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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1893

birth place is given before residence


8003-93 Tom [no surname given], 17, Rama, Parry Island Indian Reserve, s/o "real father unknown, his adopting father John Thrimble" & Esther BIG WIND, married Josette LAFRIGURE, 16, Parry Island, same, d/o Joe LAFRIGURE & Mary KING, witn: John MILLER & Mary Ann LAFRIGURE, both of the Island, 19 Oct. 1893 at Parry Island  
8149-93 - J. L. BAKER, 50, farmer, Ontario, Brunel twp., s/o John & Margaret, married E. S. HOLLINSHEAD, 22, Ontario, Brunel twp., d/o William & Jane, witn: G. R. BAKER of Toronto & Thomas HOLLINSHEAD of Brunel, 22 Feb 1893 at Brunel twp 8008-93 Alfred Mark BAKER, 23, farmer, London England, Franklin, s/o Alfred Mark & Emma, married Zipporah CHELER, 17, Rama Ont., Franklin, d/o Jacob CHELER & Elizabeth Jane, witn: William & Eliza KEOWN of Franklin, 28 April 1893 at Franklin twp
8167-93 James BASKERVILLE, 36, lumberman, widower, Oro Tp., Huntsville, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary WALLINGTON, 27, Lambton City, Chaffey, d/o James & Annie R., witn: James WALLINGTON of Chaffey Tp. & Sophia CARR of Lambton Co., on July 19, 1893 at All Saints Church, Huntsville 008077-93 Peter Burley BASTEDO, 24, farmer, Oxford Co, Baysville, s/o Joseph Rogers & Mary, married Mary FULLERTON, 23, Perth Co Ontario, Watt Tp, d/o Robert & Hanna, witn: Thomas LANGFORD of Baysville & Annie CLARK of Windermere on Sept. 13, 1893 at Bracebridge
008101-93 Frederick H. BATES, 24, farmer, Newton Centre USA, Perry Tp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth BLUNDELL, 27, Marys Tp. Perry Tp., d/o Absalom & Elizabeth, witn: M. E. ROWE & H. GILBERT both of Bracebridge on Apr. 26, 1893 at Bracebridge 008122-93 John BEATH, 31, farmer, Scotland, Mara, s/o Robert & Agnes, married Carrie A. CRIPPS, 25, Guelph, Mara, d/o Nathan & Sarah, witn: Lizzie LAMONT & Annie WINDSOR both of Gravenhurst on Feb. 28, 1893 at Gravenhurst
7976-93 Oscar BEIER, 25, farmer, Morrison, same, s/o Joseph & Caroline, married Eva ROACH, 20, Australia, Morrison, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Christopher & Addie ROACH of Morrison, 4 Jan 1893 at Morrison twp 7970-93 Albert Howard BEIRNES, 22, farmer, Springfield Mass. US, Cardwell twp., s/o Samuel & Mary, married Margaret CASE, 31, Wallace twp., Cardwell, d/o Ephraim & Sarah, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Joseph BEIRNES of Cardwell twp., 10 Aug 1893 at Stevens, Cardwell
  008062-93 Francois BENOIT, 23, labourer, Stormont Co, Springer, s/o Theophile BENOIT & Angeline TARVETTE, married Virginie BRUNETTE, 19, Prescott Co, Springer Ontario, d/o Elie BRUNETTE & Octavie DEGRE, witn: Théophile & Joseph BENOIT both of Springer Ontario on Oct. 15, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
008099-93 Gustavius Adolphus BINYON, 45, barber, Chatham, Bracebridge, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Naomi BAIRD, 19, Spencerville, Bracebridge, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: William & Elizabeth STILES both of Bracebridge on Apr. 10, 1893 at Bracebridge. (Salv Army) 008093-93 William Henry BOOKER, 26, farmer, Haldimand Co., Macaulay Tp., s/o Thomas & Elesha, married Margaret COOPER, 26, St. Marys Ontario, Macaulay Tp., d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: James BOOKER & Helen COOPER both of Macaulay Tp. on Jan. 24, 1893 at Bracebridge.
7999-93 August BOOTH, 25, mill laborer, Penetang., Byng Inlet, s/o John BOOTH & Henrietta DUSOME, married Ursula DESSARD, 18, in the Esconements?, Byng Inlet, d/o Charles DESSARD & Adeline CHOUINARD, witn: John BOOTH & Emelia DESSARD, both of Byng Inlet, 30 Aug 1893 at Byng Inlet  
008106-93 James BRAIN, 26, tailor, Canada, Huntsville, s/o William & Harriet, married Mary J. MARTIN, 24, Canada, Huntsville, d/o William & Catharine, witn: James MARTIN & Jennie McCAFFRAY both of Huntsville on Apr. 25, 1893 at Bracebridge. 8148-93 Christian BRANT, 23, farmer, Switzerland, Ryerson, s/o Gottleib BRANDT (sic) & Louisa, married Louisa COURVOISIER, 20, Switzerland, Ryerson, d/o Louis & Louise, witn: Charles COURVOISIER & Mary BRANDT, both of Ryerson, 20 Sept 1893 at Ryerson
008118-93 William Franklin BRETSON, 26, farmer, Reach, Perry Tp., s/o William & Susan, married Mary Estella MEYER, 20, Mariposa Tp., Perry Tp., d/o James & Agnes, witn: William WRIGHT & Mary RICHARD both of Huntsville on Oct. 11, 1893 at Huntsville 7977-93 Isaac BRIDGEMENT, 29, mechanic, Richmond Hill, Bracebridge, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Jessie MILLER, 21, Tecumseth, Ryde, d/o John L. & Sarah E., witn: G. H. STANDBROOK of Muskoka Falls & Sarah MILLER of Ryde, 15 March 1893 at Houseys Rapids
008129-93 James BROWN, 54, farmer, Armagh Tyrone Ireland, Muskoka Tp., s/o William & Sarah, married Isabella HERRON, 28, widow, Belfast Ireland, Gravenhurst, d/o James & Mary WATSON, witn: John WATSON of Gravenhurst on June 6, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 8002-93 James BROWNELL, 26, lumbering, Markham twp., Spence twp., s/o George & Mary, married Eliza CAIRNS, 19, Spence, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: John BRODERICK of Spence & Alice CARLTON of Magnetawan, 19 Oct. 1893 at Spence
008061-93 Joseph CADARETTE, 40, farmer, Quebec, Springer Ontario, s/o Joseph & Elmire, married Ellen HUTH (HIETH?), 45, widow, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Damase & Elizabeth HUTH, witn: Jean Baptiste MARCOUX & Leopold LAZEAU both of Sturgeon Falls on Oct. 30, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 8025-93 William Alexander CAMPBELL, 34, hotel keeper, widower, s/o Edward & Mary, married Margaret Jane SUFFERN, 25, Watt, Raymond Watt Tp., d/o Anthony & Ann Elizabeth, witn: Joseph ESSON of Port Sydney & Sarah SUFFERN of Raymond on Jan. 3, 1893 at Watt Tp
  008058-93 Charles CHAMPAGNE, 25, farmer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Joseph CHAMPAGNE & Rose MORIN, married Elyse COTE, 17, Quebec, Verner, d/o Paul COTE & Desneiges PARENT, witn: Joseph CHAMPAGNE & Paul COTE both of Verner on Sept. 24, 1893 at Verner (RC)
008071-93 George Frederick CHARLESLY, 23, laborer, Sherbrooke Que., Huntsville, s/o Robert & Mary, married Emma BOYD, 19, Morrison Tp., same, d/o James & Isabella, witn: David & Rosa BOYD both of Morrison Tp. on July 12, 1893 at Bracebridge. 008057-93 Filmont CHENETTE, 25, hotel keeper, of Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph CHENETTE & Josephine MOUSSEAU, married Maggie Jane GAGNON, 19, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Olivier GAGNON & Martha BLAIS, witn: Alphonse CHENETTE & Charles GAGNON both of Sturgeon Falls on Sept. 12, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
008119-93 William Henry CLARK,23, bricklayer, Kent England, Dovercourt Ont., s/o Thomas & Emma, married Ellen Jane AUTCLIFFE (ANTCLIFFE?), 26, St. Marys, Perry Tp., d/o John & Sarah, witn: Robert BRUSH of Coldwater & Annie AUTCIFFE of Novar on July 17, 1893 at Novar Perry Tp. 8147-93 Walter Rutherford CLARK, 27, farmer, Wolverhampton England, Doe Lake, s/o James CLARK & Sarah SMITH, married Ellen TURNBULL, 24, Northumberland England, Doe Lake, d/o Andrew TURNBULL & Eliza WILSON, witn: William YOUNGER & Joel? TURNBULL, 7 March 1893 at Doe Lake
008136-93 Samuel CLARK, 21, turner, London England, Medora Port Carling, s/o William & Phoebe Patty, married Addie MASON, 20, Monck Tp, same, d/o William MASON & Elizabeth DECKER, witn: John CROUCHER of Port Carling & Ann McCLINCHY of Gravenhurst on Sept. 11, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 8110-93 Arthur COBB, 30, clergyman, Cartertown - Lancashire England, Dufferin Bridge, s/o William & Sarah Crompton COBB, married Annie BARTLETT, 25, Ditchling - Sussex England, Dufferin Bridge, d/o James & Emma, witn: Ann Jane & Arthur Irwin FRY of Seguin Falls, 4 Jan 1893 at Church of the Redeemer, Rosseau
008153-93 Albert COLE, 25, lumberman, Clark Tp, Brunel Tp, s/o Henry & Mary, married Susan TOOKE, 22, Blenheim Tp, Brunel Tp, d/o John & Martha, witn: Henry COLE of Brunel & Ida TOOKE of Huntsville on Jan. 2, 1893 at Huntsville 008087-93 Ernest Julius COOK, 23, farmer, Morrison Tp, Ryde Tp, s/o August & Henrietta, married Carrie HEFFEREN, 23, Nottawasaga, Ryde Tp, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Robert L. HEFFEREN & Johanna DIERK both of Ryde Tp, on Dec. 20, 1893 at Bracebridge

8148-94 Walter Waters COOK, 22, lumberman, Beverley Wentworth Co., Proudfoot Tp., s/o Edward & Euphemia, married Nellie Lawrie SIMPSON, 23, Stratford, Proudfoot Tp., d/o William & Jean, witn: William & Jennie OLTON both of Proudfoot Tp. on Dec. 25, 1893 at Burk's Falls

008154-93 David H. COUSINS, 22, farmer, England, Chaffey Tp, s/o Donald & Lavinia, married Harriett E. COUSINS, 16, Ontario, Chaffey Tp, d/o Hipsley & Sarah, witn: Hipsley & Sarah COUSINS both of Chaffey Tp. on Jan. 24, 1893 at Huntsville
008082-93 John CROCKFORD, 24, lumberman, Hamilton Ontario, Draper Tp, s/o John & Charlotte, married Sarah Miller GIVEN, 20, Dalhousie Lanark Co., Draper Tp, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Robert CROCKFORD & Maggie GIVEN both of Draper Tp, on Sept 27, 1893 at Bracebridge 008108-93 Levi Ezekiel CRONK, 29, engineer, Oxford Co., Parry Sound, s/o James & Paulina, married Eliza Jane NEWELL, 24, Halton Co., Parry Sound, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: William Henry & Sarah C. LARGE, both of Bracebridge on June 9, 1893 at Bracebridge
8175-93 Charles CROUCHER, 35, mill man, widower, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o James & Louisa, married Minna PICKERING, 32, widow, Scotland, Huntsville, d/o James & Agnes PICKERING, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. HERRINGTON both of Huntsville on Oct. 25, 1893 at Huntsville  
008083-93 William CULYER, 24, lumberman, St. Marys, Perry Tp, s/o Frederick & Matilda, married Ellen ANDERSON, 21, Darlington, Perry Tp. d/o Henry & Mary, witn: T. H. & Susie BLATHERWICK both of Bracebridge on Oct. 12, 1893 at Bracebridge 008120-93 William CURTIS, 19, farmer, Scugog Tp., Perry Tp., s/o Charles & Fanny, married Mary JOHNSON, 22, Downey Tp., Perry Tp., d/o James & Jannet, witn: James E. HUCKINGS, & Rosetta HOCKLEY both of Novar on July 7, 1893 at Perry Tp. (Unit Breth)
8170-93 William CUSSON, 20, farmer, USA, Brunel Tp., s/o George & Jennie, married Minnie CASE, 21, Ontario, Brunel Tp., d/o William & Emma, witn: James & Margaret LOCKER both of Port Sydney on Aug. 31, 1893 at Huntsville. 008052-93 Moise DAGENAIS, 22, labourer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Moise DAGENAIS & Justine ST. ONGE, married Sarah MATTE, 18, Quebec, Verner, d/o Cyrielle MATTE & Elmire DEMERS, witn : Moise DAGENAIS & Cyrielle MATTE both of Verner on July 2, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
008137-93 William DAVIDSON, 24, laborer, Canada, Gravenhurst, s/o John & Alveda, married Jane McCAULAY, 19, Canada, Gravenhurst, d/o James & Jemima, witn: Robert LEIGH & Sarah DAVIDSON both of Gravenhurst on Sept. 18, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 008134-93 John DE CAIR, 33, farmer, widower, Oka Reserve Ontario, Gibson Reserve Ontario, s/o Peter De CAIR & Lerik Katsi LUARAKS, married Trace LAFORCE, 18, Oka Reserve, Gibson Reserve, d/o Joseph & Fermi, witn: Angus COOKE & Minnie LAFORCE both of Gibson Reserve on Aug. 7, 1893 at Gravenhurst
8166-93 Joseph DeFORREST, 39, labourer, widower, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o Phillip & Eliza, married Ida FULLER, 20, USA, Huntsville, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: Hiram & Susan WINNIE both of Huntsville on July 5, 1893 at Huntsville. 008114-93 Albert DELONG, 29, millman, widower, Clark Tp., Novar, s/o Rueben & Electa, married Sarah ANTCLIFF, 22, London Ontario, Novar, Perry Tp., d/o John & Sarah, witn: George WATSON & Arabella SHAW both of Novar on May 9, 1893 at Novar
8151-93 James Henry DEWELL, 22, farmer, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o Daniel & Mary Jane, married Alice Selina YOUNG, 24, Ontario, Brunel, d/o William & Fannie, witn: James PATTERSON of Chaffey twp & Edith L. CAPPS of Brunel, 1 Nov 1893 at Brunel 8176-93 James DINSMORE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Chaffey Tp., s/o Henry & Margaret, married Eliza STAHLS, 20, Ontario, Chaffey Tp., d/o Daniel & Helena, witn: L. SELKIRK & Isabel SIEVERIGHT both of Huntsville on Oct. 27, 1893 at Huntsville.
008156-93 John DONNELLY, 31, farmer, Binbrook Tp, Chaffey Tp, s/o Charles DONNELLY & Mary O'NEIL, married Mary Jane BAKER (BAHN?) , 21, Manvers, Sinclair Tp, d/o John BAKER & Elizabeth FOWLER, witn: M. RICHARDS & Elizabeth R. STAPLES both of Huntsville on Feb. 15, 1893 at Huntsville 8144-93 Amos DORSEY, 29, farmer, Ontario, Machar twp., s/o Thomas & Grace, married Aderline AMESS, 22, Ontario, Machar twp., d/o Joseph & Mary Ann, witn: William J. DORSEY of Mulmur & Ada McCRAE of Nottawasega, 14 June 1893 at Machar twp
008060-93 Isidore DUMAS, 20, labourer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Barome DUMAS & Elise COTE, married Marie Blanche PAQUETTE, 18, Quebec, Verner, d/o Felix PAQUETTE & Caroline CYR, witn: Barome DUMAS & Felix PAQUETTE both of Verner on Oct. 29, 1893 at Verner. (RC) 7959-93 William Edgar EAGLE, 31, farmer, England, Chaffey, s/o William & Jane, married Agnes ENGLAND, 29, England, Chaffey, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Avelina HALLY? & Minnie ENGLAND, both of Chaffey, 31 May 1893 at res of David England
8029-93 Hugh EATON, 35, farmer, Wellington Co., Cache Bay Nipissing, s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth FULLERTON, 24, Perth Co., Watt Tp., d/o Robert & Hannah, witn: Thomas KINGSHOT & Clara FULLERTON both of Watt on May 15, 1893 at Watt Tp. 8174-93 John EDGERTON, 24, yeoman, Cartwright Tp., Novar, s/o John & Jane, married Clara Maud WITNEY, 21, England, Novar, d/o James & Eliza, witn: George SMITH of Ilfracombe & Bessie WITNEY of Novar on Oct. 25, 1893 at Huntsville.
8171-93 Wilbert EHELER, 28, farmer, Ontario, McLean Tp., s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Mary Catherine CHEVALIER, 26, Ontario, McLean Tp., d/o Jeremiah & Catherine, witn: Isabel SIEVERIGHT of Huntsville & Alice SMITH of Guelph on Sept. 6, 1893 at Huntsville. 008053-93 Magloire EMARD, 21, labourer, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Oliver EMARD & Francoise LESPERANCE, married Philomene CHARON, 22, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Olivier POTVIN & Louis ARCHAND (sic), witn: Louis ARCHAND & Olivier POTVIN both of Sturgeon Falls on Aug. 21, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
8167-94 (Muskoka) George Henry ELLIOTT, 29, labourer, Gwillimbury, Huntsville, s/o George & Irene, married Rose JOICE, 45, Blenheim, Huntsville, d/o William & Emily ANSCOMB, witn: M E ROWE & Nellie SHAPLAND both of Bracebridge, 15 Nov 1893, Bracebridge 008074-93 Amos John Wesley ELLSWORTH, 29, lumberman, Cork Ireland, Bracebridge, s/o George & Sarah, married Lilian ROWBOTHAM, 34, widow, Stouffville Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o Chauncey & Susan STEVENS, witn: Alton STEVENS & Maria SIMPSON both of Bracebridge on Aug. 17, 1893 at Bracebridge
008075-93 Levi EVERITT, 22, farmer, Walkerton Ontario, Macaulay Tp, s/o Charles & Barby, married Dorcas Ann WINTERS, 20, Stephenson Tp, Macaulay Tp, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: Fred Bridgland BOWDEN & L. A. BOYDELL both of Bracebridge on Aug. 23, 1893 at Bracebridge 8090-93 George FENN, 23, farmer, England, Medora twp., s/o Joseph & Harriet, married Ellen MORTIMER, 30, England, Medora twp., d/o William & Harriet, witn: Joseph FENN of Medora twp. & Elizabeth KIDD of Port Carling, 12 Oct. 1893 at Bracebridge
8163-94 (Muskoka) Arthur FIELDING, 25, labourer, Kingston, Bracebridge, s/o Robert & Clementine, married Ruth Elizabeth ELLIOT, 21, Moberly Missouri, Bracebridge, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Francis FIELDING & Lillian ELLIOTT both of Bracebridge, 27 Sept 1893, Bracebridge 08076-93 (Muskoka Co) Jacob William FINCH, 25, farmer, Petrolia Ontario, Stephenson Ontario, s/o Jacob & Lydia, married Hope WEBB, 22, Brashfield England, Township of Stephenson, d/o Frederick & Keziah , witn: Mattie E. ROWE of Bracebridge & Anna O. SLATER of Huntsville, 30 Aug 1893 at Bracebridge
#007964-93 George FITCHETT, 28, farmer, Reach, Chaffey, widower, s/o Dennis & Sarah Gibbs FITCHETT, married Mary Jane RUSSELL, 17, Chaffey, same, d/o Charles & Maria Isobel RUSSELL, witn: Jorich? & Harriet COUSINS, both of Chaffey, 25 Dec 1893 at Chaffey 8001-93 Leslie FLEMING, 29, farmer, Ontario, Franklin, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Rose LANG, 28, England, Brunel, d/o William & Rose Ann, witn: Uriah & Emelia KETCH of Franklin, 16 Oct. 1893 at Franklin
008085-93 William Charles FORSYTH, 23, farmer, Macaulay Tp, same, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann BASSETT, 22, Mara Tp, Huntsville, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Robert Scott & Mary FORSYTH both of Macaulay Tp., on Nov. 23, 1893 at Bracebridge 008123-93 Micher FRANK, 31, lumberman, Caughnawaga?, Gibson, s/o illegible, married Ellen NEROS, no age given, widow, Oko, Gibson, d/o Thomas & Philemon, witn: A. DeCAER of Gibson & Annie WINDSOR of Gravenhurst on March 9, 1893 at Gravenhurst.
#007969-93 (Parry Sound Dist) George FROST, 25, Fullerton twp, Lot 19 Conc 3 of Joly, farmer, s/o William & Nancy FROST, married Jane HARKNESS, 22, Downie Twp, Lot 23 Conc 5 Joly, s, d/o James & Marion HARKNESS, witn: Marten HARKNESS, Janet HARKNESS, both Lot 23 Conc 5 Joly, married 24 May 1893, Lot 23, Conc. 5, Joly Twp

7997-93 Dosithe GARREAU, 22, mill laborer, L'Orignal, Byng Inlet, s/o Thomas GARREAU & Henrietta DEVEILLE, married Mary Louise [no surname given], 18, Penetang., Byng Inlet, d/o father dead & Mary Jane GIROUX, witn: Joseph GIROUX & Josephine BOUCHER, both of Byng Inlet, 25 July 1893 at Byng Inlet

008079-93 Herman Ludwick GOLTZ, 26, farmer, Germany, Monck Tp, s/o Rudolph & Albertine, married Barbara MITCHELL, 20, Watt Tp, same, d/o Donald & Margaret, witn: Rudolph GOLTZ of Monck Tp. & Margaret MITCHELL of Watt Tp, on Sept. 20, 1893 at Bracebridge

8160-93 Edgar GORING, 26, laborer, England, Rama, s/o Stephen & Eliza, married Idella BARAGER, 17, Ontario, Stephenson, d/o Amos & Mary Jane, witn: Donald & Jane MACNAIR of Huntsville,13 Apr 1893 at The Manse, Huntsville  

  008084-93 John GREER, 30, farmer, Ireland, Watt Tp, s/o John & Sarah, married Roselea CROWDER, 20, Georgiana, Cardwell Tp, d/o Jeremiah & Harriet, witn: J. H. & Susie BLATHERWICK, both of Bracebridge on Oct. 12, 1893 at Bracebridge.
#007966-93 (Parry Sound Dist) William HAGGART, 21, Lincoln Co., Joly Twp., lumberman, s/o William & Annie HAGGART, married Hannah McNAUGHTON, 18, Essex County Joly twp Parry Sound District, s, d/o Daniel & Harriet McNAUGHTON, witn: John ELLIS, Rachael HAGGART, both Sundridge, married 29 August 1893, Sundridge 8109-93 John HALEY, 29, farmer, Orangeville, Christie twp., s/o Augustus & Eliza Lanthorn HALEY, married Jennie YOUNG, 24, Watt twp., same, d/o John & Elizabeth Stevenson YOUNG, witn: James HALEY of Christie & Maud STEVENS of Rosseau, 27 Sept [1893] at Rosseau
008128-93 James HANLEY (RANLEY?) 27, R. R. employee, Stratford, Gravenhurst, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Sarah E. BROWN, 33, Tyrone Ireland, Muskoka Tp., d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Charles S. MEEKING, & Elizabeth E. KENNEDY both of Gravenhurst on June 1, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 08100-93 John Silverwood HANSON, 28, druggist, England, Toronto, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Annie Carolina BOYER, 25, New York City, Bracebridge, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Charles BOYER of Bracebridge & Elizabeth HANSON Chaffey on Apr. 12, 1893 at Bracebridge
8157-93 William HARBURN, 24, farmer, Michigan US, Chaffey twp., s/o Henry & Rhoda, married Eliza STAHLS, 20, Ontario, Chaffey twp., d/o Daniel & Helena, witn: Douglas AIRTH & Isabella SIEVERIGHT, both of Huntsville, 2 March 1893 at Huntsville #007968-93 (Parry Sound Dist) George HARKNESS, 31, Hartfelt - Strong Twp, same, farmer, s/o James HARKNESS & (not given), married Lizzie Lindsay DUKE, 27, Strong twp, same, s, d/o John DUKE & "mother dead", witn: Janet HARKNESS of Joly, John B. DUKE of Strong, 21 June 1893, Sundridge
8182-93 Henry HARROLL, 25, labourer, England, Huntsville, s/o John & Clara, married Elizabeth WHITE, 24, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o William & Anne, witn: Michael WHITE & Ida TOOKE both of Huntsville on Nov. 20, 1893 at Huntsville.  
#008057-94 (Muskoka Dist): James H. HART, 22, farmer, Seaforth, Seaforth, (no parents listed) married Emily FIELDING, 20, Collins Bay, Barkway, d/o Robert & Clementine FIELDING, witn: Robert & Annie FIELDING of Uffington, 20 Dec 1893 at Barkway, Ryde Twp.  (also 8022-93) 8111-93 Johah Albert HELMKAY, 33, farmer, Markham, Humphrey twp., s/o Henry & Mary Jane, married Mary Jane DIXON, 20, Durham Ont., Conger twp., d/o John & Louisa, witn: Mary Amanda J. HELMKAY of Humphrey & Charles DIXON of Conger, 26 Jan 1893 at Humphrey twp
008157-93 William HESBURN (HEPBURN?), 24, farmer, Michigan USA, Chaffey Tp, s/o Henry & Rhoda, married Eliza STAHL, 20, Ontario, Chaffey Tp, d/o Daniel & Helena, witn: Douglas AIRTER & Isabella SIEVERGHT, both of Huntsville on Mar. 2, 1893 at Huntsville 8184-93 James HIRD, 36, farmer, Scotland, McGregor Manitoba, s/o William & Mary, married Agnes Emma HUNT, 31, Quebec, Huntsville, d/o George & Sarah, witn: William HUNT of Huntsville & Maggie E. ELDER of Gravenhurst on Dec. 27, 1893 at Huntsville.
008096-93 J. William HOLESBY, 23, insurance agent, Chinguacousy, Brampton, s/o Thomas & Susan, married Annie Eloise BEYNON, 27, Perth, Brampton, d/o John Wesley & Mary Jane, witn: John W. BEYNON of Brampton & Alethia E. ROWE of Bracebridge on Mar. 3, 1893 at Bracebridge 08098-93 Francis HUSSEY, 26, millwright, England, Bracebridge, s/o William & Caroline married Jennie INNIS, 22, Simcoe Co., same, d/o Francis & Ellen, witn: Dennis O'HARE & Minnie HISK both of Bracebridge on Mar. 14, 1893 at Bracebridge. 0
8026-93 John E. HUTCHINSON, 26, artist, Paisley, Victoria B. C., s/o Daniel & Jannett, married Mary CREASOR, 26, Whitby, Watt, d/o George & Eleanor, witn: Henry CREASOR of Ullswater & Mary TRAIL of Windermere on Jan. 20, 1893 at Watt Tp. 8146-93 John Henry JANSON, 29, Surrey England, Dunchurch, s/o John William & blank, married Susan HOLDITCH, 25, Bracebridge, South River, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William Ernst HOLDITCH of South River & Lilly Jane BEST of Magnetawan, 15 Nov 1893 at res of bride's father, South River
8004-93 Charles JARRATT, 28, farmer, Jarratts Corners, same, s/o Lauchlin & Emily, married Eliza VICKERS, 23, Lincolnshire England, Vickers Corners, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas VICKERS of Spence & Ollie COOPER of Spence, 20 Dec 1893 at Vickers Corners, Spence twp 8179-93 Elias JARVIS, 20, lumberman, Uxbridge Tp., Huntsville, s/o Richard & Annie, married Jessie WEST, 16, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o George WEST & Nancy RINESS, witn: William & Mrs. E. RICHARD both of Huntsville on Nov. 29, 1893 at Huntsville.
008054-93 Adelard JODOIN, 24, farmer, Gatineau Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Louis JODOIN & Mary ROBINSON, married Maria DANIS, 15, Gatineau Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Felix DANIS & Philomine MOUSSEAU, witn: Louis & Clement JODOIN both of Sturgeon Falls on Aug. 21, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008158-93 Louis Alexander JOHNS, 24, confectioner, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o Samuel & Susan, married Sarah SPIERS, 21, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Charles & Louisa OVIREND, both of Huntsville on Mar. 9, 1893 at Huntsville
8177-93 Archibald KETCH, 23, farmer, Ontario, Franklin Tp., s/o William & Eliza, married Margaret Ann THOMPSON, 17, Ontario, Franklin Tp., d/o John & Janet, witn: Archibald & Anna THOMPSON both of Franklin Tp. On Oct. 31, 1893 at Huntsville. 8180-93 Henry E. KING, 28, labourer, Ontario, Monteith Tp., s/o James KING & Annie McLEAN, married Mary BOOTH, 27, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o Michael & Jane Alvina, witn: James BOOTH & Emma SCOTT both of Huntsville on Dec. 20, 1893 at Huntsville.
008059-93 Bazile LAFRAMBOISE, 22, farmer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Jeremie LAFRAMBOISE & Euphemie JARBEAU, married Octavie CASTONGUAY, 16, Quebec, Verner, d/o J. B. CASTONGUAY & Elizabeth VOISARD, witn: Jeremie LAFRAMBOISE & Jean Baptiste CASTONGUAY both of Verner on Sept. 24, 1893 at Verner. (RC) 008080-93 Richard LAHAY, 31, labourer, Glengarry, Percy Tp, s/o John & Angeline, married Alice ANNES (Annis?), 23, Oro Tp, Bracebridge, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Frank GONVEAU of Bracebridge & Mrs. Charles STROOD of Mitford Alta on Sept. 21, 1893 at Bracebridge
008055-93 Celepha LALONDE, 27, labourer, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph LALONDE & Henriette LEBLANC, married Dellia VALADE, 20, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Toussaint VALADE & Edwidge DINELLE, witn: Toussaint VALADE & Leopold LOZEAU, both of Sturgeon Falls on July 30, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 8028-93 Frederick Charles LANGTON, 21, farmer, Watt, Richmond Watt Tp., s/o Wenman & Elizabeth, married Christianna WEBBER, 17, Watt, Watt Tp., d/o Joshua & Mary, witn: James J. & Sophia WEBBER both of Watt on May 10, 1893 at Watt Tp.
8010-93 Crist LARSON, 49, widower, farmer, Denmark, Jarlsburg, s/o not given, married Jane ARMSTRONG, 28, Doe Lake, same, d/o James & blank, witn: William A. & Emily Jane SMITH of Whitehall, 8 June 1893 at house of W. A. Smith 008094-93 Joseph Fenton LAWLOR, 23, labourer, Simcoe Co, Bracebridge, s/o John & Bridget, married Emily FREEMANTLE, 19, Stratford, Bracebridge, d/o Andrew & Eliza, witn: Robert & Emily MARTIN both of Bracebridge on Feb. 15, 1893 at Bracebridge.
8067-93 Robert A. LAWRIE, 35, carpenter, Penetang., McDougall twp., s/o J. M. & Mary, married Mary NORTHEY, 30, Smithtown, McDougall, d/o Thomas & Christena, witn: Mrs. E. C. LAKER & Miss Vira CANNING, both of Dunchurch, 3 Oct 1893 at Dunchurch 8065-93 Isidore LEBLANC, 25, laborer, St. Anicet Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o J. Bte. LEBLANC & Adelaide CHRETIEN, married Des Neiges LAROCQUE, 15, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Isaac LAROCQUE & Mathilde BRYERE, witn: Isaac LAROCQUE & J. Bte. LEBLANC, both of Sturgeon Falls, 12 Dec 1893 at Sturgeon Falls
8143-93 Robert W. LIGHTON, 24, farmer, Simcoe Co., South River, s/o Frederick & Mary, married Lena NOARK, 19, Ontario, South River, d/o Lawrence & Eva, witn: Samuel LIGHTON of South River & Mary Ann STINSON of Sundridge, 26 April 1893 at Grace Church, South River 008078-93 Alexander LIVINGSTON, 24, miller, Edgar Ontario, Bracebridge, s/o James & Catherine, married Lillie JOHNSON, 20, Barrie, Bracebridge, d/o William & Annie, witn: A. E. WRIGHT & Maggie JOHNSON both of Bracebridge on Sept. 20, 1893 at Bracebridge
008121-93 Eli Joshua LONG, 26, farmer, widower, Camden Tp. Ryde Tp., s/o Joshua & Sarah, married Minnie SPENCER, 17, Macaulay Tp., same, d/o Abel & Sarah Ann, witn: Mrs. P BEROLES of Gravenhurst & J.C. DOVITT of Quebec on Feb. 20, 1893 at Gravenhurst

8159-93 Peter LOVEGROVE, 33, farmer, England, Chaffey, widower, s/o William & Eliza, married Alice FLETCHER, 31, Pickering, Chaffey, d/o George FLETCHER & Elsie WELLER, witn: Joseph COUSINS & Lula RICKETTS, both of Chaffey, 18 Mar 1893 at Huntsville

  8066-93 James MADIGAN, 26, farmer, widower, Williamsburg, McKellar, s/o not given, married Amelia SHAW, 19, of McKellar, witn: W. JUN--? & M. CURRIER, both of Dunchurch, 6 April 1893 at Dunchurch
008102-93 William James MAINHOOD, 46, farmer, London England, Port Sydney, s/o John & Mary, married Emma Elizabeth BURKE, 24, London England, Toronto, d/o John BURKE (no mother's name given) witn: E. O. ESHOO of Toronto & Mrs. CLARKE of Bracebridge on May 1, 1893 at Bracebridge. 008133-93 Thomas MANNING, 40, clergyman, widower, Simcoe Co, Toronto, s/o James MANNING & Catherine SCANLON, married Jean McGREGOR, 25, Liverpool England, Gravenhurst, d/o John McGREGOR & Elizabeth GRAY, witn: E. C. MARLER & A. D. ADAM both of Gravenhurst on July 5, 1893 at Gravenhurst
8032-93 Edward MALKIN, 39, merchant, England, Stisted, s/o William & Jane, married Elizabeth MANN, 21, Ontario, Stisted, d/o Robert S. & Kenetha, witn: Joseph MALKIN & Charles MANN both of Stisted Tp. on Aug. 9, 1893 at Stisted.  
008116-93 Isaac MARK (MACK?) 21, laborer, Stouffville, Perry Tp., s/o Isaac & Katie, married Amanda BICE, 20, Whitby, Perry Tp., d/o Cornelius & Leah, witn: William GOSLING, & Annie BICE of Perry Tp. on Sept. 30, 1893 at Perry Tp. 008138-93 Wallace MARKLE, 28, Captain Salvation Army, Lakeport Ontario, Gravenhurst, s/o Hiram & Mary Annie, married Edith Lavinia CORNISH, 21, Washington, Gravenhurst, d/o John & Catherine, witn: David W. AMMOND of Bracebridge & Winnie HOUSE of Gravenhurst on Oct. 9, 1893 at Gravenhurst. (S.A.)
8020-93 Allan McCRACKEN, 25, farmer, California US, Draper, s/o James & Mary, married Annie BLACKMORE, 22, Draper, same, d/o Charles & Lena, witn: Henry BLACKMORE & Minnie McCRACKEN, both of Draper, 14 June 1893 at Draper 8024-93 Matthew R. McDERMOTT, 29, mill hand, Wallace Tp., Port Carling, s/o John & Rachel, married Mary E. EALIN, 20, Wellington Co., Port Carling, d/o Wallace & Ellen, witn: George & J.A. SUTTON both of Port Carling on Nov. 19, 1893 at Port Carling.
008124-93 Frank McDONALD, 27, lumberman, Peterboro, Gravenhurst, s/o James & Eliza, married Janet JENKINS, 20, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: James McDONALD & Bella GARVIN both of Gravenhurst on March 15, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 008069-93 Alexander McDONALD, 29, tanner, Bruce Tp, Port Elgin, s/o Duncan & Sarah, married Margaret WHALEY, 23, Ireland, Bracebridge, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John McDONALD of Port Elgin & Bella FOWLER of Gravenhurst on June 9, 1893 at Bracebridge. (Salv. Army)
8007-93 James McFARLING, 24, journey man, Penetang., Byng Inlet, s/o William McFARLING & Margaret LAWRENCE, married Helena GODIN, 17, Shawnaga, Byng Inlet, d/o Alexander GODIN & Elizabeth LISSOTTE, witn: Alex GODIN Jr. & Catherine McFARLING, both of Byng Inlet, 25 April 1893 at Byng Inlet 008063-93 Malcolm McLEOD, 31, labourer, of Springer Ontario, s/o Norman & Angelic, married Bireman FISHER, 23, of Nipissing Indian Reserve, d/o Alex & Therese, witn: Moses BEAUGAGE & Maggie McLEOD both of Nipissing Indian Reserve on Nov. 28, 1893 at Nipissing (RC)
008132-93 Charles Sydney MEEKING, 23, mechanic, Barrie, Gravenhurst, s/o Edwin Sydney & Jane, married Elizabeth E. KENNEDY, 22, Ingersoll, Gravenhurst, d/o Francis & Eliza, witn: E. W. HOUSE & R. J. KENNEDY both of Gravenhurst on June 28, 1893 at Gravenhurst 8178-93 Archibald MELVIN, 42, agent, widower, Scotland, Huntsville, s/o Robert & Janet, married Melissa DILL, 42, widow, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o William & Rachael CASSELMAN, witn: Agnes MELVIN & Michael COADY both of Huntsville on Nov. 20, 1893 at Huntsville.
8183-93 William Henry METCALF, 27, butcher, England, Huntsville, s/o George METCALF & Elisa ELLIS, married Maggie C. HANES, 21, Chaffey Tp., same, d/o Allan HANES & Ellen MERKLEY, witn: Fred STEPHENSON & Jennie McCAFFERY both of Huntsville on Dec. 27, 1893 at Huntsville 008097 -93 Robert James MILLS, 20, tanner, Garafraxa, Bracebridge, s/o Edward & Arilla married Margaret Jane WOODHOUSE, 16, Macaulay, Bracebridge, d/o Joseph & Margaret Jane, witn: Thomas & Sarah Ann ROBSON both of Bracebridge on Mar. 8, 1893, at Bracebridge. (Salv Army)
008135-93 Harold Charles MITCHENER, 24, lumberman, London England, Gravenhurst, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Johanna LAVALLARD?(Page cut off), 24, Breda Holland, Gravenhurst, no parent's names given, witn: George CLARK & Ella WYLIE, both of Gravenhurst on Sept. 6, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 8031-93 Thomas Stace MOORE, 28, farmer, England, Draper, s/o Edward & Annie, married Maggie Young THOMPSON, 23, Havelock Que., Macaulay, d/o John Walter & Annie, witn: Newland SPREADBOROUGH & Mary THOMPSON no residences given on no date given at Macaulay
8064-93 Dezire MORIN, 35, baker, Quebec, Springer, s/o Thomas MORIN & Emelie D'ALAIRE, married Stelline LALONDE, 16, Russell Co., Springer, d/o Jos. LALONDE & Adeline MARION, witn: Jos. GIRAND & J. G. MICHON, both of Sturgeon Falls, 4 Dec 1893 at Sturgeon Falls  
#007967-93 (Parry Sound Dist ) William M. MORRIS, 27, Caledon, Chapman twp, farmer, s/o Edward A & Sarah MORRIS, married Katie HORNER, 21, Berlin Ont., Chapman Twp, s, d/o William & Elizabeth HORNER, witn: Wilford D. AULDLJO & Edith AULDJO(?), Sundridge, married 12 July 1893, Sundridge 8140-93 A. William MOWRY, 28, machinist, Lindsay, Gravenhurst, s/o Bradley R. & Frances, married E. H. FORTH, 24, Newmarket, Gravenhurst, d/o James & Susan, witn: Bradley MOWRY Jr. & Emma FORTH, both of Gravenhurst, 25 Dec 1893 at Gravenhurst
008086-93 John NAISMITH, 25, farmer, Scotland, Monck Tp, s/o Thomas & Janet, married Elspeth TELFER, 35, England, Monck Tp, d/o Joseph & Ann, witn: E. CLARKE of Bracebridge & E. TELFER, of Monck Tp., on Dec. 5, 1893 at Bracebridge 008081-93 George NASH, 25, lumberman, Worcester England, Wood Tp, s/o Edward & Jane, married Annie TAYLOR, 18, London England, Toronto, d/o George & Caroline, witn: James & Emily FRASER both of Toronto on Sept. 23, 1893 at Bracebridge
8141-93 William John NESBITT, 27, lumberman, Simcoe Co., Cache Bay, s/o William & Jane, married Elizabeth RUSK, 23, Simcoe Co., South River, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas & Robina RUSK of South River, 21 Feb 1893 at Grace Church, South River


8030-93 James Caleb NELSON, 40, carpenter, Norfolk Co., Rat Portage, s/o Rodney & Mary Ann, married Christina MITCHELL, 32, Bothwell, Watt Tp., d/o Donald & Margaret, witn: Robert HUTCHINS & Martha MARTIN both of Bracebridge on Dec. 27, 1893 at Watt Tp. 8006-93 Guillaume NEWTON, 27, widower, woodman, Quebec, French River, s/o William NEWTON & Philomene GRENIER, married Catherine BOUCHER, 32, widow, Penetang., French River, d/o Narcisse BENOIT & blank LAFONTAINE, witn: Adrian & his wife Anastasias BENOIT of French River, 7 March 1893 at French River
008056-93 Alexandre NORMANDEAU, 30, lumber man, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Leonard NORMANDEAU & Rose ARCHER, married Josephine MORAN, 15, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o David MORAN & Josephine DOBERGE, witn: Louis JODOIN & Leonard NORMANDEAU both of Sturgeon Falls on July 30, 1893 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 008115-93 William NOWLAN, 26, labourer, widower, Toronto, Perry Tp., s/o John & Ann Jane, married Susannah SUTHERLAND, 25, Toronto, Perry Tp., d/o James & Susannah, witn: Lucy THORNTON of Scotia & Annie J. SMITH of Emsdale on July 26, 1893 at Emsdale. Perry Tp.
07990-93 (Muskoka Co) Albert Bachtel OLIMER(?), 21, farmer, Waterloo, Township Macaulay, s/o James S. & Hanna, married Sephronia Maria FINCH, 19, Falkenburg, Twp. of Stephenson, d/o J. & L. B., witn: William NIXON & Emily OLIMER both of Stephenson Township, 10 May 1893 at Residence of Bride's Father, Parkersville 008107-93 Joseph OLIVER, 24, farmer, England, Stephenson Tp., s/o Joseph & Ellen, married Emma SPENCER, 22, Macaulay Tp., same, d/o Abel & Sarah Ann, witn: Albert & Ada PATTERSON both of Stephenson Tp. on June 7, 1893 at Bracebridge.

8149-93 William Christopher PARLIAMENT, 40, timber merchant, Cannington Brock Tp., Huntsville, s/o George & Margaret, married Annie Maria BOUSER, 23, Morrison Wellington Co., Huntsville, d/o George & Barbara, witn: John WILSON & Mary S. GARRIOCK both of Burk's Falls on Dec. 26, 1893 at Burk's Falls

8181-93 Joseph PEELER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Sinclair Tp., s/o Charles & Sarah, married Bella HALL, 26, Ontario, Sinclair Tp., d/o William & Mary, witn: John NOLAND of Huntsville & Lizzie PEELER of Sinclair Tp., on Dec. 20, 1893 at Huntsville.
8168--93 George E. PHILLIPS, 21, farmer, Huntsville, same, s/o Alfred & Hannah Jane, married Martha ANDERSON, 21, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o William & Amelia, witn: Robert ANDERSON & Lena MAY both of Chaffey on July 19, 1893 at Huntsville. 8150-93 James Alexander POPE, 24, post office clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James & Eliza, married Annie Jane HOOD, 25, Quebec, Brunel, d/o Robert & Amelia, witn: Robert & Maggie HOOD of Brunel, 10 Oct 1893 at Brunel
008126-93 Lewis Peter RANSON, 27, laborer, Denmark, Gravenhurst, s/o Hans & Anna FREDERICKSON (sic), married Kershine JENSEN, 20, Denmark, Gravenhurst, d/o Peter & Johanna, witn: A. P. & Annie JENSEN, Rose HANSON & Nancy LAWSEN all of Gravenhurst on May 31, 1893 at Gravenhurst. (Luth)  

008130-93 Henry REDMOND, 22, boatman, Baskerville, Gravenhurst, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Sarah Ann PRENTICE, 17, Prenticeville Ont., Muskoka, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Nellie KNOX of Gravenhurst & Mrs James DEVITT of Cadmus Ont. On June 15, 1893 at Gravenhurst.

8023-93 William Octavius ROBERTS, 29, farmer, Wales, Medora Tp., s/o no parents names given, married Maria ORCHARD, 28, Canada, Glen Orchard, d/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth, witn: Martin ORCHARD of Glen Orchard & Ellen ORCHARD of Dorchester on Nov. 15, 1893 at Glen Orchard.
008131-93 Charles ROBINSON, 23, mill hand, Ontario, Gravenhurst, s/o Samuel & Isabella, married Minnie LONG, 16, Ossian, Ryde Tp., d/o Dennis & Zepha, witn: John ASKER of Brussels & Netta MEYERS of Gravenhurst on June 28, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 8142-93 Charles Edward ROLSTON, 22, farmer, Wellington Co., Uplands - Machar twp., s/o John & Sarah, married Ellen WALDRIFF, 18, Simcoe Co., Uplands, d/o George & Margaret, witn: John ROLSTON of Uplands & Mary Jane CARROLL of Grey Eagle, 13 April 1893 at res of Martin CARROLL, Muskoka twp
008113-93 Charles ROWE, 25, farmer, Pickering Tp., Novar, Perry Tp., s/o Charles & S., married Rachel Bertha ADAMSON, 21, Whitby Ontario, Novar, d/o Thomas & Rachel, witn: Rev. W. Elliott & Miss F. ADAMSON both of Perry Tp. on Jan. 4, 1893 at Novar 8021-93 James Herbert ROY, 27, farmer, Canada, Brantford, s/o Peter & Matilda, married Jennie KIRKPATRICK, 27, Canada, Uffington, d/o William & Jane, witn: Albert E. & Jeannie FAWCETT of Uffington, 27 Sept 1893 at Uffington
008117-93 John B. RYAN, 23, harness maker, Canada, Emsdale, s/o John & Lucy, married Ann PICHIE (TICHIE?), 22, Pembroke, same, d/o Hubert & Mary, witn: Albert E. & Bessie MUNN both of Emsdale on Oct. 13, 1893 at Emsdale 7998-93 George St.AMANT, 25, mill laborer, Haut Grais, French River, s/o Antony St.AMANT & Elizabeth LANDRY, married Vitaline COTE, 18, Penetang, French River, d/o Joseph COTE & Zoe SAUVE, witn: Theodore COTE of French River & Rosa COTE of Penetang., 16 Aug 1893 at French River
#008276-94 (Parry Sound Dist) Miles SCHAMERHORN, 28, B, farmer, Canada, Perry Twp., s/o Miles & Sarah SCHAMERHORN, married Anna May JARVIS, 17, Canada, Perry Twp., d/o John & Barbara SCHAMERHORN. Witn: Phillip & Emma SCHAMERHORN, both of Perry Twp., 16 Nov 1893 at Perry Twp 8139-93 Joseph SCHELL, 23, mill hand, Adjala, Gravenhurst, s/o Henry SCHELL & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Maria FRASER, 23, Cummingsville, Gravenhurst, d/o David FRASER & Maria DODD, witn: Joseph HAGLEY & Mary SMITH, both of Gravenhurst, 4 Nov 1893 at Gravenhurst
8009-93 Daniel SCHNEIDER, 28, farmer, Perth Co., Lount twp., s/o Daniel & Catherine, married Maria REICHE, 24, Germany, Lount twp., d/o Heinreich & Maria, witn: Albert MICHEL & Catherine SCHNEIDER, both of Lount twp., 1 May 1893 at Lount twp  
008072-93 William Sutherland SHAW, 24, tanner, Montreal, Bracebridge, s/o Brackley & Marcia, married Edith Flora Sylvester PRATT, 21, Simcoe Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o Josiah & Elizabeth, witn Brackley & Pamela SHAW both of Boston Mass. on June 14, 1893 at Bracebridge 008095-93 William Cochrane SIMMONDS, 27, engineer, St. Johns Newfoundland, Bracebridge, s/o William & Pauline, married Susan PAYNE, 28, Nottawasaga, Bracebridge, d/o William & Eleanor, witn: George R. SIMMONDS, & Emma PAYNE both of Bracebridge on Feb. 22, 1893, at Bracebridge.
8152-93 Henry Thomas SLATTER, 23, farmer, England, Brunel, s/o John & Mary, married Edith Lillie CAPPS, 20, Ontario, Brunel, d/o John Thomas & Jane, witn: Elisa CAPPS & John SLATTER, both of Brunel, 8 Nov 1893 at Brunel 8089-93 Walter SMYTH, 32, farmer, widower, England, McLean, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Ada M. ENNIS, 19, Canada, McLean, d/o John & Jane, witn: John BEATY & Mary A. WALKER, both of Bracebridge, 13 Sept 1893 at Bracebridge
8162-94 (Muskoka) George SOPHER, 22, farmer, Sunnidale, Morrison Twp, s/o Oremis (?) & Letitia, married Jessie SCHELL, 19, Sunnidale, Muskoka Twp, d/o Benjamin & Mary Jane, witn: William FITCHETT of Morrison & Mrs. BAKER of Gravenhurst, 11 Sept 1893, Bracebridge 8169-93 Louis STARR, 24, labourer, USA, Huntsville, s/o Ira & Mary, married Sarah SNELL, 18, Ontario, Stephenson Tp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Charles SNELL & Mabel YORK both of Huntsville on July 17, 1893 at Huntsville.
008088-93 Matthew J. STEPHEN, 32, laborer, Ontario, Powassan, s/o Joseph & Frances, married Mary BENNIGER, 24, Formosa, same, d/o Lawrence & Orillia, witn: Angus MCDONALD & Bridget CASSIDY both of Bracebridge on Aug. 19 1893 at Bracebridge.(RC) 008068-93 Alton Edwin STEVENS, 28, carpenter, Michigan USA, Bracebridge, s/o William & Esther, married Annie Christina ELLWOOD, widow, 32, Trafalgar Tp. Bracebridge, d/o William & Annie JOHNSON, witn: Ambrose & Elizabeth Jane MANDLEY both of Bracebridge, on July 5, 1893 at Bracebridge.
008103-93 Donald James STEVENSON, 25, farmer, Renfrew Co., Macaulay Tp., s/o John & Maria, married Minerva Ann EVERETT, 16, Wellington Co., Macaulay Tp., d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: George STEVENSON & Edith HUGGINS both of Macaulay on May 1, 1893 at Bracebridge. 008073-93 Alexander STEVENSON, 33, farmer, Renfrew Co, Macaulay Tp, s/o John & Maria, married Elizabeth Ann JONES, 30, Middlesex Ont. Macaulay Tp, d/o Oliver & Eliza, witn: Sidney JONES of Macaulay & Carrie LIDDEARD of Bracebridge on Aug. 2, 1893 at Bracebridge
008125-93 William SUMMERS, 27, farmer, Parkhill Ont., Stephenson Tp., s/o George & Isabella, married Jean BEASLEY, 33, widow, Guelph, Stephenson Tp., d/o Samuel & Elizabeth REDDING, witn: Edith E. FRENCH of Gravenhurst on May 29, 1893 at Gravenhurst. 8172-93 Duncan H. SUTHERLAND, 25, agent, Ontario, Huntsville, s/o John & Alexina, married Mamie STEPHENSON, 20, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o William & Mary, witn: Madge PIRT of Uxbridge & Milton BAKER of Huntsville on Sept. 12, 1893 at Huntsville.
008104-93 James TAYLOR, 28, carpenter, Dufferin Co., Humphrey Tp., s/o John & Mary Jane, married Isabella Jennie McGARY, 20, Parry Sound, Humphrey Tp., d/o Alexander & Emily, witn: Albert HARVIE of Rousseau & Bessie JACKSON of Ashdown on May 24, 1893 at Bracebridge  

8161-93 Willard THOMSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Franklin, s/o William & Melinda, married Maud KELLY, 17, Ontario, Franklin, d/o Alexander THOMSON (sic) & Adelia, witn: Robert JOHNSTON & Frances THOMSON of Franklin, 18 Apr 1893 at The Manse, Huntsville

008105-93 Joseph Hector THOMSON, 30, carpenter, Wellington Co., Bracebridge, s/o Adam & Jane, married Isabella MITCHELL, 26, Watt Tp., same, d/o Donald & Margaret, witn: William G. THOMSON of Macaulay Tp. & Margaret Ann MITCHELL of Watt Tp. on June 1, 1893 at Bracebridge.
8033-93 John Henry THURSTON, 30, farmer, Ontario, Muskoka Tp., s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Elmira SCOTT, 24, Ontario, Stisted, d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn: Albert & Ada SCOTT both of Stisted Tp on Oct. 22, 1893 at Stisted 8165-93 George William TIPPER, 26, yeoman, Kingsley England, Ravenscliff, s/o John & Maria, married Emily THOMPSON, 21, Draper Tp., Ravenscliff, d/o John & Annie, witn: Ernest GOLDTHORP, Don THOMPSON & Isaac HOPKINS all of Chaffey on July 5, 1893 at St. John’s Church at Ravenscliff.
8145-93 Napoleon TORQUAY, 26, lumberman, Quebec, Trout Creek, s/o Napoleon & Archimise, married Hattie Ellen SNOWDEN, 18, Chelsea Quebec, North Bay, d/o John Charles & Margaret, witn: William HAGGARD & Margaret Hanna GANDER, both of South River, 24 July 1893 at Parsonage, South River 008127-93 John VANALLMANN, 23, millman, Switzerland, Morrison Tp., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Bertha SOPER, 20, of Morrison Tp., d/o Ormus & Letitia, witn: George SOPER of Morrison Tp. & Jessie SCHELL of Wood Tp. on May 31, 1893 at Gravenhurst.
8173-93 John VANCLIEF, 25, Ontario, McLean Tp., s/o Daniel & Lottie, married Maggie ANDERSON, 19, Ontario, Ridout Tp., d/o John & Eurasie, witn: Kate LASBY & William PALMER both of Huntsville on Oct. 4, 1893 at Huntsville. #008275-94 (Parry Sound Dist) Andrew VANDUZEN, 27, widower, farmer, Canada, Ryerson Twp., s/o Isaac & Emaline VANDUZEN, married Mary Adeline MULLIGAN, 17, Canada, McMurrich Twp., d/o George & Margaret MULLIGAN. Witn: George H. and Margaret MULLIGAN of McMurrich Twp. 30 Nov 1893 at McMurrich twp
8027-93 Joshua James WEBBER, 25, farmer, Exeter England, Watt Tp., s/o Joshua & Mary, married Sophia CLARK, 24, widow, Watt, same, d/o Wenman & Elizabeth LANGTON, witn: Charles F. LANGTON & Christianna WEBBER on April 12, 1893 at Watt Tp. 8034-93 Alexander Samuel WEIR, 26, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Stephenson Tp., s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Elizabeth HARMON, 24, Carlow Ireland, Stephenson, d/o William & Mary, witn: William HARMON & Hannah OUDERKIRK both of Stephenson Tp., on Dec. 13, 1893 at St. Mary’s Church at Stephenson Tp.
008155-93 William Wesley WHITE, 27, farmer, Ontario, Sinclair Tp, s/o William & Ann, married Mary WARD, 21, Ontario, Chaffey Tp, d/o Alfred & Maria Jane, witn: John SHIP of Huntsville & Frank REDMOND of Gravenhurst on Feb. 1, 1893 at Huntsville 008070-93 Charles Edgar WINTERS, 24, painter, Port Hope, Orillia, s/o Silas & Elizabeth, married Ella Edith O'HARE, 19, Owen Sound, Bracebridge, d/o John & Mary, witn: William COCKRAIN of Orillia & Annie O'HARE of Bracebridge on June 21, 1893 at Bracebridge