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Northumberland & Durham Co, 1911 - 1921

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#016127-14 (Durham Co), William Thomas BELCH, 30, farmer, Cavan Twp, Cavan Twp s/o Thomas BELCH & Elizabeth LINDSAY, married Ida Mary FALLIS, 28, Cavan Twp d/o Richard James FALLIS & Sarah Jane BYERS, witnesses: Thomas Robert SANDERSON of North Monaghan Twp & Ethel Ruby ?? of Cavan Twp, 2 April 1914 at Millbrook

016124/14 (Durham Co) Colin Mansel BROWN, 20, farmer, Newpark - Clarke Twp., same, s/o William BROWN & Bella HOOEY, married Ettie Maggie MORRIS, 22, Liskard - Clarke Twp., same, d/o John MORRIS & Mary HOOEY, witn: Mrs. William HIGGS & Mrs. Eliza HOOPER both of Tyrone Ont., 6 May 1914, Tyrone

#014758-12 (Durham Co), Robert Rupert BYERS, 22, farmer, Cartwright Twp, Cartwright Twp s/o James BYERS & Alfredda BRADBURN, married Mabel Gertrude GRAHAM, 22, Cartwright Twp, Cartwright Twp d/o Louis GRAHAM & Elizabeth LERINER, witnesses were Fred GIBSON of Purple Hill & Edna GRAHAM of Burketon, 7 February 1912 at Cartwright Twp #016138-14 (Durham Co), Joseph BYERS, 73, farmer, unknown, Manvers Twp s/o Joseph & Mary, married Harriet Elizabeth GREEN, 55, Colborne, Colborne d/o Mose SAMMIS & Anna DUNCAN, witnesses were William & Maggie DAVIDSON of Manvers, 15 July 1914 at Millbrook
16202-14 Milton John ELLIOTT, 30, farmer, Clarke twp., Bowmanville, s/o John C. ELLIOTT & Mary Ann McLANG, married Lydia Adella OSBORNE, 30, Bowmanville, same, d/o John ELLIOTT (sic) & Catherine WHERRY, witn: Mamie E. SHAW of Bowmanville & H.W. ELLIOTT of Welland, 11 Nov 1914 at Bowmanville 16203-14 Charles James EMERTON, 22, farmer, of Caesarea, s/o Arthur EMERTON, carpenter, & Sarah BRIDGES, married Alma Elizabeth NOON, 22, of Nestleton Stn - Cartwright twp., d/o Joseph NOON, farmer, & Jennie SHORT, witn: Annie SELL of Alliston & Mrs. J. SNELL of Blackstock, 25 March 1914 at Cartwright twp
#014897-12 (Durham Co), David A. HENRY, 37, farmer, Canada, Cavan Twp s/o Maxwell HENRY & Elizabeth GORDON, married Adline FALLIS, 25, Cavan Twp d/o Richard James FALLIS & Sarah Jane BYERS, witnesses were William BELCH of Millbrook & Alice J. McKENZIE of South Monaghan, 20 June 1912 at Cavan Twp 16150-12 Andrew MINTO, 28, farmer, Ontario, Clarkson, s/o William MINTO, b. Scotland & Annie SHAW, married Hazel Amy Catherine MUIR, 27, Scarboro, Courtice, d/o Archie MUIR, b. Ont & Ida THOMSON, witn: Archie MUIR of Courtice & J.R. EMPRINGHAM of Toronto, 2 Aug 1912 at Courtice
14032-18 Frederick Addington PARKER, 43, widower, farmer, Baltimore, same, s/o George PARKER & Eliza PHILP, married Flossie WEIR, 32, Baltimore, same, s/o James WEIR & Agnes LINTON, witn: Ada M. & Margaret SPIDELL of Port Hope, 2 Sept 1918 at Port Hope 14030-18 John Wesley PATTERSON, 36, farmer, Lot 15 Con 7 of Clarke twp., same, s/o John PATTERSON & Jane UNDERWOOD, married Annie ROBINSON, 34, Kendal, 8th con of Clarke twp., d/o Robert ROBINSON, farmer, & Isabella WHITE, witn: J. Milton? ROBINSON of illegible & illegible GRIFFITH of Clarke, 4 Nov? 1918 at Newtonville [faded reg'n]
14033-18 Wilson Wood PERKINS, 31, mail clerk, Penetanguishene, Toronto, s/o Joseph L. PERKINS & Catherine WILSON, married Beatrice Evelyn WOOD, 24, lady, Port Hope, same, d/o Malcom M. WOOD & Harriet WRIGHT, witn: Harriet WOOD & E. M. GOOD, both of Port Hope, 30 July 1918 at Port Hope 15028-12 Rollie J. PETTIFER, 22, Campbellford, Seymour West, s/o Richard PETTIFER, blacksmith & Mary NICHOL, married Ina McKENZIE, 19, Stonely Scotland, Seymour West, d/o Roderick McKENZIE, farmer, & Mary McDONALD, witn: Robert & Bella IRVINE of Healy Falls - Seymour West, 26 June 1912 at Campbellford
14025-18 Charles Gibson PHILLIPS, 41, farmer, Tyrone, Essex - Essex Co., s/o Thomas PHILLIPS & Annie RODD, married Tryphena COLLACOTT, 38, Tyrone, Bowmanville, d/o James COLLACOTT & Jane FRICE, witn: Margaret & Mildred SELLERY of Bowmanville, 3 April 1918 at Bowmanville 10720-11 Ernest PHILLIPS, 21, of Kingston, s/o George R. PHILLIPS, laborer, & Mary MOYNES, married Mary E. GIRDEN, 19, of Kingston, d/o James GIRDEN, mason, & Rachel KIRKLAND, witn: Albert & Mrs. Albert PHILLIPS of Campbellford, 24 Nov 1911 at Campbellford
  14029-18 Norman Russell PINGLE, 26, mason, Bowmanville, same, s/o Thomas PINGLE & Fannie BURDEN, married Mary Lola GRAY, 25, teacher, Newcastle, same, d/o Robert GRAY & Hazel? LAW, witn: Rita & John GLANVILLE of Bowmanville, 14 Oct 1918 at Newcastle
15026-12 John Jeffery POWELL, 25, farmer, of Manvers twp., s/o John POWELL, farmer, & Mary Jane MORTON, married Bertha Prudence WIDDIS, 25, of Cavan twp., d/o Jeffery WIDDIS, farmer, & Helen WILCOX, witn: Samuel Robert POWELL of Clarke twp & Mary Louisa WIDDIS of Millbrook, 12 June 1912 at Cavan twp 14028-18 Samuel John R. POWELL, 22, teacher, Hope twp., same, s/o s/o Thomas POWELL & [bank] McGAFFEY, married Marjory Grace SELBY, 23, Clarke twp., Hope twp., d/o Isaac SELBY & Emma COLE, witn: Hazel CAMERON & Cherry BAXTER, both of Canton, 20 April 1918 at Canton
15027-12 Marshall PRIESTON, 24, of Lindsay, s/o Andrew PRIESTON, laborer & Mary Elizabeth FAULKNER, married Jessie M. MAPES, 19, of Lindsay, d/o Benjamin MAPES, laborer, & Sarah Jane STONE, witn: Estella MASSIE & Mrs. Lily S. BROWN, both of Campbellford, 5 June 1912 at Campbellford 15025-12 H. Bruce PUFFER, 22, farmer, of Norwood, s/o James PUFFER, farmer, & Jane CUTHBERTSON, married Mildred FORSYTHE, 18, of Warkworth, d/o John FORSYTHE, brakesman, & Louise LOSEE, witn: Charles J. PUFFER of Norwood & Marion FORSYTHE of Warkworth, 29 May 1912 at Percy twp
14041-18 George Patterson REYNOLDS, 20, farmer, Courtice, same, s/o George REYNOLDS & Celina GOYNE, married Olive Louise PATERNOSTER, 21, England, Courtice, d/o Samuel PATERNOSTER & Louisa GOODCHILD, witn: L. J. BURDGE & M. M. ROBINSON, both of Oshawa, 12 June 1918 at Courtice 14040-18 Frank Bert ROBINSON, 33, widower, chief sehll? inspector, Kingston, same, s/o George William ROBINSON & Catherine Amelia? LEADER, married Emily May FOOTE, 24, England, Port Hope, d/o William Oliver FOOTE & Marion LANE?, witn: Reginald J. L. & Florence M. FOOTE of Port Hope, 12 July 1918 at Port Hope
14039-18 Robert James ROWDEN, 25, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o Francis ROWDEN & Elizabeth MARTIN?, married Edith Pearl THICKSON, 19, Hope twp., same, d/o John THICKSON & illegible (Edith M. may be first name), witn: Sarah Jane & William J. Jr. THICKSON of Rossmount, 20 March 1918 at St. Johns Church, Port Hope [faded reg'n] 14038-18 Frederick Ernest ROWDEN, 27, farmer, Hope twp., Port Hope, s/o illegible James ROWDEN & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Eva Lena BOUGHAM, 20, Hope twp., Port Hope, d/o Edmond BOUGHAN & Susan BROWN, witn: Robert ROWDEN & Olive BOUGHAM, both of Port Hope, 12 March 1918 at Port Hope
14042-18 Wilfred Louis ROWE, 23, machinist, Toronto, same, s/o Wilfred James ROWE & Catherine HUNT, married Fannie Greta SCOTT, 24, Bowmanville, same, d/o William SCOTT & Laura Jane PETHICK, witn: Mabel SCOTT & J?. A. DINSEM?, both of Bowmanville, 27 May 1918 at Bowmanville  
14317-18 William Roy TRUMAN, 20, trimmer, Kirkfield, Oshawa, s/o Samuel TRUMAN & Mary GREAVES, married Hattie MINARD, 20, Norwick, Oshawa, d/o James MINARD & Alice PURDY, witn: Garfield C. & Velma FERGUSON of Oshawa, 6 Nov 1918 at Oshawa 014427-1917 (Durham Co.) Edward WHITEHEAD, 26, machinist, Quebec, Port Hope, s/o George WHITEHEAD & Mary BUMP, married Mabel PETERS, 29, Port Hope, same, d/o Edgar PETERS & Annie KERMAN, witn: Ernest PETERS & Eliza R. STRONG, both of Port Hope, 10 Jul 1917 at Port Hope
#016086-16 (Northumberland Co): William Henry WRIGLEY, 36, returned soldier, Lancashire England, Campbellford, s/o Edward & Bessie, married Dora V. STEPHENS, 32, widow, Seymour twp., Campbellford, d/o Edward STEPHENS & Mary ARCHER, witn: Janet WARD (or Wand) & Mrs. Eliza S. BROWN, both of Campbellford, 29 March 1916 at Campbellford 017122-21 (Northumberland) Loyal Wellington ZUFELT; 42; Farmer; Cramahe Twp.; Warkworth Village.; s/o Loyal Wellington ZUFELT & Jane SAMIS; married Rosa Florence PRATT; 26; England; Warkworth Village; d/o William PRATT, mother's name not known; Witn Mrs W. H. HENRY & Mrs J. R. BUTLER of Warkworth; February 2, 1921 Warkworth Village.