Irene Quebec, Ferris, s/o Lumina GAUTHIER & Pascaline VARRAULT, married Elizabeth GIROUX, 16, Embrun, Ferris, d/o Joseph GIROUX & Leocadie RACICOT, witn: Augustine CONTIN & Lydia TREMBLAY, both of Ferris, 27 Aug 1900 at Ferris (Rom Cath)
012054-00 - J. B. GAUTHIER, 31, Laborer, Papineauville, Copper Cliff, s/o Alex GAUTHIER & Cecile CHARLEBOIS, married Amanda HENRI, 18, Clarence Creek, Copper Cliff, d/o Jean HENRI & Délina GATIEN. Witn: Jérimie BRUVÉAU & Euphemie GAUTHIER both of Copper Cliff. February 19, 1900, Copper Cliff. (R.C.) 012055-00 Alfred GAUTHIER, no age given, laborer, Papineauville, Wahnapitae, s/o Delphis GAUTHIER, & Cecile CHARLEBOIS, married Marie Louise ROY, no age given, Pointe Fortunte, Wahnapitae, d/o J. B. ROY & Elizabeth FARAND. Witn: Delphis GAUTHIER, & Ernestine ROY both of Wahnapitae. February 19, 1900, Sudbury. (R.C.)
012065-00 Joseph GAUTHIER, 23, Laborer, no birthplace given, Wahnapitae, s/o Cyprien GAUTHIER, & Lydia BRIEN, married Emerintine LEGAULT, 18, no birthplace given, Wahnapitae, d/o Alphonse LEGAULT & Elizabeth RACINE. Witn: Cyprien GAUTHIER & Alphonse LEGAULT both of Wahnapitae. May 1, 1900, Wahnapitae. (R.C.) #011923-00 (Nipissing Dist): Bernard GENEST, 32, farmer, Caraquet NB, Banfield, s/o F.X. GENEST & Marie FINN, married Heloise BESSETTE, 18, Otter Lake, Chisholm twp., d/o Etienne BESETTE (sic) & Philomene LESSARD. witn: Jules LEGROS of Banfield & Etienne BESETTE of Chisholm twp., 12 Nov 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)
#011915-00 (Nipissing Dist): Telesphore GIROUX, 27, farmer, St. Andre, Banfield, s/o Isaac GIROUX & Rosalie RACICOT, married Amanda CLUSIO, 19, Fort Coulonge, Banfield, d/o Joseph CLUSIO & Ameli GALIPEAU, witn: Joseph SARSVILLE & Corine PROULX, both of Banfield, 25 June 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath) #003222-01 (Manitoulin Dist): Arthur GORDON, 28, farmer, not given, of Carnarvon, s/o Andrew GORDON & Martha BROWN, married Jane SMITH, 25, of Carnarvon, d/o William SMITH & Eliza TROTTER, witn: Andrew SMITH & Evalyn GORDON, both of Carnarvon, 17 Oct 1900 at Mindemoya
#015748-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Howard F. GRAHAM, 23, cranesman, Gloucester Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William GRAHAM & Esther MOXLEY, married Mary M. COYLE, 23, spinster, Lachine, Toronto, d/o Neil McDONALD & Kate METSON, witn: James ENDICOTT of Winnipeg & Emma ABBOTT of Fort William, 30 Oct 1900 at Fort William #015738-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Thomas HANES, 46, engineer, not given, St. Andrews Man., s/o Thomas HANES & Eliza MAGEE, married Catherine RUSSELL, 44, not given, St. Andrews Man., d/o John RUSSELL & Mary ASH, witn: Robert STRACHAN & F. O'HAGAN, both of Fort William, 2 July 1900 at Fort William
#014262-00 (Rainy River Dist): Alfred Edward HARGRAVE, 31, conductor, Melborne Ont., Rat Portage, s/o John James HARGRAVE & Sarah HAINES (or Harner), married Sarah Elizabeth KNIPE, 21, Liverpool England, Rat Portage, d/o James KNIPE & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn: Thomas Homer CROWE & Jessie STEIN, both of Rat Portage, 24 June 1900 at Rat Portage #015730-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): John B. HARRINGTON, 36, livery keeper, Richmondale, Fort William, s/o John HARRINGTON & Eliz. WRIGHT, married Irene LA ROUCHE, 27, St. Jerome Quebec, Fort William, d/o Louis LAROUCHE & Josephine DUFORT, 12 Feb 1900 at Fort William
  011982-00 Dominic HAWLEY, 22, Carpenter, Dungannon, North Bay, s/o Jos. W. HAWLEY & Mary SWITZER, married Mary June LISK, 20, Eganville, North Bay, d/o John LISK, & Annie JURT (JUST?). Witn: Thomas J. & Matilda BENTLEY, both of North Bay. February 19, 1900, North Bay.
#002939-00 (Manitoulin Dist) Ruthven HAY, 25, salesman, Victoria Co., Little Current, s/o David HAY & Catherine MURDOCK, married Mary Lavina RITCHIE, 22, Bobcaygeon, Little Current, d/o W.D. RITCHIE & Matilda JOHNSTON, witnesses were Lenard HAY & Madge DRYBURGH, both of Little Current, Sept. 11, 1900 at Little Current 12104-00 (Nipissing Dist): James Chester HENRY, 27, clerk, Allanford, Sudbury, s/o Joseph HENRY & Maria FRENCH, married Emma ANNAUD, 23, Mabridge, Sudbury, d/o Nathaniel ANNAUD & Margaret BORTHWICK, witn: Ed George & Minnie Blair PRICE of Sudbury, 25 Dec 1900 at Sudbury
011984-00 Tomlinson HILL, 23, Brakeman, Hillsdale, North Bay, s/o Tomlinson HILL & Catherine TUCKER, married Margaret WATSON, 24, Chalk River, North Bay, d/o Richard WATSON & Christina McDONALD. Witn: Mr. G.L. Johnson & Elizabeth STRONG both of North Bay. March 26, 1900, North Bay. #014242-00 (Rainy River Dist): Albert Edward HOOPER, 19, laborer, Hungry Hall Minn., same, s/o Thomas HOOPER & Annie MORRISON, married Mary SEYMOUR, 17, Lake of the Woods, same, do Louis SEYMOUR & "squaw", witn: John CROWE of Long Sault & Eliza WHEELER of Hungry Hall, 10 Feb 1900 at Hungry Hall
#011911-00 (Nipissing Dist): David HOULE, 32, farmer, Pembroke, Banfield, s/o Aime HOULE & Sophie LAMOTHE, married Alexina LATOUR, 17, Pembroke, Banfield, d/o Eugene LATOUR & Alexina TAMBAULT, witn: Aime HAULL of Banfield & Francis LAMOTHE of Mattawa, 11 June 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)  
002799-00 (Manitoulin Dist): William IMRIE, 34, farmer, of Tehkumah, s/o George IMRIE & Mary WELDON, married Mary Jane ELLIOTT, 23, of Tehkumah, d/o Andrew ELLIOTT & Rachel HOLFERTY, witnesses were Robert WALKER and Mary Ann COE of Tehkumah, 14 March, 1900 at Tehkumah 014251-00 (Rainy River Dist): John Ainsworth JACK, 25, clerk, Wingham, Rat Portage, s/o Peter JACK & Margaret GENIE, married Candace Ellen MIDGLEY, 21, England, Rat Portage, d/o William MIDGLEY & Margaret LOCKING, witn: C. HOLLAND & Ellen MIDGLEY, both of Rat Portage, 2 May 1900 at Rat Portage
#002983-00 (Algoma Dist): Isaac JACKSON, 38, widower, laborer, Huron Co., Sault Ont., s/o Isaac JACKSON & Ann STINSON, married Viney MONTGOMERY, 18, Kent Co., Sault Ont., d/o William MONTGOMERY & Alice HOPPER, witn: Thomas H. & Ellen J. MAGILL of Tarentous, 28 March 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie #015718-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Samuel J. JACKSON, 25, laborer, Ireland, Fort William, s/o Joseph JACKSON & Elizabeth ALBIN, married Olive B. LANG, 26, Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o John LANG & Mary McCRAE, witn: W.F. NUTTALL & Annie LANG, both of Port Arthur, 3 Jan 1900 at Fort William
12061-1900 William F. JARVIS, 25, Smelter worker, Madoc, Copper Cliff, s/o James JARVIS & Sarah JOHNSON, married Annie M. BAILEY, 18, Lake Talon, Sudbury, d/o Nath BAILEY & Maggie O'BRIEN, Wtn. Richard HARVEY, Minnie LAWSON, on Mar. 17, 1900 at Sudbury. #014216-00 (Rainy River Dist): Joseph JEAN, 28, merchant, St. Boniface, Keewatin, s/o Frank JEAN & Victoria LETOURNEAU, married Marie Louise LALONDE, 20 (or 26), Carillon Quebec, Keewatin, d/o Pierre LALONDE & Henrietta FILLION, witn: Joseph LALONDE & Philip BELLEFEUILLE, both of Keewatin, 22 Jan 1900 at Keewatin (Rom Cath)
#015733-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Ole JOHNSON, 24, miner, Norway, Rat Portage, s/o Simon & Mary, married Annie ANDERSON, 23, Norway, Rat Portage, d/o John & Christena, witn: John J. ELLS of Fort William & Rev. W.F. WEBB of Calgary, 18 June 1900 at Fort William 012059-00 John KENT, 34, Boiler Maker, no birthplace given, Copper Cliff, s/o John KENT & Ann RUBERRY, married Mrs Alma MACKAY, 32, Widow, no birthplace given, Montreal, d/o Abraham HULE & Mary LESSON. Witn: Dan McMILLAN, Copper Cliff & Mrs. S. JOHNSON, Sudbury. February 20, 1900, Sudbury.
12068-1900 John Peter KEPONEN, 24, Miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o John KEPONEN & Sarah KAOLAONEN, married Annie PUNANEN, 24, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Mike PUNANEN & Katana HUSTAVI, Wtn. John MIKKILA, Lisi (Lizzie?) SUPPINMAKI, on June 24, 1900 at Sudbury. #015743-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): John KERTSOJA, 23, laborer, not given, Fort William, s/o Kustaa KERTSOJA & Kaisa MAIJALA, married Maud NYRHITA, 20, not given, Fort William, d/o Auguste NYRHITA & Anna JNOPPI (or Juoppi), witn: Alexander & Mary ANDERSON of Fort William, 27 Sept 1900 at Fort William (Lutheran)
#015331-00 (Stormont Co): Alfred KNUDSEN, 21, laborer in fabric? works, Denmark, Cardinal, s/o Anthony KNUDSEN & Maria? Antoina JOHNSEN, married Isabella MOREN, 20, Ottawa, Cornwall, d/o John MOREN & Charlotte McKEON, witn: George AMOT of Cardinal & Lily MOREN of Cornwall, 31 Jan 1900 at St. Columbans RC church, Cornwall #002822-00 (Algoma Dist): Dominique LAFRAMBOISE, 29, farmer, St. Andre Avellin, Rayside, s/o Prosper LAFRAMBOISE & Philomene DESJARDINS, married Natalie DUHAMEL, 17, St. Thomas D'Alfred, Rayside, d/o Duncan DUHAMEL & Caroline VIGRETTE, witn: Onesime LALONDE & Rosiane LAFRAMBOISE, both of Rayside, 24 Sept 1900 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath)
#014219-00 (Rainy River Dist): Joseph LALONDE, 22, clerk, Carillon, Keewatin, s/o Pierre LALONDE & Henrietta FILLION, married Marie Louise SOUCY, 19, Hull, Keewatin, d/o Philippe SOUCY & Angelina GURETTER?, witn: Edward & Philip SOUCY of Keewatin, May 30, 1900 at Keewatin (Rom Cath) #002821-00 (Algoma Dist): Alfred LARIN, 24, farmer, St. Andre Avellin, Rayside, s/o Joseph LARIN & Olive LARVEGNE, married Marie Louise LAUZON, 17, St. Victor d'Alfred, Rayside, d/o Menesya LAUZON & Parmelia GASCON, witn: Albert THIBAULT & Eulalie DUTRISAC, both of Rayside, 11 Sept 1900 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath)
#011921-00 (Nipissing Dist): Joseph LARIVE, 34, widower, laborer, St. Joachim Quebec, Banfield, s/o Joseph LARIVE & Victoria St.PIERRE, married Corine PROULX, 29, Marsham Mills, Banfield, d/o Godfrey PROULX & Leonil VAILLANCOURT, witn: Joseph LARIVE & Godfrey PROULX, both of Banfield, 25 Oct 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath) 002977-00 (Algoma Dist): Robert LEGETT, 39, widower, lumber man, Grey Co., Rydal Bank, s/o George LEGETT & Ann DOBNEY, married Jennet WEST, 21, Bosanquet, Rydal Bank, d/o Fred WEST & Margaret ALLAN, witn: John TUCH & Katie WILLIAMS, both of Sault Ste. Marie , 31 Jan 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie
#002981-00 (Algoma Dist): Frank LEMIEUX, 22, railway engineer, Burlington, Blind River, s/o Michael LEMIEUX & Cedulie MARCEAU, married Julia FLEMING, 20, L'Auge Gardien? Quebec, Blind River, s/o John FLEMING & Marie CHAMPEAUX, witn: Frank J. HINAPERGER? & Virginie LEMIEUX, both of Sault Ste. Marie , 14 Feb 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie (Rom Cath) #014248-00 (Rainy River Dist): William R. LE VALLEY, 26, laborer, Montreal, Rat Portage, s/o Moice LE VALLEY & Marie Ann PERRAULT, married Mary Gertrude RAMSEY, 19, Chatham Ont., Rat Portage, d/o Charles H. & Elizabeth, witn: Arthur WOODS & James ROBINSON, both of Rat Portage, 17 April1900 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath)
#014233-00 (Rainy River Dist): Hugh LEWIS, 34, stone cutter, Wales, Rat Portage, s/o Thomas LEWIS & Mary PRITCHARD, married Rosa L. FAULKNER, 19, Manitoba, Rat Portage, d/o George FAULKNER & Mary BANSFORTH, witn: James & Mrs. James WEIDMAN of Rat Portage, 1 Jan 1900 at Rat Portage #002805-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Samuel James LINEHAM, 25, lumbering, Petrolia, Tehkumah, s/o William LINEHAM & Matilda BARNARD, married Jane Sophia SHIELDS, 28, Holland twp., Assignack, d/o Charles SHIELDS & Mary Ann WALKER, witn: Sidney HARDING & Charlotte WALKER, both of Hilly Grove, 6 Dec 1900 at Hilly Grove, Assignack twp
#002940-00 (Manitoulin Dist) Edward B. LLOYD, 36, lumberman, Ontario, Little Current, s/o William LLOYD & Mary HENDRY or Kendry, married Mary Ellen Laura SHELTHROTH, 22, Ontario, Little Current, d/o George SHELTHROTH & M. WINK?, witnesses were A. SHELTHROTH & W.H. McMINN, both of Little Current, Oct. 24, 1900 at Little Current 014240-00 (Rainy River Dist): Christopher W. LOWES, 20, laborer, Vroomanton Ont., Rat Portage, s/o And. LOWES & Sarah Ann SWITZER, married Annabel McDONALD, 19, Ontario, Rat Portage, d/o Oscar McDONALD & Jane MOAT, witn: H. Vaughan MALTLY & Amelia R. RODGERS, both of Rat Portage, 31 Jan 1900 at Rat Portage
#002819-00 (Algoma Dist): Dosithee MAILLOUX, 24, farmer, Cheneville, Chelmsford, s/o Dosithee MAILLOUX & Adeline GAUTHIER, married Emerilda REGINBAL, 16, Cheneville, Rayside, d/o Zotique REGINBAL & Selina LAVALLEE, witn: Nellie? REGINBAL of Rayside & Azilda PELLETIER of Blizzard, 3 Sept 1900 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath) #011907-00 (Nipissing Dist): Dorila MAISONNEUVE, 25, farmer, St. Albert Ont., Banfield, s/o Gilbert MAISONNEUVE & Rachel BEAUCHAMP, married Albina VAILLANCOURT, 17, Marsham Mills, Banfield, d/o Pierre VAILLANCOURT & Marie PROULX, witn: Mederic VAILLANCOURT & Adeline MARTIN, both of Banfield, 23 April 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)
003504-01 (Algoma) Robert MARKLE, 24 of Thessalon, Laborer, s/o Robert MARKLE & Hazel FRANCES married Maggie SULLIVAN, 22 of Thessalon, d/o of Patrick SULLIVAN & Catharine DEAN. Wtn: Frank SULLIVAN of Thessalon and Gertrude MARKLE of Thessalon on November 28, 1900 at Thessalon 002798-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Frances F. MASTEN, 28, farmer, of Tehkumah, s/o Israel MASTEN & illegible TODD, married Emily Jane CHATWELL, 16, of Assiginack, d/o Allan CHATWELL & Lizzie COE, witnesses were William MASTEN of Tehkumah & Mary Ann COE of Assiginack, 21 March, 1900 at Tehkumah
#014250-00 (Rainy River Dist): Dalton McFADDEN, 23, brakeman, Thornton Ont., Norman, s/o Johnson McFADDEN & Elizabeth SPROAL, married Josephine HORRICKS, 20, Owen Sound, Norman, d/o William HORRICKS & Jennie WALTERS, witn: J. W. & Mrs. J.W. WARDMAN of Norman, 1 May 1900 at Norman #014257-00 (Rainy River Dist): Archibald Hector McINTYRE, 43, widower, jeweller, Fergus Ont., Rat Portage, s/o A.H. McINTYRE & Mary PRINGLE, married Susan Ferguson CAMERON, 40, New Glasgow NS, Rat Portage, d/o William CAMERON & Susan FERGUSON, witn: O.P. JONES & illegible ROCHESTER, both of Rat Portage, 4 June 1900 at Rat Portage
#002808-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Alex McKECHNIE, 36, farmer, Islay Scotland, Carnarvon, s/o Neil McKECHNIE & Annie BROWN, married Hannah SINCLAIR, 30, Uxbridge, Carnarvon, d/o Thomas SINCLAIR & Elizabeth WEBB, witn: Fred SHARP & Mary RENNIE, both of Manitouwaning, 11 July 1900 at Manitouwaning 002800-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Donald McKENZIE, 28, lighthouse keeper, Little Current, Little Current, s/o ? McKENZIE & Abbie MARSHALL, married Mary MORROW, 21, Bidwell twp., Bidwell twp., d/o Thomas MORROW & Lizzie SOMERVILLE, witnesses were George McKENZIE of Little Current & Saddie HANNAH of Bidwell, June 28, 1900 at Bidwell
#014243-00 (Rainy River Dist): Duncan McLEAN, 32, sawyer, Bruce, Beaver Mills, s/o Hector McLEAN & Catherine McDOUGAL, married Frances Emily TRICKER, no age given, widow, Peterborough, Beaver Mills, d/o Thomas CATTICART & Catherine GOOD, witn: W.S. CARRUTHERS of Big Forks & Annie CAMERON of Boucherville, 21 Feb 1900 at Long Sault [Cathcart?] #015746-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Alexander McLENNAN, 33, railway conductor, Lancaster, Fort William, s/o John McLENNAN & Margaret DRUMMOND, married Margaret McCRAYNOR, 25, Ireland, Fort William, d/o Samuel McCRAYNOR & Sarah NEAL, witn: James & Thomas McCRAYNOR of Fort William, 15 Oct 1900 at Fort William
#002933-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Robert McLENNAN, 29, farmer, Ontario, Little Current, s/o George M. McLENNAN & Jane GLOVER, married Flora McDERMID, 26, Ontario, Little Current, d/o A. & Mary, witn: A. McDERMID & Maggie PATTERSON, both of Little Current, 6 June 1900 at Little Current #014228-00 (Rainy River Dist): Dennis McMAHON, 32, barber, Renfrew Ont., Fort Frances, s/o Phineous McMAHON & Catherine DOYLE, married Mary Margaret O'DONNEL, 23, Aylmer Quebec, Pinewood, d/o Thomas & not given, witn: Thomas O'DONNELL of Pinewood & Hannah McMAHON of Boucherville?, 5 June 1900 at Pinewood (Rom Cath)
#002941-00 (Manitoulin Dist) Robert H. McMINN, 33, merchant, Palgrave, Little Current, s/o William McMINN & Margaret O'BRIEN, married Elizabeth A. ATKINSON, 23, Manitoulin, Shegundiah, d/o Y. ATKINSON & Eliza J. STINGER, witnesses were R. SHANNON & Maggie ATKINSON, both of Little Current, Dec. 17, 1900 at Little Current #011912-00 (Nipissing Dist): Neil E. McNAULTY, 26, tailor, Cape Breton, Sudbury, s/o John & not given, married Mary E. SCOBIE, 25, Lanark, Banfield, d/o Samuel & not given, 12 June 1900 at Rutherglen
#002934-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Alexander McPHAIL, 33, policeman, Ontario, Little Current, s/o Colin & Mary, married Lidia Levina VASEY (or Varey), 19, Ontario, Little Current, d/o John VASEY & Ann CAMERON, witn: Abe & Martha CHAPMAN of Little Current, 6 June 1900 at Little Current #015727-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): John Albert MEGARITY, 32, prospector & miner, not given, Fort William West, s/o James McGARRITY & Mary KIRKPATRICK, married Lena McMICHAEL, 20, not given, Fort William West, d/o Alex & Isabella, witn: James & Ellen HAMMOND of Fort William, 18 March 1900 at Fort William
#002818-00 (Algoma Dist): William METTE, 26, farmer, St. Pierre Wakefield, Rayside, s/o Clement METTE & Parminie RICHETTE, married Marie Yosile SEGUIN, 22, St. Lazare, Rayside, d/o Dieudonne SEGUIN & Philomene MENARD, witn: Dieudonne SEGUIN & Roseline CHARBONNEAU, both of Rayside, 27 Aug 1900 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath) #015740-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Nikolai MIKKOLA, 26, laborer, not given, Fort William, s/o Eric MIKKOLA & Mary AHO, married Lisa LEPISTE, 21, not given, Fort William, d/o Matt LEPISTE & Mary SISSALA, witn: Alex TENKALA & Mary JACOBSON, both of Fort William, 5 July 1900 at Fort William (Lutheran)
#015745-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): George MIREAULT, 28, livery keeper, St. Alexis Quebec, Fort William, s/o Fabien MIREAULT & Desire DION, married Mary A. SILLES, 22, Fort William, same, d/o John SILLES & Mary HOLLIHAN, 10 Sept 1900 at Fort William (Rom Cath) #011919-00 (Nipissing Dist): Eduoard MONTREUIL, 22, laborer, Ripon Quebec, Banfield, s/o Michel MONTREUIL & Adeline MALLETTE, married Sylvia DUCHENE, 16, Baie des Milles Vaches?, Banfield, d/o Just. DUCHENE & Eleonare MARTEL, witn: Eduoard BENOIT & Juste DUCHENE, both of Banfield, 8 Oct 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)
#014231-00 (Rainy River Dist): Joseph MORACHE, 31, laborer, Ohio USA, Pinewood, s/o Jean Baptiste MORACHE & Matilda VALIQUETTE, married Mary HAUGH, 22, Renfrew Ont., Pinewood, d/o William HAUGH & Catherine CARRIERE, witn: Fred HAUGH & Alphonse LEVEQUE, both of Pinewood, 22 Oct 1900 at Pinewood (Rom Cath) 015734-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Frederick Royden MORRIS, 25, barrister, not given, Fort William, s/o Sarah & John Kidd MORRIS, married Cora Maude McDOUGALL, 21, not given, Fort William, d/o Allan & Catherine, witn: Clarence JACKSON of Fort William & Dora MEIKLE of Pt Arthur, 14 June 1900 at Fort William
#002807-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Robert William NEILSON, 28, clerk, Artemesia, Manitouwaning, s/o Alexander NEILSON & Sarah WRIGHT, married Sarah Isabel IRVING, 28, Collingwood, Manitouwaning, d/o Matthew IRVING & Jane CUNNINGHAM, witn: Alex NEILSON Jr. & Mary A. McLEOD, both of Manitouwaning, 18 Sept 1900 at Manitouwaning 11947-00 (Nipissing Dist): Francis Joseph NEWEY, 34, widower, hair dresser, Birmingham England, Callender, s/o Frederick NEWEY & Ann PARSONS, married Mary Cornelia SHEFFER, no age given, teacher, St. Jean Sherville Quebec, Ferris Ont., d/o Moses S. SHEFFER & Marie MUNROE, witn: Alfred FOGEL & Rosanna SHORES, both of Corbeils, Ferris, 26 July 1900 at Ferris
#014256-00 (Rainy River Dist): William NOLAN, 34, bar tender, Kingston, Rat Portage, s/o John NOLAN & Elizabeth MANNING, married Mary Ann FORAN, 26, Sebastapol Ont., Rat Portage, d/o Michael FORAN & Margaret O'CONNOR, witn: Michael FORAN & Nellie FERGUSON, both of Rat Portage, 8 June 1900 at Rat Portage 011986-00 William J. OGLESTONE, 32, Carpenter, Ops Tp., Lindsay, s/o Henry OGLESTONE & Christina SHEFIE, married Louisa M. DAVIDSON, 24, Ottawa, Ruther Glen, d/o James DAVIDSON & Sarah J HAYES. Witn: Jas. R. DAVIDSON, & Annie JARVIS both of Ruther Glen. April 18, 1900, Ruther Glen.
#014234-00 (Rainy River Dist): Hormidas OLIE, 32, St. Jerome Quebec, Rat Portage, s/o Vincent OLIE & Margaret BELIE?, married Clara DUCHARME, 26, Victory Quebec, Norman, d/o Norvaire DUCHARME & Zenaide LAURIER, witn: Jos DOUCETTE & John H'APEL, both of Rat Portage, 8 Jan 1900 at Rat Portage, (Rom Cath) #002928-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Ed PABANASH, 18, Indian, Birch Island, same, s/o Ab. PABANASH & not known, married Charlotte MAHURGAHBONE, 18, Birch Island, same, d/o MAHURGAHBONE & not known, witn: James WABATHENE? & Angeline, 18 Jan 1900 at Little Current
0121170-1900 ( Nipissing Dist): Ovilia PATENAUDE, 24, St. Edward Napierville Que., Widdifield twp, Laborer, s/o Amable PATENAUDE & Flavia BOUDIARD, married Philomine BAZINET, 16, L'Orignal, Middlefield, d/o T. BAZINET & Emilie BASTIEN, wtn: Samuel BAZINET & Marie Louise DeVILLERS both of Widdifield, on 8 Jan 1900, at Widdifield #014237-00 (Rainy River Dist): James PERRAULT, 24, barber, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o James H. PERRAULT & Ellen SHEA, married Alice FOSTER, 21, Ontario, Rat Portage, d/o Henry FOSTER & Kate MUGGABERG, witn: James ROBSON & Amanda JOHNSON, both of Rat Portage, 18 Jan 1900 at Rat Portage
#011913-00 (Nipissing Dist): Eugene PERRON, 23, farmer, Orilly?, Banfield, s/o Tahiere PERRON & Elmire SAULIER, married Anna DUPUIS, 14 ½, Renfrew, Chisholm twp., d/o Onesime DUPUIS & Celestine LAHINE, witn: Eugene SAUVE & Celestine LEDUC, both of Banfield, 19 June 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath) 11949-00 (Nipissing Dist): Joseph PETICLERC, 30, laborer, Fanburg – St. Jean Quebec, Ferris, s/o Bosfer PETICLERE & Josephine MOISAN, married Rosaline St.LOUIS, 20, Ottawa, Ferris, d/o Alphonse St.LOUIS & Adeline TURGON, witn: E. GRAVEL of Ferris & Alphonse St.LOUIS of Chisholm, 22 Nov 1900 at Levesqueville, Ferris twp (Rom Cath)
012072-00 Ferdinand PROULX, 28, Laborer, St Aurolet, Sudbury, s/o Herbert PROULX & Adete BLANCHETTE, married Claire BOULAY, 27, St. Aurolet, Sudbury, d/o Joseph BOULAY & Beatrice ROULEAU. Witn: Joseph ST. LAURENT & Ovila GAUTHIER both of Sudbury. May 7, 1900, Sudbury. (R C) 012074-00 Telesphore PROULX, 24, Laborer, Rimouski, Copper Cliff, s/o Olivier PROULX & Gie LAVOIE, married Pamela GATIEN, 17, Clarence Creek, Copper Cliff, d/o Ferdinand GATIEN & Mathilda BLAIS. Witn: Will. GRONDIN & Elora GATIEN both of Copper Cliff. January 8, 1900, Sudbury. (R C)
012010-00 Henry QUESNEL, 24, Farmer, Finch, Springer, s/o Henry QUESNEL, & Nathalie DAGENAIS, married Alexina LANOIS, 18, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Felix LANOIS & Selina RHIVENURE. Witn: Alex DUMOND, Springer & Felix LANOIS, Sturgeon Falls. April 22, 1900. Sturgeon Falls. (R.C.) 002816-00 (Algoma Dist): Simon RAINVILLE, 30, farmer, St. Francis de la Beaune?, Rayside, s/o Onesime RAINVILLE & Marie LAMBERT, married Regina LALONDE, no age given, Coteau du Lac, Rayside, d/o Alexandre LALONDE & Rosina DIGNET, witn: Ferdinad LALONDE & Helise McGHIN? both of Rayside, 23 July 1900 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath
#003223-01 (Manitoulin Dist): Allen REID, 34, farmer, Arran, Campbell, s/o Allen REID & Euphemia McNEIL, married Mary PEARSON, 27, Uxbridge, Campbell, d/o George PEARSON & Matilda HESTER, witn: Torrence BURNS of Meldrum Bay & Euphemia McKECHNIE of Campbell, 15 Aug 1900 at Campbell #015744-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Walter Russell REID, 23, book keeper, Cascades Quebec, Fort William, s/o Thomas M. REID & Marion McNEILL, married Maria Elizabeth WHALLEY, 20, St. Thomas, Fort William, d/o William WHALLEY & Sarah D. LEASON, witn: Jennie E. LEACH & Malcolm REID, both of Fort William, 3 Oct 1900 at Fort William
#015750-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Robert REMBER, 27 (or 29), brakesman, West Stafford Quebec, Schreiber, s/o "dead", married Elizabeth LYKE, 19, not given, Pt. Arthur, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Charles PASKE & Mrs. William TERRY, both of Schreiber, 18 Dec 1900 at Fort William #014263-00 (Rainy River Dist): William John RICHARDS, 25, mining expert, Shropshire England, Rat Portage, s/o Samuel RICHARDS & Elizabeth FOX, married Adnetta WILLIAMS, 19, Ottawa, Rat Portage, d/o Z.J.S. WILLIAMS & Isabel ROCKWIN?, witn: R.H. RICHARDS & I.J. WILLIAMS, both of Rat Portage, 25 June 1900 at Rat Portage
#002976-00 (Algoma Dist): Frank C. ROBATHAN, 21, law student, Sault Mich., same, s/o Edward ROBATHAN & Sarah BUCH (or Bush), married Ida ECCLES, 18, Sault Mich., same, d/o George ECCLES & Ida GRAHAM, witn: John H. & Mrs. W.A. DUNCAN of Sault Ste. Marie , 13 Jan 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie #015737-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): John ROBILLARD, 22, laborer, Brentwood, Fort William, s/o John ROBILLARD & Henrietta OESOMIDY?, married Mary Emily BOUREGOIS, 20, Collingwood, Fort William, d/o Telesphore BOUREGOIS & Emilie CADERRE, witn: Charles FOREMAN & Maria L. RICHARD, both of Fort William, 26 June 1900 at Fort William (Rom Cath)
012062-00 Thomas ROBINSON, 29, Laborer, Moberly, Copper Cliff, s/o Arthur ROBINSON & Margaret BARNES, married Margaret Theresa BURKE, no age given, Ops, Copper Cliff, d/o Richard BURKE & Patience WARREN. Witn: Mrs. T. & Frances H. HAWKINS, both of Sudbury. April 11, 1900, Sudbury. #014264-00 (Rainy River Dist): James Corrigan ROBSON, 29, clerk, Walls Scotland, Rat Portage, s/o William & Catherine, married Amanda J. JOHNSON, 22, Finland, Rat Portage, d/o John JOHNSON & Brita HANSON?, witn: Victor & Emma JOHNSON of Rat Portage, 27 June 1900 at Rat Portage
012051-00 Thomas B. ROSS, 28, Clerk (HBCo), Chicoutimi, Waubigeon, s/o Thomas B. ROSS & Margaret McLEOD, married Jennie Louise RYAN, 27, Mount Forest, Sudbury, d/o George L. RYAN & Eliza REYNOLDS. Witn: J. L. Ryan, & Dr. Helen E. R. RYAN, both of Sudbury. January 24, Sudbury #011908-00 (Nipissing Dist): James ROTHWELL, 27, farmer, St Joseph Ont., Corbeil Ont., s/o Thomas ROTHWELL & Olivine CORBEIL, married Rosalie BOISSONEAULT, 22, Les Escoumier? Quebec, Great Desert, d/o Joseph BOISSONEAULT & Marie GRENIER, witn: William ROTHWELL of Corbeil & Adeline MARTIN of Great Desert, 30 April 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath) [Boissonault?]
015728-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): William RUMSEY, 26, baggageman, Croydon England, Fort William, s/o Charles RUMSEY & Caroline TURNER, married Elizabeth HOGAN, 25, Markdale, Fort William, d/o James HOGAN & Mary A. HARTFORD, witn: Frank SCHWEISS & Kate McKAY, both of Fort William, 17 April 1900 at Fort William 011981-00 Joseph SAGADORE, 27, Brakeman, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o Peter SAGADORE & Bridget RYAN, married Helen GAGNON, 22, Chichester, North Bay, d/o Edward GAGNON & Mary CARROLL. Witn: Peter & Winifred SAGADORE, both of North Bay. February 5, 1900, North Bay.
#011918-00 (Nipissing Dist): Peter SAMSON, 22, farmer, Renfrew, Banfield, s/o Alex SAMSON & Mary GAUTHIER, married Marie Louise GERVAIS, 22, Fort Coulonge, Banfield, d/o Louis GERVAIS & Mary BOLDUC, witn: Thomas GERVAIS & Johanna SAMSON, both of Banfield (Rom Cath) #014239-00 (Rainy River Dist): Joseph SAUL, 30, mason, Napanee, Rat Portage, s/o Hugh SAUL & Susan BRANDLY, married Sarah FOULDS, 20, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o Henry FOULDS & Annie GORDO (or Gords), witn: Margaret HOOEY & Helen STACEY, both of Rat Portage, 27 Jan 1900 at Rat Portage
#015748-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Charles SCOTT, 27, farmer, Bruce Co., Fort William, s/o Isaac SCOTT & Eliz. NIXON, married Florence GASTON (or Garton), 20, Derbyshire England, Fort William, d/o James GASTON & Mary BECK, witn: William GASTON of Fort William & Minnie McKENZIE of Pt. Arthur, 7 Nov 1900 at Fort William 014215-00 (Rainy River Dist): Francis William SCOTT, 25, foreman, England, Keewatin, s/o John SCOTT & Ann BECKET, married Adelia SIMPSON, 18, Keewatin, same, d/o Andrew SIMPSON & Ester PAYNE, witn: John SCOTT & Nellie CRAIG, both of Keewatin, 1 Jan 1900 at Keewatin
#002823-00 (Algoma Dist): Matthew J. SCOTT, 25, locomotive fireman, Teeswater, Revelstoke BC, s/o John E. SCOTT & Euphemia INNIS, married Annie POWELL, 25, Russell twp., Chelmsford, d/o Henry POWELL & Martha BURROUGHS, witn: Price SCOTT of Teeswater & Susie POWELL of Chelmsford, 24 Oct 1900 at Chelmsford 011987-00 Polidon SEGUIN, 24, Farmer, birthplace illegible, Widdifields Tp., s/o Alphonse SEGUIN & Malvina RANGER, married Marie L. DE VILLIERS, 19, St Ann de les Parade, Widdifields Tp., d/o DiPierre DE VILLIERS & Amelia GERMAINS. Witn: Sara DEVILLIERS & Malvina SEGUIN, both of Widdifields Tp. April 23, 1900, North Bay. (R.C.) [Sequin?]
#014258-00 (Rainy River Dist): Melville SEIGMILLER, 32, insurance agent, Goderich, Rat Portage, s/o Jacob SEIGMILLER & Mary TWICHELL, married Mary Alexandra CAMPBELL, 22, Shelbourne, Rat Portage, d/o F?.A. CAMPBELL & Mary McDONALD, witn: Allan McLENNAN & Mary Jane BAKER, both of Rat Portage, 6 June 1900 at Rat Portage 015725-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Albert SELLERS, 22, weighman at CPR elevators, not given, Fort William, s/o Matthew SELLERS & Agnes CURETON, married Ethel H. BROCK, 23, not given, Fort William, d/o Isaac H. BROCK & Mary MILLER, witn: Jennie M. STEWART of Port Arthur & John McCLURE of Fort William, 2 March 1900 at Fort William
#014229-00 (Rainy River Dist): James SERVICE, 37, widower, engineer, Grey Co., Mine Center, s/o Robert SERVICE & Fanny BEATTY, married Alberta HASLETT, 28, Ontario Co., Mine Center, d/o Samuel HASLETT & Eliza PARKER, witn: Peter McEACHERN & Mary LENNIE?, both of Mine Center, 3 July 1900 at Fort Frances #014249-00 (Rainy River Dist): Jacob SKORISH, 23, clerk, Poland Russia, Rat Portage, s/o Ephraim & Esther, married Christena RIDLEY, 28, Toronto, Winnipeg, d/o Edward John & not given, 29 April 1900 at Rat Portage
#002810-00 (Manitoulin Dist): David Livingstone SLOAN, 22, mill worker, Lindsay, Byng Inlet, s/o Daniel SLOAN & M. Ann LIVINGSTONE, married Hannah BRADLEY, 19, Midland, same, d/o Thomas BRADLEY & Jane Matilda FALLON, witn: James FAULKNER & Annie LEASK, both of Manitouwaning, 11 July 1900 at Manitouwaning 002802-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Marshall STAPLETON, 35, farmer, Uxbridge twp., Sandfield, s/o Henry STAPLETON & Almanda VANZA-- (cut off), married Ruth DAVIDSON, 19, Sandfield twp., Sandfield twp., d/o Nathanel DAVIDSON & E.J. TRIMAL, witnesses were Albert & Essie DAVIDSON, both of Sandfield, 21 March, 1900 at Manitowaning
12103-00 (Nipissing Dist): Thomas STEELE, 19, yeoman, Huntsville, Larchwood, s/o Thomas STEELE & Matilda KENT, married Elizabeth BROWN, 17, Ross twp., Larchwood, d/o John Robinson BROWN & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: Katie BARBER & Jennie BASS, both of Sudbury, 21 Dec 1900 at Sudbury #002931-00 (Manitoulin Dist): William M. STERLING, 28, farmer, Philadelphia, Honora, s/o William STERLING & Sarah J. WILSON, married Eva SPRY, 21, Ontario, Port Hope, d/o James SPRY & Sarah BROWNLEE, witn: William STERLING of Butonville & Lillie SPRY of Sheguiandeh, 7 Feb 1900 at Little Current
012060-00 James STIRLING, 35, Lumberman, Brockway Mich. U.S., Wahnapitae, s/o Charles STIRLING & Naomi BROWN, married Kate CAMPBELL, 23, Cobden, Sudbury, d/o John CAMPBELL & Mary HYNES. Witn: Mr. & Mrs. John DAVIDSON, both of Sudbury. March 15, 1900, Sudbury 014246-00 (Rainy River Dist): William Robert STOTHARD, 26, farmer, England, Rat Portage, s/o Robert John STOTHARD & Catherine COOPER, married Rose CHALET, 25, England, Rat Portage, d/o James CHALET & Agnes HOPKINS, witn: Thomas & Rachel CONWAY f Rat Portage, 29 March 1900 at Rat Portage
#002804-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Joseph Henry STRINGER, 24, farmer, Garafraxa, Howland, s/o William J. STRINGER & Ellen GLOVER, married Victoria Ann FERGUSON, 27, Haldimand, Howland, d/o John FERGUSON & Mary Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Theodore FERGUSON & Beatrice STRINGER, both of Howland twp., 19 Dec 1900 at Manitouwaning #014218-00 (Rainy River Dist): Angus SUTHERLAND, 24, machinist, Sctoland, Keewatin, s/o Angus SUTHERLAND & Marion BRUCE, married Ada WOLFROM, 22, Peterborough, Keewatin, d/o Alex WOLFROM & Sarah CAMPFIELD, witn: H.M. SUTHERLAND & Saddie WALLS, both of Keewatin, 17 April 1900 at Keewatin
#015732-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): James SUTTON, 27, miner, not given, Port Arthur, s/o Daniel SUTTON & Mary Ann BELL, married Bella Christena EVERETT, 19, not given, Olive twp., d/o Richard EVERETT & Emma GOODE, witn: C.A. & Mrs. C.A. GAMMOND of Fort William, 14 June 1900 at Fort William #015721-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Stephen TABACAK, 26, laborer, Austria Hungary, Fort William, s/o Andrew TABACAK & Catherine SHENGELA, married Helena GARAJ, 19, Austria Hungary, Fort William, d/o Paul & Theresa, witn: John & Maria KOBULA of Fort William, 29 Jan 1900 at Fort William
012049-00 James TEAHAN, 31, Blacksmith, St. Marys, Sudbury, s/o Michael TEAHAN & Ann KANE, married Bridget FINUCANE, 27, Brudenell, Copper Cliff, d/o Patrick FINUCANE & Mary HUGHES. Witn: James SCULLY & Anna FINUCANE both of Sudbury. January 18, Sudbury. (R.C.) #002975-00 (Algoma Dist): Frank TEMPEST, 34, farmer, Yorkshire England, Sugar Island Mich., s/o Hezekial TEMPEST & Ann SUGDEN, married Annie Ellen BLAIR, 20, Chatham, Sugar Island, d/o Benjamin BLAIR & Elsie COOPER, witn: J.E. & M.L. TEMPEST, both of Sugar Island, 17 Jan 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie
012071-00 Adelard TESSIER, 28, Laborer, no birthplace given, Sudbury, s/o Elie TESSIER & Sophie CLOUTIER, married Loria HERVINIA, 20, do birthplace given, Sudbury, d/o J. B. HERVINIA & Rosalie ST. AMOUR. Witn: Eli TESSIER& Jos. D'AMOUR, both of Sudbury. April 24, Sudbury. (R C) #002806-00 (Manitoulin Dist): S. John THOMAS, 25, farmer, Markdale, Sandifield, s/o George THOMAS & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, married Elizabeth WARD, 26, Tehkumah, Sandfield, d/o John WARD & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Marshall McDONALD & Tressa THOMAS, both of Sandfield, 28 Nov 1900 at Manitouwaning
#014245-00 (Rainy River Dist): Samuel THORPE, 26, sawyer, Mount Forest, Rat Portage, s/o David & Jane, married Matilda H. GOODWIN, 21, Buckingham, Rat Portage, d/o William GOODWIN & Susan HEWSON, witn: Herbert CUMMINS & Belle GOODWIN, both of Rat Portage, 28 March 1900 at Rat Portage #015724-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Andrew TIBONI, 30, laborer, Falmenta Italy, Fort William, s/o John B. TIBONI & Guiseppe ZANNI, married Cartherine GRASSI, 19, Falmenta Italy, Fort William, d/o Dominico GRASSI & Martha ZANNI, witn: Paul TIBONI & Lucia CANTONI, both of Fort William, 26 Feb 1900 at Fort William
#014244-00 (Rainy River Dist): James TILSON, 31, farmer, Norfolk Co., Pinewoods, s/o Richard TILSON & Catherine THORNTON, married Alice SNIDER, 21, York Co., Pinewoods, d/o John SNIDER & Sarah PRENTICE, witn: A.A. SNIDER & Ellen TREAN, both of Pinewoods, 21 Feb 1900 at Long Sault #011922-00 (Nipissing Dist): Henri TRAHAN, 23, farmer, St. Athanase? Quebec, Banfield, s/o August TRAHAN & Philomene MARTIN, married Rose Anna FOISY, 18, Banfield, same, d/o Joseph FOISY & Julie ARCHAMBAULT, witn: Adelard AMYAT of Banfield & Alberta TRAHAN of Eau Claire, 5 Nov 1900 at Banfield (Rom Cath)
#015739-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): William E. TUCKER, 30, barber, Owen Sound, Fort William, s/o John TUCKER & not given, married Donella K. COLMAN, 19, Owen Sound, same, d/o William COLMAN & not given, witn: George H. BLYTH of Chatsworth & Lulu JACKSON of Fort William, 25 June 1900 at Fort William 012057-00 Alexandre TURPIN, 22, Farmer, St. Albert Que., Copper Cliff, s/o Ferdinand TURPIN, & Olivine LAFRANCE, married Victoria PERRAULT, 20, Lowell Mass. U.S., Sudbury, d/o Thophile PERAULT & Emilien ST GERMAIN. Witn: Maxime PERRAULT, Sudbury & Delina TURPIN Copper Cliff. February 27, 1900, Sudbury. (R.C.)
#003223-01 (Manitoulin Dist): George Jos. TUSTIAN, 24, farmer, of Billings, s/o Samuel TUSTIAN & Florence MELIA?, married Elanor May JOHNSTON, 19, of Campbell, d/o Jas. JOHNSTON & Elizabeth G. HUFF, witn: David McDONALD of Campbell & Olga McDONALD of Sandfield, 24 Oct 1900 at Campbell #015719-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): John G. ULLOCK, 37, hotel keeper, Black River NB, Golden BC, s/o Jeremia R. ULLOCK & Annie McMASTER, married Anna DOYLE, 24, Ottawa, Fort William, d/o Alex DOYLE & Catherine FINLEY, witn: Marguerite A. ROCHON of Fort William, & C. DOYLE of Ottawa, 10 Jan 1900 at Fort William
#003221-01 (Manitoulin Dist): George Edgar VAN HORN, 23, farmer, Goodwood, Carnarvon, s/o George VANHORN & Sarah STORY, married Mary Ann McALLISTER, 18, Campbell, same, d/o Duncan McALLISTER & Margaret McNICHOL, witn: Francis VAN HORN of Carnarvon & Melissa McDERMID of Campbell, 3 Oct 1900 at Gore Bay #015729-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Albert E. WADDINGTON, 25, carpenter, Toronto, Fort William, s/o James WADDINGTON & Margaret DEGEER, married Rhoda Ann BURNETTE, 29, widow, Hull England, Fort William, d/o John ALEXANDER & Martha MOODY, witn: Eliza CONNOR of Port Arthur & John ALEXANDER of Fort William, 12 Feb. 1900 at Fort William
#015741-00 (Thunder Bay Dist): Albert E. WAGNER, 32, brick layer, Hanover Ont., Fort William, s/o Anthony WAGNER & not given, married Nellie E. TWEED, 29, London England, Fort William, d/o Henry & not given, witn: Isaac A. WILSON & Angeline ELLIOTT, both of Fort William, 25 Aug 1900 at Fort William 12066-1900 Jacob WALLI, 21, Miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o John WALLI & Saine KINELLA, married Gretta Christina RAHKONEN, 21, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Eric RAHKONEN & Mary MULAVI, Wtn. John RITARI, Tilta PROPANEN, on May 20, 1900 at Sudbury.
#002974-00 (Algoma Dist): Edward WALTERS, 63, widower, farmer, New Brunswick, Korah twp., s/o James WALTERS & Elizabeth BAUDEN (or Banden), married Eliza NELSON, 55, widow, Fort Erie, Owen Sound, d/o George GIBBONS & Marian SHALER, witn: Mrs. Calla GOLDSMITH & Ina Mabel STONE, both of Sault Ste. Marie , 21 Feb 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie #002937-00 (Manitoulin Dist) James WATSON, 28, laborer, Shelburn, Little Current, s/o William WATSON & Margaret SLACK, married Maccie (or Marcie) FINCH, 20, Shegurandoh?, Little Current, d/o Andrew FINCH & Ann BLAIR, witnesses were R. RUSH & Nellie LIMMER, both of Little Current, Sept. 23, 1900 at Little Current
002938-00 (Manitoulin Dist) George W. WELLS, 33, lumberman, Ontario, Little Current, s/o John B. WELLS & Elizabeth OLD, married Georgina BURKETT, 23, Ontario, Little Current, d/o George P. BURKETT & Janet McKENZIE, witnesses were Clifton H. BURNS & Alice S. DAWSON, Aug. 29, 1900 at Little Current 002935-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Dan W. WILLIAMS, 34, bushman, Ontario, Little Current, s/o Dan WILLLIAMS & Catherine JAMES, married Martha FEDDER, 23, not given, Mich., d/o Albert & Augusta, witn: Alex & Vina McPHAIL of Little Current, 11 June 1900 at Little Current
002803-00 (Manitoulin Dist.): James WILLIAMSON, 23, farmer, Waterloo twp, Canarvon, s/o David WILLIAMSON & Sarah LINCH, married Loster (?) VINCER, Canarvon, Canarvon, d/o Sarah VINCER, witnesses were William WILLIAMSON & Ada VINCER of Canarvon, 28 March, 1900 at Manitouning #014260-00 (Rainy River Dist): Thomas WOOLEY, 23, fireman, Sudbury England, Rat Portage, s/o John WOOLEY & Mary ELLIOTT, married Mary Martha ANTIS, 23, Victoria Co., Rat Portage, d/o Henry ANTIS & Jane MARTIN, witn: David & Mrs. D.C. TALBOT of Rat Portage, 20 June 1900 at Rat Portage
#002930-00 (Manitoulin Dist): Charles E. WOOLEY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Hanna?, s/o H. WOOLEY & Ann SKIPPER, married Agnes McPHAIL, 25, Ontario, Hanna, d/o Colin McPHAIL & Mary A. STEWART, witn: J.B. TREEBURY & Ethel NEAL, both of Little Current, 17 Jan 1900 at Little Current #015726-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): William W. WRIGHT, 26, chef, not given, Fort William, s/o William & Mary, married Mary McCOY, 23, not given, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas McCOY & Janet McLEAN, witn: Elizabeth MAUNSELL of Fort William, 5 March 1900 at Fort William
#015723-00 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Charles M. YOUNG, 21, station agent, not given, English River, s/o David YOUNG & Janet CRAWFORD, married Isabella E. LANG, 20, not given, English River, d/o John LANG & Mary McRAE, witn: H.H. PEACOCK & S.M. KOWAND, both of Fort William, 8 Feb 1900 at Fort William #014254-00 (Rainy River Dist): Thomas C. YOUNG, 30, fireman, Unionville Miss., Laggan? BC, s/o Thomas YOUNG & Ellen CHURCHILL, married Annie Belle McRITCHIE, 30, Elizabethtown PEI, Rat Portage, d/o Donald McRITCHIE & Annie McLEOD, witn: David GUTHRIE & Christy McRITCHIE, both of Rat Portage, 9 May 1900 at Rat Portage
#002978-00 (Algoma Dist): Frank Edward ZEIGAL, 25, laborer, Flint City Mich., Sault Ste. Marie , s/o William ZEIGAL & Frederika KREIGER, married Maud FRAPPIER, 23, Linden Mich., same, d/o James AUHER? & Minnie CHAPELLE, 5 Feb 1900 at Sault Ste. Marie #002980-00 (Algoma Dist): Joseph ZETTLER, 43, laborer, Coltr--?, Walford, s/o Anthony ZETTLER & Margaret McCARTHY, married Josephine FALTZ, 20, Detroit, Spanish Station, d/o Nicholas FALTZ & Marie BON--?, witn: Eddie FLATZ & Louise CENTURE, both of Spanish Stn., 13 Feb 1900 at Walford (Rom Cath)